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File 168297398857.png - (35.62KB , 500x900 , T2_000.png )
1062470 No. 1062470 ID: 87e33c

Strain: To make strenuous and continuous effort by overexerting, twisting, or injuring (a limb, muscle, organ, or societal norm).

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

[SEASON 1]: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ content like violence, and light sexual content.
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No. 1069174 ID: a7a180

You need to make good use of your medical investment! Two periods in the med bed and you'll be in somewhat good shape again. That should be enough time to binge a mech anime.
For the other action, continue to train size shifting. Yeah, it's a basic set of choices, but it's still got the best payoff.
No. 1069206 ID: 4481aa

Go heal up in your new sexy hospital, preferably with Pazuru or Momo there in cosplay.

Then do some training with Josephine to work on your size shifting, while she works on her magic.
No. 1069209 ID: a9af05

Use upgraded hospital to heal.

And I still think we should do this >>1067349 to increase our public image and to heal the 1 point of damage that the city took from one of the previous kaiju attacks.
No. 1069227 ID: 3a16f1

Corey has a point, we should go out on patrol to look some crimes to stop! That way our reputation doesn’t only involve kaiju and catching "streakers"!

Or we could go to a skate park and train in using our skates by doing some sick tricks!
No. 1069287 ID: 7ffd6f

Activity 1.) Heal

Activity 2.) Donate money to heal the city or go fight crime.
No. 1069378 ID: 01fe07

This sounds like a good idea.
No. 1069398 ID: e51896

If we go and get healed at the upgraded medical room, lets convince Josephine and Saba to come with us to get checked for cancer. Early detection can help treat cancer much easier, considering that they irradiated themselves for Arcane Focus.

also, I'm sure Josephine will LOVE the cosplay outfits.
No. 1069400 ID: 273c18

No. 1069407 ID: 0e6f90

No. 1069424 ID: e5709d

Heal both blocks, that's what it's for!
No. 1069467 ID: 87e33c
File 169084739492.png - (14.03KB , 500x500 , T2_063.png )

You drag your feet, Josephine, and Saba with you towards your brand new Super Sexy Evil Medical Room. There's a new mouse-girl doctor stationed at the med-bay. Her name is Gena and she's dressed up in a fancy magical girl outfit wearing a manic smile which gets your attention. She asks you to strip and put on a cosplay of your choice. You go with a sexy nerdy mecha pilot jumpsuit and glasses. They fall off your huge head immediately. Saba and Josephine put on matching Mech pilot suits.

You're pointed towards your usual bed as Josephine and Saba are examined and groan when the results come back. It turns out, both of them have light radiation poisoning from their excessive [MANA] usage. They are placed in beds next to you, grumbling as they're injected with some sort of Anti-Radiation solution.

You decide, while you wait, to watch a giant horse mecha Wanomay called MOBILE STEED CAVALRY: FOR GREAT JOUSTICE. It's a bit of a slow burn, highly political, and you can't deny that Khar Aznobel is the hunkiest, edgiest, maskiest pilot in the series, you really hope he joins the good guys. Pazuru and Momo both join you after a few episodes for emotional support. Pazuru sits on your bed, depositing tons of snacks, and stuffing your maw with some kettle-corn, and for the briefest of moments, you forget that you're just sitting around doing nothing, healing, just enjoying time with your friends.

Gena: Time for your mid afternoon shoooootttts!!
Everyone: Groooaaan

You have taken the [REST] action
- You will heal [(.5(base) x 3(Medical Room Bonus) = 1.5 HP)]
- 1 downtime action's worth of time has passed
- Your Wounds have dropped to 1.5/8 (effective 2/8)
- NOTE: That .5 health does not count to your total until it is a whole number

No. 1069468 ID: 87e33c
File 169084740471.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , T2_064.png )

Your time in the medical room eventually comes to an end, and as you leave, a few of those present give you some ideas for what to do next.

Josephine: We should do some training, I wasted soooo much time there
You: Ugh, I hear that
Momo: Perhaps I'll join you Josephine
Momo: I am feeling a bit ravished and raven does seem… appetizing
Josephine: If you are willing to listen to me talk about why I'm sure Bigfootmoth is not only real,
Josephine: But faked his death, we may fornicate.
Pazuru: That mouse chick wants to fuck your brains out
You: Hwhat?!?!
Josephine: Huh??
Gena: SQUEAK!?!?
Momo: Well who doesn't, really?
Pazuru: Yeah she managed to figure out where Miss Tear worked
Pazuru: And applied for this branch of the government out of hero worship
Pazuru: I'm gonna go stalk Saba and the magic department now
Saba: Ooookay, I'm gonna go study the snake, later
Pazuru: Oh, right, they can hear AND see me now too
Pazuru: Damn corporeal body
You: Well uh anyway, I was also thinking about doing some charity work
You: Donate to the orphanage, help the city as Miss Tear
Josephine: We'll be around!

- You have 1 free downtime action
- You will be given an update on the 2 headed snake next update
- You get the feeling your next [MISSION] will be slightly different than usual

- That nurse looks absolutely embarrassed at pazuru's declaration
- You could probably fuck her AND heal if you wanted

- Train with Josephine([(.25(base) + .75(unique training regimen)]x2(sub brain) = 2XP)
- You are [5XP] away from leveling up Size Shifting

- Visit Mamita while in costume and fight some crime!
- You'll also donate [1 FUND] to the orphanage to heal [1 CITY STABILITY]

- Please see https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204 for other options
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1069470 ID: a7a180

B. We can "train" with them and hear about a mythical monster, which may come in handy to our kaiju studies.
No. 1069483 ID: 365de0

Can we endorse the skatepark project we saw on the news?
No. 1069484 ID: 4481aa

Train by shrinking yourself down far enough to fit in Momo's pussy, and maintaining that form while receiving a real pounding.

Alternatively, you might get something out of practicing a mixture of speed and gentleness in your massive form. Like, having Momo toss eggs in the air, and having to catch them before Josephine can shoot them, and without breaking them. Josephine gets to practice her marksmanship, while you get to practice rescuing civilians.
No. 1069486 ID: bf7195

No. 1069491 ID: a9af05

No. 1069493 ID: e51896

B. We're so close to leveling up and that 2 xp is a pretty big jump. We havent trained in awhile, cant get stale. Plus Josephine could use some training with arcane focus, and we can work on teamwork skills, maybe work on new team moves together too! (Also momo is there!)

Also, the city destruction and stability is just 1 block of damage. We dont have to donate money yet.
No. 1069530 ID: 3a16f1


Momo's shape-shifting can possibly allow her to change her size to be bigger or smaller. So even if her ability is different from ours, she could still give us advice on how we can more effectively use our powers.
No. 1069538 ID: e5709d

A - If we wanted an investment over security we would have gotten Pazuru Mascot and upgraded during the next downtime. Let's get back to 100% so we can go all-out on risk in our next fight.
No. 1069767 ID: 906d53


Charity work and crime fighting will help increase our reputation!
No. 1069824 ID: 01fe07

B for this reason >>1069530 .
No. 1069836 ID: e51896

What if during some of our training sessions with Josephine this downtime action, we visit Lyst again and train there too? this is so that Josephine can get some training advice from the villagers living there since they've had magic much longer than she had, probably since they were born. So they should be experienced enough to teach her some new things and tricks with Arcane Focus to help her be more effective against the kaiju.

If Momo can give us advice on shapeshifting a tiny bit, Josephine can get someone from lyst giving her advice on magic too. though if it isn't as effective as the training facility we have at our lair, then lets not worry about it.
No. 1070010 ID: 38349b
File 169163494577.png - (15.60KB , 500x500 , T2_065.png )

You: Eh, working on the city can wait till it's bad
You: Maybe I can donate to the Skate Park later too

You follow the two outside to your training field and set up a more rigorous training plan. The following weeks are filled with high intensity pseudo games involving you, your guards, Josephine, and Momo. A feeling of familiarity washes over you as you actually witness her SHAPESHIFT, almost like there's something [WILD] to it, with a flavor that's eerily similar to your SIZE SHIFTING.

You find out, through the course of many experiments that while she can get pretty large through the use of her SHAPESHIFTING, but weighs practically nothing when she's several meters tall. However, what she lacks in strength, she makes up for with creativity. Momo frequently surprises you throughout your training as she warps her body into different bestial shapes, tentacled limbs, and pointed implements to try to sneak past your defenses.
No. 1070011 ID: 38349b
File 169163495417.png - (13.91KB , 500x500 , T2_066.png )

Josephine doesn't slack either as she learns more and more what could be possible with a liberal use of [MANA] and the frustration of letting that crab escape. Her pistol can now fire globs of mana that act as a hyperdense material slowing down anyone that was tagged with it, leaving her allies an opportune moment to land a tactical strike.

By the end of the weeks of training you've trained in rescue tactics using a light touch and against the esoteric monsters Momo decided to roleplay as. You even tried to pick up on Momo's specific brand of SHIFTING, failing to successfully shapechange, but feeling like the experience was crucial in your learning process.

Unfortunately, while you have progressed in your training, you can feel that your INSTINCTS have been roused again, causing you to feel a bit hungry for some Kaiju.

You gained ([(.25(base) + .75(unique training regimen)]x2(sub brain) = 2XP) in SIZE SHIFTING
+ TOTAL [XP= 13/16]
+ More options will be added to your [S RANK] modifications if you level up SIZE SHIFTING

- Ties will be broken in favor of consuming or killing Kaiju
- Reasonable arguments will cause Hailey to NOT use her DESIRE to break ties in this way
- Refusing this urge mid-combat will increase it's sway over Hailey

No. 1070012 ID: 38349b
File 169163496787.png - (15.82KB , 500x500 , T2_067.png )

You wake up the day after you finish training and have an absolutely terrible breakfast made by Pazuru. She's obsessed with relearning how to cook and actually takes criticism well, so she's only gotten better over time.

After doing your best to choke down burnt grits and overly salty meats, you head down to the monster lab with her and are presented a screen with Rutherford and Saba's findings related to the Two-Headed Snake.

Saba: The gist of it is that this guy lost its brains
Rutherford: Figuratively speaking anyway
Rutherford: The more complicated explanation is, well
Rutherford: It suffused it's brain meat throughout its entire body
Rutherford: So the whole body is kind of its brain but also is not
Saba: We think it essentially evolved some sort of uhhh
Saba: Limited range organic nanobot hivemind kind of deal
Saba: There's still a core rattling around in there, but our tech can't find it and it's not in its brain
You: That sounds bad, can it's blood like y'know, "the thing" and control everyone?
Saba: Kind of, it can't infect anything thankfully, and we've been quintuple checking everything
Saba: It's range is also pretty small, within around 10 meters, we tested that before it caught on
Pazuru: I was watching them even before I got a body and its sadly true
Pazuru: Would have been *much* more interesting to have kaiju parasites
Rutherford: That's fucked up, but also I can't say I disagree

No. 1070013 ID: 38349b
File 169163499402.png - (14.43KB , 500x500 , T2_068.png )

Saba: So yeah, it's contained for now, but is likely a huge liability
Saba: I think it mostly evolved in captivity to try to find a way to escape
Saba: Feels like it's trying to copy you, even
Saba: But the cage we've continually developed has been just barely enough
You: Think it could be reasoned with?
Rutherford: According to Donna it still wants to eat us all and feed us your entrails
Rutherford: Though it maybe thanked us for the meals we gave it of a few kaiju we let it eat
Rutherford: But!!!
Rutherford: If we keep it around long enough we MIGHT be able to figure out how to evolve your sub-brain
Saba: With a 0% chance of injury on you even!!!
Rutherford: Yeah you keep rejecting my requests to try to set up a nanotech lab with only a smidgeon of a chance of hurting you!!!
You: I have a sub-brain?
You: I guess that's why I've gotten smarter lately!
You: Hmmmm, Pazuru, thoughts?

No. 1070014 ID: 38349b
File 169163500518.png - (13.57KB , 500x500 , T2_069.png )

Pazuru: I think it'd be funny if you could turn it into a friend but you'll need to spend downtime on it
Pazuru: Though it seems like it's starting to get a bit too smart if you ask me
Pazuru: If this was a show, I feel like soon would be when it breaks out and goes on a rampage
Pazuru: I mean, if the other magic nerds and I weren't around anyway
You: So like do they know about you or?
Pazuru: Oh yeah, they know what I am and have been taking magic lessons
Pazuru: Ol Saba and Josephine are my prized Pupils!!!
Pazuru: Rutherford's my bitch though
Rutherford: Yes Mistress!
Rutherford: I mean uh-
Pazuru: Fucker loves to be bossed around
Saba: Yeah, not my fetish, but keep it PG-13 in the lab, no fucking on my equipment
Phyllis: It's debrief time, finish up down there!
You: Hmmm…

- Eat the 2 headed snake, gain [1.5 SIZE SHIFTING XP] [14.5/16XP]
- No potential future complications will arise from it being alive

- 35% chance it successfully escapes it's captivity mid-mission
- You will have to try to recruit it, upgrade your sub brain, or kill the kaiju if it remains in captivity next intermission

No. 1070018 ID: fcfd12

Would rather not have a risk of having it escape. Our sub brain is fine the way it is, we have enough teammates helping us, it'll fix our primal penalty if we eat it, it'll give more room for more kaiju we capture, and xp for our size shifting will increase.
No. 1070019 ID: a7a180

B. Risk means progress! If this were a TV show, the first villain you encounter also has a good chance of switching sides in the end. And otherwise upgrading your sub-brain is a rare opportunity. The lab has had lots of time to develop countermeasures!
No. 1070020 ID: 273c18

B. It'll be fine.
No. 1070021 ID: a2cc8d

B, we can risk it for the brisket
No. 1070022 ID: e5709d

(A) You're really close to a breakthrough. One consumption and a training session and you'll reach S Tier, enough to greatly reduce risks during missions. Meanwhile, if the snek breaks containment, they'll likely kill some of your team, report back to their base, and generally lower your rep since you didn't do a good enough job of keeping this vore fetish away from the general public.

I'd like a giant snake monster as much as you do but they're just getting too smart. What with their whole body becoming a brain and all.
No. 1070025 ID: 4481aa

A. As much as I'd like to try upgrading the sub-brain, I think it'd be cool to take our size-shifting to the next level.
No. 1070034 ID: 58dd24

(A) Yeah, befriending it sounds like it would have been an interesting road not traveled, but we would have wanted to start on that a while ago. Time to claim what we can from it.
No. 1070036 ID: 3a16f1

>Yeah you keep rejecting my requests to try to set up a nanotech lab with only a smidgeon of a chance of hurting you!!!
We're not rejecting your requests, we're just focusing on making sure we heal ourselves!

But, yeah, upgrading our Nanobots does sound like something we could use.


Let's not risk it.
No. 1070055 ID: db4494

A) A bit too late for befriending, and too smart to reliably contain. It's consuming time. Don't forget to sign the proper forms.
No. 1070056 ID: 2ef7dd


A chance to improve our sub brain to get better exp gains from it is something that's worth the risk!
No. 1070251 ID: 38349b
File 169206894784.png - (12.09KB , 500x500 , T2_070.png )

There's a moment where you imagine a world where you and this kaiju were fighting against the world. You can see, in your mind's eye, the kaiju using its nanobots to create an organic Tension Suit. It's bestial, it's raw, it's Primal. And you let a single tear fall because the chance of that isn't worth risking what you've built, hurting those who are here, or letting it reach Kaiju Island.

So you enter the chamber and do what needs to be done, you're not risking your current friends for a potential one. You consume the peach-pit shaped core of the creature and watch as it's remaining body parts turn to sludge. It's only then that you notice a tunnel, apparently it was trying to dig its way out and using its organic nanobots to lay an illusion of the real floor. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth to have been rightfully paranoid.

You've consumed the 2-Headed snake
- You gained [1.5 SIZE SHIFTING XP] ==> [14.5/16]
- All of the remaining Kaiju in containment have been frightened into passivity
- Captive Kaiju Capacity has been reduced to [2.5/8]

No. 1070252 ID: 38349b
File 169206899412.png - (12.90KB , 500x500 , T2_071.png )

You head up to the meeting room and are greeted by Wake, Cougar, and Phyllis, and Alberta, Josephine. They gesture for you and Pazuru to take a seat.

Knee: Why's the kitten here, shouldn't she be in school?
Pazuru: I'm the unofficial mascot!!
Pazuru: Also older than the carbon that makes up your body!
Pazuru: Bite my fluffy fleshy tail!
Josephine: Where's Momo?
Pazuru: Tired from training for half a month
Knee: This is how security leaks happen Cougar
Knee: We let a contractor just run around doing wha-
Cougar: Enough Knee, she may be unorthodox
Cougar: But she gets us RESULTS, so shut up
Cougar: Alright everykin, here's the situation

A screen behind Cougar lights up, showing several blips on a world map. The lights are blinking in a circle around the ocean, one light you recognize as being near your city, Donjon, another, you recognize as being near Wano, home of some of your favorite animated cartoons.
No. 1070253 ID: 38349b
File 169206900960.png - (12.04KB , 500x500 , T2_072.png )

Cougar: According to the nerds downstairs, the crab is teleporting
Cougar: Our quick work has shown that it's not just the crab that's moving, but a whole island
Cougar: We've been tracking it's movements since you let it go
Cougar: It vanished at a certain point a few miles off the coast
Cougar: And according to our data should be reaching our shore again in day
Cougar: Your mission is to infiltrate the island and gather as much intel as you can
Josephine: Will we be operating as support?
Wake: No, the Guards will stay behind
Wake: We presume there will be an attack while you are there
Phyllis: There's also a significant chance for no cellular or satellite coverage
Phyllis: So you'll be going in blind
Phyllis: But we'll be providing a drone for you to use to gather the intel for us
Cougar: Take as many photos, gather samples, and figure out what's causing this whole mess
Cougar: Then book it out

- Rewards are dependent on if the drone survives and what you find

You've gained the KAIJU-CAMO DRONE
- A modified drone made to look like a small Kaiju
- The drone will passively be controlled by your sub brain and Nanobots
- Has a telescoping camera and microphone
- You will be warned if it is going to be in danger
- Careful a large Kaiju doesn't try to eat it!

No. 1070254 ID: 38349b
File 169206902636.png - (12.55KB , 500x500 , T2_073.png )

Cougar: There's a chance it warps while you're there so you may be a bit of a ways away from home
Pazuru: Translation: you'll probably lose some DOWNTIME if you take too long.
Josephine: Given your unreal stamina, it's unlikely you'll need to rest or waste time
Alberta: Not unless some unexpected King of Kaijus pops up
Pazuru: Eyyy, planting those flags like a real Wanomay side character
You: Yeah, you just jinxed me Alberta
Alberta: I'm going to punt you both to the moon
Cougar: But in all fairness, you're the Kaiju expert here, what do you need to get the job done?
Phyllis: Due to the time sensitive nature of this, we only have time to prep one support item for you.

- A modified miniature radio tower disguised as a Kaiju Corpse
- Can connect to your nanobots to allow for remote communications
- You have to take time to set up and dismantle it
- Incredibly Fragile

- Several small timed explosive charges
- Can connect to your nanobots to become mobile and remotely detonated mines
- Are inert when on your person
- Can be used to destroy structures or to create distractions

- Suggest a different mundane support item
- It is recommended that you pick some sort of technological item
- It will gain a small interesting ability or boost when paired with your nanobots (if technological)
- You can also choose to take nothing else for a bonus [2 FUNDS] on mission success
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1070255 ID: 4481aa

B, simple, effective, and versatile
No. 1070256 ID: a7a180

C. A katana to cut through jungle vines, jungle denizens, and jungle bureaucracy!
No. 1070258 ID: d4f740

C. Since we can turn tiny, why dont we upgrade the KAIJU-CAMO DRONE to make it rideable for our tiny size?

For the upgrade, give it an interior with a tiny seat and window to look through, armorize it so that we can take hits while we're inside, and maybe get some projectile weapons if we need to attack and protect the drone, like some kaiju venom, and the foam the government uses
No. 1070259 ID: a7a180

Oh yeah, we could make it more responsive and agile with manual controls. Possibly even operate it remotely with our sub-brain and nanites in a more natural manner!
No. 1070262 ID: e5709d

C) More. Drones.
Seriously, only one drone?! No, you have nanomachine superpowers and you need to implement them to the fullest!
Work with the lab to cook up some disposable low-grade drones that can be piloted by your nanomachines. Each comes equipped with:
* Last year's old recycled tech from all the unsold Comms - or even a bunch of reprogrammed Flip-Comms!
* Low-grade or cracked webcam
* Surplus RC racecar
* A grenade
* All tied together with various toxic waste materials so these bastards will get poisoned even if they manage to eat every last drone
And then you can scatter them all around you and keep the kaiju busy while they gather basic data
No. 1070264 ID: 49fed5

C: extra drones. Not just for backup but extra in-field intel, and improved information gathering. If they're all different shapes/models, thats fine and also amusing.
No. 1070275 ID: 6ca1f5

>Not unless some unexpected King of Kaijus pops up
I wonder if it'll take the shape of Godzilla with a stapler for a head? It'd make sense that the final boss would be the opposite of our character, who is a staple remover!

>bring anything?
C. A device that lets us camoflage ourselves.

When paired with the nanobots, it might allow us to become perfectly invisible, not able to be detected by sight or sound or smell or anything! The perfect thing for a stealth mission!
No. 1070333 ID: e51896

Since they're done researching the snek kaiju, Lets ask the scientists to research the markings the kaiju summoner centipede made in the cave where we fought it. I have a feeling it might help with anchoring the island in place
No. 1070569 ID: 87e33c

rolled 3 = 3

No. 1070571 ID: e5709d

...Why can't we re-roll in the helicopter and the many turns it will take to reach the island?
No. 1070581 ID: 38349b

Because Hailey Mary
No. 1070585 ID: 38349b
File 169276179088.png - (12.88KB , 500x500 , T2_074.png )

You: Feels like an oversight that I'm only getting the one drone
Pazuru: That's what I said when Rutherford was sawing apart Kaiju meat to disguise it
You: Can we get more?
You: I'm talking like old-ass drones
You: Mounted RC car cams, cracked webcams
Josephine: OOH! Maybe put a grenade on one or something?
You: Toxic waste too?
Pazuru: Toxic waste will probably let them evolve
You: Okay, no to that one then.
Alberta: You do realize these won't be disguised right?
Cougar: Could we reinforce the data storage then?
Knee: The nerds downstairs could easily do that!

After a quick raid to the nearby GreatestPurchase electronics store, and a night of rushed work from the scientists while you get a good night's rest in, you are given a backpack with your new pieces of gear as soon as you wake up.

- There are 3 charges included
- You may expend a charge to produce a CAMERA, WHEELED DRONE, OR FLYING DRONE
- CAMERAS are the most easily hidden, but remain at fixed angles
- WHEELED DRONES are fast and loud, functioning great as distractions
- FLYING DRONES are fragile, easily spotted, but can provide the most intel
- They're still metal and will stick out like a sore thumb
- These devices have been reinforced, them a 60% chance to survive an attack
- Attached to each of these are small explosive that can be detonated as a distraction, at the cost of the footage only having a 30% chance to survive
- You may also ride your drones at a very small size and low weight if you want

No. 1070586 ID: 38349b
File 169276180983.png - (20.09KB , 500x500 , T2_075.png )

The time when the island is supposed to be getting close draws near, and you're flown in a helicopter to a point high above the water. You can barely see Donjon in the distance. You hear your Comm link buzz with life as your companions speak.

Alberta: Okay, so you'll have to jump on my mark and aim vaguely forward
Pazuru: You won't be able to *munch* see it until you pass the antimemetic field
Alberta: It... there's no way it functions via antimemetics
Alberta: The possibility that we are just *ignoring* it is-
Pazuru: Oh, *slurp* oh, I forgot to ask, do I get a code name?
Pazuru: I'm on the radio now, I need one right!
Pazuru: Can I be "Thousand eyed dark witch"
Pazuru: Maybe "The Millenium Pussy"
Phyllis: I vote "Edgelord" or "Weeb"
Pazuru: OOOH, I'll be "Edgelord"
Alberta: Why the am I the only professional one here?!?

You toss your dice, taking a moment to make sure you don't fuck up your roll and land a [3]. You thankfully avoid the low roll penalty, but not by much. Your transformation isn't as flashy as normal, but the good news is that your backpack and special drone integrates with your suit, ready for easy deployment.
No. 1070587 ID: 38349b
File 169276182786.png - (14.00KB , 500x500 , T2_076.png )

Soap: Coming up on our window, don't forget you'll be going in without comms
You: Got it!
Comms: 3... 2... 1...
Comms: Mission start!

You hop off of the vehicle, and do as you were told, shifting your weight so that you can float vaguely in a forward direction. Twenty seconds pass before your ears are assaulted by a tearing noise and your eyes are greeted with a fantastical paradise, the island of [PARADISO]

There are dozens of flying Kaiju circling a massive smoking volcano, large orb-like creatures prowling about the beaches, dense foliage rivaling even the most tropical of paradises, and an uncountable number of both skeletons and exoskeletons dotting the beachside. You take a deep breath and feel like time stops for a moment as you decide where you want to explore first.

- If there are kaiju surrounding it, SOMETHING must be there
- Clouds and smoke obscure the finer details at this distance

- The bones and carapaces have clumped together in such a way as to almost create a coral reef
- Large Orb-like creatures prowl the beaches near these bones, occasionally consuming an out of place kaiju

- The trees move and thrash about as Kaiju make their way through
- The echoes of pincers snapping and fangs biting can be heard with an alarming frequency

- Can you come up with another approach on the fly
- Or do you see something else you want to investigate?

No. 1070588 ID: d65d0b

A. The volcano

Because once we're done investigating it, we can easily float down to the other areas. Plus we'll get a good view of the island on anything interesting we want to check out after we finish the volcano.

Going to the other areas first might make it difficult to climb back up if we want to investigate the volcano later.
No. 1070590 ID: a7a180

Start from the outside in. Investigate the beach. What are those things, and what do they seem to select for?
No. 1070591 ID: 4481aa

No. 1070593 ID: e5709d

D) There's a glint on the beach. Pioggi's COMM? Wait, why are all those mini-kaiju prostrating before it?
No. 1070597 ID: 2f7f6e

B) Start at the edges, end at the volcano for drama's sake.
No. 1070602 ID: e51896

To add to my argument of doing the volcano first: the volcano is farthest from the beach, and we know that the volcano is farthest from the edges of the island since it's in the middle. We also know that this island is going to teleport at some point. It'd probably be better and make our escape easier and shorter if we start out at the volcano, and then work our way towards the beach to escape rather than start at the beach, go to the volcano, and then go back to the beach again just to escape.
No. 1070605 ID: 1bdeb2

Seconded, let's do the volcano first.
No. 1072239 ID: 87e33c

rolled 14 = 14

No. 1072254 ID: 87e33c
File 169456343832.png - (12.08KB , 500x500 , T2_077.png )

You plummet towards the smoking volcano, angling yourself above the smoke as you dive through the sky. The Kaiju themselves are circling the smoke and top of the Volcano tightly, there's no room for you to maneuver around them.

You hold your breath as one starts to turn to look in your direction, but you safely dive into the smoke just before you're seen. You let out that breath and find that the smoke is rather dense and slightly arresting your momentum. It feels almost like you're in a pool of water.

You increase your weight slightly to fall quicker and feel a slight pressure on your body radiating out from the center of the smoke. It's impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you, but you get the feeling that you've disturbed something by entering the smoke to avoid the notice of the smaller Kaiju.

You have yet to deploy your KAIJU-CAMO DRONE, it will automatically be deployed when you land.

- Dive past the smoke into the Volcano itself
- You'll avoid notice but won't be able to tell what it was

- Move deeper into the smoke, and attempt to glimpse what lies within
- 40% chance something notices you and responds

- You could deploy a drone, or something from your inventory
- 20-40% chance for a complication to occur depending on your selected action, or if you stay in the smoke
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1072255 ID: a7a180

The safe option. If you go loud I swear I’m restarting the lobby.
No. 1072257 ID: 4481aa

B, we're gonna have to take risks eventually to make progress, and all this one indicates is that something may "respond". It's vague enough that it's probably not gonna be devastating, may just put us in a SITUATION that we need to figure out.
No. 1072259 ID: fb8a42

B: Risk it for the Kaiju-flavored biscuit
No. 1072267 ID: e5709d

C. This is what those disposable drones are for.
No. 1072269 ID: e51896

B. But turn tiny so that you're harder to notice and maybe lower that percentage. We havent tried being tiny that often in missions. Lets take advantage of that.

Tho if turning tiny for stealth is considered C and not B, then make my choice C instead
No. 1072281 ID: acf683

No. 1072340 ID: a9af05

Can we use our nanobots to fly? We could probably make ourselves light enough and small enough to have our nanobots form a platform under us so they can carry us. Or if not a platform, just have them swarm around our body like a cloud to carry us.

>what do?
B. Gotta take those risks, otherwise we won't get anything done and the island might teleport away while we're still on it!
No. 1072630 ID: 87e33c

rolled 91 = 91

BECOME REALLY SMALL -10% difficulty
if(roll <= 35)VolcanoEscalation();
No. 1072634 ID: 87e33c
File 169508174004.png - (13.88KB , 500x500 , T2_078.png )

You think about how cool it would be if your nanobots could fly, it would help you so much at a low weight, but unfortunately they lack the capability. You can't make them form a floating platform either, but you could have them form makeshift wings. So you do that instead, making a pair of wings sprout from your hips to help give you better movement at your low weight. You reduce in size too, making travel take a little longer, but decreasing the chance that you're seen by a significant margin.

Your descent begins to stall until you're actually flying, you have to flail a bit at first, and are definitely not proficient in it, but it'll definitely pass for a stealth mission.

After getting your bearings and almost popping outside of the smoke, you head deeper into it, searching for that presence you felt.
No. 1072635 ID: 87e33c
File 169508175776.png - (13.26KB , 500x500 , T2_079.png )

As you travel through the smoke you get the distinct impression that your cameras just wouldn't be able to capture footage in here, not unless you disrupt the smoke somehow. As your thoughts start to wander, you notice motion below you.

A massive black tail streaks by, approximately where you'd be if you kept falling, and you follow its motion back to the source. If you were unlucky and got hit, you probably would have been launched to a random part of the island. You shrug off the thought and approach the creature. It looks to be approximately 10 meters tall, but its form is... fuzzy, almost like it's shifting between being smoke itself, and being physical, or that it can't decide what it's form should be.

The creature is breathing IN the smoke, but you can't tell if it's exhaling it at all. While you can't make out its full shape due to the fluctuations, you can make out two distinct features. It's face looks like some kind of lizard, and it's packing a massive pair of... something, bosoms, balls, maybe both?
No. 1072637 ID: 87e33c
File 169508180933.png - (12.58KB , 500x500 , T2_080.png )

You hear the sound of something slapping against a thick and viscous liquid, and then feel a rush of hot air come from below.

You hold your breath as a gust of thicker, almost green-tinted looking smoke comes up and is immediately sucked right into the creature in front of you. The creature stirs slightly and you can hear that CHIME, the distinct one you remember hearing right before every Kaiju attack.

Only this time, it's practically deafening, radiating off this beast. This sends you reeling as you fall away from the creature and near the edge of the smoke. You take the opportunity to lower yourself to the bottom edge of the smoke, peeking your head out.
No. 1072638 ID: 87e33c
File 169508181928.png - (15.07KB , 500x500 , T2_081.png )

You see lava bubbling below you, surrounded by superheated rock and obsidian. Your eye stops as you notice three things. There is a large, lit opening into what looks like a cave, a Kaiju that seems to be flying away from the volcano, and right below it, the carcass of what looks like a mutated Kellpo, letting off that green smoke.

You have yet to deploy your KAIJU-CAMO DRONE, it will automatically be deployed when you land.

- Pick something to look into
- There is a CAVE, a BODY, and THE FLEEING KAIJU

- And do what?
- 40-60% chance the beast notices you depending on what you do

- You could deploy a drone, or something from your inventory
- You could also leave the area and explore somewhere else
- 20-40% chance for a complication to occur depending on your selected action
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1072640 ID: 435f13

Investigate the fleeing kaiju
No. 1072642 ID: a7a180

Investigate the body, leave the drone to observe it further.
No. 1072644 ID: 273c18

From what we've seen and heard... I know what happened here. The fleeing kaiju just deposited that mutant corpse, and the green gas is feeding the chime beast.

Investigate the body. Find out where it came from and how it's being turned into green gas, and you may be able to sabotage the chime beast.

Send drones out while you're doing so. See if you can get one to take pictures of the cave, especially.
No. 1072655 ID: 99ca7b

Investigate Body. At the very least snap a picture as you glide past
No. 1072673 ID: 4481aa

> and it's packing a massive pair of... something, bosoms, balls, maybe both?

Why not both?

Investigate the body.
No. 1072699 ID: e51896


Yeah, lets investigate the body. But no sabotaging anything as this is a stealth mission, and we don't want to get spotted, especially not from whatever monster is in the smoke, and not this early. (but this info could be valuable if we want to sabotage it in a future mission)

And I agree on sending out a drone to investigate the cave. And if there is a monster inside and if it spots that drone, we can probably have the drone get chased by the kaiju to get it out of the cave so we can investigate the cave ourself with the kaiju gone.

I say use a wheeled drone on that cave, while it makes noises it's probably dark enough in there along with some cover to not get easily spotted. Plus if there is a kaiju in there, it will be the fastest to not get caught as it tries to distract the kaiju out of the cave.
No. 1072909 ID: 87e33c

rolled 95 = 95

if(roll <= 20)WheeledDroneComplication();
No. 1072920 ID: 38349b
File 169543678461.png - (12.55KB , 500x500 , T2_082.png )

You head over to the carcass of the Kellpo, and notice that it's actually been placed on a slope, slowly sliding into the lava of the volcano. You don't want to miss anything, so you land and deploy your KAIJU-CAMO DRONE as you shift to a more normal size. The thing looks like an adorable tiny winged velociraptor, stitched together using delicious looking staples. You maneuver it over the corpse and guide your linked nanobots inside to get as much footage as you can

Unfortunately, even after looking it over, you're not able to tell why it's letting off that green smoke. You are able to tell that the smoke isn't coming from a wound, and is instead coming from the whole creature. And it's weird, but you kind of feel… hungry for the smoke, and not the corpse?

You've deployed the KAIJU-CAMO DRONE
- You are using your sub brain to passively control the drone
- It will passively collect footage and audio from what you encounter unless otherwise ordered
- You will be warned if it is in danger

No. 1072921 ID: 38349b
File 169543679415.png - (13.74KB , 500x500 , T2_083.png )

You step away as the carcass falls into the pool of lava with a loud plop, causing the green smoke to vanish along with it. You shrug, and head over to the cave's mouth, deploying a different, wheeled drone and having it explore. At first, you planned on using its loud movements to attract whatever was in the cave outside, but nothing seems to respond after about a minute.

You shrug and check the footage on the thing, but the cameras on the wheeled drones are kind of garbage. The best that you're able to make out is that there's some sort of multicolored lights adorning the wall, and lots of tiny things on the floor that get in the way of actually getting a good look at anything.

You've used one of your DRONE CHARGES [2/3 remaining]

If you were to go down there, you'd probably need to use your flashlight to see, potentially alerting something there to your presence.
No. 1072922 ID: 38349b
File 169543680635.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , T2_084.png )

You take a peek over the lid of the volcano, to the rest of the island. You can tell that there's some sort of violence taking place on the beach, while the forest seems to have stilled somewhat. This spot seems to be the perfect vantage point, you're sure that if you left a camera here for a while you'd be able to get some good data, but disguising it from the watchful eyes of those flying Kaiju would take some time, since they are rather metallic and shiny.

You found a good spot to set up a CAMERA, do you want to set it up?
-Setting up the camera secretly will take an [UPDATE] of your time
- But it will help progress your main objective

What do you do NEXT?
- Will let you discover it's contents and get better footage with your Kaiju-Camo drone
- 50% chance for a complication

- 50% chance it's too dark to find anything important
- No chance for a complication

- Visit the SKELETAL REEF, there's something going on over there
- Visit the DENSE JUNGLE, there's barely any motion coming from the trees right now

- You could deploy a drone, or something from your inventory
- 30-60% chance for a complication to occur depending on your selected action, you get the feeling that those flying Kaiju are paying attention to the volcano
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1072923 ID: a7a180

Set up the camera and explore the jungle while it's quiet.
No. 1072924 ID: e5709d

B+D) Explore the cave in the dark while your drone scouts out the reef.
No. 1072926 ID: 273c18

Set up the camera. Best to get that out of the way.
No. 1073032 ID: a9af05

>hungry for smoke, not corpse
Maybe that's the kaiju's essence and that's what you want more than the meat of the corpse?

Set up the camera

>what do?
A. Investigate the cave. We need to take a chance at trying to find something important that will hopefully help us figure out a way to anchor Paradiso so that we have a better chance of fulfilling the overarching plot of beating the Kaiju!
No. 1073181 ID: b135a7

Set up the camera and investigate the jungle
No. 1073188 ID: e51896

On second thought, that's a good point. Might be able to help the bois in the lab if they got more info.

Changing my vote to A, and bring a flashlight so that even if there is a complication and we get caught, we'll still be able to gather information. and we can use another drone as a distraction to get away if we get caught

Don't worry about being a little reckless and accidentally make some noises, we already know that whatever is in there cannot hear us, as the wheeled drone made a lot of loud noises, but was left undisturbed. With that in mind, We can probably even run in and out as we gather info so our stay in the cave isn't long to lower chance of being caught instead of moving slowly to not make noise.

also, with the reference to the footage we got from the drone, we know where to go to reach the walls, and the lumps, or anything else that is interesting that the wheeled drone found but couldn't make out. maybe only use your flashlight when you reach those areas as those probably have the most valuable info.

yeah, set up camera too towards the reef
No. 1073266 ID: cf9629

>smoke delicious?
Well, you know that the Kellpos have acid in their throat sacs, right? And the scientists back home have discovered that in small amounts Kaiju acid is a delicious and addictive condiment for food. So maybe that green smoke is the Kellpo's acid evaporating from the heat of the volcano and turning into steam? That could be why it smells good?


Would shrinking help reduce our chances of being caught?
No. 1073270 ID: e51896

It might, but I think travel might take longer if we shrink

but maybe that won't be much of an issue if we ride on our KAIJU-CAMO DRONE in the cave while small to where the wheeled drone spotted something
No. 1073284 ID: 87e33c

rolled 9 = 9

No. 1073293 ID: 87e33c
File 169575579458.png - (10.33KB , 500x500 , T2_085.png )

The commotion seems like it will be going on for a little while and the flying Kaiju seem distracted, this is the perfect time to set up a hidden camera. You take some time to find a perfectly shaped crevice and set up the camera so that it has the broadest angle possible.

It takes you a little while to get it into position. Then you set up some shade so that it won't glint at the wrong angle. You manage to get it set up and turned on just as some weird 8-winged creature flaps on by. It doesn't notice you.

You've used one of your DRONE CHARGES [1/3 remaining]
- This drone is HIDDEN from FLYING BEASTS and should be able to get useful data
- Don't forget to recover it before you leave!

No. 1073294 ID: 87e33c
File 169575589037.png - (24.80KB , 500x500 , T2_086.png )

With that out of the way, you decide to head into the cave. You pack up your wheeled drone, shrink to an appropriate size, and hop on top of your Kaiju-Camo-Drone.

A WHEELED DRONE has been added to your inventory
- You don't regain a drone charge, but you can redeploy this one at will

As you enter the cave, you realize that it really is too dark to see much of anything, so you attach your flashlight to the Kaiju-Camo Drone and turn it on.

What greets you is several dozen petrified bodies of kin wearing various expressions of lust and ecstasy. Your drone floats a little closer and you notice that they are in fact made of some kind of colorful stone, but the chest cavity of each kin is destroyed, almost as if something burst out of them. A weird sense of deja-vu vibrates through you as you realize you've seen these kin before, in that videogame you remember seeing Pazuru in. These bodies must be INCREDIBLY old if they're real.
No. 1073296 ID: 87e33c
File 169575618085.png - (17.51KB , 500x500 , T2_087.png )

And then your eyes catch on the walls, on the markings. They're similar to the ones used by those Kaiju summoning FALSE QUEENS, but are both deeply engraved and haphazard in their placement. They fill the room in [WILD] patterns that surround the bodies, and even look to continue downward into a path you would have outright missed without the flashlight.

And then you hear the sounds of talons slowly dragging themselves along the floor coming from the entrance of the cave. It looks like your entry was noticed.

- Go deeper into the Cave to discover what lies within
- 40% chance the Kaiju notices and follows you down
- If it doesn't follow you, it will probably remain there, complicating your escape

- Do you confront it? Hide? Sneak past it? Distract it?
- Base 50% chance for complication modified by your approach
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1073298 ID: e5709d

Is it really that simple? Kaiju fetuses festering in kin and acting as a mind-consuming aphrodisiac?

A) Keep moving.
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