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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 954397 ID: fd2dfa
File 157993303165.png - (179.17KB , 1400x1050 , 41.png )

You spend the rest of the day debating with Tok about the wall with no progress until the rest of the clan return. Oklak brings back two wolves that attempted to ambush him. They did not know enough about Gormoamhi to know he was the hunter. Their meat will be tough but will fill the larders. With no other real standard, you use Seqrar's measurements for them. Oklak returned with 7 armfuls of meat. Tonight the clan will consume 4 armfuls of that meat. There needs to be a more efficient means of gathering food. Oklak suggests making the dah-een collect fish from the water near the home. That would require the females to be obedient. Oklak smiles and suggests spending the rest of the day training them, eyeing Baeohar the entire time he talks.

The brothers return, bearing 5 armfuls of stone, and 7 armfuls of wood between them. Saqrar says he can start making leather from the hides if he has time to stay instead of gathering material, as he needs his brother's guidance to know what is good for building and what is a waste of carrying space. His skills are being squandered.
The brothers come to you, eager with ideas. Saqrar says he can make the leather now and butcher the corpses for meat later. When you ask why, Seqrar says he saw how Tok and Sizz were spending all day bored watching the dah-een, so he thought he could fashion some collars and leashes from the leather for the females, just like the old clan did. Everyone could lead their claim-mates around without worry of them misbehaving. If not, he has other projects he wants to start, such as building an irrigation system to the garden so plants can be watered without manual labor, building suitable resting places for the clan, a mixing chamber for Tok to brew his potions and prepare his vessels for making more complicated talismans, a foundry and forge for working with metal, cages to deal with animals and possible prisoners, and a few other projects but you stop listening. Once he gets started, the poor bastard starts talking about things he can never do. He just lacks the tools and the attention span.

Tok and Sizz discuss your discovery, though they make about as much progress as you did. The 'Resaoan' tablet may be translated, but the words might as well remain as scratchings for all the sense they make.

Absent of anything else to do, you gather around with your claim mates, and start an inventory of everything.

Food = 12 armfuls(will be 8 by tomorrow)
Stone = 15 (Not all could be taken from the old shelter. Troubling)
Wood = 17 (Will have to use 2 armfuls for the evening bonfire)
Hides = 4 (Saqrar says he can make 8 armfuls of rolled leather from it)
Leather = Nothing
Bones, blood, and ritual organs = Enough for a small Woman-Spell or twenty Man-Talismans.
Dah-een Junk = lots
Carcases = 2 wolves

As the sun starts to wane, the clan retires to the manor for indoor work. What shall be done?

>Assign every clan member a task

>Prepare materials
>More exploring
No. 954403 ID: 9876c4

Let's fast track those collars. Everyone else, as you were.
Tok could integrate some slave training, but has to be careful none try to escape.
No. 954405 ID: c37dad

If Tok really needs that door, we should keep looking for it. Take Ionilee with us since she seems to be the most compliant one.

Oklak can train Baeohar while Seq makes those collars. Saq should start butchering and tanning leather in case his brother needs more, and Tok and Sizz can continue watching/training the remaining bunnies.
No. 954489 ID: 839c86

Oklak: Training
Saqrar: Butcher corpses and make leather
Seqrar: Craft Leather collars,
Tok: Sift through Da'een junk for anything useful
Sizz:Make man-talismans
Guk: Training
No. 954935 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036304525.png - (475.73KB , 1400x1050 , 42.png )

You leave just as Oklak grabs hold of Baeohar. You have a good idea what training for the dah-een will be. Instead you take a branch from the fire, and hand it to Ionilee, telling her you shall explore more of the manor while the others get back to their own tasks. Analey drags her feet. You help drag them faster.
No. 954936 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036308221.png - (206.37KB , 1400x1050 , 43.png )

You explore the chamber that leads to the tower. At least you suspect it's the tower. Stairs lead up and down in the next room. The stench of rotting wood and dust hangs in the air.

"What was this used for?"

:guk:"I don't know. But we will find new use for it. There. In the corner. Is that wood."

"I...I think tis. Maybe twas once a table?"

:guk:"Doesn't matter. It will be kindling for another fire."


:guk:"Do you hear that?", you gesture back to the hall to the foyer. The grunting pleas of Baeohar, the ripping of meat and hide as the brothers perform their work, and Sizzala's laughing chants.


:guk: "It's too crowded there. For once I'd like to enjoy myself without someone from the clan staring at me."

"Ye mean?"

:guk:"Analey, you told Ionilee to not tell me of your things. That cannot be tolerated. It's time for more training."
No. 954937 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036311634.png - (245.21KB , 1400x1050 , 44.png )

The fire burns away the smell of age, replacing it with a more refreshing scent of ash. Ionilee is reluctant, but obeys your commands, spreading her legs for you. Her training is brief but enjoyable.

Analey resists, but she will learn discipline as her daughter has, you will make sure of it.

>>A shift in the skeins. Guk is busy.
>Be Oklak for a while and oversee his training.
>Be grumpy old Tok for a while sifting through dah-een garbage
>Be Sizz for a while as she magic and enjoys Oklak's show.

So yeah, got confirmation. It's the flu. I'm gonna be stuck like this for a while so expect more slowdowns.

No. 954945 ID: 9876c4

Take your time as needed, try not to eat any bats. I hear that rarely helps.
Great panel layout.
To my mind, Tok has the most interesting job.
No. 955197 ID: fd2dfa
File 158054996891.png - (187.80KB , 1400x1050 , 45.png )

You are Tok. You rummage through the dah-een junk in hopes of finding useful things among the possessions of the non-people. Unlikely. The non-people carry many frivolous things Gormoamhi do not need. At least most times. So far you discovered a store of water, several scraps of metal you are sure the brothers could use in one of their many building projects, and an empty vessel that fits in your hand. Anslieu, your claim and the dah-een that accompanied you, says it was a canteen used by a neighbor once for holding his drink, made from the hollowed tusk of a sea creature whose name you cannot pronounce.

Anslieu followed you without your command, sat by you, and watched you as you went through his family's things. It's unnerving. He isn't like the others the clan claimed. Not like Guk's mates who are both rebellious, obeying him only because of his thorough disciplining, or Oklak's charge that fights with him every hour. Not even the brothers' claim-mate is so...quiet as yours. Why is he here? Why does he stare? Why does he do nothing but stare?!

>What do you do?
No. 955200 ID: 9876c4

Explain what you're doing, and the why of it.

You're the wisest one here, and he's observant enough to notice it.
No. 955206 ID: 015bf2

He’s trying to understand you, or what you do.
No. 955211 ID: 6e6f32

Could just ask 'im.
It is unusual for one to enjoy your fate.
Why do you?
No. 955271 ID: fd2dfa
File 158063089510.png - (217.84KB , 1400x1050 , 46.png )

:tokrazar:"You...why are you staring?"

You speak in the dah-een language. Ever since Guk pointed it out, the entire clan could speak the dah-een words. It's unnatural. If you listen to yourself closely, you can hear your own voice speaking dah-een but not understand the actual words spoken. And yet you still understand what is being said. It makes no sense to you.

"Master Tok. Why me?"


"When I was a babe, me da was taken by Gormoamhi. No one said wot happens when ye take em. Lots a folk assume ya eat em,"

:tokrazar:"Pfeh. Stupid dah-een. Waste to eat you. Your father was made a female like you are now."

"You met him?"

:tokrazar:"No, but it is what I would do. Any clan smart enough to live wouldn't waste effort on catching dah-een for food."

"I know that now. But it don't make sense ta me."

:tokrazar:"What's not to make sense? You're dah-een. I claimed you when I plowed you. You're mine."

"Aye, but ye could have me mother, or me sister. But ye chose me master Tok. Ye planted seed in me. Why me? Wot do I have that ye wanted?"

:tokrazar:"Are many dah-een as strange as you?"

Anslieu rests on your knee like some wide eyed pup waiting for a story. "What do ye want with the flask?"

He doesn't answer your question. He's like your daughter this one. Strange for a non-person. :tokrazar:"It's old. It has power in it already. Filled with man-magic should help make it a potent talisman."

"Can I help?"

:tokrazar:"You're not Gormoamhi. You cannot use Man-Magic. Though you can help me in filling it with power..."

That catches his interest. He has never seen the act of making a talisman. Maybe a little time alone could-no! You should finish this quickly so you can study the tablets. But the tablets aren't going anywhere...

>What shall Tok do?
No. 955274 ID: 094652

>Make Talisman
Gender-Bender talisman would be appropriate at this point.

But yeah finish your tablets first. Bunny porking eats time.
No. 955275 ID: 6e6f32


Do exercise a bit of self control though. Just enough to create the talisman. Then back to work.
No. 955276 ID: 9876c4

Taking what you found and crafting with it is in the spirit of Guk's orders.
No. 955454 ID: fd2dfa
File 158087707149.png - (249.28KB , 1400x1050 , 47.png )

You explain the power of Gormoamhi magic, and how it must be harvested. Whether Anslieu heard or not you cannot tell as he doesn't respond with words. Only grunts and moans as you plow him.

:tokrazar:"You wanted to help me didn't you? You wanted to see how a talisman is made?"

"Hah-ha...aye! Aye! This-this is how ye do it?"

:tokrazar:"Yes, now stop drooling and watch if you really want to learn!"
No. 955455 ID: fd2dfa
File 158087713350.png - (235.90KB , 1400x1050 , 48.png )

You haven't released today, so there will be plenty of magic to harvest. Actually how much magic does a dah-een body hold? Your question is answered when you climax. Anslieu's body spasms as it is wracked with its own release, and the magic pours from your both as your seed pours into him. Anslieu cries out at the sensation, fingers tightening around your embrace as you hold him close.
No. 955456 ID: fd2dfa
File 158087719894.png - (216.67KB , 1400x1050 , 49.png )

Anslieu didn't fight or resist as you take him. He really is an odd one. Most Dah-een are still resistant, and put up some fight at this point. This one however has totally submitted and accepted his place as a clan female, perhaps even more? He maybe be ready for clan markings. Unprecedented. Even when the clan was whole, few females ever reached a level of submission they received markings for formal induction into the clan as a half-person. He crawls onto your belly to rest the moment you let go, murmuring to himself so quietly you cannot hear. You stare at the new talisman, magic trapped and waiting to be shaped. This vessel is powerful indeed. The clean cut, and age gave it plenty of power already, and your ritual fed more on top of that. The question now is what should it be?

>Greater Talisman of Strength - You could break stone with your bare hands. On a brute like Guk, he could pulverize bone with a lazy slap.
>Greater Talisman of Speed - Being able to stride across the plains in a few heartbeats is tempting, though hitting something when that fast will be even more painful.
>Greater Talisman of Toughness - Even dah-een steel will have a hard time piercing a hide reinforced with this.
>Greater Talisman of Endurance - Sleep becomes irrelevant
>Greater Talisman of Redirection - Abstract power. Tied to a pole and planted in the dirt will compel others to go away, while a Gormoamhi wearing it will see arrows and javelins aimed at them change direction away from them. It won't always work, but abstract powers are always harder to predict.
>Greater Talisman of Destruction - Amplify a woman's magic to new heights, letting her drown her enemies in their own blood with a fraction of the sacrifice.
>Greater Talisman of Fertility - Gormoamhi seed has trouble in non-people. Too strong. A talisman supplying the body with creation magic will certainly help a female carry a Gormoamhi child.

Gender...bender? What is that? The words are correct but put together they are meaningless. Why do these words flash in Tok's head? Perhaps some secret desire to change Anslieu into a proper female that can have children? That would be difficult to the point of useless. That would require multiple talismans. One of Transformation(which requires more power than the current vessel to produce), one of Destruction to reinforce woman-magic to influence the Transformation talisman, and one of fertility to complete the process all applied at once. And to resort to that is just...desperate. Just as bad the clans that resort to altering male non-people to bear young with fertility and the Ovara weed.

>What talisman shall be made
>What shall be done once after glow has faded?
No. 955482 ID: 9876c4

Clan markings soon would help the rest learn their place.

GTOStr is obviously very tempting. But this might be better as a destruction talisman to empower your daughter.

I guess gather up everything that's getting repurposed and distribute it.
No. 955491 ID: 6e6f32

You are building a home here. But to Create, one must first destroy.
No. 955493 ID: 07c82e

Fertility gets us partially there in either case, and we can use it on other dah-een in the meantime.

Give him clan markings now seems like a good idea. An example for the rest of his family to strive for.
No. 955540 ID: a746f8

Destruction seems like the sort of thing that might give the clan an edge in survival. The first real threat to show itself, your daughter can make a show of how overwhelmingly powerful your clan's magic is. Word will spread and other threats will hesitate to risk her wrath.

Clan markings, assuming Guk approves.
No. 955547 ID: 094652

Redirection will prevent hunting parties from finding your base. It can also confuse prisoners trying to escape.
No. 955548 ID: 094652

Redirection will prevent hunting parties from finding your base. It can also confuse prisoners trying to escape.
No. 955586 ID: fd2dfa
File 158098329817.png - (230.28KB , 1400x1050 , 50.png )

Destruction. So it is decided. Sizzala had better be grateful for the boon you make for her.

As for Anslieu...

:tokrazar:"Come with me. It is time for markings."

"Markings master Tok?"

:tokrazar:"You have submitted yourself as my female. You are obedient. That means you can be inducted into the clan as a half-person. You are still my claim-mate however."

You return to the foyer, tossing the metal bits to the brothers, who are quite busy with their own work, and collect your kit. Blue paint first, to mark the first designs, and a more permanent tattooing at a later time once your designs are finished. You do not need Guk's approval for this. Anslieu is your property, it is your decision how he shall be dealt with.

"Wot does it mean to be inducted? Master Tok?"

:tokrazar:"Your body will be marked with symbols of the clan. Every half-person has their own pattern, marking who they are, their skills, who owns them, they're achievements, blessings of the gods, all manner of things. Hold out your arm. Yours will be..."

You should have given this more thought.

>What shall Anslieu's markings be?
No. 955594 ID: 9876c4

Peter Criss from KISS, and a double neck ring?
No. 955615 ID: 6e6f32

Water flows and molds itself to fit whatever and wherever it finds itself. Not only that but it can be quite powerful, if one knows how to use it.

Anslieu fits this perfectly. Give him water themed markings. Perhaps keep it simple for now. More can be added later when he better distinguishes himself...

Though I can see him as being a decent beneficiary for the blessings from a God of hearth, or maybe magic.
No. 955674 ID: fd2dfa
File 158106825248.png - (127.85KB , 1400x1050 , 51.png )

You are finished for now. His hand and feet are marked like the flowing waves of the sea. Upon his abdomen is the mark of the Clan god of hearth and home, hopefully drawing the god's attention to the dah-een. Finally a single line upon his face, denoting your signature upon all half-people that are your property.

Anslieu has no remark to his new station or his markings. That is good. It is not the place of half-people to question the actions of their owners.

Sizzala came in during your painting, teasing the dah-een again with her sharp remarks about his frailty and weakness. You silence her with the new talisman. She embraces you, far too long for a daughter embracing a father, and gives your cheek a playful lick.

Already your hair stands as you feel your daughter explore the ease at which power flows into her thanks to the talisman. Across the shelter, she cast a fog, made by burning a wolf heart in the bonfire. The fog is so thick none shall see the manor, or the smoke of the clan bonfire. Just because she can, she burned the second heart and used its latent power to cast shadows upon the shelter. None shall even see the land now. Unfortunate because now you barely see past the light of the bonfire. Your eyes are useless to you now. You hear your daughter out there somewhere, giggling at her strength. That girl will end you one day...

>With the darkness cast down, little more work can be accomplished. You could take a torch and try to inspect the tablets, or retire for the night with your claim-mate

>Inspect the tablets.
>Sleep till morning (and be Guk again)
>Sleep till morning (and be another)
No. 955680 ID: 9876c4

Geezer like Tok will probably sleep, left to his own devices.

Back to Guk.
No. 955696 ID: 6e6f32

2 torches.
Inspect'um Tablets
No. 955789 ID: 1b6504

Alright tie breaker. Inspect the tablets. Let Anslieu hold the light
No. 955866 ID: fd2dfa
File 158123497170.png - (225.67KB , 1400x1050 , 52.png )

Tok sighs. If he can't at least say he tried reading a tablet, it will feel like a wasted day. Directing Anslieu to take a torch, he makes his way to the tablets again.

tokrazar:"These tablets seem to be numbered. One to eight. Is there significance to the numbers?"

"You can understand these things master Tok?"

tokrazar:"Yes and I don't like it."

You have Anslieu provide light as you read the first of the tablets.

The First Key

And so it was, that Resao was plagued by pointless wars. The Demigods who granted others magic, gave us litte. So it was that the first of our great order, Priest Vogavem beseeched the Demigods for more. The ones we were foolish to call our betters ignored us. Vogavem prayed and begged. For Eight days and Eight nights did he call out. And upon the eigth day, he was filled like a vessel, with power unimaginable. And the Dance of Resao began. For with his power, he began to hear the voice of the true god. Our divine god.

tokrazar:"Mrrrmmmm no mention of a door to many places."

You study the tablet, staring at the words as if that will make them become sensible. When nothing happens, you simply retire to your sleeping alcove, grumpily taking your claim-mate to drown out the noise of Oklak boasting that he is on his fifth seeding. Maybe in the morning you can think clearly.
No. 955867 ID: fd2dfa
File 158123532829.png - (419.93KB , 1400x1050 , 53.png )

You are Guk. Guk awakens. But it is dark. Why? The sound of the night-bugs has silenced, and there is day-birds crying. Yet it is darker than any dark ni-this is woman-magic. It must be. Sizz must have done something to shroud the shelter in dark. You can see, but it made you sleep in. Your body is sluggish now. The Dah-een still slumber next to you. Analey was exhausted after last night, so she sleeps like a corpse. A quick check confirms she isn't actually a corpse.

Ionilee rests in your lap, and begins to stir while you yawn. "Mrrrm, izzit still night?"

:guk:"No, it is day. Sizz cast one of her spells again. Now then my morning problem has returned. Do you know what to do?"

Ionilee is silent for a moment before she nods. She flips up your cloth and uses her very soft lips on your 'problem'. You pat your claim-mate's head for her obedience. She still has a few oddities but is quickly becoming a model female. Maybe Tok can see about marking her. She's better behaved than her mother certainly. While she relieves you, you notice the adjacent room glows. That must be the way to the tower. Perhaps you can ascend to see what threat compelled Sizz to obfuscate this place. But that glow is coming down the stairs. That merits investigating.

>Ascend the stairs, find what has Sizz so cautious.
>Descend. The glow takes priority.
>Get your dah-een collared and leashed by the brothers before doing anything else. You don't want to go chasing after them if something bad happens.
>Wake up Oklak and devise a better plan for hunting before the clan starves
>Find Sizz and have her work some woman-magic
>Tok is likely being lazy somewhere. Kick him awake and see about marking Ionilee
>Other things compel you (Write-in action)
No. 955892 ID: 6e6f32

Investigate the glow whilst yelling for Sizz.
No. 955923 ID: 094652

Gear the Daoine up and search the glow together. Talk to Sizz when you're confident the area is secure.
No. 955926 ID: 9876c4

There is no backtracking, there is only forward into the glow.
No. 955932 ID: 4f51b2

No. 955978 ID: fd2dfa
File 158140770629.png - (263.15KB , 1400x1050 , 54.png )

You call for Sizz as you traverse downwards. It's a chamber. The walls and floor glow with magic. Magic like the metal man. You don't like this. There is a hanging chain, with a scoop large enough to hold those orbs from the other room, hanging suspended over a circle where the stone appears worn. At the end of the chamber is a door, more scratching on it surface, with another orb shaped hole at its center.

:sizzala:"What? What? Why yell so loud for me? If you want to lay with my like those dah-een you're going to lose a few important parts!"

:guk:"It's dark up there. Why did you do that?"

:sizzala:"Why do you think I did it?"

:guk:"The dark is as unnatural as this room. What did you do?"

:Sizzala:"Ah yes, this room is unnerving. I didn't notice. Why do the walls glow?"

:guk:"The walls didn't make the shelter so dark, you did! Focus!"

:Sizzala:"Huh? Oh right. The spell was cast to enshroud our shelter. I was outside last night and I saw smoke. A fire large enough for a camp was burning. It was close to the cave we were resting in Guk."

That...could be a problem, depending on who they are.

:guk:"Did you investigate?"

:Sizzala:"No. Leave the stupid talk for Oklak. I cast the shadow because I don't know who they are and I don't know good hiding skills like Oklak or you. Now you talk. What is this place?"

You explain to Sizzala the tablets you found, and for whatever reason you and Tok can read them. Further, you set Tok on uncovering the secrets. Sizz snorts.

:sizzala:"Pfeh. Da-da is old. Eyes going bad. Now, you said da-da found vessels? Did they have magic in them?"

:guk:"Yes, but he said it was small. Don't know how that helps us."

:sizzala:"Well clearly that means you need to fill them again dumb-dumb!"

>That camp takes new priority. The shelter doesn't need intruders.
>Investigate the chamber further; consult with Tok about the orbs
No. 955990 ID: d95f41

Investigate the camp with Oklak and get Tok down here to investigate while you are out.
No. 956001 ID: 015bf2

Seems fair.
No. 956039 ID: 094652

Get a team together and deal with the camp first. Do a scouting mission before you make any decisions, you don't want to lure the giant's armies here.

Because whatever the giant is, they WILL rally an army behind it. Possibly worshipers.
No. 956040 ID: 4f51b2

Investigate the camp.
No. 956160 ID: fd2dfa
File 158158027981.png - (249.58KB , 1400x1050 , 56.png )

You, Oklak, and Sizz return to the old campsite. On your way, you find bodies. Many bodies. They are of the 'Gob-lee' creatures that are all over the surface. Perhaps their rival groups battle again?

:sizzala:"Their hearts would give more power than dumb animals. I must return later to cut them out."

:oklak:"Maybe if any live, we can take the females. Their bodies are small, but it is still quite nice to plow them."

:sizzala:"Always thinking about the next female Oklak. Amazing you aren't dead yet."

:Oklak:"Because I kill everyone else first. Shall I demonstrate?"

:guk:"Shut up. Both of you. Do you see what I see?"

The campsite has gob-lee. But they are bound. Around are tents bearing symbols you do not recognize. The people making them though...

:oklak:"Ghost-skins."Oklak's voice is a mix of fear and cold rage. Sizz doesn't share his anger.

:sizzala:"How did they find our shelter so fast? Do you think they can find our new home?"

:guk:"These are not the ghost-skins who unleashed the metal-man. They wore red. These are purple. See?"

:sizzala:"Ah yes. Maybe a different clan?"

:oklak:"Doesn't matter if they are another clan. I shall make them pay for what they did to ours. I will eat their males and claim their females for what they did!"

:guk:"We do not know how many there are. If you go in, there could be hundreds more we do not see. We must be cautious."

:oklak:"Ash and cinder with caution! They must pay for their crimes!"

:sizzala:"Yes, you go first. We'll see how many of them come to kill you and then we know how many there are."
No. 956170 ID: fd2dfa
File 158158496045.png - (238.97KB , 1400x1050 , 57.png )

Arguments are stalled when a ghost-skin emerges from the cave.

"That's the third hunting party we've run into. How many more of the damned things are out there?"

"I already have sent scouts to scour the forest. We will have better estimates soon."

"We had better" the obvious leader of this band says. "Lady Nietch comes this way and I will not let these pests ruin my chances getting adopted into Gamin. If I am thrown out because of you, you're coming with me!"

Gamin? That name means nothing to you, but the meaning is clear: more will be coming.

:sizzala:"That is not Gormoamhi-tongue, and my ears hear no familiar words. Yet still I comprehend them. This is disturbing."

:oklak:"Heh. Good. I will know what they say when I kill them."

:sizzala:"Restrain yourself idiot, they said more are coming. We should return home and deliberate what to do."

:oklak:"No! I say we take these ghost-skins! Kill the followers and make that leader of theirs beg as we claim her body in the dirt!"

Once more it is Guk's decision that will direct the clan.

>What shall Guk do?
No. 956171 ID: 9876c4

Attacking this one from ambush is possibly the best shot we've got. Even if it has nothing to do with the longears (big IF), they're not gonna stop this mission without their commander sacked.

So lets try to kill the talky one and a couple extras, then melt away into the brush.
No. 956181 ID: 24d092

They said scouts are out there. They should be easier to take and explain the disappearance of. If they are fighting goblins, wait till they do most of the work, ambush them, and leave their weapons around some dead goblins so no one suspects where they really went.
No. 956184 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, that's a better plan. maybe we can take one alive.
No. 956227 ID: 839c86

No. 956235 ID: 094652

Good idea, obfuscate and capture scouts.
No. 956243 ID: fd2dfa
File 158166926067.png - (543.18KB , 1400x1050 , 58.png )

Oklak, despite being annoying to speak with for more than a few heartbeats, and boastful far too much, he was an expert tracker. As soon as you laid out your plans to locate the scouts, he was on their trail, noticing broken twigs that escaped your notice and followed subtle signs.

:oklak:"Almost hid themselves perfectly. Maybe that's why they are ghost-skins." he mused.

As you followed the trail, he no longer had to search for subtle signs. The trail of dead gob-lee was tell enough. In a clearing you found them-is one of them relieving herself?

"Another goblin, Ach-kaaaaa, why are we taking this path if it is littered with the vermin?"

"It's not our place to ask why Siloka. If the Heir Apparent is to take this way, then it is our place to clear it for her."

"That doesn't explain where they all come from."

"Why do Gulpa always roost in every nook and cranny? They are vermin. Anywhere is home for them. And when they are home they breed like insects. I learned long ago to stop asking whys about vermin races. It gets in the way of culling them. Are you done."

"I can't do it when you're watching Ivaka. Just-turn away!"

"Unbelievable, we're scouts and you're relieving yourself in the bush."

"Anything that would have spotted us is dead anyway, what's the harm?"

>Method of ambush?
No. 956246 ID: 00dfd3

Have Sizz cut open a dead gobbo and use the guts to turn their patch of the forest dark. Then nab them both. Oklak will finally get his ghost waifu
No. 956247 ID: 015bf2

Sneak around and ambush the one that is paying attention the the one with the pants down first, while they're still arguing. The one who is doing their business will be distracted for a moment longer, allowing you to executive a double rush.

Try to prevent excess shouting by binding and gagging them. If the camp hears, your element of surprise will be gone.

And keep an eye out for other scouts. These may not be the only ones.

You capture them alive, for now, to interrogate them about their numbers and this Lady Nietch. It is better to capture both, as you can ask them same questions apart and see whether they give different answers to catch their lies.
No. 956252 ID: 6e6f32

This but instead of darkness, silence.
Then take them from behind.
No. 956270 ID: 801ba1

I don't think Sizz is here now, and fetching her would be risky.
No. 956273 ID: 6c227a

Wait for the one to relent and turn around, then silently snatch the one relieving herself. Divide and conquer.
No. 956309 ID: fd2dfa
File 158173868539.png - (322.95KB , 1400x1050 , 59.png )

Sizzala dips her hand in the bloody pool of a nearby gob-lee. In moments she uses her woman magic to deafen the noises of the two Ghost-skins. When Oklak sneaks behind the one called Siloka, she notices nothing until Oklak has his arms around her and pulls her into the bush.

The one called Ivaka doesn't hear a thing. Her attention is focused on your anyway as you walk out of the brush with Comlee's sword-now yours-in hand. The scout draws her own, smaller weaker sword. "Ooh aren't you a big one" she laughs. "Bringing you back to Rezo will make me wealthy. Siloka, get up here and help me." Her companion of course is being disarmed by Oklak, but she doesn't dare turn her back to you to check. Smart. She is prideful, but she knows you are a real threat despite her boasting. You smirk. You are going to enjoy claiming this arrogant little thing. She readies herself.

>What now?
No. 956323 ID: 3814fa

Let her make the first strike. You still have the speed talisman, so dodge it and then smack her with the flat of the blade and disarm her. The more we catch alive, the less chance we leave something incriminating behind.
No. 956378 ID: 6e6f32

Engage with "Normal-Speed" and when she unknowingly leaves herself open to your super speed attacks, bring the pain.
No. 956379 ID: 015bf2

Sounds good.
No. 956383 ID: 094652

For extra sadism, bend over and beg her to screw you in the ass with her sword.

Then speed-talisman dodge right behind her and whisper 'my turn'.

Then knockout
No. 956430 ID: fd2dfa
File 158184524343.png - (236.78KB , 1400x1050 , 60.png )

You feint, pretending to be slow and sluggish. She gets in a few strikes, dancing around you and cutting at your legs. Finally you pretend to fall, and she raises her sword for a final blow. She misses as you reveal your speed and slash...and miss. She dances away, getting another cut against your arm. None of the cuts are deep, but they hurt, and they bleed. She giggles as your newest wound starts to leak. "Oh you're a fast one. Best not be too fast or you'll bleed out" she mocks.

She's toying with you!

>What now?
No. 956433 ID: 2d337a

Maybe next time we have a spell assuring a successful stealthy approach, dont just walk up casually to the enemy? We spent our most powerful resources on the woman magic. Not using it fully is a mistake until we spend some more talismans on Guk.
No. 956457 ID: 6e6f32

Yes yes, next time we'll just fireball the scouts and alert the whole platoon.

In the meantime Guk is not alone. Yell at Oklak to stop fucking around in that bush and help you, and yell at Sizz to grab another gobbo body. A spontaneous orgasm or gust of wind would be useful right about now.
No. 956464 ID: 094652

Use your sword to fork some dirt out of the ground and blind her

Also call for backup
No. 956465 ID: d14680

Try to read. Was just pointing out that Guk could and should have snuck up from behind his target as well rather than give up the element of surprise. Guk seems to be outmatched now, and we could have avoided this risk.

She's skilled, but ultimately ber strategy seems to be slowly bleeding you out until you leave an opening.

Ask for help taking her undamaged unless that would undermine your role as leader. If you need to claim her alone, try leaving another opening on your off hand, then drop your sword and grab her weapon arm as she slashes you. She won't be able to do much once you have a grip on that arm. She's no match for your weight and strength.
No. 956476 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189479243.png - (148.43KB , 1400x1050 , 61.png )

You wait until the ghost-skin moves in again and you counter not with your sword, but with your hand. Success.
No. 956477 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189482045.png - (235.78KB , 1400x1050 , 62.png )

You grab her sword arm, and use that to toss her into the air, grabbing her ankle…
No. 956478 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189486917.png - (697.46KB , 1400x1050 , 63.png )

...and slam her back to the ground, knocking the wind out of her and her sword flies into the bush.

:Guk: “Haaah. What was that about taking me home, ghost-skin?”

Ivaka spits grit out of her mouth and grimaces at you. “Go ahead and kill me then. The Gamin family will make you suffer you blue savage.” She is unperturbed you speak her language, or she doesn’t notice.

:guk: “Gah-meen was it? Is that what you call yourselves? I don’t intend to kill you little Gah-meen. I want so much more from you for making me suffer.”

Ivaka spits again, aiming at your face. You let it hit your chest.
:guk: “Oh that sort of attitude makes what comes next so much better.”
No. 956479 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189492301.png - (154.94KB , 1400x1050 , 64.png )

The Pile increases in size. The Gah-meens trappings were rapidly stripped and the symbol of their old life joining the failings of the dah-een. But the Gah-meen themselves aren’t simply kept until night for celebration. No, you and Oklak take the ghost-skins to the glowing chamber, and instruct Tok to fetch an orb and his supplies. If they are indeed vessels like he says, you are going to fill them right now. Tok sees the struggling Gah-meen and nods.
No. 956480 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189507745.png - (353.13KB , 1400x928 , 65.png )

Heartbeats later, the Gah-meens are on the floor, their legs spread. Oklak's manhood twitches as it hovers over the cleft of the ghost-skin Siloka.
:oklak:“This is it. I finally get to be inside one of you” he laughs, and sinks into his claim, pushing with enough force to hilt himself. The Ghost-skin screams at the sudden intrusion, but Oklak doesn’t care. His eyes glaze over, and a smile of total bliss covers his face.

:Oklak:“It’s wonderful” he whispers, thrusting in and out. “All the best parts of dah-een and hoo-man and el-fu in one female! When I die and go to the After-realm, this must be what delights await me.”

Normally Oklak is being dramatic for the sake of it but for once he is right. Ivaka feels like no other female you’ve plowed before. Her body is hot like dah-een, but large enough to take your entire length like hoo-man, and soft like el-fu, yet firm enough that if you closed your eyes you could pretend you were inside the greatest Gormoamhi woman.

:guk: “It is so funny. You said you would take me home with you Ivaka, but instead I take you home with me! Why don’t you laugh? The joke is the same. It is still funny!”

Ivaka doesn't retort, gritting her teeth as you sink deep into her. Her only sounds are grunts and rapid breathing.

The Gah-meen struggle in vain, Tok’s brew making their weak bodies weaker, and every thrust drains more of the strength they have left until all they can do is whimper and moan as you and Oklak claim them. News spread fast and the entire clan had gathered in the chamber to watch the two ghost-skins be humbled and bred.

:tokrazar:“So these are the horrible ghost-skins that summoned the metal man. They seem so...small.”

:sizzala:“They were small when we captured them last time”

:seqrar: “I’d like to have a ghost-skin too…”

:saqrar: “And me. Oklak makes them sound so good.”

:Oklak: “Don’t worry” he grunts as he lifts Siloka’s legs. “There’s more where these came from. And when we are done, we shall have all their females!”

:tokrazar: “Now I’ve examined the orb. They hold much power, or they can. I know that this will not fill the orb with enough power.”

:Guk: “What. Do. You. Mean?” finishing every word on a thrust.

:tokrazar: “I mean that whoever made these orbs meant for them to hold great amounts of magic. I don’t know how they filled them, but I know the only way we can is with Man-Magic. And to fill just one, we will need erm...eight. Eight male seedings to fill it completely. And that’s only for the first time you seed a female. The next seeding always has less.”

:oklak: “That’s good” Oklak pants out of breath from his rapid thrusts. “I don’t think. I don’t think one is enough for me. Hold it still Tok, I’m so close!”

No. 956481 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189513928.png - (86.59KB , 1400x1050 , 66.png )

Together you and Oklak thrust in sync as you approach climax, seeding your ghost-skins. Sikola and Ivaka cry out as Ionilee did when you first claimed her, and it’s melodious. The orb begins to glow as whatever Tok did allowed it to gather the combined magic of your releases.

:tokrazar:”I don’t believe it.”

:Guk:”What? What is wrong old man?”, you ask, your manhood pulsing inside the ghost-skin as the last seed leaves your body.

:tokrazar: “It’s...full. You filled the vessel.”
No. 956483 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189522619.png - (119.58KB , 1400x1050 , 67.png )

:oklak: “So our man-magic is great. No surprise.”

:tokrazar: “No, don’t be stupid. My surprise is towards the ghost-skins.” he gestures to the breathless females that lay sprawled on the floor. “Man-magic is the power of Creation remember? The more potent the event of creation is, the more magic I can gather. And the most potent act of Creation is creating new life. The orb is full because the greatest act was able to fill it completely.”

:guk:”You mean…?”

Tok smiles :tokrazar:”It means Guk, Oklak, you are now fathers. The seed you planted in the ghost-skin have taken root; and even as we speak, your pups grow inside them.”

There is silence in the chamber. First, disbelief hits you like a rock to the face. Then realization. Ivaka is a female, not a woman. Yet the first seed took! Oklak, as usual, is first to speak.

:oklak:”Impossible! No creature can handle the seed of Gormoamhi. It is why it is so hard for non-people to have Gormoamhi pups. It’s why it take a man many plowings before seed takes root.”

You’re a father now. You’re a damn father. You knew one day it would happen because the clan needs new blood but like this? You’re a damn father…

:tokrazar:”Evidently not with ghost-skins…”Tok chuckles. “Though if you really doubt it, maybe you can go get another ghost-skin and see if her body accepts your seed as readily as these did.”

Ivaka is now mother to your first whelp. If it is as easy for any ghost-skin to bear you pups like Ivaka now will, that could mean-

:guk:”They, the Gah-meen, said more were coming! If we can capture all the ghost-skin females...”

:oklak:“We can rebuild the clan with ghost-skins alone!” Oklak finishes your thought.

:seqrar:”But they would not be full Gormoamhi. They would be odd.”

:sizzala:”We are all odd. Fitting then to make a clan of Odd Ones.”

Fitting, the very same non-people that destroyed your clan will now be its saviors. You look down at the panting Ivaka and smile.

>>The Ghost-skins will birth our new clan but these two...
>Ivaka will be your claim-mate. She will bear your pups and only yours.
>Ivaka will be a breeder. Her body shall birth all the men's young

>Siloka is Oklak’s property. It is fitting that all the pups she will birth be the Odd horned man’s
>Siloka will be a breeder, and spread her legs for all men.

>Be Sizz and interrogate the Gah-meen
>Take your Gah-meen mate and get her and your harem collared
>Be Tok and investigate the chamber
>Be Anslieu, comforting your family
No. 956484 ID: 801ba1

Whatever the choice, it should be the same for both.
>Be Sizz.
No. 956487 ID: 17422a

Claim mates for both. Now that we onow how powerful knocking them up can be we should focus on making them all claim mates to keep track of who is preggers and who is not. Also so we don't waste talisman magic in the future

Be Anslieu. Let's see how the rabbits are adjusting to life.
No. 956526 ID: 9876c4

Wow, what an update.

Breeders for both. These were militia ladies, and they seem to have some kind of crazy fertility. It takes a village to get a ghost-skin to learn her place.
No. 956527 ID: 9876c4

Anslieu is fine, but Sizz is better.
No. 956546 ID: 4f51b2

Both of you can claim them as their mates.
No. 956624 ID: 91ee5f

What spell are you going to use with that vessel?
No. 956632 ID: 64c05f

Okay to break the tie we need another vote on who to be. The more I think about it, Tok would be best but I am still thinking there's some benefit to Anslieu. Sizz will do her thing regardless and tell everyone what she has learned, and collaring everyone is just time wasting right now.
No. 956650 ID: 6e6f32

Double Breeders
No. 956659 ID: 1a6f80

both Claim mates
>Be Anslieu, comforting your family
No. 956693 ID: 1b9459

Breeder for both. Be the momma.
No. 956697 ID: 91ee5f

Ivaka will be a breeder. Her body shall birth all the men's young.

Siloka is Oklak’s property. It is fitting that all the pups she will birth be the Odd horned man’s.
No. 956702 ID: 209959

Claim mates. We can catch more for breeders later.
No. 956707 ID: fd2dfa
File 158209882030.png - (225.36KB , 1400x1050 , 68.png )

>Both shall remain claim mates, though Guk considers letting the brothers put their first pups in Ivaka once she births his.

You are Anslieu, claim mate of Tokrazar and clan half-person. You and your family were left locked in the chamber of your now useless belongings. They are useless because Tok says so. You agree for the most part. If you cannot wear clothes as a clan female, then most of what is packed away serves no purpose.

Ionilee is listless. Occasionally she closes her eyes and a hand drifts between her legs. She always realizes what she's doing and pulls away before it goes further. Until she sees your blue markings and the hand goes back between her legs again.

Baeohar is angry. You recall he was regularly angry at many things. He is now angry at his claim-mate Oklak for humilating him. He talks with Comlee with plans for escape. Perhaps Oklak is too gentle with training him. He pretends you aren't there.

Comlee is listening but you know she does not take Baeohar seriously. She knows his plans are ridiculous and rely mostly on luck and impossible situations. Her training with the brothers Seqrar and Saqrar seems more effective, though they also have her help them in their craft rather than spending all day plowing her fields. She looks to you with a mix of pity and sadness.

Analey is Guk's other claim-mate. You can see whatever training he gave her is starting to work its effect on her. She ignores her nudity now, rather than trying to cover herself. When Baeohar calms down enough to take a breath, she tries to console him. It doesn't work. She gives up, and comes to you. A soft hand glides across your face, lingering on Tok's mark of ownership. "Oh my boy" she moans. "Wot have they done to ye?"

>How does Anslieu feel? Does he accept his place?
>What is Anslieu's response?
No. 956711 ID: 6e6f32

Accept his place? Sure. These Gormoamhi are an interesting bunch, He enjoys being plowed, and with creatures this strong looking after him? He feels much more safe here than he has anywhere else in recent memory. Sure his life will be simple but, Simple's ok. He can think of many worse fates.

But despite this Anslieu is tormented. His family is in pain. It is clear they crave their freedom. The Gormoamhi trust him. He could betray this trust and perhaps afford his kin escape. But to what? To run off naked through the wilderness is suicide. Baeohar would be on him in an instant if he starts talking about the markings now. His family might consider him a traitor.
There's no right here. It's all just... too much.

I doubt he'd even be able to respond. Instead just averting his gave and trying to hold back tears.
No. 956767 ID: 6c227a

I mean that's pretty good, except for the last little bit. Anslieu is pretty passive, but not one to clam up and cry when things get hard. Not like he used to when he was little. He'll try to make his mother understand how he feels. She's always been kind about stuff like this, right?
No. 956773 ID: 91ee5f

You should tell Tok about Baeohar‘s plans of escape. Tok will probably reward you for helping keep your family from doing anything stupid.

>Anslieu is tormented
No he’s not.
No. 956777 ID: a9af05

This, but make sure you're alone with Tok when you tell him.
No. 956843 ID: 6e6f32

>No he’s not.
You need to describe what you think he Is feeling then.
No. 956957 ID: 3a9b77

He is not tormented, but he is troubled. Troubled for his family. He could tell his mother that he is fine but that would just worry her even more. Nothing about this situation is fine for her.

Still he should comfort her, tellong her the clan gave him more freedom, and that he can convince them to give the same to her and tye rest of the family. Only speak loud enough for Analey to hear.

Also go see Ionilee. She seems distant compared to the others.
No. 956960 ID: 094652

>Emotional State
Nervous. The Gormoamhi have relegated them as slaves, and none of them know what they're doing. When the leaders inevitably screw up and the whole pack starves, they'll look at the slaves funny.

There's also the urges to breed; the Gormoamhi will favor the slaves who vomit out the most children. They'll overplow the fertile ones and abuse the barren. And the Daoine urges force them to like it.

And Ionilee needs to relearn clothes.
No. 957283 ID: fd2dfa
File 158260918362.png - (232.50KB , 1400x1050 , 69.png )

"I am fine mother. They force nothin' on me."you reassure Analey, pressing her hands together.

"Nothin?!" she exclaims. "Tha hide is slathered a' blue!"

"Master Tok is lettin' me do more. It's wot his way of teachin' me his magic."

"Master? Teaching you...magic?"

"Aye. I learn much under Master Tok. He teaches me soooo much, and I enjoy it"

"Aye, I bet ye enjoy it" sneers Baeohar. "I bet you enjoy it real nice when he's plowin ya! Do ya enjoy drinkin' his seed to?"

"Baeo!" Analey looks at her other son horrified.

"Look at 'im! He's spreadin' his legs for that old fart like a doe in heat! They even painted him like property an' he don' mind!"

"That's enough" Comlee shouts. "Anslieu may be many things, but ye don't get to preach about him suckin' Gorm meat when you had one down yer throat all yesterday!"

Baeohar is livid. The argument becomes noise and you look at your other sister.

Ionilee watches the siblings fight with unfocused eyes. Her gaze drifts back to the wall where Guk had sealed the door. Her hand moves back between her legs.

You hear footsteps. Paying attention more to the approaching steps, it sounds like one of the brothers. Seqrar perhaps. He's coming to check on you. Baeohar's working himself into a frenzy.

>Calm you family down before something bad happens. Baeohar may not see you as a brother anymore, but you still do. And family comes first.
>Let Baeohar rant. Let the Gormoamhi see he needs more discipline.
>Tell Seqrar how your brother is planning an escape. He needs to be punished.

No. 957288 ID: c4c8ec

Calm them down.
Don't worry about them escaping, they'll come back on their own once they find themselves alone in this dangerous world.
No. 957349 ID: 4f51b2

Calm them down.
No. 957353 ID: 094652

Explain to Seqrar that you're all at the breaking point, and if he doesn't want to explain one or two dead toys from buck infighting, you're going to need separate rooms and something constructive to do between plowings.
No. 957434 ID: fd2dfa
File 158279700176.png - (175.78KB , 1302x1091 , 70.png )

You instruct your mother and sister to calm Baeohar down while you distract Seqrar.

:seqrar:"Anslieu, what's that noise?"

"I'm sorry Master Seqrar. It is my brother. It is a problem with all my people. We need something to pass the time between your plowing us. It creates time for anger and harsh words."

:seqrar:"Pass time? How do non-people pass time?"

"How do you pass time Master Seqrar?"

:seqrar:"I tinker and plow females."

Bad example.

No. 957437 ID: 9876c4

But ye did not always tinker on such a scale, aye? You had to learn the small parts before the large, and prepare the materials to make larger things...

Give us some of the dross, and tell us what ye need done w' em.
It'll free up your time to make shape what you're making.
No. 957527 ID: 094652

Explain to him that without daily warrior training, you feel weak. When he retorts that "non-people do not need any weapon but the plow", counter with a claim that the Gormoamhi have not vehemently trained either. They have super-magics, but without any dedicated warriors, there is nobody to follow in a crisis.
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