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File 156945897334.png - (242.63KB , 800x780 , HURON000.png )
945796 No. 945796 ID: 11f77a

Clothing Damage Sci-Fi RPG.
NSFW with nudity, potential sexual content, and violence against fabric.
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No. 946262 ID: 058b0e


And indeed, things look quite good thus far.
No. 946263 ID: 11f77a
File 157003689364.png - (608.14KB , 1024x730 , HURON009.png )

You have gone with The Constructor.

You are now playing as the mercenaries. Utilize your skills and work together for a mission success. Or otherwise fail and be thrown in a cell naked, cold, and humiliated.

Veisar the Engineer
+Echoblast: High damage against armor. Disorients enemies and gives them temporary disadvantage to attack.
+Salvage: Fix machines and operate devices. Extra points for clothing repair.
Echoblast: Watch out for allies.
Melee Weapon: Pickaxe

Sertis the Cleaner
+Watersaw: High damage against armor.
+Acid Splash: Cone of effect. Damage happens overtime.
Acid Splash: Watch out for allies.
Melee Weapon: Watersaw

Driga the Manipulator
+Stasis: On a successful hit a single enemy is slowed. All attacks on them have advantage. All of its attacks have disadvantage.
+Kinesis: Small objects can be lifted and moved. Small to medium-sized enemies can be force-pushed. Large objects can be moved in zero gravity. Distance and weight varies.
The bigger the target, the more energy consumed.
Melee Weapon: Power Fist

Njar the Constructor
+Hardlight: Construct simple items. Such examples include: cages, steps, door block, or table.
+Shield Sharing: Divide your hardlight armor to allies.
The more complicated the construction, the harder it is to maintain.
Melee Weapon: Brightsword

All members have a standard disintegration pistol.

Session Loading...
It was neck-and-neck for the Assassin vs. the Constructor. I didn't want to make a picture with one and realize the other had won by the time I updated. So this update is a placeholder while I draw the next picture.
No. 946268 ID: 11f77a
File 157004926508.png - (529.32KB , 800x640 , HURON010.png )

One by one each mercenary enters the office of this shady client. But that’s how it is with anyone offering a job. You’ve met Vikin during the interviews—the job sounds promising even when extremely vague. A heist, an exfiltration, they’re all the same.

She patiently stands by the door, silent with her clipboard. You could look at the scenery outside. A city being born. Vikin informs that you can have a drink by the minibar.

You may have heard of one another at some point, perhaps as strangers walking by on Station HURON. It’s one of the largest unofficial freight-colonies independent from the Gortian Empire.

None of you spoke yet. You could wait until the boss arrives, or break the ice…

Mercenaries that interact well will be able to bond throughout the mission, and plans may fall into your favor. You can designate which character makes the action—otherwise any suggestion without specifying a character will result in a mercenary most likely to act it out.
No. 946269 ID: e7c7d3

Sertis, ask if anyone else wants a drink while you're at the mini-bar.
No. 946270 ID: 0fae41

Veisar: Compliment secretary's floof.
Njar and Driga: Have a nerd-off.
No. 946271 ID: 0efe8e

Attempt to break the ice, communication is important in any situation.
No. 946278 ID: eeb7d9

That is a good way to open conversation.
No. 946280 ID: ad51b8

let's open with this.
No. 946283 ID: 2df440

Veisar: try not to stare at everyone’s butts (and fail)
No. 946284 ID: a9af05

Veisar and Sertis: Talk tech with each other. Compare notes on how you both maintain your gear.

Driga and Njar: Talk to each other about the differences between your powers. See if either of you have a sort of common ground.
No. 946298 ID: c185fe

Njar isn’t a techie you guys unless i’ve horribly mistaken what her backstory says. She stole the tech which i’ll admit takes some skill but she didn’t made it & she most defanatly doesn’t know how it works.
Sertis, show your team (& the chat players) that you’re TOTALLY not as nasty & evil as your career choice description & nightmare face makes you out to be, Start by cleaning that dusty stove & putting on a quick round of drinks for your friend for-No you cannot use the tea kettle for an acid pressure cooker!

Veisar, you seem to be the most anxious & out of their depth person, you’re got the fucking liquidator himself not five steps away in your half of the room & two digital witchcrafters who don’t look to be in the mood for anyone’s shit shit right now. Maybe you got yourself in to deep this time. That secretary bug seems to be of the same mind. Maybe it’s not to late to try negotiating with her to find yourself into a job that’s more your speed.

Driga, you seem stressed out over this, well maybe stressed about life in general, times must have been tough after your company went under, maybe you should try sitting down & having some tea to calm down & meet the tea...What the heck is that Chupian street rat doing with tech of that caliber? This warrants investigation.

Njar, The liquidator seems to think he’s above you what with him completely ignoring you & that Lizard guy went strait for the bug girl? Was it because you are so flat? What a sad state of things to be outdone by a skittering bug who doesn’t even have a rack in the first place & now that Eigo is giving you a creepy goat stare. Yeeesh she’s got a pretty big pair herself & shit is she a psychic? Maybe she’s trying to rub it in. Put your poker face on. As for reeling in the boys from their bugs & drink making well thats nothing a bit of well placed energy construct in the shape of a barbell can’t fix. Old times ones with the round ends to em.
No. 946303 ID: 4f51b2

We could start with this >>946269 and then this >>946284
No. 946318 ID: 91ee5f

Everyone should remember to not flirt with each other. You are professionals and you are currently on a job right now. Keep it in your pants until after the job is done.
No. 946344 ID: ce08b1

Breaking the ice is for chumps! Everybody just stare at a corner until boss man gets here.
No. 946453 ID: 81cd19

Veisar mistake Sertis lean figure with a female's and flirt with him.
No. 946930 ID: 11f77a
File 157085166090.png - (564.78KB , 800x640 , HURON011.png )

Sertis is the only nonchalant person in the room. He plunks a few cubes in his drink with an occasional glance until the last mercenary walks in. “Well, well, could this be everyone?” he speaks with a low and quite alluring mannerism, letting all eyes shift to him. “Why so anxious? Take a drink! Who wants a stiff one to start~?” He has the fine ichor of Pearlwater in a rocks glass.

Driga remains looking through her reflection. “I’ll pass.” she replies in monotone.

Uh, no thank you. I’m sort of a teetotaler.” the Gard answers, seemingly chipper with a nasally hiss.

Ooooh…” Sertis responds almost disappointedly. “So, Skinnylegs. Who are you dressed to be?

Veisar hesitates when he scans Sertis’ getup, “An engineer. I’m pretty handy with a wrench. Do you know anything about the mission? This is probably a standard job to drill through a vault door. Are you some kind of bodyguard?

Sertis sips his drink, “I’m the janitor.

I can’t tell if you’re joking.

With a chuckle the Imortan takes another sip, “Heh-heh. In Huron especially, you can make a living cleaning someone else’s mess—as long as you’re fast. Most of the jobs are quite accidental to begin with! Itchy trigger fingers.

Well, accidents happen I suppose.

I’ll share a little secret with you. Everything can be tidied up with a XAZ-017 Watersaw and a special dissolution to cut through anything like Gorm oleomargarine.

W-wait— what’s the watersaw for?

Well hydrofluoric acid and lye takes too long. You need to work in chunks!

Veisar turns pale.
No. 946933 ID: 11f77a
File 157085288012.png - (532.13KB , 800x640 , HURON012.png )

As the boys talk Driga approaches Njar as fuzzy images fail to lock in place in the Chupian's hands. Her arms link behind her back and heels click together. “You don’t know how to use that thing, do you?” she probes. There’s dissonance between a genuine question and an insult.

Not exactly user-friendly.” the Chupian sharply answers with sparks of rose crackling around her fingers. “What business is it of yours how I handle my stuff?

Driga raises a brow, “It would be best if the only known portable hardlight device in the galaxy can stop nothing short of a bullet. I’ve only heard of select few prototypes reaching close to 47%. Enough to stop an angrily thrown ping-pong ball.

Njar kicks her feet up on the boss’ desk and eases in her makeshift chair. “Trust me. This stuff is miles beyond your normal tech. It’s certainly not a pair of magician’s bracelets. You think I can’t stop a shot from a pew-shooter? I can flicker a shield out of thin air before any of yous tap the trigger.

Your wager is intriguing.

With an abrupt warning the assistant speaks up, “I would advise all of you not to use any firearms in the office!

Sertis scoffs with an amused smile, “Oh please, Vikin. Allow them to demonstrate your money’s worth with a healthy sparring~ We won’t be using bullets afterall.

Veisar is reluctant to speak at first, yet he attempts to mediate. “Now, now. Can't we just… introduce ourselves? Maybe? Or are we using codenames on this one?

Stone-faced. The Manipulator is calm listening to the riff-raff. Njar darts her eyes over with a sneer. “I guess I ought to cut you some slack, Eigo. I get we all have to grab what we can when... changing jobs.
No. 946934 ID: 0fae41

Sertis: call dibs on Mr. Black.
No. 946935 ID: e7c7d3

Seems like Veisar hasn't had a need to deal with dead bodies before.

And Sertis, are you just looking for an excuse to get your hands on the frillboi?

Driga, keep up the cold-front. No need to get yourself involved yet.
No. 946940 ID: b1b4f3

Accept the challenge.
No. 946994 ID: 4f51b2

A little demostration wouldn't hurt anyone.
Sertis offer yourself to clean the lady's mess, maybe with a seductive tone.
No. 947078 ID: 1cd489

Sertis, to Veisar: "Now, I know I'm the most attractive janitor on the station, but you wanna talk about something more pleasant?"

A demonstration isn't necessary, but knowing some precise limits of her hardlight tech could be quite useful.

Will there be dick diversity in this quest, or only humanoid ones?
No. 947138 ID: c3c153

This, flirt a little with the girls too.
No. 947159 ID: 33056f

Sertis, flirt with secretary. "So, I know you have my number, but I don't think I got yours."
No. 947438 ID: 15a025

Njar: Take on the challenge. Bullets are loud and messy, so maybe having someone test out their melee weapon against it would be better. Who's feeling tuff enough to try?
No. 947480 ID: feecd8

In place of bullets, Driga can force-push small objects (pens, pencils, coins, etc.) at Njar to test if her reaction time is as fast as she claims.
No. 947565 ID: 204a20

Seconding this. Might as well ensure the people you're going to rely on are up to snuff, right?
No. 948545 ID: 11f77a
File 157266053955.png - (548.64KB , 800x640 , HURON013.png )

I’ll accept a demonstration, Chupian,” Driga speaks impassively. “We ought to see if your skill is up to snuff. All of us would need to, in fact.” Her hand motions to flick her coat, revealing a firearm on her hip. She fastens her kinetic tools and wrist guards--then clicks the pistol’s hammer. The answer was almost unexpected to the Constructor, yet she scoffs in response.

Big woop. You didn’t choose this team. But if it’ll make you keep your comments to yourself during the whole gig—tch—fine by me.” The chair de-scans away as Njar stands. “You wanna square off? We’ll square off then.
No. 948546 ID: 11f77a
File 157266065105.png - (893.51KB , 1328x640 , HURON014.png )

Driga and Njar stand off across the room. A visor pixelates from thin air and floats comfortably along the Constructor’s snout. She glares with confidence, cocksure of her quickdrawing skills while fingers crack. The Eigo returns a cold stare. Calculating. She knows she must initiate the game. Shooting the chest or crotch could be too predictable—yet aiming at the limbs would be trickier.

Sertis prowls close to Vikin. She looks uncomfortable as far as an Arthocob’s body language would express. “So you seem to have our numbers,” he speaks, “I hope we could still keep in touch—you know—during the mission in case things go awry~

Frantically the Arthocob taps her digits on the intercom, “Uh,s- sir? I’d hate to bother you but your, uh, ‘guests’ are starting to get restless! Please come to the office as soon as you can!

Where should Driga fire her weapon? She could initiate a fair quickdraw—or play dirty and use her kinetics as an advantage. And how?

Well, Eigo~?
No. 948547 ID: e7c7d3

Aim for a leg, fair and square. Playing dirty won't get you accurate results.
No. 948548 ID: 0fae41

Push her goggles up her face. Aim for the thigh.
No. 948549 ID: 0efe8e

Shoot for the outer side of her thigh.
No. 948550 ID: b1b4f3

Aim for the chest. Don't pull any tricks, this was a test of her speed vs yours, not your tech vs hers.
No. 948551 ID: bef60d

Aim for her belt. that way if you hit, you'll embarrass her in front of the crew.
No. 948552 ID: 17f233

Driga: Attempt a trickery act by moving the goggles before taking a shot at the arms.

Njar: Whether driga wins the quickdraw or een if she hits you or not the sudden blindness you recieve from the goggle trick will make you erratically shoot off center 7 expose into Veisar's groin. (If you really think about it him getting his pants shop off there was really his own fault for being out in the open like that.)
No. 948561 ID: a9af05

No. 948562 ID: cdabe3

No. 948564 ID: 16d082

we got Veisar to do a frill display
mission accomplished, lads
No. 948611 ID: eeb7d9

I like this option.
No. 948614 ID: c185fe

I give a plus 1 to embarrassing poor Veisar by blowing his pants off. All the better if her falls down all super exposed to Vikin far all the bashfulness the world could ask for.
No. 948621 ID: 15a025

Aim for her chest and play fair.
No. 949720 ID: 9e04c9

You can assume that whatever you're thinking, Njar would be anticipating.

I'd assume that Hardlight takes a bit longer to use than Kinesis, so Njar would have to start using it a bit earlier than you to be able to stop you. Njar knows this so I think she would go for an attack to disrupt yours, rather than defense. Also, not a head-on attack since that would be disrupted by your own attack - I think Njar would be using an indirect attack...

Driga should fire her weapon at the mirror. And then send a second shot at Njar.
No. 950891 ID: 11f77a
File 157548713145.png - (412.77KB , 800x640 , HURON015.png )

The room falls silent. You can hear your own blood pounding in the ears. Veisar halts with bated breath as Driga takes her time scanning each target on The Constructor. The best choice would be right between the legs. It would take longer to raise the arm to fire above the waist. These punks need to curb their overconfident, cushy persona—and Driga refuses to stoop and play dirty.

Best to aim fair and square. As soon as the Chupian makes an erred twitch--

--Driga fires--

Maybe the Constructor’s looks were deceiving. Her technical prowess hides behind her game-face. A whip of her arm and digits swipe; she constructs a shield over her groin. It slants to cast the disintegration laser at a right angle, sending a volley of particles into the Gard’s own lap and his prosthetics shake from sudden surprise. A sizzle burns to his undergarments before extinguishing.
No. 950892 ID: 11f77a
File 157548720775.png - (567.68KB , 800x640 , HURON016.png )

Ah!!--Ladies, PLEASE!!

Veisar has gone from pale to crimson in a matter of seconds, too stunned to cover himself fast enough. “Oooh jeez, out of all the days to wear boxer-briefs…

Hahaa~! Looks like I showed you, huh goat-girl?
No. 950893 ID: 11f77a
File 157548724701.png - (465.42KB , 800x640 , HURON017.png )

A tall Chupian walks in. His presence silences the mercenaries. Anyone could read the word on his mind as his eyes flicker from one hired gun to another, ending on the trembling lizard, ‘Mercs…

I’m very sorry to call you in so urgently, sir!” says the secretary.

So this is the crew I’ve hired,” He breaks the stillness with an indifferent façade. Followed by an uttered sigh, “Nevertheless it’s good you could arrive. I apologize about skipping pleasantries; our time is short quick and I have places to be.

Your attendance confirms that you’re working for me now. When I begin the mission statement, we’ll be the only six people in this city who knows. So I advise you to pay close attention…

You may refer to me as Z’anon. You’ve all met my assistant, Vikin. The only way of contacting me outside this building is through her. She’ll have an answer for most anything.

Sertis stretches his lips to a grin as he eases against the bar counter.

Grab a chair.
No. 950894 ID: 11f77a
File 157548729658.png - (466.35KB , 800x640 , HURON018.png )

The group selects their seats. Their client activates a projector and the lights gradually dim. A slideshow of grainy pictures flash above. A gas giant blots the entire frame.

This. Is the gas giant Parada Gaea. Circling is a Jupiter Harvester nicknamed the J.H. CZARI. For those unfamiliar, these cruisers are made for their namesake: harvesting gas giants for very potent elements and building blocks. You thought oil rigs were dangerous? Try keeping a fair distance from a Jupiter’s pull while probing for a hotspot with a thin mechanical straw.
No. 950895 ID: 11f77a
File 157548734558.png - (544.33KB , 800x640 , HURON019.png )

With the flick of the slide there’s a closer image of the Czari. Like a typical cryptozoo photo it’s blurred and hard to figure out its shape. The mercenaries may have basic civilian-level knowledge on how these giant vessels work.

Czari is not an… ‘official’ Harvester but an illegal operation overseen by rebellious Tripods. It’s highly likely that no one knows about their dig site but us.

Parada Gaea is a little off-the-grid, so it’s an effective spot to hide from the ‘space police’. The Gortians do not have a good history with them. Well, nobody has in the past few centuries when they once held the galaxy hostage.

I guess you can thank the Gortians for putting an end to that.

Word has reached my desk that they’ve struck gold. And they have an abundance of some concentrated exotic matter. They dub it: ‘Project Amorphous’. Their scientists have no clue what makes it tic—but it has potential to be an unlimited source of power. Something no one can ever get enough of these days. As such when it’s not undergoing experiments it’s locked in quarantine.

I was supposed to receive more information through the network but…
No. 950896 ID: 11f77a
File 157548743398.png - (738.04KB , 800x640 , HURON020.png )

Z’anon makes an irritated sigh, “Two hours after our mole sent this info, he was never heard from again. If anything, he may as well been flung straight into the planet’s core. Tripods are not merciful. Rogue Tripods are even worse.

I have an interest in what they’re stashing away in there. I’ve prepared the fastest shuttle I can purchase to launch tomorrow 5AM sharp. The trip could be several days before reaching Parada’s solar system.

Are there any questions so far?
No. 950898 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, do we have to recover the entire thing, or will a sample be enough? If it's alive, do we keep it that way? If it's sapient, should it become a rescue mission?
What kind of opposition should we expect? How well armed are the tripods?
Do we have any expectations for how we deal with the tripods? Lethal, nonlethal, loud, stealthy?
No. 950899 ID: e7c7d3

Besides our own gear, any fancy toys being supplied? Speaking of toys, what sort of entertainment will be provided on the shuttle?
No. 950900 ID: 9e04c9

Are us four the only ones going there? Will we need to use any specialized equipment there? Do we bring our own tools, or do we get any extra pocket money to spend to arm ourselves? Czari floor plans?
No. 950901 ID: bef60d

Might wanna ask for some new pants before ya go.
No. 950905 ID: 0fae41

What's our window for this op? You want us to take whatever we can walk away with?
No. 950916 ID: 248dbd

What kind of resistance can we expect to face? Just a few would be pirates with side arms or a bunch of highly trained with military grade gear?

Also would you prefer we handle this? Would you like it if we slipped in and out without anyone know we were there, the exact opposite and send the ship crashing down into the gas giant in flames as we escape with the objective, or don’t really care what we do as long as we get the job done?
No. 950919 ID: eeb7d9

This covered my doubts.
No. 950922 ID: 4f51b2

Veisar: Can I get some new pants boss?
Sertis: Any kind of entertainement for the trip? Or should we use our imagination?
He say we are likely the only ones who know about this.
No. 950933 ID: 9e04c9

It's entirely possible to send people there without telling them what the mission is about.
No. 950941 ID: 094652

"Yes. Why not simply nuke the base from orbit and build your own harvester in its place? I understand it would be extremely expensive compared to hiring us, but the risk of compromise is drastically reduced (especially since the base isn't registered in any database, even the criminal ones) and the probability of eventually mining your own, otherwise unseen exotic matter from the star is a near-certainty. You're gambling your concealment from the underworld when you could simply play the long game and almost certainly win then."
No. 950942 ID: 864e49

Can we just murder the entire crew and bring the ship back?

>we’ll be the only six people in this city who knows
>this city
No. 950945 ID: 5b0071

Any more details on your contact? If they're still alive, the information you were expecting could be very useful.
No. 950953 ID: a0dfd2


If nobody knows about it, how exactly are we meant to sneak aboard this thing (or into the compound in general) ...?
No. 950998 ID: d004e0

What exactly are the objectives for this mission, from minimum success to most preferred? Steal some of the exotic matter? All of it? Steal the research data on the exotic matter as well? Destroy the ship after making off with the goods? Capture the ship and "liquidate" the crew so Z'anon can drop his own team in to take over Project Amorphous?

How much does he care about how much evidence we leave behind that the place was hit? He want nobody left alive to tell the tale and all records destroyed? Send the ship crashing into Parada Gaea and make it look like a failed extraction run? Or can we be as loud as we want and leave a huge mess as long as it isn't connected back to him?

There any special handling or hazard info on this concentrated exotic matter he knows that we ought to know? Any known radiation, electrical, gravitational, or chemical hazards? Is it exceptionally dense, meaning we'll need a anti-G hauling rig? How about impact sensitivity? We gonna have to handle it as gentle as nitroglycerin?

How about risks and dangers on the J.H. Czari, from either the crew, the ship and it's systems and materials on the ship? He got the crew composition and count? How well armed are they and how many actually know how to handle themselves in a fight? There any automated internal defense systems? How much internal surveillance is there and how well monitored is it? What about external sensors and weapons systems? And any particularly hazardous materials on the ship we should watch out for? Figure there's some real exciting industrial chemicals used for gas giant mining that would not take kindly to a stray shot. How much are we gonna have to check our fire on board beyond just being on a spaceship?

Now, how are we even going to get on this ship? Z'anon said it's a illicit operation, and it's in a out of the way system, so that means the only ships they're expecting are those they already know. Anyone else dropping into the system is gonna raise alarms. So, unless Z'anon has got a cloaked ship with a quiet hull-cutter boarding system up his sleeve, we're probably gonna be hiding in a ship that's already expected.

Who's the mole on the ship? It's possible the Tripods either took him captive to wring his employer out of him, or they know someone transmitted the info but they don't know it was him and he's laying low or hiding. Either way, he could provide more info on the situation if we make contact. We're gonna need a way to ID ourselves as having the same employer, though.

And what are the odds that the ship's crew know that info about what they've got aboard has been transmitted and they figure somebody is gonna be coming for 'em sooner rather than later so they took action? Can they call in additional defenses? More guards for the ship? Put in other security measures? Or sold the whole lot on to another party and took off or threw in with a stronger group for protection?

What are the chances that another organization has got its eyes on this group of rebellious Tripods and knows about Project Amorphous its value? The Gortians? Figure they'd be keeping extra eyes out for Tripod trouble. Anyone else in the region that might know and have the means to make a move on the ship after we're aboard to stop us? Does anyone, government or otherwise, have a territorial claim on Parada Gaea and may step in?
No. 952487 ID: 11f77a
File 157785339012.png - (637.08KB , 710x640 , HURON021.png )

Driga is first to ask, “This ‘Amorphous’… Is it something we’ll only need a sample of? It’s not alive, is it?

Nothing alive can come from a Jupiter with six-hundred million times more pressure than the rock we stand on," replies the client, "Take the whole thing or a sample of this potent element. My contact was never able to visit the labs without authorization. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to contain it.

Veisar stirs in his chair, “Any more details on this contact of yours? Should we make this a rescue mission--

Not of your concern. I’m paying you to retrieve Amorphous. What information I give is all you need to know.

The Constructor hunches forward in her seat, “Well how would you like this done, bossguy? Stealthily? No witnesses?

Ride it straight into the planet?” adds the Cleaner.

How you go about the heist is entirely up to you; as long as there’s nothing to trace back, and for the best, nothing back to me. No one will mourn a Tripod fleet if matters fall into your hands.
No. 952488 ID: 11f77a
File 157785344461.png - (506.05KB , 704x640 , HURON022.png )

A little history lesson for those under a rock: The Tripods used to be the largest military power in the galaxy, now reduced to a sad heap of refugees and resistance fighters. Their weapons of war have been confiscated and melted. They scrounge and use outdated technology that was hidden from the Gortians; cheap equipment compared to today’s standards.

It’s not surprising to see other aliens on board. Maybe hostages. Maybe freedom fighters. Bandits. Pirates. But Tripods alone are cunning and strict.

For a cruiser like this? It’s not built for fighting. CZARI was hijacked with a few of their motifs stapled on. To remain hidden they use Parada Gaea’s presence to block signals. But you’ll use the Jupiter’s advantage to approach undetected. You’ll receive floor plans on the shuttle tomorrow. Take the journey planning your approach.

Sertis shrugs in his chair, “Any fancy toys~? Eh—specialized equipment, of course.

I expect all of you to bring your own devices.

Njar huffs, “Yeah? And how much are we expecting to get paid for all this?

Once I have Amorphous in my possession, you’ll each be rewarded…
No. 952489 ID: 11f77a
File 157785351549.png - (714.46KB , 849x640 , HURON023.png )

…50,000 Credits. Non-negotiable.

Veisar chokes. Sertis sits up straight. Driga’s eyes lighten up. Njar’s ears twitch. A mercenary can be set for a long time with that much credit.

The Cleaner makes a faint whistle, the first to regain his composure after the number drop. That’s a looot of Grey to buy.

It seems there are no objections. Good. Moves things along quickly fast.

Veisar pips up, “S-So--What sort of entertainment will be on the shuttle?



Any last comments before I dismiss you all? I must be running soon and I’ll need you four out of the building.

Author’s Note: Veisar will have a change of pants back in his apartment and everyone will have their full costumes at the beginning of the mission. With video game logic imagine all characters to have their main weapons/tools on them even if I don’t draw it visibly on their person. Saves time.
No. 952492 ID: e7c7d3

That's a level of cash you don't hesitate about. Time time to lose, and get going!
No. 952497 ID: b1b4f3

Just to confirm and avoid temptation of backstabbing-- if some of us don't make it back, it's still 50k per person, right?
No. 952500 ID: 9e04c9

50k? The things we do to be able to afford underwear...

Nope let's go. Also, Sertis should get excited about the money and spank someone for it.
No. 952501 ID: 49e4d4

Money talks, and right now I'm hearing 'get your ass in gear'.
No. 952514 ID: a7f91c

That is a shit ton of dosh... Makes you think that this is no easy job. Better play it right.

Let's do this thing then!
No. 952515 ID: 5b0071

non-negotiable means we probably shouldn't try and ask for more money in a way that implies we're going to betray the rest of the group and risk the entire mission for a slightly larger cut.
No. 952595 ID: 4f51b2

Well, everyone get ready, there will be enough time to know each other on the trip.
No. 952757 ID: 15a025

Sounds like it's time to gear up and get out.
No. 954356 ID: 11f77a
File 157991224719.png - (522.54KB , 800x640 , HURON024.png )

The meeting has concluded. All mercenaries leave without another word. The night continues with our party fine-tuning their tools, thinking what they could accomplish with those credits. The shuttle leaves early. But getting to the spaceport is a chore.

Such obelisks could never touch the surface of a planet—what with being the size of a small city. Other cities are lucky to have space elevators. Yet that’s not the case here.

Coordinates were preset. Everyone enters a snug vessel before launch. Buckled in, the shuttle rubber-bands forward, breaching into a sheet of space like a bullet cleaving paper.
No. 954357 ID: 11f77a
File 157991236712.png - (532.36KB , 800x640 , HURON025.png )

The mercenaries don’t offer much chit-chat for several days. The shuttle itself is one giant room (with two in the back for privacy’s sake). Driga spends most of her time studying, as a bounty hunter would, with the luxury of planning accordingly.

Veisar occupies the pilot seat once the shuttle closes in on Parada’s vicinity.

Entering the ‘forbidden zone’,” the Gard quips, “We’re no longer in the sights of the Gortian’s Looking Glass. I’m decreasing beta movement now.

Parada Gaea is within range. I’ve activated a jammer for good measure. It’s hard to find exactly where the CZARI orbits unless we get closer. The Jupiter funks up the other signals, as expected.

"But I believe we're on the right course. I'll let you know when CZARI is within sight."
No. 954358 ID: 11f77a
File 157991269326.png - (332.72KB , 604x671 , HURON026.png )

Driga flicks her eyes at the panel, “Then listen up everyone, I’ve been studying the CZARI’s floor plans and here’s what I’ve found…

There are two entrances to sneak onto the ship. Thanks to our shuttle’s size and radio camouflage we can reach the Hangar Bay and hide in an alcove for docking. From there we could go through the Cargo Hold. We shouldn't waltz out into the open--but the mass of cargo they store could be a bit of a maze to traverse in.

Or—our other option is to sneak through the Waste Disposal Unit and cut through Maintenance. It's linear, but cramped. And we may run into some workers.

Either way, we’ll still be on the path to reach the Greenhouse where anything through that tube is stored. But we need to learn the true location of Amorphous. It seems like these Cruisers are a collage of puzzle pieces. Between operations a Harvester’s sections can be switched around, or removed and added. If there is an R&D we’ll need to know where.

Where should our mercenaries land?
Hangar Bay
2)Waste Disposal Unit
No. 954359 ID: 404f0f

Because tight spaces are fun.
No. 954360 ID: e7c7d3

1) The cargo can provide cover if the team is spotted early
No. 954362 ID: 0fae41

Waste Disposal. Follow the chutes dumping the weirdest trash to find R&D.
No. 954371 ID: 4f51b2

I don't like the idea of some worker seeing us and alert some gunman, even worst in a confined space.
No. 954372 ID: 49e4d4

I don't like the idea of risking contact early, but >>954362 brings up an interesting strategy...that said, there's other ways of getting intel.

Hangar Bay it is.
No. 954384 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 954417 ID: 88927d

I like the idea of the Hangar Bay, i think it will help us get to your destination faster.
No. 954463 ID: 55d3d6

The hangar bay will afford us more concealment and cover, I think - waste disposal's linearity means if we do run into someone we're less likely to be able to salvage the situation. It also makes our movements more predictable to any security teams.
No. 954468 ID: e85a08

2) Spaces not meant for people should be the stealthiest
No. 955251 ID: 15a025

Option 1, the cargo. Plenty of opportunities for cover.
No. 958941 ID: 15b384

2. Head to the waste disposal. Entering through the hanger is pretty much entering through the front door unannounced. Besides, how much trouble can a few maintenance workers be if we get into a tangle?
No. 959520 ID: 11f77a
File 158498069012.png - (289.23KB , 650x500 , HURON027.png )

So it’s settled then. The best route is to sneak through the Hangar Bay. Plenty of opportunities for cover and less chance to run into any Tripods.” Driga dismisses the projector and turns her head towards the pilot. “Veisar, what’s our position to the CZARI?

Located! Already synchronizing orbit!” states the Gard as the azure field fades into a splitting portrait of black ichor and Parada Gaea’s red sea.


The shuttle drifts to find an angle to the docking atrium. The monument itself looks like a ghost station—a mechanical marvel in stasis. Jupiter Harvesters would have barges soaring left and right while it leeched off a planet’s resources.

Not one ship to be seen now.

Its carapace has been patched with salvaged material. It’s an enigma how Tripods were able to hijack this immense space station and evade the Empire’s watchful eye. The straw of the Harvester is deployed and continues infinitely into the giant like an astral tether.

Veisar announces, “Rerouting. We’re invisible but only for a brief time.
No. 959521 ID: 11f77a
File 158498071677.png - (444.40KB , 650x500 , HURON028.png )

Fasten yourselves! There are several boxcars I can use as cover!

The shuttle swiftly coasts inside. You could only hold your breath and pray you weren’t seen before reaching the transport containers. Gravity detected—the inside of the shuttle matches the orientation of CZARI’s false pull.

It’s a massive garage—yet unusually barren of crew at the moment. Ships of peculiar design scatter across the metallic lot. Tripodic, assumingly. Old models. All of them as orderly as a strike team readies for deployment for a war long gone. But scavenger ships of the modern age weren’t excluded either. Sparse glimpses of workers maintain and refuel their crafts. There are railings on the ceiling for moving boxcars. But the freights remain still and seemingly out of operation.

Together Veisar and Driga steer in a convenient alcove, enough to hide amongst the ship containers. The mercenaries land, the shuttle powers down, and the jammer is lifted appropriately.

Well…” begins Sertis, rolling his shoulders so his backpack wouldn’t sag.

Let’s get this over with.” Njar jadedly adds.
No. 959522 ID: 11f77a
File 158498083069.png - (454.49KB , 650x500 , HURON029.png )

The mercenaries observe their immediate surroundings. This section looks to be largely ignored; a lot of stuff has been pushed in this corner--including cargo. You’re still technically in the Hangar Bay.

You hear the atmosphere and echoes of workers talking, repairing.

The heist begins.
Abilities: [>>946263]
No. 959523 ID: e7c7d3

Njar, perhaps get up on those boxes and keep an eye on the workers movements while the rest of the team starts scouting for a way in.
No. 959524 ID: 0fae41

Deeper into the cargo labyrinth! Who knows what else might be forgotten back there.
No. 959531 ID: b07f1c

Are there any tools or suits around which we could perhaps use to disguise ourselves as the station workers?

Let's sneak to the Cargo Hold.
No. 959551 ID: e85a08

Split up but stay within sight of each other so it'll be easier to bluff/ambush if needed.
No. 959565 ID: 2aa5f0

I'd say stick to the plan and try to sneak over to the cargo hold to reach the greenhouse.
No. 959727 ID: cdabe3

No. 959842 ID: e51896

to the cargo hold!
No. 959850 ID: b07f1c

Veisar, are there any machines that you could operate around here? Would using the crane allow us to move around?
No. 959944 ID: 01678b

Good idea. Support.
No. 959958 ID: 15a025

Take a quick look around and see if there's anything useful to pick up. Otherwise proceed to the cargo hold.
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