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File 164826988572.png - (218.25KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1027307 No. 1027307 ID: 77a030

We head west from the Vehicle yard in the direction of the nearest elevators, 13 and 14. After a short while, I can see the light blocking field that surrounds the elevator doors to stop light from flooding the caves. I've got enough valuables from today to last me a while until I need to get more, plus also this alien, who I'll be bringing back to his company depot.

"Can you tell me how I'm feeling right now?"
>"I'm... not sure. Are you upset from me giving you all that trouble?"
"Nah. I just heard you guys had telepathic powers, and just wanted to see if you could read my mind."
>"O-OH! Well... I mean... that's not quite accurate! Neumono have the ability to feel what other nearby neumono are feeling. It's called 'empathy'."
"I can empathise too. Usually when people do something super embarrassing and I can't help but feel it second hand. Or like those times when I puke after seeing somebody else puke."
>"N-not quite the same thing!"
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No. 1031800 ID: 7c0da2

I think the part about working for a friend off world is just to appear more important.
He is not "some guy who lives an hour away and follows people for money", no no no, he is "a mysterious investigator from a faraway star".

Same with the whole "I'm old fashioned and out of my element" thing. It's probably to appear harmless and not very smart.
If he comes from a spacefaring civilisation he should know what those "See-in-the-dark face computer" are called.

We shouldn't trust everything he says. Not without some kind of proof anyway.
No. 1031802 ID: c28082


Did our mutual friend (the spider-bunny) send him? Or did we just get plot-hooked?
No. 1031804 ID: bdef6e

If we really did something or someone near to us is in a pinch we will want to know. Allow him to pass and try to learn what is happening
No. 1031807 ID: 47ca10

It's Colombo as a Heef!
No. 1031820 ID: 72c39e

Ok, im thinking that Lyvy leaving the way he did might not be a coincidence. Maybe he knew this was going to happen. But this is mere speculation.

I say we let him in, mostly to corrct his "mistakes" about your identity. But i don't think we can't help much with Lyvy, we don't know him so much, just that he was nice to us.

I agree. I appreciate that he cares. Besides, i'm curious about them.
No. 1031842 ID: fc1eab

Be cagey. Also don't let him smoke, it could be some sort of drug designed to affect you via secondhand smoke that heefs are immune to. Also don't let him take off the eyes. He could potentially hack or disable your goggles if you do that, or he could have some sort of weird prosthetics.

Don't correct him on the Lyvy thing though. Not yet.
No. 1031843 ID: fc1eab

I am assuming that is not your name and you were being sarcastic.
No. 1031851 ID: c92a02

If Lyvy's not actually here, this might be the best time to see him. Let him in, but we do have a no lights policy.
No. 1031869 ID: 1c6255

Absolute no on the smoking, it will stink up the place for days.
No. 1031871 ID: 96c896

Yeah won't the smoke smell bother Lyvy?
No. 1032003 ID: c28082



Oh. OH. Fuzzy-buzzy when bug-rogue because of some kind of interaction, and took on our name. So we became Dowser (or ... Jany Doy?) to keep things separated!

But why and HOW would Smooth Criminal Heef Guy know that?
No. 1032006 ID: 48e5fd
File 165238366473.png - (190.64KB , 800x600 , TQ72.png )

>Oh, before you forget, text that cybernetic dude and tell him yeah, you're both fine.
I send a message to our cyborg friend affirming that we're both fine. I don't get a response, at least not right away.

>Is your name actually Lyvy?
Lyvy is my birth name, yes. I since relinquished its use to my roommate because I embarrassingly lost it in a bet. I now use my nickname. I'm not too torn about it, he says I can have it back when he dies. Sect are famously uncreative so that explains why he needed to get a name from somebody else. I'm still not sure how Gumtoes here found that out.

>Not even 24 hours and he found where you lives.
He must be really good at his job, even if it's a little creepy.

"Uhhhh sure, you can come in and we can talk, but please refrain from smoking, I don't want the smell lingering, and I don't wanna have to wear goggles in my own home if I can help it." No amount of scrubbing would get the smell out to the point that Lyvy wouldn't notice, I would never hear the end of it.
>"Thank you kindly, I won't try to take too much of your time."

He comes in and takes out a notepad, presumably to ask questions.

>"I'll cut to the chase. This is about the room you stumbled across in the abandoned refinery. I know you were there, so I need to know which things you took from the scene."
"What? Things? Took? Scene? I dunnooooo, might be hard to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve seen..."
>"You're not in trouble. You were the first and only person to arrive before the Talion army did, signs point to you having tried scavenging a few things. Not that I blame you, and not that you're in trouble for taking what wasn't nailed down - no pun intended. I know from the elevator's security camera footage that you went through the elevator with a jammer you hadn't come down with. The straps were blue, the colors of the Armada company fellows. I got other details from the fine human fellow at the counter and followed the lead to here."
Seems he knows quite a lot, probably more than I do. Looks like there isn't much I can do to deny, deflect, or otherwise delay him.
"I... look, whatever happened there, I didn't have anything to do with it."
>"I know. I think you're such an upstanding young guy, so I'll try to avoid mentioning you in my report. As for the actual culprit? I've got a good idea on who that is."

He starts pacing around, reading his notes.
>"I will try to recount the series of events. Two groups from two companies, doing an exchange in a secret location. Something goes wrong, a massacre, no survivors. Twenty-one dead tobaks, the majority looking like pin cushions with nails sticking out of them, some showing signs of a shot gun spread pattern. All of the victim’s eyes showing very early stages of petrification, indicating that they had been blinded shortly before death. And last but not least, what looks like bullet wounds on the heads, most of the time on the middle of the forehead - most likely inflicted by our culprit. X-ray reports show that none of them had bullets in their heads, and that the hole didn't even go all the way through. Of note was an empty briefcase with a handcuff, as well as a hand that was separated from its body using a plasma knife. Feel free to let me know if I missed anything."

I interject to try get a few questions in. "You came all the way offworld just to take on this case?"
>"I was here already working a case on a few disappearances. Not enough solid leads, so I'm taking a bit of a break by switching to this until something turns up."
"Who gave you this case?"
>"Two companies. Talion and Armada – but mostly Talion."

He is pretty polite, letting me get some questions in. He continues with what he was saying. He returns to recounting the case
>"The exchange was supposed to be between two briefcases. I have not been told what was inside either, just that I need to concentrate on finding the culprit. There was supposed to be twenty-two tobaks in total in two groups of eleven, with each group having a jammer each to hide from tobak radars and to hide briefcase contents. In total, the scene you stumbled upon had twenty-one bodies, and only one jammer when you came along. So that means that there is one who wasn't accounted for; the one I suspect was the culprit. Using footage from the security camera in the Talion outpost which the group was last seen alive, I was able to get a visual of him."
No. 1032007 ID: 48e5fd
File 165238368471.png - (229.95KB , 800x600 , TQ73.png )

He pulls out a photo and shows it to me. It's a tobak with a nail shotgun and a jammer on his back. He is wearing a Talion uniform.
>"This is our guy. According to local raiders I interrogated, his name is Lak. I don't suppose you recognize him?"
"Never seen him before."
>"I suspected as much. I've yet to meet anybody who has."
"What's his deal?"
>"I'm still looking into it, but there are some interesting things I've gathered. While we know his name and what he looks like, nothing else about him is known - and trust me, I've looked. I don't know his origin or who he works for- if anyone. He infiltrated this group, the person he took the outfit and the jammer from was found strangled to death in a closet. I checked every tobak database in case I could get my hands on any matches, but there was nothing. Not even a family to question."
>"So, he is some kind of shadowy mystery figure? like a secret agent from the movies?"
"Possibly. Here's another thing I found interesting. You see this photo? It was taken in a fully lit hallway. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but last I checked you tobak fellas don't see well outside the dark."
"That's... correct, yeah. Must have optical implants. Maybe that's a lead?"
>"Dead end. I've checked every legitimate surgeon to every back-alley sawbones for anyone they gave bionic eye procedures to of this fella's description. No dice. He either doesn't want to be found, or there isn't much to find."
"I can't really help you find this guy either."
>"I think there's one thing you could help with. There are a few pieces missing, the picture of the scene isn't complete. I know you're a scavenger who likes to find interesting stuff, and I believe you took more than that jammer and a nail gun. If you took something this guy left behind, it could give me something to work with."
No. 1032008 ID: 90c451

>Something he left behind.
Well, then there's no need to even mention the rock, it wasn't his so he didn't leave it behind, so let's just focus on things that might be his.
Mention you found a flare gun that you traded off at a cache but otherwise you can't think of anything else that this guy might lave left. The flare gun would probably explain the eye damage.
No. 1032011 ID: 96c896

Sounds like an offworld Tobak. No prior history, and the one thing there should be history for is missing... unless the doctor that gave him those implants is dead?

Anyway, tell him you found a flare gun. One that was obviously used. You don't have it on you anymore, but you can tell him where you left it.
...you might be able to safely tell him about the empty briefcase, but it would raise the question of why you took it. You've got a long while before the ore analysis is done; we don't really want to sell it before then.

Oh, tell him that you were told several people saw a shadowy figure around the refinery, but always too far away to see clearly. That could have been Lak, scoping out the place long before the meeting occurred...
No. 1032017 ID: fc1eab

Afaik, offworld tobaks aren't really a thing.
No. 1032020 ID: 798908

my impulse is shapeshifter.

as for the rock, we were just kinda carrying it around in the open willy-nilly after we found it. We probably have it in our hands on some of the footage he's seen.
No. 1032022 ID: 9a2966

>Self-incriminating stuff
Obviously you don't tell him about the rock. Whatever footage they got from the scene must've been when they investigated it when arriving in the aftermath, and it'd be hard to tell that you did more than just rifle pockets.

You could. You could come clean and get the Hive to hand it over to Armada/Talion - but you've got NO idea how they'll react to you having come into contact with it and you having a headbud now, if they even know about the rock's effects (they certainly should, but...). For all you know they'll haul you off, make you sign some papers and make you Clover 2.0.

So keep mum on that for now. Even if this guy does make himself seem on the up and up, you don't know what was up with the corporations here.

>Anything he left behind
The only thing you can think of was the used flare gun and you exchanged that at a cache of a buddy of yours. You can maybe go fetch it later if he wants to put hands on it. You don't want to reveal a friend's secret cache location though. Not unless they okay it. Other than that, you could describe it from memory? It seemed fairly standard tech.

Uh. Unrelated, but you may have snagged that Clay fellow's beret since it looked cool and he looked important. Does he think they'd want it back? Same goes for the gear, you guess. Plan was to, well, use it or sell it, but you don't want to get in trouble with either corp. Guess it was way too optimistic to think you'd be able to just take stuff and not have someone track you down. Especially given the, uh, massacre. Like, yeah, you'd appreciate him leaving you out of the report, but is someone else gonna be able to track you down like this? Someone less casual about the whole 'taking company property' thing?

>Anything he didn't leave behind
If you need to give him something else to go on and distract him from prying too much... say there's one more thing. You kinda suspect Lak must've returned - or stayed there the whole time, sheez - to the scene of the crime. Maybe!

See, you and another independent Tobak observed one raider who was going in for refueling with a can who later seemed to have just up and disappeared. There was also that spread pattern of nails to the wall that was described to you by the other Tobak as 'someone playing tic-tac-toe but leaving it unfinished'. Plus there was the raider's blood on the fuel can, which was left behind by the nail pattern.

Weird that he didn't leave a body behind that time, yeah?

>Looking into disappearances
Hm. That means Gumtoes could be on opposite sides of our stalker, since she intimated those disappearances were more voluntary than people think.

Ask him about the case that dead-ended - it's something that's gotten you worried as well, seeing as you're an indep and indeps seem to be the ones doing vanishing acts the most... right?

Oh, and what's his going price for taking on cases? You doubt you'd be able to afford some offworlder's fees, but you're a little enamored with the idea of knowing a detective. You'd happily exchange contact ids! Then he can get ahold of you whenever, too, if he has further questions.
No. 1032028 ID: 96c896

Yeah, beret and goggle too but I doubt that's what he's interested in.
No. 1032030 ID: 6a2a09

just out of curiosity, do you think the guy that somehow killed 21 tobaks will find out that we have one of the mysterious rocks? i hope not.
No. 1032031 ID: 1c6255

Tell him you took the beret, single goggle and jammer. Also the flare gun if you took it, but IIRC you didn't.
No. 1032036 ID: eab761

He knows you were at the refinery, but do you think he knows that you broke the fuel valve? You really don't want him to start telling everyone that you're the guy that did that!

Do you think he could be a race that looks like a Tobak? Maybe he's one of those Belenos guys?
No. 1032037 ID: 2aa5f0

well you could walk him through your experience when you stumble on the scene and see if that helps him out. Though given how thorough the guy is I doubt it but still.

You originally went down their that day to do your usual business, scavenging, to try and find enough things to try and get paid enough to make ends meet. while doing your scavenger thing you stumbled across that particular scene. When you arrived everyone was already dead and while you don't know how long everyone was dead for some of the blood was still wet so probably not that long ago. You're not sure if both groups came down their looking for a fight but both sides where definitely prepared for one.

Nail guns, nail shotguns, hell you even found a flare gun down there though you can't remember if there was any ammo for it as you tried to stay away from it as much as possible. You did find the jammer was still on though while looking through everything and when you turned it off you could't sense anyone else around you so whoever did it was already gone by the time you showed up. Just figured it was just another corporate spat that went wrong, grabbed a few things you thought were more valuable then the rest of the stuff laying around like the mentioned jammer, few of the nail guns, and a neat eyepatch that had some vision settings that you traded later because the one eye thing was messing with your depth perception. I'm afraid that's really it, came by, everyone was already dead, whoever done it was already gone while you were poking around trying to figure out what the hell happened here, then just grabbed a few odds and ends hoping it would serve yourself better then it served them.

Sorry if that wasn't much help.
No. 1032038 ID: a68c82

What happpened to the guy who took the picture?

I'm not sure not telling him about the rock is a good idea. He already found out EVRYTHING revolving about the thing. This thing only causes problems, and Clay is still a bit of a wild card. I't only a matter of time before he finds out, we already showed the stone to a whole neumono hive, he will find out. The one thing we could do is negotiate.

We can tell him all about the stone, if he leaves us out of the report. If it's not posible, just tell him to make you apear just as another scavenger that found something interesting and was trying to sell it.

Again, you don't want anything to do with the thing. Hell, you'll help him solve the case if that makes things go smoother and leaves you out of it. It might acutally be profitable.
No. 1032046 ID: bdef6e

Mmhh, I don't know if we can trust this guy, but at least he seems sincere. Also, someone catching such a dangerous fella (which might come for us if he want the rock) is good for everyone.

Can he prove you will not get delated?
No. 1032051 ID: 5d9787

Are you sure I was the only scavenger there? I did pass the location to other independents. There was a small group of raiders outside, so maybe none of them come, but they had the opportunity.

>All of the victim’s eyes showing very early stages of petrification, indicating that they had been blinded shortly before death.
That must be from the flare gun. It didn't have any ammo when I found it and I exchanged it for the acid thrower for the worms.

>In total, the scene you stumbled upon had twenty-one bodies, and only one jammer when you came along.
That's true, but how do you know that?

>You see this photo? It was taken in a fully lit hallway.
The absence of glasses sound like a blunder. A tobak walking around without them call attention.

You seem to be better informed about what happened at the refinery than me, but I may have a clue for you.
I ambushed a group of three raiders refiling their vehicle with the help of another independent. When I manage to blind one of them he speculate among other possibilities that someone attacking them with a jammer could be Lak, although according to him if I was Lak it would be less messy. So this group of raiders had some kind of interaction with Lak after he acquired the jammer.
Of the three we killed two and took the vehicle. The third was inside the building and was left behind. From what I heard he damaged the fuel tank, shot ticktacktoe with nails on the outside wall and disappeared leaving behind one jerry can full of fuel smeared with blood. I remember a comment concern about the backpack this guy was caring, he might had a tracker in it.
I don't recommend you get to close to raiders, but if this group interest you I got one last thing that may help finding them. Louise was being attacked by raiders while escorting a cute pomi scientist. She believed the guys I ambushed were reinforcements, so they could be from the same group.
Also blind guy mentioned they were in conflict with the ghost-tunnel Raiders and one yich-eater. I don't know if this help.
No. 1032083 ID: 50af53

Mention the flare gun and that it might help out. You mentioned they are exceedingly hard to get so it should give him another lead.

If you feel like mentioning the suitcase. Tell him you found it unopened when you arrived. He'll most certainly figure you took the contents if you do though.
No. 1032088 ID: ce39da

Mention the flare gun... as well as the mysterious sightings outside the refinery, and the disappearance of a raider bearing a backpack an associate warned you not to go after, and the fact that the raiders at least seemed to know of Lak, to have name-dropped him when speculating about who you were (he was blinded, to be fair). Really, Gumtoes was right to come to us, even if we do withhold our knowledge of the rock we looted.
No. 1032089 ID: 8dc7ba

>What happpened to the guy who took the picture?
The detective guy said that it's from a security camera. There wasn't a guy that took the photo.
No. 1032106 ID: c28082


It might be best to demur on the magic psycho-rock for now, since I suspect that's part of whatever was being exchanged. It's fair, however, to say that you encountered some weird shadowy figure inside the abandoned refinery and that when a group of raiders arrived, one of them never returned ...

... even if it makes no sense that Lak would have skulked about there OR let you leave.

Also: what are the odds of a random mutation giving this guy the ability to NOT petrify his eyes in daylight? You tobaks seem to show a lot of genetic variance, after all.
No. 1032276 ID: 15a025

You also took a very fashionable hat.

I feel like if anyone would have better info, Kellie would probably be more useful here.
No. 1032277 ID: 5d9787

Yes but he would get in trouble if a detective tried to contact him. Don't give his name.
No. 1032432 ID: b8abd0
File 165268120138.png - (216.64KB , 800x600 , TQ74.png )

>Contents of the suitcase
"You know what was supposed to be in that suitcase? I looked inside and it looked empty. If it was full of good stuff, why didn't the guy take it with him?"
>"I was told that there were multiple trackers built inside it. We're still not sure how, but he knew about them."
>The ore
I don't think he was even told about it. I don't feel like telling him about it, as nice as he is, I don't trust him with the knowledge.

>what are the odds of a random mutation giving this guy the ability to NOT petrify his eyes in daylight? You tobaks seem to show a lot of genetic variance, after all.
I haven't heard of a mutation like that. Tobaks don't mutate much at all, our way of conception is somewhat unique, which is why birth defects are extremely rare. I'm thinking that this guy most certainly has robo eyes.

"I think it's somewhat relevant to note that I had someone tell me they saw a shadowy figure around the refinery before I was there."
>"I'll take a note of that. Hopefully the place isn't haunted."

"How did you know that there was only one jammer by the time I arrived at the scene?"
>"Because the suspect already has the other. We still haven't been about to track it down."

>do you think the guy that somehow killed 21 tobaks will find out that we have one of the mysterious rocks? i hope not.
I'm doubtful. I've been careful to keep the ore to myself and have made sure nobody knows about it. I think the only reason this Lak guy didn't take it from that dead guy is because he didn't know about it. If he wasn't wearing a jammer while he looted the bodies, I'm sure he would have taken it. I guess that raises the question of why Gyro took the ore out of the briefcase to begin with. Was he hiding it from Lak?

I mention that I took a pair of goggles and a beret, but I'm doubtful that he chalked it up to anything other than petty thievery.

>Mention the flare gun and that it might help out.
I don't see any harm in mentioning it.
"There was one thing. There was a flare gun that I found and picked up. It was empty, so pretty worthless, but I took it anyway for the novelty I guess."
>"Oh? That's interesting" He writes it down. "Where is it now?"
"I stashed it away in a secret cache to lighten my load a bit."
>"That must have been how he was able to blind everyone. Think you could you tell me what the manufacturer was?"
"Just from the look of it, it had Summit written all over it."
>"Ah, so Summit made it?"
"Well, not quite. I think it was one of those replicators."
>"Come again?"
"You know Summit, right? All their tech is old human war stuff. They have these auto crafters laying around which can make premade equipment with simple material costs in no time at all. I hear one can craft a submachinegun in only 3 minutes."
>"I see, so this Lak fella got his hands on one? Then the flare gun might be a dead end."
"They even got bigger crafters that can make jeeps, trucks, tanks, bikes, planes, you name it. Only problem with Summit tech is that none of it was designed to last long. Call stamped sheet metal stuff trash all you want, but Summit almost took over the whole planet with it before having to abandon a bunch of it."
>"Summit tried taking over a whole planet? Why didn’t I hear about it?"
"You're from the outside. People offworld don't know a thing about what goes on here. They're not supposed to. I bet you didn't even know about tobaks. They made you sign a thing to not talk about us, am I right?"
>"Something like that. I have been wondering, you guys are smarter than they say, why do they keep it a secret from the rest of the galaxy?"
"The companies like it that way. If some kind of official galactic coalition found out about intelligent life here, they would step in to regulate things and oversee the uplift, as well as get a piece of the money pie. But if they keep thinking this is just some ordinary barren planet excavation, the companies can do whatever they want."
He doesn't write it down, but I can tell he took note of that.

"I do have another clue for you, potentially. I had an encounter with a group of raiders. One got blinded and was trying to identify me. The name Lak came up. I'm not sure why, but it might be because he saw I had a jammer. He deduced it wasn't me because I was too clumsy or something."
>"You could be onto something. The locals seem to have heard the name, but none can put a face to it. Why is it they have heard of him? The couple of raiders I talked to heard it from rumors spread by other raiders, but where did it originate? Do you know how I can get into contact with the raiders you ran into?"
"Nah. They're dead. There's one but I think he got away. There were a few more that apparently ran into Louise, know her?"
>"I'm afraid not."
"She's a guard for hire, I'll pass her info onto you if you wanna ask about it."

>"This was a good talk. While I would like to stick around, I have places to be, I'm sure you have a busy day yourself. But if you would, could you tell me where you put the flare gun? If it's no trouble. I might want to check it for myself if the other leads go nowhere."
No. 1032433 ID: 899c9f

You'd rather not give away trade secrets, but you could retrieve it and leave it near the elevators.
No. 1032434 ID: 8b62f4

There was other stuff in the stash spot right? Might be better just to go grab the gun yourself. Like you said, guy is nice but don’t exactly trust him yet.
No. 1032435 ID: 96c896

Tell him you'll retrieve it for him, and leave it at a place of his choosing.
No. 1032436 ID: 96c896

...wait if there's tracking devices in the briefcase then they're gonna find the stash point. I wouldn't be surprised if we show up there and there's already a bunch of soldiers investigating the place. If they're not there then it might be a good idea to just ditch the briefcase somewhere.
No. 1032437 ID: 1c6255

Tell him the secret stash is not entirely yours, so its location is not yours to share. But you can retrieve it for him, if it's still there.
No. 1032439 ID: b01382

I have nothing to add to this discussion, but the bird alien is kinda cute.
No. 1032441 ID: 5d9787

We can't just give to location of my stash but we can bring it to him or leave somewhere he can get. That will have to wait until we go through that area again.
Good luck with the investigation.

Moving one...

Send a message to Kiero wishing him well and apologizing for what happened to Kaddi. You will talk about this when you are allowed to visit.

For now we have to wait for the rent lady and watch TV with the neighbor. You could leave a note by the door telling her to look for you next door.

After that we could buy a candy gift for Clover and plan our date. Maybe visit the restaurants we are considering take her to make sure at least one of them is nice and within our budge.
No. 1032442 ID: 5d9787

Dowser didn't take the briefcase because he though it could have a tracker.
No. 1032443 ID: 96c896

Ah, you're right. Nevermind then, it'll be pretty safe to go get the flaregun. Might even be fine to bring the detective there, since he's not gonna care about the cache, but it might look bad to be seen with him for too long so it's better to do the dead drop regardless.
No. 1032456 ID: 9ed2cd

We can compromise to look for the cache and show him the flare gun later. Secret caches are secret for a reason. Do keep me inform about this case, I've been listening the name of Tak way too many times and i'm bound to came across somthing about him sooner or later.

And, again, if you could leave my name out you notes, that would be great.
No. 1032457 ID: bdef6e

No. 1032479 ID: b8abd0
File 165274082436.png - (219.75KB , 800x600 , TQ75.png )

>Are his fingers feathers or claws?
I think they are feathers with claws underneath? I'm actually not sure.

"Sorry buddy, but it's a secret cache for a reason! I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to, the spot wasn't really mine to begin with, so it'd be unfair to give it out to anyone. I could go retrieve it for you when I get around to it though, we'll see."
>"I understand. I'll get out of your hair then."
"By the way, could you keep me informed on this case? A detail or two might stick out and jog my memory, who knows. Especially in regard to that Lak guy."
>"I'll let you know if I have any further questions about any details that come up. Thank you for your time.

He steps out of the room into the hallway

>"Oh, just one more thing-"


Daaaaamn! Clay must've oiled the door when I was asleep! It's a welcome change, the hinges were starting to get rusty.

I don't know what Gumtoes was on about with that last bit, but it couldn't have been something important he wouldn't have brought up earlier. He was probably gonna ask for bus fare. I would've said no, so this way is probably more polite.
No. 1032480 ID: b8abd0
File 165274083887.png - (171.29KB , 800x600 , TQ76.png )

Now to do something I've been putting off.

I go back over to the computer, and I log in. First things first, I'm clearing the search history, I don't need to know what kind of weird stuff Lyvy is into.

I get a message from Kiero, it's a code for me to add him as a friend on a social media platform. I have an account, so I decide to add him. I guess this makes our friendship official.
KiRo: Hey Dowser! I’ve been trying to get in touch!
Dowsr7: oh hey. it's good to hear from you again. I heard what happened to kaddi, I'm sorry for what happened, and I wish you well in your and his recoveries.
KiRo: Oh, it's no problem! Kaddi is ok now, even though he was acting weird for a bit. He got this biiiiig grin and was acting like somebody else, even his empathy was off. He was given some stuff and it went away for good though.
KiRo: There's another thing I've wanted to say. While I've been in bed, I've had lots of time to think and... I don't know what the chances are that you'll come work for us, but if you can't do it or we won't let you... I still want to go on another adventure with you.
Dowsr7: another?
KiRo: Oh- well, I kinda counted you carrying me around as one, even if it was lame for you, It felt like an adventure to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I want to repay you. I want to travel with you so I can hopefully get the chance to reciprocate was you did for me, hopefully with better circumstances. It may be wishful thinking, but that's how I feel. I haven't told my hive this but... I'd quit working here to get the chance to go on another big adventure with you. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that though.

Kiero seems very loyal for someone I’ve only known a day. I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like this, but I'm not complaining.

I also consider contacting Clover, I haven't forgotten about our potential date. Potentially. I need to remember what her favourite candy flavor was.

Before I get distracted, I need to make note off all the new equipment I need to get for the next scavenging run I go into. My current budget is a little over 3,500z. Which seems like a lot but it dries up quick when you're not being stingy. I should still treat myself, a lot of the equipment I've been using is cheap and dated, and I have enough undisclosed income to get some stuff that'll last for once.

I'm thinking a couple new picks, a new pair of goggles and a high-end PDA. Besides those, what items should I be looking for?

I must also resist the temptation to go exploring the vast world of the intranet, as much as I love posting misinformation on mineral collecting forums, I should focus.
No. 1032484 ID: 899c9f

What kind of weird stuff are you into, Lyvy, and why is it tall bug ladies?
Try and remember Clover's favorite candy, and if you need help ask Louise. Get some of that, and maybe shop for some tacticool webbing that will increase the amount of gear you can carry next time you go a-scavving. And gloves. not a common sight on tobak, I'm sure, but you picked up a strange microbe already by touching something with your bare claws, best not to repeat that in case the next microbe is less friendly.
Also, go shopping with Clay. The best part is you only need to look at something and he can copy it for free!
No. 1032485 ID: ba605b

Two new picks: one for yourself, and another to replace Lyvy's that you traded for. Better goggles that dont dislodge easy+are comfortable is also a must. A higher end PDA is also nessassary.
If you have enough credits in the bank, pay for some cheap body armor, and a decent rig (ammo pockets and pouches). You only need the armor if you get into a fight.
No. 1032486 ID: 6a2a09

> "He got this biiiiig grin and was acting like somebody else, even his empathy was off."
> when you blacked out clay took over your body
uh oh
No. 1032487 ID: ce39da

Maybe shoot back at Kiero not to put so much pressure on you to join like this if he wants to repay you somehow. Isn't "leaving the hive" and all that like a huge friggin' deal for Neumono? I mean, not like it is for the Hiven, but still!

Do warn him about what Kaddi's behavior might imply - your head-buddy took over while you slept, can confirm. You made peace with your head-buddy and now he's pretty cool, so it turned out okay for you, but it sounds like it might turn out not as okay for Kaddi.
No. 1032500 ID: 96c896

I wonder if Kaddi's hallucination will calm down once it realizes it's not real? Maybe we can ask Clay for his opinion once he wakes up.

Anyway yeah get a replacement pickaxe, and consider a melee weapon for yourself. Doesn't have to be a pickaxe.
Since you're upgrading your goggles, can you get a model that won't let you be blinded by even a flaregun?
No. 1032517 ID: ba605b

+1 except for the Clay part. Did you forget that Clay is "asleep" right now?

+1 to this anon and explaining how the brain figment works. Detective dude knows his guff.

Right gonna repeat myself again. So a pair of good picks, a good PDA (could get one from our hive "buddies"), cheap body armor, better goggles. How much for a flare gun? That could be useful against raiders. What about grenades? Can we buy those?
Oh! Can we buy nemonia and bleach to make mustard gas?
Buy candy for that date, maybe book a restuant for a date or something, or maybe just check and see what can be booked?
Check the price for wax for our buddy.
Try to recall everything we saw back in the building where we picked up Kiero. Anything we can recall? Can we put a price tag on anything we saw besides the databank?
No. 1032520 ID: 96c896

We already told the neumono hive that the hallucination can take over the host's body.
No. 1032529 ID: a70d43

That almost sounds like he could go rogue. That is not healthy. You may want to quietly forward the messages to Ress and express your concern.

>Store list
Could you get an exo-suit? Nothing too fancy, just something slim that reinforces the joints a bit, helps you lift a bit more, and helps relieve fatigue.

A helmet and some ballistic goggles would be good too. Maybe also a respirator.

>flare-proof goggles
Most goggles probably are already flare-proof. They probably work via cameras similar to how night vision works, so they most likely have a max brightness to protect the user.
No. 1032530 ID: 9ed2cd

> "He got this biiiiig grin and was acting like somebody else, even his empathy was off."
> when you blacked out clay took over your body

Yeah, that is bad. Tell him immediately that is the entity that the stone manifests, and it leaches to whatever trauma, guilty conscience or evil thoughts his hive-mate might have. It can be controlled tho, but it might be a different experience for each indivudial. They have to be extra careful for when he sleeps. They really shouldn't touch that rock barehanded anymore.

>Kiero in our adventures
It might seem too much loyalty for someone as stoic as you, but take into account that neumono are HIGHLY sociable creatures. Attatchmets and relartionships are a very big deal for them. You save his life, which is a pretty big deal for anyone really, but most importantly, you returned to his hive, the most important thing for a neumono.
You are basically his hero. Of course he wants to be with you and accompany you to your escapades.

If his hive is okay with him hanging out with you, he would be a great companion. Neumono are tough as nails and very adaptable. Besides he is a sweet heart and Clay will be delighted. In any case, let's jsut wait what his hive has in store for us, the nwe see what we can do.

>things to get
Pretty much this. And gloves... Just in case...
No. 1032538 ID: 96c896

Tell Kiro he's gotta rest up and get his limbs back before you'll take him on a mission or whatever.
No. 1032555 ID: 5d9787

Kiero I truly appreciate the sentiment but you shouldn't throw away your job and relations to follow some unemployed guy you've just meet. I don't want to separate you from your family and I can't pay you a regular salary.
That said I would love to have your company for exploring. If that's not allow we could still hang out occasionally, maybe watch moves or something.
But if for some reason things fall apart on your end you will always be welcome as my scavenging partner. Just be warned the job involve a lot of stupid risks and the pay is based on luck.

I can't really think of a lot of equipment you will want to carry around everywhere beside a good pick.
Maybe a few small things of practical use that could be traded with the tribals, like knifes and... It's kind of difficult to imagine what they would find useful compared to other species because they wouldn't want anything that ignite fire and don't have trees to cut. So a bunch o knifes it is.
A small gun could be circumstantially useful. The nailguns do the job without the need of glasses, or closing your eyes for each shot, but obviously lack penetrative power. Higher velocity projectiles would help if you ever encounter someone you want dead after one or two shots instead of twenty nails.

>I don't need to know what kind of weird stuff Lyvy is into.
Not even curious?
If Gumtoes investigated your internet history he may think you are the weirdo.

Does clover like things with mint? Does she obsess with chocolate? Are soft marshmallows her favorites? Does she have a predilection for hard candy like lollipops?
Now you have the mental image of Clover licking a lollipop.
No. 1032560 ID: b5c538

>Kiero seems very loyal for someone I’ve only known a day.
I mean you saved his life at probably his lowest state ever. Him being willing to do so in spite of his hives possible denying him is the part that's weird to me.

>I also consider contacting Clover, I haven't forgotten about our potential date. Potentially. I need to remember what her favourite candy flavor was.
Maybe ask her 'bestie' if you draw a blank. Louise could know.
No. 1032561 ID: f57349

Buy some shelf-stable packaged food - whatever's fancy enough to be useful for barter or bribery.

Check how much those catalytic converters Clay was talking about might be worth.

Pipe wrench? Swiss army knife? Some tool that could be used for disassembling stuff more gently than a pickaxe.
No. 1032567 ID: 3651e2

It’d be cool to be able to adventure/work with Kiero - once he recovers! And you don’t think he should quit his job - a nice steady gig with people who care for you is hard to get! But you really appreciate the sentiment.

As for Kaddi, what do they mean it’s “gone for good”? They figured out how to stop it, really? (You’re not sure how to feel about that - actually, wait, you do. It may be for the best for Kaddi, but you figured things out with Clay and you’d keep ‘em around.)

If it’s not really gone for good, though... that could be bad if the Neumono think it is, and it isn’t, if it’s just hiding and developing an adversarial relationship. You definitely should try to have a chat with Kaddi.

Don’t go hog wild, prioritize and keep some in reserve - remember you gotta pay rent too!

You could consider buying a flashlight - a weak one - or extra night vision batteries if you’re going to be adventuring with Kiero in the future.

Definitely order something sweet for clover. Other than that prioritize practical stuff.
No. 1032576 ID: b01382

an exo-suit sounds as expensive as it might be useful. Getting an idea for pricing would be nice. +1 for your helmet, goggles, and respirator idea.

We'll be sharing the bounty/scavenging rewards of course?

If we get access to one of those cheap printers, or get our own, your knives idea would be good. So long as the knife is made of stupid tough shit they can just tie the knife to a long stick and use it as a spear, or just stab people with it as is. Some highly nutritious rations could also be a good sell.

where did we even find those converters?

I can agree on getting a multitool and trench knife, but a good pick is good for: melee, mining valuable ores we find, breaching doors, breaking open containers. It's a good tool man.

>Usually pretty cheap, the problem is with obtaining one and sneaking it around. The Saxum Overwatch considers light emitters contraband and will take them before you enter a dark area. They return them when you come back though. A torch might be 15 zeny for something cheap, and 30 for a flare gun with a few flares.
Fuck I feel stupid. We don't need to take our torchlights and flaregun back home with us. What we can do is buy them out of town, and stash them with our mechanic buddy. That way we can pick them up if we need them, or drop them off before we enter civilization.
So yeah buy a good durable "you can shake the battery to recharge it" torchlight, a flaregun, and a few flares.
No. 1032589 ID: b01382

Current shopping list:
-maybe two pickaxes, minimum 1. Costs 100 for a good one, maybe more for a high quality one.
-gloves. A good pair for probably 10 or less zenny.
-candy. Go all out and buy 50 zenny worth of premium candy.
-body armor. Maybe at most 200 zenny.
-tac-vest rig for holding all our stuff and ammo. At most 100 zenny.
-better torchlight for 30 zenny
-a flare gun and flares for 30 zenny
-multitool. No more than 20 zenny.
-trench knife. Easy to get. 15 zenny.
-spare knives to trade with tribals. But 50 zenny worth.
-tasty preserved food with long shelf life to trade with tribals. 50 zenny worth, any more and it would be hard to carry it all.
-price for an exo-suit (to buy later)

Did i get everything?
No. 1032597 ID: 5d9787

I have no grasp on the price scale. How did you manage to estimate those values?
If the prices are proportional to the real world equivalents take in consideration that in cities specialized in mining the related equipment is remarkable cheap but the food is exorbitantly expensive. I would guess anything the miners use should be two thirds of how much you would get elsewhere and the food should cost double.

Also remember that Clover is huge. The amount of candy we need to buy is a lot more than Dowser would be able to eat alone, so maybe don't go too crazy on the fancy stuff.

Do we really need two light emitters to later smuggle through the border? The flare gun in particular seem like a sign of ill intentions that could put us on a list for buying it.
No. 1032598 ID: a9af05

Don't forget to buy a new pickaxe for Lyvy. Gotta replace the one you gave to the tribal tobak.
No. 1032620 ID: ba605b

Pick axes have already been mentioned to cost, at least good ones, 100 credits.
You make a good point about mining related equipment being cheaper. A respirator combined with goggles and a ballistic helmet sounds like it would be common enough to being affordable.
For cheap food to trade with the tribals, we could order stuff from the Hive company. They might give us a discount. Same with candy, and you're right with quantity. Quantity is it's own quality after all.

Light emitters should be things left outside of corporate run cities. We can leave the light based weapons with the mechanic guy that's been helping us our. The Tourch would be useful for directional attacks, and the flare gun would be useful for arching over cover.
No. 1032680 ID: 5d9787

It just occurred to me: If we are going to rely on Raph to keep anti tobak luminous contraband, why don't we buy from him or hire him to make something? He is capable of working with ignition engines, so he should have access to most components necessary to improvise a flashlight and basic fire grenades.
No. 1032728 ID: b8abd0
File 165291972471.png - (186.24KB , 800x600 , TQ77.png )

>Isn't "leaving the hive" and all that like a huge friggin' deal for Neumono?
I think he meant leave the company, not leave the hive. He seems to align with his hive quite well, so I'd say he's far from going rouge.

>You are basically his hero. Of course he wants to be with you and accompany you to your escapades.
And I appreciate it. Loyalty and trust are rare things down here. More precious than gold.

>If his hive is okay with him hanging out with you, he would be a great companion
My thoughts exactly.

I ask Kiero if I could relay a message to Kaddi, he starts up a video call and asks for Kaddi to come over.
"Hey Kaddi, remember Dowser? He wants to know how you're doing!"]/color]
He looks tired, considerably unpeachy if I had to say.
>"I... yeah, thanks for worrying about me and all. I'm fine now. She hasn't come back after I was given anti psychotics and a bunch of other stuff. I'm curious about how you were able to control yours."
"Oh, I... I don't really control mine. Me and him just started working towards the same goals, for the most part. We did butt heads a little at first, but he warmed up to me. The more I met others, the more he became influenced by them, and the more he wanted to help improve things."
>"Huh. I've had a lot of time to think about it... and... If she were to come back, should I hear her out? She said she could help me forget all my... all the... forget it. I shouldn't trust her. Even if she isn't real."
[color=green]"You're just in a grumpy mood, buddy! You'll come around. For now, we gotta rest up!"

"Yeah... try to avoid touching the rock in the future, ok?"

>Ask Louise what Clover's favorite candy is.
>Napoleon: If I recall correctly, its coconut favored stuff. She really used to love coconut bubble-gum; it was all she'd ever have back in the day. These days if you gave it to her, she might swallow it by accident. It'd be a better idea to give her coconut in chocolate bar form.

>I have no grasp on the price scale.
zeny is a universal currency as far as I know. 3.3z can buy you an average sized chocolate bar, or 3 for 10. There are two other kinds of currency you can get on this planet, BAR units which is 1 per averaged sized chocolate bar - the main benefit is that the units themselves are made of metal, which is valued at its material cost, so it retains its value and is accepted at non-company establishments. The other currency is company scrip, which companies will offer to pay their employees, which yields higher wages, but the places it can be spent are limited.

>Check how much those catalytic converters Clay was talking about might be worth.
According to this website... between 800z and 1,200z?! Just to pay for breakfast? Where in the world is he keeping the rest of that money?!
>where did we even find those converters?
I don't even want to know. I don't see tobaks drive vehicles through town - it must have been somewhere farther away.

>go shopping with Clay.
I can't seem to make him come out. Sleepyhead.

>Tactical Webbing
That sounds much less lame than a backpack. I can get a simple one for 60z, or a high capacity one for 100z. It's a good idea for holding more gear.
>body armor
I see something that could stop nails and small bullets for sure, everything below the 200z price tag is too cheaply made or heavy.
That's going into the higher price territory. Something that could help me lift 10 times my weight would cost 2,500z - the lion’s share of my budget.
There are plenty to choose from, but I'd like to keep to something simple. Most I find go for 30z, but I want something of quality, something that'll last. 100z for something good and... woah, there's one here with a cool flame decal - it has all the bells and whistles too! It's only... 300z?! for a pick?! that's too much! but... there's only one left in stock...
I'm looking through MRE's and I can get x3 1-day rations for 20z. But no matter what the price, my tastebuds say no, and my insides also say no.
>Tools, multi tool.
One of those multi tools would set me back 20z for an average one, 35z for something a little more deluxe. It has a knife, screwdriver, pliers, scissors, all that good stuff.
>Summit replicator
After looking around, I can see a few sellers. Most are asking too much, but one that seems worth my consideration is selling at 2000z. It is mostly unused and still has plenty of material left.
>Trench knife
20z, easily. I have one laying around but it's too old and blunt.
A pair goes for 10z. I can't really think of a reason for why I'd want a pair, I don't really feel pain in my fingers, and injuries tend to heal up pretty quick.
50z for something good. I shouldn't need one in most cases unless I'm going into a contaminated area. Tobak lungs are pretty tough on their own.
>Candy for Clover
Candy on its own isn't expensive, but Clover could probably eat my weight in it. (I do not weigh a lot) I'll probably have to go to a vending machine and throw cash at it - or order something online. Looks like I could get something in bulk for 50z.

>Buy light emitters.
Buying and selling that stuff can be tricky sometimes. Luckily, I can go on the light web for my light emitting needs. A flare pistol with 4 flares looks to be 70z, 5z for every extra flare. A torch with a reliable battery life would be 30z. I can get a pack of glowsticks (x6) for 15z. ooooh they even come in different colors! Then again, the tricky part about light emitters is smuggling them around, but I think Raph might be able to do that for me.

>If we are going to rely on Raph to keep anti tobak luminous contraband, why don't we buy from him or hire him to make something?
That's true. He did give me a number to contact him, I could ask if he has any services im case I want him to craft something for me.
No. 1032730 ID: 899c9f

Those are all good. Buy everything, except for illegal light contraband, in ascending order of price until you hit your budget.
No. 1032736 ID: 96c896

>She said she could help me forget all my...
Sounds like she wants to help him work past his trauma. I for one would encourage that, it sounds very similar to what your hallucination did for you. What's the worst that could happen? They've already demonstrated that medication can suppress the hallucination, so as long as he's kept from escaping or hurting himself too badly (he's a neumono, that'd be difficult) it seems safe to try.

Get body armor, a new high quality pick to replace the one you lost, a trench knife, deluxe multitool, tactical webbing, and a container of some kind for things that would slip through the webbing.
Treat yourself to the SICK ASS PICK.
No. 1032750 ID: 5d9787

Kaddi, your case is very tricky. Your tulpa started as a projection of your fears. By now she must have changed her initial perspective with the realization of what she is and that continuing to interpret that character is somewhat meaningless. However that character is the base of her persona, so there is no telling of how antagonistic she is toward you.
I don't know how they know their own abilities, but many of the claims my tulpa made earlier turned out to be true, so don't take the memory manipulation option lightly. Forgetting things on purpose sound a bad thing in general to me, but if you want this make your decision based on how comfortable you are with her being able to change a part of you.
If she return you will have to reach some form of understanding otherwise you will have to regularly use the medications that make you look like a zombie.

Since the cat is out of the bag, sorry for lying to you earlier Kiero. As you may be able to guess I don't have an implante that allow me to communicate with someone else. Turns out I'm insane. I'm still ashamed of this, so please don't tell other people.

There are some products I find questionable, but as long as we buy a good present for Clover and have enough money for the date I won't complain. If the online delivery is timely buy bulk.
No. 1032751 ID: 71d395

100z tactical webbing
100z pick
35z multi-tool
50z bulk of candy. We might save some of it as impromptu rations

And we might contact Raph to ask for his services.

>We tobaks are concieved in a very unique way, that's why genetic variety and birth defects are rare.
Oooh, physiology-related worldbuilding!
No. 1032754 ID: b01382

Go for bulk for 50 zeny

Try getting those catalytic converters sold, inform your roommate(s) of your plan and if he's (they're) cool with it. Who's are these?

>Tactical Webbing
Go for the 100 zeny one. All or nothing.

>body armor
go for the 200 zeny one. Does this include helmets?

buy two 100 zeny rated picks

>Tools, multi tool.
get the 35z one

>Trench knife
20z. get it.

10z. get it. never know when you might need some.

50z. get it. better safe than sorry.

Contact Raph about purchasing light emission stuff.

What about high end goggles and a PDA? Lets get those too.
No. 1032757 ID: b01382

Why not buy the light contraband? Just leave them with Raph, and don't be an idiot by bringing them home.

I have my doubts about that. That might not be the cause considering how hard he panicked.

Ask Kiero how the leg and arm are doing. Growing back? Did they have any questions they wanna ask?
No. 1032775 ID: b01382
File 165293177536.gif - (1.83MB , 540x285 , 15607.gif )

Get a price for augmented eyes, or implanted goggles you can toggle on and off to cover your eyes. Ask our hive buddy if their hive sells augments for Tobaks or not.
No. 1032779 ID: a5c27f

>She said she could help me forget all my...
He needs to be careful, but not afriad. It can't make you do anything that you don't want to do, only when you sleep, and you have your hive for that. Maybe we could go at some point and try to help in a more direct way. I wonder if Clay can interact with his parasite.
No. 1032781 ID: 96c896

OH RIGHT check prices for cybernetics.
No. 1032814 ID: 798908

it is absolutely hilarious nobody's tried selling you guys handheld LED floodlights, that's like the most obvious superweapon I can think of
No. 1032823 ID: 30b9f6

Hm. A bit disturbing how their headbud implied they could affect his memory somehow. Might be worth looking into later with Clay. On the other hand, that's -precisely- the sort of stuff that might help Clover!

>Where's he keeping the money!
In a newly opened bank account, probably. Well, wherever it is let it be his unless you need him to spot you some. He earned it after all.

High-capacity webbing; bulk delivery of coconut chocolates; bulk delivery of coconut flavored bubble gum*; decent body armor; 2 high-grade pickaxes**; knife; gloves***; non-MRE rations****.

*You got really curious about the taste and clicked wrong on the order button, okay?!

**Resist the siren call of the sick-ass pick-axe while you're not stupidly rich. Besides, that 'only 1 left' is a classic sales-scam!

***Juuuuust in case you need to handle more suspicious rocks.

****As in, edible. Might not last as long, but you're not exactly heading out onto week-long excursions, right?

>Expensive stuff
If you were to buy anything, it'd be the Summit replicator, not the exo-suit or cybernetics. In which case you should check if it can produce any of the things you were otherwise going to buy to save money! Probably Clay could use it for producing parts for stuff too, which might become a source of income. It'd be an investment! Assuming it's not a scam offer that is. Is 2000 zeny really reasonable for something as advanced as a replicator?

A torch with a couple spare batteries sounds the best. Easiest to turn on and off at will. A flare or glowstick would both just be on for the duration, although the flares in particular would cover a greater area.

If Raph can smuggle it out for you, that'd be great, but what would you owe him?

>Raph creating gadgets
Hm. Some sort of custom grappling hook, maybe? In case you need to scale something?

>Rent warning
And again, a reminder that however much you spend, you should keep in reserve enough to pay the rent. Which was how much now again?
No. 1032837 ID: b01382

Holy what the geniune fuckle-chucks. I forgot about that.

>It's creepy that you puppeted me like that, but it could prove useful. How much money did you spend on getting this food?"
>"Don't worry, I didn't spend any of your savings. I bought it all by selling locally and ethically sourced catalytic converters, I even made extra which I stashed away."
How the fuck do you ethically source catalytix converters? How the fuck did we get any of that done in 14 yours while alseep? I mean yeah sure thats neat Clay has a seperate bank account cool and all, but the converters? Wtf man. Just how.
Wait a second. Did we have catalyic converters in the boxes in our appartment?

Oh and um we only have 532 or something zeny on hand right now. Our antler tobak friend has 3k he owes us, and that other guy still needs to get back to use about the loot he hauled from all the dead bodies at the refinery. The printer will have to wait until we get that 3k.

Other guys make a good point. How soon is rent, and how much is it? How many people are sharing this apartment? We need to divide the cost of rent amongst us.
You mentioned that armor costs that are under 200 is either too flimsy or too heavy. Would an exo suit expedite the weaight problem of heavy armor?

Whats stopping anyone from mounting heavier armor plates over an exo-suit to make it into power armor? Is power armor something thats purchasable, or is it illegal to own unless you're a corperation or the police force?

>It is mostly unused and still has plenty of material left.
So does summit replicators use a specific material for its printers? Is the replicator all purpose, or are there specialized replicators that spec into things like making guns, making tools, or making vehicles? Me i think we should hold off on buying a replicator if theres a chance we can find one.
No. 1032859 ID: 3466cb

Goddamn Kiero is adorable.

Anyway while we've got Kaddi and Kiero still on the line (I think?), we should ask them about the kinds of medical diagnostics they ran Kaddi through. Particularly, whether they did a brain scan, and the results if so. Dowser slept way longer than normal and Clay managed to literally start piloting the body. They've tested the rock, but what exactly is going on in the brains of those affected? What if it's bad for tobak brains, what's happening physically underneath our sensory hallucination of Clay and his independent cognition?
No. 1032937 ID: 9d9726
File 165303145262.png - (177.91KB , 800x600 , TQ78.png )

>it is absolutely hilarious nobody's tried selling you guys handheld LED floodlights, that's like the most obvious superweapon I can think of
Most tobaks aren't comfortable with operating lights to begin with, let alone weaponizing them. There's also the fact that tobaks can still function when blind, relying on our keen sense of hearing.

>Buy everything
I would if there weren’t other things to worry about like rent, food and bills. I can get most of what I need, but I should still keep some leftover money for emergencies.

>How much is rent?
Lyvy has put off paying it for weeks, so I've no doubt it's in the 3-digit range

>Try getting those catalytic converters sold
By the sounds of it, Clay already found a buyer. He doesn't seem available to tell me about it though.

>Is power armor something that’s purchasable, or is it illegal to own unless you're a corporation or the police force?
Power armor? Something like that is attainable, just expensive. Though it's more about being lucky enough to find any available for purchase rather than it being illegal or anything.
>Whats stopping anyone from mounting heavier armor plates over an exo-suit to make it into power armor?
Nothing besides the price tag. And in my experience, most prefer to flee from danger that wear protection.

>Get the replicator to produce things you would otherwise buy to save money
It's a worthwhile investment the more I think about it. Each replicator unit is designed to arm a small army with tools and weapons, so If I got my hands on one, I could use it to craft as many picks, multitools, knifes, guns and nails as I'd want. None of it would be super high quality, but it'd work.
>Is 2000 zeny really reasonable for something as advanced as a replicator?
It's a mass-produced device which mass produces pre-set objects from a selection of old human war tech. It's not like I can replicate laser guns or FTL drives or anything, it’s just something which folds, bevels, shapes, and presses metal sheets into desired objects more or less. While the possibilities are effectively endless, everything is rudimentary.

>Check prices for cybernetics.
Online isn't really the best place to check, one usually has to visit a specialist or a company implant lab to get something approved and paid for. I've heard it costs at least 1,000z to get eyes which can adjust to all light levels, or half that for just the ability to see in the light - Either of which is preferred if I ever went off world. I have also heard of implants which allow male tobaks to turn off their magnetism, not sure how much that costs but who knows if it's worth it.

I decide to get the following:
-Tactical webbing for 100z
-Candy, 50z worth
-Respirator for 50z, better safe than sorry.
-Gloves, in case I need to handle more suspicious rocks (10z)
-7 days of non MRA rations. 50z.
-A set of light armor for 200z.
-I'll try spending 500z on the best available PDA and goggle tech.
-A good quality Pick for Lyvy. 100z.
-I decide to check out the replicator. 2,000z is a steal for an investment like that. I'll go check out the buyer to see if it’s all it’s chalked up to be.

That adds up to about 3060z, leaving me with 463z leftover. Easy come, easy go. If I ever need more, I can sell the Jammer that the Hive company is holding onto.

I send a message to Raph asking him questions about smuggling light emitters or crafting me gadgets like a grappling hook, but I don't get a reply right away, he might be busy.

I'll place an order on this stuff once Axyl gives me the 3,000z.

Hold on. Something isn't right. I'm picking up a magnetic signature coming from inside my home. Is someone in here? I go out to take a look.
No. 1032938 ID: 9d9726
File 165303147092.png - (238.56KB , 800x600 , TQ79.png )


It's a tobak, accompanied by a belenosian fellow. Been a hot minute since I've seen one of those guys around. I've never met either of these guys before but... have I seen this tobak before? He seems rather old, in his 60's at least. Both of them seem to be unarmed.

"Is this the guy?"
>"Yes. This is the guy."
"Cool. Let’s get this over with."

"Wait wait wait, hold on, do I know you guys? How did you get in here? why are you in here?"
>"You don't know us. We got in here because the door was unlocked. We're here for you. Are you ready to go?"
"Did... did I do something wrong?"
"We're supposed to be the ones asking the questions."
>"No, we're not. And no, you've done nothing wrong."
"Are you here to rob me?"
"Depends, got anything good?"
>"I swear to God Kirter. Stay in line. Last warning."
"Whatever. You're not gonna do anything to me, geezer."
>"Now... Dowser, is it? find a seat somewhere and get comfortable. This doesn't have to take long."

On an unrelated note, Lyvy's gun is very, very close.
No. 1032942 ID: 96c896

>have I seen this tobak before?
Yes. It's the Company guy in the jeep with the big breasted queen.

Tell them you could get comfortable but you won't really be comfortable when Company goons are interrogating you in your house unless you've got a gun, so you're going to go get it if that's alright.
No. 1032943 ID: 1c6255

Right, these guys are Talion.

Obviously they're here for the beret and goggle. Ask them if they got the report from the detective guy, because you'd rather not explain yourself twice.

Speaking of detective guy, finding your address from your family isn't the hard part, knowing which family to contact is. Best bet is, he found your name because you broadcast a raider alert from the refinery. With that info, he could have found your name from Louise, or anyone else you told it.
No. 1032944 ID: 5d9787

>Lyvy's gun is very, very close.
I would love to, but I fear you've being caught with your pant's down here. Not literally, the suspenders won't allow.
Why did Lyvy left his gun behind?

Why didn't you knocked the door? If you want to talk how about you two sit down so I can pretend you are civilized guests and bring you something to drink? Do you want soda or water? Tea will take a while to make.
I though you would be squished by boobs on the first left turn. Did she autographed you a photo?

Could Gumtoes be that Talion officer you saw driving the jeep? Probable not, pretending to be a private investigator doesn't seem all that advantageous as a lie.

Is it possible to buy a cybernetic eye for only one eye? Or even better: Your could keep both your eyes but have a small discreet camera somewhere else in your body. The forehead would be an obvious spot if there is enough space, but it could be useful to have a camera in your hand to look at tight places or avoid exposing your head in dangerous situations.
No. 1032946 ID: 30b9f6

Attacking a Talion officer seems like a very bad idea. And if it's just him and his bodyguard, unarmed, they're definitely here to talk, not arrest you. I think it's obvious to most that you were a scavvin' scavenger, not the mastermind of a hit that took out two large squads of armed Tobaks.

Mind you, that doesn't mean going anywhere with them is a good idea.

>Find a seat
Sit on the box next to the plasma gun. You don't want that Belenosian mook to take it, Lyvy would get livid. Lyvyd. Heh.

You're also not quite sure WHAT brought them here, now. This miiiight be an independent investigation, set apart from Gumtoes' prying? Gumtoes could simply have been faster than the ol' mook squad. In fact, let's not mention Gumtoes was here for now, see if they bring it up first.

Say you do not consent to going anywhere until you know for where and what, but you'll happily answer any of their questions and yeeah you can hazard a guess what they're here for.

You'll return any gear you scavenged if you must, but isn't salvage perfectly legal? Like he said, you've done nothing wrong... right?
No. 1032948 ID: b01382

Dude. How do you get any work done when you're eye level with the big lady's honkers? Like, if she were to turn right. Wam! You're knocked right out of your seat.

>"Now... Dowser, is it? find a seat somewhere and get comfortable. This doesn't have to take long."
Are they trying to hire you? Is this a recruitment thing? You're a scavenger bro, not a soldier. Soldier is hard.
No. 1032951 ID: 2aa5f0

why are so many people showing up to my door today? Did someone leave a personal add of me out somewhere and never bothered to tell me?
No. 1032952 ID: 36784c

>familiar looking tobak
He’s one of the war bosses you saw leading that army out of the elevator!

>the big breasted queen.
……you know what would be an unlikely, but hilarious scenario? That Sect Queen went out of her way to find out who we are and bullied both of these guys into delivering an autographed photo to Dowser, just because she caught him staring at her large boobs.

Like I said: Unlikely, but it would be hilarious if that’s the only reason they’re here.
No. 1032953 ID: 2d9fe7

This is corporation without representation! I am a sovereign tobak and know my rights! I want to speak to your manager, the one with huge tracts of land!
No. 1032973 ID: c28082


If we're just going to talk, let's talk here. Already had one weirdo come by asking questions about stuff, you probably just missed him. Big heef guy in a nice suit.

Other than that, no, we don't know anything about what happened in the refinery, neither did the raiders we fought, and seriously, knocking is both polite and helps prevent misunderstandings. Jeez.
No. 1032974 ID: 355d36

I say we don't do anything drastic, let's see what this guys want.
I'm guessing that it has to do with the rock, because why would it not. That piece of shit is causing problems since the moment we picked it up.

Then again, ask them to give you some space, you don't want no one up in your face.

Did they just went inside your house? Like picked the door up? We'll have to do something about that.
No. 1032977 ID: 9d9726
File 165306906022.png - (186.06KB , 800x600 , TQ80.png )

>Is it possible to buy a cybernetic eye for only one eye?
It's possible. But I also enjoy being symmetrical.

>I'm guessing that it has to do with the rock, which has caused problems since we picked it up
It hasn't really caused many problems beyond being an inconvenience, I've been careful enough so that nobody besides the hive company knows about it. If they were here for the ore, they wouldn't be knocking at my door, I don't even have it.

>Maybe they're here to give you that sect queen's autographed photo
That sounds like the best-case scenario, Lyvy would be very happy to possess such an Item, I'm sure.

"This is corporation without representation! I am a sovereign tobak and know my rights!"
>"Yeah. We can go with that."
"Why is Talion sending their muscle to me? If you want info, why don't you go to the detective guy? I already told him everything I know."
>"We're not from Talion. It's amazing how far you can go by playing dress up and forging documents."
"Wait, you’re faking it? I don't suppose you can get me in contact with that sect queen? for a friend of course."
>"I've just about 'worked' for every one of the mining companies. If you walk around with a uniform and clipboard, you can get just about anywhere. Like yourself, I'm a self-made tobak. I get to be choosy about who I do jobs for."
"I can answer your questions, just uh... don't break anything?"
>"We're not here to ask you questions. I know nothing about you, and I don't care to know anything about you."
"So you're not detectives?"
"Hell no. And you aren’t as interesting as you think you are."
"So what are you here for then?"
>"To give you a face-to-face interview with the boss. Put your goggles on and put these on."
He holds up a headset
"And don't try any funny stuff."
>"Quit it with the tough guy act. We're already wasting enough of this guy's time as it is."

Interview? the same interview that Rin-Reida said would come my way? I thought she said she wouldn't tell them where I was unless I gave the go ahead? She didn't say anything about it being this soon either. Something must be going on.

I sit on the couch close to the box with the rifle in it. violence is still an option, and I still have the element of surprise if I were to go down that route. Both of them are standing across from me, waiting for me to put on the headset and goggles.
No. 1032978 ID: 2d9fe7

I’m interested in meeting who they work for, and they don’t seem interested in killing you. Let’s put these on and see what happens!
No. 1032984 ID: 5d9787

If those two don't want to talk let's oblige and keep it short with them.
Unless you suspect there is some sinister mechanism hidden in the headset just put them on and get this over with.
No. 1032989 ID: 9a2966

Maybe, regardless of what the Rin-Reida promised, a certain OTHER Tobak (... Kellie) got you the swift recruitment treatment. Or maybe their boss saw something they didn't.

>Accept muffs, be suspiuffs
Anyway, these were the guys with the explosive collars, so do a quick check of the earmuffs for oddities. Do wear your goggles like he asked, and if there's nothing obvious pop a muff over one ear to begin with.

And by 'over one ear' I do mean just holding it up to your ear, not wearing it as a full on muff. If they eye you or complain, just shrug.

"Sorry, big guy said 'no funny stuff' and I'm of the same mind. I get to be choosy about who I work for too, and this all is a bit funny, yanno?"

If something about the muffs looks really suspicious, raise an eyebrow, snag Lyvy's rifle and ask what the heck. Or just tell 'em to shoo shoo.
No. 1032990 ID: 9a2966

Though it strikes me that they might deploy some kind of holographic emitter, since they ask that you wear the goggles. In which case the muffs probably really just are for audio.
No. 1033002 ID: 96c896

You have the burner number. Ask her if these guys are legit. That means you'll have to ask for their names, of course.
No. 1033016 ID: 355d36

Eh fuck it, if they wanted to do something fishy, it would already had happened. Just tell them to stay on your sight.

And tell the big guy to chill out, he's not being tough, just annoying.
No. 1033021 ID: c28082


So ... what ... like through the terminal? Headset just makes sure we can hear discreetly?

If so, that seems ... shockingly reasonable.
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