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File 158218765205.png - (229.94KB , 550x500 , CDQ000.png )
956815 No. 956815 ID: 11f77a

You think this is the place, it’s a good thing you won the raffle and the spaceplane tickets are already paid for or this would’ve been a huge waste of money! DAMA’S Spa & Bathhouse, huh? Maybe she lives in an apartment upstairs.

Yamelle Cecil-Naast... interesting name.

I hope to make this a quick one-shot, enjoy! Maybe it’ll be definitely NSFW? I dunno what’s gonna happen! Handholding? Also, non-canon! Pretty much non-canon.
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No. 971235 ID: 11f77a
File 159365424549.png - (278.59KB , 550x500 , cdq_053.png )

There’s that first sting in your spine immediately followed by—nothing. Not the bad kind of nothing, but the nothing that makes you forget what that split second pain was like. Completely erased from memory. You noticed you held your breath just for a moment but exhale the rest quickly. You’re imagining all your ailments being fixed. Becoming a new man. A new Thadeus.

Crik-pop! Oof.

“Hnngk~ You’re a bit strONGer wheeze than you look.,” you compliment. “Say, you wouldn’t happen to -grunt- know any other relaxation techniques would you?”

You’re sweating like a gorm in a blazing Daatuteph sun. You remember having to run from crazy fanatic Ichynth fangirls. You’re drowsy and feel stuck to the massage table while more steam builds up around you. Every time you exhale through your teeth you feel a glimpse of unperturbedness--but you’re still hot in the face. Meanwhile she steeples her hands and presses against your protruding spine. Normal physique for an Eigo. Why they look so gaunt is perhaps due to the ribcage being so big and you see the ridges just under the skin.

Now she requests your arm to pull back and--Clik-pop-pop!

“How are you feeling so far ♥?”

How is she not exhausted from the heat in here?! It aint torture, but shall you continue the small, back breaking session? Or maybe just move on.
No. 971237 ID: 0fae41

"I'm not sure I can feel anymore..."
No. 971240 ID: f56a2b

Keep getting worked over by Yamelle.
No. 971242 ID: cdabe3

heh heh, both of these :P
No. 971245 ID: b1b4f3

Answer her honestly. Perhaps she is not getting the intended effect out of you, or maybe she is. Hard to say right now (also chiropractic medicine is kindof... dubious in general so you really shouldn't have gone for it)
Maybe general knowledge isn't enough to handle your anatomy. Or maybe it doesn't work if you don't have stiff joints.

At any rate your curiosity is satisfied. You should move along to massage.
No. 971257 ID: 36784c

>“How are you feeling so far ♥?”
"Pardon my language, but right now the only thing I can feel is an erection being pressed into the table right now!"

>Keep going or move on?
Keep going, don't quit now!
No. 971258 ID: 4f51b2

Maybe it has to be like this? Let’s see what this leads to, let her continued.
No. 971268 ID: 864e49

Guys his problem isn't the spine realignment its the heat.

Tell her you're not sure the sauna is good for you as you're feeling a little woozy.
No. 971283 ID: dbd72b

keep crackin the back, but ask her to turn down the heat a touch
No. 971420 ID: 11f77a
File 159383310360.png - (215.49KB , 550x500 , cdq_054b.png )

You think chiropractic medicine is a bit dubious, but that’s not what bothers you. It’s the damn heat. You’re losing pounds from sweating. The more you perspire the more you feel like you’re entering a fugue state. It’s making you relaxed because you’re too exhausted. Are the patterns on the wall moving? Oh no, are you gonna die of heat stroke?

CRICK crack plip!

“Not sure I can feel anymore. Hnnngh Is there any way to turn down the heat? Jusssssst a touch?”

You’ve ended up face down through the headrest. She plays along, “Oh~ it can’t be that bad!” You think she’s using a remote to lessen the steam coming in the room. The tiny ‘whirr’ of the portable sauna™ sounds like it’s slowing down, but the steam is puffing from around the corner.
No. 971421 ID: 11f77a
File 159383314871.png - (233.94KB , 550x500 , cdq_055.png )

She’s worked up and down your spine while you’re paperweight at this point. At least the lotion she’s applying gives off a nice wave of cool-ness. In fact she’s applying a lot. Must be something to really soften the fur and heal the skin.
No. 971422 ID: 11f77a
File 159383326681.png - (227.95KB , 550x500 , cdq_056.png )

No. 971424 ID: e7c7d3

That's not lotion applying noises
No. 971425 ID: 2aa5f0

...uh, look over your shoulder real quick and see how she's doing. Not sure what that last thing she said was but I think she asked you something.
No. 971426 ID: b1b4f3

You may want to look around. Is the chiropractic part done with? Massage is nice too.
No. 971427 ID: 094652

Make sure that isn't blood.
No. 971428 ID: cdabe3

well, don't look too quick, your neck is so relaxed right now!
No. 971431 ID: 9f00f4

Double check yourself for injuries and being drugged. First check if you can feel your toes and move them for example. You may be the victim of a violent crime.
No. 971432 ID: 4f51b2

I wonder if she’s taking revenge for trying to seduce her or something, you should escape.
No. 971434 ID: 9fad0d

I'm sure you can stay focused enough for at least a quick look behind you, you might be pleasantly surprised.
No. 971435 ID: dbd72b

is the lotion... supposed to be red?
No. 971472 ID: 7d9195

Check yourself for any uncontrollable erections.
No. 971514 ID: 5b0071

... doesn't victor have horrible, gas-based things he can do to people?
No. 971594 ID: 0fae41

Relax your head. Put it down again, maybe look through the slot at her legs. Just to check they're still there...
No. 971602 ID: 11f77a
File 159407517959.png - (372.53KB , 550x500 , cdq_057.png )

You tap your forehead and wipe off what appears to be--wait. Is it supposed to be red? Is this... blood? Something about its viscosity between your fingers makes it hard to discern. You’re thinking of all the worse things now. Is it the steam? Is her son trying to have his revenge on you through some mild hallucinogenic? What would Yamelle want to kill you for? Were you drugged and your organs are being harvested right now?

You wiggle your toes to make sure you’re not paralyzed or anything. What she’s rubbing against you is no longer smooth but greasy. You have enough focus to look back! The horror that awaits you...

“Oh hey! I didn’t know if you’d like yellow or blue. So I stuck with blue! I see you're wanting to turn over then?”
No. 971604 ID: e7c7d3


Looks like she gave Thad's butt a few pats
No. 971605 ID: cdabe3

ooh, this is interesting! ask about the body paint, does it mean something?

also don't think about the erection you probably have right now or how sexy she looks wearing an apron and nothing else or that you still haven't gotten off yet
No. 971606 ID: b1b4f3

Oh huh, body paint...? Uh, sure. Why though?
No. 971609 ID: 4f51b2

Ask her what is that.
No. 971610 ID: 0fae41

...Sure, why not! We can finish up the back later.
No. 971611 ID: dce46f

Bodypaint? I wasn't expecting that, huh. By all means continue Yamelle. I'm thoroughly enjoying it; you're a master of your craft.
No. 971612 ID: f56a2b

"By all means, continue your work on this side of the canvas, please."
No. 971614 ID: 9ea12c

I can't let you lose the opportunity to say "color me impressed". So there. Your welcome.
No. 971615 ID: 2aa5f0

>“Oh hey! I didn’t know if you’d like yellow or blue. So I stuck with blue! I see you're wanting to turn over then?”

oh, uh, yeah sure I guess. I thought you were talking to me and I just wasn't hearing you... Also what is this stuff? Can't really say I've heard too much about a chiropractic technique that dyes one's fur.
No. 971626 ID: 11f77a
File 159409406655.png - (311.09KB , 550x500 , cdq_058.png )

While relieved, you feel a little weirded out by this segue into painting. Your fur is caked in the stuff. “So, what exactly is happening here? Some kind of body paint tradition?”

She’s holding a clay jar full of indigo-blue pigments. Her hand dabs in to mix everything around. “It’s just a form of touch therapy! Some people get a kink if it was messy or colorful or even very, very light presses. Something from tribalistic roots in all species when paint is thrown into the mix!”

“Touch therapy?” You lay right back, trying to contain your boner all over again when at half-mast. You wonder why she’s only wearing an apron. Still, that Chupian mom looks pretty sexy with such minimal attire. You remind yourself to buy an apron for another Chupian date to cosplay with. Yamelle could’ve kept a robe on but—maybe she was planning to splash paint everywhere all along. “Like… sensing energy fields and whatnot? -huff-

“Energy fields? Oh please, nothing so ridiculous! People like to be touched—” har har~ “as it releases oxytocin to help mitigate stress! And there are some flairs you can add for each session. Sometimes there are groups of naked strangers painting each other. Some cuddle sessions perhaps? Lounging. Private matters. And the like.”

“Well color me impressed~” you make sure to say through exhausted breathing, “by all means, please continue your work on this side of the canvas.” You lay back and she’s content to proceed. You wave a hand to cool off your face—but the way Yamelle pours more paint on your chest helps chill your body.
No. 971627 ID: e7c7d3

Scoop up some of the paint and take her up on the offer of "naked strangers painting each other"
No. 971628 ID: 0fae41

It's not so different from the markings you put on your face, right?
No. 971629 ID: 4f51b2

Well, just enjoy the touch therapy then.
No. 971630 ID: b1b4f3

Ask how she got the patterns on the walls to move like that.
No. 971647 ID: 4286b4

Hmm, surely this steam or the dye wouldn't contain an aphrodisiac, would it? Ask her if the dye contains any substances other than the dye.

But yeah, thank her again for doing this for you, even though she's not getting much out of it.
No. 971690 ID: 11f77a
File 159417773630.png - (297.09KB , 550x500 , cdq_059.png )

Getting painted is quite a bit different than the markings on every Eigo. At five or six years old a marking is bestowed upon our faces, usually in a private ceremony. It’s practically a tattoo you wear for the rest of your life. It’s difficult to change it—but doable for, say, witness protection or wanting to drop a troubled past life. You’d probably thank your father for helping you get in the pants of every sexy alien girl all across the galaxy’s 3rd arm.

Plus the painting is going wherever her hands will take her. Yamelle smears it to feel the ridges and curves of your ribs and abdominals. Even as she touches your flank you can’t help but feel ticklish. But she’s including more colors as you finally lay your head back down. Staring at the ceiling. Staring at the walls. The heat is a little more tolerable but you’re fatigued. Can’t breathe hot air so easily but you’re not struggling.
No. 971692 ID: 11f77a
File 159417783492.png - (355.31KB , 550x500 , cdq_060.png )

“Oh Mr. Plymoth-Saft, you’re doing great!” She praises like you were a rickety old person struggling to get in a tub. Her hands are trailing down to the inner and middle thighs while your boner is clearly visible. Yes, yes, she’s seen it all before and hasn’t made any comment on it yet.

You have the slightest shudder down your spine when she probes around that erogenous zone. But you try to muster the strength to speak. “Huh, are the walls moving? I swear I can see them moving... -huff huff- There’s got to be some aphrodisiac in the pigments.”

She hums her response while decorating your white body. “You may see some weird formations or patterns when you become exhausted. But I promise you’ll be okay. I have some water you can drink.”

And you feel it. She just casually cups your groin and smears that paint over your family jewels. She nudges your prick to swipe a hand across your lower abdominal but eventually gives it a firm grip and a tug. “Some cave paintings depict such patterns and colors beside herds of animals and ancestors. Most historians believe they are based on the visions our ancestors had when dancing endlessly near a flicker of campfire before they collapse from exhaustion.”

She’s addressing this so casually while stroking your dong. Are you making this up in your head too?
No. 971693 ID: f56a2b

Made up in your head or not, it's time to go with the flow.
No. 971701 ID: 3994a2

Hey, she's gotta get the white paint from somewhere.
No. 971703 ID: cdabe3

Yeah, I think it’s best to relax now; try to appreciate the finer points of a body-paint massage.
No. 971706 ID: b1b4f3

Relax, enjoy it, make conversation as if everything is normal. Until you get close. Then maybe you should give her a warning. Though I expect that is not going to happen anytime soon, if your prowess is anything to brag about.
I wonder if she'll move within reach so you can return the favor?
No. 971708 ID: 4f51b2

Relax and cum, take what you can get.
No. 971722 ID: 4286b4

If you're gonna hallucinate, then you should at least imagine hallucinating something sexy hehe.

Tell her that you can almost see her doing lewd things with you, and laugh it off as a joke.
No. 971725 ID: 10c07d

This, just let loose and let it happen
No. 971746 ID: dbd72b

Looks like everything going on is the opposite of a problem
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