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File 165077275879.png - (1.41MB , 1137x1479 , PentacleKing5.png )
1030186 No. 1030186 ID: 9b127b

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

A single choice can shape the future, a single person can change the face of the world

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 1050808 ID: 9b127b
File 167004559744.png - (1.31MB , 657x858 , Pentacle229.png )

Garrin shakes his head'I'm afraid that's not possible, I need you here Ahtas'

'you do?' The mare smiles with exitement.

Garrin gives a nod'Indeed the Princess has lost most of her guards, and needs replacement companionship'

Tirzaea's smile fades replaced with confusion '...w-what?'

'as you are of fighting age your family's oath to the crown requires you to serve in the role of guardian.' Garrin explains.

Realization finally reaches the woman her voice cracks into a childish whine 'But I haven't been trained for such things, you couldn't expect me to bear arms could you?! My father said-'

Yiddle interrupts with a scowl'Be quite child! you are beholden to the knight captain, you better do has he says or it's the dungeons for you. forget anything your foolish father told you.' the old kobold then hobbles off.

'Y-Yes master Yiddler...' Tirzaea Ahtas seems on the verge of tears. but otherwise seems obediently awaiting instruction.
No. 1050812 ID: 629f2e

"Please calm yourself. My choice of words was intentional, in that the princess requires companionship. She's been separated from her friend, and might benefit from another female acquaintance. Certainly try to protect her if she's attacked, but your main purpose is to help her feel comfortable. Just... Be sociable."
No. 1050829 ID: 4cce43

I'm not asking you to bear arms, I'm asking yout to provide protection and companionship for your princess. Do your best within your capabilities, and you will be rewarded appropriately.
No. 1050861 ID: 322af8

Hopefully the only arms you will require are the two that are attached to your body. We just need to you be friends with the Princess and help keep a look out for trouble.
No. 1051203 ID: e5709d

"I don't think you understand how important this is. You are being assigned as a squire of Princess Reefa's retinue. This is the kind of career opportunity that, over a few decades, promotes you to the cushy position of Knight-Maiden of the Empress' Praetorian Guard. There are dukes who would murder their pets for this kind of privilege.

I'm offering this once-in-a-lifetime deal, because we have a situation. It may not seem like much, but it's classified, and all I can tell Master Yiddler is that if we screw up, a lot of people are going to die. Screaming. We need you specifically. Please help us, and please help yourself."
No. 1051745 ID: 9b127b
File 167104391475.png - (1.24MB , 657x858 , Pentacle230.png )

Garrin sighs 'Please calm yourself. the princess requires companionship from another female acquaintance. Certainly try to protect her if she's attacked, but your main purpose is to help her feel comfortable.'

'I um, alright...' Tirzea stats, though uncertainty clearly remains.

'Just be sociable.' he simplifies. Garrin then takes her to the princess 'Your highness this is Tirzaea of house Ahtas, I imagine she might serve as hand maiden in the absence of Sister Lanix.'

Princess Reefa looks over the woman with a discerning eye.Hmm Ahtas yes, I'm familiar with the house hold but I don't believe we've been acquainted, and you cant be much younger than I am, how odd.

o-odd your highness? Tirzaea responds with quivering dread.

Reefa gives a simple nod'Indeed, given that my father was insistent that all girls of noble birth within five winters of age attend my birthdays, and not once have I met you.' Garrin knows the answer. House Ahtas has regularly scorned many of the kings request not pertaining to defending the kingdom

As Tirzaea looks like she's ready to shrivel up and die under the Princess's glare a conniving lie conjured by the desperate forms on Tirzaea's lips 'Ah my house has been in financial ruin since the war! never could we bear the shame of attending a party without an extravagant gift!'

The princess has no refute for this, it seems plausible.'Oh well that does seem familiar, a shame then that wealth has kept us apart for so many years, a pleasure to meet you at last Tirzaea Ahtas!' Reefa gives a cold smile.

Tirzaea forces a smile in return'Th-the same! I've long awaited our meeting'

just as the tense situation seems to be calming down, a drunkard enters.'Tis true! tis true! yer majesty! she told me indeed she's been waiting a loong time'

Reefa seems confused and looks to Tirzea'you were discussing me?'

'I swear I have no idea who this crazed woman is!' Tirzaea blurts out in a panic

The drunk woman staggers foreword 'She says to me "I can wait till I meet the Crown Princess so I can shove that scrawny mentally deficient inbred puritan into the dirt where all of her demon-blooded hypocrite kind belong" and I says to her "you really want that?" and she says to me "NO I want that ugly malformed hedon dead so that someone with half a brain can rule this kingdom." '

'I DON'T KNOW YOU!!!' Tirzaea shrieks stamping her foot

'oh thas right! I was eavesdroppin, never spoke a word to or that gumpy gramp Yiddler. where'd he go by the way?'the tramp makes a show of looking about. shocked silence has fallen over the room she takes notice.'Oh deary me D'I say something Oi shoun tave?' A predatory grin crosses Vivian's face'jus cant keep moiy big mouth sut it seem EYHAh!'
No. 1051746 ID: d737cf

The word of a drunkard is hardly good evidence, but if Tirzaea actually does want Reefa dead, that's quite bad to have her in a position to let it happen.

Frankly, Tirzaea's reaction to this will be the most useful indicator of how accurate the accusation is. She might be able to fool Reefa, but not us.
No. 1051749 ID: e5709d

>"NO I want that ugly malformed hedon dead so that someone with half a brain can rule this kingdom."
Casually whisper "that's fair" into Tirzaea's ear.

>Tirzaea is a rebel
Still... It's clear she hates the incompetence of the royal family rather than desiring usurpation itself. She might make a good ally for your particular faction of XCOM traitors - if you can keep her knives away from Reefa.

But put all your resources into this madwoman. Now's the time to 'convince' her; she might be feinting with her drunk state, so use further drama between Reefa and Tirzaea to lower her guard for reals.
No. 1051755 ID: d737cf

One additional thing that might get a more honest reaction from Tirzaea is calling out how obvious her lie about finances was. If her house really was broke for years, how could she afford such a nice outfit?

Reefa is so sheltered she probably sees the outfit as normal, but Garrin knows better.
No. 1051854 ID: 322af8

I'd argue we should probably ignore this drunk. At the same time we might want to pat down Tirzaea for any hidden weapons she might have. Just in case.
No. 1051882 ID: 755399

Why stop there? When the princess's security is at stake, we should go with a full strip search. Let Flops keep an eye on the princess while we put this horse girl through her paces. It'll also give us some privacy if we need to ask her some questions or bring her into our confidence.
No. 1051990 ID: 629f2e

This drunk is probably telling the truth. It's not a well-kept secret that the Ahtas family isn't on great terms with the crown, so speaking ill of them in private wouldn't be unthinkable. Expressing intent to harm the princess is a bit harder to excuse, but we'll come back to that.

You already recognized the Ahtas family's feelings before requesting her help. That Tirzaea specifically has spoken ill of Reefa shouldn't change anything. What DOES is that this drunken idiot brought this up right in front of the princess. Suddenly, the value of Tirzaea as a companion has gone down dramatically.

Let's give her a chance to save this, while still leaving the door open to cut her out if she proves to not be competent enough to speak her way out of this. If she can't manage that, she would be a useless companion to Reefa.

"She correctly identified that you were with Yiddler before, which supports her claim of eavesdropping. Do you still deny her claims given that?"

Don't directly oppose her, but if you're going to take a side in this matter it should be Reefa's. If this woman has spoken ill of her, going so far as to express that the whole of her lineage should die, then you should be ready to hand her the consequences of her own actions.
No. 1053540 ID: 9b127b
File 167328661055.png - (1.25MB , 657x858 , Pentacle231.png )

Garrin's face grows serious 'Drunk though this woman may be I cannot ignore a risk to her highness' person.'

Tirzaea continues to stutters and whine'B-but I didn't even-'

The knight does not budge on his choice 'I need to be certain you aren't carrying any weapons or other dangers to the princess.'

Tirzaea stares blankly for a moment, then bolts. though tempted to pursue Garrin worries about leaving the princess to fend for herself.

The knight looks to the drunkard downing her wine; possibly a bandit perhaps worse Garrin can't allow the Princess to be unguarded here. As if to accentuate the danger she also poses the wastrel shatters the wine bottle on the door frame. Garrin pulls the princess down to avoid the shattering glass.
No. 1053541 ID: 9b127b
File 167328665276.png - (1.20MB , 657x858 , Pentacle232.png )

Garrin looks up to see the dangerous women lunging foreward whipping the broken bottle from her hand, aimed not at him nor the princess but instead the fleeing Tirzaea,

The bottle lands embedding itself in the the wooden post of the staircase, pinning the red dress.
No. 1053542 ID: 9b127b
File 167328679846.png - (1.16MB , 657x858 , Pentacle233.png )

Baffelingly the bottle holds and the flimsy garment that is no match for Tirzaea's large strong body, tears easily.
Secrets are revealed that hoofer might prefer to remain hidden.

Garrin is left stunned
No. 1053544 ID: 629f2e

Okay, the hidden blade is understandable, self-defense and all, but the vials are clearly not. This woman is clearly unscrupulous, and we were foolish to trust her.

Finish the job of apprehending her, and turn her over to the local authority. Have the drunk's testimony against her recorded, as the evidence supporting it should lend it some real weight (especially when it becomes clear how important the drunk really is.)

After that, we need to consider damage control. There are basically two ways you can play this off, humble or clever.

The humble way would be to admit that you hadn't been aware of the danger, and simply made a bad call in recruiting her. Be honest with your intentions of wanting Reefa to have someone she could talk with, and relate to her through your failings of seeing such a massive threat. This may make you seem foolish in her eyes if you're unlucky with her mood, but it may also have you come off as more personable and on her level.

The clever way would be to state that the drunk had saved you a day of carefully examining that horse's actions. Claim that you had a suspicion of her true intent from the beginning, and that bringing her on as a guard made it easier to scrutinize her actions and keep an eye on her. You'd been planning to arrest her when she finally tried to make her move, but thanks to the witness you were able to act preemptively. This is a risky strategy. If Reefa sees through it, she'll not only see you as a bumbling guard, but one too stubborn to admit to their own mistakes. You would be less than worthless. Even if you pass the bluff check, taking this approach may make you appear two-faced and hard to truly know, since you don't always say what you mean.

If it comes down to it, I think you're a lot better off with the humble approach than the clever one. You just can't pull the mastermind act off, your charisma stat isn't that high. Even if it was, I think Reefa would think better of you if you show a bit more vulnerability. You haven't been able to really talk on her level yet, always coming off as either a mentor, a bodyguard, or anything but a friend. A somewhat honest conversation where you drop your usual arrogance could help change the way she looks at you.
No. 1053545 ID: 8483cf

Great work, drunk lady. Maybe we should consider hiring her?

In the meantime, our priorities are (1) protect the Princess, and (2) root out future threats against the Princess.

We can't leave Reefa unattended (that breaks priority 1), so Garrin can't chase Tirzaea himself. Fortunately, we have an entire bar full of patrons who Reefa's just bought a round of drinks for.

I bet Garrin's been waiting to use this line his whole life:

"That hoofer is an assassin! SEIZE HER!"

Those globalan sailors look like they'll have no problem helping out.
No. 1053549 ID: cea6bb

Garrin was just keeping by the old adage: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Call for her arrest!
No. 1053609 ID: 322af8

We should do a few things. First, detain our new horse friend. Also should strip her down to make sure there are no other hidden surprises on her. Second if Garrin is aware of what a Gods Champion is like Reefa, he should be very careful around this fox as she appears to be one and the last thing we need is a hero mucking up our plans.
No. 1053611 ID: e5709d

"...Who the hell sold you knight-grade leather bras?"

Try to capture her alive. While your other companions might complain about the need for an execution, Kalez would be ecstatic about acquiring such an enticing white-cloth ninja.
Maybe you'll kill her if she proves untrustworthy, but right now your best bet is to use her toxins against her. Let's see if her poison resistance can withstand two whole vials straight down the gullet.
No. 1055039 ID: 9b127b
File 167513942337.png - (1.34MB , 657x858 , Pentacle234.png )

Garrin has to take control of the situation, but he can't leave Reefa's side 'That hoofer is an assassin! SEIZE HER!' He shouts. a few tougher looking patron get up to go after her

Garrin then points to the globalan sailors on the upper level 'You lot, cut her off from the roof!' he pauses for a moment then adds 'there's gold to be had.' at the mention of gold the sailors start to scramble.

Tirzaea and her pursuers take the action to the streets and Garrin is left in a more silent tavern.

Who does Garrin speak to and what does he say?
No. 1055040 ID: 322af8

Probably ask the drunken adventurer how she knew/how she did that/ if she would assist in projecting the princess or also assist in giving chase to the assassin. More gold to be had and what not.
No. 1055043 ID: 8483cf

Honestly, we should talk with Reefa, and get her someplace quiet and safe. Let's talk with Flops, and see if any of the local ichthians he knows are trustworthy. Reefa's calm and comfort are top priority, she has to be on her A game for engaging with the populace.

Maybe Flops know the drunkard, and if she has a reputation. The more they know, the better.
No. 1055045 ID: 629f2e

To Reefa: "I knew she was up to something, but I truly hoped she didn't intend to go so far. My apologies for being unable to warn you sooner."

Let's keep our cool and act like we knew what we were doing. Heavily suspecting that equine of dubious intent, we tried to recruit her so that we could keep a close eye over her. Force her out of the shadows and keep her under our scrutiny until we could get away.

If Reefa takes this poorly, then show some humility and apologize for your methods. She might get upset that you tried to stick a would-be assassin next to her, that's reasonable. Assure her that you would have given her adequate warning as the first chance you had, and apologize anyways for the fact that she was exposed to a dangerous person.
No. 1055050 ID: e5709d

Concentrate on the mercenary. See if you can get her to sign on as one of Reefa's temporary bodyguards. Then let Kalez reel her in with magics.
No. 1055998 ID: 9b127b
File 167634696918.png - (1.43MB , 657x858 , Pentacle235.png )

Garrin looks to the princess 'You're highness, are you alright?'

She brushes off his concern, excitement on her face 'I'm fine Garrin, but that woman who saved me, do you know who she is?'

A little confused Garrin responds 'A talented mercenary it seems'

All smiles Reefa elaborates 'More than that, This is Vivian Hearth best monster hunter this side of the Falene Mountains!'

'At your service for a modest fee!' Hearth grins and bows at the introduction

Garrin is not so easily impressed by the vagabond, though he expected more this may very well be the monster hunter he's been looking for 'Now that you mention it she does fit the part, perhaps we can make use of her services for your protection.'

Having reservations Reefa asks'is that fair? this woman is needed by the people, we can't have her talents squandered with guard duty.'

'Actually I'd love the job!' the monster hunter beams.

'what about the people?'

Vivian shrugs 'Yeah see about that, I just lost all my coin-n-quip on the dice. deffa need some easy scratch getting back on m'feet can't help no one with nothin.'

'you seemed quite capable with that wine bottle' Garrin offers

'HAH! I'll need that paid for too, was my last bottle... ' Vivian waits expectantly 'Oi we got a deal?'
No. 1056001 ID: a7a180

We got a deal... But! Redirect any payment to the crown, as per our orders. We may give her an advance to cover the wine, as it was instrumental in our lady's defense.
No. 1056140 ID: 322af8

We should be sure to ask if she is aware of any other possible dangers at the tavern at this moment or if the woman who fled was the only one.
No. 1056146 ID: e5709d

Don't speak. Get your contract out and have her read and sign. Make sure she's contracted to Reefa and do not reference Kalez in any way; a 'woman of the people' wouldn't pledge her heart and soul to your ruthless aristocratic mastermind even if it would get her laid with the god of booze. Knowing Kalez, they've probably already met and hate each other.
No. 1056696 ID: 9b127b
File 167699261037.png - (1.38MB , 657x858 , Pentacle236.png )

Garrin Spends the next couple hours helping Reefa draft a contract for Vivian Hearth
The two women enjoy the wine flops provides them as day turns to night.

Vivian has spent most of the time telling outlandish tales that at best could only be half truths never once even considering the documents the princess has her sign.

Sunset approaches, and the tavern begins to fill Flops and his attendants including the volunteer Ladis bring up wet chairs and tables from the basement

Does Garrin...
1) Try and slip in some clause into Vivian's contract?
2) Try and guide the conversation towards a specific topic?
3) watch the tavern entertainment?
4) remain quiet and Alert?
5) enjoy the wine?

No. 1056697 ID: bace04

You definitely need to massage some clauses into Vivian’s contract to ensure that the crown decides the rules of engagement and that privacy is prized over security.
No. 1056742 ID: 322af8

We easily need to slip some clauses into that contract. Something about her working without underwear. Something about her having to keep watch of the Princess at night (so we can slip off and apologize to a certain tradeswoman) Maybe something about her having to give us 20% of all extra loot found when raiding enemies.
No. 1056746 ID: 3a877e

This is what happens when you combine 1 and 5, so let's do that.
No. 1056754 ID: 629f2e

1 is a risky play, considering how observant Vivian has shown herself to be. But since everyone else seems on-board, let's at least be strategic about it.

Put one or two mild additions that you'd like her to miss, as well as something completely outrageous. You're expecting her to catch the obvious issue, something that she'd disapprove of, but use that as a cover for the smaller issues.

Depending on what the outrageous addition is, you may want to play it off as a joke/test to ensure she was reading the contract. The previous suggestion about working in her underwear is definitely one you'd have to treat like that for example. Be careful not to put yourself in a situation where she can call your bluff by the way. It won't look good on you or Reefa if she keeps an amendment like that in, and prances around in her undergarments for the remainder of your trip.
No. 1056996 ID: 755399

Or we could simply write that clause as 'you will strip to your underwear when commanded'. Easier to hide from Reefa if she tries to make it backfire on us.
No. 1057653 ID: 9b127b
File 167812320430.png - (1.31MB , 657x858 , Pentacle237.png )

Garrin clears his throat 'As Knight Captain I should add a few additional provisions' Vivian rolls her eyes and Reefa nods pulling out a fresh sheet a parchment.
The knight starts by adding clause for a twenty percent tax on acquired loot, and another on night watch requirements before quickly adding you will strip to your underwear when commanded to the page

Reefa notices immediately and gasps 'Garrin! what's gotten into you! how could you ruin my wonderful contract with such a vulgar condition!?'

The monster hunter perks up and leans over 'Heeheehe thirsty Boy! Thirsty Boy! have some wine you thiiirsty boy!' she shoves the bottle of wine in Garrin's face, he drinks deeply of it.

'forgive me your highness, I figured I would lighten the mood with a joke, like you said this is a mundain task, a famous hunter like Miss Hearth should be entertained I think'

'Well um, you're right of course and I... I suppose I can see the humour in such a preposterous proposition' Reefa stated with a reservation that betrayed that she clearly did not see any humour in the act at all.

Hear, Hear! Vivian Cheers!, takes back the bottle downs a large swig and signs the sheet.
No. 1057654 ID: 9b127b
File 167812331860.png - (1.36MB , 657x858 , Pentacle238.png )

Garrin and Vivian exchange rediculous stories of outlandish exploits, ocasionally these tales even holding some resemblance to truthe.
Reefa sits awkwardly having little to add.
'Oi, had you pegged for a stuffy straight-edge, but maybe you know to have a little fun after all!' Vivian says with a coy lilt that Garrin feels is either an attempt at seduction, an invitation to indulge further or both.

'Of course! I know may way around just about every tavern this side of the Talon' Garrin boasts polishing off the last of the wine, he turns to call on the waitstaff for another bottle when by chance he spies an old friend slinking in from the night air.
No. 1057672 ID: e5709d

"Garcio, I was going to introduce you to a breedable mare but she was actually an assassin!
Welcome to hell!"
Slap yourself.
"WHAT AM I SAYING?! Barkeep, hangover cure."
No. 1057698 ID: 322af8

Wait a second...zoom in at the bottom right...enhance. Zoom in again. That's Coi-Shi isn't it. Trying to hide from our view. Have Garcio show how strong he is by picking up the cameo and lifting him over his head. That should impress both the princess and our new hire. Also we should introduce the new hire we have procured for our party.
No. 1057732 ID: 2081ed

No. 1057817 ID: 94b79e

Hey wait... Garcio, where's Xiatzu? You didn't leave her alone, did you?
No. 1059650 ID: 9b127b
File 167996524198.png - (1.30MB , 657x858 , Pentacle239.png )

Garcio descends the stairs, tossing aside a loiterer on the steps. 'Outa the ways pipsqueak'

Garrin excuses himself from the table and meats his subordinate halfway 'where's Xiatzu? You didn't leave her alone, did you?'

Garcio doesn't answer the question 'That woman's in a lot of danger, Garrin the sort that my being there probably isn't going to help.'

something curious strikes Garrin and he asks a question he feels he should know the answer too 'What do you mean?'

Garcio responds in a hushed whisper 'Someone's put a bounty on her and she knows it.'
No. 1059658 ID: a7a180

This is an outrage. We can't travel with a bounty on our host's head! We need to sort this out immediately with whoever's offering the bounty. Garcio, why don't you acquaint yourself with our new subcontractor Vivian as we switch off guard details.
No. 1059674 ID: 322af8

Well crap. Ask if he has a wanted poster or how he heard of this bounty. It seems we'll need to work fast to protect our newest friend. Or at the very least blackmail her into more protection done by us. Ask him also where she is now and then go to that location. While also totally bumping into that loiterer. That will show him. You're supposed to be the best bird in the comic.
No. 1059898 ID: 10c07d

This, though we might want to bring everyone back to Xiatzus convoy just for safety while we investigate this bounty.
No. 1059955 ID: 9b127b
File 168023362547.png - (1.38MB , 657x858 , Pentacle240.png )

'You saw bounty posters for her?'Garrin questions

Garcio seems a little sheepish at the question 'No there weren't posters, just a hunch really. the way she wanted me close but always looking over her shoulder, she seemed hunted'

Garrin believes Garcio. should he take everyone he thinks? No, it would be safer to have more numbers but if Garcio is correct that would put the princess in unnecessary danger, Garrin couldn't do that to her. Besides if it's nothing there's no reason to end her tavern visit. 'Garcio, why don't you acquaint yourself with our new subcontractor Vivian as we switch off guard details.'

Relief is plain on Garcio's face, before a trace of worry returns 'be careful. she's at an Inn called the "Verdant Field" her coachman is watching her'

Garrin nods 'I know the place. I'll sort this out, see if it is what you think.'

Does Garrin need to do or get anything else before leaving?
No. 1059957 ID: a7a180

That vial that was on the horsesassin, perhaps?
You should check the outside of Xiatzu's inn for stalkers when you get there.
No. 1059970 ID: 322af8

Sounds more like she was just trying to flirt with the large horseman. Still we should look into it. Not sure if we need anything other than ourselves. She trust us (for now) and if we don't act like anything is off she shouldn't sick her employee on us. We should keep an eye out though for any extra trouble. Actually take Coi-Shi with you. Tell him he is now deputized for the Duchess/Princess.
No. 1059971 ID: 629f2e

Why not pay a visit to Xiatzu's servants to get a quick briefing on the situation. They may be more loose-lipped than Xiatzu herself. Don't dawdle for long though, as you'd be leaving her unguarded.
No. 1059976 ID: 10c07d

This, but let’s say a few parting words to Princess Reefa before we switch duties with Garcio. It would be rude to leave a lady without saying anything! I also support bringing Coi-Shi with us.
No. 1060338 ID: 9b127b
File 168045355159.png - (1.28MB , 657x858 , Pentacle241.png )

Garrin returns to find Reefa enthralled by some wild tale about violent vegetables, Vivian chattering away doesn't address on his return either.
He clears his throat to get their attention'Your highness Garcio will be taking over here, I have a crucial matter to attend to'
The Princess barely looks up 'Oh yes, of course. You are free to go'
The conversation continues as Garrin leaves, he nods to Garcio as he passes and the knight takes his seat.

Garrin grabs the small loiterer who squawks in protest 'Hands off old man!'
The knight looks down at the small man ' you've just been enlisted to the royal army.'
'What?!' the tavern goer gasps in shock.
Garrin plops a helmet onto his head, 'make the best of it.'

* * *

Exiting the tavern a heavy rainfall has started.
No. 1060339 ID: a7a180

Get to Xiatzu, quickly. You may want to hurry inside given this horrid downpour obscuring vision.
No. 1060376 ID: 322af8

Hmm rain. Never good. Means either romance or hard fight ahead. Unless our new ward secretly has the hots for us we're in for a big one. Welp to Verdant Field. Ask for the name of this new fighter on our side as you go.
No. 1060420 ID: 629f2e


Agreed. Let's go straight to Xiatzu without any detours.
No. 1061256 ID: 9b127b
File 168134733948.png - (1.18MB , 657x858 , Pentacle242.png )

Garrin has to get to Xiatzu as quick as possible 'We must hurry soldier!' he states.
His small ally chirps indignantly'I'm not a soldier I'm Coi-Shi A mighty sorcerer!'

Garrin ignores his please and rushes forward.

* * *
The wind picks up as the storm grows heavy.
They have to cross Belgate bridge to get to the Verdant Field Inn

'Where are the guards?' a tiny squawk is heard above the wash.

A good question Garrin thinks 'I don't know...' The guard should be on watch all night, perhaps the took shelter in the tower but why then would they leave the gate open?

shortly after a second question is voiced'What's that light?'

Another good question'I don't know...' it might be a torch light, but there should be lights all along the building, could the harsh storm have blown the rest out?

there is wrongness here, but Garrin has precious little time to investigate.
No. 1061259 ID: a7a180

Quickly, into the gatehouse for shelter and to see why the gate is open.
No. 1061283 ID: 322af8

Ask if Coi-Shi knows any spells that could be of use in this situation. Like ones that would point out people or sense people or...fireball in case of emergencies. Depending on what he knows he might be extremely useful.
No. 1061293 ID: 28b91b

Agreed, this is smart
No. 1061304 ID: 629f2e

Try to get a spell list from Coi Shi while you move. Go inside, and try to get to the bottom of this without dying if you can.
No. 1061308 ID: edef96

Best case, it's nothing.
Worst case, the undead are attempting a preliminary invasion step. Perhaps by destroying the bridge.
It's worth investigating.
No. 1061960 ID: 9b127b
File 168226387060.png - (1.29MB , 657x858 , Pentacle243.png )

Garrin hates shouting but it's the only way he can be heard against the wind 'A sorcerer huh?' Garrin is no novice to magic, he wonders if there's any truth to the scamps words.

the small Yengu screeches back 'Yes! I am lord an master of fire!'

'Ah an elementalist' this makes sense self trained sorcerers and battle mages flock to elemental powers they are destructive, flashy, and outside of causing large amounts of damage and spectacle they are largely useless.

Large waves crash against the bridge, the weather is starting to get out of hand... destructive and flashy, just the sort of thing a powerful elementalist could conjure.
No. 1061967 ID: 322af8

Uh...have him cast a massive fireball at the building at the bridge then? Probably won't destroy it but it will mess with anyone hiding there waiting to attack. If it does destroy it well we're pretty high up the chain and can just blame our cameo friend on the action.
No. 1062021 ID: 332406

You should get a clear view of the situation before you go in and throw around fireballs.
No. 1062088 ID: 10c07d

Let’s not throw any fireballs just yet, but stay cautious. Maybe we could get Coi-Shi to use his magic to keep warm after being in the rain that’ll give him some use.
No. 1062360 ID: 9b127b
File 168281753541.png - (941.90KB , 657x858 , Pentacle244.png )

Garrin Carefully enters the tower, a light shines from the floor above.

now out of the rain Coi-Shi conjures a spark of flame to dry himself off.

the wind and rain continue to howl.
No. 1062361 ID: ff9cef

Quickly warm up, then put it out. Don't want to get spotted.
No. 1062390 ID: 322af8

I suppose we should sneak to the light above then as that would be where an enemy would be encamped.
No. 1062400 ID: a7a180

Put that out, we need to move quickly and quietly.
No. 1062410 ID: 587e8b

Yeah, damp clothes might be bad for a fight, but an ambush would be worse. Go fast to get the worst of the liquid, but keep your head on a swivel.
No. 1063638 ID: 9b127b
File 168393140702.png - (1.13MB , 657x858 , Pentacle245.png )

'Put out the light' Garrin hisses at his companion, the elementalist silently does so.

as Garrin reaches the ladder he begins to hear guttural mumbling, this bothers him for a reason he can almost remember.

against his better judgement he climbs the ladder.
as he reaches the top he is greeted by a face he could never forget.

'Second Acolyte.' the large face croaks, Garrin is unsettled that it recognizes him

but why shouldn't she, as a fellow servant of Kalez. 'fourth acolyte' he responds averting his gaze from Laterna's hypnotic lure

'You shouldn't be here.' she states.

'Neither should you, I thought you were banned from all cities after that tidal wave' Garrin retorts.

'things are different now' she states.

'hmmf.' Garrin snorts.

an uncomfortable silence follows
No. 1063640 ID: a7a180

Things wouldn't be related to bandits attacking the city, would they? I am on a mission transporting... precious cargo and wouldn't want to lose it in the approaching storm. We insist that our plot takes priority, being second acolyte, and if this plot cannot be delayed, that we at least be told what to plan around.
No. 1063657 ID: 322af8

Ask their business here and if they are why the guards are gone. State your business afterwards if things seem on the level.
No. 1063700 ID: 4189f6

We don't need to state our business in specific terms. Just enough to leave things as they are.
No. 1063841 ID: 0c3af1

So are the top 3 acolytes the inner circle? How many acolytes are there? Oh, she's why the rain is so bad, yeah? What else... Her hypno-lure - that is likely why the guards are missing. What orders did she give? Should you be talking about this stuff so close to a non-acolyte (Coi-shi)?
No. 1063856 ID: 9b127b
File 168420370026.png - (970.65KB , 657x858 , Pentacle246.png )

Of Kalez' five acolytes Laterna is by far the most powerful.

Garrin's eyes try to avert from the Lure but it's shine is oppressive

Laterna is the most powerful. between her mind molding and elemental destructive force she could easily be first acolyte if it weren't for a lack of control

Garrin tries to focus 'What ever task you are on, as second acolyte I must demand you end this storm, you could wash away this whole town!'

Mistress believes in me. Laterna states.
Garrin can't think, he can barely hear anything Laterna is saying, the rain is too loud it- the rhythmic rain! the sound It's dulling his mind... and yet it's so soothing... Laterna is the most powerful.

Laterna speaks again'Mistress says I don't have to listen to you anymore, why is that Garrin?' for better or worse Kalez is the only being Laterna fears.
No. 1063857 ID: e5709d

Call your boss and have her fix this.
No. 1063858 ID: a7a180

Because you need your ears cleaned, you soggy witch!
Where is Coi-Shi? We need a fish fried, stat.
No. 1063859 ID: d4dcee

SLAP YOURSELF AND FLEE! Once you're out of visibility continue this with yelling. How long ago did she hear from Kalez? We got a comm from her hours ago, she wanted this place unharmed! Our enemies have powerful mages. Her orders may have been falsified! Just illusions! Should she refuse to stop, get Kalez herself. We know she seeks to keep this bridge in one piece.
No. 1063861 ID: 755399

Right, because the last time we talked with Kalez went so well.

It's clear she's weaving some sort of pacification spell into the rain. Whether we try to fight her or negotiate, we need to take the rain out of the equation *now*. Maybe the firebird has some flame aura spell that would evaporate the rain before it huts us?
No. 1063871 ID: 629f2e

The lure seems to be the issue, so get rid of it. Rip it off, slice it, just remove the lure from the equation.
No. 1063877 ID: 322af8

See? This is why we fireball the tower instead of investigate. Anyway retreat. Retreat with our bird brethren as quickly as possible.
No. 1063954 ID: 10c07d

We can’t flee we have to protect Xiatzu! Slap yourself once or twice and push Laterna back. Make sure to get yourself up from the ladder and invite Koi-shi up for numbers. Demand Laterna stops the rain at once or you’ll have to use force, you are on very important business after all.
No. 1063995 ID: 9b127b
File 168437926969.png - (882.26KB , 657x858 , Pentacle247.png )

Garrin knows he has to get away from the lure, and from the rain... the washing sound of the rain.
He needs to flee get away from her power.

no. Xiatsu needs him if he runs the assassin will get to her... the assassin?
yes Garcio said she was being hunted didn't he?

Garrin squints his eye so he can't see the cursed light. the little yengu man, power to fight power.
Coi-Shi! I need your fire! Garrin can barely hear himself over the rain, the unending rain
the light shines through his closed lids, and for some reason he is less worried.

a sweet voice is talking to him now, Laterna is trying to get his attention, Garrin? Garrin are you alright?

Garrin opens his eyes and sees Laterna is still standing over him.
He looks into her soft gentle face, what was he doing here? he was looking for a woman, was it Laterna?

Garrin you need to focus, we're all very worried about you Laterna is very concerned and her kind bubbly voice is tinged with a rare sadness we're worried you don't like us anymore.

His mouth moves as if to say something, but stops. why does he have to be defiant or rude? his friends are just trying to help right?
No. 1063998 ID: 0e6f90

Part of me wants to trust this fibsh, but now is the time for SUSPICION!
No. 1064001 ID: e5709d

Boobs later swords now
No. 1064004 ID: 755399

Grab the lure with one hand (blocking its light) and pull down her shirt with the other.
No. 1064006 ID: 629f2e


WILL SAVE! Grab the lure and punch 'em in the mouth! You can do it, in spite of your countless failings that have taken place today.
No. 1064013 ID: 322af8

Oooh. Ooh she's good. Using our one weakness against us. The ladies. I uh..what were we doing? Tugging at her clothes, right, yes. Show her that you like them still. I'm sure Coi-shi would say something if we were in trouble.
No. 1064018 ID: 10c07d

This, maybe we can use Lantera’s shock to turn around the situation.
No. 1064111 ID: 273c18

Grab her tits! Stick your face between them! Boobs boobs boobs!
No. 1064199 ID: 3aa06e

Seconding this, tell this fish to quit with the mind tricks right now.
No. 1064539 ID: 9b127b
File 168503302827.png - (1.24MB , 657x858 , Pentacle248.png )

Garrin grabs Laterna's shirt she smiles warmly 'so you do want to stay friends? that makes me soooo happy!'

while preoccupied he quickly tries to grab the lure!
It slips through his grasp!
'Ah! no touchy!' Laterna cries, and before he can react Laterna's mouth clamps down on his arm and there is pain. immense pain.
No. 1064540 ID: d3bf48

In for a penny, in for a pound. Redouble the efforts to get that lure! Clearly we’re being tricked with an illusion since the bite marks aren’t matching up, so focus!
No. 1064541 ID: aec5d1

Call your companion for assistance if you get overpowered by her
No. 1064542 ID: 629f2e

Your senses are being tricked, but not all of them. Your sense of feeling is clearly still accurate. There's also clearly a mental fogging of some sort, as otherwise you would immediately deduce that this was an illusion.

Here's what you do. Close your eyes, throw a punch forward to try and free your arm, and then shout for your companion to launch his flames at the person in front of you.
No. 1064545 ID: 7e6b38

Bad fishy! Go for a throat punch. Focus on your pain.
No. 1064547 ID: e9dcf5

Well, if the lure is the issue take a page from Oglaf. Focus on the boobs, while ignoring the medusa eyes shiny lure. Lower your hood further if you have to do so.
No. 1064548 ID: 755399

I like this plan...but there might be a better target. Use the hood to cover Garrin's eyes and then grab the lure with his beak. His head's close enough that he should be able to bite it off before she intercepts it.
No. 1064551 ID: 10c07d

Get Coi-Shi to cover up the lure with his helmet!
No. 1064553 ID: 322af8

Force face against the boobs to hide from the lure. Ask for Coi-Shi to help push her over but do not use fire on her. She still works for your boss and also you are very close to possible splash damage.
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