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File 163519765057.png - (137.30KB , 406x700 , 14-1.png )
1013588 No. 1013588 ID: de852d

Chapter 14
+18 Adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/990619.html#990619
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No. 1039485 ID: 15c72a

Go like "Oh, you too? I met a god with two dicks..."
No. 1039486 ID: f3a2ce

Hey, double the fun. If Casey and Clio press together you could even please both at the same time.
No. 1039494 ID: 4120ac

It's also a good opportunity to receive a quadruple blowjob.
No. 1039496 ID: 9fb782

I think Clio wanted a turn with Nemo's tongue. Maybe he could service her while penetrating both of Casey's holes.
No. 1039500 ID: c6d4f9

Make him sing! Nibble that tail tip.
No. 1039516 ID: f57349

>“I… hope you don’t think it’s weird or anything…”
"What's wrong with a little weird? Last time I had sex with someone hung like that, I learned how to do this." Then show off your wings.
No. 1039755 ID: 9272af
File 165940244086.png - (195.89KB , 500x700 , 14-171.png )

Casey turns to admire the lizard’s equipment, cupping them with a soft palm. “Oooh, that's not weird at all. Remind me to tell you about a certain god I met after we’re done.”

Nemo blinks, about to ask a question when a glowing ring appears in the air next to him. The mouse lifts a leg out of the water and slips into the binding like a stirrup before pressing herself close to him. Casey takes his lips in hers and trades a long, deep kiss.

Casey reaches down between them and positions a shaft in line with her pussy. “Let’s start with one for now, and see where we end up. Okay?” She murmurs to him, sinking down onto his cock. She rocks in place, getting a feel for it, as its twin rubs tantalizingly between her legs.

Nemo moans breathlessly, his hands slipping around the Binder and gripping her ass. He hears her breath hot against the side of his face as she tells him, “Yeah, keep me supported. Just like that.. now fuck me, Nemo.”

The chameleon hangs on tight, bucking up into Casey’s dripping pussy. She’s tight and warm around him, while her fingers trace soft fur against his tough scales. His lovemaking is slow, savoring every moment of this strange new experience, letting the mouse woman pull him up into her with every breath.

No. 1039756 ID: 9272af
File 165940244918.png - (167.81KB , 500x700 , 14-172.png )

Nemo gasps as a new warmth envelops him. His eye swivels, seeing a cat tail waving languidly in the water. Happy sounds of fellatio reach his ears as Clio sucks eagerly at his second cock. As he continues thrusting, the cat takes a moment to lick at the underside of his shaft as it comes slipping out of Casey.

The mouse makes a long, satisfied moan as Clio nuzzles happily between her legs. She feels the cat bobbing her head up and down the second shaft and grins. “Aw poor kitty. Were you feeling left out? Don’t think We forgot about you…”

No. 1039783 ID: 815672

Give her a tentacle to play with her backdoor while she's down there!
No. 1039790 ID: add2e1

Now that's a nice angle.
Would Clio like alternating a bit? If she wants to... return the favor to Casey for their last session together.
If only to prep her for the logical next step with Nemo.
No. 1039792 ID: 4120ac

I understand Kol and Gabe are having a lot of fun on their own, but I really think they should hurry up and finish so they can join the fray. That would give us five mouths, four cocks, two pussies and five assholes to play around with (and if Delilah enters as well, that would provide three extra orifices on top of that). The possibilites are endless!
No. 1039793 ID: 4120ac

No. 1039999 ID: 9272af
File 165958133976.png - (217.43KB , 504x700 , 14-173.png )

“While you’re down there, do you mind getting me prepared a little?” Casey asks, her tail raising invitingly.

“Mmm!” Clio blushes as she looks up at Casey’s curves. She raises her head, leaving Nemo’s shaft with a lingering slickness, and buries her muzzle between the mouse’s asscheeks. Above her, the Binder squeaks and shivers as the rough tongue teases the sensitive opening before pushing past the ring of muscle. Her eyes close as she nuzzles the soft cleft under. Casey’s tail, thinking to herself, ”Fates, I never thought I’d be- ahh!”

The cat’s train of thought derails as she feels herself spread open. She looks behind her, getting a glimpse of glowing tendrils as the coil and thrust into both of her waiting holes. Clio’s mind goes blank as the welcome thrusts push her up into Casey’s ass. Her purrs vibrate gently through her tongue as it delves the mouse’s tailhole.

No. 1040021 ID: 54662a

Congrats on the quad.

You girls are pulling yours attentions away from the one it was supposed to be for in the first place. Casey, Apply your magic hand to jerking his shaft in the absence of Clio’s throat as you give your little scale boy a big smooch on the left side of his face. Clio gets up from sucking ass to giving a parallel kiss and hug on the right. You both got one face to face swivel eye to entertain. The two of you are going to shower him in kisses and sweet nothings into his virgin ears. Make this Nemo’s number one day, week, and year.
No. 1040030 ID: 4120ac

That blush on Nemo's face is so adorable! I bet he never expected this is where he would end up when he woke up this morning...

Casey has shown herself to be able to control a lot of magic tendrils. Why not create a third one and push it up under the chameleon's tail? Given all he's being part of right now, I'm sure he'd be open to the experience ;)
No. 1040106 ID: aeeb12

If only there was a free mouse dick somewhere nearby that could be put to use on the cat. Oh wait...
No. 1040115 ID: 9025a3

I like this idea
No. 1040241 ID: 9272af
File 165983995137.png - (247.84KB , 700x668 , 14-174.png )

Casey leans into the chameleon and kisses him by the ear, whispering, “I think I’m ready, lay back for me.”

Nemo nods, stepping back and laying down on the side of the pool. Casey steps up out of the water, casting a long shadow over him as she kneels down and straddles him. Nemo gasps as she takes his shafts in hand and dribbles lotion over them before rubbing it in.

“Its more fun if things are a bit slicker.” She winks at Nemo before lining herself up and sinking down onto both cocks. The mouse sighs, closing her eyes as she feels the wonderful fullness inside her. She bounces slightly in place, enjoying the tug at her insides. “Ahh, Fates, I love that feeling.”

Casey holds a finger up, extending her aura out into a thin tendril. “Want to try it?”

The chameleon hesitates for a moment but nods, eager to experience every new sensation. He watches as the spell snakes its way between his legs. A moment later, he feels it probe gently at the opening beneath his tail before sliding in. Nemo gasps, his scales flushing lavender as Casey’s aura wriggles around inside him; only going deep enough to gauge his reaction.

No. 1040242 ID: 9272af
File 165983996172.png - (277.36KB , 700x662 , 14-175.png )

With Casey straddling Nemo’s cocks, Clio splashes over to the far side of the pool. She taps Kol on the shoulder and winks at him. “Mind if I join you?” She asks.

A moment later, she’s flat on her back, her legs spread as Gabe is driven up into her by Kol’s thrusting.

“You hah-ah know, last time -ah we did this, you were getting- pounded in the ass too.” The cat says conversationally. She idly plays with her clit as the panting mice piston in and out. “You’re cute -hah, when you’re in the middle.”

“That’s Gabe alright, -hah- always fitting nicely in between.” Says Kol, enjoying himself immensely. As a switch, being watched while topping is a very different feeling for him. The night after the wedding thrilled him as the big sailor made him his toy while Casey watched. Under Clio’s gaze, the Medium grins and does his best to make Gabe squeal with pleasure.

Rocking in between the pair, Gabe is astonished by the intensity of Kol’s thrusts. The bigger mouse’s balls slap against his inner thighs as his tail is pulled roughly down the length of his shaft. The tiled room spins as the momentum from behind drives him up into the soft, wet warmth of Clio’s pussy before dragging him out of her. He struggles to hang on, his body clenching slightly with each thrust as it tips closer to orgasm.

No. 1040467 ID: 9272af
File 166009943781.png - (265.61KB , 612x700 , 14-176.png )

“Hah- he looks ready to blow.” Clio says, watching Gabe blush and squeak as he’s pounded.

“Heh- sure does.” Kol agrees, taking long, hard thrusts, “How about it? You ready, Gabe?”

The mouse nods vaguely, or maybe his head is jiggled by the rough treatment. Either way, Gabe squeaks his assent, his mouth hanging open in wordless anticipation.

“Thought so. Hah- want to see something- heh- fun?” Kol hooks a finger around the curve of Gabe’s ear and tugs back on it gently, tracing the soft inner curve. He doubles his pace, slamming up into the tight tailhole as the Sender clenches around him.

Gabe feels a lightning bolt of bliss sizzle down his spine, his fur standing on end. The mouse arcs his back and throws his head back, squeaking as his spasming hips slam forward and lock into place. Warmth blooms as his cock sprays and drips a river of hot cum, splashing against Clio’s back walls. He gasps wordlessly as twitches and shivers, Kol’s shaft continuing to pound at his ass, ensuring every drop of cum is emptied out of him.

No. 1040468 ID: 9272af
File 166009944888.png - (160.98KB , 700x388 , 14-177.png )

Gabe falls forward, panting as the last of his orgasm tapers off.

“So that’s what does it for you? Your ears?” Clio giggles, petting the spent mouse and teasing an earlobe. She gets a soft moan in response and kissing him on the forehead. “You need a break?”

“Well, I’m still good to go.” Kol says, as he slips his cock loose from the still twitching twink.

No. 1040484 ID: 401b30

And then Del enters, and is ready to be entered, repeatedly.
No. 1040485 ID: 596a73


What does it do to him?
Gabe, scratch her at the base of the tail.

A demonstration is better than a thousand words.
No. 1040491 ID: 15c72a

Maybe Clio would like to have some fun with Kol?

I feel like Nemo should be about ready to blow, he's pretty inexperienced.
No. 1040506 ID: 401b30

So kol decides to have his turn with clio, while gabe swims over to join the slick lotiony fun with casey and nemo.
No. 1040524 ID: 4120ac


Agreed. And since he just slid out of Gabe's ass, there's only one of Clio's holes that would be hygenic to enter...
No. 1040578 ID: 815672

Try cleaning Gabe off while Kol takes the rear.
No. 1040596 ID: a2d88b

Agreed, Kol is on ass-pounding duty for now.
No. 1040700 ID: 2de4fd

Don't let Clio get uncomfortable! Roll around so that she's on top. ...If Gabe can manage the energy to do so. It helpfully also puts her in a good position for double stuffing.
No. 1040704 ID: 4120ac


Well, if Gabe still has the energy, maybe he could stuff Kol while the medium buggers Clio. Or eat his ass out.
No. 1040868 ID: 9272af
File 166052701893.png - (160.59KB , 531x700 , 14-178.png )

Gabe sits aside, feeling woozy and boneless from the powerful climax. He looks up and gives Kol a wide post-coital grin as the Medium takes his place.

Kol adds some lotion to his shaft and aims himself lower, under Clio’s tail. “In here alright?”

The cat nods, using her hands to spread her cheeks and give him easier access. Clio sighs, a soft purr rumbling in her throat as the thick shaft prods and then pushes past the tight circle of muscle. A slight soreness is easy to ignore as several inches of cock slowly ease inside of her. Her free hand rubs at the entrance to her pussy, helping her relax and allow Kol in.

She feels his hips bump against her thighs and glances down, unable to see where they are joined. “W-woahhh that’s thick. Fuck.”

“You okay?” Kol asks, holding himself still as she adjusts.

The Sender lays back against the cool tile and smiles. “Ooh yeah…” her hips shift, feeling the pressure inside her change as the tip bumps her walls. “That’s niiice.” Clio’s fingers trace happy circles around her clit as she purrs with delight.

“Okay I’m gonna start moving. Let me know if its too much.” Kol lets her know, starting a slow pistoning in and out, his hips gently bumping into her with each thrust. His muscles ache with the desire to speed up, wanting to pound the cat’s tight tailhole, but he holds back, savoring the moment.

No. 1040869 ID: 9272af
File 166052704144.png - (262.48KB , 624x700 , 14-179.png )

Across the pool, Casey bounces on her heels as she drops her hips onto the gasping chameleon. The twin shafts spear up into her, hips driven up by the twitching tentacle in his backside. “Hah- yah- you’re doing good!” She pants.

Nemo moans and writhes on the tile, never having both of his cocks stimulated this way, let alone his ass. His eyes roll and he turns blue, trying to hang on as the mouse woman rides him. Her soft walls invite him to climax with every roll of her hips, while the glowing spell thrusts and coils at parts of himself never explored. “Ah! C-Casey! I can’t- oh Fates!”

No. 1040879 ID: 815672

Clio, start setting up that rhythm. Let Kol start building up!
Casey, send that boy into another plane!
No. 1040940 ID: 401b30

This could be a good part for Del to enter, conveniently done with her work for now and ready to join the others in wet naked goodtimes.
No. 1041238 ID: 9272af
File 166085657742.png - (227.07KB , 700x587 , 14-180.png )

“Mm-hmm! You ready?” Casey bites her lip and rocks harder, her hips slamming down onto the squealing reptile. “I want it! Hah- cum in me!” Her aura surges, thickening the tendril and pumping it faster against Nemo’s insides. 

Nemo’s eyes roll, color flashing in his vision as the triple sensation pushes him over the edge. He bucks up into Casey, trying to sheathe himself as deep as possible, his cocks burning with desire. Lightning blazes up his spine as the coil of magic touches a knot of nerves and unlocks a euphoria he never imagined. 

She drops down hard, burying the twin shafts inside her. Paired geysers pulse and build before firing off in concert. She shivers, her knees clenched together as she rides the blissful sensation of a double cumshot. 

No. 1041239 ID: 9272af
File 166085659230.png - (218.33KB , 700x500 , 14-181.png )

As Kol picks up the pace, he slips his hands around Clio’s waist, scooping her up off the tile. The cat arches her back in his grip, her shoulders resting on tile as her tail end is hammered into the air. 

“AH! AH! Yeah! Keep going!” Clio commands, biting her lip, the dull ache radiating from her ass doing little to diminish her fun. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck! Scratch my tail! Do it!”

The mouse breaks his rhythm for a heartbeat before nodding. He shifts one of the arms supporting the cat’s booty and digs his fingers into her fur, rubbing deeply. He’s rewarded with a yowl of pleasure as Clio’s muscles lock around him; forming a perfect seal around his cock. The Medium groans as he feels himself tipping towards the inevitable, speeding up in those last few moments. 

As Kol’s body surrenders to the rising pressure, his hips slam to a halt against her. Clio moans and writhes in his grip, her pussy soaking the fur around his cock as she rides the orgasm. Kol’s cock pulses deeps within her, his cum coating and dripping as his hips jerk with each wave of pleasure. 

No. 1041302 ID: 815672

Sensational! Catch your breath, everyone. Maybe get some smooches in.
No. 1041473 ID: 9272af
File 166111110424.png - (143.72KB , 700x388 , 14-182.png )

Gabe lays face down on the tile, watching as Kol and Clio come to a shuddering climax. His tail waves languidly, endorphins sizzling in his brain and feeling his muscles ache with a pleasant warmth. His ears perk up at the sound of large footsteps on tile, which pause a few paces away.

“Aww did I miss all the fun?” Says an eager, teasing voice.

No. 1041482 ID: 9a2966

The fun's probably not over when someone's around who can offer the boys a - heh - prick-me-up!

(Delilah: dump a towel over Gabe for that one, go boost the other boys while they're still plugged in for a surprise bonus round for the girls - then jump silly Gabe's sillybone. Or have him assist you with massaging/fondling everyone else's sensitive parts AS they continue the fun times.)
No. 1041492 ID: e5709d

Eye contest! Whoever's cuter gets a bouquet of genitals to suck.
No. 1041524 ID: 2de4fd

It does admittedly seem a bit unfair to be having this much fun and not including your hostess. Maybe she can help out Nemo in particular, he seems... unused to this kind of stimulation.
No. 1041553 ID: 4120ac

Depending on how long we want this scene to go on (and I hope it goes on a lot longer!) it might take a little while for something like this to appear, but here's an idea for the closing panels of the chapter:

When everyone's had their fun, they should finish off by giving Nemo a facial butt-mash. Basically, they'll have the chameleon kneel in the pool, and the rest of them will walk up to him and surround him, turn around and bend over and push their naked rumps against his face simultaneously. The final panel will show Nemo from above, his face the only part visible as he's assaulted by ass from all angles, his expression making clear that he's in heaven from the experience.

(Yeah, I love butts. Sue me!)
No. 1041750 ID: 9272af
File 166139697405.png - (266.22KB , 700x598 , 14-185.png )

Gabe gives her a goofy, post-coital grin and chuckles, “Hardly: we were just getting warmed up for you.”

“I’m sure.” Delilah jokes back. “Who’s the cute new pair?”

“Clio and Nemo, you should introduce yourself.”

“I think I will.” The lifeguard nudges Gabe into the pool with the side of her foot, giving him a dose of healing magic at the same time.

Del kneels down and extends a hand to Clio. “Hey there, I’m Delilah. I run this place.”

“Oh! Hi!” Clio blushes, self conscious about laying spread against the tile with a cock up her ass. Having learned to roll with things a bit she takes the large, nude woman’s hand and shakes it, “I’m Clio. Thanks for having us.”

A shimmering warmth runs up the thief’s arm, filling her with a renewed vigor. The soreness under her tail starts to fade and her eyes open wide with fresh energy. “Woah, what was that?”

“Healing magic. I figured you could use a boost.” She lays a hand on Kol’s shoulder and the mouse straightens his back with a groan, his erection pulsing back to full strength in moments.

“Ah! Thanks, Del. You want a turn?” He asks.

“Let me get everyone healed up first. We’ve got plenty of time.” She grins at him, before stalking over to the far side of the pool.

No. 1041751 ID: 9272af
File 166139699121.png - (223.39KB , 700x600 , 14-183.png )

The healer squats down and eyes the chameleon . “Looks like you did quite a number on the poor boy.” She remarks.

“I think its the first time he’s had anyone under his tail.” Casey chuckles, “Plus, both of his dicks ridden at the same time.”

“Oh, he’s got two? You lucky lizard. Let me get you fired back up.”

No. 1041752 ID: 9272af
File 166139704347.png - (231.94KB , 600x700 , 14-184.png )

The healer touches Nemo’s head and the thief sits up suddenly, a deep gasp filling his lungs as he snaps out of his orgasm induced torpor. “Ahh! Wha-? Whuh?”

“That got him going. You okay Nemo?” Casey smiles back at him. Her hips shift happily as the twin shafts harden inside her. “You want to go again?”

The lizard nods his head bobbling like a marionette’s. His eyes swivel and he sizes up Del, who greets him.

“Hey, I’m Delilah. Nice to meet you.”

“Uh, hi. I-I’m Nemo.” The lizard blushes, crimson and scarlet flickering across his scales. “What just happened?”

“Healing magic. We can’t just have you passing out by my pool.” She claps him warmly on the shoulder. “I’ve got enough to keep the fun going for a while, so don’t hold back.”

Gabe surfaces nearby like a very lusty seal and leans against the side of the pool. The mouse waggles his eyebrows playfully and gives them a toothy grin. “Everyone good to go again? If so, then who’s fuckin who?”

No. 1041771 ID: 218391

Well, have Kol and Del had any fun with each other before? Might be a nice chance. Then Clio and Nemo could have some former thief bonding, and Gabe and Casey can get comfortable. That or Clio, Casey and Gabe all gang up on Nemo, if he wants to push what he just had to the next level - put the doubles to use on the girls pressed front to front with each other, and Gabe comes guide from behind.
No. 1041786 ID: add2e1

Everyone on Del.
She healed you bunch so she deserves to be cared for in return.
Let's put the "insatiable titan" to the test once more.
No. 1041787 ID: 401b30

5 vs 1 would be considered good odds for a woman like her.

Put that theory to the test.
No. 1041788 ID: 815672

Gabe, sneak in a Kol butt touch. You're in perfect position.
No. 1041792 ID: 4120ac


To answer Gabe's question: we should start by having those who have never yet fucked together fuck. Gabe or Kol should have a go at Nemo, while Delilah should get it on with Clio.
No. 1041798 ID: 401b30

the solution is simple, get the 3 boys together in a threesome and get the 3 gals in another threesome.
No. 1041823 ID: 2a3927

No. 1042116 ID: 9272af
File 166173535884.png - (249.05KB , 546x700 , 14-186.png )

Clio pads up on thief’s paws and purrs, “Oh, I want to switch with Casey, if that’s alright.”

“Y-yeah, okay!” Nemo stammers and stands as Casey slips off of him.

The mouse kisses him on the cheek and nods encouragingly. “Have fun you two.”

The chameleon blushes smiles back, feeling steadily more confident in himself. A voice comes from behind as a pair of arms drape around his shoulder. “Mind if I join you?”

Gabe grins, his shaft bumping lightly against Nemo’s hip. “Casey’s tentacles are great, but the real deal is something else.”

“I- uh, are you sure? I’m pretty new to… uh, guys…” Nemo swallows, his confidence wavering again.

“Well you’re in luck, I don’t top for just anybody.” Gabe winks, “And I’m an expert in new experiences. Isn’t that right, Clio?”

The cat giggles, pressing up against the chameleon’s chest and purring. “That’s for sure. You’re in good hands with us.”

Between the mammals, the lizard flushes pink and purple, appearing to turn molten under their combined warmth.

No. 1042117 ID: 9272af
File 166173536527.png - (224.44KB , 700x500 , 14-187.png )

Casey and Delilah slosh down into the pool and cuddle up with Kol, “Us three together sound good?” Casey asks.

“Sounds fun to me.” Kol nods, giving her a quick smooch.

“You know, I don’t think we’ve ever fooled around together, Casey? How about you show me what those binding spells can do?” Delilah says before sharing a pair of mousey kisses.

No. 1042153 ID: 4120ac


Clio should bend over - probably simply by placing her paws on her knees - and let Gabe prepare her cunt and asshole with his tongue, before he guides Nemo's cocks into them. Then he 'll simply slide up behind the lizard and bugger him too, while they'll tenderly place their arms around the chest of the partner they're claiming.
No. 1042174 ID: 815672

Let's start Del off easy with a demonstration. Bind Kol's hands and get physical. Gropes, kisses and nibbles from Casey and Del. Then we can try it on her. If Casey can handle a God, she could hoist the dog up for display.
No. 1042307 ID: 9272af
File 166190980215.png - (250.82KB , 700x500 , 14-188.png )

“I’d love to.” Casey says, clenching a fist as her aura extends in a ring.

Light encircles Delilah’s limbs and hoist the wagging lifeguard into the air. Her arms are pulled together into a single ring above her head, while her legs spread just above the water invitingly.

“Hang- hang on…” Casey steps up into the air, using a binding spell as a stirrup. She throws one leg up and over, straddling the suspended healer before shimmying so that their hips are lined up. “Okay, ready, Kol?”

Kol rinses some soap off of his shaft and steps up. “Ready, where do you want me?” The Medium’s cock bobs slightly, eager for attention.

Casey waves a hand and extends her aura into a long loop, which curls around Kol and under his legs until the tip peeks out from under his sack. “There we go. Now you have two to work with too.”

No. 1042308 ID: 9272af
File 166190981150.png - (162.21KB , 520x700 , 14-189.png )

Nemo sighs happily as the two mammals grind themselves closer. Soft fur rubs against his scales while warm hands grope and caress his skinny frame. He closes his strange eyes and sinks into the mutual embrace like a diver into dark, mysterious waters.

Clio leans over the edge of the pool, her tail waving an invitation for the eager lizard. “Come on then, let me see what you’ve got.” She teases.

Nemo pauses as Gabe kneels down and wraps his hands around the chameleon’s shafts. “Hold up a sec.” Warm suds bubble up around his shafts as the mouse rubs some liquid soap over them. “Gotta make sure things are clean down there if you’re going to be switching between holes.” Gabe winks at him as he works.

“Ah- oh! Good point, yeah.” Nemo nods, enjoying the slick pumping of Gabe’s hands around his cocks. “Ohhhh that’s nice.”

Gabe rinses the soap off with some warm bathwater. “There we go, but it could use a bit of a spit shine.” He leans in and bobs his open mouth over each cock, humming happily as he sucks them in turn.

No. 1042309 ID: db478f

Oh? Are we setting up for a sexy square off? First to get their partners to cum gets to be king of the suds?
No. 1042478 ID: 2de4fd

Kol really should try to make sure nobody's neglected while he's switching to and fro there. It's nice that the water bindings lets him have his hands free to accommodate that! Oh, and really, Nemo needs smooches while Gabe and Clio make him a chameleon sandwich. Smooches make everything better.
No. 1042709 ID: 9272af
File 166217369022.png - (243.49KB , 700x500 , 14-190.png )

Kol feels the pulsing tendril give him a little push and lets it guide him forward. The mouse rubs a hand up and down Delilah’s thigh as he pumps his cock eagerly. “This is a neat trick; we’ll have to try it out with Gabe sometime.” He says, admiring the glowing shaft beneath his own. 

“I thought you’d ah- like it.” Casey gasps as Kol guides his tip between the folds of her pussy. The slight dribble of Nemo’s cum lets him slide in easily, sinking until he’s flush with her hips. A strong hand grips her ass, spreading her open slightly to reveal the a gleaming pearl of jizz oozing from under her tail. 

Under her, Delilah shifts in her bindings as the long tendril slips into her, curving up to follow the thrust of Kol’s hips. Unable to move much, she sighs and moans her appreciation as the spell pumps in and out. “Ah- not bad! You can -mmmnnn- really go deep with this thing!” 

No. 1042858 ID: 4120ac


Maybe Kol should go from Casey's pussy to Delilah's pussy to Casey's ass to Delilah's ass.
No. 1043049 ID: 9272af
File 166242105501.png - (248.91KB , 700x700 , 14-191.png )

Gabe stands up, tracing his hand along Nemo’s hip as he circles behind him. “You ready?” 

The thief nods, feeling his heart thumping in his rib cage like never before. He takes hold of one shaft, while Gabe holds the other, sinking them into Clio simultaneously.

The cat yowls softly, her hips wiggling to feel the pressure on each of her walls. “Yeahhh, that’s it! F-uuck…”

Nemo pumps his hips experimentally, the slickness and warmth inviting him deeper. “Ahh, you feel.. really good!” 

“You think that’s good, wait till I get started.” Gabe says, his fingers following the underside of the lizard’s tail until they find they find the tight cleft of his ass. “You ever try anything back here? Besides Casey’s spell, of course.” 

“Ah! N- nah. Not really…” Nemo shivers as the mouse’s fingers run little circles around the sensitive ring. 
“Wait, you’ve got this great prehensile tail and you never used it back here?” Gabe wriggles deeper, his middle finger slowly easing inside.

Nemo blushes and looks back at his tail with one eye. “I never -ah really thought about it.” He focuses on his slow thrusting in and out of Clio, trying to relax as new sensations come tingling up his spine.  

 “If I were equipped like you, I don’t think I’d ever get anything done.”  He curls his finger and pushes against the soft inner walls, prompting a strangled, high pitched moan from the lizard. A satisfied grin stretches over Gabe’s face and he says, “Heh, that’s the sound I was looking for. You like that?”

No. 1043079 ID: 83fb9f

Gabe, you secret switch. Keeping that talk in your back pocket, eh?
Kol, make good use of that grip. Rattle the ratte and drain into the dogge
No. 1043084 ID: 2de4fd

Gabe seems to know his way around this a little TOO well. Guess that's what happens when the master of taking it puts what he knows to good use?
No. 1043110 ID: 9272af
File 166251658395.png - (198.98KB , 525x700 , 14-192.png )

Nemo nods, his mouth agape, “Oh fuckin Fates…” Whatever nerve Gabe touched lights up the pleasure centers in his head like neon.

“Mmm, thought so.” The mouse chuckles, working his finger around before adding another. The lizard clenches around him before relaxing, stretching to receive the added girth.

“Look at you! I didn’t think you were that experienced taking charge like that.” Clio teases, rocking back on her hands and knees into Nemo’s hips. She sighs, feeling the twin cocks dribbling slickness in response to all the stimulation.

“Well, I know what to listen for…” Gabe says, spreading lube over his own shaft. “I’ve heard it enough from myself. You ready?” He pats Nemo on the butt softly, taking aim between his cheeks.

The chameleon licks his lips, before nodding and hunching over Clio’s body, bracing himself against her.

Gabe takes his cue and sinks forward, spreading the reptile’s ass as he makes slow progress. “Nnf, just relax, okay? Keep that tail up out of the way. Fates you’re tight…”

No. 1043112 ID: db478f

Remember to give Clio something to work with, Nemo
No. 1043165 ID: 9272af
File 166260289204.png - (295.16KB , 700x700 , 14-193.png )

Casey closes her eyes, listening to Kol’s familiar panting as he grips her waist and slaps her hips into his. The rough pounding forces her to brace herself on Delilah’s bound form, her fingers tracing the impressive curves of the healer’s perfectly toned body.

“You doing okay hanging there?” She asks.

Delilah grins back at her, her hips rocking with every thrust of the aura tendril. “Ah, sure! I could do this all day. Though, let me have an arm loose, will ya?”

Casey shifts the binding to release one of the healer’s arms. She marvels as Delilah’s whole body responds: her core, shoulder and arm instantly tensing to take the weight of their suspended bodies. The soft curves temper into steel, hanging in midair with apparently little strain.

Her attention is shifted, however, as Delilah’s free hand grabs her by the base of the neck and pulls her into make out range. Casey “mmmphs!” With surprise as the healer's tongue slips past her lips and twists alongside hers.

No. 1043210 ID: 83fb9f

Putting Casey between a cock and a hard place seems like a great time. Sandwich that ratte
No. 1043342 ID: 9272af
File 166277252372.png - (185.23KB , 577x700 , 14-194.png )

Nemo lays forward onto Clio, his hips grinding into hers and his double thumbed hands gripping her curves. “Ah- Is this alright?” He asks her.  

The cat nods back at him. She teeth are barely visible as she bites her lip, giving him a small, satisfied moan. “Mmm, yeah. That’s it. Hah- keep it up…” she tells him. “Use your hands a bit.”

The chameleon shifts his grip, slipping one hand down, just above where they’re joined. A blunt fingertip rubs dexterously at the cleft. 

Clio’s arms buckle under the new stimulation, her cry of pleasure echoing off the tile. Her muscles twitch as she struggles to keep herself and Nemo supported, a deep ragged purr rumbling with every heated breath.

“There you go. Doing great, Nemo.” Gabe nods approvingly. The mouse rocks his hips slightly, testing the readiness of his partner. “I’m going to start moving now, okay? Let me know if it’s too much.” He gives the lizard a courtesy tap and starts thrusting at a measured pace: keeping things slow and easy, in and out, letting Nemo get used to the movement.

Together they form a slowly cycling machine, each moving part doing its best to keep the rhythm and feeling the pleasure build up slowly.

No. 1043348 ID: db478f

The pleasure machine chugs ahead! Each part well lubricated and ready to speed up!
No. 1043375 ID: 8bace7

I would imagine Clio would like to know what it's like to kiss a chameleon
No. 1043380 ID: add2e1

I'm sure there's also fun things to try with that tail.
If it's dexterous enough, that is.
No. 1043636 ID: 9272af
File 166303612727.png - (267.30KB , 500x700 , 14-195.png )

Delilah tugs on the floating binding spell, pulling herself upright and sitting in midair.

Casey’s surprise is stifled by Delilah’s tongue as she’s angled backwards: her back is pressing against Kol’s chest. She nearly slips off of her perch, only to be caught by a large, powerful hand.

Del gives the Medium a tiny nod and he grins, doubling his pace. Kol changes his grip and starts to slam up into Casey with quick, powerful thrusts. Muffled squeaks reward his efforts as Casey tightens around him, slickness dripping down his shaft as her body shivers.

No. 1043669 ID: 83fb9f

Del you absolute legend. Power bottom extraordinaire.
No. 1043816 ID: 9272af
File 166320553557.png - (261.10KB , 700x700 , 14-196.png )

Nemo grunts and pants as he’s driven up into Clio by Gabe’s thrusts. His eyes swivel to focus on both partners, catching a wink from Gabe as he rocks in the lizard’s vision.

An idea the mouse mentioned earlier sparks in Nemo’s pleasure addled brain. Taking all of the thief’s concentration and dexterity, he unwinds his tail and snakes it down behind Gabe. The tip bumps around blindly, wrapping around the Sender’s ropey pink tail.

“Huh?” Gabe pauses and checks behind. Nemo’s tail pokes between his asscheeks, trying to push itself inside him, but not quite getting the leverage.

“Heheh, th-thought you might want to…” Nemo blushes and stammers.

“Now your talkin!” The mouse beams, guiding the tail into position and giving it a push past the tight muscle. “Oohh, yeah… Get in there…” he gives his hips an experimental wiggle, feeling the blunt tip shift inside him.

“Hey don’t leave me hanging, I was getting close!” Clio grumbles, pushing back into the boys.

“Don’t worry, we got you.”

Nemo is rocked forward as Gabe goes back to fucking him with a renewed vigor. The mouse squeaks over his shoulder, clearly loving the tailtip as it slips in and out. The enthusiastic thrusts pump into him, tugging at his insides, thumping against the hot bundle of nerves and rapidly driving him towards climax

No. 1043869 ID: 83fb9f

Nemo is so versatile!

Bet Casey didn't think she was going to be sandwiched. Wonder if she can get it together to add a few more tendrils for Del and Kol
No. 1043984 ID: 9272af
File 166338145689.png - (258.58KB , 612x700 , 14-197.png )

Sandwiched between two larger partners, Casey is feels herself in a losing battle of bliss. The mouse is bounced forward by Kol’s rock-hard cock into Delilah’s hard, chiseled body, hanging on tight as she tries to maintain focus. The delightful thrust and tug of the shaft inside her and the rubbing of hips and breasts fills the Binder’s mind with a hungry need to finish. 

Casey closes her eyes, regaining enough of her senses to channel a little more of her mana. Her fingers extend on one hand, sending a ripple down the long tendril, which cause a small section to branch off, followed by another. The two lengths quickly swell and twist, seeking out their targets. 

Kol and Delilah both gasp simultaneously, their bodies going rigid as Casey’s tendrils find their homes. Kol’s thrusts slow and then speed up again as the spell works its way into him, pounding under his tail at a rapid pace. 

No. 1043991 ID: 83fb9f

Which train is going to blow smoke first, hm?
No. 1044241 ID: 9272af
File 166363987868.png - (266.15KB , 700x600 , 14-198.png )

Delilah wraps her free arm around Casey, clutching her to her body. The healer’s hips grind against the mouse hungrily as the second tendril drills her tight ass. Del’s breath is hot in Casey’s ear as she pants, “Yuh-yeah- yah- yeah-!” Her grip spreads, cupping an entire asscheek, one finger working its way under the mousey tail and into a hole still slick with Nemo’s cum.

Kol hangs on, no longer under control of his own hips. The mouse’s battered prostate pulses warning signals up his spine as slickness leaks down his shaft. He closes his eyes, mouth agape in a rising moan, “Aaahhhhh! Caaaaasse! Can’t hold it!”

Casey’s aura writhes through the steamy bathhouse air, coiling and thrusting up into Kol and Del. The shafts thicken as the Binder loses her grip on the flow of mana, spreading the sandwiching partners open and flowing inside like pounding waves of surf.

Delilah’s body goes rigid in her bindings, legs outstretched and muscles twitching, her head thrown back in a howl of pleasure. A moment later Kol follows suit, slamming to a halt inside Casey and clutching her tight, flooding her with white streaks of cum.

Trapped between the two, Casey gasps and shivers. Between Delilah’s finger pounding her tail-hole and the hot pulses filling her pussy, the mouse squeaks a wordless orgasm. She bucks frantically in the tight space between her partners, clear cum dripping down from the tangle of legs as she rides the shockwaves of bliss.

No. 1044258 ID: 83fb9f

Kol try not to collapse back into the pool. Good job crew.

How's the other train going?
No. 1044510 ID: 9272af
File 166390331533.png - (283.31KB , 696x700 , 14-199.png )

Nemo hangs on tight, his arms locked around Clio. Trying to hold back the tide, he gasps out a frantic, “I- I’m gonna!” 

Gabe nods, speeding up his pace, “Don’t hold -hah back! Give it to her!” 

A yowl from the cat agrees with him as Clio pushes back into the chameleion. “Yeah! Fuck me! Do it! Fill me up Nemo!” 

The lizard nods weakly, trying to keep his eyes pointed in the same direction. Nemo’s strange fingers clutch at sides, giving him the purchase to slam her insides with both dicks. His ass, spread open by Gabe’s jackhammer thrusts, tightens around  the shaft battering his sensitive prostate. His tail twitches and shivers, being driven in and out of Gabe by the movement of three bodies. 

Clio’s eyes go wide, feeling the friction inside her change as shes pounded from behind. The cat purrs with satisfaction, biting her lip and wriggling as slickness begins to pour inside her in a prelude to a double climax. The two shafts drive inside her with a neatly synchronized one-two followed by the soft slap of Nemo’s balls against her pubis. 

Nemo moans a warning and doubles over, his arms wrapped around Clio. His thrusts turn frantic as his cocks erupt with twin jets of white cum. 

“Yah-yah-yah! Do it! Ooohh, fuck!” Clio squeals, pushing back into the hilt, her body milking the chameleon for every drop. Nemo’s fingers shiver across the cat’s clitoris and her fur stands on end, yowling as she cums and clenches around him. 

The lizard clings to her like a life preserver adrift at sea, his breath hot against her fur as he’s rocked from behind. His body emptied, an intense over stimulation drums through his nerves, leaving him only capable of croaking and hanging on.
Nemo watches with a swiveled eye as Gabe picks up his pace: having seen the lizard finish and going for his own climax. The mouse grins and pants, his shaft drilling the tight tail-hole in a brief sprint to the finish. “You, hah, ready for it?” 

The thief nods and watches intently as the Sender closes his eyes and slams their hips together in one  last push. “Ah! That’s- that’s it! Take it!”

Nemo’s eyes go wide as an explosion blossoms inside of him: sticky, wet goodness spilling and spurting, cooling his sensitive nerves and leaking around the edges of his tail-hole. A long, warbling moan is dragged out of his throat, embarrassing and alien as it echoes against the tiles. 

No. 1044553 ID: 83fb9f

Arriving at station. Thank you for riding Moot Point transit. Next stop is in 5 minutes.
No. 1044578 ID: a67004

I bet Del would love a turn at Nemo's double dose
No. 1044619 ID: 4120ac


If we're approaching the end of the chapter, remember my butt-mash idea! x3
No. 1044856 ID: 9272af
File 166424215240.png - (136.62KB , 700x417 , 14-200.png )

Casey sighs happily, slouched against Delilah’s chest. “Oh fuck yeah… hang on I’ll get us down…” The bindings around the healer’s arms fade and the trio stagger as they catch one another.

 Still giggly and dazed by post-coitus, the three hang out; floating in the warm water, feeling little tingles of bliss ripple through them. 

Across the pool Nemo, Clio and Gabe untangle themselves, gasping sensitively as they slip free from one another. Sagging against the edge of the pool, they chuckle self-consciously and share dizzy, half-grins. 

“Hah- how was your first time with a guy?” Gabe pants, “Think you might want to go again some time?” 

“Y-yeah…” Nemo blushes fuchsia, “I might want to, um, practice with my tail some too.” 

“Good thinking, heh. Once you’ve gotten some more experience you might be up for taking someone like Kol, or bigger.” The mouse nods to his partner, floating by with his dick still at half-mast. 

Nemo blushes as he stares. 

“How about you, Clio? How are you doing?” Gabe asks. 

The cat purrs, sinking into the pool until her shoulders disappear under the water. “Soooo gooood.” 

No. 1044857 ID: 9272af
File 166424216470.png - (204.28KB , 500x700 , 14-201.png )

“Yeah I’d say that was pretty satisfying. Good job you two.”A shadow falls over the pool and Gabe looks up, knowing whats coming. 

“Satisfying? You think so? Last I checked, I’ve only cum once. Is that any way to treat your host?” Delilah’s grin is the menacing crescent she likes to wear when messing with Gabe. 

No. 1044870 ID: 83fb9f

Del the conductor says all hands on deck. Crew up!
No. 1044873 ID: a67004

You know what I think? I think she wants all 5 of them to come at her at once.
No. 1044915 ID: de3d9f

This. Time for the Raid Boss, ladies and gents.
No. 1044935 ID: add2e1

Topple. That. Giantess.
Ain't no work like teamwork.
No. 1044955 ID: 9272af
File 166441837817.png - (171.50KB , 700x500 , 14-202.png )

The mouse shimmies his shoulders, working the stiffness out of his spine, “Okay, let’s do this. Hope you’re all warmed up Nemo.”

“Warmed up?! How can you keep going after all that?” The lizard blanches.

Gabe gives him a friendly pat on the back. “Oh, Del’s got enough healing to keep everyone here going for hours; though she's probably only looking for one-maybe two more rounds.” He looks at the eager wag of her tail and sighs warmly. “She’s a lady you don’t want to leave unsatisfied. You can watch if you want, of course, but you’re welcome to join us.”

Nemo stares up at the grinning, purple behemoth and gulps; feeling something stir hungrily inside him despite the exhaustion.

No. 1044956 ID: 9272af
File 166441839528.png - (233.18KB , 500x700 , 14-203.png )

“How about you guys? You coming, Kol?”

The Medium sits up with a splash and shakes the water out of his dreadlocks, “Yeah, sure. Gimme a minute.”

Casey waves languidly, “I’ll tag in after a bit. Have fun you guys.”

Clio giggles, her chin just above the water. “Go get’em tiger.” She teases as Nemo clambers out of the pool.

Delilah lays back on a towel with the smile of an apex predator. Her pose is relaxed and calm, only her tail betraying her excitement. She gives her partners healing boosts as they come near: their four dicks rise to attention, ready for her. "That's what I like to see. Don't leave me hanging, boys."

No. 1045008 ID: 83fb9f

Divide and conquer. Kol and Gabe flank both sides, keep her head busy. Nemo, right down the middle. Watch those legs.
No. 1045087 ID: 9272af
File 166450970409.png - (190.96KB , 700x471 , 14-204.png )

Gabe and Nemo give themselves a quick scrub down, after their recent activity. Cleaned and ready to go, they sidle up next to Delilah as she goes down on Kol. The Healer’s head bobs happily, her tongue curling into a perfect cradle for the long shaft.

Gabe sidles in opposite the Medium, letting Del switch between them with ease, pumping her free hands over both cocks. She pants enthusiastically as she twists back and forth, enjoying the attention.

No. 1045088 ID: 9272af
File 166450971556.png - (276.33KB , 700x544 , 14-205.png )

Nemo licks his lips and looks on curiously, unsure of how to approach. 

Seeing his hesitation, Delilah spreads her legs invitingly, her tail wagging against the towel. 

The chameleon blushes and crawls closer, applying some lube to his shafts as he eyes the space between her powerful thighs. 
He leans closer, about to slip inside the healer, when a large hand reaches down and closes around both of his shafts. Nemo blinks in surprise as Delilah carefully readjusts his angle, clenching the paired dicks together, pushing them into the tight space under her tail. 

“Ah! Wait! What’re you-?” Nemo gasps. His cocks bump and push against her tail-hole, which slowly spreads around the twin tips. 

“Ngh, alway’s- ahh, wanted to try this.” Delilah bites her lip, and rocks her hips, feeling the double shafts slide in another inch. “Come, ah, on. Get in there…” 

No. 1045104 ID: 83fb9f

Nemo, I hope you realize how much of a solution to a logistical problem, you are. Relish in that, but focus on the task at hand.
No. 1045151 ID: 4120ac


Man, Del's taking it like a champ!

Casey and Clio should get in on the fun as well. They could suckle on Del's nipples or play around with the boys while Del handles them.
No. 1045398 ID: 9272af
File 166484359843.png - (212.96KB , 700x500 , 14--206.png )

“Fuckin lichfire…” Gabe says under his breath, watching the lizard slip inside Delilah, “Now that’s an idea. I wonder if I could handle that…” 

“You’re pretty stretchy, I bet you could.” Kol smirks at him, “You might want to loosen up a bit. Maybe Cecil has something in his collection that could help.”

The mouse blushes as Del turns to go down on him, prompting a squeak.

Nemo bites his lip, his eyes focused on the flexing ring of muscle. He pushes steadily forward, feeling the resistance give way, slowly making progress into her tight passage. He groans as the tightness squeezes his shafts together, like pattern steel being forged. After what feels like ages, his hips bump gently against her ass-cheeks and the chameleon sighs, grinding in place. “Oh, F-F-Fates…” he mutters.

Between the three partners, Delilah moans happily. She splits her attention between the two mice, keeping them both squeaking and eager, carefully bucking into her mouth as she pleasures them in turn. The satisfying double-girth under her tail slides in and out with an aching slowness, the heads of both shafts dragging against her inner walls. The healer’s tail thump-thump-thump’s against the towel excitedly, as she feels herself craving more. 

Delilah takes a breather, her tongue lolling as she pants. “Fuck that’s good. Ah- keep going…” She moans in encouragement. “Which one of you boys wants to give him a hand down there?” Beneath her bangs, she eyes each of the mice with a grin. 

No. 1045419 ID: 83fb9f

That's your que, Gabe. Assume the position.
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