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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 974893 ID: df76b1

Attrition now favors you. Every time you hit a shin or shoulder, it will crack the bone, and sooner or later she's going to start feeling them.

Make her pay dearly for everytime she gets close.
No. 975150 ID: fd2dfa
File 159852567328.png - (196.53KB , 1400x1050 , 189.png )

This will be a challenge. You wait for Nietch to make the first move. She darts in, smacking your hand! You return the favor with a heavy side swing. Your speed makes sure the attack connects. Her offending weapon snaps from the force and Nietch grunts in pain. You may have injured her hand.

The weapon continues forward, causing Nietch to spin! An overhead swing! She recovers quickly and dodges...but is open for a kick straight at her center mass. Nietch flies back until she slams into a tree. The wind is knocked out of her; she tries to recover but you don't give her time! She holds up her last maul as defense but your swing with the same force. It snaps.

No. 975151 ID: fd2dfa
File 159852593350.png - (190.67KB , 1400x1050 , 190.png )

She's shaky as she tries to stand. Too slow. You grab Nietch and hold her up. The Gah-meen-Ghostskin struggles but can do nothing without her weapons.
>>Nietch is captured! The Gah-meen will be too unpredictable to raid now

:guk:"Heh. Mine now." You try to hide the exhaustion in your voice. The pain in your hand won't stop too. If this one broke something in your hand...

:oklak:"Hey Guk! Are you dead?"

:guk:"I am fine. And I got the ghostskin!"

:oklak:"Did you claim her then?"

:guk:"No-wait why do you think I would do that?"

:Oklak:"You wouldn't stop talking about it." Oklak's being awful cheeky. Normally you are the one to tell him to stop! This reversal of roles feels wrong. :Oklak:"We are done up here. The ghostskins didn't put up much fight once their magic-staff was gone. Uh. I think Sizz is done fighting. Or something. She doesn't want to move no matter how much I poke her. What do we do now?"

>We plan the next ambush. Sizzala will damn well perform!
>Take our loot and prisoners home. Get Tok to fix his daughter already!
No. 975152 ID: df76b1

We need to figure out how fixable Sizz is before we implement phase 2.

If she is, we can move onto the ambush, if not we retreat with our Gah-meen lootz.
No. 975154 ID: 9aaeef

Knock out Nietch, if Sizz can’t fight is better that we return home with the loot, maybe is enough for our plan.
No. 975190 ID: ae8ec4

It's time to go back
No. 975212 ID: 4f51b2

Check on Sizzala first, if she can’t continue let’s go home we got Nietch and the mother Ne-ya-kah to plow.
No. 975237 ID: 1f774a

Head back. No way to continue with a prisoner.
No. 975268 ID: fd2dfa
File 159868616944.png - (282.57KB , 1400x1050 , 191.png )

You decide to return. It is sensible. You need to talk with Tok about Sizz.

You return to the smell of cooking meat, the babble of non-people working, and the huff of females being claimed. It really is becoming a proper home. As soon as you come back, Oklak is stripping the Gah-meen. Most of their things will go to baiting the trap; but things a ghostskin couldn't possibly lose go to the Pile. He sits atop the furry Ghostskin as he removes her things. You suppose because he captured that one, he'll likely try to claim her later.

:Tokrazar:"Guk! What are you doing back so soon? Was the trap a failure?"

:Guk:"No, your daughter is too deep into her heat to help." You gesture to Sizz, who as soon as she came home, began to clutch at her stomach and curl up. She covers her snout so as not to smell the stench of mating, humming to herself to drown out their moaning, and squeezes her eyes shut to not see the brothers deep inside their claim-mate.

:Tokrazar:"Well what do you want me to do?"

:Guk:"Fix her."

Tok throws up his arms. :Tokrazar:"How do you expect me to stop a heat period? How can I stop something not even the greatest of our clan could figure out?"

:Guk:"Well there is one way..."

Tok glares at you :Tokrazar:"You want me to breed my own daughter?!"

:Guk:"Didn't you already do so?"

:Tokrazar:"No! The closest was Sizz playing with my tool when I slept!"

:Guk:"So you've had her mouth. You can have the rest. She won't let anyone else help her."

:Tokrazar:"You're having pups Guk. Watch them grow and blossom into Gormoamhi. Then see if you can bring yourself to mate with them. That's what you're telling me to do Guk."

>How shall Sizzala be handled?
>>Take her as is and hope she doesn't do something stupid.
>>Leave her behind and hope we don't need her magic
>>Convince Tok to accept the desperation of the clan and take Sizz as a mate.

Speaking of mating...Nietch is already placed in your chambers for you. While the clan decides how to move forward you could take her...fill an orb with man-magic and her belly with pups. Oh but she is a matriarch. A leader of an enemy clan. Even if she is just a non-person, the claiming of such a special enemy must be a memorable and special event. When the old clan was alive, the captured of leaders of dah-een and hoo-man always had special events around them beyond just taking them to bed and plowing. And since you're the one making new clan traditions...

>The conquest of enemy leaders should be...
No. 975270 ID: 094652

Leave Sizz on guard duty. Tell her to at least try to find a way to solve her heat without plowing, or she'll be getting half rations for an easy job.

>How to deal with enemy commanders
They will be given a list of tasks to perform if they want food. If they refuse to do anything, give them only subsistence gruel, force-fed. Every member of the tribe can post a single task each day.

Commanders will not be plowed until their forces are decimated, their nations in retreat, and their worth as a prisoner is solely determined by their bloodline.
No. 975271 ID: df76b1

This is a tough one.

The one we shouldn't do is take Sizz along and hope for the best.
I don't like giving Tok orders either. Maybe he could try to talk to Sizz and see if he could find the spine to solve the issue. Convincing him is fine, as long as it's persuasion and not bullying.

Nietch is dangerous. Given our skeletonized force, she could easily outwit one of our tribals and possibly escape. Let's make up some fanfare that could be done without too much preparation, and then do the deed.

Have the brothers sift through the gamin gear and pick up the choicest bits to seed an ambush with.
No. 975273 ID: b5d7a5

Hmm... That hole in the other room seems to have some otherworldly significance. It is perhaps a place of power...
Let's breed Nietch and then sacrifice her to the pit
No. 975280 ID: 4f51b2

Try to convince Tok “Look I know what I’m asking you is pretty hard but look at her, she is suffering and if any of us would try to calm her heat, she would kill us... except you. I don’t know why she is so determined to be your woman just as I don’t know why the sky is blue, but I know both things will always remain the same. Is difficult but it must be done, none of us will think less you two, and it would be nice to have some pure Gormoamhi offspring.
As for Nietch, claim her in front of the Ghost skins, make the watch and understand no matter what is their position. Ghost skins where born to be breed by Gormoamhi.
No. 975281 ID: 807688

See if Sizz is horny enough to take you. Just keep your appendages safe. Maybe if Tok was there? Helped talk her into it?

Should he some ceremony for taking an enemy leader? Maybe you claim her non breeding holes as a sign of your clan overthrowing hers? Breeding pups is natural, but denying that the first time shows Gah-meen disdain for the ghostskins.
No. 975283 ID: ccb733

Tok, you know Sizz will never change her mine about being your mate, If is up to me I would take her, but she probably would end up cutting my balls. Sometimes we must risk our lives for the clan, other times we must break the taboo for it. Old man, I (and this clan) will own you a great favor for whhat I'm asking you.
No. 975284 ID: 8b7d13

Normally I’d be up for Guk to taking a woman, but not Sizz, try to convince Tok to breed her. As for Nietch, make the other ghost-skins of the clan to get her ready for you, they shall kiss her and rub her with their hand without giving her any orgasm.
No. 975289 ID: ccb733

Tell Tok to fuck her so Sizzala can show us Nietch's memories, once that happens and after you make her as obedient as Comlee, we can twist the plan, she could return to her clan and said that she escaped and tell that she and the rest of her patrol was attacked by on of the other clans. This was good, we have gain a powerful pawn.
No. 975402 ID: 4c3486

I can think of 2 ways Tok could possibly avoid this. The first is some kind of disguise or illusion to make one of the others look like him. But its likely she'll see through it. The second is, through whatever method, make her so desperate for relief that she stops caring who deals with it.
No. 975405 ID: ae8ec4

I'm supporting this. Maybe some strong magic to create an illusion?
No. 975406 ID: ae8ec4

An orgy with all our claim mates and claim the nehyahkah for our own as well.
No. 975411 ID: 9aaeef

This sounds plausible enough to tr it if Tok refuses, tell him that is an order. Do not sacrifice Nietch, she will be very useful for our plan.
No. 975712 ID: fd2dfa
File 159930268392.png - (126.82KB , 1400x1050 , 192.png )

:guk:"I know what I’m asking you is difficult but look at her, she is suffering and if any of us would try to calm her heat she would kill us... except you. I don’t know why she is so determined to be your woman just as I don’t know why the sky is blue, but I know both things will always remain the same."

Tok looks down at Sizz.

:guk:"Our clan is doing many strange and hard things to rebuild. Men doing woman's work, breeding with females. Making pure Gormoamhi with you daughter...none of us will think less of you for it. If I could take her and fix her I would. She would kill me before I got close and you know that."

:tokrazar:"I know that."

:guk:"Then unless you have magic to make illusions and have another satisfy her, you have to-need to, help her."

:tokrazar:"Illusions..."Tok ponders. :tokrazar:"A talisman of redirection, a talisman of transformation, one of Form composure, one of strength. Yes...yes! We can try to make an illusion! And you can do it! I think..."


:tokrazar:"I just need enough for four talismans. If it works, you can claim Sizzala."

"And if it does not work?"

:tokrazar:"Then I'll-" he hesitates. Then, with a grimace "I will do what needs to be done." he says with great reluctance. You suppose that is as close as you'll get.

You take your females to your own chamber, Neitch is waitng. Neitch makes eye contact with Ivaka. Your female looks away as he once leader glares.

:guk:"Don't be too angry at her" you grin as you take Tok's tuglavu. :guk:"You'll be spending a lot of time with her."
No. 975713 ID: fd2dfa
File 159930283370.png - (171.40KB , 1400x1050 , 193.png )

"Oh is this the part where you torture me?" You answer by ripping her clothes away. They're such flimsy scraps that they come apart in your hands.

:guk:"No" you grunt as you force her legs apart and start to apply the tuglavu, inserting dollop after dollop as Tok does. :guk:"This is the part where you bear my pups."

You apply the remainder to your tool, and position the gah-meen leader over it. :guk:"Look." you instruct your females. :guk:"Look at her. This is her last moment as leader of the gah-meen. After this, she will be my female and nothing else."

Ivaka looks up and meets Neitch with shame. "I'm sorry my lady" she whispers. "I failed you."

"You did" Neitch snaps back, a final moment of pride before-

No. 975714 ID: fd2dfa
File 159930311882.png - (154.05KB , 1400x1050 , 194.png )

You claim the gah-meen. Neitch gasps as you begin to plow her fields. :guk:[b]"Mmmnrn. "Not fresh" you note the lack of blood. Nietch tries to wriggle away but you grasp her legs and thrust deeper.

:guk:"I know ghost skins are fertile. I have planted seed in other Gah-een you know’ you gesture to Ivaka. :guk:“She now carries my pups. Tell me gah-meen leader. When I plant seed in you, will our pup be the next gah-meen leader?"

She doesn't reply, her nails digging at your own hands. :guk:"I suppose it doesn't matter" you look to Ivaka. :guk:"She is leader to your clan. She belongs to me, like you belong to me. Ghostskins belong to Gormoamhi. You will bear pups like dah-een and hoo-mans do. That's all you were meant to do!" Your thrusting intensifies, plowing deeper, pushing further. Neitch wraps tightly around you, forming a hot vice that makes your mind spin in delight. You hit the bottom of her fields. No further. Yet still you thrust, shaking your hips as you jiggle hers. This will be an intense mating, for powerful pups.

"I'll" Neitch huffs "Get. Away. From. You!"

:guk:"You will try" you smile back. :guk:"And I will bring you back. And I will claim you again. You're mine now Neitch-gah-meen."

No. 975716 ID: fd2dfa
File 159930363911.png - (115.64KB , 1400x1050 , 195.png )

She continues to thrash and yowl, and scream, and rage. Until her energy is spent, and the only sound is the wet pap-pap-pap-pap-pap-pap-pap of your mating, the desperate gasps of Neitch, YOUR Neitch, and the pounding clamour of your heart moving up your throat and pounding in your ears as fast as you plow the ghostskin. Tuglavu and clear juice spills to the floor in drops, the gah-meen's pale skin sheening with sweat. And finally the apex.

Neitch suddenly finds energy to cry out, shudder, and shake in your grip as she finds her climax. And then you plant seed. That was the most intense mating you've ever done!

Tok's orb begins to glow as the man-magic you made is captured. Idly, you pull the hoop in her hair, letting the gray locks fall across her shoulders. You place a hand over her belly. :guk:"The first of many" you promise. Your length twitches inside her as the last seed leaves you. You're still ready for more. :guk:"Come" you gesture to Ivaka and Analey. They approach. You haven't finished the tuglavu yet...

>>Neitch of Gah-meen is now your claim-mate!
>Bring the Mother Neh-yah-ka. I will claim her as well
>Bring the daughter Neh-yah-ka. I want some young blood.
>Get Tok to bring empty vessels. We're going to make many talismans tonight.
No. 975723 ID: 094652

More empty vessels! Get that door open, get that illusion running!

Also consider breeding the goblins instead of stabbing them for executions. Just saying.
No. 975724 ID: 4f51b2

Claim the mother, the thought that she used to belong to the man you kill, the taunting you are going to do, it bust your ego and confidence, it excites you. It work Analey, it shall work in her. Tell Tok to go for the Talisman.
No. 975733 ID: 4cc0fd

Tell Tok to go for the vessels, we must open that door tonight. Let’s go for the Milf, teach her there is not such a thing as a male than is not a Gormoamhi male.
No. 975739 ID: fe91ca

>Get Tok to bring empty vessels. We're going to make many talismans tonight.
No. 975841 ID: 9aaeef

I guess you can’t claim both, right? Go for the mother, since the twin are the ones with less females offer the daughter to them.
No. 975897 ID: ae8ec4

>Get Tok to bring empty vessels. We're going to make many talismans tonight.
No. 976111 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988968909.png - (218.09KB , 1400x1050 , 196.png )

Ivaka and Analey return, empty bones and teeth in hand. And Tok, dragging along the Neh-yah-ka. The older one.


:guk:"Well what? I'm going to make the talismans? You were rambling about some illusion, so I'm going to make the talismans for your illusion."

:tokrazar:"And who will be trying it?"


You see many conflicting emotions cross Tok's face. You know what he's thinking. On the one claw, that would mean you would plow his daughter, and Tok always had reservations about the Odd Ones claiming her and that wasn't just because of her threats of violence. On the other, it would mean he would not have to plant seed in her.

:guk:"Would you prefer Oklak do it?"

The alarm and disgust he shows he clearly does not. With a reluctant nod, he turns. :tokrazar:"Just tell me when you finish."

:guk:"You saw what I did with the ghostskin the other day" you gesture to Ivaka. "You know what I'm going to do to you."

The Neh-yah-ka makes no reply, glaring at you...you think. You turn to face her and she loses her composure seeing the tuglavu in hand.

:guk:"Because a change of plans, I didn't do this before. But now" you take a handful of the paste. "Now it is time to claim you."
No. 976112 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988973179.png - (173.06KB , 1400x1050 , 197.png )

With the last of the tuglavu, you mate the neh-yah-ka. It streams out of her as your constant churning reduces it to an oily fluid that leaks from your seal. As Oklak said, it feels like a proper Gormoamhi woman. You fit inside her with much greater ease than the smaller females, and her body wraps around you so softly. The neh-yah-ka's arms are long, longer than any of the other nonpeople. They reach up and graps your arms, push against your, and grab at your waist. But big as they are, long as they are, they have only a neh-yah-ka's strength. Against Gormoamhi, it is the gentle touch of a mate.

:guk:"Glad you accept me so quickly" you mock. "You know that I am greater than a neh-yah-ka. You will make a fine mother."

She speaks, the first sounds that aren't noisy moaning and crying. "What?"

:guk:"What do you mean 'what'? Are neh-yah-ka stupid? You will breed my pups!" you thrust deep for emphasis. "Even the ghostskins know this" you chuckle "eventually."

You look to Ivaka, who clutches Analay as the dah-een prepares her. The females kiss and suckle each other, fingers exploring each others depths as you told them to. They prepare themselves for you. They even keep Nietch busy, not giving her time to rest. That is good. Ivaka knows to obey you over her matriarch. Nonpeople can learn quickly if you teach them correctly.

"Shademoons take you" the neh-yah-ka spits "You won't-ahn~"

You stop her pointless words as you lift her legs and plunge deeper into her depths than any male before you. :guk:"You don't have a say in what I do to you" you grunt back, approaching climax. "But you have nerve. Good nerve. Maybe you will be lucky and be born Gormoamhi in your next life. A woman with your spirit can do much. Let me help your chances."

The Neh-yah-ka becomes your claim-mate a moment later.

No. 976113 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988989834.png - (145.82KB , 1400x1050 , 198.png )

Not resting for a moment, you pull free of the panting neh-yah-ka and turn to your other females. That is one vessel. There are more to fill. Ivaka is first to take you. She spreads her legs for you, face flush with anticipation. Her body writhes in ecstasy and welcomes you back to her fields. Analey you take with your mouth, not letting the dah-een feel neglected. Both females moan and trill to your matings, years of claiming females in the old clan teaching your plenty of tricks to get a female to sing. And sing they do, such heavenly music their voices make as you plant seed again and again. For a brief time, it feels like the old days.

The talismans are filled, the females reduced to mush. Except Nietch. She watched as you made her ghostskin subordinate into a docile, quivering female. When you grab her leg, she fights. "Still?!" she manages to cry out before you graps her other leg and penetrate. Nietch's eyes roll around and her hands tighten into fists as you push as deep as you can.

:guk:"Still" you answer back, beginning a steady rhythm. "For them, I was having fun. For you, this is training. I'll make a proper female out of you yet. Don't worry."

You continue to plow Nietch, juices from your other females mixing with hers. She makes weak grunts and moans. Occasionally she mutters "...Veni..."

>Bring the talismans to Tok and get this over with
>Bring Ivaka and Analey to Tok. They're ready to be half-people
>Be Oklak and give Tok his orbs. It's time to open that door!
No. 976114 ID: fe91ca

>Bring the talismans to Tok and get this over with
No. 976128 ID: df76b1

Yes, talismans to Tok.
No. 976136 ID: 4f51b2

Ivanka and Aneley have proven to be obedient, they deserve to be marked as half people.
No. 976139 ID: b0cbef

Mmm, Nietch mentioned a Veni, must be the guy who we saw in Ivanka’s vision. You can interrogate her about her relationship or see inside her mind with Sizz help, either way you can say to her that she is “ruined for him” and she will never see him again.
Mark them.
No. 976290 ID: df76b1

Maybe we could be tricky, and tell our mates we plan to mark them soon. If they're remain pliable, we'll follow through, if they act out, they need more training first.

Business should come before festivities, in any case.
No. 976464 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021736372.png - (291.74KB , 1400x1050 , 199.png )

You take the filled talismans and orb to Tok, who wordlessly begins to work and weaves the captured man-magic. He mutters to himself and says things that make no sense but you watch anyway. Maybe you can learn to make these if you just do as he does.
No. 976465 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021739129.png - (179.00KB , 1400x1050 , 200.png )

You are distracted by the scurrying gob-lee. A strange though occurred not long ago. Taking gob-lee females? It was absurd. But Oklak does it. Yes Oklak is strange and his tastes are strange but even so he still has some taste. So why take gob-lee? They all look the same. But that could just be that you never actually look at one for too long.
No. 976466 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021744879.png - (197.71KB , 1400x1050 , 201.png )

Hrmmm what if...?
>>What if?
No. 976467 ID: 094652

If they don't look like that, you sure wish they do. Practically Hoe-Sheaths at that size.
If they do look like that, you really need to pay more attention for unseen tracts of land.
No. 976482 ID: 4f51b2

Mmm, maybe later you could, maybe you could ask Tok if there is way to make them more womanly.
No. 976485 ID: df76b1

If Sizz's brain could be tricked, yours could too with the same method. The big question is who really wins in that instance? Guk? The Goblins?
No. 976491 ID: 1189d3

Are gob-lee even big enough to be taken and survive?? Looks like they would need a talisman of resistance...
No. 976497 ID: 6cdea6

I think the implication is that Guk never bothered to actually look at the gob lee until now and realizes they could be potential female material.
No. 976695 ID: fd2dfa
File 160050380110.png - (185.72KB , 1400x1050 , 202.png )

You grab one of the gob-lee. Hrm. Now that you are 'looking' at them instead of looking at them, you notice all sorts of things. Like hair. It's soft.

Her companion runs off gibbering like the gob-lee always do.
No. 976696 ID: fd2dfa
File 160050398309.png - (218.04KB , 1400x1050 , 203.png )

Huh, their faces. You never actually looked at them. It looks much fuller than you once thought. The eyes are bigger, the cheeks are more pronounced. Like a little green hoo-man. With big eyes

"Y-you're not gonna eat me is-ya?"
No. 976697 ID: 094652

See this is why you miss out on life by being racist. Potential is everywhere.

"I was just considering the posh virtues of sustained fornification upon your esteemed posterior."

Get her name and let her go. Call dibs but make a decision when you're full-stomached and empty-balled.
No. 976698 ID: 0dcbed

Only one way to find out. Try her out.
No. 976699 ID: 197d84

Nah, I just can't decide which hole to stick it in first.
Any suggestions?
No. 976702 ID: cdabe3

“Not in the way you think, no”, while smirking.


This is a good idea.
No. 976710 ID: 4f51b2

Make out with her passionaly, combine your split tongue with Hera.
No. 976764 ID: df76b1

This seems like a new low, I must say.
No. 976796 ID: 6c227a

you're like, the chief, right? you get all the good females. You don't need the gobbos, no matter how cute they might be if you actually look at them.

Unless you're willing to reassess how worthwhile they are in GENERAL. If they're not the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, then maybe they would be worth more attention.
No. 976888 ID: fd2dfa
File 160068144355.png - (250.67KB , 1400x1050 , 204.png )

You ignore the gob-lee as Tok hands you band of completed talismans.

:Tokrazar:"Everything is in place. Some of my finest work" he says with a hint of pride.

:guk:"I'm not going to eat you. At least not the way you think."

"I is...woht?"

:guk:"What's you're name?"

"I issa Pekki uh chief-er-boss guy!"

:guk:"Well Pekki. I'm not eating you, but I will have a taste."

"Oh please don't taste me, I is tastin' terrible I do! You don't wanna bite. Please don't bite."
No. 976889 ID: fd2dfa
File 160068156501.png - (172.81KB , 769x794 , 205.png )

When you tuck under her skirt, she suddenly understands. "Oh. Oh! Ooooooooooooooh!" the gob-lee squeals as you play with the female. It's small inside her. That's to be expected. Gob-lee are small. Your tongue, splits and explores all there is within the Gob-lee, swriling about. You grimace as your snout is pressed against her unwashed skin filling you with a scent of dirty gob-lee.

She shakes violently and splatters juice against your face.

:guk:"Bleh. Bitter. I prefer Dah-een. At least they taste sweet. Huh. I realize I never tasted ghostskin..."

:tokrazar:"Stop playing with the nonpeople and put it on already!"

No. 976890 ID: fd2dfa
File 160068176487.png - (236.72KB , 1400x1050 , 206.png )

It feels like a sharp object is stabbed into your skull for a moment. Your eyes squeeze shut until the pain passes. And then...

:guk:"Oh. Oh wow. I am you. I look like you, I smell like you. I'm even soft like you!"


Pekki giggles softly. She's already up and nuzzling your loin-covers. "Yah. He's all soft an' such."

:guk:"My voice. It sounds like you too! I can fool Sizz easy sounding this old."

:tokrazar:"Careful boy. I am old, but I can still break your arms. And don't let her see that Gob-lee you got hanging off you now. She'll rip it to shreds for that. If she doesn't melt its skin off first."

:guk:"It's a 'she'. This one is female."


:guk:"I did put my mouth on it, I think I can tell."

"Hee hee, boss-guy put his mouth in lotta places he did he does."
No. 976891 ID: df76b1

I need to act like you do too.

If you were going to do... what I'm about to, are there any rituals you'd observe, and words or phrases you'd use?

Because when Sizz wakes up, no way I'm telling her it wasn't you. She'd kill us both.
No. 976898 ID: 9aaeef

Well let’s go with Sizz, but get ready to run the fastest you have ever run, there’s a big chance she see right through your disguise.
No. 976921 ID: 4f51b2

This, be cautious, read her mood and reactions.
No. 976932 ID: 094652

You now have enough deception to get intel from Sizz. Namely, why does she obsess over her father. Make sure you hear the full story before you go through with the plowing.
No. 976938 ID: fe91ca

I would like to heard the story behind that to.
No. 976945 ID: df76b1

me too, but at a later date.
No. 977432 ID: fd2dfa
File 160128122521.png - (211.20KB , 1400x1050 , 207.png )

:guk:"Is there anything else I should know? How you speak around her? How you speak to her when we aren't around? I really don't want her trying to kill me after."

:tokrazar:"Call her Sizzala. When she is frisky, I never call her Sizz. Or daughter. Now go. I can hear her mewling."

Tokrazar pushes you to the back where Oklak is having fun with the Vaglinka-gah-meen you captured. Tuglavu and brew make her struggles weak as Oklak adds another ghostskin to his collection.

:sizzala:"DADDEEEE!" Sizzala tackles you, wrapping herself around your waist, trapping your arms. "No escaping now! No more waiting! I want daddy puppies now!"

You are dazed for a moment; and do not realize, until you try to speak, that your snout is nuzzled snug between her bare cleavage. Ash, she's naked already!


:sizzala:"No no daddy, you won't get away from me this time! I want daddy~"

No. 977433 ID: df76b1

Let's take this semi-private. Even if Oklak doesn't fuck our ruse up somehow, I don't think he should get to watch.

Maybe lead with "Sizzala, it's finally time" or something to that effect.
No. 977444 ID: 9aaeef

Maybe is better if you don’t say anything, just enjoy her breast.1
No. 977456 ID: 094652

She's going to suspect something if you don't fight this every step of the way.

Besides, when she finds out later you can blame her for not giving you five seconds to explain. Or breathe.
No. 977535 ID: 864e49

Fight back a little but let her do all the work.
No. 977545 ID: 32d095

Sizzala Sizzala... *Sigh*
If we do this can you PLEASE find someone else next year?
No. 977997 ID: fd2dfa
File 160197283160.png - (158.28KB , 1400x1050 , 208.png )

While you cannot say anything, you slowly walk the both of you back out of Oklak's corner and into the courtyard. You don't see the bush that trips you into the dirt. Sizz giggles as she rips off your loin cloth.

:guk:"Sizzala" you pretend-sigh as Tok. "If we do this can you PLEASE find someone else next year?"

:sizzala:"Nope" she sings. She is hot, and the way she grinds that heat against your tool is far too much to handle. "We're doing this again and again, and again, and then we'll repeat it all next year."

Before you can say anything, she drops down on you, and all words become just noise.

Sizzala's chest heaves with aroused anticipation, and the skein shifts.
No. 977998 ID: fd2dfa
File 160197291277.png - (124.41KB , 1400x1050 , 209.png )

You are Tok. With Guk dealing with your daughter, Oklak having fun with a new ghostskin and the brothers taking their first claim-mate with the furry reh-zahn, you decided to find a nice quiet place to enjoy your own Roh-koff claim-mate. The Aglaho-female is a mouthy ghostskin, and you already caught her trying to make weapons from scrap metal and old nails. Tonight you were going to train her the same way Guk and Oklak train theirs...until you remembered you now have enough orbs to open the door! The two filled before Guk went on his crazy plan to capture gah-meen and afterwards when he claimed the Nietch-female and Seq claimed the furry one!

Excitement of a new kind fills your gut as you rush to fill the holes in the door. With grinding stone and tortured metal, the door creaks open. The Aglaho comes with you. Maybe you can commemorate this new opening with a plowing at the Door to Many Places.

Upon the reign of Yishic III, the True Master made its decree. Its sons would be born upon the mortal realm and from them the boon of the true god would be given to all the Priest Kings. Of course as loyal servants would, Yishic III gave unto the True Master four wives, to bear four sons. The four wives gave eight upon eights offspring, the divine-touched creatures of the True Master.

And so bade Yishic III the divine-touched be given gifts and titles, for theirs would be the first, the first to test the true people with trials of blood.

Or it could be more cryptic nonsense. Some new challenge to hurdle to open another damned door. You groan as the last echos leave your head.
No. 977999 ID: fd2dfa
File 160197295115.png - (101.53KB , 1400x1050 , 210.png )

The new chamber is dark. Hoo-mans might not be able to see in such dark places. But you are Gormoamhi! Your people were bred for the dark. It will be easy to see! Well easier. You are getting older, your gifts of seeing in dark places begins to leave you.

Ugh, the air is damp and smells of rotting meat. Not a good place to plow your ghostskin.
No. 978000 ID: 6e6f32

Why would meat behind an anchient door be only rotting and instead not dust? Equip some talismans before entering.
No. 978001 ID: 094652

1) Something has made its home here. Maybe it found the king's escape route, or it could have dug its own path.
2) Whatever decomposed in here is so vivid that its remains have turned into a highly-purified chemical, likely toxic.

Either way, run.
No. 978006 ID: 9aaeef

If you don’t have a weapon better go for one, be cautious.
No. 978013 ID: df76b1

Arm up, and send a goblin or two in first. No sense getting stupid now.
No. 978344 ID: fd2dfa
File 160247667687.png - (188.18KB , 1400x1050 , 211.png )

You go back up, snatch the first gob-lee you find. Before he even has a chance to ask 'wa 'appenin?' you toss him into the dark chamber.

:tokrazar:"You see better than me in the dark. What do you see?"
No. 978346 ID: fd2dfa
File 160247675588.gif - (95.10KB , 1400x1050 , 212.gif )

"Oh. I see betta? Heh, I din' know thas. I dun see anythin'. S'just lotsa bones n' stuff-WHOA!"

:tokrazar:"I see..."

"What now oh brilliant leader?" your ghost-skin asks, voice dripping with malice.

>Get another Gormoamhi to hunt...whatever that was.
>You can do it. Just need to find an axe, a few talismans first.
>Get the whole clan down here. There might be more than one of that...thing.
No. 978363 ID: df76b1

>You can do it. Just need to find an axe, a few talismans first.

Uncle Tok has some deep frustration to work out, and this is a chance to do so.
No. 978366 ID: 26a1fa

Getting the whole clan involves waiting for Guk an Sizzala to be done, so can the door be closed?

If not, you'll have to at least keep watch.
No. 978390 ID: 9aaeef

Go for Oklak old man, don’t take any chances. Don’t you have a spell to light the place, maybe even blind whatever is in there?
No. 978407 ID: 094652

Get a hunting party together. Not the whole clan but treat this like fighting an army.

And next time, prep your scouts, or don't send them unprepared at all.
No. 978612 ID: fd2dfa
File 160274063081.png - (190.96KB , 1400x1050 , 212.png )

You opt to get the others. You can't disturb Guk, as he's busy plowing the crazy out of Sizzala. Oklak is on the opposite end of the shelter and you can't reach him without Sizz seeing you. That leaves the brothers. They are Gormoamhi strong, but they never were much for proper fighting. Well needs must...

You find them in their corner. Saq is playing with Comlee while Seq makes a claim mate out of the furry ghostskin. Ghostfur? Ghostfuzz? Debate later.
:tokrazar:"Seq, Saq, we have problems underneath. Problems that need killing!"
:seqrar:"Hm! Can't the gob-lee do it? I'm in the middle of...this!"
:tokrazar:"If gob-lee were all I needed I wouldn't be up here trying to get you to whelplings to do from proper throng-fighting like men should!"
:saqrar:"Rrrng then get Guk to handle it! Or Oklak"
:tokrazar:"They're busy! Busier than you! Strap on some talisans, get some weapons out of the pile and meet me in the catacombs!"

Seqrar stops and looks to you, the ghost skin seems relieved she has a moment to breath. The brothers do not wait for their females to adjust. :seqrar:"But all thje formed talismans belong to Guk and Oklak, we only have the unshaped ones Tok!"
:saqrar:"Yeah! How can you expect us to fight like Guk or Oklak if we don't have talismans like Guk or Oklak!?"

You'd like to bite them, but they are right. All their plowing has built a pile of vessels you left unshaped. You'll have to rush them, but they should hold. Of course it will also give the brothers enough time to plant seed before you pester them again...

>You've enough time to shape a lesser and greater talisman for each brother
>What should they receive?
No. 978613 ID: 6e6f32

Lesser speed greater thoughness for both.
You can't fix stupid, but you can prevent them from getting hurt.
No. 978621 ID: 9aaeef

This is a good option, you could also wait for Guk and Oklak and discipline your female next to the twins. Think of a spell that could help you too.
No. 978630 ID: df76b1

Maybe make one strong and one fast? But I agree toughness is called for.
No. 978642 ID: 6e6f32

Perhaps have only one with lesser speed and greater tough, while the other is lesser tough, and greater strength?

I figure since Gormoamhi are already very strong, we'll need a some major strength to get a real noticeable difference.
No. 978657 ID: 4f51b2

Yeah, maybe you should wait for Oklak and Guk, they are more reliable.
No. 978666 ID: df76b1

Only a poor craftsman blames the Tools.
No. 979039 ID: fd2dfa
File 160317771707.png - (282.83KB , 1400x1050 , 213.png )

You finish the talismans, just as Seqrar comes up to you, fastening his covers.

:tokrazar:"Enjoy yourself?"

:seqrar:"Yes. Lots. If she is like a Ghostskin, I put pups in the fuzzy one and stuck her in the pen with the others" he smiles. First female he had without sharing with his brother, and he gloats like it's some great triumph.

:tokrazar:"And where is your brother?"

:seqrar:"Giving Comlee something sharp to watch the females in the pen. She's so dutiful" he fiddles with his fingers when mentioning the Dah-een. "She looks so much like a Gormoamhi woman when she's got a weapon."

You shove one of the Ghost-skin weapons and his talismans in his. :tokrazar:"Well you cannot waste time looking at her. Get your brother and follow me."

Armed with sharp metals and potent talismans, you lead the brothers to the catacombs, and the smell of blood is much sharper. You wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. From the corner of your eye, you notice something moving.
No. 979040 ID: fd2dfa
File 160317773516.png - (272.76KB , 1400x1050 , 214.png )

It's...you have no idea what that is but it fills you with a sense of dread. But the dread is wrong. As if you don't feel it yourself, but you feel it being forced on you.
No. 979069 ID: 9aaeef

How big is that thing? Don’t panic , maybe he is trying to frighten you to make you go away.
No. 979079 ID: df76b1

Rip and tear until it is done
No. 979102 ID: 094652

>Sense of dread
>Forced upon you
What if it's their dread?

Ask why they killed your goblin minion. And the others. If you don't get a satisfying response in the next ten seconds, take them out.
No. 979242 ID: fd2dfa
File 160335455446.png - (212.71KB , 1400x1050 , 215.png )

It's big. Bigger than you. You plant your feet and glare at the thing.
:tokrazar:"You! Why did you attack my gob-lee?!"
It moves fast. Faster than something that big should move. The talisman make you fast, but your reaction is still stunted. You jump away only just in time! The dread is stronger now, but you ignore it and strike!

Sparks fly off its hide as the axe makes a scratch on its skin and little else. Seqrar tries to smash it with the bone club! It snaps back and kicks him with its...the legs are like the arms, and they send Seq flying into a wall! This creature will not die like a food beast...

It comes at you again, swinging an arm at you, the fingers splayed out with claws bared. You jump away again, just barely, and strike again as it passes. More sparks, though you think you cut a little deeper-PAIN! The little finger things on its finger tips burn! A gouge is torn into your stomach that cut as easily as dah-een metal! The creature smashes into Saq, tossing him across the chamber with its round head. Saq cries out in pain. His chest where the rounded head struck is bleeding like a hundred little needles had punctured his skin!

It stops and raises its head. Eyes dot around the entire lump, but you're very certain it's focusing on you.
No. 979249 ID: 094652

They may be fast, but that doesn't mean they're smart! Try to Lure the apex through the opening, get them stuck by tampering with the talismans just as they go through.

Distract them first, give Seq and company enough time to flee.
No. 979281 ID: df76b1

Repositioning may indeed be needed.

But also think about what kinds of overkill you have available. Could you drop something heavy on this thing? Poison? Sorcery?

Can you damage the eyes without getting close?
No. 979285 ID: 4f51b2

Can you cast a light so he can’t see anything? We should get the hell out of here.
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