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File 163522021435.png - (17.31KB , 500x500 , p1a.png )
1013611 No. 1013611 ID: afe7de

A quest about cotton based life forms called STUFFIES, their tribes, and how they survive in the world.

A brand new story written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER.

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler



EDMANGO NOTE: No sexual content here! But there will likely be VIOLENCE, PLUSH GORE, HANDHOLDING, and HUGGING involved. I'm gonna try pretty hard to make this a briefer quest, but we'll see!
TIPPLER NOTE: Pay me and I will draw your quest, I crave only the sweet nectar of capitalism.

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No. 1015263 ID: afe7de
File 163702360297.png - (10.90KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

You segue into asking about potential JOBS around town or HUNTING SPOTS, seeing as the storm hit. She thinks for a moment and says that SHE doesn’t have any work, but you could always try your luck at the MINE and see if you can find some WOOD. She chuckles for a moment before saying that there hasn’t been any there in a LONG LONG TIME, but that JACK the GENERAL STORE OWNER would buy some off of ya, heck she says she might have a job for you, given they’re a MASSIVE HOARDER. She doesn’t know of any hunting spots though since the town mostly FARMED and TRADED for food.

Lastly you ask about the VANISHING you heard rumors about. She says that it wasn’t a VANISHING, but a FREAK ACCIDENT. AN BOREALIA actually found IRAH’S BROTHER’S CORPSE mauled by some sort of PAPERLING in the FOREST LAST EVENING.

Mimi: OOPS!
Mimi: I wasn’t supposed to talk about that
Mimi: Please forget I said that.
Mimi: Irah’s been real shook up about it since they couldn’t find his hea-
Mimi: Dag nabbit I almost did it again
Mimi: I’m such a bimbo, my head could use some more stuffing sometimes
Mimi: Go talk to BOREALIA if you want to know more officially, I’m sure an ANNOUNCEMENT will be made TONIGHT

She says that you just missed SHAWN IRAH, the little CLOTH with the TWO BUTTONS on the side of his face. She gets a sort of misty eyed look on her face when she says his name. Though she does concede that her GRAMMY, DA CRONE, has in fact VANISHED as well now, but doesn’t seem TOO CONCERNED about it.

You take a second to pause and evaluate the situation. Your task was to come here and check on MIMI’S strange activities. As far as you can tell she just seems to be a kind of air-headed kin that wants to leave this place. Though you wonder why she seems not that concerned with that death. Mimi tells you that she only has ONE ROOM LEFT, had you gotten here any later it’d probably have been booked.

It is now the [NOON OF DAY 1], what do you do?
No. 1015269 ID: 629f2e

First, let's book a room. We want those Well-Rested buffs, so it's worth the two beads.

Next, let's observe Ka Xu and Plum's chat a bit, cutting in if we see a good opportunity to ask anything.

And finally, let's head over to the guardhouse and talk to An Borealia. We're going to be broaching a sensitive topic as strangers, so we'll need to respect her boundaries. If she doesn't want to talk about it, we don't talk about it. Just make it clear that we're here at Da Crone's request to try and figure out what's going on in town. She's a guard making efforts to protect the town, we should be able to trust her.

Yes, I'm biased because of Catalyst.
No. 1015306 ID: e51896

Aw, poor Irah

Yeah, get the room.

Also, I'm not sure how heavy cloth kins are, but if he's light enough, pick up Ka Xu and give him a piggyback ride on your shoulders or back.

Then ask if Glum Plum wants to walk and talk about stuff with you and Ka Xu as you head towards the Guard building.
No. 1015384 ID: 61735f

I agree with this.

Get a room first since they sell out fast during storms.
It would be a good idea to get a feel for how involved in the disappearances we think Mimi is and get any information we can on the area while KA XU talks to GLUM PLUM.
No. 1015388 ID: afe7de
File 163711979144.png - (10.30KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

> Book a room
You decide to spend [2 BEADS] to book a room after a quick gesture to KA XU and his replying THUMBS UP. MIMI then hands you a STONE KEY, you can immediately tell it's made of HIGH QUALITY STONE, highly resistant to CHIPPING AND BREAKING. You're told that your room is UPSTAIRS and at the end of the hallway and that meals are served in the MORNING and EVENING, so you should come around then if you are hungry.

She then points to a side door that leads to a private outhouse area, it's fenced in but still outside so you can relieve yourselves. You notice there's a door behind her that says OFFICE written in CANON, you assume that to be her personal quarters. She also tells you that you can adjust the VENT in your room to change how much HEAT the sunstone lets in. You pocket the key into your cloak's TINY POCKET and check on KA XU.

You spent [2 BEADS]
- You're now broke
- You've booked a room at MIMI'S INN
- Come by at MORNING or EVENING to get a meal

As you begin to step away she also lets you know that you can feel free to come to her to redeem [1 PREMIUM HUG] for you and your companion. She’s been practicing and has been told that they’re THE BEST. You thank her and consider it for later.

> Listen in on KA XU and PLUM
You turn your attention as MIMI busies herself with something else, you notice she fumbles about from time to time with little STRING DUSTERS as you turn away.

The two are in rapt conversation about PLASTIC PLANTS and CANDY. KA XU is doing most of the talking and it's clear that PLUM is in over her head in the conversation but the way KA XU talks sometimes is really approachable if you've gotten to know him. She occasionally pipes in and mentions something about the CANDY CROPS outside of town and about how CANDY CORN COBS are a pretty stable one to grow even in this environment.

You cough a bit to get their attention and the same wariness you saw on PLUM earlier returns.
No. 1015389 ID: afe7de
File 163711983844.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

You: Booked us a room, who's this?
Ka Xu: Oh thank the LOOM
Ka Xu: I was worried you were considering NOT staying in a WARM PLACE

Your expression turns to a pout as you think about how you very nearly did suggest doing that.

Ka Xu: Anyway, this is Plum!
Plum: Um, hello there miss... Cob?
Ka Xu: Like Candy Corn on the Cob yeah!
You: Actually it's like Cobbler...
Plum: Oh... sorry miss...
You: Want to walk and talk?
You: I wanted to talk to AN BOREALIA before it got too late
Ka Xu: But it's cold out theeeerrreeeee
Ka Xu: Fine, uh, Plum, want to join us?
Ka Xu: You said you were going in that direction anyway.
Plum: Uh, I uhh...
Plum: I don't want to be annoying...
Plum: I was just going to wait until you left to leave...

You and Ka Xu assure her that it's fine and the three of you step outside. The harsh cold assaults your senses and you're deafened for a moment as you step outside. The wind blows ominously and with a strength that wasn't present a short while ago.

You tighten your cloak to preserve heat and wander forward. In an act of joviality you decide to prop KA XU up on your shoulders. He's surprised, but in a moment chuckles and enjoys the ride. PLUM looks a little less guarded now. You imagine she’s willing to talk to you a bit more casually.
No. 1015390 ID: 629f2e

Get Plum's perspective on the town, and share some things about your own clutch that might interest her. Maybe just flat out ask if she knows anything about people vanishing recently. Nobody thinks to ask the children, but they might know!
No. 1015392 ID: 96c896

Who is that on the roof?
No. 1015398 ID: fec07f

Figure on the roof
No. 1015408 ID: e51896

Feeling of being watched. lets choose our questions carefully, we don't want cultists to target us if we act suspicious. Maybe ask indirect questions.

ideas for questions:

What does she like? Depending on her tastes, we could probably offer berry candies for her as thanks for listening to us. this will make her more comfortable to answer questions maybe, and become better friends with us. (might be too young for the wine)

Ask about Borealia, you want to get an idea on who she is so we know how to approach her. Is she looking for new hires?

if not, is anyone else besides the general store owner looking for hires, or does plum know of hunting places?

Ask about Plum's relation with Mimi and Mimi's grandmother besides being their accountant. It was nice of Mimi to fix her coat. Maybe ask how it got damaged in the first place? That might be important.

Ask about Irah, he was kind of staring at us earlier, and he wasn't dressed warm enough for the weather for some reason. (learning about the kind of person he is might help with talking with him later especially since his brother died recently, we don't want to offend him and ask the wrong questions. Don't mention his death, seems like Mimi is the only few who knows about it, and might scare Plum and get whoever is watching us suspicious)

What is north of town?
No. 1015428 ID: 031458

The roof thing looks like a cute bird!
No. 1015431 ID: f32c9a

Quick, look up at the roof!
No. 1015438 ID: 61735f

You feel like you are being watched even with the gathering storm dulling your senses. Try to get a look at the roof without being obvious and ask questions to plum but keep it light.

Ask about the town and if PLUM likes the area, What does she like to do?

I like the idea of asking about what happened to her coat. It may have been something completely normal but would be good information either way and maybe help us get more of a feel from MIMI.

I also thing offering a berry candy as a thanks would help endear PLUM to us. It will be good to have friends who won't be suspicious of us.
No. 1015466 ID: 0838d6
File 163720216304.png - (13.22KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

You casually ask PLUM about the kin in town. She mentions in a quiet voice that mostly everyone she knew left town a while ago. She mentions that most of the ADULTS don't bother to talk to her unless they need her LOGIC AND MATHS skills. She kicks a nearby pebble in frustration.

The other UNAWAKENED TEENS treat her alright for the most part. MIMI has always been sweet and helps her fix her old clothing that has wear and tear from constant reuse since she’s kind of POOR. She points to a big patch on her WARM COAT, it has a little embroidered tentacle on it that you imagine is MIMI’S SIGNATURE. She mentions it tore the other week on a THORNY BUSH and that she gave it to MIMI so it would be fixed before the next BLIZZARD.

IRAH is okay she guesses, but she feels like something's been wrong lately ever since his BROTHER stopped by with some friends and then recently went missing.

You ask about IRAH’s bro and their friends and she remarks that his brother was an ASH-KIN named PHOENIUS, but their friends were rather plain looking CLOTH-KIN, one had a COOL SCAR, but they seemed really spaced out most of the time and left after a big argument in the INN. She got some BAD VIBES off of those CLOTH-KIN.

Other than that she talks briefly about a few AWAKENED ADULTS. DRIFT is incredibly annoying, but actually talks to her, so is one of the few ADULTS she enjoys talking to. MORTIFER treats her like an annoying child, even though she's been the one helping him manage his finances ever since he gave up on running the mine, which is FAR TOO LONG in her opinion. She remarks that a FOREMAN should know when to quit.

She mentions that there are some others in town but asks you about where you're from, her curiosity peaked. So you and KA XU share a bit about what it was like in your CLUTCH growing up, how they taught you a TRADE and you learned to HUNT. She goes wide-eyed at that and thinks it's super cool you can get food just by hunting and that you got to TRAVEL, she’s just lived here forever. She remarks the only other kin she knows that can do that is GYOB, but he keeps to himself over by the lake.
No. 1015467 ID: 0838d6
File 163720218598.png - (11.35KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

Plum talks about how she usually COLLECTS SEEDS and knows of some good varieties that she feeds to the TINY FLYING PAPERLINGS that come around when it’s less cold. And KA XU says that he’d like to see them sometime, maybe some RARE SEEDS he could grow into some HERBS could be found.

> Perception Check: ROOFTOP
A cold breeze whisks past the side of your head and you turn slightly, your mind glazing over the conversation for a moment. A dark spot moves at the corner of your eye and you look up to the roof of a nearby ABANDONED BUILDING. The snow has built up on the roof, but not to a disastrous level. You see a small groove where something could have been, a potentially disturbed area, but aren't sure if it was your imagination or not. If something was there, it's either QUITE FAST, or QUITE STEALTHY.

Plum looks at you with a curious expression as you shake your head and turn to keep walking and talking.

You ask about WORK in the town and she just shrugs, saying there's barely anyone left. Your best bet is to just SELL STUFF to JACQUELINE the GENERAL STORE OWNER. She buys and sells most stuff, even has some things she's looking for. But PLUM says that she's... INTENSE and kind of SCARY for an ADULT.

She offhandedly mentions that you could go to the [WOOD MINE] in the NORTH if you're really desperate, but there’s no WOOD left as far as she’s aware. There might be some GOOD STONES or something that could get you A BEAD OR TWO up by the PEAK, but she got really torn up and sick the last time she went because she just doesn't know a way to avoid the brambles. But it might be wasted effort unless you can make them into a USEFUL TOOL that someone needs. She doesn't know much about stones though, so there might be NOTHING there. But to this your eyes SHINE, you might have a way to make money if someone has a specific TOOL they might need, but that’s only if you can find some STONES.

But then she gravely intones to BE CAREFUL, a slight crack appearing in her voice, there was an accident at the mine before, crushing her- she pauses at that, seeing you’ve arrived at your destination.
No. 1015468 ID: 0838d6
File 163720230430.png - (14.95KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

You reach the door of the GUARDHOUSE and PLUM stands a bit away from you, she says that she's got to head out but it was nice chatting. You offer her some BERRY CANDIES but she recoils and says she only likes BITTER snacks before thanking you and walking off. You get the feeling she doesn't want to see AN BOREALIA for some reason.

You see her heading towards the [ABANDONED RESIDENCES] to where you assume she lives. Ka Xu dismounts and opens the door, excited to not be in the COLD. The inside is certainly INSULATED, but it's not as WARM as the INN. What greets you instead is the shocked expression of two ladies. One a rather large FUR-KIN that looks like a rabbit, she’s wearing a THICK SCARF, GLOVES, and BOOTIES and her nose scrunches at your entry. In front of her lies a CLOTH-KIN with a head that looks more FUR in nature, they’re wearing a BLACK dress with a thick, WHITE SCARF. The two gesture for you to shut the door and continue their conversation.

An Borealia: All I’m saying is that it’s VERY suspicious that YOU found the body, MI SNOW
Mi Snow: And all I’m SAYING An is that YOU are doing a LINT POOR JOB
Mi Snow: I can’t SLEEP at night, I’m irritable and frustrated and there’s a dosh garn BLIZZARD
An Borealia: I’m the ONLY ONE doing any guard work, I can’t catch everything!?!?
An Borealia: Especially when kin just wander off in the middle of the night!
An Borealia: I told everyone to stay INDOORS at night when PHOENIUS
An Borealia: Went missing a week ago, and then we had kin just RUNNING OUT OF TOWN
An Borealia: Directly ignoring me!!!
Mi Snow: Well maybe it’s because you’re a washed up GUARD or SHERIFF or whatever
Mi Snow: They know that you can’t do jack in a box for anyone!
An Borealia: I’m just one girl, I already don’t SLEEP much
An Borealia: I go out on WATCHES and I haven’t found anything!
An Borealia: Wait I was asking YOU questions
Mi Snow: I can’t handle not knowing what did this
Mi Snow: You saw the corpse, his HEAD was torn off
Mi Snow: and his ARMS were torn to shreds or eaten or whatever!
Mi Snow: Maybe you shouldn’t sleep at all, maybe then we’d be SAFE!!!

You see An Borealia’s expression darken, turn to frustration, then hopelessness as she sits there and looks down at the ground, defeated. Mi Snow picks up something on the ground, some sort of long rod and walks out. You see her move the mechanism around and it turns into something you’ve never seen, something protecting her from the snowfall. The door shuts behind you as you’re left with a solemn looking An Borealia.

The [NOON] is about half over.
No. 1015484 ID: 96c896

This is the one person in town you can trust, so tell her about your quest. Offer to help with patrols. You think there was someone on one of the roofs a little while ago, actually...
No. 1015515 ID: e51896

Lets pick the poor rabbit's spirits up, and gain her trust.

Introduce yourself and Ka Xu, ask if she'd like something sweet or bitter as your condolences, and give her either some berry candies if she likes sweet, or a shot of the candy wine if she likes something bitter. This might make her more comfortable to talk with us.

Tell her you'd like to help patrol by doing secret undercover work for her to help her with the workload. If she asks why, just tell her that while you were traveling, you met Mimi's grandmother and she wanted us to investigate Mimi's odd behavior that she's been having a week ago. We think maybe it is related to the vanishings going on in town. If she says she can't afford our services, tell her she doesn't have to pay us as we're doing this as a favor for the grandmother, and we can just sell stuff for beads, like any stones we find.

Mention how you thought that Phoenius died due to a paperling attacking him according to Mimi, you also remember him getting into some kind of argument before going missing a week ago?

also ask if she remember the grammy having injuries before leaving town, since her legs looked cut up when we first met her (she could have gotten those injuries after escaping town, but could be a clue if she was injured in town). Maybe tell her how Drift heard some dragging sounds last night too.
No. 1015576 ID: 0838d6
File 163737559091.png - (10.07KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

You and KA XU introduce yourself to the rabbit who nods and responds that her name is AN BOREALIA, the sole remaining TOWN GUARD and self-appointed SHERIFF.

She apologizes for the rather unfortunate encounter that you've borne witness to and her hopeless expression is immediately masked with immaculate professionalism. She then asks if there's anything she can help you with.

You offer her some of your CANDY WINE, you remark that it looks like she's having trouble RELAXING. She REALLY wants some, and you can even tell that as you offer she's struggling with being professional and just immediately pouring a shot for herself. She then thanks you for the offer but says that maybe it would be for the best if she didn't have any until after her final patrol of the day. Unfortunately her body betrays her words as she’s already poured herself a shot and set it aside for later, eying it intensely.

You decide to cut to the chase and discuss your purpose for coming to the town. She hears your tale of talking to DA CRONE and finding strange things in the town, and that MIMI seemed different. AN BOREALIA remarks that she wondered where DA CRONE fled off to, but hadn't had the RESOURCES to go search for her further than just in the town itself, after all, no one in town is willing to be a GUARD so it's just her after all.

AN BOREALIA then pauses for a moment and considers if any changes have been happening surrounding MIMI and you can practically see her trying to go through the mental motions of collecting any information before fizzling out and replying that she's really not sure.

AN BOREALIA remarks that MIMI has been a bit more ENTHUSIASTIC lately, which is hard to do when you're already as enthusiastic as she was and this started around a week ago. Of course this was before she realized what actually happened with POHOENIUS, but even then she's never let DEATH bother her much, seeing it as more of RETURNING TO THE LOOM to help out her brothers and sisters that still remain.

She states that it's kind of creepy but not strange based off of MIMI'S airheaded character, and it might even be a blessing because she isn't as STRESSED.
No. 1015577 ID: 0838d6
File 163737561691.png - (16.99KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

You decide to offer your services PATROLLER or TEMPORARY GUARD, seeing that she's understaffed and that you are underfunded. She immediately beams with excitement but then after a few moments is saddened, mentioning that part of the reason no one wants to be a guard is that she's FLAT BROKE, and that the MINE isn't funding her duties, so she really does this FOR FREE out of a sense of DUTY and only spends her savings on FOOD and a tiny SUNSTONE she pokes at on her desk to keep at least the area around her WARM. She remarks it doesn't even heat up the whole building.

She says that if you do this she can work something out with JACK, and see about getting you a TRADE VOUCHER or something for an item at her store as JACK owes AN BOREALIA several favors. But it's really not a long term solution and she likely only has enough FAVORS to last till the end of the BLIZZARD.

You’ve been offered a JOB, it’s details are as follows
- Go on patrol ONCE A DAY, checking in with the kin along your route
- Handle MINOR DISPUTES between kin you come across
- Look for details on the death of PHOENIUS if possible
- Patrols take up a [TIMESLOT] and you can start them in the middle of one or at the beginning.

You will be paid in TRADE VOUCHERS that can be redeemed at the GENERAL STORE
- They are currently worth an unknown value
- You will be paid once after your first PATROL (should you prove competent)
- And then you will be paid based on your performance
- AN BOREALIA is unsure of how many of these she can get you, but says that she should have enough at the minimum to pay for your help DURING THE BLIZZARD

She says that she typically patrols twice randomly throughout the day so having someone take a patrol really eases her burden. But she also mentions patrolling AT NIGHT and how strenuous it is. She says that if you do this, you WILL LIKELY have to wander out during the BLIZZARD, and depending on it’s INTENSITY your patrol may take TWICE AS LONG when you do, but sees that you are well equipped enough to move from place to place that it shouldn’t be TOO MUCH of a problem.
No. 1015578 ID: 0838d6
File 163737562862.png - (9.64KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

She pokes her head out a hatch you didn’t notice before, just big enough for her head and after a moment brings her head back in and shakes off the snow that just collected. Her nose twitches as she mentions it looks like the storm will be at its most intense AT NIGHT, at least for today, but she can’t tell much past that.

You look to KA XU who has been remarkably silent and ask him for his opinion. He remarks that he guesses this could be fine. It'd give you an excuse to actually snoop around town. He's not fond of NOT BEING PAID, but says that maybe there's something good at the STORE. He also asks how long you want to do this GUARD thing, remarking that it’s probably fine to do while you’re completing your QUEST, but that he’s not too interested in doing this LONG TERM without getting some sweet sweet BEADS, as he’d rather EXPLORE or LOOK FOR SOME SEEDS.

He even remarks that you could take this job on your own while he does OTHER THINGS should you think that’s a good idea. You feel a stirring inside of you as you come to this choice and the warmth of your [ANCESTOR] stirs giving you a sensation and your [DESIRE] awakens as well, but they’re conflicting.

Your [DESIRE] thinks that you should TAKE THE JOB
Your [ANCESTOR] thinks you should not, but gets GOOD VIBES from AN BOREALIA

What do you do?
No. 1015582 ID: 629f2e

Let's not take this job. At best, patrol duties might make the people living here feel safer, and we might get early information on people going missing. But that isn't worth the time investment. We're better off focusing on our own investigation and talking to people as a pace we set.

Think of it like this. An will focus on keeping the people here safe, while we focus on identifying the cause of disappearances and eliminating it. We don't have the resources to spend on both, so we're gonna have to trust this bunny to handle the former. The sooner we get whatever evil is lurking in this town out, the sooner she won't need extra guards.
No. 1015589 ID: ce39da

I say we take the job. The vouchers aren't half as valuable as the impetus it gives us for investigating. Plushies will be wary of us if we, perfect strangers, walk up and start asking questions without giving away what we're trying to uncover.

Maybe ask BOREALA which folks around town we should prioritize.

Speaking of, who was that saucy girl she had a shouting match with? (Mental note; she seemed pretty intent on deflecting the sheriff's questions without actually giving a straight answer.)
No. 1015591 ID: 96c896

I say accept, but this is definitely only going to be for the quest's duration. This town is dying, even without people getting murdered, so sticking around without an exceptional job prospect would be stupid.

At any rate, we can't do it today. We need to explore the town. Probably go talk to that fisherman, or go to the overlook to get a good view of the layout.
No. 1015604 ID: 094652

This is a good temp opportunity. An Borealia has good experience that she's willing to teach at a discount, and you're expected to get paid even if you fail the quest.

That said, if the vouchers turn out to be near-worthless, quit on the spot. Build a reputation of being reliable but steadfast; if they don't pay you what you deserve, you're not going to be their wage-slave.
No. 1015608 ID: e51896

B. I think it would work better if we just patrol on our own without officially being guards, it'll give us the opportunity to leave town and search for stones to craft tools with, we did get the tool crafting skill, be a shame to waste it.

Plus, it'd make Ka Xu happy.

(if we do A, tell An that we'd think it'd be safer if we work for her undercover without people knowing we're working for her, and have people be more willing to talk to us this way. Let Ka Xu know it's temp, only until our quest is over.)
No. 1015638 ID: 0838d6

Don't take the job. It would be too noticeable and we don't want to use An's favors up. We won't be staying in this town after the quest is over, she will need the more than us. Also if other kin react like Mi Snow it might be more of a hinderance to be officially working as a guard.

Assure An Borealia that you will still be lightening her workload. Now you and Ka Xu will have more time and freedom to look for seeds and good stones while you are here investigating.
No. 1015671 ID: afe7de
File 163746239666.png - (10.15KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

You're wracked with indecision.

On the one hand the job would give you a logical impetus to actually pursue your goal without arousing any weird questions. You could also gain some good experience as a guard and get a minor payout.

But on the other hand you want to explore the town today, and you get the idea that she'll ask you to go on patrol immediately if you agree. You also get the idea that you should maintain a REPUTATION of sorts as STEADFAST, but not a WAGE SLAVE.

You could go UNDERCOVER, but that also has problems of potentially being yelled at or no one trusting you either. You're already investigating, so maybe it's better if you just keep at that and she continues patrolling to protect her fellow kin.

Patrolling also means less time to go to the more obscure places like the [LAKE] or the [MOUNTAIN OVERLOOK]. AN BOREALIA notices your indecision and gathers the courage to speak up, her face flushes as she stutters through the words.

An Borealia: I-I-I I could also pay with my body
An Borealia: In HUGS or CUDDLES or even uh
An Borealia: SMOOCHES, but it's been a while.
An Borealia: I'm a FUR so I'm WARM and comfortable at night
An Borealia: It makes up for being a little colder then the INN right...
An Borealia: I uh, please, even if it's just one or two PATROLS
An Borealia: Even if my COTTON-LINE means I need less SLEEP
An Borealia: That’s not NO SLEEP, I've just been so tired lately.

You consider this further, there's a lot of town left to look through and you only really have the [EVENING] to do it while it's light out before the BLIZZARD makes it difficult to move around. You could always come back and take the job after. There's also that [GENERAL STORE] and it's right next door to check out. But the PATROL could also show you things you might miss or where everyone else lives. KA XU remains disinterested but is deferring to you as he doesn't actually have any ideas as to what the BEST move right now would be. The stirring inside you becomes a little more distinct, you try to parse what your DESIRE and ANCESTOR are making you feel.

[DESIRE] - Get JOB to get SMOOCHES, you’ve never gotten one of those before
[ANCESTOR] - Continue exploring the town

The [NOON] is almost over, what do you do?
No. 1015673 ID: c92a02

Reject magical parental authority, become copstitute.
No. 1015674 ID: 795c41

Okay... we'll do it.
But teasingly tell her she's gotta kiss Ka Xu first to convince him too... as down payment! *turn on warmth a little* :p
No. 1015677 ID: 629f2e


...We are not above being bribed. One or two patrols wouldn't hurt, you probably needed to talk to the plushes in town anyways.
No. 1015720 ID: dfbac0

Accept, you'd still be exploring the town on your patrols, and going to more remote locations would have to wait until the end of the blizzard anyways. Best to do patrols during the blizzard, but have Ka Xu talk to people while you're on patrols, with how chatty he is he'll probably tell everyone our life story but that would be fine as it would earn the townsfolk's trust.
This way we can show the townsfolk that we're trustworthy and that we're here to help.
I'd say we shouldn't accept An's bribes but rather have her decide if she wants to do such things after we do our job, this would mean we'd have to woo her and earn her favor but I feel it the better option as it gives us experience with such things and gains more trust as well as not spreading rumors we can be bribed with smooches.
No. 1015725 ID: 61735f

How could we say no to a face like that? We can do one or two patrols... we've always wondered about smooches.
No. 1015784 ID: afe7de
File 163760280013.png - (17.03KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

You are not above being bribed or bribing someone with some PHYSICAL AFFECTION. You’ve now established this about yourself and you feel a sense of disappointment from your [ANCESTOR], a sense of satisfaction from your [DESIRE] and a very visible head shake from a certain party member.

AN BOREALIA just has a way with words, a subtle cock of the hip, and those eyes. You quickly regain composure and look at KA XU, he finishes shaking his head as he sees what you’re going to do. You think to tell AN BOREALIA to give him a kiss first to convince him as DOWN PAYMENT, but he speaks up before you can say that.

Ka Xu: Okay, so I was only slightly down before, but now uhhhh
Ka Xu: If you want to do that, that’s cool, but maybe I’ll just
Ka Xu: Talk to some of the kin AROUND HERE while you’re on those patrols
Ka Xu: There’s some chemistry there sure, but like…

You hear him mumble something under his breath about you pay with hugs now you’re paid in hugs, he bemoans how a CLUTCH and TOWNS are very DIFFERENT. He then stops and says that if you REALLY want him joining you on the patrols, that he will immediately walk away if it gets MUSHY, and you’ll have to ask him to join you, as he’s still interested in HUNTING FOR SEEDS, HERBS, and to EXPLORE.

You have accepted the JOB to PATROL the TOWN
- Ka Xu will not be joining you on patrols unless you ASK him to immediately prior
- You think you need to patrol [ONCE OR TWICE] on your own (without AN BOREALIA)
- You can redeem those HOT SMOOCHES, CUDDLES, and HUGS anytime AN BOREALIA isn't ON PATROL or about to patrol

No. 1015786 ID: afe7de
File 163760290471.png - (16.77KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

Seeing as you’ve accepted the job AN BOREALIA pulls out a MAP OF THE TOWN. She thinks it would be a good idea to give you a GENERAL LAYOUT so you can get your bearings, especially if you plan to PATROL DURING A BLIZZARD. You jot down a simplified version in your COB-LOG, your tiny paper and ink booklet, for reference later and she praises your initiative. Her version has tons of scrawlings and notes on it that you can’t make sense of. You ask her and she details some of the information to you.

AN BOREALIA doesn't know how to get to the CLIFFSIDE PEAK, as evidenced by the several ???s there. You ask her and she mentions the path has overgrown with SHARP BRAMBLES.

AN BOREALIA has marked a location in the FOREST, citing it as the location that PHOENIUS’S BODY was found at. It was in a TUCKED AWAY CLEARING. You mark it on your map with [!!!]

The [ABANDONED RESIDENCES] appear to have been split into 3 distinct sections and many houses in the RANSACKED RESIDENCES have been crossed off with RED INK to indicate that they are empty and dilapidated. You count 5 in total and mark them down.

There are several SQUARED BUILDINGS, you ask her what those are and she says that those are residences that are OCCUPIED or OWNED. You mark them down on your map.

Your map can’t compare to the one she has, and you’re inexperienced at DRAWING, so you abstract it and make various connections between the areas so you can get an idea of how the places connect. You notice that AN BOREALIA pointed out several routes to different areas and it looks like some have MULTIPLE ENTRANCES AND EXITS. You imagine there’s also ways to get to new places that aren’t listed on the map but you’ll have to spend an action LOOKING for one if you’re in the area if you want to find them.

You also mark the places you already know on your map with symbols that you can easily identify at a glance. AN BOREALIA says she’ll tell you who lives where as you PATROL.
No. 1015789 ID: afe7de
File 163760311233.png - (33.03KB , 1000x1000 , p62.png )

You just got a lot of useful information, you’re glad that this rabbit trusted you pretty quickly. You pout out of habit and think for a moment when KA XU speaks up again.

Ka Xu: That map’s actually a GOOD IDEA
Ka Xu: Now we at least have an idea of things.
Ka Xu: You can totally go on patrol and I can go and cozy up in the INN though.
Ka Xu: Maybe talk to JACK? That GENERAL STORE OWNER?
Ka Xu: Or someone in the [TOWN SQUARE] area?
Ka Xu: I’m gonna be honest It’s just very COLD and I uhh
Ka Xu: You know, I’m not as WARM as you are.
Ka Xu: And I think my skills as a talky lad
Ka Xu: Could be better applied where there’s other kin around.

You know flat out that KA XU is a better fighter than you, so if anything happens he’ll probably be fine. He’s probably just trying to find an excuse to hang out in the INN where it’s WARM. Plus you doubt anyone would do anything with so many witnesses around unless the whole town was in on it, and you don’t really get that vibe. Heck, this may just be nothing, the town on its last legs and kin stressed out. You’re starting to even wonder if the COTTON that DA CRONE saw on MIMI was even real, maybe it was a trick of the light, maybe it was just SNOW or WATER or something.

You’re snapped back to your senses as AN BOREALIA looks to you and asks you if you’re ready to go and if KA XU is joining you, she states that she will join you for this FIRST PATROL to help you figure out where everything is.

A PATROL will see you explore several areas in a single unit of [TIME] unless you do it when a BLIZZARD is at its peak. You will visit the following locations BRIEFLY to look for any SIGNS OF TROUBLE in this order before returning to the TOWN SQUARE or attempting to STOP TROUBLE.


You notice that the MINE isn't on your patrol route and ask why. She mentions that it’s a bit OUT OF THE WAY and that she just asks MORTIFER how it’s going since she has so much ground to cover and he has a VIEW OF THE MINE on top of his house at the FOREMAN’S location.

During this time you will BRIEFLY speak with the kin along the route that come to the door, learn of any PROBLEMS or EVENTS, and deliver any information that AN BOREALIA deems important. You can also choose to either LOOK FOR SOMEONE, or LOOK FOR SOMETHING IN PARTICULAR as you PATROL, but keep in mind you won’t be in each area for too long.

It is now the [EVENING OF DAY 1]
Do you look for, talk about, or do anything specific while on PATROL?
Do you take KA XU with you or leave him to his devices?

No. 1015791 ID: 629f2e

I suggest we let Ka Xu sit this one out. We'll have An with us for our first patrol, so we won't be alone. No harm in letting him get nice and cozy in the inn. It's only fair, seeing as we're kind of doing this so that we can get nice and cozy with An later. Maybe tease him with a goodbye hug before you split up, since he's been commenting on yours recently.

I think we should keep an eye out for the missable landmarks that we got from Carto. Since An only mentioned the bramble covered path, we can probably show her the simple climb nearby and check to see if anyone's been up there scoping out the town. We should also mention the Sweetwater Cabin to An. Carto mentioned seeing someone there, so a villager thought missing may be residing there.
No. 1015852 ID: e51896

Pretty much this.
We can also see the fisherman, but ask An if she needs any tools, or if she knows of anyone that might need a tool. (that way, we can craft one later to sell)
No. 1015855 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and give Ka Xu your Tar Salve. You can ask for it back when you reunite with him (unless he needs to use it).
No. 1015917 ID: 61735f

This is my vote as well. Let Ka Xu go get warmed up in the Inn, he can chat with the kin getting shelter from the coming blizzard.
We should definitely spend this time really trying to get familiar with the surrounding. Keep an eye out for anymore evidence of kin watching the town from the shadows. (We can't forget about the kin watching from the roof)
No. 1015970 ID: eedbeb
File 163772037701.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , p63.png )

> Let KA XU sit this one out
> Give KA XU some TAR SALVE
You take out one of your TINY VIALS and put [1 USE] of the salve into it before handing it to KA XU. You say it's just for emergencies as ye takes it and stashes it. You give him a HUG before he heads off. He says he'll meet you back at the INN when your shift is over. He opens the door, sees something to his right, and walks over before closing the door.

AN BOREALIA wiggles her eyebrows at you and puckers her lip asking you if you're ready. Your CORE beats a bit harder and you sputter for a moment as you stutteringly ask READY FOR WHAT? She replies to go on PATROL of course! You squint your eyes at nothing in particular, noting your [DESIRE] to knock it off a tad, unsure if that was just you, or if she did that intentionally.

She picks up a SATCHEL with a pouch that has some FLAT TIPPED rods with slight grooves in them. You see that there’s something kind of WEIGHTY inside of it, but aren’t able to catch it before she dons a small CLOAK, puts it on her back and heads off.

You head out and hear a telltale jingling of something as you turn your head to see the door to the GENERAL STORE to your right close. You guess they must have some sort of STONE BELL or something inside.

As you walk you ask AN BOREALIA if she needs or knows anyone who needs any STONEWORKS. She pauses for a moment to consider, mentioning she could use a few more NAIL BOLTS for her CROSSBOW, she just wants a nice and round 10 versus the 6 she has now. You intuit the heavy thing in her bag to be said crossbow. She says if you can do that she might be willing to share A FEW BEADS, or convince JACK to give you a stronger discount

You also briefly mention the SWEETWATER cabin which she confirms to be GYOB’S shack, and the CLIFFSIDE PATH that allows you to skip the BRAMBLES. She nods at that, saying it might be a good idea to check it out TOMORROW, some stuffie might be squatting up there.
No. 1015971 ID: eedbeb
File 163772038974.png - (12.67KB , 500x500 , p64.png )

The [WELL KEPT RESIDENCES] is where most of the remaining townsfolk live. You see that BELLA, PLUM, DRIFT, and SVART live there. They each moved from house to house as damage accumulated and many roofs CAVED IN. Though SVART moved into the INN ever since his house’s ROOF CAVED IN.

BELLA lives in the ABANDONED SCHOOLHOUSE, having modified it to her needs. There's a note on the door stating she'll be AT THE INN during the BLIZZARD and not to TOUCH HER BOOKS. AN BOREALIA remarks that she's an EBONY ASH-KIN. You think you saw her at the INN already.

DRIFT lives in the ABANDONED TEMPLE TO THE LOOMINOUS ONE, there's a sign that says KEEP OUT, YOU DON'T LIKE ME ANYWAY on the front. AN BOREALIA knocks but all you can hear is a loud IF YOU'RE NOT PLUM THEN GO AWAY. The two of you shrug and move on, PLUM will give him the news.

PLUM lives in the ABANDONED TOYSHOP, you can see inside some PLASTIC WINDOWS that she's sitting on a pile of PAPER TOYS and comes to the door when you knock. AN BOREALIA gives her the BAD NEWS about PHOENIUS and she looks devastated. She says that she'll go to DRIFT'S and that she doesn't want to be alone tonight, seeing as that sounds WAY TOO SPOOKY. AN BOREALIA gives her a hug and you turn up the [WARMTH] so that she can feel COMFORTED even if for a moment.

You reach SVART'S place, a completely decimated building, it looks like it used to be a residence. You look inside and can see scattered papers and that nothing of value remains. AN BOREALIA remarks that he's STAYING AT THE INN since his house caved in. They lack ENGINEERS and STONEMASONS to fix the buildings.
No. 1015972 ID: eedbeb
File 163772040425.png - (12.89KB , 500x500 , p65.png )

You leave the area after checking to see if anyone else was loitering around and eventually arrive at the entrance of the LABYRINTHINE RESIDENCES. IRAH lives here in the house you are next to, but it looks like the door is LOCKED. You peer inside to see an incredibly neat and well kept living area. There's not even a speck of dust. AN BOREALIA mentions he must've visted PHOENIUS'S GRAVE. They made it near where he DIED, as he was the first one she told after she found out the news.

You ask a bit about the area and AN BOREALIA mentions that the WELL KEPT RESIDENCES were spared from most of the RIOTING that occured. The LABYRINTHINE RESIDENCES were caused by many kin tossing over CARTS, STALLS, WALLS, and other debris to make it difficult for anyone to find anything or anyone that was here. They were the most SCARED of losing it all, yet it still happened. She mentions that IRAH'S home was one of the few to escape being cannibalized and that he was WAITING for his BROTHER to come back. Now she's not sure what he'll do. You briefly remember the MAP she made and how this area hasn’t been explored too deeply, there could be something good here if you’re willing to risk searching during the BLIZZARD.

You could swear out of the corner of your eye that you spot something moving, you turn your head and you imagine it rounding the corner. You walk a little closer but notice no footprints anywhere. Considering the FRESH SNOW in the area that might have been your imagination.

After taking a slightly circuitous route you end up in the last residential area. MI SNOW and DATOR live here, AN BOREALIA tells you this area was hit the hardest by the RIOTS as many buildings were outright ransacked and their structural integrity ruined. There's very few buildings in GOOD CONDITION, however MI SNOW and DATOR refuse to leave due to sentimental reasons. You pass by MI SNOW'S house only to see her passed out near a BOTTLE of some kind. AN BOREALIA decides to leave her alone, having already talked to her today.

You turn around to notice a FROG FUR-KIN wandering in your direction, or to be precise, wandering to a specific house and placing a PLASTIC ROSE BUNDLE of some kind in between the cracks on the doors. He places one before turning to see you walk towards him. You look at the dilapidated house in front of the frog. There's a sign in front of it that says PRE YA- and -ATOR-, the rest of the sign is broken and no longer legible.

An Borealia: That’s DATOR.
An Borealia: Okay, you try now, let him know about PHOENIUS
An Borealia: Oh, and that's his house, it's pretty dilapidated
An Borealia: Maybe recommend he stay at the INN or with someone
An Borealia: I want to see how you handle this kind of thing
An Borealia: Oh, he's bad at speaking CANON, so if you can handle this then you’re golden!

No. 1015974 ID: e51896

Since he can't speak our language well, it's best to use not so many words and get straight to the point. Short and sweet. Just saying "Phoenius died" Might get the point across.

Once we can confirm he understands that, say "stay safe at Mimi's tonight"
No. 1015976 ID: e51896

Oh wait, he can't stay at Mimi's, all the rooms are booked.

First explain to Andrea there's no rooms left at the Inn, and ask who is good friends with Dator. Afterwards, we'll tell him "stay safe at (friends name here) place tonight"
No. 1016023 ID: 0d32b9

If theres a language barrier, why not just use our cob log to draw doodles to get our point across? Like a picture of him with a friend of his in a home at night. Ask An who his friend is, and a description of appearance.
No. 1016074 ID: afe7de
File 163780751647.png - (16.71KB , 500x500 , p66.png )

You decide to greet the man, keeping your dialog short and simple. He nods at your greeting and you get down to business.

Dator: …
You: Um, PHOENIUS died.
Dator: Thought so.
Dator: Did not know him.
Dator: Irah did.
Dator: Sad loss.

His expression is unreadable to you, you’re not sure if it’s a cultural barrier or a racial barrier but he’s staring at the building blankly, or at least that’s how you read it.

You: Can you stay at MIMI’S to-

You realize mid way through your sentence that MIMI told you you booked the last room. Uh oh, you pause to think of another suggestion but DATOR speaks up.

Dator: Da.
Dator: Already staying there.
You: Oh, great.

You were planning on doing a whole thing with your COB LOG, but it seems like it all worked out. You feel good about what you’ve done. You look to AN BOREALIA and she has an eyebrow raised, she shakes her head and the two of you carry on, leaving DATOR behind.

You: Something up?
An Borealia: Just feel like I should’ve seen him this MORNING if he booked a room at the INN
An Borealia: Must’ve come after I talked to MIMI
An Borealia: Then again the place wasn’t packed
You: Well it was booked when I got in there and I went to you immediately after.
You: It looked pretty busy, and I did hear someone UPSTAIRS
An Borealia: Ah, he must’ve SLEPT IN or something!

She has a look of inspiration on her face as she says that and you continue to PATROL, leaving him behind. You turn around and notice him staring past the two of you, or at you, you can’t tell. You turn to look in front of you and notice the WIND and SNOW picking up, so AN BOREALIA rushes you to get to the next place.
No. 1016076 ID: afe7de
File 163780766418.png - (12.59KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

You see a frost covered bed of SWEETWATER in front of you. The ICE is starting to harden from the cold, but it’s cracked in places and you think it’d be easy enough to dip some of your TINY VIALS to get a drink. The INN will be providing you with your MEAL and WATER, so you should be fine, but it couldn’t hurt to get some more.

An tells you that this place used to be where they held FESTIVITIES and CELEBRATIONS, the stuffies would run around and enjoy themselves, CEREMONIES would be held. Kin would AWAKEN here. She remembers her awakening and the ones around her with a somber expression. After a moment of reverie she points to an outcropping of trees and says that that’s the approximate area that GYOB lives in. You start to walk towards it but notice a rather large lump of snow near the edge of the water shift. You turn to it, startled and point at it.

An looks at you and snickers for a moment before motioning for you to investigate it. You do so, confused, and as you approach the mound shifts and you see a rod and string being tugged. The mound then stands up in a blast of snow, revealing a rather large FISH FUR-KIN. You immediately jump back in response only to hear a voice, not directed at you, but at the nearly frozen ice below them.

Gyob: FINALLY!!!

You watch them struggle and after a few moments heave their pole in an arc. In response a rather large AQUATIC PAPERLING takes to the sky, hooked to this pole. They’re… fishing? With a pole? You thought you could only do that with a NET! He slams the creature to the ground in front of you, opposite to where he was standing. He doesn't seem to notice you as he bends over and grabs what appears to be a club.

The AQUATIC PAPERLING begins to thrash about, seeking a return to it’s life under the sweetwater. You ready your LONG NEEDLE but in a flash GYOB dashes forward and lands a solid punch on the beast’s head. It tries to fight back but he pulls the club back and beats it in the head, repeatedly, until it stops moving.

An Borealia: This is Gyob, he FISHES.
Gyob: Don’t feel alive without a POLE in hand
Gyob: Nothing better than fighting a FISH

You were thinking about seeking this guy out a while ago, what do you talk about?
No. 1016078 ID: 96c896

Tell him about your net trap!
No. 1016079 ID: e51896

Yoooo! Start fangirling about his pole trap, cause that was awesome! tell him about how you can fish too in a different way with a net, catch a lot of fish with it too! though it has to be a river instead of a large lake like he's at... do fur kin eat things like fish raw? offer him a little salt to add taste to his newly caught fish if that's the case.


suddenly remember you have to deliver the news on Phoenius, and recommend he gets a friend to take shelter with
No. 1016081 ID: c0a638

Talk about that POLE. Hey, what if your needle had a string on the end for easy retrieval? You'd probably want a smaller one and a strong string.
No. 1016178 ID: afe7de
File 163790244356.png - (13.16KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

Your eyes glow for a moment as you get excited at this fancy new contraption. You start talking about the NET TRAP you used to catch fish once on a river and GYOB remarks that that’s the EASY way to fish. If you really want to taste the flavor and get some SICK GAINS you have to fish with a POLE AND HOOK. He tears the hook from the dead paperling’s mouth to show you, but snaps it in the process. He chucks it on the ground and shrugs, pulling out another one to show you.

You can immediately tell that it’s made of SUB PAR materials, you could easily make something better if you had the right STONES. But even with it’s weak structural integrity you can’t deny the results. He mentions that BAIT tends to do a good job of attracting them to the hook and goes into detail of some PLANTS and STRINGS that they are attracted to. Though this one in particular prefers PAPERLING MEAT, and is a more fulfilling meal.

You offer GYOB [1 CHARGE] of SALT which he takes gratefully, remarking that the stuff costs QUITE A BIT. In return he hands you a HOOK, saying that you can use it to FISH if you attach some STRING to a ROD approximately half your size. You thank him and remark that his HOOKS seem to be of LOW QUALITY and that if you find some GOOD STONES you could make him some BETTER ONES. He thinks for a moment and says that if you can get him a set of 3 he will pay you [10 BEADS] or trade you a similar value’s worth of MATERIALS and DRIED MEATS since he tends to collect a decent amount and only trade them if he needs something. You ask if he needs any ROPE or STRING and he declines saying he has some HIGH QUALITY LINE that he’s purchased from the GENERAL STORE. You look at his rod and notice that the string is thin but durable, you can’t help but wonder what it’s made of, is it some sort of high tensile plastic?

You hear a cough from behind you as AN BOREALIA gestures that it’s time for you to move on. You briefly mention PHOENIUS’S death to which GYOB tilts his head in confusion, saying he lives close to the DEEP FOREST and never heard of a BEAST like that. Then again he purchased some TRAPS, and they haven’t gone off, so he thinks he’s SAFE. You mention for him to stay with someone but he declines, saying he can take care of himself before wandering away with his catch back to his cabin.

AN BOREALIA nods and you carry on. She remarks that he’s a bit of a LONER and doesn't mix too often with the other stuffies in town. You shrug, you’ve done your part, and you’re too busy doing some mental calculations, [10 BEADS] is a good sum of FUNDS, but you were told things were way more expensive out in the wider world, maybe KA XU will be able to provide some INSIGHT on this if he went to the [GENERAL STORE]. You also think about making something like a CHAINED or ROPED LONG NEEDLE so you could toss and retrieve it. It’d be something similar to KA XU’S CHAINED NEEDLE AND SCISSOR, maybe you could ask him about it later.

You gave away a charge of SALT, you have [6 CHARGES] of SALT remaining
You’ve gained a LOW QUALITY FISHING HOOK, you put it in your satchel

No. 1016179 ID: afe7de
File 163790245056.png - (5.46KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

You begin to head to a building in the distance, it’s a two story house built with a balcony facing the MINE. You imagine that on the roof you could get a clear view OVER [THE FOREST] and could see the [MINE ENTRANCE]. You rap at his double doors and after a moment, so does AN BOREALIA. She remarks that MORTIFER’S been rather CRANKY lately and not to take what he says to heart. You hear the sound of BOOMING footsteps and GROWLING as something approaches the door. A SLOT opens up in the door and you see two beady eyes that must belong to a rather large body, larger than AN BOREALIA even.

Mortifer: WHAT?
An Borealia: Just doing the rounds, everything okay?
Mortifer: No. The mine’s still out of operation.
Mortifer: But soon I’ll figure it all out, we’ll find a vein and-
Mortifer: Whose this?
You: Cob, here to help out a little bit while I’m in town
Mortifer: Hm, cute.
Mortifer: Anyway, the answer is uhhh…

There’s a pause in his cadence. You can’t see his body and figure out what he’s doing, but you think you hear the sound of him fumbling with something. AN BOREALIA doesn't seem to notice this and just plays with one of her ears absentmindedly and shrugs.

Mortifer: No, nothing to report.
Mortifer: Went there this MORNING, still NOTHING.
An Borealia: Well, keep an eye out, PHOENIUS was found DEAD.
Mortifer: Irah’s Kin?
Mortifer: What a shame.
Mortifer: Or it would be if he wasn’t a blasted THIEF
Mortifer: Good fluffing riddance!
An Borealia: Hey!
Mortifer: Boo hoo, you know how many kin died in the mines during the ACCIDENT
Mortifer: I lost my WIFE, I lost my SON, I lost my FRIENDS
You: We’re not saying your pain isn’t valid but-
Mortifer: Anyway, you done?
Mortifer: I just want to HYBERNATE this storm out like I always do.
You: We just think you should be concerned abou-
Mortifer: Just TRY and get in here, I bet you can’t.
Mortifer: No one has, not even during the RIOTS.
Mortifer: Listen, I trust AN, and if she trusts YOU, then that’s fine.
Mortifer: But I’ll be FINE, I always have been.

No. 1016180 ID: afe7de
File 163790246916.png - (8.46KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

He SLAMS the SLOT shut, but it bounces back slightly leaving a crack that you’re just barely able to see through. You see him turn around, holding something in his maw, a bag that’s practically bulging. But you’re unable to tell the contents inside. An SHRUGS, saying that that’s the best outcome really, he’s a little too SHORT SIGHTED at times to understand LARGER IMPLICATIONS, it’s why he failed at running the mine so hard. You nod and the two of you set off, but you feel a bit strange about that encounter for some reason. Like there’s a tugging from your [ANCESTOR] vaguely in the direction of the house, or is it to the forest? It’s unclear.

The road you cross appears to be a vestige of what it could have been, rocks piled up sporadically, the grooves made by years of carts traveling through have been overgrown with plastic grass and moss, and now there’s a thick layer of snow covering a majority of the place. You look to the NORTH and see a long road through a hilly outcropping that AN BOREALIA tells you leads to the [MINE]. But it’s a LONG WALK, like she said before.

You notice on the ground a recently dropped FLOWER, it appears to be of the same kind that DATOR was holding and it’s covered with some fresh snow. You almost missed it. Near it you see two rather large FOOTPRINTS, almost like a large force was exerted, unfortunately you can’t make out what kind of feet they are. You find this weird as there’s no other sets of footsteps, perhaps they were covered by the INTENSIFYING snow. You guess if there were other steps around they would have been PRETTY LIGHT to not leave any prints behind if these stayed.

You point this out to AN but she doesn’t find it all that weird. And you continue onward, passing the entrance to the [FOREST] to your WEST. There’s a moment of silence as you walk and the storm calms briefly. AN BOREALIA mentions that it’ll be JUST ABOUT NIGHT by the time you finish your PATROL, and that the only real stops left are to JACK’S and THE INN. You look to the sky and do see that the SUN is in fact setting. You wonder why they even call it that anyway, it looks more like a BULB to you, language is weird.

Given this moment of calm, do you talk to AN BOREALIA about anything, or do something else on your walk back to town?
No. 1016181 ID: e51896

Take some time to try to remember, was that bag Mortifer had looked anything like what Drift was carrying? Maybe Drift dropped that off at Mortifer's place for some reason.
No. 1016182 ID: c0a638

Maybe there's only one set of heavy footprints because they jumped way up in the air or something.
No. 1016183 ID: f70a55

Ask An about what Mort was reporting to her, and what his accusations of Phoenius being a theif was about.

Also, what was the deal with Dator's flowers?
No. 1016184 ID: 96c896

I think someone literally jumped DATOR. Or is it the other way around? Can DATOR jump? Maybe you should try to find him and return the dropped flower.
No. 1016201 ID: fc8216

Ask about Da Crone and Jack. We heard from her she didnt have a good opinion of him
No. 1016231 ID: 0f7dbf

So i am a bit late to the party here, but I think we should really backtrack on the doing this job for sexual favors cuddles and smooches. Obviously we can't just undo the job, but I think we should just do it to gain favor with An Borealia rather than the hugs and such. I mean, we are kinda naive, and there is probably a reason why Ka Xu balked at the idea. Plus, it seems like it is kind of taking advantage of Borealia being in a tough spot.

I just kind of wanted to get this out before it is too late.
No. 1016232 ID: afe7de
File 163798829061.png - (13.61KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

You break the silence first, asking about MORTIFER and PHOENIUS, why would he call him a thief, and what he was reporting about. She gives a big, long, sigh. Saying that it goes back to when the mine was still in operation. PHOENIUS was a worker there and he announced his leave near the end. But on the day he left, some WOOD ORE went missing and MORTIFER always claimed it was PHOENIUS that took it, although no one could ever confirm that, it's certainly impossible now.

She then continues, explaining that the thing he was reporting about was if there was something going on at the MINE, since he has a VIEW of the mine and tends to JUST STARE AT IT for a majority of the day. You remark that that's weird behavior and she says that he's just getting older and is wistfully reminiscing.

You pause to look at the FOOTPRINTS for a minute longer and remark that they look like someone JUMPED from here. AN BOREALIA says that it's quite possible that DATOR jumped from there, you look at her in confusion, wondering how that would be possible.

She remarks that FUR KIN like herself tend to have a SPECIAL TRAIT. She, for example, has OPPOSABLE THUMBS but can't move fast on all fours like most. Instead she can JUMP fairly well and has trained in the art of the CROSSBOW. She imagines DATOR could have trained his LEGS to do something similar. You ask what MORTIFER'S SPECIAL TRAIT is since you're on the topic and she remarks that he has a LOUD ROAR and is VERY STRONG, but lacks any opposable thumbs.

You ask why ASH don't have one of those and she gives you a look, remarking that you have ARTICULATED HANDS, which means that you can SEW, MAKE TRAPS, and WIELD TOOLS with much greater efficiency than everyone else. You flush at your faux pas and decide to take the flower, maybe there will be some use for it.

A PLASTICINE ROSE has been added to your satchel
No. 1016233 ID: afe7de
File 163798832283.png - (14.06KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You think hard for a moment about the bag that MORTIFER had, comparing it to the one you saw DRIFT have. The two had very distinct colors. MORTIFER'S was a deep and royal blue, whereas DRIFT'S was a generic brown. One thing that you missed about MORTIFER'S that you can vaguely remember is that it looked like a lot of TINY things were in it, like it was a BUNDLE OF BEADS or a BUNDLE OF BERRIES or something of a similar size. You vaguely remember that DRIFT'S bag looked like it was more just filled with RANDOM SUPPLIES that you couldn't determine.

You remember DA CRONE having a problem with JACK and bring that up to AN BOREALIA. She thinks for a moment and says that maybe she just found her WEIRD? JACK speaks in the THIRD PERSON most of the time and others find that a bit odd. Also JACK can be a little GREEDY. As far as she’s aware there’s no REAL ENMITY there other than maybe being upset for being OVERCHARGED occasionally.

As you head to the town square, briefly stopping by the FARM and noticing that it appears that NO ONE has been there for some time. The BARN itself is LOCKED, and the only window is HIGH UP. AN BOREALIA remarks that PLUM has the key, she's been trying to GROW CROPS from her SEEDS to help contribute to the TOWN, which she appreciates.

You briefly stop by the GENERAL STORE, but AN BOREALIA asks you to stay outside, as she wants to talk PRIVATELY with JACK about your REWARD. You tilt your head at that but aquesque to her request and wait outside. It's only a minute or two later before she comes out. She says that JACK is closing up shop for the night and hands you something.

It's a small piece of PAPER with a BEAD scrawled on it. She remarks that this is a VOUCHER for her store. She says that the more you do for me the more the value MULTIPLES, AN BOREALIA says that she's not that good at MATHS, but that just means you should work hard for her before giving out a very cheery chuckle.

You’ve gained one JACK’S VOUCHER
- You still don’t know how much it’s worth
- You stuff it in your BEAD POCKET since it’s basically currency, you think

No. 1016234 ID: afe7de
File 163798834613.png - (39.49KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

You finish your patrol at the INN, walking in with AN BOREALIA in tow as the sun crosses the horizon and the darkness of night amplifies. You can feel it getting colder and the snow begin to buffet against your porcelain and cloth HARD. You barely escape the hurriedly intensifying storm and enter the WARMTH of the INN. It’s abustle with kin inside. You see SVART sitting by himself in a corner, nursing a drink and watching the comers and goers. You briefly see IRAH heading upstairs from the OUTHOUSES and KA XU heading towards the OUTHOUSES himself.

You see BELLA with three plates in front of her, two have been cleanly eaten whilst one still looks full. She gives you a brief wave and gestures to the plate in front of her that has yet to be eaten.

MIMI still is behind the desk but she has a rather FLUSHED expression, almost giddy in nature. AN BOREALIA heads over to her and after a few words is handed a small parcel, it looks like some FOOD SCRAPS. She heads back to you, remarking that you did a GOOD JOB on patrol, a little shaky with DATOR, but otherwise fine. She’s sure you’ll do well enough on your own and says to come see her when you want to PATROL again, and remarks that you can redeem those SMOOCHES and CUDDLES and HUGS at any time, especially if you want some company IN BED. She gives you a wink and then sits down in an isolated booth and begins to eat her bundled meat.

After AN BOREALIA seats herself you see KA XU walk in from the OUTHOUSE, he takes a seat in front of BELLA and then notices you, waving you over. He gestures to the plate of PAPERLING MEAT in front of him and makes an EATING GESTURE, you are a bit HUNGRY, but you’re also TIRED.

It is now the [NIGHT OF DAY 1]
- You are feeling tired and should get to bed soon
- The later you wait to go to sleep, the later you’ll wake up
- You can also chose to SLEEP IN which guarantees you’ll have a DREAM
- You get the feeling if you chose to talk to someone, everyone else will finish up and head to bed

What do you do?
No. 1016236 ID: e51896

Let's go see Bella and Ka Xu, seems like they both want to talk to us and saved us a meal.

Who knows, maybe Svart might join in.
No. 1016237 ID: 96c896

Ok you're obviously supposed to go eat with KA XU so don't be rude. Take the invitation.
Tell him about patrol, ask him if his search was fruitful.
No. 1016238 ID: 629f2e

Eat with Ka Xu. Hear what he's been up to, let him introduce you to his companion, and fill him in on what all you found. Make sure to tell An before you do what room you're staying in, so that she can find you to cuddle tonight. We all need Cob hugging this bunny, there will be no delays on calling that in.
No. 1016239 ID: a90ed6

Nerd out to Ka Xu about Gyob, talk about how you want to go find some stones tomorrow afternoon or evening if the weather isn't bad after your patrol in the morning, and then craft him some hooks, and get 10 beads from him.

But ask for his insight about prices for doing that since we were told things in the wider world is much more expensive, but you still want to help Gyob regardless and be his friend.
No. 1016241 ID: c0a638

Talk to Mimi.
No. 1016248 ID: 0f7dbf

I don't know if we do. It still feels like we are taking advantage of her, to me. I mean, do we really want to do that with the knowledge that the other participant doesn't even necessarily want to do it in the first place? Do we really want to be that much of a pig?
No. 1016249 ID: 0f7dbf

We should go over to Ka Xu, but maybe offer to bring over An Borealia as well and share the paperling meat? I mean, it seems like it would beat food scraps and be a nice thing to do.
No. 1016253 ID: a90ed6

If An is anything like Andrea from Catalyst (the character she is based off of) I'm sure she is more than perfectly fine with it and even encourages it.
No. 1016267 ID: 96c896

Oh, ask Ka Xu if he saw what made Mimi excited. If nothing happened, then... I think she's excited about the blizzard that's about to happen tonight. Because she's going to go out and hunt. Well, either that or she's gonna get some cuddles with IRAH.

Hmm, I think that since DATOR can jump, he was probably the person on the rooftop, spying on us because we're new in town. He'll also be pretty safe since he can travel through the labyrinthine residentials faster than anyone else... I wonder if we can get his help against the killer?

Can our WARMTH melt snow? Won't be dangerous unless it melts the snow *before* it reaches our body though. Snow absorbs moisture so even if it melts against our body new bits of snow will help dry off somewhat.
No. 1016300 ID: afe7de
File 163806498770.png - (20.14KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

You head over and put some food from your plate to another, you're only a little hungry and she seems famished. You then hand her the meat and offer her to join you over at your table, but she says that it's a bit crowded. She thanks you for the food though and begins to practically vacuum up the meat. You let her know what room you're staying in too while you're at it.

You head over to the seat that's been prepared for you, with your meager snack in hand, and are welcomed back by your companion. He begins to go into detail about what he was up to while you were gone. You summarize it as the following:

He noticed JACK outside muttering about the storm.
He entered the GENERAL STORE and learned about the available stock.
Jack gave him a SMALL TOY and pushed him out of the store.
Meets BELLA in the INN and watches MI SNOW get real mad at the lack of rooms.
Sees MIMI give her a SUNSTONE in exchange for some BEADS so she can survive the BLIZZARD, as MI SNOW was too paranoid to stay in the COMMON AREA.
He took a dump, ate and got you some food.

BELLA introduces herself as a GENIUS, remarking that she's great at NOTICING STUFF and has a rich knowledge of HISTORY. Really she just used to be the teacher at the SCHOOL and was a SCRIBE for her old CLUTCH working closely with her SHAMAN for a long time before that.

You remark that she must be pretty old then and she gives you a look of disappointment before saying that a lady should never reveal her age. You take note of that and continue your discussions.
No. 1016301 ID: afe7de
File 163806502252.png - (10.20KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

KA XU asks you about what you saw on PATROL, hoping you learned something. You briefly relay what you've found and learned on your trip, not seeing any need or reason to hide what you've found from either of them.

You then excitedly talk about your opportunity to earn [10 BEADS] making some HOOKS for GYOB and KA XU pats you on the back, saying that he's glad you found a way to make money. He then asks to see the FLOWER you got and you hand it to him. He takes a look over it and says that the THORNS have been stripped rather FINELY and QUICKLY with something SHARP. He imagines that this PLASTICINE ROSE might have come from a BRAMBLE BUSH. Maybe even the same one that blocks the path to the peak?

BELLA then speaks up saying that they're rather common in the [FOREST and DEEP FOREST], there's no real need to go that deep to find them. She remarks that they're almost like a WEED with their abundance the deeper you go in the forest. Some kin used to COLLECT and SELL them to traveling merchants.

You bring up that MIMI seems to be quite giddy at the moment and ask what that's about. BELLA speaks up and mentions that she was probably SNOGGING IRAH in the back room. BELLA remarks that she did leave briefly earlier with him. KA XU didn't notice because he was knee deep in a story about how COB tried to catch a paperling when you were a kid and got pretty beat up. You pout at that and glare at KA XU who gives you the most innocent kitty-like expression in response.

You then ask about the PRICES at the GENERAL STORE. KA XU remarks that they're rather EXPENSIVE, at least for anything useful in blizzards, but that [10 BEADS] should net you some extra supplies. At the minimum you could get a [SEWING KIT] and [A FEW WEEKS OF RATIONS] and he'd consider it a fair deal. He does remark that there's an awful lot of FISH SCALES and DRIED MEATS, you assume that to be the work of GYOB.
No. 1016302 ID: afe7de
File 163806505837.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

You bring up the idea of having AN BOREALIA join you upstairs for a night of CUDDLING and that SMOOCHING thing and KA XU gives you a look that you can't quite describe. It's somewhere in the middle of shock and disappointment.

Ka Xu: Don't you feel... I dunno, weird about this whole thing?
You: Whaddya mean?
Ka Xu: I mean yeah I get you're fine with paying for stuff in HUGS
Ka Xu: And apparently being paid in a similar fashion
Ka Xu: She seemed desperate, like you're TAKING ADVANTAGE of her
Bella: Pffffff, wow
Bella: There's still stuffies who think like that huh
Bella: Well, it might be like that in SOME places still
Bella: An is a pretty strong lass
Bella: She into that stuff
Bella: And she wouldn't offer it if she wasn't into it.
Ka Xu: But that's like a big deal right?
Bella: Let's assume you're taking advantage of her right, hypothetically
Bella: She's also paying you in vague vouchers
Bella: To do a job that’s OBJECTIVELY HARD
Bella: So she can probably SLEEP, or I dunno do ANYTHING ELSE
Bella: Which means this apparently poor, dumb, sweet bunny
You: Isn't that just COOPERATION at that point?
Bella: Basically.
[DESIRE] - You: This conversation is irrelevant, I just want this cool new experience
You: And she seems EXPERIENCED, so won't that make it better?

You hear KA XU grumbling before he mentions that if you're going to do it, go do it at her place because there's only the ONE BED in the room and he’s not feeling it with anyone other than you because at least he knows you and has known you for a while. You remark that you have BEDROLLS, and he can just borrow yours to sleep in. He remarks that you could ALSO do that during the day instead of at night.

Bella: To each their own I guess.
Bella: It’s just cuddling to me, not like you’re SEWING A KID or something crazy
Ka Xu: It’s just the principle, I mean,
Ka Xu: Ugh oh great CINDER why can I explain PLANTS but not THIS

The lights of the inn start to DIM as MIMI begins to take them out one by one. She remarks that it’s LIGHTS OUT time and that everyone should GET TO BED. Everyone gathers up their plates and stacks them in a corner for MIMI to go and clean. She remarks that BREAKFAST will be delayed into [NOON] since she wants to SLEEP IN. SVART nods his head to the three of you as he heads upstairs. AN BOREALIA has just finished cleaning out her space but is sort of dragging out her motions, taking a long time. You think she’s waiting to see if something will happen.

BELLA remarks that she’s beat, and that she’ll see you all in the morning before heading up herself, she also remarks that if you want to chat briefly about something SPECIFIC before bed that you can knock on her door. KA XU gives you a look and an eye roll before asking for the key to the room so he can head upstairs. You hand it to him and he starts to walk away.

What do you do?

AUTHORS NOTE: While it is night time and you are TIRED, you can choose to power through the night and do other activities, talk to other kin, or make PREPARATIONS for anything you might want to do.

Oh, and WARMTH can melt snow over a long enough amount of time, but you’re not skilled enough to make an aura of warmth strong enough to just melt snow on contact and make an aura of clarity around you. It’s more like body heat regulating more then anything at this point.

No. 1016305 ID: e51896

Realize that Ka Xu might actually be jealous of An potentially cuddling with you and not him exclusively, and he wants to see cuddling as something special between you and him, not something you just give away.

Go upstairs with Ka Xu to not disappoint him further, go to bed. We want that WELL RESTED bonus after all. share dreams you've both had in the past with him, and teasingly ask if he's jealous of An and actually wants to cuddle with you right now before you both sleep

I mean, he did technically hinted at it by saying he'd rather not cuddle with anyone other than Cob so...
No. 1016306 ID: 629f2e


We will side with Ka Xu and turn down the bunny once.

One time!

Tomorrow night, cuddles are happening, but we'll give him a night to get over his hangups and potentially acquire alternative lodgings before bringing An to our room.
No. 1016307 ID: 96c896

I wanna stay up a bit late and get those smooches and cuddles, maybe An can teach us how to hug better too.
Who knows maybe it'll work for PASSION training to enhance WARMTH?

Mimi says she's sleeping in, but does that actually mean she's sneaking out? And if so, when is she sneaking out? I wish we could keep an eye on her window to make sure she stays in her room tonight like she claims.
No. 1016309 ID: 58acf3

Catch up with Ka Xu, go to bed and rest up. Maybe we can practice our warmth a little with him before we sleep?
No. 1016345 ID: 34dfce

I say for now we just stay with Ka Xu and turn down An Borealia for now. I still think we should rethink taking her up on her offer in general and just work as a guard to help and make friends with An.

Maybe we could ask Ka Xu in private a bit more about this. Maybe have the whole birds and the bees talk (at least in regards to intimate relationships as it exists in this world, not so much the reproduction part). We seem really naive on the subject, like it was never thoroughly explained to us one way or the other.

If after that, we do still decide to take up An on her offer, then at the very least, have a frank conversation about whether she really wants to do this and what doing that actually means to her before we actually do anything.
No. 1016366 ID: afe7de
File 163815890778.png - (13.21KB , 500x500 , p77b.png )

You wave towards AN BOREALIA and wish her a GOOD NIGHT. She offers you a smile you see tinged with a little bit of sadness and waves back to you, heading off to the GUARDHOUSE so she can rest for the night. You turn around and see MIMI taking all the DISHES into her room, and KA XU slowly walking up the stairs. You rush towards him and pat him on the back, he’s surprised, but smiles a bit as you go up.

You: So are you like… JEALOUS?
Ka Xu: What? ME? Pfffff, don’t be ridiculous!?!
You: Well I kinda got the impression you wanted like exclusive cuddle rights to me
You: Or something like that.
Ka Xu: Well I mean I uh.
You: I wanna EXPERIMENT while I’m in my prime!
You: and my [DESIRE] is pointing me straight into nuzzling that WARM BUN
Ka Xu: I know, I know, I’m just the kind of stuffie that prefers to take their TIME
Ka Xu: PURSUING your [DESIRE] isn’t a bad thing, everyone goes through it.
Ka Xu: There’s nothing wrong with it, but maybe I just worry
You: Worry what?
Ka Xu: That you’ll just add whoever to the CLUTCH while we’re on this journey
Ka Xu: And that you’ll slowly stop considering everyone involved
You: Cmon, we’re besties, I’m not just gonna abandon you!
You: Wanna cuddle tonight?
Ka Xu: Uh… No, I think just sleeping near each other like normal is fine

You shrug, giving him a playful punch on the arm in the process and speed up the stairs with a short trot. You reach the apex of the steps and point out the window you see.

You: There’ll always be times for cuddles later, not like we’re going anywhere anytime soon!

You get the feeling he actually DOES want to cuddle, but is EMBARRASSED that he was called out, even if you did it in a slightly playful manner. You’re sure if you gave an excuse like PRACTICING YOUR WARMTH he’d easily accept.

> INN - 2F
You look around at the second floor and notice 6 doors. Three on either side with a WINDOW at the end of the hall. The light from the MOON illuminates your path. You look to the doors and can see some LIGHT and SHADOWS coming from the cracks of ONE, you assume that to be BELLA’S room. One door immediately to your left is half open, a sign on it says SUPPLIES, PLEASE DON’T STEAL. You peek your head inside and notice a mop, stone bucket, rags, and a few THICK BLANKETS. You imagine you could snag one if there’s not enough in your room.
No. 1016367 ID: afe7de
File 163815892797.png - (8.30KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You hear a KA CHUNK as KA XU opens up the door to your room. It's the middle left room. You take a look inside and notice it’s dark, but he fiddles around and pulls out a MOONSTONE, illuminating the room. After a few moments of manipulation he turns a knob near a weird box on the side of the room and you feel the WARMTH of the SUNSTONE really permeate the room as some slots in what you now recognize as a VENT open up.

After closing the door you look around and notice that there’s FULLY BOARDED UP WINDOW, a SINGLE 2-PERSON BED, a CHEST, a small mount on the wall you imagine could hold a MOONSTONE for light, a TABLE and TWO CHAIRS. You suppose keeping an eye out on anyone leaving the building won’t be possible while you’re in your room. You wonder if other rooms have unobstructed windows as you put down your supplies and the two of you strip. You hang your TRENCH COAT on a small hook near the bed and take a look at the door. Being a professional TRAPPER you notice that the security is absolutely flimsy. The key turns a latch that locks the opposite side of the door down, but you imagine some THIN TOOL could slip through the crack in the door and knock the latch up, opening it. Failing that the door itself is made of a lower quality plastic, and you imagine the right amount of force could easily break through.

KA XU notices you staring at the door and asks what the matter is, you breach your concern and he shrugs, saying that it’s PRETTY COMMON in SMALLER TOWNS. You only really see secure places in BIG CITIES or CASTLES as they can actually afford someone with your skills to design something secure. You nod and remember that things weren’t really that secure back at the CLUTCH, since you lived mostly in tents and other propped up structures. You just had a lot of people on WATCH and to GUARD in case something happens.

The sound of PLASTICINE BOARDS creaking can be heard as the wind and snow buffet the building. You realize that it must be PRETTY INTENSE out there if it’s causing a racket like that. You imagine that hearing if someone is walking outside your door is going to be PRETTY DIFFICULT, but you would easily wake to the sounds of KNOCKING.

You’re not too concerned and get ready to disrobe as a thought occurs to you. You could go to sleep now, or DO SOMETHING BRIEF before bed. What do you do?

A. Go to bed immediately
- Lets you wake up the earliest
B. Do something about the door
- You have traps, and are fairly proficient in using them
C. Practice your WARMTH
- Gain XP towards improving it
- Pick an EMOTION when you do this, practicing in different ways might have benefits
D. Sleep in
- Wake later, but DREAM
E. Other
- Suggest a thing I didn’t say

AUTHORS NOTE: The general vibe seemed to be do a SINGLE THING before bed, so feel free to suggest what that is, doing stuff before bed means you’ll sleep in later.
No. 1016368 ID: 8483cf

C. Practice WARMPTH
No. 1016369 ID: c92a02

Sleep in.
No. 1016371 ID: 629f2e

C: Practice warmth and use it as an excuse to cuddle Ka Xu.

We should use an emotion that we feel passionate about for this, and what better than the [DESIRE] we keep getting for physical affection? Not exactly LUST, but in the same vein. Focus your mind on how holding Ka Xu fulfills it, without letting go of that feeling of wanting to be held either.
No. 1016372 ID: e51896

Practice on the passion emotion for a larger radius and more intensity on your warmth... with Ka Xu. Use this as an excuse to cuddle with him a little.
No. 1016375 ID: e51896

Actually? Desire might be an interesting emotion to practice our warmth with since that is passionate. Good idea Himitsu.

Maybe use a desire to want love or cuddles as we train warmth. Maybe a desire to want to make stone tools for people like Gyob
No. 1016376 ID: 96c896

C, try PASSION this time. Think about something that drives you, like your Desire or your passion for crafting.
No. 1016380 ID: f8fa51

C, cuddle your clutch-mate.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you set any deadly traps.
No. 1016387 ID: 34dfce

Without using a whole action, could we just prop up something against the door so that if someone tries to sneak in it falls and makes a loud enough noise to wake you? Doesn't need to be elaborate (do we still have our weapons? if so, just lean the long needle against the door).


Voting A to go to bed immediately.
No. 1016389 ID: 0838d6
File 163822513788.png - (13.91KB , 500x500 , p79.png )

You decide to take a little time to practice your WARMTH before you head to bed, locking the door behind you. You get permission before KA XU consents to CUDDLING under the BLANKET, you can see a small, contented smile on his face. It's quite comfortable, and you've never actually slept in a BED before, mostly just your BEDROLL and sometimes some cushioned mats.

You begin to practice and in the process think about what your PASSION is, what DRIVES you, makes you tick. It's hard to fully grasp something abstract like that but you enter a sort of meditative state as you hold the small cat man.

You feel your love and enthusiasm for TOOLS and CRAFTING, manifest as a desire to CREATE. You feel a lust for NEW EXPERIENCES, be that a QUEST, COMPANIONSHIP, SMOOCHES, or CUDDLES with new individuals. You also feel a DESIRE for physical affection and a smaller, yet not insignificant need for VALIDATION. You're not sure if you feel ROMANCE in there, but aren't opposed to it yet.

You feel a bit of HARMONY beginning to arise from your WARMTH. It's intrinsically tied to your [ANCESTOR], which has recently been at odds with your [DESIRE].

You get the feeling that if you continue along this path they may MERGE into something new, rather then being two distinct feelings.

No. 1016390 ID: 0838d6
File 163822516019.png - (6.85KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

Eventually the inky blackness of sleep consumes you, your eyes unfocus as your eyelids become droopy and you can only feel the warmth of the small man in your arms.

You don't dream tonight, being too tired and are occasionally startled awake by the sounds of loudly creaking plasticine boards. You'd feel unsettled if you weren't warm and blanketed.

There's a split second when you wake up and you could swear you saw a pair of gleaming eyes at the door. This shook you awake briefly but in the blink of an eye when you looked again the door was closed and latched, as if nothing was amiss, you think your nerves are just strained.

You stir from your slumber noticing that a MOONSTONE is on the holder you saw the other night. KA XU can be seen seated, looking at his BOOK OF HERBS on the chair. He gives you a nod and greets you, saying he's only been awake for a LITTLE LONGER then you have. You look at the door and see that it's still locked, maybe you just imagined that last night.

There's a moment of pause while you decide what to do now when you notice something, the wind is buffering a lot less than earlier, so you imagine it's not as intense right now. You then feel the inklings of the beginning of a telltale bowel movement. You forgot to use the outhouse yesterday. You get the feeling you could HOLD IT IN if you wanted to do something, but that you should probably use the outhouse before too long.

Ka Xu: So what do you plan on doing today?
Ka Xu: Other than... yknow.

The [MORNING] is almost over, what do you do?
No. 1016391 ID: 629f2e

Don't hold it in, but don't leave either. Hug Ka Xu tightly and let it out. Make this shared moment of comfort into a shared moment of horror.


Okay but seriously, go to the outhouse. Mention to Ka Xu what you think you saw before you do.
No. 1016392 ID: 96c896

Draw a sketch of the intruder. Give it to Ka Xu and have him ask around downstairs to see if anyone recognizes them. Meanwhile, use the toilet.
No. 1016397 ID: e51896

I agree with sketching and showing a pic of what you saw, but I disagree with having Ka Xu show it around, might make potential villains suspicious.

Tell Ka Xu we plan on going on first eating since there's supposed to be a meal at noon, then patrol immediately after brunch, and then after patrolling, we'll go searching for herbs for medicine, and stones to craft hooks for Gyob together.

Ask if Ka Xu could patrol with you, You're a bit nervous from last night, but you'll understand if he says no.

Oh yeah, use the outhouse.
No. 1016398 ID: 3f5c39

see if Svart is there to talk to during our meal downstairs. Get to know him.
No. 1016399 ID: 34dfce

That sorta looks like Phoenius's friend with the scar that Plum described. Try to burn the details into your memory, even if just as an itemized list. Cloth-kin with a scar on the top right of their head, dead or blind(or just lighter colored) left eye, sullen eyes, a little lump on the top of their head, two ears or nubs or maybe hair on their left side. Given they were hunched over (and barring any unusual anatomy), they were probably just a bit taller than the distance from the floor to the point where the latch attaches to the door.


Tell Ka Xu that you saw someone last night, but tell him you need to excuse yourself and will be right back. Go use the outhouse (preferably skipping the nitty-gritty details) and then return and give him the full rundown of the individual.
No. 1016400 ID: 34dfce

Probably should keep this to ourselves for now.

We don't know what the person's motive is, only that we have felt like we were being watched yesterday and then had the person look in our door last night. They are obviously monitoring us and obviously don't want us to know about it. Since we don't know who they are working with (if anyone). Blindly asking around could end up painting a target on our backs for being too nosy.
No. 1016409 ID: f8fa51

Ask Ka Xu if he put the moonstone there this morning.
No. 1016410 ID: 96c896

We're here to be nosy. What would you do instead? Try to make money, pretend there's no murderer until we get attacked directly?
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