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File 163159160190.jpg - (151.67KB , 1479x909 , _title.jpg )
1010498 No. 1010498 ID: 9c850e

***** THE ABISSENE *******

Behold the greatest hole.
The mouth of the Abissene
yawns forever.


You are a . . . .
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No. 1012644 ID: e0aaa8

>It is very dark in here.
This is me smiling.

Is there any dead shrubbery or wood around to make a larger fire?

I'd like to write what we experienced so far in the scroll, but as far as "naming things" goes, I'm not sure how or when it's supposed to be done. I think we'll need tips when the time to name something comes.

And then quietly call Shooshan.
No. 1012646 ID: 96c896

Use the spyglass to get a look at the distant walls. Even dark, you should be able to spot spots where you can gain access from the water.

What's in the scroll case?
No. 1012665 ID: 51c10d

Clearly, the right way forward for this pup is to kindly ask the mighty SHOOSHAN to swim across to the ledge and then our pup, sat atop her head of course, can reach the ledge!
No. 1012670 ID: 673fe6

In the spirit of stories which never end, and noodles which never stop growing -- I think we should solicit our new best friend and try to RIDE THE SNAKE to bridge our way beyond this dark pool.
No. 1012671 ID: b6986d

>Charcoal sticks
Delicious. Remember to eat one if we get poisoned.
No. 1012676 ID: 9c850e
File 163381970019.jpg - (233.93KB , 700x700 , 37.jpg )


This device allows you to project
your likeness over a great distance.
You can project to any real place you
can picture in your mind.

Charging it requires observing the
death of a sapient being through it.

Proctors at the Library of Sedition
use these to report on their research
to other establishments.

You take out the lens and examine
it. It is a heavy object made of
glazed glass with a spike-shaped
handle. The rim of the lens is
adorned with fragments of bone in
various states of bleach.

After appreciating its beauty, you
return the lens to your pack.

"Shooshan!" you say.
No. 1012677 ID: 9c850e
File 163381971452.jpg - (263.23KB , 700x700 , 34.jpg )


The serpent emerges once again.

"Can you ferry me to the outer walls?"
you say.

"HMMMM," she says, "YOU ARE JUST A
No. 1012678 ID: 9c850e
File 163381972118.jpg - (21.17KB , 700x700 , 35.jpg )

You sit down on top of Shooshan's
head. Her scales, hard and glossy,
shift beneath you. The serpent glides
into the water.
No. 1012679 ID: 9c850e
File 163381973739.jpg - (20.42KB , 700x700 , 36.jpg )

Shooshan lifts you up to the bottom
cloister. She escalates without
warning and you almost fall off.

"THERE YOU ARE…" she croons.

"Many thanks," you say.

"COME BACK SOON," says Shooshan, gliding
back to the center mound.

You arrive on a stone floor with a
wall in front of you. To your left,
the corridor disappears into a gradual
staircase that descends into darkness.

To your right, the corridor continues
flat around the circumference of
the chamber.


No. 1012686 ID: e0aaa8

rolled 2 = 2

I think I'll leave this one to the dice.

1=left 2=right
No. 1012687 ID: b6986d

Since there's a level of standing water, the stairs should end at or before there. Once we see what's down there, we can climb back up and travel down the corridor.
No. 1012688 ID: 96c896

Considering the environs down here I kinda doubt the criminal is here as well. Not unless she knew beforehand how to get onto the wall from the water... though I suppose since she went directly for the well, she's likely to have known how to safely escape through it.

Follow the corridor first. Scope out the rim before we delve deeper.
No. 1012689 ID: 434b63

Weft to the left.
No. 1012719 ID: 673fe6

Let's head down the steps, since we're trying to get to the bottom of it all! Be sure to thank Shooshan before we go though, imagine how long she must have gone without seeing a wheatprowler's tail wag.
No. 1012723 ID: c92a02

Right along the corridor.
No. 1012726 ID: 9c850e
File 163389756312.jpg - (17.46KB , 700x700 , 38.jpg )

"Many thanks!" you shout after
Shooshan. She burrows back into
the gravel.

Neither way looks inviting, but
you decide to go left to proceed
deeper into the Abissene.

The stairway is narrow and proceeds
in a spiral along the curvature
of the round Queensmound chamber.
No. 1012727 ID: 9c850e
File 163389757375.jpg - (29.64KB , 700x700 , 39.jpg )

After one half rotation around the
long and shallow spiral stairwell,
there is an arch to your right.
No. 1012728 ID: 9c850e
File 163389758790.jpg - (412.16KB , 700x700 , 40.jpg )

It leads to a vertical shaft
with darkness above and below.
Your ears begin ringing when
you hang your head over the

It is loud but rather pleasant.

As you pass the arch, you can
still hear the ringing a bit.
It grows louder little by little
the deeper you go.
No. 1012729 ID: 9c850e
File 163389759866.jpg - (250.56KB , 700x700 , 41.jpg )

After another full revolution
down the spiral well, it straightens
out to a hallway. There is a stark
orange light at the end of the
hallway, as well as a roar like
a large wave hitting a beach.

There is someone standing on the far
end carrying a polearm.

No. 1012731 ID: 673fe6

Let's take a closer look at that scout with our spyglass!
No. 1012732 ID: 51c10d

Spy on the polearm wielder with our trusty spyglass first!

But then return from when we came and take the right instead. Who knows, maybe that polearm bearer want something up there?
No. 1012734 ID: e0aaa8

Let me guess, the ringing pit is also very dark.

Hmm, now why would someone be guarding the entrance to this place...
Oh! They probably know of the snake, so maybe they have been worshipping and feeding her.

Go back to Shooshan and ask her if people visit her and how does she interact with them.
No. 1012736 ID: 34dfce

They probably already see you. There is light being cast on you and I doubt they are facing away.
No. 1012737 ID: 2061ca

We should observe that distant figure with out spyglass. If he appears not to be a corrupted beast, we should try and communicate with him.
No. 1012742 ID: b6986d

Approach with caution- If someone chases us, lead them back to SHOOSHAN who is large and can eat them.
No. 1012754 ID: 82d236

Something tells me we didn’t bring enough rope. Study the guard with your spyglass before you approach.
No. 1012813 ID: a2493c

combat arena ahead. That's no wave, that's a cheering crowd.
No. 1012849 ID: 9c850e
File 163409601152.jpg - (26.09KB , 700x700 , 42.jpg )

You sink into the dark and
open your spyglass. The homini
gallops in your direction,
hesitating to a stop as soon
as you sink out of sight.
He brandishes his glaive at you.

You observe his appearance through
the glass.

"Stay back there, beast!" he shouts.
"Don't get brave!"

His voice echoes down the stone
No. 1012850 ID: 673fe6

Bark back that we would be keen to converse, from a distance if he likes! We are on the prowl for parley and trading tales.
No. 1012851 ID: 3328c7

Kindly state your business and your quest to save your kin... and the giant snek up the stairs.
No. 1012860 ID: 53560f

“I’m not a beast, I’m a scholar!”
No. 1012861 ID: e0aaa8

Ask him about the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.
No. 1012862 ID: a2493c

hey fuck you buddy, that's really racist!
No. 1012865 ID: a1f24e

Nice antlers, buddy! Is it mating season already?
No. 1012869 ID: b6986d

Call out that we are at least as brave as he is!
>Add to that that calling us a beast is quite hurtful and rude. We are a Wheatprowler with a name and a noble snout.
No. 1012989 ID: 9c850e
File 163440223557.jpg - (429.67KB , 700x700 , 43.jpg )

"Peace! I am no beast. I
merely wish to parley with you!"
you shout. The noise in the
background is loud enough to
drown out certain words.

"Ooooh no. I won't fall for tricks
again. Not this time," he says,
holding the weapon close. "Step
out of the dark and I'll make a
blanket out of you."

He guards the corridor.
No. 1012990 ID: a2493c

"then I'll remain in the shadows, I have no desire to interrupt your work. where am I? what is this place?"
No. 1012991 ID: 5c87b4

Ask him about Shooshan.
No. 1013002 ID: c92a02

Who else has come this way? The queen of the gravel pit?
How would you know someone was safe to pass through?
No. 1013005 ID: 9a2966

Tell him, in academic fashion, why your pelt would make a poor blanket.

And is one of his eyes glass? Or is he blind on one eye? Or, ooh, is that heterochromia - that is, in layspeak, he has a different coloration of the iris of each eye?
No. 1013006 ID: 9a2966

Oh, and you could light your lantern so he can see you.
No. 1013084 ID: 9c850e
File 163452232723.jpg - (14.58KB , 700x700 , 44.jpg )

You make your voice firm!

"I'll have you know, I'm no
beast, sir! And my coat would
make a poor blanket indeed! It
is very soft and would not pass
muster in such a hostile

The guardsman sinks back to his
original post.

"I shall leave you undisturbed,"
you say, "however, I would be
most indebted if you would tell
me: has a traveler passed this

He does not respond. He is
trembling in his armor.

You grouse. "A homini, like
yourself. Would you take in
one of your own, if not a

He pauses for a moment, then
shouts something sideways.
No. 1013085 ID: 9c850e
File 163452234620.jpg - (254.48KB , 700x700 , 45.jpg )

A bowman emerges.
No. 1013086 ID: 51c10d

Okay, so, uh...

No. 1013087 ID: 673fe6

It seems we're barking up the wrong tree and should FLEE. A sad development, but this is a pup not a pincushion.
No. 1013088 ID: 58c316

Let us continue our parlay from the safety of behind the wall now!
No. 1013102 ID: 5c87b4

Oh hey, a new person to talk to. Maybe this one is more receptive to negotiations. That is, after we're done exploring other passageways...
No. 1013105 ID: c92a02

That hole is looking mighty inviting about now...
No. 1013115 ID: f140fa

It seems wise to swiftly skulk off, and not make any noise after which one could aim.

The homini lot down here are most rude.
No. 1013371 ID: 4992b6

Review how many points you put into "catch bullets"
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