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File 156945897334.png - (242.63KB , 800x780 , HURON000.png )
945796 No. 945796 ID: 11f77a

Clothing Damage Sci-Fi RPG.
NSFW with nudity, potential sexual content, and violence against fabric.
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No. 969559 ID: e7c7d3

Time to practice neck snapping. Even if there's a scuffle, we should be able to take him out without anyone noticing. If the operator gets to the comms though, tell Sertis to take out the lone worker and get Njar to get the two over the gate.

Not sure what Driga or Veisar could do if things go south
No. 969560 ID: 0fae41

Make a silent takedown with the GEP gun.
No. 969567 ID: cdabe3

w-wait, is it possible to knock the guy unconscious without him seeing your faces??
No. 969568 ID: 4f51b2

Do not kill him, knock him down. Take a look to the screens to see what the cameras are screening.
No. 969569 ID: b1b4f3

Just turn around. No point in taking him out since he's not in the way and not paying attention to the cams.
Just go back down, neutralize the one guy who IS in the way (and put his body somewhere out of sight) then start infiltrating proper.
No. 969592 ID: 75acda

Driga, knock him down with your pistol, Veiasar adrmire Driga's assets while she does so.
No. 969649 ID: 5877dc

Driga use Kinesis to pull the guy to Veisar, away from the funny red button, while Veisar use the pistol on him. Then bring him with you at a gunpoint down.

You should also inform Sertis and Njar to take out the forklift, or the guy driving it. Or both.

The plan is to use these guys to lead you around. Or tie them up and knock them out.
No. 970068 ID: fb49ae

I support this, look at Driga.
No. 970190 ID: d186fc

Might I humbly suggest we use a piece of string or wire to garrote them? Its a classic and it is almost impossible to get out of.
No. 970411 ID: 11f77a
File 159286935166.png - (392.30KB , 650x500 , huron_035.png )

The Manipulator eyes the Engineer. She presses a finger to her lips before signaling her intention to knock the lone tripod. The butt of her disintegration pistol mockingly hits the air by the palm of her hand. “We have it under control.” she relays under her breath into the intercom.

Our mercenaries creep closer to their target as he teeters back and forth unawares.
The Manipulator is positioned close with a raised fist. With a pistol whip she bunts right against the back of his head.

Brawwk!” comes a guttural surprise from the worker. He cringes and instinctively claps his hand against the brunt of his head. He’s still conscious, but stunned. Driga figures that usually works with other species—only a moment’s hesitance that he’s discombobulated.

Veisar notices her chestly assets but feels nothing—for his species have no such assets. Thus, his culture isn’t based around them and there’s no obsession. To him it’s more like a sense of wonder how mammals can carry th—ANYWAY

• Driga has spent her action in attempt to knock down the worker.
• The worker is caught in a surprise attack. He’s unable to react for the rest of the round.
• Veisar is the only remaining one to act this round…
What does he do?

All characters can:
Move, or make a simple interaction.
Make a melee attack (with their most available weapon; specific location optional)
Make an aimed attack (target a specific location)
--Any attack can be declared lethal. By default, it’s non-lethal.

Driga: Done
Veisar: Ready!

Turns will often alternate between enemies and allies.
Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 970413 ID: 0fae41

Yank him away from the consoles before he sounds the alarm!
No. 970414 ID: d186fc

choke hold. Cant have them make any more noise.
No. 970415 ID: e96198

Grab him and pull him away from the console while choking him.
No. 970420 ID: e7c7d3

Blast him with the pistol!
No. 970424 ID: dce46f

No point in half measures, shoot the bastard!
No. 970428 ID: 4f51b2

Chock him.
No. 970462 ID: 4286b4

Veisar shoot at the chair.
No. 970851 ID: 15a025

Double down on the surprise, knock over the chair to pin him down Veisar!
No. 972782 ID: 11f77a
File 159520314963.png - (335.56KB , 650x500 , huron_036.png )

The engineer wasn’t savvy using a gun on impulse. He’d end up shooting the chair or worse, the manipulator. He lunges and wraps his arms around, putting the tripod in a chokehold and pulling him away from the console before the big red button can be pressed. The chair swivels and topples over.

Brak, gleck igliak!” the minion yells with a flailing tail.

•The Tripod is grappled.
•The surprise round has ended.

Driga: Ready!
Veisar: Ready!
Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 972783 ID: 0fae41

Driga: Knock the wind out of his sails with the power fist.
No. 972784 ID: 4f51b2

This, make sure he stays cold for a while.
No. 972789 ID: d186fc

Jesus fucking christ this is getting messy. Just snap their neck at this point. Knocking them out is only good if they don't know who their assailants were.
No. 972790 ID: d186fc

Don't do this. It probably won't work like you want and instead will cause severe internal injuries. A mook coughing up blood and guts while they slowly and painfully die will just be even messier to deal with.

From here on in, lets aim to kill un-alerted enemies as quickly and cleanly as we can. Garrote would be the cleanest option, although a knife would also work assuming we can keep them impaled until we hide the body so they don't bleed everywhere. Knocking them out is great, but we don't seem to be very good at that.
No. 972821 ID: e78a3b

Oh noes, an exposed nipple!

Driga yank off his clothes and search them for anything of importance.
No. 973180 ID: 15a025

Veisar: Snap their neck.
No. 974943 ID: 11f77a
File 159823335862.png - (328.65KB , 650x500 , huron_037.png )

Veisar is caught up on what to do as the small worker flails and whips its sole leg around. Blast. Just a matter of time until everything’s compromised! Time seems to slow as the Manipulator fastens her power-fist to go for a punch. The captive borks with the Gard’s arm fastened to his throat, “Ack-glack, in grok!

In an instant the Gard clasps one hand on the grey-thing’s jaw and sharply rotates his head. Like twigs muffled under a pillow there’s a suppressed cracking of bones followed by a choke caught in its throat.

No. 974944 ID: 11f77a
File 159823347302.png - (373.84KB , 650x500 , huron_038.png )

You… the Hell?” wonders the Manipulator as the tripod gurgles its last breath and slumps in the Engineer’s arms. He realizes what’s been done—and can’t take it back. He drops his victim with eyes wider than paper plates and pupils shrunk to a pinhead.

I—It didn’t work like we wanted…” winces the Engineer trying to scrounge up an excuse for his actions. But he knows that’s all his words are: excuses, excuses. His conscience is stinted by the act of choosing to take an unarmed worker’s life. The tripod flops to the ground.

A daunting pause.

The Manipulator sighs to help break the silence, “Well… I suppose it’s for the best. It’s a nasty business we’re in after all...

Er--Come on, Veisar. Let’s take a look and get through with this.
Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 974946 ID: e7c7d3

RIP Veisar's innocence...

Well, don't have to worry about an eye in the sky blowing your cover now. Maybe see if there's any controls to open the door fully?
No. 974947 ID: e51896

we'll need to Hide the body

Is there any place we can hide it behind?
No. 974949 ID: e96198

That's unfortunate. For both the worker and Veisar's. What's done is done though. When we get a breather we'll speak about this later.

Veisar go see the controls for a way to get a container over. If possible see if it can be automated so you don't have to be in the booth doing this manually. Driga, watch him and watch his back.
No. 974950 ID: bef60d

It's okay veisar, tis but a freak accident. you didn't mean to kill them, after all!
No. 974952 ID: 4f51b2

Damn, hide the body and feel bad for what you just did.
No. 974956 ID: 0fae41

Well, that went tits up fast. Get him out of the way and lower the gate.
No. 975016 ID: 470289

good job on the extra XP.
No. 975021 ID: ba261d

Oh wow, i wasn't expecting a casuantly this early... But yeah, let's do this.
No. 975061 ID: 21bd50

Veisar should have known what he was getting into. I mean really, killing unarmed enemies is kind of essential in covert ops. Anyway, we should probably try to quietly kill any other opposition if we can't sneak past them. Knocking them out won't work reliably.

Hide the body and move on.
No. 975063 ID: 4e3a2f

Considering this is a quest where ray guns will disentigrate every inch of clothing before you get so much as a suntan, I think you are greatly underestimating the value of a good knockout punch.
No. 975099 ID: 21bd50

I would normally agree, however we already tried that when we whacked the dude over the head with a pistol.
No. 975100 ID: 21bd50

Power fist wont work either since if you punch them with a power fist, you will just end up with blood and brain matter splattered everywhere.
No. 975128 ID: e7c7d3

But there's was no clothing to damage on the head. Also, a bonk and a grapple did result in clothing damage >>972782

Thought of this last night, but: >>969558
Njar, use a energy panel to shove and trap the lone guy in the maintenance access.
No. 975163 ID: 4286b4

>His conscience is stinted
Is it now? Maybe Veisar's a mercenary because of his famous neck-twisting skills...

Veisar use Salvage on these controls.
No. 976342 ID: 11f77a
File 160010457315.png - (259.39KB , 650x500 , huron_039.png )

The Manipulator thinks of something quick to keep the Engineer focused, “Erm… I’ll take care of this. You may know more about working the controls than I do anyway.” She grabs the tripod’s tail and drags him off to stuff him underneath some desks. After pushing him in tightly (and covering the space with some chairs) she finds a note on the desk.

The Manipulator holds it up to read, “Hey. I found something. It looks like a notice for the employees.
Listen up, ingrates! The Higher-Ups are issuing a lockdown until we’re in the clear. All radio signals must be silent unless for use in emergencies. I don’t care what rumors you’ve heard in the past week, I don’t know what the hubbub is about—but we have our orders. Don’t question. Just carry them out. This may pass in an hour. It may pass in a week. More to follow once everyone’s inside.

Anyone locked out should’ve gotten the memo, cause we aint opening for anyone!

No. 976345 ID: 11f77a
File 160010487782.png - (286.27KB , 650x500 , huron_040.png )

The Engineer looks over the dashboard, trying to shift his focus away from the death of the employee and onto his expertise. He steadies his hand and takes the controls. Seems like a standard booth panel. It’s a stolen space station; labels next to giant buttons are in a comprehensible language. After making sure everything’s in operation he pushes the handle and the portcullis below begins to shift down with the sliding of metal. But it doesn’t go far. Sparks fly and the gate makes an unpleasant grinding sound. The tripod maintenance worker sharply turns around after the sudden Ka-CHUNK the gate makes. The door seems to be stuck and cannot go any lower.

The worker looks up to your booth with irritated jabbering and yelling—swinging a fist in the air with its electric nozzle on the other hand. The Engineer ducks and leaves the lever for now.

Your collars buzz with a message from the Cleaner, “Well you certainly know how to draw attention to yourself.

The Constructor hisses in, “Quiet, you mannequin. I can see the forklift guy coming back. And he’s bringing a few extra friends to work on whatever they’ve been busy with. What is going on up there? Hurry up and do something, guys.

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 976355 ID: 9aaeef

Can we use +Salvage to fix the door?
No. 976399 ID: 3aa06e

>>What is going on?

"I...killed one of them. I didn't mean to. Trying to find controls to move a shipping container."

Try to find cargo container controls. Avoid making a door's stuck reference. Also inform them of the employee notice, could mean anything. This Amorphous stuff could have spread outside of quarantine. Or this lockdown they are on might be due to Z'anon's agent giving them information after being interrogated.
No. 976400 ID: 4f51b2

Veisar is the Engineer, he can fix it just don't panic is a simple door, you can help your companions. We just have to distract that worker.
No. 976431 ID: 4286b4

Uhh, sounds like there's some door that we need to open? But isn't it open already? I'm confused.
No. 976436 ID: 9aaeef

It’s stuck, you can see in the picture is not all the way down, sparkles are coming out due to the friction.
No. 976450 ID: 6aa114

It's stuck but, it's low enough that we could just jump over, or walk over by making hardlight stairs. So, I dunno what else we're supposed to accomplish here. Knock out the rest of the engineers so that they don't alert anyone?
No. 976451 ID: e7c7d3

Set blasters to stun and prepare for a fight
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