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File 157539634170.png - (686.42KB , 1280x1024 , Front.png )
950800 No. 950800 ID: 482fee

Okay, no idea what happened but updating the thread last night and it just died. Now it's gone. Gonna try again where I left off.

Same thing as before, Discussion and wiki below. Okay let's try this again where we left off.

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No. 969457 ID: 094652

Direct the House of Eyes to focus on long-term strategies for subverting Suzo. Anything else will be secondary to them. As for an approach, it's all about the income; finding ways to steal their means of prosperity and adding it to your own. Note that you'll need to 'spread the wealth' to make you look less suspicious, though you can mainly get away with this by implicitly requesting boons from those who suddenly find checks in the mail.
No. 969480 ID: 6e6f32

>May have a patron
>This is the crown jewel of a raid I funded in Westerland. I, alongside Gamin and Sossukla...

Gamin would explain his capability of intercontinental raiding, but who is this Sossukla? We should find out.

>attack his sources of income
Sounds like a plan. Most of his possible partners and suppliers in the province (that we aren't planning on exterminating) will be extremely receptive to us diplomatically. We only really need to put agents in Sarcra. We can talk to everyone else.

We will need to scout Vak Tavu, as he probably has partners there. We probably should request maps of Vot Rokof while were at it.

Tell Aligos that we'll restructure our entire military and attack as soon as he can assemble a regiment of Kovatu. He has friends, right?

Also, tell Sorguv to pack his shit. He's going to Sagoza. Between being our caravan terminus and it about to grow into a city with or without our investment, it could use a competent governor with his skill set.
No. 969490 ID: 9876c4

>This means they have a direct line of trade to Gamin, who in turn supplies them with all manner of exotic slaves and goods that have bolstered the city's wealth.
>Their political structure is based on Gamin, and a wrong word can have dire repercussions.

We have a very likely suspect.
No. 969670 ID: 9876c4

And if it's not clear, I think we should explore Sorgav's plan.
No. 969687 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah it's pretty sound.

You know... we haven't asked our patron for anything really... You think Rokof might lend us a spymaster to get the ball rolling?
No. 969689 ID: 9876c4

We're only owed ONE favor. I'm fine with using it on Suzo, but only if it'll 100% save our ass
No. 969692 ID: 10c408

Informing Rokof of the suspected royal backing navozem won't cost us a favor, and it'll give us his opinion of the present situation.

That said...I'm putting my vote in for holding off. The city is ripe with cash but we don't know where it's coming from and everything we do know? It paints an ugly pictures for blindly raiding their territory. (loads of weak troops backed by cavalry and siege grade explosives that can be carried)
No. 969996 ID: fd2dfa
File 159247268643.png - (93.73KB , 1400x1050 , 119.png )

The family disperses for the night as you oversee the final touches of the Undercroft. Already, the lesser races are organizing themselves into a militia, and your family is going through them for the most organized of the rabble

>>Through the undercroft lesser race units can be recruited
>>Currently only local Vermin races are available, but other races can be made available as you raid different regions/continents.

>Kobold Tunnel Fighter: Rezan born Kobolds are fanatically loyal to their clan and families. Those encountered in caves, ruins, and other enclosed spaces will frequently run into swarms of the beasts that fight with tooth and claw. Honing that instinctive bloodlust and attaching an array of deadly implements to their arms turns them into a dangerous foe in enclosed spaces.
(650 Kushel)

>Goblin Javelins: Goblins for the most part prefer to keep their distance from larger, more dangerous foes and pelt them with ranged objects. A supply of sharpened throwing spears and a strict training regimen to strengthen their arms makes them a deadly but mobile force.
(500 Kushel)

>Voraklat Infiltrator: Rare it is to find a friendly Voraklat. Double so to find a nest of them. It is their uncanny ability to mimic their victims makes them a valuable asset to any who command them. Whelps however do not fully grasp this power. These are herded into throngs, and are disguised as wounded or half starved survivors to lure overconfident forces. Then the feasting begins...
(3000 Kushel)
No. 970001 ID: 9876c4

I know nothing about Voraklat. Could we hire one and train it to be an assassin or spy?

For now, let's hire a few units of kobolds, and have them scour the tunnels for other hidden family members.
No. 970003 ID: 798af3

*Spits Coffee*
>Vorklat Infiltrators
Those would be monsters off and on the field!
If we put influence agents in Suzo, built the service school or the library (and take the Resmodian court language decision) we could start replacing Suzos court with dopplgangers! Up to and including Navozem himself!
No. 970173 ID: 6e6f32

That's... a pretty clever idea, actually.

Yeah Alright. Lets get two Kobold Regiments going, along with another repeater Sagura.
No. 970882 ID: fd2dfa
File 159333965007.png - (919.56KB , 1636x2233 , 120.png )

Turn 23

>The city repairs are mostly complete, but the populace takes shelter in your hold for fear of a second attack.

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1450(+1250)
Inertia: 305 (+95)
Influence: 65 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Spear, 1 Repeater)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (6,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
*-Road Garrison-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos(In Tamos) |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [4/5]
-In Tamos-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]
No. 970883 ID: fd2dfa
File 159333966434.png - (230.01KB , 1400x1050 , 121.png )

The Voraklat are a difficult breed to train and capture. Huunters are hired by towns to clear out nests, which is already a costly procedure. Occasionally the eggs are not destroyed in the battle, and the hunters choose to make some extra money selling them in open market. Hatched Voraklat do not gain true sentience for a year, imitating Rezan form and speech without understanding what they are doing. Words are spoken out of order and with incorrect intonation, their bodies are asymmetrical, disproportionate, or malformed. It will not be until maturation, and after they've consumed Rezan flesh do they truly understand speech an hold a believable form.

The Family's new pact managed to earn us a handful of these rare, valuable eggs, but must be watched closely lest they learn the wrong things(or eat the wrong person).

>Train them as intended, luring enemies into a disadvantage to be slaughtered(Defensive)
>Train them to be ambushers, assuming forms of enemy combatants that are not recognized until it is too late(Offensive)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land

This week was a real kick in the pants that's all I'll say. SOrry for such a long delay

No. 970886 ID: 9876c4

Train as intended.
New Policy
Refill Lekloses (swords maybe?)
Turn Tunnel Kobolds loose with our seal, have them scout for family members
No. 970926 ID: 6e6f32

Train Offensive.
If we wanna be able to use the Voraklat for anything beyond a fancy gimmick they need proper training. If that means additional time and money invested before were able to use them that's fine by me.
Get with Soolaku. What materials will he need to get this done properly.

>Refill Lekloses
Good idea, especially since we ended up taking Theoretical Logistics by plurality even if the current status doesn't reflect it. So really our Lekloses are only half full.

Though I'm not sure what effect army comp actually has, I've always thought of swordsmen as flankers. Poor man's cavalry if you will. With Spearmen and Repeaters being front and back liners respectively.

So with that is mind, I would suggest filling the Tamos Leklos with 2 more Swordsman and a Repeater. As Luck would have it we have a sword and repeater regiment already in the garrison, and would only need to train up one additional sword regiment.

This would leave us with enough cash to start the Library this turn. The faster we get that up, the faster we can start developing our war economy.

Hey man we get it. To live is to suffer. I'm just glad you're still here! Hope it get's better over there, bro.
No. 970965 ID: 9876c4

And I second the spoiler bit, of course.
No. 970996 ID: 10c408

Train them as intended. Knowing how to fake distress to lure unsuspecting foes into an ambush would be absolutely DEVASTATING if they were cut loose inside of a city suddenly under attack.
No. 971342 ID: fd2dfa
File 159376919778.png - (389.95KB , 1400x1050 , 122.png )

Ssoolaku comes with three policies, some more hastily drafted than others

>Harness the Wyrd - Karvers draw their power not from the world but some Other place. Those touched often have little use for families without the infrastructure to hone their power, and they become hedge mages selling their services to locals by healing injuries and fortifying architecture. An established school would allow the family to research our own methodologies for training these touched Rezans, and evne produce our own Karvers.(Build a Karving institute. Can recruit basic unit 'Chained Karvlings'. Further policy and upgrades can recruit Karver officers)

>Justice Through Servitude: The old way was to judge criminals and send the guilty to be sentenced in the royal courts. In this day and age such unnecessary steps to rid your territory of criminals is a waste. Better to put their potential to use and enslave all convicted criminals until they serve out their term, or possibly permanent slavery for the unrepentant and the serious cases(Unlocks Prison Processing center that occasionally produces 1 slave population in the city and builds prosperity)

>Mountainside Sponsorship - Families derived from the Tuk'drav people are a serious lot, but most families see only that. Like the Resmodla, the clans from the other side of the mountain have mannerisms and gestures that have their own meaning among their own that are lost on southerner families. With an interpreter, dealing with these aloof clans will be made simpler knowing when an insult is simply a joke and when genuine offense is made.
No. 971348 ID: 9876c4

With the state of the province, we should be enslaving criminals rather than exiling them. Honestly, I thought we'd do that already.

More diplomacy is always good, but I'd rather have a more efficient core society. #2.
No. 971417 ID: 6e6f32

Karver school is tempting but... Ehh. That's a whole new quest-line of buildables, and we got enough things to que up for the next year and a half, what with the library, craftsmen workshops, guildhouses, whatever the spies need, maybe we'll get back to the the proving grounds... yeesh.

We could sneak a prison processor into the build order. Pop growth and prosperity is good!

> Justice Through Servitude
No. 971433 ID: 094652

Make sure you tax the academy.
No. 971571 ID: fd2dfa
File 159403081169.png - (541.86KB , 1400x1050 , 123.png )

With a policy chosen, you turn inward. Recruiting several intrepid kobolds, young but not too young to be inexperienced, and send them into your estate's lower levels with the family seal. Before you send them off, you tell them to lookout for signs for specific members. The more military minded ones love their traps and alarms, but the more domestic members drift to dark places few can find. You have them search for

>The military members
>The domestic members
No. 971572 ID: 9876c4


Their dwindling supplies are becoming a concern. We should bring in who we reasonably can, before turning attention to the more blockaded types.
No. 971608 ID: 6e6f32

We could really use a couple generals.
One for the planned Leklos, but also one to replace Kavonika.
Chaining her to an army is a waste. She'd be more effective supporting one rather than commanding one. Also, We could finally assign her to a city to utilize her magics.
No. 971832 ID: fd2dfa
File 159428853697.png - (923.34KB , 1636x2233 , 124.png )

rolled 71 = 71

You tell them to find someone. Anyone. You aren't very picky right now.

Turn 24
>Shardfall slowly abates
>Aligos sets off to his garrison
>The search parties comb the ancestral depths...
No. 971833 ID: fd2dfa
File 159428943136.png - (868.64KB , 1636x2233 , 125.png )

Success! - Military Officer located
>Cousin Avyaga. An exchange from a minor trade family, she never possessed the aptitude for trade as the rest of her family. She was less 'negotiate a deal' and subscribed more to a 'beat them to death and take what you want' philosophy. You recall she enjoyed leading raiding parties into rival territories, leaving a bloody streak in her wake and picking fights with her own soldiers if she suspected they were hiding the best loot for themselves. Even when none dared challenge her, she'd still pummel a few for good measure, earning her a reputation for violence.

>Time underground did little for her temper, as she seems to have left your party with several injuries before they brought her to you. Once it was clear she wasn't to be executed or sold off, she swore eagerly renewed her oaths of loyalty and awaits her first Leklos.

>The Library of Tamos is being built. The task is rather steep for Ssoolaku's teams of scribes and builders, as the Library for a family's home-city must be a grand design that can house not only the sum collective knowledge of the family, but the near endless vaults of bureaucratic records. (3 turns to completion)

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1550(+1250)
Inertia: 310 (+95)
Influence: 70 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Library] (3 turns to complete)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (6,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

*-On Patrol-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [4/7]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]
No. 971837 ID: 9876c4

Avyaga assumes control when Kavonika returns.
Train the remainder of units for Aligos' too. Another spear, sword and repeater.

Kobolds may continue their task, replentishing men and gear as needed.
No. 971897 ID: 6e6f32

This sounds pretty good.
We'll need to switch the Tovaru out come summer so Avyaga can raid, But that's simple enough.

After the recruit costs of those units we have exactly 300 Kushel left. We should still have labor to spare. Burn it on an exploratory mining attempt. I'm feelin' lucky.
No. 972210 ID: fd2dfa
File 159472273387.png - (918.93KB , 1636x2233 , 126.png )

rolled 68 = 68

With contracts made, and fees paid, a contract prospector takes a small army of slaves to delve a number of locations he believes contains veins of valuable ore.

Claims of dwarf ancestry in his family line are used to back his claims, and soon work crews are tearing up hills and rock formations on the outskirts of Tamos...
No. 972211 ID: fd2dfa
File 159472352983.png - (893.22KB , 1636x2233 , 127.png )

>Found Gemstone Deposit
It seems your hireling was correct after all, unearthing several veins of precious stones. Cut and polished, these fetch a high price among the upper class, trade guilds, and Great Families for their beauty. Among the Karvers, they are essential for controlling and honing their various craft.

Of course, for the master craftsmen, comes the challenging, but lucrative task to make Voshassa or 'Blade-Glass', wargear made through a painstaking process of cutting, refinement, and application of dozens of rare components. A Voshassa blade however rivals, or exceeds, the value of a greatling weapon of same artisanship.

>One more action remaining.
No. 972213 ID: 094652

Train up a small unit for Avyaga - 2 spears, 1 bow.
No. 972215 ID: 6e6f32

Oh that's neat. Will come in handy next year.
Though I imagine we'll need a proper warehouse, and a mine.

I believe it was suggested to send the Tunnel Fighters again to grab another random family member?
Might as well do that.
No. 972223 ID: 9876c4


If Avyaga is antsy, she can command our garrison units for now.
No. 972621 ID: fd2dfa
File 159506189644.png - (324.58KB , 1400x1050 , 128.png )

rolled 44 = 44

The tunnel fighters go back down, searching hidden passages and uncovering old chambers, extending the reach of the family home deeper than you originally thought. That could mean attacks from below...

The team delves a newly revealed path...
No. 972622 ID: fd2dfa
File 159506272096.png - (875.24KB , 1636x2233 , 129.png )

>Ralkoval, a brother from your father's third wife. A mix between gulpa, human, kobold, and some eastalandic thing your third mother's mother was supposed to be. A smooth talker, he was skilled at stirring an audience in the council chambers and rallying an army on the field. He was less skilled in the fighting however, and preferred to stay as far away from a battle as possible while others did the dying...

>He greets you with a happy embrace, saying it was a relief you won the coup and not the rebellious elements of the family. While you feel compelled to take his words at their face value, you can't help but think he had a similar speech prepared for your egg-sibling.

>Until he had an assignment, he is now content to lounge back in his own chambers on the surface, taking a long line of illicit lovers to bed when he thinks you aren't looking.
No. 972626 ID: fd2dfa
File 159506346664.png - (922.27KB , 1636x2233 , 130.png )

rolled 14 = 14

Whoops, typo with the dice. Let's try that again.
Turn 25
>Aligos moves to Ozuva, receiving a lukewarm welcome(but by local standards they are quite cordial)

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1600(+1250)
Inertia: 405(+95)
Influence: 75 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Library] (2 turns)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (7,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

Gemstone Deposit(Unworked)

*-On Patrol-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(2Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 2 Spear)] [7/7]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]

No. 972627 ID: fd2dfa
File 159506381564.png - (815.33KB , 1636x2233 , 131.png )

>Feral Gulpa exploit yet another weakness in your defenses, likely taking advantage of the tunnels opened up by the search parties, and stole a sum of 1000 kushel from your coffers! Avyaga tears into the little beasts, slaughtering them by the score and scaring them off, but your money is long gone.

Maybe if Avyaga wasn't so thorough you could have recouped some losses by selling intact pelts...

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land

Still something bad happened, but at least Ralky lives.

No. 972631 ID: c05911

Okay this is the second time those gulpa packs have heisted us and they're heaving boatloads of loot. Enact a policy that will stop these raids before we lose ALL our kushel on a third raid.
No. 972655 ID: 9876c4

>A smooth talker, he was skilled at stirring an audience in the council chambers and rallying an army on the field.
Such men are useful if kept on a lead. Let's establish him as head of a social club to hear rumors and encourage noble offspring to join our ranks.

Avyaga takes over Kavonika's Leklos.
Kavonika, where is the largest concentration of these Gulpa? It may be time for an example.
No. 972660 ID: 6e6f32

It's been a while since we've had a good 'ol GULPA PURGE.

Take our Gulpa, Split them into teams with different colored ribbons. And then send them in different directions to "Scout".
Then send the army in the direction from whence the most Gulpa did not return.
No. 973055 ID: fd2dfa
File 159557867681.png - (455.56KB , 1400x1050 , 132.png )

rolled 78 = 78

Your gulpa are organized and sent down into the depths. Despite the arrangements, it quickly becomes a disorganized mess and tunnels split and re-converge, only to split apart again. The gulpa, not anticipating such changes to plans and not very good strategists, split themselves up regardless of original groups and become lost. Groups of Gulpa are devoured by predators that lurk underneath. At least they removed such creatures with their massed numbers...eventually. Others are lost to collapsing tunnels and rival gulpa dens(none of whom are guilty of stealing your wealth).

Eventually they return with a significant portion of the depths mapped...
No. 973056 ID: fd2dfa
File 159558023890.png - (924.36KB , 1636x2233 , 133.png )

It's a mixed success. You gulpa identified the intruders. However their trail goes to two separate nests, meaning your stole money could be in one, both, or neither at this point...
No. 973057 ID: df76b1

We should clear or colonize the nest near Sazoga as a civic project anyway. Sending troops that near Suzo might be woefully misunderstood, even if they're the more likely culprit.

Clear east nest.
No. 973060 ID: 957f9c

Officially notify Rokof that you have found potential thief tunnels near Suzo and you defer to his judgement on them.

Clear the other nest and recruit the survivors, see if you can re-purpose the tunnels as a shortcut between Tamo and Sazoga.
No. 973061 ID: 5c2be3

Those tunnels go far.
Also, curiously, they are both sites that Suzo previously marked. Are they using the underground to scout and spy?

Take the east nest first. Regardless of whether or not our treasurer is there, it's more immediately threatening to our holdings.
No. 973062 ID: 5c2be3

Oh and replace the spearmen in the army with Tunnel raiders for this operation. They should be more effective.
No. 973634 ID: fd2dfa
File 159630806696.png - (595.20KB , 1400x1050 , 134.png )

rolled 56 = 56

It's open season. The Tamos garrison(without the sagura) is deployed through the marked tunnel towards the eastern nest. This one in particular has an unusually large number of fighting males and they hit the lines in waves, sapping strength as each force is repelled or slaughtered. Spring rains turn the ground into mud and tax the stamina of your fighters even further.

They are still just feral gulpa. Your fighters repeat this like a mantra as the next wave hits...
No. 973636 ID: fd2dfa
File 159630883477.png - (384.84KB , 1400x1050 , 135.png )

Your troop stand victorious after hours of bloody work. The scent of burning flesh reaches for miles as the nest burns, its gulpa littering the valley in a carpet of the dead. You sustained losses as well, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. One particular kobold stood out in the fighting, rallying his fighters over and over, killing the largest of the Gulpa defenders on his own when his spear was lost in the melee with only his claws and a rock.

As your fighters loot the gulpas' treasure pile, they find mostly useless garbage. Though hidden in the trash are a few items that bear the family symbol. There gulpa participated in at least one raid, but there isn't enough her to account for what's missing...

>>Gulpa nest cleansed
>>Looted 200 Kushel
>>Gained 20 influence, 5 Prosperity, and [Cleared Land] in Holdings
>Alone, the land grants nothing, gives nothing. However its lack of hostile creatures and relatively even terrain makes it a prime location to build upon. Establishing a new road, a watchtower, or even granting some retiring soldier the land to build a farmstead, every family knows to exploit such prime territory. Because someone else will if they don't...

Only a day passes after the cleansing, you receive a missive from Suzo.
>Navozem would like to talk
No. 973640 ID: df76b1

A promotion for our hero. Let him pick his men, and form his own unit, after he takes some R&R.

Let's make ourselves available with all needed haste.
No. 973642 ID: 6e6f32

A Kobold Eh?
I doubt Rezans would appreciate a kobold general, but we possess a menagerie of auxiliaries. He holds potential. Elevate him. An all auxiliary leklos might be interesting.
Also grant him and the other participant kobolds a private feast tonight, so that he might be granted a suitably gory and grandiose title from his peers.

Aaaand Navozem is here. He probably thinks we owe him this land. I wonder if we can tell him to fuck off without letting him know we know that he's been utilizing the tunnels.

Or maybe it's completely unrelated.
Let's see what he wants. Do make the envoy wait a little though.
No. 973645 ID: 4f51b2

He desrves a reward, ask him what he wants.
No. 973654 ID: 5faadf

Hmm, our exemplary scaled soldier should be given further opportunity to perform in such a capacity.
A promotion of some kind is in order, with better equipment of course.
No. 973794 ID: fd2dfa
File 159653291993.png - (219.16KB , 1400x1050 , 137.png )

You make arrangements to award the heroic kobold when he returns. In the meantime, you allow the envoy from Navozem to enter. Oh dear. It's a good thing Dao isn't here.

"Heyoowa Taruvi-Soosanwe. Nojiko pasa-ra Navosem ruksal, yilerosootanru ru-pora yil ru-resa."

("Hello out-clan Taruvik. I am Nojiko bonded-to Navosem, and I speak with the authority of all my family")

The once lady Nojiko speaks Rezmodla perfectly as she bows and greets you, then switches to the common tongue, spoken with as much fluency as Rezmodla. "I come on behalf of my master and family to bestow upon you a gift, as a means of thanks for eliminating half of our troubles."


Nojiko nods. "Yes. My master had decided to deal with one of the Gulpa nests himself. They are ever so troublesome if you leave them alone. Though he had made the agreement with the intention of letting you claim all the glory, he wishes to compensate you for taking what he believes was rightfully your victory."

>1000 Kushel awarded!

"Additionally" Nojiko raises a hand, left ear twitching "My master would appreciate it greatly if you would submit a possible time frame when the other...'problems' are dealt with?"

No. 973797 ID: df76b1

This herald was picked to send a message, and not just the obvious one...

"We're training the unit to do it now. We don't think they'll wait much past the time it takes to do so. Would you like to see our troops drill while you're here?"

Letting slip that morale and readiness is high serves a couple of purposes. We could also see how (and if) she reacts to Dao.
No. 973918 ID: 6e6f32

So if I'm reading this right she's either saying:
Please stop fucking around with Gulpa and take care of the second fort already. Here, the bombs are even on us this time.


We have been patient, but it is time for you to finish what you started. This raid was a warning, but we will not be so merciful next time.

The ambiguity is surly intentional.

Either way, we should be careful about the WHEN. The hand and ear thing is probably code for something. Our answer to the question may well be binding.
Also it's certain Navozem will swoop in once again and help himself to what he wants.

End of summer would make an easy raid, but the Fall would give us time to covertly communicate with the rebels. And we did find a route in the tunnels to the location, after all.

Oh the look on Navozems face would be priceless if everyone in that fort just "Disappeared" one day.
No. 973972 ID: a4d6d1

What rebels? Didn't we blow up their fort already?
No. 974006 ID: 6e6f32

See those two red dots on the map near Suzo?
Those are encampments. Dug in ones. We fucked one up a while back, but the other remains.

What were supposedly just rebellious slaves ended up being a foreign expedition of Suzo's enemies. Navozem could take them out handily, but likely doesn't want reveal their hand to them, us, or their benefactors. It's just less risky to have someone else do it. And hey, we offered.

Refusing this service brings us no benefit, so we need to decide on when to perform it.

ASAP will gain us brownie points with Suzo.
Summer will make the operation cheaper and easier.
Fall will give us an opportunity to communicate with the encampment to pull some shenanigans against Suzo.

Suzo is in league with a rival great house and cannot be trusted. However, currying their favor in the short game could pay huge dividends when we decide to strike later.
On the other hand, they are a powerful foe and the earlier we start stacking the deck against them the better. We could engineer an outcome that technically completes the service without providing their unspoken desires.

I personally think we should set the date sometime in the fall. RG up there has suggested ASAP. Both are good ideas. We need more voices in on this. What's your take?
No. 974027 ID: a4d6d1

I think we're being goaded into cleaning up someone else's mess. I'm iffy on just clearing these places out, like we're just destroying something important.
No. 974160 ID: 094652

"I see you wish to invest in our services. Very well. I promise this gift will go straight into vigorously training forces from my population, and they will march directly to the next fortress when they are adequately trained for this scenario. If your master wants this done immediately, we need more intel."
No. 974420 ID: fd2dfa
File 159730935946.png - (158.52KB , 1400x1050 , 138.png )

"I see you wish to invest in our services. Very well. I promise this gift will go straight into vigorously training forces from my population, and they will march directly to the next fortress when they are adequately trained for this scenario. If your master wants this done immediately, we need more intel."

Nojiko clasps her upper hands together. "I'm afraid I have little to offer aside from the fort being occupied by recidivist elements. Slaves that were improperly trained and have taken advantage of the retreating royalists to take over one of their old fortresses. Their strength could be similar in size to the one you so masterfully destroyed" she puts emphasis on 'destroyed' with a slight curl of her lip before continuing "or it could be greater. While my master has a list of known escapees, their numbers could have swelled with bandits, criminals, or escaped slaves from other less fortunate families. I believe the fall of Talas left a number of slaves without a proper master..."

"Well then" you rest your head in your hands "Our soldiers should be ready by Summer. They drill even now, and I'm sure the expertise of Dao Hokowa will whip them into shape."

"Dao" Nojiko rolls the name around, muttering it to herself a few times over. "Ah yes. My old retainer. My humble bodyguard. It's amazing what simple things I couldn't do with him around. I've had to learn so much, but master Sagla has taught me so much..." there's a slight twinge in her voice. You detect some emotion there, but you can't tell what it is. Is that sadness? Fear? Haughtiness?

>Should you summon Dao to see her?
No. 974428 ID: df76b1

We'll heed a diplomatic request for same, but won't Jerry Springer things for the sake of our amusement.

Would she like an audience?
No. 974432 ID: 0fa7eb

Ask Dao if he wants his heart broken.
No. 974440 ID: 8e5a8a

This. Don't summon Dao unless you actually need him or she explicitly requests it.
No. 974514 ID: 6e6f32

Hmmm... Some drama might actually be for the best.

We recently found a route to the encampment and Sazoga through the underground tunnels, yes? With the proper diplomacy could we not stage a siege above ground, smuggle the occupants to Sazoga below, and then use the money we just received to make Sazoga a proper city?
We share a common enemy, but our history necessitates the use of protocol only Lady Nojiko is likely to have.
It's obvious that she's soul carved, but Dao clearly rouses something in her. If we could get her to remember herself for only a moment, perhaps we could glean something that might allow us to reopen talks with these "Rebels".

It will hurt Dao, but he's a bound servant of the nation. His feelings serve the state. We can forgive any impropriety on his part. Though I think some genuine anguish will serve us nicely, I suppose we could prime him by telling him she's currently under the effect of mind affecting magic and that we need him to pull heartstrings if we're feeling merciful.

Once we have her flustered, we could interject...

All this "Destruction" business is truly a shame. Between Talas and this whole refugee crisis there's really no telling who's master and who's slave now-a-days. All manner of folk could blend in with the refugees and take on totally new lives. Surely those at the fort must realize that. We have space for them here in Tamos, but alas, our family has always been more of a blunt instrument. If only we had some way to talk some sense into them.
No. 974872 ID: fd2dfa
File 159808820523.png - (211.38KB , 1400x1050 , 139.png )

Rather than summoning your trainer, you opt for a more careful approach. Nojiko is left in your main hall being entertained by Ralkoval, he could keep her talking for days.

Dao is in the training yard, the soldiers having been dismissed. You still see stains in the sand from practice duels, and a metallic smell tells you it wasn't just sweat that fell on the ground. "Dao. I have some news. About Nojiko."

The normally quiet Tsang Naji springs up and faces you. "What? What is it? Did you find her?"

"Yes, and...no. She is still Navozem property but..."

"Yes, yes?"

You notice his collar, and you finally put the two points together. No wonder Nojiko is so thoroughly trained while Dao still sulks on occasion! She's been karved! That collar around her neck was a custom job meant to bend a slave's will! She will never leave her master, even if some part of her still wants to now.

>Bring Dao to Nojiko
>Tell Dao the news.
>Something else...
No. 974875 ID: 0fa7eb

Explain the situation thoroughly to Dao.

State that you do not intend to drop your entire family's affairs to save Nojiko, but her master's state is part of your affairs - and that his best bet is to make himself a vocal part of your family.
No. 974877 ID: df76b1

I feel like reuniting them is too cruel, so we should just tell him.
No. 974957 ID: 6e6f32

You know... If were going to tell him we might as well use him. And if we're going to use him, he needs to be briefed properly. With Ralkoval keeping her occupied we should have some time. Take him somewhere secure, away from prying eyes.

We have reason to believe that there are spys afoot. Do not repeat anything I'm about to tell you to anyone.
The situation has evolved since we raided your encampment. Namely, we have discovered Suzo to be a natural rival of ours. While we first sought cooperation with them, it is clear now that conflict is inevitable. Though they don't yet know that.
Lady Nojiko is being used as Navozem's personal mouthpiece. She is here now, sent to discuss an assault on the second encampment.

Simply destroying this next encampment seems a waste. If we could gain the trust of those within, we could stage a siege and harbor those people until the time to strike comes. We don't know how to gain that trust, but maybe Lady Nojiko does. I will send you to her.
However, know this...
She is currently under the influence of powerful, mind altering magic. She is ultimately loyal to Navozem now, and will remain so until his head is separated from his body.
That said... She still responds strongly to your name. I don't know your relationship to her, but the bond runs deep.
If you bare your heart to her, she may be able to remember herself long enough to give you what is needed to save those people, your cause, and perhaps even herself.

Can you do it?
No. 975231 ID: fd2dfa
File 159861008087.png - (194.93KB , 1400x1050 , 140.png )

You gesture Dao to follow you. In a 'private' alcove, Ralkoval has Nojiko busy with a number of pointless topics. They do not notice you or Dao by the entrance.


"No" you silence him. "We have reason to believe that there are spies afoot. Do not repeat anything I'm about to tell you to anyone" Dao looks away from Nojiko with reluctance. He nods for you to continue. "The situation has evolved since we raided your encampment. Namely, we have discovered Suzo to be a natural rival of ours. While we first sought cooperation with them, it is clear now that conflict is inevitable. They may know it. They may not. Either way, Lady Nojiko was sent here to serve as Navozem's personal mouthpiece. She is here now, sent to discuss an assault on the second encampment."

"Simply destroying this next encampment seems a waste. If we could gain the trust of those within, we could stage a siege and harbor those people until the time to strike comes. We don't know how to gain that trust, but maybe Lady Nojiko does. I will send you to her. However, know this: She is currently under the influence of powerful, mind altering magic. She is ultimately loyal to Navozem now, and will remain so until his head is separated from his body. That said... She still responds strongly to your name. I don't know your relationship to her, but the bond runs deep. If you bare your heart to her, she may be able to remember herself long enough to give you what is needed to save those people, your cause, and perhaps even herself."

"Now then, do you think you can do it? Can you speak to her, knowing what you do now?"

Dao does not reply. He sways slightly as you deliver the news that his charge has been so radically changed. A minute passes and he seems to remember you're there. He looks away. "I...I don't know."
No. 975239 ID: 6e6f32

Throughout the course of history there have been a few magic moments, in which the fates of many have pivoted upon a seemingly inconsequential action.
This may be one of those times.
I know this hurts.
I won't force you on this Dao.
For me, the paths ahead lie slick with blood no matter what happens.
All that is left is for you is to make a decision you won't regret.

Take some time to collect yourself. Just understand, even Ralkoval can't hold her forever.
No. 975242 ID: 094652

"Patience, swordsman. I do not expect you to win a war, but this is a battle you cannot win with swords alone, yet you MUST win."
No. 975247 ID: df76b1

A short time ago you were just a slave. It may seem cruel to show you the mysteries of statecraft so soon, but here we are.

We as individuals can fail, but as rulers of the people, we cannot. They demand action on their behalf, and rightly so.
No. 975534 ID: fd2dfa
File 159912943840.png - (156.85KB , 1400x1050 , 141.png )

"Patience, swordsman. I do not expect you to win a war, but this is a battle you cannot win with swords alone, yet you MUST win."

This seems to put the resolve in Dao. He straightens up and loudly announces himself to Nojiko. The two revert back to their mother tongues as they see each other, and you can only gauge the direction of the conversation by how quickly they speak and the expression on their faces.

Nojiko seems the very picture of serene and confidence. Dao on the other hand has a stern face, that jumps back and fourth between shock and outrage.

By the time she is finished, Dao is quite flustered and says something about degenerate acts and defiling nobility before storming off. You get the feeling he learned nothing. When he calms down, he tells you their conversation. Dao was unable to ask her anything as she continued to invite him to surrender to his new life as a Rezan and implied more and more, as he said it, 'debasements unworthy of her noble blood'.

That was a dry hole...
No. 975536 ID: df76b1

Seems plenty moist to me...

Oh well, nothing changes, except Dao is starting to realize he may not get his old life back. Give Nojiko our assurances that we're monitoring the situation and will act when we're prepared.

What else can we do?
No. 975567 ID: 6e6f32

Welp. See her off then. Looks like we're done here.
Assure Dao he'll get her back, then give him a few days off.

Place spies in our own military and inform the generals that there are probably spies in the ranks. At least one has probably been present since before the winter disaster.

Scout the encampment, both above and below ground.
No. 976105 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988846851.png - (558.04KB , 1400x1050 , 142.png )

You debrief Dao and give Nojiko the usual niceties that are expected between families and send her on her way. With the visit dealt with, you return to your newest problem: the rebels.

The encampment is not so much a camp but a fortress. Not like the fort you destroyed, but an Uvangto.
No. 976106 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988853739.png - (164.28KB , 1400x1050 , 143.png )

And old Rezo word, it's literal translation is 'Army-City'. Built during the reign of the royal family, these emplacements were meant to act as self-sustaining outposts to station entire lekloses of royal guard indefinitely. Fields for growing crops, workshops for making and maintaining equipment, it quite literally was a city of soldiers for soldiers. The last line of kinds had let many of these uvangto fall into disrepair and neglect, the destruction of the royal line saw many of the outlier uvangto abandoned as soldiers flocked to whatever royalist banner that still flew or otherwise fled into the wilds becoming raiders. For those who put the effort into repairing these places however gained a powerful foothold in any region. Their placement was often on vital trade routes and crossroads, meaning trade and the movement of troops could be blocked by an occupied uvangto.

It seems this one, Uvangto Kolchaff according to old records, is being occupied by those rebels Suzo wanted eliminated. There are no underground routes into the uvangto, and the twin walls have been repaired just enough to stop anything but the most determined force to wrench them out.

The rebels in turn seem more organized and equipped than the rabble you routed in the previous fort. They sport scavenged equipment and wargear that puts them on par with a royalist leklos, and the seem organized to keep the massive Uvangto Kolchaff patrolled every day to keep watch from all angles.
No. 976107 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988895195.png - (922.25KB , 1636x2233 , 144.png )

Turn 26
>The days grow warmer, and longer
>Yet the families do not renew their wars.
>An odd calm settles across Rezo as families tend to internal matters
>You're no exception...
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 3050(+1250)
Inertia: 520(+95)
Influence: 80 (+5)
Prosperity: 48% (+2)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Library] (1 turn)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (8,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

Cleared Land (Unworked)
Gemstone Deposit(Unworked)
House of Eyes (Ralkoval)

*-On Patrol-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(2Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 2 Spear)] [7/7]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]

No. 976109 ID: fd2dfa
File 159988936276.png - (855.41KB , 1636x2233 , 145.png )

Ssoolaku reports a growing number of complaints across your holdings. As new Rezans are born and slaves complete their rites for citizenship, the number of slaves to accomodate the larger free population remains unchanged. This has sparked frustration and outrage across all social classes. Nobles complain of a lack of labor for their operations, the merchants complain they are severely understaffed, the labor class and slaves both claim they are overworked as there are higher demands but not as many of them to handle the load.

The worse blow is the rising number of reported Gorod births. With no control over breeding between families, Rezan bloodlines are becoming too concentrated and the creation of belligerent monsters is seen as a stain on the families as much as the grisly work of putting down the young before they can develop into killing machines. This stain on the Taruvik name is not doing your family any favors...

Ralkoval, who had awarded himself the role as lead of the House of Eyes, has presented reports that many families are resorting to a growing black market trade in slaves. Because it is done under the table, you have no oversight on the transactions. You do not know who is being traded, how healthy they are, or if they're even sentient! Your patron may not look favorably if these crime rings continue to grow under your nose...

>The people demand more slaves!
>Go raiding, buy some from a family, or find another means before someone starts a revolt!
No. 976110 ID: fd2dfa

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 976129 ID: df76b1

Send an (expendable) messenger to the Utvango.
Tell them that Suzo wants them gone, and has hired us to do it. We have admired their defenses, and we don't think it'll be easy, but we have the manpower to do it anyway.

However, if they were to suddenly surrender to us, our terms could be most generous. Such as a full pardon, and a fair wage to any soldier willing to swear fealty to our house. And Taruvik will not always be so peaceful with Suzo.

If they want to live to strike back at their enemies, the choice is clear. Otherwise they'll die and be enslaved just for being in the way.

Unofficially, we need to federalize the crime rings, and adopt standard protocols for slave trading. Officially, we stoke the war fires against Sot Nasau, and promise the people thousands of new slaves once it falls.
Maybe we could enact a policy to do the first half?
No. 976274 ID: 6e6f32

Immediate raiding targets are unscouted and distant ones are fortified...

It goes without saying, start construction on the Prison Processor immediately.

Construction will take a while though... Perhaps we could have Soolaku Set up an office that could distribute a portion of our per turn income as a labor subsidy, allowing merchants and nobles to attract more freeman labor with better wages.

Raise 4 Sagura. 1 Spear, 1 Repeater, 2 Sword
Assemble a new army.
1 Tovaru from Sazoga, The 2 Tunnel Fighters from Tamos, and the 4 new Sagura. Assign Avyaga.

March the 2nd Leklos, and the New one to the Uvangto. Don't attack yet. Instead, set up a big white tent outside the gates, and await an envoy.
No. 976325 ID: df76b1

Rather than raising a new army, let's just give Avyaga Kavonika's, and bring her back as kourt karver.

She's done fine, but isn't really a commander we need.
No. 976441 ID: 6e6f32

That's reasonable.
But if we end up moving the 2nd Leklos to the Uvangto I feel we should at least bring a unit of Tovaru and the 2 units of Tunnel Fighters as an auxiliary force. This type of strong arm diplomacy needs numbers backing it up.

Also, whatever happened to that Kobold Warrior? An all kobold Leklos would be pretty neat.
No. 976462 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021728527.png - (312.57KB , 1400x1050 , 144.png )

You reassign the leklos to Avyaga, a move that seems to relieve both women as the violent one took over the leklos with gusto when she learned she would be part of a force to siege an Uvangto. Kavonika is likewise relieved as she never seemed to confident in her abilities to command more than a small coven of karvers or bodyguards.

She sets up camp just outside the range of the visible siege engines; and you send an expendable envoy to negotiate with the forces occupying Kolchaff. Not a day later and the watch reported seeing a small mass launched from a scratch built catapult.
No. 976463 ID: fd2dfa
File 160021730276.png - (351.48KB , 1400x1050 , 145.png )

The response was a tad overkill. The mangled corpse of your envoy doesn't even have a message attached this time.
No. 976469 ID: 094652

Welp, I guess they don't want us to show mercy.

No. 976472 ID: df76b1

It's a siege, then.

Let's produce some battering rams, and exchange some arrows with them. Did we think to bring any of those Gorod that are slowly showing up? If we're going to strike, we need a hole.
No. 976486 ID: 6e6f32

This shit is in our backyard, and as far as we know those assholes don't have any support from the outside. Surround the fort. Let's make a proper siege. We don't gotta fight shit, we can starve them out.

Begin fortifying for an extended siege around the fort. Let's go in for the long haul. Even if that means staying through winter.
No. 976489 ID: 1189d3

> Even if that means staying through winter.
This means buildings with a strong enough roof, well outside the range of their siege engines.
No. 976501 ID: 6e6f32

And Trenches!
So many Trenches!
No. 976502 ID: 10c408

I don't think we should try and maintain a siege through the entirety of shardfall by building temporary housing around the whole fortress. Any amount of sabotage would hamper the siege and severely hamper morale with the casualties.

Instead, and assuming that our forces can retreat to safety in time, a basic surround during the early pparts of winter would force the rebels to use their stocks without replenishment. Then when shard fall is over and spring picks up again we start siege part two: this time it's ON. No hunting. No opportunity for the rebels to do anything but sit in their fortress and starve.
No. 976508 ID: 047cce

Ship them warm clothes too.
No. 976579 ID: fd2dfa
File 160041728442.png - (603.84KB , 2100x1500 , 146.png )

It's a siege. Avyaga writes back as much. Following the response, she ordered her soldiers to set up camp-erect barricades, dig trenches and refuse pits, and start levying material from locals. She notes she will need more of everything: soldiers, funding, material, food, and of course weapons.

While she has a full leklos, there's only enough to encircle about a third of the Unvangto comfortably, maybe half if she stretches her lines dangerously thin. She wants to completely encircle the fortification to prevent any possible ferrying of supplies through some secret passage. She estimates at least two more leklos will need to be called in to completely surround the enemy.

Avyaga writes that she will need funds diverted to the campaign to maintain the siege camp as locals are pressed into service. The family's pay does not extend to them and she can only pay out of pocket for so long before they start to desert, or possibly even sabotage the camp. And that's on top of the supplies for the soldiers. Weapons that need replacing, material for constructing and maintaining possible siege equipment, rations, basic kit repair, Avyaga sent you a long list of things that she'll need. You never knew she was such a logistician.

Unable to make sense of the list, you hand it to Ssoolaku, who processes the request into numbers easier to understand
>500 kushel per turn will be needed to maintain the camp
>Food production will drop by 1 per unit in active leklos as crops are diverted to the war camp.
>>This will put Taruvik in a food deficit and the population and prosperity will start to decline
>Industry will be halved to maintain the siege

>Avyaga estimates she will be able to bring down the outer walls by next year if all her needs are met. She does not know how well stocked the inner fort is and cannot give an estimate yet.
No. 976585 ID: df76b1


The pricing is acceptable. The timetable is not. We agree for now anyway.
We need to Manhattan Project our way into some indirect fire weapons.

It would be a good idea for our noble houses to come up with some prototypes.
Whoever breaks the siege can handpick a dozen slaves, and will have some of our extremely limited favor.
No. 976589 ID: 7779bc

Nothing stopping us from raiding it in the meantime to speed things up. Let's see...

We could create a huge swarm of gulpa and arm them with firebombs. The risk is that Gulpa are a blunt instrument, the line between doing nothing and accidently killing everyone is fine and unpredictable.

We could do a sapping raid, but it's the oldest truck in the book. Our sappers will likely be repelled or worse. Our kobold tunnel fighters would excel at it, but those are expensive units to risk.

We could have siege weapons built, but with our be industry halved and tied up in construction we'd need to commission them from one of our trade partners. I imagine Ozuva could do it what with those abundance of wood.
No. 976619 ID: 8bf581

Well, we have the $$$. The bigger issue is the effect the siege will have. Local stability will be hit, which will make >>976109 worse. Especially if we move the 1st from patrol to the siege. A revolt while the troops are heavily committed to the siege would be a mess.
Perhaps some food/goods imported to the area would help alleviate the issue?
Also, there's that requested third group of troops. Would meatshields mercs be a possibility, or would it be simpler to raise a 3rd?

What else...
Would our spies be able to bribe the people there? This'd be way easier if we pay off the gate guards.

This'll all hit the treasury, but it's worth it if it keeps worse issues at bay while the siege is dealt with.
No. 976622 ID: 547ed9

Maybe consult Ssoolaku and see if there's a policy he can drum up to keep things at hoke in order while the siege is underway
No. 976631 ID: c6ec63

How much would it cost to buy slaves?
No. 976645 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah. Soolaku. Hell we should have a straight up meeting with him. Spitball options at him while he vomits costs back at us.
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