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File 168900668760.png - (61.61KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1067531 No. 1067531 ID: 9ea24b

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Occasionally NSFW
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No. 1070573 ID: 58dd24

does she know any not ice moves? Is there like a part of the process that turns the cold off?
No. 1070575 ID: a7a180

Keep it suspended, let warm air currents soften it up first. If that doesn't work, try thinking sad thoughts.
No. 1070576 ID: dd3fe0

There's also the idea of excited, fiery, passionate thoughts -- as a conceptual link to excited molecules with more thermal energy -- might do something. Really, we don't actually know the SPECIFIC emotional or emotional/energy/thoughtform link they would need to use, so, uh, try a few?
No. 1070730 ID: 9ea24b
File 169292446173.png - (116.28KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

>Is Walrein seeing anyone?
:pokewalface: Nope.

>Does she know any Water moves?
She knows Surf, which gives you an idea on how to explain things.

:pokeflyface: How do normal rain and hail make you feel?

:pokewalface: I like both, but hail is much more exciting. The little pellets bouncing off my body feel nice and it wakes me up after a slow day.

:pokeflyface: Ah, what if you try thinking slower and more relaxing thoughts then?

Walrein furrows her brow and it starts snowing heavily inside the cave.

:pokeflyshock: That’s good! If we go somewhere warmer I bet the snow will melt into rain. If you keep it suspended, that’ll give it more time to heat up.

You pick up Walrein and carry her all the way to Verdanturf. You get in position in the garden when Walrein hides behind a shrub and summons the weather. She’s getting better at controlling it already, and the thick sleet quickly turns into heavy, extremely localized rainfall.
You take a flower from the garden to hold and pluck the petals from as you get progressively more damp. Gardevoir, no doubt sensing you, comes to the sunny balcony.

:pokeflysad: Oh I am pining. I am pining so hard because my sweet love does not even know I exist. The flower foretold that he loves me not so I am going to stand in this rain and feel bad.

:pokegarwink: Quite the pathetic picture.

:pokeflylove: The voice of my love! What a joyous day!

This goes on for some time until Gardevoir starts laughing and has to go inside to save face. You thank Walrein and take her back home.

You’ll be busy tomorrow morning at another youth education session. You’re planning to stick to the same approach, since it worked fine and avoided conflict.

In the afternoon, you’ll have your final wooing with Gardevoir. You’re planning to have a dinner date with him and need to decide on the menu, your outfit, and any other romantic flourishes.
No. 1070744 ID: f3171e

A little black bowtie that's intended to be classy but makes us look vaguely like a male stripper.
As a well-off accountant and bachelor, Flygon's cooking repertoire is probably a bit stunted by his reliable access to takeout. Make some vegetable and potato stew, that's hard not to mess up.
Gardevoir seems sassy, sassy Pokemon tend to like bitter flavors. Bring some dark chocolate for desert to see if he likes them.
>Romantic flourishes
Gotta have candles!

>Next teaching session
Make sure to bring Smeargal along, she can hang with Tracey and her old pals and play with some kids. Good quality time together.
No. 1070765 ID: 3a16f1

>next teaching lesson?
Something you should probably go over is how to be careful when certain Pokémon sneeze. Not trying to specifically mention Houndoom or what happened to his trainer, but hopefully we can help a situation like that not happen again.
No. 1070767 ID: af7615

It should probably be extended to a short list, for cover and because it seems a good idea. Like: hiccups, sneezing, coughing, perhaps being startled? Perhaps we could also talk about safety drills, like, if you're working with an ice pokemon, what to do if frostbite; if a fire pokemon, practice stop/drop/roll, make sure both trainer and pokemon know where water is, and know stop/drop/roll; maybe do some drills so everyone keeps a level head in an emergency, and so forth.
No. 1070811 ID: dd3fe0


TBH, I don't think we need to be spending time on drills, but I think we can partner with a local safety agency and distribute their pokemon training and interaction safety booklets, if we find genuinely good ones.
No. 1070931 ID: 9ea24b
File 169307894242.png - (136.43KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

>Reinforce the message on Pokemon safety, especially when it comes to involuntary movements and elemental hazards
>Invite Smeargle to hang
You bring Smeargle with you to the next session, and are pleased to find the youth love her drawings, which she sketches on the whiteboard while you type out your messages. Tracy is also happy to see her friend. You have time for one less Pokemon intelligence demonstration since you spend more time on safety.

>Dinner date
You purchase the following items:
One black bowtie - 15,000 P
Vegetable and potato stew (premade) - 5000 P
Dark chocolate - 3000 P
Romantic candles - 15,000 P

You have 1,178,600 P remaining. At the stores, a few young trainers stop you and ask for your autograph. Thanks to your shopping reputation of the past and present educational work, you’re becoming known among the youth!

You wait for late afternoon before you go to Verdanturf. You sit on the grass in the garden, picnic style, and lay out your spread of human food. Gardevoir kneels next to you and sniffs the candles appreciatively.

Gardevoir has been pleased with your wooing efforts, so all you need to do is stick the landing. What do you say to him over dinner and how do you want your first time with him to go?
No. 1070932 ID: ea2afa

I absolutely disagree on the safety thing. We are doing something new. We need to focus like a laser on intelligence, empathy, and agency.
No. 1070934 ID: f3171e

Making sure another tragedy like Houndoom's doesn't happen is important too, and not just to honor his fears and his trainer. All it can take is one tragic accident taken the wrong way to set back years of progress.

He sure is liking that chocolate. Tell him he looks cute when his badass psychic composure breaks.
After the date, take a walk somewhere nice and private and follow his suggestion of a 69. Maybe swap some snowballs.
No. 1070951 ID: dd3fe0


While it IS important, that is not our current mission or mandate or what we have decided to make our goal. It is an extremely obvious goal that, most importantly, other groups and individuals are well positioned to handle and make into their dedicated quest. What we need to do is find someone to delegate THAT mission to (or who is already doing it!), and encourage them to do similar 'pokemon learning days' as us, and not dilute our mission!
No. 1071003 ID: 4481aa

It's irresponsible to teach people that Pokemon are intelligent and empathetic creatures, without also teaching them that they are incredibly powerful and need to be handled with care. Safety is a necessary lesson.

As for what to say to Gardevoir, tell him that seeing his cute smile every day has made these woo'ing attempts more than worth the effort.

Agreed, suck each other off in a 69 position.
No. 1071005 ID: dd3fe0


The point isn't to NOT teach safety... the point is to delegate teaching safety to a different day, with someone else spearheading it!
No. 1071216 ID: 9ea24b
File 169336064878.png - (119.36KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>Is there someone you can ask to run Pokemon safety training after you’re done with Pokemon intelligence training?
You agree that safety training is important to prevent another accident like Houndoom’s, but you don’t have enough time during your educational sessions to focus on that message. Tracy and Drew are already doing their part, so you’d have to ask another human to help. They’d have to be an adult since school is starting soon.

>Tell Gardevoir he’s cute
:pokeflyface: You’re making me jealous of that chocolate.

:pokegarlaugh: It’s really good. All of this is good, I’m surprised you managed to be romantic.

:pokeflylove: I figured it out in record time because of the incentive of impressing you! I know you’re a cutie underneath all that cool Psychic mon composure and I had to see it for myself.

After you finish eating and clean up the candles and leftovers, you and Gardevour have a long smooching session before moving into the cover of the big tree in the garden.

You lay him backwards over your body and find yourself under the silky canopy of Gardevoir’s dress, face to face with an impressive cock. Gardevoir squeaks when you take him into your mouth as he fumbles to find your dick in the darkness. You show no mercy and Gardevoir has to stuff you into his mouth to muffle his groans.

He’s inexperienced, but you’re easy to please, especially after five days of waiting. Gardevoir splutters around a mouthful of come, making a mess of your belly. You pull out all the tricks you’ve learned from Smeargle to make him orgasm as well.

You’ve completed your wooing of Gardevoir, who you’ll visit in the undescribed evenings every now and then. What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Talk to Houndoom
B. Visit Lanette with Drew
C. Visit the daycare to get an egg and/or talk to the Pokemon there
No. 1071218 ID: f3171e

>Human to help with safety education
Winona seemed pleased with our approach. Maybe she would be willing to help with heading the safety side of Pokemon education.

A. We've given Houndoom time to cool off. Now we should talk to him again and give our confession.
No. 1071403 ID: 9ea24b
File 169353911419.png - (112.16KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>Ask Winona to help with safety education
Sure, you’ll have to put aside time to talk to her but since she approved of your initial training and is pals with Tracy, you feel like you have a good chance of convincing her.

>A, confess you’re a human to Houndoom
>Since you’re going up there, bring Linoone to visit his son
You’ve given Houndoom plenty of time to cool off, which means it’s time to tell him the whole truth about your origins. You tell Linoone that Eevee has hatched, and carry him to the Friendlies Base to meet his kin.

When you arrive, you see Gengar chatting with Eevee with her characteristic grin fixed on her face. Eevee immediately turns to greet the stranger.

:pokeevesmile: Hi mister, I’m Eevee.

:pokelintear: Eevee, I’m your father.

:pokeeveneut: Oh, they told me about you and mother. I’ve been waiting for you to come visit.

While Linoone and Eevee walk away to chat, you face Gengar. She’s no longer surrounded by a miasma of negative emotions, with a face that suggests mischief instead of existential despair.

:pokeflyface: Gengar! Are you feeling better?

:pokegensmile: I’d say I’m 90% back to normal and I’ve seen Houndoom out and about more as well. This little ball of fluff has really energized the camp.

:pokeflyshock: Oho, don’t give Eevee all the credit, I’ve been giving Houndoom life advice and cheering him up. I’m actually here to see him.

:pokegenwink: Be my guest.

What do you say to Houndoom?
No. 1071404 ID: f3171e

I think having Eevee around helped Gengar more than anyone. She loves having someone to mentor.

Tell Houndoom about how you were turned into a little dirt bug by Jirachi, but not about how you're supposed to cheer him up. Might make him feel like it was less genuine. Being human is why you can communicate with humans.
No. 1071411 ID: 4481aa

Convey your feelings through the only medium that can fully express them: RAP!

"Yo! My name's Flygon and I'm here to say, I used to be a human back many a day..."

...Actually, that's stupid. Just talk to him about how Jirachi turned you into a 'mon a while back, and how your human past gives you a different perspective on things. Then reassert that he didn't do anything wrong.
No. 1071416 ID: 6a1eb2

You need to prep the scene and the situation with Gengar some. Maybe make some herbal or berry tea or something, something calming, and invite them to sit and talk privately because you have something serious and kind of heavy to tell them. They should have a rough idea that you are going to come clean with something and are a bit nervous about telling them, and want to remove outside distractions, stressors, etc. from the mix.
No. 1071479 ID: 9ea24b
File 169369805335.png - (96.04KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

>Do you need to involve Gengar?
You confessed to Gengar and Salamence a long time ago, so you only need to worry about Houndoom.

>Herbal tea
You Fly back to Mauville to buy a cup of calming tea at negligible cost and return to base to fetch Houndoom. He requests you sit in his den to talk this time, and doesn’t question where you got the tea. The smell of the drink mingles with that of pine sap as you settle onto the raised floor.

>Confess via rap
Sadly, this calls for a more serious touch.

>Don’t bring up how it’s your duty to make him feel better
:pokeflyface: Houndoom, I want to tell you something very important. This may sound strange, but I was a human until a few months ago. Jirachi turned me into a Trapinch because it was my wish to, er, get closer to Pokemon.

:pokeflyface: I was the one who taught Gengar how to read and write, and I’ve been communicating with Stetson via writing instead of elaborate pantomime. I was never a trainer myself and from my perspective I can tell you never meant to hurt your trainer.

:pokeflylove: I think you’re a nice guy and deserve happiness and love.


:pokeflypanik: Have some more tea. I hope you’re not upset that I lied to you.

:pokedoomshock: No…I’m surprised you don’t hate me.

:pokeflyshock: Houndoom you’re a sweetheart! Once I learned the truth I could never hate you, and I’m sure Gengar and Salamence will agree.

You can now organize a meeting between Salamence, Gengar, and Houndoom to openly discuss everyone’s feelings. Once you do, Salamence’s wish will be considered complete.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon? You want to give Houndoom a break for at least a day.
A. Visit Stetson and see how he’s doing
B. Visit Lanette with Drew
C. Visit Winona with Tracy and ask her to hold safety trainings for trainers
No. 1071486 ID: f3171e

A. See how the kid and his team have been doing.
No. 1071487 ID: 4481aa

A, check on Stetson! See what's he's up to now.
No. 1071489 ID: 918cdb

Encourange Espeon to visit her beautiful baby. She will be so proud her Eevee makes everyone so happy.
No. 1071500 ID: a7a180

No. 1071541 ID: b04e3d

C! Do the safety training help thing!
No. 1071656 ID: 9ea24b
File 169387122108.png - (122.49KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

>Visit Stetson
You bet that rascal is out camping or winning more Pokemon contests. You want to check on him and Sceptile and the other mons to see what their plans are when school starts.

After you finish your morning training, you text Stetson to ask where he is. You wait an hour but don’t get a response, so you text Drew to see if he knows.

:pokeflyface: Hi Drew, what’s Stetson up to these days? I’m trying to get a hold of him but he isn’t responding.

:pokekid2frown: I haven’t heard from him in a while either. I think he had an accident about a week ago?

:pokeflypanik: What?!

:pokekid2frown: Yeah, if that’s true then he should be home in Littleroot. I’m not going to tell you his address but you’ll run into a mon who knows him if you go to that area.

You immediately bid Smeargle farewell and Fly southwest to Littleroot. It’s a big town despite the name, and you spend ages hovering around hoping that you see someone you recognize. There are hordes of Pokemon this close to the sea and they mostly brush you off when you try to ask about Stetson. Eventually you land in a tree, discouraged.

:pokepelfrown: Did you hear about the accident?

:pokeflyshock: Whoa hi Pelipper, I didn’t see you there. Yeah, Drew told me, what happened to Stetson?

:pokepelfrown: We were out hiking when he got shoved pretty hard by something we couldn’t see. Broke his right arm and cracked some of his ribs.

:pokeflypanik: That’s terrible! Can I go see him? Is he okay?

:pokepelfrown: He’s fine, but his parents have him at home and they’ve been fighting about whether to keep his Pokemon outside of their balls since we make a mess of the house, which is why I’m out here. Also his parents are worried because we don’t know if whatever attacked him will do it again.
No. 1071659 ID: f3171e

That sounds like an attack by a psychic type. I'm guessing Deoxys is out for revenge. If so, we've got some trouble on our hands, cause he's just as much of a raid boss as Groudon was.

Ask Pelipper to call his other mon out to discuss this.
No. 1071660 ID: 273c18

Well obviously we need to find who did it. Detecting invisible things is a job for a psychic pokemon. Although, if the invisible 'mon is Dark type that won't help. Do we know of any pokemon who are especially good at this sort of thing? Or should we just try asking Gardevoir for help?

also, have they considered not making a mess of the house?

We should probably talk to Stetson first. Maybe he heard/smelled/felt something that could give us a clue?
No. 1071662 ID: 19ea25

Ghost types can also go invisible, along with Latias and Latios.
No. 1071666 ID: a7a180

Any more details about the attack, whether it was something fast or invisible? The legendaries seemed like they were above petty mortal affairs. Where were you hiking?
As one of his Pokemon technically, put in a good word for keeping them out of the balls, maybe help teach them to help care for Stetson and clean up.
No. 1071668 ID: f3171e

Latios didn't seem to care too much beyond releasing Deoxys as per their deal. We haven't spoken with Latias yet. Might be someone to talk to if we want to take a more diplomatic and investigative approach.
No. 1071725 ID: 273c18

Wait a minute... is this Unseen Force?
No. 1071837 ID: 2c1245

This is serious bad news! We could ask our psycic friend if she can figure out what happened!
No. 1071849 ID: 273c18

To elaborate: Unseen Force is the name used for the mysterious entity in the PMD games that ejects you from a floor of the dungeon if you've been there too long.
No. 1071882 ID: 9ea24b
File 169405359182.png - (98.50KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

>Unseen Force
Is not present in the quest, since there are no dungeons.

>Have they tried not wrecking the house?
:pokepelfrown: Aggron is so heavy he damages the flooring by walking on it, Torkoal fills confined spaces with smoke, Glalie makes the whole house frigid, Sceptile sheds leaves and pollen, and we’re all too big for standard doorways. It isn’t a space designed for Pokemon for extended periods.

>Where were they hiking?
:pokepelface: We were doing the Sootopolis ridge hike.

>Did she and Stetson’s other Pokemon see anything?
:pokepelfrown: No, but it was cloudy. We didn’t feel wind from anything speeding past and a mon going that fast would have injured Stetson much worse.

>A Ghost or Psychic type?
You don’t know of any Ghost Pokemon who have a grudge against Stetson, but you do know three Legendary Psychic Pokemon who might still be upset about the kid catching Deoxys. You could get confirmation by tracking Latios or Latias down with Absol, or asking Gardevoir if he can sense any ill intent around Stetson.

>The Legendaries are above petty mortal affairs
You would hope so, but you doubt it.

You have a good lead that you can pursue now (via Gardevoir or Absol) or you can talk to Stetson and his parents. What do you do this evening?
No. 1071890 ID: a7a180

Pursue lead with Gardevoir.
No. 1071891 ID: f3171e

Pursue the Eon twins with Absol to ask about Deoxys.
No. 1071955 ID: e51896

Ask to speak with Stetson. He'll be happy to see a friend visit him after what he went through
No. 1072015 ID: 9ea24b
File 169422658352.png - (89.54KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>Tie, random selection: Find Latios or Latias with Absol
>Also a random choice for who of the three hurt Stetson: Result hidden
You say bye to Pelipper and promise her you’ll solve the mystery of who attacked Stetson. You have a plan to finally use Absol’s danger sense to find the roaming Legendaries, and you head to the Friendlies Base.

After a brief greeting via quickie, you tell Absol the day has come to use his powers while Flying to detect an incoming high velocity dragon. He enthusiastically agrees and climbs on top of you for the second time that day.

>Guaranteed success
Absol directs you around and shrieks whenever you change elevation suddenly to a better vantage point. Eventually, while you’re above Rustboro, he gets excited and urges you toward the easternmost edge of the city.

:pokeabsface: Right here, peak collision point.

>Latios or Latias check: Latias
It’s getting dark and you’re tired from your long day of Flying, but you still perk up at the blast of air across your face when the Eon sister brakes sharply in front of you.

:pokelatiaface: Whoa!

She has a sweet face and bright yellow eyes. What do you say to Latias?
No. 1072017 ID: f3171e

Start by introducing ourselves and ask if she knows Deoxys, so we can see from how she reacts how she feels about Deoxys.

There's not much use trying to hide intentions from a psychic type. Tell her a human friend was injured after he was pushed by an unseen force, and we're investigating because it might be related to some bad decisions surrounding Deoxys.

Whether it's Deoxys doing it or not, it's probably the inciting incident.
No. 1072021 ID: cb3f52

Greet her, and Tell her that you're not mad or anything, but your trainer was attacked the other day and wanted to find out who did that. You think one possibility might be it had something to do with him catching Deoxys, and if it was, you'd like to request not to hurt him again please. He learned his lesson, and was okay with Deoxys escaping, and you'd like to apologize on his behalf.

Let her know you aren't just asking this request for Stetson's safety, but Deoxys and Latios' safety too, as you have a pokemon friend who had accidentally killed their trainer, and is in hiding from people hunting them for revenge, and you don't want that to happen to her brother and her friend if they continue to go after Stetson, as you're trying to educate peace, understanding, and safety between pokemon and humans.
No. 1072025 ID: a7a180

Woah, pretty, er pretty fast I mean!
No. 1072027 ID: 273c18

Tell her she's cute! But you're here on business. Explain that a human associate of yours was possibly assaulted by Deoxys or one of Deoxys's friends, and could it please not happen again? You're willing to make a deal. If she didn't do it, could she find out who did so you can talk to them?
No. 1072126 ID: 9ea24b
File 169437654121.png - (71.10KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>Let slip that she’s cute
:pokeflypanik: Pretty! Er, I mean, pretty fast. You sure are good at flying.

:pokelatiaface: Thank you, I love flying. Take care of yourself and have a good night.

:pokeflypanik: Wait, I’m here to talk to you. My friend deliberately led me here so we’d run into each other.

>Introduce yourself and explain the situation
:pokeflyface: I’m Flygon and this is Absol, my trainer was injured by an invisible force a few days ago and I think it was because he caught Deoxys.

:pokeflyshock: I’m sorry that my trainer caused Deoxys distress, and I understand if he’s still upset, but my trainer doesn’t want to catch any more Legendary Pokemon and I’d prefer if he wasn’t attacked in the future.

:pokeflyface: I met your brother Latios when he came to rescue Deoxys and he seemed like a nice guy. You can look into my mind to see that I’m honest, you can mediate a deal for Stetson’s safety and I promise Stetson he won’t cause any more trouble.

:pokelatiaface: We can make a deal.

:pokeflyshock: That’s great! When can you get Latios and Deoxys together for a meeting?

:pokelatiaface: I pushed your human. We can make a deal right here, what are you offering?

You’re alarmed that such a sweet, curvaceous lady would shove a child, but you’re glad you’re going to save time by cutting a deal now. You rattle off your valuables and Latias chooses what she wants.
A. Your credit card (you will lose access to the rest of your money)
B. Hey wait a second, this is a huge rip-off, you’re not taking this deal!
No. 1072129 ID: 273c18

B. Latias you can't even use the credit card what are you doing
Tell her if she wants you to buy things for her, you can do that. Is she looking for something in particular?

...does she just want *A* credit card? For novelty's sake? You can get a new one if she doesn't need to use the money associated with it. (report the card lost/stolen)
No. 1072131 ID: eb0c4a

B. What’s the deal for anyway? Why would you keep pushing him?
No. 1072136 ID: 8f9bc4

How about a counter-offer? We don't devote every fiber of our being to getting Latias, Latios and Deoxys all pokeballed the hard way for attacking our friend, a completely helpless human who has been nothing but kind to pokemon thus far, breaking his ribs for no reason. In exchange, she doesn't expect us to pay her off not to cripple more children. What the fuck lady?
No. 1072139 ID: e51896

Can she actually prove she pushed Stetson and not just lying so she can scam us?

Best way to find out: ask WHERE she pushed Stetson. We never told her it was at the Sootopolis ridge hike
No. 1072140 ID: 4481aa

B, Counter-offer: Don't fuck with the kid, or you'll tattle to his dad, who is a former champion. Wouldn't be hard for a guy like him to round up your roaming legendary squad and toss your asses in the PC if he wanted.
No. 1072161 ID: dd3fe0


Yea, asked in what location (both on the body and where they were when it happened) that she pushed Stetson.

I smell a scam...
No. 1072162 ID: f72b35

>Latias you can't even use the credit card 
She could order something online or she can refract light around her body to alter her appearance to look like a human (which is something that she can do according to an in game Pokédex entry and the movie Pokémon Heroes).

>Ask for proof
She's psychic. She can read our mind to find out the details if she wants.
No. 1072169 ID: f3171e

B. Question her about why she pushed him. And don't threaten here right now, she's way stronger than you dumb dumb.
No. 1072174 ID: 42d543

Okay, okay, so be thinking of either something really really annoying (your memory of smelling a durianfruit?), or possibly just the wrong answer, while you ask questions she will have incentive to read your mind for the answers to!
No. 1072261 ID: 9ea24b
File 169456760618.png - (104.27KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>Why would Latias want a credit card?
Presumably to use to purchase things, though you get the sense that she’s trying to hit you where it hurts intentionally.

>Ask for proof it was her while thinking of something else so she can’t read your mind
:pokelatiaface: It was a boy with a Pelipper, Sceptile, Glalie, Aggron, and Torkoal hiking in Sootopolis.

>Be outraged, but not too outraged because she could easily beat you up
:pokeflymad: Why would you even hurt Stetson? Latios released Deoxys, everything worked out and we could have left each other alone.

:pokelatiaface: I don’t like humans who attack my friends. I don’t like Pokemon who are actually humans either, which is why I’d like all of your money.

:pokeflymad: How about a counter-offer? If you don’t leave my friend alone I’ll get his dad to put your ass in the–

:pokeabspanik: Let’s go home Flygon! It’s late and I-I forgot I have to tidy up my den today and I sure don’t want to sleep in a messy den.

Absol digs his claws into your back and you take the hint that threatening Latias is a bad idea. You clamp your mouth shut and Latias nods politely to you before zooming away.

You seethe on the way home after you drop off Absol. The one bright spot is that the Legendary Pokemon are well aware of their autonomy which means you’re not going to worry about educating them in the future.

What do you do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Have the final Houndoom talk session with Salamence and Gengar
B. Visit Lanette with Drew
C. Talk to Stetson and Brendan about Latias
No. 1072262 ID: f3171e

C. It's an urgent issue that they take precautions.

This might be a chance to get Houndoom back on the humans' good side though, if we can get the Friendlies' help saving Stetson. So we can keep that in mind.
No. 1072266 ID: daccfd

A. Stetson is safe at home for now with his father. We can delay talking to them until next time.

Lets talk to Houndoom and the friendlies one last time. If everything works out, we can tell them about Latias and probably get their help to protect Stetson.
No. 1072270 ID: a7a180

C. Brendan may have (or at least know) a team capable of handling this.
No. 1072282 ID: e4a3dc

I wonder if we might be able to ask her brother to get her to back off. Latias is particularly free spirited though, and that might be a waste of time
No. 1072283 ID: 4481aa

C for sure. The sooner you tell them, the sooner they can start taking steps to prevent future troubles.
No. 1072353 ID: f59d42

C.It's going to be hard to improve human/pokemon relations with Legendarys that think they can just attack humans without consequence.
No. 1072356 ID: 19ea25

C: It's also clear we might be a target in the future as well.
No. 1072506 ID: 9ea24b
File 169497351791.png - (111.82KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

>C, this needs to be addressed now
You’re worried Latias will go after both you and Stetson now that you’ve snubbed her and want to get Brendan’s support as soon as possible.

You Fly around Littleroot until you encounter Pelipper again, who leads you to Stetson’s house. Once inside you see what’s become of the poor kid, his right arm is in a cast and he’s dozing upright on the couch with a pillow leaned against his chest. You spot Sceptile and Glalie in the backyard through the window, but there’s no sign of his other Pokemon.

You nudge Stetson awake and he calls for his dad so that you can all sit down and explain what you’ve learned. Stetson has already told his dad about catching Deoxys and after your story Brendan sighs and buries his face in his hands.

:pokekidfrown: What’s wrong dad? You caught Legendary Pokemon before, you could catch Latias and tell her to stop being a bully.

:pokedadface: That was 20 years ago, they don’t tolerate it the same way now. Latias, Deoxys, and Latios are particularly defensive of each other since they’re legal at the Battle Frontier.

>You can’t put Latias in the PC
In accordance with your choice to leave the PC alone, you can’t take any actions that would put Legendary Pokemon in storage, since that triggers the energy overload glitch. It doesn’t sound like Brendan wants anything to do with catching her anyway.

What do you do about Latias?
A. Find Latios and Deoxys and ask them to make Latias chill

B. Give her your money and have Stetson apologize (Brendan will refund half your money)

C. Assemble a Pokemon team to fight her (you can recruit Pokemon from trainers you know) and catch Latias yourself (you’d keep her in a ball outside of the PC indefinitely)
No. 1072507 ID: a7a180

Would A even work? They'd probably just have different terms. Stetson should apologize... but you know what, I need to know what changed about Latias. A, go talk to them.
No. 1072528 ID: e51896

A. there's no garantee that latias will stop hurting stetson if we do B, and I don't really want to catch her as Latios and Deoxys will just come after us to try to release her.
No. 1072538 ID: f3171e

So Brendan knows them personally, maybe? And they weren't so hardcore before. Something must have happened.

I agree. B. assumes Latias would even uphold her end of the bargain, which I doubt. It was just a way to make us hurt. C. would require defeating and catching all three of them, and probably a deadly Latios-Deoxys double battle.

A. is the way to go, I think, Flygon isn't a fighter at heart. Starting with Latios, he seemed the most level headed of the bunch. If Brendan knows them personally, maybe he should be present to talk to him?
No. 1072539 ID: 4ef0bf

Let's do aggressive negotions. Pokeball Latias then use her as bait for the other two. Either they back off or we ball them all. Evil monologue and twirly mustache optional. Oddly the friendlies might actually let their base be used for the ambush since they do care about hum-mon relations. Show that no human or mon is above justice!
No. 1072542 ID: dd3fe0

No. 1072545 ID: 273c18

There's no downside to A aside from wasting time. Let's try that first.
No. 1072553 ID: 5cca99

A sincerity is the best policy
No. 1072599 ID: f59d42

There are realistically only two options. Lets go with A now and if that doesn't work out the second option is to capture all three of them and then just like lock them in a safe.
No. 1072600 ID: 273c18

I'll just state for the record that I'm against doing anything drastic on our own. There are likely human-led organizations set up to handle legendaries that start attacking humans. There might even be pokemon organizations set up to discourage conflict between humans and pokemon. The Friendlies are something like that, even-- they de-escalate situations by releasing unhappy pokemon from trainers. Maybe we can try to find more organized pokemon groups later on?
No. 1072613 ID: 9ea24b
File 169506911488.png - (95.46KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>A, talk it out and keep your money
If you can find Latios and Deoxys and explain the situation, you’re sure they’ll see sense and mediate things with Latias. The issue is that both of those mons are difficult to track down. You can find Latios through Absol, although you might run into Latias again, and Deoxys is a total mystery after you scared him away from his previous hiding spot. You’ll figure that out later.

You tell Brendan and Stetson your plan, then stop by to say hello to the other Pokemon around the house before you return home for the evening.

You and Stetson aren’t in any imminent danger, so you can take a day off to work on other tasks. What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Final session with Houndoom
B. Visit the daycare and educate the Pokemon there
C. Talk to Winona with Tracy
No. 1072614 ID: 273c18

No. 1072618 ID: a7a180

No. 1072623 ID: f3171e

A. Let's help the goodest boy and his friends.
No. 1072731 ID: 9ea24b
File 169516700219.jpg - (123.46KB , 500x500 , p37.jpg )

>Finish Houndoom’s redemption
You buy four cups of relaxing tea in preparation for the emotional event and Fly to the Friendlies base to collect the three leaders.

First you find Salamence talking to a new recruit and have to wait until he’s done to whisper your plan, then you find Houndoom eating a berry under a tree and chaperone him to the quiet spot where Salamence is waiting. When they start fidgeting and avoiding each other’s gaze, you sternly hand them each a cup of tea and order them to stay.

Gengar grins from spiky ear to ear when she hears the news that Houndoom’s ready to talk. She swoops through you to get to the meeting faster, which leaves you with an awful chill that the tea can’t quite chase away.

:pokeflyface: Everyone, I hope you’ve noticed how hard Houndoom has been working to improve himself. He has something very important that he’d like to tell you.

:pokedoomface: I loved my trainer and killing him was an accident. I’ve been bitter towards the humans who hunted me afterwards, but if I hadn’t killed my trainer I probably would have stayed with him for the rest of my life.

:pokedoompain: I’m sorry for not telling you both the full truth sooner. I’m sorry for taking you away from your trainer Salamence.

:pokesalsad: Houndoom, I’ve never regretted that. Not ever.

:pokegendrama: What betrayal! What intrigue!

:pokegenwink: I’m not mad, thank you for sharing, I love you.

:pokedoomshock: I-I, you really, Gengar I thought you really hated–oh, I feel a bit silly now.

:pokesalsmile: Houndoom, I can’t even say how happy I am that you trusted us enough to share the truth. You’re our friend and we care about how you feel and your history.

:pokegenhype: Yes, thank goodness you’ve confessed and now can socialize like a normal mon. With all of us in peak form we’ll be the strongest and greatest rescue team in Hoenn!

You feel a great sense of joy, relief, and accomplishment. The three Friendlies leaders are hugging and laughing together, and you slip away to give them privacy.

You’ve finally fulfilled all of the wishes that Jirachi assigned to you! What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon? Also decide if you ever want to get an egg from the daycare to raise with Smeargle.
A. Talk to Winona with Tracy (should be a quick request)
B. Search for Latios with Absol (50% of encountering Latias instead)
C. Visit the daycare and educate the Pokemon there (and get an egg if you want an egg)
No. 1072733 ID: e5709d

As for eggs, wait until another 'accident'.
No. 1072735 ID: 8f9bc4

You'll need to find a nice bug/dragon girl before you can have an "accident." On that note, Smeargle needs a field pokemon if she wants an egg. Maybe a nice absol, or a furret?

What do you need to talk with Winona about again?
No. 1072742 ID: f3171e

Winona was going to help educate on Pokemon Safety.
I'm not sure if Absol likes girls, but maybe he'd be willing to do a bisexual sandwich to help us with egging the gf. It'd be nicer to have the father be one of our lovers instead of a Ditto clone.

A. Winona is also a Flying expert, and probably knows people in aviation. Maybe she can help you with tracking where Latios frequents, so you can find him specifically? Ask her about it while we're there.
No. 1072744 ID: 4d9a3a

A for this reason
No. 1072750 ID: f59d42

I'm ok with Absol daddy, and if he's not okay with it there's Linoone, Houndoom and I guess Grumpig, why go to a ditto when we have options of friends. On our side thou if we wanna do the deed we gonna need to make new dragon or bug friends.
And speaking of sex with us are we still trying for the fire chicken I forget?

No. 1072752 ID: a7a180

Dittos exist, Smeargle is a nice girl. C, yes.
No. 1072753 ID: 2a82d3


All this talk about finding a nice dragon girl is starting to make me think about Latias having a tsudere crush on you. That this backfired on you is so obvious you're under no obligation to date her, but ngl it be cute if her spitefulness is explained by a healthier-than-normal interest in humans. A "human fetish" is taboo for pokemon, and she knows it.
No. 1072806 ID: 9ea24b
File 169526090448.png - (139.11KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Yes to eggs, but you don’t want the other parent to be a Ditto
There are plenty of male Pokemon you know that you could ask to mate with Smeargle, including Absol, Houndoom, Blaziken, Linoone, or Grumpig. You’d have to mate with a female Flygon to produce a Trapinch egg, so a Ditto might be easier in your case.

>Is Latias tsundere for you? Does she have a love-hate thing with humans?
You could ask, though she’d probably be mad if you were wrong.

>A, get Winona to help with Pokemon safety training
You’re banking on the hope that she’ll sympathize with your cause since Houndoom’s accident happened near her gym. Tracy schedules a private appointment with Winona and after you laboriously write your entire life story, Winona agrees to help educate the trainers who come through her gym about the occupational hazards of Pokemon.

You can ask for one bonus favor from Winona.
A. Ask her to put in a good word with the Elite Four about what a nice lad you are
B. Ask her to put in a good word with Lanette about what a nice lad you are
C. Ask for help locating Latios
No. 1072823 ID: a7a180

I'm glad the gym leader who hosts her battles on giant elevated platforms is so safety-conscious.
B, we weren't an accessory to kidnapping an elite four member after all.
No. 1072826 ID: 22e4ff

No. 1072827 ID: f3171e

C. We've barely interacted with the E4 to get a bad rep with them, and Lanette is a dweeb. Eyes on the prize, helping our little bro Stetson.
No. 1072836 ID: 273c18

B. You know about the secret glitch, so eventually for the good of pokemon-human peace you're going to want to bring it up with her to find out if you can help with a solution. Like, maybe you can broker an official peace agreement with some legendaries in exchange for the PC system refusing to store them and some general agreement of trainers not capturing them against their will?
No. 1072854 ID: 196206

We've been told already we can't change our minds and try to solve the PC issue, so there's not much point in going to talk to Lanette.
No. 1072870 ID: 273c18

The choice was between rebelling or not, using the PC glitch information as a weapon if we rebelled. This is not that.
In fact, tippler said we could talk to Lanette about the glitch if we wanted.
No. 1072874 ID: 9ea24b
File 169533982459.png - (98.55KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

>B, you have the worst relationship with Lanette and could use the PR boost
You haven’t given up on making a deal with Lanette, you’ve just been…busy. It’s all about getting the low hanging fruit from tasks that don’t involve a lady who has legitimate reasons to resent you for your association with Gengar. Maybe you can make an agreement based around your knowledge of the PC glitch? It’s hard to know how accommodating she’ll be when you’ve talked to her exactly once in your life.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon? You’re kind of in a horny mood.
A. Search the desert area for a female Flygon to woo

B. Visit the daycare to see how the non-Ditto Pokemon there live

C. Ask an acquaintance (pick one from those listed in the previous update) to breed Smeargle. You’ll have to make a convincing argument to the mons you haven’t romanced if you want a threesome, though all will be okay with fucking Smeargle solo.
No. 1072875 ID: a7a180

A. You’ve been one before, and it was fun.
No. 1072877 ID: f3171e

C. Ask Absol. If he's not there, we can ask Salamence about female dragons who may be interested in experiencing eggnancy, and give him some pep talking about romancing Houndoom if he still needs it.
No. 1072878 ID: f3171e

Not there or not into it, I mean.
No. 1072907 ID: f59d42

Man I really wanna see what life for non dittos is like at a day care but like only a little.

C. Lets make some egg with Absol, if we ever want another then we can go find a flygon gal.
No. 1072982 ID: 9ea24b
File 169550223817.png - (146.76KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>Ask Absol to bone Smeargle
After clarifying your plan with Smeargle and getting her enthusiastic buy-in, you both head to the Friendlies Base to find Absol.

>Salamence encounter check: Failure
You’re in the mood to dispense advice on love and want to give Salamence a pep talk on how to romance Houndoom now that the Dark dog has rejoined society, but you don’t see Salamence around. Darn.

Thankfully, you find Absol snoozing in a patch of sun on top of a big boulder and explain your request, making it clear he can say yes or no and neither response will change your relationship with him.

:pokeflyface: Well, it’ll change how often I see you over for dinner if you say yes, since I assume you’ll want to spend time with the kid.

:pokeflyshock: But also you don’t have to if you don’t want to! We can keep the father a secret.

:pokeabsblush: So you want me to have sex with your girlfriend and get her pregnant while you participate.

:pokeflylove: Yep!

:pokeabsblush: That’s cool with me, though I don’t think I want to play an active parent role. Hi Smeargle, we might have seen each other in passing but I’ve never introduced myself, I’m Absol.

:pokesmerhap: Hi Absol, nice to meet you.

You help Smeargle and Absol cuddle and slowly get comfortable with each other. You give both advice on what the other likes and work the pair into a steamy mess with your long tongue until they’re eager to breed. Absol is gentle with the painter compared to how he likes to fuck you, and you praise both of them once they’re done.

You fetch some berries as refreshments and keep a close eye on Smeargle’s belly. An hour passes and she swells like a ripe fruit. You’re a little worried, but Smeargle says it doesn’t hurt and lays the egg with ease.

You have a beautiful green patterned egg! Smeargle plans to keep it in her den until it hatches in five days.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Visit Lanette with Drew (What do you say to her?)
B. Search for Latios with Absol (50% of encountering Latias instead)
C. Visit the daycare to see how the non-Ditto Pokemon there live
No. 1072986 ID: f3171e

A. I had a thought. Latios and Latias' attitudes changed since Brendan knew of them, and Latias apparently hates humans now. We know a legendary in the PC system caused the glitch. These two events seem to line up.

Since we can talk about the glitch with Lanette and only Lanette, let's talk with her about it and maybe find out who Latias is actually pissed off at. Drew might have some ideas on the situation too.
No. 1073000 ID: 273c18


Good idea, I'll support that. It'll make for a good segueway into finding out if you can help fix or prevent the glitch.
No. 1073025 ID: a7a180

Time for C.
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