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File 166278098916.png - (1.07MB , 1500x1060 , GOD GRAVE.png )
1043351 No. 1043351 ID: 2eaeea

Once a slave race forced to fight under the banner of the Hubork Empire, the Nubru had managed to liberty themselves from bondage after the Empire collapsed under it's own weight. With their new found freedom the Nubru attempt to re-establish their civilizations in the far lands. It's been years since the fall of Hubork and Nubru settlements have turned to villages and then to towns. United in their new country of Iiavell the Nubru fear becoming conquered once again by a new force and seek a way to protect themselves from future invasions (and let's be honest probably perform a few invasions themselves when they can)

Uncovered scriptures and writings in lost ruins claim that a source of power lays beneath the far lands. The lost grave of an old god holds valuable relics and the Nubru are not above grave robbing, especially the graves of dead gods! As such a number of holds have been commissioned to dig for ore's, ancient relics, and the god grave.
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No. 1044800 ID: 2eaeea
File 166417583401.png - (1.47MB , 1500x1060 , Spatial Anomaly.png )

>Level 3 Barricade for Entrance
:Bozbun: Good Idea.
-30 Treasure

:Ludzid: A nice defensive point for our soldiers. Gunners and cannons may not be able to shoot from barricades, but Soldiers can spear out of them!

>Dig further left of depth 1
9 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) (x2 Overseer Bonus) mined at depth 3 (+27 Treasure)
9 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) Mined at depth 4 (+16 Treasure)
10 Treasures (+3 Fortune Shrine) mined at depth 1 (+14 Treasure)
(5 Materials/ 150 Treasures)(10 Treasures traded for 5 Materials)
The timer ticks down. 1

The miners dig further to the left of the hold. As the rock of a cavern wall crumbles a blue light shimmers from behind the crack. Rocks and stone begin to flicker and shift out and into sight as a path is opened up toward a spiral vortex of raw magic.
:Clover: Mmm, that looks like a good ol fashion spatial anomaly to me!
:Hezug: Is that bad?
:Clover: Could be! Luckily you've got a head mage here with you to tame it!

Clover calls for the mages down stairs to come to the kitchen. Her group walks towards the glowing vortex until she's only a couple a feet away from it.
:Clover: Oh this one's not so scary! I've seen worse! Alright mages! Focus!

The mages raise their staves and chant, the vortex writhes and wobbles like clay being kneaded.
:Clover: Alright the boys have the thing wrangled, can't keep it that way though. With a little work we can use this anomaly to benefit the hold. All we gotta do is tamper with space and time a little to do it.
:Hezug: Is that dangerous Clover?
:Clover: If I wasn't here than yes!

Pick a room in your hold to copy to this cavern
No. 1044801 ID: 2eaeea
File 166417587004.png - (3.27MB , 3661x1969 , Current Hold.png )

Barracks (8 Materials): Houses 10 Soldiers OR Gunners (They always get into arguments when they're in the same room for some reason)
Cannon Outpost (10 Materials): Houses up to 2 Cannons
Forge (15 Materials + 7 Treasures): Allows Traps to be made and can house 1 Cannon
Mason (20 Materials): Allows Barricades to be made
Kennel (5 Materials): Can hold 1 captured monster or 5 Hounds
Library (15 Materials): After building, cause a Good Magic effect to take place. Can house 5

Soldier (5 Treasures): Strength 5
Gunners (5 Treasures): Strength 3; Ranged
Mage (7 Treasures): Strength 4; Ranged
Hound (5 Treasures): Strength 3; Can move 2 spaces per round
Cannon (30 Treasures): Strength 30; Ranged; Can only be fired once per combat
Cleric (8 Treasures): Strength 1; Applies Strength 5 Shields to adjacent units for every cleric in troop

Dorms (5 Materials): Increases the maximum number of units each adjacent connected room can house by 50%
Hospital (10 Materials + 10 Trade Goods): 1 Troop of your choice defeated while on the same row as a Hospital is revived at full STR after combat.
Kitchen (8 Materials): Units in a room connected to a Kitchen get 50% STR during combat.
Overseer's Office (15 Materials): Any trade goods mined when exploring in the same column as an Overseer’s Office are worth double.
Museum (50 Materials + 50 Trade Goods) (2 Grid Spaces): After defeating an enemy there is a 1 in 4 chance an trophy will be added to the museum to commemorate your victory and gain +10 STR against that type of enemy (Beasts, Undead, Constructs, etc.) in future combats. Each Museum can house four of these trophies.
Stockpile (20 Materials): Increase your maximum build material supply by 50. if you have more than 100 resources inyour supply there's a small chance to attract hostile creatures every turn.
Storehouse (20 Materials): Rooms built on this floor cost 1/2 the build resources (does not effect trade good costs.)
Temple (20 Materials + 20 Treasures) (2 Grid Spaces): Choose the temples purpose: Protection or Purity. A Temple of Protection allows you to pay 5 Trade Goods and place a Shield with 20 Strength on a unit or Troop. A Temple of Purity allows you to ignore a Bad Magic result by trapping it within the temple. Temples can house three Clerics and need at least one Cleric to activate their effects. If all the Clerics of a Temple of Purity are defeated, the trapped Bad Magic is released on the hold.
Treasury (20 Materials: Increase your maximum trade good supply by 50. If you have more than 100 trade goods in your supply there's a small chance to attract hostile creatures every turn .

Pump (8 Materials): Liquid cannot move through or damage this room. A Pump can be activated to flood if desired
Elevator (5 Materials): Instantly move units up or down the elevator’s length. Enemies take 2 rounds per grid to ascend an Elevator shaft
Drawbridge (15 Materials): When you build a drawbridge, it is open. During combat, you may close the drawbridge to prevent enemies from crossing. Enemies take 50 STR of damage for every open grid space they fall should the drawbridge close while they’re in its grid space.
Tracks (5 Materials) Instantly move units along the length of the tracks. Tracks can be placed through other rooms.

(Require a Forge to make. Once tripped cost 5 resources per trap level to reset. Level 3 Traps are impassable to your troops)
Damage Traps (20 Materials): Any trap that does damage falls under this category. Deals 10 damage per level. Starts at level 1, upgraded at a cost of 20 Materials per level to a max level of 3.
Stopping Traps (15 Materials): Stops an enemy’s movement in the room containing the trap for a number of rounds equal to the trap’s level. Starts at level 1, upgraded at a cost of 15 Resources per level to a max level of 3.

(Require a Mason to make. Can be repaired for 15 Treasures for every 20 Strength lost)
Defensive Barricades (10 Treasures) Each level of a defensive barricade has 50 strength. Barricades cannot attack, but enemies must destroy it to pass through. Starts at level 1, upgraded at a cost of 10 Trade Goods per level. Defensive Barricades block line of sight for ranged units and can be used to stop gas and liquid from spreading.
Offensive Barricades (20 Treasures) Each level of an offensive barricade has 20 Strength. Like defensive barricades, enemies must destroy it to pass through but take damage equal to the barricade’s strength. Starts at level 1, upgraded at a cost of 20 Trade Goods per level. Offensive Barricades do not block line of sight for ranged units and do not stop gas or liquid.
Secret Passage (50 Treasures) These special barricades will allow your units to pass through the hold while keeping your enemy’s options limited. However, be aware that enemies with TRUESIGHT can use these passages. These barricades only have 10 strength and cannot be upgraded.

Inventor's Lab (100 Materials + 50 Treasures)(Requires a Forge, Library, and Stockpile): By studying the works of engineers and mages, your inventors are able to make great improvements to your hold. While you have an Inventor’s Lab, you may pay 50 Treasures to have them research inventions to use. Though usually helpful, keep in mind there's a always a chance for catastrophic failure…
No. 1044807 ID: e5709d

>Tear in the space-time continuum
... I'm going to level with you, Hezug. We have seen comets up close. We've seen chemical reactions that look like pure magic but aren't. We've even known about holes in spacetime that devour everything in their path and consume light itself within a specific radius.
But we've never seen this. This is not supposed to be normal, even if you give unlimited magical resources to an insane cabal of super-mages. Rips in space time... they don't stay stable and linked to planets for more than a few microseconds. What the hell have we been digging through?

>Copy Room
If we can lay off copying it right now, I'd rather we keep it like this until we find something really valuable. But if we must copy it immediately:
1) Treasury - Question: What happens if we copy a full treasury right now? In fact, overstuff one of them with treasure and expensive weapons and stuff before you clone it.
2) Ancient Library - Data is a precious thing. Moreso since we don't have printing presses invented yet. If we copy the entire contents of the room, we can quickly and haphazardly harvest the copy library and send it back to the surface, where scholars can pore over it.
3) Emerald Room - This one's a smart cookie. These emerald mines have been going strong for so long. It's a gamble. but one which could effectively boost our emerald generation to an insane degree.
4) Wishing Well - For Science. I wonder what happens; does one well lose its power? Does the djinn get copied? Or only the magic? Hopefully the latter...
5) Fortune Shrine - You probably needed this built a week ago. Plus, we already have a second cleric on staff!

>Final turn before disaster
Okay, let's be smart about this. Dig down from the hospital, build a hospital extension there.
I don't know what's going to happen, but if it involves massive casualties, we'll want to save who we can on both levels. That means getting a second hospital ready and waiting.
And if something comes up the elevator, we can set up a secondary choke point on the second floor and let the soldiers tank before the horde can spread and damage rooms.
Finally, if you have extra time, place a stopping trap inside the elevator shaft on the third level. Reinforce the elevator with armored walls, and then have wall spike traps pierce anything climbing up.
No. 1044812 ID: 95e5ef

I think we should copy the crystal cavern, it's the only one we can't easily build.

About that barricade at the entrance, doesn't it cut us from the outside? Also now the gunners are cut off from the elevator, we need to do something about that. We could build secret passages, or extend the tracks in the dorms. The first option is less secure, the second is noisy...

Then build another hospital under the first, for the second floor. And dig a passage between the wishing well room and the cannon outpost, in case something happens in there.
No. 1044816 ID: 30b9f6

>copy room
One of the Crystal Caverns, duh. Keep the economy going. Also doesn't copy more than dead material, which is probably good. Uh. Maybe make sure the miners are out of the mine when you copy.

Or if that can't be done (or we don't want to flood the market with more emeralds and devaluate our primary trade good), copy the Fortune Shrine and hire a cleric. (-8 treasure)

Lava room below elevator so we can prep for further deep excavations. (-20 treasure)

Temple of Purity (-5 mat, -50 treasure, incl. conversion) - Purity in case what's coming comes with Bad Magic - in the two slots below the hospital and kitchen - or the free slots beside the elevator shaft if this can't be dug fast and easy. Buy a cleric. (-8 treasure)

An opening between exit foyer and fortune shrine so the cannons can shoot that way.

A... river you say? Ah. That's a defensive weakness indeed. Plonk a Level 3 Offensive Barricade over the treasury next to the river. Anything coming up outta there should get torn to shreds by it. (-60 treasure)
No. 1044818 ID: 0a7069

>Defensive barricade, not offensive
...Huh. Got mixed feelings. While it's good that non-ranged units can hit outside whose idea was it that that was obvious? (does that apply to wasps/hounds?), plus the defense vs gas/liquid, still has limits vs offensive barricades. Weak non-ranged hostiles would be easily killed by gunners before they got there, which is what the def barricade would be best vs. Hostiles with, say, 100 HP would kill it with 2 hits, so the troops would get 50 HP dmg before the barricade dies. Were it offensive, the barricade would do 60 dmg by itself, plus the 25 dmg the troops do, so 85 dmg. Oh, that also discludes gunner fire support dmg. Hostiles that have range would laugh as they shoot the defensive barricade without dmg. So there's all that, not to mention repair costs, those are way out of proportion when compared to offensive barricades.
We can at least move our troops through... or at least it seems that should be the case...

>Stairwell tracks
Well. Quite surprised clever miners like you guys never figured out spiral slopes for mine carts. File that with the other stuff that would have been nice to have noticed...

>Get emerald room copied
...Outside the box, but that would be quite good. Should that fail, well, while a barracks would be useful, it'd be a waste to use for a low cost room, so go with Fortune shrine.

What else...
Dig? Eh, will leave that to others.
Oh, we're down to one? Guessing we are. FORTIFY HARD! Do we have the ability to shoot down the shaft at the edge of the stockpile? Lvl3 *OFFENSIVE* barricade there if so, otherwise put it at the overseer's office. Extend rails to the dorms. Would it be better to have a second lvl3 offensive barricade at the barracks, or the dorms...? Leaning dorms, but could be persuaded otherwise.
No. 1044825 ID: 708905

BUILD a door between the upper cannon outpost and the elevator
That cannon and the firewasps currently do not have good access to the rest of the hold.

DIG to the right of the lower emerald deposit
No. 1044829 ID: 1545e9

Building a door between the outpost and the elevator would allow ennemies to bypass the room at the top that's reinforced by the kitchen.
No. 1044838 ID: f2320a

Could we not bottle condense and sell this gas or make into smoke bombs also nice i like a lady with meat makes the best steak
No. 1044871 ID: fec07f

Yeah but as it is those cannons and firewasps are so far from any entrances that it's going to take forever to get them involved in any fight thus making them kinda useless
No. 1044874 ID: d701a3

With the tracks I think it's fine. We could extend the tracks, of course, that's always useful.
No. 1044880 ID: 2eaeea
File 166431992392.png - (3.26MB , 3661x1969 , Crypt.png )

>Copy Crystal Cavern
The mages tug on ethereal threads of time and space, and the room flickers to be an exact copy of one of the caverns.
:Clover: Perfect! I might have to get me an emerald bracelet.

>Build Hospital
(-5 Materials/ -20 Treasures)(10 Additional Treasures traded for 5 Materials)
Right below the first, a second medical site is constructed.
:Lanka: Good, now I can expand my office. I need room for the brandy cabinet

>Level 3 Offensive Barricade at River Treasury
(-60 Treasures)
:Bozbun: That oughta shred any thieves that think about pinchin' our treasure.

>Build/Connect/Dig Between
:Hezug: Making a connecting corridor/staircase requires the builder's work time, not miner's work time, and we've already build the hospital for today. Making a connector between two prebuilt rooms requires carefully considering how both rooms connect and is a builder's job.

>Dig right of lowest crystal cavern
6 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) Mined at depth 1 (+10 Treasure)
6 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) (x2 Overseer Bonus) mined at depth 3 (+22 Treasure)
6 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) Mined at depth 4 (+13 Treasure)
5 Materials are mined at depth 4 (+9 Materials)
(9 Materials/ 115 Treasures)
The countdown ticks down to 0

As the miner's dig through rock they soon begin digging into laid brick, and break into the stone halls of a long lost crypt, as the miners look around one comes face to face with a large monstrous skeleton leering beck at her. The miners flee, the colossal skeleton is unleashed.

Just for clarity, this and the countdown are unrelated
No. 1044881 ID: 2eaeea
File 166431996499.png - (3.46MB , 3661x1969 , Crypt2.png )

The colossal skeleton moves into the crystal cavern, the prospectors inside flee to safety.

:Ludzid: Doesn't look too tough, we still need to be careful. It's in a pretty defensible position now, just remember that ranged unit's can't shoot through other units.
No. 1044882 ID: a67ad9

Mages are ranged, right? Just move ‘em into the crystal cavern to the right, then cannonball and spell the skeleton down.
No. 1044888 ID: a7a180

I don't think our mages getting stuck in a corner is such a good idea if the cannon crossfire doesn't take out the skeleton. We might want to keep retreating some more.
No. 1044891 ID: 02a9d6

Move the mages up into the outpost then shoot down the skeleton with cannonballs and fireballs. If ranged units in the same space can't fire then move them right into the crystal caverns.
No. 1044892 ID: 2eaeea
File 166432325680.png - (3.47MB , 3661x1969 , Crypt3.png )

>Mages are ranged, right? Just move ‘em into the crystal cavern to the right, then cannonball and spell the skeleton down.
[Cannons (Ranged 30) vs Skeleton (30 => 5)]
[Mages (Ranged 20) vs Skeleton(5 => 0)]
Mages retreat and prepare. The cannoneer arms their cannon and fires upon the encroaching skeleton, the mage's follow up with a magic blast reducing the pile of bones to ashes. After the skeleton's been defeated, the mages continue into the crypt to investigate.
:Clover: That crypt looks like it's just brimming with necromantic energies! The spirits of death coagulate in this room!
:Hezug: Oh that's awful.
:Clover: No it's great! We can use this room to raise dead soldiers to fight for us!
:Lanka: I'm sorry. Are you suggesting we use necromancy for our own purposes? Not only is that immoral but there's no way we should employ disease ridden corpses to work for us.
:Kamev: Brutal
:Nozek: Nature is often brutal. The dead aren't using their bones anyway.
:Clover: If we don't wanna we don't have to, but just know the dead can be very useful!

Skull Dwarf (5 Treasures): Strength 1; On defeat, 50% chance to revive after combat

The count down has reached zero, though nothing has happened.
:Ludzid: So what? Was the glass bowling ball just messing with us?
:Kamev: I didn't know Orbie had a sense of humor. I played a prank like this once on my sister, she still won't talk to me.
:Hezug: I'm not so sure we're out of the woods yet...let's not get comfortable yet
:Bozbun: We jus' gonna sit around waitin' fer somethin' bad to happen?
:Hezug: We can't just do nothing. What's our next move?
No. 1044896 ID: 15c72a

Well, we can dig right from the bottom of the elevator shaft. If anything spawns, we shoot it with the cannon. This move also won't interfere with whatever the countdown is about.
No. 1044898 ID: 02a9d6

Please do not raise the dead. They are not worth the cost. Also, it will scare everyone and smell horrible.

About the countdown... I don't know, inspect every room, make sure nothing horrible happened somewhere when nobody was looking?
Upgrade the barricade around the tear gas room to level 3 just to be sure it's not gonna leak, and extend the second floor's tracks to include the dorm and mason.
Them wait for a couple of hours and if nothing happens... Errr, sorry I guess ?
No. 1044899 ID: a7a180

Can you dig any deeper? Perhaps whatever spawned did so where you can't see it yet.
No. 1044901 ID: 49e2b5

>Was the glass bowling ball just messing with us?
No, we were not! We honestly thought we were gonna explode when it hit 0! But since that didn't happen, the best guess we have is that something happened in a room and we didn't notice because we were fighting that skeleton. Or something happened in an area we haven't dug to yet and we'll eventually run into it when we keep digging.

Let's check all the rooms first and make sure everything is normal.
No. 1044903 ID: d50a68

>Was the glass bowling ball just messing with us?
No, we make funny jokes.

We should check all the rooms and see if ther were any changes. If not, the countdown must have been for something else. Keep your eyes peeled.

Dig under the kitchen? Just in case, put some soldiers next to it.
No. 1044914 ID: e5709d

It's a context-sensitive issue. Is there a soul in that skeleton? Could they be hacked? In general, necromancy is little different than golemancy, just less respectful of the dead and more about understanding the concepts of biology and how to subvert them with magic doo-dads. There are even sanctioned forms of necromancy in civilized countries that involve ensuring the dead souls have moved on, or using the dead material and spirits within living bodies to enhance their combat powers. I even witnessed a Master-level necromancy-based healing spell that cures high-level magical diseases by performing a half-death on its targets and then healing the hell out of them to fully reset their lives.
I'm all for it; all we need to do is make feeble, sensory-deprived drones to do all our trap-tripping for us, or carry our wallets, or act as morale supporting jesters. Make sure to do frequent tests for sapience.

>The count down has reached zero, though nothing has happened.
Hm. Maybe there was something important we could have achieved. But, what with us only beginning to scratch the surface of this enigmatic place, that was more of a lottery than a challenge. Oh well.

Okay, dig down from the central crystal cavern or left of the cannon outpost, and stick a Storehouse there.
No. 1044919 ID: 13e66d

Gotta side with Lanka here. Disease ridden corpses? Who needs those?

...Slightly worried we require truesight to see the hostile or whatever is going on here...
Would be quite happy to be wrong...
Perhaps the hounds could sniff out the base?

Dig left of the new hospital. Would like to build a barracks to have basic security before going full economic power over there. Little tempted to get an overseer's office for the emeralds, though...
No. 1044923 ID: 9a2966

>Counter reached 0
Maybe something happened somewhere else and the news has yet to reach you. That slab sure was ominous, though!

>DIG left of level 2 hospital, BUILD overseer's office there
Left of hospital and overseer's office is a good move. Lots to dig still on that column. and boosting the emeralds would be a welcome bonus.

That lava below the elevator, already.
No. 1044924 ID: fec07f

How many skulls can we garrison at a time?
No. 1044925 ID: 1ba298

We should make sure the top left part of the hold is well defended before expending there.
I think we should dig down from the kitchen and build a kennel there. That way when we inevitably unearth a monstrosity we will be able to tame it and feed it kitchen scraps and use it to entertain the wounded in the hospital.
And drain that lava room at the bottom of the elevator. We will need to start digging down again at some point.
No. 1044926 ID: 36784c

Dig to the right of the Wishing Well.
No. 1044927 ID: 920ebd

Makes sense +1
No. 1044928 ID: 9a2966

Note that putting a kennel below the kitchen doesn't lead to any clear specific advantage that just moving a troop next to a kitchen would give. Only the troops next to the kitchen will get the boost, so if you move them away to face an enemy elsewhere they lose the bonus - I think.

You'd want troop quarters next to dorms primarily, since that increases troop size capacity. Kitchen is just a stationary strength buffer, the buff doesn't come with if you move away.
No. 1044934 ID: d70832

The idea is mostly to have something on the left side, and that place made sense to me. They will be able to get quickly to rooms on that side and, at least for now, they will likely fight around the kitchen. A monstrosity should be dangerous enough to not need the kitchen buff anyway, probably ?
And if we tame monstrosities, we better make sure we can keep them well fed.
No. 1044936 ID: 0441fc

Our left side seems to be well defended, but our right side doesn't have much on it. We should put something on the right, but I just don't know what to put.
No. 1045002 ID: 2eaeea
File 166444769676.png - (202.42KB , 1128x910 , Mining.png )

>How many skulls can we garrison at a time?
:Clover: I'd say we can fit about twenty in the crypt there.

>Gotta side with Lanka here. Disease ridden corpses? Who needs those?
:Clover: Y'all 're no fun. A little necromancy never hurt nobody!
:Lanka: Wrong, just plain wrong.

>Dig under kitchen
6 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) Mined at depth 1 (+10 Treasure)
6 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) (x2 Overseer Bonus) mined at depth 3 (+22 Treasure)
6 Emeralds (+3 Fortune Shrine) Mined at depth 4 (+13 Treasure)
13 Materials are mined at depth 2 (+15 Materials)
(+15 Materials / +45 Treasure)
(29 Materials/ 150 Treasures)(10 Treasures traded for 5 materials)
No. 1045003 ID: 2eaeea
File 166444774377.png - (793.41KB , 1500x1060 , Ancient Monstrosity.png )

A coastal town is flooded as the ocean rises
A wave crashes into a fishing boat, drowning the sailors on board
A young man falls into a rushing river, unable to escape

The cave walls become damp as the miner dig away at the rock. The briny smell of ocean water leaks out from the cracks in the cavern.

From the darkness of the caves a monstrosity lumbers out, an ugly thing dripping with water and constantly emitting a low gurgling noise. The miner's run in terror as the ancient monstrosity crawls out into the corridors of the hold. The sound of crashing waves fills the halls.

Yorzzyll The Deluge Strength 105
Deluge At the end of each round this monstrosity acts as a source of water
Regenerating Each round, instead of moving, this horror may regenerate. If no damage is dealt to it while regenerating, it regains 50 lost Strength
Humid Air Cannons and Gunners only deal half damage while on the same depth as this monstrosity
No. 1045004 ID: 2eaeea
File 166444778039.png - (3.53MB , 3661x1969 , The Deluge.png )

Yorzzyll moves from it's lair into the kitchen. Tables and chairs are trampled as the beast moves through the dining area.

:Hezug: OH HELL!
:Clover: MY KITCHEN!
:Ludzid: Okay now it's serious
:Lanka: Oh Sisters...can we even kill that thing?
:Ludzid: We've sure as hell gotta try!
:Kamev: Cannon's ready and loaded!
No. 1045011 ID: 3449c0

SEE? SEE? Stuff like this is why we should have had a lvl3 offensive barricades at places like the overseer's office close to the elevator outlets! Perfect spots here were next to the top. Post battle, the elevator gets heavily fortified, but for now...

Gotta say, tactical situation is bad.
We've got a few problems here, the biggest is that it's already top depth, so non-mages get half offense.
Were it at a lower depth, we could blast it from above, but as it is, troops below will just be drowned. Possibly at the depth it's at, too! Detail that is key is how bad this thing floods.
Obviously, it's going straight to the exit, so we have to stop it dead.

Depth 1, we have 40 melee power to use. Gunners have 45 ranged, but that's halved to 22-ish.
Depth 2, we have 40 melee power to use, plus 30 ranged halved to 15.
Depth 3, we have 80 ranged, though only the cannons get halved, so 50.
Depth 1 has the ability to engage now. Depth 2 forces take 1 turn to get to depth 1. Depth 3 forces take 2 turns to get to depth 1.
Our cannons at depth 5... well, they might be dead. Go to elevator? Possibly drowned. Stay in place? Possibly drowned. Still, should they get their singular shot off, or better yet, get to melee, would help the tactical position we have. Have to be ready for worst case, though.

Strategic analysis? We've just barely got this, the elevator as well as the rails have saved our collective asses. Plan formed!

First is to get all forces we have the ability to mobilize to get to the overseer's office. Or, should the melee troops have to be behind the ranged for them to fire, those go to the barracks. Should be the foot troops, the gunners, 1 cannon, plus the wasps. Hostile will move to the elevator, so its water will fall to the lava at the lowest depth, pretty much nothing we can do about that one. However, because the water falls, it will not flood adjacent to stop the troops.
From there, our ranged forces fire a barrage for about 37. 105-37=68. From there we use the rails... for a charge of the light brigade. Foot troops 25 + hounds 15 + wasps 40 = 80. Should kill the thing, though casualties will be bad. Still, it's a victory over a deadly foe.

Were we sure this thing would not flood adjacent, we could wait to have all forces massed. Still, we have a hospital to mitigate losses.

For the future, do gunners/mages/cannons have melee offense, or are they strictly ranged?
No. 1045012 ID: f3ad3c

Oop, forgot a detail. Have to ask, because this depends on how "free" using rails is.
Should our gunners have the ability to use the rails as well as fire before the turn ends, the plan improves. Head to stockpile, fire at hostile. Following round, link up with the cannon at the overseer's office for salvo 2. Extra 22 dmg may lower casualties.

However, if it has to be one or the other, nevermind. Gotta say though, if using rails is totally free, kiting would be a tactic that may be used. For other hostiles, that is. Hard to shoot through a flood.
No. 1045013 ID: fec07f

The fuck is something like that doing at depth 2!?
No. 1045014 ID: a1a2b8

We can do better.

Turn 1 : monstrosity gets to elevator.
lower the lift so it has to climb to get to the other side, gaining us 1 turn.
Move lower cannons up. They will have to site this one out. If they stay where they are they will drown because the lava-flooded room will turn to rock.
Priests put a shield on the wasps, cannons from the forge and wasps get to overseer office, other troops start moving toward overseer office.

turn 2 : monstrosity still climbing
cannons shoot for 15 damages. (90/105 hp)
Cannons from the forge and mages get to overseer office.

turn 3 : the remaining cannons shoot for 30 damages, the mages shoot for 20. (40/105)
The wasps then charge for 40 damages, their shield from the priests save them. (0/105 monstrosity HP).

Expected casualties : none.

Please double-check everything, though. I would hate to doom everyone.
No. 1045017 ID: 7e3410

Oh wait, forgot a second detail.
Food buffs! We assault the elevator, melee troops get x2! So... wasps are 80! Hospital should heal up all damage, so we got this!
No. 1045023 ID: 3522d3

Is the kitchen still usable? There is a big monstrosity sitting in it after all.
I hope it's not too badly damaged or we will have a hard time eating the monstrosity once it's dead.
No. 1045024 ID: 9a2966

Not being as tough as something from a deeper depth, that's what!

>Battle Plan "Shafte 'Em"
And this lack of toughness is to our advantage. Here's the general order of things that I see could work out.

Turn 1: Elevator goes down to Depth Level 5 (DL5). Yorzzyll begins entering Elevator Shaft (1/2), presumably beginning to flood lava rooms down below.

DL1: Gunners rail-move to Overseer's office - opens fire (for 45/2 = 22 damage).

DL2: Fire Wasps moves to Overseer's Office. Forge Cannons and Shrine Clerics move to Fire Wasp Kennel.

DL3: Mages move to Forge. Outpost Cannons move to Shrine. If rail-move can take mages and cannons to Fire Wasp Kennel this round too, bring them over.

DL5: Outpost Cannons move into elevator.

Turn 2: Yorzzyll heals or fully enters Elevator Shaft (2/2).

DL1: Gunners open fire (22 damage).

DL2: Everything in Fire Wasp Kennel moves to DL1 Overseer's Office. Ranged units fire at Yorzzyll (90/2=45 + 20 = 65 more damage if Outpost cannons and mages could rail-move last turn). If move->rail-move of Turn 1 doesn't work, Cannons and mages move to Fire Wasp Kennel.

DL5: South outpost cannons move up elevator to DL2, then fire at Yorzzyll (-60 damage to Yorzzyll: despite being drizzled on from above, they're not on the same depth, so their gunpowder won't be as damp!)

At this stage, Yorzzyll should be dead (from 109 total damage), but it could've stopped to heal or move->rail-move doesn't work, in which case it would still be alive.

(hypothetical) Turn 3: Yorzzyll heals or enters Stockpile. Water source flooding occurs from stockpile to unknown effect on units, if it spreads onto them. To avoid those effects, Gunners can move a step to the right to keep firing unmolested. Mages and cannons will either have to hold or move into it.

- Ranged units move into position and fire (variable damage, pending on situation)
- Cleric-Shielded Fire Wasps engage (40 damage, 10 protect)

And that should be it either way. If it's not, additional units - like warriors and dogs - can be ordered to engage by rail-move to finish it off.

Essentially, we want to shoot it blue and bloody while it's in the shaft. If it pauses to heal, between our gunners and mages, we've got the strength to (almost) keep pace with its regen and rail-move should make it easy to get all melee troops into the fight if need be.

>Oh Sisters...can we even kill that thing?
Anyway, follow our advice and you've got this. Really, if it weren't for wanting to mitigate the effects of flooding (and not knowing if units below are affected badly), I'd even just suggest keeping Gunners and 90 damage's worth of cannons in the Fire Wasp Kennel and shoot it for full damage when it passes. Boom, boogey bugger's dead.
No. 1045025 ID: 9a2966

>(from 109 total damage)
Sorry, from 169 damage. Forgot the 'shaft' part of the calculations from Battle Plan "Shafte 'Em" there.
No. 1045026 ID: 03f78a

We can't move through the entrance, there is a level 3 barricade in the way, and ranged units can shoot or move but not both on the same turn.
It will take a lot more turns to move everyone into position AND shoot.
No. 1045027 ID: a9af05

If only we could get some of our cannons at a depth under the monster, then we could blast it at full power, without getting our attack cut in half.

Could we make a connection between the Stockpile and the Forge? That way if the monster manages to get over here, the cannon in the Forge can blast it at full power!
No. 1045029 ID: 9a2966

>Level 3 Traps are impassable to your troops
Barricades are passable.

>Ranged units cannot move and fire
I cannot find where this is referenced.
No. 1045030 ID: 03f78a

My bad, it's the lvl 3 traps.
No. 1045032 ID: e5709d

*We have two hospitals. We can capitalize on this by having Yorzzyll waste a turn attacking an opponent below them. We should also 'expend' a unit, most notably the hornets.
* Sorry, little doggos, but this hulking angry supermonster is worth far more in military strength than you. Even more importantly, Yorzzyll's deluge is a game-breaker that can easily neutralize the lava rooms. Once we've defeated Yorzzyll , replace the hounds. Alternatively, if Yorzzyll's deluge kills the hornets outright, have them replace those. Or, perhaps it will take a liking to the river.
We have a better chance than it looks, but the true danger is any hidden abilities that we don't know of. Have a reserve force ready for additional reinforcements, and this should be a general success.
C5 (Cannons at Depth 5): Get into the elevator, immediately ride to Depth 2 to reach D2, Unleash everything (Projected Health: 105 -> 45)
E2 (Cannons at Depth 2): Move to F2 and prepare to unleash a barrage.
E3 (Mages at Depth 3): Move to E2.
F2 (Fire Hornets at Depth 2): Move to F1, have them act as a bulwark or at least get them away from potential flooding.
G1 (Soldiers at Depth 1): Okay, this one's complicated. Move to D1 and drop down to D2 as the elevator moves the cannons up. Defend the cannons from the monster, and prepare to aggro or flank.
G2 (Clerics at Depth 2): Hold position.
H1 (Soliders at Depth 1): Move to E1, fire all (Projected Health: 45 -> 23).
I1 (Hounds at Depth 1): This will be the sacrifice. Move to D1 and attack (Projected Health: 23 -> 8).
Yorzzyll: Will unleash a deluge that causes water to sink through the elevator, thereby ensuring we at least deal with the bottom layer of lava even if Yorzzyll dies entirely, attack and decimate a unit (which can then be healed by the hospital).
Kill or Capture on next turn.
No. 1045073 ID: b1e10c

I'm sorry for the kitchen! I didn't know that thing was there! I swear!

I like this sequence. Let's hope it goes as planned!
No. 1045124 ID: f2320a

Just need to injure it so it does not grow stronger and milk it for its water
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