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File 150326598893.png - (151.41KB , 600x309 , IAF000.png )
823974 No. 823974 ID: 3b2ae4

NSFW for nudity, and possible (or most likely) casual lewds.
I’ll see where this goes. Experimental story.

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No. 855988 ID: 94bef7

Coffee shop.

Also, why mnemonic gaps? As I understand it, that means gaps in memory, missing time probably.
No. 855989 ID: 33cbe7

Get the band back together, dude! Start with some covers first though.
No. 855994 ID: de6d84

Taking in the smells of coffee is a good way to unwind.
No. 856021 ID: 6cc25a

Brook’s Clove.

Not to chat with old friends, but to try and meet new people. Who knows, maybe one could land you a job.
No. 856677 ID: 15a025

Take a trip over to the coffee shop.
No. 865075 ID: 11f77a
File 151790448880.png - (75.87KB , 600x310 , IAF023.png )

>Why Mnemonic Gaps?
It’s just a name that sounds ‘cool’ or something. I didn’t name it, just by the only two guys in the band constantly running up ideas. Past titles were I’m The Machine, The Hungry Shades, and Satyromaniacs.

Doubtful we’ll keep it for long.

>Go to Brook’s Clove
Coffee (and doughnuts) it is. I don’t take long to pack; I throw on a book bag with a laptop and writing supplies—and soon will be on my way.

I don’t ride a bus or bike. I enjoy walking; it’s therapeutic and I can listen to music while looking about, plus I can stroll by the park. Winter’s finally over, so Spring is beginning to bloom.

It’ll take maybe 20 minutes to reach the coffee shop. Usually on walks I just imagine up my stories.
No. 865077 ID: 11f77a
File 151790476421.png - (96.35KB , 310x600 , IAF024.png )

And sometimes… there are no ideas. And when I’m not creative I tend to reflect on my life. Most of the time it makes me depressed. Well, perhaps moody is better. Depression is too strong of a word.

You know the story… I’m waiting to be something more—but I feel stuck here. Everything is at a standstill while all my other friends from school (including my siblings) look far ahead of me. I rarely keep in touch with them (besides the band time to time).

I look at their photos online, and they seem to be doing well.

You know, when I feel sad—I seem to frequently listen to sad music. It brings up some depressing questions.

I have good ideas… but I feel like I need to establish myself first.

Like… could this be the extent of my life? Is this the extent of ‘me’?

That stuff.
No. 865097 ID: 094652

>Is this the extent of me?
Yes. Yes it is.

Now you have to decide if risking your life and sanity is worth the potential to gain new material and self-improvement, or just stick indoors and bang your boyfriend every five hours in endless self-indulgent hedonism.

... It's the former, right? Why else would you attract supernatural entities in your nightmares?
No. 865167 ID: 2fe26a

Step one, stop looking at those photos online. Step two, go out and take some of your own. Quiet town or not, it's got to have some scenic view you can capture for yourself.
step three: WAKE UP
No. 865168 ID: 8cb228

Alright. So here's a thing to think about. You are experiencing, what, at least three levels of reality? And it is totally ambiguous which is a dream for which, or even IF there is a 'baseline' reality or the others are dreams, or whatever structure this all has, right?

So set down some rules, some guidelines, ya?

Here's a few good ones:

1.) Always act ethically and to the best part of your character, in every reality you find yourself in

2.) Always, regularly, try to take chances to 'wake up' from any reality you might be in, without harming yourself or others (try that after this)

3.) Always make sure to be aware and observant of wherever you find yourself, including the small details for discrepancies, and be on the watch for anything trying to manipulate the way you think or act!

4.) Make an effort to pre-commit to appropriate reactions in the weird sorts of scenarios that might pop up in this sort of thing. Think them through to be prepared ahead of time! Like, what to do if someone has done something to your memories? What to do if something is puppeting someone you care about? What to do if you actually do have superpowers in one of the levels of reality? What to do if you find out that one of the levels was a computer simulation? What to do if you find yourself confronted by some sort of eldritch god? What if you are one? Etc. etc.
No. 865262 ID: 3abd97

I think you should worry less about who and what you are, and what it means, than finding joy in the things you can. The big picture always get depressing, in some way. As does comparing yourself to others.

These are good ideas.
No. 866284 ID: 11f77a
File 151823761187.png - (112.08KB , 310x600 , IAF025.png )

>Supernatural entities in your nightmares
>Levels of reality
Yeesh. I’ll remember to second-guess myself when I see a Déjà vu.

I’m positive that this is real life. It was just a nightmare I had. Yes, yes, it’s what “they’d want me to think” if I was somehow… hooked up to a simulation. Why would this world make me feel like crap anyway? It’s not even sunny out and it feels like autumn for being in April.

But hey, this is interesting material to write about at least. I’ll try to remember once I have a chance to sit down. I just don’t want to look like a lunatic and constantly look around paranoid for an exit switch.

>Stop looking at those photos
>Comparing yourself to others
>Find joy
It’s hard to avoid them. I don’t attend many social events outside of home, and everyone I know online constantly bleats on their phone and portrays such simple lives. If only I done something a bit different and pushed myself to publish a story.


I will try to avoid them. It’s hard to break from that habit. Maybe I look at their pictures just to punish myself. Unhealthy, I know...
No. 866285 ID: 11f77a
File 151823768135.png - (113.05KB , 600x310 , IAF026.png )

And before I know it, I’m at the shop. It’s moderately busy since all the college kids are hanging out here. I’ll grab a doughnut and find a nice spot by the window—

???: Marley!

Find a nice sp—

???: Marlene!

No. 866287 ID: 11f77a
File 151823790259.png - (79.74KB , 310x600 , IAF027.png )

I forgot Emmylou Meadow worked here today! She’s perhaps my only best friend not counting Seb. I seem to have one close friend at a time, due to how introverted I can be. But we were so much alike as teens and I try to say hello once in a while.

Emmylou: “I haven’t seen you in a good week! What gives?”

She’s sort of in the same situation as me, only she finished college and has a teaching degree. Still, we all start somewhere behind counters. But somehow she’s able to look on the bright side of things. I don’t know how she does it.

Marlene: “Just busy with work. I often cut myself off from the world to write. You know. Waiting for an epiphany.”

Emmylou: “Well you come up with anything new? I’d love to hear it! Lemee see if I can take a quick break. It’s been fuckkin’ boring around here. Busy… but it’s boring busy!”

> “__”
No. 866316 ID: 006e5c

Tell her to get you coffee and doughnuts first. She should know the drill.

You could also tell her about the dream or something. And why would it be boring for her? She's got plenty of customers to talk with all the time.
No. 866319 ID: c88e6d

Tell her about your crazy nightmare. Literally so intense it gave you migraines.
No. 866340 ID: cc5f4f

"Swimming in a sea of glowing fluid. Thou floatest in it like lethargic goo. Unable to openst thy eyes to witness the majesty of the fluid, but knowest that it is there. Every limb, numb and limp, seems to deny command, where instead the fluid follow thy thoughts and flow to where thee needest to be. Several wires protrudest from thy back of head. Thou tryest to find its source, but find nought a piece of grey nightmare flashing before thine eyes thy awokest in a dark confinement with a man opening its door, sending broad rays into thy place."
No. 888889 ID: 11f77a
File 152898879519.png - (120.55KB , 651x489 , IAF028.png )

Marlene: “Why would working here be boring? There’s plenty of people to talk to.”

Emmylou: “Most of the customers just want their coffee and doughnuts—”

Marlene: “Which reminds me, I’d like one of each.”

Emmylou snorts, “Yeah. Okay. I’ll bring some over to you myself~ Wait ten minutes for me, okay?”
No. 888890 ID: 11f77a
File 152898883788.png - (94.59KB , 651x489 , IAF029.png )

I try to explain everything during her break; the dream, the nightmare. I use whatever colorful words I can describe with. She nods and smiles—at least she’s a good listener.

Emmylou: “Wooow. That must’ve been real nice! Shame you woke up.”

Emmylou: “I had a crazy dream the other night too! Like, I was in some crazy—

And like every dream told to a friend or stranger, it’s discarded—not on purpose I know.

And because her dream wasn’t mine—although it may sound like an interesting pitch—but I don’t set an emotion to it and shrug that off too. I don’t know why I feel so rude.

The only flaw to explaining dreams is they’re hard to follow if they weren’t yours to begin with. What may have been unimaginable euphoria to me would be sweet nothings to others.

Emmylou: “and when I shined a flashlight on it I saw a big, ugly, monstrous creature! I can only describe some dude with a huge, tumorous head! My vision blurred, madness was taking over my body. I slumped to the ground, unable to move. I couldn’t feel my left arm. I tried crawling—INCHING away as the scientologists grabbed me out of the room. And slowly… I woke up. It was weeeeird.”

Emmylou: “Well, I just want to say that your dream could make for a good poem, or something! Something short and sweet; just random musings of a polo sheep~”
No. 888891 ID: 33cbe7

You ever feel like there's a pattern to your dreams? One of abduction and restraint?
I think your subconscious is telling you to go out and meet new people.
No. 888898 ID: dbf422

As per the rules of discussing dreams, make with the platitudes about how crazy her dream is, how she's probably drinking too much caffeine, etc.

But sincerely ask her if she's sure your dream would actually be interesting to see in a poem. That's nice of her to say at least.
No. 888908 ID: f3fe9b

Scientologists, huh?
What does a Scientologist look like? or was it just one of those things you just knew?
No. 889847 ID: 8df643

Be polite and tell her that her dream sounds really interesting. But she also shouldn't worry about it as dreams are usually meaningless projections.

Tease her a bit about eating donuts while on the job. She's gonna get fat~

A poem? Seems like it's something you could try, altho, try doing it a bit differently. Once you're alone, close your eyes and just write on the paper whatever comes to your mind. Yeah, with your eyes closed.

Other than that, keep up the small talk with her until she needs to return to work. And then look around at what others around here are doing. Anyone interesting around? Listen in on what they're talking about.
No. 889957 ID: 0c3c2c

Man. Her dream was nearly as horrible as yours at the end there.
No. 891987 ID: 11f77a
File 153124585775.png - (101.99KB , 651x489 , IAF030.png )

>Make with the pleasantries of discussing her dream
Marlene: “Scientologists, huh? Wow, quite… Lovecraftian! Could be the caffeine you constantly drink. You ought to write that one down before it leaves your memory, though.”

Marlene: “But do you really think mine could be worth a poem? I’ve just been stuck lately; I couldn’t even put a sentence together this morning.”

Emmylou: “Of course! I always like your ideas! Even Nick makes a fun log after every session of D&D he plays for fun. You should just jot something down.”

I nod, I don’t have much to continue on than that.

>Your subconscious is telling you to meet new people
I never felt… restrained in my dreams. However I guess I feel huddled in real life. I thought my subconscious is telling me the opposite, to focus on myself and blot out the world
No. 891989 ID: 11f77a
File 153124589494.png - (73.99KB , 617x371 , IAF031.png )

There was a quiet pause; I drink some coffee thinking of what to say next. I do look around but the chatter is too fused to pick out a conversation.

Emmylou: “Soooo~”

Emmylou: “How are things with Seb? Is he still fixing cars? He must make alotta money, tho!”

Emmylou: “I tell ya, those guys rip ya off when in need of a repair. I’m sure Seb knows what he’s doing but I had to have my car inspected the other day and there are all these problems they come up with…

I want to respond in kind and act like everything’s okay. But I suppose there’s been some absent affection between us now and then—mainly by me. There’s this feeling like I want to isolate myself for a while, and lock myself in a room until I get shit done.

And I feel upset.
No. 891990 ID: 11f77a
File 153124592079.png - (104.96KB , 651x404 , IAF032.png )

Marlene: “Uuughn—I don’t know, Lou.”

Marlene: “I mean, he’s fine, he’s great. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Marlene: “But lately I’m just in a rut with myself.”

Marlene: “I can’t focus on anything right now.”

My eyes are clouding up, there’s that sudden rush of emotion now. I know it’s coming, I don’t know why.
No. 892002 ID: dbf422

There's gotta be something more. Not more than Seb more to life. But if you don't know what that is, it just makes everything else seem pointless, even if you know it isn't.
No. 892008 ID: 094652

You're upset because you want a different life, but if you throw away what you have and live as yourself, it's utterly heartless and disrespectful to the people around you, most of all Seb. Finding ways to integrate your current life with new and better opportunities is

well, let's face it, it's the @#$%ing rat race. The American Dream. Those among the 1%ers who aren't sure they're happy with what they concluded with, and the majority of the 99%ers who are sure they aren't.

So have a coffee and think about how you feel about this. The better you understand your grief, the better you can control and rationalize it into manageable pieces.
No. 892018 ID: 7c90bc

Nah, that isn't true, you know exactly what's wrong, you just don't know what to do about it. There's not a lot ambiguity in what you are describing, you feel constrained by your comfortable living situation, it's bearing down on you like it's a job instead of a routine to keep you fit and sane.
No. 892022 ID: ff82d2

Take a deep breath and calm down. You came here to relax, not go into some negative feedback loop. Things may seem gloomy, but any such monotony can be solved simply by doing something new. Talking to new people, learning to do new stuff, visiting new places, etc. All will lead to opportunities and the things you desire. Perhaps it's about time to leave this café.
No. 892097 ID: 0c3c2c

Release your emotions and see what happens.
No. 894756 ID: 33cbe7

Politely excuse yourself from the conversation. Find a dark corner to sob/eavesdrop in.
No. 895964 ID: 11f77a
File 153336224444.png - (93.09KB , 615x445 , IAF033.png )

Emmylou: “Awe, there, there. Don’t be upset. Just take a deep breath and relax~”

Emmylou: “Drink your coffee; let it loosen you up for the day.”

Marlene: “Hrrrrngh…”

>More to life/everything seems pointless
>Different life/don’t throw away what you have
>Understand your grief
It’s a harrowing feeling to be aware of yourself in some way. I see myself in the third-person and think: ‘You have the tools. You have the living space. You have a lover who provides. Everything you need to survive is right in front of you!’

Maybe I’m an asshole to think I’d be… ‘recognized’ by now. Nothing matters unless I’m famous. My mother always sends me newspapers of students and young kids praised for their smarts and creativity—in hopes to motivate me. But that only does the opposite!

Great, nineteen-year-olds already surpass me; thanks. Point is, I know it’s selfish to feel this way, to believe you’d hit a milestone this young, but I’m assuming it’s just a strain of depression over me. Not serious, but gloomy.

There’s that word again, but… I suppose it’ll keep me occupied. I’ll think of a timeline; a day-by-day routine when I gain motivation later tonight.
No. 895965 ID: 11f77a
File 153336226923.png - (132.15KB , 750x500 , IAF034.png )

>Do something new/talk to new people/learn new stuff/visit new places
I’m somewhat of an introvert, but I know saying that isn’t an excuse. I could try, then, after today. Since I didn’t really plan to do that today—I’ll push it to tomorrow. I could think of some things to do in preparation for tomorrow.

My breaths are no longer shaky, so I can talk again.

Emmylou: “Better~?”

Marlene: “No. But… I ought to let it all out in private.”

We finish our coffees and talk; Emmylou will have to return to work soon. She hugs me.

Emmylou: “Be brave. You have a lot of time on your hands! Know that. There’s no deadline to think things through!”

Emmylou: “I’ll see you soon, love~ Keep visiting me.”

Marlene: “Mmhmm…”

I think I’ll head straight to my ‘band’ the Mneumonic Gaps next. I could use the bus and think about things.
No. 895968 ID: 33cbe7

Thinking about things on the bus makes you miss your stop. Just walk.
No. 895969 ID: ff82d2

To the bus! You've walked enough for now.
No. 895970 ID: dbf422

Fame is a rough dream to have. For a lot of reasons.

Don't miss the next bus, now.
No. 896027 ID: 4f1cbc

That's hierarchy of needs stuff. Just because you've got the fundamentals of survival down, it doesn't make you a bad person to want fulfillment on the higher ones.
No. 896358 ID: 11f77a
File 153369867699.png - (185.99KB , 750x524 , IAF035.png )

Well, that does make me feel a little better.

>Don’t miss the bus!
>You’ve walked enough for now
Fine, I’ll take the bus already. My band is a little ways away. I haven’t written anything lately for them, but I met them through Maebe who is their drummer.
No. 896359 ID: 11f77a
File 153369871166.png - (121.31KB , 516x500 , IAF036.png )

I don’t know how she even puts it up with the other two boys who are up in the front.
No. 896360 ID: 11f77a
File 153369874290.png - (155.54KB , 502x500 , IAF037.png )

No. 896361 ID: 11f77a
File 153369877387.png - (144.84KB , 579x334 , IAF038.png )

Oooh-Hoooo Oooh!
No. 896362 ID: 11f77a
File 153369879165.png - (143.27KB , 750x329 , IAF039.png )

Robin: “Hold up, hold up.”

Robin: “You were supposed to use the second verse.”

Nick: “I was, though!”

Robin: “I mean like, you’re going—”

Robin: “Woom woom weeeOOOWWmm, woom woo—”

Nick: “I know how I’m going. I think this part should have the… ‘woom’ thing. Whatever.”

Robin: “That’s too early, man. Nah!”

Maebe: “Hey Marley...”
No. 896368 ID: d887c0

Are they always like this or is it just a bad day?
No. 896369 ID: 094652

Lyrics. They always put unearned pride in the lyrics.

Show these two what it means to meepinthecorner.
No. 896373 ID: 33cbe7

It's a garage band, of course they're always like this.
What's this song called, Screwdriver?
No. 896387 ID: dbf422

Well at least Maebe seems chill. Is this a common problem, all that arguing? If they can't agree on what parts they're playing when, they're never not going to mangle the sound. But I suppose that's why Maebe is exasperated.
No. 896398 ID: ff82d2

Do you recognise the song? In that case, you should be able to tell them how the lyrics should be sung.

Other than that, greet them and ask about their progress and what not. Got any new songs for them with you?
No. 896777 ID: 4f1cbc

Haha, I like those doofuses.

>Maebe: “Hey Marley...”
Hey Maebe, how's it going?
No. 897029 ID: 644ad1

What's up?
No. 897030 ID: 11f77a
File 153418450569.png - (130.44KB , 530x500 , IAF040.png )

>Are they always like this?

So that’s Nick Rudder on the guitars with Robin Bhest on bass. They may look like twins but they aren’t. They’re not the best of lyricists, I know. But we’ve had so many genre changes like our band name but we mainly keep close to rock.

Unless they cover a Led Zeppelin or RHCP song again for the billionth time. Nick just wants fancy basslines from Robin to go along with his riffs but Robin wants to go his own way with his instrument. They both sing... kind of.

I don’t recognize the song.

Marlene: “Hey... boys. What song was that one called? Screwdriver?”

They look at one another like a wall of epiphany slammed into them.

They both exclaim: “That’s a perfect title!”

Robin: “You really need to write those songs for us, maaan!”

Maebe faces me, lighting a cigarette.

Maebe: “Dropping by, Marley? We were just wonderin’ about you.”

Maebe: “If you came up with any songs lately.”

She smirks, “Still, it’s nice of you to drop by and babysit the boys for me.”

>Any new songs for them?
I don’t really have a song for them.
No. 897031 ID: 11f77a
File 153418456032.png - (126.50KB , 538x371 , IAF041.png )

Marlene: “Why so eager for one? I haven’t had the motivation to write anything for days…”

Maebe: “Oh, you haven’t heard yet?”

Nick: “We have until next month to nudge in the May-4-Two’s rock roster at Steele City!”

Robin: “It’s a bar, lots of college kids go there since it’s so close to J. Euryk Institute!”

Nick: “Lots of bands stared their gigs there! Dietrich Satyr, Planet Cul-de-sac...”

Nick: “Uh…”

Robin: “No pressure but, we need a good song. A really good song. Maybe two.”

Robin: “I know you’ve been in and out of this band, that’s cool and all. But you ought to really join. Make it official.”

Nick: “Yeah.”

No. 897033 ID: d887c0

What's the gig pay? Money is a damn good motivator.
No. 897034 ID: dbf422

Okay they're already growing on me. I was worried they were gearing up for an early falling out, but clearly they're just dorks.

It's a given right? Considering what you've been thinking about recently, you really should try this. And they're saying "official" but it's not a point of no return. Just don't sign anything.

As for a song, you do have something you could use for inspiration.
No. 897040 ID: ff82d2

What is this J. Euryk Institute?

Tell them that you'll help them this time but that you ain't making anything official unless the band gets some big contract or something. Also, only if you get to decide on the style.

Even then, I'm not convinced that this is worth spending time on. It seems like this would be just you getting trapped by the nostalgia and doing something that others want rather than what you want. It doesn't feel... real.

Anyway, talk to them about how you feel and if they have any advice for you and your inspiration. Heh, let them convince you.
No. 897047 ID: b84567

Has your band thought of a ritual sacrifice motif? Big mess of bit of red makeup on the neck or chest, plus red handprints on the horns? Or has that been done/not your kind of rock? It sounds like a simple & low investment way to stand out.

Anyway, only join up if you're really willing to be working with these clowns for the next month. Let them know you'll write lyrics and sing until after the show but you really need to keep your options open here, okay? If they're understanding, I don't see a reason to say no.
No. 897052 ID: 33cbe7

Yeah? Yeah!
Just for kicks, you should write them the worst song you can think of and see how they/the audience respond. Plus an actual one, of course, but the fun will be seeing if they can tell which is which.
No. 897084 ID: 094652

Only if they're really desperate. "We-scouted-100-people-and-they-all-told-us-to-go-to-hell" desperate.
No. 899797 ID: 11f77a
File 153575282062.png - (106.33KB , 442x465 , IAF042.png )

>J. Euryk Institute
It’s a nearby college campus.

>Trapped by some nostalgia?
>Is it worth spending time on?
>Are you willing to work with these clowns?
>Unofficial or no?
It’s a hard decision to make. Even though they’re my friends who get along well—I seem to feel uneasy about a commitment. Then again, I need to occupy my time and start small. I don’t have the motivation for a novel, but a song here and there could be a good exercise. I don’t know if they mean ‘official’ official. But to start spending more time here in their garage studio.

>Ritual sacrifice motif
Absolutely not.
No. 899799 ID: 11f77a
File 153575296658.png - (127.31KB , 698x460 , IAF043.png )

Marlene: “Are we paid for this? Or is it some battle of the bands where you have to enter with a fee?”

Nick: “Nah we just play in front of someone who will decide whether we make it on the list. Then we are paid!”

Robin: “Unless you’re locally famous.”

Nick: “We—don’t really know anyone else, Marley. I mean, we could send some flyers out but, you seem to have the talent.”

>Keep options open
>Decide on a rock style
>Only if they’re really desperate
I suppose I could make a list of demands, something we could set straight before I begin… a rock genre change, for sure.

Marlene: “Alright boys, I think I’ll help you out on a song. But there’s a few changes I’d like to make~”

Guess it’s time for some demands. I think I could get away with some things at least.
No. 899800 ID: 33cbe7

We're gonna be a glam rock band. Time to make everyone fabulous! (And it'll distract from their singing if it's that bad.)
No. 899826 ID: 8cb228

Well, let's think this through. What is their nominal style? What have they branched out to do in experimenting? If we're messing with things, we don't wanna branch too far, gotta keep any existing skills relevant. What music types do they like? What music types or songs are they best at, even if they don't like them, in the sense of working together as a band? What are their individual skills best at, even if it doesn't mess well with the group?

I mean, based on your dreams and imagery, if you can make poems and songs and such based on those, you'd probably work best as one of the many styles based on psychedelic rock. Cause it sure was a psychedelic dream. You know, jam bands, progressive rock, neo-progressive rock, etc. You know, arty stuff that isn't JUST songs about love, lust, and loss. The problem with that is getting your own distinct sound and style, rather than just playing covers.

Hmmm, in a related set of questions. Do you think you can describe the feeling of that euphoria in music? How about make up something fanciful about that bad experience at the end, when you were in a lab or some shit. Then spin a musical story about your attempted escape from said lab. Shit, think you could come up with the core of a progressive album that's a high-minded, pink floyd type meditation on reality in album format from that dream?
No. 899837 ID: dbf422

I know little of music styles but the idea of basing the stuff off the unique perspective of dreams is interesting. And if you want to use it as an outlet for writing, leave it open to a sequel song or a universe you could eventually make a full LP (ambitious, but whatever) out of.

Anyway, other demands are that you are going to be here on a probationary basis. You'll see through this event then you'll see.

Then you could have it that creative differences should go through you and they can't let those disagreements become personal. I mean, that's a hell of a sell, but there is a serious need for organization, and you can couch it as more of an advisor role. Especially if you mean it. That said, this maybe should wait until you decide whether or not you're here to stay. Could be a bargaining chip there too.
No. 899861 ID: 0edf1b

>Absolutely not.
Aww, but Satanic Panic is great! And also my only idea!

What was that genre you wanted to go into that everyone else was tentative about? Acid rock? Punk? Psychadelic? IDFK. Convince them to take the plunge.

And don't feel pressured to include your dream as part of the song. If you can barely remember it using it for inspiration is just going to drive you mad.
No. 899917 ID: ff82d2

Since they don't have a keyboard, the choice of rock style is quite limited and I don't know enough about rock music that I'd be able to suggest anything other than hard rock or punk rock. But isn't this already their current style? Meh.

Hugs. You require hugs and love to function properly.
No. 899936 ID: 8cb228

Ohhh yea. Good point. They need to get a Keyboardist to broaden the potential rock styles away from just hard rock or punk rock and related sounds. Do you all know one?
No. 900167 ID: 11f77a
File 153593746392.png - (83.99KB , 503x500 , IAF044.png )

>Creative differences?
>What have they branched out to do in experimenting?
Marlene: “What can you guys do, anyway? It’s been a while since I heard your music than whatever I just walked into.”

Nick: “We could be a punk band! It’s what we’ve been experimenting on. We know how to be loud and get that energy out.”

Robin: “Or maybe industrial! Nothing crisp but nice guitar-fuzz ambience that Nick can play. And Maebe on the drums to make the place echo.”

Nick: “Or experimental math rock, somehow make our own sound and odd time signatures!”

Robin: “Or gay church indie folk rock!”

Nick: “What?”

Robin: “Huh?”

Nick: “Uh… maybe alternative rock, then? 90’s oriented? Maybe early 2000s. Hard rock perhaps? I’ve been getting into desert rock lately.”

>Describe feeling of euphoria in music
>Base on styles such as psychedelic rock/art rock/Pink Floyd
That’s a good area on how to describe what I felt in the dream. I would even go into ‘Shoegaze’ which may require some technical skills (and perhaps lots of foot pedals). But a soft voice could work best there if anyone had to sing. The boys are capable to play similarly to Siversun Pickups or Smashing Pumpkins.

>Need a Keyboard/ist
Marlene: “Do we have a keyboard?”

Robin: “My brother has one somewhere. I could bring it in. Mom would make us have piano lessons as kids. But I was born to shred.”

Nick: “On a bass?”

Robin: “You could do a lot more on a bass guitar than a regular one, you know!”

Marlene: “Maybe we could hire someone in time for the show.”

So we have a nice range and the boys aren’t too difficult to learn something new. Sounds like I’ll propose a blend of psychedelic rock, progressive, shoegazing art rock type thing to go on. I wonder if there’s anything else I could consider — other than the idea that I’ll be around on a probationary basis. I could organize with Maebe and a few dweebs.

If this works out maybe I can just be a song writer for a career. That’s wouldn’t be so bad, would it?
No. 900182 ID: 33cbe7

Hmm, yup, yep, those were all words. Sounds good.
Join your bandmates for a good old fashioned jam session.
No. 900189 ID: dbf422

Organizing with Maebe and a few dweebs sounds great.
No. 900192 ID: 094652

Pick a generic class, hone your progression in it, pick another class, hone your progression. Don't just jump into a hybrid style unless you know the components.

Songwriting is better than nothing, might as well pad your resume.
No. 900213 ID: 8cb228

Sounds good. This is a nice creative outlet, and that kind of music is creative as hell. It'd be a nice way to grow creatively, and to assimilate any weird dreams or other experiences you might have. They've certainly experimented with different styles enough.

Ask what they think of songs and albums that tell a story? Would that be fun, or is it too pretentious for their tastes?

See if they have any profound stories to tell, and then share your idea of interpreting a dream you had through music. Maybe even your musings on levels of reality.

Like, you're not crazy -- the waking world you find yourself in is the real world. But, for argument's sake, what if it wasn't?

Various transcendentalists and spiritualists throughout history have claimed that the world we find ourselves in is not the most real one. The movie The Matrix simply described these spiritual concepts in the first mainstream method that was really big in pop culture. Science has recently gotten in on the action too with the ancestor simulation hypothesis.

Let's say one of these ideas -- that people are in vats being plugged into some sort of virtual reality to test who knows what (the original plot for the Matrix had people's brains be processors, don't ya know. Not that computers would NEED to do that, which is where analyzing the story breaks down), or what if everyone is a computer simulation run by their far descendants, which they might actually have a reason to do, or what if there was some spiritual world that was more real than the one we find ourselves in.

If any of those were true, then what? What would change? How would you behave? What promises should someone make to themselves in preparation? What would it look like to get a glimpse of the other world?

Heady stuff, but fun to talk about over a beer or two. Also maybe fun to come up with a few sequential scenes about someone's awakening and escape, then maybe a few outlines to some songs associated with each core emotion/thought of those scenes.
No. 900214 ID: 8cb228

Ohhh! There ARE Progressive metal bands. No need to stray from being 'hard' or 'heavy', just because it's arty or tells a story. Tool is a good example of one of those. Maybe something like that?
No. 900283 ID: ff82d2

>psychedelic rock, progressive, shoegazing art rock type thing
This seems alright, yeah.

Or post-progressive queercore :P
No. 900934 ID: 11f77a
File 153638484895.png - (134.92KB , 750x500 , IAF045.png )

>Pick a generic class, hone your progression
Well as much as I would like to make a whole story about it, I suppose I’ll just start with the feeling—or the concept. But like you’ve said yourself it’s pretty heavy, but something to think about over a beer (or even during the week).

Marlene: “Well boys, I believe we should go in the direction of Psychedelic Rock! Perhaps towards Shoegaze in the noughties and less Stoner Rock from the seventies.”

Marlene: “I feel my lyrics would best be suited for that sound.”

Robin: “Hmm, I think I can dig that. Could you?”

Nick: “Don’t think I’ve dipped into it, but I’ll try. What about you, Maebe?”

Maebe shrugs, spinning sticks.

Marlene: “And I just want to tag along for the ride. I’ll help you guys out here and there. I’m still undecided what I want to do for the next chunk of my life.”

They seem to understand, with Robin looking through the house for a keyboard. I can stay for a while and write as they play.
No. 900935 ID: 11f77a
File 153638487950.png - (105.97KB , 552x500 , IAF046.png )

Well I guess I now need a theme, a concept for the first song; something to hang on to for now. I can always change it later, but what should it be? (You may write some bits and pieces of lyrics, or rhymes if you please. Conceptual, allusions, or descriptions.)

A) The Feeling. The senses drive to true euphoria.
B) The Place. Like a sanctuary, such an idea of escapism and nostalgia. Perhaps the thrill of a new experience.
C) The Reality. Dreams within reach, yet too far. Neutral, but teeters from somber thoughts to small acts of hope.
D) The Nightmare. Ramblings of a mad goat, a warning to dreamers.
E) Something else entirely

F) Work later, visit Silenus Industries; the Movie Production company.
No. 900936 ID: 33cbe7

A. Start at the beginning of the mystery.
No. 900938 ID: d887c0

A. Gotta run with your gut on this, so follow your heart.
No. 900942 ID: ff82d2

No. 900960 ID: dbf422

C. You could get there, with just a little luck.
No. 901202 ID: 5a65f4

A. That first feeling is where you start.
No. 1054263 ID: 11f77a
File 167426418059.png - (31.89KB , 550x500 , 047a.png )

No. 1054264 ID: 11f77a
File 167426420910.png - (163.04KB , 550x500 , 047b.png )

That impact of silence hits me like a brick wall. It’s like sleeping in class and noticing everyone stopped talking at once. The makeshift and distorted noise from their instruments have ceased and now they’re staring at me.

Nick: Yo. Our music must really suck to put you to sleep in the middle of our jam.

Robin: We’ve been playing for twenty minutes before we realized you dozed. You cool?
No. 1054265 ID: 11f77a
File 167426426766.png - (149.48KB , 550x500 , 048.png )

Marlene: Oh... I’m sorry, guys. It wasn’t—

Marlene: Well maybe it was part of why I dozed off.

Marlene: I dunno what happened. I was beginning to think about how my dreams felt to me.

Marlene: And something about it that... I was within reach of it again...

The boys stare at me waiting for a conclusion but I got nothing.

Marlene: That’s it. That’s all I have.
No. 1054266 ID: 11f77a
File 167426434936.png - (174.11KB , 550x500 , 049.png )

Robin: Well, what have you got written down anyway?

Eeeeh, crap. Scribbles.

I dunno. Maybe I’ll work on the words another day... or something. I feel so tired right now... I guess I don’t like forcing myself to think, and only think in the moment.

Unfortunately ‘in the moment’ means never having a notepad ready to write it down, ever.

All eyes watching and waiting for me to do something...
I may just move on to Silenus Industries in a moment.
No. 1054267 ID: e7c7d3

Can't force creativity. Go ahead with Silenus
No. 1054269 ID: a7a180

Have a notepad by your bed, the best ideas always come as you're trying to sleep.
Maybe you can use the fact that the meaning keeps slipping from your grasp. Time keeps on slipping, into the future...
No. 1054317 ID: 15a025

Sometimes it's better to let the pencil do the thinking, just relax and let it move where it feels natural.
No. 1054350 ID: e51896

No. 1054530 ID: 11f77a
File 167451051780.png - (123.58KB , 550x500 , 050.png )

>Can’t force creativity
Yeah. Sucks it’s never easy. I gather my shit and stand up.

Maebe: On the road again, then?

Marlene: Uh-huh, sorry guys. I may want to bounce before it’s too late. I was just stopping by after all. I’ll try visiting more often; the battle-of-the-bands thing sounds like I could stay occupied with something.

Robin: Steele City!

Marlene: Sure. That. I’ll try to write at home whenever I’m in the mood. You guys should just play around with shoegaze or dream pop. Email me some riffs.

Nick: No pressure! We could be instrumental if it doesn’t work out for you.

Maebe: Oh please, instrumental would be great.

I wave and head out. I’ll need to take a bus again but they come around periodically in the city.

>Have a notepad by your bed […]
There’s a small drawer where I keep a few reading books. If I remember I ought to place a notebook there before bed.
No. 1054531 ID: 11f77a
File 167451058094.png - (110.68KB , 550x500 , 051.png )

Well here we are.

Silenus Industries.

It’s a low-brand film studio in the corner of the city. It’s no Hollywood, but if you get your foot in the door you may have a chance to make it a lasting career.

I used to work here just after dropping out of college with Seb. I was only a secretary, but I got to learn little things about the studio. Things were looking up in the beginning until I hit a wall.

Maybe it was after so many rejected scripts. Perhaps that was only part of it. I dunno. Something killed it for me. I just don’t know what. That’s the life of any writer I s’pose.

I hang out with some of the writers inside--maybe they have something interesting to refresh my creativity. I typically know the best days to stop by too so I can just slip in like I still work there.
No. 1054532 ID: 11f77a
File 167451060889.png - (133.66KB , 550x500 , 052.png )

Ah, good. It’s Lars as security this evening. He catches me as he drinks his coffee.

Lars: Oh, hey Marlene. Uh, what’re you up to today?
No. 1054533 ID: a7a180

Oh, you know, the usual.
No. 1054547 ID: cd4366

oh horseshit, "can't force creativity," that's a mantra for the terminally burnt out. You sometimes HAVE to, otherwise you lose the habit and it becomes harder to start again.

Don't you remember what it was like when you were first learning, when you didn't know shit about story structure or even consistent punctuation? It was still just as much a slog, you just had more energy for it because you believed in it!

You don't have to write a masterpiece, you just have to write _something._ a short story about someone enjoying a sunny day, or a goofy sci-fi thing about a spaceman encountering god, who cares! Let it be a bit shit and you'll find some flow again, then you can start back up the polishing.

Anyways, as for what you're doing today, see if you can't find one of the working writers and ask what advice they have for getting something approved.
No. 1054856 ID: 11f77a
File 167487508970.png - (114.91KB , 550x500 , 053.png )

>Don’t you remember what it was like when you were first learning […] You don’t have to write a masterpiece, you just have to write something
Ugh... but it really isn’t that simple though! No one starts with story structure or grammar when they first learn to write--they start with an idea. At a young age it could be ‘action scenes and explosions that would be awesome’ and over a lifetime it becomes ‘how can I interpret the concern, sorrow, or anger I feel’.

Maybe, with this funk I’m in--I really feel nothing. Well--I teared up at Brook’s Clove--but was that sadness? Was that confusion?

I can’t let my mind wander into that right now. I answer Lars.

Marlene: Uhm, nothing important! Nice to see you, Lars.

Lars: Mmhm. A bit chilly today. I’ll be stuck in this ice box tonight.

Marlene: Was gonna say you’re drink that coffee a bit late. Heh.

Lars: Ee-Yep.

>See if you can’t find one of the working writers and ask [for] advice
Marlene: Well I suppose that’s it, nothing much exciting on my end.

Marlene: I’m hoping to talk to my friends for some advice so, I’ll see you around.
No. 1054857 ID: 11f77a
File 167487513624.png - (113.79KB , 550x500 , 054.png )

I walk towards the boom gate. Lars gets a bit jittery to stop me and say something--his arm holds out even though I’m not close.

Lars: Eh—wait! Marley! Sorry but...I don’t think you can come in.

Marlene: You don’t think?

Lars: I meant--I can’t let you inside unless you’re an employee now. The bosses don’t really want you strolling in anymore.
No. 1054859 ID: 11f77a
File 167487520527.png - (122.30KB , 550x500 , 055.png )

Marlene: What kind of bullshit is that? People know me in there. Why would the higher ups give a shit where I go?

Lars: Well—it’s not you specifically. I-I didn’t mean it like that. Security is being chewed out and someone’s bound to be fired the next time someone makes the wrong call.

Lars: I don’t want them to think I’ll let anybody in. Sorry, but you either show an employee ID or keep walking.

Lars: I would be fine for you to chill here but no soliciting either.

Marlene: I’m not a whore, dummy.

Lars: I just don’t want to have to make a scene!

Goddammit. Lars is usually a chill guy but I guess the higher-ups have made some impending changes to staff. Really fucking sucks that I came all this way for nothing.
No. 1054864 ID: 15c72a

You can't go in? Doesn't mean people can't come out. Or talk to you via phone. Tell him who you want to see, so that they can contact you in some way.
No. 1054906 ID: a758c7

yeah, there's gotta be someone we can talk to. just don't make too much of a scene, we don't wanna get Lars in trouble for something he can't really control.

aaaaaaand since he said we could wait, no reason not to wait! maybe ask lars about the new management? why are they so persnickety about this shit?
No. 1054960 ID: 15a025

Sounds like an incident or something might have caused this change of policy. Maybe you or Lars could call one of your buddies and let them know you're at the gate looking for them.
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