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File 155868339560.gif - (1.32MB , 560x354 , first.gif )
933892 No. 933892 ID: f7fe08

Congratulations young lady, and welcome to the Cherub Safety scouts. A thrilling summer ripe with science, fun, and most importantly safety awaits you here in Cerebrum City.
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No. 945751 ID: 094652

"I punched a rat yesterday. So can we go to the clowder cage? I wanna pet all the kitties. All day. And chase all the running kitties. Yes. All the running kitties."
No. 945755 ID: f274b0

Support we could Ad in something like with me resting quite literally 1 minute of the recommended 8 after the trying day and night
No. 945822 ID: 0a7f21

Aww, we should ask what happened to Rose. Sure she was wildly irresponsible, but she also let her play with potentially fatally dangerous weaponry.
No. 945824 ID: 9876c4

And she'll have a hard time lying to us due to our 'condition'.
No. 945891 ID: 965b25
File 156955252742.gif - (1.67MB , 560x423 , pill.gif )

We inform the woman what happened last night, making sure to leave out any rodent or “shocking” details.

“I know what happened last night.” (that's why I'm here and not that idiot.)

“Tell you what…” Ms. Scarlet mumbles while digging through the bag. “I'll give you another choice. You can stay here and sleep in the nurse’s orrrrrrr... you can take this only half tho it will make you feel better.”(at least for a couple of hours) She advertises while handing us a small candy looking thing.

“Or if you really don’t want to go out, I can take you to the nurse’s to rest up, you can’t stay in here we have to clean your room.” (unless you want to be burned by chemicals)

“What about Rosie? Can we see her?” We ask

“Rosie...? Oh Miss. Atkins (That idiot…) Right after you decide we’ll go and wake her up too. I’m responsible for her as well (I'm going to have to keep them both on a short leash it seems)”
No. 945892 ID: 965b25
File 156955261646.gif - (597.76KB , 560x560 , oooh.gif )

The decision is ours, journey outside with the power of this candy or rest at the nurses.
No. 945894 ID: 9876c4

If you can't trust Strangers with Candy, why even bother in this world?

Let's take the ride and take our chances.
No. 945895 ID: 8d4593

Hmmm... Meth... or Sleep?
or Sleep...
An age old question really...

Make like the Kennedys and pop that meth. Half now half later when you start coming down.

Don't forget to thank her for the drugs.
No. 945896 ID: 0a7f21

Such a young age to be starting with drugs.

Of course take the pill. New experiences are fun!
No. 945897 ID: 977456

Sharing is caring! Let our pet rat have some. But remember! Dosage scales with mass, try like, just a couple granules, heavily diluted and administered over an extended period...
No. 945899 ID: 0fae41

Take your Benetrope to grow up big and strong!
No. 945912 ID: 3ed3c3

Pop the pill.
When mom finds out they've been drugging you along with all the other shit, she's going to go fucking feral, and it's going to be hilarious.
No. 945913 ID: 094652

Offer her the other half.

More sleep, your brain needs time to process the new psychic powers from Brain.
No. 945916 ID: e51896

Sleep. No drugs. It might cause a weird side effect to our telepathy and rot the brain or something.

Plus, sleep is healthier.
No. 945917 ID: b1b4f3

I am worried the rat will be killed by the cleaning chemicals or found by whoever cleans the room. I wonder if there's a way to prevent that? Might have to find another hiding spot for it.
No. 945921 ID: 1ed92d

What was that? Take the entire pill? Sure, that's a great idea!
No. 945929 ID: b17fad

We're all about safety, so get some real sleep.
We'll need a way to smuggle our pet out of the room though.
No. 945935 ID: 2a2f85

Take the drug. That way we can tell mom all about it later when she asks us what happened.

Also, take Rat-Thoney with us by hiding him under our hat (after we clean him with a TON of soap and water).
No. 946019 ID: c2f1f6

Ask if you should be eating this on an empty stomach.
No. 946607 ID: ac43db
File 157038530217.gif - (718.72KB , 531x560 , hidden.gif )

Sleep....Sleep sounds like the safe choice now. We tell Ms. Scarlet that we’d rather sleep then take our chances on some pill.
“If that’s what you want” (Makes my life a lot easier) She agrees, as she takes back the pill and stuffs it into one of her pockets.

Slowly she rises from our bedside letting out a slight grunt “I’ll go get Ms. Atkins, I doubt she got much sleep either. After that we can go grab some breakfast and head down to the Sick bay together.” She explains before exiting the room.

Now’s the time to act! Ignoring the obvious scolding going on outside of our room, we hide Rat-Thoney the best way any kid our age would. Just in time too soon after the door opens to reveal not only Ms. Scarlet but Rose as well. “Are you ready to g-” Ms. Scarlet says before pausing to give us a suspicious glare. (Is that? I...I Really don’t give a shit.) “Let's go” she stalely continues.
No. 946608 ID: ac43db
File 157038563149.gif - (1.53MB , 560x441 , epic meal time.gif )

Before heading to the sick bay Ms. Scarlet takes us by the Galley to pick up some breakfast. It may have something to do with the fact that we haven’t eaten since yesterday, but the food tastes great despite the fact that it looks like its older than anyone at our table. Without drawing too much notice to ourselves we make sure to sneak a few morsels to our rodent companion.
No. 946609 ID: ac43db
File 157038572730.gif - (944.21KB , 2000x1116 , wait.gif )

Finally filled, Ms. Scarlet guides us over to the sick bay’s overly luxurious lobby. The abundance of prissy aromas and lounge like music make it seem more like a spa than a hospital’s waiting room. “I’m going to check you two in.” Ms. Scarlet says before making her way to the front counter.

Not too long after Rose awkwardly begins to ask. “Hey kid...since like last night… do you feel like...funny? Like kinda dif...oh never mind it’s silly.” (I’m just sleepy is all...keep dozing off....just sleepy.) “I’m gonna go sit down.” (I’m going to sit, I will Sit! Will I Sit? sit…) she moans before slowly shuffling over to the closest chair.

Oh well it probably wasn’t too important. Hopefully we can find something orrrrr someone to entertain ourselves for the time being. We probably Ms. Scarlet seems to have her hands tied dealing with the friendly yet seemingly incompetent receptionist.

We could go talk to Rose some more, or see what those two sciency looking ladies are talking about. Maybe see what’s up with that weird girl, or that big lady by the window. We'll probably have time to talk to at least 2 of them.

(I miscounted but I already drew the pics so fuck it)
No. 946610 ID: e7dcb0

Window and sad
No. 946611 ID: acfea1

Find out what's wrong with Rose!
No. 946612 ID: 0fae41

Talk to the two ladies! The girl behind the counter will still be there, unless she vibrates through the floor or something.
No. 946613 ID: 49e4d4

What's with the weird sad girl on the left? Let's try to make her feel better.
No. 946614 ID: 977456

Think at Rose: "Can you also suddenly hear thoughts?"
No. 946618 ID: 2a2f85

I'll vote for "Girl with tongue sticking out" and "Large Redhead Girl".
No. 946619 ID: 9876c4

I too see the value of frecklefriends.
No. 946623 ID: d5a6bc

Freckle girl and Redhead
No. 946631 ID: ce39da

Let's save that conversation for when Rose isn't sleep-deprived.

I vote for the girl leaning against the counter that you failed to take note of. She seems like someone who has an easy time blending into the background, huh? I wonder how she'd react to us noticing her?
No. 946637 ID: 977456

The Large Red seems to have a mini-me. They might impose some manner of social thing upon us.
No. 946664 ID: e51896

Red head, and tongue woman
No. 946852 ID: 965b25
File 157068690617.gif - (159.71KB , 560x527 , psychic.gif )

For a brief moment we try to psychically link with Rose to see what’s wrong but no matter how much we try we get no results.
No. 946853 ID: 965b25
File 157068730745.gif - (886.55KB , 437x560 , milder.gif )

Anyways, lets see whats up with that, sad looking girl.
We approach her but she seems to not even notice us at first, in order to get her attention we greet her with a simple “Hi.”
“..oh..OH?! Uhm h-hi.” (I almost thought she was Molly, how long is she going to be in there for anyways?) the girl stammers.
Awkwardly she continues “uhm...do-do you need anyshing?” (Why is she staring at me?! Why do kids always stare it's sooooo weird!)
No. 946856 ID: acfea1

"You look nice. What's your name? I'm Bonnie."
No. 946859 ID: 1f2742

We stare because we haven't developed the shame that forces adults to look away, or the inferiority complexes, or gotten used to lacking intimacy.

We just wanted to say hi because you look cool but sad, and who is Molly?
No. 946865 ID: e51896

Careful, Don't say Molly's name. The woman only thought Molly's name and didn't say it out loud. If she knew Bonnie could read minds, that could cause problems

But we can tell her we thought she looked sad and wanted to see whats wrong
No. 946867 ID: 9876c4

This one, and maybe add a complement about her teeth.
No. 946868 ID: e40171

"I like your freckles...and you looked sad. I wanted to cheer you up!"

Don't mention Molly. That was mental.
No. 946913 ID: c2f1f6

Be polite! Don't let them know what you know!
Hi, I'm Bonnie, what's your name?
when she answers, ask if she's sick.
No. 946980 ID: 015bf2

Tiredly ramble away.

She looks cute, almost as cute as Ra... THONEY, a friend of yours. Why is she at the doc's? You're here cuz' you were up almost all of last night figh-heeem, getting back home and now you'd like to sleep. Is her couch soft? She's practically sinking into it, so it must be. You could sleep on that couch. But you don't think you're supposed to. Are there soft beds inside the nurse's office? Oh and hi, your name is Bonnie, what's her name?
No. 947213 ID: 965b25
File 157120475436.gif - (147.18KB , 594x510 , womp womp womp.gif )

We bombard the poor woman with a plethora of sleep deprived ramblings and questions “ My name’s Bonnie! We like your freckles! Do you like Ra-uh mats! We like your teeth! Why are you sad! Are you sick?!...is the couch soft…?” are just a few of the dozen questions we spew at the woman before giving her a moment to respond.

“Uhmh thank you..?” (what's with… this kid? why is she saying we?! Is she...OH! She’s probably “special...”) “My name is Mildred...and im not sick (though i think i have a cold) I’m just waiting for my sister she had a slight fever yesterday… so i’m just wai-”
No. 947215 ID: 965b25
File 157120491395.gif - (528.30KB , 560x457 , umh.gif )

With a sigh of relief, Mildred seems to spot something in the distance (thank god, now i can just leave, and this girl can bother someone else.) “Oh there she is!”
No. 947216 ID: 965b25
File 157120496692.gif - (79.05KB , 560x416 , sher.gif )

“Hey Molly. Uh Molly..? Is this a friend of yours?” (pleeeeaaaaasssseeee I just want to leave!) Mildred ask from the background.

Heyyyyyyyy don’t we know her from somewhere?
No. 947220 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah it's that girl from the room with the beds. Say hello again and introduce yourself.
No. 947222 ID: 094652

"So... what did we learn about bugging little girls who need their beauty rest?"
No. 947223 ID: 9876c4

...We know what we must do.

But let's not lead with it, give her time to compose herself first.
No. 947238 ID: ce39da

“Hi! You’re uh... the girl I called... Oh yeah! Funny, I dunno even what that word means, but mommy used it to describe a lady in charge so it’s gotta be cool, so don’t worry if you dunno what it means, I feel like you assumed bad stuff, heehee. You’re cool...”
No. 947244 ID: 0a7f21

Hug her. And then introduce yourself. And then call her whore again.

In your sleep deprived ramble, of course.

We really should've just taken the drugs.
No. 947250 ID: e51896

Bonnie was so sleep deprived, she doesn't remember meeting Molly at all. "Hi, I don't think we've met before and this is the first time I've seen you. I'm Bonnie!"
No. 947252 ID: 1ed92d

Say hi to Mildred, apologize for making a bad impression last night.

Talk slow, she already hates your guts, but you want to publicly get the moral high ground in being socially attacked immediately after your introduction. This will gain public sympathy and taint Mildred's attempts to spread poisonous rumors.

...I mean, she might be nice to you if you apologize as well, but you know what they say about pessimism: It means you'll always be pleasantly surprised if things DON'T go the worst possible way.
No. 947262 ID: 7517c3

I think maybe we called her a bad word and should apologize for it, unless it wasn't and she was just so happy she had to leave. Or both!
No. 947263 ID: 3ed3c3

"I'll be honest and tell you that I have no idea what that word means. I'm sorry if I offended you, and I'm sorry if I disturbed you before. In my defense, I hadn't slept at all, I wasn't thinking clearly, and I had just had one of the most upsetting and dangerous days of my life. I know you don't know me as we've only just met, but I'd like to be your friend, and It'd be just awful if we started on bad terms. May we please start again?"
No. 947271 ID: 9876c4

This is what I'm talkin' about.
No. 947279 ID: acfea1

Woah good one Bonnie
No. 947627 ID: 977456

Compliment her hair.
No. 947894 ID: 965b25
File 157214844038.gif - (814.09KB , 560x527 , explain game 2.gif )

It’s that girl we called a-oh….oh yeah! We better apologize. Trying our hardest to control our tongue and not call her a whore again methodically we say “Hi! You’re uh... the girl I called... Oh yeah! Funny, I dunno even what that word me-“

“Shut up! You’re annoying!”
Molly barks cutting us off
No. 947895 ID: 965b25
File 157214852741.gif - (495.15KB , 560x560 , poke poke.gif )

Trying her hardest to not fully explode, she continues “You’re Mean! You're RUDE! And I don’t like you! I don’t like your dumb mouse and! And! And…”


“SHUT UP!” She hisses before preparing to launch her second wave of insults.
No. 947897 ID: acfea1

We're in a room full of potentially sympathetic adults! Time to cry! Cry like a baby!
No. 947898 ID: 3ed3c3

"I'm trying to apologize to you and explain myself while you're yelling at me and poking me, which hurts. Please stop."
No. 947903 ID: 9876c4

Look, we feel horrrr-rible about the whole thing?

Let's just start over.
No. 947904 ID: b1b4f3

Poke back.
No. 947905 ID: 977456

"Did you eat fish last night?"
No. 947906 ID: 18b0ae

"Huh, ok."
Just go interact with another adult. Dealing with the consequences of our actions like a mature kid don't sound cool. Not at all.
No. 947908 ID: b5fb67


Ignore insults by collapsing onto the ground in exhaustion and passing out.
No. 947911 ID: c9c450

Exactly what the situation calls for
No. 947969 ID: e51896

I wouldn't collapse asleep, because then we would miss the opportunity to talk to one more person (narration said we have time to talk to two people in the room. Of course, unless Molly counts as the second person, go ahead and collapse, lol)

>>947904 yes! innocently boop Molly's nose.
No. 948188 ID: 0a7f21

Poke her nose. Not hard, she's crouched down and thus in range, index finger, right on the snout.
No. 948190 ID: d5a6bc

Rub noses with her
No. 948191 ID: fd2d31

pimpsmack that whore 'till she knows her place.
No. 948462 ID: 0a7f21

Why can't we read HER thoughts?
No. 948463 ID: 719d94

She may interrupt you, but just agree with her. I mean, she's right. Just in the past day or so you've done plenty of mean and rude things! And she's well within her rights to dislike you.

Listen to her patiently, and if she ever lets you get a word in, just agree with her. Nobody knows how to react if they're insulting you and you just calmly back them up on it.
No. 948473 ID: ce39da

Combining some suggestions:
"Yup, correct! You'll probably like me a lot better when I'm awake. Boop!"
No. 948525 ID: 094652

Begin to cry but realize you used up the last fumes of your stamina and fall unconscious.
No. 948631 ID: 965b25
File 157275780993.gif - (1.04MB , 560x560 , boop.gif )

We…we gotta…her nose…


As we slip into an early rest, we feel Molly’s arms catch us before we hit the ground. Some panicked gibberish can be heard but that doesn’t concern us, not now. Goodnight.
No. 948633 ID: 965b25
File 157275806651.gif - (643.14KB , 560x501 , wait 2.gif )

I find myself awoken by the harsh lights of the overly sterilized medical room. A harsh knocking echoes in the back of my head much fainter than that dreadful night before.

I take a quick glance across the room to see if I’m alone.

“yep it’s just me” I sight to myself

We Rose now.
No. 948635 ID: b1b4f3

What's that in the duffel bag?
No. 948636 ID: 9876c4

Attend to your vibrating blue dot.
No. 948637 ID: af1a4b

Be suddenly overcome with an overwhelming sense of dread and impending doom for seemingly no reason.
Shrug it off and look at the flashing light.
No. 948638 ID: e29ced

I'm not sure there *is* such a thing as "overly medicalized" when your entire organization looks like a mix of Girl Scouts and nurses.
No. 948639 ID: 397e4a

Become once again grumpy after remembering y-you were called a whore by that kids mom.
No. 948640 ID: 977456

>Search vase
No. 948641 ID: 094652

Throw vase.
No. 948644 ID: 2ba9d1

Look for water or Tylenol, surely they would have left some out
No. 948647 ID: e51896

steal remains of broken vase in the bag so no one notices.

ok not really. Just open and check inside the bag. Be careful not to let the cat out of it.
No. 949161 ID: 965b25
File 157337012055.gif - (1.02MB , 560x560 , woahg.gif )

The feeling of dread, like something really really bad is about to happen creeps back onto me and the queasiness from earlier returns. And like that its gone again, leaving you with an uneasiness in your head and stomach.
No. 949162 ID: 965b25
File 157337033707.gif - (711.91KB , 694x844 , pot look.gif )

I take a quick second to recollect myself and try not to throw up again

That pot? Something about it piques my interest so I decide to take a look inside,hmm something squishy?! Something warm...It’s…Surprise!!! a rat
No. 949163 ID: 965b25
File 157337054149.gif - (1.87MB , 560x501 , eek!.gif )

EW EW EW oh my god EW. It touched me!!! what the hell! I thought I was rat free! How’d it get here! WHY IS IT HERE!?! And shoot ...the vase…
No. 949164 ID: 965b25
File 157337088539.gif - (700.40KB , 560x413 , fuck.gif )

To only make matters worse it sounds like someone heard me break that vase. A ferocious woman's roars can be heard from directly outside the door.

I gotta think fast...what am I gonna do about mickey fucking mouse over there! What about the vase!
No. 949170 ID: 3ed3c3

The rat actually seems pretty tame, so you should be able to just move it out of the way and hide it. That or scare it off.
The shards can be hidden under the bed for now. You can figure out what to do about them later.
As for the "ferocious woman," I imagine it's your newest recruit's mother come to teach you a thing or two about proper childcare. With her fists. Good luck with sorting that out.
No. 949171 ID: 094652

> Rat
I think she likes you! Stop panicking.

> Mother
Scratch that, you may panic now.

Okay, you need to distract her from her rage long enough to have a conversation... hm...

Got an idea; pretend you sleep in the nude and act embarrassed with the blanket.
No. 949175 ID: 9876c4

No. 949176 ID: 0fae41

Hide it down your shirt. You couldn't possibly get more jittery right now.
No. 949177 ID: 977456

Rats like burrows? Try opening your bag so it has somewhere to hide. "Out of sight, out of mind" and all that.
No. 949179 ID: ed37dc

The rat in a pile of broken shards, the commotion behind the door... Is there gonna be a fire? Grab the rat, hide it in your bag, and check the blinking thing in there while you’re at it. Someone freaking out at the rat and being way too liberal about extermination, and whatever that mysterious blinking object is... those are the only two remotely viable causes of fire that we can see and affect at the moment. If both are tended to, and nobody is bursting through the door, pick up the bag and exit; if this fire(?) is going to start outside our range of control, the least we can do is not stay in a room with just one exit.
No. 949209 ID: e51896

blame the rat for the broken vase.
No. 949247 ID: 0bb011

Negotiate with the rat to help you hide in exchange for helping us hide.
No. 949248 ID: 0bb011

>help us hide in exchange for helping us hide


>help us hide in exchange for us letting him live with us in safety as a pet.
No. 949254 ID: d5a6bc

Grab the rat and escape through the window
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