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File 163159160190.jpg - (151.67KB , 1479x909 , _title.jpg )
1010498 No. 1010498 ID: 9c850e

***** THE ABISSENE *******

Behold the greatest hole.
The mouth of the Abissene
yawns forever.


You are a . . . .
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No. 1010499 ID: 9c850e
File 163159162028.jpg - (30.32KB , 456x588 , _species.jpg )


WHEATPROWLER - Dog-like inhabitants of the
Skullshard Desert. Wheatprowlers possess
keen eyesight, even in total darkness.

HOMINI - Hairless primates from the
Tutseez jungle complex surrounding the
Abissene. They are resistant to the cave's
strange influence.

SRIKA CHATSA - Scaleless lizard folk from
the marshes of Sackneedle. Their skin can
take on the color of its surroundings like
a cuttlefish.

Input gender >_
No. 1010500 ID: e51896

Female Homini
No. 1010502 ID: 92c1dc

No. 1010503 ID: 15a025

Male Wheatprowler.
No. 1010509 ID: d0ebbe

Male homini
No. 1010510 ID: c92a02

Female Homini.
No. 1010511 ID: ea37b4

Wheatprowler, female.
No. 1010512 ID: 36784c

No. 1010515 ID: 1c0351

Female Wheatprowler (otherwise go Homonym).
No. 1010518 ID: b55c59

Female Srika Chatsa
No. 1010520 ID: d17203

Female srika
No. 1010521 ID: 094652

Female Wheatprowler
No. 1010533 ID: e85a08

female Srika Chatsa
No. 1010534 ID: bc15b4

Male srika
No. 1010542 ID: 4d48a8

Female Wheatprowler
No. 1010543 ID: 2e5eef

No. 1010552 ID: a1c8ac

Female Homini
No. 1010553 ID: 11f77a

female wheatprowler
No. 1010555 ID: bc6790

male srika chatsa
No. 1010556 ID: 2df47b

Srika chatsa Male

Oh yeah boy it’s time for some cave r*pe!
No. 1010559 ID: a9af05

Female Wheatprowler
No. 1010560 ID: 7d8322

Male Wheatprowler
No. 1010561 ID: 1b0232

Female Homini
No. 1010565 ID: 48978c

Male Srika Chatsa
No. 1010571 ID: f8fa51

Female wheatprowler
No. 1010585 ID: 059991

No. 1010586 ID: 9c850e
File 163166094130.jpg - (56.29KB , 700x700 , 1.jpg )

You are a female wheatprowler,
but you do not define yourself by little
things like that.

You, despite being of sound judgment,
enter the Abissene because you are a…
No. 1010587 ID: 9c850e
File 163166095106.jpg - (32.17KB , 700x700 , _class.jpg )

***** SELECT CLASS *****

REMOVALIST - Your goal is to find and
slay as many of the demons and villainous
denizens of the deep as you can.

HAWKER - Your goal is to find and nab
as many of the rare and strange artifacts
scattered around the Abissene.

TRUTHSEEKER - Your goal is to study and
understand the Abissene and the horrific
effect it has on the surrounding lands.
No. 1010590 ID: 96c896

No. 1010591 ID: 92c1dc

No. 1010596 ID: d58d4b

No. 1010600 ID: 93432b

No. 1010601 ID: b6986d

No. 1010602 ID: 96243c

No. 1010605 ID: f6629d

No. 1010618 ID: 9c850e
File 163167632160.jpg - (45.12KB , 700x700 , 2.jpg )

You gaze into the sunlight for what
you know will be the last time for
a while.

Great ball of gas. Was it lit by
a god to fight the shadows? Does
it take a god's torch to illuminate
the Abissene?

You are seeking evidence that the
Abissene is corrupting the flora
and fauna around it.

Your colleagues at the Library of
Sedition don't believe that there
are anything more than rats and
vagrants in the Abissene.

You do not seek to prove them wrong
but rather to settle the matter once
and for all.

You are Pylar the Proctrix.

You do not seek vindication.

No. 1010619 ID: 9c850e
File 163167634736.jpg - (84.02KB , 700x700 , 3.jpg )

The floor is made up of coarse,
white gravel that slopes down into
the cave's inscrutable darkness.

You descend, blinking your eyes
as they adjust to your natural
darklight vision. That always
aches a bit.

The slope opens into a chamber
so vast, so cavernous, so deep
that you can only see vague
shapes of the ceiling above.

The walls of the great cave sink
into the dim, pocked with flickering
lights, windows, doors, ladders,
catwalks, and crags.

The dunes of white gravel carry on
out of sight. There are fires off
in the distance, along with the
occasional, distinctive, reliable
eruption of screams. They are always
too distant and echoing to pinpoint
the origins.

Sometimes it was laughter, or
moaning, or crying. But mostly, it
is just groans and shrieks.

It smells like greasy metal down here.

You have arrived at the largest and
most well-known chamber of the

You have arrived at…
No. 1010620 ID: 9c850e
File 163167636393.jpg - (914.45KB , 700x700 , the-wailing-desert.jpg )

You are Pylar.

You are a TRUTHSEEKER. You have
abandoned your tenure at the Library
of Sedition to pursue knowledge to
combat the cancerous influence
of the Abissene.

You can check your inventory at any
time. It will be listed in text form.
You carry a SCROLL which you can use
to take notes on your findings.

You will encounter many things in
the Abissene which have no name. You
can name them, and those names will
be written in your SCROLL.

You begin your journey by…

No. 1010626 ID: 96c896

Lights on the walls.
No. 1010634 ID: f8fa51

Might as well examine the lights on the nearby walls before you wander further.
No. 1010635 ID: c92a02

Examine the lights. Who created the structures of the Abiss?
No. 1010639 ID: b6986d

No. 1010654 ID: 96243c

The lights.
No. 1010665 ID: ce39da

What is it you're testing here: that some form of corruption is being caused here, or that the cave is the definite source of a known quantity of this corruption? The latter will be difficult to determine to the point of definite validity - the former, not so much.

Either way, begin your research with THE LIGHTS: Who chooses to make their homes at the Abissene's mouth, why, and what anecdotes can they offer us?
No. 1010674 ID: a2493c

deeper into darkness. it is our ability and our birthright.
No. 1010678 ID: 99499c

Darkness seems safer than light here
No. 1010690 ID: 094652

Follow the lights. They likely mark safe passage.

And if not, prepare an ambush in the darkness.
No. 1010716 ID: 9c850e
File 163175640539.jpg - (20.61KB , 700x700 , 4.jpg )

Crunch crunch crunch…
No. 1010717 ID: 9c850e
File 163175642064.jpg - (24.58KB , 700x700 , 5.jpg )

You veer to the left toward the
curtain walls of the cave. They
rise high into the darkness and
fade out of view.

Many holes have been bored into
the stone. They are perfectly
round and most of them flicker
with the light of campfires.

You smell sour meat cooking.
No. 1010718 ID: 9c850e
File 163175644138.jpg - (22.20KB , 700x700 , 6.jpg )

You lie down on a dune and take
out your spyglass.
No. 1010719 ID: 9c850e
File 163175648626.jpg - (397.27KB , 700x700 , 7.jpg )

A group of homini prepare to
hang one of their own.

The light from the many holes
spills onto the gravel.

You are concealed by darkness,
as the homini cannot see in it
without the use of a torch.
No. 1010720 ID: 9c850e
File 163175650267.jpg - (233.33KB , 700x700 , 8.jpg )

The woman in the noose weeps
for mercy but you cannot hear
what she is saying.

She is garbed in only a burlap
sack over her head. There is a
symbol carved into her torso.

No. 1010721 ID: 34dfce

Do not intervene unless you know which side you are morally aligned with.

Do you know what the symbol is?

If you can do so without alerting anyone, see if you can get closer so you can hear. First check to make sure nobody else is also watching this like you are (mostly checking for an overwatch, but who knows, maybe someone else is watching as well. We are, after all).
No. 1010723 ID: 33f0ce


Interrupting a hanging of a woman do deserves it and we will have to finish the job later? Yeah I can definitely get behind that. But just watching as a woman dies for no reason at all? Can’t live with that, can’t live with that one bit.
No. 1010724 ID: 96c896

She probably fucked a demon.
Anyway, the homini aren't exactly part of the Abissene, you could just move on.
No. 1010733 ID: c92a02

No. 1010749 ID: b6986d

What does the symbol mean?
No. 1010761 ID: 365ef6

You can't go around saving random people. You are no knight or hero, you are a schoolar and your only goal is to discover the truth about this place. Altough...

If you save that person then she will surely be willing to tell you about this place. Information from a native might be valuable.

Yes, save her... o-only because the information... not making excuses to save a her or anything... don't get the wrong idea...
No. 1010763 ID: 274d37

You say that like we won’t do it with a demon when we met one.
No. 1010764 ID: 0681b7


Well, this is fucked. We aren't equipped to intervene with an entire tribe, but we can try to understand what they're trying to do. What is the symbol? Note it if it isn't well known.

We may even get to Name something, terrible as it is.

If you respect any gods, pray for mercy for this woman and her sacrifice to the evils of ignorance...
No. 1010780 ID: 9a2966

No. 1010790 ID: 7d8322

No. 1010791 ID: 92c1dc

We are a truth-seeker. We should find out if the woman has done something to deserve this before we let it happen in front of our eyes when we still have a chance to stop it. It's possible she could be an ally who could tell us a great deal of useful information in gratitude.

We should approach and let ourselves be known, but we shouldn't adopt a threatening posture.

We are not equipped to fight the entire tribe, true, but that should only be the last resort anyway. If it comes to violence, we can flee effectively into the dark because we have the advantage of the low light vision.
No. 1010792 ID: 673fe6


As a WHEATPROWLER, surely we possess a potent YAWP to announce ourselves.
No. 1010798 ID: 094652

Maybe this woman is a threat to society and must be put down. But you'll never forgive yourself if you reject the knowledge passing through her executioners' heads of why.
No. 1010799 ID: 9c850e
File 163184031421.jpg - (248.31KB , 700x700 , 9.jpg )

One solid lead from a local could
lend valuable focus to your mission
of understanding the Abissene.

You are determined to intervene
in this execution for the purpose
of gathering knowledge.

There are five homini, all of them
standing in the light from the hole.
None appear to be armed with long

You are armed with a flanged mace.

You intervene by…

>_ (write-in answer)
No. 1010802 ID: 80da43

write-in answer
No. 1010803 ID: b6986d

See if we can understand what they're saying before we scare them off.
No. 1010805 ID: 96c896

Idk why we're trying to rescue the criminal when we could just... talk to one of the other locals.
No. 1010806 ID: 673fe6


Seek answers, seek truths.
No. 1010809 ID: 96c896

Anyway, here's something we could do that could potentially work:
Tell them you're going deep into the Abissene so if they hand over the criminal she's probably going to die down there anyway. Her sentence is carried out AND she serves a purpose.
No. 1010820 ID: f8fa51

Yup, talking will let you get two perspectives on the situation. Not that either can be taken as truth, nor is it even certain that the truth will lie between those perspectives, but at the very least they're data-points.
No. 1010821 ID: 30b9f6

Talking down a mob is hard. Sneaking up takes time and resolves nothing in the immediate, and her danger seems immediate.

Scare them, then.

In the confusion, grab the woman's rope, loop it around her waist and haul off into the dark.

The Homini will have to fetch torches if they want to follow. You may even have time to obscure your tracks - and you will certainly have time to see them coming.

The branded Homini will owe a debt. You will talk of her situation, and the situation within the Abissene.

There is a worry. Taking on a Homini follower and having to supply her with light and food could endanger your mission and would negate your darksight advantage. You are here for truth and leads, not good deeds. Cost and benefit must be weighed. Perhaps she can be left somewhere, better off or not.
No. 1010823 ID: 3daddb

Sneak up, listen first
No. 1010845 ID: 92c1dc


There is too much that can go wrong here, and I cannot believe they would let her go after just a conversation with a stranger. We need to rescue the woman and get out of there as soon as possible.
No. 1010889 ID: 365ef6

To be honest, we don't know this people fist hand. I don't know how good at fights are Pylar, if she is barely ok then a surprise attack would be the best option, but if not, the ideal would be to question why this person is being executed.

I mean, that person could be a dangerous criminal. We don't know what is going on.
No. 1010939 ID: 9c850e
File 163201476469.jpg - (33.94KB , 700x700 , 10.jpg )

You approach the hanging, breaking
into a run. You menace them with a

"WWW'AAAAAAHHHH!" you say, baring
your fangs and flapping your cloak.
You unfasten your mace from its
leather strap on your belt.

Two of the homini gasp and break
for the wall hole. One immediately
charges at you brandishing a bone

A second homin scrambles at you
from further behind, unarmed.

The noose woman flees into the
Wailing Desert.

No. 1010942 ID: 673fe6

Chase the noose woman - perhaps we can make it seem like we're after her such that the executioners assume we'll do their job for them.
No. 1010945 ID: c92a02

Chase noose woman.
No. 1010967 ID: 96c896

Chase noose woman.
No. 1010978 ID: b6986d

No. 1010995 ID: f8fa51

The only reason we interfered was to speak to her: After all, for all we know she deserves her fate. Chase her.
No. 1011008 ID: 9c850e
File 163207063905.jpg - (245.38KB , 700x700 , 11.jpg )

The noose woman has run over a
medium dune on the other side
of the illuminated area.

You sprint after her with two
of the homini in pursuit.
No. 1011009 ID: 9c850e
File 163207065496.jpg - (29.08KB , 700x700 , 12.jpg )

As soon as you are out of the
light, they have lot sight of
you. One of them yells something
that you cannot hear, but it
sounds like "bend the sounds".

The homini run back into their
perfectly round wall hole.

Your vision is reduced temporarily
when you move between lit and unlit

You look out into the Wailing Desert
and see what you believe to be an
enormous form in the distance. It
is spindly and quick but almost silent.
It makes quiet crunching sounds as it
steps in the gravel. In moments, it has
moved out of sight.

Just as the homini have lost sight of
you, you have lost sight of the noose
woman. Now it is quiet except for the
sound of distant screams.

She cannot have gone far.

No. 1011014 ID: 6e4236

Let us keep looking for that noose woman. Let's hope the creature out there didn't eat her.
No. 1011022 ID: 365ef6

You don't happen to have good nose do you? If not, maybe she leave a trail in the grabel.
No. 1011023 ID: 9a2966

Your eyes should see tracks - a slither of rope, tell-tale trailing through the gravel. Your nose should smell terror, sweat, fear.
No. 1011039 ID: 96c896

Watch out for dogs coming up behind you. What they said was "send the hounds"
No. 1011046 ID: 9a2966

Ah. Would make sense, yes.

Got spices? Or some other way to bypass this particular conundrum.
No. 1011068 ID: c92a02

If you can't see her from this hill, try another one.
No. 1011162 ID: 9c850e
File 163217187373.jpg - (375.34KB , 700x700 , 13.jpg )

You manage to find a distinctive
set of divots with a long trench
in the middle, indicating the rope
she dragged behind her.

You search the desert for the noose
woman. It is tedious because gravel
leaves only faint tracks.

It leads to a small structure out
in a valley between two dunes.
No. 1011163 ID: 9c850e
File 163217188740.jpg - (15.18KB , 700x700 , 14.jpg )

The tracks stop here.

It's an old well. It is so
deep and dark that even your
keen night vision cannot see far.
You are filled with dread looking
into the small abyss.

You hear distant baying behind
you. Ahead of you are nearby
screams, but they are still too
far for you to see.
No. 1011171 ID: 673fe6

While you should generally never go down dread-inducing ominous wells, one can presume that the pooches on their way, with four legs over two, are faster than poor Pylar. This is one stout pup, so best to test just how sturdy those lines down are (or if we've brought rope of our own, perhaps we can cinch it up as a more dependable lede!)

Ultimately, I think we should try to descend, if just to avoid the baying hounds and preying critters in the dark.
No. 1011176 ID: 96c896

Damn. I wanna see what the screams are but the dogs will likely catch up before we can retrace our steps and go down the well.

Just go down. We could potentially go back up at some later point and investigate the top layer.
No. 1011187 ID: ede6d0

There is no way in heck you can just let noose lady go after all this fuss.
Scoot on down there.
No. 1011190 ID: 365ef6

You fool, descend before you became the chew toy of some random dogs!

The woman probably used that rope, move it a little to see if she is still there. If she is, maybe you should use your own rope to not add weight to the rope.
No. 1011209 ID: c92a02

Climb your way down. I wonder if she didn't see this and simply fell down the well.
No. 1011246 ID: b6986d

Test the rope. If holds, descend carefully, bracing your body against the walls of the well where possible.

Probably better to brave the darkness than be eaten by homini dogs.
No. 1011396 ID: 9c850e

No. 1011669 ID: 9c850e
File 163269193933.jpg - (11.46KB , 700x700 , 15.jpg )


You reach for the rope a few
times. When the snarling of the
dogs grows closer, you work up
the courage to leap into the well
and begin climbing down. As you
descend into the darkness, they
are unable to follow.

You are a bit heavy.
No. 1011670 ID: 9c850e
File 163269196521.jpg - (169.46KB , 700x700 , 16.jpg )

You hear the well arm snapping
above you once, then twice, then
many times in a row. The tension of
the rope gives way to slack, and you
begin to fall.

The thrill of free-fall causes you
to scream. Your screams begin to echo
as the well opens into a cavern.

It is vast, though not nearly so vast
as the Wailing Desert. You splash into
a pool of frigid water and dog-paddle
toward land.
No. 1011671 ID: 9c850e
File 163269200074.jpg - (391.17KB , 700x700 , 17.jpg )

Crunch crunch crunch

You climb one third of the way up
the gravel pile in the middle of
the pool. It is the same gravel that
fills the desert above.

Grains and pebbles are falling from
a small hole in the ceiling of the
cavern, adding to the pile. This
produces an indefinite patter that

The gravel beneath the falling pebbles
is rustling.

In the dark, you can see what appears
to be masoned walls with arches.

No. 1011672 ID: 96c896

Rustling gravel. That should be the woman.
No. 1011673 ID: 673fe6

Investigate the rustling, using your sensational snoot to snorfle the source and be apprised of any notable smells!
No. 1011738 ID: 9a2966

To the rustling gravel. Find who you've fallen for.
No. 1011741 ID: c92a02

Rustle that gravel.
No. 1011782 ID: 9c850e
File 163279779241.jpg - (29.13KB , 700x700 , 18.jpg )

You crunch your way to the peak of
the dune and begin digging at the
site of the rustling.

As you approach the top, the falling
gravel pelts you. Ouch!

It is rustling more than you realized.

The rustling increases.

[[[The gravel shifts below]]]
No. 1011784 ID: 9c850e
File 163279780546.jpg - (31.98KB , 700x700 , 19.jpg )

No. 1011785 ID: 9c850e
File 163279781983.jpg - (41.08KB , 700x700 , 20.jpg )

A serpent emerges from the rocks.

You have encountered LONG QUEEN SHOOSHAN.

She claps her jaw, and you scuttle
backwards down the hill, terrified.

The Long Queen's eyes are painful to look
at directly. The breaths from her nostrils
are strong enough to billow your cloak.

"DO YOU WANT A BATH?" says the serpent.
Her voice is like a giant violin. Even
when calm, her voice is loud enough to
hurt your ears. "I CAN GIVE YOU A GOOD
No. 1011786 ID: 673fe6

While many manner of pooch may be divided on the matter of baths, the look on this arrival's sizable snout suggests a keen appreciation for the wheatprowler pedigree. After peril and tumultuous falls -- perhaps we could use a good bath.

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