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File 157539634170.png - (686.42KB , 1280x1024 , Front.png )
950800 No. 950800 ID: 482fee

Okay, no idea what happened but updating the thread last night and it just died. Now it's gone. Gonna try again where I left off.

Same thing as before, Discussion and wiki below. Okay let's try this again where we left off.

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No. 975242 ID: 094652

"Patience, swordsman. I do not expect you to win a war, but this is a battle you cannot win with swords alone, yet you MUST win."
No. 975247 ID: df76b1

A short time ago you were just a slave. It may seem cruel to show you the mysteries of statecraft so soon, but here we are.

We as individuals can fail, but as rulers of the people, we cannot. They demand action on their behalf, and rightly so.
No. 975534 ID: fd2dfa
File 159912943840.png - (156.85KB , 1400x1050 , 141.png )

"Patience, swordsman. I do not expect you to win a war, but this is a battle you cannot win with swords alone, yet you MUST win."

This seems to put the resolve in Dao. He straightens up and loudly announces himself to Nojiko. The two revert back to their mother tongues as they see each other, and you can only gauge the direction of the conversation by how quickly they speak and the expression on their faces.

Nojiko seems the very picture of serene and confidence. Dao on the other hand has a stern face, that jumps back and fourth between shock and outrage.

By the time she is finished, Dao is quite flustered and says something about degenerate acts and defiling nobility before storming off. You get the feeling he learned nothing. When he calms down, he tells you their conversation. Dao was unable to ask her anything as she continued to invite him to surrender to his new life as a Rezan and implied more and more, as he said it, 'debasements unworthy of her noble blood'.

That was a dry hole...
No. 975536 ID: df76b1

Seems plenty moist to me...

Oh well, nothing changes, except Dao is starting to realize he may not get his old life back. Give Nojiko our assurances that we're monitoring the situation and will act when we're prepared.

What else can we do?
No. 975567 ID: 6e6f32

Welp. See her off then. Looks like we're done here.
Assure Dao he'll get her back, then give him a few days off.

Place spies in our own military and inform the generals that there are probably spies in the ranks. At least one has probably been present since before the winter disaster.

Scout the encampment, both above and below ground.
No. 976105 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988846851.png - (558.04KB , 1400x1050 , 142.png )

You debrief Dao and give Nojiko the usual niceties that are expected between families and send her on her way. With the visit dealt with, you return to your newest problem: the rebels.

The encampment is not so much a camp but a fortress. Not like the fort you destroyed, but an Uvangto.
No. 976106 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988853739.png - (164.28KB , 1400x1050 , 143.png )

And old Rezo word, it's literal translation is 'Army-City'. Built during the reign of the royal family, these emplacements were meant to act as self-sustaining outposts to station entire lekloses of royal guard indefinitely. Fields for growing crops, workshops for making and maintaining equipment, it quite literally was a city of soldiers for soldiers. The last line of kinds had let many of these uvangto fall into disrepair and neglect, the destruction of the royal line saw many of the outlier uvangto abandoned as soldiers flocked to whatever royalist banner that still flew or otherwise fled into the wilds becoming raiders. For those who put the effort into repairing these places however gained a powerful foothold in any region. Their placement was often on vital trade routes and crossroads, meaning trade and the movement of troops could be blocked by an occupied uvangto.

It seems this one, Uvangto Kolchaff according to old records, is being occupied by those rebels Suzo wanted eliminated. There are no underground routes into the uvangto, and the twin walls have been repaired just enough to stop anything but the most determined force to wrench them out.

The rebels in turn seem more organized and equipped than the rabble you routed in the previous fort. They sport scavenged equipment and wargear that puts them on par with a royalist leklos, and the seem organized to keep the massive Uvangto Kolchaff patrolled every day to keep watch from all angles.
No. 976107 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988895195.png - (922.25KB , 1636x2233 , 144.png )

Turn 26
>The days grow warmer, and longer
>Yet the families do not renew their wars.
>An odd calm settles across Rezo as families tend to internal matters
>You're no exception...
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 3050(+1250)
Inertia: 520(+95)
Influence: 80 (+5)
Prosperity: 48% (+2)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Library] (1 turn)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (8,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

Cleared Land (Unworked)
Gemstone Deposit(Unworked)
House of Eyes (Ralkoval)

*-On Patrol-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(2Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 2 Spear)] [7/7]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]

No. 976109 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988936276.png - (855.41KB , 1636x2233 , 145.png )

Ssoolaku reports a growing number of complaints across your holdings. As new Rezans are born and slaves complete their rites for citizenship, the number of slaves to accomodate the larger free population remains unchanged. This has sparked frustration and outrage across all social classes. Nobles complain of a lack of labor for their operations, the merchants complain they are severely understaffed, the labor class and slaves both claim they are overworked as there are higher demands but not as many of them to handle the load.

The worse blow is the rising number of reported Gorod births. With no control over breeding between families, Rezan bloodlines are becoming too concentrated and the creation of belligerent monsters is seen as a stain on the families as much as the grisly work of putting down the young before they can develop into killing machines. This stain on the Taruvik name is not doing your family any favors...

Ralkoval, who had awarded himself the role as lead of the House of Eyes, has presented reports that many families are resorting to a growing black market trade in slaves. Because it is done under the table, you have no oversight on the transactions. You do not know who is being traded, how healthy they are, or if they're even sentient! Your patron may not look favorably if these crime rings continue to grow under your nose...

>The people demand more slaves!
>Go raiding, buy some from a family, or find another means before someone starts a revolt!
No. 976110 ID: fd2dfa

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 976129 ID: df76b1

Send an (expendable) messenger to the Utvango.
Tell them that Suzo wants them gone, and has hired us to do it. We have admired their defenses, and we don't think it'll be easy, but we have the manpower to do it anyway.

However, if they were to suddenly surrender to us, our terms could be most generous. Such as a full pardon, and a fair wage to any soldier willing to swear fealty to our house. And Taruvik will not always be so peaceful with Suzo.

If they want to live to strike back at their enemies, the choice is clear. Otherwise they'll die and be enslaved just for being in the way.

Unofficially, we need to federalize the crime rings, and adopt standard protocols for slave trading. Officially, we stoke the war fires against Sot Nasau, and promise the people thousands of new slaves once it falls.
Maybe we could enact a policy to do the first half?
No. 976274 ID: 6e6f32

Immediate raiding targets are unscouted and distant ones are fortified...

It goes without saying, start construction on the Prison Processor immediately.

Construction will take a while though... Perhaps we could have Soolaku Set up an office that could distribute a portion of our per turn income as a labor subsidy, allowing merchants and nobles to attract more freeman labor with better wages.

Raise 4 Sagura. 1 Spear, 1 Repeater, 2 Sword
Assemble a new army.
1 Tovaru from Sazoga, The 2 Tunnel Fighters from Tamos, and the 4 new Sagura. Assign Avyaga.

March the 2nd Leklos, and the New one to the Uvangto. Don't attack yet. Instead, set up a big white tent outside the gates, and await an envoy.
No. 976325 ID: df76b1

Rather than raising a new army, let's just give Avyaga Kavonika's, and bring her back as kourt karver.

She's done fine, but isn't really a commander we need.
No. 976441 ID: 6e6f32

That's reasonable.
But if we end up moving the 2nd Leklos to the Uvangto I feel we should at least bring a unit of Tovaru and the 2 units of Tunnel Fighters as an auxiliary force. This type of strong arm diplomacy needs numbers backing it up.

Also, whatever happened to that Kobold Warrior? An all kobold Leklos would be pretty neat.
No. 976462 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021728527.png - (312.57KB , 1400x1050 , 144.png )

You reassign the leklos to Avyaga, a move that seems to relieve both women as the violent one took over the leklos with gusto when she learned she would be part of a force to siege an Uvangto. Kavonika is likewise relieved as she never seemed to confident in her abilities to command more than a small coven of karvers or bodyguards.

She sets up camp just outside the range of the visible siege engines; and you send an expendable envoy to negotiate with the forces occupying Kolchaff. Not a day later and the watch reported seeing a small mass launched from a scratch built catapult.
No. 976463 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021730276.png - (351.48KB , 1400x1050 , 145.png )

The response was a tad overkill. The mangled corpse of your envoy doesn't even have a message attached this time.
No. 976469 ID: 094652

Welp, I guess they don't want us to show mercy.

No. 976472 ID: df76b1

It's a siege, then.

Let's produce some battering rams, and exchange some arrows with them. Did we think to bring any of those Gorod that are slowly showing up? If we're going to strike, we need a hole.
No. 976486 ID: 6e6f32

This shit is in our backyard, and as far as we know those assholes don't have any support from the outside. Surround the fort. Let's make a proper siege. We don't gotta fight shit, we can starve them out.

Begin fortifying for an extended siege around the fort. Let's go in for the long haul. Even if that means staying through winter.
No. 976489 ID: 1189d3

> Even if that means staying through winter.
This means buildings with a strong enough roof, well outside the range of their siege engines.
No. 976501 ID: 6e6f32

And Trenches!
So many Trenches!
No. 976502 ID: 10c408

I don't think we should try and maintain a siege through the entirety of shardfall by building temporary housing around the whole fortress. Any amount of sabotage would hamper the siege and severely hamper morale with the casualties.

Instead, and assuming that our forces can retreat to safety in time, a basic surround during the early pparts of winter would force the rebels to use their stocks without replenishment. Then when shard fall is over and spring picks up again we start siege part two: this time it's ON. No hunting. No opportunity for the rebels to do anything but sit in their fortress and starve.
No. 976508 ID: 047cce

Ship them warm clothes too.
No. 976579 ID: fd2dfa
File 160041728442.png - (603.84KB , 2100x1500 , 146.png )

It's a siege. Avyaga writes back as much. Following the response, she ordered her soldiers to set up camp-erect barricades, dig trenches and refuse pits, and start levying material from locals. She notes she will need more of everything: soldiers, funding, material, food, and of course weapons.

While she has a full leklos, there's only enough to encircle about a third of the Unvangto comfortably, maybe half if she stretches her lines dangerously thin. She wants to completely encircle the fortification to prevent any possible ferrying of supplies through some secret passage. She estimates at least two more leklos will need to be called in to completely surround the enemy.

Avyaga writes that she will need funds diverted to the campaign to maintain the siege camp as locals are pressed into service. The family's pay does not extend to them and she can only pay out of pocket for so long before they start to desert, or possibly even sabotage the camp. And that's on top of the supplies for the soldiers. Weapons that need replacing, material for constructing and maintaining possible siege equipment, rations, basic kit repair, Avyaga sent you a long list of things that she'll need. You never knew she was such a logistician.

Unable to make sense of the list, you hand it to Ssoolaku, who processes the request into numbers easier to understand
>500 kushel per turn will be needed to maintain the camp
>Food production will drop by 1 per unit in active leklos as crops are diverted to the war camp.
>>This will put Taruvik in a food deficit and the population and prosperity will start to decline
>Industry will be halved to maintain the siege

>Avyaga estimates she will be able to bring down the outer walls by next year if all her needs are met. She does not know how well stocked the inner fort is and cannot give an estimate yet.
No. 976585 ID: df76b1


The pricing is acceptable. The timetable is not. We agree for now anyway.
We need to Manhattan Project our way into some indirect fire weapons.

It would be a good idea for our noble houses to come up with some prototypes.
Whoever breaks the siege can handpick a dozen slaves, and will have some of our extremely limited favor.
No. 976589 ID: 7779bc

Nothing stopping us from raiding it in the meantime to speed things up. Let's see...

We could create a huge swarm of gulpa and arm them with firebombs. The risk is that Gulpa are a blunt instrument, the line between doing nothing and accidently killing everyone is fine and unpredictable.

We could do a sapping raid, but it's the oldest truck in the book. Our sappers will likely be repelled or worse. Our kobold tunnel fighters would excel at it, but those are expensive units to risk.

We could have siege weapons built, but with our be industry halved and tied up in construction we'd need to commission them from one of our trade partners. I imagine Ozuva could do it what with those abundance of wood.
No. 976619 ID: 8bf581

Well, we have the $$$. The bigger issue is the effect the siege will have. Local stability will be hit, which will make >>976109 worse. Especially if we move the 1st from patrol to the siege. A revolt while the troops are heavily committed to the siege would be a mess.
Perhaps some food/goods imported to the area would help alleviate the issue?
Also, there's that requested third group of troops. Would meatshields mercs be a possibility, or would it be simpler to raise a 3rd?

What else...
Would our spies be able to bribe the people there? This'd be way easier if we pay off the gate guards.

This'll all hit the treasury, but it's worth it if it keeps worse issues at bay while the siege is dealt with.
No. 976622 ID: 547ed9

Maybe consult Ssoolaku and see if there's a policy he can drum up to keep things at hoke in order while the siege is underway
No. 976631 ID: c6ec63

How much would it cost to buy slaves?
No. 976645 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah. Soolaku. Hell we should have a straight up meeting with him. Spitball options at him while he vomits costs back at us.
No. 977199 ID: fd2dfa
File 160103145176.png - (194.74KB , 1400x1050 , 147.png )

You summon Ssoolaku into the antechamber of the incomplete library. He appears with bundles of documents and scrolls in hand, not sure why you called him to such an empty section of the estate.

When you relay your troubles regarding farming, industry, and the war effort, he nearly drops several of his rolled up papers "I-I'm sssssorry misssstressssss" he stammers. "But I did not know you would require sssssso much sssso sssssoon. I can draft a new polissssy now but it will take time."

"No Ssoolaku, that's not why I called you here. I need something more immediate than reforms. I need changes now."

"Sssssuch as?"
No. 977222 ID: df76b1

We need an emergency draft of Gorod. No one will be fined for keeping them, but we need them for our siegeworks. Survivors will be repatriated, no questions asked.

We need to order the materials for 4 trebuchets from Ozuva. We'll also need to divert some caravans to carry them to the front. We can probably quarry ammo onsite, especially with some Gorods.

We need our industry running at 90% capacity. Everyone pitches in, making winter clothes and military rations.

We need to set a schedule for submission of weapon prototypes. If anything tests especially well, we need to mass produce it and send it to the front.

What else?
No. 977264 ID: cfede8

The easy job is to buy some slaves to temporarily alleviate the possibility of a revolt.
The tough job, though. Here is a list of supplies required to support the siege. After you figure out the logistics, I'd like you to figure out what we'd have to purchase, domestic or imported, to eradicate (or at the least reduce) the siege's impact to the local area.
No. 977265 ID: e3c839

If Soolaku actually founded the office of family lineage like we asked before the highschool fever dream, then we should be able to found a gorod line and temporarily nip this problem in the bud even if he's not explicitly prepared for it.

Trebuchet would be pricy but would prolly outrange their catapult. We'd really only need 1 or 2.

Constructing a logistics network specifically for sieges so our economy would take less of a hit would deffo occupy the rest of our industry and delay the prison processor and therefore slaves. BUT, this is a unique opportunity. This relatively easy siege could be used to create a workable model for future sieges.

We don't need all options, just one will do.

Tell Soolaku he has until the end of the day tomorrow to tell us what he needs to make these happen.
No. 977748 ID: fd2dfa
File 160162688778.png - (301.10KB , 1400x1050 , 148.png )

When you tell Soolaku you need Gorod, he is immediately flustered. "Missstresss, I-I-I cannot. They have already been dessssstroyed. And even if they were not, they are too young! And if they were not too young, they were not raisssssed in a controlled atmossssssphere. They would never obey!"

"What about the Office of Family Lineage?"

"Missssstresssss, that is for talksssss with Rokof and the other Great Familiesssss. Even if we could get them to agree to sssssssspeak with usssss, any Gorod we borrow would come at a sssssssteep priccccce."

"Then find a way, we need cavalry, and we need it now. Additionally, I will need material for siege equipment, an additional source of slaves for my people, how to establish a supply chain to both my holdings and the siege, and methods to reduce the siege's impact on production. As well as a number of smaller issues" you look over the list of requisitioned supplies. "Find a way to make it work."

Ssoolaku locks himself in his private quarters for well over a week, not leaving for even food. Occasionally you hear him screaming in frustration about numbers not balancing, or deficits he didn't see and a tearing parchment.

When you finally see him again, he is disheveled and sullen. "My apologiesssss missstressss. After ressssearching and calculating, I have found no way we can afford what you need. Sssssomething must be ssssssacrificed."

"That's not an acceptable outcome Sssoolaku"
you reply with a dangerous undertone. He holds up a hand.

"I know thisssss. It issssss why I sssspent ssssso much time in the old law textssssss. There may be a ssssssssolution...but it isssss cosssssstly."

"How costly?"

>Claim Kolchaff Edict
>For some families, the only means they have to keep themselves from being swallowed by debt, they would issue edicts to their holdings, exacting what they needed in quantities they normally wouldn't fulfill by swaying the people to sacrifice what they have to a greater good, through religious fervor, greed, or fear. The people are compliant with such draconian measures so long as there is a promise of a return to normalcy in scheduled time. Breaking that promise has lead to the ruination of more than one family. By spending influence and money, your holdings can be convinced to give certain things. The longer the edict lasts, the costlier it gets.

>You send out a call to Tamos and Sazoga, declaring your intention to seize control of an Uvangto. That alone sways many merchants and labor chiefs to your cause. The prospect of controlling one of the legendary fortress-cities means safety for a region, wealth as you can impose tariffs on all trade that passes across roads that intersect it, and pose as a symbol of military might which stirs the hearts of those that remember Taruvik's martial past. The edict calls for much, and many are willing to sacrfice as much...for a small time.

The Edict demands
>Triple work shifts of slave labor and double shifts of the free-labor class(Industry is maintained)(200 Kushel)
>>[Industry rounded to the nearest 10 * 10]
>Hire a mercenary House of Gorod riders, with a flexible contract that extends as long as the siege.(1000 Kushel)
>>Default cost for a unit of Gorod
>Redirect industry to a war footing, including the production of material and tools for constructing siege equipment(100 Kushel)
>>War expenses
>Negotiate a temporary contract with neighboring families to purchase prisoners of war as slaves to offset demand and supply war camp with necessary labor(and meat shields) (100 kushel)
>>War expenses

>The Edict will cost 1400 Kushel per year.
>The Edict will cost 100 Influence this year. Next year will cost 200

"Will thisssss ssssssuficcccce?"
No. 977749 ID: 6f84db

I have a feeling sacrificing some angle will be less likely to blow up in our faces.
No. 977751 ID: 094652

>Kolchaff Edict: Fascist State

We can't deny the effectiveness of doubling shifts and nationalizing the wealth of our aristocrats, but this is going to eat the sanity of our people as the taste of pure autocratic power corrupts completely (especially without simulations to ease the power-hungry into the sensation, driving them insane with addiction).

I vote against this martial law 'for the greater good'. It's too often that an 'emergency situation' that goes on for more than a season, let alone a year, devolves into a rampant worship of the fascist machine that hides the soul sacrifices and spits out the power of gods.

I say that we need to formulate a policy that simulates the opportunity for overclocking without directly forcing the entire nation into super-slavery and debt denial. We have the funds and the inertia to spare, so let's start by offering opportunities to slaves for freedom, increases in wages and limited control of future policy for freemen, and advanced audits on the nobility unless they contribute to progress publicly and directly.
No. 977759 ID: df76b1

The only reason we're doing this is to resolve the seige within a year. after that we'll have slaves to train and trade to return to.

Yes, this is what we asked for. I hesitate to say 'Good Work' but this indeed gives us a stepping stone to take the Uvangto. Do it.
No. 977773 ID: 6e6f32

When it says this year, does that mean one year from now, as in Next Summer Turn 1, or the end of the calendar year, as in this Winter turn 1 or 2?

Let see the fine print...
With our current influence gain, we can only support 1 year of this without owing big dangerous political favors. Doing this essentially calls every favor we have minus that one time we paid Rokof a bunch of money. It would be wise of us to focus on fulfilling Rokof's requests of us afterward so that we might gain more influence.

The edict demands results. Not fulfilling our promise could lead to both social and political unrest.
This promise is that we must gain control of the Uvangto.
...X)We must win this fight and take the fort.
...X)We must maintain hold of the fort ourselves.

The Uvangto is right on Suzo's doorstep. They likely have legal claim to it. Though so will we, since Rokof would as well and we are not only his vassal, but the one's who physically take it.
Suzo is likely to demand it's surrender when we capture it. They will probably offer a stupendous sum of money for it. Given it's strategic location in relation to Rokof's holdings and Navozem's ties to Gamin (even without hard proof), it would be treasonous on our part to surrender it to Suzo. There would normally be other options though. We could raise the whole thing to the ground, or surrender it to Rokof. This edict essentially forces us to control it ourselves. Navozem will be furious. We will be thrust into a cold war that could turn white hot at anytime.

In short, we need to decide now what to do with the Uvangto when the siege is over.
If we want to take it ourselves, this edict is amazing. We'll be in a much stronger position when the deed is done.
If we want to do anything else with it however, we MUST decline.

I for one say let's do it. The path ahead won't be easy, but I fear resting on our laurels is overall riskier. Suzo wins the turtling game and we know they are up to something. They need to be put off balance.
No. 977783 ID: ead630

I guess it was too optimistic to hope that just cash would resolve this.
The idea he gave, while clever, defeats the purpose. The extra cash was to add stability, which the edict would actually damage. It'd justify a revolt by itself.
Just have him give us a list of possible items to allocate the cash to. We'll prioritize.

Oh, make sure he eats. We asked the impossible, he came close. It'd be bad to mistreat such skilled help.
No. 978119 ID: fd2dfa
File 160214311202.png - (297.12KB , 1400x1050 , 149.png )

Perhaps telling him to feed himself should have been saved for last. Nevertheless, you find Ssoolaku in the servants' kitchen stuffing his face with those fried meat pastries the slaves love so much.

"Ssoolaku, the Edict is a bit much. Are you certain you can't just make some policy, or find a means of just paying for what we need? I don't think I can drive my people to such extremes. At least not yet."

"Pmmmfffffeee?" Ssoolaku asks behind a mouthful of flaky buns. He shakes his head, then swallows. "Apologiessss misstress. If wqe relied on reformssss it would take even longer to retrieve the ssssupliessss, and asssss you had told me and from what I added together, the ssssssiege cannot sssssusssstain itssssself that long."

"And what about our allies? Can't we trade with them for what we need?"

"Sssssome we can missstresss" he admits swallowing another bun without chewing. "But not all. Almosssst everything made my Ozsssuva is traded to Vogu. If we took their timber, Vogu would not be able to repair their damagessss and it could lead to a potensssial collapsssse of our alliancssse. The other familiesssss loyal to Rokof are an unknown factor asssss I do not know of their ruling headssss or their production capabilitiesssss. Do you missstresss?"

"No" you admit.

>Go with the Edict
>Make contact with other families
No. 978120 ID: df76b1

YES. Time is absolutely our most precious asset. I'd rather trade some wealth and prosperity to not get bogged down in a siege.

It's dire, but it's what's needed.
No. 978122 ID: 094652

Damnit. Okay, if we're going through with this (and my vote is still no), set up a contract with the citizenship and aristocracy, and loan them most of your treasury. That way, if you fail to achieve your goal by the end of the year, you can still say you always had an insurance plan and you paid them in advance to work themselves to the bone.
No. 978135 ID: 6e6f32

Make contact with other families then.
Sou is in a perfect spot to supply the siege, but they will likely want either us or Rokof to occupy the thing in addition to whatever other terms they have. Possible additional ally though.

Niktorat will almost certainly demand we replace the infrastructure lost at Talas, but I imagine they would have stuff to trade but can't move given thier relative isolation.
No. 978431 ID: fd2dfa
File 160257676854.png - (934.76KB , 1636x2233 , 150.png )

>One knows it's summer when the raids explode across the nation
>Vogu fends off raids from a Rokgulpem tribe and a Gulpa mob
>Aligos aids in the defense of Ozuva as unknown Rezans strike from the forests before melting back into the trees.

Turn 27
Food(in tons):16
Kushel(money): 2400(+750)
Inertia: 515(+95)
Influence: 90 (+5)
Prosperity: 50% (-5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (11,3)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (8,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

Cleared Land (Unworked)
Gemstone Deposit(Unworked)
House of Eyes (Ralkoval)

-Defending Ozuva-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(2Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 2 Spear)] [7/7]
-Laying Siege-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Avyaga | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]

Lady Kavonika

>Consturction on the Library is finally complete. Sssoolaku begins moving important documents and records in while enterprising families donate their personal book collections to fill the empty shelves and slaves to keep the collection organized.
>Avyaga begins to receive her aid, and she immediately sets about constructing a more fortified war camp as scouts search for weaknesses in Kolchaff
>The siege is causing a food deficit in your holdings! Focus more on food production or people will start to leave.
>A missive from Rokof. He requests you personally meet him in Vot Rokof. While he says 'request', keeping your patron waiting sends a bad message to everyone...

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 978444 ID: 6e6f32

Might as well Invest in a food farm on that cleared Land. The food situation isn't a shortage yet, so as long as people have faith that were dealing with the issue, they should be fine. For now.

Time to go visit our patron then! Sov is on the way there and back, so we should stop by there and open relations on the way back.
No. 978465 ID: 6426f3

We still have 9 citizens and in Tam and 2 slaves open on Sazoga, lets turn that unworked field into grain, and max out the assignment to put those people to work. Then we can use the surplus to maybe raise another leklos and send them to support the siege/backup Aligos as needed.

Finally we go visit Rokof while that is underway, see what he wants. Also that livrary is done let's use it and pull up some.old policies to see what we can implement now.
No. 978471 ID: 094652

>Raiders Need Food Badly
Enact a policy centered around produce research and stable means of food generation.
Yeah do this.
No. 978552 ID: df76b1

Heeding the missive and buying more food while expanding our farming operations, seem like no brainers.
No. 978628 ID: fd2dfa
File 160279539635.png - (460.84KB , 1400x1050 , 151.png )

You make for Vot Rokof as fast as you can. When you arrive, you're escorted to one of the palace's higher towers, where Pokl paces the floor pensive.

“Take a seat Taruvik. Tell me how are things in your family”

“You have my reports lord Rokof”
you reply

“Reports can be forged or altered" Rokof waves a hand. “Not that I blame you, but your report passes a dozen hands before it reaches me, and any one of them can be working for another.”

"Do you suspect you have spies?"

"Of course I do. I know of two in the kitchens reporting to Gamin, and another in the slave quarters to Makag. But I'm not concerned about them, it's the ones I haven't discovered yet. So I want to hear it from you. How is Taruvik?"

No. 978629 ID: df76b1

Honestly, Taruvik is Stressed.

We have an ally that may turn enemy at any point, and we are trying to outdo them at what they're best at.

We have a situation to the North, with Royalists holed up in a fortress harassing our actual allies.

We have a gentry that clamors for more slaves when we need them to pull their weight.

And a mysterious foe that sprang from our undercroft to assault our city.
And now we have this seige.

Which of these would you like to hear more of, Lord?
No. 978632 ID: 6e6f32

We are progressing, but find ourselves strained.
With our walls secure, our library completed, and a few previously unfriendly families in the province either cooperating or exterminated, we hope to boost our economy and war-making capability.

However, it seems every day we find a new struggle birthed from what we previously took for granted. Every day the list of things that need doing grows longer, but the hours of daylight stay the same.

The nobles whine about the lack of slaves, I've a long-standing genealogy problem for which no solution has presented itself, my trade partners seem to have a never ending security problem unless I babysit, I've enough policy in the air to keep my bureaucrats busy for the next year if only I can attend to it, there are spies in my military that I lack the capability to root out, a powerful neighbor is up to something, and this this damn siege is a daily reminder of how grossly dependent we were on the royal infrastructure!

*Sigh* Please, forgive my impropriety.

Even if we buy more slaves and grow more food, logistical inefficiencies alone are making this siege extremely costly.
On that note however, there is something important to discuss.

Some time ago we met with Navozem of Suzo in an attempt to establish positive relations. They ended up trading us scouting data in exchange for putting down a couple "Rebellions" of theirs. We annihilated one such rebellion, and the Unvangto we're besieging on the route between Sou and Suzo is the site of the second.
However, in the time since we've made the deal we've come to suspect Navozem of being in league with Gamin. Though we've no proof, The man himself is... talkative. To say the least. Get him going and he can't keep himself from boasting endlessly. It seems these "rebellions" are actually the aftermath of an international escapade he, Gamin, and others were involved with.
On top of that, my spies report Navozem sitting on an enormous pile of Kushel. So much so, that they could hire enough mercenaries to take the entire province if they so desired.

So now I find myself in a predicament. Given it's strategic position, I expect Navozem to demand or attempt to purchase the Uvangto once it is taken. However, even the possibility of them being in league with Gamin means doing so would put you in a strategic disadvantage in the area, and would put Sou at risk. If I occupy it myself, Navozem may very well consider it an act of war. Meanwhile destroying it will end with us having taken great expense for little reward, leaving us unprepared should Suzo decide to spend some of that kushel.
No. 978846 ID: fd2dfa
File 160300979041.png - (376.03KB , 1400x1050 , 152.png )

You take in a deep breath, then launch into a long, emotional report

"Taruvik is Stressed. We have an ally that may turn enemy at any point, as is the way in politics, the nobles whine about the lack of slaves, the lowborn whine about the lack of slaves, the slaves whine about the lack of help, my partners are as likely to kill each other as trade, and someone attacked out city in Shardfall."

"Some time ago we met with Navozem of Suzo in an attempt to establish positive relations. They ended up trading us scouting data in exchange for putting down a couple "Rebellions" of theirs. We annihilated one such rebellion, and the Unvangto we're besieging on the route between Sou and Suzo is the site of the second.
However, in the time since we've made the deal we've come to suspect Navozem of being in league with Gamin. Though we've no proof, The man himself is... talkative. To say the least. Get him going and he can't keep himself from boasting endlessly. It seems these "rebellions" are actually the aftermath of an international escapade he, Gamin, and others were involved with.
On top of that, my spies report Navozem sitting on an enormous pile of Kushel. So much so, that they could hire enough mercenaries to take the entire province if they so desired."

"So now I find myself in a predicament. Given it's strategic position, I expect Navozem to demand or attempt to purchase the Uvangto once it is taken. However, even the possibility of them being in league with Gamin means doing so would put you in a strategic disadvantage in the area, and would put Sou at risk. If I occupy it myself, Navozem may very well consider it an act of war. Meanwhile destroying it will end with us having taken great expense for little reward, leaving us unprepared should Suzo decide to spend some of that kushel."

Rokof is silent throughout your speech. When you finish, he nods slowly, making his way to a table with a map of the local provinces laid out. "Well most of what you say matches the reports. More importantly, you still did as I requested. So you may be poised to complete your next assignment...once you've finished your siege of course. This should also help you take a better hold of the province. if Navozem is plotting as you suspect, it will be harder for him to take it if he faced a solid opposition instead of warring factions."

"What do you mean lord?"

"It's time to oust the Royalists from Vot Tikve. Direct your allies, or do it yourself, but they have long overstayed their welcome. This will place the province closer to me, and should put pressure on Navozem's secret partners."

you bite back the frustration bubbling up. "Kolchaff my lord. The siege already stretches me to breaking point. I cannot-"

"You stepped further than you were prepared" Rokof cuts you off. "I wanted you to secure your holdings so you would be prepared to assist me and your fellow client families in securing our borders. However, you still managed to do as command. For that I offer a boon."

"A-a boon?"

"Food, money, an army. I shall grant you something from Rokof holdings, but within reason. To ease the burden. What shell it be?"

>What will you request from Rokof?
No. 978847 ID: df76b1

Give us an army, and some engineers. If we can break the siege quickly I'll have enough men free to do as you ask.

And an army in Rokof heraldry may delay Navozem's hand for some time. Especially if they occupy the Utvango for a year.
No. 978850 ID: 10c408

extra manpower that we don't have to provide provisions for is all that we'll need.

Even better if they come without heraldry so that Navozem doesn't liquidate his treasury towards siding with Gamin against us.
No. 978861 ID: 6e6f32

Until the siege is done, if you could lend me someone who carries your Personal Bannus, along with some siege engines or gorod beneath them... I could wash my hands of Navozem and focus on exterminating the royalists.

Not only would we be able to take the Uvangto more quickly, but if it is your authority that decides the ultimate fate of the place, Suzo will have no way of challenging it. Likewise, they'll be unlikely to take direct action against me knowing I have such a vigilant liege.

As a bonus, I happen to know that they will at the very least try to take claim to certain "Important" captives. Once they single them out, there's nothing to stop your man from seizing them.
No. 979438 ID: fd2dfa
File 160357940197.png - (922.53KB , 1636x2233 , 153.png )

"Not only would we be able to take the Uvangto more quickly, but if it is your authority that decides the ultimate fate of the place, Suzo will have no way of challenging it. Likewise, they'll be unlikely to take direct action against me knowing I have such a vigilant patron."

Rokof nods. "It is done. However, this is an Uvangto. If I aid you in taking it, then Rokof will joint occupy it alongside you."

You accept this term, as manning Kolchaff is beyond your forces capabilities at the moment.

>Rokof's 12th Leklos["The Falling Wall"] has moved to support your forces
[10 Kovatu(4 Spear, 3 Bows, 3 Repeaters), 3 Siege Crews(Catapaults), 4 Sappers, 3 Makag Chained Karvers][20/20]

For this year, or until you have claimed Kolchaff, The Falling Wall is yours to command.

>1 More Action this turn
No. 979446 ID: 094652

Can we draft something to tax the nobles without pissing them off?
No. 979459 ID: 6e6f32

The library is up, and while River Clan Sponsorship is better, we gotta construct a building to make it work. Meanwhile Gold for Irons is a quick and dirty policy that will let us buy slaves right now.

Get with Soolaku and pass Gold for Irons. If possible, buy enough slaves to end the shortage.
No. 979841 ID: fd2dfa
File 160387498992.png - (936.04KB , 1636x2233 , 154.png )

Turn 28
>Raids continue to explode across Rezo
>Sarcra faces a siege by Royalists from Sot Nasau
>Ssoolaku informs you that your holdings cannot support anymore people. The siege is taking too much of your food supply!

Food(in tons):16
Kushel(money): 3150(+750)
Inertia: 610(+95)
Influence: 95 (+5)
Prosperity: 45% (-5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (8,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

Cleared Land (Unworked)
Gemstone Deposit(Unworked)
House of Eyes (Ralkoval)

-Defending Ozuva-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(2Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 2 Spear)] [7/7]
-Laying Siege-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Avyaga | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]
The Falling Wall (Rokof)
The Bane of Sovokol (Mercenary Company)
Lady Kavonika
No. 979842 ID: fd2dfa
File 160387504095.png - (803.98KB , 1636x2233 , 156.png )

>As food rations are issued across Tamos, some of the free people are leaving for better patrons, and taking with them their wealth and slaves.(Tamos loses 1 pop)
>With the paperwork cleared, Ssoolaku secures a contract with a mercenary Gorod company "The Bane of Sovokol". A full leklos of Gorod riders, headed by the brother/sister duo 'Big and Little Raidak'. They're camped out in Sazoga waiting further orders.
>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 979845 ID: 6e6f32

The Falling Wall didn't go straight to the siege?
Well. Send them there.

I guess the question now is what to do with the Gorod Mercs.
Do we Join them to the siege and initiate a raid upon Kolchaff in an attempt to end this now, or do we send them with our gulpa to raid Sot Nasau, to weaken their own siege and replenish our food supplies?

Either way, I think 1100 Kushel Worth of raid supplies would be warranted.
No. 979852 ID: 094652

Draft up a policy incentivizing farming/ranching research and cheap cuisine.

Train up a few archery units, but have Dao teach them basic survival tactics in close range combat.
No. 979857 ID: df76b1

Not a bad idea. We'd find it easier to raise militias later, and have food surplus for when the routes pick up.
No. 979858 ID: df76b1

Oh and Gorods would be great to dig tunnels and build catapults, let's send them to the front as well.
No. 979860 ID: 743cf5

I think raiding for food is the better option here.
No. 979991 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah so do I.
We could send the Gorod Mercs, along with the Kobold Skirmishers, the gulpa, and that one unit of Sagura in Tamos.

Primary objective: Secure food.
Secondary objective: Cause as much damage as possible.
No. 980004 ID: df76b1

To Weka, perhaps? Sot Nasau is a fortress, and tog is across the entire province.
No. 980005 ID: 6e6f32

I mean... We could raid Weka. It's cheaper and the likelyhood of success is technically higher given that our other potential targets are hard.
But it's also unscouted so there could be unforseen consequences. We also don't get the side effect if disrupting a royalist power grab.

That said, the only real way of boosting success chance on a Sot Nasau Raid is to just pump more Kushel into raid supplies. Me have a lot to develop in the coming days and will need kushel. We could also just Buy food.

Not reaching out to Sarcra is kinda of biting us in the ass here. We've been treating the place like our own mini North Korea: As a buffer zone separating our interests from our enemies. If they fall both our trade partners will be under direct threat of expansionist royalists, and they're already operating at their limit.

I am of the opinion that disrupting Sot Nasau at this time will help safeguard our future interests while also serving our immediate needs. If that means we have to spend a ludicrous amount of kushel on the raid, like 1500+ even, I'd be behind it.

But maybe I'm over thinking and over focused on this.
If you settle on an alternative solution, I'll back you on it.
No. 980017 ID: df76b1
File 160404170561.png - (197.49KB , 1098x691 , Raids.png )

I say we have 5 possible raid targets.
Weka is the easiest, and Sot Nasau is the hardest. We're also going to lose more supplies the longer the route back is.
No. 980020 ID: 094652

I don't know about this; without a proper road or a general strategy, carrying those supplies will take far longer than the pursuing retaliation army will need to catch up and kick down.
Still, it will take too long for them to retaliate and their fiefdom will be in danger of total takeover from Zovdeh if they try.
No. 980021 ID: cb6eac

Without scouting information all out of province targets are functionally identical for our purposes, making Weka the default choice due to proximity.

Tog is even further than Sot Nasau while also having hostile forces along all routes, even the wilderness route has Arglosian remnants skulking in it.
We have effectively 2 targets.
No. 980664 ID: fd2dfa
File 160490106944.png - (232.62KB , 1239x1050 , 159.png )

I only had access to a mouse today. The lines are all goofy. Today's more filler than anything to show I didn't abandon this

With your plans to split your forces, this Kobold may prove useful as a raiding leader, so you summoned him to offer the position after dinner. The hero of the Gulpa cleansing sits at a place of honor at your feast table. The kobold shivers and stares directly ahead, as if he's awaiting execution instead of a reward.

Perhaps he's not ready for command...
No. 980665 ID: 094652

Quickly throw a board game on the table and demand he win against you or die. See how well he plays (but throw the match if he sucks so you don't have to kill him).
No. 980668 ID: df76b1

I think he can command a strike force, but not an Leklos. Rezans won't respect him. And we'll lose civic respect if we make them.

But the board game sounds amusing, so let's do it.
No. 980669 ID: a69305

Promote by small steps. Make him second-in-command of a raiding party so he can learn from an experienced commander.
No. 980671 ID: 5950e9

hmm, there could be any number of reasons for his reaction. make light conversation; learn his name and origin.
At worst, if he is unsuited to command for now he can be groomed for the position.
No. 980677 ID: 6e6f32

Of course he's frightened! This is a most unprecedented occasion!

He has shown great promise in his performance in the gulpa cleanse a few months ago!

Soon he will have a chance to prove himself worthy of command!
While we send our mercs northward, he shall lead a smaller raid in search of food supplies consisting of Kobolds and Gulpa on our neighbors to the west.

Should he succeed in this task, he will be granted leadership of future raids as well, who knows, perhaps we might eve groom him as a general.
Today is a fine day indeed!
No. 980785 ID: 7a1a17
File 160506853104.png - (184.22KB , 1400x1050 , 160.png )

"Don't be so nervous solider. You're the reason for this party. Tell me, what's your name?"

"Yes My Lady! I mean Master! I mean Mistress! I mean My Mistress! I am Mistress My Deego! I mean Deego M-uh my Mistress!"

"Quit thinkin' so hard about what you want to say 'bold. Yer just stumblin'."

"Thank you Ralkoval. Deego is it? Do you play?"
No. 980786 ID: 7a1a17
File 160506857857.png - (196.39KB , 1400x1050 , 161.png )

"N-n-no! Gambling is strictly forbidden in the barracks and I have no involvement in that sort of thing! My-uh, my Mistress!"

"Easy 'bold she wasn't asking about chance, she means the usual stuff. You know, things yer commander might play."

"Yes, I'm asking if you ever played Fort."

"Uh...I used to. When I was much younger and before I enlisted. Uh-my Mistress."

"Well, show me what you can do. Maybe a game can help you unwind. I'll be black, you can have white."

No. 980787 ID: 7a1a17
File 160506861433.png - (135.46KB , 1400x1050 , 162.png )

Hmmm. He uses a straightforward tactic. It's a bold maneuver. Bold, and reckless. It's unconventional for veteran players to use this play, as it requires either a precise understanding of you opponent that you can anticipate every move, or sheer luck to win. Or he's nervous and deliberately throwing the match so he doesn't beat you. If he fights like he plays, he doesn't seem ideal for commanding armies. A single Pantoo maybe, a hundred or so soldiers, but not a full Leklos. If however it's the latter, then that could imply he has better knowledge of the game. Not many novice Fort players understand the game to hold out this long against a veteran after all, even with a play like that...

No. 980811 ID: df76b1

Draw him out by stressing his line but not outright beating him. Let's see if he's good or just bold.
No. 980812 ID: 4f5375

Ask him about it. Or do so after the game is over to not interfere with the result. Why did he do a certain movement? What was he trying to accomplish. If the answers are not enough try another match.
No. 980816 ID: 094652

Threaten to eat him if he loses.
(You'll eat something, alright...)

Be ruthless and take a point advantage, then win squares patiently and by attrition. If he can outsmart you with trickery, he might be capable of on-field tactical ambushes and unconventional warfare, which is what you'll need for the sieges ahead.
No. 980831 ID: 6e6f32

Play out the game. Give him no quarter.
If he manages to draw the game out, or resigns with dignity after this strange display, try to further relax him and then play once more. If you utterly crush him, perhaps command is not his destiny.
If he somehow pulls out a win though, well then he may have a future.

Let a victory over you also earn him the honor of your bed tonight, if he so desires.
No. 980885 ID: baa6c7

Press him on it, maybe watch him play against someone which a radically different playstyle from yours, to better assess him.
No. 981143 ID: fd2dfa
File 160556607636.png - (195.52KB , 1400x1050 , 163.png )

It could just be he's afraid of playing you, so you opt to let Ralkoval step in. You make a subtle gesture he picks up and he steps over. "Hey is that Fort? I haven't played in an age and a half!" he declares, knocking the game over.

"Ralkoval! Damn it, we were in the middle of a game!" he bats away your hand.

"You were? Sorry" he offers a half-hearted apology. But I'm better at this that she is. Here let me set up and show you."
No. 981144 ID: fd2dfa
File 160556609147.png - (141.16KB , 1400x1050 , 164.png )

If ever there was anyone that was good at playing the idiot, it's Ralkoval. His brashnes stuns Deego enough he doesn't question the change in players. Ralkoval even employs Deego's headstrong tactics to play the amateur player.

Deego in turn seems to relax now that he's not playing the family Matriarch. His game shifts as well. His opening move is still the same as before, but once his forts are set up, he becomes even more aggressive. Ralk manages to get a leklos to his side of the board, but in turn Deego knocks out a fort and brings one of his own to Ralk's side! And what you thought might have been a reckless sacrifice of two pieces was actually a trick to redeploy them next turn...

No. 981145 ID: fd2dfa
File 160556611199.png - (139.26KB , 1400x1050 , 165.png )

Which he does! Essentially Ralk is deadlocked but Deego can still move one more leklos to the other end, making him the winner. His tactics, while brash and wasteful, are still useful for getting results. He's much more suited for a Pantoo right now, or a raiding party, but you wouldn't give him command of a Leklos unless casualties are inevitable.
No. 981157 ID: df76b1

We have capable generals. Platoon leaders are more expendable, but just as valuable.

Besides, fortune favors such men, at least for awhile.
No. 981161 ID: 094652

Deego still needs more training in terms of troop survival and fallback planning, but I appreciate his tactics and drive. Give him some extra training and then send him when the time is right.
No. 981162 ID: 6e6f32

A perfect fit for the smaller raid and Weka then.
No. 981390 ID: fd2dfa
File 160576468283.png - (453.21KB , 1400x1050 , 167.png )

It's settled. Deego is made leader of the raid. A prestigious advancement for a kobold, and a test of his abilities in real battle. Of course that means he won't be sharing your bed tonight. Leading a Pantoo is simply not prestigious enough to get a Matriarch's attention.

That's alright though. There's always someone ready to keep you company. Sleep doesn't come easy though. With Deego now proclaimed leader of the raid, you can no longer put off your decision.

>Where's the raid target?
No. 981395 ID: df76b1

I'm glad you're staying warm. I guess you're kinda mature for stuffed animals, after all.

Weka. We've all but earmarked it for expansion, anyway.
No. 981497 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah Weka, especially if Deego is running the op.

If all goes well and Sarcra still stands next turn, we might consider using the mercs to to break that siege specifically, instead of attempting to pull double duty.

How much Kushel we putting toward the Weka Raid?
No. 981989 ID: 7a1a17
File 160626233057.png - (289.18KB , 1400x1050 , 168.png )

rolled 2 + 39 = 41

Your family never had business in Vek Sotao, and thus you have no direct experience with the terrain. You forces are forced to move further apart as dense forest and mountains are replaced by short bush of flat-palm and rolling hills. It's much harder to mask the movement of your forces.

>Raid Bonuses
>Gulpa (+1)
>Skirmishers (+1)
>Raid size (+7)
>Raid funds (+150)
>No direct route (-20)
>Unknown province (-100)
No. 981991 ID: 7a1a17
File 160626265995.png - (660.55KB , 1400x1050 , 169.png )

>Weka identified – Yish stronghold
The Yish Tribes: Not all Rezans accepted the new ways after the Final Dance of the Yishic Cult. Some stubbornly cling to the way of the priest kings, upholding their bizarre traditions and performing rituals to their heathen god. These wandering primitives have harnessed strange magics that let them control the Vermin races, especially the Scrshk, and mold and twist the bodies of their thralls into deadlier forms.

In the time of the Deinoka line, the Yish were purged by regular patrols of the royal armies and the Great Families until it was almost a sport to hunt their isolated pockets. Since the decline however they seem to have returned in greater numbers, some even growing bold enough to seize abandoned settlements and forts.

>Minor failure
The unfamiliar terrain, and the wards set up by the tribe alert your enemy before your forces are fully in place. What would have been a night raid becomes a panicked scrum in the middle of the day as you warriors abandon any pretense of organization. Gulpa ferocity is great on its own, but can only go so far in the face of Yish abominations; and Deego is forced to call a retreat before it's a total route. All you have to show for the raid is a diminished force, and a paltry sum of treasures

>+50 Kushel
>Raiding force - [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear) sustains 50% casualties
No. 982001 ID: df76b1

Return with the survivors and adopt new training methods. We'll hit them again later.

Could our Karver do anything to nullify their strange rites?
No. 982012 ID: 6e6f32

I'm willing to cut our losses and say lets just buy food at this point. Even if we have to go through inefficient diplomatic channels to do so since we don't have a streamlined way to do it yet. Maybe purchase it from Rokof merchants directly?

Speaking of Rokof, how goes the siege now that falling wall has joined? And is Sot Nasau still sieging up north? Perhaps those mercs can be put to use.
No. 982045 ID: 094652

Well that sucked. Scout your next target and use a road next time.

At least Deego hasn't fled from his failures. Task him with redoing his raid next year after he has taken state-sponsored training and equipped forces, and be ready for improvements.

For now, see if you can hire some competent scouts.
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