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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 1006128 ID: fd2dfa
File 162695017582.png - (413.26KB , 1600x1200 , 333.png )

You asked, he answered, and Oklak translated between the two of you.
:oklak:"The Roh-Koff clan is lead by a matriarch. She leads the roh-koff warriors and debt-bound clans

:waya:"Debt bound?"

:oklak:"Yes like this one. He says he is bound to serve Roh-koff to pay off his clan's debt. He also says Roh-koff owns other warriors. Not debt bound. Bound instead by trade. I don't understand it"

:waya:"Maybe they trade warriors like we trade men. Doesn't matter."

:oklak:"It does. The traded warriors are lead by their own leader. A patriarch Dokra. He says the Dokra and Roh-koff matriarch don't always agree. They argue over where warriors eat and sleep and who goes where and when."

:waya:"So there is a divide. Good. We can exploit-"

:oklak:"No. We can't. He says after we-I- took the hunters, they think something dangerous is out here and now coordinate. This one" he shakes the nightblade "was one of the first. They will send more based on the ones that do not return."

:waya:"So the Roh-koff are hunting for us because of you, and they may soon learn where we are...because of you."


He continues to translate, but Oklak starts mumbling about how it wasn't his fault between talking. Roh-koff has at least a hundred warriors strong, but that includes the trade-warriors. Dokra and the Roh-koff matriarch may be helping each other, but they also blame each other. Each now changes locations each day in case the other tries to betray them. If one falls, all warriors will be under the command of the other. They both know this.

For such a small clan, fighting that is impossible even with the choice of terrain or tactics. Something must be done to send them on the wrong trail. At least until you can take out both leaders without alerting them to this place. Mother Goddess how will you do that?

"Tzesh miloa?"

:waya:"Hrm. Oh yes. Horned one. Do what you do to nonpeople with this one. Make it docile so it won't escape."

:oklak:"Om...didn't you make a deal with it?"

:waya:"Deals with nonpeople are worth as much as nonpeople. Besides, I'd be more comfortable playing with a half-person that knows who they belong to than some untrained thing."

Oklak smiles. The ghostskin seems to know what will happen and panics.
No. 1006129 ID: fd2dfa
File 162695020681.png - (637.80KB , 1600x1200 , 334.png )

You summon as much of the clan as you can. Guk cannot, and that is fine. He is injured and must heal. Men are precious more now than ever before, even if they are insane, stupid Odd Ones like these. Oklak was not excused however, and instead was brought to the gathering even as he claimed the nightblade. You do your best to ignore them as the slapping noise makes you think about what it would be like to get pups from the Horned-NO! Ash and cinder you are certain now that smell you picked up was a woman completing her heat cycle. It's bringing yours early and you are having inappropriate thoughts!

:waya:"Our priority now is the Roh-koff clan. This is the camp as told to me by the nightblade" you point to the ghostskin whose mouth was plugged by Oklak's hand. "There are three ways in, with two guards on each. One from the Roh-koff debt-bound, one from the trade warriors. They are expecting the nightblades to return soon and if they find him missing, they will know where we are. So I plan to ambush the other nightblades as they arrive. We will take the nightblades, and the guards so nobody knows which ones were missing. It will give us time to plan a strategy to attack the Roh-koff leaders and remove this clan as a threat to us."

:saqrar:"Um. I know this isn't related, but we still have untamed females."


:saqrar:"Yes. The young neh-yah-ka, and the dah-een Guk returned to us. We cannot leave them unattended. The gob-lee have helped the clan, but I do not think they are good at fighting; and the half-people are heavy with pups, I do not think they can stop the untamed."

:waya:"RRRGGHMMmmmmm. Fine. You, and the other one that looks like you stays. I will need the rest of you though."

:tokrazar:"How many nightblades are we dealing with? We had trouble with just one..."

:waya:"He said alongside him, there were six other nightblades. A direct fight is out of the question. That is why we are all here. Even Bizangi. I need strategies. How can we strike them?"

>Tok will...
>Sizzala will...
>Bizangi will...
>Oklak will...
>Waya will...
No. 1006197 ID: 841ff7

Tok and Bizangi should act as bait while the rest hide and wait for the attack, but befor that we need a way to spot them, the female Nietch can help you with that, she is suppose to be trained, thought is weird she did not alert about the Roh-koff until it was too late...
No. 1006219 ID: bad55c

Okay, first of all the twins should focus on healing Guk as much as watching the females. We have enough of them that they can watch each other now right? And the sooner the neh-ya-ka and dah-een are brought into the fold, the sooner they can be put to work. Now as for the plan.

Oklak will go hunting for a carcass. We'll need it for some blood magic later.

Tok will play lookout with Bizangi to find the nightblades and see where they return to camp from. Then, when the blades return, Sizzala hits them hard with her blood magic using that carcass and her talisman. That thing that choked the dah-een? We hit all the ghost skins with it. Make them suffocate so when Waya goes in with Bizangi and Oklak, they can just beat the stubborn ones out or kill them. Then we take all the bodies.

We'll make Roh-koff think there are a lot more of us out here than we actually have. Either they'll turtle up making it easier for us to pick them off, or they get stupid and send detatchments out for use to kill with blood magic.

Either way we wear them out.
No. 1006968 ID: 7a1a17
File 162789312325.png - (181.87KB , 1600x1200 , 335.png )

You've sent Oklak out hunting for meat for Sizzala's blood magic. For extra measure, you'd taken the clan's gob-lee and split them between you, Bizangi, and Oklak for an ambush from three sides. This should ensure victory.

Odd. The nightblade said there was always two guards. Yet you see only one. Either the nightblade lied or...

:waya:"Oh damn."
No. 1006969 ID: 7a1a17
File 162789317255.png - (386.00KB , 1600x1200 , 336.png )


The crack of the thunder sticks! It's louder than Oklak said it was! A gob-lee jerks back as a hole burns through its chest. "BEHIND US" another shouts.

Two ghostskins appear over a ridge! How did you miss those?!

>The ambush has been ambushed!
>Solutions are needed
No. 1006970 ID: 094652

Quick, throw the goblin at the Rezan shooters and close the distance!

Or grab them and dodge like you're being hunted by twenty leopards.
No. 1007045 ID: 841ff7

Seeing how the bullet just went through the goblins you shouldn’t use them a shield, throw the other towards them as a distraction and kill them. Then use their thunder sticks against the third one.
No. 1007984 ID: 7a1a17
File 162902524734.png - (249.32KB , 1600x1200 , 337.png )

You start hurling the gob-lee at the ghostskins. The annoying pests are at least good for murdering nonpeople. The first one goes down as the screeching gob-lee starts beating it with a big rock. The second is distracted and tries to kill the first gob-lee. He doesn't see the second one you toss into his stupid face!
No. 1007985 ID: 7a1a17
File 162902526357.png - (234.51KB , 1600x1200 , 338.png )


MORE!? Where did that one come from?!
No. 1008034 ID: a3a916

It could be the one you spot first before the other two distracted you or could be a new one, take cover go with the gob-lee’s and pick one of the thunder sticks.
No. 1008601 ID: fd2dfa
File 162968419661.png - (374.97KB , 1920x1200 , 339.png )


Time to secure higher ground. You grab the gob-lee and make for the rocks where those ghostskins shot at you. They're pulped. You grab one of the thunder-sticks and...it's so tiny! How does this thing even-


That one was from a different direction! Just where-calm down. They must have changed position. Just take the gob-lee and-
No. 1008602 ID: fd2dfa
File 162968423503.png - (156.65KB , 1920x1200 , 340.png )

Alright. New problem. There are at least four of the roh-koff and you only have three gob-lee.

And then there's the nightblades. They are still coming.

>Fall back. Set up a new ambush point.
>Bring these corpses to Sizzala. Let her off the leash
>Other plan
No. 1008606 ID: 094652

Corpse party!
No. 1008625 ID: df76b1

I mean, yes, corpse party is the only real solution there.
No. 1009202 ID: fd2dfa
File 163049100882.png - (948.34KB , 1600x1200 , 341.png )

You hurl the bodies up to Sizzala.

:waya:"Sizzala! Kill them!"


Oh Mother-Goddess this better not have been a mistake. The corpses are quickly dissolved, and the black mist of woman-magic swirls around Sizzala. With a gesture she flings it towards your attackers. At first, nothing happens.
No. 1009203 ID: fd2dfa
File 163049104684.png - (318.96KB , 1600x1200 , 342.png )

Then they die. Their bodies burst, bones break and skin tears. They don't even have time to scream as Sizzala destroys them. It makes you cringe, even from your distance. You don't care much for the fate of nonpeople, but you never want to be on the receiving end of Gormoamhi witchery. Especially one as cruel as Sizzala.

:Waya:"Sizzala! Are they all dead?"

:Sizzala:"Not all of them. I can feel them. I can feel more coming. More ghostskins. More nonpeople to feed on!"
No. 1009204 ID: fd2dfa
File 163049109654.png - (208.43KB , 1600x1200 , 343.png )

The corpses of the nonpeople are consumed in her mist. The power is going to her head!

:Sizzala:"I will kill them too!"

:Waya:"No! Do not kill them! Spare them!"


:Waya:"We still need their knowledge. Corpses give us nothing!"

:Sizzala:"RRRGH! FINE!"

She takes her great magic and hurls it at the nonpeople you cannot even see. Sizzala's witchcraft must let her see even further than you. Which is strange, you thought something like that would be man's magic. Sizzala's power dissipates and she signs in annoyance.

:Sizzala:"It...is done. They will live."



Does she really need to have the last word?
No. 1009206 ID: fd2dfa
File 163049112972.png - (268.88KB , 1600x1200 , 344.png )

The nightblades are piled in a heap. Eight of them, wisps of Gormoahmi magic seep from their mouths. Sizzala must have choked them into unconsciousness. The others have gathered around them prone shapes.

:Waya:"Do any of them have the cure?"

:sizzala:"How would I know? I don't know what nonpeople medicine looks like. For all I know, it's ghostskin piss."

:Oklak:"Oooh! So many new females. It will be fun training them all." Oklak smiles. Of course that's all a man thinks about.

:Waya:"We aren't taking them all."


:Waya:"I've seen your shelter. It is filled with nonpeople that are still not properly broken in. They outnumber the half-people, eat your food, and waste time and effort doing nothing. You can't accomodate so many new females."

:Sizzala:"What happened to needing them alive" Sizzala snarls.

:Waya:"Two. We take back two. One to interrogate to find their leaders, and that cure. The other to verify if it is true. We kill the rest."

:Oklak:"That's such a waste. We're still building the clan."

:Waya:"More mouths to feed, and still you are the only real hunter. You want to train ghostskins? Train yours to bring food! Take the burden off your clan and support them properly! That's how Gormoamhi work!"

:Oklak:"We need more than that! What if they both lie?"

:Waya:"Sizzala's magic will not let them lie."

:Oklak:"They may not remember. What then? This is also for the clan. We must make sure what we learn is the truth. Sizzala tried to learn from the Nietch-female, and it did not work" he ignores Sizzala's glare "how do we know that won't happen again?"

The Oklak-man raises a fair point. An additional ghostskin prisoner would not be much more of a strain, it could help ensure information is true, and as disgusting as it is, these ghostskins are good for breeding a new clan. But at the same time, a man is questioning his better. That is an insult to you and to Gormoamhi to have an Odd Man speak against a Mistress. And his risk isn't gone, just less. What if all three do not know?

>Do not question me again (The two el-fu ghostskins will be taken)
>A good point Oklak, but it is your responsibility to ease our food burdens from now on(Take the el-fu and the dah-een nightblades)
>A Compromise(insert other suggestion)
No. 1009209 ID: 094652

Take all eight. You don't have to feed them; you could just let them starve to death. Living bodies will make good sources of experimentation, or prey for the hand monster.

And if you have all eight, you can make an example of one at random and see if that causes the remainder to re-consider.
No. 1009225 ID: a3a916

Remember this is an odd clan, I think we could take fourth and compare what they know.
No. 1009238 ID: 6519cb

Pick two of them. Choose them clothed as differently as possible.
No. 1009330 ID: bb78f2

A harsh compromise. We will attempt to interrogate and break 4 of the survivors. One for each man in the clan to handle minus Oklak, meanwhile, you will break Oklak for his foolishness and insubordination. In the end, only two of the four taken back will survive. Cruel, but tactful. It is time to earn respect and fear in this clan, and ALL will learn of your ruthlessness.

Oklak will do NOTHING but hunt and lay with you for the next three days and nights. It is time to tame the idiot and get him in line. Perhaps time with an actual Gormoahmi female will loosen his current obsession with training.
No. 1009515 ID: a982d2

>A good point Oklak, but it is your responsibility to ease our food burdens from now on(Take the el-fu and the dah-een nightblades)
I mean, if Oklak is correct, he's correct. The men will work overtime to break them and impregnate them to limit physically. We NEED to make hiding charms to prevent more people from finding our place too
No. 1009821 ID: fd2dfa
File 163109713395.png - (359.61KB , 1600x1200 , 345.png )

:Waya:"Fine. We take four. The el-fu, the dah-een and...whatever that thing is" you point to the one with a scaled tail.

:oklak:"Ooooh, good" Oklak smiles. "I'm gonna-" you grab the uppity man by the snout.

:waya:"Do nothing. The four will go to the other men. Not you."


:waya:"You disobeyed me. You spoke to your better. Having your clan destroyed is tragic, but you cannot let that destroy the hierarchy of Gormoamhi life! When I give a command you follow. You don't whine, you don't complain. If you think I did wrong, you ask my permission to speak! So as punishment, the clan will get more females, and you can enjoy none. Instead I will work you, my Odd man. Work you until you collapse. You will hunt to feed the clan, and you will not be allowed to touch the females."

:oklak:"MMPLLLSP!? MMMplpppmmm!", you hate how many times you had to do this with unruly Gormoamhi that you understand tongue-speak.

:waya:"Your females will be looked after by the other men. Disobey me again, and your claim-mates become their claim-mates" that enrages him but a tight squeeze stops his rage as he sees the cold fury in your eyes. "Am. I. Understood?"

Oklak tries to nod, quickly. Odd man or no, all Gormoamhi are trained to wilt under the glare of a mistress. You spent years perfecting that glare. :waya:"Well then, you! Magic man. Take them" your little speech seems to have whipped the others. They obey without protest. Good. Tok scoops the sleeping nightblades in one mighty arm.
No. 1009822 ID: fd2dfa
File 163109717154.png - (606.94KB , 1253x1200 , 346.png )

:waya:"Sizzala. Bizangi." The two girls look up at you. "Make sure the rest never wake up again. Then burn them. Leave no clues for the ghostskins to find."

The smell of burning flesh hits your snout as you make the trek back home. You realize you are starving.
No. 1009823 ID: fd2dfa
File 163109725279.png - (178.13KB , 1355x1200 , 347.png )

:guk:"You are back" Guk states. Not a question, more a statement. Like this was expected.

:waya:"Yes. And our nightblade lied. There were eight, not six. He will need to be punished."

:guk:"And the others?" he gestures to the nightblades still held in Tok's arm.


You are going to interrogate them of course. Maybe even kill one or two. But you also know how to keep morale. Guk poisoned, an Out-clan commanding them, dwindling food supplies. And one of their own punished. The Men will be upset. Men may revolt. Yet it is so simple to keep them happy.

:waya:"They are yours tonight. Each of you" you point to all the men. Except Oklak. Their mood improves greatly. "I want talismans and wards from this, and I want them broken tonight. No lies when I speak with them."

"May I see them mistress?", the ghostskin, the Nietch-female approaches you. Bold.

:waya:"And why is that?"

"They are nightblades oh great lady" her speech is choppy, but oddly melodic. You allow her to talk, if only to listen to that interesting voice. "They are trained. Trained with great teachers. They will be hard to break."

:waya:"HA! Dah-een say the same about their training. And Gormoamhi break them every time. Doesn't matter what they were. They always become females for Gormoamhi sooner or later" you grin.

:guk:"And Oklak showed me his training. I used it on you remember?", Guk pats Nietch on the head. She shivers at his touch. It must have been effective. Maybe Oklak can show that with you...

"I also wish to see their gear mistress. If they have an antidote for master Guk."

That actually is smart of the female. She is ghostskin. They are ghostskin. She knows what their garbage looks like, and you don't. You nod and Neitch fishes through their pouches and belts.

"They don't have enough Master Guk" she says holding a small bottle. "This will cure the pain for now, but to cleanse your body of all the toxin, we will need to find their source."
No. 1009824 ID: fd2dfa
File 163109735989.png - (288.50KB , 1400x1050 , 348.png )

The Fire is stoked. Tuglavu is passed around. The empty vessels are collected, and Guk finds the ward. You are more surprised that even a poisoned man like Guk will still find the strength for this. The men are ready for a feast.

The Nightblades lose all their belongings to the Pile. Each man takes his pick, pushing the ghostskin to the floor, growling in anticipation. The ghostskins fight as only brew and tuglavu-addled nonpeople can.

Then they are claimed.

You don't need to stay by the fire to know what comes next. As the nonpeople sing their sad song of submission, you grab Oklak by the horn and leash the unruly Gormoamhi. You take him to a quiet corner for rest. Oklak is miserable but doesn't try to escape his leash. Your threats of taking his claim-mates keep him still.
No. 1009825 ID: fd2dfa
File 163109744475.png - (952.86KB , 1600x1600 , 349.png )

Morning comes with orange embers that match the flickering coals. The ward did its work again. The men still have energy to spare. The nightblades?

:waya:"Hrm hm hm. Looks like ghostkin training breaks as easily as dah-een."

The proud nonpeople have been reduced to docile females. Angry cries and defiant shouting has been replaced with lustful moaning and pitiful mewling in their primitive language. It seems easier to break roh-koff than those gah-meen ghostskins. These nightblades with all their discipline, have become willing breeders. They squirm as their bodies submit to Gormoamhi strength, marked inside and out by Gormoamhi men. These aren’t ghostskins anymore. They are claim-mates of the truest kind.

The beast-born el-fu ghostskin, you thought that would be the hardest. The tend to be more stubborn than dah-een. But Guk broke her as much as any of the other females. “Ach-ka” she gasps over and over. “So hard...so hot...I can’t take it”

:guk: "Oh? Do you want me to stop?” Guk teases her, reducing his already slow pace.

“No…”she moans.

:guk: “Then you must want me to plow new life in you. Do you want to have my pups?”


Tok's claim, the el-fu, grits her teeth as she reaches her limit. She was the angrier than the beastborn, but now she accepts her place under Tok. She reaches up to caress his face as he leans in to lick hers. :tokrazar: “You're mine now little female. Give me plenty of sons” he coos.

“Yes” she whispered hoarsely. “Yes master Tokrazar. All for you.”

The dah-een ghostskin, the one claimed by Saqrar, writhes as her fields get seeded. She mutters the same word over and over. “More.”

:saqrar: “Even dah-een aren’t as greedy as you” he laughs. “Never had Gormoamhi men?”

“No” she hisses back as Saqrar continues to saw her. “Never. It’s so big, so full, so good. I love it! Please don’t stop.”

:saqrar:“I won’t stop as long as I can breed you.”

“I will have all your babies master, as many as you want. Just let this continue forever~”

The scaled one. You have never seen one like it before. Reminds you of the Ja-ha. Arrogant things. This one however has none of that pride. Not anymore
:seqrar: "Roll over, I want to see how deep I can go with this angle.”

“Yes master Seqrar” she obeys without a pause.

You pick through the trash on the floor and find the vessels filled. You don't have Tok's grasp of magic, but even you can feel the warm thrum of captured power. Four great vessels and numerous smaller vessels are filled.

You need to remember to tell Tok what he should shape them to be when they finish. If they finish.

>How will the vessels be shaped
>Greater Talisman of [?]
>Ward of [?]

>>Continue as Waya, interrogate the ghostskins for all their nightblade secrets
>>Be someone else [?]
No. 1009873 ID: bc15b4

Maybe two Wards of redirection, one talisman of strength and two of thougness. I think each mail should ask their female what me want to know, supervise them.
No. 1009981 ID: 094652

Make four Wards of Redirection and a few Rapid Aging talismans.

The sooner you hide your base permanently, the better. This will give you the time you need to do some real hunting.

Also, ask about farming.
No. 1010655 ID: 7a1a17
File 163169706529.png - (469.82KB , 1785x1993 , 350.png )

You command Tok to make Wards of redirection, and pool the magic of the other vessels into rapid aging. You also delegate the task of managing the men to him, as he seems least likely to do something stupid over all the other men. Each will interrogate their own female.

Tok returns with his nightblade-claim-mate in tow...and that other ghostskin you've seen wandering around. What was her name? Bat-ray? You see them eye each other with hostility. There is a struggle brewing between Tok's females. It might lead to something worse. You've known clans to lose men and status simply because they failed to keep their nonpeople in line. Of course Tok, being as men are, is totally oblivious.

:Tokrazar:"All the females say the same. The Doh-kra and Roh-koff each hold one ingredient to making their poison antidotes as they think the other tries to steal control of the nightblades away from the other."

:waya:"That doesn't make any sense."

:Tokrazar:"It did not to make sense to me either. Then they told us nightblades of both clans worked with each other. Their task was to watch each other as much as enemies like us. We killed many, claimed some, but there are still more."

:waya:"How many more?"

:Tokrazar:"None of them know. Roh-koff never tells her own how many she has. They only know Dokra has one more. After this, Dokra will call his nightblade back to guard him."

:waya:"Hrmmm...if we strike one, the other will learn of us. Even the wards will not guard us from an army. Where do they hide."

:Tokrazar:"They say each changes locations, and does not tell the other. The Dokra nightblades told us where Dokra hides. The Roh-koff nightblades like Lunina here" he pats the nightblade "Know where Roh-koff hides. They say in total there are eight possible locations between the two hidden in the rocks. The two leaders never divulge where they go until a day before, and only to other nightblades. These were about to receive new orders to the leaders' locations when we took them."

You sigh. That is too many. You need a way to narrow that down.

:waya:"And the food situation. The one we talked about?"

Tok furrows his brow. :Tokrazar:"I suppose we can feed nonpeople on grown plant matter. They don't seem to need meat like us. I recall the gob-lee keep their own stock of mushrooms and other things they grow to feed themselves. We can clear out the center courtyard to grow more. Tear up the stone and plant in the dirt. That would make feeding this clan easier. Though I suppose that means I won't get my garden...

>Commit to a nonpeople's garden
>Let Tok have his precious garden.

>>Plan the next attack. How to narrow down possible locations?
No. 1010660 ID: 094652

Vegetable Garden. Now.
You've overpopulated and underdeveloped, starvation will occur if you don't do something.

Take a slave with you. Have them identify if a hideout belongs to Rokoff or Dokra, then prepare a trap and plaster the rival's handprints all over it. Get the two clans to re-ignite their hatred of each other over finding you.
Ask what would make the clans really angry. Just don't go overboard or they'll figure out someone wants to play them.
No. 1010671 ID: bc15b4

For now is more important the non people’s garden, can we accelerate the growing of the plants with a talisman? You should ask Tok. Also remember that these women are from different clans so they already hate each other, be careful. Maybe you e can use magic to detect where is the location they are using? Ask Sizz. Oh and you should be cautious, remember it was Nietch who ask you to attack her rival clan, ask the new mates if they know anything about her also if we have any talisman to accelerate her pregnancy use it on her.
No. 1011599 ID: 7a1a17
File 163264561041.png - (230.14KB , 1376x800 , 351.png )

Seqrar starts work with the gob-lee to rip up the flooring for farming nonpeople food. Tok manages to shape another talisman of rapid aging for Neitch. When you ask him if that magic can be used to grow plants faster, Tok shrugs.

:tokrazar:"I'm not sure. The magic is made for flesh. I do not know if mushrooms and plants would work the same. I mean if I had enough power, I could try a ward, but it wouldn't really be rapid aging. More 'grow a little faster'. Wards are not as concentrated as talismans."

The final problem lies with the locations. You know where they could be, but you don't know which one is the true hiding-hole for these clan leaders. You ask the new ghostkins about Neitch. None of them have anything nice to say.

"She's a whore playing Matriarch to a Great Family.", "A backstabbing Rezmodla", and other reh-zahn things you don't understand.

:waya:"Would she know which location your leaders chose?"

"No. She's the main reason our leaders have so many. Because if they only had one or two, she would know them before anyone else."
No. 1011600 ID: 7a1a17
File 163264563503.png - (191.26KB , 946x837 , 352.png )

You ask Sizzala if you can pry into their minds for the location. She snaps :sizzala:"And just how do I pull out a memory that isn't there?! My power is destruction remember? I destroy their minds, I make a mockery of their defenses. I don't invent memories they don't have!"
No. 1011601 ID: 7a1a17
File 163264567853.png - (177.37KB , 912x839 , 353.png )

And you are already tired. You curl up with Oklak while you stew. He grumbles like a whiny whelpling, but you ignore it. :waya:"Of all the survivors of your clan horn-boy, you had to be the survivors. What I wouldn't give for another war-mistress to speak to. A hearth-mistress to plan with. Anything. Instead I have a bunch of men that don't know war, a witch who is as insane as the rest of their lot, a crying whelp, and a dozen nonpeople that do nothing but eat and sit around."


:waya:"And none of that solves my problem. I can't wait for the Roh-koff to try again. We must strike while they are still blind. But it must be a decisive strike. A wasted attack would just endanger us."

:oklak:"I could find them."

:waya:"You're just trying to get out of punishment."

:oklak:"No! Well, yes, but I am telling the truth. Give me something to track, and I could find where the leaders hide" Oklak's chest swells as he boasts "I was the one who kept this clan fed. And caught most of the ghostskins before you came."

:waya:"So you are the reason we struggle with food."

:oklak:"That only proves I was good as a tracker. I could track faster than the clan could match me with making food and building stuff and other stupid things. Let me try. Please?"

>>Grant him his wish
>>Grant it, but with a condition...
No. 1011602 ID: 094652

Refuse him, for now.
Let him know that he doesn't get his way just by being useful. He has to apply himself or he's worse than dead weight.

His 'job' will be to teach the slaves how to hunt their own food. You won't let him do what he wants until they've learned the basics of not-dying from him.
No. 1011608 ID: df76b1

I see no harm in letting him try.
No. 1011614 ID: bc15b4

Let him do it but he must “eat you”.
No. 1012387 ID: 7a1a17
File 163338452089.png - (350.73KB , 1493x1200 , 354.png )

:waya:"I'll...let you. On two conditions. You will teach the nonpeople to hunt their own meat when you finish."


:waya:"On your belly."

You are not in your heat cycle, but you've experienced it enough times to know it's coming. Maybe that's why you said that. You grab his horn and guide him down.

:waya:"Show me what you do to your females."


Once he understands, you let him work. And oh his work is good.

>Be Bizangi, stalking Guk
>Be Saqrar, stalking Bizangi
>Be someone else
No. 1012389 ID: bc15b4

Be Saq, make sure Bizangi is not doing anything weird.
No. 1012404 ID: 094652

No. 1012449 ID: df76b1

No. 1012510 ID: 7a1a17
File 163350607485.png - (647.28KB , 2061x1805 , 355.png )

You are Saqrar. You don't like Bizangi. She's been acting strange around Guk ever since he helped you at the river. You think she wants to kill him. Now that he has that poison problem, she might succeed.

She's been following Guk, scratching the walls, and muttering to herself. Poor Guk is resting with the females and she watches him from behind a wall. She's talking to herself again.

>Call her out so Guk can see
>Stay silent, see what she does.
>Go get Tok
No. 1012513 ID: 094652

Grab her by the arm and ask Guk if he needs anything.
No. 1012515 ID: df76b1

We should watch and figure out what her master plan is.
No. 1012525 ID: 031458

That's not a killing face.
That's a plowing face.
No. 1012540 ID: bc15b4

Try to hear what she is saying, if she tries anything stupid tackle her.
No. 1012892 ID: 7a1a17
File 163419543770.png - (484.27KB , 1704x1309 , 356.png )

You can't make out what she is saying. You only pick up the occasional word uttered when she isn't chewing her finger. "Damn you." something something. "Hate those nightblades." something. Something something "your bones."

That's all you need to hear. You rush forward, element of surprise letting you lift the startled girl up and securing her arms :saqrar:"Guk! This girl is trying to kill you!"

"No I'm not you idiot! Put me down!"

:saqrar:"I heard all you were saying! I heard your plans for his bones!"


:saqrar:"Don't lie to me! I know all your plans!"

No. 1012893 ID: 7a1a17
File 163419547194.png - (471.82KB , 1704x1309 , 357.png )

:saqrar:"Wait. What did you say?"


:Saqrar:"No. That thing about luring to a hidey hole. THAT'S IT!"


:Saqrar:"I know how we can find the roh-koff leaders!"
No. 1012894 ID: 7a1a17
File 163419551412.png - (298.16KB , 1275x1199 , 358.png )

:saqrar:"I know what to do! I know what to do! It's all about the hidey-hole!"

"Stop saying that! And put me down!"

:guk:"Goddess' tears what was that?"

>You have an idea! You have to tell someone
>Tell Tok! His man magic can help!
>No! Sizzala! Yes! Her magic will help hide everyone-wait she scares you.
>What about Waya? She's a war-mistress! And-oh wait she scares you more than Sizzala.
No. 1012895 ID: 094652

Even when you roll a natural 20 you're still a dumbass.
Waya; you have an idea to win a war, tell the war-mistress.
No. 1012897 ID: 96998d

While the info needs to get to Waya, the only one of you whom she reliably listens to is Tok. Perhaps he could help you talk to her?
No. 1012909 ID: bc15b4

Go to Tok.
No. 1013103 ID: 7a1a17
File 163454504831.png - (451.27KB , 2138x2105 , 359.png )

:saqrar:"Tok! Tok! I got an idea!"

:Tokrazar:"You're saying things without explaining yourself. An idea about what?"

:saqrar:"The Roh-koff hiding place! How we can find it!"

That gets his interest. :tokrazar:"This I need to hear."

:saqrar:"We have the nightblades yes?" you point to the el-fu between Tok's legs.

:tokrazar:"Yes, and?""

:saqrar:"The Roh-koff don't know we tamed them. We can make them pretend they were captured but escaped. Let them run off into their camp. Make them think the Roh-kof betrayed them. The ghostskin master will want to speak to our nightblades; and will bring them to his hideyhole! Then we use Sizzala's magic to bring us all to our nightblades! We then attack! Take their medicines. Take their food, take their females, rip apart their fighters, and use the meat to come back! They will fight each other!"

:tokrazar:"Yes...that would...that could work" Tok seems to like your plan. :tokrazar:"So why did you come to me? This is a strategy you should tell Waya."

:saqrar:"Can you come with me when I tell her? She scares me."

:tokrazar:"Ugh...idiot boy..."
No. 1013104 ID: 7a1a17
File 163454507708.png - (238.19KB , 1600x1200 , 360.png )

You and Tok find Waya. Ah, so that's where Oklak went.

:Waya:"You have one chance to explain why I should not kill you."



Tok explains you idea to her. He even adds his own idea about binding man-magic to them so Sizzala can find the tamed nightblades easier. Waya doesn't get as excited as Tok did. Her eyes narrow on you. "Tell me boy. How do you expect this to help us when Roh-koff attacks us? You have broken the warrior-sellers. You did not break Roh-koff!"


>You forgot the two clans wouldn't be in the same place would they?"
>>How do you deal with Roh-koff?
No. 1013199 ID: bc15b4

We have Dokra and Roh-koff females, right? We could make them tell each of their leaders that the other one is in one of the locations (the same one) so when they see each other they start fighting. But we should do this just when we make sure each female is loyal, when each of them is with a pup in their belly.
No. 1013478 ID: 7a1a17
File 163498367254.png - (221.83KB , 1476x1200 , 361.png )

:Saqrar:"Uh split, split! Split the forces. Some are Roh-koff. Some are Dok-ra. The Dok-ra go to Dok-ra. Roh-koff go to Roh-koff. We attack both, they blame each other when we take their leaders."

Waya stops glaring at you and becomes pensive. :waya: "That would still mean splitting ourselves. Unless we could bolster our numbers..."

:Saqrar:"With gob-lee? Loyal females? Maybe some Sizzala's magic that makes people blind and stupid?"

Waya turns back with a smile. :waya:"That sounds like a plan. I'll let you decide who should attack who. Now get out of here"

Oklak is glaring murder at you. You're not sure why.
No. 1013479 ID: 7a1a17
File 163498372690.png - (470.88KB , 1590x1141 , 362.png )

Tok scrounges some of the ghostskins together. One is Oklak's and you know Oklak is thorough. Seqrar's claim-mate you know is loyal. The other two are Tok's, and he assures you they are both loyal.

:Saqrar:"Really? Even this one?" you point to the one you remember insulting him in the dark place.[b]

Tok turns to the Roh-koff. :tokrazar:"Little female. Ready to lie to your clan for me?"

The Roh-koff faces him, hunger in her eyes. "If you will reward me again, yes Master Tok."

Tok shrugs :tokrazar:"Seems loyal enough to me."


>>Assemble the throngs
>You have yourself, Seq, Bizangi, Tok, and Guk(yes even he will be needed), and Oklak
>2 loyal Daoine that can fight
>30 Gob-lee. You think
>4 Gah-meen
>1 Mah-kahg
>2 Roh-koff
No. 1013483 ID: bc15b4

I wonder if is still to early, maybe you should ask Guk what he thinks. I mean he is still the leader, right?
No. 1013845 ID: fd2dfa
File 163549159726.png - (209.35KB , 937x809 , 363.png )

You go back to ask Guk to ask what he wants.

:guk:"I will attack Roh-koff"

:saqrar:"Is there a reason why?"

:guk:"I want to punish their matriarch for attacking me."

:saqrar:"Then...I suppose-"

:guk:"And Sizzala will be with me."


:guk:"I don't need to tell you!"

>Guk and Sizzala will attack Roh-koff
>Decide the rest
No. 1013964 ID: bc15b4

Well I guess Guk, Sizz and Seq will attack Roh-koff. The the Roy Koff females should go with them alona with half the goblins and 2 Gah-meen You should attack Dok-ra with Tok Oklak and Bizangi too since she shouldn’t be near Guk. The other goblin half, the other 2 Gah-meen and the Mah-kahg and the loyal Daione.
No. 1014018 ID: f2f29f

This seems fine, if it’s possible we should attack at night.
No. 1014253 ID: 7a1a17
File 163609909389.png - (251.77KB , 1129x1198 , 363.png )

You are Oklak, stuck here while the others plan their stupid plan without you. Stupid Saq, stupid Waya. You went through all with Waya to be free of this stupid collar for nothing. So now you will have to still endure this humiliation. Waya invited you down, but you refused. Damned woman, embarrassing you like that.

"Hm. We have matching collars."

It's the Nietch-female. You only give her a grunt in response. Guk's female, here to rub salt in the wound. If Guk didn't own this one...

"Why are you here?"

:oklak:"Leave me alone female. If I can't have mine, I don't need Guk's around taunting me."

"Ah. You're mad. They won't listen to you do they? They all think you're the idiot, the stupid one. Anytime you have an idea, they ignore you and do their own. Even when you have a smart idea, they pretend like you didn't"

"You were the smart one who made all those plans to capture my kin yes? How many of us are here because of you."

:oklak:"Hmph! Most of you. Why do you ask?"

"It's still clever even, if you captured my people. My own people, we respect cleverness. And you're clever."

:oklak:"And if you weren't a nonperson that would mean something."

"It's still true. You are clever. So why do they not listen to you?"

:oklak:"Because I'm horned. To these Gormoamhi I am still a whelp because my people do not lose the horns when we mature. They think because of this horn, I still think like a whelp! Maybe it's they who are stupid, for losing their horns!"

"You do have an impressive horn."

The Nietch-female speaks true again. You had an impressive horn in your old clan. No one here appreciates it."

"A shame no one here appreciates it."

:oklak:"...it is a shame you're Guk's claimmate. None of mine speak like you do."

"Yes, that trick you do. To train us? They are not as strong as me. They break, and lose their words. I'm a matriarch. We are made of stronger stuff. You want a matriarch don't you?"

The anger returns :oklak:"Yes, but I won't get one! Guk will get another to add to his collection and I'm left with the scraps. Again."

"It doesn't have to be that way."
No. 1014254 ID: 7a1a17
File 163609915775.png - (231.75KB , 1098x1200 , 364.png )

The Nietch-female suddenly crawls into your lap.

"I could be your matriarch."



"You want a matriarch. To claim and plow and plant seed. That can be me."

:oklak:"B-but you're Guk's claim-mate!"

"But you're the clever one. I told you my people value cleverness. Guk is strong. But not clever."

:oklak:"He's the one who trained you!"

"The training you taught him. It taught me how great the Gormoamhi are. How great you are."

:oklak:"I-but...I can't. You carry his pups!"

"Yes, I will have his child. But I can have yours next."
No. 1014255 ID: 7a1a17
File 163609926744.png - (244.43KB , 1256x1200 , 365.png )

Oh. Oh! Oh this is so wrong! Yet...so enticing. The Nietch isn't rendered stupid like other females. It is...she speaks like a woman. But she doesn't have the biting scorn of Sizzala, or the condescension of Waya. Or the mocking words you've endured from countless women in the old clan. She understands your greatness, she comprehends it! She would willingly betray her claim-mate to-females never talk like this! She propositions you like a Gormoamhi woman! And damn her it works! You feel...things. Thing you thought only a Gormoamhi would make you feel.

The-no-she. She puts a hand on your cheek. Your mouth is turning dry. Your gut is clenching, your horn itches, your mind feels pinched all over. Is it getting hot?

"You can have me...Master Oklak. Claim me. I can pretend to be Guk's mate, even wear whatever marks he puts on me. But I will belong to you. I will spread myself for you. Clean you. Worship you."

>You have a second to decide. Then-
>>No. Every fiber of your body demands you take her! But you will not!
>>Claim Neitch. Take her from Guk. Make her yours so she sings your name and only yours!
No. 1014256 ID: 094652

>Cuck Guk
Not a good idea. Is this a trick? A test of your loyalty? To see if you would leech from him that which is his, so he can justify throwing you into suicide missions?
You either need to negotiate a trade or a gift from Guk, or you need to prove he neglects her.
No. 1014259 ID: b22ed3

If you do this, it will force Guk to either fight you or forgive you. The latter is a show of weakness, he will lose his claim of leadership over the Odd ones to Waya. The former will force Waya to intervene, solidifying her role as leader, also causing Guk to lose his leadership role!
Either way, Guk loses!
Fuck Guk!
Plow his claim-mate!
No. 1014295 ID: 6186c1

Realize she is trying to swoon you because she wants someone who might treat her like a person and not a slave.
No. 1014296 ID: df76b1

Gleefully submitting to temptation then realizing you fucked up later seems like Oklak's style.
No. 1014322 ID: bc15b4

She is manipulating you, just like she pretended to be broken by Guk. Do not fall for temptation, she thinks you are an idiot who would believe what she says. She wants to divide the clan.
No. 1014326 ID: 12f745

She's obviously plotting to betray the clan. What's with the blue glow. Is she using outsider magic on you? Grab her hand and make sure you're in charge. If she was teach her a lesson. Plow her back door then turn her into Guk.
No. 1014327 ID: 12c704

She is trying to trick you as she did to Guk. This shit was all her plan, you should tell the rest.
No. 1014348 ID: cd29c0

She offers, so take it. If Guk starts asking, tell him it was her idea.
No. 1014358 ID: 7a1a17
File 163619474007.png - (189.91KB , 1269x1198 , 366.png )

You know this is wrong. You know something is wrong! But you don't care! You throw Neitch off you. Her hand no longer touches you, but your heart still pounds in your ears as you gaze at the willing matriarch! There's not magic here, these desires are yours and they demand you satisfy them!

You loom over Nietch
:oklak:"Let's make this clear. Once I'm inside, you're mine. My female. A female. A nonperson. Never a whole person."

"Of course. I am just a ghostskin."

:oklak:"I'm going to plow you little female. Plow you and seed you like my other mates, until you desire me and only me."

"I already do Master Oklak."

:oklak:"Shut up! No tricks! If I smell a hint of treachery, we go to Guk!"

"I could never outsmart you Master Oklak."

Damn this female! Her words are so mocking, yet her tone is so genuine! You can't! You must! You toss away your belt. Stop this-no. It is too late-this goes against what Gormoamhi is! You lift her legs-this is wrong-who cares?! You are just one little thrust away from total bliss! You betray your clan! THERE IS NO MORE CLAN!

And then-

No. 1014359 ID: 7a1a17
File 367.mp4 - (193.35KB )

That's it. You've taken Nietch. You slide inside the ghostskin. She is like the others, yet somehow by being matriarch she is so much better than the rest! Her body was made for you, not Guk. You.

Nothing matters now. Your pace is steady, but not too loud so nobody notices you marking another's claim-mate. You will make good on your promise. If Neitch is trying to trick you, you will break her so hard she will forget her tricks and plans. And with the clan leaving on their foolish hunt, you have all day to make her yours.

>>Be Guk at the ambush
>>Be someone else before nightfall
No. 1014360 ID: 094652

Be Bizangi
No. 1014366 ID: bc15b4

Be Guk
No. 1014421 ID: df76b1

Enough drama for now. Be Guk.
No. 1014499 ID: f2f29f

Be Guk.
No. 1015000 ID: 7a1a17
File 163680255574.png - (392.21KB , 1153x911 , 368.png )

You are Guk. Night has come and the attack will begin soon. You feel yourself burn with anticipation. Or perhaps it is just pain. Saq looks like he will be sick.

:sizzala:"That's it! That's it! The females have entered the camp."

:saqrar:"How do you know? You sense magic, but how do you know they are in the right place?"

:sizzala:"You are too stupid to understand. Just know the ghostskins have reached their place. I will take you to Roh-Koff. Kill a few of them will you? I will need the meat to get back to the other team and bring their to their target. Are you ready?"

:saqrar:"I-i-i-i-i ah...yes?"

:sizzala:"Ready Guk?"

No. 1015001 ID: 7a1a17
File 163680259992.png - (1.54MB , 2593x1698 , 369.png )

The world burns away. You feel for a moment like you know all things, and are stretched across the world. Like you have become the Mother Goddess. But it's only for a moment. Then you are back in the world. But in the Roh-koff camp.

The ghostskins are surprised by your sudden appearance. You have only this moment! You swing the Nietch-female's hammer, and smash a Reh-zahn aside. A Reh-zahn furry...thing stands in your way so you crush it with the hammer. It makes a nice juicy squish sound as you pulp it!

Then the Gob-lee rush in all directions, screeching and swinging weapons of rock and jagged metal. Saqrar swings the dah-een blade, slicing a ghost skin in half! Another furry thing latches onto him. Saq grabs it and bites its head. Strange, but effective.
No. 1015002 ID: 7a1a17
File 163680278276.gif - (644.96KB , 2593x1698 , 370.gif )

Sizzala smiles. :sizzala:"Good! Good! Meat already! I will leave now, don't die!"

And she is gone, the sizzling black of woman magic marking her place. The land now burns as Gormoamhi magic goes wild, devouring tents and ghostskins like fire.

It is chaos. It is good. This is where the throng fights best! But you can't let yourself go stupid with the battle-lust. You are hear for a prize, and that is most important.

>>Be Saqrar, and find the matriarch
>>Be Guk and hunt the matiarch
No. 1015006 ID: bc15b4

Be Guk, search for her and complete your mission.
No. 1015288 ID: 7a1a17
File 163703450826.png - (809.18KB , 1540x1258 , 371.png )

The matriarch is yours! You leave Saq to flail his blade. Against the nonpeople even his panicked swings will be damage enough.

If you were a matriarch, to nonpeople, where would you go when an attack begins somehwere you thought was safe? Run obviously, but run where? Likely the place that is well defended. What would constitute well defended in a ghostskin camp?

Perhaps that counts? Never in your life have you seen dah-een and Gormoamhi fighting together with metal and armor. But strange things have been happening near every day for you...

>Dah-een, Oo-Tan-Shi, and a Gormoamhi woman block your path.
>What will you do?
No. 1015293 ID: bc15b4

Take the non people first, they are gonna swing their swords against you, dodge them and at the first opening grab their head and hit them against each other. The Gormoamhi will be a tough one. Be cautious.
No. 1015295 ID: df76b1

The ones in front are reckless, make them pay for it, anticipate their charge and overpower them.

you must assume the Gormoamhi knows how to fight. But you don't need a total defeat. Cripple one of her legs, and she's of no help to her friends.
No. 1015297 ID: 094652

The Rezan aren't that different from you, are they.

Catch the frontal defenders off guard with a powerslide, then grab their wrists and throw the swords far away from the area. Strangle them unconscious.

Talk to the leader. Ask her about the Metal Lord and what has happened since the beginning of the apocalypse. Try to bring her in alive but mostly stall her.
No. 1015357 ID: f2f29f

Don’t let those two flank you. Disarm one one, grab him an then throw him against the other.
No. 1015862 ID: 7a1a17
File 163766027458.png - (428.13KB , 1600x1200 , 372.png )

The Oo-Tan-Shi is a step ahead. He rushes in and you swing the hammer into his side. The nonperson is sent crashing into the rocks. The Dah-een makes a leaping strike. If that blade connects she can cut you in half!
No. 1015863 ID: 7a1a17
File 163766034340.png - (411.38KB , 1600x1200 , 373.png )

No time to back swing. You bat the Dah-een out of the air. Stupid thing. That's why Dah-een need to fight Gormoamhi in groups. Maybe she'll remember that when she wakes up-wait no that's a terrible idea!

"YOU!" the Gormoamhi woman screams!
No. 1015864 ID: 7a1a17
File 163766046165.png - (351.75KB , 1600x1200 , 374.png )

"What idiocy is this!? What's a man doing fighting a woman's battle?!"

:guk:"What is a Gormoamhi doing serving nonpeople!?"

"I am compelled by my masters! You have no such excuse. Even if I was not forced to obey, I'd still kill you!"

:guk:"My clan died! There are no fighting women left!"

"Then you should have found a new clan idiot! Killing you will keep your stupidity from tainting future generations!"

You lock her blade under the hammer. She brings her other hand 'round to rake her claws in your face but you stop her. She's clearly stronger. You let go of either hand, you're going to get hurt. But you can't hold on as your grip is weakening.

>Strategy now
No. 1015865 ID: 094652

She may be stronger but you're still heavier. Jump and kick her with both legs. Call for backup.
No. 1015867 ID: df76b1

Sweep the leg.
No. 1015978 ID: bc15b4

Try to make her fall off.
No. 1016036 ID: 9a2966

Step into her reach, your face closer to her claws, before your strength gives.

Say if she's weak enough to be compelled by the orders of non-people, she's weak enough to be conquered by a man.

In that moment of rage and/or surprise, sweep her leg.

Then lunge at her throat with your jaws as she falls - bite at her neck (or her collar, though I doubt your teeth can dent metal so maybe not).
No. 1016406 ID: 7a1a17
File 163825698141.png - (277.84KB , 1600x1200 , 375.png )

:guk:"PFeh, a woman weak enough to be ordered by nonpeople couldn't kill a whelp, much less me."

That got the woman fuming mad. Her nostrils flare and she redoubles. You suddenly let go and lunge forward, kicking her back leg. The woman's rage evaporates as you go for her throat! "Ha-"

Her yelp is cut off by your teeth digging into neck flesh, tearing into meat and severing something. Blood fills your mouth and you almost gag at the taste of Gormoamhi going down your throat. But the rage takes over. Your jaws tighten and you wrench from side to side as you wait for the life to bleed out of your enemy! The woman makes a gurgling sound as the flailing of her arms becomes weaker and weaker.

Behind you hear the steps of one of the others. The Oo-tan-shi probably.
No. 1016408 ID: e97ee7

Throw the body at it.
No. 1016416 ID: 094652

Bad Guk! She didn't deserve this!

Fall back and let Sizzala finish the lone Daoine off!
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