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File 156174804777.jpg - (2.22MB , 4032x3024 , 863C93D0-C04A-4485-85E8-88D17A8ABB6C.jpg )
937522 No. 937522 ID: 34fb21

You are a species known as a wraith more specifically a delta wraith you are newly formed and as a delta wraith you can control any other type of wraith
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No. 938020 ID: 34fb21
File 156211050625.jpg - (1.77MB , 4032x3024 , 3A0D55DD-586B-4708-AD01-55E4E34F51FB.jpg )

You remember ....
The day you died
it came from a tear in space filled with light it called you trespassers in the holy realm
It wore golden armor with decals of blue and purple
It destroyed your town... your home... and it slaughtered your friends you tried to protect them but you were slammed to the outskirts of town you were the last one to die and you saw it him? kill everyone in your last moments you made the vow of vengeance and justice just before you were slain you remember him telling you his “Divine” name

New main objective Kill the “divine angel” in the name of justice
Now what was his name?

Name your target

No. 938021 ID: 34fb21

another naming section so the name I would give him would be lux iustitiae Latin for the light of justice
This time the species this target is does have more overly eccentric names so I’m not going to be picky

No. 938022 ID: 34fb21

for context another of the target’s species is named interfectorem omnium quae sunt impia et minatur lux which is Latin for The killer of all things that are unholy and threatens the light
No. 938103 ID: 34fb21
File 156218911742.jpg - (3.26MB , 4032x3024 , 8F4ACB6E-45E2-4149-8EF8-55A32BE532F7.jpg )

the name of you target is now Lux Iustitiae

You are pulled out of you trance when you hear someone yell “Wraith!” you look to see a group of people in hoods one of the comments “ it’s a Delta and from the looks of it a new one dead or alive this guy will earn us a lot of money”
There are 4 of them one is armed with a sword another a bow another a chained knife and the last one dual wields two scythes

What do you do
Run or fight?

No. 938107 ID: fcde80

Did any of the wraiths we sent out earlier give us any information we can use here? If not, we currently have no information on the nearby area; we'll have to fight.

To start, lets limit their mobility. Using Life magic, create vines/roots to quickly surround and entangle them; that should prevent them from moving unpredictably.

Next, we'll need an idea of how well they are at a fight.
Summon two wraiths; one in between you and them, and have it attack them to see how they react.
The second one should be summoned behind their vehicle, out of their sightlines. This one will flank; and will try to cut off them if they try to flank you.

As for Vitmor, what does "affliction" do, and how much MP does it cost?
No. 938110 ID: 34fb21

have you never seen affliction before it’s an effect like poisoned or burned the undead effect is an affliction on you I probably should have put space between them

No. 938112 ID: 34fb21
File 156219723234.jpg - (1.86MB , 4032x3024 , 47A6CA3F-A518-4BFA-B419-C76B4D90CD7A.jpg )

You try to use your life magic to summon vines to ensnare your foes
Wraith Ability activated Instinct Jog
You learned attack brambles cost 5 MP

No. 938113 ID: 34fb21

someone is behind you?
No. 938115 ID: 34fb21

you summon 2 wraiths one in front of you and one behind the vehicle
one of your Wraiths is slain!
the one heading west
The hooded bow man slain your wraith behind the vehicle

No. 938142 ID: 34fb21

you are smart but the way you are thinking is ineffective Wraiths are the by far the strongest species I created but that is because they like working together they are more vulnerable alone and so two died just letting you know
No. 938157 ID: 34fb21

I should put this here because I don’t have it in there
No. 938169 ID: 3a3c64

My bad

Thanks for the heads-up; will try to take this into account

These men have invaded our home, openly state their intention to sell our corpse, and have killed our allied. The time for subtlety is gone.

The three remaining compass wraiths are to be summoned back.
They will join the surviving one in front of us as well as 6 other newly summoned wraiths to encircle our assailants. Essentially we have ensnared three of the four attackers with thorned vines and encircled them with 10 wraiths.
Use Poison elemental magic to make the vines deal poisoning damage as well as whatever their base attack would deal.
Simultaneously, the wraiths should all attack. The ones in front of the men will try a bite attack, and the ones behind will slash.

As for the man who got behind us, we should not deal with him yet; we need to join the circle of slaughter and try to finish off his allies first so we can better overwhelm him later.
In fact, he deserves an ironic death for trying to outsmart us; we should, with our high strength, attempt to disarm one of the three men the 11 of us have surrounded.
As they are being swarmed, this shouldn't be that difficult.
No. 938170 ID: 34fb21

You ignore the man behind you...
that means you get to see what happens next
No. 938171 ID: 34fb21

also this is not your home you are still in a public graveyard you are lucky the guard didn’t see you
No. 938175 ID: 34fb21
File 156225821451.jpg - (3.21MB , 4032x3024 , 0D3AE9EC-F5EB-4B59-8831-7E50A62D3611.jpg )

Before you are able to do anything you see a flash of green light go behind the vehicle followed by a scream you then see the light return to the side you were on and dash by your aggressors three times before jumping into a portal
You win

You see one of the hooded figures drop some keys
Do you wish to loot the bodies, just take the key or both

You hear muffled sounds coming from the vehicle
you call the three remaining compass wraiths to your position it seems one was able to Summon 3 more
Wraiths at disposal 7

No. 938227 ID: c914a9

Okay, okay - let's take it easy there. Easy, easy.

So, you mentioned you were different from the other wraiths because of your superior intelligence, right? Well, let's think strategically here!
Would looting the bodies even be profitable at all? What could the hooded figures be carrying that would interest a Delta Wraith like you? I can't think of much, really. Unless you think their weaponry could be useful for your army of wraiths.

You definitely SHOULD take the key though. Keys are always important. Always. I mean, this guy wouldn't bring the keys to his apartment to the middle of a battle, right? So these keys must be more important than that. Keep them.

Take the keys and proceed.
No. 938229 ID: 34fb21

You pick up the keys and they are transferred into your inventory
You open your inventory to inspect.....
what is a D.O.S? and why is there a bag labeled that in you inventory you didn’t put it there ... it moved!
You ignore it and inspect the keys they are labeled “Slave #” it goes from 1 to 8

you hear the muffled sound from the back of the vehicle again and your Omega Wraith has arrived from the south
No. 938230 ID: 34fb21

You also took the gold and consumed their Soul remnant
you have 38 Wraith souls
You have 385 gold

No. 938231 ID: 34fb21

I forgot to mention you unlocked the sheath claws ability to easily manipulate objects
No. 938237 ID: c914a9

Neat-o. The plot thickens!
So, there are eight keys, and each of them is labeled "Slave" followed by its own number, from 1 to 8? Chances are these keys open cells, where... well, the slaves are kept, surely. Why would the hooded figure bring these keys to battle though? Unless you think they just forgot the key in their pocket or something.

Nevertheless, freeing the slaves could somehow result in a good outcome for you, whether it would be a bigger army or simply good karma (if you even believe in that). We might wanna do that.
If you're certain there's no more imminent danger where you are right now, maybe look for clues as to where these hooded figures came from? Perhaps something that could lead us to wherever the slaves are?

Also, what's an "Omega" Wraith? Are they somehow above Delta Wraiths? I suppose not, considering you were able to summon one. What makes them special?
No. 938239 ID: 34fb21

I suppose I should mention wraith tiers
First the lowest is the normal one a bit taller than the species they are born of
Then the next step is omega usually twice as big as normal wraiths and stronger the biggest omega wraith is know to be triple the size of a normal wraith they are smarter to normal wraiths are known to follow it as the leader if a higher tier is not available known to have double the arms as well
Then there is the Alpha Wraith twice or sometimes triple the biggest recorded 5 times the size of the omega wraith they are smarter faster and stronger than the omega they have double the arms the species it is normally have and back spines omega and normal wraiths follow it if their are no other higher tiers
The highest tier is the Delta even including the mutated wraiths and bioweapon Wraiths they are the smallest wraith the same size as they were in life but have a tail and a pair of back spines commands all wraiths it is the fastest smartest and strongest wraith the only one of the base line of wraiths that can have emotions also if it wasn’t obvious the slaves ... they in the vehicle that is why the hooded figure had the keys they were slave traders with their cargo and didn’t go straight to the guard and not provoke you like normal people

No. 938241 ID: 34fb21

also you know that guy who was behind you and teleported away after killing all the hooded figures yeah his shadow is literally Karma so yeah karma exists here
No. 938266 ID: c914a9

Cool! We should probably try summoning an Alpha wraith later on when we have the time and patience for that, more attack power could really come in handy.

Wait, so the cages are in the vehicle? Well, shucks, that was unexpected. Go get them then! But carefully, just in case there are more hooded figures inside the vehicle; which I assume there are, as it would be a bit reckless of them to just all leave the vehicle at once to fight if they're transporting slaves.

... Though considering the fact that they have not driven off yet, yeah, it's probably empty.

Anyways, raid the vehicle carefully.

Ooh, cool!
No. 938271 ID: 34fb21

You decide to investigate the vehicle with some caution inside you find 8 gagged and chained up “Slaves”
Of which you could immediately identify
1 kobold
3 naga
2 drake
1 skeleton slime
1 elemental
They are blindfolded they are no threat but they seem to have noticed your presence though they don’t know what you are ... yet and the D.O.S bag is shaking again
what do you do

No. 938321 ID: c914a9

Do NOT kill the kobold. They don't deserve such a cruel, cruel faith.

You mentioned all the slaves are blindfolded and gagged, right? In that case, I suppose even the potentially threatening ones (like the drake an the elemental, I guess) pose no real threat to you in this position.

Maybe free them and ask for their loyalty in exchange? Seriously, you could gain something from freeing them, even if you risk them rebelling against you or something.
Killing them and moving on seems so... anti-climatic. Specially when we have the keys.

Release them.
No. 938324 ID: 34fb21
File 156236340064.jpg - (3.17MB , 4032x3024 , 282A1385-897B-4A9B-BA94-825459EF97A2.jpg )

You decide to release them the drakes immediately after seeing you scramble out of the vehicle and run away in fear
The elemental teleports away but leaves a gift ... a scroll? The slime and 2 of the nagas have a similar reaction as the drakes only one of the naga and the kobold remain after see you and you freeing them you gained 2 party members you were able to find more suitable clothing for them from scavenging well more accurately the kobold disks it seems they are both female you feel a fish of wind behind you but when you look no one is there the DOS bag moved again... now there is another thing in your inventory that you know you didn’t put there it is a vial that on one side says “give to your kobold friend” and on the other it reads “TIDE” you are extremely confused about the entirety of the events that just happened what do you do?
No. 938326 ID: 34fb21

if you don’t know who is put stuff in your inventory by now i don’t know if you were paying attention also if you have any questions for me or suggestions here is my discussion thread in case you missed it https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129781.html
No. 938327 ID: 34fb21

and yes you are keeping the handcuffs and chains especially cause of the enchantment “block Magic” that is on them that will probably be useful in certain situations
No. 938330 ID: 34fb21

oh god you said rebelling you have no idea how ironic that is given who is behind or was behind you and who helped you with the hooded men
No. 938387 ID: 34fb21

The rest of the wraiths you sent away have returned
you have 12 Wraiths at your disposal
what do you wish to do now?
No. 938478 ID: 34fb21

I don’t know if I’m not getting suggestions either because people lost interest or if I need to give more directives so let’s try this

Do you give the kobold the vial?
Do you wish to ask for names (this will allow you to name them or me since no one gives me name suggestions)
Which direction do you wander (there is no point in staying here)
North, South, East, West (avenge your fellow)
Do you keep the vehicle (note this is legal they tried to kill you you killed them all their shit belongs to you now do what you want with it)
Do you open Mysterious DOS bag?
Do you acknowledge the Cloaked Man?

No. 938579 ID: c914a9

That's fairly odd. Do we have some kind of invisible helper by our side or something?
Either way, you should probably inspect that vial before handing it to the kobold. We don't wanna be poisoning our newfound friend like that, do we? That'd be mean.

I didn't lose interest, don't worry! And I think maybe it's because the text is formatted a bit confusingly? A bit more punctuation could help, perhaps! The Y/N thing seems good too though.

> Do you wish to ask for names (this will allow you to name them or me since no one gives me name suggestions)
Yes! Our newfound friends should introduce themselves.

> Which direction do you wander (there is no point in staying here)
Revenge seems appealing, but I don't think it's worth it in this specific case. Head North.

>Do you keep the vehicle (note this is legal they tried to kill you you killed them all their shit belongs to you now do what you want with it)
No. We don't need their vehicle. Plus, the vehicle will probably bring bad memories to our new friends.

> Do you open Mysterious DOS bag?
What if it's a bomb? Not yet. Perhaps ask one of your wraiths to open it?
I know it's probably not a bomb, but we need to be careful with the slight possibility of it exploding.

> Do you acknowledge the Cloaked Man?
... Uh... I guess?
No. 938581 ID: 34fb21
File 156262532509.jpg - (1.87MB , 4032x3024 , 8C416D61-D418-4ADC-8B6A-6A3068CB426F.jpg )

You decide to have one of Wraiths open the DOS bag but you accidentally handed it to the Cloaked Man (he will not give you his name you must earn it he will be referred to as CM) who opens it inside is a small black creature okay it just ate one of your soul remnant you have 37 Wraith souls D.O.S and CM joined your party and in that confusion you drop the Tide vial into the hands of the kobold who uses it your party member Kobold has earned the new ability TIDE form this ability allows it to change the shape of its body with the Tide the tide counts as its own separate being but falls into a symbiotic relationship with its host current form arm gun you are very confused and surprised
No. 938588 ID: 34fb21
File 156262611843.jpg - (1.12MB , 4032x3024 , C3844086-2347-429F-BD59-528BA1B848BD.jpg )

CM activates the pocket function on the vehicle and puts it in his inventory this furthers your confusion to try and calm yourself you ask the names of your new party members
what are the names of the Kobold and the Naga
also I am going to always draw the naga with her eyes shut because she is blind just so you know
No. 938590 ID: 34fb21

also I should point out D.O.S is an acronym as for an acronym for what you have to ask it
No. 938682 ID: 34fb21

again if no one has any name suggestions I came up with some of my own but I really wanted people to come up with a name for the kobold the names I came up with are
caecus vipera For the naga
aeris For the kobold

No. 938739 ID: 34fb21

the naga’s name is Caecus Vipera
The Kobold’s name is Aeris

You decide to head north
there are three options you can take to the north west is a city to the northeast is The Machine and to the north is an abandoned library. Where do you go?
No. 938759 ID: 34fb21

I highly suggest going to the abandoned library first before you head to the other places because the abandoned library may prove the most beneficial place to head to first
No. 938825 ID: c914a9

Ooookay! Are we really just gonna let the Cloaked Man join our party like that? Like, just... completely uninvited?
I'd say confront him. Ask what D.O.S. means and confront him about... everything in general, like why he's even here and why he's getting involved in your business, not to mention why he's in your side at all.

Also, nice! These are very fitting names, I like them! Pet the kobold.
Okay, now getting more serious, I guess head to the abandoned library first? I don't know! It seems like a good place to go, but it feels awkward to say it now that you've hinted at it. Unless you're pointing us to a trap. In which case, maybe you guys can split? Can Aeris go near the city to inspect it? Don't tell her to ENTER the city, but like... just lurk on the outskirts of it? You can ask the naga to follow her if you think the naga is trustworthy enough. If not, Aeris can probably go alone. At least I hope she's stealthy enough for the job.
No. 938827 ID: 34fb21
File 156286039572.jpg - (3.16MB , 4032x3024 , 1441FCD2-FD58-4B7A-B108-AA012707AD9F.jpg )

You head to the abandoned library
warp node ... established home base acquired you open doors and dust blows out this place feels... like it has been forgotten... scroll analysis complete scroll squired from elemental confirmed acquired void element skill scroll allows you to acquire the void element you also ask CM about motivation and the meaning of D.O.S... CM stares at you
CM: “motivation... curiosity... as well as protection... you have no knowledge about the society and how it would react to you... yet... as for D.O.S it is short for Devourer Of Souls... currently in child form... he doesn’t have a good concept of morality as no one raised him he is an... amalgamation of ancient enemies or ‘evils’ if you will, originally he was just driven by them after the same people removed them he just was naive as a child no morality though as he consumes souls his intelligence, strength, magic prowess, etc. increases but no matter oh and I found this” You acquired the deed to the library
CM: “I highly suggest we look through the library’s books to see if we can find anything interesting”
what do you do?
No. 938834 ID: 34fb21

I just remembered something! Remember when I told you about karma being an entity well, fate is an entity as well don’t tempt him, also don’t claim to be able to control fate he will smite you they barely convinced him to stop smiting people who control luck and ‘read’ the future though he does still mess with false fortune tellers and prophets or any prophet in general
No. 938922 ID: 34fb21

also I should mention whenever you try to send away Aeris send CM with her in this land if a kobold is not accompanied or on a leash they are instantly enslaved but interestingly not by humans you may learn why from the library or ask CM who will answer you directly (he is aware of the fact he is a character in a story which is why he is currently being a bit secretive to annoy the reader by just being an enigma)
No. 939401 ID: a5be59
File 156332158380.jpg - (2.02MB , 4032x3024 , 2826A520-88EA-4D86-8996-99869E09F666.jpg )

well since the only thing is really ask cm something or not and/or read or not I guess I’ll skip the responses which I’m not gettin I suggest reading the white text posts above cause information is good to have
You decide to take and read a random book, the book you happen to grab is an very old tome of which the cover is unreadable as it is very worn you open to a random point in the book and begin reading
“ [incoherent] [incoherent] the physical manifestation of rebellion and will otherwise known as The Rebel
The Rebel has the ability to control time and space though limited to completely freeze time and fast forward or rewind time around a certain object whereas the space manipulation is limited to teleportation he also was taught mind communication allowing him to send messages through his mind and developed the ability Rebel which allowed him to control the abilities and magic of others and turn it on them he is physically weak with only three hit points, three attack points and three defense points which he makes up for with his immeasurable speed. The Rebel uses the elements of earth, fire, water, air, life(plant), death(which he sucks at), energy(plasma), lightning, dragon, crystal, metal, and rebellion which takes the form of green fire. The Rebel also has a beast form that of a green Phoenix and is noted to have multiple personality disorder of which the personalities are [incoherent]. The Rebel is note to wear bronze light armor has a robotic left arm and right eye wears a green cloak, scarf, and hat.” The rest of the page is worn and incoherent and this is a summary of what you read as a bunch of it was worn and incoherent you keep the book and put it in your inventory as CM hands you a monster manual you gained the ability identify
No. 939414 ID: 34fb21
File 156333377184.jpg - (1.73MB , 4032x3024 , 58669600-AE5E-4CCF-9B5D-B6F7C29F5611.jpg )

As the sun sets and the MOONS rise night begins Aeris curls up in your tattered cloth and after running away a lot until finally giving up CM allows Caecus to coil up around him and fall asleep your party is asleep as a wraith you DON’T sleep you can check the status of you and your party as well as snoop in their inventory or you can read the books in your inventory the night will henceforth be your free time where you can monitor stuff or do you thing of course you can’t move tonight because of Aeris but that doesn’t matter what do you do? side note you still have those seven wraiths that are hanging around and 38 Wraith souls and you maybe can interact with CM for you aren’t sure if he’s asleep also DOS is in his own pocket dimension asleep? We don’t know if he sleeps or not
No. 940173 ID: 34fb21

what do you do?
No. 940401 ID: 3a3c64

The wraiths we have out should be placed around us a watch, to be our eyes where we personally cannot see. Then, investigate the inventories and status of the party. Also, test "identify" on the cloaked man, see if there's anything interesting about him.
No. 940410 ID: 34fb21
File 156408379057.jpg - (3.13MB , 4032x3024 , 62355C99-A858-4563-8A79-42C661923732.jpg )

You have your wraiths set up a perimeter around your base you then cast identify on CM
species human? stats balanced require more info
No. 940413 ID: 34fb21

You decide to check your party’s inventory
you are holding one void scroll use on someone to give void element and 38 Wraith souls 1 monster manual (identify) and 1 untitled mystery book (can be used to inspect requires references to anything read)
status attack is now 9999999999999
Strength is now 9999999
Hp is now 9999999
Aeris golden copper scaleswith bits of emerald ruby red eyes
Empty flintlock pistol
Hunting knife
Hp: 50/50
Str: 10
atk: 3
Special attack: 50
Def: 3
Int: 10

High jump crawl
Group attack

Caecus obsidian black scales with golden under scales sapphire blue left eye amethyst amber orange right eye
Iron staff
Blank book
Herb guide (skill: forager)

Hp 100/100
Def: 50
Atk: 45
Str: 45
MP: 250/250
Int: 100


Summon (minor)

D.O.S (devourer of souls) black with interchanging purple and red eyes
All 10
Hp unkillable

Eat souls

CM human pale skin green cloak green scarf brown hair green eyes
Error error error error error wArN!ud requires higherrrrrrrrrr...... file lockedddddd HhhhhhhPpppppppppppp 3/3rr0r error error inventory locked error error 010101000110100001101001011100110010000001101001011011100110011001101111011100100110110101100001011101000110100101101111011011100010000001101001011100110010000001101110011011110111010000100000011001100110111101110010001000000111100101101111011101010010000001110100011011110010000001110110011010010110010101110111001000000110001001100101011011000110100101100101011101100110010100100000011011010110010100101110001011100010111000100000011100110110111101101101011001010010000001110100011010000110100101101110011001110111001100100000011000010111001001100101001000000110001001100101011100110111010000100000011011000110010101100110011101000010000001100001011011000110111101101110011001010010000001110011011011110110110101100101011101000110100001101001011011100110011101110011001000000110000101110010011001010010000001100010011001010111001101110100001000000110110001100101011001100111010000100000011101000110111100100000011000100110010100100000011001100110111101110010011001110110111101110100011101000110010101101110001000000110110001100101011000010111011001100101001000000111010001101000011001010010000001101000011010010110010001100100011001010110111000100000011011000110010101100111011001010110111001100100001000000110000101101100011011110110111001100101001011100010111000101110001011100010111000101110
Now with that out of the way how will you send the rest of your night and what are your plans for tomorrow? while I wasn’t getting responses I kind of went on Wattpad and am working on a guide to the EtherealVerse called EtherealVerse giving information for some of the lore and aspects of this creation of mine
No. 940981 ID: 34fb21

is there anything else you wish to do tonight?
No. 945595 ID: 34fb21

welp since I believe that no one wants to do anything else the night comes to an end the others awaken
what do you do?
You can
Head to the city
Investigate library further
Or other possible things

Interestingly CM has disappeared in his place is a bunch of dust...
alright so I’m making a story on wattpad under the username of EtherealNexus the stories state their order and further extend this universe so you can read it if you want of course there will be no crossovers with hedera until much later in this maybe
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