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File 156945897334.png - (242.63KB , 800x780 , HURON000.png )
945796 No. 945796 ID: 11f77a

Clothing Damage Sci-Fi RPG.
NSFW with nudity, potential sexual content, and violence against fabric.
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No. 976342 ID: 11f77a
File 160010457315.png - (259.39KB , 650x500 , huron_039.png )

The Manipulator thinks of something quick to keep the Engineer focused, “Erm… I’ll take care of this. You may know more about working the controls than I do anyway.” She grabs the tripod’s tail and drags him off to stuff him underneath some desks. After pushing him in tightly (and covering the space with some chairs) she finds a note on the desk.

The Manipulator holds it up to read, “Hey. I found something. It looks like a notice for the employees.
Listen up, ingrates! The Higher-Ups are issuing a lockdown until we’re in the clear. All radio signals must be silent unless for use in emergencies. I don’t care what rumors you’ve heard in the past week, I don’t know what the hubbub is about—but we have our orders. Don’t question. Just carry them out. This may pass in an hour. It may pass in a week. More to follow once everyone’s inside.

Anyone locked out should’ve gotten the memo, cause we aint opening for anyone!

No. 976345 ID: 11f77a
File 160010487782.png - (286.27KB , 650x500 , huron_040.png )

The Engineer looks over the dashboard, trying to shift his focus away from the death of the employee and onto his expertise. He steadies his hand and takes the controls. Seems like a standard booth panel. It’s a stolen space station; labels next to giant buttons are in a comprehensible language. After making sure everything’s in operation he pushes the handle and the portcullis below begins to shift down with the sliding of metal. But it doesn’t go far. Sparks fly and the gate makes an unpleasant grinding sound. The tripod maintenance worker sharply turns around after the sudden Ka-CHUNK the gate makes. The door seems to be stuck and cannot go any lower.

The worker looks up to your booth with irritated jabbering and yelling—swinging a fist in the air with its electric nozzle on the other hand. The Engineer ducks and leaves the lever for now.

Your collars buzz with a message from the Cleaner, “Well you certainly know how to draw attention to yourself.

The Constructor hisses in, “Quiet, you mannequin. I can see the forklift guy coming back. And he’s bringing a few extra friends to work on whatever they’ve been busy with. What is going on up there? Hurry up and do something, guys.

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 976355 ID: 9aaeef

Can we use +Salvage to fix the door?
No. 976399 ID: 3aa06e

>>What is going on?

"I...killed one of them. I didn't mean to. Trying to find controls to move a shipping container."

Try to find cargo container controls. Avoid making a door's stuck reference. Also inform them of the employee notice, could mean anything. This Amorphous stuff could have spread outside of quarantine. Or this lockdown they are on might be due to Z'anon's agent giving them information after being interrogated.
No. 976400 ID: 4f51b2

Veisar is the Engineer, he can fix it just don't panic is a simple door, you can help your companions. We just have to distract that worker.
No. 976431 ID: 4286b4

Uhh, sounds like there's some door that we need to open? But isn't it open already? I'm confused.
No. 976436 ID: 9aaeef

It’s stuck, you can see in the picture is not all the way down, sparkles are coming out due to the friction.
No. 976450 ID: 6aa114

It's stuck but, it's low enough that we could just jump over, or walk over by making hardlight stairs. So, I dunno what else we're supposed to accomplish here. Knock out the rest of the engineers so that they don't alert anyone?
No. 976451 ID: e7c7d3

Set blasters to stun and prepare for a fight
No. 977219 ID: 11f77a
File 160105783819.png - (294.05KB , 650x500 , huron_041.png )

The engineer stammers and he looks over the dashboard again—a bit more carefully this time, “Sssorry—I’m just… trying to get used to the controls. Uh… W-What are we supposed to accomplish here?

The manipulator softly sighs, “We just need to get into the cargo hold as soon as we can. Whatever’s going on in this station, it looks like all the workers are ordered to barricade the entrances. We’ll need to act quickly.

The engineer ponders if he could simply fix the gate from here—he looks down at the lone tripod worker as his friends pull up next to him. The Gard concludes that the issue isn’t here in the control booth, but on the bottom floor where the tripod is making repairs. In the process of locking everything down—the gate must’ve malfunctioned earlier.

Down below, the worker points at the booth. His friends are curious indeed. The constructor mutters into the intercom, “Guys, I hope your blasters are hot—looks like you’ll be preparing for a fight if you don’t do something.

We’re working on it! Why don’t you do something to stall them?

What can Team A do?
A) Njar and Sertis can distract or stall them. But how?
B) Njar and Sertis will let them pass--thereby flanking the workers once they reach the others.
C) Njar and Sertis will stay put no matter what. It's the other guys' problem.
D) >___

What can Team B do?
E) Veisar can figure out how to transfer a container past the portcullis. But he must stay put before coming with a solution for everyone to get across.
F) Veisar and Driga can abandon the booth and avoid sight. They'll be leaving a body, however.
G) >___
Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 977220 ID: e7c7d3

A) Perhaps Njar can construct something to toss against some farther containres. Make a loud noise to spook the workers and grab their attention.

F) Sometimes you've got to leave your mistakes behind and move on. The mistake in this instance is a dead body of course! However, our main concern was an eye in the sky and that's been dealt with. Time spent messing around just increases the chances of things going south.
No. 977236 ID: 4f51b2

A)Maybe Sertis can use his acid splash so one of the big boxes fall to distract those guys.
F)They should get out, can they hide the body in the space between the control hub and the ceiling?
No. 977275 ID: e85a08

G)Sabotage the stairs so they can be easily broken before the group gets there, then echoblast the workers off them

B)Ambush the workers with a acid splash if the fall doesn't take them out and then replace the stairs with hardlight to escape

Maybe "clean" the body if it won't take too long
No. 977281 ID: d909cb

Vesiar should simply sabotage the dashboard. With that, due to the lockdown, the workers won't be able to contact anyone. Which means that we don't have to kill them or anything. These workers seem unarmed, so Njar and Sertis can simply move in, pointing guns at the workers, and the workers should surrender. Shoot at the panel they were repairing to demonstrate our intentions. And then we can tie them up or knock them out or something. And climb past the door.
No. 977858 ID: 15a025

Team A:
A.) Njar use hardlight to make a tool similar to something they're using and kick or slide it over by them, if that's possible. Have it be bigger or smaller than what they're using. Having the wrong size tool for the job is always frustrating!

Team B:
I kind of like what >>977275 said.
Echoblast off the stairs sounds like it could be some good chaos, but maybe the poor guys had enough of that for now. Maybe Driga can use kinesis to make them all trip and fall?
No. 980270 ID: 11f77a
File 160435329868.png - (344.64KB , 650x500 , huron_042.png )

The constructor buzzes through the comms, “Yo, watchtower. They’re on their way so we’re just gonna flank ‘em. They’re only mooks—I mean, what weapons ‘they gonna have? A Geiger counter?

Waiter, bodybags for four~” purrs the cleaner, preparing his watersaw.

The manipulator scoffs in response and conjures a plan for the engineer, “I don’t see us evading them for long before they find the body. I need you to sabotage the dashboard so they can’t contact anyone in the entire station! Can you do that?


Un-fix it! Whatever!

I understood you! I’m just… relaying a confirmation is all… yeesh

The manipulator hurries to the staircase to see if there’s a solution to impede the Tripods. It’s a long spiraling, metal stairway with thin guard rails. Even with her power fists it’ll take a while to tamper each grate—and the wretched little creatures will have caught up. Down below, the forklift parks a few meters away. The constructor and cleaner maneuver around the crates.

Those two better know what they’re doing…” she mutters.
No. 980272 ID: 11f77a
File 160435336993.png - (310.26KB , 650x500 , huron_043.png )

On the ground, the cleaner and constructor catch up with their targets undetected. The tripods hop off the forklift and start a line to walk—or in their case crawl—up the stairs.

Our mercenaries creep closer.

A) Njar and Sertis will make a surprise attack on the closest two Tripods.
B) Njar and Sertis will demand them all to surrender.

*Veisar is occupied: Sabotaging the dashboard.
Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 980273 ID: f8fa51

Open with a surprise attack, then demand surrender. You don't want to waste the element of surprise, especially when you're technically outnumbered.
No. 980275 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, A.
No. 980282 ID: e7c7d3

A) Everyone likes surprises!
No. 980295 ID: 4f51b2

Attack the nearest too and take them as hostage, time to "negotiate".
No. 980300 ID: 11c9d0

A. and make sure they are debilitating attacks of some sort, be it knock out, tie-up, shock, or stun. Just make sure they are neutralized (as in taken out of combat).
No. 980372 ID: 3aa06e

A, Surprise!!!
No. 980573 ID: 15a025

A. Surprise attack!
No. 980585 ID: a8d3c1

A. Shoot first, ask for surrender later when they're spooked.
No. 982734 ID: 11f77a
File 160706248133.png - (363.38KB , 650x500 , huron_044.png )

Silently our mercenaries approach the closest tripods. The constructor steps up and grapples one—forcing the barrel of her pistol against his temple. Her hostage gasps but freezes up.

The helmeted worker notices erratic movement from his peripherals and shifts his gaze in time for a watersaw to swipe across his chest. Fabric shreds with the silent hiss of the blade. The attack causes the tripodic mook to stumble to the ground. The cleaner keeps the saw hovering over its victim with a delighted sneer.

Clearly, the rest notice the commotion and face the mercenaries.

The constructor yells, “Nobody make another step! You all know how this works. Surrender now and drop on the floor!

• Njar has grappled a tripod and holds him at gunpoint.
• Sertis swiped his watersaw across a tripod’s chest, slicing his jumpsuit.
• The workers were caught in a surprise attack. One mercenary can spend a free action next.

Due to the surprise attack, everyone is technically in combat. If you can guess the enemy’s target or type of attack our mercenaries will be better prepared to withstand their strike. That’s right, the tripods may unexpectedly resist or perhaps they’ll cooperate—you’ll need to go with your gut to shoot quick or trust they’ll stand down... for now.

Njar: Ready!
Sertis: Ready!
Driga: Ready!
Veisar: Occupied until next round.

Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 982744 ID: c8a743

Driga use Kinesis to push one or both of the remaining technicians to the ground. And then... Veisar Echoblast everyone!
No. 982750 ID: 1f5380

Njar put one of your feet in the torso of the Tripoid in the ground, aim your weapon at them and tell them that if they blink they are fucking dead. Driga try to knock out the hostage.
No. 982757 ID: e85a08

Sertis grapple the tripod by the jumpsuit
No. 982773 ID: e7c7d3

Driga, come down the stairwell and force punch the mook with the welding mask. Send them flying!
No. 982797 ID: 15a025

No. 983862 ID: e8bee9

No. 983918 ID: 11f77a
File 160840131898.png - (338.57KB , 650x500 , huron_045.png )

The cleaner reaches out and grips his target by the scruff of its jumpsuit.
Successfully, he grapples the tripod and spins a sawblade dangerously close.
Do what the lady says--or I’ll give your friend here an even set of limbs!
His threat hides a tinge of sadistic tease.


The remaining workers halt in their tracks.
The tripod in the helmet is first to speak in common, no less. “Don’t do anything stupid! Who are you? What do you want from us?

They’re pirates![i]” another chirps, a look of disgust, “[i]You won’t find anything here, scum! You have no business to be here! Why don’t you turn your tails and jet out of space?


Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 983919 ID: e7c7d3

Hmm, they're not really cooperating. Njar, tear some clothing off of your hostage to show you mean business.

If we're allowed to prepare defense along with suggesting an action, Sertis best prepare for the remaining tripods rushing him.
No. 983928 ID: 1a4760

Those statuses are confusing. What's the difference between Done and Occupied? What consequence does Grappling have on possible actions?

Driga get in there with Kinesis to prevent them from splitting up.

>Who are you? What do you want from us?”
Hmm, pirates sounds good, let's go with that.
"Arr, ye be hangin' the jib too quick! We space buccaneers be hearin' of booty and fine rum aboard this garrison! An' we need yer help to get it. An' wit' help we mean to not spoil our pillage, lest ye be wishin' to walk the plank."

Or something like that. If they don't understand it, then just smack their butt until they become cooperative.
No. 983972 ID: 15a025

Sounds like the cleaner needs to show he's serious. Agree with ripping some clothes off or smashing their goggles.
No. 983974 ID: e73773

Start cutting. Just a little bit, just enough to make them bleed.
No. 983976 ID: 041c52

Sertis, aim at them with your weapon and ask them if this job is worth dying painfully by acid.
No. 983984 ID: 11f77a
File 160843667261.png - (203.17KB , 650x500 , huron_045b.png )

I see a common theme going on…

>What’s the difference between Done and Occupied?
It means Sertis finished his action and is done for the round—now everyone else will have their turn before round two begins. This is a turn-based quest when combat is initiated.
Thus, three suggestions are invalid ‘cause they didn’t read the team’s status and thought Sertis could keep attacking this round.

Veisar is occupied with sabotaging the dashboard, as ordered by Driga [>>980270]. But perhaps I should’ve said Busy. So I changed it in this post. The [1] indicates how many rounds are left before Veisar is finished with his task. Now, if you would rather have him forget the sabotage (or anything that occupies concentration i.e. repairing, healing, focusing on a complicated task under pressure)—you may suggest that as well.

>What consequence does Grappling have[…]?
This quest will use conditions and mechanics similar to 5e D&D. A grappled character cannot move from their space—but can attempt to break the grapple on their turn. It can keep targets from running away or hold hostage.

Sertis::Done!:Grappling a Tripod
Njar::Ready!:Grappling a Tripod

Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 984029 ID: 31e1c9

Narj: shoot at the tripod who with the welding mask, non-lethally, if possible, and calmly say you are not messing around.
No. 984074 ID: e85a08

Driga can try to incapacitate one more of them, if they aren't paying attention to her, with stasis or something.
No. 984092 ID: 9aaeef

Driga can use kinesis in one of the trippiest near the stairs, and shove it shan’t a wall to left him unconscious..
No. 984184 ID: 3aa06e

Driga, use kinesis to shove one of two still standing against the other. Keep them pinned if they fall.
No. 984316 ID: 95e938

Shoot a (non-essential, pinky equivalent) finger off or something. Definitely will get the point across without the chance of hitting an artery or something.
No. 985987 ID: 11f77a
File 161111066579.png - (336.77KB , 650x500 , huron_046.png )

The cleaner and constructor keep their foes concentrated on them as their weapons are fixed an inch away from the hostages. They don’t answer and only sneer like sadistic psychos. Without a response the remaining tripods bear their teeth and arm themselves with tools. The Welder has a laser tool. The other raises a monkey wrench with a rallying cry.

Fuck this nonsense! The Tripods will reign again!!!

Maneuvering down the stairwell, the manipulator forces an open palm in the air once she has clear sight of her target. The welder is flung forward.


A tripod will be acting next. Brace for an attack!
• If you can guess the enemy’s target or type of attack our mercenaries will be better prepared to withstand their strike.

• For the sake of identifying enemies we have Goggles (grappled by Sertis), Welder (flung by Driga), Wrenchie, and Worker (grappled by Njar).
No. 985989 ID: 46a721

I think Wrenchie will attack Driga, she better be prepared to push him away.
No. 985993 ID: 3aa06e

>>985989 This, be prepared to catch that wrench.
No. 986015 ID: 9aaeef

Yeah, I thing Driga is going to be attacked by Wrench Tripoid.
No. 986028 ID: 0fae41

You think it's going to be the wrench, but really Goggles is going to try biting.
No. 986034 ID: cdabe3

No. 986037 ID: 11f77a
File 161119990787.png - (300.05KB , 650x500 , huron_047.png )

Everyone turns to Wrenchie—ready for his next move. Driga is in a defensive stance.

An opportunity. With sleight of hand the constructor’s hostage (Worker) whips out a pocket plasma cutter. “Take this, gort-trash!” he grumbles before swiping his tool and searing off her sleeve. He breaks the grapple and spins back.

You bastard!” she yells, “I liked this shirt!

Sertis::Done!:Grappling a Tripod

Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 986040 ID: 0fae41

Clearly the tearing of your sleeve is a slight worthy of point blank evaporation with your disentigrator pistol.
No. 986043 ID: 9a95a7

Njar: Shoot that Worker in the tail with the disintegration pistol and say "The jig is up, you dicks-for-legs! The Gortians are going bring in more mercs and more troops any moment! You can cooperate, or you can go down with the ship!"
No. 986047 ID: e85a08

Njar: Put a hardlight yoke on this clown.
No. 986049 ID: 864e49

Remove the offending limb.
No. 986068 ID: dcf013

Njar, return the favor with Brightsword.
No. 986090 ID: 8a51ec

Njar: Use appropriate self-defense to remove the assailant's ability to stand
No. 986181 ID: 8483cf

Njar: take them to the ground!
No. 986199 ID: 4a04f9

Seconding. This has already gone downhill and these guys are fighting to the death. One wrong move and your arm would have been dangling by a thread.

Stabbing or slicing would be better since you are fighting hand-to-hand. Gun-Fu isn't the best idea.
No. 986539 ID: 11f77a
File 161203693519.png - (348.64KB , 800x615 , huron_048.png )

The constructor conjures her brightsword in her palm--she sneers at her attacker. “The jig is up, you dicks-for-legs! The Gorts are bringing in more mercs and troopers any moment now. You can cooperate or go down with the ship!

She swipes at his (middle) leg—his bottom half is cut loose and drapes to the floor.


Eye for an eye, leg-dick!

He is shaken by the sudden reveal. His attacks are at a disadvantage until he snaps out of it and regains composure.

A tripod will be acting next. Brace for an attack!
No. 986547 ID: e7c7d3

Sertis, the guy you're holding may get a similar idea so watch out
No. 986550 ID: 8a51ec

A safe bet wrench guy is finally taking his chance to swing at Driga
No. 986556 ID: 10c07d

Yeah let’s have Sertis try to take care of the guy he’s grappling before he gets any ideas
No. 986564 ID: 041c52

One one hand, wrench guy is very close to Driga, buy Sertis grappling on the Tripod is not strong enough and is way closer, Sertis knock him down.
No. 986574 ID: 15a025

Agreed, watch out Sertis.
No. 986835 ID: dcf013

Wrenchie will attack Driga
No. 986970 ID: 11f77a
File 161249820715.png - (390.19KB , 800x615 , huron_049.png )

The cleaner makes sure to have a good grip on the squirmy freak with the goggles. “You wanna have a go at it?” he grins, seething those words through his teeth almost daring his captive to try and take a swipe...

Let him go, pest!” cries Wrenchie as he charges and swings his monkey wrench into the mercenary’s armor. Unfortunately for the tripod, it was a bad strike. Smacking right on the shoulder pad his tool clashes with a metallic ‘pang!’ and vibrates his arm like hitting a funny bone.

"Well THAT was rude, wasn't it?" sneers the imortan.
No. 986971 ID: 11f77a
File 161249835920.png - (239.41KB , 800x615 , huron_050.png )

The engineer, being the only mercenary left this round, has used up his action to finish sabotaging the dashboard and dismantling communication in the area. He uses his move action to reach halfway down the staircase.

Because Welder was knocked down by Driga, he spends his action to reorient himself and stand back up.

A new round begins!

Sertis::Ready!:Grappling a Tripod

Select a single character to act!

No. 986972 ID: 10c07d

Sertis: Rip the tripod’s jumpsuit right from his body and tell the one with the wrench that he’s next.
No. 986976 ID: 041c52

Sertis, throw the tripod you are holding against Wrench guy.
No. 986997 ID: 9aaeef

Do this, if you do it right you may knock them out or at the very least make them lost a turn.
No. 987000 ID: dcf013

Veisar I choose you!
No. 988197 ID: 894419

I like this, work smarter not harder!
No. 989869 ID: 11f77a
File 161483402948.png - (426.23KB , 800x615 , huron_051.png )

The cleaner tightens his grip and shifts his weight. “Fine. You want him back? You can go ahead and have him, then!

He swings his hostage around and flings him as a projectile. The one in goggles yelps as another patch of fabric is torn from his costume. Wrenchie aptly dodges his partner with a whip of his tail.

You’re all going to be hung by your tails like on a slaughterhouse conveyor!

A tripod will be acting next. Brace for an attack!
No. 989873 ID: e7c7d3

I think the welder is the most likely to strike next. They're kind of in the middle of everyone. I say Driga showed brace for a torch attack
No. 989875 ID: 399b4a

This makes sense to me
No. 989878 ID: 8a51ec

Process of elimination leaves the currently unattended Welder going for Driga, Njar on the other hand can safely ignore poor leg-dick.
No. 990084 ID: 15a025

Yeah the welder going for Driga sounds likely.
Driga: Power fist the welder dude!
No. 990176 ID: 680982

I'mma vote for Worker.
No. 990233 ID: 041c52

Njar should be careful with the guy with the plasma cutter, he may be naked but is close to her.
No. 994988 ID: 11f77a
File 161767130736.png - (506.49KB , 800x615 , huron_052.png )

The manipulator predicted what was coming. The welder had scrambled back to his hands and shoots the eigo a dirty look. Like striking steel, he gashes the floor with his welding tool before leaping.

Despite an advantage with her prediction--this tripod was seething with hate. His aggression erratic. Like a matador the manipulator attempts to aptly dodge with her coat swaying behind.

His tool sears into her labcoat and tears it off, singeing the threads. ‘Shame, that was a good coat...’ she thinks.

Sertis is fighting Wrenchie
Njar is fighting Worker
Driga is fighting Welder
Veisar is close to Driga
• Goggles is in the middle of everything without an opponent.


Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 995027 ID: 0fae41

Veisar: engage Goggles. Can’t let any of them get away.
No. 995028 ID: e7c7d3

Driga: counter-attack with a power punch
No. 995033 ID: 250e64

Driga, stasis the welder.
No. 995128 ID: 041c52

He may expect a counter attack from Driga, Veisar is close so he should hit him with the pickaxe.
No. 995129 ID: cdabe3

No. 995164 ID: 3aa06e

Veisar, shoulder check the welder as you go for goggles.
No. 995370 ID: 11f77a
File 161792494040.png - (380.51KB , 800x615 , huron_053.png )

The engineer is stuck between helping his comrade or focusing his attack on the lone tripod. If left unchecked he could run away and call for reinforcements.

The gard flicks his wrist and wields a pickaxe. A click and a shwing, and the blade deploys with a slight plasma arc.

I, uh, don’t typically mistreat tools like this...” he says before making a giant stride for a lizard his size. The thoughts of his first victim has reminded him to be a little more careful. Perhaps too careful.

Goggles reorients himself in time to slip away. The engineer’s axe meets solid floor.


• Sertis is fighting Wrenchie
• Njar is fighting Worker
• Driga is fighting Welder
• Veisar is fighting Goggles

A tripod will be acting next. Brace for an attack!
No. 995372 ID: e7c7d3

Njar should brace from worker tripod
No. 995376 ID: 0fae41

Sertis: brace.
No. 995377 ID: 041c52

Njar should be ready for a worker attack.
No. 995446 ID: 9aaeef

Sertis be ready for an attack from Wrenchie.
No. 995585 ID: 15a025

I think the cleaner getting whacked by ol wrenchie is gonna happen. Brace for impact!
No. 996244 ID: 11f77a
File 161845131945.png - (435.97KB , 800x615 , huron_054.png )

The worker is distracted by his bottomless predicament, even when the constructor was half-paying attention. The tripod lunges at her, who in turn swings a brightsword to block his dinky plasma cutter.

Mine’s bigger!” she teases as particles flash from the parry.

The worker recovers his composure and is no longer shaken.

Sertis is fighting Wrenchie
Njar is fighting Worker
Driga is fighting Welder
Veisar is fighting Goggles


Select a single character to act!

Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 996245 ID: 0fae41

Njar: riposte!
No. 996254 ID: 10c07d

Finish him!
No. 996256 ID: e7c7d3

Fancy sword play does seem in order.
Njar, attack the fool!
No. 996277 ID: 894419

No. 996280 ID: 841ff7

Grab his arm and knock him with your elbow.
No. 996333 ID: 0d6409

Go full swashbuckler on his ass. Maximum style points.
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