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File 163283215758.png - (347.64KB , 800x600 , RTS1.png )
1011811 No. 1011811 ID: 39d938

Wiki/Thread List: https://questden.org/wiki/Return_to_Sender

There are two kinds of people in this world, besides aves and chimeras. There are those with luck, and those without it. Today I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, perhaps this is God's way of seeking my forgiveness? Well, it'd be a good start. Now if I can find a way off this pinnacle, we'll be just peachy.
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No. 1013358 ID: 558e3d

Think, Pascoe, think! What makes a boy chimera different from a girl chimera?
And don't instinct! You must put it into words, Pascoe!
You must find The Ultimate Proof That Makes It Obvious(tm) and make your captors understand the error of their ways!
No. 1013375 ID: 53560f

“So, let’s just say for a moment that I’m not Rainier, who are they?”
No. 1013380 ID: ab2e9c

You seem unnaturally calm dispite the situation you are in.
No. 1013405 ID: 39d938
File 163488388384.png - (395.92KB , 800x600 , RTS23.png )

>You seem unnaturally calm despite the situation you are in.
There's always a way out of every situation. At least that's how I see it. This is all just a big misunderstanding, so I have no reason to be concerned... right?

>Try walking alongside them
I get on my feet and move up to where they are walking.
"Do this Reiner person and I really sound alike"
>"All of y-you chi-chi-chimer-mer-mera sound alike to aves l-l-like us."

"So, let’s just say for a moment that I’m not Reiner, who are they?"
>"Are y-y-you trying this who-whole thing again? Faking m-m-m-memory loss isn't gonna ge-get you out of pr-pr...pr-pr-"
"Can I talk to the brown ave instead?"
>"He d-d-doesn't t-talk."
"But he just... ok, Whatever. So, if I'm Reiner, what did I do to get into prison."
>"Did you forg-g-get about-bout being a p-p-p...pi-pi-pir..."
"Listen, I'm a male pseudogryph, and I can prove it."
"Well... I can show you."
>...Cut it out, Reiner, you're making me uncomfortable."
>"B-b-besides, you r-r-really wan-wanna go to the male ch-ch-chimera prison? It isn't ea-eas-easier to es-esc-c-cape, that's for s-sure. If we made a mis-mis-t-t-take, take it up with the vice w-w-w... w-w"
"You can do it, buddy."
>"w-w-war-war-WARDEN! Thanks!"

Seems that I'll need to talk to this vice warden if I actually want to be taken seriously. For now, if I want a more coherent conversation maybe I should try talking to the ave up front.
No. 1013406 ID: 8483cf

Well, do we want to try to escape, or do we want to try and prove our case of mistaken identity?

Doesn't sound like we're going to have much luck with these guys, so... escape it is!
No. 1013407 ID: 2a3eda

Ask that if you actually ask to speak to the vice warden would they actually hear you out or would they just ignore you? Because if they would actually hear your case you’d like to request there presents now so you could speak to them when you get there to save everyone some time.

Also What is the name of the prison are they taking you to anyways?
No. 1013409 ID: e51896

We should probably ask for a lawyer once we meet with the warden.
No. 1013410 ID: 2edc7f

We'll have to ask for a chimera to tell them you are not Reiner.
No. 1013420 ID: ce39da

Yeah, head out in front... while being careful to avoid getting the others caught in your ropes (for now, while talking is still an option).

"Hey, um, can I talk to this vice warden person I heard about when we get back? I believe there's been a case of mistaken identity, and I have two ways to prove it, one of which will also point you to the actual convict."

If asked to explain: "First, you can have my gender examined, and you'll find that I am not, in fact, a girl. You check this sort of thing when prisoners are admitted, right? Second, I can attest that you will probably find a field chimera postie in town named 'Pascoe.' I am Pascoe, and this 'Rainer' person you've been looking for is probably posing as me. Seeing as I have never been to the prison, and I only just started my first shift in the Pinnacles, the only way 'Rainer' (as you call me) could know of 'Pascoe's' presence here today is if the two of us encountered each other out here. Oh, and if you do find 'Pascoe,' here's a third piece of evidence; my crew knew me to be male, and examining 'him' will likely lead to a contradiction there."
No. 1013508 ID: 15a025

Is there even a remote chance we can talk with the vice warden at some point when we arrive?
No. 1013509 ID: e13b1d

Being the only male chimera in a women's prison is going to get you a ton of poon, man.
No. 1013539 ID: 7b0b15

Nicely ask how to contact with the vice warden. Your companions in your ship will be worried and you have a schedule to adhere.

Ask if there is a way to prove them that you are not that "Rainer". You understand that they can't leave you free without their superiors approval but you are worried that no further investigation will be carried out.
No. 1013548 ID: 422cea

Do you need a lecture on why mammalian wing-wongs don't belong in birds or something.

...Actually Pascoe and Rainer exist probably BECAUSE dared to defy that so nevermind.
No. 1013552 ID: 73380d

ya know... this might just be an reword for a previus past life Pasco...
No. 1014825 ID: bffbfd
File 163667013941.png - (294.13KB , 800x600 , RTS24.png )

The rain begins to slow down to a light drizzle. I make me way to the front towards the ave holding the lantern as I try not to entangle the ropes. The two guards converse as I get out of hearing range. I get a good look at the mammal. I have no idea what to call it, or which place it came from, but it is definitely from the new world, seeing as the old world doesn't have any native mammals. It makes me a little nervous at first, but I'm put at ease seeing how calm the aves are around it. It seems to be following the lantern.

>Well, do we want to try to escape, or do we want to try and prove our case of mistaken identity?
It's looking more and more like the former if I fail to convince anyone. But *surely* logic should prevail?
No. 1014826 ID: bffbfd
File 163667016081.png - (330.27KB , 800x600 , RTS25.png )

>"You get sick of Berascus and Pecca? I'll admit that neither are great for conversation, but I still have a job to do, so don't think I'll let you distract me."
"That's fine, I just have a few questions."

>What is the name of the prison
"What's the prison called?"
>"Mamerti penitentiary. Special prison for chimera inmates both natural and unnatural. But you should already know that."
>Vice Warden
"Is there a chance I can go talk with the Vice Warden? There has been some kind of mistake."
>"You're in luck, that's who you'll be seeing once we get to the rendezvous point. The Warden is unfortunately taking a few sick days, so you'll have to deal with Mako instead."
>"How could you of all people not know that everybody dislikes Vice Warden Mako. Even the guards."
He pauses for a moment
>"But you didn't hear that from me."

The mammal sniffs me. Continuously. It doesn't seem to want to stop.

>Will the Vice Warden actually hear you out
"Listen, I was taken by mistake, I'm not the one you're looking for, I'm just a chimera that looks like her, and none of you aves can tell because we're a different species. Do you think the Vice Warden will hear me out?"
>"I think it's possible you're telling the truth."
>"Well, you are acting different, don't know if that's an act out of desperation or not, Though I'm not the one you need to convince. Vice Warden Mako will probably hear you out, but don't expect him to act reasonably."
"What do you mean?"
>"If he believed your story, he still probably wouldn't let you go."
"What? Why not?"
>"Seems you forgot what kind of prison this really is."

I don't like the sounds of that. There was still more I wanted to ask but as we round the corner it seems we're about to reach the point he was talking about.
No. 1014827 ID: bffbfd
File 163667019369.png - (376.20KB , 800x600 , RTS26.png )

We walk towards a large clearing with dozens of chimeras and aves sitting around. There must be over twenty chimeras, and more guards. All of the chimeras are female, it must be some instinct because I can tell just by looking.

>"Darn it! Looks like they caught Reiner too! I thought she got away for sure this time..."
>"Why do you always get your hopes up? Nobody has ever gotten away before. They always catch us, and it's because of those mammals. their noses are too good."
>"I thought Reiner would've been willing to do anything to get away this time! guess not..."
>"Well, maybe tenth time's the charm."
>"Can I stand up? This mud is getting in my fur!"

>ya know... this might just be a reward for a previous past life Pascoe...
I don't really believe in past lives but if it means I'm not the bad luck magnet I usually am for once, I'll take it. But to tell the truth, I'm not feeling lucky.

There are quite a few pseudogryphs here, but I can recognise a few other types I've heard about. Besides the three or four plains pseudogryphs that look like me, I can see pseudodrags, pseudojacks, pseudowahe, pseudowend, a few pseudopega and a few others I can't put a name to. None of them have gotten a good look at me so none can tell I'm a male.
No. 1014828 ID: bffbfd
File 163667020741.png - (282.07KB , 800x600 , RTS27.png )

The warden sees me being brought in from the corner of his eye. from what I can see of his obscured face, he wears a smug grin.

>"Ah, Reiner. How nice of you to join us. Twenty-nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Why are you looking so down? you almost broke your record this time! My, I hope the fresh air was worth it, because you'll be coming back to your cell very soon. Why don't you take a seat next to Askot over there?" He signals to a pseudodrag sitting a little farther from everybody else.
>"Unless you wanted to grovel, my, it might make me want to go easier on you. Your choice really."

>We'll have to ask for a chimera to tell them you are not Reiner.
I can go sit next to the chimera to try and get them to verify my claim to the Vice Warden, or I can try talk to the Vice Warden directly.
No. 1014830 ID: aff048

Loudly announce yourself to the Vice Warden now. You might not get a chance later.
No. 1014831 ID: c92a02

Go sit next to someone that isn't Askot and ask if they are Askot.
No. 1014837 ID: 6266d5

This is delicate. I wouldn't trust the chimera in the case is friend of Reiner. Altough the warden doesn't look like will listen to you. The problem of showing your cards too soon is that all the female prisoners will know it and can bring problems, but if you don't act soon your story will lose weight.

I would prefer to first stop to observe in which situation we are and talk to the warden privately later, but there is too much in game. I vote to risk to talk in the most educate way to the Warden.
No. 1014844 ID: a00309

That mammal can clearly tell you have a different scent. You should point it out as you explain yourself.
No. 1014845 ID: 6a7eaf

Yeeeah he doesn’t seem overly friendly.

«O-okay. You sure got me, who is someone, alright. I’d like to speak with the Warden when they get back.»

Go sit next to Askot.

«Hi, I’m Pascoe not Reiner, but none of those aves seem to be able to tell. I’m with the Postal Alliance. Would you mind telling me about Reiner and the prison here? Haven’t seen this many pseudogryphs since I left for the New World, and the guards that jumped me suggested it wasn’t your regular kind of prison.
No. 1014847 ID: ce39da

It'd probably be wise to take the guard's word that Mako really won't let you go even if he knows you're innocent. He seems the type who'd rather maintain his reputation than see actual justice done.

It might be better to go over to the chimeras and ask to be let in on the next escape attempt since the mammals don't actually have our scent - the less the vice-warden knows, the better. Heck, having "Rainer" escape "for real" in a way Mako can't possibly deny would serve them right.

"I'm good, thanks. Yo, Askot."
No. 1014862 ID: 5d9787

How about not risking be reassigned to the male prison? Next time you have the opportunity to speak with a friendly guard ask who would be better to explain the situation.

Unfortunately you will be surrounded by dangerous criminals for the foreseeable future. Fortunately they are attractive lonely woman.
"Nice to meet you Askot."
No. 1014889 ID: 53560f

Maybe we should hold off on telling anyone until the warden recovers from their illness so that we can plead our case to a reasonable person. Patience is a virtue after all.
No. 1014899 ID: 076735

I see a big problem with the prisoners: They seem to hold Reiner in high regard.
High enough to lie on her behalf!

You can't count on them to authenticate you. You have better chances with the mammal.
No. 1014905 ID: a2493c

Don't play cocky.
They said grovel, so grovel. I somehow doubt Rainer would do this, so it might lend some weight to us being an innocent bystander.
No. 1015062 ID: 15a025

Time to suck up and Grovel since it seems like it'd be out of character for your doppelganger.
No. 1015073 ID: bffbfd
File 163686458055.png - (248.50KB , 800x600 , RTS28.png )

>Go sit next to someone that isn't Askot and ask if they are Askot.
He already pointed where she was, a little late for me to feign ignorance

>How about not risking being reassigned to the male prison?
As bad a situation as this is, that could certainly be a worse outcome.

>Wait until we meet the Warden
This seems like a probable solution, but I need to get this cleared up before my crew departs to the next colony. I don't know how long the warden will be absent, but if it’s longer than two or three days, I'll need a plan B.

>ask to be let in on the next escape attempt
That might be my only reliable option, but I'll need to make friends first...

>Loudly announce yourself to the Vice Warden now. You might not get a chance later.
I try to talk a bit with the Vice Warden before I go about doing anything else, trying to make it loud and clear that there is a mistake.
"I'm not Reiner! I'm somebody else entirely, the real Reiner is still out there!"
>"My, unless my memory fails me… haven't you tried this trick before? Why, yes! You have! It didn't work then, and it won't work now." Reiner tried that? Just how desperate was she to escape?
"I can verify my claims! Look, the mammal that brought me here can tell our scents apart, and I have people on the outside who can verify who I really am!"
>"Save your cheap tricks, escape is impossible. You should know, it's the reason no chimera will ever escape. That, and because of me of course, the most committed jailer in the whole penitentiary. Unlike the warden, I've never taken a sick day in my life! That's just how dedicated I am to keeping order around here."
Several of the guards just look away and roll their eyes.
>"My, I don't even know why I waste my breath on you. Drop the act, it'll do you no good. Now take a seat, I'll be addressing all of you shortly."
"Fine I'll grovel."
>"Later! I'm thinking up my speech..."
That goes about as well as I expected. He won't even consider the possibility that an escape occurred. I take a seat next to the pseudodrag named 'Askot'

>"Awwww darn it! Reiner, they got you too?! You were gone so long, I thought maybe you had a chance."
"About that."
>"You sound different, you catch that sickness that's been going around?"
“Not quite.”
No. 1015075 ID: bffbfd
File 163686463370.png - (147.70KB , 800x600 , RTS29.png )

She looks over to me
>"Hold on... You're not Reiner... As a matter a fact, I can't recall you from the prison at all... Wait wait wait... you're not even a female!
"Very observant. My name is Pascoe, I am employed with the Maritime Postal Alliance; New World chapter. There was a mix-up of sorts."
>"A postie? Then why are you wearing a prison outfit tied up in... wait. "
"Like I said, a mix up of sorts."
>"Does that mean-!" She stops herself when she notices how loud she was speaking, she lowers her tone and resumes.
>"Does that mean Reiner got away?!"
"With my identity! "
>"K-keep it down! If the other chimeras find out... let's just say that nothing good with come of it. "
"I have questions then, about the prison"
>"Fine! just... keep talking to me."
No. 1015076 ID: 8483cf

How often does the mail get delivered?
No. 1015085 ID: 5d9787

What do you mean nothing good? They will inevitable notice, so why would later be preferable to now?

What is up with the ropes? Why are you all sitting on the ground in the forest?

What is the prison like? What should I expect?
No. 1015087 ID: 96c896

Are all the chimeras here actually criminals? There was an implication that this isn't a real prison. If not... why?
No. 1015094 ID: b5c538

Not much about the experience to say she beat the piss out of me, said "nothing personal", and then took my stuff and left.
No. 1015107 ID: 2aa5f0

I was told the vice warden is a total tool and that I shouldn't bother speaking to him but what about the actual warden? If I could talk to them would they actually listen to me?
No. 1015111 ID: 53560f

How long do you think it will take for the warden to recover from their illness? I’d like to make my case to them before my ship departs without me.
No. 1015199 ID: bffbfd
File 163695190303.png - (195.77KB , 800x600 , RTS30.png )

"What do you mean nothing good?"
>"Look, a lot of the inmates in the female section of the prison haven't had the company of a male chimera in years. I'll admit you don't look like... the most masculine of male chimeras, but if you want to stay in one piece, maybe keep it to yourself for a while, or risk starting a riot."
"What is up with the ropes?
>"To stop us from going anywhere, pretty self-evident."
"How often do inmates get their mail?"
>"It can depend. If it's coming from somewhere in the new world, maybe a few days. If it's from the old world, every couple of weeks. Not many chimeras in the prison have friends or family in the old world though, in a lot of ways many are stranded. You shouldn't expect any letters though, Rainer is alone in the world. She used to have her crew, but... yeah."

"What is the prison like? What should I expect?"
>"Get used to sticking to a schedule, there'll be a lot of that. Maybe watch your back for a while, Reiner wasn't able to make friends with everyone."
"I got the implication that this isn't a normal prison."
>"It isn't. We're not being kept here to pay for crimes, they just want to trade us off. It has its upsides and downsides. At least they don't torture us, kill us or deprive us. On the other hand, not all the options they give us for release are appealing..."
"Are all the chimeras here actually criminals?"
>"Depends on what you'd call a criminal. Someone who committed a crime? Then yes. The severity of the crime however doesn't always have to be severe. There are people in here for stealing bread."
"Would the actual Warden listen to me? that I'm not Reiner?"
>"Absolutely. One look at you and that'd be enough to tell. On top of that, Reiner had a notorious reputation for having run ins with the Warden, so the two were well acquainted. The Warden is a good person who is fair to chimeras, unlike that tool, Mako."
"How long will it be until the Warden recovers from sickness?"
>"Could take a few days, and nobody is happy about it. Nobody except Mako, who thinks he runs the place now. Fortunately, he doesn't have any of the actual authority that the Warden does, otherwise he'd be thinking up harsh punishments for us right now. Worst he can do is relocate what cell we stay in for a dozen hours, which you may want, seeing as what you -- I mean, seeing as what Reiner did to her cellmate."
>"When Mako comes over, he'll ask which you'll prefer, to go back to your normal cell with your cellmate, A very disgruntled pseudojack, or to be relocated to F block, the place where some of the... above the neck chimeras are kept... When Mako comes over, I hope you'll have made up your mind."
"Wait, hold on-"
Mako is now starting his speech, and will probably come over once he is done, I should make up my mind before he finishes. I don’t understand either of my options but I think I should think of which one to lean towards.
No. 1015205 ID: 8483cf

Full or above-neck chimeras! Let's take our chances with the area with presumably better security. Hopefully. Feathers crossed.
No. 1015206 ID: 401b30

"Above the neck" ones?

Sorry but what? Kinda went over my head.
No. 1015207 ID: 082b42

Above neck guys
No. 1015214 ID: 076735

Do we need to briar-patch Mako?
No. 1015215 ID: f8fa51

Why would the "above-the-neck" chimeras be kept separate from the other chimeras? And why only some of them? I don't understand this situation, but making sudden changes to our location sounds like a bad idea, especially if we're hoping to get rescued.
No. 1015216 ID: 457dad

So what did she do to her last cell mate and what in the world does above the neck mean and how does it compare to going back to her normal cell?
No. 1015221 ID: 9a2966

So the New World's prison system (at least for chimeras, in this particular region) is clearly exploitative (and how, if it's all about selling prisoners, yeesh). But the Warden is a fine enough fellow, seems? While his Vice-Warden has a hard-on for 'justice' or cruel and unusual punishments.

>nothing good = unwanted advances
Oooh. Yeah, you'd probably want to avoid that.

So it sounds like the choice is between dealing with a very disgruntled former cellmate of Reiner's (which might be fine once they realize we're not Reiner) or be moved to the cells of the women with weird chimeric heads (which might make them harder to communicate with?).

Uh, well... you're no good in a fight, as established, so if it takes you a bit to convince the cellmate you could be in trouble, and you can probably make friends with the chimera-headed even if there's conversational difficulties. And it's only for a dozen hours. Plus, you might see some chimera types you haven't before. That's an adventure, right?

Relocate to the F block! Hopefully it should be very obvious whether we need to briar patch Mako or not by how he's acting.
No. 1015223 ID: 5d9787

If a pseudodragon can identify Pascoe sex this pseudojack will likely notice we are not the person who wronged her. I don't know why the above the neck chimeras are undesirable companionship, but I would prefer not finding out.

Tell me more about how much interest there is in the not most masculine of male chimeras.
No. 1015224 ID: 6266d5

By "Abobe the neck" I understand that they are "Mammals up to above the neck". In this world, if I get it right, only aves are sentient and chimeras are more feral the more mamals they are.

I don't think that Pascoe is the kind of person which get along easily with animals, so dealing with more savage people or maybe feral persons might be a nightmare of night (especially for the same problem of being male in a female prison). The good part is that I doubt they will say anything about us or at least they will not be played attention.

That pseudojack might give us an initial beating and then we will risk to don't get along with her (we can play the card that both of us has been played out by Reiner). Even with the problem of her not getting along with us and trying to extort us, we have more chances of diplomacy.

Unless Pascoe is very good with animals and more bestial chimeras, I would chose Reiner's cell.


That could be a good idea, though by how they treat the prisoners I doubt they will let us write letters. We might try to write a letter directed to our next destination's post office building to one of our companions. If we can, we can also write another letter to the post master in the old world as some plan C if things get sour in here.
No. 1015231 ID: a2493c

former room-mate.
1: we're not reiner, and we can patch over problems with a single person better than a group.
2: we will be dealing with one known belligerent, rather than a potential group of them.

I feel like playing the odds here.
No. 1015246 ID: 73380d

dey noy burbs so dey BAD! people!
No. 1015260 ID: 5378af

I say go with the former cell mate
No. 1015336 ID: bffbfd
File 163705646774.png - (246.07KB , 800x600 , RTS31.png )

>"Alright, listen up! Clearly, the events of what we see here today should make one thing perfectly clear; Escape is impossible. After all these years, you'd think that'd be pretty obvious. But understand that neither I, nor the Warden, are mad at any of you. However, I think I speak on the warden's behalf when I say we're all very disappointed in you all! Especially with how hard we try to be fair! You know, if you were aves, you'd have all probably been sent to the gallows by now. But despite you all being dirty criminals and petty thieves, we still give you options for rehabilitation! But until you all learn that, this is just going to keep happening. As you all know, the Warden has limited my capabilities on how I can deal out punishments, but when the warden recovers, we'll think of severe consequences befitting of yet another of these feeble escape attempts. If anybody has a problem with how I run things, then maybe a trip to F block should give you time to reconsider."
There are a few groans and sighs coming from the chimeras. I'm not sure what that's about.
No. 1015337 ID: bffbfd
File 163705648984.png - (188.93KB , 800x600 , RTS32.png )

I turn to Askot
"What did Reiner do to her cellmate?"
>"What didn't she do? they were like mortal enemies. The most recent thing is the worst though, Reiner scratched out one of her eyes by accident and sent her to the infirmary for weeks. Apparently, they eye doesn't look likely to recover. Why do you think Reiner wanted to get out so bad? If you get thrown into that dark cell all tied up, she may begin to take out her frustrations. I'm sure after clearing up the misconception, you can both bond over how you both got screwed over by Reiner. She will be furious knowing that Reiner is free though.
>Why would the above the neck chimeras be kept from the other chimeras.
I have no idea. This is the first time I have even heard of above the neck chimeras existing. If I had to guess, they probably aren't naturally occurring.

>Briar Patch Mako
If being with the 'above the neck' chimeras is the preferable place to be when he thinks it's a punishment, I'd suppose so.
As was predicted, Mako makes his way to where Askot and I are sitting.
>"Now, as for you two, how’s about we make this quick so I can take the rest of the night off, what’ll the punishment be? My, I think I have just the thing! How would you two like new cellmates for the night?"
"I'll cast a vote for you."
>"Your regular cell it is! How about you Reiner? I hear your regular cellmate has been dying to meet you since her recovery. I would certainly hate to separate such good friends, but you must learn from your mistakes. Does F block sound appealing to you? My, they certainly get very lonely over there, not having a cell to share with anyone. I won't be cruel by pairing you up with any of the wild minded ones. Guess that leaves a choice between Plaintooth and Snowball. Or... perhaps I can arrange you go to your regular cell... If you cast a vote for me in the next warden election?"
What kind of prison elects its warden???

Seems my choices are Reiner’s regular cellmate, or a choice between two other chimeras named 'Plaintooth' and 'Snowball'

Should I even bother getting Askot to verify my identity? It seems as though she will try throw me under the wagon to give her friend time to get away.
No. 1015338 ID: 5d9787

Election? The prisoners vote? What?
Can you at least tell me what an above the neck chimeras is? I don't even know why I should be scared of them, but this offer has being so ominous I'm even more convinced into choosing Reiner's disgruntle ex-cellmate.
No. 1015339 ID: 96c896

Go with F block. Think of this as investigative journalism. You're going to get out eventually, and you'll be able to tell the world just how fucked up the place is.
No. 1015340 ID: ae4a08

well at least plaintooth has plain teeth. never know what kind of dangers lurk in the snow. go with plaintooth
No. 1015341 ID: ae4a08

also lol mako is dumb as a bag of hammers, if you were actually Rainer theres nothing stopping you from just lying and saying youll vote for him and then not doing it. he has no power as vice warden if he lost so he couldnt do anything about it. what a chump.
No. 1015342 ID: ae4a08

but yeah go with F block just to spite him. in fact tell him about how dumb he is while doing it. what a loser.
No. 1015343 ID: ab61f6

If we're going down this road, do so by telling him F block is preferable to that smug smile of his (implying you want your real cell but would rather lose it than beg for it).
No. 1015345 ID: 279c23

Does the F in F block stand for feral or fuck? The answer really maters here I feel.
No. 1015348 ID: dfbac0

F block, if they vote for their warden maybe you can find a way to get them to vote in a warden who's more sympathetic to your cause.
No. 1015364 ID: ce39da

Briar patch your way into your regular cell; once you get over the "looks like Rainer" hump, you'll have a staunch ally. Refuge in audacity time!

"Oh, please! Anything but my cellmate! But... I can lie about my vote, can't I? I should do something that can't be taken back, like... what if I ate you out right here? Honestly, heck, that sounds pretty hot. Let's put on a show!" This doubles somewhat as petty revenge, putting these verbal atrocities into Rainer's mouth.
No. 1015365 ID: 5378af

Lets go with the original cell, I feel like above neck chimeras are not very nice
No. 1015366 ID: 9a2966

Oookay, let's not get involved in a vendetta over an eye.

Stick with the plan, which is to try to get a meet with the main Warden, since this one seems, um, not as reasonable-sounding and already dismissed you out of hand. Not sure, indeed, if you can trust Askot to verify for you, but even if she did, all you'd do with this guy is land in the male prison.

Say what you need to go to F block. Snowball seems the most innucous of the two names.
No. 1015383 ID: 235ba5

Snowball is like, definitely just white-feathered, right?
We need to know what makes a tooth "plain" in a world of birds.
No. 1015391 ID: 8483cf

No. 1015406 ID: c92a02

Given your track record with the visually impaired, let's go with Snowball.
No. 1015427 ID: a7d6c9

Well, I hope we can't keep your promise to vote for him. And even if I feel the most secure way out of here is a beating from Rainer's cellmate, I am awfully curious about those chimera.

(I think the best solution would be Reiner's cell but I vote for drama: Snowball sounds fluffy)
No. 1015495 ID: 73380d

snowball sounds like and obvious trap, whom might planetooth be? Ill go with them...
No. 1015543 ID: 6e03b6

Try Plaintooth.
No. 1015612 ID: bffbfd
File 163740655619.png - (308.62KB , 800x600 , RTS33.png )

>F block just to spite him
"While I would love nothing more than to move back to the confines of my cosy cell with my undoubtedly loving and doting cellmate, I would rather go the night with those no-good above the neck chimeras in F block if it meant I didn't have to vote for you!"
>"My! Finally come back to your normal attitude, have you? While it is nice to see you drop the act, I can't help but miss this timid mystery chimera."
"Cry me a river!" I blow a raspberry. I wouldn't do this normally, but I feel like it is important to act like whoever this Reiner person is, because getting put in a male prison seems like the worst-case scenario.
>"So, who will it be? Plaintooth or Snowball?"
>"My, such a quick response! Nobody ever chooses Plaintooth. I can't blame you though, she creeps me out too. Maybe she gets lonely, but then again, who cares? Berascus."
>"Bring him to F-block. He'll be staying in Snowball's cell for tonight."

Askot looks over to me as we begin to part ways.
"See you first thing tomorrow, 'Reiner.' Don't let anybody find out about our little secret, ok?"
"Since when did I agree to keep it a secret?"
"You'll want to, unless you want to complicate things." We walk too far away to hear each other.

"So, uh, what does F block stand for?"
"I-I-It's alphabetic-c-cal o-o-order. You know, a-a-A, b-b-B, c-c-c-C..."
"I get it!"
No. 1015614 ID: bffbfd
File 163740664147.png - (368.24KB , 800x600 , RTS34.png )

We walk for a while to get to the prison, and once we are inside it is pretty dark. They take my ropes off and put me in handcuffs. We go through a bunch of hallways until we are outside again, this time on a stone bridge leading up to a separate building, shaped more like a tower. I'm not sure why this area of the prison is so secluded from the rest, but this must be what they call F block.

We walk down the quiet halls of F block until something huge looms over the corner of my eye.
A large mammal creature, bigger than any person I have ever seen stands a small distance away, poking her head out between the cell bars. She looks over to the gaurd.
"Hey Stutter, my shackles are feeling reeeeaaal loose! You should come in here and tighten' them for me!"
>"K-k-keep that f-f-forked toungue behind your t-t-t-teeth, plaintooth! And st-t-t-top calling me th-that!"
"Oh? Who is this you've brought with you? Could it be? Reiner the cooler queen herself? Coming to be cellmates with me?"
>"This one is g-g-going to S-Snowball."
"But people always choose Snowball over me! Is it because she isn't a full chimera like I am? How cruel~"
>"M-m-must be y-yo-your toothy g-gr-grr... g-grin."
"I can't help having such a pretty smile!"
No. 1015615 ID: bffbfd
File 163740673881.png - (199.88KB , 800x600 , RTS35.png )

She leers in to get a closer look at me.
"Hey Reiner, you're looking a little different... Oh! I know what it is! That scar on your cheek fully healed! that was quick. I'm guessing the escape didn't work this time around either? Maybe you should try something new this time around."
"I'm not Reiner!"
"hmmmmm... I think you tried that one before. A bold strategy, let's see if it pays off!"
"You can't tell that I'm a different person?"
"Do I look like a Natty Chimera to you? Nah. Lots of you look the same."
If this is Plaintooth then I might have dodged a bullet. I don't want to speak too soon though.
No. 1015616 ID: bffbfd
File 163740676490.png - (399.00KB , 800x600 , RTS36.png )

We walk along to the cell next door, the guard opens the cell door and lets me in, closing it after I go inside. In front of me sits she who is apparently referred to as 'Snowball'
>"C-c-call for m-me if you need any th-th-thing. N-n-not that y-you sh-sh-s-sh-should. Snowball is v-v-vvvv... v-very t-t-t-timid."

I stand for a bit, she doesn't react to me walking in, staying silent. She looks at the moon outside the window. Going by appearances she doesn't seem like any ordinary chimera, with ave feathers and legs below her waist, with the top half being some sort of mammal with white fur. Being around aves all my life, this sudden change in the people I'm meeting today is a little jarring.

What should I say?
No. 1015617 ID: 076735

SHOULD you say anything?
No. 1015618 ID: 2de4fd

Sit down, give her some space, let her approach you if she's going to. You can just say hello if you want to at least give her the courtesy, which could be good.
No. 1015622 ID: 5d9787

Notice Mako referred to Pascoe as he and him. Unless the guard who complained about the vice warden told him that was the claim he shouldn't know.

"Hello, nice to meet you."
"Do you like the clear night sky? It looks beautiful tonight"
"Your fur is very pretty."
No. 1015623 ID: 4e2458

Greet her, introduce yourself and let her say what she wills, if anything.

You might want to maneuver around to get a peek on her face... and you might also want to consider the sleeping arrangements here. Are there two cots?
No. 1015629 ID: 2aa5f0

uh say hi and look at the moon with her... not really sure you can do much else right now.
No. 1015634 ID: a2493c

>refers to you as a he several times


oh this motherfucker KNOWS we're not them and just doesn't give a fuck huh
No. 1015635 ID: a2493c

just sit down and appreciate the moon with 'em. They seem a bit focused on that.
No. 1015657 ID: 1f86a7

>If this is Plaintooth then I might have dodged a bullet. I don't want to speak too soon though.

But she looks cool...

Now seriously, without actually knowing how she will react maybe it's better to let her take the first step. Look the moon and relax while you can.
No. 1015672 ID: 235ba5

You really missed out on a fun night, Pascoe.
Look at those TEETH.
Hit her with the classic "Good evening".
Work the ol' Pascoe charm so she doesn't murder you horribly.
No. 1015683 ID: 73380d

stay silent, keep far enughf from the bars so the gards don't kick you... sleep slowly barley closing your eyes.
they know you are there, they chose not to acknowledge you, talking to them will not benefit you. tomorrow will bring challenges and opertunity.
No. 1015685 ID: 094652

No. 1015686 ID: bffbfd
File 163747263382.png - (259.31KB , 800x600 , RTS37.png )

Accidently had Mako refer to Pascoe as a male instead of female. To clarify, this was not intentional on my part.

>You really missed out on a fun night, Pascoe. Look at those TEETH.
Teeth aren't comforting! Not that I have much experience with things with teeth. We have lots of lizards in the old world, but these mammals wear them differently...

>Sleeping arrangements
I don't see any cots. There is a pile of straw with white fur mixed in, I suppose if you can call that a place to sleep

>SHOULD you say something?
I'm not sure, but I can't see it doing any harm. It's either that or be awkwardly silent for the rest of the night.

I take a seat on the ground next to her but not too close as to give some space. I manoeuvre in a way to get a good look at her face. She looks a lot friendlier than Plaintooth, despite having teeth.

"So... the uh... moon... looks nice tonight..."
>"I think so. I do like to look at it. I don't get to see many pretty things."
She speaks very softly.


>"I'm not sure I recognize you. You look a bit like Reiner, but you seem different."
"My name is Pascoe, and I'm here because of a mix up. I won't be here for long once everything gets sorted out. Soooo... yeah."
>"You're new here?"
"I just got here."
>"Does that mean... you know about the outside?"
"I've been outside all my life."


>"Could you tell me about it, Pascoe? Please?"
"You don't know about the outside world?"
>"Not since I became this. Talking to Plaintooth and reading books only tells me so much."

I can talk about the outside world from my perspective, not that I have much to tell having lived in one place most my life. I can ask her questions about the prison and how it operates. I could ask her questions about herself or Plaintooth if I'm curious enough to know about them. Or I can ask any other questions she might know the answer to.
No. 1015687 ID: 8483cf

Let's take turns sharing stories! Ask her about the warden, and tell her about your friends.

Also tell her about a thing called pen pals, maybe she needs a companion.
No. 1015688 ID: 8a51ec

She seems rather sweet for someone you had to choose between Plaintooth as cellmates, that's a little questionable. At least admit you aren't the best source of info on the outside world before telling her anything about it.
No. 1015689 ID: c92a02

You get to talk to Plaintooth a lot, hm?
Start with telling her a bit about life on the outside, how chimeras aren't terribly well liked out there either, but also about beaches and fairs and plays by candlelight.
At some point, you should make an aside to ask what she usually does during the day. Best to be prepared for what her cell is like in the mornings.
No. 1015690 ID: 53560f

Trade stories about each other’s lives and experiences.
Maybe ask her what she’s in for?
No. 1015692 ID: 2aa5f0

you could tell her what life was like back home and then compare it to your time on the frontier. She might like the contrast.
No. 1015693 ID: 5d9787

Hold on questions that goes against what she is asking. You still don't know why she wear shackles so robust and tight, so try to be on her good side until you feel it's safe.

From what she said it's not entirely clear if she doesn't know about what lies beyond this island or the prison walls. Describe the places you've being through in reverse order and see how she react. The floating peaks above the endless fog, the portal to the sea, the quaint lawless town and finally civilization. Elaborate on the details if and as she ask.

Notice she can distinguish you from Reiner when aves and Plaintooth couldn't. Why is that?
Ask how she became this. What even is this? And what she used to look like?
It may not be an adequate consolation, but tell her she looks beautiful.
No. 1015694 ID: 73380d

ask if she is blind, if so, ask for her palm rub her palm with you finger, show her the lay out of your town and features of aves yards if thire kitchen is far from the house if in the event it caches fire not everything is lost.(speak softly as to not anger prisoners trying to sleep)
No. 1015705 ID: 50af53

Can she see it the bars? Maybe offer your shoulders for her to stand on.
No. 1015709 ID: a2493c


don't do this, she clearly isn't blind. where did you even get that?

As for what we talk about, I suppose we should focus on forming a bond here. Tell her of our life, Pascoe. Tell her of the mail.
No. 1015721 ID: ed0bbf

Tell her about your adventures in the New World so far.

Everything, names, events, etc. Consider it practice for when you get to meet the Warden.
No. 1015724 ID: 4211c6

Tell her about how your home was, the townsfolk working for income and cultivating the fields, the artisans crafting their wares, merchants trading goods... and couriers delivering mail. Tell her about families, parents and sons, about hearing grandparents stories and of siting around the fireplace to keep warm. Tell her about the boats floating over the skys, about wells that suck the water from the insides of the earth, about the metalworkers hiting metals from rocks into objects and sewers treading plants into clothes and blankets.

Adventures are fancy for braging, but if she is ignorant of the outside these things might give her a better view of the world.

Ask in exchange for her to tell you about how things work in prison and to keep the secret for a bit of time.
No. 1015889 ID: c0641b


No sense not to, and since Plaintooth seems to be more bark than bite (sorry, I had to), maybe we can chat with them both a time and discuss things. If two separate people can attest that we know a heck of a lot more about The Outside (and the postal system!) than Reiner ever could, that would work in our favor.
No. 1016312 ID: 15a025

Quite the interesting duo down here.

Share some stories about your exploits in the new world so far. You've met quite the interesting group of Aves so far.
No. 1016354 ID: 73380d

she is distracted and staring up, take this opportunity to throw the Hardiest jab your birddy bones can throw, RIGHT AT HER JAW! make it a K.O.

common you have free will don't you?
No. 1016404 ID: 2de4fd

Sure, why not? Absolutely do so.
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