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File 169886952456.png - (15.11KB , 800x600 , 1799.png )
1076106 No. 1076106 ID: 46e818

>"Master... I mean this with all due respect, but..."
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No. 1078317 ID: 8f9bc4

This is a bad idea...
No. 1078325 ID: 46e818
File 170137842699.png - (13.46KB , 800x600 , 1857.png )

>"Hey, here's a fun question: why the hell would we want to do that?"
No. 1078326 ID: 46e818
File 170137849384.png - (13.99KB , 800x600 , 1858.png )

>"Because if you come limping empty-handed back to your village and tell your elders you got whipped bloody for disrespecting a traveling noble, every last one of them is going to say you deserved it and go on with their lives."
No. 1078327 ID: 17f024

.... Damn! Sassy! I approve. Stand up straight Muschio, you're a noble after all.
No. 1078328 ID: a01236

Is Muschio still a noble? What was he doing between getting deposed and taking over the base, again?

Whatever, it's not like they need to know. But I think we would do well not to overestimate our power and worth to others.

Regardless, if this is the route we're going, reemphasize and keep the tone of >>1078288
suggest that they'll be glad they made this decision when things change
No. 1078329 ID: debc82


I believe this is what they call getting ... gob-smacked.
No. 1078333 ID: 46e818

stop posting anytime
No. 1078334 ID: dc13c4

Oh, don't mind me I just wanted to see how long I could make the word.
No. 1078335 ID: eb7ce4

arent you a quest author? how would you like if other people started posting braindead posts on *your* threads?
No. 1078336 ID: dc13c4

that would be fun
No. 1078345 ID: 0fbdcd

Subtly high-five her when the opportunity arises, and back up her position. Our tone should be that going along with our bullshit will be better for them and bold/elf relations.

It might not even be a lie! It's hard to pretend Kobolds aren't people if you share a meal with them.
No. 1078347 ID: 4d8b77

Being deposed means you aren't landed, not that you are no longer of noble birth, There are generally plenty of unlanded nobles regardless of the specifics how nobility is treated. More importantly, everybody probably already thinks he is of high birth just because of the way that he talks, that is as a very well educated man.

Finnie's little flourish on there, referring to Muschio as a 'traveling' noble is very clever. It implies that he is from abroad, as opposed to having travelled probably half the distance or less that the elves have, but technically he is travelling at this very moment so it's hardly a lie.

All Muschio has to do is follow the lead of his smarter, funnier and better looking second in command and not immediately trip over his own dick. I give it about five minutes.
No. 1078349 ID: 273c18

No. 1078353 ID: 93d066

Finnie telling it like it is.
Maybe she could give them pointers on how to tie the branches to better carry the carcass.
No. 1078390 ID: 7b65e9

And as proof of concept: Ashedel, care to make a demonstration of skills? I'm sure they'll be more receptive once you do....
No. 1078395 ID: dc13c4

I been thinking and violence is not the answer, nor is making them carry the body of the prey. Who are we to tell them who they can live, hunt, or think? They are wasteful hunters, more meat for us, they think that kobolds are an inferior race that is their stupid opinion. We wasted so much time talking around in circles, it is clear that the younger one doesn't want to change his mind.
No. 1078413 ID: 46e818
File 170145740223.png - (22.27KB , 800x600 , 1859.png )

And with that, we're on our way.

Perhaps there is wisdom to be gained here. As you say, maybe there is no changing their opinion directly, not with mere discussion, at least.
Even if not every last elf believes in peace, in their heart of hearts, it can still be brokered if the right actions are enforced.

And speaking of actions, I should assess my intent once I arrive at the kobold village. Obviously gathering information on the sacred beast is my priority, but what else should I focus on while I'm there? The locals will surely have much for me, and I will have much for them.
Best to hatch my plan of action on the way.
No. 1078416 ID: 8a8a6e

I think it will be most advantageous in the long run to give more to the kobolds then they give to us. We won't be able to get much from them without it being seen as encroaching. We should help them establish themselves and set ourselves up as their ally.
No. 1078417 ID: ce619a

Definitely don't talk about the sacred animal until these elves are long gone, first off.
As your kobold diplomat, let Tislomer announce your party to the village. Then let her mingle a bit to calm both her and the locals before getting down to business. A positive disposition will do wonders for info gathering and negotiation.
No. 1078426 ID: aebd26

We can build ties through shared information or through shared action. The former is easier, the latter is more effective long-term.

We can start by setting up an agreement to keep each other up to date. The village is in danger from an outside threat. If we can spare a part of our platoon on regular patrols on the forest borders, we can keep the village appraised of what humans or elves are up to.
In exchange... I don't actually know if the locals have any valuable information for us - except the sacred animal, of course.

The end-goal is to foster loyalty. The first step is helping them feel secure. If that pans out, we can work on economic and cultural ties.
No. 1078428 ID: 93d066

Be sure to check on the lil' 'bold girl we save way back in the day.
No. 1078430 ID: 53560f

Priority should be to meet with local leaders to learn about local issues and to ingratiate ourselves a bit.
No. 1078432 ID: e68aaa

I think the local kobolds and other forest inhabitants have an issue in not being recognized as legitimate by more... 'civilized' peoples. Most such folk rely on having a designated lord or lady to act as their defender and representative to the rest of the world. If they don't have one, they're free game. Perhaps you should begin to consider laying the groundwork for eventually extending your domain as a protectorate over these lands? You are not longer in a position of being protected by secrecy and anonymity, so you should start moving to secure some more open power,resource and reputation. Of course, you'll have to continue to build their respect first, but then you are here for that among other things. It'll be a long project. You have to see to other responsibilities, that sort of thing... but a long road has to have its first steps taken. At least you could plot how it should go. You were educated to administer to a considerable domain, and it would be a shame not to put those skills to work.
No. 1078433 ID: eb0a9c

Meanwhile, In The Future:
"Nyan Nyaaa~ Higher! Higher!"
No. 1078469 ID: 831c0e

Rudy Mann is this close to becoming canon
No. 1078487 ID: 46e818
File 170155251956.png - (22.08KB , 800x600 , 1860.png )

After a short hike, we arrive, at last, at the kobold village. I've not been here myself since I recruited Tislomer and Babrakus. It feels like a lifetime ago.

The oldest trees of the woods grow here, dizzyingly tall and grand, carved to warrenhomes for the locals, but somehow still living. Their needled canopies stretch across the sky, leaving only filtered sunlight streaming through.

There are only a few kobolds out and about right now, tending to crafts or chores, but lights in the trees belie the population's sparse appearance, and the earthy, nostalgic smell of multiple cooking fires fills the air.
No. 1078488 ID: 46e818
File 170155254675.png - (12.19KB , 800x600 , 1861.png )

>"What the heck??? Who painted all the trees green?!"
No. 1078496 ID: eb0a9c

Maybe they're not supposed to be blue every single year? Or maybe they were filtering out centuries of toxic chemicals and finally finished.

Time to present the feast.
No. 1078497 ID: 8b1abb

is the village actually called Blue Trees? Does anyone else call it that?
No. 1078499 ID: d46777

Maybe they're green because they're candy for real this time.
Go try a tree. Try three, just to make sure.
No. 1078501 ID: ce619a

I wonder if it's Tislomer that changed. She did get her face half-blown off and then magically reformed, after all.
We shouldn't jump to conclusions though. Once she starts mingling with her people we should quickly find out what developments have occurred since we were here last.
No. 1078502 ID: 93d066

When talking to the locals, please confirm that indeed the village is called "Blue trees".
No. 1078526 ID: 4d8b77

Tislomer is very silly.
No. 1078541 ID: 273c18

True. Maybe she lost that part of her vision.
No. 1078542 ID: 831c0e

Are those just kobold flags or has someone else claimed the territory?
No. 1078555 ID: aebd26

Do not, I repeat, do not mock Tislomer's ability to perceive color.

Instead, approach the nearest kobold and ask for directions to their elder / bold-in-charge.
No. 1078596 ID: 46e818
File 170165389131.png - (19.43KB , 800x600 , 1862.png )

While Ashedel and the elves begin unloading the kill, I should make contact with the local leadership.

"Excuse me."
>"Oh. Hullo, I know you. You're the nice pointy face."
"Ah, that's... so glad to see I'm a known entity here. This is the village of Blue Trees, is it not?"
>"Uh. Yuh."
"And where might I find your elder, or elder council?"
>"Um. Go in that big tree right there. But they're pretty busy so they might not wanna talk to you."
No. 1078599 ID: 273c18

Ask if the trees are blue.
No. 1078601 ID: eb0a9c

Ask if anything changed while you were away.
No. 1078602 ID: 4d8b77

I was starting to wonder if this village even had any kind of leadership at all. Good thing they remember you too. This might actually not be too hard, which would be nice for a change of pace.
No. 1078604 ID: ce619a

If we're still talking to this guy, tell him that Tislomer can't see the blue trees anymore and ask if something's happened to the area since you were last here or if it's just her eyesight that's changed.
Also tell him about the elves offering the deer to their settlement, but don't tell them about your involvement in the offering until we know it's a positive thing to offer them that deer. You know, just in case it's sacred or special.
No. 1078609 ID: 1ab976

Busy with what? This could be a further attempt to get in good graces as a mediator.
No. 1078626 ID: 0fbdcd

Immediately bust in like you're some sort of cool important guy.
No. 1078631 ID: b3eab7

Tell this bold you came bearing a gift, it might interest the council.
No. 1078637 ID: a66bd2

Ask him why tree blue?
No. 1078643 ID: debc82


Thank the nice 'bold and go enquire with the local leadership.
No. 1078651 ID: 46e818
File 170174005192.png - (10.17KB , 800x600 , 1863.png )

"Can you tell me if there have been any significant events here recently?"

>"Uh? Oh, you mean what's news? Um, more elves and humans comin' in and causing trouble I guess. Everyone's pretty worried. Also the Red One is missing."

"I've escorted two elves here with a fresh kill as a gift for the village, I hope this gesture is not taken badly."

>"I dunno. I don't really do that. I just dye stuff."

Well, at least it doesn't provoke an immediate negative response.
No. 1078653 ID: 46e818
File 170174016803.png - (15.36KB , 800x600 , 1864.png )

Finesse and I approach the place the elders are gathered. An immense, ancient tree, still budding and sprouting despite being so deeply carved into. A large kobold stands at the door.

"Hello. I would seek an audience with the elders of Blue Trees."
>"Okay. I can go ask. What do you want to talk about, and who are you?"
No. 1078654 ID: 3f3d5c

We are Muschio Malto, the nice pointy face, along with our traveling monster harem.
No. 1078655 ID: 06cca8

What is the overall cause of men and elves encroaching on your woodland? I would like to broker a peace if possible. As a sign of good will some elves are willing to share their fresh kill of deer with you. I also seek information regarding a sacred horse.
No. 1078656 ID: ce619a

Uhh... where's Tislomer?
Being our diplomat for the kobold tribe is kind of why we brought her along. Better collect her first before we gain our audience.
No. 1078669 ID: 8f9bc4

Pff... she really is tasting the trees isn't she.

Wait you fool! You've allowed the villain to slip out of your grasp! He practically just confessed right there in front of you! Clearly the dyer has dyed all the blue trees green!
No. 1078670 ID: eb0a9c

"I'm the guy that slew Red Fang. And I have news; the Fangs are fully dismantled. The least insane two are working for me and my ally, the rest are dead.

We're here because of your sacred beast. We heard they were sick or something."
No. 1078675 ID: 53560f

“I am Muschio Malto, I visited this village some time ago where I cured a young bold of a strange affliction and hired two others. I am here to discuss securing the allegiance of your village well as local issues I may be able to assist with.”
No. 1078681 ID: 93d066

"I'm Muschio Malto, healer of mysterious ailments, slayer of the scourge Red Fang and overall pointy face nice guy friendly next door overlord."
No. 1078699 ID: 2e77d7

We're Mushy Malto, that guy who cured that one little girl and killed the Fang Clan raiders. Here for a few reasons. To follow up on rumors of a sacred beast in need of help, to present a gift from the nearby elves, and if things go well on those two fronts to propose some formal alliances/maybe we be your local Lord type things.
No. 1078808 ID: 4cdce9

Wait did Ridder tell him about the fangs being dismantled?
No. 1078819 ID: 46e818
File 170190799494.png - (10.97KB , 800x600 , 1865.png )

I call for Tislomer to make sure my liaison doesn't miss the meeting I brought her along for.

"My name is Muschio Malto. I'm the man who cured the sick kobold girl here. I killed Red Fang, and I rule the nearby mountain fortress.
I've come to offer my help to the village."

>"Okay. That sounds good. I'll tell them."
No. 1078821 ID: 46e818
File 170190803213.png - (9.17KB , 800x600 , 1866.png )

"This is it, the moment of truth. Any last minute advice, Tislomer?"

>"Oh, yeah!
>You should try the mint soup. It's SOOO good. Also we have candy made from those white berries and it's really good too you can just plop those in the bowl too and it's like eating candy soup."
No. 1078822 ID: 1ab976

… We’ll be sure to do that. Moving right along then.
No. 1078823 ID: eb7ce4

wait im not trying to be paranoid or anything but i wouldnt go eagerly eating everything you saw. we dont know how different is tislomer's diet from yours or the others, and it may or may not be poisonous to you if it isnt actually edible for you.
consult with Finesse and then try some of it, otherwise they might think you are insulting them if you refuse it
No. 1078824 ID: ce619a

If there's time, clarify you mean advice talking to her elders. Ask her if there's anything that will make them mad that he should avoid doing or talking about.
Damn, we really should've asked her about this sooner. Let's remember not make this mistake when we go to the goblin's settlement.
No. 1078828 ID: d4d22b

Muse on the fact that putting candy in soup isn't like candy soup, it is candy soup.
No. 1078833 ID: 0fbdcd

Maybe we should've brought Babs instead of Tislomer. She is five years old, after all.

Oh well! Just go stick your nose in their business at full steam.
No. 1078835 ID: dc4bad

y'know boss, 'mint candy soup' sounds like it'd be an interesting experience. and who knows, partaking in the local cuisine/hospitality could be a nice show of commonality with the rest of the Blue Trees kobolds, they've not seen you since your brief stop last time.
Might be less whimsical advice than it first appears.
No. 1078837 ID: 93d066

We really should get a bowl of that mint soup, or maybe ask Ash or Finnie how it was when they had it back then.
No. 1078838 ID: 3f3d5c

Note to self: See if we can bring some of that mint soup back for Babrakus. We didn't bring him along and Tislomer wanted him to try some.
No. 1078861 ID: eb0a9c

Careful, some 'mints' cause brain damage!
I think we should roast that deer.
No. 1078865 ID: 273c18

Don't forget to tell the elder about the elves.
No. 1078896 ID: 46e818
File 170199475760.png - (20.35KB , 800x600 , 1867.png )

Ashedel has opted to stay at the door, keeping watch on the elves we escorted while being near enough to respond to any call.

The guard returns and ushers Tislomer, Finesse, and myself into the chamber of the elders, which is up a couple flights of winding stairs.
No. 1078898 ID: 945bea

really hope that this "sacred horse" doesn't wind up being the deer we just offered as a peace offering
No. 1078899 ID: 46e818
File 170199507514.png - (15.83KB , 800x600 , 1868.png )

>"Be welcomed in this place, Son of Pari.
>It is an honor to receive you."
No. 1078900 ID: b0292a

Bow respectfully, not so low you look subservient, but more as equals. Greet them and present your gift to them and see what can be done to broker a peace between kobolds and elves.

We also need to show them the medallion and gather what knowledge we can on the sacred horse
No. 1078901 ID: 46e818
File 170199510743.png - (12.02KB , 800x600 , 1869.png )

I don't know the last time I heard my father's first name spoken aloud.
No. 1078902 ID: b0292a

Okay, aside from what I already said to do, ask how he knew your father.
No. 1078908 ID: eb0a9c

No small talk yet. Ask about the sacred beast and what they want done.
No. 1078909 ID: 8f9bc4

Tislomer don't forget to ask about the blue trees! Were the green ones candy?
No. 1078911 ID: ce619a

While we introduce ourselves and our intentions let's refresh our memory and think about the policies the Malto family had for non-humans and perhaps any specific deeds or events concerning interactions with the kobolds you might recall.
You know, for reference
No. 1078918 ID: debc82


They ... knew your father?
No. 1078935 ID: 53560f

“And I am truely honoured you would have me. As i’ve told your guard, I’m here for two reasons. Firstly to aid in local Issues as I’ve heard there has been issues regarding a sacred equine of sorts and secondly to humbly request you pledge yourself to me and my claim to the throne my father once sat upon.
I must of course clarify that my assistance in the first matter is not at all dependent on your chosen allegiance and I will help you regardless of your answer if you would allow me.”
No. 1078946 ID: 4d8b77

Oh my god... these old people are really hot.
No. 1078949 ID: 0fbdcd

"Honored to be here. Tell me, did you know my father?"
No. 1078973 ID: 46e818
File 170208100118.png - (20.26KB , 800x600 , 1870.png )

"You knew my father?"

>"Oh yes. I spoke to him myself when he would visit. I was elder then, too.
>Are you surprised? I am older still than I look, respected Malto. Though I keep spry, this is my 15th year already!"
No. 1078976 ID: 46e818
File 170208173411.png - (14.73KB , 800x600 , 1871.png )

>"He was a great man. The world is poorer for his absence."

"Thank you. I am honored to be here in his stead."

>"When we learned that your kingdom had fallen, the village held a week of mourning. It brings warmth to my old heart to see you live.
>Our alliance with your people gave us prosperity and protection, things we now miss. Outsiders violate these woods further every day. Even the Red One has abandoned us.
>And now I hear you have brought us a gift by elves? It is a good gesture. I hope -- I wish to believe -- that you are truly your father's son."
No. 1078977 ID: 7b65e9

There's something not right there...
Ask them what year they think it is.
Ask them about the last historical event they remember.
No. 1078984 ID: 3f3d5c

>>1078973 >>1077554
15? Dang, I was way off. Either that or mortality rates are way higher than I was thinking. Either way, that's crazy.
Anyway, if our dad helped these guys out, we can only hope to live up to his reputation. That is exactly why we're here, anyway. Well, that, and to acquire a bit of manpower. Koboldpower? I don't know anymore.

Go ahead and tell him that's why we're here. We're here to reforge the alliance, and investigate this whole business with the ‘Red One’. Also stop the humans from encroaching on their land. All that good stuff. All we're looking for in exchange is some help rebuilding our own forces. It's an amicable relationship, and we'll help however we're able.
No. 1078994 ID: 8f9bc4

the Red One... Red Fang? Do they have some history with the old dragon? They parted on unhappy terms? They don't seem perturbed about his death, if that is the Red One of whom they speak.
No. 1078999 ID: f18aa4

If only we met last time we were here. Or maybe it's better we hadn't.

Anyway, if they were already part of the kingdom, that makes things easier. There's precedent. Since it's such a short timescale, we can even try to reestablish old borders. Enforcement is another issue.

Encroachment is one thing, but it's weird that their former place in the kingdom would seemingly be forgotten. What do you remember of it, Muschio? What did the usurper do?
No. 1079002 ID: eb0a9c

>Red one
So we're looking for a Clydesdale. Wonderful.
The narcissistic horses run really fast.

Yyyeah... this doesn't add up.
If what he's saying is true, he'd be six years old when he was an elder. Which would mean Tislomer is only one year away from elderhood despite not knowing common traditions. That... requires multiple mental gymnastics.
Ask for a rundown of typical cutebold aging because all of this is weird.
No. 1079004 ID: dc4bad

Oh that's an expectation, you are your own man Boss, but in this matter at least you hold similar values.

You're building a new kingdom rather than directly reclaiming the one taken from you, and it's appropriate it starts in this forest where you gathered your first companions. It's only fitting that it's where, hopefully, you gather your first peoples.

These infringements by outsiders are something to be helped with on principle alone, but it would go without saying that if the region were to be under your influence it would likewise have your protection.

...Juuust need to get the ball rolling on an army to lend more than symbolic weight to the notion.
No. 1079005 ID: ce619a

Ask him to tell us more of the Red One and outsiders.
Particularly what kind of outsiders are showing up and their goals/actions. We've encountered some clueless sport hunters, but have any encroachments of a military or noble nature occurred?
No. 1079008 ID: 05fc82

I think Red One is what they call their sacred horse.
No. 1079016 ID: 93d066

Actually it makes sense, the coup could have taken place 5 years ago. The boss being 19 years old, means that he was 14 at the time and making the assumption that the late king came to visit in the last year of his life then it's plausible.
No. 1079066 ID: 1034ad

Actually, how long has it been since we got our base and min-friends? Feels like it’s been a decade.
No. 1079075 ID: 46e818
File 170224063970.png - (14.56KB , 800x600 , 1872.png )

"If I may ask, when did you last meet with King Malto?"

>"It was... let me see, almost five years ago now. Just a short few months before he was killed.
>Ah, you know, it was in honor of your father that I began wearing this blue mane! It became a symbol among our people. In our mourning, we even wreathed the village's tallest trees in blue.
>I have heard you are trying to reclaim the throne. I cannot speak for all my people on this matter -- not yet. There is more to be said, first. But to speak only for myself, my heart is with you. And I hope yours is with us."
No. 1079076 ID: 46e818
File 170224070590.png - (10.50KB , 800x600 , 1873.png )

>I knew the trees used to be blue!"

>"Yes, when the time of mourn--"

>"See, I wasn't crazy! I know what colors are!"
No. 1079081 ID: 3f3d5c

Huh. Yeah, she said she's five years old, so she must've been born around the time of mourning, so to her the trees were always blue. Interesting. Checks out.
Yes, yes, Tislomer, you were right. Sorry for doubting you. At least we solved the mystery.
No. 1079082 ID: 273c18

So, they changed the village's name for the time of mourning too?
No. 1079086 ID: 3743c7

>hope yours is with us.
Hah unless you are hiding massive skeletons in your closet then without a doubt at all. While the races of men did not lift a finger (barring Hookdon perhaps) your people have been nothing but helpful.
No. 1079107 ID: 1034ad

Ask about that cutebold we saved forever ago. They might be a valuable contact with the village.
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