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File 165231203625.png - (154.82KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1031913 No. 1031913 ID: 681cb5

[Super NSFW]

Discussion thread: https://tezakia.net/kusaba/questdis/res/134609.html#134609

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of some old forgotten god lay hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the fertility god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted upon without care.

There are also myths about a great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians and fiendish traps. The corridors are said to twist and turn with a serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but if you stay vigilant they will lead you to your greatest desire. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth.
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No. 1032836 ID: b75541

I'm not normally interested in seeing people being eaten, but I am interested in scientific inquiry! So get him in there, and let's see how powerful and how pleased the local deity is.
No. 1032841 ID: f2320a

I sort vore into just murder read some comic where they rant about misgendering being bad but in the samebreath as murdering and eating someone.
also this guy is way more practical alive he is much stronger then us and can hunt something us as a runt cant really do even more so heavily pregnant.
Been also considering why should we ever return to our tribe
No. 1032844 ID: d42ad9

So lets aim for vore without murder. Is he really dead if he's still concious after becoming part of our body (spirit guid aquired) or reborn as our child? Heck for all we know anyone who dies here just respawns at the entrance.
No. 1032846 ID: d3a624

My question is wtf are rock worms and how big are they?
No. 1032881 ID: 681cb5
File 165300338389.png - (92.61KB , 700x550 , 18.png )

>It's going to be awkward to explain to the child that we ate their father... But hey, that is how he wanted to go down!
Hey, your mother ate your father when you were young as well! …of course, he was trampled to death by a sand strider first, but still…
>Does he, can be, believe he can be more than nutrients for your child, and you?
That was just dirty talk. You’re overthinking it. He just gets off from being degraded like that.
>How much does it matter to you that your tribe sees you come back with a powerful mate?
While you do want to show to those back home that you can get a mate on your own, the important part is getting knocked up. You need to continue your bloodline, after all.
>Why should we ever return to our tribe?
While they are a bit mean, they are still your family and you love them… and you won’t survive the long dark without a tribe.
>Its strange now that I think about it, why isn't there a settlement next to this place?
Because it’s in the middle of the wilderness, far away from any water and fertile soil? Not to mention not a lot of people supposedly know about this place.

>Are you willing to risk someone else attempting to eat him, or him never having the chance to be your meal after leaving this place?
After all that teasing, all that playing around with him… you can’t just not eat him, right?
>So long as you can stand the risk of him becoming a permanent part of yourself, rather than the magic working in both your favors, I'd say go for it. He will be there for you and your child, whether as your mate, in spirit (do ghosts exist?), or as a part of both of you. Maybe he’ll be reborn as our child?
…you would say most of those things sound rather implausible, but you have no idea how the magic here works. For all you know he can become sentient fat on you or something stupid like that…

>I mean he did just say that he wanted to be the fat in your ass-cheeks. And eating him has gotta provide a lot of nice nutrients for your future offspring to take in.
You’re right. Not only is this want he truly wants, but it’s good for your child as well! Then it’s decided, he’s food!
>If you want to try sending his whole body to your womb that sounds pretty exciting.
Hey, your womb is already occupied by your future child!
>There's a way she to test how far she can take this magic: imagine him fat* before she eats him, and see if that works. *Dad-bod fat, if not turkey fat.
…you try and imagine him with a proper dad-bod… but nothing happens? Which is kind of what you expected?

He’s still pinning you to the ground, mating you, making it hard to simply grab him and shoving him into your mouth. Instead, you’ll try to use his own weight against him to tip him into your maw... but as soon as you open your jaws he catches you by surprise. Soth immediately dives head first into your mouth as you open it, desperate to become part of you as he starts wriggling into your throat and your tummy. You barely have to do anything at first, as he happily shoves himself deeper and deeper into you, though he loses his footing when you finally reach his hips with your snout. As you grab his fat ass to start to cram him into your stomach, his excitement becomes too much and he orgasms, splattering the floor with his virile seed while you work his big rump into your maw. Then it’s just a matter of tilting your head upwards, making his legs easily slid down to their final destination with the rest of Soth. The proud Varkian warrior wriggles for a bit inside you, clearly enjoying his current predicament, before finally stopping as you start to digest him and absorb his body into your own.

You’ve consumed a Varkian Warrior and gain the following buff:
+1 Strength
+1 Agility
Note: You can only be affected by one Food buff at the time, and all buffs only last for the rest of the current run.
No. 1032882 ID: 681cb5
File 165300339594.png - (97.49KB , 700x550 , 19.png )

Kahi’s Epilogue:
After leaving the Temple with her quest to find a mate completed, Kahi sets up camp for the night right outside the entrance, sleeping soundly as her body absorbs what’s left of the Varkian in her tummy. But as morning comes, she’s greeted by a happy surprise. Soth has returned no worse to wear, even after she consumed him. The Varkian on his part tells her about how the temple protects all those who enter it from harm, and how he’s been blessed for partaking in his deepest, most hidden desire inside its sacred halls. Soth can easily be consumed and digested by anyone now, yet will always return a short time later unharmed.

Kahi celebrates their reunion by having Soth for breakfast.

Several weeks later, Kahi returns to her tribe with her new mate Soth as well as a large egg-filled belly, showing the other tribes people that her quest was a success. She is welcomed back with open arms, though many of the female Sakkilian in the tribe is a bit skeptical about her choice in mate, wondering why she hasn’t consumed her prey yet. When they were told the truth about Soth’s blessing they quickly changed their minds and promptly ate him.

Thus both of their greatest desires have been fulfilled: Kahi on her part got her strong mate and strong child, while Soth got his dream of filling the bellies of a whole tribe of Sakkilian woman, often with himself though a few of them ended up with eggs in them.
No. 1032883 ID: 681cb5
File 165300340826.png - (77.72KB , 700x550 , 20.png )

Kahi’s linage now contains Varkian Warrior blood, giving her future children the following:
+2 Strength
+1 Vitality
+1 Agility

You have unlocked the Warrior class! The Warrior class gains the following:
+1 Strength
+1 Agility
Extra gear
Enrage (When defeated, instead gain +atk, +1 turn. Can only occur once).

Current species:
Your base species is Sakkilian.
Other species: Varkian Warrior, None, None, None, None.
Strength: 3
Agility: 1
Vitality: 2
Will: 1
Magic: 0
Senses: 0
Charisma: 0

Please create Kahi next descendant:

Are they Male or Female?

Chose one of these Class/Trait combo:
Class: Warrior.
Trait: Proud (Will never back down from a challenge!)
Class: Warrior.
Trait: Timid (Cautious but easily embarrassed and dominated).
Class: Warrior.
Trait: Nearsighted (You need glasses).
If you wish, you can also name them.
No. 1032888 ID: d11bd6

male and proud
No. 1032889 ID: 629f2e

Let's name them Soka, after their parents ("So" from Soth, "Ka" from Kahi).

Soka is a Male Wrrior, who suffers from Nearsightedness.
No. 1032890 ID: 899c9f

Well, the gods certainly chose to make it weird.
Female, nearsighted. Who needs bows?
No. 1032893 ID: 2ca2f9

Male Sakkilian who is too proud.
No. 1032895 ID: 61b860

Male timid small stick and stones but huge dumpster has red feathers and wants female to dominate him but embarrassed from lacking prowess and endurance wants to find magic and look prettier.
No. 1032896 ID: 10c07d

Proud male
No. 1032897 ID: 61b860

If you somehow choose those bland "proud males" make all their junk tiny.
No. 1032898 ID: 61b860

When they meet a mate make them roll to see if they like their tiny junk, also make them a femboy.
No. 1032906 ID: 5822c5

A proud male Sakkilian that inherited the combined power of both of his parent's large butts! He's got a mega ass!
No. 1032907 ID: 160fdc

Entertaining options all around. Proud could be fun, but is kinda begging for some comeuppance. Timid is also potentially fun.

Female Warrior Nearsighted: I'm a sucker for strong women, and a buff 'nerd' with a great ass would be amusing, though unlikely.
No. 1032911 ID: e5709d

Ar'kho the (timid) Warrior Girl
Sub-Class: Collar-Whipper
(This unit can go into a berserker rage when unclaimed by a dominant mate, without the berserker class. If defeated in battle, they will lose access to their berserker ability and be permanently dominated until the master relinquishes authority or dies.)
No. 1032914 ID: 61b860

Tiniwee a sakkilian with red feathers, white-green scales and small genitals, brought up to be a warrior but wants to be able to talk to doms and have magic, has the largest ass and thighs in the tribe.
No. 1032918 ID: 355d36

Proud male worrior.
No. 1032936 ID: f2320a

Can support this also kahi suprised she did not get fat from eating her mate
No. 1032940 ID: 2a82d3


Bonus challenge: Find a mage or artificer, because it never said the tribe has glasses available/known to them yet.
No. 1032954 ID: b75541

Proud or timid, either way female just to see how big the hips and butt can get.
No. 1032955 ID: 36784c

No. 1032958 ID: 5900c4

Proud warrior, female sakkilian

Also this.
No. 1032961 ID: e51896

timid female warrior
No. 1032963 ID: 681cb5
File 165306450989.png - (69.13KB , 700x550 , 21.png )

>Male and proud
You are Soka, a proud warrior of the Great Dune Tribe. Though your tribe considers you a warrior, they still don’t see your true greatness! But that will change today. You have made the long trek to this place for one reason and one reason only. To find treasure and glory, so that your name will live on for eternity! Oh, and find a strong lady to knock up.
With confident steps, you enter the old halls of antiquity, self-assured that you are prepared and ready for what to come… though even if you should ever even play with the idea of being a coward, the door closes behind you as soon as you’re inside, ensuring that you’re stuck in here until you’re done with your quest. You’re just lucky there are lights in here…

You’re currently equipped with:
Your trusty Khopesh.
A pair of Bolas.
Flint and tinder.
A Healing kit.
A well-made cloth armor.
A few copper coins.

Your base species is Sakkilian.
Other species: Varkian Warrior, None, None, None, None.
Strength: 4
Agility: 2
Vitality: 2
Will: 1
Magic: 0
Senses: 0
Charisma: 0
No. 1032964 ID: 681cb5
File 165306451736.png - (80.95KB , 700x550 , 22.png )

Looking around, you spot a small bowl on a pedestal, right below an odd symbol that you don’t recognize. Inside it there are a handful of copper coins, a few silver ones as well as one tinted with gold, shining like a beacon in the night, tempting you with its lustrous opulence.

Otherwise, the only things of note in the room are the statues of pregnant woman, a few urns and some glowing mushroom that are lighting up the place. Finally, there’s an exit leading deeper into the ruins, a portal to several twisting corridors, all alike. You can hear the dripping of water echoing through the passages, and the smell of old vinegar fills the air…

…let’s find something so that you can kick their ass already!
No. 1032965 ID: e51896

Wear that bowl on your head Tail for protection!
No. 1032967 ID: 629f2e

Take the bowl with you. It may help you on your journey.
No. 1032968 ID: fec07f

Seeing as you don't seem to have brought a bag how are you planning to keep things like these coins? Eat them?
No. 1032969 ID: 355d36

Hmm, why don't we try to put the coins in the pot? If people started puting money in it, it might do somthing, the place is magical in the end, and i doubt there are shops here, so it won't hurt to be caritative.
No. 1032971 ID: e51896

(also, lets not go for the first person we see, lets see our options first)
No. 1032972 ID: 96c896

Old vinegar? Trace that smell.
No. 1032975 ID: 61b860

Ha, no bulge! Got it in one.
No. 1032976 ID: 5900c4

>You are Soka, a proud warrior of the Great Dune Tribe.
And proud owner of the biggest hips and ass in the whole tribe!

>bowl with coins
Try putting your coins in there. With how magical this place is, giving up some coins now might reward you with something even more valuable later.

>where go?
Try following the sound of water. You didn't bring any with you, so stopping to get a drink real quick wouldn't hurt.
No. 1032983 ID: 681cb5
File 165307241414.png - (131.73KB , 700x550 , 23.png )

>Seeing as you don't seem to have brought a bag how are you planning to keep things like these coins? Eat them?
Of course you got a bag! Where else would you be keeping all your stuff? It’s a good quality “hammer space” bag, given to you by your own father before you started your journey.
>Ha, no bulge! Got it in one.
You’re wearing a skirt, so it’s a given that your bulge isn’t showing. But there is a bulge down there! A massive one! The cock between your legs is so huge that the ladies whisper among themselves as if it was a mythical legend of yore! …okay, you admit, it’s actually average sized, but still…
>And proud owner of the biggest hips and ass in the whole tribe!
Your fat hips on the other hand, they are some real curves!

>Wear that bowl on your head Tail for protection!
…how are you supposed to get it stuck on your tail? It’s way too heavy for it alone to hold it aloof.
>Take the bowl with you. It may help you on your journey.
Hmm… a bit heavy and unwieldy… but you guess you can throw it at something? …or fill it with liquid?
>Hmm, why don't we try to put the coins in the pot? With how magical this place is, giving up some coins now might reward you with something even more valuable later.
This place is supposedly very magical, so erring on the side of caution might be prudent… then again, you’ll lose your coin as well as the kick ass bowl…

>Old vinegar? Trace that smell.
You lift your mighty snout up into the air, sniffing it in an attempt to figure out where that smell is coming from. It’s hard, but you’re pretty sure you know from which direction the scent is originating from now. There is also another aroma that your snout manages to snap up, which is the smell of… myrrh? Other than that there isn’t anything else your nose can detect, not counting the stench of mildew emanating from the dungeon walls.
>Try following the sound of water.
Closing your eyes and listening, you can hear the echo of the water dripping down on the stone floor far away, as well as something breaking the surface of the water... it shouldn’t be that hard to find the source of it, if you try. While you’re listening intensely you also manage to hear something else interesting; voices. There are people deeper inside talking… but who, why or about what you cannot say.
>You didn't bring any with you, so stopping to get a drink real quick wouldn't hurt.
Of course you brought water; you just drank it all before you entered. Honestly, you thought it would be easier to find water in the wilderness outside the temple but… well, you’re not a tracker like your mother. Besides, you’re not thirsty right now… though you’re getting a bit famished, actually…

So… four options. Do you follow your snout towards either the vinegar or the myrrh? Or do you follow your ears towards either the water or the voices? …or you can just go in a random direction and see where you end up, you guess?

Oh, and what do you do with the bowl? Do you leave money in it or to you just grab it?
No. 1032985 ID: 629f2e

Take the bowl and go towards the water! Then you can fill the bowl with water.
No. 1032994 ID: 19ea25

Head towards the scents of vinegar.
No. 1032995 ID: 61b860

Oh I love myrrh, but im thinking a "proud" and "courageous" warrior can go in any random direction and find what you want.
No. 1032996 ID: 5b0071

head towards the water and voices. perhaps its some sexy priestesses having a communal bath
No. 1032997 ID: 61b860

Are there other tribes going to this temple as well? What sakkilian tribes are there? Like how many, is 5 a good number, like they all look different and do different things and have different cultures?
No. 1032998 ID: 61b860

Your just as tall as your mom right?
No. 1033004 ID: 96c896

Leave bowl, put a single coin in to see what happens.

Go to the myrrh. I don't think going to voices is a good idea since you're not here to take two wives; just one.
No. 1033005 ID: a9af05

Go to the myrrh.

Leave the bowl and put some coins in it.
No. 1033018 ID: 355d36

No. 1033020 ID: 5900c4

You should leave the bowl and put some coins in it. And then go look for that myrrh smell.
No. 1033022 ID: 36784c

No. 1033026 ID: f2320a

Do you smell anything else, cooking, blood, prey? is it only insence and vingegar i can guess at the myrr but vinegar? Hope its not a vinegaron
No. 1033027 ID: 61b860

Do you have any siblings?
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