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No. 950698 ID: 482fee
File 157525601111.png - (797.77KB , 1400x1050 , 2.png )

You are an abomination, an Anathema that brings disruption to the Lattice. But even an aberration as you may be a tool. The other People disagree. The People claim you’re destruction may be postponed. The Old Houses disagree. Anathema that you are, you can change the Lattice, disrupt the skeins to more acceptable outcomes. The Reference Point has been found. The Lattice shall be changed. Speed. Disruption to the Lattice will draw ire from the Old Houses. A template must be made
No. 950699 ID: 482fee
File 157525603204.png - (268.55KB , 1400x1050 , 3.png )

Winter brings a chill that bites to the very soul. In cold snow, hot blood runs free. The Rezan King and his family are dead, down to the slaves. The murderers are gone, disappeared into the howling blizzard, justice unmet.

In such trying times, only the Council holds the nation together. But the Table of the Families splinters. Gamavo, reined in by order of the king, attends less and less until finally he ceases to come altogether. Then he closes his borders for reasons unknown. Talba eyes the lands of Rokof with growing envy, and her warbands are free to raid and pillage with the King’s Guard in disarray. Silida, restrained by the king, now renews old hostilities with Gamin. Sensing weakness, Tuk'drav begins a campaign to unite the wild north under her banner. She can only be preparing for a campaign south. Ambition and greed ignite a season of war. Families shall rise and fall. The War of Five Crowns begins. But you are none of them.
No. 950701 ID: 482fee
File 157525616756.png - (55.41KB , 1400x1050 , template.png )

You are a minor family, strong enough to hold a title, and a sizeable plot of land to call your own, but not enough to be truly autonomous. You are...

>Family name:
>Family Leader:
>Leader gender and race:
>Family ideal:
>The ideal determines the glyph that identifies the family.
No. 950703 ID: 094652

Family Name: Riverlan
Family Leader: "The Madman"
Leader Gender and Race: Female Hybrid (Rezan, Tsang Naji, Daoine, and anyone you'd ever want to bonk)
Family Ideal: "We are the river. Life flows through us. We serve gladly. We follow the whims of the strong. And in time, we will persevere through the wrath of Ragnarok. Even the greatest of champions must bow their heads to us at least once in a lifetime, or perish without legacy. The wise among them will bow frequently and guide us well."
No. 950704 ID: e7c7d3

Family name: Taruvik
Family Leader: Lady Charak Taruvik
Leader gender and race: Female and Lizardfolk
Family Ideal: Dangerous and cunning
No. 950738 ID: dd0c06

>Family name: Khalan
>Family Leader: Vinn Khalan "Killing Breeze"
>Leader gender and race: Female Kobold
>Family ideal: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right.

(Sorry, when you said Ideals I had to use those of the Windrunners. Hope you still accept it.)
No. 950741 ID: 1188fb

Family name: Chatnas
Family Leader: Lady Valeras
Leader gender and race: Female Rezan and Hwaesi. Punch everyone that disagrees with us
Family Ideal: I will punch you
No. 950748 ID: ec4b90

Wait what kind of Lizardfolk? There's like all kinds of Lizardfolk here. Kobold? Dragonborn? Newt?
No. 950752 ID: 482fee
File 157534377849.png - (175.56KB , 1400x1050 , 4.png )

Good ideas all. Instead of picking one, I'll try to merge them.

>Family name: Taruvik
>Family Leader: Lady Valeras Vinn Taruvik
>Leader gender and race: Female Hybrid-Rezan/Lizardfolk(Kobold)
>Family ideal: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right.

No. 950760 ID: e7c7d3

No. 950767 ID: 475d85

No. 950785 ID: 482fee
File 157536485739.png - (588.84KB , 1400x1050 , conception.png )

The template is created. The Lattice shall be pulled. Data must be injected.

>No family can survive on its own without getting swallowed up. So you need a patron.
No. 950786 ID: 482fee
File 157536488106.png - (290.38KB , 1400x1050 , Makag.png )

Lead by Patriarch Vanwa Varlian Makag, bastard child, latent karver, and was last in line for the throne. Through ruthless force, and cunning political maneuvering, all his rivals have mysteriously died or wound up on the losing end of the political bouts that make up high nobility within the great families. It has done nothing to settle Vanwa's suspicion nor his ambition. His eldest brother and bodyguards have never been found years ago. Many whisper it was Vanwa who started the fire who burned the summer estate, but the body of Talgu Makag was never recovered…

Nevertheless Vanwa is ready to carve his legacy across all of Rezo, and if his family couldn’t stop him, who could?

Currently, Makag is the sole owner to the secrets of Soul Karving, a technique that dampens key aspects of a slave's personality(namely the desire to be free), and so the family and its clients enjoy reduced upkeep for slaves to near nothing as they can be relied upon to look after themselves. Additionally, Vanwa has decreed that all Makag military forces are accompanied by Karvers similar to himself, to ensure Karving is enacted on any surviving enemies to replenish losses. This means every military victory automatically gives a unit of slave auxiliaries at no cost.(Military upkeep still applies)

Will start in: Angrat, Vek Romo
No. 950787 ID: 482fee
File 157536490437.png - (326.79KB , 1400x1050 , Gamin.png )

Lead by Matriarch Soovi Taloo Gamin, a veteran of family politics. Like most Gamin, she is Resilkem, and sees the coming conflict through their eyes: a wasteful war that will see her family destroyed unless she can end it fast. While she will not hesitate to bring the might of Gamin down on any foe, she is content to play the long game, letting her enemies fight each other rather than waste resources bleeding them herself. Economically, Gamin has control of all water based trade routes(as all Resilkem aid each other); and owns the largest and the fastest fleet in Rezo, comprised of the most advanced ships of all the families. Gamin's fleets allows for raids across the entire planet for the same cost. Their expeditions have given them first pick for slaves has given Gamin and its client families a population of specialized slaves, doubling output for all assigned slave populations. Gamin controls the only safe route to the island of the Grafla, a race of Rezans with poor eyesight but otherworldly sense of smell, size, and strength. Gamin regularly leases Grafla auxiliaries to loyal clients.

Will start in Sunassa, Vas Amra

No. 950788 ID: 482fee
File 157536492151.png - (373.06KB , 1400x1050 , Rokof.png )

Lead by Grand Patriarch Pokl Rokof Rokof. Unlike other rulers who inherited their positions after years of grooming, Pokl has gained his position when his mother was ambushed on her return from Rezo. Her fate remains unknown, and Pokl leads in her stead, posting a large bounty to anyone that can uncover her fate. As he was not yet ready for his position, he is unsure of himself, learning his position as new situations arise. However he does know that trade is the life blood of Rokof, and will do whatever it takes to keep the coin flowing. Even if he has to burn half the families to the ground. If that gets back his mother, so much the better.

Rokof owns Vot Kaltav, the richest city in Rezo thanks to its location. Rokof's near monopoly on land based trade routes gives client families a bonus to diplomacy with all families. Because of their trade, many smaller interest groups and guilds raise private mercenary companies to defend their wealth. As part of a pact, Rokof and their clients may purchase these veteran mercenaries for a single payment rather than raising their own soldiers. Rokof understands that an army consumes wealth, but that a family needs the safety of an army to generate wealth. Thus Rokof has established that all guilds and merchant conglomerates in his territory contribute to the Defense Fund, reducing upkeep for all military units.

Will start in Tamo, Vot Tikve
No. 950789 ID: 482fee
File 157536493901.png - (454.43KB , 1400x1050 , Gamavo.png )

Master Hontra Iacro Poldras of Gamavo controls the mysterious Gamavo family and their deep holdings. His ambitions, unclear. His motivations, unknown. When the Council dissolved, he was the first to leave, his sole compunction for attending, the King, no longer chaining him to the table. Since then he has been busy. The walls of his city have grown high, and his armies march to no set pattern. He is preparing for war as the other families are. What his ultimate prize is however remains a mystery...

No member of Gamavo ever leaves their walled city, the only contact with the client families coming from the venomous, cave dwelling Scrshk, a chitinous race of humanoid arachnids that haunt the caves and ruins of Rezo. Most view the Scrshk as pests to be avoided at best, monsters that need to be exterminated at worst, but Gamavo has managed to establish some means of communicating an alliance with one of the larger broods. These chitinous things come to inform the clients of Gamavo what their history family demands as tribute. The city of Vot Gamavo is voracious and the family will make many demands of clients, be it money, material, or slaves. For those who meet the ever growing demands of tribute are rewarded with Scrshk skirmishers who entrap their enemies in viscous webbing ensuring new slaves after every battle. Families who earn the confidence of Gamavo are granted access to the Godscar, a crystalline labyrinth for wealth, and artifacts.

Will start in Opvar, Vot Sotao
No. 950790 ID: 482fee
File 157536496509.png - (328.14KB , 1400x1050 , tuk'drav.png )

Lead by Emi Ponta Tuk’drav, Suzerain of the North. The nations north of the mountain aren’t actually part of Rezo, and Tuk’drav technically isn’t part of the Council, but is invited to deal with the other Great Families in an unofficial stance as a representative of all the people North of Shraktal. The north needs the wealth and food of the south, and the south needs the minerals and wood of the north, a beneficial relationship overseen by the Suzerain. Emi controls the largest nation north of the Shraktal Mountains, and the city of Vuk Padsdal serves as the only safe passage through the hazardous pass. Emi however has long chafed at this arrangement. While the Rezans of the South need face the troubles of Winter for only a short time every year, her people must contend with the dangers all year round. Desiring a stronger voice at the Council, and greater support from her Southern neighbors, Emi thought very little of the Rezan King that blocked all her appeals for greater authority. With the royal line gone and council in disarray, none of the Southers have time to listen to her. So she will have to make them listen...

Southern tributary families of Tuk’drav have Rok'Gulpm advisors that teach them the means of working and fighting in winter so the horrors of Shardfall doesn't affect them as badly as other families. While they prefer the colder tundra and all who want to speak with her need to trek through the border city of Vuk Podr to the frigid town of Vuk Tuk’drav, Suzersin Emi Ponta harbors dreams of southern expansion, and will supply her allies with Valkn, a race of tree born warriors that attack with speed and ferocity unmatched by any other force on Rezo. Normally found only in Westerland under the protection of secretive elf clans and jotun, Suzerein Emi possesses the only Valkyn tree in Rezo.

Will start in Endran V’ka T’del

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