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File 162268005046.jpg - (160.85KB , 500x500 , 1a.jpg )
1002454 No. 1002454 ID: 4c9664

updates weekly
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No. 1042461 ID: 2aa5f0

white, black, or a combination of the two. That why the phone works in all panels, even the monochrome ones.
No. 1042466 ID: 53560f

Hopefully not all wizards are this weird and condescending.
Royal blue, or any other colour that is royal for obvious reasons.
No. 1042477 ID: 2de4fd

Black n' white! Can't go wrong with those cookies and cream.
No. 1042487 ID: cd48aa

Royal Azure, Royal Blue (Dark), Royal Blue (Light), Royal Brown, Royal Fuchsia, Royal Green, Royal Orange, Royal Red (Dark), Royal Red (Light), Royal Purple, and Royal Yellow. There's also Queen Blue, Queen Pink, Duke Blue, and Imperial Red. So, a lot of options for pallet even if we want to limit it to "royal" colors.
No. 1042488 ID: 30a1cc

No. 1042490 ID: ffc1e1

ALSO HEY, HoneyHive-mage-person seems like a good person to ask about the other Runes we know and have no idea what they do
No. 1042562 ID: ffc1e1

>>1042441 think I'll change my vote to Tourquise, I nice compliment AND very good color
No. 1042563 ID: d12415

Seems like it must be Cyan with a White and Black diamond pattern on the back, as depicted here:
This is what I am voting for.
No. 1042572 ID: 4ef090
File 166209804406.png - (79.93KB , 500x500 , 379.png )

"How about uhhh, blue?"

"Mmmhm, pr'aps a lovely cyan to compliment thine red garments? Thou can always purchase a different case later if thou tires of the colour. "

"Ooh, sure!"

She jots down some notes, taking several pauses to look you over, like she's measuring you with her eyes. "Um, so, is void magic.. bad?"

She laughs. "Forgive my comments. I shan't pretend to be terribly fond of the void or it's strange magics. I find them... mm... clinical? Straightforward. Dull, even. However, even I can admit it hath a strange allure, and after all, magic is magic no matter which way thou slices it. Candyfloss herself wouldst chide me most royally for dismissing it outright."

"I only just woke up like, two days ago, so I don't really know much of anything about any of this."

She writes some more notes and then looks at you. "I wouldst be thrilled to educate thee in brief on whichever school thou wishes to pursue," she slides the paper over to you, "Have a look at this and let me know if thou hast any questions. We want to make sure thou picks the perfect tool to aid thine magical journey."

The paper has a few neat doodles and lines of text. There are three options to pick from, a "Crystal Core", a "Thread Core", and a "Snail Core".

A. Crystal Core - a fun-loving bright and resonant core
(slime runes use less honey, and honey regenerates more quickly. Connects with crystal network)

B. Thread Core - a no-nonsense analytical and intelligent core
(void runes use less thread, and thread regenerates more quickly. Connects with void network)

C. Snail Core - a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of core
(mixed runes are more efficient, but does not enhance regeneration. Connects with both networks slowly)

((you can ask more questions before making a final decision, all votes before and after will be taken into consideration))
No. 1042574 ID: a7e3a3

Could we know more about the differences between slime and void magic? what are mixed runes? and oh! who is Candyfloss?
No. 1042575 ID: cd48aa

I'm thinking of voting Snail Core, better to not get locked out of anything.
But first, what kind of personality would the Snail Core have?
And for some reason I'm wondering if Slimes can get piercings and what that would look like. Regardless, ask what other sort of stuff is available to buy here.
No. 1042576 ID: cd48aa

I'm thinking of voting Snail Core, better to not get locked out of anything.
But first, what kind of personality would the Snail Core have?
And for some reason I'm wondering if Slimes can get piercings and what that would look like. Regardless, ask what other sort of stuff is available to buy here.
No. 1042577 ID: 6e8309

I think we technically are already connected to the void network due the void blade in our core, however, the thread core (my primary vote) could help us amplify that connection. It will be a good idea as well, to do the snail core instead since we can likely contact some of the characters we already met if their attuned to that, since I doubt not all of them are exactly void connected.
No. 1042578 ID: 15c72a

Snail! Let's bridge the networks!
No. 1042580 ID: 515982

No. 1042583 ID: 6fde29

I'm interested in further mixing with the void with that sword in our core, Thread.
No. 1042585 ID: 2aa5f0

well we're actually much older than we look, so let's go for the snail core since it will still be much quicker then anything we've ever used before.
No. 1042591 ID: bbb04b

If I'm right, regeneration doesn't matter much in the heat of the moment. Effectively combining our disparate mana pools and spell libraries will allow us to pop off harder against someone who deserves it, even if we need to be cautious about picking our battles. Plus, being able to access both networks is a good boon, even if our phone will chug at dialing up. All of this goes double for if we pick up any other schools of magic. Snail Core.

Plus, it'll be essential if this works the way I think it does:
> "If this body happened to be hosting multiple cores, could each of them specialize in a different direction?"
If so, I could easily see Humphrey speccing solely into crystal-school magic. Mirrow doesn't seem the type to want to align herself with the Void, though - she'll probably focus more on her connection with the Titan and its affinity for the blade than magic, to begin with. (Wait, were the mushrooms crystal magic, or something unique to a Titan Core if there is a distinction? She could spec towards that if so.) Anyway, if our cores want to all go in different directions, I imagine that Snail Core is vital for maintaining a halfway decent connection with all of them. (Yeah, getting the benefits of multiple core schools feels like cheating, but I feel like having separate cores sharing one body should allow us to get up to some kind of protagonist-tier nonsense.)

I imagine it's a more moderate middle-ground between the two extremes; cheerful, empathetic, and content, but calm and measured, perhaps a bit wistful, and always curious (likely being the one quality both schools have in spades).

Also, just one more curiosity: "Am I right to guess that there're more channeling methods than just these two, and they're just the ones that slimes have the easiest access to?" I can see Void magic being the sort that anyone can learn, while the honey crystal method is slime-specific; other peoples probably have unique options of their own.
No. 1042611 ID: d12415

I am voting Snail, but
wouldn't having different specializations also sort of mean we will never fully coalesce into the single consciousness we once were? Is that what we want?
No. 1042618 ID: 726f7c

C. Snail Core
No. 1042625 ID: b01382

I'm voting Crystal just so we can expand more on slime magic.
No. 1042642 ID: a9af05

I agree, let's get the crystal core.
No. 1042643 ID: ffc1e1

Mixed Runes, Huh? well if I had to guess, mixing powers lead to them being greater. SNAIL
No. 1042644 ID: ffc1e1

We should like, ask about slime magic, we know even less about it than we do Void magic, which is ALSO nothing
No. 1042648 ID: 9a2966

Snail Core. We seem to be in a bit of a mix ourselves, so let's mix it up!
No. 1042650 ID: e590e5

One Question: Can we buy another phone?
No. 1042659 ID: ba605b

GO Crystals or go HOME. We know little in the ways of slime honey, and we can easily get more void related stuff. We did keep the void stuff we found at the camp right? We could just stitch it all together to make a larger cloak, ergo more string we can use.
If void kin cloaks regenerate, and we stitch 4 of them together, do they regenerate 4x as fast, or normally?
No. 1042683 ID: cd48aa

I figure that everyone who wants Thread would prefer Snail to Crystal and everyone who wants Crystal would prefer Snail to Thread, so that makes Snail a good compromise, I think.
Personally, I say Snail, but if not Snail I'd prefer Crystal since we already have a few void items, but this is the first we're learning about Slime Magic. And because it has a better personality.
But yeah, SNAIL.

I think you're probably right about the personality. I disagree with each part of the Queen specializing differently though. We don't have three cores, we have less than one core.
No. 1042686 ID: 2de4fd

Snail mail.
No. 1042711 ID: ffc1e1

Thinking about the upsides and downsides, I think the Snail core not having a regen bonus does not matter as much, as BOTH magic-sources have their own regen, Mixed runes, while I know nothing about them I IMAGINE to be more difficult/awesome, and if we REALLY REALLY NEED aa fast connection to either network, we can use the Void Sword or God-Render
No. 1042719 ID: f8cd25

I think you have definitely solidified my choice to Snail over Thread. Good thought!
No. 1042725 ID: e59c20

Could we add some nonsense to the thread core by pulling the thread tight and plucking it as accompaniment to shanties and ballads?
No. 1042741 ID: 16169e

snail core. but also ask for recommendation for equipment/magic upgrades that are separate from the core to improved yourself so to help with the short comings of it or even increased the efficiency of the core even if it temporary. also ask for pictures and details of all cores so you can look it up later for reference and compare it to other people choice in cores. it not try to comment it to memory.
No. 1042821 ID: cb3781

Snails. We're already committed to void, but getting weird vibes on that that tell me we shouldn't go all in there.

Gotta rep our fellow slimes, too
No. 1043263 ID: 4ef090
File 166269616470.png - (77.26KB , 500x500 , 380.png )

"I like the sound of the snail core, I think I'd like to get that," you say as you hand the paper back to her.

"Excellent choice! A snail core may be slow, but tis certainly reliable." She pulls a small kit from under the counter filled with intricate slabs and gadgets you don't recognize and begins to work on building your new phone.
No. 1043264 ID: 4ef090
File 166269616879.png - (79.39KB , 500x500 , 381.png )

"I'm new to all this, so pardon my ignorance, but what's the difference between void and slime magic?"

"Slime magic cometh from the fount of oneself," she says as she lays two crystal slates on the counter and begins to screw them together, "That is to say, thine crystal core taketh a portion of its energy and channels it through thine flesh, or 'Honey', to produce an effect. This tires the core and sacrifices the honey, but time heals all wounds, and one can grow stronger from practice," she eyes your big tail, "Thou hast an ample supply of honey already, it seems."
No. 1043265 ID: 4ef090
File 166269617133.png - (62.03KB , 500x500 , 382.png )

"Void magic," she continues, "is complicated in its simplicity. It cometh from delicate patterns which guide the formless void to produce a shape or effect. The voidkin hath special fabrics which they use to form these patterns. Anyone can use it, which maketh it a popular choice for aspiring mages, since thou need only memorize a rune and draw it cleanly enough with that sacred thread to harness its effect. The thread is sacrificed, and the void is given its orders, producing magic."

"So what about mixing runes? I did something like that a bit ago."

She peers into a small crystal snail shell before slotting it into the device. "They intersect somewhat, yes. Thou can do it, but the effect wouldst be unpredictable, and scholars art studying the limits of such fusion. Think of it like this: void magic hath precision to a fault, and slime magic hath heart. Say thou cast a fire. A slime fire could be shaped, thou could change the temperature, or snuff it out, all while maintaining a connection to it. But a void fire will burn until it hath finished, precisely as instructed. Thou hast no control over a void spell once cast."
No. 1043266 ID: 4ef090
File 166269617573.png - (31.90KB , 500x500 , 383.png )

"You mentioned someone called Candyfloss, who is that?"

"I'm surprised at thee, why almost everyone hath heard of the Great Mage Candyfloss!"

"I woke up like two days ago, there's a lot I don't know about still.."

"Candyfloss was the greatest magician who ever lived. She knew everything there possibly was to know about magic, and shared her knowledge freely with everyone. She would perch atop this very tower and gaze at the cosmos, studying their construction, and communing with the goddess. They say her tail was the largest of any slime who lived. Oh how I so wish I couldst have known her when she was alive.."
No. 1043267 ID: 4ef090
File 166269617831.png - (82.71KB , 500x500 , 384.png )

"What happened to her?"

"The void king slaughtered her, and every other grand slime in the land. At least, I suppose that's what happened, I wasn't there." She holds out the device, "Squeeze a drop of thine honey in there, and I shalt have this ready in just a moment."
No. 1043268 ID: 15c72a


After the phone's done, tell her you were a grand slime once. You're trying to recover your pieces, so if she hears of any slimes that are lacking memories or woke up in a field after that battle, they might be part of you. Or maybe part of another grand slime that managed to survive, yet diminished...
No. 1043269 ID: 379f36

Oh! You don't say? Tell them how you're a grand a slime, or well, was a grand slime. And also show them the void sword we hath been strucketh by uponst our very own core.
No. 1043287 ID: cd48aa

I wonder. Can the Queen only absorb her own fragments, or could she assimilate the remains of another Grand Slime. Either way, we should definitely keep our eyes out for Candyfloss and/or her remains.
I mean, she had whiskers and we're missing those.

We should definitely ask about other available equipment, especially a pointy hat. Also, inquire into payment.

And ask this slime forvany information on any remains of Slime Titans and/or Grand Slimes.
No. 1043291 ID: d2baf2

Huh, wonder if you knew her before you got voided by the king?
No. 1043314 ID: bbb04b

Do the squeeze, and yeah, I think it's prudent to say that we either forgot her, or she was after our time - our original time, that is. I feel we can trust this one with knowledge of our quest. We would need to reveal it to her either way if we want to ask the following:

"So, given that this body is hosting multiple cores, would it be possible for me to get multiple phones, or is that restricted to one per body?"

Also, while we did get a medical opinion on our void sword fusion already, I'd like to get a magical opinion about it, too. How would it affect our ability to cast, exactly? Maybe her answer will be more precise than that of the doctor.

I'm also assuming that there are other, more esoteric channeling methods out there beyond the two we've seen, which we don't have easy access to.
No. 1043322 ID: 8bace7

we simply MUST have a big, pointy hat
Give visual explanation of how long we were "dead"... and ask how long we've been dead
Remember to hug them for the help!
With our fragments able to fuse back together, I wonder if slimes can just... do that, if that's how Grand Slimes came to be... it would explain the emotions we have when hugging people
No. 1043323 ID: 8bace7

also seriously ask about THESE >>1035077 Runes
No. 1043410 ID: 8bace7

>>1035076 oh and I guess splitting us probably a thing
No. 1043441 ID: 16169e

so how slow will the snail core work in connecting to the networks ? can i tell how far along it is in being finish? does it access the network bit by bit gradually or it won't connect at all until reaching 100% sync rate with both of them? and does it vaires from person to person with how fast to reach it or will the core work at the same pace for all of them?
No. 1043455 ID: 310f06

Sad to say, adventurers tend to get stabbed, and we are upon an adventure. 'Tis as good a time as any to grow accustomed to the sensation! Stick that thingamajigger into your tail and swoosh it around a bit.
... While doing a handstand/somersault!

Point out that Candyfloss had a big tail, and that we have a big tail, so maybe we have a little of her honey in us.
No. 1043515 ID: d12415

So slime magic is blood magic. Isn't that usually associated with dark arts and black magic?
No. 1043519 ID: 8bace7

>>1043515 usually, causing harm to others is, and uh, Slimes don't much care about their honeyed body, it comes back
No. 1043603 ID: fc1eab

So does blood, if you think about it.
No. 1043604 ID: cd48aa

I think they mean the connection is slow. Like, a low data rate.
No. 1043793 ID: 4ef090
File 166319505388.png - (65.53KB , 500x500 , 385.png )

You squeeze your hand over the device, pressing a droplet of slime out of you. It falls with a soft "plip", and the lady takes it back. "Just a moment longer."

"What makes the snail core slow compared to the other two options?"

"Tis a snail," she replies simply, "They take their time. 'Never hurry, never worry,' as they say. The snails say that."

"Should we tell her we were a grand slime?" you ask Humphrey and Mirrow privately.

&& I don't think there's really any reason to hide it from her. She seems like she knows what's up, at least more so than we do. Maybe she can help us figure ourselves out? &&

## I say it's worth a shot. The worst thing that could happen would be that she doesn't believe us, and the best would be we get a clear lead on where our missing pieces are. ##
No. 1043794 ID: 4ef090
File 166319505899.png - (50.50KB , 500x500 , 386.png )

"So, uh, this is maybe a bit weird," you begin nervously, "but I'm actually a Grand Slime."
No. 1043795 ID: 4ef090
File 166319506203.png - (76.83KB , 500x500 , 387.png )

She stops her work and looks at you through narrow eyes. "Thou... thou'rt hardly a Grand Anything, I'm sorry to say. Thy tail, as large as it is, is barely even close to something as magnificent as a Grand's. Thou'rt confused, methinks, and shouldst hold thine tongue lest thou speak flippantly of the fallen."
No. 1043796 ID: 4ef090
File 166319506681.png - (65.95KB , 500x500 , 388.png )

You pull the cloak aside to give a clearer look at your core. "Well, what about this?" You briefly recap the past couple of days, how you woke up in a field with a sword in your chest, how you can only remember flashes of the void king standing over you. You detail the experience of finding and fusing with two of your broken pieces.

The shopkeeper is staring at you hard. "Tis impossible... not a single one of the Grands survived the Void's slaughter. Tho... Grands were known for their special healing powers... no common slime can fuse with another like they could, and tis remarkable that thou wouldst even know of such abilities. Can thou prove that thou'rt fused?"
No. 1043799 ID: 15c72a

Yep, you can prove it! Split up into your three separate slimes. Might as well introduce yourself again, as your myriad parts.
No. 1043801 ID: 10fb04

Agreeing with you! And if that doesn't work. I've got an idea so stupid, it might just work. We attempt to get or let the shop keep handle our core. If we're lucky, they can perhaps see some of our memories. They seem powerful enough.
No. 1043804 ID: 6e862c

Well, if we can prove it depends on if Humphrey and/or Mirrow wanna come out to say "Hi". Either y'all alright with that?
No. 1043807 ID: b7598d

we haven't split up before, be fun to practice, and some great showing off... with their last line though, now I'm wondering again if Humphrey was originally a part of us. Wonder if we can get this dude(tte) to come along for a while
No. 1043808 ID: b7598d

IF they know how, they could also talk to Godrender, if Godrender would talk to them
No. 1043820 ID: cd48aa

Split! And then chew this jerk out for daring to call you a liar.
No. 1043835 ID: 2de4fd

Eh. This person's opinion of you isn't a huge amount important. If Humphrey or Mirrow are willing to show, that could probably be fine, but really, if neither are up for it, just say that you don't really wanna unfuse right now.
No. 1043876 ID: 2aa5f0

>Tis impossible... not a single one of the Grands survived the Void's slaughter.
I didn't survive I just got better.

Also yeah, split into three if for no other reason to see if you can.
No. 1043877 ID: cd48aa

You know, the shopkeep probably thinks all the Slime Titans are dead too. We should disabuse them of that notion.
No. 1043881 ID: fc1eab

I am not against the split demo, but we should get a guarantee from the shopkeep first that they won't freak out and make some huge waves. This could be info that could drastically reshape the local slime hierarchy (even if that is not our intention). Just make sure they can keep it secret for the time being.
No. 1043963 ID: f860c7

>>1043881 it's a bit late now, we sailed that ship ourselves!
No. 1043965 ID: 9a2966

I think they mean getting them to not tell anyone else for now. It's not like it was obvious to us how big of a deal having been a former Grand Slime might be to some people until just now!
No. 1043974 ID: fc1eab

No. 1044054 ID: 1a6f28

I am not the best judge of scale, but I thought that Mirrow was rather large. How certain are we that if we split, Mirrow will fit inside this room? I mean, I want to silly-dance alongside our other selves as much as anyone, but ex slimeploding someone's place of business and summoning a giant slime-dragon in the middle of a settlement is not the best way to keep a low profile.
No. 1044058 ID: 1d37c6

>>1044054 that was Mirrow AND The Mushrooms, she's only like, twice Queeny(who needs a name)+Humphrey, so we'll end up three smaller slimes
No. 1044068 ID: 2de4fd

What are you talking about queenie is a lovely name.

It's silly, laconic, and accurate. It's very fitting!
No. 1044180 ID: cd48aa

Uh, Mirror would be smaller than their current combined form. Because of conservation of mass and volume and stuff. There's only so much slime available, and we're using all of it.
No. 1045180 ID: 4ef090
File 166466609926.png - (100.63KB , 500x500 , 389.png )

Are we ok with splitting up for a moment?

## Oh, sure, just for a bit ##

&& Yeah lets show her! &&

"I've never done this before, but... here goes." You close your eyes and ... you're not really sure what to do. You try thinking very hard about splitting up, visualizing your soul pulling away from itself. Humphrey and Mirrow are doing the same, and as you each suddenly grasp the concept of splitting your core-
No. 1045181 ID: 4ef090
File 166466610358.png - (69.06KB , 500x500 , 390.png )


Your fragments peel off of each other, returning to their original, broken shapes, and the three of you fall out of one another and into a heap on the floor.
No. 1045182 ID: 4ef090
File 166466610789.png - (61.96KB , 500x500 , 391.png )

The shopkeeper drops her tools, mouth agape. "Well then..."
No. 1045183 ID: 4ef090
File 166466611082.png - (72.69KB , 500x500 , 392.png )

"We can't remember anything about our time as a Grand," Humphrey says from underneath you, "at least, nothing outside of the part where we die."

"Thou has not shared this with anyone else?" You all three shake your heads. "Thou would do well to guard this secret. The King may have softened somewhat, but they mercilessly destroyed the Grands, and there's no knowing if they wouldst not do the same again."
No. 1045184 ID: 4ef090
File 166466611475.png - (72.99KB , 500x500 , 393.png )

"Why kill us at all?" Mirrow asks, "Did we do something to make them angry?"

"Alas, precious little is known. Even the Elsekin harbor few secrets about the Grands. I'm... somewhat crestfallen thou canst recall any of thine past. But! praps thou will remember more as you find your pieces, and if thou do, I hope thou wouldst permit me to, ahem, pick thy brain, so to speak. Would terribly love to know what thou remembers."

"What about that Candyfloss you keep talking about? Do you know anything about her?" you ask.
No. 1045185 ID: 4ef090
File 166466611793.png - (67.86KB , 500x500 , 394.png )

"Unfortunately I only know about her personal studies of magic. She left behind very little record of her nature. I have guesses, but they are just that, guesses." She resumes work on the device.

"There we go," she hands over the bright blue phone, "I'll let thee have this for free, but if you need charms, I'll have to charge you for them."
No. 1045186 ID: 4ef090
File 166466612194.png - (93.32KB , 500x500 , 395.png )

You accept the phone, and Humphrey and Mirrow gather close to look too. It's a simple looking thing, fitting comfortably in your hand. It flips open with a small window on the upper half, and several tiny buttons on the lower half, as well as a tiny slime with glasses. It beams up at you.

"Hi there! Welcome to your new spellphone, friend! I'm running a snail flavor of JellOS. I can take notes, cast spells, track your location, and all kinds of other neat things! Would you like to name me?"

"Oh uhh..."

((What do you want to call your new phone?))
No. 1045192 ID: 99ca7b

No. 1045193 ID: 6fde29

No. 1045197 ID: 629f2e

Name it *Snrk* Butt. It'll be hilarious.
No. 1045202 ID: 9a2966


Cuz' it's using a snail shell and you use it to say 'hello' to people~
No. 1045206 ID: d344dc

Omg, adorable!! They shalt be Lem! Or Lemmy!
No. 1045207 ID: cd48aa

I vote Dexter.
Definitely ask about how exactly we pay for things and what exactly is for sale. And for advice on what kind of stuff we should buy, given our current inventory.
Also, ask for any information on the locations of any petrified, broken, or somehow surviving Slime Titans.
No. 1045208 ID: 06b0be

>What do you want to call your new phone?
No. 1045210 ID: 6e862c

No. 1045213 ID: f373c9


That's *three* puns in one, we need the puns, all of them
No. 1045219 ID: 53560f

Tangerine shall be their name!
No. 1045232 ID: 908530

No. 1045235 ID: 5fd489

Shello! Or shelby. Both are good.
No. 1045237 ID: b5f2af

No. 1045244 ID: b01382

Shello Shello Shello!
Lets all do the silly dance! That's it! I am certain that Queen Humphrey was the Queen of funk, break dancing, and silly dances!
No. 1045250 ID: bbb04b


Also: "Well, for what it's worth, I think I shared a dream with the King where he told me that killing the Grand Slimes was 'in error.' Notably didn't apologize for the Titans, though, so I think there might have been a mix-up when he set out to take them down, getting us caught in the crossfire?" Show your sword-core. "We got a medical opinion on this already, but do you think you can give some insight into the magical implications of having a void sword fused to my core?"
No. 1045276 ID: affcb9

shell flavor. We can savour its utility, it can be our saviour if we get lost, It can be the saver of our notes, if we get bored we can stick it in our "mouth" and savour its flavour, and if we stretch pronunciation a little we can call it "Savoy" for a vaguely realish name.

Do we actually know if we can only fuse with ourselves? If this researcher wants to pick through our mind, then that would be easier from the inside...
No. 1045296 ID: fc1eab

Shello, short for Shelatin.
No. 1045297 ID: f43935

Shello sounds EXTRA fun!
also maybe mention the whole Void King "personally" checked in on us thing
No. 1045310 ID: cd48aa

We should ask about that.
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