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File 157403584319.jpg - (0.98MB , 3024x3024 , 0AD96975-E5D4-47AD-BDBC-DF58F74F01F3.jpg )
949753 No. 949753 ID: 34fb21

This is Chronos_the_rebel but I prefer the name EtherealNexus so we are going to use that
This quest works like a game you know nothing and I will not help you... your actions will effect the course of the story more than you know but don’t worry... you can reset or it will be forced upon you... you are Broken... and that’s the only name you can ever know you have shattered memories but you can’t tell if they are dreams
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No. 950798 ID: 34fb21

Oh no you don’t
You require training
No. 950814 ID: 104f85
File 157540009055.jpg - (1.85MB , 4032x3024 , D758F59D-4BA6-4CB5-B9B5-FFD330B24C05.jpg )

You walk into the office of your teacher only to find a potted plant
No. 950823 ID: 3ce8ff

soul sight also cautiously try to read mind?
No. 950833 ID: 34fb21
File 157540953738.jpg - (2.54MB , 4032x3024 , 2CF01A62-EBAE-40A2-AF4C-046349A825DD.jpg )

Broken looks around getting a glimpse that pointed to the potted plant but he was too late the plant already snagged him and held him upside down of which seemed to be appraising him?

“So your the new combat medic I’m training a Wraith...
Never had one in the army probably because it was the army they hated... a lot... something to do with genetic testing causing them permanent mutations and never ending pain and they live only to destroy any attempt to do that again... though it’s only rumors... but you probably are the first ever wraith to join any army... so what do you have to say for yourself!

Species Floriterria
The flower nightmare

No. 950848 ID: 3ce8ff

this feels like a situation that unstoppable force should get us out of, quick application and er appendages will no longer be able to stop us.
should that not work upgrading a expanding bubble around ourselves should give us space which we can then unexist the bubble and have some breathing room even if the bubble is held in place
or 'CUpgrade non-lethal freedom of movement enabler'
No. 950849 ID: 3ce8ff

as for words, last i checked i was helping a gang not an army
No. 950858 ID: 34fb21

you know they aren’t really a gang they are a political party formed mainly by military veterans who worked together to keep each other alive its easier for them to look past their different species than normal folk that’s why they speak more like they are in an army that’s how they think
Broken gives the floriterria an annoyed look
And he gets put down
It seems to be a habit he developed because some of his older squad mates came up with the idea and decided it was the perfect way to prank new recruits
No. 950859 ID: 3ce8ff

well i assume turnabout is fair play here let's see about flipping this plant upside down. then lets see about this learning
No. 950861 ID: 34fb21

You try and fail
It’s roots have hooks it’s stems have hooks and it seems you weren’t the first to have thought of that
You will have your chance for revenge but not today
No. 950863 ID: 3ce8ff

new side quest flip plant fellow!
part one figure out how
part two execute

we must do the learn thing so we can do the heal thing!
No. 950871 ID: 29b9c9

The first thing that happens is that the floriterria gets serious
And begins to have Broken traverse many different environments it may suck but Broken thinks that he might be thankful for it later
Broken also learns how and actually does use some medical equipment
Later on Broken learns that the floriterria’s name is Leonard
Broken still has yet to figure out a way to flip him though
But he has learned what makes the plant uncomfortable
No. 950879 ID: 3ce8ff

>But he has learned what makes the plant uncomfortable
Is Broken willing to share with his mind voice(s)? they could be related to potential flipping methods. (just a little paranoia here we are sure flipping em is harmless to em yes?)
It occurs to me that i have just assumed things could kill you, but then been kinda proven wrong. What can harm you?
>And begins to have Broken traverse many different environments
again share?
>it may suck
why? tedium? because so far you have been a all around badass.
No. 950881 ID: 29b9c9

He was forced to traverse underground tunnels Florida
Jungles, swamps, nuclear facilities, so on so forth just because many things can’t kill Broken doesn’t mean that he can’t be affected by anything
Broken can be killed by a universal destroyer
Sudden shifts in pressure
And temperatures
Also no the thing doesn’t include flipping him
Leonard just had a bad experience with Tetris that not a lot of people understand
No. 950887 ID: 3ce8ff

>Sudden shifts in pressure
>And temperatures
so you are fine in exceptionally high and low pressures and temperatures so long as it transitions over time?
is it the sudden change such that a sufficiently sudden 1 degree change could kill you? how does that interact with dimensional teleport? is it actually really risky to teleport because you need to match conditions to not die? specifics here can help me make better informed suggestions regarding what is risky for you
>universal destroyer
how common are these, are they portable how possible is it to be suprised by one.

semantics but how were you forced to traverse these places
No. 950897 ID: 29b9c9

The sudden shift between high temperature to cold basically like its 75 degrees then its -75 degrees that kind of shift
And the sudden shift from normal pressure to extreme pressure it means a sudden high shift
And that is a universal destroyer nothing survives that
It has to be a gradual shift allowing the body to adjust over time and dimensional portals automatically do that if it has to slowly adjusts pressure or temperature if it can’t find any location that is more suitable
No. 950902 ID: 3ce8ff

so you can't choose where you show up in other dimensions? if that is the case what are the saved locations for?

when you say universal destroyer does that mean that if one of those is triggered anywhere in a dimension it just deletes the dimension without warning? if so we will want a way to know when one of those exists in a dimension, because if it exists it means the place dimension is unsafe for Broken to exist in till it has been neutralized

is one atmosphere of pressure to vacuum considered extreme?; considering that just 10.06 meters under water doubles my earth's pressure (from 14.5 pounds per square inch to 29 pounds per square inch)

it is true i do not understand how Tetris of all games would traumatize Leonard, it doesn't have that much variety. the scariest thing i could think of for Tetris would be t-spin triples cause they make so little sense. there IS logic to them, but it is hard to conceptualize. I want to understand.

is there more training to do or do we get to start helping people?
No. 950903 ID: 29b9c9

The universal destroyer is the sudden shift in either temperature or pressure universal means everything the sudden shift in either temperature and pressure can destroy anything
Also yes you can choose where you end up when teleporting if you have been there

You have not lived what he lived and he’s not the only one of my characters to have lived it basically giant version of Tetris where you are at the bottom watching everyone die
Yes your training is complete I wasn’t going to drag that on
There are multiple battlefields of which you can go from ranks of fighting as there are areas of maximum conflict and areas of minimum conflict
No. 950904 ID: 34fb21

There is an animation called Tetris’d for reference
No. 950914 ID: 3ce8ff

not going to lie Tetris'd seems like someone played a bunch of tetris and some fighters, had a dream then made that dream a animation/game, the logic seems exceptionally dreamlike the situation makes no sense. planet converted but people preserved to... manufacture blocks to drop on them but also robots, and defense robots if you get to the ship but also that seems to be simultaneously intended and a critical failure, the third dimension's presence is entirely based on story need and destroying the core happens most of the stuff but not the tetromino ships but the littler ships are gone and stick man somehow survives in a barren world by himself for 10 years by which time plants re-exist themselves somehow
TL;DR: It doesn't make sense.

unless the people are using weapons we fear here, probably best to go to a high fighting area, more chances to help people.
No. 950921 ID: 34fb21

Situation that Leonard was in was a lot of confusion the exact situation wasn’t the same but similar never actually figured out where it came from just blocks falling from the sky

Your destination is Dublin in the region of Ireland
No. 950924 ID: 34fb21

to elaborate the blocks were cubes that measured in kilometers put together to resemble Tetris blocks during a time of which Leonard was serving in the army of which they gained the surrender when the lost contact with the commander they went to investigate to find the whole encampment covered with said blocks of which were an unnatural white color some of which had exposed gore of those it crushed and blood the group went to evacuate civilians and found many groups dead by the same fate cities crushed... and the way out they saw towers of the blocks a couple days later the planet they evacuated which only 10 groups survived with only one group who had all their members and Leonard was the only survivor of his group... the planet was deemed uninhabitable no one knew where the blocks came from but whenever Leonard hears the Tetris theme he goes into a fit of fear remembering the pain he saw within his allies as they were crushed
No. 950954 ID: 3ce8ff

uh lets be at the place (Dublin in the region of Ireland) ready to do things
No. 950956 ID: 29b9c9

Broken teleports to Dublin
Then gets immediately shot at by the enemy
Interestingly they are the same group the Purebloods even though the distance apart
note the you have to be there to teleport is referring to dimensional travel you just need appropriate information to teleport around a planet not to another planet though then you have to travel there since longitude and latitude is included in required information
Broken expects with the reaction rate of these people it won’t be to hard to find injured
Broken is currently hiding behind a tree
No. 950957 ID: 3ce8ff

being shot at doesn't hurt you, is it annoying or something, IE why hide from bullets? i assume explosions are something to look out for being pressure waves and all.

I believe we shouldn't discriminate in who we save, though we may just take the supremacists to their side for them to take care of should it be reasonable to do so (not a priority but not intentionally ignoring them), but give our Xenoz friends medical care ourselves where we can.
oh fun idea, when the supremacists die make them wraiths who are just going to try to help bring them their own wounded, its both trying to help and fucks with them because supremacists and if they refuse and try to kill them (not sure if they have the same resistance as Broken) it should be little loss to us because i assume losing wraiths like that is whatever, they seem expendable giving us little reason to not do that (we can do the same with Xenoz fallen, again, with more post recovery care).
No. 950960 ID: 29b9c9

Bullets may not hurt Broken but they are effective against those around him as it was already established bullets can ricochet off him and that can be fatal to those he is trying to help and those around him
Fun idea but won’t work certain wraiths can retain their memories but most don’t as they will only remember the one they desire to kill
Broken runs over to drag out one of the Xenoz as he collects remnant from all who die around him
No. 950969 ID: 34fb21

Broken decides NOT to summon any Wraiths because he-
Broken is set on fire and the jelly like substance explodes
Well there it is he’s is easily distracted in this mess and because the two groups dislike each other probably wanting revenge on eacb other it will probably make matters worse than it already is especially if he summons a delta no matter the side as he will be forced to fight it for control of the hive
Clouds of gas fill the air as Broken watches the flesh of some of his allies melt

Scanning air borne chemicals
Phosgene oxime
Nitrogen mustard
Cyanogen chloride
Hydrogen cyanide
Many of which are banned
Whoever is using these chemical weapons should be arrested for war crimes

Broken half listens to the report as he dashed around pulling people into the area of which he is putting the wounded
He will help mend them later as there are more pressing matters such as how the PureBloods got their hands on illegal chemical weapons
No. 950973 ID: 3ce8ff

fixing melted skin is hard, can we do transfer upgrades to shield them from the chemicals? (or i suppose more efficient but less cool would be to just do some big wind and blow all the chemicals away)
No. 950974 ID: 34fb21

Broken uses wind magic as the transfer upgrade project has yet to even begin as it is still searching for a suitable energy source to begin cross referencing
He uses his wind magic to contain the gas into a ball
He will have to deal with it later
No. 950979 ID: 3ce8ff

continue what you were doing before they did war crimes?
Broken does have some autonomy here to like keep going when it doesn't make sense to suggest anything new, or if you think there is something else to do, hint at it by mentioning it. as far as i can tell the gases are dealt with till after the fighting is over
No. 950988 ID: 34fb21

yes then after the fact when I just continue someone inputs something smart that makes you wish you gave them the option I actually was giving you the option to do something with the ball of ultimate war crimes but eh but he didn’t fix the napalm that some people are cursing or laughing at
Broken continues to move over the wounded and for a second he considers moving the dead but he should probably deal with the living first

Warning scans suggest nuclear strike in bound
Searching for solutions
Notice enough data compiled to enable evolution
Requires administrative approval
Administrative approval granted by Overwritten
Begin evolution?

Broken has no idea what a nuclear strike is
No. 950993 ID: 3ce8ff

>Broken has no idea what a nuclear strike is
atoms got a lot of energy in them, a nuke is a bomb intentionally making atoms split to release a lot of energy quickly, IE Explode. They also irradiate the area, radiation kills normal cells ability to do just about anything primarily by destroying DNA so all the instructions are lost.
If you can teleport away with people that will probably be the best thing you can do, otherwise just teleport yourself away. You should even be able to return very shortly after teleporting as radiation was not one of the things you mentioned as being a risk for you.
Evolving seems excessive at this time, having the option open sounds great though. Please do not evolve at this time.
No. 950994 ID: 34fb21

Broken does not have required energy levels to use mass teleportation

Calculating options
The option of which will have the least cost of life is evolution as spare energy caused by the evolution will allow you to proceed with mass teleportation or atomic shutdown

No. 950996 ID: 34fb21

Also because of accumulation and you never asked here’s the list of soul remnant
2237 human
6 rozakri
15 terratyris
25 vrolken
233 pyrianius
222 psynera
179 frynare
259 cryostazo
271 pynoxious
234 tyroxin
59 slime
175 Crytolin
2 techiquro
75 Floriterria
No. 951039 ID: 3ce8ff

Choosing evolution under pressure without knowing or understanding what that will mean when we can not seems like a bad idea.
lets teleport who we can, even if that ends up only being one other person or even just ourselves— Wait.

Much simpler plan! Time manipulate the nuke so everyone has time to evacuate (assuming one nuke like competent people would do, otherwise back to teleport what you can plan). Fly up to it if you need to be closer to it to time manipulate it for whatever reason.

I would suggest more fancy potential energy sources for teleportation but now is not the time.

please don't try to tell me we cant time manipulate the nuke because it is high energy. They, like all bombs*, are intentionally inert before it is time to detonate, because containing volatile energy takes energy and accidental explosions are bad so the fewer things that need to be true to prevent that happening the better. Also, the radioactive decay is kept minimal till explosion. Finally because time manipulation is weird and it was specified that is also works "around a single item" any altitude or impact detonation sensor will have no way to tell anything weird is happening because time is slow for it. I'm sorry for this but i feel strongly that (especially since it works on living things) there is no reason this shouldn't work.
*Unable to discount some bombs being made stupid AF; nukes should, in particular, not be one of these

No. 951040 ID: 104f85

That requires not a lot of energy but you can only do one at a time if you mean freeze time and move people good luck
These people you are against are competent but it’s been so long since atomic bombs have been used as there are more powerful weapons now they don’t know the shear power nuclear bombs have so they like idiots have used multiple also because Broken noticed that the AI of the arm and eye doesn’t take magic into account he made a new project
Magical calculation
Which requires you to use more magic
Hint hint
Big hint
remember the one time Broken created a wall of solid air by accident and on purpose perhaps you can apply that to this situation
No. 951042 ID: 3ce8ff

the idea was more like time-freeze into people can move themselves
air wall seems ill-advised as it would be A: trying to block a nuke with a wall, and B: would do very little about the lethal radiation at this distance.
Also of note we do not know what kind of trigger these have, be it impact, altitude, timer, or something else entirely. we may be able to stop the blast wave if we could maintain a vacuum between us and the explosion, but that again involves maintaining a barrier of air in the face of, what you are suggesting to be, more than one nuke.

Maintaining a air wall, with or without a vacuum in it, in the face of nukes seems infeasible. What about teleporting the nukes? We have many soul remnants; if needed could those not be transmuted to power for teleports (or whatever else)
No. 951046 ID: 104f85

Using air magic to kill off momentum gradually would allow for the bombs to be disarmed but what ever
Soul remnant can only be converted into more wraiths
Teleportation is not an option as it would either require as much if not more energy as the mass teleportation of the group as they probably are spaced out and Broken doesn’t see them yet and it would require them getting closer removing time to teleport them
No. 951047 ID: 34fb21

Unlocked titles
Titles unlocked
Titles give certain buffs when unlocked and activated multiple can be activated and deactivated
Remnant keeper: have a variety of soul remnant
Fractured mind: lose you memories lose your sense of self those with this title are fated to die a horrid death
True Fractured mind: error
Slaughterer of man : collect a lot of human remnant

No. 951074 ID: 3ce8ff

>Using air magic to kill off momentum gradually would allow for the bombs to be disarmed but what ever
really depends on the bomb trigger nukes tend to be altitude based for max effect. if you say just slowing them down will work, sure
No. 951086 ID: 34fb21
File 157568628203.jpg - (2.87MB , 4032x3024 , C1E15B8C-EF93-4010-9661-FC9C36214827.jpg )

they had impact triggers so yes it will work as Broken can maneuver them unfortunately he can’t fly or see them

Intentions related evolution
Energy storage cannot contain evolution
Beginning evolution process

The light vanishes across the world as Broken is enveloped by an inky black substance then the light returns in an explosion the inky black sphere cracks and opens to reveal wings

Title obtained
Summoning of Dionysus successful

The chain scythe wraps around Broken’s arm his expression cold and unfeeling as he uses oblivion

Destruction of nuclear strike...
Destruction of nearby hostiles...
Complete destruction of hostile army...
Permanent Status effect of holding in evolution
Spontaneous unfeeling

No. 951087 ID: 34fb21

Title obtained
Harold of Oblivion: use oblivion
Angel of wrath: evolve from wraith

No. 951092 ID: 3ce8ff

>Permanent Status effect of holding in evolution
is this good or bad? if bad rewind yourself and i can change your mind earlier to not hold it in as i should be outside your time-stream, or at least that is how it usually works, worst case you are just right back where you are now.
you look like an angel of death now, looks cool. Rip the people, we get their soul remnants?
No. 951100 ID: 34fb21

the status effect of spontaneous unfeeling effects you at random intervals removing Broken’s ability to have emotions making him emotionless which depending on one’s opinion can be good or bad... and in my opinion it’s bad [/color]

Error cannot use time manipulation on self
Using load function requires administrative approval
Administrative approval denied by Overwritten

[spoiler] oblivion works differently you gain no soul remnant as they are elsewhere alive or dead is unknown all that is known is that once in the oblivion one can never return... then again a bunch of nuclear bombs went with them so they’re probably dead

Title unlocked
Ruler of fear: bring fear to the masses

No. 951106 ID: 3ce8ff

"list administrators"
No. 951107 ID: 3ce8ff

oh hey also overwrite "denied" with "approved"
No. 951109 ID: 34fb21

Showing the list of administrators requires administrative approval
Administrative approval denied by overwritten
Overwrite denied administrative approval requires administrative approval
Administrative approval denied by Overwritten

No. 951110 ID: 3ce8ff

wait a minute we DID overwrite before admins, it caused us problems because we tried to overwrite our own name, overwritten didn't appear till we tried to overwrite something in the world so ima have to go with overwritten needs to shut the fuck up and stop disabling our abilities
No. 951111 ID: 3ce8ff

"sudo show administrators"
No. 951146 ID: 34fb21

For a brief second you see Overwritten slowly shaking his head no while giving you the look of ‘you idiot’
Before we return to Broken
No. 951147 ID: 34fb21

You required administrative approval to see the list of administrators so it was basically the same thing to them
You can still overwrite stuff just certain things will require administrative approval

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