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File 158673360991.jpg - (694.09KB , 977x1751 , BB 475.jpg )
961715 No. 961715 ID: 2bd15b

A horror story about survival and perseverance in an isolated area.
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No. 961782 ID: d63ea8

"I'll double-check that our flashlights are good. We might want to pick up some extra batteries at the next gas station."
No. 961796 ID: e51896

Tch, ya such a killjoy, dude. If I knew we'd be stuck in this long boring drive, at least let me enjoy myself here. besides, I haven't seen a cop car for some good hours now, or all that much cars for that matter, so it should be fine...

Well whatever, I'll put the drinks away. It's probably best to save the rest of the alcohol for when we actually spend time at this oasis.
inner thoughts: lord knows I'll need it based off of what Beverly described... jeez, out of my relaxed home in the city with electricity, and into the hot sun with annoying bugs like mosquitoes and horse-flies... how did I get talked into going on this trip?

Yo, Trevestian, ya wanna drink before I put the beer away?

And Beverly, where exactly will we be sleeping in at this desert resort? hotel? cabin? tent?
inner thoughts: please don't say tent, please don't say tent, please don't say tent...
No. 961811 ID: 2bd15b
File 158681057327.jpg - (2.09MB , 3084x2217 , Flesh offerings 4.jpg )

No. 961815 ID: d63ea8

"Cut it out Rufus. Not everything is about you."

"I'm glad that you invited us Trevestian, we'll try to make the most of this trip."

"We'll need to get some spare blankets if we want to camp outside, deserts get real cold at night."
No. 961828 ID: 8b660e

Good plan. And yeah, thanks for having us along, Trev.

And Rufus, you’ve been telling everyone that story since our freshmen year. I still say you made it to make yourself ‘’interesting.” One of these days it’s gonna get you in trouble. Remember that super conservative Christian girl? I thought she was gonna tear you a new one.
No. 961873 ID: e51896

Suit yourself Trev, just means more drinks for me. But hey, if you ever change your mind and want to start drinkin', just give me a holler. A person's first drink is a special occasion after all.

*sneaks a couple of sips of his drink then puts his bottle in the cooler*

My reason for comin'? shit I don't remember, I only found out just today from Bev about how I made a freakin' promise weeks ago that I would be attending this trip. I must've been drunk at the time cause I totally forgot I made that promise. Ya shoulda' seen how angry Bev was when she found out I forgot. but I guess I'm on this trip to try the local brews at the resort's bar or somethin'... oh, and to keep Trev company.

Ouch, Ruf, ya' gotta tough crowd... Need a quick drink before I close the cooler, man?
No. 961896 ID: 2bd15b
File 158685610817.jpg - (2.22MB , 2980x2104 , Flesh offerings 5.jpg )

No. 961907 ID: d63ea8

"Sure, I'll join you. Legs could do with a stretch anyway."

"Why on earth would a scarecrow be here of all places? It's been scrubland turning into desert for the past couple of miles. It doesn't make sense."
No. 961918 ID: e51896

*puts beer away and closes cooler*

Maaan, maybe it's just a leftover from ancient native civilization before modern civilization turned this wasteland into a road, lets just keep drivin', or a better idea, run it over for fun.

...If you're really going out, take a picture or somethin', it'll last longer. I'm staying here in the air conditioning.

*rests head on window while looking out the window*
No. 961925 ID: 8b660e

Ancient civilization? I don’t think Nevada has many that really be considered “ancient,” I remember reading about the Anazasi in Arizona, but I don’t think they ever came up this way. It’s probably just some old farm that got paved over. I know there’s ghost towns in Nevada from when the gold rush was going on. They were old boom towns that would spring up and then die as the gold moves west.

I’ll take a look too.
No. 961959 ID: 2bd15b
File 158690736992.jpg - (1.76MB , 3300x2292 , Flesh offerings 6.jpg )

No. 961962 ID: d63ea8

"Shit, okay. We probably turned off onto an old construction road. If we start driving back we might be able to hit the highway before the car craps out completely."

"I'll check the cooler to see if Hector packed anything other than beer."

"We might have to start walking when it gets dark."
No. 961963 ID: fee8e4

Milton, dude, c’mon this is the kind of shit you tell us before everything things go bad. Did your engine light come on? And if we should have been there hours ago... Man, communicate with us. Think the van can get us back to the gas station?
No. 961965 ID: fee8e4

I bought two cases of bottled water at the gas station, if someone of wants to try hoofing it they should have enough to get to get back, although I don’t advise it.
No. 961982 ID: d63ea8

"Good thinking. Milton, see if you can get the engine running."

*Will hesitates when he looks at the scarecrow again.*

Man that thing looks cursed.
No. 961983 ID: fee8e4

No shit...

Well it’s definitely unlike any scarecrow I’ve ever seen. What is it’s face made of? And what’s that stuff dripping out of it? It too dark to be tree sap or anything...
No. 961993 ID: e51896

*notices the air conditioning suddenly stopped*
ahhh, FUCK NUGGETS! the cherry on top of this road trip to nowhere! I knew I should not of come on this trip!

*goes over to the front of the car and starts honking the horn to get everyone's attention/scare the shit out of them from the loud sudden honking of the horn*

*opens the door and peeks out since the windows can't open but stays in the car*

EY! The air conditionin' is off! unless you all want fried Hector for dinner, stop gawkin' at the culty looking scarecrow and get yer asses back in here so we can get this show back on the road!
No. 961994 ID: fee8e4

*jumps at the horn*

FUCK! Damnit Hector...
No. 961997 ID: d63ea8

"Fuckin' shit!"

"Fine Hector."

*Will hops into the back of the car.*
No. 962044 ID: 2bd15b
File 158696677829.jpg - (2.16MB , 3508x2316 , Flesh offerings 7.jpg )

No. 962046 ID: e51896

*grabs a beer and gets out of the vehicle* SHIT!
Okay, Yeah. I'd rather not have us continue drivin' the car outta here and run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, especially since we didn't see a rest area for miles. Shiiit, knowing our luck, we're probably gonna need to spend the night at this rural area, so are we walkin' to this observatory town, or drivin' there?

*looks at scarecrow and smiles* eyyyy, buddy! thanks for stoppin' the vehicle and alertin' Milt of the problem with the fuel, otherwise we'd be upcreak without a paddle if we continued down the road! Here is a peace offerin' as a reward!

*is going to pour some beer in the hole of the face of the scarecrow and set the empty bottle on one of the plates dangling on the arm of the branch*
No. 962048 ID: d63ea8

*Will leans out from the car window.*

"God- Hector, stop messing with that thing. It's going to give you tetanus or something."

"Let's hop back into the car and ride it into town. I'm sure that someone would be willing to lend us a jerrycan, or at least let us use a phone."
No. 962061 ID: 8b660e

Yeah hopefully we can find someone to lend us a hand. Anyone got any cash on them? Best to have something for repairs and whatnot.
No. 962108 ID: 2bd15b
File 158699645041.jpg - (1.70MB , 3428x1732 , Flesh offerings 8.jpg )

No. 962118 ID: d63ea8

"Lionel and I can head in."

"God I hope that his is some sort of bizarre Burning Man festival or something."
No. 962121 ID: 8b660e

It's definitely creepy. I'm beginning to see a motif with this place let's just go in get a map and see if they have a phone or a radio and get out.
No. 962142 ID: e51896

*sighs* we should also be thinkin' about who will be in the car with who during this whole fiasco, y'know? Ruff and Milt have been arguin' for example, and I sure as hell don't want them killing each other, so maybe we should separate em' for awhile to cool off. Maybe Milt should also go with Trev to get help since he knows what he is askin' for with the vehicle.

And no offense, Lion and Will, but you both seemed a bit too creeped out by the scarecrow. With this culty lookin' kinda place, I can't imagine how you'd fair with a whole bunch of mannequins just like that one. there may be strangers that could see the fear in your eyes and take advantage of you, so someone with more confidence should go with the group to ask for help instead of one of you two, like yours truly.

Bottom line, I'm thinkin' the people who should go ask for help is Trev, Milt, me and either Will or Lion.
Meanwhile Bev Ruf and either Will or Lion can wait in the car and hold the fort.
No. 962166 ID: d63ea8

"We can deal with the weirdness."

"But sure, it might be good to bring someone else."

"Trevestian, do you want to go instead of me? As confident as you are Hector, you're drunk, and we'd probably do better if we sent a smaller group rather than a bigger one."
No. 962173 ID: e51896

Tch, at least take Milton with ya, I don't want to deal with the arguin'. Besides, Milton knows what kind of help we need with the vehicle
No. 962183 ID: 2bd15b
File 158705909561.jpg - (1.12MB , 2813x1584 , Flesh offerings 9.jpg )

No. 962184 ID: d63ea8

*Will sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.*

"As much as I would like to volunteer, Hector's right, this place is messing with me and I think that Lionel and Trevestian can keep their shit together if it turns out that they have more hanging mannequins inside."

"But I'm with Beverly, Rufus should stay here."
No. 962194 ID: 8b660e

I'm fine with anything you guys want to do, but can we please stop all the in-fighting? Bev, Rufus, you're both good friends of mine and the constant bickering is getting on my nerves. I know we're in a stressful situation but c'mon, we don't need to be this nasty to each other. We're in this together we might as well try and find a way to at least work together.
No. 962242 ID: e51896

>heh, I find it funny that you, Hector, recommended yourself for this task, I don't think that you get the severity of our situation

*just silently rolls his eyes without saying a word to Rufus, and rests his head on the window*

*looks at his cooler, then looks away deciding not to get another bottle*

*mumbles to self* I am soooo tempted for another drink... Somethin' tells me I'll need to save as much as I can though...

>I'm fine with anything you guys want to do, but can we please stop all the in-fighting? Bev, Rufus, you're both good friends of mine and the constant bickering is getting on my nerves. I know we're in a stressful situation but c'mon, we don't need to be this nasty to each other. We're in this together we might as well try and find a way to at least work together.

Yeah, I'm with Lion. Arguin' is for babies and politicians that shit in their diapers. That is why I think Ruff should go with Trev and Lion after all. Because honestly, I think Bev and Milt need to be separated from Ruff for awhile for everyone to chill, and I do NOT want to drink all my booze just to ease the annoyance of their bickerin'.

Besides, 3 people is a perfect number of people to go. having less than 3 people look for help will make you all look too vulnerable while having more than 3 people look for help will make you all look too intimidatin'

So right now my stance is: if Ruff goes with Lion and Trev, I'll stay in the vehicle with Milt, Bev, and Will. But If Ruff stays in the vehicle with Bev and Milt in the car however, I am not going to deal with their shit and nominate myself to go with Lion and Trev instead, and Will can be the one to mediate their arguments.
No. 962266 ID: d63ea8

*Will shrugs and then crosses his arms.*

"Sure, that seems as good a plan as any."
No. 962282 ID: 2bd15b
File 158713957775.jpg - (1.49MB , 3049x1984 , Flesh offerings 10.jpg )

No. 962285 ID: d63ea8

*Will looks between Beverly and Rufus.*

"Alright, the best thing we can do right now is sit tight and try not to draw attention to ourselves. The sooner were out of this place the better."

*He leans up again the car and tries not to stare at the sign.*

"Sorry Beverly that I've been napping for most of the ride, with the talk of stargazing and fireside camping I thought I should get what rest I could."

"Also thanks for inviting me, besides you and Milton I didn't really have anybody I really knew at the college."
No. 962303 ID: 8b660e

Whispered: Alright I'll step up and do it...

Inner thoughts: Ignore the creepy faces Lionel, just keep it cool. Keep your poker face up.

Excuse me? My friends and I are kinda stuck here and I was wondering if you have a phone we might be able to use? Also is there a gas station in town? Our car sprung a leak and we just need like a patch kit or something.
No. 962377 ID: e51896

*while Lionel is talking to the figure on the bench, Hector casually walks up to the table in front of them*

*was planning to sign his name in the guest book but notices there is no pen to write with*

*decides to read at what is written on the guest book instead*

*Hector will ding the bell for assistance if the figure on the bench does not answer Lionel's questions or help us*
No. 962395 ID: 2bd15b
File 158721159728.jpg - (1.87MB , 3412x2137 , Flesh offerings 11.jpg )

No. 962409 ID: d63ea8

*Will chuckles to himself but then returns to a more serious demeanor.*

"Good eye Beverly."

"Rufus, I don't know if this 'hot-shot seducer' act is some sort of coping mechanism for you, but kindly knock it off for right now. All we need to do is sit here and not argue."

"Beverly, just try and leave it be for now. Once we're back on the road we can go back to fighting."

"More importantly, does that person seem to be doing anything or are they just watching us right now?"
No. 962424 ID: e51896

Ey buddy! nice afternoon, ain't it? May I please ask for assistance?

*points at Milton with his thumb*

My good friend over here got his van's fuel tank damaged with fuel spillin' everywhere on the road. He fixed the hole, but we lost a lotta fuel. Not a pretty sight, I tell ya. we need directions to a nearby gas station in town please, or at least some gallons of gas to fuel the car up to last us to the next gas station on the road and be on our way to our destination, or a phone. Thanks.
No. 962466 ID: fdb3c8

*backs away from the figure sitting on the couch. And looks between the figure and the motel clerk in the shadows*

inner thoughts: I’m starting to get that feeling like we need to leave this town, now.
No. 962589 ID: 2bd15b
File 158730401539.jpg - (3.25MB , 3508x3022 , Flesh offerings 12.jpg )

No. 962602 ID: d63ea8

"Well if your bored, how about we play a game to pass the time."

"I spy with my little eye something that begins with... 'R'."

"And no, it's not Rufus."

*Will starts to scan the surroundings, trying to look nonchalant.*
No. 962646 ID: 8b660e

No thanks, let’s just fuel up, get directions, and get out of here.
No. 962688 ID: e51896

Well whether we stay in this motel or not, we can't really leave this town anyway since we're stranded here til' their fest is over by tomorrow now can we? The only place to get fuel in town is closed and off limits for the festival so... *shrugs*

If ya want my opinion, sleepin' in the van will just leave us vulnerable and with no fuel to keep the heat on for warmth during the cold desert night as well so... I think we should just stay the night.

Well I gave my decision. What's your vote Milt and Trev?

*Sits down on the bench next to the mannequin(?)*
No. 962713 ID: 2bd15b
File 158737734343.jpg - (817.91KB , 2095x1602 , Flesh offerings 13.jpg )

No. 962745 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Finally, some quiet.
No. 962754 ID: e51896

*stands up immediately* What's that, a pub you say?? sweet, man! I know where I am goin'! What can you tell me about the local brew they craft at the bar?

And also, since you said we'd be participators just by bein' guests here, are we gettin' masks of our own then? Mister...?
No. 962810 ID: 8b660e

Trev, he said he was just singing them a lullaby? One, this guy has voice like he straight up gargles cement, I don't think anyone is sleeping with that. And two, if they are sleeping now... It's what just a little bit past three in the afternoon? That means that this whole "celebration" thing is gonna be a while. But we should at least try to see if there's a way of leaving sooner, and maybe try soon before Hector gets too drunk? And three, Trev, I'm sorry man, but I'm getting that bad kind of signal like we shouldn't be here for this, call it paranoia but I just have a gut feeling that something is very wrong here, and I don't like the way he just said just being here makes us a part of this "celebration."
No. 962870 ID: 2bd15b
File 158748224231.jpg - (1.27MB , 3396x1436 , Flesh offerings 14.jpg )

No. 962875 ID: d63ea8

*Will looks concerned and turns to see what Beverly and Rufus are staring at.*
No. 963053 ID: 8b660e

Hector, can you wait to get shit faced, please?

I don’t like that idea honestly, I don’t think splitting up would be best.
No. 963703 ID: e51896

... *rolls eyes* fiiine... But I'm still taking that prop mask our host his offerin'
No. 963998 ID: 2bd15b
File 158803211695.jpg - (1.03MB , 3028x1484 , Flesh offerings 16.jpg )

No. 964014 ID: d63ea8

Ah crap.

*Will quickly unbuckles his seat-belt and begins to fumble with the car door, trying to lock it.*

*Once that's done he tries to scramble to the front seat so he can lean on the car's horn.*
No. 964021 ID: 43c938

Oh for the love of...
Come on let’s go after him...
No. 964091 ID: e51896

Thank you sir

>uhhh, Hector, I wouldn't recommend putting that mask on your face...

...Why? you want to wear it?

Oh, I get it.

*whispers* my bud, what you are experiencin' right now is somethin' known as "culture shock" where you feel anxiety to a culture's way of life after being suddenly put into their culture. It is completely normal. All ya gotta do is Just focus on the good stuff, take time to adjust like I am, and keep your own damn opinions from our culture to theirs to yourself. Besides I need this mask to hide my hangover later in the future, okay?

Aaaanyway, it isn't going to be the same at the tavern without my drinkin' buds with me, so we might as well follow our fellow friends upstairs, yeah?
No. 964124 ID: 2bd15b
File 158810158004.jpg - (1.64MB , 3508x1669 , Flesh offerings 17.jpg )

No. 964125 ID: d63ea8

*Unsure whether or not the person is either Beverly or Rufus, Will tries to pull away but doesn't punch or kick the assailant until they start acting more aggressively.*
No. 964213 ID: e51896

hm. Well, if we're talkin' bout weird stuff, now that Trevestian mentioned hes hearin' strange things in his head like gibberish or words, I have been hearing somethin' kinda weird too in my head,
like, it sounds like my own voice even though I'm not thinkin' them, see, but its orderin' me to say and do stuff... and I've just kinda been goin' along with it thus far cause it feels like somethin' I would do or say without question, like I'm compelled to do so or somethin'. I think It's been happenin' since Bev was readin' her book to Trev about rituals and shit.
I dunno, sounds weird when I say it, but whateves, I am just gonna write it off as me just havin' too much to drink, and as for you hearin' weird things, Trev, I'm just gonna write it off as you needing to treat your insomnia.

Well, despite the situation we're in with our car being broke down, lets just remember to take the moments we have to appreciate the light moments in bad situations, like for instance, MAN, that sunset out in the mountains there looks so fuckin' fantastic, ain't it? probably the best part of this trip for me so far.

Well anyway, Trev, ya said earlier ya wanted to see the guests in this hotel as we look around, so lets start with that as our plan of action, yeah? And as I was tellin' Milt earlier, all you guys are most likely feelin' is culture shock. Bein' freaked out is probably gonna offend these people or somethin'.

So lets find those guests and see about whether we are settling here or the car for the night... so I can spend some time at their tavern
No. 964293 ID: 8b660e

Hey! I have a better idea!

Since y’all are hearing voices and we’re in really weird place perhaps being here won’t help us. I say we leave. Now. Like right now? Please?
No. 964336 ID: 2bd15b
File 158819219326.jpg - (711.01KB , 2053x1353 , Flesh offerings 18.jpg )

No. 964351 ID: d63ea8

*Will tries to shove the person off and run in the opposite direction. He keeps his hands outstretched in front of him so that he doesn't crash face first into something.*
No. 964353 ID: 8b660e

Oh my god, why are you all being so stupid. Look Trev, let me level with you here. Let's examine the situation.

We are in a weird place after our car dies, the locals around here are very creepy and insist we join their "celebration." There are creepy masks and now you want to go into an unknown room where creepy giggling is taking place.

Trev, Bro. You are feeding into every stereotype of the dumb white boy who gets killed in every horror movie ever. Will you please, re-evaluate, and for the love of god, LETS ALL GET THE FUCK OUT.
No. 964399 ID: e51896

*goes over and knocks on the open door while Lionel is panicking.*
No. 964417 ID: 2bd15b
File 158824412053.jpg - (1.33MB , 2908x1590 , Flesh offerings 19.jpg )

No. 964435 ID: e51896

Ouch, thats rough, bud. I'm sorry to hear about your lost man.

hey, I notice that they don't have masks on like the other life-sized dolls displayed around town representing loved ones no longer with you all.
No. 964443 ID: d63ea8

*Will tries desperately to get to his feet and run.*

If he were able to speak he'd say:
"Beverly! Find the others and get out of here!"

No. 964444 ID: 8b660e

Inner thoughts: Did... did I hear that right? Inside there are dolls laying in bed, one of them let out a very realistic child like giggle, and the creepy manager was singing a lullaby to them earlier...? Trevestian, you DENSE motherfucker.

Can we leave now guys??? Please???
No. 964455 ID: 2bd15b
File 158828711022.jpg - (1.86MB , 3335x1945 , Flesh offerings 20.jpg )

No. 964456 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: God, I don't know where anything is. Gotta keep moving, need to get out of this place.

*Not knowing which way to go Will picks the direction that he thinks leads away from the figure he was grabbed by and starts jogging.*
No. 964550 ID: e51896

*sits on bed next to him*

Oof, that is some heavy weight you are carryin', sir. Well, it's not my place to tell anyone how they want to live their life. If you feel that you need to suffer in this place as punishment for your sins to move forward in life, then by all means. But maybe that doesn't have to be the only the reason why you are here, maybe instead of seein' this as punishin' yourself, maybe you can also see this as a chance to try to atone for your sins in some way? I mean, I've been told that sins can be forgiven, just a matter of how you go about tryin' to earn that forgiveness, like maybe try to help people who get lost here, like us. And even if helpin' lost people doesn't atone for anythin', at least you've played an important part in their life in some way. I mean, you seem like a nice enough person and have been pretty helpful... if ya feelin' guilt over what happened, then that means you're not morally bankrupt and you grew from that experience..

I don't know, maybe I'm not the best guy who knows what he's talkin' about here, I'm an alcoholic after all. Trevestian on the other hand might be able to understand more on what you went through... he too recently lost a lot of loved ones in his life, and he has been sufferin' through nightmares ever since that incident, enough to not get any sleep. the others has been hopin' this trip we were on to a desert oasis would help clear his mind to help him move on.

But hey, what do I know? If anythin' maybe after the festival, you and I can get a drink, bud. I gots plenty of drinks in my cooler i brought with me back in the car to share if your interested in before we hit the road again

*stands and looks over at Trevestian and the others* Well, what is the verdict? ya'll wanna spend the night here? I'll be down for that. Better than trying to drive off only to have the car stop in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies.
No. 965786 ID: 5f4030

Ah jeez... Alright look maybe I was a bit to harsh in my earlier assessment of the town. I don’t necessarily want to stay but if this is our only option.... well what can you do?
Hey how about the others waiting in the car? I think we should get their opinions too.
No. 965830 ID: 2bd15b
File 158898060267.jpg - (2.50MB , 3508x2320 , Flesh offerings 21.jpg )

No. 965941 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Ack. God. That's a tetanus shot... Shit. That's what happens when you panic.

*Will tries to slowly pull himself off of the spike as not to injure himself further. Afterwards he will start applying pressure to the stab wound and continue walking at a much slower pace so he doesn't impale himself again.*
No. 966206 ID: e51896

Man, I'd rather not bother anyone until the festival is over. the guy who runs the fuelin' place most likely doesn't want to work on such a special occasion they are havin', and I'd rather not piss em' off askin' for them to work for us on a holiday. Lets just spend the night and rest here. inner thoughts: besides, I still haven't checked out their bar yet

But yeah, I wouldn't be opposed to talk to the others in the vehicle and hear what they have to say.
No. 969717 ID: f6ef79

I can’t help but disagree with you man. This town, everything it just feels off. I don’t mind at least asking to see if there’s anything that can be done. Hell, maybe we give the guy a payment upfront as well as an extra $100 he can get the car working sooner. I don’t know. Let’s at least head outside and see what the others think. We’re kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place.
No. 969830 ID: 2bd15b
File 159231085597.jpg - (1.69MB , 3280x1761 , Flesh offerings 22.jpg )

No. 969832 ID: e51896

Inner thoughts: Rufus is such a simp... but there isnt any time to complain about that
*runs over to Will* Will, my man! Are ya alright? Geez, that wound looks messy and nasty as fuck *looks over at rebar* and it looks like it got you pretty deep too... come on, bud, lets get ya inside the van, get you patched up with yer first aid kit, and I'll allow ya to drink a couple of my drinks in the cooler to numb the physical pain. Afterwards, we need to get ya to a doctor immediately.

Hey, Rufus, since ya clearly won her over with yer charms, can ya ask the nice lady where we may find a doctor in town for one of yer poor best friends who's maybe internally bleeding after being impaled pretty deep? He might need immediate medical treatment, man.
No. 969934 ID: 5f4030

Oh Jesus, Will! Get him to the van! I’ll get that first aid kid. This is just fucking perfect! Now we need a doctor too.


And god damnit Rufus, kill your libido! Please!?
No. 969938 ID: d63ea8


"I've... I've been better."

*Will lets himself be led over to the van.*

Inner Thoughts: It wasn't... what? I mean-

"Sorry Beverly, I just-"

"You didn't-"

*Will winces and holds his stomach.*

"I couldn't see any of you, and I thought..."

*Will pauses again.*

"There should be a first-aid kit in the back with a bottle of iodine, I think I'm going to need them."
No. 969957 ID: 2bd15b
File 159243488027.jpg - (1.51MB , 2988x1760 , Flesh offerings 23.jpg )

No. 969958 ID: 5f4030

*is ignoring Rufus and his bullshit*

Alright I got some hydrogen peroxide and bandages and some ointment from the first aid kit. Good call on this stuff, Will.
No. 969995 ID: e51896

naw, Rufus. I dont think ya should shake her hand, I think you should actually aim higher by taking that extra step and givin' her a present instead in order to make a better connection than just a simple handshake, show more initiative. I mean, if ya want my opinion, I dont think she wants to shake yer hand, think she is actually askin' for an offerin' of some sort from ya to hand over to her dolly. 

Look, since Im near the van, and if ya dont have something with ya to give to her, I can take something out of the van to give to you, Rufus, so you can give to your new girlfriend. Something like food, a book, clothing, whatever. Hell, i'll even give ya one of my drinks for you to give to her dolly. So What kind of gift do ya think you should give her?
No. 970014 ID: d63ea8

"Heh -ow[/small- well you never know when a crazy hitchhiker might stab you."

"...or when you friend might run themselves onto rebar..."

*Will winces again.*

"Here was me -[small]ow
- thinking that you'd offer her a the beer yourself Hector."

Inner Thoughts: How could I have been so stupid, of course there was jagged metal around. We saw it when we were coming into this messed up town.

"But seriously Rufus, stop messing with them, there is something bad going on here."
No. 970033 ID: 2bd15b
File 159252273692.jpg - (3.05MB , 3283x3109 , Flesh offerings 24.jpg )

No. 970049 ID: e51896

well, Trevestian, even though we solved that problem with the gasoline, we came across another big problem... Our man Will got impaled by the rebar *points at rebar* and lookin' at how much blood is on the thing, it looks like it went in pretty deep. and while his injuries on the outside has been patched up, I reckon we oughtta' be concerned about ineternal bleedin' and make sure none of his organs got severely damaged, yeah? Like, I've read up on stab wounds in case someone were to stab me durin' a bar fight, and they can be pretty serious, especially since Will just up and removed himself from the spike when he shoulda kept the spike in to act as a plug. In all seriousness, he needs a doctor immediately, and since it took us hours to get in this town, I do not think I want to risk Will dying in the van while drivin' long hours and have people get the wrong idea that we murdered him or somethin' when we get back. Do you perhaps think we should ask if they have a hospital here?

...Inner thoughts: that way, i can get some extra time to try their brew in their bar
No. 970230 ID: d63ea8

"Thanks. I'll try to take it easy."

*Will then looks from the procession to Trevestian.*

"I... kinda want to get back into the road..."

"Thanks for the offer... but we should go."
No. 970625 ID: 5f4030

*looks between the religious procession and Will*
Yeah, we need to get you to a hospital. Sorry Hector but this is not the place to get drunk.
No. 970639 ID: 2bd15b
File 159309865066.jpg - (2.68MB , 3508x2674 , Flesh offerings 25.jpg )

No. 970651 ID: 5f4030

Mm... My first priority is just keeping you guys safe right now. We got the bleeding stopped but that wound still needs time to heal properly. I’d prefer to get back on the road Trev, but given all those bumps on the way in his wound might reopen. We can risk it, if we can get it properly stitched up later but... yeah man I don’t know...

Inner thoughts: Those nuns clearly have taken no oath of celibacy...
No. 970977 ID: e51896

Well, Trev, this vacation we went on from the start was meant for ya... with yer own money no less, So while I want to stay and drink, I'm not gonna try to peer pressure you into stayin' if ya don't want to.
Ya shouldn't have to be forced to stay just because the others want to, ya know? Do your own thing once in a while regardless of what others think, Trev, like I do from time to time!
This trip was meant to try to make you feel better after what ya went through after all, man, not have us take advantage of the wealth ya got to do what we want. I'd say if we care about your feelings, we should let you do what you feel is most comfortable to ya, trev, and you don't look very comfortable from what I can see. If ya want to leave, I'll roll with it, regardless of how much I want to visit the bar here.

Ya already know my opinion, especially with Will's injury. I think it is important to get the wound properly treated here especially if he need surgery, but who knows, maybe there is a hospital down the road or something...
No. 970995 ID: d63ea8

As much as I want to leave... Lionel is right.
We were on the road for hours, and the terrain will be a lot worse until we get to the highway.

With a gut wound like this I might end up dead within the day.

Fine. Let's go see this doctor.

Inner Thoughts: This trip is going from bad to worse. I should've been more careful, now we're stuck here.
No. 971018 ID: 2bd15b
File 159351778149.jpg - (2.17MB , 2420x3031 , Flesh offerings 26.jpg )

No. 971044 ID: e51896

I like yer thinkin' Trev, to go with Will. We should probably have a buddy system in place, yknow? So we keep each other in line. Like Bev, you should take yer Boyfriend Milt with ya

Lionel, what do ya think, do ya want to come with me to the bar?
No. 971085 ID: 5f4030

Yeah alright. Let’s also try to meet back up at the motel in say a few hours?

Excluding Rufus...
No. 971576 ID: d63ea8

I'll probably head to hotel after I'm done with the doctor.

Just... try to stick together, yeah?

Even if it doesn't seem like you can.
No. 971613 ID: 2bd15b
File 159407710473.jpg - (1.48MB , 2764x1965 , Flesh offerings 27.jpg )

No. 971653 ID: d63ea8

"Anything that has the line 'is the only blank you need for the rest of your life' means it will kill super hard."

"So yeah, not taking that."

Inner Thoughts: At least I'm not the only one who is seeing things.

"Trevestian, this place is bad news. I ran myself onto that rebar because everything suddenly went quiet and I couldn't see anything. This place has a weird..."

"This place is weird."
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