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File 153722139454.png - (102.70KB , 500x400 , ADQ000.png )
902109 No. 902109 ID: 11f77a

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Arthocob_Date_Quest
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html
Takes place in the Team Port Echo universe so... may or may not be canon-ish. Prequel maybe?
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No. 947389 ID: e7c7d3

This is probably the wrong answer, but what about carving the same symbol that the mad man made into the floor with the knife? Or like, maybe an opposite sort of symbol? Something that would be considered holy maybe
No. 947390 ID: 2df440

yeah, try this first. if it doesn't go fast enough though, then try:
maybe this'll do something? what do you know about holy symbols and the pantheon, ganymede?
No. 947391 ID: 2df440

also ganymede, try pinching yourself. maybe your in an elaborate dream?
No. 947392 ID: b1b4f3

Cut the sap.
Also tell Kyzil you'll be her friend if she calls off the shamblers. And you mean it. You will help her become a better person, and feel wanted for once, instead of just superior to whoever she's beating up at the moment.
Alternatively, just tell Torval love isn't supposed to hurt. He sought you out before- why? Did he want to be your friend too?
No. 947396 ID: 91ee5f

So this does have something to do with that crazy preacher guy we ran into earlier! Eudora even said, “I’ve heard villages get ruined when those Worm-Followers move in.” Perhaps this is what the rumors Eudora heard about were referring to?

But I’m still confused on how that preacher guy started all of this!
No. 947399 ID: ad51b8

find where the hoard is thinnest and punch through that spot with everything you have and hope to brake through and run like hell?
No. 947412 ID: a9af05

If the doors don't work, then there's only one thing left to do. Does everyone see those windows next to the doors >>946829 ? Smash through one of them and escape that way!
No. 947415 ID: af1a4b

Try to tell the zombies to stop for a moment, look around and think about what is happening.
If that fails then be ready to use the knife to protect everyone.
No. 947426 ID: 91ee5f

>Smash through windows to escape!
Do this!
No. 947447 ID: bbe90c

Options, in order of "try this":
1. Break windows. Bonus: Shards of glass are better than no weapon for the unarmed lads.
2. Cut through the sap with knife.
3. Carve the weird symbol into floor.

Keep them talking while doing any of these, although 4 may present difficulties for doing so. Play on their insecurities. Try and convince them you can help them/give them what they want.

I feel as if carving the symbol won't do much; if anything, that's part of what caused this whole frackus, but we're low on options.
No. 947481 ID: feecd8

Go out the windows!
No. 947928 ID: 11f77a
File 157220148690.png - (393.63KB , 557x496 , ADQ141.png )

>I’m still confused on how that preacher guy started all of this!
>What about carving the same symbol […] or like, maybe an opposite sort of symbol?
I don’t know many symbols or runes—let alone one that can counter the symbol. I don’t even know for certain what it represents! Damn, I wish I checked out the library first…

>Try pinching yourself.
Ouch! Nope, still here. Does pinching ever really work, honestly? It’s hard to pinch chitin.

>Play with their insecurities
>Tell Kyzil you’ll be her friend if she calls off the shamblers. And you mean it.
>Try to tell the zombies to stop for a moment, look around and think about what is happening.
Ganymede: WAIT!

Ganymede: Kyzil, I’ve come to a decision! I know you look for my attention, and you want to be my friend. So I should’ve given you that chance back at the market. I apologize!

Ganymede: I don’t want anybody to be hurt. Call off your friends and I can help fix everything! I really mean it! Can’t you all look at yourselves and see the state you’re in? You’re letting your insecurities control you in an endless cycle of torment and sadness!

Ganymede: It’ll be a slow process, but all of you can learn to accept your flaws and move on as better people!

Kyzil: Oh Gany Gany~! I don't think you understand! tzzz

Kyzil: We’re all born lost and afraid—and Bhothogoshol is only a fairy tale to distract us.

Kyzil: I’ve seen the truth~ We all have! And I couldn’t reject!

Kyzil: You’ll see! I can make you see! We’ll all travel together to his nest hand-in-hand!

I don’t think I’ll take up on her offer. The orphans continue their slow creeping.
No. 947929 ID: 11f77a
File 157220165016.png - (353.87KB , 557x496 , ADQ142.png )

>Cut the sap
>Apply knife to sap
>Eudora may have to rough up a few people to get you back to that door.
Eudora’s shoving them away. They don’t put up much of a fight—but there are tons of them and she needs to protect Naerro and Gemlik at the same time. If she’s not careful one may grab her from behind.

Ganymede: Alright, new plan. Keep them busy, guys! I just need a minute! I'll cut right through!

Ugh, the sap is less getting cut and more getting stuck to my blade. I can break a few strings but there are definitely chunks with some resistance. I just need a little more time!
No. 947930 ID: 11f77a
File 157220172110.png - (307.75KB , 557x496 , ADQ143.png )

Naerro: Nonononono GASP!

Naerro: Did you see—?! It can’t… be. It can’t!

Naerro: Not now! Not again!
No. 947931 ID: 11f77a
File 157220174452.png - (404.19KB , 557x496 , ADQ144.png )

Naerro: He’s… he’s found me! I can’t believe he’s found me!
No. 947932 ID: 11f77a
File 157220180151.png - (384.71KB , 557x496 , ADQ145.png )

Naerro: I have to go! I’ve got to get out of here!!!

Gemlik: Wait! Who?

Eudora: Naerro, get back here you idiot!!

Naerro: I can’t be here! It’s too late!!
No. 947935 ID: e7c7d3

Okay, I think she was looking outside the window when she turned, so the trigger might be outside. And seeing how the stars were sort of leading to a certain spot in the sky when Gany looked out before, the cause might be there.

Don't have a clue as to WHAT though! perhaps some sort of stellar phenomenon that causes mass hysteria in this species?

Anyways, present time. Since they're not being violent with you, perhaps with Eudora's help you can push through to another exit?
No. 947936 ID: b1b4f3

There's a tall one in the back. Who is that? Maybe that's the source of all this.
We may need to move around the crowd. Don't try to push through the middle.
No. 947937 ID: d91ef0

rip Naerro
No. 948000 ID: a9af05

Pretty sure it's time to give up on going out the door and time to try and break through the windows!
No. 948154 ID: b1b4f3

Tell Naerro not to give in, he's turning.
No. 948322 ID: c0e130

No. 949286 ID: 11f77a
File 157351968315.png - (372.59KB , 557x496 , ADQ146.png )

>Tell Naerro not to give in, [she’s] turning.
>There’s a tall one in the back. Who is that?
I try to calm her down and let her know what she sees isn’t real! But she’s already lost in the crowd. I could see her fade in the gray. Her panic is now a faint whimper. I survey the mob to find the source of fear—yet the shadows beyond shifts in obscurity and lost souls keep coming in to the erratic tune of Kyzil’s delirious hum.

Gemlik: Naerroooo!

Gemlik: Ganymede we lost Naerro!

>Pretty sure it’s time to give up on going out the door and time to try and break through the windows!
Ganymede: Come on, Gemlik! Help me break the windows! It’s our only way out now!!

I stab. I shove. He joins and makes a running start only to bounce off the glass. Gemlik and I don’t have much else to break the thick crystal, but our fists pound against it. Our yells synchronize for help in terror. I jab the blunt handle into the window and I can see a little crack forming. But it’ll take a lot of effort.

Eudora gets a bit more aggressive—injuring the orphans with gut punches. They collapse moaning and crying. Some grab her antenna or arm but she whips around to sock them in the mouth.

Eudora: I’m warning you! I’m not playing nice anymore!

Kyzil: Ooooh Eudoraaaa~ What to do with you…
No. 949287 ID: 11f77a
File 157351976103.png - (364.66KB , 557x496 , ADQ147.png )

Kyzil: Why must you resist? Why must you be so angry with the world? It doesn’t owe us anything!

Eudora: Kik gorgk uuar yst thosc*

Kyzil: Bhothogoshol promises so many things! Love. Happiness. It’s all with a price! These are luxuries that could be taken in an instant! —hehek— You can’t have anything good unless you risk torment to follow…

Kyzil: And when everything good is used up, when you’re back to square one, you still feel worse off in a deeper hole!

Kyzil: Dread. Sadness. It envelops the true Arthocobs. It envelops us.

Kyzil: You gotta take what you can in the moment! Hekeke Follow your instinct. Your id! Like the old Arthocobs! HACK—hekk

Eudora: Your belief. Not mine.

Kyzil: Is that why you refuse to love Gany? GASP! Have you been hurt before? The Eudora? The straight face? The boxing bug? Who was the lucky guy?! Tell me! Tell me! Who was the one to break your heart?

Kyzil: Hmm. What has Bhothogoshol promised you here?

*Translation: Save your breath, thot.
No. 949288 ID: 11f77a
File 157352000641.png - (312.65KB , 557x496 , ADQ148.png )

Kyzil: Whatever it is--you won’t find it. None of you will.

Kyzil: And even if you think you have… when it’s there in your hands to hold and give it a death grip—!

Kyzil: Well… it doesn't last. it seeps through the fingers...
No. 949291 ID: 11f77a
File 157352007857.png - (339.11KB , 557x496 , ADQ149.png )

Kyzil: It’ll hit you like a brick wall!

Gemlik: Ganymede!
No. 949293 ID: 11f77a
File 157352018623.png - (338.32KB , 557x496 , ADQ150.png )

That creature just about knocked the spit out of me. I can’t stop wheezing after I’ve been thrown against the mural; that was some distance. I don’t think my carapace is cracked though.

I don’t want this to be the end. But what do I have to fear here? I can't turn into one of them--can I? What do I have that brings me down? I’m not depressed.

I know nothing of my parents.

No troubled past.

No difficult upbringing.

Just because Eudora rejects me, I keep trying. I’ve been alone my entire life, but I’ve never felt alone.

Why am I here then? What did Nennekee mean before this all happened?
No. 949294 ID: 11f77a
File 157352024118.png - (332.68KB , 557x496 , ADQ151.png )

No time to wallow in it. I have to help Eudora. Just——

Just when—

The room. It’s shaking. Something is wrong. The front doors crack. Chewing up. Eudora and the rest are trying to stay on their feet while this tremor happens. Kyzil is overly excited however.

Kyzil: Oooooah~ Do you feel that? It’s happening. I can’t believe it’s finally happening!
No. 949296 ID: 11f77a
File 157352028034.png - (392.69KB , 557x496 , ADQ152.png )

Kyzil: Yes! Oh I could just cry~ It's time!
No. 949298 ID: b1b4f3

A glimmer of hope. There is light behind the mural!

Call the others here, you found another way out! Start chipping away at the wall with the dagger.
No. 949299 ID: bef60d

Whatever that thing is, don't look at it. It probably will mess with your mind.
No. 949301 ID: 7715cd

No. 949305 ID: af5b55

Hey, that's what all the cool kids were talking about. You should totally join them!

Or, ya know, stick by Eudora and try to escape behind the mural.
No. 949311 ID: 829e85

what the fuck

Stick with Eudora!
No. 949322 ID: 4f51b2

Help Eudora, that thing looks like is going to eat her.
No. 949345 ID: 1ed92d

It is the avatar of Bhothogoshol! Drag Eudora back to the mural, your only hope is in the light that seeps through!
No. 949642 ID: 11f77a
File 157393985193.png - (333.60KB , 557x496 , ADQ153.png )

Kyzil: Come oOoOoOoOoOon, guys~! Together now~!

Several orphans stare down the infinite maw of this tunnel to Hell. The bloom of hellfire is mesmerizing—and the orphans cease to attack. Eudora doesn’t run either, and tries to understand this monstrosity. There’s an eerie melody of people howling in its throat as it lures the orphans to take a step forward. Words crescendo which I can’t make out.

Kyzil: Eudora, Eudora.

Kyzil: You don’t…

Kyzil: …actually think you would have a chance to be ‘saved’, do you?

Kyzil: Do you use such fierceness because you believe you have to?

Kyzil: Do you fight to suck up to the Great Rod?

Kyzil: To pay back for a horrible, horrible regret in life?
No. 949643 ID: 11f77a
File 157393989395.png - (464.77KB , 557x496 , ADQ154.png )

Paled they be before the horrors of the maw they’ve the temptation to listen than to run. Under an obedient incantation whether it influences their anxiety—their curiosity—or sense of obligation—or auto-hypnotism—they shamble towards the grim channel of sprawling teeth.——

Kyzil: What do you know about the true followers anyway?

Kyzil: Because they liberated your village?

Kyzil: Punished those most deserving close to you, the liars?
No. 949644 ID: 11f77a
File 157393993692.png - (427.31KB , 557x496 , ADQ155.png )

——The fragile bodies shudder with clenching jaws. Thrill muddies their effort to weep coherently. They savor their last breath teetering down Ndepthteph’s hungry chasm. I can hear familiar melodic notes I conceptualized as a child: a chime attuned to me unexpectedly as a haunting interpretation by an unknown siren.——
——The Path of Bogn

Kyzil: You think you’ve escaped your mistake all those years ago?

Kyzil: This isn’t Hell, Eudora. It’s relief. Join your family.

Kyzil: I can’t wait until we all melt into one!
No. 949645 ID: 11f77a
File 157393998067.png - (244.26KB , 557x496 , ADQ156.png )

>A glimmer of hope. There is light behind the mural!
>Stick by Eudora and try to escape behind the mural.
>Your only hope is the light that seeps through!
>Call the others here.
The light? The light!!

A light through the craquelure! I can see right into it! Right through is a bright mote!

Ganymede: Guys! Get over here quick! I think I may’ve found a way out!

Ganymede: Eudora! Gemlik! Hurry!

Ganymede: Guys?!
No. 949646 ID: 11f77a
File 157394004319.png - (427.35KB , 557x496 , ADQ157.png )

Eudora isn’t moving. She glares at the howling glow far in the gullet of the Death Worm’s yawn. Kyzil and the others start to disappear as an infinite crowd hobbles along.

Ganymede: Eudora don’t look into it! Look at me! Take my hand.

Eudora: …
No. 949648 ID: 11f77a
File 157394027215.png - (436.18KB , 557x496 , ADQ158.png )

Eudora: No, Ganymede.

Eudora: …

Eudora: I…

Eudora: …can’t go with you.

Eudora: Not now.

Eudora: I… just have to deal with something first.

Eudora: Or try...

Eudora: You have to leave while you can. Before She loses you too.
No. 949649 ID: 9155b0

... yeah, I think it’s time to go. Sorry, Eudora.
No. 949650 ID: e7c7d3

Well Gany, it's time to ask yourself:

Are you willing to go to hell to save your love?

Get in there and save Eudora, even if it means a chance of oblivion.
No. 949651 ID: b1b4f3

If she has to deal with something, that's fine. Going in there though, that's not dealing with anything. It's giving up. Giving in to pain and suffering, losing the will to fight.
Tell her she can still be saved. You can save her, if she lets you. All wounds can be healed in time, with the proper care.

If she has no plans to enter the maw, I guess you can go.
No. 949667 ID: bef60d

This is the part where you REALLY gotta talk some sense into her. see if you can get her to resist, before she's gone.
No. 949676 ID: 91ee5f

Grab her and pull her away from the giant mouth full of teeth! You are not giving up on her!
No. 949707 ID: a9af05

Don't let Eudora go in there! If you let her leave, then you'll lose her forever!
No. 949709 ID: feecd8

Alright lover boy it's time to be a hero! Pull out the most powerful scripture or prayer you've got and speak it to Eudora!

Make sure you also hold onto her as tight as you possibly can and never let her go!
No. 949710 ID: 015bf2

Oh good, she looked away and still seems like she can comprehend you. You have a shot. Remember when you talked to Nennekee and kind of made her feel better? In a soulfelt one-to-one? Kyzil interrupted and needled out her wrath and her worst fears. Well, Kyzil's gone now. Bye Kyzil! You were a bad influence.

So! Even if it's just one at a time, you can get through to someone in this place.

>You fulfill me.
"Eudora! I'm a little too studious to batter open this mural any time soon! Can't you help?"

>I like you, unconditionally.
"At least, before you go I just want to say... it's fine, even if you reject me. I'll still keep trying to appeal to you unless it really bothers you, in which case please say so and I'll stop, but I hope we can still be friends," because... I think you're worth it."

>You're stronger than the sum of your fears.
"Because you're strong and brave, and showed me that persistence can be a virtue even without those traits. It's why I think you've got so much to give, even... even if it might not be to me."

>You're kind. You care.
"Something got to you, though. Something about your past. Don't go down that god-awful gully along with everyone's most awful fears and feelings, at least not just because you have to 'deal with' some past mistake that you did, what, when you were still a kid? If you feel something like that, then who does that really help? You? Me? Them? What will going resolve? That's the hook, isn't it? That doing this is 'right', because you need to make up for something. But will it, really?"

>I trust you. I owe you.
"I don't know. I don't know your pain, your fears, your history, all the things that influence you - I wish I knew more - but what I can say is that I've known you a long time still, and you don't belong in there. It's the only case I can make... and it hurts to leave you, but if it's what you want, I will get out of here. And and... thank you. For being you, being there, in front of me. For protecting me from bullies like Kyzil."

>You helped me stand up for myself - and others.
"Haha, I even punched Kyzil earlier myself, at long last. She was needling Nennekee, like she focused on you. It must've been her... thing. To lash out. To make others hurt, from mistakes made or imagined. So she wouldn't be alone with her own hurt. If anything she said got through to you, then they were the most twisted, hurtful lie one could make of true-seeming statements."

>So if you go... give them hell.
>And if you can... please come back.
"But if you can't let this go... I can only believe in you. That you can make it. That if anyone could claw their way out of hell it'd be you, Eudora. Not for me. Not for love. But because I've never ever seen you give up that easily. Bhothogoshol bless our efforts. S’dhaquacama."

Finish the weirdest speech/internal prayer you've ever made, give Eudora your bravest face, then turn back to the mural. You want to let her see you be strong for her for once. Glance at the ritual knife, then toss it aside. If it's to serve a ceremonial purpose, let it be the discarding of a madman's tool. Then batter at the mural crack. Pray with your knuckles. Pray hard.
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