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File 165077275879.png - (1.41MB , 1137x1479 , PentacleKing5.png )
1030186 No. 1030186 ID: 9b127b

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

A single choice can shape the future, a single person can change the face of the world

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 1066749 ID: 9b127b
File 168797861875.png - (1.08MB , 657x858 , Pentacle252.png )

Garrin's wounded arm continues to gush blood, his legs feel leaden as adrenalin bleeds from his system.
somehow he manages to gather enough magic in his drained hand to send word to his mistress.
the visage of Kalez appears in a rain slick obelisk it narrows it's eye in vicious contempt, it says nothing and waits.

Garrin ignores her volatile mood for the moment 'Kalez, What do I do? Lat-'
Kalez Interrupts 'beg for forgiveness and mean it truly in your heart.'

Garrin is furious Kalez is still on about that argument earlier'What?! No, not about that! Laterna is attacking the bridge, I need-'.
Again Kalez interrupts 'Your stupidity is no longer charming. You failed my test Garrin, failure has consequences, these are the consequences for yours.'

'Consequence for disagreeing with you?'Garrin is very confused.
'So utterly stupid' Kalez sighs 'I didn't want it to be this way, I hoped you could eventually see things from my perspective, I even dared to believe that you might be persuaded by Laterna, again a disappointment.'

'I don't understand'He truly doesn't, this is about more than disagreeing with Kalez, but he can't think of a single other things he's done wrong.

'I don't think you ever will, I don't think you can. You're just so unbelievably dense Garrin, the King of Pentacles expects so much more from his acolytes.' Kalez then pauses for a dreadful moment as the rain pours across the knight's beak, she then adds with a tinge of pity '..and yet in my un-perelled mercy I will again give you one last chance; beg our lord for forgiveness it matter not that you know why, or if you absolutely must throw your life away defy him one more time here and now and perish as the failure he always told me you would be.'

Garrin doesn't know what's going on, nor does he know what to do, he expects that he'll be dead very soon.
No. 1066764 ID: 755399

Huh. Welp.

So, begging forgiveness seems like a fair plan forward, but also I'm wondering whether this is the real Kalez.

Our favorite grumpy scorpion being mad at Garrin isn't new, but usually she's more than happy to tell him exactly how he fucked up in order to make him feel bad. She's being more evasive than usual about this. A second false Kalez would also explain why Laterna has been given an assignment that directly interferes with ours. Maybe it's Via Vardek's doing?
No. 1066787 ID: f99f83

So you can either give a hollow apology for something you don't understand, or be rejected and likely die. And hey, nobody said you won't die if you apologize, just that you'd be forgiven.

Garrin, look deep in your heart, and answer however feels right. Who are you in this story?

Are you the faithful follower trying his best and yet failing? Will you accept your weaknesses and beg forgiveness for not being more than you are?

Are you the defier, seeing the true face of who you once believed in and rejecting it? Do you truly believe in Kalez and her causes, or will you tell Kalez how little her approval means to you at this point?

Or are you the uncertain? You don't know where your loyalties should lie anymore, or what you should prioritize, so you'll give the answer that may keep you alive for now, as you search for an answer. Is that it?

I don't think there's a right or wrong answer here, only the one you choose for yourself. Whatever that may be, I'd like to hear it. What do you, Garrin, want to say here?
No. 1066789 ID: a7a180

To review:
Your boss is an asshole.
Loyalty is nothing more than a promise waiting to be broken. Her words.
Your mission was to keep Vivian Hearth from crossing this bridge. Recruiting her to escort the princess was an alternate, approved means of accomplishing this.
Kalez likely reviewed the facts after suspecting that the bridge being destroyed might play into Vardek's hands, and has decided to go along with it anyway. So Laterna is following orders, and you don't actually have to stop the bridge from being destroyed.
There is, of course, the problem of massive damage being caused to the town in the process.
Well, perhaps your valiant attempt to try and stop her can be played into your double agent persona. You tried to stop her, but she overpowered you and Coi-Shi.

In conclusion:
You don't have time to stand on the bridge and whimper as a tidal wave bears down on you. You need to reach the Verdant Field, get Xiatzu and Coi-Shi to high ground, and try not to die. Survival now, figuring out what the hell is going on later.
She won't be pleased, of course. Whether you survive is solely up to you now.
No. 1066790 ID: 322af8

Lay our knocked out helper on the ground and beg a she requires. She said that Laterna is working for her so we best then head back to the Princess or to Laterna is the Duchess cannot render aid from a afar. Maybe Laterna can magic up some healing. It appears this is the work of the duchess after all.
No. 1066793 ID: 6082c3

Sometimes begging isn't bad, it's just good business.
No. 1066801 ID: f99f83

Since a more concrete answer was requested, I'd say Garrin should apologize. He can't afford to waffle on this, and he doesn't have anywhere to go if he isn't following Kalez. Even after being dismissed, he's been trying to do her will. He's clearly still loyal to Kalez and her goals. He doesn't know how he's failed, how he's let her down, but his apology has been demanded. Pride will get him nowhere at this juncture, give the requested apology and ask what more you can do.
No. 1067011 ID: 9b127b
File 168841535167.png - (1.18MB , 657x858 , Pentacle253.png )

Garrin doesn't feel inclined to die for reasons he doesn't even understand.
he places Coi-Shi on the ground and falls to one knee. 'I beg your forgiveness Kalez I meant only to further our goals'

A bit of fire fades from Kalez' eyes 'Very well, however be careful that our goals continue to align'

Garrin just nods not wanting to state anything else

'now return to the princess and keep watch on her' Kalez states as her visage fades from the the obelisk

the storm seems to lessen somewhat, Garrin can no longer see Laterna's lure in the window
No. 1067013 ID: 5a1df0

Back to the princess then.
No. 1067014 ID: 322af8

Welp. We have our orders. Sorry our dear scorpion love. Pick up our knocked out friend and return to the bar. If he stays knocked out just keep him. New party member.
No. 1067017 ID: a7a180

I hope that assassin treats Xiatzu better than Garrin could.
Dump the body in the river and retreat.
No. 1067019 ID: 8f9bc4

Uh, bandage your arm before you bleed out. And make mental note never to grab Lanterna's lure again.

It's interesting how Kalez asked you to beg the King of Pentacles for mercy, and you begged her for mercy instead.
No. 1067024 ID: 755399

Grabbing her tits is still on the table though, right?
No. 1067026 ID: 3aa06e

Pick up your ally and head back to the princess. Fix up any wounds and consider yourself one lucky bird, this could have turned out worse.
No. 1067071 ID: 835b34

We'll need a cover story for the wounds. Plus the failure to get Xiatzu as well. Surprise ambush at the bridge? We only escaped because of cautiousness due to missing guards?
No. 1068555 ID: 9b127b
File 168999956178.png - (1.16MB , 657x858 , Pentacle254.png )

Garrin has nothing to bandage his arm with.

he picks up Coi-Shi and heads back slowly.

on his way he sees the shining light again, this time returning to the ocean.
No. 1068556 ID: 90d5d6

Did we just get outplayed? I think we did.
No. 1068572 ID: e51896

Just sigh and return to the princess.
No. 1068585 ID: 322af8

Take some of Coi-Shi's outfit off of him to make a makeshift bandage. He won't mind I'm sure. Then head back to the princess. Suddenly remember you need to destroy the bridge and make plans to do so.
No. 1068769 ID: 8f9bc4

Why do I feel like Laterna got played...
No. 1069657 ID: 9b127b
File 169107190948.png - (714.74KB , 657x858 , Pentacle255.png )

Far away in the dungeons of castle Crym

A kobold struggles to find sleep.
No. 1069658 ID: 9b127b
File 169107241461.png - (1.01MB , 657x858 , Pentacle256.png )

Her mistress has hidden Eeyfel away beneath the earth, where she writhes.

she wakes every few sad minutes to stabbing pains of ice filling her body, followed by a sickening coldness that seeps from her arms.

she isn't trapped, just hidden.
she could leave the bed but dares not abandon what sparse warmth it still provides.
her spells could get her through the bars but where would she go? perhaps she could throw herself into a bonfire.
Eeyfel laughs at the idea but it only comes as a wet cough.
she can taste the iron of it.
No. 1069662 ID: e51896

It's okay to cry, let it all out.

Can she still use magic like sap health from a prisoner to make her feel better, or Scry to talk to someone far away? (Not sure who to talk to though).

Is there any prisoners she can talk to?
No. 1069668 ID: 322af8

See what you get for being too nice to obviously undead beggars? You get undead sickness. Anyway that is in the past. Should think about how you can torment the others in their cages. The real prisoners. Show your worth still.
No. 1069669 ID: d3bf48

Good plan, choose an unworthy prisoner to sap energy from.
No. 1070064 ID: 9b127b
File 169176027737.png - (0.99MB , 657x858 , Pentacle257.png )

Eeyfel isn't alone in her cell, she rolls onto her side and looks to the bottom bunk.

Ulrik is here, seemingly asleep and recovering from his injuries.

using Sap Health on him might give Eeyfel the strength she needs to go on.

She could also try speaking with Ulrik but she isn't sure what that'll accomplish, it might be a distraction from the pain though.
No. 1070065 ID: 64dbac

Sup that pup!
No. 1070066 ID: e51896

Sap him for what he has. it's cruel, but that is probably why he is chained up like that despite being in locked up. Plus it's likely a test of loyalty Kalez gave you by locking this prisoner in here with you despite your illness to see if you'll potentially sap the health of this enemy instead of forming a connection with him. Otherwise, you'd be hidden at a doctor's room.
No. 1070067 ID: b6ec4d

Sap as much as you need. It's his fault you feel this bad.
No. 1070068 ID: 41ae60

Talk with Ulrik, to distract you from feeding off Ulrik. If he’s sharing a cell with you, you must both be cursed. What will he garden now, moss?
No. 1070070 ID: 58dd24

oh, huh. Is he chained to the bed in addition to being locked in the cell with you? If so, he's not going anywhere. You can take your time talking first if it means not getting out of bed.
No. 1070074 ID: a3ffd1

The collar is a good look for him.

Chat him up. If he's still evil or if he's just being an asshole, sap him up and go for a walk.
No. 1070132 ID: 322af8

Sap him for strength. If he looks like he's going to be trouble act like you're flirting. Then grope his groin and take the life force.
No. 1070153 ID: 10c07d

This, maybe we can pretend we want to be his vampire wife and escape together.
No. 1070206 ID: 9b127b
File 169197631753.png - (798.31KB , 657x858 , Pentacle258.png )

Eeyfel feels so weak, she can't carry a conversation even if she wanted too, yes she must drain the fool, she needs his strength.

Eeyfel uses sap health on Ulric draining his life force, and adding it to herself!

Eeyfel feels her will returning "You don't deserve this health! it should instead be mine, it will be mine!"

Ulric give a cough and chuckles to himself as he gets out of the bed "You like that? tastes good doesn't it?" he stretches and cricks his neck "You don't need to answer, I already know I taste great"

it's true, Eeyfel found his life force delicious.
No. 1070208 ID: e51896

tell him yes, because revenge tastes sweet after what he and that terrible carrot did to you, and seeing as he's chained up, and as long as you feel this sickness they gave you, you're going to take as much life force as you can from him as long as you feel this pain
No. 1070209 ID: e4eaf6

I'd say "oh no he made it weird" but we already made it weird by doing it sooooooo

Go for broke, he clearly isn't using it for anything good.
No. 1070210 ID: 273c18

Just don't kill him. That would get you in trouble wouldn't it?
No. 1070216 ID: 322af8

Of course he likes it. Takes all the fun out of revenge. Alright now you should have enough energy to talk. Ask him what his angle in all of this is.
No. 1071205 ID: 9b127b
File 169334819547.png - (0.99MB , 657x858 , Pentacle259.png )

Eeyfel is not impressed by Ulric's masochism 'Revenge tastes sweet after what you and that little carrot-Gack! 'Eeyfel finds her throat gripped tightly

Ulric smiles broadly'Now you shouldn't say unkind things about Torique, she was only trying to help you, I still want to help you.'

Eeyfel sputters and cough and Ulric loosens his grip a little. 'Don't worry, I have a gentle touch, back when I worked for my pops he always said so. my pops was a butcher you know? but he always got me to kill the livestock, I got real good at figuring out how much I'd need to squeeze before things went snap.
So I know how not to do that you!'

No. 1071209 ID: 322af8

From butcher to gardener. A jack of all trades. Well be polite while he can snap your neck. Ask him how he intends to help.
No. 1072111 ID: 9b127b
File 169437203142.png - (892.13KB , 657x858 , Pentacle260.png )

Eeyfel chokes back curses and calms herself she's at Ulric's mercy for the moment 'How do you intend to help?'

'By getting you cured' Ulric states'Now Torique didn't curse you, she's not the first undead who's touch you in the last few days is she?'

Eeyfel doesn't respond

Ulric gives a knowing grin 'That's what I thought. now you might be thinking your little tricksy spell bought you some time, but no it doesn't work like that. Lots of folks find ways to ease the pain, ease the hunger they don't even notice when their bodies die. a false life like that is all undeath really is, I don't think you want that.... but if you do there's better ways to get it.'

Eeyfel just sneers. 'why don't you get to what will help, if I'm so short on time'

Ulric shrugs 'Alright, a woman named Diavola Channler can cure you'

'Kalez' old acolyte?'Eeyfel scoffs'she's dead!'

Ulric smiles 'And yet she wrote all those fancy parchments you collected, Kalez thinks they're the key to finding her, she's wrong, the merchant scribe the parchment was purchased from is a dead end, but me I know where to actually find Diavola.'
No. 1072115 ID: a7a180

Does she do house calls? Because last I checked we were locked in here.
This doesn't sound like a cure, more like... making the best of undeath.
No. 1072132 ID: 755399

Interesting, interesting.

Let him prattle. Even if it doesn't lead to a cure, Kalez will kill for a good lead on Diavola. And if she'll kill for it, she might preserve us for it; if the plague can't be cured, it might be held back.
No. 1072133 ID: 8f9bc4

Why is he doing this for you? He knows how much Kalez wants Diavola. Why doesn't he think you'll just go straight to Kalez once you know where she is?
No. 1072135 ID: e51896

You're still loyal to Kalez, but pretend your interested in a cure so you can get more information from him about Diavola
No. 1072159 ID: 322af8

Show interest. Worst he can do is rattle on. As long as he doesn't try to kill you. That should be the main goal, survival.
No. 1072186 ID: 4481aa

"Cure". What do you really mean by that? Can she return you to the way you were before you received this taint, or will her treatment change you?
No. 1072187 ID: 273c18

Pretend to cooperate and want it. Gather information for Kalez.
No. 1073334 ID: 9b127b
File 169577860063.png - (1.04MB , 657x858 , Pentacle261.png )

Eeyfel is pretty sure Ulric can't be trusted, but she still wants to hear what he has to say '"Cure". What do you really mean by that? Can she return me to the way I was before I received this taint, or will her treatment change me?'

Ulric seems amused by the question 'Well that's a funny question, are any of us really the same after we've seen the horrors we have? I don't think so, but know this, "cure" is not a word on plagues taken lightly, if Diavola says it then she means it. and if you don't believe me, well there's no helping that I guess you can just die for the cause like a good little minion.'

Still probing for info Eeyfel askes 'Where even is Diavola?'

Ulric releases Eeyfel and shrugs 'Dunno, but she always knows where I am, she'll find me and you, if we get out of here.'

Eeyfel rubs her sore neck she still doesn't trust Ulric, but he seems very confident with what he's saying, and doesn't seem overly concerned with being betrayed or tricked.

Ulric raises a finger 'now speaking of getting out of here, she can answer all your questions in person once we do, I figure you can use your magic to free me, or we spin a nice lie to your mistress and she just lets us go.'

Eeyfel is pretty sure she won't get more info out of Ulric, likely he doesn't know any more. she has a choice to make.
A: Bust Ulric out with the [Acid Dagger] spell
B: Lie to Kalez
C: Refuse to help Ulric, and hope Kalez can pry more information from him.
D: Wait and consider options

No. 1073336 ID: a7a180

B. There are two kinds of lying: lying to others, and lying to yourself. Kalez respects the former.
No. 1073337 ID: e5709d

C) You already know how trusting your enemy ends. He won't put any planning into betrayal - planning would make him spout red flags out his ass. No, he'll wait, and assist, and help, and even be your friend, and then one day at random a little dice roll in his head will say "welp now's a good time as any" and he'll push you off a cliff or throw you in with the other zombies.
It's going to suck, admitting to Kalez what you've become, but whatever fate she has in store for you doesn't compare to starting a zombie outbreak in what is effectively the nation's capital.
... Maybe you'll admit it while standing on a ledge so you can escape into the woods.
No. 1073338 ID: 63420c

A. Honestly, i believe this is what Kalez wants us to do to get closer to Diavola, and a breakout will trick him into thinking we trust him enough to betray Kalez.
Why else are we locked in with him?
No. 1073351 ID: 322af8

C. The crazy bastard is lost. He already brought more trouble upon you and letting him out is asking for him to do more damage and increase the undead blight.
No. 1073352 ID: 21f5b5

Go with A to play along. Post-cure you have no ties to Diavola so can defect without issue.
No. 1073353 ID: 273c18

Erm, no. Actually going to Diavola won't work. She'll be able to tell you're going to betray her, and will brainwash you or something.

No. 1073367 ID: d3bf48

No. 1073370 ID: 755399

B with a twist. Tell Kalez a lie but hint that you're following up on a lead. She can't fault us for taking some initiative since the alternative is to lay down and die.
No. 1074228 ID: 9b127b
File 169670622546.png - (1.12MB , 657x858 , Pentacle262.png )

Eeyfel shakes her head "You're a fool if you think I'd ever betray <istress Kalez!"

Ulric shrugs "I tried, I really did. but it's your life not mine if you want to throw it away who am I to stop you" he turns and starts looking around the cell testing the bars

Eeyfel decides to ignore the ghoulish man and get more rest
Eeyfel was strong and she'll be rewarded this time she knows it
No. 1074229 ID: 9b127b
File 169670627323.png - (783.90KB , 657x858 , Pentacle263.png )

The next day arrives, Eeyfel tells Mistress Kalez everything she knows from what she experienced personally to what Ulric has said.
Mistress Kalez was pleased, it has been so long since Eeyfel had pleased her mistress.

Eeyfel is dressed in new robes, the finest quality she's ever had. her mistress even offers adornments and accessories.
Eeyfel is given her first staff, she is a true acolyte now. she'd never be the lesser of her peers, never the servant again

Mistress Kalez bids Eeyfel accompany her to the docks, no guards Eeyfel is all the support she needs.

* * *

The sun is warm and the water a refreshing cool, a perfect day Eefel thinks
Eeyfel remembers that Ulric used to do some work here, mistress will need a new grounds keeper, she thinks of potential candidates she'll pick a good one and Mistress will be pleased.

'Are you alright Eeyfel my student?' it is Mistress' voice, but it sounds so strange, there is a kindness Eeyfel has rarely heard and never directed at her.
Eeyfel then realizes the kind words are a question, she's fallen behind taking in the scene.

What does Eeyfel do?
What does Eeyfel say?
What does Eeyfel think?

No. 1074230 ID: e51896

This doesn't seem right. Is this a dream?
No. 1074234 ID: b6ec4d


Perhaps, but that same question could be asked of life itself, could it not? Why let it stop us from trying to answer.

Eeyfel responds honestly that she's not quite as focused as she'd like to be, but doesn't feel terrible.

Eeyfel takes a moment to take things in, forcing herself to try and see what is happening around her.

Eeyfel thinks about her condition, and if it can be cured. If not, then what will happen to her? Even if her mistress offers such lovely rewards, for how long will she enjoy them? Does she even have a year left? Months, weeks, days? Will she die, or be changed to something not quite herself?

Diavola Channler could cure her. That is what Ulric said. It would have been in Eeyfel's report already.

Eeyfel may speak again, asking her mistress if she believes the mongrel's claims about Diavola. Both her survival and her supposed possession of a cure.
No. 1074259 ID: 322af8

This does not seem right. She wouldn't let out an infected person and promote them. Try to fight the mind control or dream and break out of it.
No. 1074260 ID: e5709d

"...Please save us."
Start crying.
No. 1074278 ID: 27f65d

Say "Why are we here alone?" Think "She knows that undead overpowered me so why are we alone?" She casts an anti-illusion spell.
No. 1074315 ID: 32f136

No. 1075432 ID: 0d1c28
File 169816460984.png - (1.12MB , 657x858 , Pentacle264.png )

Eeyfel is convinced this is dream. she pinches herself but the pain is real.

then it must be mind control! Ulric, the mandrake or someone anyone must have used dark magic on her, trapped her in an illusion of beauty, Laterna can do that, others must as well.
but then, why doesn't she feel any pull any influence at all? she still hasn't answered answered Kalez's question and doesn't want too.

Kalez waits, never before seen patience on her faces and maybe sadness? her mistress repeats herself, not annoyed somehow but... worried? 'Eeyfel, are you alright?'

Eeyfel knows this must be trick, but she's just too stupid, too weak and too useless. She can't figure out what's happening here, she just can't. Eeyfel is a sack spilling grain through a hole, there's less and less left of her with each passing moment.

'...Please save me' Eeyfel cries out for salvation.

Kalez nods and holds out one of her hands 'That's why we're here, trust in me and come this way, show me the loyalty Garrin has always seen in you.'
No. 1075435 ID: e5709d

"Wake me up when the Lords have fallen."
No. 1075440 ID: a25322

"Yes... Yes, I am loyal. Please allow me to comtinue serving you."
No. 1075472 ID: 273c18

No evidence of a dream, no evidence of mind control. Could still be an illusion; is there a way to tell if that's really Kalez? Follow for now.
No. 1075475 ID: 755399

Kalez? Not annoyed? It can't be her.
No. 1076340 ID: 0d1c28
File 169902954885.png - (1.14MB , 657x858 , Pentacle265.png )

Eeyfel is hesitant, but takes her mistress' hand.

Kalez guides Eeyfel into the passage. 'Garrin, spoke very highly of you.'

Eeyfel has trouble believing that, Garrin never spoke too her, let alone of her. Eeyfel would sooner have believed Garrin didn't even know she existed. Really? what did he say? Eeyfel manages.

Kalez turns away still guiding Eeyfel by hand 'He told me Your loyalty was unmatched and that you were an invaluable asset we couldn't afford to lose'

Eeyfel tries to laugh at the ludicrous lie Kalez just spewed forth but all she chokes out are a series of wheezing coughs

Kalez doesn't seem to take notice 'it took me far longer than it should but I have come to believe he is right, he'd be lucky to have as strong an advocate.'

Eeyfel wonders, is this a game her mistress is playing? perhaps a test?
No. 1076344 ID: b6ec4d

It's a dungeon. You're to be locked away with the others she could not help, waiting for the day a cure can be found. For those not paying attention, this is the same dungeon we visited last thread.

If Eeyfel can recognize this, then she may know what's coming. There's no point in fighting it, not in her condition. It's for the best she stay with the rest, as if a cure is ever found, she'd be in a position to receive it among the others.

If Eeyfel cannot, then she must simply go off her faith in Kalez. She had the perfect chance to turn away from her mistress with Ulric before, and she rejected it. Eeyfel wants to believe in Kalez. Despite her doubts, she should follow her will.

Whichever it is, here's a question Eeyfel might ask: "Do you think there really is a cure?"
No. 1076367 ID: 755399

Yes, it's probably some sort of illusion but as long as 'Kalez' is being nice? Kiss her. See if that breaks the illusion.
No. 1076371 ID: 322af8

Well that is what we said to the Duchess. Someone could have heard that though or the Duchess might be trying to see where our loyalties lie. Tell her that yes, you would do anything for her as you are her loyal servant.
No. 1077838 ID: 0d1c28
File 170068179156.png - (779.03KB , 657x858 , Pentacle266.png )

Eeyfel doesn't know if it's a trick a lie or a test, but maybe she doesn't care.
This kindness is the only thing keeping a cold hollow feeling away
Distrust drains from Eeyfel 'yes, I would do anything for you Mistress, I am your loyal servant.'

Kalez smiles and strokes her head. 'I Believe you, and please call Kalez, I will be your mistress no longer.'['i]

Eeyfel voices her thoughts as they come to her [i]'I don't understand, I still wish to serve'

Kalez looks away as she guides Eeyfel down the passage 'you've served me as well as you can, but I failed you in your training, you weren't as strong as you could have been, I was too distracted, I never saw your worth.'

Eeyfel stammers in disbelief 'Mistress, it's not you're fault! I'm just a kobold I-'

Kalez interrupts 'please be calm, I will help you, come it's not much further now.'

They enter a large chamber, Eeyfel knows this place it's the elevator room that leads to the second dungeon. There's a worker she doesn't recognize, this makes sense Ulric won't be performing this duty anymore.
No. 1077853 ID: 322af8

Well this won't end well. If she's no longer our master she's about to put us in a deeper prison. RUN.
No. 1077854 ID: b6ec4d

Don't run. You've stood by the wisdom of Kalez up 'til now, and you don't have any more outs. If you have any faith left in her, then you will do as she asks of you.
No. 1077855 ID: 3c2dff

If she wanted to hurt us, she could have done so a thousand different ways. Don't run, let her help you.
No. 1077859 ID: eb0a9c

"Just let me sleep, Lady Kalez. Let us all sleep this hunger off. I - we will make it up to you when the new future arises. We'll work for an eternity - just make the hunger stop."
No. 1077864 ID: c7689b

No. 1077886 ID: 5741dc

You know who’s down there, right? This is a bad idea for both of you.
No. 1079696 ID: 0d1c28
File 170338121072.png - (1.08MB , 657x858 , Pentacle267.png )

Eeyful looks to Kalez with trust but also fear.

Kalez leans forward and lookis into Eeyfel with her many eyes. 'Don't be afraid, I know it's frightening up there. but it's a place you can survive in, and if you cling to that loyalty you'll be kept whole.'

her Mistress' baleful glare and cryptic words do nothing to lessen Eeyfel's fear. 'I don't want to go up there, please just help me you said you could save me'

'This is the only way I can... I need more time, I will find a cure. I will save you, I will save everyone.' Kalez radiates confidence and it spreads to Eeyfel.

The former acolyte nods in acceptance and her mistress carefully lifts Eeyful into the elevator basket.
Again Eeyfel is shown kindness, so rarely given by Mistress Kalez,
rare but not unheard of. Eeyfel remembers it.
No. 1079697 ID: 0d1c28
File 170338127977.png - (862.61KB , 657x858 , Pentacle268.png )

Eeyfel thinks back many many summers ago.

Aebin was very harsh '... The breeding regimen continues to fail in all of it's goals, I don't see why you keep investing coin into it. All I see are failures.'

Kalez turned away from Aiben then and picked up Eeyfel the same way 'Hello there little pup, you're not a failure are you?'

Eeyfel had been so eager to agree 'No Mistress!

Kalez had shown warmth then too 'That's right, one day you might even be an Acolyte!'

No one had ever believed in Eeyfel like that 'Yes Mistress!

'See Aebin? I'm not the only one who believe in the future of the breeding regimen.' Kalez was always so sure

Kalez's faith had always give Eeyfel strength.
and it gives her strength now.

Eeyfel thinks she has the strength for 2 options
A)Ask Kalez for a Pentacle
B)Ask Kalez to ride up with her
C) Ask Kalez to give her minions a message
D) Hug Kalez
E) thank Kalez for everything
F)Curse Kalez and the doom she brought her
H)Attack, Kalez has so much strength, it could be Eeyfels

No. 1079698 ID: a7a180

B, F. Kalez... you will run out of time to find a cure. And when you do, the castle will still be crawling with undead.
No. 1079699 ID: a25322

A and D. A physical item to hold onto and remember your Mistress by, and returning the comfort her hold gave with a hug of your own. A final touch of warmth to stave off the cold washing over your soul.
No. 1079703 ID: fb32ab

A and E. Strength and goodwill is what will keep us going.
No. 1079704 ID: 322af8

D and E I guess. We seem to weak for the rest by now.
No. 1079705 ID: e51896

A + E
No. 1079712 ID: 4da93f

A + D
No. 1079764 ID: 530d93


It's free real estate
No. 1079777 ID: 969209

C) Say to those dimwits that if their incompetent asses die while you get fixed up, you will go to hell just to give them a beating.
E) *sniffle* G-goes for you too Kalez. Die before you fix this you'll d-drag her outta hell just to give h-her a beating too. O-or if she gives up you'll kill h-her and drag her back just so s-she doesn't give up. However Mistress p-punishes doing so will be w-worth it so... so... j-j-just don't give up on this! (Eeyfel seems to not do affection though she does do tough love. Obvious bluster while holding back crying seems... appropriate. Especially with these "putting to sleep a loved pet" vibes Kalez is giving off.)
No. 1080134 ID: 0d1c28
File 170404194365.png - (1.06MB , 657x858 , Pentacle269.png )

Eeyfel feels a bold daring from that internal strength
or perhaps she just knows she has nothing to lose asks for one of Kalez' precious trinkets
'Thank you for everything you've done for me but I need to ask for one more thing mistress, I-I want a pentacle'
she simply must have one, but no sooner has she voiced the words does her confidence falter.
Eeyfel withers under Kalez' judging stare for what feels like eons.

The golden scorpion then detaches a coin from her belt and holds it out 'You want one of these?'
Eeyfel reaches for it and Kalez pulls back a little 'Do you even know what pentacles are?'

'Soul coins'Eeyfel responds mesmerized by it's shimmer

The shimmer is matched be the beguiling glimmer in Kalez' eyes.'Yes, that's right. but there's so much more to them then that.'

Eeyfel tries to recite her studied knowledge but it comes out lacking'they can only be given willing...'

Kalez nods 'If a pentacle is ever stolen, or acquired through deception the thief or swindler is cursed until they return it. should the coin ever leave there person under any other circumstance their life and their soul are forfeit'

Kalez doesn't tell Eeyfel anything she doesn't already know. but the warning is clear. Eeyfel pulls back her hand. 'please, let me have it...' Eyfel pleads

Again Kalez pauses, deep in thought, 'Perhaps I shall, but know this these things are of immense value, people will kill for them, it takes but one expendable body, one soul and a clever master to outsmart the coin, Are you certain you want such a thing?'

a) YES.
b) no...

No. 1080135 ID: b6ec4d

No. 1080137 ID: c773d1

No. 1080138 ID: 322af8

Well we asked so A.
No. 1080139 ID: fb32ab

Yessssssssss, our preciousssssssss
No. 1080145 ID: eb0a9c

B) Your mind is going. You will not be able to defend a single piece of gold.
But if you survive to see the new age... you'll want that coin, please.
No. 1081481 ID: 0d1c28
File 170579435562.png - (1.02MB , 657x858 , Pentacle270.png )

'YES.' Eeyfel says with only the smallest of doubts clawing at the back of her mind.
but the doubts are easy to ignore.

The pentacle is a beautiful thing, so small so precious yet filled with so much power
Eeyfel stares at it taking in it's every facet.
Eeyfel thinks she hears Kalez wish her off, she waves back absent mindedly.

The pentacle glows for Eeyfel, do they always glow? Eeyfel doesn't thinks so, she'd have noticed that on Kalez' belt.
Eeyfel isn't sure if the coins is merely reflecting the light or the soothing warm glow is in her imagination.
Or maybe the pentacle only glows for her. because it knows who it belongs too.
Yes that is definitely it. The glow is her bond to the coin, the only true friend she'll ever have.
Eeyfel feels the elevator move but she gives it little thought.
all the thought she has to give belongs to the Pentacle.
as she should.
No. 1081482 ID: 0d1c28
File 170579442941.png - (1.10MB , 657x858 , Pentacle271.png )

Eeyfel doesn't recall getting off the elevator, but she must have.
The gears grind and the elevator is already heading back down.

Much to her dismay the world returns to Eeyfel, she has to think again.
She needs to protect the pentacle, keep it safe.
The pentacle isn't glowing anymore, maybe it doesn't want anyone else to see.
the peace she felt holding the coin is gone and the dread returns.

Eefel looks upon her new home.
She doesn't like it.

Chapter 5 End
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