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File 163105435337.png - (227.58KB , 500x500 , SR2_000b.png )
1009742 No. 1009742 ID: afe7de

A quest about Reincarnation.

You follow CHI, a WING-KIN girl who used to be a MALE HUMAN in another dimension.

You’ve just become a teacher at the TENGU ACADEMY at the ripe young age of 16.

What change will you bring to your WORLDPLATE?


SHARDS PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Shards
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango

AUTHORS NOTE: This Quest will probably cointain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. Sexual content might be present, but won’t be the focus and won’t get multi image updates. Reader discretion is advised.

This quest is more of a LIFE SIM that takes place over a long period of time. Part 1 took place over 16 years, Part 2 might be a similar length, but there will be a few more moments where we zoom in on particular events in this arc.

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No. 1012442 ID: 09db13

Oh, and do not bring up the possible spy in any place where another spy could hear.
I bet DOPUS's own spies are already looking for the guy, so they could have them distracted in the event of a royal visit.
No. 1012446 ID: f8fa51

I feel that the polite thing to do here is to go say hi to the Nub's family on the first day.
No. 1012452 ID: 36784c

>You notice a large urn floating near the surface which they remove the cork and allow you to place your belongings in. It BARELY fits the small amount of supplies you brought, you imagine that they’re not used to transporting goods between here and the surface and that this was a MAKE-SHIFT solution at best.
Unless we’re provided with a bigger urn when it’s time to leave, I don’t think we’re going to be able to bring any souvenirs home with us.

>Many places to go!
Let’s start by visiting Nubs' home.

>World building
The kingdom is named Consuma and is advertised to have good food. I’m pretty sure there’s a few places around here that have Eating Contests.

Are we staying at Nub’s home? I’m not sure if she’s going to have room for our group and her family in her home.
No. 1012479 ID: f3f534

>What do you do?
I agree with everyone else. Let's go meet Nub's family!

>Lore building
>Add things that you think would be cool
Lots of Aqua-kin are fairly muscular, but because of all the food, it's not too unusual to find a few kin that are fat. Which doesn't hinder them when they're in the water, since the extra blubber insulates them from the underwater pressure and the cold temperatures in deeper waters.

There are 2 major competitive sports in here: Kickboxing (which the more muscular kin participate in) and Sumo wrestling (which the more rotund kin participate in). Both of these sports forbid anyone that's not an Aqua-kin from competing because it'd be too dangerous for the other races to participate.
No. 1012501 ID: b72032

>Eating contest
If it's a place reknowned for its cooks, the "eating contest" would not be speed-eating; it would me more a matter of identifying the flavors in the dishes. Something more akin to a tasting contest, in short.
No. 1012517 ID: 36784c

>not be speed-eating
>more akin to a tasting contest
There could be both kinds of contests.
No. 1012521 ID: a46fb1

Deifinetly should do the three major activities Nubs had planned for us, especially meet that kin Nubs wanted us to see at thr misty caverns. That kin might have an innate ability, and the sooner we meet them, the more time we'll have to bond with them enough to form a [LINK]
No. 1012773 ID: afe7de
File 163400342055.png - (121.14KB , 500x500 , SR2_016.png )

You collectively decide it’s probably better to get acquainted with NUBS’S FAMILY and where you’ll be staying. She groans at this but assents that it’s probably the right call. You get the feeling that the groan is less a FRUSTRATION and more that she finds that to be particularly BORING.

The walk to her place heads towards the WATERFALL, bypassing a few big buildings that remind you of STALAGMITES and HOLLOWED OUT MOUNDS. There’s a few buildings that are more traditionally structured but it appears that most of them are made of STONE and CORAL. It’s rare to find a DOOR on most of the buildings here and you see no WOOD anywhere. You imagine that either the security here is really good or there’s none to speak of. As for the AQUA-KIN themselves, you notice that their body types vary from ATHLETIC to PLUMP and even ROTUND, but none of them look OBESE or OUT OF SHAPE, and it seems to not affect them while they’re in water either.

As you pass by several groups you notice that they’re all about as affectionate as NUBS is. It’s slightly more affectionate then the WING-KIN are, and basic greetings from even what sounds like basic strangers involves a lot of skin contact and even light kissing. If you had to read the vibe of the place as you wander, you’d say that it definitely feels HAPPY or even HEDONISTIC here. You pass by a few more structures and one stands out to you, it’s got a lot of bright CORAL surrounding it and you imagine that at night it would look kind of cool. You ask what the building is and Nubs lets you know that it’s a BROTHEL AND DOCTORS PLACE. You wonder why they’d be a combined establishment, but shrug it off and carry on.

Eventually you reach the waterfall and NUBS points UP, at the BALCONY.

Nubs: I live up there, y’all can just fly up to it, I’ll take the fun route!

And in what is a feat that you were not sure was possible, Nubs begins to swim UP the waterfall. And she does it at a ridiculous pace too, getting up there faster then you think you could if you flew. You and your companions are in shock that someone could actually swim UP a waterfall, but you guess that’s just one of the AQUA-KIN’S many talents. After a brief flight up you land on a platform, your steps make it feel like you are touching PORCELAIN of some kind, and it appears to be a pattern of some kind, in the shape of an AQUA-KIN cradling a child you think. You touch down and notice there are two guard-like individuals in small nooks in the wall, they nod at you and continue to lounge. You look forward and notice a larger room, NUBS is embracing two individuals, one you know to be CECIL, NUBS’S AUNT. The other is wearing a small PONCHO with CORAL ACCENTS and YELLOW DYE. You notice they don’t have any hair, or SEAWEED on their scalp. You always wondered if that was a fashion thing. He introduces himself as NUBS’S FATHER, ARBOLETH OGUIG’LIA SHTEROT, current leader of CONSUMA DOPUS. He knows you all don’t have lips or the throats to pronounce it as it’s naturally meant to be, so says you can call him AROBOLETH SHALLOT, as he’s been advised by NUBS.

He gives you a brief welcome to the city and lets you know what he does. The LEADERSHIP of the plate isn’t a monarchy, but is instead a DEMOCRACY. The leader is chosen as the most popular individual that is qualified to lead. But leading mostly involves scheduling and planning FEASTS, EVENTS, RESOURCE GATHERING, and HELPING THE IMPOVERISHED. There is a form of GUARDS that he leads as well, and they mostly patrol occasionally to make sure any fights that happen are LAWFUL and that no one gets KILLED. It’s rare to see anyone get so JEALOUS or WRATHFUL here, and there’s no shortage of FOOD or ENTERTAINMENT, so the citizens are typically FAIRLY HAPPY.
No. 1012775 ID: afe7de
File 163400366945.png - (14.71KB , 500x500 , SR2_017.png )

He only asks you to abide by a few rules while you’re here. NO ASSAULTING ANYONE, NO THEFT, and to EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY. He trusts you all from NUBS’S recommendation. He also says that while it’s not required, he recommends you give a competition a shot at the COOKING GUILD. Some of the KIN on the plate are WARY OF OUTSIDERS after the HUMANS attempted contact AGGRESSIVELY, and would like to see you all participate in some of their CULTURAL NORMS so that they would be more likely to vote positively for potential TRADE DEALS and DIPLOMACY.

Your theory at this point is basically confirmed. You’re the soft test to see if your people would be able to TRADE and COMMUNICATE with the DOPUS individuals on good terms, but it looks like the decision lies in the COMMUNITY rather then the LEADERSHIP. You wonder how DECISIVE the kin here are, NUBS seems to be PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD, and so was ARBOLETH, you could extrapolate that the KIN here value TRANSPARENCY and STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS, but it’s too early to tell.

You’re treated to a large banquet of a meal, you were worried that it would be wasteful, but on the contrary it was nearly EXACTLY the amount needed to feed the 6 of you. You think back to when NUBS shared meals with you and she watched intently, imagining that she was calculating this to reduce FOOD WASTE for these kinds of events.

After that you’re treated to a tour of the CONCORD, the area you’ll be staying in. A few other individuals also live there, but they seem preoccupied with something and only spare you a brief greeting before getting back work, promising that they’ll give you a proper introduction in the future. Your rooms are separate and are decently sized. There’s carved out shelves, cabinets, toilets, fountains, and beds made of SEAWEED and some SOFT MATERIAL you assume to be some sort of MUSHROOM. The opposite side of the room also has a LARGE TANK OF WATER that appears to be for housing FRESH FISH and other SEA LIFE, and a SMALL POOL, you ask what it’s purpose is and they say that it’s the typical AQUAN’S BEDDING, most prefer to sleep in the WARM, SLIGHTLY SLUDGY LIQUID as it’s fairly comforting. You touch the liquid and realize that it doesn’t actually stick to your feathers in any way. It’s thick but not at all sticky. You imagine that sleeping in one of these might be good if you can figure out a way to keep your head above water, and if not, then It’ll at least be nice to lounge in.

Lastly you’re told about some of the major attractions in the city that their KIN prefer to enjoy.

THE ARCHIVES - Is where they keep their recorded knowledge and history, there are MAPS of the region kept there. Apparently since they lack PAPER they have kept their records as ENGRAVINGS on TABLETS and THE WALLS. There’s not too much information there, as most of their records were kept through ORAL TRADITION instead.

THE WHIRLPOOL OF EYES - Some AQUA-KIN like to perform FEATS OF BRAVERY, attempting to swim as close to the whirlpool as possible without being sucked in. However those sucked in are rarely seen again, the few that do survive claim they appeared somewhere RANDOM underwater in the plate and manage to get back home via luck. Though the few that make it through claim that they were scared out of their wits by some GIANT MONSTER, rumors aren’t substantiated though because it is DANGEROUS. The whirlpool actually comes from two holes that look remarkably similar to EYES.

SCHOOLS - EDUCATION is kept to simple things like cooking, survival, underwater navigation, and the like, it does not go nearly as in depth as the TENGU ACADEMY does. CHILDREN are also taught the basics of ORATORY and DEFENSE with their NATURAL WEAPONS. FAAN is interested in visiting and imparting some KNOWLEDGE to the KIN here.

EATING CONTESTS - Various restaurants will offer CHALLENGES to their PATRONS, should you complete it, you’ll win a small prize. The prize doesn’t really matter to the KIN that are here, but maybe one of the prizes will really speak to you and your group as a cool souvenir.

SUMO - A form of martial art where the AQUA-KIN attempt to wrestle the other out of a ring. Typically the LARGER KIN participate in this sport.

CHELAE - A form of martial art where the AQUA-KIN fight using their HIGHLY MINERALIZED CHITIN. You commonly see this as TAIL BLADES, like the one NUBS has, LEG BLADES, CLAWS, and rarely as HORNS. Duels go until their opponent’s weapon BREAKS or they CONCEDE. The CHITIN grows back by MOLTING, and the more often they participate in this form of combat, the faster it grows back and the stronger it grows back. You briefly wonder if they can regrow limbs as well, but don’t ask as you feel it would be a strange question to bring up.

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY - a Beautiful area full of a collide-scope of colors and wonders, some KIN participate in JELLYFISHING, trying to catch the most COLORFUL of them with a net. They move at HIGH SPEEDS and don’t seem to mind it.

DUELS - Another popular event is to see AQUANS challenge the other to DUELS, they can be COMBAT duels, COOKING duels, or slightly LEWDER duels but those aren’t held on the streets and you’re too young to see them.

There’s also the COOKING GUILD and MISTY CAVERN that NUBS wants to take you to, but she says that there’s NO REAL RUSH. You can now go out and do whatever you like in the city. You can travel AS A GROUP, or SOLO. If you don’t mention what someone else is doing, they’ll go off and do their own thing, but NUBS will act as your GUIDE unless it’s to somewhere she finds BORING.

- Impress some AQUA-KIN while you’re here
REWARDS: Depends on how much you impress them

Eventually the day passes and it’s night time. You’re all tired from your trip so you hit the hay.

What do you do? And do you sleep in THE SLUDGE?

Feel free to suggest other activities based off of ones listed here, some will be unlocked by going to specific locations, I have a few in mind that you gotta do repeat visits to places to see. I might have you do more than one at once to expedite it if enough people suggest. Otherwise, have fun!
No. 1012777 ID: c92a02

Let's try the sludge. Try meditating as you go to sleep to keep yourself still. Pile lots of pillows to make a cradle for your head above the liquid.
Tomorrow, start the day with a visit to school.
No. 1012778 ID: 96c896

COOKING GUILD. Then EATING CONTEST. Let's go in hard on the food this day.

Also uh, yeah try the sludge. Just don't drown or whatever.
No. 1012782 ID: 25e6ce

Strategically thinking, I say the sooner we go to THE MISTY CAVERN and meet that kin Nubs was talking about, the better.

Reason why is that they might have an innate ability we could link with, and if that is the case, we would want to do a lot of activities with them each day SOONER rather than later so we can build up our BOND with them and they'd be more willing to link with us.

Meeting them later might not let us get the chance to bond with them with multiple activities during our vacation here.

Also, lookout for ruins in the misty cavern, check out spots you can fly up to that aquakin can't reach. Take Pon with you too since he is POWERFUL.

Oh yeah, and sludge time.
No. 1012792 ID: f8fa51

Try not to get thrown out, you definitely want to come back here when you're older.

Going to the cooking guild sounds amazing. You have to go there immediately.
No. 1012801 ID: e51896

My vote is Misty Caverns. Bring Pon and Nubs. Nubs to introduce her friend, and Pon for exploration after we meet Nubs' friend

Not choosing cooking guild yet, but when we do go to the cooking guild, make sure you go in a group and take Pon with you, that way he can get inspired, maybe even find someone to look up to. Whatever the case, he should bring his pon pops to share.
He can probably compete too, though it might be only for famous chefs. Maybe there are competitions for up and coming chefs to compete in though.

Sleep in the sludge. I also like the idea of meditating in it too. If perseverance isn't too tired, we can ask about what happened, like what was that thing chasing us, if Willamina is still around, and maybe if there is a way for her to become our daughter or grandaughter in this world after she passes on from her world, and can reincarnate into this world. Also ask why he was acting or talking weird the previous years

Though if he still needs to rest, leave him alone and ask Understanding about stuff.
No. 1012808 ID: ce39da

Yeah, let's meet the people Nubs wanted to introduce us to before we dedicate ourselves to sightseeing - we'll go to the MISTY CAVERNS.

Yes, but not before asking Nubs or some other aqua kin about keeping our head above the surface or continuing to breathe if we don't.
No. 1012810 ID: c3e059

>sleep in sludge?
>how to keep head above water?
Couldn't you just wear one of the Air Chokers? You wouldn't have to worry about your head going under the water if you're wearing it. Put it on and try sleeping with your head above the water, that way if you do slip underwater, you can still breathe.

But if the Air Choker doesn't have a large enough charge to last through the night, it might be best to not risk drowning on accident.

>where to go?
Pon still has a chance of something good happening to him. We should go to one of the cooking places so that Pon's bonus can trigger for him!
No. 1012812 ID: ce39da

You're right in that this probably won't work out, but probably not for the reason you're thinking; what would even happen if we used the water-consuming choker in an enclosed pool with a much more finite liquid content? We could end up burying ourselves alive in dehydrated slime or wake up in a slimy but otherwise dry pit, assuming the runes we used count this as "water" at all.
No. 1012856 ID: 36784c

No. 1012870 ID: a9af05


Let's have a little fun on our first day here before we do any kind of business.
No. 1012871 ID: f6a455

Adding to my earlier post: Quick, while no one is looking to potentially think we're weird, before sleeping or meditating in the sludge, take a little bit of the sludge and... put it in your mouth... for research purposes and definitely not to see how it tastes. (Consider asking to take some sludge home with you for mana research later).

We can probably arrange ourself to keep our head supported on a surface and pillow while the rest of our body is in the sludge without the choker, kind of like what they do in mud baths.
The beds is said to be made of SEAWEED and some soft material chi thinks is some sort of mishroom, which I assume is a pillow. Maybe we can use the mushroom to support Chi's head above the sludge? Lets ask an aquakin about the idea.
No. 1012912 ID: 36784c

Does anyone know the maximum number of days we can stay here before we have to leave? I want to to stay here for as long as possible so that we have more time to impress the Aqua-Kin, since our rewards depend on how much we impress them. And if we do a good enough job, that would also convince everyone here that we’re cool and it’ll be a good idea to start trading with everyone back home.
No. 1012923 ID: afe7de

I havent decided how many days, it's taking up a TP though. I was going to do maybe 2-3 updates and then give you a deadline of 2-3 updates, but it depends on the pace I set when I write the next update. I'll make it a little clearer when I update on monday
No. 1012924 ID: 96c896

If we're spending 1 TP in town shouldn't it be around 1/8th of a year? Well, we did have to spend time making the chokers. Perhaps half that is the actual vacation.
No. 1013134 ID: afe7de
File 163460899242.png - (7.35KB , 500x500 , SR2_018.png )

You decide to rest in the sludge. It’s a strange sensation, laying in it. Your body is kept kind of in the middle of it, not floating too high, or too low. You use some of the leaves and upon recommendation get a few stones to lie your head on so that you can keep breathing in the night. It’s not exactly… COMFORTABLE, but it’s not exactly UNCOMFORTABLE either. More a different way of sleeping. Your body is resting in a more natural position though, so you assume this might have some LONG TERM HEALTH BENEFITS if you were to keep at it. The first night’s rest is less restful then you would have wanted. Couple the fact that you’re sleeping somewhere new with using a whole new medium of sleep and you only really sleep for a third of the night. You’re a bit EXHAUSTED, so when you wake up the next day, you decide to take on a lighter task and head to the MISTY CAVERNS.

NUBS seems to want to introduce you to a KIN that she knows. FAAN wants to go to the SCHOOL, and PON wants to go to the COOKING GUILD, but he joins you in heading to the MISTY CAVERN for today at NUBS'S insistence. The path is a bit of a ways away from your residence, but it's not that hard to travel there. You decend into the depths of CONSUMA, following some glowing coral used to outline the path and eventually start to see a fine mist forming in front of you as you reach a rather substantially large cavern. It's hard to see exactly, but you put on your goggles and notice that it's even HARDER to see, with small particles of mana infusing with the mist, how strange.

You're led through the place and notice that there's a lot more foliage here then there was in the city proper. Large algae-like vines spread across the room, small streams are scattered about, but you feel a certain RICHNESS from the place. It's RELAXING in a way and you feel yourself lose [1 STRESS] immediately due to the new experience. NUBS talks about this place as you wander, saying it's been around for a while, since before she hatched from her clutch. Occasionally kin would come here to HEAL THEIR BODIES after fighting some of the larger MONSTERS in the sea and would grow stronger. Though the mist has been denser in recent years. You wonder if the AMBIENT MANA is strengthening those that stay here.

Eventually you reach a small cabin, it's made of vines and some sort of shoot you can't recognize. It looks SIMILAR to BAMBOO, but not quite, sharing the sea-green that most of their SEAWEED does. NUBS knocks on the frame and pats the flap made of SEAWEED and a voice inside says that they should GO AWAY, only after hearing that it was her does the kin inside open the door. They at first open the door wide, excited, but they notice you and PON and immediately close the door to just a crack. While the door was open you noticed that they were an AQUA-KIN that seems to share more features with an AXALOTL then the more populous AQUANS like NUBS. His voice is but a whisper but you can make out what he's saying, albeit barely.

???: Who are these KIN???
???: You know I don't like talking to others.
???: And they have… FEATHERS!?!?!?
???: You said you had friends but they have FEATHERS?!?!
Nubs: Clam down bucko, I told you I had friends coming!
Nubs: I even told you the WORD for FEATHERS, cod dang dude.
???: So that’s what feathers look like…
???: Oh, the ones from the other plate?
Nubs: Yep.
???: Okay whell I saw them, bye!
Nubs: Clam on bro, they’re really nice!

He starts talking even quieter to NUBS and now you can only make out every other word.

???: …-e here for a reason…
???: -I- … -ant, I just… ca-
Nubs: -ne step at a time man you ca-
Nubs: past control your fu-

After a while they finish chatting and Nubs walks away from the cabin to YOU and PON.

Nubs: He doesen’t want to come out, he’s uh, real shy?
Nubs: We can just try again lay-tor

[CHARISMA] Looks like they’re a bit more then shy
[UNDERSTANDING] Seems like some things might’ve happened in the past to really SHOCK them into hermitage

Nubs: Ah, right, that’s my brother XOLOTL’RAINAXL SHTEROT, just call em RAIN
Nubs: He’s really a sweetheart just uh, has his own sitch that kinda makes life hard
You: What happened?
Nubs: It’s not really my place to talk about it.
Nubs: There was this incident a long time ago, maybe he’ll open up to ya
Pon: Your hope was since we weren’t from here he could sorta open up a little
Nubs: Yeah, sorry, I’d appreciate it if you could try spending some time here with him occasionally
Nubs: He could use a friend that’s not just me ya know.

You spend the rest of the day wandering around the MISTY CAVERNS, it’s kind of hard to see but you feel rejuvenated as you wander around. The loss of sleep doesn’t bother you as much as you thought as you feel reinvigorated by just being here. And after a day of hiking and exploring you decide to head back. You get the distinct feeling that there’s something here though and decide to come back after you’ve explored the other things you could do.
No. 1013135 ID: afe7de
File 163460900613.png - (14.02KB , 500x500 , SR2_019.png )

You sleep in the sludge again, finding sleep easier to come by since you were exhausted last night. You get nearly 2/3 of a night of rest and that’s enough for you to not feel any side effects. You’re half tempted to just sleep in a bed because you’re used to it, but decide to COMMIT to this for at least another day.

In the morning, after eating you decide to give into PON’S begging and head to the COOKING GUILD with NUBS. It’s one of the larger structures in the city, built into a sort of giant PILLAR. There are streams of water streaking out from the sides like small waterfalls. There are also several balconies with various KIN eating and joking scattered about. Outside the guild you see TONS of food stalls, creating a pseudo labyrinth with various meals and cookery. The stalls themselves are made of Seaweed, that BAMBOO-LIKE substance which you find out is just called BAMBOO strangely enough. You don’t question it and are glad for the colloquial similarities so you don’t have to shoehorn in a new word to your vocabulary. One thing you spot that you didn’t before was that most booths serving hot food have a small stone chamber storing some kind of creature. It’s producing HEAT enough to BOIL things or create SMALL OVENS.

These creatures you learn are called FLAME TOADS. They’re amphibious creatures that produce an aura of heat to protect themselves underwater. Catching them in the wild is a slight pain, but breeding and domesticating them is a breeze. They use them to cook their food, but at least half of the stall are serving COLD or ROOM TEMPERATURE FOODSTUFFS. Apparently they live off the scraps of waste and are kept in tanks like the one you remember from your room like pets.

You watch several performances as AQUANS fillet different sealife and make SASHIMI and other SUSHI-LIKE products. You can’t help but wish for some RICE or some kind of GRAIN and would imagine the quality would go up. Maybe you can even find SOYBEANS or SOY SAUCE in another plate.

[SABA’S KN] God damnit Chi you’re making me HUNGRY
[???] That’s the good stuff, dangit me too
[LINK] Man I’m missing some context aren’t I?
[PERSERVERENCE] It’s only okay I guess
[YOU] Wait are you back!?!
[CURIOSITY] Ooh I smell something sweet

You’re broken from your thought process by the smell of something sweet and savory. One stall in particular sells these small balls made of what look to be some kind of shrimp and powderized onion of some kind. But they’re covered in this sauce that smells to die for. Nubs orders you some and says that this is a more recent creation, pointing at the woman behind the counter and introducing herself as GNARL’PHOEL PUNIEAS. She bows at the introduction and says you may greet her as PUNI.

Puni: I hope you like it, It’s a new recipe I’ve been experimenting with!
Nubs: You gotta let me know the recipe for this sometime!
Puni: Nope! I wanna keep winning some of these CONTESTS after all!

You learn that PUNI has been clearing out the minor COOKING GUILD contests but refuses to participate in the LARGER SCALE ONES as she doesn’t want to give out the recipe. Nubs thinks that this is isn’t very AQUA-KIN-LIKE but shrugs and leads you to the main building. Inside is a large room with various tables and spiraling staircases to other floors. The outer edge is lined in glass with various sea life swimming about. It’s almost like a large aquarium. You even see a few AQUA-KIN children in there playing with the various fish. It’s got a fairly LIVELY atmosphere to it. Inside the booths are various individuals selling COOKBOOKS, handling CONTESTS, and other services that the place provides.

PON signs up for a COOKING CONTEST next week and the judge is both shocked and excited at this, saying that it would be great if their guests to the city could participate. PON says that he’s going to spend the time up to it sampling food and figuring out what different kinds of resources there are. He’s seen various VEGETABLES, SEA-LIFE, MUSHROOMS, and the like, but no GRAINS or FRUITS. Though there are some SWEET DRINKS, he’s unsure where the sugars come from and plans to investigate. He wants to try making some CHILLED FOODS to see how the AQUA-KIN react!

And with that your day comes to a close. You rest up in the SLUDGE again, willing to give it another shot and this time actually get a full night’s rest. At first it wasn’t that comfortable, but after a while you realize that it’s rather cozy. Nostalgic almost. It gives you the feeling of being wrapped in a womb, it’s strange, but other then a weird nagging feeling there doesn’t seem to be any difference between sleeping in the SLUDGE or sleeping in a BED. You try meditating in the sludge, but can’t really focus since you’re too tired from the day’s journey.

The next day you wake up refreshed and plan out your next move.

Where do you go next?

AUTHORS NOTE: Heyo, so I’ve figured out the format of this segment a bit better. For the first part you’ll be exploring 2 locations at a time. We’ll do this 2 more times, which means you won’t get to visit all the locations. After that we’ll be switching to week-long stints of doing single activities. You’ll get 6 1-week-long activities and then there’ll be a closing event as you leave. So there’s around 5-6 updates left in the CONSUMA arc. This isn’t exactly how much time is in a TP, but TP was always an abstract thing anyway and you’ll get to do cool stuff anyway.

After you leave DOPUS, you’ll then be given the opportunity to go back to DOPUS using a TP once a year, but it won’t be as in depth as this, instead you’ll just pick from Dopus specific activities to do and it will act like a normal TP or two depending on how long you spend there. Hope that clears stuff up for ya!

No. 1013142 ID: 96c896

EATING CONTEST, SCHOOL. Let's try to impress people today. I hope the eating contest doesn't give us a level of Gluttony...
I want to go to THE ARCHIVES tomorrow and memorize some of the more useful knowledge there.
No. 1013147 ID: 466bfd

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY (bring Pon and team up to go jellyfishing, see how he hunts. Maybe he might even find something that he can use at the cooking contest there too. Dunno if jellyfish are edible or if we're allowed to take any we caught, but if we can and if they are, try to help him catch some for him, and any other seacreatures that can be used as ingrediants.)

SCHOOL (bring Faan so she can help make a good impression of how wingkin teach in Tengu and we can study how she teaches as a teacher and get some advice on teaching maybe if they let her sub for a bit. Also show off your scripting manuals to some students, give some to aquakin you see potential in so that maybe they'll one day be inspired to come to Tengu to learn more magitech and become an apprentice to you.
No. 1013148 ID: 629f2e

Try to find an EATING CONTEST with a sick prize, and visit THE ARCHIVES to memorize some pretty sick info.
No. 1013161 ID: c92a02

Go to the archives and schools with Faan!
No. 1013175 ID: ce39da

If this is solely exploring and we aren't revisiting places yet... then again...

I have a funny feeling about that funny feeling you had about the MISTY CAVERNS. Is it possible to explore deeper than Nubs originally wanted to take us?

And yeah, we've indulged Nubs and Pon; now, it's Faan's turn. Let's go see what their SCHOOL is like.

If MISTY CAVERNS (CONT.) is a no-go, then let's indulge ourselves with an EATING CONTEST. (Though I can see ourselves being PRIDEFUL enough to see ourselves as being suited to the GOURMET identification contests, despite our stats probably giving us slightly better odds for the GOURMAND endurance ones.)
No. 1013176 ID: afa6f6

We should catch a MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, Which is something I was too slow to suggest as a feature earlier. For an underwater society it feels like a no-brainer. Theres probably at least one club or amphitheater around, so im picturing lots of dancing, drinks and the like.

Chi should also take the time to do some sketches while shes on this plate. At the very lest it'll be a good gift for someone when we get back, or a display piece for the house.
No. 1013185 ID: a9af05

>2 locations at a time
Let's go to the school with Faan. It'll be interesting to see how they teach here. Just make sure you're respectful of their teaching methods.

Then let's go to an Eating Contest with Faan, Pon, and Nubs. If the Aqua-kin see us all participating, that'll help us with our objective of impressing them.
No. 1013204 ID: f3f534

>[SABA’S KN] God damnit Chi you’re making me HUNGRY
There's an easy fix for that: Let's eat something! Sample some of the local cuisine! It doesn't necessarily need to be an eating contest, but you can do that if you want.

Although, I kinda want to go watch a Sumo wrestling match. It'd be interesting to see how that works. Plus, we might get a chance to train our guile there if they allow betting on who would win.
No. 1013258 ID: 36784c

No. 1013603 ID: afe7de
File 163521578038.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , SR2_020.png )

You decide to head to the school with FAAN, NUBS doesn’t join you and instead heads off with PON to sample some food. You see kids ranging from age 8-16 there. It’s in a large building similar to the COOKING GUILD, but each floor is just one large classroom with simply built mats and low to the ground tables. There aren’t any chairs or backrests, which you think is a tragedy, but none of them seem to mind.

FAAN, already familliar with a few of the teachers there, invites you to a few classrooms and you watch their teaching styles as well as teach a small bit yourself. The students are EXTRA CURIOUS about you and your mother, seeing as you’re a completely different race, and you happily answer their questions. You’re offered an opportunity to teach a few WEEK-LONG courses if you like, and you let the teachers know that you’ll think on it. There is one thing though, and it’s that the SHARP TEETH of the AQUANS is extremely apparent in these children. Their smiles stretching across most of their faces. You’ll have to admit it’s a little CREEPY, but you’ve got enough COURAGE to ignore it. None of MALICIOUS in anyway, you understand it to just be them as kids really.

As for the quality, it’s sub par at best. They teach students SCULPTING, LOGIC, ORAL TRADITION, COOKING, AND SURVIVAL, but not much else. It seems the students are mostly expected to learn the basics here and then go out and learn a trade under someone else, be it weaving, working at the guild, or anything else. You think that you could teach a good course on PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING and leave a SMALL IMPACT on that group of kids. FAAN plans to teach a few courses as she really enjoys teaching the YOUNGER STUDENTS and would love to promote visiting TENGU ACADEMY if they can go.

You think on what you’d teach if you were to offer a small class and at the end of the day you go around to various food stalls with PON and NUBS, eating some sort of JELLY that’s very MEATY and FILLING. Almost like a PUDDING, but NOT QUITE.
No. 1013604 ID: afe7de
File 163521584550.png - (12.90KB , 500x500 , SR2_021.png )

The next day, after your rest PON invites you to spectate an EATING CONTEST that he’s signed up for. Having nothing else planned, you join him and NUBS. It’s a cacophony of noises in this ARENA-LIKE place. The eating contest is in a medium sized crater, about 20 meters wide with stairs leading to the bottom and chiseled out seatings for the audience. Apparently places like this are used to host MUSICAL PERFORMANCES, another cherished pass time at CONSUMA.

After taking your seat with NUBS near the front, a other kin start to gather. The seats are around 2/3 filled by the time it starts, some kin wandering over in excitement, wanting to see the performance of a WING-KIN. The contestants line up and seat themselves while several chefs come out of small holes you didn’t notice to the side. You think they’re kitchens or prep-rooms.

Today’s contest is a challenge to crack open and eat the most SHELLFISH. It looks like some sort of CRAB/PRAWN creature, and the smell causes the audience to cheer. You even see a few of the cooks wandering about and handing off some of these creatures on sticks as free snacks. You take one and it tastes SALTY, CHEWY, and a bit SPICY. It’s not a bad combination as tears flow down your cheeks from the spice. You never could handle SPICY FOODS. You wonder how hard it will be to eat as you watch the contestants begin. Some of the AQUA-KIN use their NATURAL WEAPONS to crack open the shellfish to some success, whilst PON surprises the audience by using his beak to just crack them open and his tongue to slurp up the insides.

It’s a fierce competition as the only kin able to keep up with PON is a VERY short AQUA-KIN girl. She looks to be about IGNIS’S height and your age. You find out her name is LILYOG OSTEPH O’GUULA from an audience-member nearby. You shorten it to LILY in your mind for the sake of sanity. On one of her hands is actually a CLAW, she only has three fingers on that hand, but she makes short work of the SHELLFISH, scooping the insides out with her other hand and occasionally giving a wink out to the audience.

After about 20 minutes the contest ends with LILY beating out PON by 2 of the SHELLFISH. The crowd goes wild at this. You guess they REALLY enjoy these kinds of things. LILY ends up getting a BRACELET made of RED CORAL to commemorate her win. PON gets one in BLUE, and in the end the contestants couple up, embrace hands and bow to the audience. You plan to head over to congratulate PON, but it looks like that LILY is FLIRTING with PON, so you leave them alone for a bit.

You get the feeling that you could impress a lot of KIN if you participated in several of these COMPETITIONS. You could definitely PERSEVERE and try to OUT-EAT others, but you’ve never had that big of an appetite. You get the feeling if you do this you could become a little more GLUTTONOUS, but with the amount you exercise, that might mean it’ll go right to your THIGHS and you’ll be fine anyway. You could also instead go to these vents and GAMBLE on the victor, if you WIN BIG it might impress the AQUA-KIN here, but if you lose hard then there might be no effect at all.

After that day’s events you head home and rest up. The next day you feel recharged, what two places or events do you visit next?

AUTHORS NOTE: You can totally revisit places you’ve already been or go to new locations during this phase. Doing so will unlock extra segments or options. This phase is mainly to allow you to get more details on what these locations have in them and what could be gained. When you get to the week-long phase you can also explore stuff you haven’t gone to either, I’ll give you a vague interpretation of what you could get out of it or what skills it would be checking, so don’t worry if you can’t do all the cool things, you can always come back to DOPUS another year.
No. 1013607 ID: 96c896

It's been a couple days so let's go back to MISTY CAVERN and investigate the area, maybe talk to the shy fishfolk again.
Then check out the ARCHIVES.
No. 1013608 ID: 629f2e

Gonna vote for Archives again, as well as another visit to the Misty Caverns. Gotta build that bond.

As for potentially teaching the kids, there is one subject that comes to mind. It's definitely been a while, but maybe it's time to brush the dust off those lately unused Art Skills. I'm sure the children would have a lot of fun with it, and you'd get some experience in the types of art that are practiced down here.
No. 1013617 ID: c92a02

Let's go back and visit the hermit. Maybe we can go see a sumo match together!

As for little lessons to teach for a week, hmm... You should treat them to a little of Saba's knowledge. Older adults wouldn't understand, but their minds are open and impressionable! Maybe you can share stories ("myths" and "legends") about really deep sea life, thermal vents and their denizens. Who knows where you'd find those on a worldplate, though. Or maybe share the stories of your own plate?
No. 1013622 ID: ce39da

MISTY CAVERNS: You said you had a strange feeling about the place's depths? It would be best to investigate that and, while you're at it, see how far you can get with RAIN without NUBS there to back you up. To be honest, her presenting you as an obvious ploy to try and get him to socialize probably backfired back there. I think the strategy will be to capitulate immediately to his demands to leave him alone, but gently inform him that you'll be sticking around for a bit. A combination of CURIOSITY, suppressed LONGING, and a simple need to LEAVE HIS HOUSE FOR STUFF will eventually get the better of him. Once it does, just... treat him like a person. No tiptoeing or pity, but no... no CURIOSITY about his situation either, at least to start, however hard that may be. Let him get to know you before you get to know him.

Not sure what else to check out, but a DOJO seems like something you'd be into (and something you could impress people at).
No. 1013634 ID: 9164c5

Changing my vote a little

For the first one:

JELLYFISH OBSERVATORY (bring everyone and team up to go jellyfishing, see how Pon hunts. Maybe he might even catch something that he can use at the cooking contest there too. Dunno if jellyfish are edible or if we're allowed to take any we catch, but if we can take some and if they are edible, try to help him catch some jellyfish, and any other sea creatures that can be used as ingrediants. Just be sure to ask if we can keep any jellyfish or seacreatures we catch.


MISTY CAVES (bring Pon and Nubs with you to help get the shy kin to interact with us (support detective Caillou's idea on that bondin method with the shy kin), but also to explore the cavern.
Since we are Wingkin, we can probably fly to areas that the aquakin can't reach, and try to find some ruins in unexplored areas. But mainly, lets see if we can find some creatures when exploring that Pon and Chi can hunt for in the caverns to help Pon find ingrediants.

I want Pob to win the cooking contet, and i feel helping him hunt something in the misty caverns or at the jellyfish observation might be able to help him

For the second thing:

CHELAE DOJO and/or DUEL (bring Pon and Nubs to watch and compete too. It's your turn to compete in something. It'll be nice to use our fighting style from our dojo in a duel without someone trying to break our legs for once, and we'll impress everyone


THE ARCHIVES with Faan, try to find something about mana or runescripting or new teaching techniques. Study whatever you find with Faan qnd have a mother and daughter moment.

Lastly, lets see if Lily can come too, either to the misty caverns, jellyfishing, or duels.
No. 1013645 ID: 36784c

>what two places or events do you visit next?
Go visit Nubs’ brother in the Misty Caverns and see if he’d be willing to explore with you a little. You might need to bring Nubs with you, so that he’ll be more comfortable with having a familiar face nearby. You don’t need to bring Pon with you this time, since he might be more likely to come out with less strangers around.

Honestly, I think you’ve got a decent chance at out-eating others in an eating contest, so you should try entering one to try and impress a lot of Kin.
No. 1013671 ID: a9af05

Enter an eating contest to try and impress the Aqua-kin.

Then go to the archives with Faan to spend some time with her.
No. 1013812 ID: f3f534

Go participate in an eating contest! I'm sure you'll be able to persevere and win!

Then you can go watch a sumo match with Nubs! You can scope out how things work, then next time you can attempt to gamble on who you think will win!
No. 1013935 ID: 3513c8

Instead of playing to our strengths of logic and being a smarty-pants, I want to take a risk and do something else! Let's make an attempt at that eating contest!
No. 1013939 ID: e51896

locking down my votes here to be just going to the MISTY CAVES with Pon and Nubs, and visting the ARCHIVES with Faan. (can't delete my previous post unfortunately.
No. 1013968 ID: bbdaaf

No. 1014058 ID: afe7de
File 163582089793.png - (13.88KB , 500x500 , SR2_022.png )

You know. You totally COULD go check some other stuff out, but you feel a kind of URGE and DESIRE to enter an EATING CONTEST. PON is ESPECIALLY INSISTENT that you do so. PON and NUBS fully support this decision so you sign yourself up for a small one like PON did. You think that you’ll probably have better luck impressing these kin on their own terms, instead of playing the long game and teaching right now. At least thats what you tell yourself as you slowly walk onto the stage in the center of the crater. You’ve given speeches before to KIN in your classes and to students as you teach them, but for some reason word gets around and there’s WAY MORE AQUA KIN then you would have even expected to see here. It’s nearly double the amount PON had and although you’re decently [COURAGEOUS], it’s a bit INTIMIDATING. IT feels really weird to be in this position at all. The MANY EYES on you, but you [INTUIT] that things will be fine, so after some deep breathing and MEDITATION the show begins.

This meal is different this time, it’s some sort of FISH BASED SAUSAGE in some sort of WRAP, it looks to be made of processed GREENS of some kind, you take a nibble just to see and find it to be pleasant and earthy. The SAUSAGE itself is a big PUNGENT but wildly flavorful. You taste more than one type of fish in there that’s for sure, but its somewhat reminiscent of a HOT DOG in flavor. This definitely causes your head to cock to the side as you’ve not met any other KIN who’ve made something like this. You also then ruffle your feathers as you realize this is essentially a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST, only they’re called HOT FISH, which nearly makes you break out into a chuckle. At least, a few of your [STATS] agree that there’s some humor to the situation too.

You request a few CUPS OF WATER, which only one of the others do as well, and when the contest begins, you DIVE IN. To your right, much to your surprise is LILY, she gives you a wink and you realize that there’s also a SPECTACLE part to this show. You have your [PRIDE] and you want to be admired, so you try to SHOW OFF a little bit as you eat, dipping and soaking the food, downing it quicker then a few of the other participants first. This drives up their competitive spirit, but a few don’t pace themselves well and end up quitting earlier then they would have, had they not risen to your PROVOCATION. The contest ends similarly to PON’S. You [PERSEVERED] to the VERY LAST HOT FISH, but had to STOP, lest you vomit out what you’ve already consumed. LILY beat you, but sounds like she’s a very good SPORT as she congratulates you, stating that most others can’t even KEEP UP.

She compliments your PLUMAGE and states that both you and your brother are quite AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. She gives you a wink and goes in for a hug that DEFINITELY lasts longer then it should, even by AQUA-KIN standards, but it’s not unpleasant. She squeezes just a little too tightly though and you let out an embarrassingly loud belch, to which she takes a step back and there’s silence. There’s silence all around you. And then all at once every participant also lets out a belch of varying volumes and the crowd goes absolutely APE-SHIT. You find out later that it’s a GOOD OMEN when something like this happens. She smacks your ass and tells you to put some MEAT on those THIGHS, that you’d look pretty HOT that way as she walks away with a WINK. You FLUSH at that, but it’s not that apparent due to your darker plumage.

You’ve impressed the crowd, rumors are spreading of your achievement today
- They were out of the normal colors, so you got a PINK ONE when asked what you’d like
- You wear it on your ANKLE, as putting it on your WING is a little obstructive
You’ve gained the GLUTTONY STAT
[GLUTTONY] So I know others might see me as bad but like hear me out, food is dope and we should live in DOPUS.
[PRIDE] Welcome aboard compadre!
[ANGER] Why am I the only one that’s demoted from his actual thing!!!!
[CREATIVITY] Maybe it just… sucks to suck?

No. 1014060 ID: afe7de
File 163582100074.png - (7.50KB , 500x500 , SR2_023.png )

You head back to the CAVERNS, hoping to either find some creatures to eat, find something unexplored, or befriend RAIN. Nubs joins you and you try to coax RAIN out first. It’s just the two of you, and you see RAIN open the flap just SLIGHTLY more then before, poking his head out. They’re still extremely shy, but you two are able to exchange a few words between each-other.

You mention wanting to EXPLORE THE CAVERNS and, while he seems interested, he hesitates nonetheless. Thinking that he needs MORE TIME to warm up to you before he’s willing to travel anywhere DANGEROUS with you. But he remains silent on what possible DANGERS there are. After splitting from him and walking into the CAVERNS with NUBS, you inquire, and she states that there are some PREDATORS deeper down in the CAVES. Mostly LARGE INSECTOID MONSTERS. Some of them get used in dishes, but they stay away from the MIST in this and many of the OPEN CAVERNS. It scares them.

You make a mental note of that and continue to explore. Your cursory exploration reveals that there are 3 main paths, an UNDERWATER TUNNEL that has not been mapped according to NUBS, the MAIN CATACOMBS, which have many twists and turns, and the SHAFT.

You remark that CATACOMBS had to have been made by SOMEKIN, as it’s in the name and she shrugs, saying that that’s what they’ve always been called and that she has no idea if they were KIN-MADE or not, just that the area used to have more KIN before the MIST started, but she doesn’t have much details other then it started around 20 YEARS AGO.

You ask a bit more details about THE SHAFT and she leads you to what appears to be a large, cavernous void. She says that no one really knows how DEEP it goes, or what’s down there, but that it’s DANGEROUS. She’s heard THINGS down there, and since there’s not much WATER, climbing it’s a PAIN, so they mostly IGNORE it. You make a mental note to investigate at some point in the future, but you’ll definitely need some kind of EQUIPMENT to take rests depending on how deep this goes. You imagine it can’t go THAT FAR down, but this world is STRANGE, and you’ve been surprised before.

You’ve discovered the MISTY CATACOMBS
- There are monsters the deeper you go, but there’s also the potential to get some REALLY GOOD FOOD
You’ve discovered the UNDERWATER TUNNEL
- It goes pretty far and is unmapped
You’ve discovered the MISTY SHAFT
- It’s unknown how deep it is and there are weird noises coming from it
You get the feeling that RAIN will need MORE time to OPEN UP to you and be willing to DO ANYTHING with you.

You’ve finished your preliminary snooping, and have now decided to spend more time on each activity going forward. These are the activities you’ve found:

THE ARCHIVES - The records of history and maps of this world-plate
THE WHIRLPOOL OF EYES - a strange whirlpool shaped like two eyes
THE SCHOOL - Teach some young KIN
EATING CONTESTS - Be GLUTTONOUS, show off and impress some KIN
SUMO - Watch them participate in a cultural passtime
CHELAE - Participate in a CONTEST of strength and martial prowess
JELLYFISHING - Go Jellyfishing, get some fish to store in your FISH TANK
DUELS - Challenge someone in an attempt to impress some of the KIN on the plate
MISTY CAVERNS - Spend time with RAIN
MISTY CATACOMBS - Explore a potential dungeon [WARNING, DANGER PRESENT]
UNDERWATER TUNNEL - Explore an uncharted path underwater [WARNING, PREPARATIONS NEEDED]
MISTY SHAFT - Explore a dark, deep hole [UNKNOWN DANGERS PRESENT?]
COOKING GUILD - Learn to cook like a DOPUS resident
BOND - Spend time with one character specifically, giving them more attention
OTHER - Feel free to write in a suggestion

Your MANDATORY OBJECTIVE has been updated
- You’ve impressed some AQUA-KIN by getting 2ND PLACE in an EATING CONTEST
- Impress more AQUA-KIN to improve your REWARD
REWARDS: Depends on how much you’ve impressed them

You decide to spend 1 WEEK on each action going forward. What TWO ACTIONS do you do next? Your trip to DOPUS will be over in 6 WEEKS.
No. 1014066 ID: e9d730

We will need to watch Pon's cooking contest But other than that,

BOND with Rain, take Nubs

CHELAE, compete in martial arts. bring Pon to compete. Maybe we'll have a brother and sister fight if we're lucky. work off that fat from the eating contest. We might win some weapons to explore more of the misty caverns!
No. 1014067 ID: 629f2e


Full agree here. It'll be nice to get into a fighting contest without any risk of the humans rigging it to get you badly injured.
No. 1014068 ID: 96c896

MISTY CAVERNS - Spend time with RAIN
THE ARCHIVES, let's memorize some books.
No. 1014078 ID: ce39da

Time to spend more time with RAIN - he's frickin' adorable (even if it sounds like he's older than us - must be an axolotl thing). Heck, if he's lived here a while, he'd prolly know better than anyone as to which exploration options would be the most interesting for us. Maybe talk more about you first if he has trouble talking about himself - interests, home-plate stories, perhaps even drop an extraordinary ability fact on him if it looks like he'll be impressed by it.

Second, let's start working on the SCHOOL. Getting that far in a contest is good as far as one-and-done impressions go, so we should start focusing on the slow-burn option that'll also go towards helping the plate. Hmm, they already learn stuff that'd help them understand the RUNESCRIPTING BASICS, though that's a bit advanced for younger folks, especially with such a narrow timeframe... But hey, what's the harm of laying down a basic manual as an optional challenge over the total time of your stay? Maybe teach a class that helps them achieve that challenge as a consequence? (If it's just on the elementary level, you could try teaching GENERAL CREATIVITY as a separate thing from direct skills.)
No. 1014092 ID: 36784c

>2 actions
I think we should compete in one of those martial arts things. But if we’re gonna compete, then we should meditate to pick our Combat Style, since we can only switch it when meditating. I personally think we should switch over to our Capoeira Fighting Style, but I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks about that.

I think our next action after that should be to continue bonding with Rain.

>We will need to watch Pon's cooking contest
Yeah, we definitely don’t want to miss that!
No. 1014094 ID: 96c896

I'm still voting Mind and Body.
On the subject of meditation, I'm thinking the Mind as One technique will be more useful than we thought. We can strengthen aspects and have them guard us in the mist.
No. 1014100 ID: 1333f0

The school and Rain.
No. 1014106 ID: a9af05

>You’ve impressed some AQUA-KIN
We should try getting in the spotlight more, so that everyone will be more likely to notice us.

Let's go do some Chelae!

Afterwards, we can take it easy and go to the Archives to study what's there.
No. 1014115 ID: afa6f6

CHELAE! Its a good learning experience and shuould further one of our GOALS, and if we do well it should be impressive.

MISTY CAVERNS! Maybe we could invite Rain to meditate with us and Nubs?
No. 1014127 ID: f8fa51

You should definitely try dating both Nubbs and Lily while you're here. Maybe not at the same time.
No. 1014169 ID: ce39da

I already voted in favor of RAIN, but yeah, MEDITATION seems like something he'd get a lot of peace of mind from, not to mention something he has a lot of FREE TIME for even when we're not there.
No. 1014183 ID: c92a02

Chelae versus claws should be an interesting matchup. And don't forget to give lessons at the school with Faan!
No. 1014229 ID: f3f534

>Lily tells you to put some MEAT on those THIGHS, that you’d look pretty HOT that way
She's right, you definitely would look pretty hot with some more meat on your thighs!

>What do?
Go to the Archives and go watch a Sumo match!

We could still get badly injured since we don't have any natural weapons that can break off and grow back like everyone else does!
No. 1014315 ID: 3513c8

Participate in some Chelae. Then go relax by watching the cultural passtime of Sumo.

>She's right, you definitely would look pretty hot with some more meat on your thighs!
I agree.
No. 1014397 ID: 7ffb59

All of this
No. 1014439 ID: bbdaaf

Let's go do some Chelae.

And I'm not sure what the next action should be so I guess we could go watch some Sumo to see what that's all about.

>you'd look pretty hot with some more meat on your thighs!
Fully agree with this.
No. 1014532 ID: afe7de
File 163642411387.png - (10.81KB , 500x500 , SR2_024.png )

There’s a near RAUCOUS agreement from nearly all of your [STATS] as you reflect on that day’s passing. It’s kind of surprising because they mostly don’t chime in on that sort of thing. Though now that you think about it having some thicker thighs means there’s more to turn into muscle which you could use to crush some heads if the need to fight arises. A few [STATS] try to chime in and correct you but are silenced by the others saying that this is the more wholesome way to think about it.

> Dating?
You were thinking of trying to date WILLIAM or IGNIS first, but maybe it won’t be a bad idea to get a test date on with NUBS or LILY just in case, SABA ever really DATED, so you’re really lacking in the field. You know they wouldn’t mind so long as you gave them a fair chance later. Maybe after some test dates you’d be more willing to expand out, dating more then just 2 kin at a time, really build that HAREM of pets, uh you mean lovers, yeah definitely the second one.

You head off to see that first and it’s a pretty big deal, bigger then the eating contest. He signed up for a MEDIUM DIFFICULTY one, as he’s not that confident in his cooking skills to go for a HARD one, but thinks he’s way better then EASY. The contest is a general one that only requires the use of a single SPECIAL INGREDIENT, with the rest being left up to the participants. There’s a series of 8 mini kitchens made and lined up in a large STADIUM. The crowd is actually fully packed and in PON’S area you see a LARGE FREEZER, it looks like he made one using the supplies he had and even put in a lot of chilling plates, maybe he plans to FLASH FREEZE some food just in case he doesn’t have time to let them freeze normally?

Of the contestants participating you notice a familiar face, PUNI. Her setup is small and simple. The rest of the participants arrive and the Judges enter the stage. They announce that the objective is to create a SIGNATURE DISH for the JUDGES and then to create as many SMALL SAMPLES as they can for the audience should they have some free time. Apparently the more small dishes they can make to appease the crowd, the more support they give as the JUDGES occasionally take the AUDIENCE REACTION into consideration with the judging. You see that PON has a sparkle in his eye at that.

The secret ingredient announced is an absoutely massive pile of FISH EGGS. Apparently these are from a certain fish that tends to lay thousands of palm sized eggs that the first fish to hatch would then eat and grow to a massive size. They have a high SUGAR CONTENT and are fairly sweet. You can see PON wing pumping with excitement as he you imagine he’s coming up with a PON-POP recipe in the moment.

The contest begins and ends within an hour of tense rushing around, cooking, using of tools, and after a few testings a horn is blown to signify the end. Pon has made PON POPS by mixing the juice of the eggs with WATER, and several different smaller minced forms of SEA LIFE that he cooked in an attempt to bring a more DOPUS flavor to the pops. You regret never mentioning SHAVED ICE to PON as that might have led to an easier creation, and remind yourself to throw the idea at him at a later date. He presents the judges with his POPs and is met with gasps, one of them seems hesitant to lick the cold pop, but after a while finds it to be both SWEET and SAVORY, biting the ice with their sharp teeth and asking about it and the process.

PUNI on the other hand made her little SHRIMP BALLS, which were met with praise, but not as much as PON’S was. The participants then spread their samples to the crowd, PON of course having the most to share, being able to give enough out to around 1/3 of the crowd before running out. His FLASH FREEZER came in quite handy and you inwardly praise his ingenuity. The crowd munches it and they let out pleasurable moans, some complain about aching in their head from the cold and eating it too fast but remark that it’s a UNIQUE flavor they haven’t experienced before that they thoroughly enjoy.

In the end PON is the champion and is awarded a basket of those EGGS that were used, should he want to make more food. He’s elated to try EXPERIMENTING with them. PUNI wins second place but you can tell even from a distance she is NOT HAPPY and while she does congratulate PON and hug him as is the norm, you can tell that she is fairly upset.

Pon has THUROUGHLY IMPRESSED those present in the cooking contest
A new activity has been unlocked: PON-POPS - CONSUMA BRANCH
- Earn some PEARLS by making PON-POPS with him and establishing a SEASONAL BUSINESS here in DOPUS
- Pon will be preoccupied with this and more COOKING CONTESTS unless you ask him to join you on something else

No. 1014533 ID: afe7de
File 163642414239.png - (13.20KB , 500x500 , SR2_025.png )

You decide to participate in the COMBATIVE PASSTIME that the citizens of CONSUMA prefer. You sign up for a tournament and at first they decline you, but you motion that you can just apply the same rules to you, if they break your WEAPON, the STONE CLAWS, you’re out. They think this is reasonable so you participate. You also talk to some CRAFTSMEN and they make you a few extra STONE CLAWS free of charge, excited to learn how to make a new DEVICE and for you to participate.

You fight with the MIND AND BODY style you’ve been developing and your CLAWS and the first thing you note is that these AQUANS are FIERCE. You’re more used to a sort of SLOWER PACED and TACTICAL fight as how most other KIN you’ve trained with do. Fights are BRIEF, but but CALCULATED, leading to your impression that they’re SLOWER PACED. But the way that they fight here on DOPUS is so different you’re caught off guard. They fight with such an intense FEROCITY and what feels like MADNESS almost. You squeak your way through to the SEMI-FINALS with your skills, kind of unnerved by just how GOOD they are at fighting, maybe their NATURAL WEAPONS and TENDENCY TO HUNT WILD SEALIFE gives them a natural COMBATIVE EDGE. You shake off the tension and look to your opponent. They’re BIG, you refuse to believe they’re your age, but this is a YOUTH’S bracket after all. In their right arm is a massive claw and they speak in a slow, booming voice as they greet you and welcome the challenge. You do the same and begin again.

It’s CLAW vs CLAW, one on your feet and one in his hand as he moves with a surprising level of FLUIDITY given his STATURE. You can feel your CLAWS cracking with each kick, but notice his CLAW is not better off. You can feel the tension in the air, smell the blood from occasional scraps but you also feel a certain moment of FREEDOM in it all as you enter a FLOW state and feel yourself improve ever so slightly in your CLAW as it shatters and you fall to the ground defeated.

The large man introduces himself as Hein’grek Olgoth Himlturgen, saying that his friends just call him TURG and that you fight well. You’re happy you could actually fight for once and get in the zone without fearing that you’d BREAK A LIMB and hug the man as is tradition. The crowd celebrates as you only just now tune in and notice that everyone’s eyes were on your fight. Unfortunately you didn’t win the tournament but those watching felt the PASSION from your fight and you can see their gaze towards you all changing ever so slightly for the better.

You met a worthy foe, your CLAW SKILL has improved to rank 6
The crowd was impressed by your FEROCITY and wonders if other kin from the other plates are like you

You head back to the place, you want to try to BOND with RAIN, but they’re making it hard, so you visit briefly every day with NUBS and have small conversations at first. In your free time you MEDITATE instead, feeling rejuvenated in the MIST. Your mind keeps feeling distracted by RAIN and your attempts to talk to him, so you don’t make much progress, but do work a little on your HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE.

One day you see RAIN beside you, the mist is ESPECIALLY THICK so you can’t even make out much details other then that it’s him. He asks what you’re doing and you mention that it’s MEDITATION, describing the practice and it’s benefits. He asks to join you so you guide him through the process.

On the last day of the week he mentions that you don’t have to keep doing this, forcing yourself to spend time with him, but you mention that it’s nice to get away from the bustle of DOPUS and to be in a QUIET PLACE, plus the MIST feels good. He pulls his coat up higher on his face as he departs back to his cabin, his expression unreadable.

You’ve made progress on your HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE

RAIN is opening up to you a little more, you’ve gained a new activity.
- He seems interested, but slow to grasping the process, it might take a while.

Your MANDATORY OBJECTIVE has been updated
- You’ve impressed some AQUA-KIN by reaching the SEMI-FINALS of a CHELAE TOURNAMENT
- PON THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED some AQUA-KIN by winning a medium difficulty COOKING CONTEST
- Impress more AQUA-KIN to improve your REWARD

What TWO ACTIONS do you do next? Your trip to DOPUS will be over in 4 WEEKS.
No. 1014536 ID: 629f2e

We have to stop by the Archives at some point, and now seems as good a time as any.

Aside from that, why don't we try Jellyfishing? It may be a good way to impress more kin, potentially improve our speed, and really just have a good time.
No. 1014557 ID: e51896

Spend some time with the mother and daughter bonding

Check the ARCHIVE with FAAN. See if the have info on the misty caverns locations such as the misty catacombs or MISTY shift. Maybe we might find a scripting manual, except in stone tablet form instead of paper form? Study the history of dopus with FAAN as well for bonding

Either that or

Impress the students, teach the class about Tengu and its culture, some drawing skills, or maybe give them some scripting manuals. We brought our runescripting materials, it'd be a shame for them to go to waster. Help them solve it, and treat it like a fun puzzle game for them. Who knows, one of them might get so interested, they'd want to learn more and study abroad at our world plates' tengu university. Ask Pon if you can Bring the CHIller to show them what runescripting can do (with pon pops) to get them motivated

Leaning more towards ARCHIVES

For the second activity

we only got 4 weeks left, so lets spend time trying to teach him as a bonding activity, especially since it said it'll take awhile. It will be the best way to LINK with him too before we leave DOPUS
No. 1014567 ID: ce39da

GUIDED MEDITATION WITH RAIN. We've thoroughly impressed the populace; it's time to focus on our other goal, and getting this poor sweet boy on the road to some peace of mind will make all the difference.

If we can't double up on BONDING WITH RAIN, let's run a TEACHING GIG on the side - assuming that their public education is solely at the elementary level, we could teach GENERAL CREATIVITY alongside their preexisting LOGIC course and work them into each other using a BASIC MANUAL as an overarching challenge you can leave behind for them to solve. (Something tells me that the alien and unintuitive ways of thinking needed for it will come easier for the kids of DOPUS than it did for those of the more structured systems of TENGU.)
No. 1014570 ID: c92a02

Don't leave school to the very last minute! Teach at school, stick with Rain. Time to try teaching meditation.
Maybe Turg's worth a link. You'll both grow stronger and you could even spar again mentally!
No. 1014603 ID: 96c896

No. 1014633 ID: a9af05

Let's keep trying to teach Rain how to meditate.

Then we can head over to the Archives to learn more about this place.
No. 1014727 ID: f3f534

Go watch a Sumo match and teach meditation to Rain!
No. 1014799 ID: 36784c

>The crowd munches it and they let out pleasurable moans some complain about aching in their head from the cold and eating it too fast but remark that it’s a UNIQUE flavor they haven’t experienced before that they thoroughly enjoy.
It’s good to see that, despite experiencing a brain freeze, everyone enjoyed Pon’s food!

>PUNI wins second place but you can tell even from a distance she is NOT HAPPY and while she does congratulate PON and hug him as is the norm, you can tell that she is fairly upset.
……why do I feel like Puni is going to challenge Pon to a Cooking Duel?

>Pon will be preoccupied with making Pon-pops and more Cooking Contests
Ask Pon if he’d want someone to taste test his food before he tries to use them in the cooking contests? Because you’re willing to volunteer as a taste tester for him!

>progress with Rain
Yay! He’s opening up to us!

>Next 2 actions?
We obviously need to continue trying to bond with Rain! Since he’s interested in our meditating, we can use that as a way to bond with him.

After that, we really should go check out the Archives to try and learn more about Dopus.
No. 1015130 ID: bbdaaf

No. 1015268 ID: afe7de
File 163702468573.png - (14.25KB , 500x500 , SR2_026.png )

You decide to spend some time in the ARCHIVES. It’s a public place where anyone is welcome to come and look at the knowledge kept there by their ancestors. You see a few AQUANS wandering around, keeping the documents DUST-FREE and in good condition, and they let you know to ask them if you need to look for something in particular, though they don’t have much. You thank the ARCHIVIST who names themselves as FLOWFLOWFLOW FLOW FLOWFLOW, but says you can call her FLOW. You kind of reel back at that name and how it doesn’t really follow the established naming conventions of the others but you just proceed to read through what you can, ignoring whatever that was. It’s all written in CANON which makes our job of understanding it easier and FAAN joins you, curious about this as well.

The history of DOPUS starts off dark, they spawned in these caves in CONSUMA and there was the constant threat of MONSTERS, however there’s mention of [GUARDIANS], large creatures similar to the AQUANS that trained and raised them for some 40 years before they vanished one day. They taught them CANON, how to HUNT and FORAGE, but not much else. Just enough so they could get started. This led to the development of their civilization and the activities they loved. They practiced their HUNTING via CHALAE, their COOKING via CONTESTS to attempt to feed the GUARDIANS, and hunts to prove themselves. Since they had extremely powerful beings protecting them they never became too GREEDY and PRIDEFUL. They became welcoming of those of their ilk and those that could communicate and pride FOOD and COMMUNITY above all else as they lived in a DARK PLACE. It took them until fairly recently to reach the surface and the first kin they met were the HUMANS. Unfortunately the humans saw them as UNINTELLIGENT FOOD at first and this led to immediate conflicts. The rest is rather recent, some mention of who the leaders were and their foodie accomplishments, but nothings been recorded for around 40 years. An ARCHIVIST tells you that they update the records every 50 YEARS due to the lack of LONG LASTING MATERIALS and the space required to hold all these STONE PLATES. Plus, not as not much happens down here of note. Though they mention that might change as they eye you excitedly.

You turn your attention to the most interesting bit of info, the [GUARDIANS]. Unfortunately all imagery surrounding the [GUARDIANS] is scratched, destroyed, or otherwise obscured so you only know they looked SIMILAR to an AQUA-KIN. The maps show a pretty good understanding of the plate itself from an underwater point of view by a HUGE MAP that is engraved on the wall. There are some LARGE GAPS as those places have MASSIVE CHASMS from which very few kin dare to venture. You notice one place in particular however is denoted by several SKULLS. More then any other place on the plate. You ask a few of the ARCHIVISTS about it and they mention that it’s an IVORY PALACE filled with TRAPS in the first room one can enter. It’s killed many kin who enter it so it has become a FORBIDDEN ZONE. You think this must be a RUIN, you ask if there’s AIR there and they confirm the entrance is a DOME of AIR that one can breathe in.

Your mind accelerates and your [STATS] begin communicating. You want to go, no, NEED to go. But the problem is expeditions take a while, and you have to go back soon. It’s deep and since no humans have come here it’s doubtful they’ve found it or gone to it, but you never know. You mention this to PON, FAAN, and NUBS and they state that maybe you should speak with the ROYALS back at your WORLDPLATE and HERE before venturing in. It’s DANGEROUS, but also could be fruitful for BOTH NATIONS. You contemplate this as you continue your vacation.

You’ve discovered what you assume to be an ANCIENT RUIN
- You could potentially visit, however you are SORELY UNDERPREPARED
You’ve memorized the history of DOPUS
- There’s nothing left in the archives for you to search through

No. 1015270 ID: afe7de
File 163702471975.png - (148.27KB , 500x500 , SR2_027.png )

You spend the week teaching RAIN the basics of MEDITATION, you’re not able to get any active progress in, but you do feel twinges of… SOMETHING coming from RAIN. Unfortunately the MIST is so dense that when you use your GOGGLES you don’t see anything other then the dense MANA of the area. You get the distinct feeling he spends a lot of time IN HIS HEAD and doesn’t like to talk too much. Or maybe fears the way his words will come out, or maybe even fears the construct of socializing with someone he doesn't know intimately like NUBS.

What’s even stranger is as you watch him practice you sometimes notice the mist get DENSER and SPARSER. Both your [INTUITION] and your [UNDERSTANDING] tell you that some thing’s up but you get that you can’t just ASK this question. Your [CURIOSITY] is practically screaming at you to investigate this, it’s strange it’s cool, it could be an INNATE SKILL, or it could be MAGIC, true, actual MAGIC and not MAGITECH.

You hold back your [CURIOSITY] for now and remain professional, but you need a break from RAIN. You only have a few weeks left, and while you COULD spend more time with him, it’s almost MORE STRESSFUL to be near a mystery you can’t pry at or pick apart. You’re PATIENT, but you don’t know if you’re THAT PATIENT yet. Originally you were just hoping to be a friend, but now you sense there’s something more, and who knows, maybe you can help if they’re having problems. You feel a desire to [LINK] with them or something and SHOW OFF, or wait, maybe that’s [PRIDE] talking.

In the end he thanks you for sticking through with him. He’s slowly getting the hang of this MEDITATION stuff, and he even says he might be a little sad when you leave.

You’ve made progress in teaching RAIN some MEDITATION
- If you chose to hang out with RAIN again before you leave you have to ask
- Here are some example questions:
OTHER [user input but it must be SIGNIFICANT]
- If you chose to REFRAIN and just teach him and try to BOND you will take 3 STRESS
- You get the feeling asking the WRONG QUESTION might slow your progress or cause it to go back a few steps

You feel like you are VERY CLOSE to gaining a BOND with RAIN

What TWO ACTIONS do you do next? Your trip to DOPUS will be over and a GRAND FAREWELL FEAST will be held.

You also remember something, it’s been on your mind but you never said anything about it. You had the feeling of BEING FOLLOWED at one point BEFORE entering Dopus but dismissed it. Now might be a good time to BRING THAT UP and potentially spend a week PREPARING just in case. But your [INTUITION] doesn’t feel like anything is wrong, so you could also PASS on that.
No. 1015278 ID: 96c896

You bet your ass we're gonna try to complete that BOND with Rain and finish his meditation training.
Share a secret. That's the key to friendship right? Tell him about your innate skills. Maybe if you develop Link enough you could talk to him even when you're apart!

Also, prepare for there to be trouble on the trip out. Your Intuition isn't perfect, we can't rely exclusively on it.

...huh, did we not wind up spending much time with Nubs?
No. 1015286 ID: ce39da

> 1st Action
Yeah, complete that BOND WITH RAIN. In this case, I believe TELL HIM ABOUT YOUR INNATE SKILLS is the play here. He's isolated himself in conjunction with (or perhaps because of) having some ability that he only has one person he can confide in about (unlike our friend support circle). We're the first to do the confiding; he isn't as likely to take offense. He may see us as "like him," and he might feel a sense of solidarity with us. LINK specifically will provide a possibility to continue where you left off even if you don't end up visiting again, as long as you work at the distance problem from both ends (assuming he's learned enough to practice on his own, at least). Finally, while we shouldn't expect it, the best-case scenario is that he'll feel the need to reciprocate our confidence and let us in on what his deal is, on top of everything else. (I can't stress this enough; we are not entitled to this info, even if getting it would be awesome.)

> 2nd Action
We can help two birds with one stone if we SOCIALIZE WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY. We can report what we (generally) know of regarding the ruins, plus our hope to venture in at some point. Then, we can include them when we huddle around to discuss that feeling of being followed and what to do about it (if anything).
No. 1015321 ID: f8fa51

Definitely SHARE A SECRET WITH RAIN, though I'll let others decide whether our PAST or our ABILITIES are a better secret to share. The key point is we don't want to be seen to pry.

See if you can get a meeting with the LEADERS here and talk to them about the ancient ruin. Tell them you want to talk to your own ROYALS and maybe organise an expedition. See what they think about the idea.
No. 1015324 ID: c92a02

Tell him about your link. But definitely, before you leave Dopus, go to the school with Faan! Maybe you can teach them about the history you just memorized and fill in any gaps they might still have! Or maybe it'd be safer to stick to something new like the history of your own plate.
No. 1015330 ID: e51896

I think intuition says we are fine because we didn't bring William or Ignis, or anyone else royal here, just our [LINKED] bro Pon and mother. If we did bring them, Canus might give us a hard time going back home. But we didn't bring them, so we be fine. Might be wise to let them know our concern regardless, but I don't think we need to be super protective, otherwise we'd look suspicious in Canus.

1st action: DON'T meditate with Rain, it'll bring up stress we dont need, and we want to relax this time. I think if he practices on his own, he'll figure it out like Chi did.
Instead, just chill with him. Only let him know of our secret innate abilities. It may make him interested in linking with us, which we should do.


2nd action, One last chance to impress the citizens here, go to school with FAAN, teach them stuff you know like Tengu world plate, and a little bit of runescripting to impress the students.

For the goodbye ceremony, mention the ruins and being interested in exploring and making arrangements with the tengu royals.
No. 1015350 ID: 36784c

Let’s continue teaching meditation to Rain and we should reveal a secret to him by telling him about our innate skills. Hopefully he’ll want to form a Link with us if we tell him about this.

>You had the feeling of BEING FOLLOWED at one point BEFORE entering Dopus but dismissed it. Now might be a good time to BRING THAT UP and potentially spend a week PREPARING just in case.
Better to be safe than sorry. Let’s bring this up and make some preparations.

This means we’re potentially only getting 1 action this time, but I feel this is important, so giving up an action is worth it.

>But your [INTUITION] doesn’t feel like anything is wrong, so you could also PASS on that.
Your Intuition isn’t perfect.

>DON'T meditate with Rain, it'll bring up stress we dont need, and we want to relax this time.
You might want to check again because that’s not what the update says will happen.

The update says we’ll only gain stress if we choose to REFRAIN and we DON’T ask a question or reveal a secret to Rain. So as long as we do one of those, we will NOT gain stress.
No. 1015351 ID: 094652

Ask about the Mist.
No. 1015432 ID: a9af05

Meditate with Rain and tell him about our skills.

Then spend a week to prepare, just in case something happens during our trip home.
No. 1015449 ID: 031458

Obviously Spend some more time with Rain. Either our skills or our past lives is fine.

2nd thing tho, More CHELAE. Now that were more used to how they fight, I think we could do better this time.
No. 1015533 ID: f3f534

Yeah, let's finish making a bond with Rain. Once we bond with him, we'll have to ask if he'd be willing to make a Link with us.

Then I guess we can spend a week preparing for the trip home.

>Your trip to Dopus will be over and a Grand Farewell Feast will be held.
Awesome! Make sure you eat as much as you can so you can enjoy the food as much as possible! It's going to be a while before you'll be able to come back to Dopus for a visit.
No. 1015590 ID: ce39da

Oh, yeah! This seems like a great venue to discuss that stuff about the RUINS and the FEELING OF BEING FOLLOWED.

And yeah, not changing my vote (>>1015286), but an added benefit of telling RAIN about our INNATE ABILITIES is that if we want to ask him to LINK WITH US in the same TP (last chance before the end) with his CONSENT, we kinda have to actually tell him about its existence. XD
No. 1015715 ID: bbdaaf

I agree with everyone saying we should bond with Rain and prepare for our trip home.

>Awesome! Make sure you eat as much as you can so you can enjoy the food as much as possible! It's going to be a while before you'll be able to come back to Dopus for a visit.
I agree with this. Make sure you enjoy the food!
No. 1015829 ID: afe7de
File 163763397349.png - (11.45KB , 500x500 , SR2_028.png )

She’s been right by you in most of the events! She cheered you on during the CHELAE competition, was there to sample the PON-POPS, and you had BREAKFAST with her every day. She only really abstained from the more BORING places like the ARCHIVES and SCHOOL. You can tell that she’s very happy you got to come to her home and get a taste of what her life and her people are like!

Your bond with NUBS has increased twice to RANK 5!
- Nubs TRUSTS you
- Nubs APPRECIATES the effort you put into trying out her culture
- Nubs might be willing to do slightly unreasonable things for you
- You can request any number of favors from her but she might ask for some in return
- You feel a bit GLUTTONOUS and COMFORTABLE when you think of her
- Your INTUITION thinks that LINKING with her might be a good idea

You don’t train RAIN on MEDITATION this time and instead try to talk to him a little. He’s rather silent for the most part, so you take the lead and talk a bit about yourself. There’s lots of things you could cover, so you chose something simple. You talk a bit about your life and briefly mention that you can [UNDERSTAND] things better than others. You call this an [INNATE SKILL] and he cocks an eyebrow at you, not sure if you’re telling the truth. You say it’s prerequisite is that you have enough knowledge in a subject to connect the dots, but it gives you more information then most would.

For example, you reply that this fog is MANA DENSE, but you can’t tell it’s source even with your equipment. It MUST be coming from somewhere, and if it’s natural, it could even be used to fuel technologies to improve the life and livelihood of those who live here. You can tell he’s becoming uncomfortable at this line of dialog and pause, waiting for him to speak or for you to continue.

It takes several long minutes before he briefly mentions there was an INCIDENT when he was younger, something happened and he caused a TREASURED LOCATION some major damage inadvertently. But that turned this space into what it is today, so he says that maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, no one knows.

Your [STATS] kick into overdrive in attempt to analyze this information, it’s the most that you’ve gotten and you’re definitely greedy for more info. You intuit that they potentially caused the effect, but are unsure as to how. You’re also not sure what TREASURED LOCATION was damaged, if it’s these CAVERNS, or if it’s somewhere else. You get the feeling he knows more, even if he’s not sure exactly of the details and mechanics behind it, but you can tell by the fact that he’s not running away that he’s at least not uncomfortable with this line of dialog now. He seems to be TRAUMATIZED by something, and you get the idea that this INCIDENT was probably worse then he just described. You share a PON-POP in the silence that remains.

You made no progress on BONDING with RAIN but you think you [UNDERSTAND] them a bit better.
No. 1015831 ID: afe7de
File 163763403836.png - (12.18KB , 500x500 , SR2_029.png )

You decide to talk to the leaders of CONSUMA and explain your WORRIES on being followed, your and your PLATE’S potential INTEREST in the RUIN, and talks of DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS.

They take a bit of time to talk to the populous and you find that there’s a significant chunk of the population that has had their CONCERNS ALLEVIATED over your kind.

You took 2ND PLACE in an EATING CONTEST which is no small feat for many kin on the plate
PON started a small business and played by the plate’s rules and everyone really enjoys his meals.
PON won a cooking contest using ingredients from the plate
You participated in a CHELAE tournament and whilst you didn’t win, you put up a valiant and respectable effort
Your mother improved upon many of the educational systems in place and while it isn’t as popular as the other things, that is a respectable and appreciated gesture, as she did it free of charge.

They say that they were honestly not expecting you to MAKE A SHOW of yourselves and attempt to ingratiate yourselves into their culture but they appreciate the fervor that you went at it, even if it was potentially motivated by external factors.

They inform you that they would be more than happy to initiate DIPLOMACY between their plates, however they voice that they are concerned about the members of CANUS and the HUMANS interfering in said diplomatic procedures, as after you informed them of your worries they noticed MOVEMENT near the entrance of the PLATE. A small party of what appears to be DIPLOMATS or WARRIORS of some kind. They number just 4 individuals, but radiate an aura of intensity, and all of them are HUMANS.

You squint your eyes at that, now practically confirming your concern. You request a potential increase in GUARDS, at least until you can take to the SKIES in CANUS, after which you doubt they’ll be able to catch up. It’s kind of hard to pretend you’re not a WING-KIN coming out of the sea with a bunch of AQUANS, though you could also attempt to leave at NIGHT, however MORE DANGERS might occur then. After a bit of deliberation you all decide to bring a few GUARDS, just enough to double your number against the 4 in case something were to occur.

Negotiations with the LEADERSHIP of DOPUS were a rousing success
- You’ve gained TEMPORARY GUARDS that will follow you until you take flight on the other side of the TUNNEL
- You’ve prepared your crew for a potential encounter, and cannot be SURPRISED on your trip back
- A member will be added to your party to initiate DIPLOMATIC DISCUSSIONS upon return

No. 1015832 ID: afe7de
File 163763405185.png - (11.29KB , 500x500 , SR2_030.png )

On the night before taking your leave of the plate you are welcomed to a rather large feast held in the same crater that you participated in the EATING CONTEST in. You see various kin that you met and discussed things with.

TURG is there and you have a friendly spar with him, besting him, but you’re unsure if he put in his full effort.
LILY comes and is very touchy with both you and PON, there’s even a moment where she drags PON away briefly and he comes back VERY flushed, whilst LILY looks absolutely EXSTATIC.
Several children surround FAAN saying that they’ll miss their COOL FEATHERED TEACHER a lot.
PUNI caters the event but seems to still be bitter over her LOSS to PON.
RAIN wishes you well, but does not leave the CAVERN.
ARBOLETH SHALLOT then gives a toast to all of you and gives you a gift of FREEZE DRIED FISH, PEARLS, and a few small WRAPPED PARCELS, saying that he hopes you enjoyed your time here and that you’ll stop by again and remember them by these gifts.

Everyone then BURPS in unison, including yourselves and you all laugh, having enjoyed the time you had. Though you’ve definitely PUT ON A FEW POUNDS, specifically in the THIGH region. You imagine you can just WORK IT OUT and then they’ll be TOUGHER THEN EVER though and your [STATS] sigh as you still don’t get it.

As you leave the plate you do a routine check to make sure that everyone has their CHOKERS and come to find out that YES, everyone did, however FAAN, not knowing how to use it properly, had accidentally used up the full charge. You secretly pull out your second CHOKER and present it to her, saying you planned for this eventuality.

The trip back up is just as interesting and mysterious. The darkness consuming you as you leave the well light CONSUMA and enter the inky blackness. But then all too soon you start seeing the bright seawater dyed by the sky and you reach the surface. After a bit of assistance you all take to the skies after packing your equipment up and head off to the ENTRANCE, some of your remaining supplies still in tow behind your RETINUE OF GUARDS.

You head to the TUNNEL and the four individuals can be seen loitering in front of it, blocking your way out. All four of them are humans and they appear to be wearing SILK FINERY AND ROBES, disguising what they wear underneath. However your [UNDERSTANDING] picks up a few things from the creasing of their robes. One is wearing METAL ARMOR, and is not moving much to prevent it from making noise. Another has a LONG ROD of some sort barely poking out of their back. The rest of them are obscured but you assume them to be armed.

You’re still a fair distance away from them, walking whilst the guards swim beside you just below the surface and the 4 don’t seem to have spotted you. A tan skinned and bearded man sits dazing around, apparently bored. You can approach this situation however you like and several of your [STATS] pipe up with ideas.

[GUILE] You could gather the fish and pretend you’re traveling FISHERMEN
[GUILE] Though the DOPUS kin might be harder to disguise through that lie
[PRIDE] You could just have the guards come out, make them leave, and then sneak on by when they’re distracted
[LOGIC] The bearded man seems to be their leader, or hated by the rest
[LOGIC] I assume he’d try to talk to you if you went up to him
[PERCEPTION] There’s no one around, where’s NUBS’S GUARD?
[ATHLETICISM] You can carry NUBS and PON can carry the DIPLOMAT easy
[STRATEGY] You think they could have backup?
[CREATIVITY] Okay what if
[CREATIVITY] Give them CHOKERS, entice them to go down
[CREATIVITY] But have a guard stay behind and give them orders to take a LONG ASS TIME taking them back
[CREATIVITY] So the POWER runs out, they nearly drown and pass out, you leave them on the shore, they’re left confused
[LOGIC] That’s extremely convoluted, why not just shove them in a cave somewhere and take away the chokers and keep em
[LOGIC] imprisoned at that rate
[LOGIC] We also have the DOPUS DIPLOMAT, maybe they could do something
[CURIOSITY] But you have always been interested in what other HUMANS were like, maybe they’re not all bigoted and evil?
[SABA’S KN] I mean, I wasn’t that bad but still…

What do you do?
No. 1015835 ID: 629f2e

I'm gonna side with Pride on this one. This isn't a confrontation we want to have. We will have to deal with humans someday, but we should do it on our terms. Call on the guards you've been sent with to send them away, and try to leave without being seen.

Also, we should totally Link with Nubs. Nubs is awesome, let her into our brain college.
No. 1015841 ID: 96c896

That LONG ROD is a ranged weapon for sure. Trying to fly past will probably not work, because even if they're not here to kill you they might fire a warning shot to make you stop.
Trying to pose as fishermen won't work because they definitely have your description.
Sneaking past has a chance to work, but if they're disciplined enough one of them will keep an eye on the tunnel even if the guards make them move away...
I don't know how we'd convince them to go underwater with the chokers without forcing them to, and that would require a confrontation, and I'm not really confident about winning that engagement without serious losses, because the DOPUS guards don't have magitech equipment.

I say just get all the guards to come up with you and talk to them. A show of force, to make them think twice about trying to intimidate you. Get them to go away willingly and you won't have to worry.
Either that or have the guards make them disperse, and try sneaking past. That's the only plan to bypass that I think could work.
No. 1015846 ID: e51896

Not sure what to do here yet, might just have the other suggestors decide if I can't think of something until then.

But one thing for certain, [LINK] with Nubs, she might not have an innate ability, but she is one of our good friends, and is someone from Dopus we should [LINK] with as we were recommended. And who knows, maybe Pon and Nubs might get an innate ability one day. But for sure, we'll one day link with someone with an Innate ability one day.

(Also, it'd be cool to link with everyone that we see in the titlecard of this thread, lol)
No. 1015848 ID: c92a02

They probably know or expect the guards, so bring them out so that they're ready to act. Confront them and tell them to move out of the way - but if that fails, blind them with the light rod and try to fly off.
No. 1015857 ID: 64942c

Why not a hybrid approach? Ask the guards to make them leave/distract them, and sneak above while their eyes are turned to the surface?
No. 1015892 ID: 36784c

Aw, we didn’t bond with Rain. I guess that means that we can’t form a Link with him.

Then that means we should form a Link with Nubs!

>Everyone then BURPS in unison, including yourselves and you all laugh, having enjoyed the time you had.
Yeah, that was fun, since it was socially acceptable to do that in Dopus. Just remember not to do that when you get home, since it wouldn’t be socially acceptable there.

Have the temporary guards come up and make the humans leave. While they’re distracted, you can hopefully sneak by them.
No. 1015895 ID: e51896

I say talk with them, have the guards close by under the water. If there is an issue, we'll give them the signal to come up and take care of things. I really think that Canus started a toll service to enter and leave their worldplate, which might become an issue if their waiting at for a toll to get to Tengu as well. See how much they are asking to pass if this is the case.
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