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File 162454141435.png - (23.24KB , 500x500 , title.png )
1004042 No. 1004042 ID: 6b73b4

You are in space.
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No. 1011660 ID: e51896

Try to remember some of the most delicious iron or titanium you ate.
No. 1017132 ID: deb0d1
File 163927811532.png - (38.90KB , 500x500 , focus.png )

You decide to focus inward and try to gauge what kind of abilities you may have, perhaps they’re the key to get your memories back, if it’s even possible.

No. 1017133 ID: deb0d1
File 163927816344.png - (65.62KB , 500x500 , Progression.png )

Welcome to the skill stars! Each constellation of Fetacivs has many stars locked away from you at the moment, but with each lock opened you gain access to new powers, you can only branch out to skills that are adjacent to the skills you have unlocked. There are also four types of locks.

Bronze - The easiest to open, by using your abilities you will naturally begin to hone your powers into new sects and advance your capabilities. Rediscovering memories will also get you back onto branches currently locked off to you.

Silver - Slightly tougher than the former, you will need to get creative with how you use your abilities to discover how to branch out further.

Gold - Unlike the previous locks a trainer is required to learn how these powerful arts can be performed. Trainers may also be able to advance the power of other abilities.

Diamond - Only after every skill in a constellation has been mastered may you progress to the ultimate power. These will require you to seek out extraordinary people to learn them.

|Current Skills|

Telepathy: That broken link tied to your core had something to do with this… perhaps you can still use it to mentally converse with others who are close enough.

Search Memory: You have a perfect recollection- of the few fragmented memories you have.

Energy Sense: See the flow of energy in the universe, great for finding out why something isn’t working. The types of energy you can sense are non-specific. Get creative!

Emotion Reading: You’re more aware of people’s emotions, some in cases more aware about them than they are.

Telekinesis: Reliable telekinesis, without it you’d just be a puddle.

No. 1017134 ID: deb0d1
File 163927832001.png - (20.61KB , 500x500 , facooisk.png )

You focus in further on the constellation of facooisk, may it's insight guide your way.

Search Memory: Viriskon scholars are often living libraries, capable of perfectly recalling memories stored within their core.

Memory View: View the memories of others, those who are taught this skill are expected to take a full course in ethics beforehand.

Lucid Dream: Enter your own dreams and scour your mind for your deepest thoughts and desires, a look into your own subconscious. Those more in tune with facooisk can dive into the dreams of others.

Vault Memory: Trap a memory so that it can not be accessed. The great Roschooa often uses this ability on others, their library is filled with many bubbles of thoughts.

Erase Memory: Destroy a memory permanently. Few ever had the nerve to do it.

No. 1017135 ID: deb0d1
File 163927838140.png - (43.47KB , 500x500 , delicacy.png )


Search Memory sounds useful, you try to remember your favorite meal… it wasn’t of titanium or iron, it was grander than that, gold. Delicious gold, adorned with gemstones, your hunger grows stronger just thinking of it, but it wasn’t this delicacy that made this memory so fond, it was sharing it- sharing it with… with… you can’t remember. Their formless shapes shift about yet nothing comes together all you feel is the sadness from the empty spaces left behind.

No. 1017137 ID: 96c896

Hmm, so the grey constellation is actually the black one, and white doesn't have a constellation(since it's the moon) but allows us to branch out into ones we didn't pick at all. Also we got the starting perks of orange, red, and blue for free despite not being attuned to them. Likely thanks to white.
Hmm, White's downside says we can't master other branches, does that mean we can only unlock diamond abilities on Black and Cyan?

Tell them you remember your favorite food. Gold and gemstones! Also you had a loved one, but you don't remember anything about them.
Also try using Telepathy to send a test message, which is "Testing testing, can you hear me?"
No. 1017150 ID: 0d76b6

A Jack of all trades is master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. White seemed to be a good choice. Lucid dreaming might help us discover who we were but for now there’s not much we can do. Not like we have the means to chase after them even if we do remember.

I’d say test your telepathy on the hard light hologram and the… we’ll probably best not the captain, we should ask them first. But the robit and the hard light? Seems useful to find out.

Also see if we can pick up the hard light broom with our mind, that’d be pretty sweet. It’s supposed to be really light and fragile right? I’m imagining non Newtonian aerogel.
No. 1020354 ID: 6e6730

This kind of introspection isn't getting anywhere. Focus on composing yourself, Minerva (the station? possibly an AI?) sounds like serious business from what the captain seems to imply.
No. 1020434 ID: cda295
File 164220673680.png - (2.52MB , 3338x1814 , home.png )


You will be able to unlock all the stars you can see, eventually, but your potential will not be as great as those more focused to one path. By the time you’re able to erase memories others on that path will be able to see into the future, something you may never be able to do.

That’s no moon, it’s a star! A white dwarf. It’s very important to your people because it’s the star of your home planet… a planet you can't remember.

No. 1020435 ID: cda295
File 164220683880.png - (37.37KB , 500x500 , establishconnection.png )


You finally open your eyes and try to tell the captain about what you learned, but he’s nowhere to be seen. How long were you spacing out?

It’s probably not best to try telepathy on him anyway, that’s not really a good opener for someone you’ve just met. You’re not even sure it’d work on artificial life anyway, maybe you could test that. Actually you’re not even sure if the captain’s a robot or not, you don’t know what he is.

Maybe the hologram would be worth a shot. Worst thing that could happen is that it fails.

You focus on your core and channel the link inside you. For something you’re just relearning this feels very natural, it’s as simple as connecting strings.

No. 1020436 ID: cda295
File 164220687205.png - (43.28KB , 500x500 , connected.png )

This was a mistake.

You may have just linked yourself into a hologram network.

What was a mistake?

I didn’t say anything.
Who was that?
Wasn’t me.
Well, it wasn’t me.
Oh, is it a friend?

No. 1020438 ID: 96c896

Say hello and pardon for the intrusion, you were testing out your telepathy.

This isn't too bad, there's nothing keeping you from moving your body towards your destination while you're connected! Introduce yourself and maybe chat a bit with them. Do they know any interesting places on the station? Oh, you might want to get directions since the captain is no longer around to guide you.
No. 1020439 ID: 6e6730

seven of them.
I guess while you're in there, see if you can search their memory with your Search Memory power? If it pairs with telepathy this could be very potent.
No. 1021173 ID: 894419

Sorry! Wrong number
No. 1022155 ID: cd863c
File 164384749345.png - (55.22KB , 500x500 , thoughts.png )


For a moment you consider your ability to search memories, but that only works for looking through your own memories.

-search my memories? What exactly are you doing?

Uhhhhhhh -oh. They can hear everything you’re thinking. (Don’t think about enhanced knockers) That ability would be useful for sharing your memories with others though, you put a note on that for later.

Sorry- sorry- that might’ve been a bad place to start. I’m Kiocoatl.

Well, I’m Rala. Don’t worry yourself so much, but seriously- what’re you doing on my network?

I was just trying to test my telepathy, I’m kind of relearning everything as I go right now.

Ah, that’s alright. At the very least this ability you’re talking about, seems to have a lot of potential.

You’re not upset? Er, I mean, you seem pretty calm about this.

I was a bit shocked! The captain explained to us though that something like this might happen when we brought you onboard.

They've got experience with this kind of thing? Have you met others with this kind of power?
…hm, you’re kind of hungry.

-no! From what I’ve heard only your species can do these kinds of things, and they’re not very common in this sector. Imagine our surprise when the captain spotted you out there! …kitchen’s not too far from the medical wing by the way.

Huh. Unless your kitchen has rocks in it I’m not sure it’s going to have much for me to eat.

Oh- well, we just finished identifying a sample of rock that we collected when we found you. Would that be good enough?

What’s in it?

There are traces of titanium-

Say no more.

We’re in the lower half of the ship if you wanna give it a taste then..

…well, weighing the options you could just go and visit Minerva with the captain right away and eat later.
Or put that on hold for a little longer and get something to eat on the ship.
Or completely ignore all that and explore around the ship.

I can still hear everything you’re thinking-


No. 1022158 ID: cd863c
File 164384804476.png - (17.36KB , 500x500 , shipmap.png )


While you think on that you decide it's best to try and ask for a map of the station your visiting.

I don't fully know the station inside and out yet, but I certainly know our ship- uh, maybe if I uh... think about the layout you can get an idea of it?

This in fact works! You've got a rough idea of the layout of the ship.

From top the bottom of the ship you've got...

-Weapons (self explanatory, holds weapons and the controls for weapons)
-Crew Quarters (this is where everyone's rooms are, thankfully this ship respects privacy and has separate rooms for all it's inhabitants, there's also a place to lounge around or play pool)
-Medical (this is where you're at, this is of course for tending to any medical emergencies)
-Kitchen (it's a kitchen, it's also has a small lounge for eating)
-Viewports/Storage (not just a window for looking out into space, this is the loading and unloading point on the ship and the place from which you exit, it's also where all the cargo is contained)
-Command (in the center of the ship is the command center, the captain's seat is here and it's also where piloting is, cameras on all sides of the ship allow the pilot to see where they're going despite there being no windows in this room)
-Engineering (on the sides of the ship are the ship's engines, this is that most important part of the ship, if the rift drive goes out we'd all be in danger!)
-Pods/Science (at the very bottom of the ship are the life pods for if the ship needs to be evacuated in an emergency, it's also where our science equipment is)

(I am sorry, but these are all in color coded order in the image and not in the same order listed here. No I will not fix it, cry about it.)
No. 1022167 ID: 6e6730

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get those rocks, you need the sustenance BAD.
No. 1022194 ID: 96c896

Go find that rock. I think we were given some nutrients while we were being resuscitated, but still.
I'm guessing it's near the science bay.
Maybe we can practice telekinesis a bit with the rock? Or use Energy Reading to observe the flow of electricity in the ship.

Also best not to keep Minerva waiting too long.
No. 1022248 ID: aba9fd

You just woke up from a really long space nap, go take care of yourself first. I'm sure the crew would want that more than anything after going through the trouble of saving your life.
No. 1022319 ID: c7b480
File 164395057048.png - (45.31KB , 500x500 , stairs.png )

Yeah, you’re hungry.

Really hungry-

EXTREMELY HUNGRY, you’ll just get a quick bite and then get down to business.

As you descend through the ship the hologram shows you around, passing through the lounge, going through storage you catch a glimpse at command before you reach the belly of the ship. Lined up on the walls are some escape pods and science equipment. A few more holograms are down here having just finished testing this sample of rock.

”So you really just eat rocks?”

“Pretty much- though I can’t remember the last time I ate.”

No. 1022320 ID: c7b480
File 164395064140.png - (34.92KB , 500x500 , eatin.png )

Approaching the decadent asteroid upon the table you leap up with monstrous fervor and begin to feast, meanwhile the holograms simply analyze you.

”Amazing, they’re tearing it apart with ease.”

”For such a gooey-looking…thing- I’m surprised they can apply so much force…”

Though as you eat, something clicks, escape shuttles… asteroids… as fuzzy as it is, a memory comes back to you.

No. 1022321 ID: c7b480
File 164395068183.png - (11.03KB , 500x500 , stranded1.png )

The last escape shuttle, it’s tiny, cramped and uncomfortable, but more importantly, it’s shot pretty bad. Not only is one side blasted off, but many of the shuttle’s internal components are damaged. You’re just lucky you got away.

No. 1022322 ID: c7b480
File 164395073139.png - (14.03KB , 500x500 , stranded2.png )

As you try to pull yourself together you access the situation you’re in. Most of the important functions of your life pod are broken- that’s okay, you likely can fix them with ease. You have no food supply, but you can eat what’s around you. You’ll likely start off by consuming your cosmetic modifications, you’ll have to live without stylish horns for a while. Next you’ll have to eat up your cybernetics, it’ll cost quite a bit to get them back, but you’ll at least survive. If that fails you can start to eat the shuttle itself, but you want to hold off from that as long as you can, maybe some of the surrounding asteroids are edible.

No. 1022323 ID: c7b480
File 164395078796.png - (12.89KB , 500x500 , stranded3.png )

But, no, no, none of that would even matter. Your true-self, they’re in danger. You can’t ignore the possibility that… they might not make it. You need to secure your memories before that happens, keep them safe until you have an alternative to retain them. Quickly, you draw your memories out and vault them one by one, trying to keep them close to your core as best you can. First, everything you need to remember to survive. Basic knowledge of the universe, language- how things work. You feel most of these are pretty close to you already, that’s good. Next, the important memories, this memory in it of itself you are making right now is something you need to know, so that you remember what happened, remember what you did and as you bring it close-

No. 1022324 ID: c7b480
File 164395085935.png - (29.61KB , 500x500 , stranded4.png )

Suddenly. A sharp pain fills your core as you feel your entire being shatter into pieces, you know it wasn’t you who broke. You know exactly what happened and soon, you wouldn’t even remember. Memories fly by as your connection to your true-self breaks apart, going deeper into space as everything blurs together. The walls around you close in as everything you hold dear drifts further and further away.

And there's only one thought on your mind, will anyone ever even find you?

…at least you have the answer to that question now.

No. 1022325 ID: 96c896

Shit, are those the only two you managed to vault?
What a shame... it sounds like the shock of losing your true self rendered your conisk unable to do anything but eat its horns and cybernetics. And, presumably the shuttle, since we didn't see it. Shame it didn't have the presence of mind to eat the rocks.

I wonder if any other conisks survived? It's possible that others got away in escape pods and vaulted more memories... finding out who attacked you seems important. The killer could kill again.

Something to bring up with Minerva.
No. 1022356 ID: aba9fd

Well, you don’t know what you lost so nothings changed as far as you go. You’re still you, just not whoever you were before. Luckily you’re presumed dead right now, so whoever killed the old you probably isn’t coming back unless you start shouting from some rooftops.

…which means you should probably book it to the captain and tell them everything you just remembered. You don’t want to shoot a signal flare telling the universe you survived.
No. 1022380 ID: 6e6730

Maybe if you find the other fragments of you -- the conisks -- you can meet up and swap notes and figure out who you really are. File that away as a long term goal, maybe pitch it to Minerva, though I have a feeling she's going to want to get her pound of flesh out of you first.
No. 1022515 ID: c7b480
File 164412256747.gif - (162.30KB , 500x500 , poke.gif )


It might be possible, if you can learn more about your past you’re certainly set on finding it. However this happened you definitely want to find out who was responsible, but probably shouldn’t throw your name around suspicious people. Maybe some of your kin survived, you put your hope in that they did, they might even be looking for you! If they were able to find themselves, maybe they-

”Oh! You’re okay!”
The hologram proceeds to drop the broom to give you a short hug.

“Did I space out again?”

”Well you tore apart an asteroid and then stopped responding, we were about to get the doctor. Glad you’re doing fine though.”

“Yeah, sorry, I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately. This has all been a shock, but I think I’m pulling things together bit by bit, but right now I think… I should go see the captain.”

”Alright, stay safe!”

No. 1022516 ID: c7b480
File 164412259650.png - (14.97KB , 500x500 , viewport.png )

You head up the stairs into the front viewport and storage area… and realize you have no idea where the captain is right now. They must be somewhere around here waiting for you, right?

No. 1022517 ID: c7b480
File 164412264185.png - (18.56KB , 500x500 , energy.png )


Well, while you’re at it you nearly forgot to try out your energy sense, let’s test it out.
Huh. There’s definitely a major source of energy behind the adjacent walls, which makes sense considering that’s where the engines are.

No. 1022518 ID: 96c896

Cool. Try thermal energy. Maybe you can find the captain that way.
No. 1022545 ID: 6e6730

There's a bunch of hardlight projections about, maybe one of them knows where the captain is? Contact them via telepathy again. They'll hook you up.
No. 1022565 ID: aba9fd

Huh, you seem to have a lot of really useful tricks up your sleeve. Your indenture might not last long, I think most ship captains will find abilities like that really useful. You’re a walking talking ship interface.
No. 1022780 ID: c7b480
File 164434142993.png - (17.06KB , 500x500 , thermal.png )


Thermal would definitely help... if they were close enough, but that does help narrow things down.

No. 1022782 ID: c7b480
File 164434297080.png - (11.25KB , 500x500 , planning.png )

You decided to stop to ask one of the holograms as they go by you on the stairs to go play pool in the lounge.

"Hey, any idea where the captain might be?"

"Well, I wasn't paying much attention, but they left the medical wing earlier!"
"Me and blue have been in the lab so we haven't seen them."
"I'm in the left engine and I haven't seen 'em!"
"I'm on the station right now, sorry."
"So am I."

"I'm not sure where the captain would've gone, but he wouldn't have gone far from the ship without saying something."

"Alright, that helps a bit."

You're pretty sure the captain isn't in the upper deck, with your thermal vision they're definitely not in the crew quarters above you. You feel they likely wouldn't be in weapons, or in the kitchen.

That just leaves two options, the back viewport or somewhere outside the ship.

No. 1022783 ID: 44065a

The back viewport seems suitably dramatic. Besides, it would give you a chance to get a totally cool view on your surroundings.
No. 1022784 ID: aba9fd

It’s gotta be the back viewport, it’s just too perfect a place for the captan to be standing ominously while you deliver the news. It’s drama the situation calls for.
No. 1022968 ID: c7b480
File 164446610137.png - (16.57KB , 500x500 , backport.png )


Dang, they're not here. Might as well go check out the view though.

No. 1022969 ID: c7b480
File 164446614979.png - (9.09KB , 500x500 , sideview.png )


It probably would be pretty dramatic, unfortunately you're gonna have to look elsewhere.

No. 1022971 ID: c7b480
File 164446628088.png - (12.94KB , 500x500 , oh.png )

"Oh there you are, I've been looking for you."

Oh- well it looks like he found you.

"I was looking for you!"

What should you talk about first?

You consider the things on your mind...
- Your powers
- Your memories
- Minerva?
- ??? (Suggest!)

No. 1022985 ID: 96c896

Strange. Does he not have a thermal signature? Maybe he's a robot.
Anyway, tell him about your memories, on the way to Minerva.
No. 1022991 ID: aba9fd

Start with your memory, that way you can end it on a good not with how useful your powers are. He might just forget how much of a burden you just became.
No. 1023150 ID: c7b480
File 164461575936.png - (10.64KB , 500x500 , beamingdown.png )

"You ready to go see Minerva then?"

"I think so, but I wanted to talk to you about some things."

The captain walks in and goes up to the console next to the window.

"Sure, we can talk about it on our way there. Here, you see this area marked with hazard tape? Stand here with me."

You step over, hesitantly, not quite sure why this area is marked.


The captain interacts with the console for a moment before the two of you are now beaming down from the back of the ship, it feels a bit familiar, like the reverse of when they first found you.

As the two of you float down you mention that a lot of the memories you do have are fragmented and not really complete, like the one you had in the medical bay.

"So that's why you were just spacing out?"

"Yeah, mostly, but there's also a few other things."

No. 1023154 ID: c7b480
File 164461631879.png - (4.65KB , 500x500 , walkntalk.png )

You mention the powers you have and how you used them on the holograms on the ship. They seem shocked by one of the elements of your story.

"-wait, on the holograms?"

"Mhm- is that a problem?"

"Uhhh... no, as long as Rala wasn't worried about it. Then it's fine.

Lastly you mention the memory you had in the lower decks. The captain lowers their head, a bit sullen.

"Oh... I see. I hope you can find out more about what happened. I- I'm not really sure how I'd explain it, but I understand that kind of situation all too well."

The two of you still have a ways to go until you reach your destination it seems. What else should you talk about...

No. 1023160 ID: 96c896

Ask about Minerva. What's she like?
No. 1023173 ID: 6e6730

Ask about if he's willing to help you find yourself again, or if that has to wait until you work off your crippling 3000 hour debt.
No. 1023243 ID: aba9fd

Ask what they think you should do, you’re kind of feeling lost and directionless right now. You lost your old self and do t really have any sort of foundation to build off of right now. You need to find some solid ground under you before you start trying to go in any particular direction.
No. 1023315 ID: 15a025

It may be a long shot, but ask if he knows of any planets being destroyed or wars going on? Perhaps a name or something from on-going affairs could remind you more of your past.
No. 1023625 ID: c7b480
File 164505391398.png - (17.40KB , 500x500 , onminerva.png )


“What’s Minerva like?”

”Well, Minerva is… to put it in a strangely good way, very set in her ways. If she makes a promise, she will never break it. Ever. Even if it causes more problems than it solves. Still, at her core she’s very compassionate. This station and it’s many crews are tasked with helping others with their problems. They provide us with materials to help keep things running and expand and they get the time of our crews to help them with their problems.”

“It’s kind of like a charity then?”

”Mhn- loosely, not exactly. We don’t do things for free. We do accept goods, currency, pretty much anything in exchange for our time. Or their own time to help us with what we need done. And as we work for Minerva we receive time too, so if there was anything I needed I could use that time to get it done.”

No. 1023626 ID: c7b480
File 164505401838.png - (10.80KB , 500x500 , elevation.png )


“Do you think you’d be able to help me find… myself?”

”Oh, of course. I’m sure when we talk to Minerva about this she’ll want to help you with your current situation too. It’s just, it doesn't seem you have any leads right now and neither do we. If anything does come up though, we’ll jump right on it.”


“What should I do then? I barely know who I am and the rest of it is all- lost.”

”I know… but perhaps making a new life for yourself will reveal the past? Call it a hunch, but I feel you used to be an engineer. Maybe refreshing yourself on those skills could bring some memories out?”

“I’m not certain it would, but it would be something to do…”

The two of you eventually head into an elevator at the end of the hall, as the doors close behind you feel a bit uncomfortable, but it’s hard to place why… -oh hey, the screen next to the door has a map of the station.

No. 1023627 ID: c7b480
File 164505403454.png - (10.86KB , 500x500 , stationmap.png )

The captain heads up to the screen and presses on the map.

”Take us to the archives…”

After a brief verification process where the captain scanned a tablet across the screen the elevator began to rise.

No. 1023628 ID: c7b480
File 164505408920.png - (78.75KB , 500x500 , generator.png )


“Hey- have there been any ongoing wars? Or like, planets destroyed? It could be related to what happened to me.”

”War? -no, no not at all. Thus far there haven’t been any galactic scale wars, yet. We almost had one a while ago, but thankfully it fizzled out.”

“How long ago was ‘awhile’?”

“Okay, so maybe a few hundred years ago, on a galactic scale though, that’s- relatively recent. Here, lemme see if there’s something I could show you… actually this is a good time I gave you this.”

The captain digs in their pocket for a second tablet and hands it to you, once they see it starting to levitate they confidently let go of it as you look at the screen.

No. 1023629 ID: c7b480
File 164505431918.gif - (5.05MB , 500x500 , map.gif )

”Before I get into it you probably wanna have an idea of the galactic map.”

”The thing you want to know the most is the four main sectors.”

”First, you’ve got the wilds, controlled by the Federation of Oak. Home to a variety of species with highly similar flora and fauna on their planets. Scientists have theorized that a seeder race passed through here long ago and terraformed a large number of the planets in this sector which is why a lot of biologically similar species eventually developed in the area.”

”Next, there’s the frontier, that’s where we are right now, we’re that dot near the border of the wilds. This used to be neutral ground, but so many different races have come into the area that it’s become somewhat of its own culture. Many new prospects are moving out here to stake their claim.”

”Then we have the ruin sector, this is where your species is from and it’s their government that controls the whole sector. The area contains a lot of old structures and technology from a past civilization that we’re still researching.

”Lastly, the unknown. Nobody goes out there and anybody who does isn’t heard from again. People have their own superstitions about it, but no matter what it might be, no sane person goes out there.”

No. 1023630 ID: c7b480
File 164505443556.gif - (884.71KB , 500x500 , planet.gif )

“You said there was ‘almost’ a war? What happened?”

”Well. There’s another reason some people gave the ruin sector its name. See… the Viriskon’s way of colonization was destructive. They’d land on a planet with life and wipe it out systematically. Now, I don’t fully blame them. I’d be pretty terrified if an entire planet was turning a harmless gas into a deadly one, but that doesn’t justify killing it. Eventually though they stopped once they discovered there was other intelligent life in the universe- and as far as we know, thankfully, none of the planets they colonized had sentient lifeforms on it. Still this news got to the chirk death planet-


”-yeah. Imagine a small terrestrial moon with a gigantic laser powered by the planet’s core that can fly freely through the galaxy. The area in gold next to the ruin sector is where the chirk’s roam. They’re pretty fond of nature and don’t like seeing it harmed.

How do they have a ‘death planet’?!

”We don’t know, nobody’s brave enough to get close enough to study it, but it’s likely a remnant of the civilization that occupied the ruin sector in the past.”

“...how many planets did they destroy?”

”Oh, the chirks haven’t attacked anyone yet-”

“No, I mean, the Viriskon.”

”-ah. Nine planets.

“Nine planets…”

No. 1023631 ID: c7b480
File 164505449091.png - (35.30KB , 500x500 , higher.png )


”Hey, we’re almost to the archives, take a look outside.”

Looking up you can see you are now passing through the housing center of the station, artificial sunlight passing through the glass as you long upon the vast biodome.

”Was there anything else on your mind?”

No. 1023632 ID: 96c896

If we were an engineer in our previous life, then... it's possible we designed many of the machines that allowed for the destructive terraforming. Perhaps our death was retribution for that. Probably wasn't the Death Planet's laser though, as the conisk was "shattered" and a laser that big would've just vaporized it.
I don't understand why the Viriskon bothered terraforming lush planets though. They're not exactly common planet types, and it must've been easier to terraform other types. Perhaps it happened once those desolate yet habitable planets became hard to find in their territory.

What are the smaller areas on the galactic map?

What is Viriskon civilization like?
No. 1023703 ID: 6e6730

What's Rala's deal anyways, with all the hardlight projections everywhere? When you tapped into the network, it seemed like they were psychically (?) connected to every other projection around the ship.
No. 1023791 ID: c34311

>tuning planets with life into planets without life.

Jesus what do they breathe, methane? Are they fkn grunts?

Sounds like there’s a big galaxy out there. The ruins are a decent ways off, but maybe it’d be worth traveling there to see if there’s anymore info about you from your species. Maybe they have the equivalent of a national database or a backup system? Something to ask about at least.

Giant unknown planet destroying Death Star sounds bad, but the lack of conflict makes this galaxy sound like a not so scary place. Finding out who tried to kill you might not be such a perilous thing as you first assumed.

Definitely take the captain up on engineering. That sounds like something you’re pretty much built for. Easy job where you can just ask the tech what’s wrong. Sounds like you can make some hard light friends along the way. Who knows, maybe you could commandeer a ship if you felt inclined. Just befriend the tech? Just an option.
No. 1023792 ID: 96c896

They're the same thing Kio is. Oxygen is poisonous.
No. 1024429 ID: c7b480
File 164567774640.gif - (34.26KB , 500x500 , 0-36_1.gif )


They said this took place about two hundred years ago… if you were a part of what happened, how old would that make you? The thought of that worries you. It would go against your name wouldn’t it? To be something that brought the end to life? Actually, how old are you?

“Do you know how old I am?”

”Oh, you’d have to ask the doctor about that.”

“Ah, alright i’ll have to do that. …how long do Viriskon live for?”

There was a short pause as the Captain turned with a nervous reply, ”You’re- not asking that because you think you’re related to what happened to those planets right?”

“It’s possible, isn’t it?”

”-okay, so conisk typically live for about three hundred years, but when I said it happened two hundred years ago, I meant that was when it was all wrapping up. Odds are if you were at all involved you were dismantling it.”

“-but what about my conierisk. Is it possible they were involved?”

The Captain had been appearing to add on with another retort, but that put a stop in their thinking, with an exasperated sigh they continued on, ”...okay- maybe. Though I would say with almost full certainty, that is probably not the case. Look kid, don’t stress yourself out over the idea. Even if you are tied to- the worse aspects of the past, then this may be an opportunity to move on and separate from them.”

While the Captain’s words aren’t the most comforting, they’re right, you don’t know enough about yourself to be making assumptions like that, but it is important to consider that if you do get memories back, they may not all be pleasant ones.

No. 1024430 ID: c7b480
File 164567795543.png - (47.92KB , 500x500 , 0-36_2.png )

“...do you know anything about Viriskon culture?”

”Oh I knew a few things.”

“What’s it like?”

”Very… philosophical. It’s mainly centered around their belief system, Fetacivs. A big part about it is that they believe that basking in the light of certain stars will give them different powers. Lot of their politics is centered around finding those different stars that can be seen from their homeworld and making a claim to them- peacefully. They’ve already got stations around a lot of the very important ones. That’s mostly how they’ve been expanding since they ended their terraforming project.”

“Some of that… sounds familiar. I think I know some of the stars you’re talking about…”

”Really? …can you name any of them?”

“No, but when I think about the powers I have that’s how I remember them. Though a lot of them are still blurry and I can’t really make them out like I used to.”

”I see. Hopefully in time they become clearer.”

As the elevator drifts further and further along the Captain would come to a realization, ”Y’know, whenever a conierisk dies it’s- a really big deal. They live for quite a long time so, whenever it happens it’s all over the news. Natural death or not.”

“Have there been any recently? Maybe just knowing the name of my conierisk could help!”

”...that’s the thing I realized, no conierisk has passed away in over a hundred years or so.”

“So, maybe there’s a chance they’re alive?”

”-or it could’ve been covered up. Though, that’d be an extremely difficult cover up. I’d say it’s more likely that they could be alive. However they managed it.”

“I hope they are…”

That thought makes you feel a bit better about everything. Maybe they're looking for you out in the vastness of space. You can't imagine what it might be like when you finally reunite...


There’s still a lot more on your mind, but with the elevator nearing its destination those thoughts will have to be saved for later.

No. 1024431 ID: c7b480
File 164567799758.png - (16.54KB , 500x500 , 0-36_3.png )

The elevator opens up and you feel some relief as you exit the small chamber. Oddly enough though the room is dark, not a problem with your impeccable vision, though it is definitely a contrast with everything until now. The room is littered with all sorts of objects big and small, quite the strange and undefined collection.

No. 1024433 ID: c7b480
File 164567807326.gif - (608.36KB , 500x500 , 0-36_4.gif )

As the two of you step further in, lights from above would shine down on one particular curio on a table.

”And there she is, Minerva.”


It’s literally just a small figurine of a dancer.

You turn to the Captain with a face full of doubt, “This isn’t a joke right?”

”Why don’t you take a closer look?”

No. 1024434 ID: 96c896

Oh! A shadow creature! That's very cool. I wonder if you can see more of her? Try switching between multiple light-related senses to see if anything more shows up. Ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic fields... can your energy sense power pick up anything more abstract like "life" or "soul"? Can you sense gravity?
When you check infrared again take a peek at the captain, to see if he doesn't show up on it, which would explain not being able to find him.

Also say hello! It's nice to meet her. She wanted to see you?
No. 1024602 ID: 894419

Immediately ask how that works! That's some bonafide magic! Also be polite and say hello
No. 1024605 ID: e7c7d3

Poke the figurine
No. 1024620 ID: d0108b

make shadow puppets - you're a shapeshifter, you can make anything
No. 1024635 ID: aba9fd

Boop the shadow with ur snoot and see what happen.

Honestly just try not to loose it at how cool Minerva is, luau dancer shadow creature is a powerful subclass. Show her some respect.
No. 1024829 ID: 15a025

Oooh! Shadow creature! Try making a shadow puppet and see what it does?
No. 1024831 ID: e51896

No. 1025232 ID: c7b480
File 164631497566.png - (302.89KB , 500x500 , 0-37_1.png )


Seeing some kind of sentient shadow right before you immediately fills your mind with questions. No other types of vision seem to indicate anything out of the ordinary. Is she alive? Is this some kind of magic? What’s going on here? Maybe your energy sense can detect some kind of life force? You try to focus on that concept… and- woah! It’s beautiful, foreign, and at all the same time so familiar…

-for a second you glance back at the Captain with infrared vision, apparently there’s something really hot in there! Must’ve been outside the ship while you were looking for them.


You consider making shadow puppets, but you don’t seem to have any shapes on your mind, just the idea of it. You do wonder how she interacts with other shadows.


-plus as much as you really want to, it probably wouldn’t be the best to mess around someone you just met. Especially for someone you’re quite literally in debt to. You plan to be respectful, not only for her sake but for your own. Plus you’re not sure yet if she could destroy you or not.

No. 1025233 ID: c7b480
File 164631509485.png - (8.43KB , 500x500 , 0-37_2.png )

As you’re busy staring in awe Minerva decides to get the pleasantries going, ”Captain Viridian, nice to see you. And- you as well, my new guest.”

“Kiocoatl. I- have a lot of questions.”

A laugh would come from the shadow, ”I’m sure you do! Why don’t we get those out of the way first then?”


“Okay, so, not to be rude, but- what are you? How are you? Are you using magic?”

”Oh I’m doing just fine, but I’m assuming you’re wondering how I’m taking form here. I am what is known as a rift shadow. …it’s not quite really what we are, but it’s what we’re called. Magic? As a Viriskon I am sure you are familiar with how your skill works and the way I exist is quite the same.

“Not… really. How is it the same?”

”Oh, well just like you I have more control over the rift than others naturally do, in my case I exist in the rift, and projecting myself into the physical realm is how I interact with it.”

“Huh… I, see…”

You’re learning more about yourself than anything else, your skill comes from the rift? You’ve got a feeling that you know more about this than you remember, but some of those memories are still fuzzy to you.

No. 1025234 ID: c7b480
File 164631516549.gif - (48.56KB , 500x500 , 0-37_3.gif )

You hold those thoughts off for now.

“So- you wanted to see [i]me?[i/]

”Of course, it’s not often I meet Viriskon, especially one that’s tri-attuned, or attuned to Cosidual no less!”

“You know Cosidual?”

”Yes!- I mean, they’re a bona fide god, at least practically so. I find them very intriguing. See, I’ve been trying to learn more about them, because I’ve heard rumors that their consciousness exists in the rift. I want to figure out how they did it. Is there anything you could tell me about Cosidual, I’d certainly make it worth your time.”

As Minerva continues to explain her aspirations you feel that the Captain is a bit nervous…

“Oh. I’d love to help you, but- there’s a bit of an issue.”

”They’ve lost a majority of their memories.”

No. 1025235 ID: c7b480
File 164631524145.gif - (34.90KB , 500x500 , 0-37_4.gif )

Quickly as the fact is laid out Minerva’s tone shifts, ”-oh you poor thing! I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realize what you had gone through.”

The light shifts and now she’s right in front of you giving your shadow a hug, it actually feels like you have arms around you! It’s nice…

“-it’s okay, I maaaybe should’ve led with that.”

”Is there anything that you can remember?”

“Well…” -you fill Minerva in on everything you can remember.

”You’re lucky to have someone like Cosidual watching over you, I can’t imagine what it’s like going through all these changes, I hope it hasn’t been too difficult to readjust.”

“There’s definitely a lot I need to relearn…”

”You’re in the best place you could possibly be then. We’ve got plenty of people here that can help with that.”

You’re being hugged by a shadow in command of an entire space station, what do you talk about now? The main reason she wanted to see you was kind of ruined by your memory loss.

No. 1025250 ID: 96c896

What about the memory of being attuned? You could tell her about that.

Also you could talk about prospective employment, and what life is like around the station.
No. 1025260 ID: 6e6730

That concept you realized something about, the rift? Maybe you could get her to explain more about that, it might even awaken a memory.

Also, the view in energy vision definitely looks like a constellation. Does she have her own star-inspired skillset too?
No. 1025411 ID: aba9fd

This. Also, ask her more about the rift and what you have to do with it. You know some, but that some is what a farmer on a distant star might know, not what you should know.

I’d say if there’s anyone you can blindly trust about your history and powers, it’s this shadow creature you literally just met. Show em off, maybe they have an idea of what role you can fill on the station. Maybe even offer a little space adventure.
No. 1025413 ID: 15a025

Moving forward, I guess you could ask about what job opportunities there are for you to work on your debt.
No. 1025709 ID: 894419

This >>1025411 & this >>1025413
No. 1025881 ID: c7b480
File 164696480367.png - (7.47KB , 500x500 , 0-38_1.png )

-you did tell her about that, she even made reference to how Cosidual was watching you. Whatever that might mean.

”While your attunement ritual isn’t anything special- aside from being attuned to three main cores, the fact that Cosidual spoke to you most definitely is.”

Considering how familiar this rift sounds it must be important to you,
“The rift… what is it? Could you explain it?”

Minerva breaks the hug and backs away giving you a nod as she smiled, ”Certainly!”

Lights would illuminate some of the murals that decorated the room…

”As I understand it, rift energy is what all physical things are made of. Everything you see whittled down to its most basic components is composed of this energy. The rift itself is a plane where all this energy resides.”

No. 1025882 ID: c7b480
File 164696486015.png - (6.07KB , 500x500 , 0-38_2.png )

”For a civilization to progress further and reach a galactic scale of influence, understanding and harnessing rift energy is essential. Simply discovering it’s existence, however, is far beyond what is needed to accomplish this.”

No. 1025883 ID: c7b480
File 164696488350.png - (5.85KB , 500x500 , 0-38_3.png )

”Opening up a rift takes an extraordinary amount of energy and is the first step to traveling beyond a single solar system. It either takes the energy of an entire planet to be concentrated into a singular task, or a method of gathering energy from a nearby star. The moment a rift is opened though all energy barriers are destroyed. With access to the rift and it’s boundless energy more rifts can be opened using the rift itself.”

No. 1025884 ID: c7b480
File 164696492801.gif - (226.54KB , 500x500 , 0-38_4.gif )

”By traveling through the rift ships can burn down the travel time of hopping from planet to planet into seconds, moving from solar system to solar system within hours and you could likely cross the galaxy within a week in a fast ship.”

”Furthermore… for those such as us, connected to entities that exist within the rift itself, we have something special. The power to manipulate rift energy. This is why I am so curious about Cosidual… I’d like to know what makes us similar.

“Hm. Do you have a constellation too?”

”Constellation? No- I’m not a follower of Fetacivs. The way Viriskon look at the rift is one of the things that sets us apart.”

No. 1025885 ID: c7b480
File 164696500691.png - (8.24KB , 500x500 , 0-38_5.png )

With Minerva's explanation of the rift concluded another question crosses your mind, “Could we talk about what it’s like working here?”

”Oh- I’m sure Viridian can help you with that.”

”Of course, I can show you around the station some- if we’re done here.” The Captain would glance up to Minerva momentarily for approval.

”I have no further questions, so unless there’s more you’d like to hear from me then you’re free to explore the station.”

…what else could you ask Minerva about? Or is it time to see more of the station to see what kind of work is ahead of you?

No. 1025890 ID: 96c896

How does she see the world? Not mechanically, but... what does it look like, to her?
No. 1026006 ID: 2ec0f0

It’s time to get out of here and start the grind. Need to work off those slave hours somehow.

Also does this mean you can store energy in the rift? Is that a way to sidestep energy not being created or destroyed? Just shove it all in a hole.
No. 1026008 ID: d40688

We should ask what sort of work we can do for them to pay off our little fix debt. If there is any tasks we can do that are worth more work time and the like. Idle hands are the devils playthings!
No. 1026074 ID: 15a025

Let's check out what kinda work we can do on the ship, or what opportunities await for us.
No. 1027765 ID: c7b480
File 164876795942.png - (14.18KB , 500x500 , 0-39_1.png )

You’ve got one more question in you about Minerva…
“How do you see the world?”

”Figuratively? Or literally?”
”Hm, both are practically the same for me. I’ve told you what I understand about the rift, I see everything as one. We all come from the same things, but it’s what we do with it that defines ‘us’. I am defined by my actions, just as we all are.”

“Wow…” You turn your head toward the Captain, “-alright, I think I’m ready to move on.”

Before he has a chance to say something Minerva would speak up, ”Actually… Viridian, I need to speak to you on a few things, privately.”

”Oh. Okay ma’am.” The Captain would nod to Minerva before looking toward you, ”I’m sure you can handle yourself on your own, just head down to housing and call Rala on the tablet I gave you, they’ll tell you about what kind of work there is to be done around the station.”

With directions, and the pressure that you should leave these two to whatever important conversation they’re about to have, you part ways, saying your goodbyes to the two as you enter the elevator…

No. 1027766 ID: c7b480
File 164876802455.gif - (514.85KB , 500x500 , 0-39_2.gif )

…it’s quiet. It wasn’t really on your mind before but this elevator gave you a bad feeling. Why is that?

You try to focus on-

The walls are closing in around you.

You are alone.

Metal shutters around you as the pieces of your vessel are battered by asteroids.
The walls, choking you moving in closer and closer.

You are alone.

You feel your thoughts drain from your core as nothing but fear sets in.

The walls peel back, giving way to the abyss.

You are alone.

You feel your entire being break into innumerable pieces.

No. 1027767 ID: c7b480
File 164876806624.gif - (53.36KB , 500x500 , 0-39_3.gif )

You’re out.

A large wave of relief hits you as you open your eyes and see people around.

You take a few minutes to regather yourself…

No. 1027770 ID: c7b480
File 164876810669.gif - (636.28KB , 500x500 , 0-39_4.gif )

-wait where did you even put that tablet?

And just out of thin air it materializes before you! …you have no idea how you did that.

How do you use this thing? Is it a touch screen? -oh, it comes with a pen!

It doesn’t take long to figure out how this technology works so you let Rala know where you are.

”Hey, I’m not too far from the elevator. Why don’t we talk in person?”

No. 1027771 ID: c7b480
File 164876817806.png - (45.77KB , 500x500 , 0-39_5.png )

Not too long after calling them Rala arrives with one of their holograms, you consider talking about what happened in the elevator, but out of anything in the universe, you do not want to think about it. You just want to get to work and put it behind you…

“So what kind of work is there to do around here?”
”Well, usually we take on missions but things have been slow lately… not a lot for us to do right now. Let me think…”

No. 1027772 ID: c7b480
File 164876821436.png - (56.30KB , 500x500 , 0-39_6.png )

”The ship bay could always use more hands, it’s a good place for meeting all kinds of people, and plenty of unique ships dock at our station. Mostly the work is just helping load and unload cargo or doing ship repairs.”

”Alternatively the power station has been a little understaffed. It’s not really exciting work, just monitoring the coils making sure everything is running at peak efficiency, but I’m sure those working there would be eager to train someone, it’s a good place to learn more about how the rift works.”

”Which one do you think you’d like to do? I can help you get introduced.”

No. 1027777 ID: 96c896

Oops, looks like we've got some PTSD triggered by confined spaces.

Hey there's a quadruped over there. Are they of our kind?

Power station maintenance seems like it would be perfect for our skills. We can literally see electricity, and can interface with machines! Also it's our calling to learn about the rift, I think.
No. 1027780 ID: 894419

I think the power station sounds like a plan!
No. 1027905 ID: 713339

Time for some power station training time, but first a lil detour. This is your first time being in a crowd, maybe go talk to some aliens first and see if you can remember how to have small talk. Meet some cool aliens n stuff, that quadruped and the snake thing next to it look cool. Go bother them first.
No. 1028042 ID: 3a4e94

Lets do power station stuff. Monitoring some coils will allow for some introspection and the like.
No. 1028129 ID: 15a025

Power station feels like it could be up our alley.
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