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File 154791295974.png - (466.87KB , 569x740 , PentaclesKing3.png )
918309 No. 918309 ID: 2755f5

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

The cruelest prison is the one we build for our self

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 949979 ID: 11f77a

Hmmmm... very difficult choice.

>Do not breathe fire on the bee.
Setting off those bombs could possibly kill everyone standing right now--and Icker even attempted to take her life to avoid prison--so intimidating/bluffing her to light the bombs prematurely won't faze her as well. Plus, the Paladin has a shield and could anticipate the breath attack and block it. I'm sure he knows a thing or two about Hydras.

>2 aim attacks
Instead, Remia and Mifal should breathe fire on the freedom fighter. She's an agile thing and could dodge one stream--so let two corner her and singe her butt.

>2 basic attacks
That shield needs to go next. But for now keep the knight distracted. Laret should use her trident for a basic attack. And let Solia try and bite onto his shield and whip it out of his hand!

>1 aim attack
Alright Fason. Icker could possibly run off and then you'd be stuck fighting these fools and lose time. Now that Mizzit and Knight are occupied--throw your second trident. Aim for the backpack she has and let all the bombs scatter on the floor. She's not armed it seems, at least not with a weapon to parry.
No. 949988 ID: 54c395

Agree with this
No. 949994 ID: dd4e66

Breathe fire on the bee with all 5 heads
No. 949996 ID: 33056f

1 head, 1 weapon on the cat, 1 weapon, 1 tail sweep on the pinkskin, and 1 fire breath on the bee. 1 head remains vigilant to toss/kick back anything thrown at her.
No. 950000 ID: a664e3


Yeah, what this guy said works.

I would also clarify that lethal attacks should be avoided at this point. You can't give these criminals life behind bars if they're dead.
No. 950003 ID: 5b0071

Do not breathe fire! those orbs have wicks like candles, they're probably the bombs.
No. 950265 ID: 55ff9b

No. 950266 ID: 55ff9b

No. 950489 ID: 8d4593

Leap Back!
No. 950768 ID: b593e5

No fire those are clearly bombs fire will only lite the wicks and make a bad time for everyone!
No. 950769 ID: 388413

I think flame breath would be unwise
No. 950770 ID: b1b4f3

Supporting flame breath.
No. 950869 ID: e51896

No. 951525 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157622561870.png - (577.81KB , 657x858 , Pentacle109.png )

The Hydra lets loose upon their enemies
bathing the corridor in blazing fire
no enemy can withstand such heat for long, save for flame blooded creatures like the Hydra themselves

Mizzit is panicked and unable to act
No. 951526 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157622568321.png - (517.27KB , 657x858 , Pentacle110.png )

The armoured westman bursts through the flames with a battle cry "Vive la résistance!"
his sword is the wrong tool for the job an no match for the Hydra's thick scales

The Hydra despises these arrogant westman slugs, how dare they dispute prismatican rule?!
Fason and Remia growl their hatred, Solia angrily laments the damage to their ornamental outfit While Laret and Mifal hungrily anticipate the vengeful suffering they will deliver
No. 951528 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157622590613.png - (606.04KB , 657x858 , Pentacle111.png )

before they can act several more object smash harmlessly against the Hydra.

What does the Hydra do next?
No. 951529 ID: 9aa12d

Scrape off the liquid quick, it could do anything, could possible blow up and send us flying down a hall for all we know.
No. 951530 ID: b1b4f3

They were thrown for a reason. Get rid of the remains, then press the attack against the westman. See how he likes his armor getting taken apart!
No. 951532 ID: 094652

Those are oil-based bombs? Well, you're resistant to heat and flame attacks, so setting the spillage will just cost you in armor.

Speaking of armor, your opponent is geared up and it will take too long to break. So cook him in his turkey suit; set yourself on fire, then grapple him while continuing to flamethrow.
No. 951534 ID: 248dbd

I’m noticing how the bomb’s wicks are still burning. I think those are normal mobs that the bee just coated in honey so you might want to get them off sooner rather then later. Or at least stick as close to your opponents as you can to make sure they get caught in the blast with you.
No. 951535 ID: 54c395

Use their own bombs against them. Throw the trident with the bomb stuck to it right back at Icker. And give the westman a nice big bear hug
No. 951536 ID: 0fae41

Hug the cat, press the attack against the westman with your heads.
No. 951537 ID: 3ce8ff

tear out the fuzes or cut them off
No. 951546 ID: 33056f

Toss your trident stick bomb back at the cat for a combo! Grab the other one by the fuse and pull it off.
No. 951548 ID: 11f77a

I agree with this! The one with the most armor could be the biggest threat because he's just some obstacle in your way to catch the bee. Squeeze the knight so hard his armor cracks! Let each head snap at him and rip his costume to shreds!
No. 951554 ID: a664e3


The feline foe should be your lowest priority, since the fire seems to be handling her as it stands. She may try to make a get away, but one of your kobolds could probably take her down with the fire damage she's already taken.

As for the knight, he's probably the most protected against your fire in the short term. If the battle goes on long enough though, he'll be sitting in an oven and have to rid himself of it or risk serious injury, so keep a constant stream of flames on him. Don't let him cool down, but don't worry too much about his attacks. They won't do much damage to your scales, and you can easily replace some torn clothes after the battle's over.

The wasp is the biggest threat here, as those bombs could swing this battle one way or the other. You don't know how powerful they are yet either, so setting them all off has equal potential of damaging only them or blowing a hole in the entire prison like they want. Plus, if you light the fuses, they may go for the suicide play and charge you. See if you can steal their bag by cutting at the straps. Once the wasp is disarmed, burn them to a crisp.
No. 951556 ID: 322af8

Quickly clean the bomb bits off of you and focus a quick strike to Mizzit to take them out of the fight for good.
No. 951566 ID: 5b0071

The bee is the primary target. the knight can't even break your skin. Run her down and smash her toys
No. 951628 ID: e96198

Cut the fuses and keep the pressure on.
No. 951636 ID: e85a08

I also agree with this
No. 951664 ID: ca2950

Blow up the bee with her own bombs, creating a chain reaction of nudity.
No. 952426 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157777035935.png - (487.24KB , 657x858 , Pentacle112.png )

The Hydra grabs the westman, crushing the knight and taking him out of the fight.
No. 952427 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157777057750.png - (412.72KB , 657x858 , Pentacle113.png )

moving on to their next target the Hydra launches their trident at Icker
The Abeilite manages to evade the resulting explosion.

The feline flees the battle, but before leaving earshot calls back to her remaining companion
'We've got to get out of here! the monster has taken down Corswain, we're next!'
No. 952428 ID: bef60d

now give the bee a hug as you strip her naked again
No. 952429 ID: b1b4f3

Catch the bee to keep her from blowing stuff up, and interrogate her to see if the wasp was telling the truth about their purpose here.
No. 952430 ID: 11f77a

Ugh, I'd hate for Mizzit to get away again but we need to stop that bee! Foolish girl dove into our path. Use your giant foot to stomp and pin Icker down--and rip the bag of bombs off her!
No. 952434 ID: 0fae41

Looks like someone's getting left bee-hind.
Pin Icker, let the cat feel the burning of shame in defeat.
No. 952447 ID: e85a08

Have four of the heads grab and hold the bee upside down by her legs so the bombs fall out
No. 952473 ID: 322af8

Step on the bug to keep them still. Maybe kick them once in the head to knock them out. Use the bag then to cover their stinger and then their clothes to tie them up.
No. 952505 ID: 10c07d

Let the cat go. There’s no way she can escape the city after Yappa alerted the gates keepers. Focus on recapturing Icker before she can light anymore bombs. Afterwards strip both her and Corswain and throw them into cells,
No. 952506 ID: 10c07d

But watch out for her stinger I doubt it could pierce the hydras scales if a sword can’t but better safe than sorry.
No. 953326 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157890705656.png - (554.94KB , 657x858 , Pentacle114.png )

stomping down on the bee the Hydra only managed to hook and crush her backpack

The sisters then scoop up their prey before she can scramble away.
Remia and Mifal tear at the restrained bee's rags.
'not again!'she gasps flushing.

Icker is Shaken
No. 953327 ID: 10c07d

Finish stripping Icker and lock her in a cell, do the same to Corswain
No. 953355 ID: b1b4f3

Keep the bee in your grasp and chase down the cat.
No. 953366 ID: 5b0071

Time to interrogate "Where are the keys"

Anything but a clear and direct answer should be met with a strip search.
No. 953367 ID: 5e07e1

I like the idea of chasing the cat with the bee as your new mallet. The cat has the keys, i assume. Also strip her down for a complete defeat!
No. 953372 ID: 322af8

Put the Bee in a cell, we will only have trouble the longer she is free. Then chase after the cat.
No. 953381 ID: 9876c4

I mean yeah, our job description is jailor, not catcatcher.
No. 953398 ID: 0fae41

Bee-smirch Icker's honor and finish her off.
No. 953494 ID: bef60d

remove the last of our bee friend's attire, then give chase to the cat that broke her out. best not to leave her to do it again.
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