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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 1020190 ID: bc15b4

We just kill another Gormoamhi, I don’t think it matters the leader was one. The guardians are going to be a problem, hope whatever is inside the door helps us.
No. 1020214 ID: 4d3e7f

You are not a hero, you are a survivor.
You have a Shaman, a Witch, a Hunter, Builders, A War Mistress, and plenty of breeding stock. Everything you need to build a strong new clan.
Conquer the guardian and claim your new home. This one stands on borrowed time.
No. 1020783 ID: 6b6f94

No. 1020832 ID: 703b29

Let’s save him.
No. 1021025 ID: 7a1a17
File 164291014923.png - (93.15KB , 1500x1184 , 404.png )

The door comes first. You thank Ionilee for her information and promise her a reward when you are finished.

Day comes with the sound of screaming. Ivaka, is screaming! Auri is screaming!

The others know exactly what that sound means. Before you are fully awake, the females were taken to the birth room, gob-lee scattering as they obey Waya’s barking commands, Tok already bringing heated tuglavu to numb the birthing pains. Sizzala oversees Ivaka as Waya comforts Auri. Gormoamhi births are never gentle on females. Attempts to comfort your claim-mate get you swatted back by Sizzala, with a few promises of lost limbs if you try again. So you are left to sulk, waiting and unable to help. You hate it. You don’t even feel like being comforted by your other mates…

It feels like an eternity, but it happens. The cries of your claim-mate subside as you hear the wails of newborn pups!
No. 1021026 ID: 7a1a17
File 164291015888.png - (598.02KB , 1589x1099 , 405.png )

Risking violent consequences, you come back in. They all look exhausted! The Gob-lee, Sizzala, Waya, but Ivaka most of all. In her arms, wrapped in woven rags, are two newborn pups.

:guk: “I…I-I…I” you stammer, trying to say it, but the word refuses to leave your throat.

:Waya: “You’re a father Guk. One son one daughter. A small litter, but more than I expected from a female.”

You look behind them, and Auri cradles her own pup, shushing the wrapped bundle as she nurses her own whelpling.

:sizzala:"Aah~ They are so big!" Sizzala coos as she strokes the hair of your daughter. Your daughter. You will need to get used to that.

:waya: “Seem a bit small to me.”

:sizzala “Pff, that’s only because you compare them to a litter by a proper woman! Female pups always start off small, but they get big later! These two those, they are so big already! And two! Most females barely handle one! You can’t get a better omen than this! A son in your first litter, two pups from a female, and look” She points to the boy as it latches to Ivaka to nurse. “The boy is strong enough feed himself already! Lucky indeed!”

“I…don’t feel very lucky” Ivaka manages to groan.

:sizzala:"Oh it will pass"Sizzala dismisses "With that talisman you’ll be ready to breed again by tomorrow."


Now you are torn. You want to stay, be with your claim mate and warm your pups as you should, but you should also be trying to fight that beast-THE BEAST!

:guk: “Sizz, we still need-”

:Sizzala:”No! Only I and Waya know how to tend to females after birthing Gormoamhi. This time is crucial for for pup and mother! I cannot do anything.”

:guk:”Wha-well what about Bizangi-”

:waya: “I trust Bizangi around whelplings as much as I trust you. And I doubt you know anything useful!”



There's enough force in their voices you leave immediately. There goes your magic, there goes Waya’s skill.

>Now what?
No. 1021027 ID: bc15b4

Damn, we should ask Tok if he can wait a little more. Sizz is very important for the mission.
No. 1021028 ID: bc15b4

Oh, and congrats!
No. 1021194 ID: 703b29

Well shit this complícate things, we should wait to be on full force to take on that beast. Maybe we should look at those guardians, not fight them but a recon mission. Also how do you feel being a father? Look at your pups.
No. 1021195 ID: 094652

Okay this is clearly going to be an issue later on. Your damage dealers are busy with tiny brats while a giant monster patrols the chamber between you and your destiny. You need to diversify skillsets, or these holdups are going to become crippling.

First and foremost, you've got two confirmed mothers among your slaves. Have them learn the basics of caring for your bluebrats.

Since you're going to rot your kids' potential and childhood for the good of the clan and its labor shortage, have Sizzala and Waya determine the children's propensity and teach them each one of the following classes:

Finally, ask Tok if he's dumb enough to get in the way of two women high on cuteness proximity.
No. 1021406 ID: 6b6f94

Activate GUN
No. 1022445 ID: 7a1a17
File 164405564752.png - (415.03KB , 1973x1219 , 406.png )

Tok is sent to negotiate with the women. There's screaming and shouting, and a few things are thrown, but Tok does not care. He is used to this you guess.

Eventually he gets them to agree to let Sizzala help you with the beast, but in exchange, Seq and Saq are given to Waya as Waya believes those two combined almost make a competent woman.
No. 1022446 ID: 7a1a17
File 164405567165.png - (283.16KB , 1690x1355 , 407.png )

:sizzala:"So this is the thing taking me away from caring for pups?" Sizz sneers. "Kill some Gob-lee and I'll rip it apart."

:tokrazar:"No Sizzala, this creature does not die as easy as nonpeople. Even with the thundersticks all we could do before was rip its arm off.

:Sizzala:"Pfeh! Then what do you want me to do? Why are we even here?!"

>You now have Sizzala, but Saqrar and Seqrar are gone.
>What shall be done?
No. 1022457 ID: 5cadd6

If it can be restrained you can try to shoot and tear its head off, or all of its limbs. Keep the parts immobile and separate and the door should be accessible even if it literally is impossible to kill. Restraints should be prepared if the magic is not enough.
No. 1022464 ID: 094652

First, scan the beast. Has its flesh healed? If it has, you could continuously chop off limbs to build an armory.

Otherwise, aim for the head. I mean really aim, spend five turns aiming carefully.
No. 1022578 ID: 6b6f94

Perhaps we can burn/melt it if you produce a great enough fire. That would certainly weaken if not outright kill it.
No. 1022747 ID: 2ca2f9

Ask her if she can cast fire, it’s probably effective against the beast.
No. 1023922 ID: 7a1a17
File 164526126564.png - (659.23KB , 1862x2106 , 408.png )

:guk:"...do you think you can use your magic to burn it?"

:sizzala:"Pfah! Is that it?"!

Before you reply, she's already charging at the monster. You feel a tingle as thoughts of rage mix with confusion.

:sizzala:"GAH! Why will it not burn! The fire burns, but the creature does not burn!"
No. 1023927 ID: 094652

Dodge. Now.
No. 1023941 ID: 4c0dea

Guk an the rest must use the thunder sticks. Sizz doge the monster attack.
No. 1024166 ID: e6ed60

No. 1025620 ID: 24f618
File 164672636470.png - (227.83KB , 1600x1200 , 409.png )

Gun is activated! The Reh-zahn 'guns' loose a BOOM! into the thing! It's side explodes into fire and blood! Your mind is assaulted with a howl of agony that rips at your skull and threatens to choke you! It continues its charge at Sizzala, who has doubled over!

No. 1025621 ID: 24f618
File 164672637071.png - (268.48KB , 1269x1200 , 410.png )

You launch yourself at it, landing on the creature, digging your claws into the holes the reh-zahn guns have made! You hear shouting, you feel pain against your hands as thought a hundred tiny cuts are made against your flesh. The thoughts forced into your head become a mix of agony and rage.

Agony as your skin tears, and new eyes form
Agony as you feel your skull being ripped open and your essense spill free
Rage that has no true words to describe the undiluted hatred.

It all threatens to drown you. Your mind spins at the barrage of alien thought patterns

:guk:"Sizzala!" you shout through clenched teeth as vision clouds. "Use your magic now! Burn its insides!"
No. 1025622 ID: 24f618
File 164672638160.png - (178.84KB , 1197x975 , 411.png )

Pain like you can't even describe.
Agony plays out in a series of shapes and colors you have no name for.
And the anger is replaced by panic. Fear. Fear of being consumed. Fear of losing. Fear of...something. But what?

Sizzala's magic eats into the monster, burning the green ichor and fueling more of the devouring magic. It retreats, throwing you off its hide, and it scuttles into a hole in the wall, dropping down into the dark.
No. 1025623 ID: 24f618
File 164672640282.png - (202.24KB , 1091x984 , 412.png )

As it flees, you feel the weight in your head disappate. Ow. Your hands hurt. Your feet hurt. You bleed.
:sizzala:"That was. Brave. Stupid. But brave Guk."

Did Sizzala just praise you?
>What now?
No. 1025631 ID: 094652

ADVANCE! Its weaknesses are made clear, and Sizzala can follow through! Make Swiss Cheese of its hide and cook it from the inside!

It didn't use traps in this fight, it probably hasn't maintained the ones in the inner chambers!
... Eh, send the goblins in as scouts.
No. 1025635 ID: 40f132

Send some gobs to scout, we don’t want to go only to see that there are more than one beast. If there is only one we should go with more guns and finish the job also maybe you should check your wounds.
No. 1025909 ID: 584042

We have to keep advancing. It's scared now, meaning it fears you, meaning you're hurting it, meaning we can kill it.

Get a goblin or two to throw I mean scout ahead.
No. 1027168 ID: fd2dfa
File 164811521765.png - (237.76KB , 1050x1418 , 413.png )

Tok and the Gob-lee come to fix your hands. And feet. And other parts that were cut. That skin was so smooth, but the pain from touching it! Not doing that again. Not without very good reason. Like Sizzala getting in the way.

Not about to let that thing grab you, you hurl a couple gob-lee down the hole. Judging by how much they were complaining when they hit the bottom, you assume they are fine.
No. 1027169 ID: fd2dfa
File 164811526119.png - (169.75KB , 1043x696 , 414.png )

You wait in the tunnels for them to return. One crawls back up.

"It's naht movin'! I mean it is! It moved to grab Bogla! I swear I didn't see no mouth, but the damn thing et him! Just in its hand one second, then gone the next! I think it's tryin' ta fix itself. It's under this glowy light that's all green an' shit!"

>It is backed into a corner. Cornered beasts fight the hardest before they are killed.
>How will we kill it?
No. 1027171 ID: df76b1

Can we break or interrupt the light? Can't halfway kill it, then let it come back later.

Otherwise, just whittle it down with arrows or spears, then finish it off.
No. 1027176 ID: 40f132

Yeah maybe that whatever it’s casting that light it’s what helps that thing recover, let’s se if it can be destroyed with a thunder stick or if Sizz can cast a projectile and destroy it.
No. 1027191 ID: 094652

>Green Glowy Light

If you ranched an army of these monsters... you'd be near-unstoppable. Your clan would swell to four times the size before its fall. At least, they might slow the Metal God down.

Keep weakening the monster, crippling them, until they can move no more. But keep them alive. You don't know how to raise the baby monsters, or what diet they eat.

Use hit-and-run ranged tactics from Sizzala, they won't leave the nest unguarded.
No. 1027923 ID: fd2dfa
File 164884663017.png - (304.69KB , 1300x1300 , 2241.png )

:guk:"Ionilee! Get my gun! We're going hunting!"

"Wait, Ionilee? She wasn't an option! And what the fuck happened to the characters?!"

:ty:"Yeah that's only an option if you do the raceswap cheat."

"When the fuck did you raceswap them?!"

:ty:"I didn't."

:karunboxed:"Tybalt said I could have his candy bar collection if I hacked your game."

:tyuhh:"Shhh! Don't say that out loud!"

"You hacked my game?!"

:rocket:"You smuggled candy onboard?"


"Turn it back!"





:tymad:"Don't listen to him Basmati you don't have to do anything!"

"Ty's hiding the candy under the Frontal Magazine!"


:karunboxed:"Hey Ty promised it to me!"

:tymad:"YOU ASSHOLE! Imma break you game now."

"Don't you dare!"

:tymad:"Imma do it."

"Don't touch it!"

:tymad:"Gonna break it!"

"Fuck you! You'll have to take it first!"

:tymad:"Get back here!"
No. 1027965 ID: 2bffcd

Dammit Tybalt stop interrupting!
No. 1027981 ID: df76b1

Truly, the Echo of the Bunnymen.
No. 1028830 ID: 7a1a17
File 164965766790.png - (615.55KB , 1600x1200 , 415.png )

The lights the gob-lee are talking about are...big. They are big. You don't think they are eggs. They are too big but then again you don't know about this thing-DID IT'S ARM GROW BACK ALREADY!?
No. 1028832 ID: 7a1a17
File 164965767995.png - (701.40KB , 2061x1713 , 416.png )

You have your ghostskins shoot the light thing. That might be healing it! As soon as a chunk comes crumbling to the floor, the beast charges at you, and you are nearly floored by a rage that's not your own.

You lunge at the beast, tearing into the meat of its new arm. Whatever hurt you last time is not there! It doesn't sting! Ooze flows free and Sizzala tries to burn it again. Suddenly it grabs you, swinging its ruined arm at the ghostskins! The arm detaches, barrelling into them!
Before Sizzala can cast, it grasps her in another hand, and you are slammed into the wall as it twirls her overhead!

No. 1028839 ID: df76b1

Grab the thumb and break it, follow with a rock to the head.
No. 1028852 ID: f3c9f0

Use the rock to break its fingers then attack its other arm to free Sizz and she can cast her magic.
No. 1029282 ID: 4c0dea

Coil you legs around it’s arm and try to break it to free yourself, then use the rock to break the fingers of its other arm and free Sizzala
No. 1029913 ID: 7a1a17
File 165051322843.png - (669.50KB , 2122x2117 , 417.png )

The rock smashes the fingers, but you hear no crack. Squirming in its grip lets you slide free however, and you jump for Sizzala, rock in hand!
No. 1029914 ID: 7a1a17
File 165051323090.png - (523.32KB , 2121x1877 , 418.png )

Pain! All the air was forced out of you, it now hurts to breathe.

Thoughts not your own intrude into your mind.

Anger. Lost limbs, ruined eyes. Rage. The magic one, significant? Spite. Watch her die!


It grabs Sizzala in two of its hands and begins to twist in different directions. It will rip her apart!
No. 1029917 ID: df76b1

You have to poke all the eyes. It's huge, so that means it has huge eyes. rip and tear.
No. 1029919 ID: 9a2966

Its 'eyes' clustered up to watch you scream.

Fucker's in range. Hands, teeth. Bite, tear, make IT scream.
No. 1029927 ID: e5709d

Eat. Their. Eyes.
No. 1029950 ID: f3c9f0

Grab it’s eyes and squeeze them. That will stop him.
No. 1031170 ID: 7a1a17
File 165165303199.png - (213.87KB , 1155x978 , 419.png )

If evil had a taste, this would be close. The hot eye-goop fills your mouth with the foul sludge, and you feel your skull being crushed by a pressing agony. You're blind! You're going blind! But...you're not!

Sizzala is dropped, but not before you hear a crack, and Sizzala screams in agony.
No. 1031171 ID: 7a1a17
File 165165303478.png - (331.38KB , 1625x1002 , 420.png )

You are thrown like a stone across a pond, slamming back to the ground! Blood froths from your mouth as you feel stabbing pain in your chest. That can't be good.

:Guk:"Sizz! Get away! Run!"

:sizzala:"My legs! They hurt! I can't move them!"

Sizzala struggles to pull herself away as the monster thrashes, slamming its hands into the floor as it clutches the eye stalks.


"Dat kill Nok! Kill da fek!" Gob-lee swarm out of the hole, and jump onto the beast stabbing with their little weapons. But their stabbing things don't even get its attention.

>Sizzala's can't move her legs
>It hurts to breath
>You made it blind. And angrier.
No. 1031179 ID: e5709d

I'm sorry


You've won. By the time they regenerate their eyes, your clan will have stolen their regenerative assets and crippled their remaining legs with carefully placed bullets. Now you have to get your throat checked before the acid burns through!
No. 1031182 ID: 30b9f6


Motion for silence. Motion/hiss for the Gob-lee to make lots of noise and run all around, which will hopefully confuse the beast. Retreat and get some more dang things that go bang.

Or for the gob-lee to poke its dang wounds, not its hide.
No. 1031210 ID: f3c9f0

Get the hell out of there with Sizz and puke the beast blood m. Maybe the rest can kill the beast with the thunder sticks.
No. 1032221 ID: df76b1

This one.
No. 1032523 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275308691.png - (514.17KB , 1400x1400 , 421.png )

The ghostskins come down and fire again at the monster. The pain in your head drowns the noise of their weapons.

Rage. Rage and Panic.

The gob-lee do not let up. More flood in from the hole, piling onto the creature stabbing and prying open wounds and cracks in its hide.
No. 1032524 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275309618.png - (344.98KB , 1400x1400 , 422.png )


The monster's blood burns on your tongue. You didn't swallow any thankfully. At least you think...

"I dun like the look of tha'" Anslieu! You're not sure when he arrived, but the jar of water is welcome! "Wash it thoroughly master Guk."

:guk:"Nevermind that now! Get Sizz back up there, and have Tok see to her. She is hurt!"

Anslieu dutifully obeys, hefting the larger woman over his shoulders and carries her back up with little fuss. You forget how strong the dah-een can be sometimes.

The burn washes out of your mouth with the water. All that is left is the throbbing in your head, the pain of breathing, and...crunching in your chest. Those are also bad. Maybe.
No. 1032525 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275312733.png - (581.66KB , 1400x1400 , 423.png )

RAGE. AGONY. FEAR. So long. Trapped so long. Finally free and the unworthy tear flesh, strip essence! Sight taken, world taken.
No. 1032526 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275313624.png - (559.40KB , 1400x1400 , 424.png )

No. Can't. Won't. It-We-Us-I. Don't want to die...

Deino's transgressions have swayed the kings of Resao. Makaw, Rok, Gami, Navo, all have turned against the truth of Yishic.
The Pariah walks.
The lesser races stain our soil with their feet.

No. 1032527 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275314707.png - (611.16KB , 1400x1400 , 425.png )

In this the darkest times, the Way opens. The Great arrives. Salvation comes.

"Whazza fuck 'appened?"

>Be Guk...
>Be Tok...
>Be Oklak...
No. 1032531 ID: e5709d

Be a random anyone.
No. 1032581 ID: f3c9f0

Be Tok.
No. 1032655 ID: 13c74d

Let’s be Tok and attend Sizz and Guk
No. 1032698 ID: 756aa1

Be Oklak. He's been left alone too long.
No. 1034648 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475843369.png - (259.98KB , 1444x818 , 426.png )

You are Tokrazar. And you are angry. Very angry. Seeing your daughter, your little girl so hurt, being dragged from that pit by a dah-een fills you with a rage you thought burnt out years ago.


"Near the bottom Master Tok. The thing down there hurt them both real bad!"

Knowing that wretch was as badly hurt as Sizzala does little to assuage you. But your daughter comes first. You see to her, applying wrappings on minor injuries, and tuglavu simple mendings cannot fix.

"Master Guk is still injured too..."

:tokrazar:"He can suffer. I expected the rat to protect her!"

"But...he's not a woman Master Tok. Why do you expect him to-"|

:tokrazar:"Nevermind! Is the thing dead?"

"Uh yes Master Tok, I think t'is. There was some magic thing going on down there as well."

No. 1034649 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475843964.png - (138.34KB , 928x943 , 427.png )

You find the 'Magic Thing' Anslieu was talking about and...you have no idea what to make of it. The power radiating from this thing is greater than anything you had ever felt! Just looking at it makes your brain hurt!

But what does it do?
No. 1034650 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475844495.png - (492.49KB , 964x1024 , 428.png )

The Gormoamhi method of investigation know as "Poke it with a claw" has sent you tumbling the other side into a strange world. Buildings that should fall stand effortlessly. The sky bleeds colors you have no name for. This is like a city. A city for nonpeople. Odd nonpeople, which means it would be perfect for Odd Gormoamhi to take!
No. 1034651 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475845369.png - (621.02KB , 1024x1280 , 429.png )

Behind you, is the other place. Home. It flickers with the twitch of the pillar. You saw a vast place of sand, forests of four armed wolf-things, the Metal Man. And Home again.

Is this the Door to Many Places?
No. 1034653 ID: e5709d

Lure the Metal Man to this place and trap him here.
You will be a legend.
No. 1034657 ID: dc9df3

Seem like it is, you shouldn’t touch anything yet. Your tribe has the chance to reclaim what you lost and conquer even more, but you don’t have the numbers right now. You should go back and tell the others (also don’t be so mad at Guk and help him).
No. 1034691 ID: b90535

Let’s see the fort to check out the guardians.
No. 1037578 ID: fd2dfa
File 165744733852.png - (1.35MB , 3628x1788 , 430.png )

You don't yet know enough of this flashing thing to know if you can come back if you go to a different place. It does seem prudent to bring the clan here first.

The clan is moving everything. The Gob-lee are split between hauling things into the Other Place, and butchering the Creature. And while you have every right to be angry with Guk, you choose to help him recover.

:tokrazar:"You need to stop getting yourself hurt like this. I only have so much tuglavu, and you sneaking whole jars away does not help."

:guk:"I haven't been taking any."

:tokrazar:"Don't lie, I know you use the stuff on your females. What were you using it on Oklak's females? They seem to follow you around now."

:guk:"No! I admit I take some, but only for my dah-een, and that was just the one bowl..."

:tokrazar:"Then if you didn't...dammit, who is watching Oklak?"
No. 1037580 ID: fd2dfa
File 165744741181.png - (306.30KB , 1000x1000 , 431.png )

You are Oklak. And you have been going for three days. Three days left alone. Three days uninterrupted. Three days to practice your art. And Nietch is your greatest work.

This was a new form of training! Newer still than your last. It was not a test of obedience, but will. To show Nietch you are greater than her, that all her schemes and magics mean nothing to a Gormoamhi.

On that first day, she played her silly act, sang her praises and treated you like the master you are. You ignored her. This was the trick she made with Guk. It will not work again! No matter how long she thought she could pretend, you could last longer.

The second day words became sweeter, gushing with praise and moaning like she did with Guk. But you refused to stop. You know she is caught. She knows it. ‘Is Master Oklak getting tired’ she would say, or ‘Master Oklak must be getting hungry’. She wants you to stop. You did not.
No. 1037581 ID: fd2dfa
File 165744742186.png - (180.23KB , 1000x1000 , 432.png )

You are Neitch. You have lost count of the days. They blend together under Oklak and his endless libido. You have made an error. Well a number of errors. It’s getting harder to remember what they were.

You thought Oklak would be like Guk, tiring himself out. But each time you thought he was done, everytime he pulled free and made you lick him clean, he’d reinsert his cock and continue to churn your insides.

You thought he wouldn’t be brave enough to steal from his own clan. Wrong. As you slept, he took great quantities of that paste that was used on you over and over to set your body aflame with need. And that stupid totem that kept Guk awake all night! You woke to his probing fingers shoving that stuff in, and spent the entire day with him inside you.

You thought the tuglavu stuff could wear off, but it doesn’t. It’s an odd sensation, losing yourself to animal lust. You know what causes it, but all you can do is resist. Resist the primal thing demanding you stop thinking and just rut like an animal. Maybe it is that stuff in their ‘tuglavu’ finally working on you.
No. 1037582 ID: fd2dfa
File 433.mp4 - (166.67KB )

Now she has nothing to say. The only sounds are her panting, and the wet pap-pap of your bodies connecting. The sensation of your seed blooming within her again and again. Her silence. They are sweeter than any words she has to say.
She is losing. You can feel it! Whatever schemes she had dies today! You idly wonder what name you’ll give her once she breaks. Niika? Neeza? Maybe Oklak-ka: Oklak’s mate. One more climax, one more moment past the edge, and you can call her whatever you want.

You cling to sanity by a thread. You now fight to the last breath for one more breath. Every moment you don’t succumb is another victory. For one more moment, one more thrust! But you can feel it. Your resistance crumbles. Your next climax will be the last. And you will be united in a mind shattering bliss...and you’ll belong to him.

>Give up.
>Fight! Even for just a moment more.
No. 1037583 ID: e5709d

This is your end. Hold nothing back.

Think about the many, many lives you have taken, the dozens you have led to their own damnation. Word a simple apology for each and harness your pleasure as an offering to their appeasement.

Reflect on the religions you burned, along with the followers you threw in chains, laughing as their 'iron faiths' conflagrated before they burned. Contemplate your regret and hypocrisy at losing your own faith to a mere drug and chonky sex. Forge a new philosophy here and now.

Look back at your loyalty to your clan. The loyalty that was never truly repaid. If it would be surrendered to this savage brute, you would see it broken by your own will first.

You are Gamin no more.
You will crush your wretched Empire, along with this equally pathetic tribe, or be broken entirely.
Probably the latter, of course. But as the last thoughts leave your brain, you feel some ounce of compensation, that you died as the woman you wanted to be.
No. 1037587 ID: 0f870a

Give up, forget all of your plans and plotting, forget all about empires of matriarch or patriarch or being a warrior for any of them, forget about Veni.
No. 1037590 ID: c1d4af

Flee! Flee or die trying! Either is better than this!
Make sure as many of the other slaves do the same!
No. 1037596 ID: b0b5f8

Fight it. Keep your mind, it's all you have left.
No. 1037601 ID: 846c9f

It’s time to give up a know your place as a Gormoamhi broodmother.
No. 1037747 ID: dc9df3

Surrender to the pleasure, being breed every day for the rest of your live doesn’t sound too bad.
No. 1037769 ID: fd6606

This, it’s time to be a half person. But he real question is if you should remain loyal to Guk or be with Oaklak.
No. 1037887 ID: ae8ec4

Fight it!!
No. 1037898 ID: adc37c

No. 1037903 ID: 401b30

Resist, it's time to break this cycle. For the fallen.
No. 1037914 ID: 0f93e3

Give up, you have failed as a leader and the pleasure is too good, moan like an animal, make him know that you have understand your place in the tribe.
No. 1037977 ID: 6df000

Have the strongest orgasm you have had in your life and tell him you are his.
No. 1037997 ID: 10d821

Survive! Fight! Gamin survived by bending where others broke! Do it here! Do not submit, but let them think you have!
No. 1038000 ID: 19ea25

Fight against it all!
No. 1038004 ID: 2a1b89

Submit to him.
No. 1038111 ID: 05bcbf

Stop fighting and forget about your past, you are part of this tribe now. But you should wait a little, a fight between Guk and Oaklak is likely to happen and you should choose the one who is victorious.
No. 1040023 ID: fd2dfa
File 434.webm - (3.06MB )

Nothing more needs to be said. One moment of bliss. And it's over.
No. 1040024 ID: fd2dfa
File 165959036607.png - (241.67KB , 1252x1080 , 435.png )

:oklak:"Hrm hrnn. You're mine now little Nietch."


:oklak:"Oh but what should I call you? Nietch is such an ugly name. Perhaps-"

No. 1040025 ID: fd2dfa
File 165959043527.png - (354.27KB , 1920x1080 , 436.png )

:tokrazar:"You vermin! We bleed for the clan and you're up here stealing another's female!"

:guk:"I'm going to rip off your horn and ram it down your pisshole Oklak!"

:oklak:"Try it Guk! I'll make you Guk-No-Tongue!"
No. 1040026 ID: fd2dfa
File 165959048158.png - (425.42KB , 2259x1825 , 437.png )

Oklak has broken a sacred bond among Gormoamhi. Now the men fight. Teeth and claws flail as blood flies. Had this been a fight where all were healthy, Oklak would have been torn apart!

But Oklak is tired, Guk is wounded, and Tok's is still not fully healed. The fight can go any direction.

>Choose a side!
No. 1040035 ID: f2320a

Both beating eachother unconsoiuse fainting at the spot
No. 1040045 ID: ae399e

Tok should go for a jab with his left hand. After that Guk should break his horn like he said.
No. 1040046 ID: ae8ec4

Knee his manhood and break his horn
No. 1040048 ID: e5709d

Nietch murders the survivors.
No. 1040050 ID: dc9df3

This. Guk should kick his balls and Tok grab his horn and break it. Also, pretty sure Nietch is mentally broke but watch out from her just in case.
No. 1040230 ID: 2a9d09

No. 1040319 ID: 4c0dea

Tok can break his horn and Guk can go for his manhood, little shit deserves it for mating with someone else woman.
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