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File 163519765057.png - (137.30KB , 406x700 , 14-1.png )
1013588 No. 1013588 ID: de852d

Chapter 14
+18 Adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/990619.html#990619
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No. 1032595 ID: 1c6255

You can also add that there's a reason you refer to her by name: Tuvara-Malli doesn't do titles. She founded a school that doesn't do ranks.

BTW, why did you switch from "lichfire" to "litchfire"?
No. 1032599 ID: c7eead

They wanted T-M's book, and that's not going to happen because we need the book to accomplish our own goals.

They wanted to punish Nemo for wiggling out of their trap, but that's not going to happen because it's a shitty thing to do and legally dubious enough to get them in serious trouble.

This '"justicar" should ask themselves: Do they want to keep (acting like a jackass) escalating this conflict, or can we start looking for a less violent and backstabby solution?

If we can manage to de-escalate, we should try to find out if this guy or the people he works for know anything about what happened to Lord Hekal.
No. 1032763 ID: 9272af
File 165293015916.png - (145.73KB , 700x596 , 14-121.png )

Clio stands and points the tip of the Claiomh-solais at the fey. “You better surrender; don’t make me use this thing on you. You've probably broken a bunch of laws at this point, so don’t make it worse."

"She's right," Casey coughs and continues, "You could get branded a devil for what you've done. I can't imagine your Court would be too happy about that, especially since it would compel you to only tell the truth."

“No, no.” Ometra says to themself, “I've heard of that blade. That magic is too dangerous: it already unmade everything once before. It must be stopped.”

They reach for one of their remaining branding irons, only to find it missing.
No. 1032764 ID: 9272af
File 165293017568.png - (233.09KB , 700x700 , 14-122.png )

The headless figure seems to look around in confusion and, without warning, jumps and roars: one massive hand clutching their backside. They turn to find Nemo, holding a branding iron with a startled look on his face.

“Uh- Hi?-“ Nemo gulps.

The litchfire furnace seethes, “You. What have you done?!”
No. 1032768 ID: e5709d

"Good question.
No. 1032770 ID: 96c896

Wait, those brands, is that how they brand devils? Well, we saw the one used to brand thieves, which presumably imprisons them somehow, or forces them into servitude. The second one was a binding brand... the third one is probably the devil brand.

So I guess the justicar's sentence has been preemptively carried out. Tell them they really have no choice now. Their clan won't want them anymore. Surrender and there may still be a life for them in mortal lands.
No. 1032771 ID: 96c896

Wait, didn't they have four? One went missing when the binding brand was cut.
No. 1032784 ID: c7eead

Wait, what exactly did he mean by "Unmade everything?" Does he actually know how that sword works?

Also, nice one Nemo! Get his ass!
No. 1032815 ID: ecac66

I suggest we experiment on what exactly each brand does, we have a perfectly good test subject here after all.
No. 1032817 ID: f52a42

Technically, he already did! Nemo, I would keep that brand out of his reach.
No. 1032818 ID: 30b9f6

>Wot u done???
Stuck you in the rear with a judicious amount of karmic energy and/or possibly poetic justice. Or wait, do you have to do a poem for it to be poetic? Uhh...

"Ometra the Dullahan,
Came to a mortal town.

For justice, tried to trick a thief,
(But trust us, all they got was grief)
With heavy coins and magics light,
To filch a journal in the night.

But the Spirit Guardians saw through,
Knew thieves, and thievery so too.
They caught and spoke so that thief knew,
Unwise promises with fey he'd rue.

And so it came to this here day,
When Guardians and thief joined fray,
And turned the trick right back on them,
Who'd entrap the unchained and condemn.

The deal fulfilled, to letter's end,
No law thief broke, one must append.
Ometra righteously chained thief's hand,
But found the journal was not as planned.

Oh brands were raised and bindings cast,
But a blade was raised, the fey aghast,
Their butt got singed, their law cleave'd twain,
Whose bright idea had this been, again?

Oh what fools these Justicars be,
Who don't really get what it means to be free!"

No. 1032957 ID: 5900c4

He just burned your ass! That's what he's done!
No. 1032959 ID: f98a7b

Ah. Those last words are fey for "get the fuck away from here really fast"
No. 1033031 ID: 9272af
File 165309983961.png - (144.04KB , 700x500 , 14-123.png )

“He branded you an oath-breaker: which, as the unjustly accused, he has every right to!” Casey laughs.

“I did?” Nemo looks down at the glowing sigil etched onto the justicar’s ass. “I j-just meant to be a distraction. I didn’t realize…”

“And we have a witness, right?”

The barista, who had been watching with a look of enraptured glee, waves. “Oh, everyone is going to hear about this! We can have songs and poems and nightly performances!” Her thin, dagger-like pupils stray towards the ceiling as she starts composing lyrics in her head.
No. 1033032 ID: 9272af
File 165309984666.png - (147.43KB , 500x700 , 14-124.png )

Ometra shakes with fury, their headless form erupting like an emerald volcano. Their fists clench as they loom over Nemo, but something seems to be holding them back from attacking. “You have made a very powerful enemy this day!” They declare.
No. 1033042 ID: c7eead

As have you
No. 1033052 ID: 96c896

Don't let them run.
No. 1033053 ID: 36784c

>something seems to be holding them back from attacking.
I think this means that brand prevents Ometra from attacking Nemo, since he’s the one that branded them.
No. 1033059 ID: bb78f2

You are you're own enemy. Take on that one before making more.
No. 1033073 ID: 2de4fd

Hold up a sec. You still haven't learned why he wanted this book. It's FAR to specific to be just a random sting operation.

Bind him, he's not getting away. Surely he's violated rules of hospitality in here enough for that, right?
No. 1033139 ID: ecac66

Grab someone that can open a pocket dimension and imprison the Dullahan until it talks.
No. 1033154 ID: 7f44fa

"I dunno dude, you were already treating me like an enemy. I'm not sure we're gonna notice the difference."
No. 1033164 ID: 9a2966

"At least my ass doesn't glow in the dark. Or worse. Here."

Nemo: Toss him back his brand - it's not yours, after all, and it's done its job.

"What did you actually have in mind to do with me, Ometra? Before that doublecross you could've just walked away scot free, if tricked by your own open request. If you wanna blame anyone, why not whoever told you to get that book in the first place?"

C'mon... get them to blab about who wants the book in their rage. Or at least told them it'd been found and should be retrieved because mortals dangerous blah blah blah.
No. 1033213 ID: 9d5d17

...and that enemy is?
No. 1033368 ID: 9272af
File 165335612654.png - (134.58KB , 700x525 , 14-125.png )

Casey interrupts, holding up a finger. “Actually, he didn’t. That brand undid all of your oaths. Remember?”

The air seems to come out of the dullahan as reality sinks in. They turn to face Casey as their lichfire is turned down to a simmer. “What?” Their voice is dull and disbelieving, like a person looking at their own unfamiliar reflection.

“And, I believe it compels you to tell the truth, right? Maybe you’d like to start by telling us about your Court? Or what exactly you wanted the Guardian’s tome for?”
No. 1033369 ID: 9272af
File 165335614184.png - (134.88KB , 700x448 , 14-126.png )

The undead fey startles, suddenly on guard. They take a step back and another one. Suddenly they bolt for the door, stumbling over their feet as they panic.
No. 1033370 ID: f80eb4

>hooves, tail
Oh come on, he’s a headless horse man?

Well fucking played, Tox.

Ah... someone should probably stop him from galloping off, though.
No. 1033373 ID: c7eead

Aww, ponyboy's got a cutie mark. Serves em' right.
Best not let them get away. I'm sure that lots of people are going to want to ask them lots of questions
No. 1033374 ID: e7848c

Now there will be none of that. Clio, gate the door. We just want to talk.
No. 1033375 ID: 96c896

Casey, retrieve the prisoner.
No. 1033433 ID: 2de4fd

Oh man, just don't break anything. But gating the door so that it goes right back into the room sounds hilarious. Maybe you can do a dual-tech with Casey, set up a water trap just beneath the portal exit, have it go from the door to dumping him right out into the trap from above so he falls into it.
No. 1033613 ID: 9272af
File 165353224114.png - (156.63KB , 700x605 , 14-127.png )

Casey rolls her eyes and swings her arm; her aura flowing out after it. “Yeah, no. We’re not doing that.” The coil of mana wraps around the fleeing dullahan’s cloak and yanks them off their feet.

Ometra lands flat on their back with a thump, the last iron brand clattering loose from their internal furnace. Casey swipes her right hand and glowing shackles constrict the dullahan’s wrists and ankles, trussing them up neatly.
No. 1033614 ID: 9272af
File 165353224744.png - (216.00KB , 700x657 , 14-128.png )

“Come on, we’ve got a lot of questions for you.” Her aura tentacle wraps around Ometra’s legs and drags them as she heads for the door. “Thanks for letting us use your cafe.” She says to the owner.

The catlike goblin lady waves goodbye to her guests. “Thank you for not breaking anything. Do come back sometime: coffee will be on the house!”
No. 1033618 ID: 96c896

Don't forget to collect all the brands.
No. 1033619 ID: e7848c

Now that would be a nice set up for a date
No. 1033669 ID: 9a2966

Onwards to a surprisingly comfortable room for an interrogation!
No. 1033707 ID: 2de4fd

That's a pretty good offer. Definitely come back to get coffee soon. Is Nemo coming for the interrogation?
No. 1033735 ID: 401b30

I'm sure the college staff would love to deal with the one responsible themselves.
No. 1033792 ID: 9272af
File 165370574548.png - (183.90KB , 800x444 , 14-129.png )

Casey, Clio and Nemo step outside with Ometra in tow. A number of figures step out to greet them clad in red sashes.

“Nicely done, you three.” Mariana nods at the bound figure. “We were scrying through the barista’s eyes, like you asked. Looks like you didn’t need the backup though.”
No. 1033802 ID: 2de4fd

Hey, backup not needed doesn't mean it wasn't appreciated. That could have gone WAY worse. Thanks for being there. Kol is looking good as usual.
No. 1033830 ID: fe5012

Cat that likes butt stuff. Meet mouse that like butt stuff!
No. 1033832 ID: 815672

Doesn't hurt to have a backup plan. Thanks for looking out and playing along. Hopefully now we have some answers in hand.
No. 1033906 ID: c7eead

Oh yeah, has Clio even met Kol yet? She should totally say hi! Especially if she wants to pursue a relationship with Casey.
No. 1033909 ID: 4bcf86

You should probably return the brand to whatever court it belongs to. It's a symbol of office that just became vacant, and it's probably more trouble to hold onto than it's worth.
No. 1034025 ID: 9272af
File 165394566794.png - (163.25KB , 700x500 , 14-130.png )

Kol and Gabe come up to give Casey a hug and she says, “Thanks for looking out for us. Never hurts to have some some backup.”

“You okay? That binding spell looked nasty.” Kol asks.

“Thanks to Clio.” Casey chuckles, massaging her neck a bit.

“You know it!” The cat winks at her.
No. 1034026 ID: 9272af
File 165394567371.png - (130.52KB , 500x700 , 14-131.png )

Mariana kneels down next to the immobile fey. “You ready to talk at all?”

Ometra is silent with fury, a growl coming from somewhere in the defeated justicar.

“It’d do you well too cooperate. I imagine, in your tenure as justcar, you’ve made some enemies who would love to get a hold of you. Now that you’re not protected by fey law, we might be the only people that could keep you safe.” She says conversationally.

The fey remains silent, but its a more thoughtful silence. The emerald lichfire stops its furious roil and calms itself slightly.

“Where’s Nemo? He should be able to compel them.”

The crowd lets the chameleon through and he approaches the prone figure. His eyes scan the crowd nervously, unused to being the center of attention. “Uh, hi? W-what should I do?”
No. 1034089 ID: e5709d

Nemo: "Tell us every world-shattering secret you know."
No. 1034090 ID: 96c896

I think "Who tasked you to retrieve the book?" is the most important question right now.
No. 1034099 ID: c28082


Asking what the purpose of acquiring the book was, when it was obvious Ometra had no actual desire for it (and every intention of framing us) might be pertinent. Whether another person or influence was behind this as well could be telling, as acquiring the book may ultimately be less meaningful than depriving the college of it.
No. 1034101 ID: 2de4fd

Who was it that tasked you with getting the book, and why.
No. 1034109 ID: 815672

Relax Nemo, you have the power here
No. 1034118 ID: e07ed2

Ey bby what ya pronouns?
No. 1034283 ID: 9272af
File 165429466212.png - (120.04KB , 500x700 , 14-132.png )

“Ask him about the book. Why risk so much to get it?” Casey asks.

Nervously, the thief relays the question and Ometra replies in a tired, defeated voice. “I was ordered by my court, the Court of the Pooling Deep, to retrieve it. I contains descriptions of a spell, or spells that are too dangerous to be used by mortals.”

“What kind of spells?” Casey asks.

The captured fey is silent for a moment before replying, “I don’t know for certain, but I have reason to believe it is necromancy.”
No. 1034284 ID: ecac66

Wanted to avoid someone a fate such as his?
Ask Omettra why he thinks that and what he thinks of that?
As an undead himself he must have some opinion on the subject.
No. 1034285 ID: 401b30

So what do we know about these pooling deeps?
No. 1034464 ID: 815672

Mortals know better than to mess with that. Especially the sender academy.
No. 1034466 ID: 96c896

They could've just told us.
No. 1034469 ID: 9a2966

One: Okay, why would descriptions of spells be so bad? Tuvara-Malli opposed and sabotaged the great necrocracies of the past, along with the first Guardians. Surely she included their descriptions for a reason in her memoirs?

Two: The Guardians are opposed to rampant necromancy. Generally try to solve that shit, y'know. So why was it so concerning the organisation that Tuvara-Malli helped create would get to know of the mere existence of these spells? It's not like they would have much - if any - intention to start exploring and re-discovering their use.

Three: As an undead fae who's presumably been around the block for a long time, does he know anything concrete about the disappearance of one Lord Hekal? You kinda need to ensure his orphaned minions know his fate so they can choose to return to the afterlife at peace. And not, y'know, at war. *eye Mt. Bargast*
No. 1034471 ID: 96c896

"Description" equates to "instruction" in this case I believe.
No. 1034472 ID: 0d0d78

Then that raises the question of why Tuvara-Mali would seek to preserve those spells.
No. 1034560 ID: 9272af
File 165465217440.png - (149.31KB , 700x568 , 14-133.png )

Clio looks around disbelieving and comments, “You realize that sounds a bit… hypocritical coming from you, right? Aren’t you an undead?”

“I am bound by oaths greater than death, mortal.” Ometra replies curtly.

“Uh, except you’re not. Right? You’re uh… un-oathed?” Clio reminds the fey.

The dullahan pauses and makes an “Er…” noise before going silent.

“Wait, so why would Tuvara-Malli want to preserve necromancy?” Casey questions. “She fought against the vampire lords, right?”

“Not her. Her collaborator.” Ometra’s voice echoes with venom as their flames spit angrily.
No. 1034565 ID: 273c18

Oh, who might that be?
No. 1034575 ID: c0bd54

Senders can open portals to the beyond, that may be what he's referring to.
That, or medium stuff.
No. 1034583 ID: 6b8af8

Moot I would assume. Assuming you mean that moot had been the one wishing to preserve it. It's strange then that tuvari seems to have been the one who wrote it. Unless he's saying that tuvari had little hand in the actual fighting of the vampires. He gave one answer two questions and him not using her name is making his statements hard to understand.

As for why it would be saved. I don't think anyone should assume intent from this realms most notable historical heroes until it is found what the spell is and, more importantly, why it was written.
No. 1034591 ID: 9a2966


Lord Hekal?
No. 1034593 ID: 815672

Why don't you educate us then?
No. 1034603 ID: 9272af
File 165473410527.png - (113.75KB , 430x700 , 14-134.png )

“Who? You mean Augustine Moot? Why would she want to preserve necromantic magic?” Clio asks. “I thought she hated the undead! Didn’t all of this start because of the disappearance of that vampire lord, uh, Hekal?”

“True, but…” Casey scratches her chin as her brain races, “The night we caught Nemo, I had a thought I’ve been mulling over. According to Graves, it seemed like in order for Augustine to gate into Hekal's palace unnoticed, she would have needed help from inside…”

“So she had help from an undead?”

Casey shrugs. “It's all pointing towards that. It’s hard to know what the intent was without more information. Maybe Graves came come across this forbidden spell while translating the book?”
No. 1034631 ID: e7848c

Perhaps we should go check up on our undead friend then
No. 1034690 ID: a93b7a

What if...
What if Moot didn't break into Hekal's palace?
What if she was invited?
What if Hekal and Moot made a deal? And the conversation of some necromancy spells was part of it?

Maybe we are looking at it the wrong way.

Maybe Moot and Hekal had a truce.
No. 1034750 ID: c09f25

I suspect they made more than a truce...
No. 1034765 ID: a93b7a

As in founded the town together? I suspect as much.
No. 1034766 ID: 9a2966

Checking with someone else who may have a clue may be wise. Speculation is running rife.

And it's quite curious why they would not mention necromantic spell descriptions being within said tome, if they'd spotted them.

Any other pertinent questions to Ometra, before the rest of the Guardians brings them to safety?

Like... why choose to become undead? As fey, aren't they stupidly long-lived anyway? What made them make that leap?
No. 1035022 ID: 9272af
File 165526024763.png - (180.12KB , 700x626 , 14-135.png )

"This is all getting weird." Casey shakes her head, "Gabe, can you scry up Mr. Graves and see if he's found any necromantic spells?"

The mouse pulls the small, clear crystal from his pocket dimension and focuses on the skeleton.

Graves looks up from his reading with momentary irritation. "Huh? Oh, it's you. I trust the tactical operation you were planning went well?"

"Pretty good! We bagged ourselves a dullahan!" Casey grins, "But we have a question for you: have you found any spells related to necromancy in your translation?"

The skeleton taps a calcified fingertip on the table and seems to think. "Well, funny you should say that. I'm not an expert or anything but... several of these passages seem to explain how to sever the soul or life force from a body."
No. 1035027 ID: 273c18

That doesn't sound useful, can't you just do that with a regular knife? Jokes aside, I'm guessing that the soul or life continues living after the fact? What happens to the body?
No. 1035056 ID: ce39da

Wait... so, would this create a living body without a soul?

... Holy cow. A... tantalizing story is beginning to form. But no, we need actual evidence. Even if the possibility of a Lich truly coming back to the realm of the living is a touch existentially terrifying.
No. 1035066 ID: c28082


Had I to guess, this might very well be the beginnings of the Mediums, and a secret which some might have wished to keep hidden.
No. 1035174 ID: 9272af
File 165542859501.png - (149.00KB , 700x500 , 14-136.png )

Gabe makes an annoyed little tongue click, "That's not necromancy! That's just Medium magic, right?"

He looks over at Kol, who is cycling through expressions of shock, disbelief, understanding and worry. He has a far away look in his eyes, as if in his head he's trying to juggle chainsaws while defusing a bomb.

"Right, Kol?" Gabe asks.

Kol blinks rapid fire, seeming to come back to reality. His only answer is a drawn out, "Uhhhhhhhh..."

Gabe looks to Casey for help and her mouth is slack, her tongue probing the edges of her teeth thoughtfully. "Ah-" She begins to say before closing her mouth and considering her next words. "M-maybe?" She looks to Mairana as the voice of authority.

The Guardian's ruffled feathers settle back down and she opens a gate. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about this out in the open?"
No. 1035182 ID: 401b30

Maybe you could take this conversation somewhere more comfortable after deciding what to do with your captive.
No. 1035191 ID: 4120ac


Good idea, and you should probably bring Clio along as well.
No. 1035205 ID: 815672

The sender academy! Preferably not the dorms. Thin walls, you know
No. 1035209 ID: 273c18

Strange, why would the Court of the Pooling Deep want the book because of the spell, when the spell is apparently already in use?
No. 1035224 ID: 0b6c59

It might not be official policy to discuss the exact implications of this particular use. Or maybe the origins? Looks like we're about to find out
No. 1035230 ID: 401b30

I say the mice, Clio and Nemo and whoever else should take this conversation to the bathhouse, it's basically been a long day and everyone could use a bit of relaxation/eyecandy with their conversation.
No. 1035239 ID: 7f44fa

This puzzled trio scene is The Best picture.
No. 1035312 ID: 4120ac


No. 1035457 ID: 9272af
File 165567587292.png - (187.71KB , 700x500 , 14-137.png )

The group hurries through the glowing portal and emerge in the Sender Academy. The room is one of several chambers within the main complex designated for incoming gates, its wood paneled walls scarred by years of miscalculated spells cast by students.

“Okay, it should be safer to talk here. These rooms here are specially soundproofed to reduce the noise from gates.” Mariana explains.

“Is this some kind of secret we’ve stumbled on? Is Medium magic just necromancy?” Kol asks.

The guardian shrugs, “I just thought it would be a good idea to get off the street with a captured undead, before talking about this. To tell you the truth, I don’t know enough about the history of the Guardians say, but this seems to line up with your discoveries. I think you’re going to need some more evidence before we can come to an actual conclusion, especially regarding Hekal. There's a lot more we need to uncover here.”

“I agree about looking for more evidence, and hopefully our headless friend can help us with that, but where else should we look? This was already a pretty incredible find.” Casey sighs, feeling the weight of history sagging her shoulders.

“I’d say your best bet would be with one of the senior Mediums, like Sifr. He could at least point you in the right direction.”
No. 1035462 ID: e7848c

Let's have a talk with Uncle
No. 1035500 ID: 2de4fd

Hard to think of a better way to start.

Reeeeally gonna hope that Moot didn't betray Hekel after convincing him to give up secrets that led to the modern formation of some of your orders or something.
No. 1035501 ID: 273c18

Considering the themes of this quest, I would be shocked if Moot and Hekal weren't at least good friends.

But yeah, talking to the most experienced Medium we know is definitely a good idea here.
No. 1035659 ID: 9272af
File 165587339021.png - (142.05KB , 466x700 , 14-138.png )

“Good idea. Gabe, can you scry up Sifr and see if he has anything more information?”

The mouse nods and holds up the crystal again and focuses on the image of Kol’s uncle.

“Hello? Oh, uh hello, Gabe. What can I help you with?” The elder Bardo blinks, looking up into empty space.

Gabe bites his lip as he thinks about how to word things. “Uh, we were wondering if we could ask you about some of the history of the Mediums. We’ve come across some… stuff we need clearing up.”

“Like what kind of stuff?” Sifir asks amiably.

“Like… is Medium magic necromancy?” Gabe asks sheepishly.

The Guardian looks shocked, swaying backwards from the force of the question; his hand clapping his hat to his head. He rocks back upright and puffs up his cheeks, before blowing out a gout of air. “That’s… That’s certainly some stuff indeed. Uh, c-could I trouble you for a gate? Might be best to talk in person.”
No. 1035660 ID: 9272af
File 165587339774.png - (175.41KB , 500x700 , 14-139.png )

Gabe nods and after getting everyone to make room, opens up a portal for Sifr to join them.

“Thank you, lad. I appreciate it. Quite the crowd here. Hello, Mariana.” The Guardian steps out of the glowing circle and looks at the figure on the floor and asks, “Bleeding Fates, is that a dullahan?”
No. 1035662 ID: e7848c

Today has been a very productive day. Certainly one we would hope ends on a good note. Hope you can help with that.
No. 1035663 ID: 273c18

Yep, freshly caught. They were sent to recover a book, and claim their employer is trying to keep a necromantic spell in it out of mortal hands. Though, I'm wondering now... maybe the point was to prevent us from realizing the true origins of the Mediums?

Ask him who first developed the ritual to train Mediums to separate their souls from their bodies.
No. 1035674 ID: 2de4fd

Look it's been a long day.
No. 1035676 ID: 081cc9

A branded oath-breaker at that, thanks to some shenanigans.
No. 1035834 ID: 9272af
File 165603898542.png - (149.65KB , 700x463 , 14-140.png )

“Casey and Clio can tell you all the details, but they caught and branded them.” Kol says, “Good to see you uncle.”

“And you as well, Kol. A branded dullahan, eh? Now that's an interesting catch...” The elder bardo looks at the furnace of lichfire with intense interest.
No. 1035835 ID: 9272af
File 165603899780.png - (127.38KB , 634x700 , 14-141.png )

“So is it true? Are we necromancers?” Kol asks.

Sifr’s hand reaches under his hat to scratch his head and he sighs. “It’s certainly not the first time people have considered the possibility. The fundamental nature of our magic separates our souls from our bodies.” He waves a hand as he explains, “What’s more, the final trial for becoming a Medium is a kind of death of the self. One in which the body is brought as close to death as possible, before returning.”

“So it is necromancy?” Kol cocks his head.

“Well, slow down there a moment.” Sifr holds a hand up. “The key distinction here being the term ‘necro’. We’re still living beings, unlike vampires or liches. From what I remember, its been theorized that the magical that the Path was founded on may have been necromancy once, but was fundamentally changed by whoever created it. But we still don’t know who that was.”

“That actually makes sense.” Casey jumps in. “One of the things Graves told me about Hekal was that he was good at taking spells apart and putting them back together. He might have been the creator!”

“That’s a bold claim.” Sifr blinks back amazement. “Where’s all this coming from?”
No. 1035837 ID: 273c18

The book.
No. 1035852 ID: ce39da

"Well, I suppose that leads into WHY we have a branded dullahan here. He hired a thief to steal the book we were translating "mortal style," then tried to turn around and brand the poor guy a thief - the roles kinda got reversed in the ensuing sting we pulled to catch him in the act of meeting his accomplice, and the guy that got roped in is fine now. Purportedly, his reason for arranging all of this is because that book contained necromantic spells his bosses wanted to keep out of mortal hands, and Graves confirmed the presence of that theorized ur-medium magic. I think."
No. 1035855 ID: 815672

Pardon our enthusiasm, but we're connecting a lot of pieces real quick. Mediums are just that. The middle line between life and death.
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