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File 155993935327.png - (609.16KB , 700x600 , title.png )
935060 No. 935060 ID: 395c02

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No. 949692 ID: 230dfd

A! We need more plot hooks information!
No. 949693 ID: 094652

A) He's like a mini-you!
No. 949697 ID: a9af05

No. 949705 ID: e7848c

I guess you could take your mind off your problems and onto someone else's problems.

No. 949706 ID: 015bf2

Nothing quite like A distraction to take your mind off your worries!
No. 949760 ID: b1b4f3

>Feels something I can't reciprocate.
You only like him as a friend?
No. 949873 ID: adb0d6

Pay paperboy slissa! Lets see some news.
No. 950022 ID: 30b39a
File 157430622707.png - (155.63KB , 900x600 , 77.png )

>You only like [Tyrsis] as a friend?
Much more than a friend. He's my companion, as dear to me as Mama.

Even if it's not romantic, that still has to count for something, right?

>[This child is] like a mini-you!
He's a pretty cute kid. I resist the urge to pat his head, since I wouldn't want to belittle a big boy who's doing such a good job.

>I guess you could take your mind off your problems and onto someone else's problems.
It's this thinking that keeps the local paper in business!

"All right, I'll take one. Give me a moment to get some gems."


Aww, he's so excited wagging his little tail.
No. 950023 ID: 30b39a
File 157430623039.png - (235.57KB , 900x600 , 78.png )

I hand him three gems and forget I wasn't supposed to pat his head. He squeaks with delight and I can't help but smile a little.

"Thanks so much, miss!!!"

He waves happily and runs off, probably to show his mama what a good job he did. I think I'm feeling a little better now.

Let's ruin that by checking the news!
No. 950024 ID: 30b39a
File 157430623486.png - (366.91KB , 900x600 , 79.png )

Saryssa Gazette

Supply lines in crises!!!

More on page 12!

I flip through several ads for horn polishers and creams promising to make my scales glisten in the dim purple light emitted by our glowgems. This is a good use of our now-limited supply of paper!

Here we go.

King Tian III has issued an advisory stating there may be supply issues coming from the city of Zhe Zhin, where a lot of our plant-based supplies are imported from.

"Biuban Zhu Chi," he said, speaking the traditional ketza language. It roughly translates to 'Things are a bit inconvenient right now."

His speech continues, saying the Royal Goods Authority are working on the problem. He insists the problem should be resolved in the coming wakes, but advises everyone to plan for interruptions in those exports. Things like paper and coldbox evaporator pads might be in short supply for a while. Other goods will continue to flow as normal.

He gave very few details, as is expected when dealing with the secretive nature of their underground plant-growing techniques.

The Grand Mayor of Saryssa has informed us of an intent to ration those goods until the supply lines return to normal. He's graciously granted an exception to the Saryssa Gazette so we can continue to bring you the latest news.


Let's see what else is in here...

Tomorrow's weather: Calm and cave-like.

Why do we have this section? Next.

Prince Xiuan's finally found his life-mate!

A chance encounter at the royal pond has lead him to the love of his life, he says. The name of the betrothed is being withheld until the day of the joining ceremony, but King Tian III made a short speech remarking that it's purely coincidental that he specifically hired this person to come to the pond and talk to his son. He claims it has nothing to do with how long Prince Xiuan has gone without a life-mate.

This paper chooses not to remark on the king spending longer on denying this than on the very serious supply crises, nor will we comment on how it's only a rumor because he specifically mentioned it. Emphasis ours.

Ketzas sure are something.

Not seeing anything else that's all that interesting. Apparently there's a play coming to our town soon?

Oh, but what's this...?
No. 950025 ID: 30b39a
File 157430623624.png - (364.78KB , 900x600 , 80.png )

Don't miss the Shaia's Embrace grand caravan! The Lyskrr transport service is teaming up with the Rongao Yushun company to bring you a tour of the entire cave-system we share with our ketza friends! From Saryssa[i] to the [i]Path of the Beast and back! The tour is expected to take 20 wakes so be sure to pack everything you need!

There's still plenty of seats as of this writing, and the asking price is only 20 gems per person!

The caravan leaves on the 23rd wake of the growing season. Don't miss out!

No. 950026 ID: 30b39a
File 157430623885.png - (308.80KB , 900x600 , 81.png )

That's three wakes from now.

That caravan would give me a direct path to the outside world. I can't pass this up.

My chest feels warm. It can't be coincidence! This has to be a sign from Shaia herself! Fate itself intervened to ensure I would meet my destiny!

No, don't be crazy. This is coincidence. A wonderful, amazing coincidence.

Last wake reminded me how dangerous the world is. One wrong move could mean death. My plans could ultimately fail.

My impromptu speech to the wishbe flashes in my mind; Life is about failing, about learning.

Learning is how we grow. In our mistakes we find...
No. 950027 ID: 30b39a
File 157430624169.png - (391.99KB , 900x600 , 82.png )


No. 950028 ID: b1b4f3

>not romantic
You don't find him attractive?

I wonder how she learned how to recover after a dangle like that, hmm? You should have a chat with her later to find out how you can better prepare yourself for your adventures.
No. 950030 ID: 094652

You can't pass this opportunity up. A month of trading goods and digging up gems, visiting the whole colony, should get you out of this funk.

Ask Tysis if he wants to go, but you can't bog yourself down on other peoples' angst.
No. 950034 ID: 91ee5f

And from kinship, something more romantic has a chance to form. Which is apparently how your mom and dad met each other and fell in love.

How else do you think your mom knew how to safely direct you so you could climb back up? She learned from your father. Perhaps you can convince her to teach you some more things she learned from your father to help you on your adventure?
No. 950037 ID: 83bf07

Go to them.
No. 950049 ID: adb0d6

All the more reason to admit you can't do much on your own! That's why you gotta let them have your back if they're willing.

Definitely worth taking a look around shops to prepare at some point until then.
No. 950070 ID: 3fd119

If you leave, you might not see your family for years. You might not even return. You should try to learn as much from them as you can. Tyrsis seems to be pretty well-educated, and your mama seems like she's got a lot more life experience than you knew. Try to spend enough time with them to get some more stories to remember them by, since it might be your last chance.
No. 950341 ID: 30b39a
File 157464917396.png - (294.63KB , 900x600 , 83.png )

>And from kinship, something more romantic has a chance to form.
Not quite the epiphany I was going for.

>You don't find him attractive?
That's not-- We're not the same species! Okay we sort of are but that's also not important right now!

>How else do you think your mom knew how to safely direct you so you could climb back up? She learned from your father.
There we go!
No. 950342 ID: 30b39a
File 157464917508.png - (450.17KB , 900x600 , 84.png )

Now then. Mom knew what to do because she learned from my father. Maybe she remembered him talking about his adventures, but the confident way she instructed me can only come from experience! She joined him! She had to have!

>All the more reason to admit you can't do much on your own!
Rather than convince her I know what I'm doing, I need only show her that I'm willing to take things seriously. That there's more to gain in teaching me than talking me out of it.

That she, too, once felt the call of adventure.

>You can't pass this opportunity up. A month of trading goods and digging up gems, visiting the whole colony, should get you out of this funk.
That's right. I can't let one admittedly dangerous mistake keep me from at least trying to see this through.
No. 950343 ID: 30b39a
File 157464917861.png - (389.21KB , 900x600 , 85.png )

And for that, this caravan is the key. It's a round trip, right? I could bring Tyrsis with me, figure out our... stuff, and there's a direct path back home if we end up needing it.

I don't think Mama would be willing to come, but I can still spend this time learning from her and making sure there's no hard feelings between us.

But for now, I know what I need to do.
No. 950344 ID: 30b39a
File 157464918177.png - (338.84KB , 900x600 , 86.png )

A feeling. A thought. Guiding me. Showing me the way.

>Go to them.

Yes. I must...

No. 950345 ID: 30b39a
File 157464918462.png - (522.43KB , 900x600 , 87.png )




:sq_optbubble_left:A: "Let's talk about our complicated relationship that may or may not be romantic???":sq_optbubble_right:
No. 950346 ID: 30b39a
File 157464918757.png - (379.38KB , 900x600 , 88.png )

That's seriously the first thing I come up with!? I'm not ready to talk to him at all, much less about that!

Hsss I don't know if I need to apologize or what! I forgot to figure that out! I was distracted by the news!

And now this is getting really awkward and I really really need to really say something and all I can think to say is 'really'!


:sq_optbubble_left:B: "Tyrsis! Look! Caravan!":sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: "Sorry about last night...":sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: "Thanks for last night...":sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:E: "Are you okay?":sq_optbubble_right:
No. 950347 ID: 0fae41

C/e. Alternatively, you could make him a cool hat with your parchment ration.
No. 950348 ID: bef60d

C, but you need to prepare for A later, mentally. That problem isn't going away on it's own.
No. 950349 ID: cdabe3

Yes, this.
No. 950351 ID: 49a777

Never C! Apologies are usually less accepted than appreciation; focus on the positive. Go with B (trust me, I've made the mistake of doing otherwise).
No. 950352 ID: b1b4f3

No. 950353 ID: cdabe3

>> That's not-- We're not the same species! Okay we sort of are but that's also not important right now!

Hey wait, yeah, Tyrsis is half slissa, isn’t he...? Doesn’t that mean that slissas and ketzas can love? Then species doesn’t really matter so much!
No. 950356 ID: 2202fb

No. 950357 ID: a9af05

>She joined him! She had to have!
Or maybe your mom was the adventurous one and your dad joined her?

A , b
No. 950359 ID: 12b116

No. 950360 ID: 83bf07

D, e
We'll hit the ground running!
No. 950376 ID: 49a777

I realized I put B, evidently I forgot the order of the alphabet. I meant D, the letter that comes after C. So while B needs to happen eventually, my vote is for D.
No. 950377 ID: 736b7e

A, B
No. 950384 ID: 56076d

No. 950411 ID: 3fd119

D, b... Right! Spending time with your friends and not making it weird!
No. 950414 ID: 2d058d

D! thank him
No. 950418 ID: 91ee5f

No. 950419 ID: 475d85

BE yourself.
No. 950553 ID: 4ef7b2

C or E!
No. 951347 ID: 30b39a
File 157594407917.png - (376.71KB , 900x600 , 89.png )

>Or maybe your mom was the adventurous one and your dad joined her?
That makes no sense at all! Dad was the more adventurous one-- he's the one that left home never to return!

Unless she stayed behind because of...

No, this isn't the time for that.

I don't know if I want to thank Tyrsis or apologize, but I do know I don't want to wallow in what happened. For both our sakes, the best move is to move forward with my usual optimism. It might cheer him up, too.

No. 951348 ID: 30b39a
File 157594408270.png - (385.24KB , 900x600 , 90.png )

"Hey... you! Buddy!"

I'm so good at playing it cool it's not even funny. And by that I mean please send help.

"Hi...! Um, are you okay? You made a lot of concerning faces just now."

"Oh that was I was just uh hey look at this!"
No. 951349 ID: 30b39a
File 157594408610.png - (407.43KB , 900x600 , 91.png )

"That is in fact a newspaper!"

"Come on man, you know what I meant."

"I dunno... you might have to spell it out for me."

"C A R A V A N!"

"It goes all the way to the Path of the Beast!"

"Huh. Through the Ketzas and everything."

"Yeah, I guess! And it's a round trip, too! You know, in case I... um..."

"Change your mind? I think we both know that's not happening."

:sq_klissnotsure: "...."

"Do you remember when we visited the Unified Capital when we were little?"

"Huh? Uh... kind of?"
No. 951351 ID: 30b39a

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/AUA9FiY8ibc
No. 951352 ID: 30b39a
File 157594430695.gif - (32.22KB , 900x600 , 92.gif )

In many ways this is just pushing the issue down the road, but for now I'll take it.

Now then...

:sq_optbubble_left:A: "Let's go find Mom.":sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: "You hungry?":sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: "We should visit Shisae Point (the normal way) and symbolically finish our cave adventure!":sq_optbubble_right:
No. 951353 ID: 0fae41

No. 951354 ID: b1b4f3

B, c.
Hmm, wouldn't it be best to have Mom with you when yo visit Sishae Point to symbolically finish the adventure?
No. 951355 ID: e7c7d3

No. 951356 ID: 91ee5f


It’s important to eat! Make sure you’ve got money!

And don’t forget that you said you wanted to go find your Mom to see if you could get her to tell you some adventuring tips!
No. 951359 ID: 094652

Dude, you never got your brain trauma healed? That could ruin you in the long-term.

A/B but go to a supply district. You want to buy safe food from a cheap source, since you're going to wolf it all down for sustenance.
No. 951361 ID: 7634bf

I think A, B, and C are the best choices.

Yes, all of them.
No. 951369 ID: 83bf07

B, c!
No. 951371 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 951402 ID: a9af05

B , a

Eating is important and you wanted to talk to your mother for adventuring tips. Why not combine these options and go somewhere with Tyrsis and your Mom to get something to eat?

Alternatively, if you don't bring your Mom, you and Tyrsis will be able to have a date somewhere together.
No. 951403 ID: 0c9a8e

C, a.
No. 951494 ID: adb0d6

A, or B
No. 951928 ID: 30b39a
File 157682535229.png - (564.40KB , 900x600 , 93.png )

Tyrsis happily accepts my offer for a quick meal, and we find ourselves at one of our usual eateries. I know this stuff goes straight to my thighs, but it's cheap and delicious and that's really hard to argue against!

I'm usually the one to initiate conversation, but this time Tyrsis preempts me.

"So I looked into those tablets we found."

"Oh? You took them home with you?"

"You didn't notice? But yeah, I was really curious what they said."

""I was a little distracted. So! What's on them? Was it a :sq_heart:raunchy diary:sq_heartr: like you guessed!?"

"Spehehee. No, no. But it wasn't exactly boring military information, either."

"Ooh, the plot thickens!"

"According to the first tablet, the caretaker of the nursery we explored was trying to funnel families to a secret location, presumably to start a new life outside the reach of the ketzas."

"So there's a hidden slissa community out there!?"

"The tablet cuts off, but I seriously doubt it."

"How can you say no if the tablet cut off without saying?"

"That's the thing. The second tablet you found mentions orders from the council itself. Orders to cancel all plans and send 'the signal'."

"Sounds ominous."


"A shame I lost those maps. They might have given us some more clues."

"I'm not so sure they'd have helped much, considering how the tablet ends. Roughly translated, the final sentence reads: 'protect the necklace wearer'."
No. 951929 ID: 30b39a
File 157682535643.png - (564.67KB , 900x600 , 94.png )

*Slrrrrp.* "Huh."

"Yeah! What the hell, right?"

"Maybe it's referring to the necklace I found! It had a picture of a young female slissa, didn't it?"

"A counselor's daughter, maybe?"

"But why would they be here of all places?"

"I mean, there was literally a war going on. Our little podunk town probably felt like a safe place to hide the children, until suddenly it wasn't."

Hmm. It's a long-shot, but...
No. 951930 ID: 30b39a
File 157682535986.png - (390.27KB , 900x600 , 95.png )

"What if it meant my necklace? That'd make me the great great great ...uh... great great great..."

"You really don't need to count on your claws, Kliss."

"...Great granddaughter of a councilor!

"Your necklace was handed down through multiple generations..."

"Wait, really? You're going with me on this? Aha! I knew I was meant for something greater!"

"Oh yeah! You should totally show the councilors your necklace so they realize how important you are and put you in charge."

"That's a great idea!"


"Anyway. I do have another reason I want to join the caravan."

"Really!? What could be more important than spending time with Councilor Kliss!?"


"That's right-- nothing!"


"Okay I'll stop just quit looking at me like that please I'm dying."

:SQ_tyrsishappy: "Kay."

"That's not better..."

"But yeah. I want to try and figure out what the tablets are talking about, and the best place to do that is the Grand Library at the Unified Capital. In there are tons of tombs, both slissa and ketza in nature."

"The ketzas can write!?"

"Claw paintings can be informative."

"So you have your own reasons for coming too. And here I was thinking you just wanted more of our amazing banter."

"That's reason three."

As we finish our meals, I briefly wonder if there's anything else I should discuss with Tyrsis. He's a font of knowledge when it comes to history and lore, should my curiosity need sating. I could also talk to him about other things, if I so desire.

What should I bring up?
No. 951933 ID: 19fdd8

Your thighs look great!
No. 951934 ID: 83bf07

The reminder of how thankful you are for his companionship. An adventurer doesn't have to be lonely. He's going to spare you from that.
No. 951935 ID: 094652

Talk about the latest pickaxes and bags. You want to come home rich and victorious.
No. 951937 ID: b1b4f3

>history and lore
Well I assume you've long since asked him what the surface was like before the Beast showed up.
What about the history of magic? Who were the greatest Ketza mages?
How was magic discovered?
No. 951938 ID: 2aa5f0

ask him what, if anything, does he know about your neckless. Doubt he'll know anything you don't but who knows maybe he'll surprise you.
No. 951939 ID: 91ee5f

>I know this stuff goes straight to my thighs, but it's cheap and delicious and that's really hard to argue against!
What are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong with your thighs.

Wait, if reason 1 is to go to the Grand Library and reason 3 is wanting more of your amazing banter, then what’s reason 2?

>What should I bring up?
Your romantic feelings for him.

Ask him who taught him how to use his magic?
No. 951942 ID: b6341b

Also this, teehee
No. 951944 ID: 736b7e

Is that blue slissa listening to your conversation..?
No. 952025 ID: feecd8

>this stuff goes straight to my thighs
Why are you saying that like it's a bad thing? Because it's not a bad thing. Everyone knows thicc thighs save lives! They might even save your life during your adventures!

>What to talk about?
Ask if you guys should order dessert?

Or just ask him about his magic.
No. 952918 ID: 30b39a
File 157836161129.png - (474.68KB , 900x600 , 96.png )

>Your thighs look great!
I dunno, I think I need a second opinion.

A grin forms on my face as I turn to my faithful companion. "You don't think my thighs are too big, right Tyrsis?"

"W-Why are you asking me that!?"

Oh, look! He's getting all puffy!

"Just making sure this food isn't turning me into a blob."

"Your thighs are great! I mean fine! I mean-- You shouldn't worry about that."

:sq_klisscited: "Thanks, buddy!"

:sq_tyrsisnotsure: "...."

He's so cute when he puffs up like that! Don't know why I don't tease him more often!

>[Ask about] your romantic feelings for him.
Oh yeah, that's why.
No. 952919 ID: 30b39a
File 157836161386.png - (473.81KB , 900x600 , 97.png )

"Hsshss~ Okay, okay, I'm sorry."

"It's fine. L-Let's talk about something else."

"Sure thing, buddy. There's a few things I've been meaning to ask about."

"Okay, great! What's up?"

"So the surface... it's really bright and green, right?"

"So the stories say! The life up there is completely different versus what we see down here, and there's a whole lot of plants."

"Hard to even imagine. The only 'plant' I've ever seen is the one in your room."

"The ones that grow down here are much different than the ones above. Those plants grow and grow, sometimes hiding the light of Shaia itself."

"That'll be fun to see! How's yours doing, anyway?"

"Getting pretty big! We can check on it if you'd like."

"It has been a while since I came over. Oh-- have you seen Mama?"

"She wasn't at your house?"

"She was gone when I woke up. Probably running... errands."

:sq_tyrsisokay: "You think she's visiting her 'secret boyfriend she totally has', don't you."

:sq_klissed: "Maybe~"

Tyrsis lets out a long, speep-filled sigh.

"Any other questions before we do what you're implying we do?"

"Oh, yeah I guess. Um...
No. 952920 ID: 30b39a
File 157836161718.png - (372.47KB , 900x600 , 98.png )

"Do you happen to have any random knowledge about my necklace?"

"Kind of. I was bored one day and looked into your past relatives."

"You read about my family tree for fun?"

"Why not? Sadly, the public record doesn't go back more than a few generations. But there's mention of your great great great grandslissa wearing a 'family heirloom' that I'd wager is that very necklace."

"It's that old? But it looks so shiny and new!"

"Your family probably fixes it up whenever it starts showing its age. That gem might not even be the original, for all we know."

"Oh, I guess that follows."
No. 952921 ID: 30b39a
File 157836162081.png - (434.82KB , 900x600 , 99.png )

"What else... So you know how you can use Shaia's Love?"


"Is there a history to that? Beyond the old tale of our creation, I mean."

"From creation to now, all ketzas have been blessed with 'Shaia's Love'.

"Were there any really powerful ketzas that could wield it to great effect?"

"Who knows? If the knowledge exists somewhere, it's not in our slissa library."

"Oh, I guess it wouldn't be. Hey-- something to look up when we reach the capital or ketza lands!"

"I'm going to read so many books."

"Hshss~ By the way I'm really glad you're coming along. My journey no longer looks to be a lonely one."

"Yes, um, well, I'm still not sure my 'journey' goes past The Path of the Beast, but..."

Oh, right...

"...So! Should we order dessert?"

"Sure. We should also probably figure out what we're doing today, unless you really do mean for us to spy on your mother again."

>Ask him who taught him how to use his magic?
I better not. If it's not something they know from birth, it'd mean his ketza mother taught him how to use it and that's... a bit of a sore subject.

>Is that blue slissa listening to your conversation..?
If she was, she stopped when we started talking about history.

Anyway, it sounds like Tyrsis wants me to decide what we're doing today.

:sq_optbubble_left:A: We could head to Tyrsis's house to see the plant.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: We could go check out the caravan and find out what we need.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: We could shop for supplies. I'd been saving up for this!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: We could try to find Mama.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 952923 ID: b1b4f3

B,C, then if there's time A.
No. 952929 ID: 0a8215

No. 952931 ID: 2aa5f0

sounds good to me
No. 952936 ID: dee4cb

look for mama’s boyfriend on the way :P
No. 952961 ID: 83bf07

A, b
No. 953004 ID: 75ea94

No. 953006 ID: 91ee5f

So what are you guys gonna order?

>What do?
A , b
No. 953027 ID: 92aaf8

D, b
No. 953056 ID: 736b7e

B, C
No. 953059 ID: 3fd119

A, d. What someone's house looks like says a lot about them! Maybe he's got something fun there!
No. 953061 ID: 2e7792

A, b
No. 953163 ID: c3e059

A , b
No. 953314 ID: 30b39a
File 157889847351.png - (416.65KB , 900x600 , 100.png )

>look for mama’s boyfriend on the way :P
Sadly we don't run into any slissa boy hot enough to be mama's life-mate, either currently or potentially, on our way to where the caravan's being set up.

As we approach, I can't help but notice the juxtaposition of the rustic wagons with the high-class glowgems shining upon them. This stark contrast really stands out, especially compared to the low-cost purple that lights most of Saryssa.

I kinda like it!

The area's a bit emptier than I'd expect, but we're a few wakes early so I guess that makes sense.

"Is this really the right caravan? Looks like it's meant for the rich."

"Yeah. Apparently they've been running this route for 12 seasons."

"Oh, really?"

"Mmhmm. But they only run once per four seasons, so this is their third time doing this."

"How'd I not hear about them before now!?"

"How often do you read the paper?"

"Every time mama brought it home! Unless I forgot or had something better to do!"

"And you never noticed she'd occasionally 'forget' to do so?"

"*Hsss!* That-- I can't believe mama kept this from me!"


Tyrsis halts and puffs up, possibly having realized what I just realized.

"Wait, you knew about this and didn't tell me!?"

"Your mother's really scary when she's mad, okay!?"

Before I continue, I notice the blue slissa who looks to be the person to talk to for signing up. She notices us and waves.

I whisper, "We'll discuss your wicked betrayal later."

No. 953315 ID: 30b39a
File 157889847535.png - (309.44KB , 900x600 , 101.png )

"Oh! Hello there! Are you interested in joining the caravan?"

"Maybe! So uh, how does this all work?"

"It's very simple! You just give me the name of everyone intending to board, and I'll give you one or more tickets you can use to board once we're about to be underway. You'll also get a pamphlet with the schedule and any supplies you need. It's 500 gems per person, which includes food and sleeping arrangements."

1000 gems for the two of us, huh? Not exactly cheap, but it's not like my money will have much use once I leave Shaia's Embrace. Taking the trip on foot would be slow and harrowing, and would still have costs related to supplies. For the convenience and comfort, I'd say this is well worth it!

Let's see... I have 6367 gems saved up, so this is totally doable.

"Two, please! One for me and one for my friend!"

"Your friend...?"
No. 953316 ID: 30b39a
File 157889847894.png - (703.77KB , 900x600 , 102.png )

"My dear fluffy companion, yes."

"*hss... We, uh, this isn't a ride for, ah, wouldn't a ketza have their own way back home? They don't really need our services..."

Tyrsis begins to look uncomfortable as I realize that this slissa might be specist!

:SQ_pathL:A: Call out this speciesism!:SQ_pathR:
:SQ_pathL:B: Calmly explain Tyrsis' unique situation.:SQ_pathR:

What do I say?
No. 953317 ID: 0fae41

B. His home is here.
No. 953319 ID: cdabe3


As satisfying as calling it out would be, it most likely wouldn’t accomplish anything right now! The company won’t simply change its policy because you yelled at a clerk, and she might not even believe in the policy anyways. Explain the situation instead.
No. 953324 ID: 75ea94


his home is here, and he's only half ketza
and if they refuse to let him on, take the foot route.
No. 953328 ID: 2aa5f0


kindness first... then you go for the throat.
No. 953331 ID: 736b7e

No. 953334 ID: 83bf07

B. Tyrsis is a saint of a fluffsa. His home is here more than with the ketzas.
No. 953356 ID: 12b116


He can ride on top with the luggage
No. 953357 ID: 015bf2

B. What's gotten her concerned? Customers should be customers, right? You know Tyrsis is a little bigger than their usual, but surely the caravan can be accommodating. He can't use Ketza methods because, well, he's not a full ketza, after all. Or rather, you haven't looked into using ketza methods. And either way, travelling each on your own would just, eh, be boring, y'know? Traveling with others is where it's at!

Anyway, isn't she here to sell a unique, wonderful, practically once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone with the gems to pay? Don't go bringing down the experience already, lady! You've got a grand adventure to sell!

Also, didn't the newspaper advertise the caravan costing 20 gems? Even if that was 20 times 20 days for the full round trip, that's 400 gems. So... where's the 100 extra come in?
No. 953502 ID: 3fd119

B, that said you should probably not mention the half-slissa thing and just say that he was raised by slissas. I'm not sure if prejudiced slissas will appreciate interspecies relationships.
No. 953667 ID: a98242

B, no need to start anything unsavory.
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