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File 156444678614.png - (1.73MB , 1287x987 , start.png )
940835 No. 940835 ID: 8442ba

You don't exist yet.

This guy wants you to exist even though he thinks he'll do a bad job creating you. From there you'll have some sort of adventure and hopefully start to look better. Things might even get... saucy.


What are you?
If you're something complicated it's likely you'll come out especially weird, but he's ready to take the plunge.
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No. 942888 ID: 3d1dd5

Vocalise seems important!
No. 943122 ID: 8442ba
File 156630778856.png - (176.96KB , 534x622 , 1-27.png )

Yeah being able to talk back would be nice. You're very curious about what these voices are like. The only other creatures you've encountered have all been very boring and you don't remember most of them very clearly.

Except for rats. Adorable squeaks which also feel extra fun from the inside. But you haven't seen any rats in a while.

Okay. Need to talk. Just focus on... talking... Thinking about those voices, thinking about recreating that somehow...
Okay, got it. Think this will do it!

...what should I say? Maybe I should practice or something, then try to talk to something!?
No. 943123 ID: 8442ba


>Vocalize! Lv.1
Produce sounds that let you communicate with similarly intelligent beings. Based on being able to hear speech and synthesize it over time.


Engulferate [1] | Given sufficient force, push something through your membrane while keeping bodily integrity. You can already do this to small things, like delicious rats, but your membrane makes larger things dangerous at the moment.

Opacity Slider [1] | Alter your membrane and biomass to let more light through, meaning you become much more transparent. Your membrane is a lot thicker and thus more visible, but in a space you can completely encompass this is negligible.

"Seen Enough Hentai..." Lv. 1 [1] | Produce thin dexterous fine manipulators. Maximum circumference of around an inch, strength similar to a human child, number of tendrils dependent on available biomass.

New!Vocalize! Lv.2 [1] | Produce sounds that let you communicate with just about anything that can do so. The amount of listening and synthesizing time required varies with complexity (animals with complex vocal communication vs. animals with simple sounds vs. electronics, and the like)

Eyes on the Outside [2] | Form visual sensory organs on the surface of your membrane when you feel like it.

Membranous Integrity Lv.1 [2] | Increase your membrane's elasticity and toughness to avoid leaking any precious biomass when under stress and strain.

Splitsville [4] | Separate yourself into multiple functioning entities. Risk of philosophical terror.
No. 943370 ID: 8442ba
File 156653015134.png - (217.35KB , 845x763 , 1-28.png )

"Mother fucker do you hear me? I hear you takin' a shit or whatever that nasty schlorping is! MUST I remind you that I have a FUCKING GUN!?"

That voice feels very interesting. It's always got that high pitched screechy sound, but the changes in volume are pretty fun. And how certain parts of it just seem more important without being louder or something.

You're really learning a lot about having a fucking gun!
(You're not 100% sure what a fucking gun is but the voice sure cares a lot.)
No. 943371 ID: b1b4f3

Try "Hey somebody"
No. 943372 ID: 82857b

Hello please I am new there is someone down a hole here who needs help what is a gun?
No. 943467 ID: 8d4593

No. 943488 ID: 9c4f92

"Hello, yes! I hear you have a gun! Who is fucking?"
No. 943570 ID: 8442ba
File 156673743476.png - (183.95KB , 760x373 , 1-29.png )

You love this feeling, all the thoughts flooding in and bubbling up! The little vibrations in the stringy/dangly parts are so weird, but you can't help but tingle with enjoyment as they work their way up your (?)throat(?) and pass through your (?)lips(?).

>"Hey somebody"

"Hey! I fucking hear you! You dead fuck!"

>"Hello please I am new there is someone down a hole here who needs help what is a gun?"

"I don't give a rotten puke-soaked shit about who needs help, other than you when you end up at the clinic tent with an asshole full of lead!
There's three of us down here!? Well ravish my cunt with a fucking cactus! And a gun is the most badass of weapons, capable of blasting a tiny fireball through a urethra at mop 7!"


"Quit yelling! You're not the one with the gun! And the way you talk sounds like 'schlorp', not this baby!"

You feel a fairly quiet noise from around the corner. A low humming that slowly gets louder, more intense, and higher pitched until you can't really hear it anymore. Weird! Sorta makes you think of the metal cave in a way you're not sure about.

>"Hello, yes! I hear you have a gun! Who is fucking?"

"Oh somebody's fucking alright! It's me, taking a week's worth of my boner tabs and fucking your skull!"

You realize that hum before never really went away. You must have gotten used to it or something. It definitely goes away when the whole cave goes crazy!

The first thing you feel is your innards getting sloshed around along with the loudest noise you've ever heard! It's like you were hearing something move above you but it wasn't touching anything. Then another really loud noise from around the corner! Then tons of echoes!

"Ow my fucking ears!"

That hum starts to build up again, but suddenly goes away before it can keep going.
No. 943590 ID: b1b4f3

"Wow that was very loud. And rude. Okay goodbye."
Let's get away from the maniac who just tried to kill us for talking.
Let's explore a bit more in this area.
No. 943601 ID: 8eaf98

seconding the time to leave while he is dazed by his own gunshot.
No. 943625 ID: f2320a

Make the loud soundback at it
No. 944235 ID: bc51f9
File 156755255970.png - (887.16KB , 1936x1146 , 1-30.png )

The idea of something piercing your membrane isn't necessarily worrisome, but with the amount of sloshing you're certainly scared of something like that actually hitting you. Good thing it didn't!
...something about that is embarrassing again...

>"seconding the time to leave while he is dazed by his own gunshot."
This thought gives you some pause for reasons you can't really articulate. Might be... off somehow. Kinda weird! Maybe you can... ask someone sometime! You're going to be able to learn so much.

Interesting. You'd never really thought about being really loud. You've kind of figured out how to change how the air comes out of you but had just chosen the amount of air kinda at random.

You take the opportunity to take in as much air as feels safe and then try your best to recreate that loud noise. A slimy version of it. It comes out more like someone yelling "BWOMP" instead of the actual BWOMP itself, which also had that crazy CRRRACK sound. Doesn't feel... impossible though.
No. 944236 ID: bc51f9

New! Mimicize! [3] | Using the same air control techniques as Vocalize!, recreate non-vocal sounds based on what you've heard before. Additionally, create vocal sounds imitating speech you've heard before. Accuracy is near perfect for phrases you have heard exactly, and otherwise varies depending on how long you have heard someone talk.
No. 944239 ID: f10b3f

Let's head back to that strange prize offering voice and engage in fruitful dialogue with them.
No. 944241 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, let's ask what the prize is. Also, ask what we can do to help exactly.
No. 944296 ID: bc51f9
File 156764143745.png - (327.95KB , 949x849 , 1-31.png )

You schlip on down through the [b]moderately spooky passageway of interesting things[/g] back to the right side with the deeper voice.
Not that you think it's deep. It's like the left voice is very... sharp? The closest thing you've heard was rat squeaks but it's not really a lot like that.

>"I'm back and here for fruitful dialogue!"
You try and fail to not sound too eager.

"Fruit... Full... I'm sorry I don't know fruits. I have never eaten fruits. I can't say a lot of things about fruits."

You start formulating your throat position when the voice continues,

"I am happy you are talking to me. Very happy. I'm alone down here, very alone. Please tell no one I said that."

>"What is the prize?"

There is a much longer pause. Maybe the voice is having throat problems just like you! You're getting the hang of it though. Lots of little things to keep track of.

"I apologize. I don't have... much... much prize? There are a lot of prizes, but not in the hole. This hole. The ground's hole, not mine. One of mine. Oh no. Please let me start again."

Wow that embarrassing feeling is back, but this time it's like you're feeling it despite the voice saying it! That's weird. Cool weird!

"If you help me, I swear with my blood and my offspring's blood that I will give you a prize. Any prize I have. Or if you wait, a different prize. Maybe."

You realize that once the voice heard you, the deeper thumping started again! Slowly alternating like the last time you were nearby, but this time moving away from you, then back towards you, then away, then back, like that.
No. 944303 ID: c9094b

"OK I'll help you!"

How deep is the hole? Can you estimate it based on how far away the voice is?
No. 944306 ID: b1b4f3

Ask how you can help.
No. 944392 ID: 8eaf98

what are you?
No. 944407 ID: bc51f9
File 156772329199.png - (136.31KB , 728x490 , gump get.png )

No. 944409 ID: bc51f9

>"What are you?"

The alternating thumpings stop.

"What are... I? What am I?"

The voice pauses. Then it says something oddly. Since you've started synthesizing speech you are picking up on how things talk, and the next thing it said sounds like it had practiced it for a long time.

"I am Dez'Vort, daughter of Vort'Rav, Predominant Emissary of
the burial mounds."

>"Okay, I'll help you! How do I help?"

The alternating thumpings start again and move towards you until they stop almost directly below you. Then the voice is closer too.

"Help me leave this hole! Drop a rope, or ladder, or a large box I can stand on!"

They sound pretty worked up again. They really hate that hole!

How far away... You're not sure! The thing you know the best is probably rats so you try to think how many rats it would take if they could climb on walls and stand on each others heads.

How absurd! You'd really like to see that. And then consume the rats.

Anyway, you would guess something like 20 rats. Maybe less than that.
No. 944420 ID: b1b4f3

Oh nice we have 2 gumption saved up!

Then we can look around for something that would help.
No. 944422 ID: a903fa

Yes, visual sensory organs get!
No. 944453 ID: 3ce8ff

eyes FOR SURE this whole blind thing is a struggle
No. 944891 ID: bc51f9
File 156829703226.png - (139.09KB , 589x413 , 1-32.png )


Okay, eyes. Eyes, eyes, eyes. "Eye eye". Huh?

Eyes are balls with stuff happening, stuff around them, gotta squeeze and such, lotta different bits, kinda complicated... okay hold on...

No seriously just hold on!



Okay eyes. Done. Only took like 15 minutes.

[i]Wow[i] would you look at all that stuff!
No. 944894 ID: 3ce8ff

alright! now to try to figure out what things are from descriptions by something that has never seen before. This may be a struggle yet. also might I suggest having the eyes in the two round holes on best shape and the mouth on the D part of that shape?
No. 944906 ID: b1b4f3

What's all the stuff?
No. 944986 ID: bc51f9
File 156841100303.png - (2.45MB , 2550x3300 , 1-33.png )

first actual character drawing ever, shit just got real

Wouldn't putting them over best shape make it not... be there anymore? You're sure this is something interesting, but it'll take a little more thought probably. You're determined to do this! Somehow!

There's... a thing!


What in the hell is that thing?!

It looks like it has eyes and a mouth but that's right about where things get freaky. You wonder why it's not looking up and just standing there. There's all this stuff to look at, how could you not just be looking all over the place?

Just standing there... and kinda growing and shrinking? Oh, you know this one. Breathing! The rats did this, they would do it very very fast when you caught them. Then they'd try to do it after you engulf them, but that just made it easy to get inside them and start digesting from the other end. Those were the days!

Anyways, I cannot stress enough how this thing is just crazy go nuts! How is it upright like that?

>>look around for something that can help

Oh right. You are really distracted by this thing. Especially the, hmm.
Looking at this thing is kinda... embarassing?
That feeling keeps coming back, and you know, you know, you just don't care for it!
No. 945017 ID: b1b4f3

Tell it you have eyes now and will look for something to help with.
No. 945053 ID: 3ce8ff

>How is it upright like that?
it is made of different stuff similar to how rats were made of different stuff from you, but like its stuff is a little different from the stuff rat's are made of but still similar.
No. 945114 ID: 9c4f92

She possesses a skeleton, a type of rigid internal structure that provides an anchor point and joints for various types of movement!
No. 945405 ID: bc51f9
File 156891508119.png - (544.79KB , 936x983 , 1-34.png )

"I have eyes now! I'm going to find something to help you get out."

Wow that sounds uncomfortable. You sure do know a lot when you put your mind to it! You don't put a lot of thought into why and you're fine that way. All of those stiff pieces jammed inside of you in all sorts of weird positions

You quickly get to looking around and taking an inventory of helpful stuff.

Wow look at all the helpful stuff! And that's just over here probably! You're pretty sure other places will have their own stuff.
No. 945408 ID: c571e8

Now that you have seen it demonstrated, why don't YOU try standing up. If that idiot stuck in a hole can do it, it can't be that hard.

Then go stand next to that weird box thing in the wall and see if you can figure out what its deal is. Maybe there's even more useful stuff inside it!
No. 945410 ID: b1b4f3

Those smaller things don't look useful for getting someone out of a hole.
Push the ball for fun.

Is that bigger thing stuck in the wall? Climb all up on it if you can. Can it be moved or is it stuck to the floor?
No. 945422 ID: bc51f9
File 156893979567.png - (451.83KB , 1173x977 , 1-35.png )

>Push the ball for fun
Wooo! This rules!
No. 945423 ID: bc51f9
File 156894004699.png - (1.41MB , 2559x1502 , 1-36.png )

>why don't YOU try standing up

You... don't see why you couldn't try that. It's kinda weird. Scary almost. You figure you'll just take a look at the thing in the hole and try to just... squeeze... that shape on...

Wow this is difficult. Holy cow. This is definitely going to take some practice.

Just holding this position is incredibly embarrassing so you figure you can relax for now.
No. 945424 ID: bc51f9
File 156894023661.png - (343.32KB , 551x584 , 1-37.png )

>weird box thing... see if you can figure out what its deal is
>Climb all up on it if you can.

It's stuck in there pretty good. Looks like it would have been in some kind of alcove but then you guess over time the rocks moved around until it couldn't get out.

That'd be kinda scary if you had all those bones and stuff, ha ha!

Well hello.
This is the biggest rat you have ever seen. It's also just sitting there instead of skittering around like an idiot.
No. 945425 ID: b1b4f3

Can you reach up there to get it? Wait, it's weird that the rat isn't doing anything. Is it breathing? If not, it's a trap to be avoided.
Hmm, maybe reach an eye up to see what's behind it.
No. 945435 ID: bc51f9

Oh it's breathing. Just kinda sitting there breathing.
Oh it did scratch at its nose one time. Wiggling around a bit. You like looking at this rat.
No. 945437 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, what if it's a smart rat? Ask the rat if it's smart.
No. 945522 ID: 3ce8ff

I see you figured out the eyes in two two holes of best shape! also yes a better look does sound like a good idea.
No. 945674 ID: bc51f9
File 156927829811.png - (1.56MB , 1972x1872 , 1-38.png )

You take a look around inside and there's not really anything in there. Just the rat and... you're actually not sure what that other thing is. It's attached to the back of the box. It's... interesting?

>"Are you a smart rat?"
"sup. eye was, but now...
The rat shrugs its front shoulders.
"now wat can eye dew for you?"

Wow this guy talks really weird. It's incredibly difficult to describe! You try your best to really take these words in so you can recreate it later. If you want to. You do want to, so maybe when you need to fill some time later you could. That's the ticket!

You're really excited to meet this rat! A face-to-face conversation is pretty neat.
No. 945677 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what it knows about this place. You woke up pretty recently so you don't really know anything.
Also, it used to be smarter? How so?
No. 945687 ID: 1eaecf

The gumption system is extraordinarily satisfying, something about that big old “+1” really panders to my DnD instincts. Plus the fact that spending said points has an obvious and dramatic influence on skills. It’s nice.
No. 946018 ID: 7ebbf9

Real neat to meet you you but I'm looking for a way to get someone out of a hole. Any advice? Do you know where any long wiggly things or things to climb up might be?
No. 946056 ID: 3ce8ff

hey i bet we can fashion a little example out of a tendrily thing and ask for something like that but longer.
No. 946260 ID: bc51f9
File 157003337527.png - (791.58KB , 1416x1356 , 1-39.png )

>Real neat to meet you you but I'm looking for a way to get someone out of a hole.
>long wiggly things or things to climb up might be?
>hey i bet we can fashion a little example out of a tendrily thing and ask for something like that but longer.

"wow, hey, git dat out, bug off dat. eye hex dat. eye hex dat bit. dat eat rat, eat rat. heh, not ire. was big 'aah!', not ire. you not eat dis rat. you hep guy.

Ah jeez. Looks like you spooked him a bit! You have never given a lot of thought to the things you consume being living, thinking things like you are now. You sure hope those other rats weren't like this one!

Also at the moment it's kinda hard to even push the edge of yourself up into the container. You'd have to give that a lot of thought to really figure out how to do it. It'd be nice if there were some helpful animated guides on how to do it!
Wowee. Hoo doggie, that embarrassment is hitting hard for some reason from that line of thinking. You plan on forgetting you thought that.

Looks like the rat calmed down.

"eye can hop gap and put paw, put paw zip zap, das end."

It picks up one paw and slides it down the wall of this container. The pads on it look really rough and definitely slide down slower, and those little claws can really dig in if it wants to. You suppose you could do things like that, maybe. Not right now. But it's good to have aspirations!

It's settling back down now, which is nice.

"try ask gob? she has gun, def has gun (laf!), but got lab tek too. she pal: dat good. she not pal: dat way bad. gun bad for rat!"

The way it does a little chittery noise is very pleasant. You make sure to practice that one so you can reproduce it when you want to hear it again. The rat looks very pleased!

"you laf too? you vex but you rad too. yak yak and laf. top fun.

You dare say you've made a friend!
No. 946261 ID: bc51f9
File 157003448094.png - (195.92KB , 581x533 , 1-40.png )

>Ask what it knows about this place.
>Also, it used to be smarter? How so?

"can do tag, can run vex map, can eat med fud, get tek put. can pee, can sex, can all. get fud. but eye not get med for lot eon, man sed not get med den eye not gab. ego get bad. den... get dum. sum dum rat. agh.

D'aw heck, thanks.
No. 946266 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like he needs the "med food" to be smart, and he hasn't gotten any in a while.
Ask who the "man" was.
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