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File 168877398957.jpg - (1.78MB , 1698x2305 , Monster queen1.jpg )
1067335 No. 1067335 ID: dc13c4

This is a continuation of the Rotten Apple quest but it also is like a reboot to it. A story of two characters who bullshit their way through their confrontations.
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No. 1072961 ID: dc13c4
File 169548477269.jpg - (7.71MB , 3508x3192 , Monster queen27.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell him that there is nothing to get from us and that he should just continue to the village.

B) If he is going to threaten you you should threaten him back.

C) Just start lying.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1073005 ID: 2f91b6

...We're supposed to be the impulsive ones. He assaults while he still has the pyromage we're so screwed. Still, got a thing. "We teach while you learn or die. HEY ARCHER YOU'RE TWICE THE MAN HE IS, WHY AREN'T YOU IN COMMAND? WHY DO YOU FOLLOW A MAN WHO WOULD IMPRISON YOU INSTEAD OF CHALLENGING HIM FOR LEADERSHIP?"
No. 1073264 ID: e51896

A. Show no fear, hold your ground. Talking your way through situations like this is what you know best. Best way to do this I think is to make his soldiers realize how much of a baby he is to not take him seriously enough by showing we don't take him seriously, and tell him to just leave

Right now, I don't think he's willing to fight us and risk his soldiers lives. Call his bluff and tell him when he's ready to grow up and stop throwing a tantrum, you'll take him a bit more seriously and lend him some goblins. And it's not just you that can't take him seriously, because right now, this attitude he's showing is exactly why some of his soldiers like his archer hasn't been taking him serious enough to follow his orders, and instead follow their own orders thinking their decisions are better than his. It makes you wonder really who the leader of his group really is and who really should be leader as >>1073005 pointed out
No. 1073281 ID: 641650

>>1073264 Just to be clear part of the point of the last post was to show how the insubordination differs. Our supposed commander stuck to the letter of the orders, while ignoring the intent so he at least was not completely defying us. Like a good disciplined warrior he owned his failure and accepted the consequences. While archer here seems to believe he can unapologetically defy his own superior without consequence. Plus he definitely did not stay non-lethal. So key differences. His troops probably believe they can go without consequence even if caught so it's easy to see why the town wants them to sod off. Should RR survive that's the lesson we give. Should the archer off him well, "So it seems whoever wants to lead can seize power here. Whoever here believes they deserve command just has to kill whoever is in charge." Have a gobbo kill the pyro in the chaos.
No. 1073282 ID: dc13c4

Use all of above tactics, threatening and lying. Just use everything to make this guy back off, and pull all the stops.
No. 1073362 ID: dc13c4
File 169582914763.jpg - (9.70MB , 3260x4669 , Monster queen28.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Give the command to Gram to fire the arrow at the pyromancer.

B) Try to lie your way out of not attacking Ramming Rage.

C) Attack Ramming Rage.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1073365 ID: e51896

B. Remember that spider we pretended to kill? we mentioned something about taking its "carcass" to perform a powerful ritual earlier. We can use that to our advantage

Try laughing and saying that while you were distracting him, your goblins should be now be finished performing their sacrificial ritual on the steed you killed, along with the other sacrifices you performed in the past. And with enough souls, you should now pretty much be able to wipe out his army with the aid of unseen powerful ghostly warriors, and as a generous leader, you'll spare their lives if he and his army doesn't leave now.

hopefully that should be enough for him to bug off, but if he doesn't believe you and doesn't leave you alone, give Garm the signal to shoot their pyromancer without being seen, and tell them that was just a warning, and you'll give them one last chance to go away, because how can he hope to come up against a army of experienced ghost soldiers from hell that he can't even see, especially with his pyromancer dead?
No. 1073366 ID: 96e343

Gram you're up. Perhaps we could turn this into a bluff. "Well credit where it's due. Studying us was wise. Wiser than you've shown to be. Still, you drew the wrong conclusions. Do you know why they all fled? We studied them before we fought so we knew weaknesses. Each was wise enough to leave alive. We know your weakness, however because you've shown to be wise we will give you one last chance to live." Signal Gram now. "Our first move is to show we also know the weakness of your troops as well. Without that pyromancer your forces will face a bloody assault with no chance of success or a siege which will be harried far more lethally than our scout force was so no chance of success. So are you wise enough to leave alive? Or is your wisdom limited enough that we have to show just how much we have studied yourself?" Hope he buys this...
No. 1073373 ID: d8722f

>>1073366 OH! Should he call the bluff, got a thing. Stab yourself through the gut and run back inside the castle. Hopefully the stab will surprise him enough to hesitate. Our harmlessness is still unknown to the hostiles. From inside we can screw with his mind. Pretend that no weapon can harm us at all. He lost before the fight started. Perfect chance for a Sun Tzu quote. "Victorious warriors win then seek battle. Defeated warriors go to battle then seek to win the battle."
No. 1073375 ID: 4f646b

Something just occurred to me, from what I recall we can't hurt anybody when we stab somebody with a weapon it goes through the body. But our opponent doesn't know that and we can use that to our advantage. We can make him think he is fatally wounded without hurting him.
No. 1073443 ID: e51896

Another idea, probably not as good as the others, but this takes advantage of both the ritual we mentioned we'd do with the spider carcass, and our sword.

we tell him that the ritual your goblins did after you sacrificed the spider made you and anyone you want to resurrect themself at any time, and he just wasted his time talking to you to stop it. As proof, you can use your sword on yourself, pretend to play dead, but then stand back up after awhile, and/or bring back the spider you "killed"
No. 1073452 ID: dc13c4
File 169592499682.jpg - (4.67MB , 2416x2916 , Monster queen29.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Go with the arrow attack tactic.

B) Go with the stab Ramming Rage tactic.

C) Go with the stab-yourself tactic.

To make your suggestion more appealing go more into detail about your strategy.
No. 1073510 ID: 1eca03

Perhaps we can de-escalate this... though just to play it safe begin with this. "Gram if he fails to listen you know what has to be done. Our first move is to save you time by committing suicide." Stab yourself. Pause for a second. Pull out the sword. Show off that you are unwounded. "Or at least we would if we could be harmed." Feel free to keep stabbing to emphasize. "We lowered our shield to the archer because of this. Our previous opponents fled because of this. Still credit where it's due, studying us was wise even if you did not get all the details. We had believed you devoid of wisdom but clearly we underestimated yourself." Stop stabbing if you were. "So our of respect we will perform a rare act for us. We hope you appreciate the gravity of this. We officially apologize for the harshness of our words and ask forgiveness." Should he bite offer to buy his supplies and speak well of them so he is less unwelcome at the township. Zero deaths. Perhaps buy a fine drink in honor of a positive deal. Privately suggest he executes the archer because he did openly defy his orders.
No. 1073513 ID: 77025c

I still stand with my original tactic of stabbing him. I do have to admit that my plan has some pitfalls but they can be hammered out. He is sombody who always wears armor he probably had a dramatic past of getting hurt or has a fear of getting wounded. We can exploit that if he believes that we can get to him through all his armor.
No. 1073699 ID: dc13c4
File 169614801191.jpg - (3.47MB , 2872x1761 , Monster queen30.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Use the mist bomb to conceal the knife on the ground.

B) Try to distract him with fake magical words.

C) Try to distract him with "bringing back to life" spider dad.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1073708 ID: 973d0f

Go with the mist bomb
No. 1073825 ID: d195d3

Once the mist dissipates he'll see the knife. HE WILL KNOW WE ARE HARMLESS. Why not just use the mist bomb to get inside? Once in have Gram shoot the pyro. From there we could go with the whole we know your troops weakness, we know your weakness monologue.
No. 1073889 ID: dc13c4
File 169632714464.jpg - (4.80MB , 3073x2463 , Monster queen31.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) I want to be sure that you are also who you claim to be, with your power and your defense.

B) Why does it even matter to you?

C) What's the matter are you scared?

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1073897 ID: 77025c

Go with B
No. 1073984 ID: 3daaf4

Only those two? Piercing is omitted? Watch your words or you may just give away your secret weakness to disloyal enemies within your side. Still if your armor is that good how about we make a bet of this? We get two attacks. We fail to get through your armor and we will let you kill us. We win and we will generously let you leave with your life. Just so you can spread the word of our power but also of how we are merciful. What do you have to lose?
No. 1074005 ID: dc13c4
File 169652633062.jpg - (3.57MB , 2466x2329 , Monster queen32.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Cripticly explain to Grimlith what Gram needs to do.

B) Directly tell Grimlith what Gram needs to do.

C) Quickly tell Grimlith what Gram needs to do.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1074012 ID: c80419

Wow this guy is stubborn as it gets. Go cryptic to hide the goal but fast this guy is losing patience.
No. 1074068 ID: e51896

Hey, I just realized!

Ramming Rage looks like a tea kettle! How fitting, lol.

Just wanted to point that out really. I say A.
No. 1074099 ID: 77025c

According to this post,


We should be able to talk to our allies as lesser demons. So why not just tell Gram ourselves what he needs to do while we send Grimlith to get the knife? If all of that is possible then that is my suggestion. I order Gram to put the mist bomb on the arrow and fire it at Ramming Rage.
No. 1074103 ID: e51896


nice catch, We could indeed talk to our allies, however, the only flaw is that it was stated in that same post "the only limitation to this maneuver is that the allies have to be in a nearby vicinity"

Gram is in the outer walls, so I don't think if we'll be able to reach him. Grimlith on the other hand I think is near enough to us, assuming he didn't run away, or run too far from us if he did. We can probably cryptically tell Grimlith to signal Gram what to do when we choose A by telling him ourself.

Grimlith, may you please signal Gram to fire an arrow with the mist bomb at our vicinity?
No. 1074107 ID: 77025c

You are correct, I probably overreacted with my suggestion so I agree with your idea.
No. 1074241 ID: dc13c4
File 169670933128.jpg - (6.47MB , 3284x3011 , Monster queen33.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Say that the mist is for the ritual of an ancient one to watch this performance.

B) Say that the mist is for your magical incantations.

C) Say that the mist is for bringing the spider back to life.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1074286 ID: a66806

Sneaky ambush? Oh the arrow? Delivery for us. We'd explain but why would we? Surely you have no fear of what we are doing. (Let his imagination fill the blanks. Oh, Grimlith if this goes bad give Gram the order to kill the pyromage.)
No. 1074288 ID: 270452

Or if we really wish to screw with his head, wait for the mist to build up close to his helmet's mouthpiece. "Surely it's no poisonous gas cloud that takes advantage of the fact that even armored you have to breathe. Or that if you kill us you'll never get the antidote before you die."
No. 1074314 ID: 77025c

Now it is a perfect time to use the whole bring back to life spider lie
No. 1074386 ID: e51896

I like this idea
No. 1074463 ID: dc13c4
File 169698160825.jpg - (5.78MB , 3510x2272 , Monster queen34.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) The fog is just for setting up the mood.

B) The fog is so that higher beings can enjoy the show of your demise.

C) The fog is somthing for me and not you.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1074464 ID: e51896

Guy has a solution to everything, doesnt he. Hmmm...

C, but also D. ask orbital why he's in a small cage.
Maybe forming some kind of connection or understanding with him and seeing if theres some way to help him might lead to him helping us in return. There could be a chance he hates ramming rage and follwing his orders against his will.
No. 1074467 ID: e51896

Actually wait, Bobbie and Abdle doesnt have to talk to Orbital. We as spirits can probably do that in secret so that Ramming Rage doesnt get suspicious. We can probably ask Orbital to give us some kind of signal if he needs our help to escape from Ramming Rage (like coughing two times) and if he does, we can work together to somehow get him to help us out of this situation and help him escape

if other suggestors agree to it, my change of plans is to save C for later, and instead do D: ask Ramming Rage about Orbital and his powers and stuff so we get more info, while us lesser demons speak to orbital and see if he can signal us for help. if he does, we can find out how we can use our powers and orbital's powers together to help each other.
No. 1074497 ID: 60e972

Welp our credibility is dead. Expletive of expletives. Guess even clever plans can fail. Plus side we have confirmed who the mage is so even if we fail our gobbos will survive. Still not dead yet though. Play it off as if we desired this. "So what we heard was true. What a fine specimen you have. Still it confirms our Intel. Studying us was wise of you even if you missed a few key details. We have likewise studied you and now we are sure we have no way to lose." (Hey you in the cage. We offer you freedom if you play along. Just confirm he has a knife inside him once we stab his torso. We'll demand you in exchange for "sparing his life" from willing the knife inside him from doing harm to his self.) Got a side plot - tell him to mark the knife however he sees fit so we can show it to him once we have it just as a show of magical mightiness.
No. 1074499 ID: 60e972

On second thought maybe we should have an expert help. Hate to do this. Hey Eldba what is that thing? Would it prefer us to the mercs?
No. 1074518 ID: 77025c

I still suggest we try to use the bring back spider to life lie.
No. 1074568 ID: dc13c4
File 169712417114.jpg - (5.84MB , 3510x2232 , Monster queen35.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Are you scared Rammy?

B) Don't worry it will only hurt how much you let it.

C) Your pet said that there is nothing to be afraid of.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1074569 ID: e51896

I think C

it's like the boy who cried wolf. We lied to him a bunch to the point where he's getting paranoid with our lies getting to him, or he's trying to find lies from us. So if we tell the truth and reassuring him that orbital said there's nothing to worry about the knife, it might get him to start believing there is something he should be very worried about with the knife. maybe to the point of not finding Orbital's info trustworthy.

be sure to say it with a smirk, as if you know something about the knife he doesn't know.
No. 1074572 ID: 77025c

Go with option B I like that one the most
No. 1074576 ID: 29a9ea

For option 2 who is "you"? Bobbie or Rage? Should it be Rage that would be foolish. However if it refers to Bobbie it's gud. Especially if we emphasize we have a sword and shield still. Like option 3 a bit too. Perhaps it would raise his confidence (increasing patience)... before we shatter it lol.
No. 1074732 ID: dc13c4
File 169729397070.jpg - (6.84MB , 3414x2819 , Monster queen36.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) I can feel your heartbeat and it just increased its beating.

B) The power that I use is somthing that even the greatest wizards can't see as magic.

C) Don't worry the only reason why you don't feel the pain is because your screaming would really annoy me.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1074734 ID: 65bc91

Oh please quit whining. While you were wise to study us you missed *why* everyone fled us. We're giving you a warning, exactly the type they were gave. Should have gave up while you were ahead. However here we are. So do you care to see what damage we can do when we do not give warnings? We'll head back to the castle, give you a few minutes to stew on this. See if you learn how invincibility makes you overconfident and thus weakens you in ways you never see.
No. 1074738 ID: ba7ecd

Extra bit: For your insolence all further negotiations will be with Grimlith. We are aware of your disdain for goblins so it is a fitting punishment that you speak to one as an equal.
No. 1074851 ID: 77025c

I gree with this idea


But we should also pepper it with the whole I can feel your heart approach.
No. 1074853 ID: 38e9c9

No. 1074903 ID: dc13c4
File 169755294092.jpg - (4.74MB , 3510x1968 , Monster queen37.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) I have the faintest idea where I left it.

B) Oh I hid it under my sleeve.

C) Why do you ask the question you know the answer to?

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1074905 ID: 77025c

I like option B, just messing with this vuy even more is so amusing to me
No. 1074912 ID: 9723b1

D) Oh are you suuuuure you want to know? Just asking because you may not like what We have to say in response... (Go get that knife Abdle before the mist dissipates!)
No. 1074939 ID: 0e85cc

This, D
No. 1075126 ID: dc13c4
File 169779594373.jpg - (3.99MB , 2247x2503 , Monster queen38.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked about the problem that Abdle is dealing with:

A) Try to dig underneath it.

B) Try to stab it with somthing so that you can go through it.

C) Try pushing through it.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the question that was asked about the problem of keeping the opponent distracted:

A) Say that the mist is for bringing the spider back to life.

B) Say that the mist is for all my dead opponents to get a good show.

C) Don't say anything about the mist, remain silent.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1075127 ID: 77025c

Might as well try to stab the forcefield with the crown on the Abdle side. Bobbie use now the bring spider back to life lie.
No. 1075137 ID: 47c854

Well, for his hallucination thing... "Hallucinations? Hah, well if you're so sure why did Orbital have it too? Or just ask Orbital if the mist has hallucinogenics? Or better yet let's ask a person outside the mist if they 'hallucinated'! Hey show of hands, how many of you outside the mist saw this hallucination of his?" Oh, suggest we not use the spidey thing, he might see we what did to the spidey and notice conspicuous similarities...
No. 1075338 ID: dc13c4
File 169805004002.jpg - (4.11MB , 2363x2602 , Monster queen39.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Accept your demise.

B) Other suggestions.
No. 1075346 ID: 77025c

He said that we danced around his question so let's just do that, let us then literally dance in his face. The whole distraction dance to buy us more time, as for you Abdle dig, DIG as fast as can undernet the forcefield. Use the worm hands to your advantage.
No. 1075352 ID: e51896

That's just crazy enough to work

hopefully it's enough to confuse him and delay his attack enough, but if he still attacks, use those dance moves to dodge around his attacks.

I only hope the force field isn't under the ground too, but I doubt it is, otherwise, we'd see a huge circle cut around the ground, but I don't see anything underneath, so you should be clear, Abdle

get diggin' worm
No. 1075374 ID: b3b0e2

Wait Abdle can hurt people? WHY ARE WE ONLY FINDING THIS OUT NOW? We could have included him with the knife stab to add weight to the stabbing! Ergh. Well no issue. Got three variations of a plan here. First up is Bobbie stabs herself and reels backwards (hopefully out of his range). Hopefully she'll steadily get closer to the castle gate while saying "Oh woe betide me because We have been undone by a plague We never heard of *cough*! Oh we were fools to believe illusions could fool a man this wise *kaff*! Our only recourse is to kill ourselves in despair for failing our subjects *coughcough*! Oh loyal subjects, with our death we ask that you cremate our body and scatter it to the winds for our failure!" Hopefully they will let this theater act play out as it gives confirmation bias. While this is going on Abdle DIGSDIGSDIGS! Variation 1 is Abdle finds a gap in his foot's plate. He stabs there (preferably the ankle) which changes Bobbie's tune. "Fool. Was fun acting, but the act is done. Feel the pain and blood? Does an illusion of a knife cause those? Select your words carefully for you only live to amuse." Find no gap? Variation 2, hopefully Able climbs with speed. Put knife in mouth and climb his rear armor to his head. Stab him in eyeslots. Hopefully the monologue will distract but even if noticed it might be played off. "Oh our final illusion is too late it cannot save us now!" Should Abdle be slow climbing? Variation 3, have Bobbie collapse, let Grimlith and company drag the "dead body" inside. Second plan is similar to the first except Bobbie collapses in the mist to hide. Just to be sure she should move, he may still wish to hit the corpse. Purely to delay for Abdle to hide the knife.
No. 1075470 ID: dc13c4
File 169818396018.jpg - (7.25MB , 3056x3467 , Monster queen40.jpg )

Make him believe your lie and turn it into his reality.
No. 1075566 ID: 77025c

Alright this is how we are going to approach the threat: "I think that you are the one who is trying to lie to me and yourself. You know where the knife is and constantly acting so angry while coming up with all these other explanation doesn't change the fact that the knife is syill in your body. I placed it inside your heart and if I snap my fingers you will fel its presence and die in an instant. You only live because I let you."
No. 1075765 ID: 9723b1

Welp. Hoo boy uh perhaps you could needle a gap in his armor synchronized with a finger snap before you bury yourself? Oh and remove it with a second snap?
No. 1076032 ID: dc13c4
File 169876003113.jpg - (4.82MB , 2482x2493 , Monster queen41.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Go ahead and try to shoot at me again and see what will happen.

B) You will regret it if you try to shoot at me again.

C) Oh Rammy what is the matter, are you that scared of me?

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1076036 ID: 77025c

Excellent we got into the head of the bull, as for the archer let us go with the A approach. Keep it ambitious and let his imagination work against him.
No. 1076045 ID: 3b53ae

So would you like to see your armor pierced by my sword to prove there was no hallucinations? Oh and Archer seems you do get a chance now. Join the winning side~ Why now that We have given a small show of our power the offer goes to everybody here. Especially you pyromage. 100 gold split between those who choose us! First one and pyromage get 2 shares~
No. 1076608 ID: dc13c4
File 169926943367.jpg - (5.61MB , 2855x2779 , Monster queen42.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) If you are not interested in joining or want to fight me then just move away from my castle! You are not welcome here!

B) You find me attractive?

C) You all are pathetic and foolish for not joining me and when I do end up ruling the world you all will serve me as slaves.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1076609 ID: 47c854

Er boxington let me explain this. Each would get a *share* of the 100 we got out of Wormwood. One joins? He gets 100. 5 join up? each gets 20. 50 (all) join up? Each gets 2. Don't intend to get a lot of them - just enough to help Gram with discipline. Drills and such stuff. Still perhaps shares of 50 would be better so we have a reserve. Oh and Pyromage gets 2 shares as an incentive. We will have to keep an eye on who joins since they might flip on us since bribery can also be done by our enemies. With that all said. "Well at least you've learned appropriate respect for us. We do believe in redemption so we'll commute your death to a flogging. Or perhaps... we will graciously overlook the indiscretions of both you and your boss in exchange for Orbital. His abilities would be of enough use that we would consider it reparations for these outrageous acts."
No. 1076615 ID: 77025c

Yeah, I agree with this suggestion, let's get Orbital free. >>1076609
I would like to hear what was the original order that they were sent hrre for. We never got an answer to that.
No. 1076624 ID: cac5f0

Agreed with everyone else
No. 1076743 ID: dc13c4
File 169940730943.jpg - (8.11MB , 3140x3933 , Monster queen43.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) If you want to stay alive Rammy take care of these traitors!

B) It is obvious who wants the position of the second in command more at this moment.

C) I am wondering Rammy can you take all of these ten guys at once? I would really like to see that.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1076779 ID: 4b21e5

Still believe you have a winning scenario here? Very bad choice. Our powers are not needed to deal with this foolishness. (Gram open fire, offing him will dampen morale of the loyalists) Would have been you archer so you are very fortunate you changed your mind. We no longer wish for any of you to join us for now. Perhaps if you grow stronger and wiser, show the excellence we expect that may change. However know this. With or without you we will usher in a new era of greatness for non-human and human alike. Leave now, go forth and spread the good news.
No. 1076954 ID: 77025c

I suggest we convince Ramming Rage that the Pyromancer is trying to get him reprimanded and in trouble with his leader. That will hopefully make him want to take change of his troops beat up or stop the ones who are going against his orders. If we are lucky maybe he will kill the Pyromancer as well, no need for us to kill anybody just push the bull in the correct target.
No. 1077016 ID: dc13c4
File 169971496164.jpg - (7.84MB , 3454x2963 , Monster queen44.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) No it is too risky.

B) Yeah go for it.

C) I am not sure what is your opinion on it.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1077103 ID: 5e59a5

Yeah let's do it. I know that there probably is a risk in trying to pull this off but it is worth it.
No. 1077363 ID: 3d456c

Sure, in this line of work, sometimes a bit of risk is needed. And now is a better time than any
No. 1077519 ID: dc13c4
File 170027531779.jpg - (6.37MB , 2924x2974 , Monster queen45.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Let the Archer to run away.

B) Flirt with him.

C) Humiliate him.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1077544 ID: 973d0f

Humiliate this fool, time to set an example for anybody who wishes to take our life.
No. 1077548 ID: a8430b

Go with the flirt option
No. 1077550 ID: 810441

Let him go, we get nothing of import out of either of these. We have an army to build.
No. 1077624 ID: dc13c4

Well, all of you posted three separate suggestions and we ended up in a stalemate. So I will leave it up to chance with a roll of the dice. 1 and 2 will be going with option A, 3 and 4 will be going with option B, 5 and 6 will go with option C.
No. 1077627 ID: dc13c4

rolled 4 = 4

No. 1077629 ID: dc13c4

Well, this is what the quest will go with unless somebody else doesn't add a suggestion to the tiebreaker.
No. 1077684 ID: e51896

I think B will help for a little bit of mind games. A will probably make him want to get revenge on us harder in the future if we humiliate him, C will just make us look weak. B will inflate his ego a bit tho if we tell him that we find him a lot more mature than ramming rage, and that he deserves better than to follow him and his immature actions.
No. 1077719 ID: dc13c4
File 170052488984.jpg - (5.04MB , 2440x2846 , Monster queen46.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Ask what is she doing in your bed.

B) Get out of bed without saying anything.

C) Push her off the bed.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1077724 ID: 4e6fed

Waking us up is one thing. Getting in bed though? Purely unnecessary - she gets 1 warning. Should this happen again she gets consequences.
No. 1077761 ID: a8430b

No need to go easy on her, push her off the bed without hesitation, and dress yourself for a brand new day. There are a lot of things that we need to do today and no time to beat around the bush.
No. 1077765 ID: e51896


a combination of these two. Let her know you get grumpy in mornings, and you need your personal space. the push was just a warning

also, ask where be Abdle?
No. 1077786 ID: dc13c4
File 170060556946.jpg - (160.57KB , 388x350 , Monster queen47.jpg )

I am sorry for this interruption but I would like to ask mainly the participants of the quest to give me their feedback and fill out the satisfaction survey. That is if you are up for it.

No. 1078270 ID: ca7ffc
File 170126784466.jpg - (4.53MB , 3462x2022 , Monster queen48.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Go first at the councils meeting.

B) Go first to see the village leader.

C) Go first to meet the young stranger.

D) Go first to meet the little girl.

E) Go first to meet the three monster strangers.
No. 1078278 ID: 1c8b6d

Go first to meet the little girl, out of of all the people that want to see us she seems like the most out of place and maybe it would be for the best if she didn't stay here for too long. Her or the three monsters are my nominations on who to come towards.
No. 1078279 ID: 99204e

Little confused. Options 3 and 4 were not mentioned? Well regardless. Strategy says meet with the village leader so we can discuss that with the council. HOWEVER seeing as how this place is all about magic and myth "little girl" has my secret-test-of-character senses going off. Does it still work if we figured out it's a secret-test-of-character or is it invalidated? Well either way see her first we'll just explain it as making sure even the lowest subject is of value to us. Er for PR purposes of course.
No. 1078562 ID: dc13c4
File 170160754447.jpg - (7.01MB , 3510x2822 , Monster queen49.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Accept the gift.

B) Refuse the gift.

C) Have the girl imprisoned in your dungeon.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1078567 ID: 1c8b6d

I really don't know what would be the best thing for us to do, maybe rejecting the gift.
No. 1078569 ID: e54389

"Fine, so long as you are not neglecting your own needs it would be in bad taste to decline. Still, little odd that your parents gave you a task with such dangers rather than do it themselves. Wild animals are more likely to prey upon you than equipped adults. We insist that one of ours escorts you safely to the village. Least we can do for a bearer of gifts." (Easy brownie points if we ensure the kid gets back alive. We didn't have to. We did regardless. Stuff like that is how you build grassroots support for your leadership.)
No. 1078571 ID: e51896

this. accept the gift.

Also, dont worry about the apples being poisoned, that's what royal taste testers are for, to test and see if the food is of upmost quality to eat, and see if they're poisonous. That said, you should hire a goblin or someone to do just that.

but I have a better idea for the apples since there seems to be a lot, whether we decide to eat them or not: cut the apples apart and extract the seeds, and plant them around your castle. with Abdle being a demon stuck in an apple, we can get an apple theme going by decorating our territory with apple trees, and have an easy source of food supplies when they mature and grow apples for us and the goblins to eat.
No. 1078600 ID: de5cb4

Yes, and if they grow poisoned apple trees that could be useful as well.
No. 1078796 ID: dc13c4
File 170188393656.jpg - (6.64MB , 3459x2549 , Monster queen50.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was ask is free to any suggestion.
No. 1078875 ID: 89024a

Specialty is strategy not social. Will say that it's useful to have a backup plan so "brought back to life" would be good to have. She's a little young for a cult leader but perhaps she could proselytize to people her age, start a youth group? Get 'em while they're young and you've got 'em for life. Past that will leave the social stuff to the socialites.
No. 1078876 ID: d36d9b

Oh derp. Have Orbital scan those apples. He detects poison so problem solved! (Just be aware the seeds will have small bits of poisons. Will only make you sick unless you eat a lot of seeds though.)
No. 1078888 ID: dcefc3

Tell the little girl that you are proud of her bravery but also scold her for the reckless action which she took. Tell her that you have other guests at the castle and that you need to see them as well. Also advise her to return home.
No. 1079049 ID: e51896

Thank her for the apples, but also tell her that next time, she has to listen to her father. Make a point by saying that traveling alone can be pretty dangerous with strangers, bandits, or monsters about.

We'll have a goblin escort her home, and speak to her father about not sending her off on her own again.

also this
No. 1079110 ID: dc13c4
File 170230313058.jpg - (6.39MB , 3211x2723 , Monster queen51.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Go to the young stranger.

B) Go to the three monster strangers.

C) Go to the village leader.

D) Go to the council.
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