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File 157207713592.png - (1.16MB , 2388x1668 , F65AEF9A-84F9-434F-87DA-454315092E98.png )
947852 No. 947852 ID: fb2a85

“Good morning, Alphonse.”
“Good morning, Victoria. And this must be Emils.”
The elderly Avaros locks his eyes on the smaller Rabbold, in a hospital private room. He had invited us in during his granddaughters scheduled checkup, in regards to some matters discussed between Alice and Emils.
“To what do we owe the honor of you inviting us today?”
“My granddaughter has told me your ward has some kind of ability to help her.” He addresses Victoria.
“I am not sure what nonsense your ward has put into my girls head, but she was insistent on discussing some matter between us. She refused to provide any details, so I am here to determine just what is going on.”

>Be Emils - Explain matters while keeping abilities low key
>Be Victoria - Pry details out of Emils
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No. 950682 ID: a9af05

Just fix the mana around her eyes.

Should we attempt that while we're being watched?

>If you try to completely fix her, that might only make things worse.
Good point. Trying to heal too much at once may not be a good idea, so we'd better stick to what we said we were going to do.
No. 950685 ID: 977456

Ehh, fix everything, and let them record. This will give them the most reassurance of your capabilities and thus maximise your ability to heal Alice.
No. 950688 ID: 2202fb

No. 950705 ID: 6c9030

Fix mana around eyes, then fix eyes.

State that you can attempt a repair of her legs, but that it is uncertain due to the difficulty of such a task, and that it would be best to let her stabilize after this before deciding if an attempt should be made.
No. 950706 ID: 6c9030

To be fair, they don't have much understanding of biology. It's little better than the days when people would go to barbers and dentists for their internal surgical needs - even minor surgery has a mortality rate of more than 10%, largely because they don't even know to clean their blades.

Keep in mind that Emils is here because this patient has been ruled a lost cause. They're hoping for success, but are expecting failure.
No. 950708 ID: feecd8

>Trying to heal too much at once may not be a good idea
I agree with this.

Let's just focus on the mana around the eyes for now.
No. 950714 ID: 7ad9ca

Do all you can do, everyone already agreed not to disclose anything that happens here. Try to be as gentle as possible while healing her.
No. 950749 ID: 0a7f21

Keep in mind they are probably expecting fixing the mana problem to fix the eyes themselves, hence we should fix both and ask about the legs.
No. 950750 ID: 34cb4e

fix eyes and surrounding mana
ask if legs should also be fixed
>recording device
remind them of their promise, and to be very careful in the storage and presentation of that device.
do this in a nonthreatening way, but honestly a tiny, extremely vague threat would become effective once they see what you can do, so slip it in if you want
No. 951194 ID: e7703b

>Fixing legs
I could attempt to fix her legs, it’s mostly damage to her meat and skin from the knees down.

>Fix mana and eyes
Mana rushes into the lady on the bed, as I begin to fix the damage around her eyes.
She winces and tries to get up, but I keep her under my arm.

[Mana Manipulation] has triggered.
Permission to read subject core.


Ice bolt
Frost shield
Ice coffin

“It seems the patient is suffering from stress and pain from the treatment.”
“How much do you see?”
“Not much, there’s too much interference for a proper detection.”
The people behind me discusses, “Where is the interference coming from?”
“Not sure.” The one holding the recorded states, “It’s all just high level mana interference.”

> Pick a skill or spell to copy.
No. 951196 ID: 094652

Copy the Kick skill. She won't need it.
No. 951197 ID: 6c583c

Copy the detection spell.
No. 951198 ID: 9e04c9

I think the skills listed are too common to waste this opportunity on. Instead, I'd choose one of the spells. We already have plenty of ways to detect stuff with Mana Manipulation and Solid Material Perception, so I think Detection wouldn't add anything to that. On the other hand, we don't have any cold spells yet despite having an ability to use them. So this is definitely a perfect opportunity to get a cold spell.

Of the cold spells, I think the most useful one would be...
Frost Shield
Because we don't yet have any good long-range protection.
No. 951199 ID: 9e04c9

As far as fixing stuff goes, see if you can make Resida's knockers eyes work even better than they originally could. Or make it so that they would be more compatible with her Detection spell. What was that about her receiving a constant signal? Could you tune her eyes to this signal, or the signal to her eyes?

And yeah, try fixing the legs and restoring the mana flow in them.
No. 951200 ID: 528d9b

Copy the spell ice coffin. If we face mana beasts in the future a spell that immobilize the target would be useful.
No. 951201 ID: d63ea8

I'd say that we snag Detection, and that we should only go for 1 or 2 spells as the copying might have an adverse effect on the procedure.

What's the extent of the damage on the mana around the eyes and the eyes themselves?
No. 951202 ID: 00e23d

You are being watched and it would be bad to convince these people that we are reckless with what they consider a dangerous power. Not to mention that with the eyes causing them a lot of pain, messing with her leggs might be too much for her right now and get them to call it off half way. So just focus on the eyes as agreed on. We can always fix the leggs later, once these people are convinced of our skills.

As for skills, frost shield to add some defense seems most useful.
No. 951203 ID: ba56e6

Learn one of the ice spells. We can probably figure out the other ice spells based off of it later.
No. 951205 ID: 8d4593

Wait, you can heal serious structural damage without using slime?
Hell yeah, fix the legs after the eyes are done then.

If what Alphonse said earlier was true then the doctors might not be able to restore full functionality themselves.

Though the patient's struggling is unlikely to deter you, it may inspire someone in the rom to interfere, possibly screwing everything up.

Tell the patient that you know it hurts, that pain is normal, and that she'll only have to bear it a little while longer.

Copy Frost Shield, but only after the operation is complete. Let's not overwhelm her.
It is immediately useful and potentially mutable.
No. 951208 ID: 0fae41

No. 951214 ID: 91ee5f

Copy Frost shield

I agree with all of this.

Don’t mess with the legs, let’s only focus on healing the eyes for now.
No. 951216 ID: b1b4f3

Frost Shield.
Also, I still think you should finish your work on her eyes and then after that suggest you try to fix her legs.
No. 951218 ID: 7b8393

Leave legs alone for now >>951202 yeah we don't want her getting overwhelmed by pain or anything going weird.
No. 951219 ID: 8d651f

Frost shield

Do this.
No. 951221 ID: 5b0071

Copy that *Magic* skill
No. 951225 ID: 577383

Get Frost Shield and don't mess with the legs.
No. 951226 ID: 9e04c9

The doctors used the word "suffering", which is negative. From this, Emils should assume that pain is something that's important to avoid during such operations. Ask them if Resida's pain can be reduced in any way.
No. 951227 ID: 977456

Sentry is my pick. It is explicitly opposed to random people walking up to you and using mana shenanigans. We can pretty much only get it by overpowering or coercing people. The spells can all be acquired through research, once we get a source, although detection might help with that.
Also, an awareness of how to stay alert is an awareness of how people fail to be alert. This is actually very informative of psychology. People are largely defined by their failings afterall.

Fix the underlying structural errors of the legs. They should self-repair once properly aligned. The lack of complete reconnection should discourage too much demand for your services in restoration.
No. 951231 ID: 0a7f21

I'll agree with grabbing sentry, Emils can ptobably achieve better results learning magic the way her special senses teaches her, as these people seem to have an imperfect concept of it, so picking up an array of practical skills in these situations seems like a good idea.
No. 951234 ID: 0efe8e

Copy sentry, but don't fuck with her legs yet, we want to fix her eyes first, then ask permission to fix her legs as well.
No. 951252 ID: ba56e6

Eh, sure, I'll change vote to this.
No. 951273 ID: b1b4f3

Sentry didn't keep her from being ambushed by the other slime...
No. 951276 ID: 2ba9d1

Get Sentry, leave the legs for later, and continue healing eyes.

Try feeling around for the affected nerve endings that might be causing the pain and seeing if you can't temporarily stop them from being set off.
No. 951283 ID: a9af05

Copy Sentry.

Don't do anything to her legs, only focus on healing her eyes.
No. 951284 ID: 9e04c9


No. 951400 ID: 93a350

Do as much as you can and try to be gentle.
No. 951436 ID: 6c9030

Fix the eyes, leave the legs for later.
No. 951447 ID: b1b4f3

It occurs to me that if Emils gives her two separate treatments, she can copy two skills. Then we won't have to argue about Ice vs Sentry, just get both.
No. 951448 ID: a9af05

This is an excellent idea!
No. 951472 ID: b60627

This sounds like trying to metagame, which never ends well.
No. 951505 ID: 5b0071

it could be that her legs are in a recoverable condition, and they were going to have a more traditional, experienced healer treat them once this eye experiment was over.

Provided they survive.
No. 951668 ID: e7703b

>Frost shield
>Ability upgraded
Thermoregulation - You gain control over temperature within your influence.

>Learned Spell
Frost shield - Conjure a wall of ice. (Chant not learned)

“Wh-Argh!” The lady grabs my arm, trying to pull me off, but I just need contact with her body now.

“Should we administer pain medication?”
“...no, we don’t know how it would affect the treatment, hows the recording?”
“Worthless, we’ll have to resort to non magical recording.”
“More paperwork then.”

“I am done.” I say while pulling my hand back, letting the lady on the recover.
She’s heavily sweating, and emitting some frost from her body.

One of the doctors walks up to the bed, “Captain, how are you feeling?”
“Like shit.”
The doctors begins a physical checkup of the lady as I step back to Red eyes.

“How did things go?” Red eyes asks.
“Okay. She resisted, but I did fix her vision and the mana veins around her eyes.”
“Would that cause any issues?”
“Maybe? I’ve not done this on anyone who resisted this much. She has more control over her mana than others.”
The big man intrudes into our conversation, “That would be because Resida is a two circle cryomancer. She should have more control over her mana than the average person.”
“What does two circle mean?” I ask.

“Oh. A circle is what mages call a simple spell.” Red eyes explains, “Some spells have circles added to them to make them stronger, but putting a circle in a circle makes it exponentially stronger. A two circle mage means they have the mana and ability to put a circle within a circle. Three circles is a circle within a circle within a circle, and so on.”
“It cost to casts the spells grows exponentially too.” Alphonse adds, “and she barely can afford the cost.” He frowns. “Thank you for your help, Emils. It would take some time for things to settle, so I’ll inform you two about the results later. Alice should be done by now, would you like to join me or do you have other plans?”

> Join Alphonse and Alice
> Leave (pick other character or location)
No. 951669 ID: 528d9b

> Join Alphonse and Alice
No. 951670 ID: 094652

Apologize for accidentally hurting her, but explain that you were trying to be as efficient in healing as possible without taking risks. Also request that you'd like to take a look at her legs in the future, but you'll stay away if she wants you to.
No. 951672 ID: ba56e6


Then go see Alice.
No. 951673 ID: d63ea8

No. 951674 ID: 91ee5f

No. 951675 ID: 9e04c9

I'd be less apologistic about it. Also, I wouldn't make it sound like we want to do it, but that we could if she made the request.
No. 951678 ID: b1b4f3

I think she noticed the skill theft.

>Join Alphonse and Alice
No. 951680 ID: 6e6f32

This works.
No. 951682 ID: 977456

Ask to work on her legs.
No. 951714 ID: 6c9030

Join them.
"I believe I would be able to fix her legs, if you do not have a better method available. However, she seems to have suffered significantly more pain due to her resistance, and I do believe she would rather avoid another round of treatment if possible."
No. 951715 ID: 892d8f

This sounds good, in addition to the apology for the pain of the current operation.
No. 951746 ID: f133dc

I don't think Emils understands pain or should try to apologize about it.

But certainly, time to go with Alphonse.
No. 951757 ID: bddb0f

Let's meet with Alice.

Emils understands pain, at least in the sense they know enough to attempt to emulate it. Apologizing for causing pain seems normal.
No. 952019 ID: e7703b
File 157702651315.png - (2.67MB , 2388x1668 , E6ECE368-9EC2-4412-A188-A2F6143F50B1.png )

The lady is being tended to by the doctors for me to talk to her.

“I would like to meet Alice,” I look at red eyes, “if that is okay.”
“Yeah, it’s fine.” She looks back at Alphonse, “I would like a word with Resida.”
“That’s fine. Alice should be in the lobby by now, if you would like to go ahead.”
“Thank you,” I respond before leaving the room.

I spot Alice waiting in the chairs of the lobby, and she spots me. She’s wearing the pendant which looks like something Slivia had on one of his papers.
“Emils? Why are you here?”
“I was invited by your grandfather, Alphonse.”
She winces, “Ah... I did say that I had to ask grandpa, what did you talk about?”
“I had to talk about what I could do, and give a demonstration.”

She seems slightly uncomfortable with what to talk about.
> Attempt to start a conversation
No. 952024 ID: 9e04c9

Tell her that you haven't seen her wear that pendant before. Ask if her fiancé made it.

Also tell her the demonstration went well and that you believe that, as soon as Resida's condition is confirmed, that you'll be able to help her. And then she'll be able to cast spells better. Ask if she's changed her mind on this matter.

>Ah... I did say that I had to ask grandpa
Ask her if... she actually talked with her grandpa about you at all. If she says that she didn't, it would mean that Alphonse lied haha

I don't think we should tell her about what happened between us and Silvia.
No. 952027 ID: ba56e6

She is wincing. Ask if she is in any pain.
No. 952030 ID: e7c7d3

Talk about boys, obviously. And girls. Like would you be able to rise to power faster if you were a boy?
No. 952039 ID: 83bf07

Compliment her clothes and pendant
No. 952040 ID: 32ef34

Tell her it worked well, though it seemed to hurt some. But now the lady can see.
No. 952042 ID: 528d9b

How was your encounter with Silvia? Did he said something that bothered you?
No. 952044 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her they seemed impressed, and should agree to the procedure.
Also tell her you met her fiance. He blames himself.
No. 952046 ID: 8fab7a

No. 952053 ID: 91ee5f

>But now the lady can see.
We don’t know that yet. We haven’t been told if we succeeded or not.

Emils is the one that visited Silvia, not Alice. They still haven’t gotten together yet.

Do this.
No. 952054 ID: 528d9b

So he mailed the pendant?
No. 952068 ID: a9af05

I agree with this.

Actually, Alice has always had the pendant with her. You can see it around her neck when we first met her back in Thread 2 of this quest.

When Emils said, "She’s wearing the pendant which looks like something Slivia had on one of his papers." she was referring to Slivia's blueprints from when he first created the pendant and gave it to Alice back when she still had both of her arms.
No. 952076 ID: f133dc

I agree, in Emils usual stoic manner "I fixed someones damage to prove I could do it. Also, I met your fiance. He blames himself. While I was there I made you an arm."

And just watch her get super exasperated at the onrush of implications.
No. 952078 ID: 91ee5f

>While I was there I made you an arm.
Didn’t we promise Slivia that we wouldn’t tell anyone about what he was working on in his workshop? I’m pretty sure that also includes not telling Alice about anything in Slivia’s workshop.
No. 952101 ID: f133dc

Ok, if you want to that pedantic, instead of "While I was there I made you an arm", go with "Also, I made you an arm."
No. 952102 ID: b1b4f3

...hmm, maybe Emils should examine the pendant.
No. 952108 ID: ba56e6

Don't spoil her gift.
No. 952111 ID: feecd8

Tell her that Slivia Blane's himself for what happened.

Better idea: Let's not mention the arm at all.

We've gotta make sure the arm functions correctly before we can let her use it.
No. 952145 ID: 6e6f32

Don't Mention the Arm
I fixed someones eyes and all they did was cry and flail.

How's your day been so far?
Anything interesting going on?
No. 952160 ID: 93a350

Your grandfather wanted me to heal someone, which I did successfully, but apparently the process was extremely painful to her.
No. 952172 ID: 6c9030

"She was blinded in an attack. Your grandfather wanted me to demonstrate my abilities. He seemed impressed, and she should be able to see soon.

I met your fiancee. He blames himself for everything."
No. 952769 ID: e7703b
File 157820476439.png - (2.34MB , 2388x1668 , A9DCD59A-3BEF-411E-89EC-5B8490C2D87B.png )

She had always been wearing the pendant.
“There was a lady named Resida who had some injuries I had to heal. She’s mostly okay now. It was not something serious. You do not have to concern yourself with this matter.”
Alice invites me to sit at a nearby couch, “You don’t have to worry about grandpa, he’s just concerned. Ever since my accident, he’s been trying to spend more time with me, but I wish he’d take care of himself more.”
“I also visited Silvia the other day.”
Alice panics a bit, but tries to hide it. “Really?”
“He says he feels guilty.”
“... oh.” Alice says looking down.
“I am not sure how much to tell you considering he wishes to talk to you in person, but I think still thinks about you.”

Alice sighs, sinking into her chair, looking at the ceiling.
“I don’t know what to do. I should go talk to him, but I just feel nervous... scared... my stomach feels terrible... have you ever been in love Emils?”
“No. I have never experienced love.”
“Oh... right... sorry.” Alice looks away, “A-anyway, what about you, what have you been up to?”
“I’ve been exploring the city, learning new things, and applied to be an adventurer. I’ve been put into probation for now, and waiting for the results of the first test.”
“That’s quite the productive week. All I’m allowed to do is just study, train, and recuperate...”
“Bettering oneself does sound as productive.”
“I mean, sure, but it’s boring. With my family’s position, everything I do will have to be in accordance to some dumb nobility thing. It gets kinda stifling after a while, especially when it feels like people look at me like I’m not even a person.”
“Is that a serious issue?”
“I guess not.” Alice sighs, “Sometimes I feel like I should have accepted the invitation to Fuller. At least there I’m not a heiress, or some kind of girl that needs pity.”
“So what’s stopping you? If you’ve decide to accept my offer, it would reduce the time for you to recuperate. You’ve already experienced what it could do to your magic abilities, so that would probably help at a magic school.”
Alice looks at me, “Say, Emils... if I went to Fuller, could you go with me? Someone with your abilities and my recommendation, you would definitely be accepted.”
No. 952770 ID: b1b4f3

Sure, if you're not otherwise occupied. There's something you might have to do soon(the mission to find Mother) and you're not sure how long it'll take.
No. 952771 ID: 3bf416

"Would I be able to bring Bea with me?"
No. 952773 ID: d5cdef

Oh man how many obligations can we take on
No. 952781 ID: 977456

"Could I have a full account of the required resources? The prospect sounds agreeable but I am uncertain how much time I will require to restore this planet's ability to support life."
No. 952787 ID: e860a4

As enticing as it sounds it seems like it would also come with considerable risk. A lot of capable mages in one place, but also a lot of magic equipment, probably capable of seeing through our disguise in moments.

“The offer is tempting and if you are serious, I would like to think on it however as I would like to see what other options reveal themselves to me before I make any significant time investments. Thank you for the offer however”
No. 952789 ID: 015bf2

Emils does want to learn more about magic, though, and Fuller must be a high class school if Alice got the offer to join.

"I appreciate the offer. Victor is looking into magic schooling for me also, so I'll ask them about it. If Fuller is high on their list, your recommendation would be a boon.

What can you tell me about it, though?

And is it possible to school as an adventurer and a magician at the same time? I want to learn both practical and theoretical magic, in order to attain full magical girlhood for my inevitable world-saving tour."

Smile, so they think it's a joke.

"Besides, I suspect I'll pick up on some things quickly and I'd rather have something to do with any leftover spare time from homework and classes. And Bea... well, she wants to go adventuring too."

Lean in and whisper conspiratorially.

"(that said, I can probably still help you with homework if you want)"
No. 952790 ID: 26a3ca

Answer that this is highly tempting, but you're not sure you can afford the time expenditure at the moment, having other commitments.
No. 952792 ID: 9e04c9

Tell her that you'd like to postpone such a decision
No. 952793 ID: 6e6f32

This is a great idea.

Ask her when you would have to leave if you accepted. You still have some things here to take care of after all.

Also ask what the requirements to get in are, for another friend.
Need to know what to teach, imbue into, or help cheat for Bea.
No. 952795 ID: a9af05

"I should probably ask Victoria before I make a decision about that."

>I am uncertain how much time I will require to restore this planet's ability to support life.
I'm pretty sure we don't need to tell Alice any of this. There's really no benefit from telling her, so we might as well not say anything.

I'm also concerned about that.
No. 952798 ID: 094652

"Maybe, if it aligns with my long-term objectives. Like saving the world as a magical girl."
No. 952810 ID: 6c9030

"I believe that would delay my work to prevent the end of the world.
Well, at least the end of all life on the world. And most of its major functions. The dirt and rock would likely not be affected."
No. 952898 ID: f133dc

Respond with "tell me about Fuller" rather than answering the question at all.
No. 953255 ID: e7703b
File 157883745327.png - (3.26MB , 2388x1668 , AABF8FFC-3354-4B89-AC9F-CFD89B3A5B87.png )

“As kind as the offer is, I do not know too much about Fuller.”
“Well, everything I know of Fuller is from others, but I heard it’s a city based on magical technology, run by a council of high level mages, and all that matters is how good your magical abilities are. No nonsense about bloodlines or nobility, a place where people can freely interact, and cultures from all around Avaros.”

“It sounds like a nice place.” I guess. “But I have not had any opportunities to have myself tested, so I do not know what level I am compared to you.”
“That’s... I guess that’s possible. We typically test kids at 5 years old here. How do they judge what level you are where you’re from?”
“I don’t know, you would have to ask Victor. I did not have the same past as they do.”
“Oh? Did something happen?” Alice looks at me with interest, “Tell me about where you come from, please. I’d like to know more about other places.”
No. 953263 ID: 404f0f

I guess give her the same story that you gave the other kids in the class. Tell her that you weren't born in any sort of civilization and that you don't really know where you come from.
No. 953265 ID: e7c7d3

Be unhelpful in your description. There were rocks, grasses, and some lizards.
No. 953267 ID: 3bf416

I lived in caves until I came here. Magical beasts are sort of like family to me.
No. 953273 ID: 528d9b

Deep underground, somewhere I couldn't see, there was a corpse or a fossil. Near it I found my sibling sleeping. Never saw them awake.
I followed the water until I reached a place with grass and lizards I could eat. From there I found my way to this city.

People think I'm lying about where I came from. This is all I know from before getting here and the more believable stories I told were lies to satisfy questions I couldn't answer.
No. 953275 ID: 6e6f32

There's not a whole lot to say I suppose.
I don't remember a lot about my past.
Life was all kill or be killed back then.
Mana and the flow of it was life. To seek and consume it survival.
Mana was the first thing I saw. The first thing I understood.
Everything else. All this... Came later.
I've come to find that this makes my understanding of magic... different.
I don't know how it would be judged.
No. 953278 ID: 094652

Your only family were your little sister and a nest of giant lizards that took you two in for some reason. But your sister never woke up from her lifelong coma, and you don't know where the lizards are.

Then time blurred until you got caught in some skirmish between knights. You fought back in self defense, and somehow all the knights had fallen by your hand or killed each other. You took what interested you and learned what you could from their magic gear.

Then some weird guy in a frilly dress took you to Victoria.
No. 953295 ID: b1b4f3

Give her the same story you gave others. The web of half-truth must be consistent.
Ask where you can get tested, maybe you can do that soon.
No. 953299 ID: e860a4

I lived in caves eating grass and lizards, there were a lot of lizards.
No. 953304 ID: f133dc


This, just a straight up description of your early life, leaving out the specifics of not being a rabbold at that point and time and maybe leaving out the eating a bunch of people.
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