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File 155826081464.png - (44.41KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch6.png )
933337 No. 933337 ID: e8f59c


It feels as if I've been running from problem to problem since waking up. But we're slowly digging in and slowly making progress.
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No. 955219 ID: 2fbc6c

>Spells governing dimensions, distortion and destruction! Specify effects!
When facing their own destruction, Reisarf instantly teleport a short distance away in a random direction (but dear god, not into solid matter. Not into liquid matter either, that would be lame.)
>Expressed through water and darkness.
Hmm, let's say the displacement happens through water, so they must be near or in water for it to work, and they can only be teleported to a place near water.
No. 955221 ID: 15e14d

Reisarf already has a reactive teleport, with less limitations at that
No. 955222 ID: 977456

Reverse Gravity, in a localised column around Reisarf, with rare and brief bouts of reverse time.
With reversed gravity she would either be trapped within Deem, or sent as an attack force against The Sky.

>Why is he a girl again?
>I tell him to keep experimenting with that spell and to get changed and meet me in the thaumatorium.
Reisarf was told to change and did so.
No. 955224 ID: 094652

> Possible Effects of potion
* Milk / Fertility Potion
* Potion of Excess Mental Storage - Causes brain matter to grow in 'redundant' areas. Side effects include dementia, multiple personality disorder, increased risk of stroke, and spontaneous casting.
* Lust Potion
* Ice Chain Bolt - an electric bolt with freezing properties begins to hit multiple targets in a row.
* Kemonomimi Transformation
* Water Absorption
* Charming Voice
* Irresistible To Cats
* Parasite Cleanser
* Super Senses
No. 955225 ID: a385b0

yes yes yes yes yes yes y e s
No. 955229 ID: 015bf2

A dimensional energy field that temporarily substitutes normal reality for one centered on the dungeon's themes. Example: A fireball becomes a water sphere. A light spell, a globe of darkness. A healing charm, a curse. A steel sword, an ironwood staff. People tend to stay unaffected, but may gain the sensation of what may have been had they chosen a different course in life.

The section of the Thaumatorium's waters touched by Reisarf's body becomes slick and oil-like and seems to suddenly go far deeper than the actual depth of the pool. Distant, strange constellations - or are those eyes? - shine faintly at the bottom, in strange defiance to the water's natural murk.
No. 955240 ID: f57349

Open a temporary tunnel without actually damaging the surface. Previously solid volume is filled with water unnaturally suspended against gravity. When you stop spending mana to maintain it, the hole slams shut, crushing and trapping anything still inside. Could be a tactical shortcut, a pit trap in combat, a deadman switch https://project-apollo.net/mos/mos401.html in tense negotiations, or secure storage for any item sturdy enough to survive the slam.
No. 955242 ID: a9af05

This sounds useful.
No. 955268 ID: 47d8a7

That sounds pretty cool. Imagine: the adventurers come into the room and find nobody, even after they double-check. Believing themselves safe, they advance to pick up the key... only for a watery hole to open up on the ceiling, and Reisarf and Stargazer drop between them and the door, leaving them trapped.
No. 955320 ID: 20144f

I think it should be something that uses both Reisarf and Stargazer together as a nexus. Like, the space between them getting pinched together, or both of them acting as a pair of portals.
Failing that, I second the gravity-related suggestions.
No. 955392 ID: 33056f

Freeze breath!
Improved reactive teleport: pre-emptive teleport!
No. 956492 ID: 7ebbf9
File 158190176004.png - (53.80KB , 800x600 , reisarf_explodes.png )

No. 956493 ID: 7ebbf9
File 158190181972.png - (41.16KB , 800x600 , how_to_stop_an_exploding_reisarf.png )

No, I'm not putting up with this today. I push Reisarf into the water. Let her vomit out half formed spells there instead.

>Wait a minute... can you give the slime the dragon ring and some money to boost its stats enough that it will stabilize? Can slimes even wear rings...?
It has to value the gold and so far it has proven disinterested in shiny things.

>Why is he a girl again? Why did this happen between the room and the thaumatorium?
Did you forget he needs to be a girl to access his secondary mana pool? And that I ended up sealing it up in Stargazer when not needed so he can go back to being a boy?

I wait for the lights and warping shapes beneath the water to subside as the shadows dance and water surges in inconsistent obedience to gravity. She'll come up for breath eventually. And Stargazer would do something if she can't.

Eventually she does. Good lungs. "Are you alright?" I ask.

Reisarf nods.

"From that rather vigorous reaction to burn the raw mana out of your system, I think we can conclude that no, you can't drink raw mana."

Reisarf nods again. "Well at least we learned something."

I nod. Something about her face gives me pause. "Wait, you're serious."
No. 956494 ID: 7ebbf9
File 158190187587.png - (23.66KB , 600x750 , wet_wizard.png )

Reisarf Silen
Lvl 2 Human Alienist (1=>2)

Power: E
Vitality: D
Accuracy: E
Speed: C
Wits: A
Skill: C
Spirit: A
Luck: C (D=>C)

A young magical prodigy wielding a chimerical staff, eyes opened to the lore of the outer spheres and insights from the world around her. Her spell channels have outstanding capacity and processing speed but her pact with Stargazer has left her fragile and her accuracy is abysmal. Although if the explosions are big enough, you don't really need to aim? Contamination from Stargazer has further improved her mana capacity at the cost of some gender inconsistency.

Detected Abilities
Passivity: Is it from staring unblinking into the eye of eternity or just her nature? Reisarf is extraordinarily laid back. She is immune to fear and resists all mind influencing effects.

Spawnpact: Reisarf is bonded to Stargazer and she has tutored her in the destructive and alien principles known to the Far Ones. It draws upon their understanding of distance, space and the illusion of form as well as bizarre spells drawing on the elements they have contaminated: shadow and water. Since these principles are difficult for a human mind to understand, Reisarf relies heavily on rote spells in battle, and has increased difficulty casting without Stargazer's aid.

Secondary Storage: While female, Reisarf can create a secondary reserve of mana inside her body by moving part of her normal pool of mana into it. Once created it is isolated and her mana will refill naturally. The secondary reserve can then be unsealed to refill her mana pool. While Reisarf is male, it is sealed inside Stargazer instead and inaccessible.

Rote Spells:
Stray Illume: A scattershot-style blast of magic missiles.
Gazerbeam: A magical laser. Power is enhanced when channeled through Stargazer.
Starlight Destroyer: A level 1 wizard should not have this spell. Full power destruction. Somewhat difficult to cast.
Spatial Warp: Teleports Reisarf several feet from her current position in a direction in line of sight. Can be automatically activated with a high probability of success when attacked. The exit point is difficult to predict and its disorientating to use.
Evil Eye: A paralysing curse that breaks the enemy's concentration and interferes with their movement.
Curse of Formlessness: A curse that attacks a creature's definition of its own shape, causing weakness and loss of coordination. After multiple applications or on a spectacular success, they are transformed into a slime-like creature.

Ritual Spells:
Matter Virus: A spell that mingles features of one material with another, creating a hybrid material with some of the properties of both.

New Rote Spells

Split Self: Reisarf splinters possibilities to become two Reisarfs: a male and a female. All injuries, mana use and other such things are combined back into one when the spell ends.


Gravity Spasm: Creates a region of lowered or increased gravity. Low gravity has brief surges of reversed gravity while increased gravity has pulses of extremely high gravity.


Invisibility Sphere: A spherical aura attached to Reisarf or Stargazer that turns people and objects inside it invisible. The size is tunable up to several metres across.


Spatial Extrusion: Creates extra space, making an area larger. A spatial extrusion that would extend solid material instead fills the area with dark water that defies gravity. The space collapses violently when cancelled.


It looks like Reisarf's bout of cascading spells has giving her some insight, but needs a little help stabilising it into a new spell.
No. 956496 ID: 465a14

>Spatial Extrusion: Creates extra space, making an area larger. A spatial extrusion that would extend solid material instead fills the area with dark water that defies gravity. The space collapses violently when cancelled.
I like this one. Lots of room for creative applications.
No. 956497 ID: 0fae41

Spatial Extrusion. The properties of this dark water are as mysterious as they are interesting. And a violent collapse? Great for holding a chokepoint by making it harder to traverse an area. Could also use it to store things temporarily, or power it up to make a bigger boss arena.
No. 956498 ID: 10c408

Invisibility sphere. You know what's worse than fighting an enemy mage at the end of a long rectangular room? The same thing but they can become invisible at will.
No. 956499 ID: 6c227a

Wow, those are all neat. And as much fun as My Own Clone, Now Neither Of Us Will Be Virgins sounds, I am really curious about the potential of Spacial Extrusion. Sounds spooky and shadowy and disorienting for people trying to fight team orange.
No. 956500 ID: 1774cd

Split self! We uh, just need to make sure they're healed up before they recombine...
No. 956502 ID: 1774cd

With split self, maybe he can train two things at once? It sounds like they get all the consequences when they merge, so one could work on physical training and one could work on magic training. Doubling the same task might have consequences tho.
No. 956503 ID: 6e6f32

rolled 2 = 2

Split self sounds like it would cause the most FUN chaos.
Bet spacial extrusion is just so cool!
Lets make Split Self 1
And Spacial Extrusion 2
No. 956513 ID: 12b116

Gravity magic is best. Nobody expects it.
No. 956515 ID: 2aa5f0

Split Self
No. 956523 ID: a16195

Spatial Extrusion all the way; looks like it'll have the most interesting uses, and if it can be expanded upon some truly alien geometries will likely be in the dungeon's future
No. 956535 ID: 977456

Gravity really doubles-down on mobility inhibition. Just imagine the effect it would have on a victim of a formlessness curse! Also a great counter to water-walkers and swimmers and artists when the water suddenly flies into the air. It may also help with mining, provided it doesn't cause too many incidents. Then there is the awesome gains from Moriko and Hin training together in a super-gravity chamber.

Stargazer. Reisarf wanted to do a stupid. Deem helped. Reisarf is now unharmed. You don't need to be thankful, but please acknowledge that you haven't trained the necessary self-preservation impulses into Reisarf for this to be an unfortunate outcome. Deem helped, go be cranky at someone else, like us.
No. 956537 ID: 02b575

I vote Split Self, partly for the multitasking potential, but mostly for the lewd potential.
No. 956540 ID: afced5

Spatial Extrusion
No. 956543 ID: afa6f6

Spatial Extrusion please.
No. 956544 ID: ce39da

Split self sounds fun, but Spacial Extrusion would be the one that adventurers would have the hardest time wrapping their heads around, I think.
No. 956560 ID: 9caba2

I'll have to say Split Self, letting Reisarf be in 2 places at once could be interesting, Stargazer's reaction could also be entertaining.

Split could also be used in events where he would normally take unavoidable damage, but then use themselves as cover, while they might die on recombining we have the sarcophagus.

It also has some other smaller practical uses such as discussing stuff with yourself more directly assuming they aren't both controlled by the same mind.
No. 956571 ID: c6c7c1

Spacial Extrusion sounds so cool. Visually the most interesting and that really spices up battles on top of the incredible tangible uses.
No. 956573 ID: a9c175

Pardon the double posting, but to add to this there are also other handy non-combat applications of split self, notably potentially doubling the effect of exercise or study. Also something as simple as keeping watch in shifts ot scouting an area.

While I'd guess that invisibility sphere and spatial extrusion also have non-combat uses, particularly if used with enchantments, I feel Split Self has the most overall practical applications, especially given that the majority of our time isnt spent fighting.
No. 956577 ID: 460a69

Putting in a vote for Split Self, because yeah. Halving research/study time is Important.

Not just because Ha Ha Funny Lewd Times.
No. 956578 ID: 015bf2

Body doubles is great, but SPESS magics is cooler.
No. 956579 ID: 094652

Gravity Spasm - extremely effective slow/stun spell; heavy targets get hit with low gravity and they wobble-float helplessly, light targets get pounded to the ground by gravity their frames can't handle. Slowing targets down is vital if you don't have good aim.
No. 956581 ID: 9f0903

Split Self sounds great, at first view looking like it'd basically double Reisarf's utility. The problem is... there's still only one of Stargazer, so the one who doesn't have her will amount to jack shit in combat.
Spatial Extrusion sounds amazing, period, so that's my choice. Still, I hope eventually Split Self can be learned on a subsequent level up.
No. 956585 ID: 0efe8e

I say we go split self, both for the shortened time it would take Reisarf to learn new things, but also because, it'll be nice just having an extra set of hands to help out around here.
No. 956588 ID: f133dc

For no reason other than the potential for ridiculous hijinks, split self.
No. 956643 ID: 3ce8ff

Spatial Extrusion with a secondary vote into Gravity Spasm
No. 956674 ID: 1ea4de

Damn, Stargazer is pissed. better apologize for being so cavalier about Reisarf's wellbeing.

As for spells, while Spatial Extrusion sounds interesting and powerful, Split Self is a power multiplier. possibly even an experience multiplier if the spell lasts long enough for casual use. Either of those are important.
I vote Split Self.
No. 956683 ID: 43b08a

For straight combat applications:

Gravity Spasm seems the most useful, a powerful area control spell is key wizard tool our alienist currently lacks. Immobilizing enemies also makes them easier targets.

Spatial Extrusion might be able to fill a similar role, depending on how specifically it could be applied.(say making on the a cube in the center of the room larger, or extruding an area upward) But my reading of the primary purpose is just takes a given room/area and makes it larger, expanding any solid areas as a floaty liquid.

Invisibility Sphere sounds like a great utility spell for an adventurer, but unless we desire to make discreet trips outside of the dungeon it seems to offer somewhat limited utility beyond conventional means of hiding within our dungeon. Depending on how selective the targeting is on the aura its nature makes it easy to tell where the caster is. He's in the center of the area where all the stuff has disappeared.

Split Self is high risk high reward way of doubling down on the damage of alienist, at least while Stargazer is independent. Reisarf has the mana reserves to make it work, but taking double damage is something he would best avoid.

Outside of combat:
Split self seems by far the most practical right now we're short of hands, and having Reisarf get twice as much done even when doubling the stamina cost seems too good to pass up. The increased task delegation is also incredibly useful in pinch, be that suddenly the whole dungeon is full snakes, or we need to get the magic sorted out by next week.

Given Reisarf is one of our best fighters at the moment. I think we should double down on that go for Gravity Spasm.
No. 956818 ID: 1ed92d

Split Self because Reisarf already likes experimenting with dualism.
No. 956822 ID: 977456

I don't understand. Stargazer has been so obstinate and judgemental! Now everyone is trying to reward her with a harem. This is not how you run a black company!
No. 956839 ID: 9a21f9



My main argument against Split Self is that it combines damage when recombining and because Reisarf isn't the most careful and isn't super tough that could really come to bite them in the ass.

Granted, Reisarf won't die for good while a member of Deem's Dungeon, so that's all well and good for us, but I worry about long term consequences. (Or, uh, the consequences of having one Reisarf die while the other doesn't. Will that tangle the resurrection somehow?)

Also, Stargazer may not like having her partner's body be messed with. Again.
No. 956847 ID: 91ee5f

Spatial Extrusion
No. 956863 ID: 5b93d3

Spatial Extrusion. Reisarf already has another half, and a jealous Stargazer seems like a Bad Idea.
No. 956870 ID: a9af05

Spatial Extrusion
No. 956873 ID: 10c408

Pretty that's not jealously displayed on Stargazer's... modest eyeball. It's disapproval and/or disgust at this recent string of events.
No. 956874 ID: 9f0903

It's a "did you just almost drown my man?" glare. But seriously, why are we caring so much about what Stargazer thinks about this? It was Reisarf's idea to drink the raw mana in the first place, she has no place to judge.
No. 956888 ID: da40bf

It seems fitting to throw another vote on Split Self to match how divided we are.

I am slightly concerned about what it'd mean for food intake and rest requirements, but it still seems the most interesting option to me.
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