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File 156955604196.png - (548.25KB , 1669x863 , wormtitle.png )
945902 No. 945902 ID: 05d60f

Worm Man wakes up on top of a rock. Nothing is really unique about this, as it's the same rock he's woken up on for about as long as he can remember.
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No. 945903 ID: 05d60f
File 156955608962.png - (159.14KB , 832x866 , wormpanel4.png )

He hears sounds coming from people all around him. He looks around to try and see who's making all the noise

No. 945904 ID: 05d60f
File 156955614316.png - (212.74KB , 721x821 , wormpanel2.png )

Taking a quick look around, he sees people doing... stuff. Jogging, talking, eating, listening to music. Worm Man doesn't remember how long it's been since he's done anything except waking up on a rock.

No. 945906 ID: 05d60f
File 156955628289.png - (271.92KB , 828x862 , wormpanel3.png )

He sees a man reading the news, but Worm Man doesn't even know what's in the news nowadays. How long has it been since he's checked? What kind of music are people listening to? Where are people jogging to?

No. 945908 ID: 05d60f
File 156955635179.png - (178.91KB , 795x866 , wormpanel1.png )

What even is a "Worm Man?"
No. 945909 ID: 530c0f

Better stretch out those worm legs after all that rock sleep. Go for a jog too.
No. 945910 ID: b1b4f3

We just don't know.

Maybe you can visit a library to find out. Do you have clothing? I suspect clothing would be required to use the library.
No. 945911 ID: 0fae41

You should probably go see a doctor. Doctor Worm.
No. 945918 ID: 15c122

Collect your worms and venture to seek your fortune. Of worms.
No. 945920 ID: 891b91

Go, Worm Man. Go and impose yourself upon the people of this world!

Doctor Worm? I hear he likes to play the drums.
No. 945927 ID: 9876c4

I hear it's amazing when the famous purple worm in flapjaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari-kiri Rock.
No. 945928 ID: 977456

Forever. Barbershop quartet. Disappointment. Literally a large disturbing pea-pod.
No. 945951 ID: a13082

Where the world's problems become too deep, only one man can worm his way in there and make a hole in them - the Worm Man.

Also, man you're ugly as f*
Go visit a doctor and get face change or something.
No. 945975 ID: dba3f1

well, that's a complicated question worm man, why don't you start by describing yourself and what you do?
No. 946105 ID: 05d60f
File 156980613497.png - (1.21MB , 1081x2150 , Wormpanel2Fin.png )

>describe yourself and what you do
>visit a library
Worm Man speaks in incomprehensible words and he seems almost as confused as everyone else, but by his hand gestures, you assume it was something about not having a library card.

No. 946109 ID: 05d60f
File 156980688503.png - (359.36KB , 828x862 , wormpanel2 3.png )

>visit a doctor
Worm Man doesn't really where a doctor is, but he knows there's a city nearby he could check.

He decides to investigate

No. 946110 ID: e7c7d3

Oh dear, never take up singing.

Stand upon thine rock and check out that city. What would you rate it as? Looks like a miserable 4/10 from here.
No. 946111 ID: 9876c4

We will get you that library card, if you give us half a chance.
No. 946114 ID: 977456

A wild city appears!
Worm Man, use Dig!
No. 946525 ID: 05d60f
File 157025542731.png - (604.22KB , 1656x862 , wormpanel2 2.png )

Worm Man looked around the city trying to find the hospital. Despite the fact that his requests for directions to the hospital sounded like a blender full of bees, people still pointed him towards it. When he got in, he grabbed an admission form and began to fill it out

No. 946526 ID: 05d60f
File 157025545355.png - (346.96KB , 1166x1060 , Wormpanel 2 3.png )

No. 946527 ID: 05d60f
File 157025549963.png - (0.96MB , 1949x1949 , sheeps.png )

The receptionist, after taking a quick glance at the paper, sent him directly through to the doctor just to get rid of him. The doctor told Worm Man he was, "the healthiest car crash victim he'd ever seen," and sent him on his way.

No. 946528 ID: 05d60f
File 157025552443.png - (335.48KB , 1072x1212 , wormshock.png )

Taking that as a compliment, yet learning absolutely nothing, Worm Man decided to leave the hospital. Shortly after, he heard a rustling sound coming from a nearby alley.
No. 946529 ID: 05d60f
File 157025555705.png - (2.88MB , 2300x2300 , wormpanel 2 4.png )

Peeking around the corner, Worm Man sees what appears to be a guy rifling through a trash can and decides to investigate, yet he has no idea what to do with that guy.

No. 946530 ID: 9876c4

Rifles are weak to artillery. Throw spotted dick, and yorkshire puddings upon him.

Feel free to substitute lowbrow pastry.
No. 946531 ID: 15c122

Interrogate him. Does he have more Dum Dums
No. 946540 ID: 977456

Enquire what a handsome fellow such as they might find in the trash, and pursue the thought that you might engage in some youthful rifling together, whist waggling eyebrows enthusiastically.
No. 946543 ID: 81cd19

Lean your head over his shoulder.
No. 952072 ID: 8163dc

Join this individual in their trash spelunking.
No. 952121 ID: e51896

Talk to trash guy.
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