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File 163227140978.png - (1.05KB , 387x242 , 1.png )
1011298 No. 1011298 ID: 4b11a7

You are Clueless, lovable entity and mascot of this thread!
You know nothing about anything. Truly, the most humble of god's creatures!.
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No. 1011299 ID: 4b11a7
File 163227152947.png - (2.06KB , 387x242 , 2.png )

You know not of where you are, or why you are holding a [Magic Tome Of Power].
You really aught to be careful with this thing!
No. 1011300 ID: c92a02

Open it and slam it shut.
No. 1011301 ID: afe7de

kiss the tome, tell it it's beautiful
No. 1011302 ID: 894419

Clearly you're here and have lost your knowledge of everything due to misuse of the book! You should open it and see if there is a reciept of purchase. That might let you know where to go to pick up the trail back to your house.
No. 1011303 ID: 094652

Don't wear it like a - ahp too late.
No. 1011304 ID: 9b0704

Flip towards the back and cast a spell. Gotta know how careful you need to be with this thing.

Perhaps some sort of hat conjuration?
No. 1011309 ID: 8483cf

Mail it to your cousin!
No. 1011312 ID: 4b11a7
File 163227602361.png - (1.58KB , 400x250 , 3.png )

This Tome has been by your side for as long as you can remember, which is about 15 minutes. It deserves a little kiss for its loyalty!
No. 1011313 ID: 4b11a7
File 163227649462.png - (2.10KB , 400x250 , 4.png )

You feel MAGICAL ENERGY zap you, and the Tome flips to a spot near the back.

The page reads:
Risk: 0
Consequence: 1
Cost: 1 Happy Thought
A simple spell that any novice Wizard should be able to master. Results in a Cool Wizard Hat that is essential for the job.
No. 1011314 ID: c92a02

Reverse the polarity of the hat spell.
No. 1011315 ID: 8483cf

No. 1011317 ID: 894419

do it!
No. 1011318 ID: 96c896

Awesome! Free hat!
No. 1011332 ID: e1dfb5

No. 1011339 ID: 4b11a7
File 163233864510.png - (8.62KB , 800x500 , 5.png )

You think about this Awesome Free Hat and how Happy you would be if you received it.

"Hey Book, uhm... If its not too much trouble... C-Could I have that hat?"

MAGICAL ENERGY erupts from the book.
No. 1011340 ID: 3328c7

>>1011315 Clueless is akin to a younger yet vastly better drawn version of the guy.
They'll get along great.
No. 1011341 ID: 4b11a7
File 163233876256.png - (8.53KB , 800x500 , 6.png )

A Cool Wizard Hat appears, floating on a cloud of Good Vibes
No. 1011342 ID: 4b11a7
File 163233906115.png - (7.72KB , 800x500 , 7.png )


The Consequences pop into being right before your eyes. You think you'll call it Squishy!
No. 1011343 ID: 96c896

Give Squishy some pets.
No. 1011344 ID: 217b17

Pet squishy!
No. 1011345 ID: 3328c7

We have no choice but to raise Squishy as our child.
No. 1011346 ID: 33f0ce

He’s right, there’s no other choice. We should make more of these Consequences dudes.
No. 1011347 ID: 217b17

As an addendum to my last suggestion, we need to find a spell that will male squishy a cozy bed!
No. 1011349 ID: afe7de

okay but what if you made another hat for squishy. reward your child.
No. 1011409 ID: 4b11a7
File 163237108668.png - (8.91KB , 800x500 , 8.png )

This guy is just so darn cute, but imagine how cute it would be with a Cool Wizard Hat to match yours!!

No. 1011410 ID: 4b11a7
File 163237120893.png - (9.16KB , 800x500 , 9.png )

Sweet! Another Squishy!!!
B-But, then this guy also needs a Cool Wizard Hat
No. 1011411 ID: 4b11a7
File 163237126234.png - (7.62KB , 800x500 , 10.png )

You may have noticed a pattern here.
No. 1011413 ID: 4b11a7
File 163237178883.png - (3.79KB , 400x250 , 11.png )

You decide to maybe stop summoning so many Consequences. At least until you learn more about them :)
In the meantime, decide that these little guys deserve a comfy spot to sleep in. A nap, to keep them occupied while you learn more.

You flip through the Magic Tome Of Power to find a suitable spell.
"Eternal Shadow Of The Sleeping Dragon", Nope.
"Ego Coma", Probably not...
"Awaken The One",... No.

Ah, here you go!
"Cozy Conjuration"
The page reads:
Cozy Conjuration
Risk: 0
Cost: A Long Day's Work
A simple spell used by many expert and novice Wizards alike for a quick spot to recover from any ordeal. From a long day at the desk to trapping damned souls into a Pain Crucible, a comfy, cozy bed appears and saves all your troubles for another day.

This seems perfect!
No. 1011414 ID: 4b11a7
File 163237206678.png - (9.90KB , 800x500 , 12.png )

Awww, they look so precious :)

For now though, you can think of a couple pressing issues you might want to address as soon as possible.

1) Explore: Find out where you are!
2) Magic: Take a deep dive into the world of magic and try to learn more about the spells in this book and where it came from!
3) Consequences: There is probably more to these cute cuddly fellas than the fact that they are cute. and cuddly. Try to find out more!
No. 1011415 ID: 8483cf

Read the Consequences a bedtime story!
No. 1011416 ID: 9e9505

Learn more about your darling consequences.
No. 1011420 ID: 894419

Lets explore! Who knows where we are, we should at least take a peek around!
No. 1011422 ID: 96c896

See if there's a page in the book about Consequences.
No. 1011440 ID: ce39da

Yeah, see if there's a guide section at the beginning or end that can explain what Risks and Consequences are. The way they appeared, you think you're supposed to defeat them? But they don't seem all that hostile, so maybe they're a byproduct and nothing more? Or is something bad supposed to happen, but only if you let too many accumulate? (Makes sense that such a small amount is so mostly harmless - wizards would never get anything done if they had to cast magic to get rid of the byproducts of casting magic every time.)
No. 1011450 ID: 0838d6

Search up consequences in your book, if it generates that, you should be able to find out more about it.

(I also support reading them a bedtime story before doing other stuff tho because thats so cute)

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