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File 158784279716.png - (211.04KB , 1024x1024 , -1-000-1.png )
963603 No. 963603 ID: 891b91

Chapter 0: >>/questarch/886861
Chapter 1: >>/quest/910512

Discussion: >>/questdis/123379
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust

The porch door slides open, letting in a gust of night air.
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No. 984917 ID: b1b4f3

Tell mike the intruder escaped and left something in the apartment. You're going to go take a look.
No. 984918 ID: e51896

I... wonder if your next door neighbor heard that and is being nosey again... glance at the porch next door real quick.
No. 984937 ID: eb1fcc

did that fucker just turn into a bird? the fuck
No. 984943 ID: f8fa51

Glance to neighbouring balconies, warn Mark, then try to figure out if you want to risk searching the place or assume it's a bomb and skidaddle.
No. 984958 ID: cdabe3

No. 984961 ID: 12b116

shoot birb!
No. 984972 ID: dbd72b

They're gone, nothing to be done. Call Mike and check the apartment. Be careful, no telling what they left.
No. 984975 ID: 5ec3f5

Collect some of the powder and snort it. Then go and check the kitchen.
No. 984984 ID: a0dfd2


Maybe it's not so much the delivery, as their leaving that Mike didn't want, as he'd implied?

Damn, though. Those were some incredible reflexes, but ... is it really possible to disperse a shot like that?

That said, yeah, better let Mike now she (?) got away, AND left something in the apartment.
No. 984985 ID: 8fab7a

Hrm. If she's acrobatic enough, she could've done anything with that moment of blindness. Jumped to another balcony, gone into another apartment. Climbed up, instead of down.

Misdirection. Tricks. Prestidigitation. Who was she?

Look up, just in case.

Either way, hide the gun, go inside, check on whatever the hell this mystery woman left behind.

Message Mike.
No. 985020 ID: fd5772

What a lunatic. Wouldn't give you a straight answer like a normal person. But uuuuuuuuuuuuh couldn't you get in trouble for firing that illegal weapon outside, ya know where a camera could see it or someone could see or hear it? Might be a good idea to dispose of it. Also whoever that looney works for, they know where you live. Get some place they won't know about, unless ya wanna wait for Mike.

And what kinda powder just blocks a quasi-torture gun anyways?
No. 985327 ID: 3994a2
File 161025858307.png - (573.69KB , 1024x1024 , -1-023-1.png )

I glance up, left, right, everywhere they could've gone besides down. Nothing. Not seeing any activity on any of the nearby balconies, either.

>did that fucker just turn into a bird? the fuck
Don't be silly. It's a fucking bird.

First things first. I shoot mike a message.

>im ok
>some tall skinny bitch broke in
>had weird eye holotats
>trapped em on the balcony, tried to shoot em but they disappeared
>they said some shit about delivering something here cuz you didnt wana take it

I get a bit of the powder between my fingers, examining it closely. Kinda reminds me of the shit zombies cough up after drinking taffa... except this stuff's grey. Dunno what the hell it is.

>And what kinda powder just blocks a quasi-torture gun anyways?
Beats the ever-loving shit outta me.
No. 985330 ID: 3994a2
File 161025867190.png - (387.69KB , 1024x1024 , -1-023-2.png )

>But uuuuuuuuuuuuh couldn't you get in trouble for firing that illegal weapon outside, ya know where a camera could see it or someone could see or hear it? Might be a good idea to dispose of it.
If this was topside or the interior, yeah, that might be an issue. Down here where they think pink makes for good daylight? Shit, no one cares.

But still, I'm not dumb. I'll stow the gun in the usual spot once I've made sure the apartment's clear.

Carefully, I head inside. Doesn't look like anyone else is here... so I check the kitchen. The intruder wasn't lying, they left something on the counter. I slowly approach it, trying to figure out what it is.
No. 985331 ID: 3994a2
File 161025869710.png - (436.23KB , 1024x1024 , -1-023-3.png )

Wait. Is... is this..?
No. 985332 ID: 3994a2
File 161025871297.png - (497.60KB , 1024x1024 , -1-023-4.png )

Mother. Fucker.
No. 985333 ID: b1b4f3

What is it???
Tell Mike what it is.
No. 985334 ID: e7c7d3

That the same vials that Penny finds?

But what's up, Siobhan? You know what this 'evidence' is?
No. 985335 ID: e51896

Who's the motherfucker? Mike? Or that weirdo that fle-jumped off the balcony?
No. 985336 ID: cdabe3

oh no what is it????
No. 985340 ID: 8fab7a

Is this... dead people?
No. 985343 ID: a0dfd2


Dust samples. Fuck.

Question is whose, and why are they HERE after Mike apparently didn't want the damned things?
No. 985345 ID: 5ec3f5

Based on your reaction, I'm assuming that these must be the dust samples that you stole from Taunton a year ago. You know what that means, don't you?

Say, these look somewhat reddish. I thought you said there used to be black powder in them?
No. 985351 ID: e51896

Is there anything else the intruder left here?

Might want to lock the doors.
No. 985360 ID: b1b4f3

Also let's not forget about the neighbor. Maybe the things in the walls are to spy on what's going on inside?
No. 985444 ID: 3994a2
File 161042626967.png - (413.68KB , 1024x1024 , -1-024-1.png )

>But what's up, Siobhan? You know what this 'evidence' is?
It's the dust samples I collected in those ruins a year ago.

The same fucking samples that that got us into this whole mess. And now, after my life's finally gotten back to some kind of normalcy, here they are, in my fucking kitchen.

>Say, these look somewhat reddish. I thought you said there used to be black powder in them?
Assuming it's the same dust I took samples of, then yeah, it's black. The shitty excuse for daylight we get down here just makes everything look red.

>Who's the motherfucker? Mike? Or that weirdo that fle-jumped off the balcony?
Whatever motherfucker decided to push the samples back on us, whoever the hell it was.

>why are they HERE after Mike apparently didn't want the damned things?
Good fucking question. I think Mike owes me a god-damned explanation.


Before long, Mike shows up. He shouts for me, and I tell him I'm in the kitchen.

He walks in, and I hold up the samples, raising an eyebrow. "Your friend left us a present."

He looks at it and immediately gets a pained look on his face. "For fuck's sake," he growls.

"It's really something, ain't it?" I clench my fist, trying to keep my anger under control. "You mind tellin' me what the hell's going on?"

He stares at me for a second, then grabs the samples and sync gun, stowing both in his jacket. "C'mon, I'll give ya a ride ta work." He turns an about-face and leaves the kitchen.

I stand there, dumbfounded; I don't have work for at least a few more hours. "Mike, what the fuck."

"Don't wanna make ya late. We can talk about last night on the way," he shouts.

I've got half a mind to tell him I'm not going anywhere 'til I get some answers.
No. 985445 ID: b1b4f3

He's definitely watching what he says in case someone (your neighbor) is eavesdropping. So go on, talk in the car.
No. 985446 ID: e7c7d3

Kinda sounds like he's trying to get you out of the apartment and away from any prying ears. I suspect you two will taking the scenic route to discuss things
No. 985451 ID: e51896

>"C'mon, I'll give ya a ride ta work."
>"Don't wanna make ya late.

>I don't have work for at least a few more hours

I dont think he means your work, rather, i think he meant his work... (or maybe he means your old job when you were scrapping, but that is unlikely)

Yeah, just go with him, if it means it will make him feel most comfortable to get a straight answer. Just be sure to look for any recording devices in the vehicle that someone may have placed. Bring a coat.
No. 985454 ID: 640f71

I think he's making excuses for you both to not be here in the immediate future. Ask him if there's anything you should bring. Uh, like, circumspectly, maybe. Aside your neighbor, that home invader of yours could have left listening bugs or something. Like, say you've lost track of what you were supposed to be doing and ask if he remembers what you were supposed to need 'for work' today.
No. 985460 ID: f8fa51

I didn't catch it at first, but yeah, I agree he's trying to play it cool for ears that might hear. Pretend this is normal, he can fill you in in the car.
No. 985467 ID: eb1fcc

oh shit this is bad, he's being SUBTLE! play along!
No. 985477 ID: cdabe3

Play along for now. You sure as hell don’t have to be happy about it though.
No. 985478 ID: 5ec3f5

Get dressed for work and go with Mike.
No. 985484 ID: a0dfd2


Stalk over and whisper at him that if he doesn't want someone hearing what already got said out on the balcony, fine, he can at least SAY that.

Because right now you just had some crazy break into your goddamned house and leave you what you thought you'd never have to see again, and it's pretty fucking hard to feel calm about the whole affair when half the reason you're stuck working a goddamned bar gig is because of "gifts" like that.

(You know, without actually saying what you both now)

So yeah, he owes you some answers, and if a ride to "work" is how he wants to handle it, fine, but the least he can do is SAY that.
No. 985486 ID: 8fab7a

Clamp your jaw, get dressed for work and join him.

"We in any danger now?" should perhaps be the most relevant query.
No. 985513 ID: eb1fcc

the whole point here is NOT to say that

we were JUST insulting someone for acting like a bad spy thriller extra, lets not play the part of conveniently loose-lipped bit character.
No. 985524 ID: 5cc714

Thinking some steps ahead: Before you both head out, take some containers from the kitchen, or bowls, or cups... at least 12 of them...

I have a feeling that the person who might be listening in (probably the next door neighbor) was not with that weirdo that dropped this evidence off here and wants to steal them from your apartment.

If they deduce you and Mike has them, and start chasing you down, you might need to secretly transfer those dust samples from their vials and into the containers you got from the kitchen, and use the empty vials in the evidence pack as a decoy, a distraction.
No. 985690 ID: 3994a2
File 161068911287.png - (523.68KB , 1024x1024 , -1-025-1.png )

I start to open my mouth, but he shoots me a weird, severe look.

Well, then. Guess I'll play along for now.

"Fine," I say. "Just lemme change for work."

I throw on something a little flashy, grabbing a windbreaker on for good measure. I think to stuff some containers in the bag in case we need to ditch the sample vials as a decoy, but... nah, that's probably way too conspicuous.

"Alright, let's get a move on," he says, and I follow him out the front door.
No. 985691 ID: 3994a2
File 161068912529.png - (412.44KB , 1024x1024 , -1-025-2.png )

Neither of us says a word 'til we get down to the dock.
No. 985692 ID: 3994a2
File 161068914467.png - (551.50KB , 1024x1024 , -1-025-3.png )

"You use this?" He asks, flashing the sync gun at me from inside his jacket.

I nod, and he drops it on the dock, kicking it off and into the skies below as he boards the hop.
No. 985693 ID: 3994a2
File 161068915884.png - (560.42KB , 1024x1024 , -1-025-4.png )

I climb in the passenger's side, and soon the hop takes off, diving below the shelf.

"You owe some fucking answers, Mike."

He nods. "Whatcha wanna know?"

"Fucking everything, what do you --" I stop myself and cool off for a second. "Tell me everything. No secrets."

"Alright." He glances at me. "Where should I start?"
No. 985694 ID: b1b4f3

Who was that lady with the holographic eyes?
No. 985698 ID: 094652

Why haven't you thrown this case to the beat cops? 'Trespassing to deliver volatile goods' is enough to get an APB on anyone.
No. 985705 ID: cdabe3

What the fuck is even going on, to start
No. 985708 ID: 8fab7a

Yeah. What the hell, man. Neighbor man starts acting creepy, buncha noises next door and then boom, here comes a weird weird visitor just handing back something you practically threw away your life over.
No. 985718 ID: e51896

Lets start from the beginning, last night. Mike said something about a "problem client". Ask about that client, what they hired Mike to do & if they are connected to this incident.
No. 985719 ID: 87ec30

Immediate things first. Where are we going and what are we running from?
No. 985721 ID: 5ec3f5

He can start by telling you if he knows what his cum tastes like. Because the next time he comes into you, you're returning it - down his mouth. Just like how these samples came back to you.

Anyway, if we're talking about beginnings, then he could start with how he first met the client over a year ago. Ok, that might be a bit too early and it would take too long heh. But some other important questions that he could answer right now would be:
- Who is the client? It's a bit late for the client confidentiality excuse now~
- Why did they return the samples? Don't they know about your "no backsies" policy?
- Is his place still safe?
- Why were you kept in the dark about this? It doesn't seem like it helped you sleep easier at night or anything.
- What are his plans now?
- Does he realize that he's sleeping on the couch tonight?
No. 985722 ID: e51896

As he is explaining himself, keep your eyes on your surroundings for anyone or anything suspicious, like vehicles following you and Mike outside for example, or anything that might be tampered with inside the vehicle. Right now, you're too angry to be looking at Mike anyway for keeping you in the dark, so you might as well just survey your surroundings as you listen to Mike.
No. 985826 ID: 15a025

Who was that freak with the eye holotats?
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