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File 157160700705.png - (309.86KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
947489 No. 947489 ID: ca2950

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No. 981186 ID: dbd72b

You now have ready access to FIRE, the fundamental force for CIVILIZATION! Congratz.
(also overpriced jerky)
Celebrate by eating cereal with Boy who is also Friend. Watch movies with him and tell him he has terrible taste. Enjoy the little things for a bit.
No. 981206 ID: 7c00d8

>Would a shady government organization throw me back out into the general population if I was infected with some kind of brainworms? Maybe
It wouldn't be the first time shady government agencies had experimented upon their own citizens. It is much more practical than trying to hide a secret monster farm under a university. Monsters are about the most difficult secret project to keep hidden, and students are about the hardest group to keep a secret around. We are well past the "unleashing patient zero on the general public" threshold. Assuming that it isn't just your mother pulling strings to have you smuggled through quarantine when people started talking about vivisections.

And it probably isn't Brainworms. They want to propagate, and it isn't your brain that they are trying to smear all over some unfortunate host-species. They also didn't look much like worms. You don't have brainworms, you have junkscrotes.
No. 981251 ID: ca2950
File 160567298923.png - (203.90KB , 994x684 , town19.png )

After getting back to the building, we are equipped to eat cereal. Afterward, I'm just going to pass out, and I'm going to keep being aggressively clingy to Alex while I do it, because I want to, not because I'm horny.

"What are you doing?" he asks when I climb on top of him.

"Being horny. Are you seduced by my wiles?"

"I'm alright for now."

"But if you resist me, how can I implant parasitic alien eggs in you?"

He shuffles a bit. "Is that a thing?"

"I doubt it."

>what time it is right now

I think it's about 0700, but the sun doesn't come up until the afternoon at this time of year and classes are cancelled, so time is but an illusion at this point.

>there weren't any assault rifles for sale in that convenience store?

Not typically. Alex probably has some. His dad is in the military.

>bats, spears, pipes

"Hey, Alex."
"You have stuff to fight alien monster beasts?"
"Mm... Probably."
"'Kay. "

>before you pass out, tell Alex that you wanted to suck his dick

That's too lewd. I have dedicated to being cute and cute can't be that lewd. I'm already at the peak of lewdness I can bring myself to accomplish.

"Can I go to bed now? My neck is getting stiff," Alex says, starting to shift restlessly.
No. 981252 ID: 1d5ff4

Offer to massage his neck
No. 981255 ID: af672f

Oh for god's sake, you're an intelligent girl, you should know better than to get horny before fighting monsters, that's a guaranteed way to get your love interest killed.

Go to bed!
No. 981256 ID: 491843

Kay, go to bed. I give you a shout if something happens. Rest well.
No. 981258 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah he basically told you no, so I guess it's just time to finish the sleep you got a headstart on in the lab.
No. 981268 ID: 894419

don't respond to him, just pass out.
No. 981284 ID: 864e49

"What if I offer to suck your dick on the condition that you don't move?"
When he says no roll off him onto the floor and just fall asleep there.
No. 981290 ID: 19da02

falling asleep without responding is the correct answer.
No. 981308 ID: 82d457

Tell him that you're afraid and want to sleep in his bed tonight.
No. 981312 ID: 6f7a5a

he has ignored all you obvious flirting and romantic attempts
he even dodged the question when you asked if her thought you were attractive

might as well give up, he's clearly not into you at all.
his loss, stay on the look out for a guy who can appreciate the shortness
No. 981321 ID: ca2950
File 160574278943.png - (112.65KB , 851x730 , town20.png )

>tell him you don't want to be alone
>fall asleep on him

"Fine, be a pain," he sighs and picks me up when he gets up.
He can just throw me around like a sack of perutoes, this isn't fair!
I wiggle into the bed and can here him shuffling around, then he gets into bed, too.

"You can stay, as long as you don't mind that I sleep naked."

"What? Are you actually naked!?"

"Maybe~," he says.

"What do you mean maybe?"


No. 981322 ID: 7c00d8

No. 981323 ID: b1b4f3

Clearly you need to look and find out.
No. 981325 ID: 4f5375

Ask if the stuff to fight monsters with is near the bed. If it is fall sleep, if it isn't demand the correction of this mistake.
No. 981327 ID: bb78f2

Oh hey your psychic right will you share dreams with him?
No. 981329 ID: 2aa5f0

quick, hide beneath the covers. that will protect you.
No. 981331 ID: 82d457

Then you should sleep naked too. That way you'll be even. And it won't be awkward.
No. 981332 ID: a93a50

Hide in the covers and sleep. Keep clothing on, in case you need to run out suddenly.
No. 981334 ID: 491843

Fuck it, doble down and get naked too.
No. 981339 ID: 4c882c

compromise, tactical panties and nothing else.
No. 981340 ID: 3994a2

Clearly this is an opportune time to politely excuse yourself and get some shuteye in the comfort of your own bed!
No. 981343 ID: cdabe3

Yes do this, assert dominance
No. 981375 ID: 144984

Ignore the other voices, this is no time for some hanky panky shenanigans. There are monsters afoot, be on your guard! Not that you shouldn't get some rest while you can, but try not to go to sleep.
No. 981379 ID: 9c1ef3

No. 981380 ID: 0fae41

Not sleeping in plate mail sounds like a terrible idea right now!
Put some pants on him.
No. 981415 ID: 4a0869

Ignore these maniacs and sleep before exhaustion begins to severely impact your reasoning. You must be well rested before the apocalypse
No. 981416 ID: 864e49

See told you, condoms.
No. 981423 ID: 5b0071

Call his bluff.
Poke his hip.
No. 981437 ID: fd5772

keep your clothes on and hug his arm. If he doesn't pull away, cuddle some more. I'm sure tonight will be just fine, so get some rest . . .
No. 981438 ID: dbd72b

He's totally bluffing
No. 981443 ID: ca2950
File 160583025528.png - (152.28KB , 740x765 , town21.png )

>call his bluff
>get naked

I'm not letting him win. A little bit of squirming and I'm free of my sweater and such.

"You're right. This is way better," I say, getting comfortable. "and try not to poke me too much. Good night."

"Yeah, good night."

I'll worry about weird monsters and secret labs and all that later. There's no signs that it went beyond inside the facility at the moment, so I'm going to try to rest now that I can.
No. 981444 ID: e51896

start dreaming

or wake up back in the bug infested facility
No. 981445 ID: ff1738

Wow, you guys are really swinging for the fences, aren't you?
No. 981446 ID: 330ebe

Lol this is how you get raped.
No. 981447 ID: 82d457

Alex really is a chill guy. I commend him for his gallantry huehue

No. 981448 ID: 93d2dd

Your misfortunes are the karmic consequence of your attempts to put innocent men in jail.
No. 981449 ID: b1b4f3

She's an adult.
No. 981452 ID: 491843

He asked for it. He clearly wanted to make it akward. So we just had to naturalized it and turn it against him.
No. 981465 ID: 894419

Sleep well!
No. 981516 ID: 7c00d8

Wake up to find that this was all a dream, and that you are actually curled around Alma instead of Alex(who was probably a fictional character from a horror movie you stayed up way too late watching when you were way too young), and that you mother just walked into your room with a squad of armed guards.
No. 981531 ID: ca2950
File 160597998037.png - (98.56KB , 918x698 , town22.png )

After getting some sleep, I feel better for the first time since this whole mess started and I have free time, now that classes are all cancelled by that cover story they sent out.

I don't know what I can really do, though. Maybe it's just part of living in a settlement around an extremely remote and secretive government research facility?

I do kind of want to know what's going on.

>Alex really is a chill guy. I commend him for his gallantry

I know I can trust him to get naked and rub directly against him, knowing he's not going to do anything crazy.
Not that I do this all the time. Being nearly killed by weird alien monster things while extremely tired might make a person do things they usually wouldn't. The close physical contact is psychologically beneficial and having a big guy that can wack spooky aliens with a hjaaki stick nearby makes me sleep better, okay?
No. 981533 ID: 10b5c5

>The close physical contact ... makes me sleep better
Of course. That's why you should go look for Alex.

Oh boy, look at the time. Is it time for a mandatory shower scene now?
No. 981534 ID: 43f289

Might as well stay naked for awhile, it isnt like you're going anywhere anytime soon.

Is Alex under the blankets, or is that your legs? Regardless, lets find Alex
No. 981546 ID: 7c00d8

Get dressed. You don't want to fight monsters while naked. Monster slime + fur = sadface.
No. 981632 ID: 15a025

Get dressed, have some breakfast.
No. 981772 ID: e5fea3

Consume Waffles.
No. 981796 ID: 8fab7a

Get food and clothes, not necessarily in that order. See where bestest friend went - my guess he bailed and went couch-sleeping + cold shower. Oooh. Shower sounds nice, too.

>Find out what's going on.
Well, what angles do you have to investigate?

Call parents.
Call Alvar Shaw.
Call Alma.
Call hijinks and break back into the lab.

Do you know anybody else associated with the labs' inner workings that you could inteIf you do not know the number of Alvar or Alma, maybe you can find out. Perhaps there's someone else you can interrogate in a friendly and non-suspicious manner about the inner workings of the labs and their current project?
No. 981897 ID: 9f00f4

Do you have the means to find any groups or individuals that are into things like survival preparation, SHTF preparation, urban exploration, parkour and other urban mobility sports, or hacker culture (including things like lockpicking and defeating security systems)?
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