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File 155993935327.png - (609.16KB , 700x600 , title.png )
935060 No. 935060 ID: 395c02

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No. 956801 ID: b1b4f3

No. 956802 ID: cdabe3

No. 956803 ID: 91ee5f

No. 956810 ID: 3fd119

A: I think we need to be honest with our intent about something like this. At some point we're going to leave for real, and I think everyone should be ready for that when the time comes.
No. 956832 ID: fa2754

Just slip it in real casually. Like 'oh you know, might just poke our heads out and see what it's like. Real in and out kinda thing.'
No. 957293 ID: 30b39a
File 158263089350.png - (337.80KB , 900x600 , 113.png )

I'll play it off as no big deal, because it really shouldn't be.

"I think it'll be lots of fun! Maybe we'll even spend a few wakes outside!"

Tyrsis shoots me a look of surprise, but keeps his mouth shut.

"Oh? Did they finally finish it?"

I have no idea what he's talking about, but I'll play along and see what happens.

"I mean, it's worth checking out, right?"

"Oh, absolutely! Just make sure the ketzas are fine with you going first. They can be pretty anal about... pretty much everything."

The first rule of improvising is always say yes! Or something!

"Of course!"

"Okay, I have no idea what either of you are talking about.

That makes two of us.

"When I spent time at the Ketza capital, there were murmurs about them working on some big project that'd allow folks to see the outside world without risking the return of the Great Beast."

"Is that... safe?"

"On one claw, we're talking about ketza engineering. On the other, the Great Beast hasn't appeared in any of our lifetimes and is probably long-dead."

Tyrsis gives me the "What the heck did you get me into" look. I reply with my "Come oooon trust meeee" face.

"Don't worry, sir. I'll make sure it's safe before taking Tyrsis anywhere!"

"That's all I ask."

If only Mama could be so reasonable.

The three of us chit chat for a bit before Tyrsis and I leave to tackle the rest of the wake's tasks. That went pretty well!
No. 957294 ID: 30b39a
File 158263089787.png - (513.08KB , 900x600 , 114.png )

"Sooo I don't remember agreeing to go outside."

"I know, but I figured I'd get his permission just in case. Besides, this just a test trip!"

"Test what?"

"The problem was dealing with the idea of leaving for a multi-season adventure, right? Even I admit there's a lot of sacrifice and risk involved."

"We did have a whole 'thing' about that, yes."

"So why don't we table that for now and do something simple? We stay near the exit, camp outside for five or ten wakes, then return. It'd give us both a better idea of what we're getting into, and an easy way out if it's too much for us."

"So it'd just be for a little while?"


"So it'd just be ten wakes. And we'd be alone. Together."

"That's the hope!"

He swallows hard for some reason.

"W-Well. That um. That does sound much more reasonable, especially if the ketzas made a safe little area."

"Obviously I'd rather go further out, but for this test run we can go ahead and play it safe."

"Maybe we can go a little further out if we need privacy-- I mean if we want peace and quiet! Because of all the noisy ketzas!"

"Are you okay?"

"So! What's next!?"

Guess he's a bit nervous about spending so much time around ketzas. yep

Still, he agreed to my plan! If I'm patient and take it one step at a time, maybe he can be convinced to join me on the bigger adventure! This is the best idea I've had since the last one!
No. 957295 ID: 30b39a
File 158263090063.png - (349.75KB , 900x600 , 115.png )

My thoughts are interrupted by the tolling of the second bell. That's right, I need to stay focused on the preparations.

What's next?

:sq_optbubble_left:A: Shopping for gear!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: Getting the right outfits!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: Doing some research!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: We have unfinished business on the Old Path to Shisae Point...:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 957296 ID: e7c7d3

A) Gotta be prepared.
No. 957302 ID: 33056f

D/c. ‘Safe’ little area? Those ketzas spend so long thinking whether they could, that they never stop to think whether they should!
No. 957321 ID: fa2754

A/c quick, while he's still in your boat, get some shopping done. Just basic general thanks for now. Once you do more research you can get more specialized gear.
No. 957322 ID: 2f59f0

A, c
No. 957326 ID: 91ee5f

No. 957333 ID: b1b4f3

A, c.
No. 957340 ID: 2aa5f0

C, a

figure out what we need to buy before buying I think.
No. 957367 ID: 094652

C, A. Make sure you know the Caravan route and where to go if you miss the caravan at a stop.
No. 957368 ID: a9af05

A , c
No. 957386 ID: 3fd119

C, a. See if you can find out what exactly this safe space is, anyway. I can imagine that the ketzas would be anxious to go back outside, if they're not originally from underground.
No. 959040 ID: 30b39a
File 158431976808.png - (397.66KB , 900x600 , 116.png )

"Okay! Time to start actually preparing for this thing!"

"Oh? For a second there I thought you were gonna put it off until the last second."

"I don't do that for anything important!"

"So that group project we had last season..."

"Like I said!"


Since I'm planning a shorter trip (for now), I can probably hold off on emptying my savings on supplies. Probably won't need a cart, either-- filling my backpack should be good enough.

I can return again later if I want to play it safe and have Tyrsis fill a backpack too.
No. 959041 ID: 30b39a
File 158431977187.png - (494.37KB , 900x600 , 117.png )

We head to the shops and take stock of their inventory. My research gave me a basic idea of what the outside world requires. Shelter is much more important up there than down here, for one.

"How much stuff should we bring? If the ketzas have something set up, they'll probably have most of what we need."

"Maybe, but it's still a multi-wake trip just to get there from here, and who knows how much the ketzas overcharge for stuff? Probably a lot."

"Probably. But they might also have things we won't find here, what with you being the only slissa in existence that actually wants to head up there."

"I doubt I'm the only slissa who wants to see the outside world! Just the only one brave enough to go for it."

"...Yeah, that's still a market of one person."

"Two people! And I'm not counting out being able to convince Mama to come too!"

"I stand corrected! Three people is definitely enough to make it worth carrying topside camping equipment."

"If I pretend you're not being sarcastic then it sounds like you're agreeing with me! Thanks, buddy!"

No. 959042 ID: 30b39a
File 158431977396.png - (30.35KB , 900x600 , 118.png )

Now then! I have 5367 gems to spend, and a backpack to fill!

:sq_hint: Kliss's backpack can hold 20 spaces worth of items. The inventory will automatically sort (thanks Tyrsis!), so there's no need to worry about how things fit together.

:sq_hint: Compile a list of things to buy, or vote for someone else's entry! Kliss can buy any amount of any item, so long as she doesn't exceed 20 total spaces.

:SQ_ration: Food Ration: 3 spaces. 85 gems. Long-lasting food meant for long digs. Offers 10 meals.
:SQ_water: Water Canteen: 4 spaces, 50 gems. Stores water. Lasts several days, depending on rationing.
:SQ_flint: Flint: 1 space, 10 gems. Strike to create sparks and hopefully a fire.
:SQ_rope: Rope: 2 spaces, 50 gems. Good for tying things or people.
:SQ_cloth: Bundle of Cloth: 3 spaces, 40 gems. Made from ketza-grown plants. Useful in many ways.
:SQ_sewingkit: Sewing Kit: 2 spaces, 20 gems. Used with cloth to make bags, clothing, and other things.
:SQ_knife: Knife: 2 spaces, 30 gems. Useful to cut things.
:SQ_lantern: 4 spaces, 100 gems. Portable glow-gem for lighting your path.
:SQ_sleepbag: Sleeping bag: 10 spaces, 110 gems. A comfortable place to sleep during long digs.
:SQ_hammer: Hammer: 3 spaces, 50 gems. Useful for hitting things.
:SQ_pickaxe: Pickaxe: 8 spaces, 200 gems. Makes digging through rock easier.
:SQ_firstaid: First Aid Kit: 4 spaces, 80 gems. Can deal with minor wounds.
:SQ_triage: Triage Kit: 5 spaces, 130 gems. Used for broken bones or severe wounds.
:SQ_pen: Writing Pen: 1 space (holds up to 5 pens), 10 gems. Used to write!
:SQ_notebook: Notebook: 1 space, 25 gems. Made through a secretive ketza process. Can be written in.
:SQ_goggles: Mining Goggles: 3 spaces unless worn, 65 gems. Protects the eyes while digging.

I should keep in mind the short nature of our trip, and that we may get more chances to shop later.
No. 959043 ID: 094652

Those masks look familiar...
Buy what you need, but don't overspend. Get Tyrsis a bag that he's comfortable with.

Buy Tyrsis a bag and start packing:
:SQ_ration: X 3
:SQ_water: X 2
:SQ_rope: X 1
:SQ_cloth: X 1
:SQ_sewingkit: X 1
:SQ_knife: X 1
:SQ_pickaxe: X 1
:SQ_firstaid: X 1
:SQ_pen: X 1
:SQ_notebook: X 1
No. 959044 ID: b1b4f3

What's that?

Not much is gonna fit in 20 slots. Food and water is basically required since you don't know how easily you can forage up there, so that 7 slots gone.
Triage Kit is insurance to make sure nobody fucking dies, so that's another 5. You can go without the first aid kit because you should be able to get back home before minor injuries get too bad.
What can we do with 8 slots?
How about: knife, hammer. The knife and hammer are for taking samples from the environment.
Writing pen and notebook, unless you already have that sort of thing for your travel journal. Get two pens so you have a backup in case you drop one.

1 space left. We don't need flint since Tyrsis can just make fire, so leave it empty.
That should cover stuff that looks the most useful here. Shelter-related items seem more likely to be available at the ketza shop. Also we can probably get a first aid kit there too, since presumably we'll have more room then.
No. 959045 ID: e17ac9

Get a large flint, it’ll last a long time. But keep in mind you need more than a flint to start a fire. You need something very hard to strike to flint against, such as an Iron or the spine of a knife, and you need something highly flammable, such as paper, light cloth, frayed rope, etc. because the sparks off the flint aren’t hot enough to catch wood on fire by themselves.

You should definitely invest in a knife, a high quality one. What kind of knives do they sell? For survival purposes you’ll want something weighty and sharp, but not too large for finer tasks. I’d suggest a clip-point blade about five inches long, with a handle of checkered hardwood that fits snugly in your hand. Get a good, oiled leather sheath for it as well: that baby needs to be kept dry.

Aside from that get a Canteen, some Rope, a First-aid kit, a Notebook and Pen, and a really loud Whistle. That whistle is really important for calling help if you get in trouble.
No. 959047 ID: 0fae41

:SQ_knife: X 8
:SQ_sewingkit: X 2
Knife claws: Never leave home without them!
No. 959067 ID: fa2754

This is solid for Kliss's pack.

Lets get one for Tyrsis.
Sleeping bag, food ration, water canteen, knife and notebook. He can borrow one of your pens.
No. 959069 ID: 864e49

:SQ_ration: Food Ration: 3 spaces. 85 gems.
:SQ_water: Water Canteen: 4 spaces, 50 gems.
:SQ_rope: Rope: 2 spaces, 50 gems.
:SQ_knife: Knife: 2 spaces, 30 gems.
:SQ_hammer: Hammer: 3 spaces, 50 gems.
:SQ_firstaid: First Aid Kit: 4 spaces, 80 gems.
:SQ_pen: Writing Pen: 1 space, 10 gems.
:SQ_notebook: Notebook: 1 space, 25 gems
:SQ_goggles: Mining Goggles: The googles stay on, 65 gems.

Space: 20 Cost: 445 gems

Also get Tyrsis a bag.
No. 959070 ID: 015bf2

This un's pretty good.
No. 961481 ID: b099e2

I vote for this one, mostly. Add a glow-gem and have Tyris carry the first aid kit instead.

Definitely get Tyrsis a bag, because 1 unit each of food & water rations will last you, what, 5 days max if you're only doing 1 meal per person per day? If you wanna be out there for up to 10 wakes, you need AT LEAST 1 more food ration unit. And that's not taking into account the food you'll need on the trip from here to there...but you can restock before leaving the caves if you need to

So, buy Tyrsis a bag and give him 2 more food rations and 2 more water canteens - that's 14 spaces and food/water for 10~15 days. Give him your first aid kit, and you take the glow-gem, and that should do it. (If you get separated, he can make his own light and you can't.)

So to summarize:

:SQ_ration: x1
:SQ_water: x1
:SQ_rope: x1
:SQ_knife: x1
:SQ_hammer: x1
:SQ_lantern: x1
:SQ_pen: x1
:SQ_notebook: x1
:SQ_goggles: x1 but worn, not packed

:SQ_ration: x2
:SQ_water: x2
:SQ_firstaid: x1
No. 963566 ID: 80591c
File 158783622154.png - (30.17KB , 900x600 , 119.png )

I do my best to fill my pack with useful stuff while deciding to keep track of WHAT WE'RE WEARING as well as what's in our packs.

...Hsss! There's not enough room to hold everything I want to bring!

"I should pray to Shaia for more inventory space."

"Uh... you know I can carry things too, right?"

"Oh! Duh! I'll get you a backpack too!"

"Well, you could... or I could go home and get mine since it's free."

"Right! Yes! Why didn't I think of that!?"

"Because you're so excited to be doing this that you forgot half the things you know?"

"I wouldn't say half..."

"At least half," he says while patting me on the head.

:sq_klissnotsure: "Y-yes well, could you please end this humiliation and go get it?"

:sq_tyrsishappy: "Speehee~ I'll be back in a few moments."

And off he goes, looking all puffy and pleased with himself. Don't think I'm letting you get away with this, mister!
No. 963567 ID: 80591c
File 158783622550.png - (356.33KB , 900x600 , 120.png )

"I'm back! This one is more my size, and can hold a lot more stuff."

Nevermind I forgive him completely.

"Oh Tyrsis, I could kiss you!"

"Ehehe... I um, I should probably put stuff in here, huh?"

Looks like his backpack can hold 35 slots, bringing our total to 55! That's much better than the 20 I thought I had!

Rather than fill it to bursting, I add some vital equipment and leave the rest for anything we find in shops along the way. The ketzas in particular might have things better suited for camping in the outside world.

Let's see....
No. 963568 ID: 80591c
File 158783622707.png - (30.54KB , 900x600 , 121.png )

In total, that brings us up to about 30 meals of food. At two meals a day, it's 15 wakes of food. We can choose to ration it to one meal a day to double that to 30, but there's no reason to do that on this short trip.

As for water, each canteen normally lasts about 8 wakes, if my research is correct. That brings us to 16 wakes of water. Again, we can half our consumption to allow up to 32 wakes if needed, but that shouldn't come up as we'll probably only spend 10 or so wakes outside.

I can add to this as we visit other towns, of course. But for now, this seems like a good starting point!

And of course, I can't forget the most important thing.
No. 963569 ID: 80591c
File 158783623046.png - (293.96KB , 900x600 , 122.png )

Proper headgear! Never leave home without it!

"Mining goggles? Uh, you think that'll come up?"

"It's not like I'm not going to explore stuff on the way to the Path of the Beast! There will probably be digging involved!"

He grabs a pair and lifts them to his face before realizing they're far too small.

"I'll just... leave the digging to you."

"Of course! You'll be providing the light!"

"That's me, the light boy."

Tyrsis is such a good light boy.

Now then. I spent 845 gems, leaving me with 4,532 gems. Doing pretty well on funds! I should be able to buy a cart and fill it with supplies once it's time to do this for real.
No. 963570 ID: 80591c
File 158783623422.png - (291.47KB , 900x600 , 123.png )

The third bell hasn't rung yet.

There's plenty of time left, so maybe I should try to relax? But if I get it all done now, I won't have any of it hanging over my head. Either way, there's not much of a rush.

:sq_optbubble_left:A: Let's explore the town!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: Let's go for a swim!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: Let's do some research!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: I should go home and check on Mama, actually.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 963571 ID: 0fae41

No. 963574 ID: fa2754

B, c
You said relax, let's relax!
No. 963577 ID: e7c7d3

No. 963586 ID: d9ebbf

Lets’s get to swimming!
No. 963588 ID: b099e2


Do some exploring, visit some libraries, learn some things.
No. 963589 ID: 015bf2

D, b.
No. 963618 ID: b1b4f3

No. 963621 ID: 91ee5f

No. 963625 ID: 736b7e

D, C
No. 963686 ID: cdabe3

No. 963688 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 963744 ID: 9c48ac

No. 963815 ID: 864e49

>or I could go home and get mine since it's free.
We where just at his house and he knew we were going shopping so he forgot it as well, he just remembered it first.

No. 964094 ID: a9af05

No. 964745 ID: 3fd119

B/d Slissa beach episode!
No. 966928 ID: 0e0a3c

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