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File 165153687947.png - (382.64KB , 1020x760 , 01b.png )
1031036 No. 1031036 ID: db4755

In the land of Enur, the runes of magic control all that occurs! But one day, something caused these runes to fall down from the heavens onto the surface of the world! Now the spirits(That's you) are tasked with guiding a champion on their quest to recover these runes before the world falls into chaos!

Choose a race and gender!

Human: A human! The most abundant race in the land. Have a natural affinity boost with all elements of magic!

Kin: This animal-like race sports animalistic features such as tails ears claws and fangs! They naturally have sharper instincts and are quicker!

Gilland: Born with gills and webbed hands and feet, this race is the master of water and sea! The best swimmers, with the ability to breath underwater!
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No. 1032737 ID: 26e228

D) It’s probably a good idea for you to actually start learning magic; just don’t sleep through the lessons.
No. 1032739 ID: 36784c

At the very least, you should ask if there is a condition that would allow you to return! There are exceptions to every rule and that includes banishment! You might be able to return one day.
No. 1032740 ID: 36784c

Also voting for D.

The magician might be able to teach Maya how to control her magic.
No. 1032742 ID: e5709d

>The other men within that cave were officials from the Uwashan Empire
Okay, this is definitely a setup. The guard captain died from bludgeoning damage. The spiders didn't have that affinity. And you trust your guard to not murder people on impulse. Occam's razor says the Uwashans were setting up raids and ambushes in the area, exploiting the spiders as some sort of experiment or cultivation, and you just stopped their long-term plans. Which they're extremely pissed off about, since they haven't denied the existence of their out-of-place officials in a backwater mine.

If we could get him voted out, even by just the aristocracy...

Oh good, he's alive.
Nothing a few cyber-implants can't fix...
We'll need to look for a way to summon some, or someone who can.

>What do
Get intel from Alto. Did the Uwashans say anything important? Why the hell were they in that cave? Did they murder the captain? Oh crap, are the Hurons and giants okay?!
Ask for your entire inheritance, translated into goods that can be sold out in the boonies for a profit.

LOL why is this even an... option... oh right. Asshole.
Your status means you'll start out with a low Appearance score with any resistance fighters, and we don't know if their command structure is anarchic or communist - the latter is delusional, which is a bad thing. You can come back later after you've earned some street cred.
And I expect the Uwashans will immediately find a disposable commoner with similar build from their slave stock to act as a body double while they torture you to death for accidentally purging their inquisitors.

Agonizingly hot desert with no automated air-conditioning, bitterly misogynistic zealots for civilians, scantily clad harem girls which you may be forced to emulate to your embarrassment, and a general lack of self-made resources.
There are benefits - many worlds these days are experiencing a return of the plague, and the lack of dense life means diseases die just as easily as mortals do out here - but in general, I'd say stay away from here until you want to do some fun gold mining.
Oh, ask your old fart if there are any patches of black goo in the desert. Let's just say it's worth its weight in pure water.

I mean... ew? And they're annexed by the Uwashans, which means any Uwashan officials will make life harder for the people around you just to piss you off.

Tropical vacation! Need I say more? Most islands are sparsely habited, which means it will be easier to pay off villagers and hire crew as long as you bring ample goods and wares.

D, B, C, and anything but A.
No. 1032745 ID: abaa91

Well. This stinks. In more ways than one. It feels like this isn't all what it looks like. >>1032725 makes a lot of sense. Regardless, also voting D. Maybe you can be taught some magic there. And if not? Well, it might at least be a good place to clear your head.

Frankly, I'm just glad your brother's alive. Your sister, well, she got what she likely wanted. You'll never have to deal with her ever again. But hopefully you can at least communicate with your brother.
No. 1032747 ID: 36784c

Remember, they have healers. He probably was badly burned, but since he and Maya have been here for a few days, he's been healed enough that he doesn’t look burned anymore.
No. 1032748 ID: 60699a


Before you leave, make it sound like you're going to use this as an opportunity to go out in the world and do something to help others. Then say that if they hear about any good deeds you do, you hope they'll be proud of you for doing something to help others.
No. 1032749 ID: a5c27f

Well, to be honest I was expecting the banishment. That's how nobles work. I actually thought that they would be pissed about your brother, but is business as usual. But this is good, it will give us the opportunity to look for the runes without the intervention of your family.

Despite his sorry state, you must agree that him being alive is a miracle and a blessing. I just hope we weren't the cause of his injuries.

Ask for one last thing before you go, and let them speak with your brother alone. We want to hear his side of the story and properly say goodbyes to the ONLY family member who gives a shit.

As for where to go... D has great potential. Someone who knows about magic will help you greatly. There will be political discord anywhere anyway.
No. 1032755 ID: e4b19e

D is most peaceful and out of the way

Would have been interesting if you told father about us

But hey? Maybe you can tell our new magician catetaker about us instead, someone with magic knowledge might know something about us...
No. 1032777 ID: 91561a

Holy shit lol alto got fuuuuucked uuuup. Maybe he'll go around all dressed in black and get a prosthetic arm and start using a sword bigger than a man and get into a hatemance with a beautiful evil albino twink. Or maybe he's
just fucked, cool to see he's alive though

Chill dude this is just politics, daddy corson is doing what he's gotta do. What's the alternative, couping him with an army of nobles pulled out of your ass and making Maya kill her own dad and going to war with the whatever empire? Idk anime villain Maya sounds lame.

Fr though we should go D, you need to get STRONGER with your MAGIC Maya. Get those runes, idk maybe you'll find a way to heal ur bro with forbidden magic or some shit.
No. 1032782 ID: 91561a

On the ooooother haaaaand A sounds like you maybe get to see Alto again for visits and maybe also get some Ush-whatever connections to get unbanished and maybe also stay on top of things in actual civilization and not get bogged down in months? Years? Of a magic training arc with merlin-sensei?
No. 1032783 ID: 91561a

On the ooooother haaaaand A sounds like you maybe get to see Alto again for visits and maybe also get some Ush-whatever connections to get unbanished and maybe also stay on top of things in actual civilization and not get bogged down in months? Years? Of a magic training arc with merlin-sensei?
No. 1032785 ID: 056ca0

This REEKS of a setup. What were those dudes doing in a cave filled with spiders? What was with that dude who tried to accost you at the tavern? Something stinks here.

Go D.
No. 1032787 ID: 0418a2

What? NO!

Maya, listen: you must tell absolutely NOBODY about us, no matter what. You might put yourself in danger and people might think you are insane and lock you up if you tell them you have voices or spirits guiding you.
No. 1032825 ID: 4286b4

>I had Alto
Bastard using past tense as if Alto was dead... I gotta admit, they had us in the first half.

>Its use is outlawed
Yeah? Then why was there an illegal fire spellbook in the carriage? Awfully suspicious if you ask me.

>without a proper license
You're a goddamn noble. Noble privilege is above any license requirements.

>The other men within that cave were officials
You mean, the men that were being eaten by the spiders? Guilty of interrupting a spider's meal? What the F is wrong with your father?

No. 1032827 ID: 30b9f6

D! You've clearly got some remedial magic classes to take... and a magician would be more open to the idea that magic's fallen out of whack and needs sorting.
No. 1032829 ID: 2aa5f0

>You mean, the men that were being eaten by the spiders? Guilty of interrupting a spider's meal? What the F is wrong with your father?

Oh the situation was FUBAR long before we showed up. I mean we still fucked up but everyone in that situation basically fucked up. We were just the ones left holding the pot when the dust settled so we were the most convenient to pin the blame on since people love having someone they can blame for everything. I mean it makes sense that the edge mountain kingdom would want to blame someone that isn't them because if people find out that a whole platoon of their solders was taken out by the local wild life they're meant to be protecting their people from then they look weak and incompetent, and with war on the horizon that is not an image that they want to be seen as.

Daddy dearest also needed someone to blame because he risk opening a war on two fronts which would be very bad, even if one side only has a bunch of half competent solders (at best) who can barely keep up with the wild life much less other solders, as they'd still draw our kingdom's solders away from the much more important southern front. So too safe guard his kingdom he's throwing his own daughter under the wagon for political favors. Makes him a half decent leader to put his nation above even his own family but still makes him a shit dad.

honestly I do feel there is something more going on in the background that we don't see which is why I want to stay FAR away from that mess when it hits the fan which is part of the the reason why I want to go to the islands. It will be the furthest away from ground zero.
No. 1032833 ID: b01382

Call your dad a dick for making it sound like Alto died.

Dude Maya is literally covered in fur. Thays probably not gonna, you know. Work out?

This anon makes a point.
>Bart tells me the Kin must've been killed by blunt force, and suggests they were left behind, as the spiders might prefer LIVE food
Before you leave, if we "have to" leave, ask about the bunt trama that killed the guards. Something fishy was going on in those mines. What did Alto discover- and for gods sake why is he not sedated?

+1 to intel gathering, maybe reword the inheritance thing to something more polite, like "will i be able to take anything with me, and can i have a sum of money for purchasing books and basic living esentuals?"


No. 1032847 ID: 335dc5

Wait, alto has HEALERS?? but i thought magic was outlawed! No fair
No. 1032853 ID: b01382

This. This is bullshit!

> The other men within that cave were officials from the Uwashan Empire
BULLSHIT! We saved their LIVES from being spider food. Maya ask if an exception can be made. If it weren't for our help, they'd all be long dead. They should be grateful. Fuck the Uwashan Empire. This ain't fair.
No. 1032854 ID: 9a2966

It may be implied the others died. Even if they did not, if they ended up in Alto's state, one could see why their noble families would be unhappy and it'd cause tension. Regardless of Maya's relative innocence.

Healers aren't necessarily magicians, you know. And magic isn't outlawed - it appear to be licensed, meaning one is expected to have the training and permission to practice it.

One good thing about the magic runes having fallen to the earth is that there might actually be a rune governing healing around. If Maya recovers it, she might be able to restore her brother and her honor. Possible long-term goal, yes?
No. 1032856 ID: b01382

Learning healing magic and acquiring the rune of healing? Yeah, that'd be a good goal.
>Super White mage Maya
>Stacked with so many buffs spells she can punch rocks to powder
No. 1032858 ID: a9af05

He specifically said dangerous magic has been outlawed. For example, the fire magic that Maya has been using is dangerous.

The healers' magic is not outlawed because it's not dangerous. On top of that, the healers have a proper license to permit them to use their magic, while Maya does not have any kind of license like that.
No. 1032884 ID: db4755
File 165300348703.png - (233.85KB , 800x603 , 93.png )

>Ask about blunt force that killed guards

Corson: "Hmm, that is interesting... Unfortunately, all those within the mine were burnt to an unrecognizable form."

>Ask about financial aid

Corson: "Well of course I wouldn't send my daughter off with nothing... I'll give you a pittance of gold when you get on your way."

>Is there a condition Maya can return?

Corson: "Yes. I suppose so. For one, the main reason for this is to placate the Uwashans, so if we were to ever go to proper war... Well, I'd see no reason to leave you banished then. Or, of course if you were married or courting a high ranking noble, you could of course return at his whims..."

Maya: "May I speak to Alto before I go?"

Corson: "I'll allow it. But make it brief. He needs to rest."
No. 1032885 ID: db4755
File 165300349949.png - (213.10KB , 800x603 , 94.png )

I approach Alto. The nurse is casting some sort of soothing spell on his back. He sits, looking aggitated... My poor brother...

>What is the limit of regeneration magic?

From what little I remember from class, it can be fairly powerful, but... It fresher the injury, the easier it is to heal. If it took them a long time to get Alto to a strong healer then...

>Perhaps Alto could regenerate his eye and arm? Or get enchanted limbs?

I've never heard of such magic! It would have to be very powerful, I'm sure...

>Give Alto a hug and apologize.

I apologize and move to give Alto a hug, but he shrinks away...

Alto: "...Sorry. It's just... That'll hurt a lot."

Oh right.

>What happened on Alto's side?

Alto: "The guard was... pulled into the distance by something... I gave chase, and followed them into a cavern nearby... There were spiders all around before I knew it... I tried blasting them with fire magic, but... I didn't want um... The fire to spread, so I couldn't... I tried to retreat, but as I left the cavern... something... hit me, and I fell into the webs.... The next thing I knew, I was... hot. B... Burning..! I couldn't get loose..! It was so hot..! I heard others yell around me, but I... I could do nothing for them... Or myself."

I say goodbye to Alto. Maybe for the last time. He doesn't look at me. He simply says goodbye back.
No. 1032886 ID: db4755
File 165300352809.png - (461.85KB , 800x1200 , 95.png )

I pass my sisters in the hall, as I depart...

Marie: "Oh no! Everyone, watch out! Maya's near a candle! If you're not careful, she'll BURN YOU TO DEATH! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Maggie: "...That's a little dark, Marie."

Marie: "Oh YOU'RE one to talk, sourpuss!"

I say my goodbyes.

Marie: "Oh this is definitely a final goodbye, Sister! I doubt I will ever see you again! What a tragedy!"

Maggie: "...Goodbye, Maya."

>If fire magic was outlawed, why was there a magic book onboard the carriage?

I'm not sure. Perhaps whoever owned it had a license? I... I wish I had known it's dangers... I'm so... So foolish...

>Is there a way to communication magically?

Yes... I suppose there is... Though I'm not sure how to do such things myself.

>Burns don't bleed! Why is Alto bleeding so much?

I'm not sure... Perhaps he was hurt in some other way as well...
I take one last look back at my home before boarding the carriage that will take me away...

>Koraban Islands!

>Perhaps you could learn magic from the magician?

You're right. I decide on the Koraban Islands. I'd like to better master this magic of mine so I never hurt someone like that again...

>Tell the magician about us?


I'm not sure what to do! You'll have to decide if you want me to tell him when the time comes.

>Something seems fishy here!

Does it? I... All I can think about is that I... Burned Alto so terribly... Still... Even though he's so hurt... I'm so glad he's okay.

I board the carriage, and begin the long ride to my new life...
No. 1032887 ID: db4755
File 165300354438.png - (410.38KB , 800x1200 , 96.png )


Maya: "Oooogh.... Urp... Ugh...."


Maya: "...I think I'm gonna be sick again... I just can't get used to this!"
No. 1032892 ID: 9a2966

Are we getting close to land yet, Maya?

I guess this comes late then: trick for getting your sea legs - keep trying to regain your balance until you brain gets proper used to the motions of the waves. You have to practice it actively, the faster you force yourself to acknowledge the new rhythms the faster you'll adapt.
No. 1032894 ID: 355d36

I don't think that looking at the sea will help your case.

Might as well try this.
No. 1032899 ID: 96c896

Practice wind magic by blowing the sails. That totally works right
No. 1032900 ID: 2aa5f0

try walking around to take your mind off how not well you're feeling.
No. 1032902 ID: 26e228

Do pirates exist in your world? We should should be cautious of any threats of the sea.
No. 1032905 ID: 5822c5

Remember to throw up over the side of the ship and not onto the deck!

Do not do that!

Reckless use of magic is what got Maya in trouble in the first place, so let's not get her into any more trouble!
No. 1032920 ID: f685e6

Oh hey Maya, sorry we've been silent for so long. To you, we were gone for a long time, but to us, looks like time skipped forward quickly. No idea how or why that happened. Anything happen while we were gone?
No. 1032941 ID: 9748c8

So what did you have for lunch/breakfast?
No. 1032947 ID: e5709d

Marie seriously needs psychotherapy. Or a bullet to the brain.

Stare at the coastline and practice walking.
No. 1032949 ID: bdef6e

Seasickness is caused because your sense of balance (allocated in your ears) doesn't correspond to what your eyes are seeing. Try to brace yourself, close oyur eyes and breathe deeply. If is not enought, get to the center of the boar, it will move less. If anything works, go to sleep in the more stable place you find.

I recomend trying to get used to it, because you are going to an archipielago and boat trips will be comon.
No. 1032956 ID: 2cf55a

Just hurl and ignore the rush of alien thoughts trying to micromanage your nausea
No. 1032979 ID: db4755
File 165307135174.png - (240.10KB , 800x603 , 97.png )

>Are we getting close to land yet, Maya?

Ohhh.... Just what I needed! The voices are back...! And I don't know. The captain got sick of me asking.

>Oh hey Maya, sorry we've been silent for so long. To you, we were gone for a long time, but to us, looks like time skipped forward quickly. No idea how or why that happened. Anything happen while we were gone?

A long time is an understatement! You were gone so long I figured... Maybe I really WAS crazy! ...I guess I still could be. A lot happened while you were gone. We traveled for a long time, all the way through Filland. And now we've been at sea on our way to the Koraban islands for what feels like forever!

>Keep trying to regain your balance until your brain gets properly used to the motions of the waves.
>Stare at coastline and practice walking
>Try walking around to take your mind off it
>Remember to throw up over the side and not onto the deck!
>What did you have for lunch/breakfast?

Uuugh you sound just like the crew! I think I'm gonna be....

>Just hurl
No. 1032980 ID: db4755
File 165307136124.png - (73.20KB , 800x603 , 98.png )



Crewman: "Aw, come on, Maya! Again??"
No. 1032981 ID: db4755
File 165307137674.png - (142.42KB , 800x603 , 99.png )

This has been THE worst trip... It turns out I hate boats. Or at least my body does.

>Practice wind magic by blowing into the sails.

The captain told me; 'If you go using any of that damned magic on my ship, I'll see you SWIMMING to Koraban!' so... I don't think it's a good idea.

>Do not do that! Reckless use of magic is what got Maya in trouble in the first place!

That too...

>Do pirates exist in your world? We should be cautious

I'm pretty sure they do. I overheard the crew talking about someone called 'the Red Rogue' I guess it's a pirate that's been bothering locals? Anyway...

A: Go visit the captain.

B: Check inventory and status!

C: Go visit the crew.

D: Custom Input.
No. 1032982 ID: 9748c8

I heard that taking off shirt makes it easier for your body to swing around and reduces the sea sickness.

C or A.
No. 1033000 ID: 3f3c52

B. Let's see what your dearest father left us with and just in general get a check-up.
No. 1033001 ID: 9a2966

Taking stock would be a wise idea. B.
No. 1033003 ID: a9af05

You're supposed to do that over the side, not on the deck.

No. 1033008 ID: 96c896

D: lie on the deck and be miserable.
No. 1033013 ID: a2aeab

B, and D (lie on deck)
No. 1033017 ID: 355d36

>This has been THE worst trip... It turns out I hate boats. Or at least my body does.

This. Also what is that behind you?
No. 1033019 ID: 5900c4

>A long time is an understatement! You were gone so long I figured... Maybe I really WAS crazy!
Sorry about that. We don't have any control over when we suddenly disappear like that.

B. Show us what you have. It'll help take your mind off of your seasickness.

>what is that behind you?
It's called "the ocean". Duh.
No. 1033023 ID: f2320a

You probably should eat something to settle your now completely empty stomach
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