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File 165541710881.png - (197.29KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1035159 No. 1035159 ID: 2edd05



>"This is true. We are in a plane - but we aren't the only ones on the plane. We have a few aliens on board."
"All those armoured guys in the back? I'm feeling safer already! As safe as I can feel sitting in a plane that was designed like, over two hundred years ago. So, where are the in-flight services? I need some peanuts, ASAP!"
>"I wish this was that kind of flight. alas..."
"Hey Bry, what kind of flight is this?"
>"Not a clue, I'm just as in the dark as you are."
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No. 1040143 ID: 5d9787

>... Mister Olive being missing means that someone else is likely in here and has killed him.
The last frase directed toward Mister Oliver make it seem like he offered some form of justification before:
>"Alright then, don't blame me if your pay gets docked.
I think he is still alive just currently occupied, maybe investigating something suspicious.
No. 1040144 ID: 660765

This guy mentioned Mister Tan, who is Sam's contact. Sounds like he just told him to murder the rookie Edevane pilot, so don't hesitate to kill this guy if you can. He's shown he deserves it in less than a minute.

However neumono are notoriously difficult to kill. And the only weapon you have is a suitcase. In addition, sounds like he's got a bodyguard, albeit currently unavailabke.
No. 1040145 ID: e5709d

Give mission control a surprise to remember, then. And a lesson to put cameras in the camera room.
Sneak out, cannibalize the suitcase of anything important, douse it in oil, get a match, then sneak back up and shout, "oh, you mean THIS evidence?" Then set it on fire while he watches.

Losing proof that he completed the job will throw him off-guard, long enough to beat his ass by picking up the flaming suitcase with your robot hands and beating him to death with it.
No. 1040147 ID: f3a2ce

Would not recommend engaging him in any way. If the call is interrupted they'll most likely know exactly where to head. That being said, if this place still has any communications equipment you could use the running generator to power it. He says crews from summit are on the way, but not here yet. Maybe it would be best to hunker in the bunker and keep eavesdropping on the smol neumono.

Keep an eye and ear out for mr.Olive. He makes it sound like he's in here with you guys.
No. 1040148 ID: a3ae99

ETA: If you grab his neck and squeeze with all the strength of your mechanical hands, can you break/tear it?

And if he manages to croak out "What are you doing?", make a point to throw his words back at him: "I believe you called it 'tie up a loose end'."
No. 1040150 ID: c28082


Might as well carry on, or see if they don't mind our helping for a cut, maybe. Up to you, but keep in mind, he DOES have a weapon.


Bro this is twelve kinds of fucked up. Not everything is a bad Call of Duty game. You need someone to like, talk to, or something?
No. 1040151 ID: 9a2966

Weeelp. You found the hideout of the guys looking to destroy the suitcase. Whoever this 'board' is, they're paying big money to get it done - to... a bunch of offworlders, it sounds like? And Talion's in the area, but not Summit or Edevane. Dang. That means you want to hide - and get out of the wind tunnels, ASAP, before Talion control is established.

I would also point out that if you take out this guy his absence is going to be a verrry big clue to all of his presumably well-armed friends that something's up in the location he's at. And he does have a bodyguard somewhere around here. You should leave, get Bry and slink off. If there's anything you can do here... figure out what areas these guys have under surveillance and avoid them, I guess?

Mm. If you do take out this guy and mess up the equipment here, you do blind them to a degree.

Three people appear to have trackers that can track you and the suitcase down - Snow, Silver and Gold. If you can figure out where those guys are and take them out or destroy their trackers you might have a much greater chance of actually getting away. Any clues based out of the cameras?

Know anything about these two Tobaks, though? Tourist and... Lak? Weird nicknames.

Could also maybe use the comms equipment this guy has to call for help. Of course, that means taking 'im out somehow and isn't he one of those alien guys who can regen limbs, read your mind and shit? Sounds risky without something more hardcore.

That said, uh, can you override the grip governors on those robotic limbs of your and put on some serious hurt squeeze? In that case you could grab his arms and, well, break 'em. But I do suggest making it so he can't call for help first - like by disabling his equipment in a clever way. Disconnecting some wiring, causing loss of power, say? Ugh, it's risky though. Your best bet might just be creeping up on him while he's unaware now and talking with other people.

You could also just... stick around here and spy on them more, while preparing an ambush for whoever has trackers and as they trickle in, take 'em on and cut their comms and surveillance and then make a run for it.
No. 1040152 ID: 99ca7b

He has a weapon. You have darkvision. Get out of there. Quietly, and see if there's a power cable you can unplug on your way.
No. 1040158 ID: e5709d

We're talking about the asshole commanding the operation that shot down the Summit plane. He's ordering his subordinates to hunt down the survivors - he even ordered one of them to execute a POW. He's a combatant, and his gun proves it.
No. 1040174 ID: f237fa

See, nothing abandoned is secure.
Oh, the spy from earlier mentioned a Mr Tan, so it appears this person is linked to whoever shot down the plane.

Should you kill the power, it'd put you at a combat advantage, especially if the bodyguard has no ability to see in darkness. Extra points if you ambush the guy that goes to get stuff online. However, the bodyguard may be quiet because he's got a bead on you and is attempting to ambush. Eyes peeled. Still, disabling the power would also screw up hostile comms, so that would also be good. Final consideration is to keep goggles on in case power goes online, regardless of how.

Probably best case scenario here is dealing with the two here. Do so and you've got a lot of options. Eavesdrop or deny hostile comms, probably get the ability to contact Summit, maybe get prisoners to question if you capture the hostiles alive. Of course, if this stuff allows you to call up Fletcher, you've also got a way to secure the place to hold out for rescue.
No. 1040176 ID: 02a90d

This guy was dead to me the moment he casually ordered the execution of a prisoner (though I suppose he deserves congratulations for managing to mark himself for death in under 30 seconds). However we're a bit light on weapons, so I'm just taking stock of what we do have on hand. It's gruesome but it's all we have (plus it's relatively silent).

Taking out the power sounds like a great idea indeed. Check for light sources, do they all connect to the cable from the generator?
No. 1040182 ID: 2779dc

Wait a sec, here's an option that's semi-safe.
Leave, go get Fletcher, and go seal team six on this compound.
Seriously, if there's only 2 people, her squad should tear it to shreds. Especially if the power is still dead upon arrival or a stealth operative kills it before they move to secure the place.
No. 1040188 ID: 5d9787

He doesn't seem to realize he is currently alone with an enemy, but there is and entire team monitoring and targeting Fletcher's team. There is no way we can bring our guys over without them bringing their guys as well.
No. 1040200 ID: 936bd9

Oh, it's worse. Far worse. Operative words are loose end, which implies they know info that could compromise/expose these people or their operations if left alive.
>Or them being taken prisoner has in itself made them a loose end
Were that the case, the statements "didn't expect him to survive the crash" and "we don't need him anymore" are very unusual. First statement implies they knew about this guy beforehand, while the second is damning, as it in concert with the first heavily implies that he was involved with these people. Possibly the one who placed the targeting beacon in the tail. So they're not killing a prisoner, they're killing a guy who helped them pull this off.
>Well, that's bad, but at least this traitor got what they deserved.
Heh. Well, maybe, or maybe it's even worse. Perhaps this guy is just a traitor who got bribed, but it could also be that they recruited this guy in a similar way to how they recruited Sam, with high debt they use as leverage.

So, in sum, worst case is they promised to erase a poor guy's debt for help with the op, yet from the get-go were gonna murder the guy because they were fully aware his help would turn him into a loose end.

Suffice to say, these guys are absolute scumbags.

Seems more like they're looking, but haven't found, but even if they did...
Wouldn't they do that once the neumono's dead regardless? With the comms lost, they'd investigate.
So, the options are:
1) Somehow kill the two here, flee, let the bunker be retaken by a well armed group of troops, go to square 1
2) Go get Fletcher, rush the place before it gets reinforced, call Summit for aid, relax in a building *made for defense* for Summit's help
No. 1040204 ID: 899c9f

The neumono's got a holster, so direct confrontation is right out unless you find a weapon. Be on the lookout for his number two, who may be busy with number two right now. Try and take him by surprise, then cut the generator's power.
No. 1040228 ID: a9af05

Sneak away as quietly as possible. Could you unplug some of those cables and rip them up so they can't be plugged back in?

>that's fucked up
This guy established himself as part of the group responsible for shooting down the plane we were on, which makes him an enemy. Why are you so surprised that someone made a suggestion to kill him? It's a natural thing to want to do.
No. 1040258 ID: b01382

hey he's kinda cute.
No. 1040259 ID: b01382

Sneak attack choking is probably the best way to go about it. If you can't kill em, choke em out. That or spam flechette until they run out of blood and meat.

lmfao that's the same chucklnutts ashtray wearing motherfucker, so we're up against THAT hive queen lady? neat.
No. 1040381 ID: 84c07e
File 165999449834.png - (298.57KB , 800x600 , TQ55.png )

>This guy seems to be coordinating the group responsible for the attack. If we could take him down and disable his equipment their efficiency should decrease significantly.
That's true. I may be alone (With Bry) but I should still try to do something about this situation, because leaving this place without doing anything might bite me in the ass later.

>Could you sneak behind him and take his gun? He is a neumono but he is small, so I'm unsure if you can overpower him or not.
I could do that given that these guys have a slower reaction time, but I don't know if he has another weapon like a knife or something. My knowledge on this type of alien is limited, but I know that a pistol isn't going to stop him. Neither is hitting him with a suitcase, I guess.

>Could you hurt him with your hands?
Probably, however I'm not sure how effective that'd be, or if I would win that encounter given that he still has a gun.

>Leave, go get Fletcher, and go seal team six on this compound.
I would love to do that if it were an option. Unfortunately, I don't know where Fletcher or the rest of the plane's crew went. Even if I did, this guy would probably see us coordinating an attack on the cameras and call his buddies to defend him.

>Know anything about these two Tobaks, though? Tourist and... Lak? Weird nicknames.
I don't know who Lak is or what company he works for. The tourist rings a bell though, supposedly someone that does a lot of corporate espionage - an urban legend, nothing more than folklore for independents.

>This guy mentioned Mister Tan, who is Sam's contact. Sounds like he just told him to murder the rookie Edevane pilot
I guess we're not dealing with particularly kind individuals.

>Three people appear to have trackers that can track you and the suitcase down - Snow, Silver and Gold. If you can figure out where those guys are and take them out or destroy their trackers, you might have a much greater chance of actually getting away. Any clues based out of the cameras?
It's hard to make out anything on the cameras from here, but it does look like a few are being worn by people. I'd need a closer look.

>You could also just... stick around here and spy on them more
I listen quietly in case he lets out any useful information, but it doesn't take too long for him to go quiet and start scanning the cameras. A couple of minutes later he picks up and starts reading a magazine full of pictures of guns and scantily clad neumono women. It isn't fair, why don't we get our own magazines?

>hey he's kinda cute.
I can see him bring Bry's type (which is everyone and everything.)

>Check for light sources, do they all connect to the cable from the generator?
That they do. All of the lights in this room seem to be coming from the various screens. There are also floodlights that are turned off, but they all connect to the same source.
No. 1040382 ID: 84c07e
File 165999451080.png - (224.51KB , 800x600 , TQ56.png )

>Keep an eye and ear out for mr.Olive. He makes it sound like he's in here with you guys.
I'm looking and listening close for anyone else in the bunker's halls, thankfully things are pretty quiet. I wonder if he's an alien like the neumono or if he's from here, either way I'm being careful.

>He has a weapon. You have darkvision. Get out of there. Quietly, and see if there's a power cable you can unplug on your way.
Now that's an idea. For too long the aliens have used light as a weapon against tobaks, so let's see how the aliens like being in the dark for once.

I grip the generator switch and I swing it down, stopping the flow of power and bringing the generator noise down to complete silence. I listen in for the neumono's reaction.

There it is.
Sounds like he believed it was an accident. That's good news for me because I get to have the drop on him. By the sounds of it, he is coming out to switch the generator back on. If I had to guess, he is coming out with a flashlight that chews up less power than dark-vision goggles.

>Could you unplug some of those cables and rip them up so they can't be plugged back in?
I could, but if I can take out this guy, I could use his cameras to figure out where Fletcher's squad is. I might even be able to use his computer to send out a message to HQ.
No. 1040383 ID: 899c9f

Set the briefcase down in a corner and open it so the light is on, and hide by the door. Get the flashlight away from him first, and then take him out with your special hands.
No. 1040384 ID: 15c72a

>he's got a flashlight
Well, that will partially negate the darkness advantage. Still, you have to get that gun away from him first because if he shoots you even once it's all over and you need a gun to even have a chance of knocking him out.
Hide behind something nearby, in a spot where you can ambush him before he gets close enough to see that the generator has been purposely switched off. Once he sees the switch, he'll know there's an intruder and go on high alert.

Optimally, you snag the gun, use it to shoot the flashlight, then take your time to aim and shoot him in the head a couple times to knock him out.
No. 1040385 ID: 2de4fd

I know you want to take this guy out but it's probably not a great idea. Better idea would be to fray the power wires to ruin them so there's multiple problems with the power, ideally slow-to-fix-ones, and get the hell outta there while he can't play mission control so well. I'd say break his keyboard or something too but the more things you change admittedly the more clear it is that someone's screwing with things; maybe you could fray the power cable somewhere that looks natural?
No. 1040386 ID: 9a2966

Wait around a corner or behind a piece of machinery until he starts tinkering with the machinery (and preferably before he notices the switch was just turned off) and has his hands and eyes busy, then come up behing, bonk 'im, choke him, sneak steal his gun, whatever comes natural and seems necessary to capture him. Keep in mind he might be on live comms headset, so it'd be GREAT if you could take that out of the picture ASAP.

If he somehow happens to stumble right into you say 'Hey, catch.' toss the suitcase to him - again occupying his hands - and THEN rush him down.
No. 1040390 ID: 5d9787

Let's bet on those superior reflexes. Stay out of the way until he enter the room, proceed to shadow him as closely as you can, and when the opportunity arise take his light and gun.
If he get scare and cooperative you can have him as a hostage, but if he try to fight shot him on the head many times. Killing him is probable more advantageous but if he surrender we can try to make this work.
No. 1040397 ID: a8a85e

Could you rip out a cable and set it up so when he turns the genny back on he gets zapped?
No. 1040406 ID: 8a4559

Aren't these guys supposed to be really robust? A direct assault is going to be exceedingly risky.
Zapping sounds like a good idea if you can make it happen. Otherwise a long-lasting distraction (shorted cable?) may be the best you can do.
No. 1040424 ID: 84c07e
File 166005553771.png - (209.53KB , 800x600 , TQ57.png )

>Could you rip out a cable and set it up so when he turns the genny back on he gets zapped?
That would probably make a lot of noise and he might catch on to it. I'll try going for a safer approach.

I hide behind one of the doorways and wait for him to pass through without noticing me. Going for the surprise approach seems to be my best option, best not to waste the opportunity.

I see him pass by, apparently he didn't want to take his headset with him because he seems to be without it. I sneak up close behind him so I can employ my famous pick pocket skills. I may be physically heavy handed, but they don't call these mitts 'Lost and found' for nothing.
Sheesh, I didn't even know neumono could come in such fun sizes! I've got like, five or six inches on this guy!... So that's what the top of a person's head looks like.

In one swift motion, I take both the flashlight and gun from the holster, quickly turning off the flashlight and plunging this little alien into my world of darkness. It takes him a little under a full second to realize what just happened, but he doesn't seem to freak out.

>"Mister Olive. I do not believe in your ghost stories of abandoned Summit Mining Company facilities. If this is your idea of a joke, we're going to have a serious problem. I was told you were professional, but this clearly isn't the case. So Laugh it up while you can, because when Mister Crimson hears about this, you're not going to think it's so funny."

I can't help but smile a little. Even in dire situations, I still find joy in being a rascal.

>"And whatever I just stepped in better not leave a stain."
huh? what does he-... oh. Is his foot bleeding? These guys must be really robust if they don't feel pain when the step on nails or whatever. This guy is now in the dark without any light sources, and without a weapon, and he thinks I'm somebody else. Looks like I hold all the cards, and then some.
No. 1040425 ID: b84839

Just put him in a sleeper hold, noise could alert the actual Olive. Preferably while dragging him away from switches that could get the lights on and flip this situation on its head. Dude may be ridiculously tough, but he still has to breathe.
No. 1040426 ID: 5d9787

Are you right next to Olive's corpse?
The situation is very risky, so let's get this over with before something bad happen with you or Bry. Kill the cute asshole, disable or break the equipment and go back to the vent.
No. 1040427 ID: 420248

Take him out quickly, whether with mechanical hands or your new gun. What did he step in, anyway?
No. 1040428 ID: e5709d

Remember to keep your eyes closed while shooting the gun.

Grab him by the neck and shoot him in the back of his head. Keep shooting while you gloat.
"I heard Neumono can survive a shot to the head! Can you survive twenty?"
No. 1040429 ID: 334f2b

I wouldn't worry about shooting him with the gun. It wont probably kill him anyway, so it's an option.
No. 1040430 ID: 547ed9

Steal his glasses. He'll be extra blind!
No. 1040431 ID: 547ed9

Arent they strong? What if he breaks out of the hold?

I vaguely recall from one of the Q&A threads from the neumono that got his head blown off multiple times that they kinda need their heads to breath or something, so using the industrial grip strength of our hands to crush his wind pipe should knock him unconscious. Doing so from behind would ensure we have the advatange of leverage, so the neumono male cant simple turn around. If Coil can use his slight height and weight to his advantage, we could possible force him to the ground as we choke him out. Additional benifit to choking is that he cant yell out for enforcements.

There is also the unfortunate issue of firing the gun which will immediately alert Mr. Olive, so we best choke him out first, and the possibly rip out some cables to tie him up with so we can then regroup with Bry.

Hmmmm. Actually. Maybe you guys are right about shooting him. neumonos are netoriously robust for surviving injuries even ones towards the head, so what we can do is mag dump 8 or so rounds directly to the back of the head. If he suffers enough head injuries theres not much he can do if one of the exiting bullets strikes him eyes?

Pick pocket the neumono for his holster and any spare ammo he has.
No. 1040432 ID: 547ed9

Thats a good point. Thats muzzle flare or something right?
No. 1040437 ID: 9fd5ba

Is the gun loaded, cocked, safety off? Can you quickly tell how many bullets it has?

I'm sorta on the side of team gun, here, assuming shooting this guy isn't going to traumatize Coil. I think this dude's continued existence actively and significantly threatens your own, unfortunately. I recommend shooting the head in several places (trying in part to take out the eyes), the spine and windpipe, and a probable location of the heart. We should probably save some bullets, though, for Mr. Olive and for surprises. Move fast to take advantage of the reflexes thing. Be aware he may not lose consciousness immediately; be prepared to get out of flailing range quickly (maybe even do so before shooting). Don't forget to close your eyes for the muzzle flash, maybe even cover them, though that might negatively affect aim. Expect Mr. Olive soon after, consider hiding.
No. 1040442 ID: a2d88b

Neumono are hard to kill and can hold their breath pretty long. If you use your hands, you'll need more than just choking him, you'll need to at least break his spine (and I'm not even sure that will paralyze him!)

Gunshot to the head is pretty reliable for knocking him out, but will alert Mr Olive, so better act fast after that. You can't rely on him lacking night vision, so find a good hiding place for ambush.
No. 1040443 ID: 15c72a

No, that's Olive's blood, I'm betting. Look up.
You have all the time in the world to cap this guy, so be sure you have a plan to escape afterwards-- the gunshot(s) will alert whoever killed Olive.
No. 1040508 ID: 9a2966

Wait, so he's really bleeding from his leg? You didn't do that. There also wasn't a bunch of nails around when you walked here, was there? Weird.

But you did get one thing verified - Mr. Olive is somewhere in here with you and they can see in the dark, so they're probably a Tobak or someone else with solid nightvision. Taking out the power probably guarantees that Mr. Olive is going to come to investigate what's what soon, so making an awful lot of noise might reveal to him that enemy action's going on.

So far the Neumono thinks they're getting pranked and they're pretty stuck in the dark. See if you can't use him to set up an ambush for Mr. Olive.

Alternatively/additionally - you found someone smaller than you, so it's time to be the ultimate jock. Check if that locker is free and loose, shove him inside and tip the entire thing facedown so he's stuck in a tight claustrophobic space in the dark.
No. 1040511 ID: 7c0da2

Maybe you could lock lure him somewhere and lock him up? This way you don't risk a fight. It's not like you need him dead to sabotage his surveillance equipment. You could even just leave him to stumble in the dark and destroy the equipment while he is away if you are not sure you can lock him up safely
Whatever option you choose, destroy the light sources first.
No. 1040607 ID: 84c07e
File 166026472084.png - (185.02KB , 800x600 , TQ58.png )

>Steal his glasses. He'll be extra blind!

>"Hey! Give those back, asshole!"

>Is the gun loaded, cocked, safety off? Can you quickly tell how many bullets it has?
It is loaded, the safety is on, and it has about 10 shots in the magazine. The model of this laser pistol is a Top Grade Richter 220 laser target shooting pistol. Top Grade is not the grade of the gun, just the name of the company that makes them - though this is a good, highly modifiable gun. Hardly the kind of thing a mercenary should be using as it doesn't have a particularly lethal calibre, but there's a big surplus of these things out there.
If I'm remembering correctly, these are standard issue for Saxum Overwatch agents.

>Pick pocket for other valuables
I rummage through looking for anything useful like spare ammo, but he comes up almost empty. Just a piece of paper with a few codes written on it.

I heard these guys can hold their breath for half an hour, which might just be a myth, but I'm not keen on finding out.

>Shoot him
I have no reservations against killing mercenaries, raiders, pirates and the like - however with this particular case, I have concerns with what to aim for, because these guys have like... no apparent weak spots outside of their hearts and their stomachs, neither of which I'm familiar with the location of. I also don't know if he'll eat all 10 of my shots and still keep standing - Not to mention the fact that there is another guy in here who is armed and might hear me and start barrelling down the hall with a bigger gun.
...Also despite knowing a lot about guns, my aim isn't fantastic. I'd expect to miss a few shots.

>Maybe you could lure him somewhere and lock him up? This way you don't risk a fight.
That doesn't sound so bad, it might even sit with my conscience better. I'll put a pin in it as it seems I've got time to think on it.

>you found someone smaller than you, so it's time to be the ultimate jock. Check if that locker is free and loose, shove him inside and tip the entire thing facedown
I'm so doing this if I decide not to kill him.

>What did he step in
Lesse, let's have a look here... just a little bit of blood. Looks like I stepped in some too but didn't notice. looks like something got dragged. I follow the blood and leave the neumono be for now, he isn't going anywhere.

>"Hey! turn on the lights!"
I keep quiet still, I don't want him trying to tackle me or something.

>Look up.
Nope, no blood up there. Just a rock ceiling, and you can't draw blood from a stone. I've tried.

The bloody trail appears to lead to a thin strip of blood flowing into a drain, the other end leading through a doorway I already walked through to get in here, I look through and-
No. 1040608 ID: 84c07e
File 166026473213.png - (244.71KB , 800x600 , TQ59.png )

Oh geez. This wasn't here when I came in.

That's a dead guy. Dead Pomi guy. Another off-worlder most likely... Big purple dead guy.

Am I just going to keep bumping into dead guys down here?! This one isn't a rotting corpse, but still. Actually... he was probably kicking just a few moments ago, judging by how much fresh blood is flowing from that nasty gash on his neck. Me and the neumono probably aren't alone in here.

Hold on. I'm picking up a magnetic signature...

Someone else is here - A tobak. Did Bry find a way in? Was he capable of something like this? I doubt it, he isn't really the cutthroat type. Is this dead guy Mister Olive? or is Mister Olive a tobak?

Whatever the case, the tobak is moving closer, I can feel him just around the corner in the same hallway I was just in.
No. 1040609 ID: f373c9

>Mister Olive Dead
Uh... Say, you think it'd be a good idea to inform the Neumono, and maybe team up with him? Considering said Tobak is both likely aware of you, and apparently very capable of killing.

Just let him know "i was gonna stuff you in a locker like a jock, but there's some guy hanging around that killed your friend, and might not discriminate between us." or such :V
No. 1040615 ID: 334f2b

Ignore the neumono, check the dead pony for something useful and skidaddle out of there. You still need a way to find Fletcher. Or you could go and find a way to open this place up and let Dry in, safety in numbers and all.
No. 1040616 ID: 15c72a

Run away from the tobak. Let them kill the neumono, get a visual on who the tobak is. Run further away if it's Lak, but otherwise you could introduce yourself (carefully) and ask for a team-up.
No. 1040618 ID: 899c9f

…Secure the briefcase and just go. This isn’t your problem. Avoid contact, and if the tobak follows you, avoid faster.
No. 1040622 ID: f57349

Neumono can hold their breath for literal hours, so a crushed neck might be a survivable injury. Still seems like a good approach for a silent takedown, though. Maybe grab throat and squeeze with one hand, then a punch to the lower back with the other, to keep that distributed brain as off-balance as possible?
No. 1040639 ID: b01382

Oh fuck Lak is here. Put on your goggles and turn the lights back on. The dog alien is an enemy, but the endmy of your enemy is your friend. Maybe. Fuck maybe Lak will kill the other guy before he tries to kill you.
BRY! We gotta go get outta here! We gotta save him!
No. 1040640 ID: b01382

Oh and tell the neumono that his friend is dead, but we didnt kill him. Someone else did aparently. Should we be worried?
No. 1040642 ID: b01382

Oh shoot this too. Loot the corpse. If the armor fits that'd be helpful too. Is thete a gun on them? Radio? Please for the love of god let there be a PDA we can use to contact our bosses.
No. 1040664 ID: 7c0da2

So, a bit of bad news : you're probably the target. Or, rather, the briefcase probably is the target. Because either he is here after the briefcase, having traced it here, or he is after the neumono and his team, and their goal is to get that briefcase, so either way it's tied to the briefcase.
If you loot the corpse do it quickly, focusing on communication devices. Don't bother with the night vision goggles unless they would allow you to both see in the dark and not have to worry about being blinded. I don't think you have time to get the armor on, unless the other tobak is far away?
You should also alert the neumono, pretend to be an independent looter, with some luck he will distract the other tobak.
No. 1040669 ID: 84c07e
File 166033097107.png - (249.62KB , 800x600 , TQ60.png )

>Get the neumono to distract the tobak
The thing is that the tobak knows I'm here. if I know he's here, he knows I'm here.

>Loot the corpse.
I quickly run to try find anything useful before the tobak comes within eyeshot of me. He has a big laser rifle, but It's too heavy for me to carry effectively. It also has had its magazine taken out. C'mon there must be a... Aha! He has a radio on him! It even had batteries. I just need to enter a frequency to communicate.

I listen in to the hallway, hearing very feint footsteps and fast beeping. The beeps sound exactly like the ones that came from the device I switched on earlier. Could it be... a tracking device?! Oh no... no no no!

Do I run or do I shoot? Or do I try speaking up and teaming with one of them? What does he want? Should I hand over the case?

I hear a switch get flipped and the beeping stops abruptly - only a few meters short of the corner I've put my back to.

"I know you have a gun. You will not harm me."
That voice... Who is that? He sounds very monotone with a low pitch, at least for a tobak. Does he smoke? or does he eat lit cigarettes? He seems to have some kind of accent, but it's too subtle to tell where it's from.

>"Huh? The hell are you? I don't recognize your voice... Is that Mister Teal?"

Is the tobak talking to me? Or is he talking to the other guy?

"You have two choices. You will either leave this place, or you will choose to stay but not linger. In the latter case, you will put your goggles on. In both cases, you will not let anybody touch that suitcase."
>"Excuse me? The hell are you on about? I don't have my goggles on me, and we don't have the suitcase yet. Who is this?!"
"Whatever action you take, nothing can stop what's coming for this neumono."

He's just gonna let me go? Isn't he after the case too? Who is he and what is his end game?
No. 1040670 ID: a2d88b

Oh crap it's him.
GTFO. As fuck and as out as you can.
No. 1040671 ID: c28082


Well, we're allowed to leave, so ... let's definitely do that. This guy sounds like bad news.
No. 1040680 ID: 6c886f

Lots of special ops stuff, but no flashbangs? Frag grenades (would be useful for the neumono)? Smoke grenades for escape? Little surprise this pomi's dead. Still, may have to loot more of that stuff after we return here.

Plus side, that comms device will be great to eavesdrop, possibly to call up your allies. For now, escape. Save the fights for after you have a tac team at your side.
No. 1040681 ID: 95b081

Well...for whatever reason, it sounds like he wants you to leave this place alive and with the suitcase. So I guess our goals line up at the moment. Also he's scary, so I'm in favor of plan SCRAM.
No. 1040682 ID: 15c72a

Tell him you're just trying to get back home, you'll look at the cameras then leave. This time, make note of where the cameras are, and AVOID THEM FROM NOW ON.

Make no aggressive action. Put your goggles on, put the gun in your pocket, safety on. This tobak is not to be messed with.
No. 1040686 ID: 334f2b

You have what you need, and he doesn't seem to be after you. What's more, he seems to want you to hold on to that suitcase. We can confirm that the newmono was looking for the briefcase, which makes him and his companions your enemies. They are responisble for your planecrash and almost dying.

Leave. Don't say anything and don't let him see you. Just go, meet up with Bry and use the radio to find Fletcher.
No. 1040691 ID: 899c9f

Don't answer and give yourself away to the neumono, and take the nice not-tobak's advice. Put your goggles on, linger if you must if only to check the cameras, and GRAB THE SUITCASE. He probably mentioned the goggles because he's going to turn the lights on again. Either way, leave this room as quickly as possible.
No. 1040694 ID: 1681e9

Not your circus, not your monkeys.

GTFO. Making sure the way between him and the Neumono is clear of anything you-shaped.
No. 1040699 ID: 2de4fd

Look man, it seems like you have a whole hell of a lot of problems right now, and this guy, who don't get me wrong, seems to be one MASSIVE freaking problem, is currently the problem of someone other than you. Put your goggles on, don't try to shoot him, and if someone uses a very bright light source, be ready to take advantage of it. Book it time.
No. 1040715 ID: f3a2ce

Such a shame when a pretty boy dies. Such is life out here. Promptly take his advice and leave. People who talk as if they know you aren't to be fucked with.
No. 1040734 ID: 398700

this guy is CONFIDENT enough to offer mercy. Let's not fuck with that, we have no stake in this.
No. 1040747 ID: ba605b

Run bitch RUN! We're grabbing Bry and getting the hell out of here.
No. 1040891 ID: 84c07e
File 166053441895.png - (177.64KB , 800x600 , TQ61.png )

>this guy is CONFIDENT enough to offer mercy. Let's not fuck with that, we have no stake in this.
>Not your circus, not your monkeys.
>So I guess our goals line up at the moment. Also he's scary, so I'm in favor of plan SCRAM.
>GTFO. As fuck and as out as you can.

It seems I have made up my mind.

Whoever this guy is, he wants me out of here alive. I don't know if he's really on my side, but it looks like our interests align - at least for the moment. I don't want him to see what I look like, but I don't have much choice, there being only one way out of the room.

I slowly walk out of the room and into the hallway. I put the gun on safety and slip it into my pocket, I equip my goggles and I slowly make my way to leave behind... whatever this situation is.

I... I want to say something... but I don't know what to say. It's probably best if I say nothing at all. I swallow my tongue as he passes by and I do my best not to look over at him. I can tell that he hasn't even looked over at me.


His presence is like nothing I've experienced before. Not from an alien, not from a tobak. His appearance... clearly not a fan of color. His eyes are vacant, like the lights are on but nobody's home. He doesn't seem to have any goggles, does he have cybernetic implants? He has a magnetic signature, but besides that, he doesn't seem like any tobak I've ever met.
No. 1040892 ID: 84c07e
File 166053444764.png - (375.04KB , 800x600 , TQ62.png )

I hear the sound of him setting down his nail shotgun followed by the generator being switched back on. A few moments pass and a bright orange light fills the hallway. I freeze.

>"What the-... You?! How did... how didn't I see you coming on the cameras?! What are you... hey. Wait a sec-"
The tobak pushes the neumono on the ground and restrains him. The tobak aligns a plasma sword up to the alien's midsection.
>"You moron! Goddamn goat freak! We're both working for the board! We could've cut you in!"
The 'board'? that's the second time he's mentioned it. Which board is he talking about? What board would care about what's in a random suitcase? Probably not the one I’m thinking of.
"You misunderstand. My interests and the interests of you mercenaries do not align in the slightest. Accept the position you are in. There would be more dignity in it."
"He is. Maybe not in the sense that you are thinking."
>"You mean he's... oh... no - wait! hey! Don't kill me!"
"Don't give me a reason to. You will have your chance to live. You have information that you will give me. I will now destroy your stomach. Hold still."

The neumono thrashes and screams before the plasma sword cuts into him, surely causing him a lot of pain - which begins to slowly subside as he passes out.

The room falls silent. I realize that I stopped walking away, having been frozen with fear. My hands... My hands are shaking. That's never happened before... I didn't know they could still do that. Looks like a lot of me is shaking actually.

I feel a glare pierce my back as all that remain in the room are me and him.


I wait for him to say something, but he doesn't.


I hear him drag the neumono away.


Once I am sure he is gone, I regain motion and start to sprint down the hall, looking for a fast way back.
No. 1040893 ID: 84c07e
File 166053447873.png - (248.30KB , 800x600 , TQ63.png )

While moving through the hallways I find a thread of steel cable. I pick it up so that I can use it later to set up a trap that will hopefully get me and Bry access to a motorbike.

Not content with leaving with just a pistol and radio, I return to the room with the monitor and camera setup. Just as I enter the doorway, I see something scurry through the ceiling at the corner of the room. Must be a big lizard or some other cave dwelling animal that found its way in here. Hopefully it's harmless, but it shouldn't be a problem if it tries to attack me now that I have a pistol.

The room itself seems to have plenty of stuff in it. Namely a number of large equipment crates. The monitor setup seems to have something up with it though, did something happen to it while I was gone? Most of the cameras are no longer working and it appears that lots of files have been removed or corrupted.
No. 1040897 ID: 899c9f

Do rin reida have tails? Oh well, the cameras would have been nice but better nobody has it than the neumono has it. Loot crates, check drawers, you know, scav stuff. Don't linger on it though.
No. 1040899 ID: 15c72a

I bet that was the Tourist.
Just say "Gosh I wish I could use these cameras to find my squad, it'd be nice if a hacker just happened to be able to turn them back on."
No. 1040916 ID: a3629a

If it was a wild animal, then maybe there is a full colony so be careful. If it was an alien, then he might be an slippery enemy. Either case, search hastly for useful things and GTFO to search Bry
No. 1040920 ID: a2d88b

>The Board
That's weird. The way he said it, it's not merely some random corpo's board of directors. It sounds more like an independent entity calling itself "the board".
No. 1040924 ID: 9a2966

Be quick, but check drawers, check crates, loot survival-useful stuff primarily. Is there more space in that suitcase? Maybe you can stuff some loot into it, now that your sad lack of coat has deprived you of pockets.

... actually, as you whip it out, could you actually connect up that thing in the suitcase to the computer here to see what it actually is that's making people go to all this trouble and effort? You're in trouble anyway, why not see why? Or, hm, maybe just grab the laptop and some connection cable to do so later, at a more convenient, less 'near someone being tortured' moment.

Other than that, just get the heck outta here quick!
No. 1040926 ID: 4f6268

>Goddamn goat freak!
Huh, belenosian, is that what that implies? Hmmm, that actually does fit, explains the odd shape of the skull spikes, the odd pupils, that Ship of Theseus bit from the previous thread, their history of mad science rivalled only by desperate Salikai organizations...

He appears to not want the suitcase, he would have noticed you had it with the lights active. Or failed to realize it was his objective, but the odds of that are quite low.

So... why did you not grab the nail shotgun he left behind? Far too scared to be a klepto for once?

Oh, and of course, if the cameras are dead, can you still call up your allies? Should that be too difficult from here, leave to round 'em up. Secure this place, looting's a lot easier afterwards.
No. 1040951 ID: 84c07e
File 166059078389.png - (284.86KB , 800x600 , TQ64.png )

>why did you not grab the nail shotgun he left behind? Far too scared to be a klepto for once?
Stealing from a psychopath is pretty low on my list of lifetime goals.

>Do rin reida have tails?
I think so. I've only ever met a couple rin reida, they usually do odd jobs. You don't see a lot of them around these days because of how close to extinction they are.

Just in case, I say "Gosh I wish I could use these cameras to find my squad, it'd be nice if a hacker just happened to be able to turn them back on."

I wait but nobody replies. I feel a little silly but that feeling never sticks around for too long.

>I bet that was the Tourist.
the tourist is supposedly a tobak, and that didn't look much like a tobak to me.

>That's weird. The way he said it, it's not merely some random corpo's board of directors. It sounds more like an independent entity calling itself "the board".
The board could be something specific like a secret society, or it could be some kind of entity. Is there some big AI out there calling itself the board? that'd be neat.

>Loot crates, check drawers, you know, scav stuff. Don't linger on it though.
I never thought I'd be scavenging like an independent, but here I am, I guess. Most of the crates are empty, looks like they were holding guns, grenades, body armor and stuff like that. These mercenaries must've been using this as some kind of hideout for a while.

I find a small suit of bio armor which probably belonged to that neumono. I picked it up without thinking but thankfully my hands have already been destroyed. I can't think of a use for it, so I leave it be.

I look through the drawers and I find the headset the neumono was using, a bunch of (mostly empty) energy drink cans and a few neumono porn magazines.

>Is there more space in that suitcase? Maybe you can stuff some loot into it
I take out the foam and boxes to leave more object wiggle room. As I take out the numbered box, I notice a message has been scribbled on the back with the same red lettering.
'FIND THEM ALL YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!' with a '15/21' written at the bottom. There is a crossed out LuneCore Industries logo drawn above the writing. I'm not surprised that somebody out there isn't a fan of LuneCore, I don't think anybody is after the things they've done. I'm glad they are gone.

>actually, as you whip it out, could you actually connect up that thing in the suitcase to the computer here to see what it actually is that's making people go to all this trouble and effort?
You know... I can't see why not. Hopefully Fletcher won't know and chew me out over it.
I find a cable that fits, and I try to have a look inside. Luckily it doesn't have a password or anything like that. A window pops up and shows a bunch of files. I'm not a computer expert, most of my time on the computer goes towards pirating rock music and watching videos on tinkering and bass guitar, so a lot of these files don't make much sense to me. I try to open them, but some message pops up about me not having the right software or some nerdy thing like that.

There is only one file I can open named 'KEYCHAIN15.txt' I open it and a message window opens.

15/21 >10 years. That's how long it's been after LuneCore got kicked offworld. I didn't see the dominion wars coming, but boy am I glad it happened when it did! How is it that you had an illegal CAI controlling everything and STILL LOST?! >OOPS! That was supposed to be a secret! guess the secret's out! >But that's not the secret you were trying so hard to hide, Is it? No. >When the execs saw the writing on the wall towards the end of the dominion wars, they knew what they had to do to keep their secrets buried. They couldn't keep a living soul alive to know what was going on. LuneCore Industries ordered their 90% robotic workforce to kill the living 10%. Robots can keep a secret, can't they? But scientists and engineers? Nope. You had to go off and kill every last one. >Every last one except me. >10 years I've been in hiding outside the 22 line where your sentinels and screen facers couldn't get to me. I lived like a tribal for a decade until I was completely sure your presence was all truly gone. Now that I have access to a computer, I have the chance to let everyone know the truth about what you were doing on Saxum VIII. They'll all know about how you went from a no name mining company to one of the biggest tech goliaths in the universe. >They'll know about the hangar. >Everything is still there. The CAI alone should be reason enough for a rival company to raid the place, but just wait until they find out about your other fun little projects! >They'll know why you killed all those rin reida.

I try read further but the rest is corrupted gibberish. Looks like a lot of the files are affected by some level of corruption.
No. 1040952 ID: a2d88b

Now put it back in the suitcase before someone detects it!
No. 1040955 ID: 15c72a

...okay, Lak's tracker will send him here, to this suitcase. He might not know about yours, so just put everything back where you found it and go. There's no telling if he wants you to know this information or not, so you probably shouldn't be here when he arrives.
No. 1040963 ID: a9af05

That seems like info that you're not supposed to know about. You'd better hope Fletcher never finds out that you read this, otherwise she might actually kill you!
No. 1040964 ID: 9a2966

That sounds big 'n serious. And now you know. And now you don't tell anyone you don't trust you know, because that all seems worrying.

15/21... is that a date? Or, given the 'find them all', it sounds like this is hard drive 15 out of 21. The text itself seems more like the start of a longer spiel. Looks like LuneCore was up to some deeper shit than most knew, though, assuming this is at all true.

... probably is. Why else would anyone go to so much effort for it?
No. 1040976 ID: e6ef13

>I'm not surprised that somebody out there isn't a fan of LuneCore, I don't think anybody is after the things they've done. I'm glad they are gone.
Sounds ominously frightful, especially with that Rin Reida bit of the text file, got details to share?

Either way, unless you'd like to grab body armor, probably best to go.
No. 1040980 ID: ba605b

Don't leave the bio armor behind. Fold it up in your improve backpack and take it with you. The amount of money you can get from selling one of those bad boys is A LOT depending on the percentage. It's probably nothing above a 30%-ter, but that's still good money.

Take the headset and porn mags. You can probably give those to your yellow tonal buddy as a sorry present for being so insufferable. Surely he would appreciate a head set to sell and porn!

I kinda suspect the last survivor might be this Lak fellow or someone he knew. With the amount of infamy he has, and his peculiar magnetism, it could be true.

Anyways loot whatever is left and head on out of here. We gotta regroup with Bry and try to steal ourselves a motor cycle, maybe even see if we can use the head set to contact the rest of the Summit team?
No. 1040982 ID: ba605b

Probably only if we turn the tracker on, so what we can do is find some out of the way place, turn on the tracker, hide it under a rock then run the heck away. later though when we have a motorbike with a sidecar.

IC it would be a good excuse to give to Dowser the suit of bioarmor to start amending relations with people he knows, and indirectly help with his bad rapport with Fletcher if Dowser has anything to say about us.

OOC when we turn back to Dowser's PoV we can give the suit of bioarmor to the Hive Mineral Company to improve our rapport with them even further, and potentially have a Bioarmor wearing buddy with us the next time we got looting through ruins. Dahl did make a point that doing looting and scavenging for a living isn't idea, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Just saying we can keep looting and stuff as a side gig instead of a main one.
No. 1040989 ID: 5c57bb

Lak already knows we have the suitcase. His instructions to us specifically told us not to let anybody else touch it. ...I wonder how long that injunction is intended to last.
No. 1040990 ID: b01382

Is there a usb or something around? Can you copy everything not corrupted on the computer onto there?
Copy those 6 folders on the desktop and any other folder, then get out of there. Dont forget about the porn mags, head set, and grab any energy drink cans if there are any that arent opened yet. If there all opened, then chug down one that has the most juice inside. You might need the caffine for all the shit youre gonna do today.
No. 1040991 ID: 899c9f

No use in speculating on who or what any of this is about yet. It's over a tobak's head for sure.
Bioarmor's expensive and compact, right? You could carry it and use it like a net to stun somebody briefly.
Find the exit, not to let Bry in but to get yourself out. This location is of no further help to us.
No. 1040996 ID: 0c22c7

Please my brother, do not use it to carry things. In Asteroidverse bioarmor can literally shread a person to pieces. More so the higher its grade. Its best if we fold it up and keep it in the suitcase.
No. 1041003 ID: 84554d

> porn (weird)
Clearly we must check it out, there may be secrets hidden in it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 1041033 ID: 5d03a4

We can check it all out when we get home. COPY PASTE AHOY!
No. 1041040 ID: a9af05

>copy things
We do not have time for this.

Lak is in the building with us and there's no telling when he's going to stop being merciful to us. We need to leave as quickly as possible and hope we can get away from him!
No. 1041070 ID: a3629a

Maybe that white guy is the rin reida and seems to want it to reach to a company. Why not being the one who gives his own company it. (Don't mention having opened it though)
No. 1041078 ID: 84c07e
File 166076646166.png - (317.09KB , 800x600 , TQ65.png )

>Sounds ominously frightful, got details to share?
About LuneCore Industries? Just a bit. They were the first company to discover and explore Saxum VIII - but that was when they were still called something else and were small potatoes compared to the heavy hitters we see excavating the planet today. They discovered the resource rich environment and the whole ecosystem of life, then proceeded to keep it a secret from the rest of the universe for a good decade or two until their sudden gains became too big to ignore.

That's when all the other companies wanted a piece of the pie and started to pile on. Vulpes, Talion, Armada, Belo-Docker's, Kea-Cola Co, Edevane, Summit to name a few. Somewhere during this time, this growing company changed their name to 'LuneCore Industries' and started doing more than excavating - they started to invent new technology. Teleportation technology to be more specific.
To make a long story short, a wide-scale string of conflicts known as 'The Dominion Wars' goes on for half a decade which eventually resulted in all the companies dogpiling on LuneCore. This all happened when I was a kid, but I remember being told that it was really close.

After having a lot of their infrastructure captured or destroyed, LuneCore did the unthinkable. They left. Just... dropped everything and went offworld. You would think this would destroy them, but it was quite the opposite. Since leaving the planet, they've only gotten bigger as they've leaned more into developing technology.

After the Dominion wars, two big things happened. First was the formation of the Saxum Overwatch - something that'd help prevent overreach and crimes against nature to LuneCore's extent. The second thing was the establishment of the 22 Line. After the war, it was found that 22 percent of the world was influenced by company presence. In the interest of maintaining the overall ecosystem of the planet, a border was made so that nobody could go beyond already discovered area. The only exception is scientific expeditions. If companies want new territory, they need to go deeper.

Despite everything, LuneCore is still a very mysterious company. To this day, we don't know who runs the company, why they killed off all their employees, and biggest of all - we still don't know why they killed so many Rin-Reida.

>That seems like info that you're not supposed to know about
This, my friend, is what I like to call 'above my pay grade'. I better get a raise for turning this in to HQ!

>The text itself seems more like the start of a longer spiel
Seems that way. 15/21 doesn't seem like a date, it probably is drive 15 out of 21. I wonder where the other drives are.

>Take the headset, porn mags and unopened energy drinks
There are a couple unopened cans that shouldn't add much weight. The headset doesn't seem very useful because it needs to be plugged into something. I'll leave it behind. I put my feet up and view the contents of this magazine - Is this safe for work? I should ask my boss. I flip through the pages and... yeah, it's about what I expected. I'm not a fan of neumono ladies but I'm all over the guns. Maybe Dowser might like this, he's totally into big ladies. Hold on - Is that Lukratsa rozu Steelnaut?! No way! It says there's a new action movie with her in it! Duuuude I've gotta let my neighbor know!

>porn (weird)
Let me have a peek.


I delete the folder.

>Is there a usb or something around?
Not that I can see. Even if there was one, I don't have the time to extract all the files.
No. 1041079 ID: 84c07e
File 166076649015.png - (229.75KB , 800x600 , TQ66.png )

After looking around a bit I find an actual backpack. I throw in all my collected junk.

>Chug an opened can
I take a sip and something doesn't taste right. Is this... DECAF? Why would you de-caffeinate an energy drink?!

>Take the bio armor and give it to Dowser
Actually... Yeah. I'm not a scavenger, but he certainly is. He could use an expensive find like this. It might be a good way to get on good terms with him again. I fold it up and put it into the briefcase, which takes up most of its space. Luckily it doesn't weight too much.

I exit the bunker from the vent I entered and meet up with Bry, who to my relief is ok.

>"Coil! Are you ok? Did anything happen in there?"
"A few things of note, yeah. I can explain it on the go. For now, let's decide on where to go from here."
No. 1041080 ID: a2d88b

Well now that we have cables, we can start thinking about purloining bikes. Beware the trike though, it seems protected against this stuff.
No. 1041081 ID: 9a2966

>where go
You've got those company goons crawling over the area, as well as the people with the trackers (who appear to be hunted by that creepy Tobak) and the 'Tourist' around to deal with. You could... hunker and try to ambush them, since they no longer have camera support, but that risks you running into the Sect Talion patrols.

You'll be tracked and remain tracked if you flee, so finding some way to cut towards a place where you can turn in this suitcase without dying would be great. There were indeps in the area, so maybe you can hunt for those guys and see if any can get you the lay of the land better?

Would be funny if you could totally nope out of this whole deal by finding some side tunnel that takes you to relative safety ahead of your pursuers.

>given everything we know now
These aliens wanted to destroy the hard drive and show proof of it, apparently at the behest of "the board". Sounds like 'the board' has something to do with LuneCorp, then. Makes sense if they got kicked offworld that they hired a bunch of offworlders to come here and do a job too, then.

Another weird thing is that the board seems to be fighting against itself, given how this 'Lak' fellow was supposed to be working for them too, only this group considered him the 'greater threat' and someone to shoot on sight.
No. 1041083 ID: 899c9f

Remembering the list from >>1039702, see if you can spot the green glow from the bunker. Otherwise, try and head back to where you saw that bike.
No. 1041093 ID: 15c72a

Well, so long as Lak is carrying that 15/21, his tracker will stick to it and he won't know you have one. It's omnidirectional, after all, so it'll only give a reading for the closest one.

The plan is to kill some drones and steal a jeep, right? Let's do that. The bike probably belongs to the rin-reida, and while you might be able to get to it, they have a head start and no reason to wait for you.
No. 1041116 ID: 36784c

>Maybe Dowser might like this, he's totally into big ladies.
How do you know? Did he tell you or is he really bad at hiding his interests?

>I delete the folder.
Was it really that bad? Describe something you saw and we’ll tell you if it was that bad.

Ask if Bry knows who Lak is? Because you’re pretty sure you just met him and you want to get away as quickly as possible before he changes his mind on letting you leave.
No. 1041130 ID: 7c0da2

Use the radio you took from the dead pomi to (try to) contact Fletcher and her team.
And don't stay near the bunker, once the neumono's team notice they're not hearing from him anymore they might send someone to investigate.
No. 1041136 ID: b01382

Lets find someplace to set up these cables to ambush that drone patrol.
No. 1041227 ID: 907720

Ask Bry for a kiss for goodluck.
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