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File 158218765205.png - (229.94KB , 550x500 , CDQ000.png )
956815 No. 956815 ID: 11f77a

You think this is the place, it’s a good thing you won the raffle and the spaceplane tickets are already paid for or this would’ve been a huge waste of money! DAMA’S Spa & Bathhouse, huh? Maybe she lives in an apartment upstairs.

Yamelle Cecil-Naast... interesting name.

I hope to make this a quick one-shot, enjoy! Maybe it’ll be definitely NSFW? I dunno what’s gonna happen! Handholding? Also, non-canon! Pretty much non-canon.
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No. 957370 ID: bef60d

This. A walk on the beach sounds lovely.
No. 957372 ID: b07f1c

Haha, either she totally misunderstood that, or she's not telling us something. I mean, she doesn't need to be awake at night to be able to know what other people do. They could simply tell her during the day?

But let's ignore that for now. Yeah, I was thinking about going for a walk as well (something tells me she wouldn't be into racing with ATV's on the beach atm). Go pay the bill. (I thought about asking the waiter to get some violin music going, or even fireworks, but that would probably not be a good idea either).
No. 957504 ID: cdabe3

this, and also if she's ever tripped a yak :D
No. 957510 ID: 11f77a
File 158286816735.png - (182.54KB , 550x500 , CDQ021.png )

Hmm. Maybe she’s not telling something. But you may try to probe that line of questioning later.

You feel you’re just about done eating. You signal the waiter to pay the bill as your date finishes up. You’ve been thinking of multiple places to go—such as a carnival or nightclub--but you’re always rounding back to walking on the beach.

Thadeus: “Now, my dear~ I don’t suppose you’d fancy a stroll on the boardwalk?”

Yamelle: “Oh, I’d love to!”

Yamelle: “I don’t think I’m done looking out into the horizon~”

With a clean swipe of your card you’re free to leave.
No. 957511 ID: 11f77a
File 158286831733.png - (190.72KB , 550x500 , CDQ022.png )

Yamelle: “Wow, the shores are gorgeous. I can see very far!”

Yamelle: “Normally it’s all mountains in the way, where I live.”

Yamelle: "Have you ever seen anything so large?"

Yamelle: "Hmm~"

You’re walking beside her, making sure she doesn’t misstep anywhere as she’s distracted by the view.

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957520 ID: e7c7d3

Wanna go for a swim?
Be well aware that neither of you brought swimwear, so there's only one option if you don't want to get your clothes wet.
No. 957524 ID: 891b91

Seconding this -- being involved in the bathhouse industry, she's probably more likely not to mind the lack of swimwear.

But maybe make sure it's somewhere secluded first.
No. 957525 ID: 4286b4

I thought it was evening, but it seems it's getting brighter now?

You could talk a little about the various kinds of exotic views you've seen on other planets and how they compare to this one, to keep her mesmerized.

Once it looks like she's about to step into something (or not; just being close to something that you'd be able to use an excuse for your action), grab her and pull her deep into your embrace, and tell her to watch out. Explain that she was about to step onto something dangerous. Then slowly realize that you're accidentally holding her tightly against you, and let her go. Apologize for startling her and for acting without her consent, and that you didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable.
No. 957564 ID: bef60d

Do this
No. 957701 ID: 11f77a
File 158309392463.png - (235.67KB , 550x500 , CDQ023.png )

Thadeus: “There are many amazing sights I could show you, Yamelle.”

Thadeus: “Bernal Spheres housing rings of cities. Concrete jungles of the Gards where prehistoric trees grow on top of skyscrapers. The might of a Harvester Cruiser leeching a Jupiter.”

Thadeus: “I’m sorry—I don’t mean to brag. I suppose I can be a little jealous and wish I could see everything for the first time again.”

Yamelle: “A lot to take in one day!”
Thadeus: “Say, how would you feel about going for a swim?”

Yamelle: “A swim? I don’t even think I can in this dress. And you wouldn’t want your suit ruined.”

Thadeus: “Well I guess that only leaves one option~”

She blushes and looks around for voyeurs, tickled by the thought.

Yamelle: “Thadeus Plymouth-Saft! That’s very… naughty~ I-I don’t know. Is this even the best place to do that?”

You know where there’s a nude beach—somehow. You figure she’s used to seeing lots of naked bodies with a job like hers. But you can also figure out a hiding spot where there are tide pools for just the two of you.

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957702 ID: 0fae41

Look for a tide pool! It's kind of like a sauna in that it's warm and cozy. Then again, I guess a nude beach is like a sauna in that everyone's naked...
No. 957703 ID: bef60d

Tide pool! It's time to make our move!
No. 957704 ID: cdabe3

Yeah, let’s go for a tide pool~
No. 957705 ID: 891b91

To the tide pools! This is about you and her, not you and her and everyone else on the beach, so let's keep it private.
No. 957711 ID: e7c7d3

I'm not against tide pools. Might even see a weird crab or two
No. 957781 ID: ab5af5

A bit strange that she would so easily agree to go swimming naked so soon. You should reassure her that the waters around here are excellent and that it would really be a waste not to try them, even if she already gets plenty of such opportunities at home. Also, the scenery is even more enjoyable when you become a part of it like this.

Tide pools are clearly the superior choice for the upcoming shenanigans hehe.
No. 957824 ID: 11f77a
File 158321108350.png - (217.03KB , 550x500 , CDQ024.png )

You wonder that too—how easily she responded to swim naked. But maybe her response was a way to laugh the suggestion off. Too late! She didn’t say no! You’re already heading in a particular direction~

“Oh the waters here are excellent. They’re absolutely excellent to take a dip in, trust me!”

A private setting is best—it’s all about you and her! You travel in zigzags through the beachgrasses to find a secluded spot where tourists often miss. Perhaps not as sandy but the pools are deep enough like hot tubs—and the water is warm anyway. Be wary of crabs and squids. It’s about time we push this little date further~

Thadeus: “This should be a good spot to rest!”

You can really hear the waves crash here. A tranquil wash over the senses.

Thadeus: “Well, no time like the present!”

Of course you’re going to undress first. It would be rude to expect your date to go before you. So… just describe how you’re gonna strip down and maybe suggest some other things on your mind.

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957825 ID: bef60d

Pants off first, and then help her out of her clothes.
No. 957826 ID: e7c7d3

Be sure neatly fold your clothing and place them in stop that won't get hit by waves. Also be sure to test the tide pool first before she gets in.
No. 957834 ID: 4286b4

Tear off your shirt while screaming the mating chant. Just like it is customary for your species. Then proceed to jump head-first into the pool, with only your pants returning to the surface.

Alternatively, undress slowly, in a way that she can get a good look at your body from all directions, but don't look at her so that she can observe you without you knowing it.
As you undress, of course starting with your pants, keep turning left and right to give some bounciness to your body and its parts. You should also flex your muscles (including that one), a few times during the process.

And then you can wait for her to undress herself. It would probably be a good idea to enter the pool with her at the same time.
No. 957840 ID: 33056f

Bust open your shirt Superman style, take the rest more casually. You should probably be planning how you’re going to get all this sand off later, lest it cause friction at inopportune times.
No. 957852 ID: 891b91

She said she knows Eigo bodies well -- but clearly she doesn't know them that well, if she thinks your kind is all skin and bones. However you choose to strip off, make sure she gets an eyeful of your... meatiest parts. (No, not that part -- if she wants more than a passing glance at that, she's going to have to earn it.)
No. 957914 ID: 11f77a
File 158335072569.png - (207.82KB , 550x500 , CDQ025.png )

Superman-style, you nonchalantly unbutton your collar and expose that natural tuft of chest hair cushioning your sternum. There are several rocks where you may avoid dirtying your garments as you remove each article of clothing.

“I may as well test the waters for you, my dear.” Thadeus playfully goads as the Chupian mom watches him undress with bashful eyes. “But I wouldn’t want to be kept waiting~” He continues.

She thinks she knows the body of an Eigo so well. Well, wait til she gets a good look at your more… erogenous muscles.

You gradually spin as part of your low-key strip tease. You have a satisfactory build for an Eigo and you’re known to make those caprine ladies swoon. Your felt fur exposes just enough detail around the ridges on your ribs that it ups an odd sexiness factor (even if your species are naturally gaunt).
No. 957915 ID: 11f77a
File 158335079645.png - (228.33KB , 550x500 , CDQ026.png )

Your thumbs hook the waistline of your pants and boxers--and with alternating scoots from each hip you’re stripped and completely exposed to the elements. Your prick was already pumping blood (thanks to your frequent daydreaming to score with this hot Chupian mom) and is left with a half-hardened presentation as it rests on your precious jewels.

But she’ll have to earn it~ You thus mosey on towards to the pool as you bask in bareness.

Yamelle: “Oh my~!”

Achievement Unlocked! You’re Naked!
No. 957916 ID: 11f77a
File 158335091898.png - (229.74KB , 550x500 , CDQ027.png )

Yamelle: “Well—I-I suppose it’s my turn!”

She chuckles with beet cheeks. Maybe she likes the silly thrill. She’s no stranger to undress in front of casual friends at the bathhouse during a little R&R. The Chupian unzips the back of her dress and her top-half blossoms open. Her pink sleeves crumple down her upper arms along with her bodice. Her chest brightens snow white with an ample pair of breasts unprotected to the natural sea air.

“I normally don’t do this outside a steam room~” Yamelle simpers, “I guess if it’s for one date... it shouldn’t be so bad!”

Achievement Unlocked! You Got A Peek! (So Far)

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957918 ID: cdabe3

Take a moment to appreciate the view (but not too long~), then try the water.
No. 957919 ID: e7c7d3

Time to get into one of the pools. Hold out a hand to help her in. Just that slight, subtle pressure to encourage her to continue undressing and get in to the pool as well.
No. 957920 ID: bef60d

This. make sure to compliment her body while doing so.
No. 957948 ID: b07f1c

Try to act natural and cool, but fail and still blush while glancing at her. That way you'll make it obvious to her that you appreciate her feminine features. Of course, acting natural also means not hiding what's between your legs heh.

Compliment her looks while stuttering a few times.
No. 959646 ID: 11f77a
File 158510027173.png - (233.56KB , 550x500 , cdq_028.png )

You certainly take a gander to appreciate her feminine features—acting as natural as you can be without overdoing it (or growing a full-on boner). Your pecker makes the slightest twitch as you attempt to suppress it through sheer will. Not… yet, you stifle in your mind.

Yamelle lets her dress drape down and pile at her ankles before she tiptoes right out. It still leaves her fur flattened along her natural curves—a white silhouette stands coy before you. Carefully, she plucks her garments from the ground to lay them atop a flat rock.

“You look stunning, dear~” you compliment with a foot in the water. She couldn’t possibly get redder in the face after all this. You lend a hand to help your date step down into the pool—which she obliges.

Her hand feels a bit hot and damp, oh how she sweats a bit in her palm as you guide her down step by step.

Achievement Unlocked! She’s Naked!
No. 959647 ID: 11f77a
File 158510051883.png - (283.38KB , 550x500 , cdq_029.png )

She croons once the surface of the pool reaches her stomach. “Oooah~ this water is warmer than I thought! Even in the Summer the lakes in the mountains back home are still crisp!”

Both of you find appropriate seats opposite of each other. Hopefully you’re free to let the thug between your legs grow to its fullest while hidden in the murky blue.

Waves clash with the breeze for a perfect ambiance. She seems to feel settled, although her seat doesn't quite let the water conceal her breasts.

Achievement Unlocked! You’re Both Naked! Together!
No. 959649 ID: e2f5cc

She's checkin' you out under the water, and she likes what she sees if her expression is anything to go by!

It's time to start putting the moves out on her methinks, and while I lack the locomotion required to truly assist with the moves, I am still willing to provide an approach in asking about the differences between Eigo and Chupain men. Tell her that it had always been a idle curiosity of your to see biological differences between aliens, and since she's now seen both species in the nude you just couldn't help but ask. Although, she never did get a good look at your groin, so if she needs a refresher on that or any other part of your physique you're happy to give her another look.
No. 959666 ID: b07f1c

You can tell her that the beach is a popular lovemaking location, so no one would bat an eye at anyone doing anything inappropriate around here, which is why she can relax and not worry about anything. Tell her that this is why you used to come to this place alone to relax in the past, but that you never imagined you'd get to share it with someone like her. She better keep this spot a secret! Altho, being by yourself, the atmosphere was never this great, this intimate, so thank her for being here with you~

As far as making moves goes, I think it would be best to wait for her to make the first move. Assuming she makes one. If she keeps staring at you, you could remind her that your previous offer stands and that she can always feel you with more than just her eyes.
No. 959825 ID: 322af8

Ask what seems to have caught her attention.
No. 959826 ID: 891b91

Now that the water is there to partially conceal your lower half, relax and allow your manhood to grow to its full turgidity. There’s no need to mention it to her, though — it should speak for itself, shouldn’t it? Instead, just make conversation with her while feigning ignorance about your raging member, and allow her to choose how to proceed. If she calls it to attention (heh), make an attempt to cover it with one hand and apologize, explaining that you got carried away by her beauty; or perhaps she’ll be content for now to ogle it beneath the water, in which case you should feel free to take in the sights yourself here and there — especially since some of her assets are conveniently exposed to the open air. If she seems enticed, try flexing your pelvic muscles occasionally to make it twitch, and see how she reacts.
No. 959981 ID: 11f77a
File 158545310758.png - (231.00KB , 550x500 , cdq_030.png )

At ease with your nether-half in the water, you blatantly manspread and allow your length to flicker to its fullest. A little close to the surface, in fact. You’ve caught her peeking--and you wouldn’t want to disappoint. “cough--so Yamelle,” you begin as you feign ignorance of the proud thug between your thighs, “I hope you’re comfortable going through this. I would come to this place to relax in the past and it’s something of a relief to share it with somebody--I'd hate for the opposite to happen to you.”

“D-Don’t worry Thadeus!” assures the llamish mother as her attention quickly shifts to your sincere-yet-devious mug. “It’s still a very, very wonderful date. And I’m happy if you’re happy!” The pool stirs and distorts any clear image of either nether-region.

“And there’s nothing bothering you at all~?” you mention, hinting her distraction even as you nonchalantly lay back and flex those pelvic muscles to cause your prick to bob.

“Nothing!” She positively affirms with a smile. And with rosy cheeks she politely looks astray, “Although, I--I see you’re a lot happier than you realize!”
No. 959982 ID: 11f77a
File 158545319407.png - (296.33KB , 550x500 , cdq_031.png )

GASP! What. A. Shock. That was mighty quick for her to break the ice~ The tip of your length has breached like a wandering eye. You immediately press it down with a palm to hide it again, prenting to react bashfully. “My apologies Miss Cecil-Naast! There’s so much to take in this moment! Captivated by your sweetness and beauty, the breeze and the view. Ugh--no excuse can make up for this interruption…”

She’s looking at you in the eyes. “Oh, don’t worry Thadeus! I’m quite used to it, believe me! My male clients can’t help it sometimes, especially once I start kneading and massaging in the most erogenous places~ Not just Chupians, either! And they’re all embarrassed and we get it over with! It’s natural! Really! Some of my long-term customers from the town hall get like that too. It’s no biggie…”

She places a gentle hand upon your shoulder. “It’ll go away, just think of something else for a distraction! Like, hmmm… Uh. Maybe boring stocks and business..?”

Hard to do so anyway when you’re looking at her generous pair of soft breasts. Or when you were banging the secretary the other day. Or was it thinking about banging your secretary the other day?
No. 959986 ID: e2f5cc

"How could I think of something else when you occupy my every thought?"
No. 959989 ID: cdabe3

I mean, you're proud of your body and have nothing to hide, and she's clearly used to seeing males' erections, right?

No reason to hide it, after all~
No. 959996 ID: b1b4f3

Just look at the horizon. Try to relax, listen to the surf and think about fish.

Ask her if anyone's ever asked for an erotic massage.
No. 960009 ID: b07f1c

Stocks and business... think about how her stocks are going up in value and how great it would be doing business with them.

Anyway, I didn't know she offered that kind of service. Should ask her for an advance course hehe. You know, just like it's natural for those people to get erections, it would be natural for you to get an erection from a massage here; it wouldn't be awkward then because your erection would be justified. Also, the massage might help you relax and lose it afterwards.

Another option that I see (I think I like this one a bit more) is for you to agree with her and chat and think about other stuff to get your erection down. But with a twist. While talking about other stuff, you'd actually still be thinking about xxx and secretly trying your best to stay hard. After a while, she'd notice that your hard-on isn't letting off, in which case you'd have to apologize for the unfortunate circumstance and ask her for permission to take care of yourself. Or even for her help with your "problem". After all, you can't put on clothes while it's there.
No. 960020 ID: 322af8

Stop covering yourself. If shes alright with it, then no reason to be as bashful. Just need to keep pretending to be slightly not at ease about the whole thing.
No. 960024 ID: 11f77a
File 158551463965.png - (233.32KB , 550x500 , cdq_032.png )

You ease off the façade as you release your privates; your unapologetic dong is free again to tap the surface of the shallow end of the pool. “My, I never knew you… offer that kind of service~! Even for your villagers!” you tease, “I don’t suppose you could figure out a way to settle this problem.” You’re 'attempting' to look elsewhere but she never escapes your mind—and you’re making sure that erection isn’t letting off anytime soon.

She gasps and tries to defend herself, “Oh, Thadeus! I mean—well—some species I don’t realize have very sensitive areas before it’s too late! L-Like… uh… the underside of a Sajjan’s tail or… uhm… the flank of a Gullusk..! All of them accidental!”

With a chuckle you assure with a hand wave, “No need to worry. I was only pulling your leg. Even if you had a secret I would never let it leave this place~ No doubt with so many people stopping by your spa they’ve asked for something a bit more… amorous?”

“Well, y-yes. A few wanted those… ‘private treatments’ time to time. Hmmhmm. I mean—I would turn them down, of course! I wouldn’t do that to just anyone!

You flex a bit~
No. 960028 ID: e2f5cc

"You wound me! First you lead me on with a wonderful date and even had the kindness to humor me by coming along to this little hideaway... Yet now, now you call me "Just anyone"! Now I see what I am to you, just another man led astray by your effortless beauty!"

I don't think I need to say this, but play up the theatrics for this one. I'm willing bet that she'll love the over the top act.
No. 960029 ID: 891b91

"Oh, of course! Your affection is clearly worth too much to be given away on request. I would think a would-be paramour should have to earn such an exquisite prize -- he should prove himself worthy!"

"But... what if he were to offer to treat you, instead? Not necessarily a 'private treatment', of course, but simply a friendly offer to help soothe those aches and pains you so often cure others of -- to give you relief wherever you need it. After all, I would expect that a cruel irony of your profession is that you only rarely get to enjoy the sort of treatment your clients receive, and I can only imagine that your work leaves your body in need of some tender care of its own."

If she seems intrigued by the idea:

"Why not enjoy being on the receiving end for once, and allow me to help you release your tensions? I fancy myself a rather good masseur, for an amateur -- but I would love the opportunity to learn from a master, if you'd be willing to... evaluate my skill."

This might raise the question of where to get lubrication for a massage, so do you happen to have anything in your pockets that might work? I don't know a lot about your species, but it seems plausible to me that an Eigo who cares about his looks might carry a small bottle of oil to maintain his horns' clean, polished appearance.
No. 960041 ID: 11f77a
File 158553461822.png - (219.31KB , 550x500 , cdq_033.png )

You go with the theatrics (naturally) with the rhythmic mopes of romance. “Now I see what I am to you, ‘just anyone’. Another man led astray by your effortless beauty. Of course, your affection is clearly worth too much to be given away on request.”

“Oooooh stop thaaat~” Yamelle chuckles and playfully swipes a palm to splash your chest. “You’re not just a client, sweetie. Seeing how we’re both already naked, I’d like to think we’re a little past that point!”

An idea peaks in your head, “What if I can treat you instead? Surely the wonderful masseuse needs someone to soothe her aches and pains—places she can’t reach. Someone who seeks relief wherever she needs it. And I’m not shoddy either!”


“Why not be on the receiving end and allow me to help release your tensions? I’ve had my fair share of dates ending with a bit of… touch therapy—so I’m at least a little more than an amateur! And, if you’d be willing, you can evaluate my skill.”

The atmosphere is just right for her not to decline. You bring up the topic of oils. (You don’t think your horn polish would suffice.) But you can always count on Yamelle to have something handy. “Check my purse!" she pipes up, pointing towards your disposed garments, "I usually bring along some oil samples from home. Little things for the hands or face for a day out! Could be enough packets.”

Jackpot. Her purse is only a few steps away. While you retrieve them, you have some power to direct her. How would she present or seat herself before you make your first move? Where to begin?
No. 960042 ID: 0fae41

Lie back and enter maximum relaxation mode. Start from the top down - The head is the most exposed to sunlight!
No. 960044 ID: cdabe3

We’ve gotta do a proper massage; have her lay on her tummy and start at the shoulders, slowly working your way down~
No. 960049 ID: 891b91

She works with her hands, so the parts that are probably in most need of some relief (aside from the more erogenous ones, of course) would be her neck, shoulders, and back. Have her sit in the water, with you sitting on the ledge behind her while you get rubbing.

While I'm not against having her lie down, sitting behind her allows for the possibility that she gets an inadvertent nudge or two from a certain appendage. Completely by accident, of course!
No. 960064 ID: b07f1c

Indeed, the girls that you've brought to the edge with your massages alone number in the dozens, so Yamelle's in for quite a surprise once your hands start working. The sand wouldn't work well with the oil (actually, I'm not sure if the fur would either haha), so it's better to do it the water. She could simply sit or kneel in there, but she could also just stretch out and float on the water. That way you could work both on her back and her front at the same time~

Anyway, her purse, huh? What other emergency situation things could she have put in there?
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