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File 158699707992.png - (860.18KB , 800x599 , nv1-000-1.png )
962109 No. 962109 ID: 891b91

“INDIVIDUAL! Thou art before this tribunal to answer for thy crimes most grievous... Thou art charged with triple-recursive chronospatial inversion, dimensional deparallelization, probability manifold nullification, and toroidizing chrono-synclastic infundibula!”
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No. 966362 ID: 891b91
File 158931444668.png - (131.44KB , 800x599 , nv1-008-1.png )

>That's most likely a security feature built into this place. The judges wanted all versions of you here, so it makes sense that you'd be prevented from splitting yourself apart. It's probably a way to prevent the guilty versions of you from splitting off and running away, leaving behind all of the innocent versions of you to get blamed for the crimes.
That raises the question of if it's possible to break that security, and more importantly if I should want to break it...

>Voice came from... outside of you?
Not a voice, it was just like... a thought I didn't think. Except it was in my mind, like I had thought it.

>Huh. That shouldn’t be possible in this place. Make a note of it as Significant and something to ask about later.
>That sounds important. Put the card against your head, and consult someone who can help you decipher that feeling.
Kirk might know something about it. The only question there is whether I want to contact him about it now, or let it wait until after I've found something to eat.

>Thought: What if you're being framed? Maybe you're capable of these crimes, some parts of you, but that just made you a potential scapegoat? Maybe someone else did the crimes and made it look like it might have been you. Or maybe the parts of you that did do it were forced, like just used as a battery in a machine or something. In that case, pushing to see if you're capable of this stuff could just be playing into their hands.
I feel like I don't really have a choice here. Either I push this condensation thing forward and I risk being found guilty for any number of reasons, or I drag my heels on it and piss off the court, whatever that might result in. Knowing more seems like it gives me better chances than knowing less.

>Heck, the judges or whoever works for them collapsed you, right? That proves they could do those crimes, at least some of them
If that's the case, then I'm screwed no matter what I do!

>Anyway while you can store donuts on your dick, they are one of relatively few foodstuffs that could be, the other being... bagels? And... I'm sure there are other ring and hoop shaped things, BUT the alternative also gives you a convenient place to keep food! I mean, not spicy food, but same with the dick. And the dick can't hold bottles, so what will you do for a drink? You'll get thirsty! Best is to just keep your options open.
Whichever version of me decided to start thinking about using my genitals to carry stuff -- I wish you hadn't!

>If I were you I'd be more concerned for how long your arms are in relation to how far back your rear is.
I have a prehensile tail, you know. It's not as good as a hand but it can pretty much reach anywhere my arms can't.


I give the cube a tentative squeeze, rotating it in my hands; every side is the same: flat, grey, nondescript. It's light, but pretty firm, maybe with a tiny amount of give -- but still mostly firm. Nothing about it really stands out beside that, and I'm not really sure what to make of its sudden apperance. Did I make it? Summon it? Something else?

I try to will it into lighting up, but it doesn't respond. Lights don't appear in the tunnel when I try to conjure them, either. Whatever the mechanics are for manipulating reality here, they escape me. I even try petting the cube -- if it's sentient and likes it, it isn't letting me know.

>Gamecube logo
I don't know what that is.
No. 966365 ID: 891b91
File 158931455085.png - (183.30KB , 800x599 , nv1-008-2.png )

>Ask the cube what it thinks about donuts, shake it, and then roll it on the floor.
What the hell -- it won't accomplish anything, but I'll give it a try. "What's your opinion of donuts, O cube?" I ask with all the pomp deserving of a weird extradimensional cube, before unceremoniously tossing it on the ground like a large die. It bounces a few feet away from me before coming to a stop.
No. 966366 ID: 891b91
File 158931457211.png - (124.40KB , 800x599 , nv1-008-3.png )

It lands hole-side up.
No. 966367 ID: b34040

Retrieve ye cube. Then just go inside the store. Maybe the lights will come on when you go inside?
No. 966368 ID: 094652

Stick your [] in it
No. 966372 ID: 91ee5f

>every side is the same: flat, grey, nondescript.
>It lands hole-side up.
Uh, that’s not right. There wasn’t a hole on it before!
No. 966373 ID: afd902

Check the hole in the cube. Might have something inside, might be the right texture to put your dick in, who knows?
Its a mystery cube!
No. 966374 ID: b1b4f3

Stick your dick in it.
Actually maybe you should examine it a bit more closely first. Who knows where the hole leads... or does that make the lewd idea more appealing?
No. 966379 ID: 5877dc

The only correct way to inspect this hole is with a dick. Which we obviously have because the situation demands it.

This is because either this cube is telling us that donuts have holes, or it's trying to communicate with us through our dick. (This is perfectly logical and totally not a black-and-white fallacy)

If that doesn't work, then I suppose we'll have to ask the cube some other questions. Well, after entering one of those passages.
No. 966381 ID: 422cea

Someone's going to walk in on you with you putting your duck inside a cube, I just know it.
No. 966392 ID: f2320a

Its like a donut i dont know if i want to stick our genitals in it or eat it? Lets start by fingering it so we can figure out the hole
No. 966406 ID: cdabe3

look into the hole first

then stick in a finger

then stick your dick in it >:3
No. 966408 ID: 2aa5f0

(sigh) at this point I'm going to suggest going into the damn building and getting lunch just to stop hear what you should stick your schillingers slong into. It's getting really tedious.
No. 966412 ID: afd902

>>966408 It seems that we are a menace to society, but not because of any fancy multiverse math. We're just such a massive pervert that it warps spacetime.
No. 966413 ID: 4854ef

Perversion is just such a natural state for us all..

Also however. Still feeling peckish! Just pick it up, and head inside. Lets get some food going at least!
No. 966414 ID: 0fae41

Go inside the hole.
No. 966444 ID: 9c48ac

I think that's an approval of donuts. Forget all other nonsense related to this cube, except bringing it with you, and just go get ye donuts.
No. 966466 ID: a9af05

Just go inside and get some food.
No. 966482 ID: 8b270f

the cube sates that I I AM. i obzerve therefore i am. i's perpus is to perplex thoes who think thay knwo it's perpus
and people who lie about knowing it...

the best corse of action is to ignore it and go around it, get distracted by something elt's
No. 966529 ID: 891b91
File 158941089773.png - (113.59KB , 800x599 , nv1-009-1.png )

...Wait, the cube didn't have a hole in it before! Is this... its answer to the question, somehow? Or did it get a hole for some other reason? Was the hole somehow always there and I just didn't see it?

I pick the thing up, rolling it in my hands. I peer into the hole -- it's too dark to see inside it clearly, no matter how I rotate it.
No. 966530 ID: 891b91
File 158941090339.png - (99.87KB , 800x599 , nv1-009-2.png )

Hesitantly, I probe the hole with a finger, expecting to feel the inside edge of the cube -- but my knuckle bottoms out without meeting any resistance. I try my tail next... I get it deeper in, but eventually it becomes too wide for the hole. Alarmingly, the hole seems impossibly deep.

...It occurs to me that I have another appendage that might be able to, ah, explore the hole deeper, but... I think I'm gonna decline to try that for now. I already tried my luck with my finger and tail -- I'd rather not be the guy who lost his dong to an extradimensional cube of mysterious origin. Even though some absurdly horny contingent of me's apparently really like the idea of taking that risk! This cube isn't a donut you weirdos! (And putting our dick in a donut is weird too!)

>Go inside the hole.
It's way too small for that!
No. 966531 ID: 891b91
File 158941091109.png - (239.61KB , 800x599 , nv1-009-3.png )

I guess I'll keep the cube for now. I stare at the dark passage beside me. I feel really uneasy about going in there, but... I'm getting hungrier by the minute.

>Maybe the lights will come on when you go inside!
Y-yeah! I bet that's it! I'll just, uh, venture on in then...
No. 966532 ID: 891b91
File 158941092121.png - (395.98KB , 800x599 , nv1-009-4.png )

The lights did not come on.
No. 966533 ID: 891b91
File 158941093233.png - (123.93KB , 800x599 , nv1-009-5.png )

I take a deep breath to steel my nerves, and start heading deeper into the passage. I pause occasionally to look back at the entrance, both to gauge how far I've gone and to get a reassuring look at the light outside. As it gets darker, I hug the wall to make sure I don't get turned around.
No. 966534 ID: 891b91
File 158941094584.png - (74.76KB , 800x599 , nv1-009-6.png )

I don't know how far I've gone. This tunnel is longer than it has any right being -- by now I should've reached the other side of the building! I check behind me to see how far I am from the entrance.

...I don't see the entrance. It's just pitch black. All around me.

At least I'm beside the -- wait where did the wall go I can't find the wall what is happening

No. 966538 ID: 0fae41

It's not like there was anything out there to miss. Just keep moving forward, thinking about where you want to go.
No. 966540 ID: 4854ef

Do not panic! This dimensional thing seems to rely entirely upon thought. I need to focus but we should simply try and think about things. That was what was described to us after-all.
No. 966543 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe it's time to create another place.
Think of the INSIDE of a pizza shop.
No. 966545 ID: 5877dc


Think about inverting this space.
No. 966546 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, maybe we only made the outside of the building and everything else is blank. I guess try thinking what you'd think the inside of a pizza place would look like... or just imagine a food court at a mall if you want to add a donut place and a clothing store like you were thinking of earlier thought if you want to keep things simple start with the pizza joint interior.
No. 966551 ID: 91ee5f

Scream in frustration, “I just wanted some fucking pizza! Is that too much to ask for?!”
No. 966552 ID: b34040

If imagining your destination and trying to go there isn't working, I think you officially need help. Try the card.
No. 966583 ID: afd902

>>966530 Should have expected that.

The problem here, is that we looked at the tunnel and thought "scary tunnel I can't see the end of", so it became a scary tunnel that we can't find the end of.
We should have put more work into expecting a pizza shop.
Better late than never, start thinking about a pizza shop. Think about all the details a pizza shop should have.
No. 966596 ID: 094652

Enhance knockers
... until you can find the door.
No. 966838 ID: 15a025

Realize you are now basically in that cube.
No. 968674 ID: 3994a2
File 159100147966.png - (44.89KB , 800x599 , nv1-010-1.png )

Okay, okay, don't panic... I just forgot to actually imagine the pizza joint, right? I--I just need to visualize it.

So what does a pizza restaurant have? There's a lobby, right? And a counter where you pick up the food, and a kitchen and ovens...
No. 968675 ID: 3994a2
File 159100148999.png - (80.96KB , 800x599 , nv1-010-2.png )

A deep, shuddering sound accompanies the appearance of lights in the distance -- all focused on a building! I don't even care if it isn't the pizza place, I just need to get out of this darkness! I start walking towards it at a brisk pace, hoping to close the distance quickly.
No. 968676 ID: 3994a2
File 159100149411.png - (70.52KB , 800x599 , nv1-010-3.png )

... I hear a rustling noise behind me.
No. 968679 ID: 094652

Imagine a fleashlight
No. 968682 ID: cdabe3
File 159100711062.jpg - (108.28KB , 1125x2182 , 439FC69C-5DAB-464C-AAB4-C20C8C9DCB47.jpg )

OwO who dis
No. 968685 ID: 2aa5f0

oh you're not alone... wait how is that possible this whole dimension was made pretty much just for you and all the yous that make up you. So unless their is a piece of you that somehow fell off or someone else from the court has come to say hi then their shouldn't be anyone besides you in here.

Oh and maybe head towards the light a little quicker then would you?
No. 968687 ID: 4286b4

Don't turn around, but simply ask a few questions, such as "This is your fault, isn't it?", "Are you here to help?" and "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
No. 968689 ID: f2312a

Yeah, nah.
Bolt like your ass is on fire.
No. 968691 ID: adb916

>>968676 This could just be the outside unhappening, there is now a new 'thing' and the outside 'thing' is no longer relevant and so is not maintained.
>>968682 Why would you put such thoughts in our head like that? Do you hate us? Whatever, I'm sure that thing is quite friendly, its lack of apparent lack of mouth has just left it misunderstood and sad.
No. 968697 ID: e51896

Just act natural. Walk to the building like nobodys around.
No. 968706 ID: b1b4f3

You imagined a monster, didn't you?
Fucking book it.
No. 968722 ID: 4854ef

We need to head towards the light.. Quickly but not in a run.
No. 968724 ID: d5825c

(possable beak, passable tailfeathers, long neck ,ˡᵒⁿᵍ ᵈᶦᶜᵏ...?
is that a bird person?

No. 968725 ID: 015bf2

Oh man, what a relief. It's the pizza guy.
No. 968728 ID: 0fae41

You made sure to imagine that place big enough to fit inside, right?
No. 970055 ID: f2320a

I have no clue to me it just looks like a pussy and i assume asshole? So the long thing is a tail? Are we standing behind ourself? Or did we manage to do the split?
No. 970056 ID: f2320a

That actually MAKES SENSE a pizza place without a pizza guy is just a kitchen you have no idea how to use so we must have made someone to make pizza but we did not have a solid idea for how he would look so its the pizza place issue again
No. 970163 ID: 3994a2
File 159269993898.png - (128.90KB , 800x599 , nv1-011-1.png )

...I see it. Just barely.

There's a thing here in the darkness with me! It stands there, motionless.

>oh you're not alone... wait how is that possible this whole dimension was made pretty much just for you and all the yous that make up you. So unless their is a piece of you that somehow fell off or someone else from the court has come to say hi then their shouldn't be anyone besides you in here.
Didn't Kirk say there were hundreds of people stuck in this universe? Maybe this thing is one of them?

>Oh man, what a relief. It's the pizza guy.
That is NOT my idea of a pizza guy!

"...Hi?" I watch the figure for any reaction. "Are you here to help me?"

It doesn't respond.
No. 970164 ID: 3994a2
File 159269994930.png - (109.78KB , 800x599 , nv1-011-2.png )

Somehow its lack of response unnerves me more than anything else, so I decide it's best to get a move on.

The rustling continues behind me. It's following me.

I up the pace a bit, and rustling gets faster.

Chasing. It's chasing me!

>You imagined a monster, didn't you?
I--I don't know! I don't think I did!

>(possable beak, passable tailfeathers, long neck ,ˡᵒⁿᵍ ᵈᶦᶜᵏ...?
>is that a bird person?
I have no clue what the hell it is! And I don't want to think about its genitals!
No. 970165 ID: 3994a2
File 159269995795.png - (170.97KB , 800x599 , nv1-011-3.png )

I break out into a full gallop -- the thing can smell my fear, it charges after me!

I run as fast as my feet can take me, desperately trying to close the gap between me and the building ahead!

The thing lets out a horrifying, guttural noise in its furor to reach me, -- an unimaginable roar like a giant, rusted-out machine grinding itself to dust!

The building still seems so far away, I can feel the thing closing in on me, I'm not going to make, it, I'm not --
No. 970166 ID: 3994a2
File 159269996908.png - (213.74KB , 800x599 , nv1-011-4.png )

At what feels like the last possible moment, I finally break into the almost blinding light of the clearing. I whirl around to catch sight of my pursuer -- I see nothing.

But I hear it. It's out there, at the edge of the darkness, rustling and waiting for me. I guess it doesn't like the light.
No. 970167 ID: 3994a2
File 159269997564.png - (239.89KB , 800x599 , nv1-011-5.png )

Be that as it may, I'd prefer to have a solid wall between that thing and me, so I head through the double door leading inside the building.

The place is laid out like a restaurant, maybe a fast food joint -- littered with tables and chairs, all empty, and a counter up front. There's a conspicuous lack of any signage or a menu, though. In fact, the whole place seems barren, like it was just built but still isn't open for business.

Despite that, there's someone at the counter ahead, on the customers' side. They're standing there -- I guess waiting for service? -- humming to themselves cheerfully and fidgeting a bit, like an impatient kid.

I'm not sure whether I should just queue up behind them or try to strike up a conversation while we wait. Or maybe I should just explore instead? Who knows if this place is actually a restaurant, so maybe treating it like one isn't the right idea.
No. 970168 ID: 0fae41

Scrounge in the trash can for items. It's not really a garbage can, so who knows what it contains?
No. 970169 ID: e7c7d3

Don't be rude, go say hi!
No. 970170 ID: b1b4f3

Go say hello. Ask if it's normal for there to be monsters in the dark.
No. 970171 ID: e51896

leave the customer alone in her own little world, talking to strangers randomly is weird and rude especially one who is busy practicing their vocals.

just wait in line and looks at what is on the menu... (then find out that it is one of those damn menus that plays an ad every 3 seconds while you are in the middle of deciding what to order and it doesn't let you see the menu for an entire minute until the ad ends.)
No. 970200 ID: 2aa5f0

ask what's on the menu
No. 970206 ID: b13dfe

Say hi. Ask what she's doing. Queue up behind her.
No. 970224 ID: 5877dc

>Didn't Kirk say there were hundreds of people stuck in this universe?
Oh, I thought they would each be in their own separate void without interacting with each other. Indeed, this prison seems rather... insecure considering the prisoners are free to kill each other. Strange that Kirk forgot to mention this.

Anyway, queue up behind them. You can talk to them after you're done ordering your stuff, that is, ask them if you can sit with them at their table. Assuming they don't talk to you first.
No. 970227 ID: 8fab7a

Seems good.
No. 970240 ID: e51896

Just to add, see if they have ketchup flavored ice cream or milkshakes.
No. 970430 ID: d5825c

it's... not faceing you...
prosede, with cotion.
No. 970853 ID: 15a025

Say hello.
No. 971113 ID: 3994a2
File 159356494439.png - (179.20KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-01.png )

Ignoring the customer for now, I decide to see what I can find in the trash. I stick my arm in and root around a bit, but I can't feel anything.
No. 971114 ID: 3994a2
File 159356495224.png - (1.03MB , 800x599 , nv1-012-02.png )

I bend down and have a look inside.

So, uh. That's something.
No. 971115 ID: 3994a2
File 159356495743.png - (193.33KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-03.png )

> Oh, I thought they would each be in their own separate void without interacting with each other. Indeed, this prison seems rather... insecure considering the prisoners are free to kill each other. Strange that Kirk forgot to mention this.
I doubt keeping the prisoners safe from each other is... high on the court's list of priorities.

I think I'll leave the strange trash can dimension to consider later and just uh, get in line? The customer doesn't seem to notice me -- she just keeps humming and rocking back and forth.

And that's it, nothing else happens for however long I've been standing here. I'm getting tired of waiting.

"Uh, hello?" She stops humming and turns in place to face me, which I take as a cue to continue. "Sorry, but do you know what--"
No. 971116 ID: 3994a2
File 159356496382.png - (229.85KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-04.png )

No. 971117 ID: 3994a2
File 159356496988.png - (217.81KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-05.png )

I push her hand away -- well, I assume it's hers, despite not being visibly connected to her.

"Listen, I just want to know--"
No. 971118 ID: 3994a2
File 159356497816.png - (234.46KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-06.png )

No. 971119 ID: 3994a2
File 159356498725.png - (153.05KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-07.png )

She continues in a hushed whisper. "You gonna scare it away, bump!" She points towards the rear of the building. "Looooooooook."
No. 971120 ID: 3994a2
File 159356499964.png - (193.49KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-08.png )

No. 971121 ID: 3994a2
File 159356500424.png - (231.96KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-09.png )

No. 971122 ID: 3994a2
File 159356501588.png - (192.46KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-10.png )

No. 971123 ID: 3994a2
File 159356502354.png - (143.80KB , 800x599 , nv1-012-11.png )

She rushes over to the table. "Aww yeh, anchovy!" She immediately begins stuffing a large slice in her mouth, then motions me over. "You hungry, bump?" She asks through a mouthful of the stuff.

"What... what the hell was that thing?" I ask, finally breaking through my shock.

"Pizza guy!"
No. 971124 ID: e7c7d3

That may be a pizza guy, but it ain't your pizza guy. You're pizza guy definitely followed sanitary procedures a lot better.

Still, don't be rude. Have a slice
No. 971125 ID: 4854ef

Gah! Anchovy! The Devils taste in pizza form! Get it away get it away!
No. 971128 ID: b1b4f3

Where did the tentacle come from...?

Consume pizza. Anchovy is fine. You can take them off if your selves are collectively picky.
Ask your questions. Like, why was there something in the darkness chasing you? Why is there darkness at all? It seemed like you were supposed to create everything on the fly, but now it seems like this place keeps some things from previous or current occupants and connects places together at arbitrary points, possibly when nobody's looking... like some kind of quantum dream space.
Also what's her deal? Is she awaiting trial, like you? Is the pizza guy a construct or a person?
No. 971130 ID: 3ed3c3

...Y'know what? Fuck it. Eat a piece o' pizza.
You could be erased or imprisoned forever soon, so enjoy what you can.
No. 971131 ID: 26b9b9

Whadda cutie.

Say yes, and thank you. If she is actually offering you a piece and not just asking, move the anchovies onto her pieces so she has more and also because anchovies are gross but don't say that. I guess that's the form a pizza guy takes when mushed together from all possible forms of pizza guy across the multiverse? Just a general mushed-up blob save for the one defining capability to "make pizza"? Makes sense.

Ask what she's in for.
No. 971137 ID: 2aa5f0

so uh... ask her if she can tell you anything about this place you're in... and I guess this world in general. We're all kinda just running around blindly.

And maybe whatever that thing outside was... maybe.
No. 971143 ID: 0fae41

First, pizza time. Then, enter trashland.
No. 971211 ID: b13dfe

But Klaatu likes anchovies. Take a slice.
No. 971219 ID: 8fab7a

Pizza guy! Told ya one'd be around.

That's disgusting, disturbing and... vaguely appetizing?

Oh dear. You ARE rather hungry.

Well... when in Rome! Grab a slice and nibble.

"So... who do I have the pleasure of lunching with and what casual crimes against existence have you, allegedly, committed?"
No. 971220 ID: 36784c

Can’t we get our own pizza? With stuffed crust?
No. 971238 ID: f7cdf8

Yeah I feel like something is seriously wrong here between the...darkness thing, and the weird ass pizza guy, I don't think any of us think that's normal? So...I have a few theories,
1:This place has been sabotaged by someone who CAN do that,
2:Someone other than us is here and messing with it (Alternatively 1-b)
3:There's something up with our collective brainmeats causeing weird shit, like us suddenly having leylines in our head.
4:This place...broke, somehow, probably least likely but technically possible?
No. 971243 ID: 094652

It's pizza. Eat the pizza.
No. 971279 ID: f2320a

It looks like the thing that was outside but pizza?
No. 971280 ID: f2320a

MOVE AWAY THAT FISH FROM OUR SLICES REMOVE THE DISGUSTING THINGS THEY ARE TOXIC THEY WILL SLOWLY KILL US WITH MERCURY. I EAT PINEAPPLE BUT NOT THE FISH AND SPINE WITH THE HEADS. FISH SPINES STUCK IN YOUR THROAT jagged shard lodged into flesh. Like cat wiskers stuck in mouth or throat. They are going extinct. There are too many fish. This is worse then pineapple but moving the fish to that thing would make it happy. Also is not pizza guy hot. Warm body hope its not searing hot hmm does it feel pain? Also free food yay
No. 971288 ID: 4286b4

Eat only the middle of the pizza and leave the crust.
No. 971296 ID: f7cdf8

You have no room to talk.
No. 971333 ID: f2320a

I have room to talk its bad when someone rather eat pineapple then that shit
No. 971337 ID: f7cdf8

At least anchovy doesn't digest you back.
No. 971379 ID: a9af05

I agree with this! Stuffed crust is the best!
No. 971383 ID: afd902

Is there any part of us that isn't weirded out by this? Cause if so, that part might have been the unconscious basis for this.

Also, do you recognize anything about the little lady with the nice butt? Species, individual, mannerisms? Is there any reason to suspect that shes a real person (or that shes not a real person)?

Cause, somebody real to talk to would be nice. On the other hand, if shes not real, we don't have to feel bad about admiring that booty.

Also, think hard about stuff-crust pizza.
No. 971388 ID: 17bcce

We don't gotta feel ashamed either way, just don't be creepy about it. everyone can appreciate a nice ass.
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