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File 155168466916.gif - (8.02KB , 512x512 , cover.gif )
924317 No. 924317 ID: 6fb3de

Wind howls.
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No. 948369 ID: 0580fb

Drip the lantern!
No. 948371 ID: 0580fb

Gah! GRIP the lantern!
No. 948395 ID: eeb7d9

The lantern, THE LANTERN!
No. 948397 ID: c1fd00

Isn't the lantern with reno?
No. 948400 ID: 0580fb

DRIP said it hadn't met with Reno, meaning this is probably a different lantern.
No. 948406 ID: 95369e
File 157245461821.gif - (69.32KB , 512x512 , 94.gif )

You reach for the lantern, desperately.
No. 948407 ID: 3716af

No. 948408 ID: 95369e
File 157245465497.gif - (1.84KB , 512x512 , 95.gif )

No. 948409 ID: 0580fb

Man, nobody ever tells you what to do after you're done going into the light.

Can you sense anything? Feel anything? Can you try to swim back up?
No. 948412 ID: eeb7d9

Ouch, that must have hurt tour eyes... Are you ok Eth?
No. 948419 ID: 0efe8e

Is this the bottom of the pile, or does it go yet further downwards?
No. 948530 ID: 90ab6b

Because that's usually the end of the journey, but not here apparently, so i guess let go of the if you're touching the lantern to see if the light won't blind you to death
No. 948532 ID: a0dfd2


Maybe it's just me, but I think we should take it with us. Or something.

I dunno, we're trapped in some freaky mind-fuck hellscape and our girlfriend is still missing.
No. 948652 ID: e51896

as they say, stay away from the light
No. 948675 ID: b1b4f3

Why would we stay away from the light when it's literally the only reason we dove down into the corpse pile? Also I expect Eth would die if she didn't try to change her current situation. We must forge forwards, not backwards.
No. 949184 ID: cdbe58
File 157340942238.gif - (5.38KB , 512x512 , 96.gif )


You're... alive?
No. 949185 ID: cdbe58
File 157340949494.gif - (8.93KB , 512x512 , 97.gif )

And mostly unhurt. Your fur is wet and slimy and disgusting, but you're on solid ground. The lamp is illuminating the room.

You're next to the door you came in from. THORNE is here, and waking up. You can hear SPOTS eating. The LANTERN is on the floor.
No. 949187 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Thorne if she had a dream about falling into a room much larger than this one, with far more fish.
No. 949188 ID: 0efe8e

first things first, throw up, if we swallowed any of that we want to get it out so that we don't get grievously ill.
No. 949194 ID: eeb7d9

What the fuck just happened? Why is the lantern so bright? It shouldn't be like this, the only ones that can make this much light were Reno and Dana.
Did Thorne saw something?
No. 949196 ID: ce39da

Obtain thy lantern and skedaddle the frick out of there.
No. 949198 ID: d004e0

Carefully pick the lantern up by the handle. Make sure to not let it touch any of the fish, lest you risk having to go through that whole disgusting delve again.

Check that Thorne is okay and ask what happened from her perspective. Then check on Spots. Just how bloated with fish is he by now? Gonna have to get him to stop gorging before his guts burst. Try telling him that if he keeps eating like this his stomach is gonna rupture and he'll die. Even if it wouldn't, staying here means bad things'll catch up with him soon. We all gotta keep moving. He can grab some fish to bring with.
No. 949199 ID: a9af05

Look around to see if you can see Spots. If you can't convince him to come with you, then say goodbye, and leave him.
No. 949213 ID: deb3be

Check your arm, maybe the infection might get bad enough to warrant an amputation.
No. 950188 ID: 05d7ae
File 157455715807.gif - (11.73KB , 512x512 , 98.gif )

You ask Thorne if she's experienced anything like you just did. She says no, you just vanished into the ground and then there was a bright flash of light.

You retch, but nothing happens.

Your arm hurts pretty bad, but whatever was in the bowl didn't do more than flesh wounds. You know that lionesses dig scars, so you don't mind, and in any case- amputation would be an awful idea in an area as unsanitary as this.
No. 950205 ID: 774653
File 157455967377.gif - (14.24KB , 512x512 , 99.gif )

Lantern acquired. It's thrumming slightly. The thumping on the other side of the door has died down completely.

Gang's all here.
No. 950208 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, are any of these fish edible? Could get a snack if any smell fresh.

Is there another door, or is this a dead end? Well, if that vision had any relation to reality we just dispersed some weird fish ghost thing attached to this lantern.

If this is a dead end then knock on the door first to try to confirm the basin monster is gone. It would be provoked by the noise, wouldn't it? Then we can proceed and explore another direction.
No. 950230 ID: 015bf2

Tell Thorne what you experienced and mention that you deeply envy her ability to not be constantly befuddled, enthralled and lacerated by fucking magic.

Tell Spots to lead the way.
No. 950290 ID: a0dfd2


The princess is gonna bang us SO HARD once we find her. We definitely just got a +10 to "Ruggedly Sexy."


Well, if there isn't any other way out, let's leave this stinking fish-pit and uh ... finish finding the princess.
No. 950298 ID: feecd8

I forget, didn't the princess have the lantern last? How did it end up here? Is it possible that the princess has been here and dropped it?
No. 950306 ID: eeb7d9

Can you see anything else besides the door? If not, go through, we already wasted too much time in here.

Does Thorne have a suggestion on what to do now?
No. 950460 ID: fd7216

Consider the possibility of your queen being dead, considering that we technically left both of them alone to fend for themselves against those "things"
No. 950461 ID: eeb7d9

That doesn't help at all!
No. 950471 ID: bb78f2

>You know that lionesses dig scars
Dawg, you should hype yourself up with the thought of her
Get hype, think of dat swooty booty scooty
Start doing hype squats as if you're trying to show off to her
Feel the burn, get more of the adrenaline!
Gotta imagine it, we're almost there!
Almost there, even if we're not we're almost there
No. 950501 ID: 094652

There might be more than one lantern, but yes, this is a good sign. Continue quickly.
No. 950548 ID: cb4395

Actually isn't that a pretty bad idea, increased heart rate leads to increased bloodflow and that will make your wounds bleed more (those aren't lethal wounds but they ain't no papercuts either) so it's probably advisable you just calm down
No. 951281 ID: 6fb3de
File 157589717599.gif - (37.14KB , 512x512 , 100.gif )

You'd honestly rather just conserve your strength. +1 sex appeal for the effort, though.

She isn't, you'd know.

You push the door open carefully, keeping the lantern lowered. It's very quiet. Thorne pushes up behind you, and you feel her glancing over your shoulder.
No. 951285 ID: eeb7d9

Check out that glowing light, see if you can find out where is it coming from.
No. 951294 ID: b1b4f3

Peek into the next room to see what's glowing.
No. 951341 ID: e7c7d3

Seems safe enough to enter.
No. 951377 ID: 6fb3de
File 157598494796.gif - (101.28KB , 512x512 , 101.gif )

There's a trail leading to the door.
No. 951390 ID: e7c7d3

A prison cell? Check out the thing in the middle in more detail
No. 951396 ID: b1b4f3

Oh. Great. The ink monster went through that door. Is that bright red in the cracks your blood?
The basin might make for a decent bludgeoning weapon, assuming it's no longer connected to the ink monster.
No. 951398 ID: eeb7d9

No. 951401 ID: a0dfd2


We sure hecked the place up, didn't we.

Well, provided that all of this was just one big hallucination or something, I guess ... we should see what's up with that door.
No. 951414 ID: 094652

Get some light in the room.
No. 951568 ID: bac078
File 157631855118.gif - (22.86KB , 512x512 , 102.gif )

It's just the stone pedestal the bowl was on before. It's unremarkable.

Lantern equipped.

The door seems in order, except for the strange liquid trailing up to the square symbol. Though you could've sworn that symbol used to be different...

Þ: "Eth, you didn't see it, but there was this... thing living inside the bowl. I think it tried to eat you. It stepped out and looked like a menagerie of twisted up dead bodies. I'm not sure we stand a chance against it without our blades."
No. 951570 ID: a0dfd2


>liquid trailing up

Does that look at all like what we'd mixed in the bowl?

If so, let's be very cautious about opening that door, even if it's the only other way out -- this might all be a feverdream of sorts from whatever is going on down in this pit, but still.

SOMETHING happened, and we've got the really cool scratches to prove it to the princess once we rescue her.

Oh, also, ask Thorn if she's seen anything of either of our charges.
No. 951584 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, from the "heart map" we saw earlier... square was attached to a vein that was cut off from the heart. Might be a way out?

Is there anything else we could even do?
No. 951600 ID: eeb7d9

I think we can do anything WITH our blades. We are not prepared to deal with this. But we don't have much of a choice. We have to push onward.
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