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File 157160700705.png - (309.86KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
947489 No. 947489 ID: ca2950

359 posts omitted. Last 100 shown. Expand all images
No. 965659 ID: 011c70

Check exactly how much more secure this room is, while explaining that monsters can break through glass. And not just flimsy inner-door glass, outer-window glass that should by all means be break-retardant double-glazing.

So check for windows, check for large vents, and if the room is good, shut the lights and hide to avoid drawing attention. If not... explain why it isn't like she's five.
No. 965671 ID: 0359a9

Either the security team has already handled the situation or they failed, because if they were Handling it, present tense, we'd be hearing a lot more gunfire, shouting, etc. Unless this place is huge and pretty soundproof.

Either way, tell her you're going to find out if your mom is here, then find the code to the door and leave. And if the security team sucked at securing the place, that's her best option too.
No. 965672 ID: 015bf2

Check on monitor, tell supposed adult that holing up could be suicide if the situation gets worse or you’re plain unlucky. You didn’t want to scare her, but there was a monster the size of you that you only managed to shake because your waiting area had multiple points of egress.

A hefty lead pipe would actually have been rather helpful back then...
No. 965676 ID: bb78f2

You should point out the fact that security already failed you when they thought they put you in a safe place. Had you not fought back with a desperately improvised weapon, you'd probably be dead.

Security is not up to snuff, and they are not a magical omnipresence that can save you at the last second. Your reliance on potentially incompetent forces is significantly more dangerous than being an active participant in your own safety. Take the weapon as a backup, or you might die, Alma. The worst possible thing you can do right now is get cornered in this room by a swarm of the damn things.
No. 965688 ID: 2aa5f0

tell her you're moving around not because you find it fun but because last time you were told to stay still you figured you'd get a nap in only to have that ruined when one of those bug things that was twice as tall as you and had sword hands about half as long as you are tall broke into the room. After that you tried to leave only to find the building is locked down. Now you figure your best bet is to find one of the solder guys you ran into earlier and hope that they can let you out or at least stick next to someone with an actual weapon as your pretty sure that if mister sword hands comes by again he could probably force his way in here... hence why you want to find someone with a gun.

On the topic of security ask if she's blocked all the air vents in here because the potato looking things can use those to move around.
No. 965710 ID: c98691

This, basically.

Look around for entry points - vents and windows - as you talk. Scavenge. Don't venture far, people like her tend to die the moment you stop watching them.
No. 965724 ID: 9e3bd6

Bold of you to assume there are only 24 hours in a day.
No. 965764 ID: ca2950
File 158894739454.png - (200.18KB , 904x694 , lab35.png )

Getting caught in a closed in area without any proper way of defending ourselves will be a huge problem.
I'm going to keep moving and maybe find some place that's actually safe or a way to get out of here. Figuring out what's going on would be nice, too.

I slink back out to the office floor and check if there's a response to my message.

"Remain in position until situation resolution."

Sounds like that Lieutenant guy. I saw how well that plan worked out last time. Moving around carefully and squashing the little hoppers whenever it's convenient will help prevent getting swarmed. I just wish people would leave guns lying around, loaded. It would be really helpful right now.

>sit on her face to calm her down
>tell her she can either see your perspective on the situation, or see her asshole because you're going to sit on her face until she sees reason
>I'm not against below the waist negotiations

Wait, wut? Nevermind.

> bold of you to assume there are only 24 hours in a day
There's obviously 30 hours in a day.
No. 965767 ID: dbd72b

"Is that you, Shaw? Are you the only one they sent? Staying didn't work. There's a big one."
No. 965769 ID: 2aa5f0

ok so let's do a quick run down on how fucked the building currently is. Offices seem to be fairly safe but does kinda leave you venerable if things do decide they want to come say hi. The classrooms (I'm guessing that's where you came from) currently have mister swords for hands over that way so probably safe to say that part of the building is pretty much fucked. Labs might be worse but at least to our knowledge that's also the only spot in the building where we could find people with guns who can shoot the monsters so not all bad. Also your mom might be there. So what's left of the building then? Is there somewhere that would let us view the building's security cameras so we can figure where all the scary shit is... does this place even have cameras? I haven't really seen any but then again it's not like I've been looking.
No. 965775 ID: 210fd0

>There's obviously 30 hours in a day.
Your planet is wierd.

Yeah, pretty much. Tell him that these monsters are actively trying to find people, staying in one place is just asking to meet them with your pants down.
No. 965776 ID: e51896

tell him that the place you stayed at earlier got invaded by a giant monster and you moved to a break room with someone named Alma

speaking of Alma, please tell me you at least left a knife for her to use despite her protesting against using one.
No. 965780 ID: a0dfd2


I must ask: is absolute territory a part of the dress code?
No. 965781 ID: 9e3bd6

Not really? I mean, even in our own solar system, days are vastly different lengths depending on the planet or moon. Jupiter has a day just shy of 10 hours for instance, and on the other end Venus has a day that lasts 2802 hours.

Lets reply with something along these lines, although maybe leaving out the name and giving some specific units of measurement. I am making some assumptions that could be incorrect, but if a chef knife is generally 20cm, that would mean you are about 160ish, and your friend around 180ish, give or take 5. That would mean the monster thing is about as tall or maybe a bit taller than our companion, with 30ish cm beak, and 45ish cm blades for arms, along with enough strength to break through what was likely breach and radiation-proof, double layered glass (if not stronger). (used a combination of the knife, our sleeves, and the window where the thing broke through, to find those measurements. Actual measurements may vary.)
No. 965788 ID: 9c48ac

I'm against calling the guy out by name; it's equally likely that this is the force's policy. Just say "That didn't work last time. Big fucker broke the window open about three seconds after I was left alone. Can we please get to a more secure place at least."
No. 965950 ID: 5b0071

warn them about the mantis that can break glass, at least. They may reconsider how safe you are in there.
No. 966023 ID: 15a025

Sitting around twiddling our fingers isn't safe. There's a giant mantis thing out for our blood right now!
No. 966030 ID: ca2950
File 158907549794.png - (150.28KB , 959x624 , lab36.png )

I tell Alma that whoever is on the other end is telling us to sit tight, but I'm going to keep trying to find Lieutenant Shaw, because he has a gun and might know what's going on. If anything, he can take us somewhere safe where everyone can explain things and we can play board games until soldiers with flamethrowers purge all the problems and I can go home with a large pile of government hush money.

I also mention that I have no interest in staying in a cramped room with nothing but a press board table and a few uncomfortable plastic chairs to shove between myself and that big blade monster, if it shows up again.
She doesn't really seem okay with the fact that there are other, bigger monsters roaming around. I am a little worried about how loud and panicky she is. On the bright side, she'll definitely attract everything to herself in a pinch, leaving me clear to make a break for it.

I also typed in a quick message saying I was going to look for the armed soldier that was with me, since monsters broke into my secure location.

Time to get back on course. Alma is mid-breakdown. I guess I'll find out if she wants to go to when I start walking out.

>you are about 160ish, and your friend around 180ish

Ha. I wish. I'm 143cm, so she's probably about 160 to 170, roughly.
Dad was unable to overcome the power of Mom's shortness in the battle of genetics.
But I get to be adorable, so I will accept the trade off of needing a stepladder for everything.
No. 966035 ID: 99d5e0

Omg woman, pinched her ass and tell her to shut up, she is going to get you killed.
No. 966039 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her if she screams one more time you're leaving her behind.
Then get going and hope she follows.
No. 966040 ID: bb78f2

Tell Alma to get her act together, there's no need to scream or shout when nothing is about to attack her.

Someone your senior should inspire you, not discourage you, gosh.
No. 966052 ID: 2aa5f0

give her a few pats on the back or something to calm her down. Ask if she wants to stay here or not. Also if she's staying ask what the number you'd need to call to call this office? I mean maybe check to see if the phones are still working but I know buildings like this usually have all their phones designed to only call other phones in the building unless you press a certain number first but if the phones are still working we could use them to make sure this area is still safe if thing get to hairy up ahead and we're forced to turn back.
No. 966072 ID: ca2950

There's a discussion thread here https://talehole.com/kusaba/questdis/res/132627.html for questions that aren't related to the immediate in-quest situation.
Or you can post questions in ITQ that will be less likely to be answered, but might have pictures and stuff.
No. 966086 ID: 015bf2

As sorry as I feel for Alma - and the fact that she probably started this crisis mentally worn by feeling ill suited for her job and was apparently on some serious overtime - she currently has the mental fortitude of a ten-year-old on a day trip and the survival instincts of a serial killer movie extra. Bringing her with us will bring us a ton of trouble.

... but if we leave her here to die, we'll feel bad about it later. Friggin' empathy.

Since poking her with your monster-tranq knife and stowing her into a cupboard is probably a bad idea, just tell her that she can either follow you - quietly - or stay here and blubber, attracting the attention of goodness knows what.
No. 966096 ID: 15a025

Tell a little white lie for the sake of both of your survival. Tell her the creatures are ultra sensitive to sound.
No. 966099 ID: 977456

This is an office, there must be loose papers around. Crumple one up and stuff it in her gaping mouth before some giant spider-caterpillar hybrid falls into there. Inform her of that likely alternative if she takes issue with your conduct. Then hold her hand and pull her along behind you, I can't see her resisting.
No. 966139 ID: c98691

>just tell her that she can either follow you - quietly - or stay here and blubber, attracting the attention of goodness knows what.

Pretty much this. Once we show these things can be killed relatively easily, she should calm own some. Hopefully.
No. 966144 ID: ca2950
File 158913311804.png - (107.39KB , 1024x768 , lab37.png )

I try to quiet her down, but right out in the hall is the sound of fleshy scuttling coming toward us.

I am not responsible for this and I will be super upset if I die. These things seem to be slowly increasing in population. Why couldn't this happen somewhere people just leave guns lying around?
No. 966145 ID: e2f5cc

"Alma if we don't get going right now I am going to trip you."
No. 966147 ID: 921d23

Stompy stompy, stabby stabby.

Lead by doing. Stay calm, show her there's nothing to fear EXCEPT MAYBE YOU IF SHE DOESN'T GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM
No. 966161 ID: afcf7a

"Alma if we don't get going right now I am going to strip you."
No. 966163 ID: cdb7be

I really want to find out where the fuck these things are coming from so at least we can plan things out, instead of just continuously trying to wait out the moment while they potentially reach numbers to overwhelm us. I think even though this woman seems kind of useless in response to danger, it isn't really reasonable to just let someone die if we can do something about it (of course with us surviving in the process).

Because these things jump and others have long reach I think you could really do with affixing your sharp things to long objects (I mean you removed a table leg before, so I don't see why you couldn't again), that might also calm Alma down knowing that she has that degree of protection. Also having long stabby/slicey weapons instead of blunt force weapons will really increase their longevity.

So with your knowledge of the building from being a student and Alma's knowledge from doing office work, you can probably navigate fairly easily, and change course to avoid danger etc. We *still* have no idea if this is an internal or external problem, so we need to investigate the lab to clear up that issue (but carefully/stealthily, you may need to crawl though the ventilation to investigate because if it is the former then it may be completely overrun. Of course you may well still need to defend yourself if you did go through the vents, but at least the smaller space limits the number of possible assailants at any one time).
No. 966166 ID: 6f7a5a

No. 966167 ID: b1b4f3

This is a bad tactical situation. You won the last battle easily, because you had the element of surprise and there were only two. Now there are three and they know where you are.

Personally I would suggest putting the table up against the open doorway so they can't see you as easily, and wait for them to jump/climb over it so you can stab them. Or your new companion can stomp them.
Oh, tell her you can just heal her if she gets hurt.
No. 966171 ID: bb78f2

roll for intimidation
reveal your dangerous club and look as menacingly as possible
In fact, if you can generate the katakana for Menacing in mid-air behind you, there's no better time for that exact, very specific skill
No. 966174 ID: 99d5e0

You really like guns, do you?

These things are multiplying or they were already here, both things are bad.

We need to avoid them or get rid of them. but with miss panic attack is going to be troublesome.

Should we use her as bait and shank those things from behind?
No. 966211 ID: ca2950
File 158921696410.png - (168.99KB , 766x768 , lab38.png )

>should we use her as bait and shank those things from behind?

Better her than me. I tell her to cover me and she actually manages to take one out with an arca shot.
I can't actually get a good hit on any of them and have to dodge these things trying to stab me. I do finally manage to shank the thing with one of their own horns and yellowy blood stuff oozes out onto the floor.
Alma finishes off the last one and we're safe again, for the moment.

"See? I told you they weren't a big deal," I tell her, trying to hide that my heart is pounding out of my chest from almost getting stabbed twice in rapid succession.

She like she might be a little less panicky, but also seems a little more winded than she should be. She's probably not used to late night fights to the death with monsters.
That went way smoother than I expected. I don't even need to patch anything up.
No. 966214 ID: c8996f

Grab a corpse, if a bigger one comes we might be able to get it to eat the easy meal of the corpse instead of us.
No. 966219 ID: 99d5e0

Good. Keep moving. take one mitute, then keep searching for the soldier.

Tel her to not overuse whatever abilities your race has, it will exhaust her.
No. 966223 ID: 977456

Don't speak, you can't hide your panic through words. Just throw a thumbs-up, a vertical finger to your lips, and then keep moving with your back to her so she can't see your face.
No. 966226 ID: 2aa5f0

catch breath and then start to move forward carefully. Would kinda suck if you ran into an ambush set up by the spuds.
No. 966261 ID: e25d3f

>more winded
I think it is just the lighting, but she looks like she was hit in the back earlier but hid it with her coat; the back of which seems to be soaked in blood.
No. 966297 ID: e51896

Most likely the lighting, but it is important to check especially since we can heal.

Tell her to strip because you might have seen an injury she is trying to hide that you can patch up.
No. 966312 ID: 5b0071

She may have been injured when she first learned about these things and had to heal herself, like you did. She might have been hurt badly.

Or maybe she's just really bad at using arca shots and she's exhausted.

.. can You do arca shots?
No. 966313 ID: 094652

Give her a friendly lick as a compliment
No. 966315 ID: 0359a9

Next time you'll need to step it up so she has to use less stamina, considering how useful she is. Taking turns on that'll probably keep you both going for longer. At least until you find the guard, then he can be bait.

Go slow until she's caught her breath.
No. 966376 ID: 977456

She's probably infected. She'll look great as a scropper.
No. 966695 ID: ca2950
File 158952002504.png - (282.59KB , 1024x768 , lab39.png )

I wait a minute for Alma to catch her breath and we keep moving, finally reaching the doors to the lab area.

There's red around here that's definitely not the lighting and there's more things squeezing out from inside. I think we found our source.

The door is ajar enough for them to fit through, which makes me worry whether there's a bunch more of those larger, stabby things that just haven't bothered to squeeze out.

>She may have been injured
Alma is fine and not bleeding or anything.

>can you do Arca shots
I sure can not. I wish I could right about now, though.
No. 966696 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, okay, how about you two start killing those things, and once there's none left on this side of the gate you can try to get the door closed.
No. 966698 ID: e7c7d3

Well, it seems this is a problem that'll require more than a stabby stick and a cute kitty companion. Clear these few and see if the door works. If not, might have to heave something nearby to block it.
No. 966703 ID: 18411d

How many more bolts does your partner have in her? Because if she can clear out two of those things and gang up on the last one you should be fine.

As for the room, might not hurt to peek inside and see what you can see but it might be smarter to just start closing the door to keep more of those things getting out. Or worse some of the bigger things from getting out.
No. 966713 ID: 094652

Squish them carefully this time. And do not scream.
No. 966715 ID: dbd72b

This has a lot of potential to go wrong and we have no real reason to push it.

Activate Nope Protocols (go somewhere else, preferably quietly)
No. 966717 ID: e2f5cc

Don't take any unnecessary risks but try to merk this batch of shitty scrotums and see if you can close the door. In the likely event you can't at least try to blockade the opening, or make it noisy when they come through
No. 966719 ID: cdb7be

Judging by the door position I'd assume there was originally some kind of obstruction and it subsequently lost power (though interesting that the keypad is still powered). I guess I'd check to see if the keypad does anything if you can get rid of the creatures fast/long enough to try.

If the door doesn't work I'd look around to see if there might be anything big like a vending machine that you can try to push in front of it. Considering the fact that the keypad still has power and the presence of those scythe hand creatures, I'd imagine actual cabling has been damaged so the door itself may not be closable right now.

Also unless there's a security room with CCTV that you can access, I'm still for investigating via the ventilation system.
No. 966783 ID: 977456

Lure this batch around a corner and gank them. If the corridor refills then you wouldn't have had time to close the door anyway.
No. 966805 ID: afcf7a

what's the point of airlocks if you don't keep them closed!?
No. 966821 ID: ee1d44

I really hope that your mom wasn't in there.

I think you have to retreat. Quikly.
No. 966844 ID: 15a025

See if Alma can't get a few more shoots out. If you can take these three out and no more appear at the door, try and take a quick little peek.
No. 967511 ID: ca2950
File 159017711229.png - (259.95KB , 795x768 , lab40.png )

Alma hits one of the hopper things and it explodes into some goo, but it doesn't collapse.
The one hiding in the crack of the door responds by spraying a fluid out of a weird face tube.

'Ah! It burns!'

This is bad. Our offensive abilities are bad to start with and now we don't even get to keep the ranged advantage.

'Are you alright?'
Alma staggers back and we hurry out of range.
'I don't know. It stings.'

>what's the point of airlocks if you don't keep them closed!?
I think that's part of the problem here, yes.

>I really hope that your mom wasn't in there
If she's working late tonight, she's in the area where they keep all the firepower. They don't stick the rifles in the janitor's closet for the gradeschoolers to play with.

I don't know if we should keep fighting or run until we can deal with this in a better way. Everything was kind of going alright until now.
No. 967514 ID: e2f5cc

Well if you already backed off a bit, might as well cut your losses and hoof it out of there to find some water and/or medical supplies to wash off the goo on Alma.
No. 967515 ID: b1b4f3

Welp. Without the range advantage this is not a good fight. You're gonna want to come back with guns.
Let's head to the offices. Stop by a bathroom first to wash off that acid.
No. 967516 ID: e05ad0

Withdraw and treat Alma's wound.
No. 967520 ID: 6f7a5a

there's only 3 of them! press the advantage!
No. 967521 ID: 5877dc

I know what you're after, and I will support it :B
No. 967543 ID: 977456

Yikes! I certainly hope that is a synthetic uniform, because if it does that to organic matter... Retreat and get her washed off with all available haste.
No. 967551 ID: 094652

Yeah, retreat and heal. Stay away from this area until you get shields and guns.

Preferably a flamethrower.
No. 967553 ID: 2aa5f0

ok so now we need something to use as a shield for future engagement since they now can hit at range and we really can't. Although looking closer now spit-y has his spikes horizontally alined while the jumpers have their spikes alined vertically.

oh yeah, try to fall back and see if you can't lure the hopers away from the spitter and just ambush them around a corner like you did to those other 2 earlier. then find something to use as a shield to get close enough to the spitter to crush the damn thing.
No. 967565 ID: 5b0071

withdraw and fix her if you can. if her arm falls of she's gonna get real annoying.
No. 967579 ID: 015bf2

Yell at her to rip off the right sleeve, retreat and mop off the liquid - better the liquid melt cloth than seep into fur and skin.

Rush forward and punt or avoid the un-wounded bug - the bigger big is stuck, and it just spewed its load, so you have a perfect opportunity to come in from the side and stab what is effectively an immobilized foe in its head.
No. 967601 ID: 7508c4

retreat for now and treat her injuries. it'll be 2 on 1 until you do and they've got range.
No. 967605 ID: dbd72b

Reiterating the "this is pointless, go somewhere else," just adding in to find wherever they'd have a first aid kit, and maybe see if you can get that goo off in the meantime. preferably without touching it.
No. 967658 ID: 15a025

Probably best to make a tactical retreat. We need to find some guns to shoot these things with or get something that goop isn't going to burn through and use it as a shield.
No. 967664 ID: 977456

Just to be clear: Are these disturbingly-shaped creatures with clothing-destruction spray and temporary-incapacitation venom? And they were making these underneath a school? What exactly has your mother been trying to make down here?
No. 967665 ID: 015bf2

It's a research base so large that it has unintentionally become a small research city over a few decades. Details are in one of the early posts.

Keimi's 'campus' is a variety of rooms squeezed in-between different lab complexes.

And now also bug monster hell.
No. 968261 ID: d186fc

Don't wash the acid off. It could get washed onto one of you. Without knowing what it is made of, we can't neutralize it and will have to take drastic action. Cut off her shirt sleeve, and then cut off the skin that was exposed to the stuff. A good centimeter in should do, and only use the knife. This is going to hurt a lot, but since you can heal injuries, this is the best way to prevent any long term effects. Simply healing the burn damage without removing the skin will only heal the injury, meaning the acid will just burn right through the healed skin again.
No. 968795 ID: ca2950
File 159112959365.png - (213.13KB , 848x631 , lab41.png )

We manage to escape the creatures and return to the break room to get Alma cleaned off as quickly as possible. Her breathing and heart rate are elevated and she seems a little distressed, but she doesn't seem to be dying or anything.

"Are you feeling alright?" I ask her.

"I think so. It feels a bit achy. Hot... cold... numb... tired," she says, starting to trail off.
The spitting one probably has a similar venom to the spiky one that knocked me out, but Alma has about twice my body mass, so hopefully she'll be able to shrug it off.

Now I'm down a convenient ranged attack and someone to watch my back until she recovers.
What can I even do now? The monsters are actually dangerous and I don't want to die of walking meat sack invasion.
No. 968797 ID: 5877dc

Suck the poison out of her.
No. 968798 ID: 0055dc

fuck the poison out of her
No. 968799 ID: e2f5cc

Don't you have healing science? Or is that on cooldown. Either way you're clearly unequipped to deal with the headcrabs alone right now so you should search for like a stick and duct tape or something to make a spear with your knife
No. 968801 ID: e957c9

What can we do to heal her? There should be a first aid kit around here.

We need to avoid more monsters, at least try to avoid confronting them directly. Like we've been doing. Look somewhere else that place is a nono. Unles you can make a flamethrower.
No. 968802 ID: b1b4f3

Find a position you can fortify and fortify it. Make sure it has two exits though.
No. 968803 ID: 015bf2

You could use the computer to send a message about the location of the breach in the quarantine, mention the sacks, spitters and scythe-hands in detail.

And stuff your friend in a cupboard to sleep it off while you keep an eye out for scythe-hands and sack-monsters.
No. 968809 ID: 2aa5f0

fall back to previous safe position and try to figure out a plan B
No. 968843 ID: 864e49

We need to stop her from passing out. Can you give her your magic healies? Any med kits? Coffee? Cold water?
And if you can't keep her awake at least try take her somewhere safe.

It just might work!
No. 968848 ID: 094652

This and find a venom pump. Or another kind of pump.
No. 968851 ID: dbd72b

This. We need to see if this is going to get better or worse
No. 968854 ID: adb916

>>968795 Lewd. I have nothing productive to say.
No. 968893 ID: 977456

See if you can find some random shrubs lying around hidden in completely incongruous places that you can mix into a poultice. Just be certain not to use any plants that you recognise, only creepy alien ones can be miracle cures. Do you have any bubble-wrap that you could spread around the floor to hear if any critters are approaching?
No. 968897 ID: e51896

She said she was cold. Give her your coat. It might not fit her well, but its better than nothing. Make sure that all that clothing dissolving fluid is cleaned off of her first though, it'll suck if your coat got damaged.
No. 968943 ID: d186fc

If its an acid, we need to neutralize it, which we are doing. Until then, healing won't work cuz it will just keep eating away at her. If we can find a chemical storage, we could wipe a base on the affected area. Otherwise using an emergency shower would work. If neither option is viable (or it is just too late and the acid has already done as much damage as it will do), we should work on healing the wound. Remove any dead flesh and then heal the rest (may want to tourniquet her arm with some cloth before you do this though). Affected area seems to be the entire right upper arm and shoulder, and the upper right side of her chest.

As for the poison aspect, I doubt we can really do anything about that. This is a lab and labs generally are not equipped to deal with poisons or venoms. Healing probably won't work since it isn't an injury per se. Best we can do is hole up and keep her safe and treated. She seems like she is probably also going into shock so you should treat her for that once you are in a better spot. Lay her on her back, elevate her feet, and keep her warm.
No. 968946 ID: 7508c4

you're not supposed to try to neutralize acid. you're supposed to wash it with as much water as you have on hand.
No. 968949 ID: 6f7a5a

there's still some purple on her tiddy, wipe there thoroughly
No. 968953 ID: d186fc

I think you are right. It is ingestion that you sometimes try to neutralize.

To the emergency shower!
No. 968961 ID: 9876c4

Suckle delicious envenomed wolfmilk to gain superpowers.
We don't know it won't work!
No. 968997 ID: e957c9

A shower? Yeah, that would work... We need to do something about her clothes tho.

I wouldn't rule out the idea about a first aid kit tho, might not help now, but in the future could be handy.
No. 968999 ID: 36784c

>To the emergency shower!
Wouldn’t the emergency shower for chemical spills be located in the lab? The same place all of those monsters are coming from right now.

I don’t think we’re going to get past them to get to the shower.
No. 969096 ID: d186fc

>the lab
Even grade schools have more than one lab room. There will be more lab rooms with more showers that aren't infested.
No. 969896 ID: ca2950
File 159235765882.png - (181.70KB , 1024x768 , lab42.png )

Welp, I guess I'm just going to hunker down and try to wait this out, at least for a while to let Alma recover. Somebody must be aware of the situation, so hopefully we'll get rescued and won't have to fight a bunch of awful monsters. Here's hoping.

>suck the poison out
>fuck the poison out
>wipe tiddy

I don't think anyone is in the mood to get weirdly horny for no reason right now. I know I'm not. I just want to sleep. I want to wake up in my bed and have all this be a bad dream.
That would be nice.
No. 970002 ID: 9876c4

This is why you need to be a wolfmilk powered superhero(ine).
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