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File 167357086118.png - (177.43KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1053691 No. 1053691 ID: 681cb5

[Horror, Non-lewd quest]

“Even if they are in gods eyes innocent, we have no choice in the matter. In the father’s name, as we condemn them to the pyre, we can only pray the flames will purge their sinful bodies of His malevolent corruption! If we let even one of them live… then He will return for His blood… He always return for His blood…” – Father Isaac Thorn
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No. 1055512 ID: 41bfc9

So what weird drugs cause the red eyes that people would've had access to a long time ago in a place like this?? That would still be around? Ugh, weird drug-using cults!
No. 1055563 ID: 681cb5
File 167589911955.png - (89.45KB , 700x550 , 35.png )

>Let's go to the broker. Would be nice to meet up with a familiar face in this place.
And it’s the one person you are sure is actually sane in this mad place. Not to mention, you’ll be going in the same way as Chris, so you’ll be able to be with him just a bit longer.
>"The devil is here", she pointed behind you, and your husband was behind you. Your husband is a descendant of the manor's original owner, so... yeah. She saw the "devil" in him, not the barkeep.
...the picture of Dragomir did remind you a bit of Chris… though it’s a given seeing how they are related in some way. In fact, it’s fully possible she though he was Dragomir, which is why she freaked out so much!
>Warn him about that. The evil that lurks in this town might try to seduce him, give him a stare like THAT. Tell him to be careful.
As your hand parts, you lean in and give him a kiss…

Belle: “Just be careful, sunflower.”
Chris: “Don’t worry, bluebell. I’m sure there’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Belle: “Even then, I’d feel a bit better if you promised me not to… become like these Kråkholme, with their evil stare and blood rimmed eyes…”
Chris: He smirks a bit, “I promise you I won’t become a sour old grump, alright.”
Belle: “…and don’t let yourself be seduced by the evil that is Richard and whatever gang he’s in.”
Chris: “I promise that I won’t join a gang or cult or whatever, either… well, maybe if we both join a cult… you know, one of those non-serious, fun ones…”

The two of you walk through the town, discussing all manner of things as you pass the landmarks of your new home. Not far from the pub, in the opposite direction of where the church is, you and Chris passes over an old stone bridge and find yourselves on a large plaza of cobblestone, a mostly empty space if not for the large, strange obelisk in the center of it made out of an oddly colored stone. On the left, a grand structure stands with a marble entrance and green tiled dome, looming over the square with a foreboding presence, which you can only assume is the town hall where the university and library is located. Beyond it there’s a large, gray building, surrounded by a high wall with a thick metal gate which has the sign ‘Crowmoor Asylum’ above it. Meanwhile to your right, the square branch off into a dozen smaller streets, every last one of them slithering into a labyrinth of smaller houses, a complex network of roads which would be impossible to find anything in. That has to be the supposed ‘shopping street’ you’ve heard people talk about. Finally, straight ahead, there is several rows or cheaply made houses, which is dwarfed by the large factory behind them, labeled ‘Crowmoor Paper Mill’. As you’ve arrived at the Town hall, you say your goodbyes to your hubby before making your way into the twisting streets of Crowmoor.

>Say! Who is the President right now?
Huh? Clint Billton, the Mallard, of course! Who else? It’s 1998 after all!
>You never celebrated your six month anniversary, did you?
The two of you did right before you traveled here... both with friends and family as a moving away party, but also just the two of you… it was lovely.

>No wonder Sophia went insane! Your in-law fucked with the town, and it's still fucked on the inside!
...it is clear that Dragomir wasn’t a good man… but to corrupt the whole town?
>Ugh, those bloodshot eyes again. Bövel, Miller, and now Dragomir too. Could be a sign of whatever madness plagues this town. Keep a look out for bloodshot eyes in the future and take warning.
…those eyes… those horrid blood rimmed eyes… every time you close your eyes, you see them there, staring at you… why can’t you get them out of your head!?
>So what weird drugs cause the red eyes that people would've had access to a long time ago in a place like this?? That would still be around? Ugh, weird drug-using cults!
Ugh… hopefully there’s just some mushroom growing here that makes you a bit more aggressive while giving you bloodshot eyes or something… note to self: don’t eat strange mushrooms.

>Or perhaps this is just a paranoid train of thought running through your head out of sheer boredom…
You’re right… you’re probably just freaking out over nothing. This is all nothing but stress from moving here… nothing more. Calm down, Belle, it’s nothing to worry about…
>Suspicious behavior could result in you on the wrong side of the asylum wall. You never know who would want you there, either.
All the more reason not to worry and stay calm… you rather not be put in the mad house.

Luckily, Daniel’s office is not far from the square, which makes finding it rather easy. As you walk up to his door, passing a few crows that flies away as you approach, you notice that the sign on the entrance says that the office is closed… yet you can see that the light is on inside… and hear someone moving around in there through the open window.
Belle: “Mr. Brerewood? Are you in there?” you loudly ask as you knock on the door, “It’s me, Belle Knott. Can we talk?” but you’re met with nothing but silence. Once again, you hear something move in there…

Your attention is pulled away from the office as you hear a lovely tune float through the air, a song played by an experienced fiddler echoing across the empty streets. As the melody fills your ears, you can help but smile, as it feels like it soothes your very soul. For the first time since you got here, you feel… safe.
No. 1055567 ID: dee951

There's nothing wrong with feeling safe! Though if someone put something in the air, be sure to reason your way into not doing anything stupid! Your logic still works, after all.

Let's make a game out of it! Look around for things out of place, be observant, think up escape routes as you walk or other security games! If this area was one of the creepier Half-Life levels, where would the jump-scare come from? Where would you dive behind cover if someone starts shooting? Where would a bunch of enemies come running from? What would be the meticulously programmed environmental hazard that you have to react to in an instant as part of the environmental storytelling?
No. 1055801 ID: 681cb5
File 167616819081.png - (143.56KB , 700x550 , 36.png )

>There's nothing wrong with feeling safe! Though if someone put something in the air, be sure to reason your way into not doing anything stupid!
It’s music, not some mind controlling drug. Though then again, you have heard stories about people being controlled by sirens and the like through song, but that’s just myths, right?
>If this area was one of the creepier Half-Life levels, where would the jump-scare come from?
Half-life? What’s that? Did you mean Isotopic Decay made by Faucet? That game won’t be out until next month, so you haven’t played it yet. Hopefully you’ll have the computer up and running with the new windows 98 by then.

Seeing as Daniel refuses to let you in, you decide to see where this lovely music is coming from instead. Maybe he’s just busy right now… or maybe a bird got into his office while he’s away? Either way, unless you want to break into his business then you’ll simply have to wait.

Following your ears, you make your way through the labyrinthine streets, which curve around the small houses with a serpentine suggestion, leaving you completely lost if it wasn’t for the melody that dances between the tall brick and wood structures surrounding you. These paths are convoluted and twisted, a tangled web of dead ends and small allays leading you in circles, making it feel like you’re in another world where space is but a farce. Finally, between a basket wicker and a textile store, you find a small shop where the music originates from, simply called “The Cauldron”.

As you enter, the smell of fresh herbs and old wood hits you, and you find yourself in a world filled with all kinds of knick knacks. The small shop is filled with shelves containing all kinds of weird curios and other oddities. You also find the source of the music, as there is a sharply dressed catfish behind the counter playing the fiddle, so lost in his own song that he doesn’t even notice you enter.
No. 1055802 ID: 681cb5
File 167616820001.png - (136.73KB , 700x550 , 37.png )

Belle: “Excuse me?” you ask softly, trying to get his attention. It has the desired effect, as he immediately stops playing and move his focus to you.
Bernard: “Ah, a customer!” he enthusiastically exclaims, “I am terribly sorry, jacinthe des bois, as I was rather caught up with my music.”
Belle: “No need to apologize, sir.”
Bernard: “But where is my manners, la chérie, I have yet to introduce myself. I am Bernard, your humble owner if this little boutique.”

He takes a moment to delicately wrap the fiddle in some clothes before putting it away, clearly caring for it dearly. You managed to only get a quick glance of it, but it seemed to be in excellent condition, if a bit old, with the exception of the initials E Z carved into its side.

Bernard: “Welcome to The Cauldron, Madame, where we sell all kind of trinkets and baubles both magical and benign, where every last item has a story of its own.” he makes a big gesture towards the shelves on the other side of the room, “But don’t take my word for it, Belle, as I am sure you’ll find something magnifique for both you and your l' époux.” Putting his hands on the counter, his hands touching each other by the fingertips, he leans over and asks, “So how can I be of assistance, Ms.Knott?”
No. 1055810 ID: 36784c

>“But don’t take my word for it, Belle, as I am sure you’ll find something magnifique for both you and your l' époux.”
>“So how can I be of assistance, Ms.Knott?”
You never introduced yourself to him, yet he knows your first and last name and even knows that you’re married (although the ring on your finger makes that last one obvious).

The first thing you should do is ask how he knows your name?
No. 1055811 ID: 15a025

Sounds like you might be the talk of the town already. Curious to how he knows you though.

Joke, and ask if he used a magical knickknack and foresaw your arrival.
No. 1055836 ID: 15c72a

>red star on that item in the case
Okay you have to ask about that.
No. 1055840 ID: 2a82d3

Ooo how much for a tarot reading? Seeing as you're waiting for the realor to open, that seems like a good time waster. Ask about the other items on display too.
No. 1055879 ID: 681cb5
File 167625562818.png - (138.86KB , 700x550 , 38.png )

>The first thing you should do is ask how he knows your name?
Belle: “You know, Bernard, I never gave you my name…” you tell him with a smirk, “Am I really the talk of the town already or do you have some magical knickknack that foresaw my arrival?”
Bernard: “Why, of course mon ami, what kind of curio shop would I be without a working crystal ball? I simply gazed upon it and witnessed your arrivée séduisant to our little town. I even saw what you will eat for breakfast tomorrow morning.”
Belle: “All that from a little ball, huh?”
Bernard: “Of course I simply jest, ma petite fleur, as I sadly have no such crystal ball. Rumors spread fast in a town like this, non, so of course the word of a fox and rabbit moving into the old mansion is something that will be heard. In fact, I do not believe we have another fox living here, renard ruse, let alone one that is married to a prey. This town was founded by prey, after all, so there still aren’t many predators around.”
Belle: “Ah, so that explains why you recognize me…”
Bernard: “Oh, and I might be a good friend with Mr. Daniel Brerewood, who has gossiped all about you two.”
Belle: “You know Daniel? I tried to meet him earlier, but he wasn’t in his office... well, someone was in his office, but whoever it was didn’t want to let me in.
Bernard: “Why, that is strange indeed, chérie, as he should be in his office right now… and I never heard of him refusing a customer. In fact, now that I think about it, I do not believe I’ve seen the man for a few days as well… étrange.”

>A red star on that item in the case? Okay you have to ask about that.
Bernard: “A red star you say?” Bernard looks a bit confused as he looks down, before his smiles widens, “Ah, no, it is simply the light playing tricks with you, Madame, as this Tarot card clearly depicts a yellow star.” The catfish lifts the card out of the display case, showing that is indeed a yellow star on it, “Which is good, as a red star would be a mauvias presage… an ill omen, as they say.” he points towards the rest of the deck before continuing, “Now this Tarot deck is one of a kind, rumored to have been own by a warlock from the old country and was used to contact vile creatures beyond the veil. Quite the find, yes?”
Belle: “You know about the red star?”
Bernard: “Oh, I’ve heard myths and stories, that’s all.” He glances up towards the roof, clearly thinking, “Some believe the red star people have seen is nothing but a comet, circling our dear little terre bleue. Of course, as most things, its passing was thought to bring maliciousness with it.”
Belle: “Huh… and when does this comet pass?”
Bernard: “Ah, that is the question, isn’t it? For you see, this comet doesn’t exist, at least according to the academics. They have searched and searched but never found it, no matter how hard they look. No, very few people have ever seen it… even less who are still alive. Why, the only one I know is the old librarian, down at the town hall.”
Belle: “Really? Why, thank you for that information, Mr Bernard.”
Bernard: “Do not mention it, bel oiseau.”

>Ask about the other items on display too.
Bernard: “Now this amulet here has an interesting story.” he puts back the deck and move his attention to the necklace, “Once owned by an evil most foul, its purpose was inverted from a tool of suffering into a ward of protection. With the blessing of a priest, it was given to a descendant of said evil, to protect them from its corrupting influence…” he stops and takes a moment to look out the window, a sadness suddenly washing over him, “But the descendant grew proud, questioning his need for it… before giving it away, ensuring his own doom. That pauvre imbécile…” taking a deep breath, the catfish continues his story, “All that is left now is this amulet, which warding powers have been long gone…"
Belle: “It is a strange looking amulet…”
Bernard: “Now, for our next item!” Bernard perks up again as he moves on, “This, Ms.Knott, is one half of a demon egg, once containing a malevolent spirit who now ravages the land!” he gestures widely with his arms, trying to depict said spirit, “Only once both parts of said egg are reunited will this nefarious force be stopped!”
Belle: “That’s clearly just a geode.”
Bernard: “Some may call it that, yes…” the catfish says with a smirk, “But who can say that something foul wasn’t born within it, which was release by the greed of those who coveted the eggs beautiful innards, hmm?”
Belle: “does all your tales contain heinous nefarious things?”
Bernard: “What can I say, tales of evil sells.”

>Ooo how much for a tarot reading?
Bernard: “For you, Madam, I’ll do it for free. Simply give me a moment to shuffle the deck…”
No. 1055880 ID: 681cb5
File 167625564860.png - (133.33KB , 750x750 , 39.png )

Belle: “So… how does this work? Do I ask a question or…?”
Bernard: “Oh, no, we let the card decide the question. Simply find meaning in their message, mon ami. Now let see who or what will be the focus of this reading.”

He places the first card in the middle of the table, a card depicting a queen sitting on a throne, wielding a sword.

Bernard: “Ah, the Queen of swords. The cards want to focus on someone that is a model of self-sufficiency, a feminine force which is both independent as well as intelligence. I do believe we both know of such a person, hmm?”
Belle: “Are you trying to flirt with me, Mr Bernard?” you tell him in a playful tone, “Should my husband be worried?”
Bernard: “Oh non non non! Your husband can rest easy, Belle, as my taste is far different than his. If anything, you should be worried that I might steal him away from you, oh hon hon! But enough jest, let see what the cards say!”

Placing the next card above the queen, you can see that it has a sun on it, shining down on a stone wall surrounded by sunflowers.

Bernard: “The sun, hmm? A positive influence, one that bring safety and health. Someone that is very dear to you, very important. Someone who makes your soul shine and protect you from the chaos outside the garden walls. Someone who, when all is wrong, make it all good in the end.”
Belle: “…that’s Chris…”
Bernard: “Ah, this reading is about your relation with your husband… or possible something both of you will experience together?” Bernard takes a moment to ponder, “Now let us see what the two of you will face in the present.”

The third card, placed on the right of the queen, shows eight wooden rods above a field of grass.

Bernard: “Oh? The inverted eight of wands? Interesting... you are in denial of something? Something is tempting you to deny that a powerful chain of consequences has been unleashed in your life, something to do with your husband. Now is the time to awaken to the changes around you, now is not the time to assume that everything is fine as it is.” A small frown passes the catfishes lips,”A troubling card… but let us move on. What is in your future, hmm?”

The next card is places under the queen, which illustrates a woman tied up with ropes, surrounded by eight swords.

Bernard: “The eight of swords… the test. Life will provide you with a harsh challenge, one that will require you to rise to the occasion and be confident with your abilities. You will have a tough time ahead of you, Madame, one that you shouldn’t take lightly.” He shakes his head a bit before moving on, “Now… let see how it all ends.”

The final card, placed on the left, portrays a lighthouse being hit by lightning in a storm.

Bernard: “The tower… Disaster will strike. The demons of madness and despair are released from their ancient hiding places and your world will be in peril. But it is not all lost. You are the one to serve as a catalyst for change, bringing down the old order and start anew, though it is not known if it will be for better or worse.”

Belle: “…what does this all mean?”
Bernard: “I cannot say, Madame… it is but you who must find meaning in these cards.”

Bernard: “But know this, , ma petite fleur, if you need assistance than just ask, I am happy to oblige.” He give you a big, genuine smile, “Though take my aid sooner rather than later, as neither of us knows if we will be here tomorrow, non?”
No. 1055882 ID: dee951

*Sigh* Comets aren't red. Comets are blue and green from gases like hydroxide and cyanide. There's a type of cometary emission that's shows red, called 'forbidden oxygen', where the ices are carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and the atoms make an energy transition between different states of excitement and show red for a bit... but that particular emission is INCREDIBLY short lived *and* those ices themselves also don't survive long at all when exposed to sunlight!
No. 1055883 ID: dee951

That reading was fun. The problem with Tarot readings and the like, is that even if literally everything he said was absolutely and completely true in every single detail... it offers very little advice that is actionable. Still! That was very skillfully done! Thank him for the reading!
No. 1055884 ID: 15c72a

>The demons of madness and despair are released from their ancient hiding places and your world will be in peril.
Hold up, that's very specific. Ask what he knows about these demons. Madness relates to the Moon card, not the Tower, after all.

>protective amulet lacking a blessing
Would getting it blessed again restore its protection? If so, we can do that at the church, to make it work to help Chris.
>geode might imprison an ancient evil
Hmm, is that the only thing that would work? We don't know where the other half is, do we? Granted, if we do find the other half somehow, we might need it.

Ask about prices.
No. 1055889 ID: dee951


Except there's no way to tell if 'demons' means 'malicious supernatural entity', 'mind-altering environmental contaminant', 'general mental health issues due to circumstances', etc. etc.
No. 1055909 ID: 2a82d3

The tarot and amulet are interesting curios to own, assuming you can afford either or both, but dunno about the geode. Maybe come back to it if you find the other half somewhere. Would he know who he sold it to, or did he not have the whole piece in his possession?

Wait a minute... Is it possible this stuff used to belong to the Krakholmes? It is a small town.

If what the catfish said is true, it seems like Father Thorn or his predecessor had given Edward their protection. So it stands to reason to assume they were friends, much like Sophia. Also much like Sophia, it's possible coping with what happened to Edward has made him "eccentric". When you go to St. Emerik, prepare to deal with either crazy or a crisis of faith.

Also, it seems like either Mr. Brerewood is hiding in his office, or there was a breaking and entering in progress. Just a hunch: Call out for Sophia if you're over there again. You can also confirm with Bernard that it's her hidey hole.
No. 1056194 ID: 681cb5
File 167649464636.png - (135.55KB , 700x550 , 40.png )

>That reading was fun. It was very skillfully done! Thank him for the reading!
Bernard: “My pleasure, chérie. It is always a joy to see what the cards will say. ”
Belle: “…still, the reading was way too vague. If literally everything you said was absolutely and completely true in every single detail... it offers very little advice that is actionable.”
Bernard: “And that is the curse of knowing the future, non? For it to still be your future, you cannot understand it until after it has already become your past, mon ami.”
Belle: “Hmm, I guess that’s one way to see it.”
>Hold up, that's very specific. Ask what he knows about these demons.
Bernard: “Ah, my apologies, jacinthe des bois, but it was only, as they say, a way of words. I did not mean actual demons, but simply the… ah… metaphor of it.”
Belle: “So there won’t be any literal demons spreading madness then?”
Bernard: “Oh, non non non, bel oiseau, it is simply a warning for something dangerous that is yet to come. Any specifics are still as unclear as the mist upon the bay, non?”
Belle: “…besides, madness relates to the moon card.”
Bernard: “That is indeed correct, I see you know something about Tarot yourself, Ms.Knott.”
Belle: “I also know a bit about astrology… and if I remember correctly, comets are blue or green, not red, because… err… some reason? I think it has something to do with what they are made of?”
Bernard: “Yet a few has said that they have seen a red comet, while others deem it impossible for it to exist. Were they simply mad… or is there some truth in it? Maybe it wasn’t a comet they saw? I cannot say, Belle, as I simply hear the rumors and nothing more.”

>Ask about prices.
Bernard: “The Tarot deck, made in early 1600 by a warlock and which is still in pristine quality, I will let go for the low sum of… 250$.”
Belle: “250$ for a deck of cards!?”
Bernard: “Ah, you must understand, these three items in particular has quite the value to them, thanks to their history and quality. Now, for the Geode… 200$”
Belle: “…you wouldn’t know who sold it to you? …or where the other piece is?”
Bernard: “Sadly, no. If I did, then I would have tried to get the other piece to complete the set, non? A full set is worth more after all, renard ruse.”
Belle: “And the amulet?”

He removes the necklace from the glass case, letting it hang limp from his hand as he looks down on it with eyes filled with melancholy. A soft smile of nostalgia spreads across his face while he sighs, his eyes glimmering in the sunlight.

Bernard: “This item has a personal history with me… and I can’t set a real price on it.”
Belle: “I understand if you don’t want to sell it, Bernard.”
Bernard: “…you’re correct. I cannot sell it…”
No. 1056195 ID: 681cb5
File 167649466031.png - (155.44KB , 700x550 , 41.png )

Bernard: “…but for you, chérie, I will give it away for free.” He leans over and puts the amulet around your neck before you can even say anything, “Here, it is yours. May it make the coming storm just a bit less harsh.”
Belle: “Huh!?” you have to take a second to comprehend what just happened, “T-thank you so much, Bernard, but… are you sure? This beautiful piece seemed to mean so much to you.”
Bernard: “Indeed it does, mon ami, but I believe you will have more use for it than I will ever have. Make sure you keep it close, as it might just save you… or your l' époux.”
Belle: “I… don’t know what to say…”
Bernard: “Than don’t say anything, Ms. Knott.”

>Wait a minute... Is it possible this stuff used to belong to the Krakholmes? It is a small town.
Bernard: “…”
Belle: “…so it did?”
Bernard: “The amulet… it did indeed belong to that family once… though its purpose has been warped and reversed since the old days of Bövel, compared to when Edward wore it.”
Belle: “So you knew him? Edward, I mean?”
Bernard: “…he visited my shop once, yes. A nice young man, I recall, but troubled. Sold me that amulet he did. Une terrible tragédie…”
>Would getting it blessed again restore its protection?
Bernard: “Ah, that I cannot say…”
Belle: “But it was Father Thorn who blessed it, right? The priest here in Crowmoor?”
Bernard: “It’s possible. He would be old enough to have been a priest back when Edward was born… and possible knew his poor mother, Anna.”
Belle: “So it was Anna who asked him to bless the medallion?”
Bernard: “Indeed, chérie, it was Anna. She did love both her children dearly…”

>Also, it seems like either Mr. Brerewood is hiding in his office, or there was a breaking and entering in progress.
Bernard: “Well, if someone is breaking in, then you should call the police, non? Not that they will do anything…”
Belle: “I might have a hunch on whose in there… do you know Sophia?”
Bernard: “I can’t say I do, non.”
Belle: “…the old crow lady? The homeless one?”
Bernard: “Ah, her… though, I can’t see why she would break into Daniel’s office. She’s never done anything ever since she had that nervous breakdown decades ago.”
Belle: “Maybe Daniel lent her the key?”
Bernard: “No, I don’t think so… he shouldn’t stand her… well, not her specifically, but the homeless in general. You know how it is, Mon ami. If it is her in there, then… well, she shouldn’t be.”

You notice that your headache is all gone now; getting a nice walk and some fresh air must have helped. Now, anything else you wish to ask of Mr. Bernard, or is it time to leave?
No. 1056203 ID: 2a82d3

>…he visited my shop once, yes.
How precisely worded. How sensitive is your gaydar? Is it pinging right now? If so, think how scandalous if rumors, about the adultery, got out. It might just be your imagination again. No need to question how the amulet was "sold" to him, just thank him for paying it forward.

So was Edward close to... anyone in town? Sounds like he was fairly well-loved by all who knew him.

>“Indeed, chérie, it was Anna. She did love both her children dearly…”
Silly you, you glossed over Edward, his mother, and twin brother when you read the book last might. Double-check to make sure. You have the mother's name now, Edward himself couldn't have been updated before you got your hands on it, and you didn't even know about or recall the twin brother until today.

... you can find his twin brother in there, right? It's in the book, right? Right?
No. 1056222 ID: 15c72a

The shop owner already said he's gay.

Can you afford the geode? If the story behind it is true, then you'll need it. If it's not, then well, it's still pretty!
No. 1056253 ID: e5709d

...I have a theory.
Let's call Edward's twin brother Eddward for the time being. If he had a secret triplet we'll call him Eddyward!
Let's say, theoretically, that Eddward's birth certificate was somehow erased from the hospital archives. That there was an open secret that Edward had an 'evil twin brother'. Why, then Eddward could act as a body-double for Edward! Any time Edward needed to... 'contribute to the family business', Eddward could step in and act as a concrete alibi. Or perhaps it's the other way around.
This would have its detriments. The wrong Ed could plausibly be starved of psychological help, go mad over a period of decades, and then slaughter the Kråkholms in a fit of either schizophrenia or sheer envy! And then-
Fake their death by murdering for a clone of their corpse.

... Crap. One of the Eds may be alive and homicidal.
No. 1056274 ID: 2a82d3

Oh, I'm not talking about Bernard. I will admit that, given the interference here, some tuning may be needed.

If she can afford it, she should buy the Tarot deck first. Card or board games are a great ice breaker, especially when you only remember half the rules.

My money's on a twin or triplet being sent/banished away from here in secret. I'm optimistic it was the good one.

Though seriously, I did find out that drawing the Tower card is rarely a good sign for a marriage but let's not get carried away before we have proof.
No. 1056301 ID: 681cb5
File 167658536101.png - (197.29KB , 700x550 , 42.png )

>How sensitive is your gaydar? Is it pinging right now?
Bernard outright said he would steal your husband away, so yes, he is indeed gay. As for Edward… well, he had a wife and children, so he at least liked women, but you have no idea if he liked men as well.
>Can you afford the geode? If the story behind it is true, then you'll need it.
While you can afford it, you’ll need to find an ATM to get some cash first. Of course, even if you can afford it you shouldn’t buy something like this just on a hunch. At least not without discussing it with Chris first.
>If she can afford it, she should buy the Tarot deck first. Card or board games are a great ice breaker, especially when you only remember half the rules.
If you want an ice breaker than you can buy a normal Tarot deck for less than a tenth of this price.

>So was Edward close to... anyone in town?
Bernard: “I cannot say, mon ami.”Bernard mumbles rather disinterested as he reaches for something behind the counter, “As I said, I only met him once and no more.”
Belle: “So you don’t know anyone Edward might have been close to?”
Bernard: “I would assume he was close to his wife and children.” He picks up the fiddle you saw him play earlier, and starts to tune it, “But other than that… I have no clue, jacinthe des bois.”

>Silly you, you glossed over Edward, his mother, and twin brother when you read the book last might. Double-check to make sure.
Flipping through the pages, you do indeed find both Edward and Anna Kråkholme, depicted to similar polaroids as the priest, though the page is covered in dots, as if someone left it out in the rain for a while. The photo of Edward is taken on what you guess is his wedding day, as he is standing next to a mouse in white dress, beaming happily at the camera. Meanwhile, the photo of Anna shows a middle aged woman in what you think is the mansion, looking rather sad and… almost broken?
There’s also some text written on the page, stating:
“Edward Kråkholme and Julia Kråkholme. Photo was taken June 12 1985, on our wedding day, the happiest day of my life. May our good fortune last forever, Julia.”
“Anna Kråkholme, faithful widow and beloved mother, you were taken from us too soon. 8-13-1937 to 2-13-1987.”
Someone has also written “Julia, I’m sorry” in the margin.
>... you can find his twin brother in there, right? It's in the book, right? Right?
…you can’t find anything about any brothers to Edward, twin or otherwise. According to this book, Anna only had one child.

>...I have a theory.
So… Edward has a brother, possible a twin one at that, which has been erased from history. But why would they keep it a secret? Was his twin acting as a body-double for Edward? That way, anytime one of them would do something vile, the other could step in and act as an alibi? It feels like you’re jumping to conclusions, but it’s possible. Of course, two people playing the same person doesn’t work out in the long run… the fake one get more and more envious and murders the Kråkholms in anger… before finally offing his own twin to fake his own death! Edward committed “Suicide” in asylum after all, who is to say he wasn’t killed instead? ...Crap. One of the Eds may be alive and homicidal… and you’re living in their home!
>My money's on a twin or triplet being sent/banished away from here in secret. I'm optimistic it was the good one.
Good or bad, whoever killed everyone was clearly mad. Let just hope it really was the Edward that died… and that he actually committed suicide. You rather not have some deranged twin stalking inside the walls of your home…

Bernard has returned to playing his fiddle, making it wail a haunting song of sadness, which reverberates across the empty streets outside. You get the feeling it’s time for you to leave... after all, if you hurry, you might have time to visit somewhere else before meeting up with Chris for lunch!

A) Go to the Church and see if you can find the priest. You want to ask him about the dream.
B) Visit the Library in Town hall. The town’s history is bound to be found there.
C) Visit the Insane Asylum. Edward did commit suicide there, so they might now more about his last days.
D) Visit that odd obelisk in the center of the town square. What’s up with that strange thing?
E) Go back to Daniel Brerewoods office, and figure out who’s in there.
F) Go back to the mansion and install those fuses. That old place might hold secrets yet uncovered.
G) Other?

Old Photo album
Oil lamp
Spice blend
Strange Amulet
Your Wedding ring
No. 1056449 ID: 15c72a

Can't you ask one more question? Who were Anna's children? Maybe she adopted someone.
No. 1056452 ID: b57fea

Yeah its church time
No. 1056464 ID: 15a025

A. Let's pay a visit to the church.
No. 1056477 ID: 2a82d3

A. You have the amulet; it's only right to seek its blessing now. Though, given he must have went all the way from Africa just to bless it for him, he must be sensitive about its' failure to protect its' owner. Ask about the dream first.

>the page is covered in dots, as if someone left it out in the rain
Interesting spatter, isn't it? It's spread out and randomly distributed all over the page. You'd never get something like that from a spill, or even a pour closeby. At best, the source would have been over a meter above. If the book was on the floor and you poured a watering can on it, you'd only get a result like that if poured from your head or higher.
>Someone has also written “Julia, I’m sorry” in the margin.
This book was with him during his last moments, wasn't it. At least there's no blood on the pages.
No. 1056508 ID: 681cb5
File 167684551610.png - (80.23KB , 700x550 , 43.png )

>Interesting spatter, isn't it? It's spread out and randomly distributed all over the page. You'd never get something like that from a spill, or even a pour close by. If the book was on the floor and you poured a watering can on it, you'd only get a result like that if poured from your head or higher.
…you mean that someone was crying when looking at these pages? Hmm…
>This book was with him during his last moments, wasn't it? At least there's no blood on the pages.
The book was still at the house, while Edward committed suicide in the Asylum… though, it is clearly written with his handwriting, just as the rest of the page seems to be. The question is… did he write it before or after he murdered his wife, Julia?

>Can't you ask one more question? Who were Anna's children? Maybe she adopted someone.
Bernard: “Oh, non non non, that petite fille innocente only had one child, chérie.”
Belle: “Except you mentioned that she loved both of her children, as in plural.”
Bernard: “Ah, renard ruse! I did indeed let my tongue slip, as Anna did have a second child, before poor Edward. But this child was… as they say… mortinaissance… yes? But do not take my word for it, as I am sure he is buried in the… ah… your family crypt, Ms.Knott. I do believe you know where it is, yes?”
Belle: “Why would I know where the Kråkholme’s have their family crypt?”
Bernard: “…because it’s located right behind your house, jacinthe des bois.”
Belle: “Great, so we have a crypt on our backyard as well! How much more haunted can this place become!”

>Let's pay a visit to the church.
You bid farewell to the strange Catfish shopkeeper, who wishes you all the luck you will need as you leave before returning to playing his fiddle. Somehow, the labyrinthine streets are a lot easier to navigate when leaving his shop, as you almost immediately find yourself back at the plaza, leaving the sad melody emanating from The Cauldron behind. Passing the strange Obelisk, you spot someone investigating it thoroughly, with both tools and books, though you pay her little mind as you continue over the bridge towards the church.

Soon enough you find yourself in front of the decrepit church near the edge of town, an old building that has seen far better days. The once shining white stones have taken a greenish hue over the ages, as they have been overgrown with moss and mildew, and large part of the structure itself is in different levels of disrepair. The wall and gate around it is nothing but ruins, while one of the windows has been smashed and boarded up… heck, even the church bell is cracked and missing a piece. Behind the structure you can see a wild forest… and beyond that, a storm blowing in from the Atlantic sea. You better get home before it arrives. Several crows have made the tower its home, cawing at you as you make your way towards the large twin doors.

Belle: “Father Thorn?” you yell as you bang on the door, “Are you in there?”
No. 1056509 ID: 681cb5
File 167684552373.png - (97.00KB , 1100x550 , 44.png )

The door creaks as it is slowly dragged open, and you’re about to say something but is cut short by a double barreled shotgun being shoved into your face.

Elijah: “Do not move, heathen, or old Betty here will get another notch.” An old, ragged voice calls out weakly, “The stench of the devil reeks from you, outsider, the putrid smell of decaying crow corpses!” the sound of the shotgun clicking makes you jump, “Are you with them? …or are you just another fool, coming here to bathe in the filth and maggots!?”

As you look up from the gun in your face you lock eyes with who you assume is Father Elijah Thorn, the priest, though he seems far older in person than on that photo you saw earlier. What is now standing in front of you is a turtle in his late 60s, maybe early 70s, who has clearly lived a harsh, unforgiving life. The church itself seem to be in far worse condition as well.

Elijah: “Speak woman!” you growls at you, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t slam these holy doors in your face, sinner.”
No. 1056511 ID: 96112b

Without a moment's hesitation, bat the shotgun's muzzle away and tell the minister to drop the act. It's not endearing and it makes priests in general look crazy.
No. 1056513 ID: 15c72a

Tell him you think you're on his side. You want to fight against the "devil", too. You wish to know of the history of this conflict, and are seeking a blessing of protection.
No. 1056517 ID: dee951


Do NOT do a martial arts move if you are not actually trained in the appropriate martial arts, especially if there's a firearm involved!

Instead of escalating to violence, now is the time for deescalation.

"I'm not with the devil or this other group! I'm just a god-fearing young woman who just moved into town with my beloved husband, who wants to meet the neighbors, and fears that this town has some dark secrets that I must carefully navigate to protect the lives and souls of my family! Please put the firearm away!"
No. 1056520 ID: e5709d

"...I was going to ask you if you would bolster my faith and bless my armor for battle. Now I will not. Ever. Good day, sir."
No. 1056521 ID: 96112b

I didn't say martial arts, I said batting it away.
No. 1056522 ID: dee951

No. 1056523 ID: 2a82d3

Give him a minute until he gets a good look at your broach. Explain how this nice frenchman just gave it to you for free when you asked about it. If he considers Bernard to have good judgment, then it discuss why he would let you have it.

Yep, pretty much. Do not expect him to exercise trigger discipline at this point in time. Even in action movies, you need to wait until there's a distraction. Ya think she's Cackie Jhan?
No. 1056727 ID: 681cb5
File 167702382102.png - (114.15KB , 700x550 , 45.png )

>Without a moment's hesitation, bat the shotgun's muzzle away and tell the minister to drop the act.
Your first instinct is to grab the gun and rip it away from him, but you manages to catch yourself before you do something dumb. Moving might just make him fire the weapon… not to mention, grabbing the barrel might just cause the thing to go off on its own, even if he doesn’t want to shoot you. No, this isn’t the time to be in fight mode.

>Instead of escalating to violence, now is the time for de-escalation.
Belle: “Please, calm down! I’m not with the devil or… whatever that other group about maggots was!”
Elijah: He lowers the gun a bit, to get a better look at you, “Then who are you, outsider?”
Belle: “I’m just a young woman who just moved into this town with my beloved husband, that’s all! And… I’ve heard that this place has some dark secrets, so I was going to ask you for help… but with you being this rude I’m considering just telling you ‘Good day, sir’ and leave.”
Elijah: He finally pulls the shotgun away and let if fall open, revealing that the clicking sound you heard earlier was him putting on the safety, “The only help I can give you, lady, is to advise you to leave. This town was forsaken by god a long time ago.”
Belle: As he takes a step back you’re finally able to look inside the church, and it is just as a sorry sight as the outside. Though, there are some clear signs that more than just the priest visits this place, even if they are rather few. Your attention is brought back to the Elijah as he coughs, making you give him a sheepish smile, “Well… um… then maybe I can help you with this… err… godforsaken town?”
Elijah: “The only thing you can do is to stay out of it!” He snarls, but then his eyes bulges out from their sockets as he notices the amulet, “That necklace… where did you get it?”

>Explain how this nice Frenchman just gave the broach to you for free when you asked about it.
Elijah: “A Frenchman!?” he scowls, “The Catfish!?”
Belle: “So you do know him? Yes, that’s right, I got it from-”
Elijah: “Do not trust any of the poison he may speak, as he is nothing but a… a… a HOMOSEXUAL!” he put extra emphasis on that last word, uttering it so harshly that his spit flies all over the place, “If I only knew how to find that blasted shop of his, I’d give him such a stern talking to!”
Belle: “…I don’t think his orientation has anything to-”
Elijah: “That man is nothing but a godforsaken charlatan.” he interrupts you, “A worshipper of demons and practitioner of the black arts!” As the turtle howls his insults, he gestures widely with his free arm, “He cannot be trusted! Throw that damn necklace away, as he has surely cursed it with his vile magic!”
Belle: “I gather you’re not a fan of his?”
Elijah: “That horrid monster seduced Edward and made off with that very necklace!” Elijah snarls, “Ensuring that his madness would take him, just like the others.” He looks away and shakes his head, and for the first time the anger leaves his voice, “No, that man is not to be trusted.”

>You wish to know of the history of this conflict, and are seeking a blessing of protection.
Elijah: “This conflict?” the turtle scoffs, “The conflict has already ended, girl. No need to dig in it anymore.”
Belle: “But… just what happened here? Why did Edward kill his wife and children?”
Elijah: “He was mad. That’s all.”
Belle: “…and the witch burnings? In the 1600s?”
Elijah: He gives you a long look before sighing, “…the legends say that the founder of this town, Bövel Kråkholm, made a deal with the devil for power and knowledge of the dark arts. He sold not only his own soul, but the soul of every male heir he would ever have. Thus, each man born from his loins will go mad, even today. Edward was just the last.”
Belle: “You really believe that?”
Elijah: “Of course not!” he suddenly shouts, “It’s just a bunch of drivel! No, it is clear that the Kråkholm family simply suffers from some kind of heritable mental illness, which manifest in each man born in it. Probably from inbreeding, if you ask me.”
Belle: “…and the witches?”
Elijah: “While he was alive, Bövel was a powerful and feared man, who sired six raven-haired daughters. These daughters of his were like him, evil people craving power. But after his death the town turned on them, this coven of crows, and burned them all to ashes.” The turtle looks away from you, as if he can’t look you in the eyes anymore, “Well, almost all of them. My forefather, the priest here at the time, was weak and sentimental… and let one of them, the youngest, escape and continue the Kråkholme line.” Elijah takes a deep breath before looking back at you, “But that line is finally over, as in the end Edward managed to do something right. He finally ended that cursed family once and for all.” He looks down at the floor for a bit in complete silence, before his voice once again starts dripping with anger, “Of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s still madmen in this town who worship Bövel as some kind of dark messiah, but that is all they are, foolish madmen.”
No. 1056730 ID: 15c72a

Hmmm... how far back can you trace the Knott family tree? Could it be that you are distantly related to one of the witches, and thus also a Kråkholme? Or maybe you're only related to them on the mother's side, not the father's... and thus avoided the curse, but have a connection to the family nevertheless.

Tell him even if it's not real, you would like for the necklace to be blessed, for your peace of mind. And if he really thinks the shopkeep cursed it, then that would surely foil his plans, right?

Once you get the blessing, tell him you have something to confess. Then tell him about the dream.
No. 1056841 ID: e5709d

...Great. The town's head priest, who is unlikely to be a member of the cult due to his zealous fervor, is a homophobic terrorist who will likely try to murder your husband for having a bloodline consisting of latent schizophrenics. I bet he's also a racist, what with his specific disdain of crows.

Maybe you should take his advice. Sell the mansion and retire. But first, reflect his hostile rhetoric.

"You know something, Father? Take your own damn advice. You pointed a gun at a civilian (i.e. me), you accuse someone who happens to be a homosexual hobby shop owner of being a Satanist only to rationalize an evil heritage as some kind of mental illness (make up your mind), and most importantly, you refuse to take care of Sophia. She believes the town is cursed, same as you, but either she's afraid of you replacing her seed diet with an unhealthy dose of buckshot pellets, or you simply don't want a madwoman in need to take shelter in the lord's house. You have failed your religion. You hate it here, it makes you cruel, and if you had any sense, you'd hit the road and preach every day until you died of exhaustion. It'd be a miserable life - but screw the whole 'Hesus Wept' spiel; in purely practical terms, it'd be a better situation than the one you're currently wallowing in."
No. 1056851 ID: 36784c

You should probably inform him that your husband inherited that manor because he was distantly related to someone.

Then tell him that if something is going to happen to your husband, you want to know what's going on so that you can save him!
No. 1056852 ID: d57b3f

...Why does this guy think what should be categorized as 'moral failings/vices' type sins like homosexuality (at least in his worldview) are even something that bears notice when there are presumably actual monsters who will eat people (or their souls or minds or whatever) about? Isn't it both, yaknow, smart and actually policy in most Christian churches to not sweat that level of thing when there's a local massive crisis that's doing horrible things to people? Where's his perspective??
No. 1056860 ID: 2a82d3

Has he stepped outside the church, recently or at all? He seems out of touch with rest of the town in a few ways.

>“Do not trust any of the poison he may speak, as he is nothing but a… a… a HOMOSEXUAL!” he put extra emphasis on that last word, uttering it so harshly that his spit flies all over the place,
You don't need to know about Sodom and Gomorrah to know that the church frowns upon ANY sex taken for pleasure, not just homosexuality. (No wonder you're not very religious: your marriage would suuuck.) There are two motives for a priest to zero in on it. For the sake of civility or diplomacy, you're going to take the kinder interpretation. Embrace your inner "male bonding enthusiast" or "amateur literary recreationist", and chalk up his "commitment to religious doctrine" as performative rather than prejudiced. If he's really no bigot in his heart, whether or not he's gay, he'd be more worked up about keeping up appearances to his colleaguesin the church rather than the thought of making friends with the gay man. You can snarkily reassure him about how unlikely any word about his tolerance will reach them, given how romote this town is.

>“If I only knew how to find that blasted shop of his, I’d give him such a stern talking to!”
This kind of sounds like a lover's spat, doesn't it?

>“That horrid monster seduced Edward and made off with that very necklace!” Elijah snarls, “Ensuring that his madness would take him, just like the others.” He looks away and shakes his head, and for the first time the anger leaves his voice, “No, that man is not to be trusted.”
Really? From what you can tell, Bernard is only gulity of selling possibly dubious artifacts, and seemed at least regretful about how things turned out.

Testimony aside, I assumed he seduced Edward to explain why it was sold to him despite being an effective source of protection. What if that's wrong? Consider instead if it was a trade of artifacts. Ed bet his life on whatever it was, but whatever it was didn't pan out given the apparent result. Of course, Eli would blame Bernard for the mess.

I think that holds up well enough on its's own, but what if the priest had recommended Edward to visit the shop in the first place? If he's in the closet, the shopkeeper had to be cagey and weird about the details to avoid outing him. Don't know why yet, but the Vatican wouldn't have approved of what they had to do.

>My forefather, the priest here at the time, was weak and sentimental… and let one of them, the youngest, escape and continue the Kråkholme line.
If that dream was remotely true, you should cast doubt on that. He let an innocent girl die than let the rot continue. Ethics of it aside, that takes conviction that's unlikely to falter at the last step.

Maybe the curse being about genetics is a red herring. Maybe the land itself curses its occupants to take the roles of the demons and witches.

Could your dream have been a message for him? If so, be careful about how he might interpret it.

>“But that line is finally over, as in the end Edward managed to do something right. He finally ended that cursed family once and for all.”
Better break the news to him gently. At minimum, ask him to put the gun down. Ideally, for your protection, you'll have him swear under God to not hurt you or your husband.

>“Of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s still madmen in this town who worship Bövel as some kind of dark messiah, but that is all they are, foolish madmen.”
Better tell him about the star in your (propetic?) dream. If that's a significant event for those cultists, that means it's coming up soon. No good can come crazy folk getting riled up in celebration, magic or no.
No. 1056912 ID: 681cb5
File 167727082632.png - (93.87KB , 700x550 , 46.png )

>Hmmm... how far back can you trace the Knott family tree? Could it be that you are distantly related to one of the witches, and thus also a Kråkholme?
You’re pretty sure you have no rabbits or hares in your family line… not to mention, Chris’ ancestors are from Sweden while the Knott’s are from the British Isles. So no, you’re not related to them.
>Maybe you should take his advice. Sell the mansion and retire.
That was your first suggestion, but Chris wanted to at least try and live out here. One year, he said, and after that we can discuss moving back home again.
>This kind of sounds like a lover's spat, doesn't it?
…does it? Honestly, he sounds rather angry with Bernard…
>The Vatican wouldn't have approved of what they had to do.
Why would the Vatican care what a protestant priest does?

Belle: “You know something, Father, you’re rather rude.”
Elijah: “Bah! If you want to complain at least come inside.” he mutters as he gesture for you follow him, “You’re letting the cold in, woman. I have a fire going and a kettle on in the back, if you want some tea.”
Belle: “What I want to know is why you pointed a damn gun at me, just like that.”
Elijah: “I thought you were someone else…” he waves in the air, as if he can make your concern disappear, “Someone dangerous. No one really comes here unless they have ill will… or if it’s Sunday, of course.”
Belle: “...but is a shotgun really necessary?”
Elijah: “Look over there…” the turtle says as he points behind you, towards the broken window. You also notice that the area under it has clearly burned rather recently, as if someone lit a pool of oil on fire there. “A gift from them… some kind of bottle with flammable substance delivered through the window.” Elijah shakes his head a bit before continuing, “They got bold after Edward lost that necklace, not only trying to burn the church down, but also leaving rotting carcasses of animals outside it, using its blood to paint profane symbols.”
Belle: “…and you rather go after Bernard than these people? Or even the actual monsters that seems to be lurking here!?”
Elijah: “Monsters? Please, the only monsters around are us!” the turtle angrily spits out, “Just because some hunter saw a big bear in the woods, doesn’t mean it’s the thing kidnapping the children!”
Belle: “Huh? Kidnapped children?”
Elijah: “Haven’t you read todays paper?” Elijah ask, genuine surprised that you don’t know what he’s talking about, “But never mind that. Yes, I want to have these madmen arrested and stand trial, but I do not know who they are… while Bernard… well, I want to make sure he knows what he is doing is wrong, that all.”
Belle: “You are rather intolerant for a priest. I bet you’re racist too… what with your disdain for crows.”
Elijah: “While I admit I thought less of the Zebras and Rhinos in my youth, my travel to their continent changed that.” He stops and looks away in deep thought, “I journeyed there to enlighten them, but in the end they enlighten me…” then, as if something just hit him, Elijah turns to you in confusion, “Wait, why wouldn’t I care for crows?”
Belle: “You called the witches a coven of crows… and your treatment of Sophia.”
Elijah: “Bah! Who do you think keep that woman clothed, fed and warm? I do not have anything against her, even if she’s broken.” He shakes his head and sigh, “She didn’t take the miscarriage of Björn well… and when she figured out who his and Edward father was, she just broke.” The turtle puts his hand over his face and massages his temples for a bit, “And I didn’t mean literal crows! They were rabbits, all of them, and they were called the Coven of Crows because their magic used the feral birds, not the crow people. Now come, let us continue near the fire.”
No. 1056913 ID: 681cb5
File 167727084098.png - (70.18KB , 700x550 , 47.png )

Entering a large room in the back of the church, you find yourself in a trophy hall, with the walls filled with the heads of exotic and dangerous animals, as well as several guns in all kind of forms and sizes. Elijah hangs his own shotgun on an empty plaque before moving over to the roaring fire in the hearth, feeding it a bit more wood to keep it strong. As he does, you can’t help but notice the massive elephant rifle handing on the mantel piece, its pristine ivory hilt sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the church.

Belle: “You know, if you hate it here, why don’t you just leave? Screw the whole 'Hissus Wept' spiel; I’m sure you would find yourself in a better situation than you're currently wallowing in.”
Elijah: “I would, yes… but this isn’t about me. There are still people in this town that deserve Hissus love and care, so I simply can’t leave, not yet.”

>You should probably inform him that your husband inherited that manor because he was distantly related to someone.
Belle: “I… do have something to tell you… though I need you to swear under god that you will not hurt me or my husband.”
Elijah: “…I can’t see why I would want to, lady, but as you wish. I swear in the name of Hissus, I mean you no harm.”
Belle: “We inherited the old mansion… and my husband is related to the Kråkholms.”
Elijah: “I already know that. Why would I want to hurt you because of some old house?”
Belle: “You said that the Kråkholme family line was cursed! …or at least had mental problems?”
Elijah: “…do your husband family have mental problems?”
Belle: “I don’t think so?”
Elijah: “Then you shouldn’t worry.” he calmly states while pouring a cup of tea for you, “I have researched the Kråkholme’s, so unless someone had a bastard child, Bövel’s line is dead and the disease with it. You can only inherit the blood if your part of the family line, after all.”

>Tell him even if it's not real, you would like for the necklace to be blessed, for your peace of mind. And if he really thinks the shopkeep cursed it, then that would surely foil his plans, right?
Elijah: “You do realize that I was being facetious when calling him a magician, right?” he grumbles a bit about young people before continuing, “He’s but a charlatan, a trickster and a thief. What he sells are simple parlor tricks, no matter what he says. He steals from people, either by sleight of hand or with that… silver tongue of his. That is why I dislike him… that and his… unnatural ways of ‘love’.”
Belle: “…still, the blessing?”
Elijah: “While I am a man of faith, I don’t believe it will help, as gods protection can’t be summoned by some mere ritual. It didn’t work the first time either, did it? No, I did the blessing simply to appease Anna… and give her hope. At least she died before she saw what Edward became…”

>Tell him about the dream.
Elijah: “A Father Thorn burned you alive?”
Belle: “Which happened in real life, didn’t it? I mean, not me, but those witches…”
Elijah: “Bah, you probably just saw the painting of it, the one that hangs in the mansion.”
Belle: “The only painting I saw was the one of Bövel… and those horrid eyes of his.”
Elijah: “Bövel does indeed spark that reaction in most people… but if you didn’t see the painting, then I’m sure you heard about it from somewhere. It was just a dream, nothing else.”
Belle: “…I saw the red star as well.”
Elijah: He stares into the fire in silence, letting you enjoy the rather bitter tea he gave you, “The red star is a myth, nothing more.”
Belle: “Is it really?”
Elijah: “If the greatest astrologist can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Just because that old fart in the library says he saw it 38 years ago, doesn’t mean it’s there.”
Belle: “Even then, if this cult believes it’s coming back, they might grow even bolder.”
Elijah: Once again he gets lost in the dancing flames, his expression frozen in concern. You’re sure you can hear him muttering something about ‘return for his blood’ under his breath, but the sounds from the fires makes it hard to be certain. After a long, silent minute he finally states, “Very well… I’ll bless that trinket of yours. Leave it here with me for today and I’ll give it back to you tomorrow, when the sun is as highest.”
No. 1056914 ID: 1e3b78

You'd think language would develop a separate short term for the feral version of an animal and the people who resemble that animal. Sigh. Why does English have to suck so much?
No. 1056939 ID: dee951


Is that a scope on a blunderbuss??

Also, aren't some of those feral animals protected species?
No. 1056943 ID: 15c72a

Thank him for believing you, and hand it over.
Let's hope it won't be too late...
No. 1056957 ID: dee951

So what can you tell me about this cult or the criminal element that seems to be infesting this town? Does this town have some kind of drug or local contaminant that causes the weird red eyes? Maybe that's being covered up by rumors of the supernatural?
No. 1056972 ID: 15a025

Thank him, at least for some peace of mind. Hand over the necklace.
No. 1056976 ID: 2a82d3

>Why would the Vatican care what a protestant priest does?
Probably nothing, but it is a worrying sign of how strong his Faith is that his goto item for scaring heathens isn't his Cross. He must have took what happened at the mansion hard. Was he there at the incident? Did he have to visit the Asylum because of it?

Now that I say it, it might not be a good idea to lend your pendant to him at the moment. It's helping you a lot right now. What's he going to do to it? Leave it in the closet until solar apex? Can't you visit him tomorrow instead?
No. 1057006 ID: f2320a

Snake jesus makes alot of sense with a cross and the feral talking snake in eden draws some interesting connectiond
No. 1057010 ID: 1cf7fb

Doesn't modern scholership say that his species was probably something else entirely, like the goat or donkey people native to the region and most likely to make up the relevant tribes?
No. 1057071 ID: 681cb5
File 167754697369.png - (59.03KB , 700x550 , 48.png )

>Is that a scope on a blunderbuss?
That’s clearly a hunting rifle of some kind…
>Doesn't modern scholarship say that Hissus species was probably something else entirely, like the goat or donkey people native to the region and most likely to make up the relevant tribes?
Nooo? That he was a snake is well known fact… but people do argue what kind of snake he was. After all, the common adder probably wasn’t that common down in the middle east, where they?

>Aren't some of those feral animals protected species?
Elijah: “Indeed they are… but they weren’t back when I was young. I was more of a fool back then… still, removing these won’t change that, will it?”
>So what can you tell me about this cult or the criminal element that seems to be infesting this town?
Elijah: “I do not know how big it is… or who is part of it, but the cult is dangerous. While they haven’t killed someone yet, they have tried their best to destroy both me and my church… and succeeded in burning down some homes of people not sharing their faith.” The turtle pokes the flames a few times with a fire poker before continuing, “I’ve seen them perform profane blood sacrifices with animals they’ve caught, as well as sacrilegious rituals in the deep woods, dancing naked under the stars to appease whatever monstrous sky deity they worship.”
Belle: “…and people like that wolf? Miller I think his name was?”
Elijah: “Dick Miller? He’s just some lowlife thug, nothing more. There are rumors that he’s smuggling something down at the harbor, but seeing how the Arkham’s finest haven’t arrested him yet, it can’t be anything too dangerous. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was part of the cult either; as bullies like him do congregate to such company.”
>Does this town have some kind of drug or local contaminant that causes the weird red eyes?
Elijah: “Those red eyes have been in this town’s history since it was founded, but I cannot say why or how. There was this other lady that was asking about the same thing, who thought there was some kind of mushroom growing nearby that might cause it?”
Belle: “And what lady might that have been?”
Elijah: “I can’t remember her name, but she was some kind of archeologist. I do know for a fact that her father has been trying to get the rights to start several archeological digs around these parts, but the Kråkholme has been rather keen at stopping him.” Elijah looks over at you with a coy little smile, “Though, seeing as you now own the land, she’s come here to do what her father failed to do. You’ll probably find her at the town hall, if you want to speak with her.”

>He must have taken what happened at the mansion hard. Was he there at the incident? Did he have to visit the Asylum because of it?
Elijah: “I did indeed fault myself for what happened to poor Julia and her children…” Elijah shakes his head solemnly, “That I somehow failed Edward and his family. But no, I wasn’t there… no one was… no one but those blood rimmed eyes…”
>What's he going to do to the amulet? Leave it in the closet until solar apex? Can't you visit him tomorrow instead?
Elijah: “The ritual will take all night, at least if I am to recreate it as I did before.”
Belle: “Can you give me some details, maybe?”
Elijah: “I will anoint it in divine snake fat before leaving it soaking in holy water under the watchful eye of Hissus, surrounded by hallowed incense and sacred texts while righteous psalms are sung from a nearby stereo. As I don’t know what made it work last time, I will simply have to try and follow in my old footsteps as best I can.” He sighs loudly, “To be honest, though, I don’t believe it was the amulet that kept him safe and banished those horrid nightmares of his, but simply the fact that he thought he was protected by the amulet. It was just a placebo, nothing else.”

>Hand over the necklace.
Belle: “Thank you for believing in me, Father Elijah…” your voice shakily tells the turtle as you remove the amulet from your neck, “and thank you for at least giving me some peace of mind.”
Elijah: “It is my duty to help those in need, nothing more.” he calmly states as he raises his arm towards you.
Belle: You hesitate for a long moment as the necklace hangs from your hand, before you finally get the courage to drop it into the priests palm, “Here… be careful with it.”
Elijah: “I will, trust me Belle.”
No. 1057072 ID: 681cb5
File 167754698245.png - (82.49KB , 700x550 , 49.png )

After saying your goodbyes to the rather peculiar priest, you make your way outside into the fresh sea air once again, leaving the stench of death behind you. Passing the portal into the light, it feels like the opposite has happened, that you’ve gone from the warm safety of those old halls into the cold dangers of Crowmoor. Looking up, you can only see the storm clouds gathering… you better hurry if you don’t want to be caught by it.

Your hand shakes a little as you fish up your phone, making it harder than it should be to navigate to your husband’s number. You just need to hear his voice, to know everything will be alright…

>Let's hope it won't be too late...
Walking past the gate to the church grounds, the feeling of nausea hits you as you can’t help but worry that what you just did was wrong… that what you just did forced you onto a path that you don’t want to walk down. Still, you can’t be certain, can you? This might be the right path, the path that allows you to get your happy ending, even as the shadow of this place tries to smother you. Either way, your choice is made, and you have to live with it. This is the path you have chosen… and you can only hope it was the right one.

Yet you can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong… very wrong…
No. 1057073 ID: 681cb5
File 167754699199.gif - (469.13KB , 1200x514 , 50.gif )

As you look out over the overgrown forest just across the street of the church, you finally realize what’s bothering you… or the lack of something, to be more precise.

There aren’t any birds singing anymore… nor can you hear the seagulls at the harbor. The small sounds of life, the movements in the underbrush and the rustle of the leaves, all of it… gone. Even the town is completely silent. It is as everything and everyone has just… disappeared... and you’re now all alone. Staring into the thicket you get the feeling that the world is frozen, as even the wind has ceased, ensuring that everything is still and quiet. The hairs on your neck stands up as you’re completely consumed by the deafening silence, your heartbeat speeding up as you look around in a panic for anyone, anything that still lives! You need to calm down… call your husband and meet up with him for lunch… breathe, Belle, breathe… there is no-

No. 1057076 ID: 15c72a

The Bear. Except, it's not a bear at all. Too many hands... well, it just left.

Call your husband. Keep an eye on the forest, stay away from the treeline.
No. 1057451 ID: 15a025

Retreating back into the church might be smart. Call your husband once your back inside.
No. 1057453 ID: dee951


Go back into the church, tell the Priest that there is a large animal of some kind lurking in the trees, and you fear for your safety!
No. 1057799 ID: 681cb5
File 167823363358.png - (97.42KB , 700x700 , 51.png )

>The Bear. Except, it's not a bear at all. Too many hands...
…w-what… what was that thing? It had to have been a bear, right? Those arms had t-to be just a trick of the light… o-or just some branches, right? RIGHT!? It’s… gone… yeah, it was just a bear and it’s… gone…
>Keep an eye on the forest, stay away from the treeline.
You c-can’t keep your eyes off it anymore… you can’t h-help yourself but to scan the forest for any kind of moment... and keeping your e-ears open in c-case of something… anything breaking this god forsaken silence!

>Call your husband.
With shaking hands, you almost drop your phone into the mud as you press the call button for your husband’s profile. The sound of it calling does give you some respite from the deafening quiet that smothers everything around you.

…it is still ringing...

…why isn’t he picking up?
...Chris, pick up… Chris… p-please… just p-

The crack of a broken branch makes you focus on the thicket again, and this time you can see something looking back. A singular eye, blue as the sky, is staring right at you... and you stand there, frozen, as if time itself has stopped…

>Retreating back into the church might be smart.
You run. You run as fast as you can, not daring to look back, even as you slip on the mud and fall to your knees. Behind you, you can hear several trees get ripped from their roots as something massive crashes through them, splashing into the mud and clawing itself through it at an alarming speed. You are certain someone… something is trying to grip your foot as you finally manage to get back on your feet, only missing by a few millimeters as you feel its cold hand brush past you. Practically jumping at the door, you bang on it while screaming your lungs out for help, while whatever that’s behind you giggles in an voice of an innocent child, as if it’s got you right where it wants you. The priest doesn’t come, forcing you to turn around and face the horrible abomination that is chasing you!
No. 1057800 ID: 681cb5
File 167823364331.png - (88.98KB , 700x550 , 52.png )

And there is nothing there. Nothing. No prints in the mud… no cracked branches or disturbed flora… not even a sound. Just… nothing. Did… did you just imagine it? Surely, that can’t have been real… r-right?

Finally, Chris picks up the phone, sending a wave of relief through your body as you finally hear his voice again…

Chris: “Hi, hun!” you can hear the bunny’s static sounding voice through phone, “Sorry, but I was so engrossed in this book that I missed your call, but-”
Belle: “Chris!” you yell, interrupting him, “Chris, please… I… I need you… I…” the swallow, trying your best keep the tears away, “Can… c-can you meet me at the church, Chris?”
Chris: “Um… of course, bluebell! Is something the matter? You sound… a bit shaken?”
Belle: “Just hurry… I… there was this bear and…”
Chris: “Say no more, I’m on my way!”

The sound of a man talking can be heard in the background of the call, saying something that’s clearly aimed at Chris.

Chris: “Huh? Oh, right the book! Here you go!” once again the unknown man’s voice can be heard, “Right, right, I’ll sign the register that I’ve returned it, don’t worry…” the scribbling of an old pen or equally old paper fills the air before Chris voice returns, “There we go... now, I’ll be right over, Belle.”
Belle: “Don’t hang up… I want to hear your voice, Chris.”
Chris: “Oh, of course! I can talk while I walk… though, is anything on your mind?”
Belle: “I just need someone to talk to… about anything… like… what was that book about?”
Chris: “Oh, nothing important, it was just some book.” he quickly changes the subject, “But I can tell you about the meeting! It went super well!”

You let out a sigh of relief, feeling the adrenaline slowly leave your system as your body finally calm down. Looking over at the forest, you spot a small squirrel climb up one of the trees… and from somewhere deeper in the woods you can hear a bird sing. Even one of the crows returns to the church roof, cawing as it lands in its nest. You just imagined it, right? It was just the stress of this place getting to you, that’s all… … …r-right?
No. 1057801 ID: 681cb5
File 167823365161.png - (149.09KB , 700x550 , 53.png )

“The old ways” - Emerik K 1876
No. 1057802 ID: 681cb5
File 167823366479.png - (84.27KB , 700x550 , 54.png )

Chris: “…you know, we can’t snuggle in front of the fire all day, Bluebell.”
Belle: “Watch me, Sunflower.”

The next few hours after that horrid incident at the church passes quickly, as if your very mind is trying to run away from the experience. Your beloved hubby promptly made his way to you, and the two of you ran back to the house as the coming storm started pelting you with its rain. Well home, neither of you waste any time before getting to work, yourself boiling some sausages for lunch while Chris goes down in the basement and fixes the fuses. Luckily, the entrance to the cellar is right in the kitchens, so you can keep an eye on him the whole time. After that… the two of you just relax… listening to the storm outside as you enjoy the heat of the fireplace.

Chris: “I know you’ve had it stressful, dear, but I have stretch my legs at least.”
Belle: “Mmm… but what are we supposed to do? There’s a storm raging outside…”
Chris: “Well, I’m sure there’s a bunch we can do in here!” the rabbit in your grasp scratches himself between his ears, “Like… I don’t know… explore our new home? Or read today’s news? Oh, speaking of reading, there’s supposedly a library somewhere in here, which is bound to have books about the history of Crowmoor, if you’re interested?” he moves his hand downwards a bit until it’s in front of his snout, clearly thinking about something, “Or… we can just start going through our stuff and set up either the TV or the computer?”
Belle: “Hmm… I don’t know…”
Chris: “…I bet an old house like this have a bunch of secret doors and corridors, Belle.”
Belle: “Like in the movies? That’s not very likely, Chris.”
Chris: “Well, I for one is going to check…”

Chris starts to wiggle himself out of your grasp, leaving the warm safety of the blanket behind as he returns to the world of Crowmoor. It seems you have to follow him… even if you rather stay here forever, safe beneath the cloth in front of the raging fire.

…the sound of faraway thunder echoes through the house… and somewhere, a clock chimes three times.

Old Photo album
Oil lamp
Spice blend
Your Wedding ring
No. 1057825 ID: 15c72a

There's a red eye in that sky.

Alright, follow him, but discourage him looking into the history too much. Warn him that you are very sure now that there is some kind of family curse and him finding out more about it might make it worse. But he needn't worry, you've got something in the works that will protect him, once it's ready.
Read the day's news. Then start unpacking.

So, what was that book he bought?
No. 1057833 ID: e9ef46

Hold hands. You'll not need to waste time finding each other in the event of a power outage, you can't get separated if there are any secrets within this place, and physical affection of any kind can help with stressful situations. Also, it's just plain cute when you do.
No. 1057901 ID: c28082


Cuddle tiny husband for just a few more moments, then go searching for secret passages. Failing that, the library, since it seems the lights are working again so you needn't read by candlelight.
No. 1058013 ID: 0e67e7


Even if the curse isn't real, some of that history might be very distressing and disturbing to learn about, for both of you. Such things are important to learn only in a more wholesome and uplifting context, to help mitigate those effects, unless the knowledge is urgently needed!

Start tapping everything and everywhere, listening with cups, looking for hollow things that shouldn't be hollow. That will be fun!
No. 1058147 ID: 681cb5
File 167849668844.png - (45.91KB , 700x550 , 55.png )

Belle: “Come here!” you grab your tiny hubby and pull him closer, forcing him into your embrace.
Chris: “Oh come on, Belle!” he chuckles as he give a token effort to escape, “We can cuddle later.”
Belle: “But we can cuddle now too!” you giggle, refusing to let him out of your grasp.

>So, what was that book he bought?
Chris: “Huh? What book?” he looks genuine confused for a second before exclaiming, “Oh! You mean the one I mentioned on the phone!” Chris shakes his head a bit before continuing, “Actually, I was just at the library, not a book store. Did you know that they had a special archive for really old books!?”
Belle: “…but what book were you reading?”
Chris: “Nothing interesting, just a book about old local myths and legends.” he wave his hand in the air as he speaks, “You know, scary stories, nothing more.”
Belle: “Uh huh…” that’s odd… Chris is usually rather eager to gush about things like this… it’s one of the reason why you fell in love with him, after all. That, and that he loves to listen when you do the same.

While you keep on cuddling your hubby a bit longer, you take the time to visualize the floor plan of the house.
Second Floor:
A: The Master bedroom, where you slept last night.
B: The main corridor.
C: One of those pull down stairs leading to the attic. (Unexplored)
?: There’s also two doors you have no idea what they contain. One of them must be the library!
First Floor:
D: The foyer and front door.
E: The room with that horrid painting and fireplace.
F: A gallery with several large paintings that’s been covered. (Unexplored)
G: The dining hall. (Unexplored)
H: The kitchen, with the stairs to the cellar as well as a door out to the back garden.
I: A storage room with all kinds of junk. It’s not important.
J: The main cellar room, with everything from the fuse box, washing machines, freezers and the boiler.
?: There was a door down there as well, according to Chris. Didn’t this place have a wine cellar, if you remember correctly?
No. 1058148 ID: 681cb5
File 167849669875.png - (176.38KB , 1550x550 , 56.png )

The two of you decide to go look for the library, while searching for any secret passages that might be on the way. Holding hands, you take turns knocking on most surfaces you walk pass, as well as moving some off the paintings to the side to see if anything is hidden behind them, but in the end you come up empty. Guessing that the library is on the second floor, you start to check behind the doors you’ve yet explored, though only finding a completely empty room behind the first one. It’s rather creepy, actually, as it seems like someone removed the wallpapers in a hurry, only leaving a few pieces of it still stuck on the walls… and there’s this large spot on the floor that’s discolored, as if it’s been cleaned way too hard. You can’t shake the feeling that something horrid happened here…
Going through the second door, you do indeed find the library, which makes both you and your husband stop in awe. This place is huge! Probably even bigger than some of the apartments you’ve lived in! How are you even supposed to find anything in here? Still, the two of you start to explore, taking your time to look over the place. You find out that the door leads to an office, and that there doesn’t seem to be any secret passages in here, at least as far as you can hear. There is a strange humming though, coming from somewhere near the door.

Belle: “You know, Sunflower… maybe we shouldn’t read into your history too much.” You whisper as you give his hand a little squeeze, “It might make the curse worse, you know.”
Chris: “You needn’t worry, Bluebell.” he squeezes you back, “We both know that this curse isn’t real.”
Belle: “Still, I’ve gotten you something that will protect you, but it isn’t ready yet, love.”
Chris: “Belle, while I am grateful, don’t you think you’re a bit to… well, superstitious?”
Belle: “Better safe than sorry.”
Chris: “I guess…”
Belle: “Besides, even if the curse isn’t real, some of that history might be rather distressing to read… or outright disturbing!” you look down at him, and you can see in his eyes that he knows you’re worried, “Maybe we should wait for a better time to explore your past? When things are more… calm?”
Chris: “I understand your concern, hun…” he picks up your other hand and holds both of them in front of him, giving them a final squeeze as he calmly states, “But I really want to know about this part of my family, so please, trust me Belle.”
Belle: “…if this is what you want, Chris.” …where do you even start at trying to find anything in this place?

>Read the day's news.
You made sure to grab today’s paper before coming upstairs, just in case that old priest was right about something important being written in it. Let’s see… Arkham News, Friday the 2nd of October 1998… the front page story is about a Jonathan Greer, 8 years old, that was abducted from his home in Crowmoor. According to this, he’s the latest victim of a series of abductions in the Arkham area that stretches back for years, one every sixth months or so, and the Arkham police believes it’s the work of a single perpetrator. It seems that they’d hoped to prove that Edward Kråkholme was behind these kidnappings, but was never able to find any concrete proof. Though, seeing how the kidnappings continued after his suicide, it seems that any lingering suspicions might have been cleared up. The article is accompanied by a picture of a rather cute possum boy, who you assume is Jonathan Greer. Geez, that’s kind of creepy…
No. 1058150 ID: 273c18

Is that an occult book written in blood sitting on that stand? Maybe you should go look at it before Chris gets a chance. See if it's safe.
No. 1058177 ID: e5709d

One book in particular seems tarnished with red specks. Look at what's inside.
No. 1058285 ID: 15a025

>"You know, scary stories, nothing more."
Maybe it's just he sees you've been pretty spooked here lately, and doesn't want to further spook ya.

As for the books, there's a pretty demonic looking one on that pedestal. What's that one all about?
No. 1058365 ID: 681cb5
File 167866421012.png - (115.37KB , 700x550 , 57.png )

>Maybe it's just he sees you've been pretty spooked here lately, and doesn't want to further spook ya.
…that sounds very much like something he would do, isn’t it? He knows you’ve been stressed ever since you got here, so he probably just don’t want make things worse. Still… you get this feeling you really want to know which book he was reading… perhaps there’s a way to figure that out without Chris telling you?

The first thing you spot is a large tome sitting on a stand, seemingly written in blood. As Chris walks further into the room to see what’s left on the tables, you take the time to go and look at it before he sees it, just in case it isn’t safe.

As you start to turn the old, crumpling pages you notice that it’s written in red ink and not blood, which is a relief, followed by how ancient this old tome seems to be. The words “The Compleat Manual of Wardes and Seales” adores the front, with the name “Inconnu Écrivain” right under it, which you assume is the author.

Essentially, it's a textbook on the theory and practice of “magickal” wards and seals, mystic symbols inscribed on doors and containers in order to keep people and spirits out… or in. It's all very deliberately vague and arcane (in addition to being written in medieval French and translated into Middle English, making it nearly impossible to understand, if the forewords is to be trusted).

You are surprised to find that a page in this old and probably quite valuable tome has been folded down, as though to mark the place. The section marked discusses various methods of opening doors that have been sealed with the image of a pagan god or otherworldly beings. Speaking aloud the deity's true name will usually do the trick, apparently.

Huh… you guess this count as occult, though not the kind you were expecting. Seems harmless enough, you guess?
No. 1058366 ID: 681cb5
File 167866422562.png - (148.72KB , 700x550 , 58.png )

>One book in particular seems tarnished with red specks. Look at what's inside.
From the corner of your eye, you spot a very odd looking book on the shelf right next to the door. It seems to be covered in… rust? Moving closer, you can see that it’s not only rust, but that the book itself is made of metal. You’d guess that, going by the few specks of paint still left on it, that it used to look a lot more like a normal book but the ravages of time hasn’t been kind to it.

Grabbing hold of it, you try your best to pull it out but it appears stuck. Putting more and more strength into it, you can finally feel it move slightly, and with a sickly sounding groan the metal book slides out from its position only for it to stop right before you can pull it out completely. The chirring and scraping continues for a few seconds before you hear one of the wooden panels on the bookshelf move beneath you, revealing a secret compartment with two items inside it.

The first item is some kind of flute carved from bone that is… vibrating? It’s the source of the humming you heard earlier, but as you reach out towards it, it stops. Did you just imagine it moving? As you pull it out to get a better look at it, you can feel that it’s actually made from some sort of metal and not bone, though it’s also strangely warm to your touch…

The second item is a puzzle box carved from fine wood and painted with what used to be vibrant colors, now muted with age. It has all kind of strange symbols and markings on it, which significances you don’t have a single clue about… if they even have one.

Throwing a glance over your shoulder, you can see your hubby going through a small box in the other end of the room, completely oblivious of your find.
No. 1058367 ID: 273c18

Take the items, keep them hidden for now. We can reveal them tomorrow once Chris has the amulet. Probably best not to mess with either of them until we know what they are.

Actually, hmm, I guess you can't hide the box on your person. Might have to simply close the hidden compartment... oh hey, a lockbox. I wonder where the key is.
No. 1058515 ID: bf8710

Show him you found a secret compartment with a puzzle box inside (you may or may not hide the flute). Say it triumphantly, like the discovery lifted your spirits. Secret passages are fun!
No. 1058517 ID: e5709d

Get a high-tech safe, stuff every secret you find in there.
No. 1058527 ID: 67965f


Those are expensive! You have to carefully install them in a sturdy part of a room and everything. Not like gun safes, which can usually be opened with a straw!
No. 1058543 ID: 681cb5
File 167882686103.png - (84.66KB , 700x550 , 59.png )

>Get a high-tech safe, stuff every secret you find in there.
While finding a good place to store all this is important, how would you even go about getting a safe all the way out here? You don’t have a car at the moment, remember? Or the time to go anywhere…
>oh hey, a lockbox. I wonder where the key is.
Why, it’s right there! You can’t help but sqwee a bit as it’s a perfect fit for the lock, letting you open it up with a big smile on the face… only to find an old dried up inkwell and a cracked fountain pen. Geez, what a letdown…

Should you even show these items to Chris? They might be dangerous… but then again, he’s your husband… it really doesn’t feel good to hide things from him, does it? With a sigh, you slip down the odd flute into your pocket, but before you can do the same with the cube, you hesitate. It’s just a toy cube, right? How dangerous can it be? Not to mention, you really want to show off this kickass secret compartment and it would be a real downer if it was just empty.

Belle: “Hey, Chris, check this out!” you call out, making your rabbit husband turn around excitingly.
Chris: “Huh? What did you find, Bluebell?”
Belle: “Behold! A CUBE!” you bellow, as you hold up the colorful wooden cube for him to see!
Chris: “Dear god…” he mutters in response…
Belle: “There’s more…”
Chris: “No…”
Belle: “It’s a puzzle cube!”
Chris: “That has to be the cubiest cube I’ve ever cubed!”
Belle: “Oh, and I found it in this secret compartment here.” you tell him as you point behind yourself, which makes him even more excited.
Chris: “Wow, now that’s actually interesting! I knew this place had some secrets tucked away! Good find, Belle!” he looks you in the eye and gives you a sly smile, “Or should I say, Tomb Raider Knott, hmm?”
Belle: “Aw, it was nothing, Chris, anyone could have found it…” you wave a bit in the air as if you should chase away his praise, before looking over at the table the rabbit just left, “Speaking of finding, anything interesting in that box?”
Chris: “Just some old newspaper articles… and an old map of the house. Look them over if you want, bluebell.”
Belle: “Why, I just might, Sunflower.”

As you make your way towards the table, Chris reaches up towards the cube and out of pure habit you give it to him.
No. 1058545 ID: 681cb5
File 167882692493.png - (122.19KB , 700x550 , 60.png )

The first thing your eyes are drawn too is the blueprint of the house, which someone have written “Where is the dome” on. What Dome? Well, at least your mental map was correct, for the most part… though, you can’t help but feel something is off with this map…

Then, looking over the cut out articles, you find that most of them are about missing children. Headlines such as “Have you seen me?” and “Missing: Name and age” seems to keep popping up every sixth months or so, just like todays paper said. There’s also an article about the police finding the bones of a child in the woods just outside Arkham, which has apparently been gnawed on by some large beast. How horrid. Leaving these depressing cutouts, you let your attention wander to some of the other articles.

Dr. Corbin, a respected obstetrician at Arkham Sisters of Mercy Hospital for the last 20 years, announced her retirement yesterday to a stunned Board of Directors. She gave no reason for her unexpected decision. "I am truly stunned," said Bernard Talbot, Chairman of the Board. "No one saw this coming. No one." A source within the hospital who wished to remain anonymous ascribed the doctor's abrupt departure to a nervous breakdown, something that has not been confirmed by any of Dr. Corbin’s colleagues. Dr. Corbin was most well known outside the medical circles for her part of the mysterious miscarriage of Anne Kråkholme son, Björn, a very bloody affair that happened six years ago.

Prominent anthropologist Dr. Rebis repeated attempts to secure permission to set up an
archeological dig in nearby Crowmoor came to an end yesterday when she lost her suit against the Kråkholme Estate. The case has been pending for over six months.
Last week, Kråkholme's lawyers presented conclusive evidence of prior ownership, and the judge quickly ruled in their favor. Dr. Rebis hoped to discover relics of the little-known Misquat Indian culture, which is believed to have inhabited this area centuries prior to European settlement. Rebis called the decision "a travesty".

Arkham firefighters worked late into the night yesterday, battling a blaze that brought Crowmoor historic slaughterhouse to the ground despite their best efforts. The slaughterhouse, which provides jobs for roughly one-thirds of the town's population, caught fire yesterday around 4:00 pm. Although there have been rumors of an explosion, the exact cause of the fire remains unknown, though the police suspect foul play. “There is evidence of chemical burns that are inconsistent with the purpose of the building” fire inspector Donald Brown says, “There’s metal fused with metal in there… it’s all messed up!” Interestingly, this is not the first time the Crowmoor Slaughterhouse has burned. The original building was built by Sigmund Kråkholme in the latter part of the 17th century, and historical records indicate that it burned down during the civil war, where some still hold that it was burned down by Union sympathizers. The current slaughterhouse was rebuilt in 1874 by Sigmund's grandson, Rev. Emerik Kråkholme.

Belle: “Any luck with the puzzle cube?” you ask as you turn away from the newspaper clippings.
Chris: “…yeah, no, I have no idea what you’re supposed to do with this thing. It just keeps resetting itself.”
Belle: “Resetting itself?”
Chris: “After either pressing some of these buttons or turning the sides, everything just slide back as it where when you started.” as if it wanted to provide an example, the cube whirrs quietly as it turns back into its original positions, “There’s clearly something inside it, but I have no idea how to get it open…” Chris continues, shaking the cube a bit so that you can hear something moving inside, before handing it over to you, “Welp, tried my best… here.”

So… you found a strange flute and an even stranger cube… but what do you do with them? How do you get the cube open? And what is so important that you not only hide it in a secret compartment, but also inside a puzzle cube? The more you find out about this Crowmoor town, the stranger it gets.

Strange Flute
Puzzle Box
Old Photo album
Oil lamp
Spice blend
Your Wedding ring
No. 1058547 ID: 273c18

I would suggest not trying too hard to open the cube.

>what dome?
The yellow dome you can see from outside.
I'd suggest taking the blueprints and walking around inside the house to see if it matches the rooms. Also, that marked off space on the second floor is suspicious. I'd guess it's a secret room with a stairwell to the roof. You can confirm that by looking in the attic-- if there's a stairwell that goes up you should be able to see the walled off structure from inside the attic.
No. 1058647 ID: 495b83

Hm, if you blow into the flute, does the box react?
No. 1058966 ID: 681cb5
File 167916774667.png - (83.80KB , 700x550 , 61.png )

>The yellow dome you can see from outside.
Oh right, that dome. What was it O’mally said? It’s some kind of observatory? Odd that it isn’t on the map though… maybe it was built after this blueprint was made?
>I'd suggest taking the blueprints and walking around inside the house to see if it matches the rooms.
Belle: “Chris, love…” you reach out and scratch the rabbit behind his ear, ”would you mind checking something for me?”
Chris: “Oh? What is it, bluebell?” Chris happily chirps as he looks up at you excitingly, “Have you found more secrets?”
Belle: “I might have, sunflower…” you give him the map and point towards the door, “can you take this map and check out the corridor outside the library? Something seems off…" leaning in closer to him, you point towards a certain spot on the map, “especially this area, the one that’s marked oddly next to the stairs.”
Chris: “Why, now that is suspicious!” with his heels against each other, he gives you quick salute, “I’ll go check at once! Come check on me in a minute, okay?”
Belle: “Will do, love.”

>Hm, if you blow into the flute, does the box react?
After making sure that your hubby has left the room completely, you put the odd metal bone flute against your lips and blow… but it doesn’t make a sound? Then, when you try covering one of the holes it starts to vibrate, humming quietly. Each hole makes it vibrate slightly different... but you can’t really hear anything from it? Maybe it’s like a dog whistle? Either way, the cube remains inert, no matter how hard you blow.
>I would suggest not trying too hard to open the cube.
Hmm… it’s clear there’s no way you can brute force this thing anyway… so let’s leave it be until you can either find some instructions, someone who knows what this is or come up with a creative way to crack this thing. Putting both the cube and the flute in your pocket, you leave the library to go see how Chris is doing.

Belle: “How did it go?” you ask him, as he stands staring at the wall right outside the library, “Have you found anything yet?”
Chris: “I believe I have, Belle… though, that area next to the stairs…” he gestures towards the other side of the corridor, “The one you wanted me to check, turns out it’s marked like that because there’s nothing there. As in, you can look right down into the foyer on the first floor.”
Belle: “Oh, that’s right… but you’ve found something else?”
Chris: “Well, look here…” he shows you the map and point where the two of you are standing, “Can you see it?”
Belle: “…there’s supposed to be another door right across the one leading to the library…”
Chris: “Yet… there’s just a wall there now…”
No. 1058967 ID: 681cb5
File 167916775451.png - (23.76KB , 700x550 , 62.png )

You reach out and touch the old wallpaper, letting your hand caress its uneven surface as you slowly pull it downwards… and then, your hand snags on something, pulling off a bit of it and revealing… old plaster? Isn’t this house supposed to have wooden walls?

Chris: “Listen…” Chris says as he knocks on the wall, creating a rather non-descript knock sound, but as he moves over a few feet and knocks again, the sound changes ever so slightly, “Whatever is behind this wallpaper is not the same stuff the rest of the walls are made off.”
Belle: “So… there’s a secret room behind this wall…”
Chris: “But how do we get inside?”
Belle: “…I think I got an idea…”
Chris: “No, Belle, we can’t just use a sledge hammer to knock the wall down.”
Belle: “Aw, come on Chris…”

Maybe he’s right… maybe there’s a better way to get inside this mysterious room?
No. 1058968 ID: 273c18

Well, you can first see if there's any protrusions in the wall. Maybe the plaster IS the door, opened via secret switch, and you only have to cut the paper away where the seam is? Or maybe the seam is so small you can't see it. Also you could check the attic to see if there's an entrance from above.

If the room is actually sealed up and there's no way inside, then... maybe you should leave it that way. There's other places to explore, like the crypt.
No. 1058970 ID: e5709d

Since you're planning to open up this wall, tear off the wallpaper so you have easier access.
No. 1058977 ID: dee951

Tap around the the various walls that bound the entrance to the room, listening for differences in sound. Not all secret doors are powered, like with a tiny little easy to move lever that starts a motor somewhere that moves a huge heavy door or something; sometimes you have to push and pull hard on a heavily weighted door that's just camouflaged or behind things! Try moving the furniture or carpet, and look and listen for discrepancies!
No. 1058997 ID: 15a025

Oh! Maybe we need to say the name of that deity from the book. You wouldn't happen to know that, would you?
No. 1059367 ID: 681cb5
File 167960716648.png - (57.36KB , 700x550 , 63.png )

>Well, you can first see if there are any protrusions in the wall.
Letting your hands travel over the wallpaper, you can feel that there is a slight unevenness under it, as if it’s being stretched over something that’s sticking slightly out from the wall. Following it with your finger, you realize rather quickly it’s the shape of a doorframe. There’s definitely a door of some kind behind here.
>Since you're planning to open up this wall, tear off the wallpaper so you have easier access.
You start to tear off the paper, finding what you believe is the hidden doorframe underneath it, but Chris stops you before can reveal it completely.
Chris: “Take it easy, Bluebell.” the rabbit put his paw on your arm, ”After all, we don’t want to be forced to put up new wallpaper, do we?”
Belle: “But… there’s definitely something under here, Sunflower.”
Chris: “I didn’t mean we should stop completely. All I’m saying is that I can go get a knife and we can cut it out. No need to damage the wallpaper any more than we need to, right?”
Belle: “That does make sense.” you put the palm of your hand against the wall, pushing slightly on it as if the plaster might move at any moment, “You know… maybe this is the door? There might be a secret switch somewhere close by that open it?”
Chris: “No, I don’t think so… it’s clear whoever made this plaster didn’t want this door to ever open again.” he lean in closer, looking at the seam near the doorframe, “Look, I think there’s a normal door under all this as well…”

Belle: “Hmm, you know, I read this interesting book in the library.” you say as you rub your chin, “What did it say again? If a door has been sealed by the image of a pagan god, said seal might be broken by stating the god’s true name?”
Chris: Chris looks over at you with that darn smug smirk of his, “…do you know any names of pagan gods?”
Belle: “No…”
Chris: He always does that smirk when he knows his right and you’re wrong, “And do you see any pagan gods carved into the plaster?”
Belle: “…no.”
Chris: “Belle, there isn’t anything magical here. It’s just normal plaster, that’s all.” he shakes his head a bit before looking up at you with a smile, “But if we ever do find a massive portal crafted from a single solid block of stone, which has a depiction of some kind of woman with a reindeer skull for a head, then we can make up a silly name for it! Deal?”
Belle: You shake your head as well, returning the same smile as he has, “Deal.”

Belle: “There might be another way in, you know… like maybe in the attic? It’s supposed to be right above these rooms, after all?”
Chris: “Oh, that’s an idea…” the rabbit scratches his head for a second before exclaiming, “How about this? You’ll check in the attic, while I go grab a knife and start removing the wallpaper around the door?”
Belle: “I guess that might work…” you look down at your husband, “But should we really split up?”
Chris: “Don’t worry, I’ll be right here, just down those stairs.”
No. 1059368 ID: 681cb5
File 167960717651.png - (162.80KB , 1035x550 , 64.png )

As Chris leaves to get that knife, you pull the cord hanging from the ceiling, making the hatch above you fold out into a staircase leading up to the attic. With hesitant steps, you start ascending the ladder up into the darkness and penetrating the almost smothering stale air that is flooding out from the newly created opening. Luckily, as you climb into the room, you find the light switch, making the old ceiling lamps sputter a bit as before they illuminate the room with their luminesce. Of course, the light doesn’t really help any with the dank, musty smell that permeate the room completely.

Looking around, you can see all kind of old, long forgotten knickknacks up here, most seemingly completely worthless and broken. What does catch your eye though is the door on the far wall, straight ahead of the hatch down. Trying to push it open, you find that it’s locked, and glancing around the room you can’t spot a key anywhere. Huh, you wonder where the key might- wait, did something just move in there? You should swear you saw a shadow move under the rather large gap under the door… but surely it was just the lights in here playing a trick on you, right?

Let’s see, the sealed door should be on your left if you’re looking at the door, so somewhere- what was that!? This time you’re certain you heard something move behind that door… but as you strain your ears to listen, all you can hear is Chris humming as he comes up the stairs, on his way back to the hidden door below you. Hopefully, it was just him you heard… and not some horrid abomination hiding right here in the attic…
No. 1059403 ID: 273c18

What's in the box?!?!? Check out that long red one.
What's with that open box on the green block? Is that a snowglobe?

Oh, looks like there's a hatch on the wall behind the mannequin.
No. 1059479 ID: dee951


Also open the other door and remove the lids from things and look under the things that are simple to move or turn over to see what they are! Gotta cover the basics!
No. 1059509 ID: 15a025

Take a peak in the barrel.
No. 1059573 ID: 681cb5
File 167986786558.png - (65.83KB , 700x550 , 65.png )

>open the other door.
Which other door? There’s only one door here and it’s locked, remember? Or are you talking about the small crawlspace next to it? Shining your torch into the twisted passage, you can’t see anything but darkness further down… as if your light is being consumed by the pure blackness.
>What's in the box?!?!? Check out that long red one.
You take your time going through all the piles of junk as well as open most of the boxes… and the only thing you find is junk. A broken lamp, some old dirty clothes, children toys that are in pieces… and finally, in the red box, there’s a moth eaten carpet. Or is it tablecloth? Drape possibly? Eh, doesn’t matter… it’s useless either way.
>Is that a snowglobe?
…might be one of those glass holders for plants? It’s an ancient dead plant inside it, at least.

Chris: “Found anything yet?” you hear your hubby’s voice ring out from downstairs, “Need any help, Bluebell?”
Belle: “I’m fine, Sunflower, and no, I haven’t yet, not counting all the junk. Just keep cutting out that door, love.” He doesn’t answer, instead you hear him go back to work cutting through the wallpaper, all the while his humming on that cute melody of his. You sigh with relief, as just hearing his voice seemingly dispel the darkness around you and calms your very soul…

>What's with that open box on the green block?
Reaching into the small jewelry box suited on top of the green wooden box, you manage to find an old, golden locket. Huh, is this real gold? Opening it up reveal the ugliest child you’ve ever seen, with scab ridden fur and haunting blue eyes… not to mention that they seem deformed almost… and who cropped this picture!? You can barely see anything but their face! At least the locket might be worth a pretty penny… if it is real gold, that is.

>Take a peak in the barrel.
The barrel is sealed and you can’t see a way to open it up. What you do spot, however, is a small faucet plugged into its side, right under a strange mark. Though, whatever liquid it used to contain, it seems to be empty now, with an exemption of few rust colored stains. Leaning a bit closer for a better look, the rancid smell of whatever the barrel once contained invades your nostrils, burning them as you’re forced to pull back while coughing. What was that stuff!?

But the annoying humming of Chris derails your thoughts before you can find an answer! CAN’T HE SHUT UP FOR ONCE!? GAH!

…it takes you a second to notice, but you’re clenching your fist hard enough for it to hurt… ugh… you’ve been way too stressed since you came here.
No. 1059574 ID: 681cb5
File 167986788161.png - (111.45KB , 700x550 , 66.png )

>Oh, looks like there's a hatch on the wall behind the mannequin.
Moving aside the junk in the way, you pull the hatch open and are met by a tight vertical passage with an old metal ladder covered in rust running through it. The air feels heavy in there… and the stench of decay and rotting flesh drifts up from somewhere below.

Leaning in a bit, you look down the twisting and turning pipe leading into the deepest, blackest depths. Barely three meters below you there is another hatch, which should be leading to the hidden room, if your internal map of the house is correct. But, as you continue looking into the abyss, it almost feels like it’s warping before your eyes, distorting itself with ill intent as if it’s taunting you to climb down.

…please don’t say that you’ll need to climb down that rusty, rickety ladder into the darkness below.
No. 1059576 ID: 248d15

The substance you smelled in that barrel affected your emotional and physiological state. You've found one of the weird local drugs! One down, probably dozens to go!

That ladder and that room cannot be safe! It's not well lit, that ladder hasn't been maintained. You may need to go down it eventually, but you will get some proper work lighting, some appropriate PPE for the environment, a spotter, AND a modern fire escape ladder, which you will carefully anchor against appropriate structural supports, before going down a ladder you trust!!
No. 1059577 ID: f8083d

You have no reason to go down there, not when the door below is about to be opened. Go back to your hubby.
No. 1059578 ID: dee951


Also, uh, there seems to maybe be some kind of spatial distortion thingy going on. Wait, you've read about this, isn't spaghettification one of the many, many horrible ways to die if you near a black hole? Spatial distortions are no joke!! You do not actually want to be in a place where geometry is breaking if you value your anatomy being, you know, on your insides!
No. 1059584 ID: 273c18

>sniffing the barrel's contents results in sudden irritability
That's a problem. Whatever was in there, it's damaging to your sanity. How can we get rid of the residue without further mental damage? Also, that's the red star. Remember, anything marked with that is very dangerous.

Fuck no. Tell Chris the house is warped with eldritch energies. You don't want to investigate anymore. Even that crawlspace doesn't make sense- it goes on past the edge of the house, doesn't it?
No. 1059585 ID: dee951


You're totally going to need the type of respirator/face mask that will actually protect against whatever sort of chemical or toxic substance that is. Sigh. That miiiight actually be a full on gas mask, ugh! Maybe report the unidentified hazardous substance to the appropriate federal authority? At the very least call the county fire marshal, perhaps? Maybe the local evening news, blow the story open? Something something evil withers in the light of truth?
No. 1059587 ID: dee951

Oh god. If this is a spatial distortion, or light bending distortion, maybe produced by micro scale black holes, are you being dosed with lethal amounts of Hawking radiation right now?!?!
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