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File 162268005046.jpg - (160.85KB , 500x500 , 1a.jpg )
1002454 No. 1002454 ID: 4c9664

updates weekly
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No. 1067641 ID: b6c09a

looks like a tuning fork! I wonder if this form can be used as such
>>1067617 the only way for both to weild is to have Mirrow and Humphery merge
I assume we don't have enough void that random void dagger to fuse with Godrender? or we could give it to Cali!
No. 1067664 ID: e99f45

Ask Godrender if there ok! They've been through a lot to, and we need to make sure there ok.
No. 1068364 ID: 0ba437
File 168990272920.png - (8.76KB , 500x500 , 646.png )

Mirrow hesitates, so you reach out and take Godrender. It's a lot lighter now than you expected it to be, but still a bit heavy for someone your size.

"How are you doin, Godrender?"

A quiet voice speaks out, softly, "We feel ... resonant .... what was the outcome of the battle..."

You quickly recap the fight with the Trickster and the giant void, how you and Nemo perished, and Grace gave you a chance to repair Nemo's core.
No. 1068365 ID: 0ba437
File 168990273386.png - (12.42KB , 500x500 , 647.png )

"Then hope is not snuffed after all. Our path is clear. We- .... are you.. good, Humphrey?"

You're having a little trouble holding Godrender steady, so Mirrow takes it. It seems to fit better in her grasp than yours, tho she seems a little unsure about holding it.

"Anyway," the sword continues, "we have a strong lead on one of your pieces, so we must make haste." It pauses for a long moment, and then more quietly, "Mirrow...continue to wield us well."

Mirrow sniffles a bit, but nods and hugs the sword close to her.

After bidding thanks and farewells to the smith, the two of you gather around the map. It looks like the only way to reach Froasting is to take the gondola in the south of the central island. The sun is low in the sky by now, just about ready to set. Will you spend the night somewhere in town, or try to catch the gondola as soon as possible?
No. 1068366 ID: df6aa3

Catch the gondola as soon as possible. There's no time to waste!
No. 1068390 ID: 953668


No. 1068392 ID: 34713f

Catch that Gondala - but not without at least seeing Tricky again!
No. 1068394 ID: 5fd272

Tricky deserves to know both that Mirrow and Godrender are okay and where you plan on going next. They are your friend, after all. Who knows? Maybe Tricky will come with you on this leg of the journey, too.
No. 1068417 ID: 273c18

Proceeding quickly seems wise. The Trickster is out, so the clock is ticking. We can get a room on the other side.
No. 1068437 ID: cd48aa

Go talk to Tricky and then get out of town.
No. 1068754 ID: f1589c

It's late and we've been through a *lot*. We need some time to let that all process and to get some rest, physical and mental. Let's find somewhere in town to spend the night
No. 1069083 ID: 0ba437
File 169049898607.png - (18.41KB , 500x500 , 648.png )

You decide to head for Froasting as soon as you can. Nemo is counting on you and Mirrow to fix her core, and you don't want to keep her waiting!

"Let's go meet up with Tricky again," you say as you roll up the map, "They wanted to catch up with us after we found you, so we should find them before we leave."

"Tricky's not... mad at me, are they?" Mirrow asks softly.

"Oh, I'm... I don't think so? They didn't really say anything about it that I can remember. I think they'll be happy to see you're still alive tho."

You follow the signs leading towards the gondola, hoping to bump into Tricky along the way. Shops close up around you as it gets darker and darker, and as you finally approach the edge of town, you spot the yellow slime waiting for you by the gondola.
No. 1069084 ID: 0ba437
File 169049899014.png - (115.48KB , 500x500 , 649.png )

"Oh you found her!" They rush over and pull Mirrow into a big hug, "glad you made it back safely. And you fixed your sword too! That's wonderful."

"Yeah, I'm... glad you're ok too," Mirrow says awkwardly, "I'm... yeah."
No. 1069085 ID: 0ba437
File 169049899542.png - (77.60KB , 500x500 , 650.png )

Tricky pulls away, face beaming. "You're headed for Froasting now, right?" The two of you nod. "I wish I could come with, but I signed up to help rebuild the town around the lake. But I wanted to see you off before we parted ways again.

"I guess, I just want to say, thanks for the adventure. I've always dreamed of fighting monsters and helping people. You've given me a taste of that, and I feel like I've grown a lot from my time with you, and I hope," their eyes shine brightly in the fading sunlight, "I hope we meet again and have wonderful stories to share with each other."
No. 1069087 ID: 0ba437
File 169049900039.png - (199.64KB , 500x500 , 651.png )

They pull you and Mirrow into another hug. You don't really know what to say, so overwhelmed by this show of affection. You hug Tricky back. You feel the warmth and love of friends and fellow adventurers radiate through you, resonating with Nemo's shattered core. Something about this feels familiar. Tears well up in your eyes and you don’t know why. You hug them tighter.
No. 1069088 ID: 0ba437
File 169049900439.png - (52.78KB , 500x500 , 652.png )

Tricky gives you their spellphone contact, and you and Mirrow pile into the gondola as Tricky heads back into town. The box begins traveling along its cables into the thick clouds. As the sun finally fades away your body lights up softly. It's just you, Mirrow, Cali and Godrender, and a long ride towards Froasting.

What do you wanna do/talk about?
No. 1069093 ID: cd48aa

Shello's there too!

Anyway, talk to Cali. Seek more information.
No. 1069103 ID: b31a26

we should talk about if we should bother pretending we are not a grand slime any longer
No. 1069106 ID: 273c18

Did we tell Mirrow that she wasn't responsible for Nemo getting shattered? If she had stayed, we still would've had to do the same plan since Godrender was too injured to fight, which would mean she would've gotten chomped alongside the two of you.
No. 1069107 ID: 7b4eb5

The best thing to talk about is, "NOTHING". Take a chill pill, enjoy the ride.

You can talk about stuff later, for now? It seems like a good time to decompress, get your thoughts in order, and just let your mind be empty, if for nothing more, than a moment.
No. 1069109 ID: 8a6f1b

Let Mirrow know you understand why she left and that looking back it was probably the best option, but maybe next time she can give us a heads up when things are a bit too much for her. Other than that, let's take this chance to relax.
No. 1069115 ID: 8f9bc4

When you used SIGIL OF SIGHT, why did the connection to the Trickster feel familiar? Why was it like the connection to Mirrow? Is there something Mirrow's desperate fusion with the slime titan had in common with the Trickster?
No. 1069132 ID: 5fd272

Why not soak in the landscape a little? See the sights. Looks like a dramatic view, after all. If you all have to talk, let Mirrow take the lead, but for now, you all earned some relaxation time.
No. 1069133 ID: 365de0

Talk about how cool Tricky is.
No. 1069241 ID: 449bbd

Sword friend looks sort of like a tuning fork. You know those things you tap and it makes a humming sound? It just reminds me of the previous fact of when Nemo reached into her chest to grab the hilt of the void sword, it sort of made a noise? Sound? Music note or something? I dont know if there is any actual connection, or im making up my own.
No. 1070048 ID: 0ba437
File 169172599023.png - (143.11KB , 500x500 , 653.png )

You settle against the side of the gondola, resting in your simple blob form. This is much easier for you. Your head feels like it's buzzing with activity, furiously going over everything that's happened to you over the past couple of days.

You were just a regular slime two days ago. Then a part of yourself you didn't know was missing appeared and turned your entire world upside down. You'd heard stories of the Grand Slimes from some of the older slimes who heard stories from their elders, who heard stories from theirs, and on and on again. Echoes of a great and powerful being that used to take care of your people. That was you.

You felt so, so empty and mixed up. You're just a simple slime. Nothing special. You couldn't really be part of a Grand, could you? But now there are memories that fit in the spaces that didn't make sense in your mind before. You fit so perfectly with Nemo and Mirrow, there's no way it couldn't be you. And yet for some reason it still feels hard to believe.
No. 1070049 ID: 0ba437
File 169172599533.png - (235.89KB , 500x500 , 654.png )

"How are you holdin' up, Mirrow?" you ask quietly. The blue slime across from you is huddled in a corner, her arms wrapped around Godrender protectively.

"I'm fine," she says, "Thanks for helping earlier with Godrender."

"Of course."

There's a long moment of silence broken only by the creaking and rattling of the gondola.

"Hey, I... I think you did the right thing at the lake." Mirrow shoots you a look. "I don't blame you, and I know Nemo doesn't either. If you hadn't, and... and I hadn't managed to come back..."

"I'm not a hero," she mumbles, "I'm not brave at all. I panicked."

"Nemo isn't brave either."

Mirrow looks back in confusion.

"She told me before I came back that she only acts brave because she doesn't want to let us down. She wants to protect us. And, she's not here right now, so," you blush a little, "s-so I'm going to be brave so I can protect you."

Mirrow doesn't respond. She looks away for a moment, but you can see tears well up in her eyes, and the faint quivering of a smile. "Well... just... don't go getting killed on my behalf again."

You pass a few more moments in silence. Something else has been rattling around in your mind, and you finally speak up about it.

"Hey, what was that thing you did that gave us like foresight?"

"Oh, that's uh, that's Sigil of Sight," Mirrow says, "It's uhm... I learned it from the mushrooms. I don't know how to explain it, but I used it to protect myself when I was... ya know, a giant mushroom dragon."

"Why do you think it pointed us to the Trickster?"

"I dunno. I think it somehow connected Cali to them, but I don't know why."

"We have history," Cali says tersely, "They had some sort of dealing with the Voidking, but I was never made certain what that was. My only job was to kill, until my final job was to protect you. So here I am, protecting you from the clown."
No. 1070050 ID: 0ba437
File 169172599912.png - (246.45KB , 500x500 , 655.png )

Another moment of silence.

"Tell me about the mushrooms, Mirrow," you say, "I heard them whispering when we first met. What are they like?"

Mirrow is quiet for a bit before answering. "It's like a hundred hands holding you. It's like a hundred eyes watching over you. It's like a hundred hushed voices telling you you're gonna be safe because the eyes and hands will protect you. It... it hurts, and it's lonely. It wants to cling on to you and hold you tight because you're the only thing it has left in the world, and you let it because it's the only thing you have left in the world." She sighs wistfully. "I guess I do miss it. It felt like safety to me. But... it's better to be out here. I feel like I'm really awake. I ... I love the wind on my face. It's scary to feel so alone after so long, but ..."
No. 1070051 ID: 0ba437
File 169172600419.png - (200.69KB , 500x500 , 656.png )

"You're not alone now."

"Yeah. Yeah."
No. 1070052 ID: a39c57

Get some rest you two, it might be a while before you reach your destination.

I wonder what Nemo's up to... probably... dead slime things? Like staring at rocks or something
No. 1070078 ID: 8f9bc4

Need to find a friendly fungus for it to be fungus buddies with.
No. 1070093 ID: a39c57

preferably one that DOESN'T infect people and turn them into puppets. Maybe an edible one to snack on sometimes...
No. 1070148 ID: 57f869

There's something I'd like to ask Cali. I think it's important.
Why did The Voidking slay us, yet leave the sword to protect our damaged heart? And if we complete this quest we're on, recovering our lost pieces and restoring ourselves as a Grand Slime, will that cause any problems?
No. 1070215 ID: 2c1245

No. 1070217 ID: a39c57

Would you really do that? Give yourself a smooch?
No. 1070725 ID: 0ba437
File 169292384354.png - (77.86KB , 500x700 , 657.png )

"Why did the Voidking try to kill us in the first place?" you ask Cali, "Why leave you behind to protect us? Why not just... not kill us in the first place?"

Cali doesn't respond for a very long while.

"The Voidking never told me. Our only purpose as Void was to destroy, but I can't say who or where that song came from. We tend to follow one another in lockstep, tho we don't always understand the reason. United under a common note to kill and break and hurt. I don't think we always wanted this. I... don't think that is what I ever really wanted. But it felt like it was what we were supposed to want. The song was comforting and inspiring.

"I never knew a time before the Voidking. My first memory is his hand picking me from the crowd and his voice shaping me into his weapon. He chose me to carry out his will. He gave me a unique and royal purpose, to fight with his strength and passion. I remember feeling so... proud. Out of any of the others he happened to pick me. I think we all yearned for clarity, and being chosen by a figure above us was like the promise of turning on a light to see in the dark. It's not easy to describe. Forgive me...

Cali is silent again for a long while.

"It is very hard to talk about, to remember it. But, I feel like for much as he poured his desire into me, I could also feel a sort of resentment. Like he despised me. Like he hated what I was. As though he wished I could have been anything other than a sword for him. But he held me all the same and together we conquered the world. So I never questioned him. I just needed to serve him faithfully. I fought so hard because I wanted him to be proud of me for being a strong and loyal servant.

"I remember feeling his determination falter with every blow, weakening further and further until suddenly he threw me down, tears raining from his face. He broke me inside of Nemo's core, and instructed me to remain. He told me to do everything in my power to keep her safe. He told me to do this until he returned. He told me he was going to fix his mistakes. So I stayed. I kept Nemo's core from shattering. I waited. He would return as he promised. And ... well, you know the rest."
No. 1070726 ID: 0ba437
File 169292384929.png - (73.76KB , 500x500 , 658.png )

"Gosh..." you feel at a loss for words. You didn't expect Cali would actually have an answer for you, and now you feel a bit overwhelmed by their story. "I'm sorry that happened to you. I guess we've both got a lot of questions for the Vodiking whenever we finally meet him, huh."
No. 1070727 ID: 0ba437
File 169292385408.png - (136.87KB , 500x500 , 659.png )

"I'm gonna kick his ass until he explains himself, and I Mean That," Mirrow says quietly. Cali snorts with laughter, and the mood somehow feels a bit lighter the rest of the ride.
No. 1070729 ID: 5fd272

So, Voidkin describe their purpose so often as a "song," and the crystal smith said before that the three of you were Cali's "king," so to speak. Does Cali hear a song from you three (well, two at the moment)? What does it sound like?
No. 1070731 ID: bf18db

Mirrow has the right idea, better get nemo back to avoid violence
No. 1070734 ID: a39c57

Mirrow: Plan your epic combo. Maybe a slide kick into an uppercut and cornerlock with Godrender until max meter then hit him with the ol' Mushroom Soup
Humphrey: Take a snoozypoo
Nemo: Be dead
Mystery Piece: ???
No. 1070737 ID: e8880b

Sounds like the voidking didn't want to fight in the first place. Think they were forced or tricked into going to war?
No. 1070751 ID: 7695ec

I wonder if the Trickster is the one behind the war, and VK rebeled, that note of hurt and kill seems rather familiar, with this being what the known Trickster influenced Red-eye void of present, and what the memories of that one Titan had, a darkness with red stars, spooky stuff!
No. 1070757 ID: 127d01


Hold up, can we get a "Mean while" moment? Nothing serious or anything. I just feel like, it'd be good to see something else happen in the Slime Quest world for one small bit, related or not to the current slime quest.
No. 1070761 ID: a39c57

Two slimes stare each other down, cowbpy style.
One does a jig
The other cuts a rug
They are dancing... THE DANCE OF DEATH (nobody dies in this dance)
No. 1070810 ID: 0ba437

Sure! What do you want to see?
No. 1070952 ID: 7f957f


Haunted inventor???
No. 1070976 ID: a39c57

or haunted by the bite of 87
No. 1070983 ID: f9ee19

Man i love these characters
No. 1071238 ID: 084179

One hot minute. Nemo was Voidking's waifu / focus of his affection, and he feels super bad about stabbing his GF, but had to for some contrived reason so people think Nemo is dead where in reality she's still alive. As a means to protect her....by stabbing her....damn love is something strong amerite?

No. 1071288 ID: 0ba437
File 169343103084.png - (78.28KB , 872x385 , Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 2_24_43 PM.png )

Runaway wins! stay tuned...!
No. 1071292 ID: a39c57

No. 1071450 ID: 0ba437
File 169368290544.png - (151.75KB , 500x500 , 660.png )

Rain pours heavily around you as you hike through the trees. The thin pine branches do little to shelter you from the downpour. Your clothes are soaked through to the skin. You're miserable, cold, hungry, and lost. The waystone you used got damaged and sent you so far off course that you have no idea now where you are now. You're starting to wonder if running away was really a good idea after all.
No. 1071451 ID: 0ba437
File 169368291098.png - (235.75KB , 500x500 , 661.png )

You see a plume of smoke over a line of trees and can just make out the warm light of what seems to be a small building. Your hopes rise as you approach, desiring nothing more than to be inside where it's safe and dry. You can't be certain, but you feel like something has been following you for some time. You shiver at the thought of being jumped by wild void and dragged away to die in the rain. If you had to die in a fight you at least hope you could be dry.
No. 1071452 ID: 0ba437
File 169368291497.png - (188.49KB , 500x500 , 662.png )

You open the door to a small inn and step inside. There's a fire lit inside, a few tables and chairs, a bar counter, and some stairs that lead up. It feels a little small, but it's not crowded at least, with only a handful of patrons and the innkeeper inside.
No. 1071453 ID: 0ba437
File 169368291812.png - (122.05KB , 500x500 , 663.png )

Before you do anything, you try to quickly think up a cover story just in case anyone asks about you.

Who are you? And what are you going to do next?
No. 1071454 ID: c290f0

If anyone needs a name keep it simple, lets go with "Bea".
You were trying to get to the next town over looking for a job but got a little lost; rain didn't help your cheap map much. You just need some guidance and a place to dry your soaked bones for a spell.
No. 1071458 ID: e754f9

You're looking for a friend who is in another town because they had a cool rock to show you. Yes. That is a good lie.
But what is the truth...?
No. 1071459 ID: 7b65e9

You need food, new clothes, anything valuable that could be traded.
Survival first, everything else second.
No. 1071460 ID: c290f0


Not a suggestion HOLY FUCK look at that fucking nerd to the left lol what a point dexter
No. 1071461 ID: 8ab08b

You're name Is Soaking Wet Stephen, and you are Soaking Wet. Ask the barkeeper where in sam hell you are. Dry yourself off and get a room for the night.
No. 1071462 ID: 14b8a5

Somethin simple like "Sam" maybe

As for a backstory? Maybe they're trying to learn more about themself and had to leave home in order to get a new environment for some introspection. These folks seem nice enough, but you can't be too safe, keep as much information as you can to yourself until you're sure they're not gonna turn you in or anything
No. 1071463 ID: 9c66d2

Best keep it simple. You’re Sam or Alex or whatever and you were on your way to visit a friend when you got horribly, horribly lost in the storm. You need directions, a chance to dry off, and maybe a bite to eat.
No. 1071464 ID: d344dc

Watch who you calling poindexter. ;3
As for a suggestion, we need a simple name and a simple request, as this is an inn, perhaps they can accommodate with a private room for the time.
No. 1071485 ID: cd48aa

I like this name.

And obviously what you should do next is something incredibly silly.
No. 1071838 ID: 2c1245

You're an adventure from a little farm outta some place not really important. You got tired of doing nothing and decided "hey! I want to adventure!" well here you are!
No. 1071847 ID: 0bf2fd

No. 1071976 ID: c413cb

Sam Bea is a more generic name. Hopefully that will allow you to blend more into your surroundings.

As for backstory? Share little. You're on your way to a town you're not going to for personal business.

Now scan the cilentele, shiftey eyes like. Become aware of all of the danger in the room. Act as Eastwood-like as you can.
No. 1072074 ID: 0ba437
File 169431730959.png - (136.49KB , 500x500 , 664.png )

You approach the counter. The innkeeper looks up from her sweeping. "Oh goodness, you're a bit of a mess aren't you? How'd you get caught out on an awful night like this?

"Bit of a long story, I won't bore you with the details," you say evasively, "I was just doing some uhh, spiritual reflection, and I got a bit turned around. You know how it is haha." That's true enough to make for a convincing lie.

She seems surprised when you mention getting lost. "Hon, it's a miracle you managed to find your way here. Don't you know how dangerous it is to stray from the lights out here?"

"Oh, No? Is it?"

"You're in the heart of Froasting, hon. No better place to get lost or lose yourself than here in the trees. Lucky of you to stumble on my little inn!" She chuckles with an air of relief and pulls out a small notebook from her apron. "Not meaning to pressure you, but you probably want a nice warm room to dry off in, miss uhhh.....? Is it Miss?"
No. 1072076 ID: 0ba437
File 169431731358.png - (142.62KB , 500x500 , 665.png )

"Miss Sam," you say, "And that would be wonderful." You try to subtly glance around the room. The folks in here don't seem very dangerous, probably just passing through on their own business. You kick yourself for not realizing it sooner. Of course you're in Froasting. It's one of those places He told you about. The dense forestry and dark tangle of plants are home to all manner of vicious creatures. The wild void especially favor the darkness of the trees. An old crystal-lit path winds through Froasting, connecting the Grand Station to Yawn, providing a modicum of safety to travelers, but those who stray from the safety of the light are rarely seen again.

"Alright, I've got something upstairs for you, Miss Sam," the Innkeeper says as she pockets her notebook. "Don't worry about paying it up right now, I'll collect it before you leave. Just go on up and rest. If you leave your wet things in the basket outside the door I'll get them nice and dry for you in the morning."
No. 1072077 ID: 0ba437
File 169431731738.png - (157.62KB , 500x500 , 666.png )

You sit mostly undressed on the bed in your tiny room, your belongings all laid out to dry. It's not much, a small embroidered purse with some money, a knife, your thread kit, and the broken waystone that got you here. On the table is a small meal the innkeeper brought up to you, just a quick soup she whipped up and some bread.

If the Oracle were here she would probably say some nonsense about how the Goddess' Will protected you. And if He were here He would probably scold you for being so reckless. But they're not here.

You're definitely all alone. Even tho Crestal Sea Spire and the Oracle are geographically close to you (if you recall the maps He drilled into your head correctly) they're not directly connected, and as far as you know there's no way for anyone to trace you here. You're safe. You're alone.
No. 1072078 ID: 0ba437
File 169431732175.png - (111.12KB , 500x500 , 667.png )

So alone. Tears drip down your cheeks. You used to believe that the Goddess was alive, that her warmth and her will embraced you always. Hours ago you were excited to finally come of age and take on the mantle of Oracle, to finally, finally get to see the Goddess, to hear her voice. Hours ago you learned the truth. You ran away to escape the lies, but now you feel so lost and directionless. You want to pray out of habit, but knowing now that your prayers have nowhere to go...

Do you pray anyway?
No. 1072083 ID: a39c57

pray to... something, *anything* that can hear your lone voice in the maelstrom.
No. 1072084 ID: 5fd272

Prayers are still a way of expressing yourself, of airing your thoughts. Even if they won't be heard, aren't they still a good way to process what you've been through?
No. 1072085 ID: e5709d

It depends. Do you believe in anything? You can pray to that if you want.
No. 1072087 ID: c290f0


You don't need to pray if your hearts not in it, what's the point otherwise?

Things are clearly way worse off then just being wet and lost; so in lieu of "praying" just talk to yourself. Give yourself a pep talk and take solace in the fact that at least now you've technically have nothing holding you back.

In fact this could be the start to a new chapter of your life, "Sam". Let's roll up those sleeves, tighten that belt bucket, get pumped, and say "I'm still alive, I've got skills, and what ever I do next I'm certain to succeed cause "SAM" has never failed once!"
No. 1072089 ID: 8f9bc4

Who's lying about the Goddess being alive? That's so cruel! And dangerous too! Do they not know of the wild void? The fall of the Grand Slimes? Statues of frozen Titans all over the land. None of that exists according to them?

What you need now is not prayer but purpose. Answers.
No. 1072091 ID: d6d4cd

The routine might help you feel some semblance of normal. Who knows, you might find a way to change them slightly for who they're for to suit your situation. Even if it's just for you.
No. 1072092 ID: cd48aa

Pray. It can't possibly make anything worse. And even if the Goddess is gone, maybe someone else will hear?
No. 1072093 ID: 273c18

Pray. But not to a being you know is dead. Reach out with your powers and see if you can find anything else.
No. 1072102 ID: fa3034

Maybe the habit will be comforting. Give it one last hurrah, yeah?
No. 1072166 ID: 0b5926

No. 1072167 ID: dba426

Say a few words in your mind about what you're feeling. It's not a prayer, exactly, but it's a lot closer to one than you'd generally admit
No. 1072278 ID: 6f11f5


No. 1072280 ID: 7edfcd

Why pray to nothing? If you truely wanted to embrace this lie then you wouldn't have fled home.
Reflect instead, who were you? What did you leave behind?
No. 1072352 ID: 2c1245

Whatever you do, do not pray to Todd Howard. He will take you money!
No. 1073428 ID: 0ba437
File 169588420425.png - (79.63KB , 500x500 , 668.png )

You close your eyes. It takes only a moment of concentration to unshackle your thoughts. You drift away from your body and into the cosmic swirling infinite darkness. The light you had imagined was her is there as always, burning inside you, but it feels off. Or, it feels the same, but now you are wracked with doubt. Is this her? Or is this you?
You decide to focus on you, the realest thing in this world right now. The light seems to shift a bit and as you peer closer you seem to make out the image of your own reflection. She floats there lazily, looking at you in silence.
"So what... what do we do?" you ask, "I'm so confused and lost."
"Talk to me," she says. It's your own voice speaking back to you, but it feels different somehow. "Tell me what's on your mind."
"All my life I've believed the Goddess was real, that she lived in her temple. The Oracles would pray to her and she would speak her will to them. I was so excited to come of age and finally see her. I snuck into the temple to get a glimpse, and ... found nothing. Just the Oracle's workshop."
"That's a heavy revelation," she says, "What did the Oracle say when she caught you?"
"She told me that the Goddess had been dead for so long that nobody even remembered when she was alive. She showed me a journal the Oracles passed down to one another. Instructions for how to keep the people believing," you ball your fists in anger, "and it was my job to keep up the lie."
No. 1073429 ID: 0ba437
File 169588421522.png - (107.93KB , 500x500 , 669.png )

She nods and stretches. "Well, I suppose by running away we're breaking the cycle. Or attempting to, yes? You can't be an oracle or a princess anymore, so what are you? Who are you?"
"I don't know, but whatever I am, I want it to actually help people. It's what the Goddess would want. If she were real, I mean.. I don't even know if she ever did exist now."
"Well, helping people is a noble goal, whether it's for a made up god or for it's own sake," she says, "You'll always have yourself after all, and that's a fount of power nobody but you can lie about."
"I don't really know what that means, but it feels ... comforting I guess?"
"It doesn't have to mean anything if you don't want it to. You know who you are, Sam, and you'll think of a way to do it. As for a reason, why not for yourself? Be your own Goddess."
"Yeah... I can do that. Thanks, me."
She chuckles. "I'll be here for you."

((From the Fount of Your Self, you are able to perform small Wonders. You recall some of the lessons the Oracle taught you and re-contextualize them as spells you can attempt to cast through prayer and focus.))
No. 1073430 ID: 0ba437
File 169588422690.png - (87.79KB , 500x500 , 670.png )

No. 1073431 ID: 0ba437
File 169588423373.png - (108.87KB , 500x500 , 671.png )

No. 1073432 ID: 0ba437
File 169588423955.png - (122.78KB , 500x500 , 672.png )

No. 1073433 ID: 0ba437
File 169588424977.gif - (127.47KB , 500x500 , 673.gif )

No. 1073434 ID: 0ba437
File 169588426116.png - (100.16KB , 500x500 , 674.png )

You awaken some time later to an enormous clap of thunder that shakes the whole inn. Or, is it an earthquake? You're not sure. It's still dark out, but the rain has stopped. Maybe you woke up early? Or is it just this dark in the dense forest?
Something feels very very off...
No. 1073436 ID: 365de0

Is your clothing ready? Get dressed and check if anyone else is awake. Use a blanket if you have to.
No. 1073437 ID: cd48aa

No. 1073439 ID: 273c18

The Goddess lives on inside all of us.

Prepare for a fight, and step outside.
No. 1073440 ID: a39c57

then get dressed and see what's happening, that felt too earthy to be just a thunderclap.
No. 1073449 ID: 8feac3

God isn't real, you can blearily peek out your window and curse the sky for being too loud this late at night and nobody can smite you for it!
No. 1073450 ID: 8f9bc4

An adorable maniac has decided to unleash the beast!

Hope you're good at weeding.
No. 1073834 ID: 2c1245

god why'd you have to make him so HOT!
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