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File 158335977730.png - (138.71KB , 800x800 , 222.png )
957925 No. 957925 ID: 5fc3a0

>"You think you're in control?"
"I never said that, Pillet!"
>"Then you'd better get in control so that you can."
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No. 960242 ID: 465a14

demand earrubs in return.
No. 960244 ID: 91ee5f

Try not to think about how close her face is to your crotch.

Try not to get a boner and smack her right in the face with it.

Completely fail to not get a boner and totally smack her in the face with it!
No. 960245 ID: 86eb65

You in for the long haul buddy. Make sure you get a good area coverage of the whole ear. No focusing on one spot and missing any.

Try to find one of those spots. The sort that have her all twitchy and gurgling.
No. 960246 ID: d186fc

What if, and I know this is a crazy idea, but what if you only think you like Pillet because you are supposed to like her (also lust)? Do you really actually like her for who she is? Lately it has seemed like you and Phantom have been clicking a lot more than you and Pillet ever did.
No. 960247 ID: fa2754

Settle in. Rub them ears. Ask if she's comfortable, offer a position change.
No. 960248 ID: e2f5cc

The blush has been deployed. The ship is now in the dock, I repeat, the ship is now in the dock.

Hasten it's departure by humming some more, if Phantom wanted you to stop she would've said something earlier. Also, don't compare her to Pillet you goober. At least if you want to continue this blessed life as an ear masseuse.
No. 960249 ID: b1b4f3

Rub them ears, for as long as she wants. Try giving some attention to the base too.
No. 960251 ID: 78c316

Yes, Delli, it is a distinct possibility that you will be there all day. No, Delli, there is nowhere better to be. It’s either ear-rubs or back to morally ambiguous politics. Of all the hard choices you’re going to have to make, this isn’t one of them.
No. 960252 ID: c2f1f6

>And that's embarrassing!
Good thing she's embarrassed too, so you can be sure it will never leave this room.

anyway get comfortable dork, it's time for the consequences of your actions. Oh what a terrible fate you have invited, but you must resign yourself to the floof.

It sounds like your relationship with Pillet isn't very deep. You should take her on a date or something, actually spend time together that isn't gang related.
No. 960253 ID: 214cda

Girls love it when you softly hum in their ears, you nerd. Especially if you're rubbing them at the time. You're in a good place right now.
No. 960265 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158571460236.png - (173.29KB , 800x800 , 304.png )

>what if you only think you like Pillet because you are supposed to like her (also lust)
>don't compare her to Pillet
>it sounds like your relationship with Pillet isn't very deep
I hope Phantom doesn't surprise me with any girlfriendy questions like 'what are you thinking about' cause thinking about nothing but Pillet while I rub Phantom's ears I know isn't something I want to admit to.

Uhhh hm maybe I should set up a date with Pillet though but maybe I should stop thinking about her and focus on Phantom's fluffy ears. Which isn't a good reason to date someone either but uh, I'm not dating Phantom so that's okay? It's this or back to politics that there doesn't seem to be a right answer to so... guess I'm rubbing. Tips to the base. May as well be thorough. Part of the inner edge of her left ear makes it twitch a whole bunch so that's kinda funny.

>Hum some more
Not even on my death bed!

I've gotta focus! Ears. Phantom.

>Try not to get a boner


God damn it!
No. 960266 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158571461355.png - (176.85KB , 800x800 , 305.png )

I cross my legs and shuffle around and stuff. She doesn't move so I must've done a perfect job.

I manage to stop thinking about Pillet for like 4 seconds, but then her ringtone starts going off on my phone. She's calling.
No. 960267 ID: 465a14

She knows you've got a boner. You have to distract her quick. Take advantage of the part of her left ear that makes her twitch, it's the best implementation for plan boner distraction. Also check out your phone to make it seem like your attention isn't on your dick.
No. 960268 ID: fa2754

Tap out. Tell her you'll be right back.
No. 960269 ID: 10c408

Tap out and get the phone.

Double check your pockets.
No. 960270 ID: e2f5cc

Well, force pull that phone on over and see what's up, it'll take some serious shit to pull you away from these ear rubs though. But also don't tell Pillet that you're cheating on her by rubbing someone else's ears.
No. 960273 ID: b1b4f3

Grab the phone with your MAGIC POWERS so you don't interrupt ear time.
No. 960274 ID: 91ee5f

It’s not really cheating on her, when Pillet herself said that she doesn’t care. She said, “Live it up while you're alive.” so I’m pretty sure she’d be ok with this. Hell, she’d probably want to join us.
No. 960276 ID: ac2125

Take the call with Pillet, but don't mention that you're with Phantom. You could say you're busy studying for Phantom's quiz as a way to cut the conversation short and keep rubbing dem ears.
No. 960278 ID: 10c408

...She was literally right there when we made plans with Phantom. Even without hearing phantom's half of the phone conversation it's not rocket science to put two and two together.
No. 960282 ID: 1ed92d

Telekinesis is your friend.
No. 960283 ID: 214cda

Don't you dare answer that phone. Focus on the bunny.
No. 960284 ID: 015bf2

Is your phone real sturdy and waterproof? If not, don’t grab it with your power unless you’re sure you’ve figured out a way to do so safely. Like... maybe you can grab the table it’s on and lift it over, rather than just the phone.

If you’re not confident your choice is to wait it out, or to rise and go get it. The former may be bad if Pillet needs your help all of a sudden. The latter will also interrupt the moment you’re having with Phantom, which... will be sad if this is just a status update. Seems like you’ve got a somewhat relaxing thing going on here and I bet Phantom doesn’t say ‘fuck it, I DO want ear rubs’ that often.

Then again, you could try to make it a part of the moment.

“Uh. Can you... grab that for me? I’m not confident in not crushing it aaand I kinda don’t want to stop.”

(I bet the whole point of going underwater is that she’s hiding her face so you can’t see her expression as you rub her ears. Probably because she’s a mega prude and showing that she just outright enjoys something is mega embarrassing for her.)
No. 960285 ID: 9481c2

Answer phone with mind powers, speak softly so as not to bother Phantom.
No. 960296 ID: cdabe3

Don’t you dare tap out

Or grab your phone and then go back to rubbing ears
No. 960298 ID: eb4a6c

The phone ringing is probably not great for her relaxation, since she can hear it and all. Also, if you don't answer, chances are Pillet blows up the spa or something.

Grabbing the phone with telekinesis without exploding it shouldn't be too hard, right? But keep up the ear massages with at least one hand.
No. 960299 ID: b07f1c

Answer the phone by saying that they've reached an invalid number.
No. 960347 ID: 470289

Magic it over and press the speaker button.
No. 960358 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158576015599.png - (152.45KB , 800x800 , 306.png )

I might not have *great* control over my energy, but I can at least throw the phone to myself! I distract Phantom with the weak spots I've found on her ears.

"Sorry Phantom I need to take this, I'll keep it quick!" I grab the phone. I'm n sure if I know where the speaker button is, and I'm less sure if I want to press it. "Hi?"
>"Hey!" There's explosions and yelling over the phone. "Where the hell are you?!" Pillet yells at me.
"With Phantom like I said! What's going on?!"
>"Hell! Woresch kicked the ass right off of Laquerig!"
"... Who?!"
>"I'm at a tournament! How's your date with Phantom going?!"
"It - fine. It's not a date, Pillet."
"I said it's not a date! I'm just r - we're talking and stuff!"
>"Put her on!"
>"Because I want to talk to her, why else would I want her on the phone?!"
"No! I mean she's kind of indisposed at the moment!"
>"How's she indisposed?!"
"She's got a case of not liking you!"
>"Wow! Okay just tell her I said hi then!"
"Okay! I'm going to hang up now!"
>"Okay, see ya!"

No. 960359 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158576016369.png - (148.15KB , 800x800 , 307.png )

"Okay how are you breathing?"

Her ear flicks to the side. Oh, she made a straw out of energy or something. Neat. I go back to rubbing.
No. 960360 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158576017964.png - (103.03KB , 1000x500 , 308.png )

After half an hour or the entire night or something, she pulls back and resurfaces. Nothing's said.
No. 960362 ID: 465a14

If she can suck with energy, consider what else she can suck with.
No. 960363 ID: cdabe3

... does she need a hug?
No. 960365 ID: fa2754

Hope that was at least peaceful for you, Phantom.
No. 960366 ID: e2f5cc

"...You good?" And when she inevitably gets evasive about her feelings, push a little. She looks about ready to jump off a bridge.
No. 960367 ID: 015bf2

That was nice. Her ears really are soft.
No. 960369 ID: 91ee5f

Pillet says hi.
No. 960371 ID: 214cda

She probably does.
No. 960372 ID: 1ed92d

...She seems a little sad.
No. 960374 ID: c2f1f6

It might just be the water but you don't look any less down.
No. 960376 ID: eb4a6c

Dang, sorry to her she doesn't seem like she's feeling better.
No. 960377 ID: 86eb65

Look at what you did. You said it was not a date and now she is all sad.
No. 960378 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158576503247.png - (92.28KB , 800x800 , 309.png )

... "Pillet says hi."
>"If I say hi back, is she going to think that's an excuse to act like we're friends?"
"I doubt she'll act much different."
>"Then tell her hi back."
"Sure. I still like your ears. Fluffy as ever."
"So uh... are you good?"
>"I think so."
"Want a hug to go with that?"

I thinking something way more indecent, but those indecent things are basically intrusive thoughts now.

"Because either the water's making your face droop, or you look you need one."
>"I've already let this improper affection go on longer than it should've. I shouldn't let this kind of inappropriateness happen between a gang leader to an usurper."
>"But I'm considering retiring."
"Oh. Oh, uh, when you say 'retire'..."
>"Quitting, and passing on the gang's resources to someone besides myself. Now that I've stalled things for you... I can't see a point in my continued leadership. I might be of better use rereading all of my sources on the keys, just to see if I've missed something."
No. 960382 ID: 86eb65

Soooo if you want to date me you don't have to make things that complicated.

It's not like I am over here trying to seduce you for the key. I mean I sort of am but was planning on it being a long term get you to trust me and find out more info and then we all work together instead of fighting.

Maybe stay as the gang leader and help reread things with me? Up to you though.
No. 960385 ID: 567477

Hmm. That library was hers, right? The people working there seemed... pretty into it, so it'd be nice for them to keep going. And while you're a guy who erased his own memories, you're also a guy who's into people having options, so preserving stuff so people can learn about the past is something you'd approve of too, right? But it probably wouldn't be that hard to maintain that stuff.
No. 960386 ID: e2f5cc

Before she does anything hasty, ask why she doesn't see a point in being a gang leader anymore, and what exactly she'd plan on doing afterwards anyway? Besides, ear rubs are a lot less "improper" if you think of them as being between friends rather than leader and usurper.

Also, Delli, keep your dick in line by remembering that going from friends to lovers is the best shit and that coming on too strong now will probably prevent that route, if you choose to go down it.
No. 960387 ID: b07f1c

Tell her that she would have to let someone kill her if she did that. And dying because of you would make you feel terrible. She shouldn't do it. Also, because that would mean she would be gone for a month.
No. 960393 ID: 1ed92d

Aw. She's got depression because she thinks her attempt to improve society was a failure.
No. 960402 ID: fa2754

There shouldn't be guilt about physical affection like hugs when shared between friends. Can we be that? Friends? Putting our resources and beliefs aside, we can find some peace between us. If it comes down to it, you'll have all the time for your preservation project. Maybe more engaged tutoring on the keys.
No. 960406 ID: c2f1f6

I think you've got the right idea, buuut retiring might be a bit much. Maybe call it a vacation and see if you want to come back after a while.
No. 960423 ID: 10c408

Look her dead in the eye and ask her if there's any book she knows of that happens to deal with psychology since in less than ten seconds she's utterly convinced you that she needs a shrink.
No. 960443 ID: eb4a6c

The fact she cares is a pretty big point in favor of her continued leadership. But there's probably other people who care too. She knows better than we do what her options and their consequences are.

Definitely seems like a good leader to us though.
No. 960445 ID: 015bf2

Yeah. At the same time, she seems owed a chance to choose something different and change things up a bit, if that’s what she wants.

Gang leader ever retired before? Any contingencies she needs to handle? Successor in mind? Uh - not that you’re asking who that is. She might want to let them be anonymous to prevent the kind of flagrant fraternization that seems to come so easily to you.
No. 960458 ID: 214cda

Or just maybe take a few days off to chill out instead of actually retiring or whatever. She seems stressed. Take a few days to clear her head and relax. Maybe enjoy some intimacy, if she wants. Not alot of people she'd let touch those ears, i'm sure.
No. 960493 ID: 365ffb

Honestly... she was the one who said all that stuff about people finding their true callings with their lives. There's something in that. If she wants to try something else, she has the right to it. Besides, it really does seem like she could use a break from this, and she's freaking bonkers good at research and really might be important in that role. Hopefully just like... maybe pick a successor that's still someone you can talk to about all this. Like soletta.

Probably not soletta who knows what criteria this has But still hopefully that makes some amount of sense?
No. 960508 ID: a2d2ad

>Now that I've stalled things for you...
She best not have done what i think she’s done. Ask her to elaborate what she meant by this.
No. 960509 ID: 015bf2

I wouldn't read too much into it. She's already stalled things for Delli by getting a key and putting it somewhere he probably won't easily find it, so it's probably just a reference to that.
No. 960570 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158587517122.png - (117.78KB , 800x800 , 310.png )

"You don't need to do anything hasty. Besides, it doesn't have to be affection between usurper and gang leader. It can be between friends, right?"
>"We could, but it's hard to just act like we're not usurper and gang leader."
"If you want to date me, you don't have to make things so complicated!"

I look at her face and I feel like my joke fell into the void and will never return.

"Uh, my point's that I don't know why you've gotta retire. I mean you can if you want, but..."
>"It's not a hasty decision, I didn't just decide that now. I've set my gang up so that I could have a successor eventually. Normally I would have to get killed by my successor to get my power, but now that my power's been removed by you, I don't even need to die."
"Well that's good, but it kinda seems like you could help me study as a gang leader just fine?"
>"Not as much. My gang isn't a gang of scholars, and they didn't sign up to read books. Much of my time running the gang is spent with different tasks."
"What were you even planning originally after you got the key?"
>"To keep finding them or grab them off you. To regain some territory and maybe start some businesses ourselves again, after they got taken over. My resources and manpower are scattered. Things are complicated. Even if what I did was right, I'm doubting myself and I'm tired."
"Huhhhh, well... you know yourself best, or at least better than me. I just hope who you pass it onto is someone I can talk to. Like Soletta."
>"It won't be Soletta, but they'll know diplomacy."
No. 960571 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158587518064.png - (99.79KB , 800x800 , 311.png )

"By the way you said you stalled things, you just meant that you found the key before me, right?"
>"That's right."


>"Please keep an eye on what Pillet is doing. The four gangs lost a lot of territory and rank and file when you killed the leaders, because the public decided they didn't want to pay taxes anymore. How do you pay civil employees to repair buildings and roads?"
"That's a pretty good question. I think Pillet's been dealing with all that."
>"I haven't seen Pillet do anything but make sure the gangs stay down and unable to recollect themselves in public. I think she's completely trying to snuff us out."
"Er, I think she pays them directly with food, through the farms?"
>"That's something, but it gets more complicated. Please keep an eye on what Pillet's doing. Her and her gang of rebels know how to fight a town, not to run it."
"Seems like it's worked so far!"
>"It's not something that gets broken instantly so fast! Just... keep an eye on her, or try to find someone who knows how to run things, if you don't want to be involved as anything but a weapon for those that do."
No. 960573 ID: 465a14

Come to think of it, how far can you rely on Pillet, anyway? She seems like she's more obsessed than competent.
No. 960577 ID: cdabe3

You know, if she doesn’t want to be a gang leader anymore, we could hire her to do some civil engineering. She seems pretty invested in that...
No. 960578 ID: 86eb65

Welp it sounds like I need to hire you to run things then.

Honestly I know that Pillet and I are probably horrible managers. But somehow I ended up like this.

I would prefer to make friends and all team up to find out who made the keys and where they come from. But that all hinges on the idea that we will use the keys at some point.

Long story short if you want the world here to stay stable you should really be helping me.

As for Pillet? I am not sure if I need to do anything about her. People survived and made things work before the gangs did there thing. It will survive after. If we are all here forever and its such a wonderful existence than I am sure it will all work out in a few millennia.

Barely a breath to a immortal after all.
No. 960580 ID: 567477

Well, Pillet ideally doesn't really want to stick around long enough to have to take care of everything. I dunno, do you think she's adapted to this whole "hard to make an impact" thing by being, uh, "loud"? People's memories are probably one of the longer-lasting ways to feel like you have consequence, though obviously it still doesn't last forever. Well, apart from that, she might feel that if she "settles in" for the long haul of keeping things running, it's sort of like she's giving up on getting out. Or, more practically, it might make her followers, who presumably agree with her desire to get out, doubt her commitment? To maintain loyalty, she has to keep looking like she's doing her best to work toward that goal. She's probably at least partially focused on stamping out the other gangs as a distraction, so the people behind you don't have time to stop and thing "hey this is taking a while".
No. 960582 ID: fa2754

What would she do in retirement?
No. 960586 ID: e2f5cc

Well, you're looking at someone who knows how to run things right now!
No. 960596 ID: 015bf2

Lean back and consider things. You could try getting involved in the administration of Haze Town, but from what you know of the gang leaders it’s a bit of a dead end and might get you bored out of your gourd and going power mad waaaay faster than your current chill dude lifestyle.

So what do? Who do you choose to help run ‘your’ town (town only being yours on premise of you being able to flatten anyone who doesn’t agree)? Phantom’s out, given her intention to retire to get her research on.

>Recruit Gang Leaders
Well, you were planning to talk to the other gang leaders anyway for info on Haze town history, your past history and the keys, so maybe use it as an opportunity for recruitment into a ‘civil administration’.

Pros: They know how to run stuff already. They’ve got name recognition, so it’d be easier to maintain status quo.
Cons: They way they run stuff is varying levels of crappy and they probably want to kill you.

>Recruit Someone Else
Maybe introducing fresh perspectives would be good as well. There’s people who aren’t so combat focused out there, but who may be leveler heads and better planners than the gang leaders, which would likely help with the research goals. The only question would be how do you find and recruit them? It’s not like you can just go advertise “Who actually wants to keep society from collapsing” job interviews.... uh. Can you? ... you probably can.

>Ask Phantom for advice on who to recruit, what qualities to look for.
Oh yeah, obvious solution right there. She’s got less skin in the game as a non-gang leader and her knowledge and intel’s pretty good. Not that you have to heed everything she says, but she’s probably built up a common sense for these things.

You probably also want to get Pillet’s perspective. As much as Phantom’s saying she’s suspicious etc., I just can’t find it wise to ignore the person with what must be the broadest perspective. And yeah, sure, she’s probably not gonna care if she isn’t already, but still.

And you probably shouldn’t forget your goal is to get that key, sooner than later. It’s just that you’re okay with figuring more about Haze Town’s past before you ramp up efforts to ask for it from Phantom or her gang.
No. 960605 ID: b1b4f3

She's got a point. You need to find a governor, or verify that Pillet is good at being one (I really doubt she is).
Hmmmm... who could we find that's got an interest in being a governor and has some experience with leading, plus won't be easily manipulated by Pillet...? WHO INDEEEEEED

Tell Phantom she's hired.
No. 960633 ID: b07f1c

>Normally I would have to get killed by my successor to get my power, but now that my power's been removed by you, I don't even need to die.
That doesn't make much sense. The strength of a gang entirely depends on the strength of the leader. Otherwise all the rival gangs could wipe your gang out without fear and take all of its power.

Anyway, agree to follow Pillet's actions more closely and try to control her a bit more. Is there anything else that she wanted?
No. 960634 ID: 10c408

And yet all the major gangs are seemingly still alive and active despite Delli killing most of them in the very first chapter.

Almost like there's something OTHER than raw power metric keeping them together.
No. 960677 ID: f57349

Offer to hire Phantom as an administrator as soon as she formally quits running a gang and divests herself of related assets. Deal is, you use your powers to rebuild infrastructure or otherwise help out according to whatever plan she composes, but if you catch her doing anything seriously unethical, after that you'll only give her ear rubs when she specifically asks, instead of just proactively offering when she seems to need them. Based on recent behavior that ought to be a sufficiently harsh penalty to make her think twice, without being so cruel that actually enforcing it would turn you into a monster.
No. 960681 ID: c2f1f6

I'll do my best but... Look, if you're not satisfied with your own performance in improving this place, don't expect me to do much better. I'm convinced it doesn't reflect poorly on your efforts, but on the nature of this place. Or maybe life in general. I guess you can do everything right and still fail anywhere.
No. 960702 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158598191652.png - (146.22KB , 800x800 , 312.png )

"What I'm hearing here is that I should hire you, because even if you doubt yourself, I can't think of better options."
>"Thank you, but I have many, many hangups about working closely with Pillet."
"Even if it's to help me keep an eye on her? I see your point about her competency, I mean, I think she might know a thing or two about management, but I can't imagine she'd like doing it like she's settling down."

I usually have a tougher time reading people, but she blatantly looks like she's having an internal battle of wits.

>"No. I'll recommend some managers if you want, but you don't have infinite patience with the fog research. I want to get answers for us before it runs out, otherwise I'll just be trying to manage things a little longer before it all goes away. So let me focus myself on research."
"Okay. I'll try to rein in Pillet a little if she gets too intense about stuff."
>"I'll get back to you in a couple of days. I think that's enough to conclude our meeting. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about tonight?"
No. 960703 ID: 015bf2

Yeah, you’d appreciate that.

>Anything else.
Mm... seeing as you might get in touch with other gang leaders, what are they like? You don’t really know them except for having fought them. She’s had s working relationship with most of them.

You’re still on for quiz night. You’re not a great student though so... study tips?
No. 960704 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah let's ask about the other gang leaders. Pillet is trying to suppress them but I feel like that won't work in the long run. Power vacuum and all that. Instead what we should be doing is trying to get them to work for us in some capacity, to make a unified government.
No. 960705 ID: 1ed92d

Recommendations are appreciated, especially since much of the status quo is fine, you were mainly about ending the eternal state of this fog-shrouded world and stopping the abuses of power.
No. 960709 ID: b07f1c

>Is there anything else
Talk? No. But I wouldn't mind brushing your ears with a towel.

(Also we've been in this spa for half the quest now)
No. 960749 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158603657445.png - (148.37KB , 800x800 , 313.png )

"Uh maybe some advance notice about what the other gang leaders are like? If I'm going to work with them at all, since I don't know if Pillet's going to be able to really make them totally irrelevant."
>"The only one I don't believe you've spoken to is Crook. He's a narcissist who thinks he knows best. He'll only work with you if he thinks he'll come out on top, but maybe he isn't in a position to do that as well as before."
"I hope so. Not sure I want to meet him, honestly!"
>"You can meet his right hand man. The one you thought was cute."
"Man that fact really got around, huh. Okay well your recommendations will help, because I do want to avoid abuses of power as best I can, so uh, with that, I think we're about done here! Talking wise anyway. Want me to help you dry off your ears?"
>"You seem to like them, a lot."
"I do, a lot!"

She swims up to me and rubs mine, so now this is getting kinda intimate.

>"Hm. Receiving them rubbed is nicer after all. It just feels like an ear."
"More like rubbing yours is better. This just feels kinda plain. I mean it's not bad but... seems like you got more out of it than me."
>"I should stop before Pillet thinks to spy on me. What was that earlier, a tournament, she said?"
"Yeah, she's probably in like 5 fight clubs and hops between tournaments like people barhop."
>"A lot do, now that she made them legal."
No. 960750 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158603658224.png - (218.02KB , 800x800 , 314.png )

We get out, and she moves to the girls-only zone before I get the chance to dry off her ears. We meet up again in the lobby.

"So, meet you on quiz day?"
>"I'll invite you to research places in a couple of days, if you want."
"I do. Talk to you then, then?"
>"Yes. Goodnight, Delli."
"Uh, yeah, Goodnight."
No. 960751 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158603659119.png - (159.10KB , 800x800 , 315.png )

Feels like I've got crap to do, but maybe I should take Pillet on a proper date and see how that feels.
No. 960753 ID: 86eb65

Yeah I think that would be good. Maybe put some pants on. Get dressed all fancy even.
No. 960756 ID: e2f5cc

Going on a date with Pillet is probably the best way to get some answers out of her but is also definitely the best way to get into a fight, so just keep that in mind.
No. 960757 ID: b1b4f3

That's some strange window design on those buildings.

If you're gonna take Pillet on a date then those tournaments sound like a cool thing to take her to. She can't be tired of them already. Also you might learn a few things by watching people fight. Creative uses of energy and all that.
No. 960760 ID: b07f1c

Go study. Or sleep. Until Pillet gets back.
No. 960761 ID: c2f1f6

Ohhh my god SHES SO FLOOFY.

That sounds like a good idea- you're not doing any other kinds of networking this late at night. Then you can study all day tomorrow in between calling in potential lieutenants or whatever to meet with you. Remember; you're in charge. You don't go looking for people, make them come to YOU.
No. 960764 ID: e7848c

Don't get lost in the noise
No. 960768 ID: a197b1

Ayep, Pillet date time. Maybe, if you could rein in your power, you two could spar bare-knuckle and she could teach you unarmed technique in a hot, sweaty training session. Then maybe you could practice some ‘grappling’.

Those buildings, is that what it looks like when you reconstruct stuff using power?
No. 960769 ID: 8938cb

Take the rest of the night to absorb what Phantom revealed to you, either by studying or sleeping. Take Pillet on a date tomorrow to make it more proper.
No. 960773 ID: 10c408

Uh, delli. where'd your belt go?
No. 960779 ID: 15a025

This sounds like a good plan. Relax for the rest of the night and study. Then tomorrow you can surprise Pillet with a date.
No. 960961 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158620384869.png - (102.23KB , 800x800 , 316.png )

>That's some strange window design on those buildings.
Stuff gets blown up a lot, and instead of replacing everything with the same ol' designs over and over again, it's common to get a little weird with designs.

>Those buildings, is that what it looks like when you reconstruct stuff using power?
That depends on the person, not whether or not power was used.

>Where's your belt?
Under my towel.

I fly back to base and get some sleep.
No. 960966 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158620401666.png - (201.30KB , 800x800 , 317.png )

The next day, I stare at the key book until my brain is full. After that, I find Pillet.

>Maybe, if you could rein in your power, you two could spar bare-knuckle
That's still a pretty high bar for me. I'm making progress, but it's like trying to fit a car in a shoebox.

"I'm taking you on a date."
>"What's the occasion?"
"I feel like it!"
>"That's good enough for me, but if you're taking me on a date, you're the one who chooses where we're going."
"I'm still weighing the options. Are you tired of fight tournaments yet?"
>"Hell no I'm not."

So that's an option, or one of those real stereotypical candlelit romantic places where they serve me 4 bites of food and each one costs 20 dollars plus a five dollar tip for each time I make eye contact with my waiter.
No. 960967 ID: 2a0a29

Consider monster trucks or races.
No. 960972 ID: 465a14

The date is simultaneously fighting and fucking until you improve your control.
No. 960973 ID: e2f5cc

A stereotypical candlelit dinner place but try and see how much shit you two can get away with while also not being asked to leave or tone it down.

If it seems like you'd able to say that you own the place without the staff saying anything just keep going to shittier and shittier places until the people working grow enough balls to have a limit, but also still take some of your shit.

Also tell Pillet to wear/obtain/"obtain" a nice dress because she'd look hot as fuck in one
No. 960981 ID: b07f1c

The one-month-later date. Kill Pillet.

This is because I predict that you will eventually have to fight her. And when you do, you will die.
No. 960984 ID: 86eb65

Hmm you should make a arcade for you and your crew to power practice.

Anyways date. How about suspect ethnic food that is still the best in town and is in a tiny hole in the wall somewhere.

Then after go watch a show or event. Something not fighting. Although monster trucks is fun.
No. 961003 ID: a9af05

That sounds good.

>Kill Pillet
No. 961007 ID: c2f1f6

You're thinking too fancy. Think more like a place that does nice steaks or Italian or something. Man if you could remember anything, that would really help you decide on some ideas.

If there are no monster trucks, a demolition derby is acceptable.
No. 961009 ID: 567477

Do the superman flying date thing. And hey maybe you don't have the best fine control but probably you can just hold a big hunk of stuff up high in the sky, right? You could do that and have a picnic on top of it, looking down over the city. If you feel confident you can even move it around so you can both look down at things.

Make sure to dress casual if you do that so you don't look like you're lording it over the city.
No. 961022 ID: 015bf2

For food and drink, how about instead of trying anything fancy you go primal instead? A place where you can get served simple meat, fruits and vegs grilled. Stuff you guys would've been eating/stealing way back when you were farmer and raider, just for the sheer 'stalgia factor.

Well, nostalgia from her side. You don't remember (you'd need a coffee vending machine to get in that mood), but you just wanna test out how it felt back in the day. There's got to be some restaurant that panders to an 'olden day' or 'primitive' vibe, right?

If you go with a fight tournament for entertainment, if you participate and not just spectate, you gotta make it interesting. Make it more like tag for you. You put something on your body - like a ribbon - and if the opponent can get it, or even just destroy it - they win. But if you manage to defend and not lose the ribbon within a certain time, they lose. Obviously you're not allowed to directly attack them either.
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