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File 162268005046.jpg - (160.85KB , 500x500 , 1a.jpg )
1002454 No. 1002454 ID: 4c9664

updates weekly
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No. 1009860 ID: 730b0a

Say thank you, then start questing for Big
No. 1009861 ID: 5232cd

I wonder if the pieces of your heart are the same crystals the void king is looking for? He's trying to make amends, for some reason, and finding your pieces for you would go a long way towards that.

First thing's first, tell your hive. If they're hiding any pieces from the void guard then you can recover them. After that, I suppose you can start gathering information on where else your pieces might've gone.
No. 1009905 ID: 2aa5f0

I guess ask if she has any idea how to put a core back together... and I guess take a shot in the dark and ask if she would have any idea how one would go about finding their missing shard pieces?
No. 1009910 ID: 988d40

and is there any way to find these pieces or am I gonna have to search for bits of myself spread across a field?
No. 1009913 ID: 53560f

I don’t suppose you’d happen to know where I’d even begin to learn some void magic?
No. 1009990 ID: 2de4fd

Thank her for being so helpful! Does she know any good way to start trying to find them?
No. 1010149 ID: 5fd55c

Huge Quest: Slime Edition is a go!
No. 1010286 ID: 2e4e5c

Interpret this news through ponderous dance!
No. 1010451 ID: 9ce839

I'm pretty sure that swords and slime cores shouldn't go together. Like a crystal, if your core would grow around the sword, it would just become imperfect and deformed. I doubt the gain in void magic would outweigh the loss of slime powers. What we need to do is find a way to melt this sword as only then could we properly absorb it. For now, I think only the titans would possess such info... we need to go back to the statue.

Ask the unicorn about the void magic and how to deal with void stuff.

And then go back to the titan statue.
No. 1011351 ID: 171f20
File 163234367811.gif - (33.39KB , 500x500 , 94.gif )

“If I’m broken up and able to walk around, does that mean the other pieces could be walking around as well?” The thought of parts of yourself moving around without you, thinking their own thoughts, missing their own memories, your memories, sends a brief shiver of existential dread through your body.
No. 1011352 ID: 171f20
File 163234368234.jpg - (77.91KB , 500x500 , 95.jpg )

“I suppose it’s entirely possible, yes,” the unicorn says thoughtfully, “if they were somehow able to acquire a slime body, they could theoretically take over and control it.”

“And supposing that happened, where would be a good place to look for them? I didn’t see any pieces near me when I woke up, so maybe they just got up before I did and went into hiding?”

The doctor thinks about it for a bit. “I don’t think there’s any way to say for sure. The world is quite broken, and has been for a very long time. But it’s possible the pieces could have moved to other islands and started new lives.”
No. 1011353 ID: 171f20
File 163234368526.jpg - (111.49KB , 500x500 , 96.jpg )

She crosses the room and begins touching one of the maps on the wall, moving her hands carefully over the canvas. It shows what appear to be several islands, each with detailed labels and measurements. “So, if I were a broken slime, and I wanted to lose myself in a new place, I would start with the hive. I know that there’s an old mineshaft connected to it, split in half between two islands, so maybe one of those became home to one of your fragments.”

“It’s possible, sure,” pipes up Humphrey, “The Voidkin have been searching the half on our side, and as far as I know there aren’t any slimes living on the other side. The Voidkin said they were going to search the other side soon, so maybe someone is hiding there.”
No. 1011354 ID: 171f20
File 163234368875.jpg - (147.08KB , 500x500 , 97.jpg )

“Might be a good place to start,” says the doctor with a shrug, “There are a couple other places to consider. There’s a small town in the mountains hidden in the snow and trees. They don’t get many visitors, so it would be a wonderful place to hide.”

“There’s a big city a little closer to use than the mountains. It would be easy to get lost in a crowd, a great place to blend in.”

“If we go in the complete opposite direction from the mountains and the city, there’s an old castle that’s recently been rebuilt into a sort of college for slime folk. Losing yourself among so many of your own kind would be easy, almost certainly one of your pieces would have ended up there.”

“hmmm, other than that, I suppose it’s possible that the Void King has already found some pieces. You could always go pay them a visit and ask.”
No. 1011355 ID: 171f20
File 163234369104.jpg - (128.15KB , 500x500 , 98.jpg )

“So to summarize: Mines, City, Mountains, College, Void King..?” you recite back.

“That’s where I would start if I were a slime looking for autonomous pieces of myself,” she giggles, “but it’s up to you! those pieces could be anywhere at all.”
No. 1011359 ID: 96c896

The void king telling us to seek ourself implies that he doesn't have any pieces. If he did, he'd ask to meet.

Anyway, the mines are a terrible place to live on your own, and a terrible place to search without an organized effort. Let's head to the small town on the mountain. It's a comfortable place to hide, and a relatively easy place to search by yourself.
No. 1011360 ID: 1433b0

Hug the doctor
No. 1011370 ID: 9ce839

Uhh... it's quite a leap of logic to imagine that the pieces would just walk away on their own. Because if I was one of those pieces, the first thing I'd do is take the rest of the pieces with me. At least if they were smart. But if they weren't smart, then they also wouldn't be smart enough to mingle in a crowd. Which leads me to think that, if they did wake up, they were probably already divided when it happened.

We found ourselves near a stream. Maybe there was a flood and the other pieces were washed away (except us because sword). And then found by someone later. Maybe the stream just happens to run through a cave network that happens to be connected to a certain mineshaft...

Anyway, I'd vote to first visit the titan statue again and see if we can access some other memories of theirs. Like how to deal with void stuff. Or if the titan had some famous last words (or novels) it wanted to leave behind. My second choice would be the castle.
No. 1011384 ID: 2aa5f0

well if we're just guessing I guess one place is as good as any other so I guess we can check out the mines though a part of me also thinks the castle would be a good spot to look as well.

Oh and I just realized we never did ask the good doctor her name.
No. 1011387 ID: 736b7e

Second this

Also if the castle "certainly has one of" our pieces there then we should start there and get the pieces easy to find first. We'll be stronger for finding the other pieces afterward then.
No. 1011407 ID: 2e4e5c

The mines look like a pretty miserable place to hide, so let's go there first to rescue any lost fragments, who will be more appreciative and less socialised, thus easier to mentally coerce and dominate.

If we should happen to find any crystal fragments while we are down there, then we can grab them on principal, to spoil Voidhead's plans.
No. 1011417 ID: 2de4fd

Thank them for all the help, they've been really really helpful.
No. 1012212 ID: da5175
File 163320551965.jpg - (103.22KB , 500x500 , 99.jpg )

“Well, I guess I’d better get moving. Um.. what was your name?”

“Not important,” she waves you away, “there are more important names to remember than ours. Just ‘Doctor’ is fine.”
No. 1012213 ID: da5175
File 163320552398.jpg - (180.65KB , 500x500 , 100.jpg )

“Ok.. thank you for the advice.” You reach out and give her a hug. You don’t really know why you do it, but you go with it. She seems surprised, but hugs you back with a giggle. Something about this feels familiar. Tears well up in your eyes and you don’t know why. You hug her tighter.
No. 1012214 ID: da5175
File 163320552658.gif - (100.77KB , 500x500 , 101.gif )

(Before you leave, the doctor gives you a cloak lined with many pockets. If you find any cool items, you can now hang onto them!
“It’s not much for defense, but it’ll at least hide your weak spot.”)
No. 1012215 ID: da5175
File 163320552961.jpg - (91.71KB , 500x500 , 102.jpg )

“The mines are a good enough place to start looking. They’re closest and if nothing’s there, then we can head somewhere else.”
No. 1012216 ID: da5175
File 163320553298.jpg - (90.91KB , 500x500 , 103.jpg )

“I do wanna go back and look at that statue again first, maybe there’s more info I can get from that core.”

“Okey dokey.” Humphrey nods, “I’m gonna go wait by the mines while you do that. Uh, just be careful.”
No. 1012217 ID: da5175
File 163320553521.jpg - (122.02KB , 500x500 , 104.jpg )

You stand at the base of the statue. The sunlight lights up the core floating between its pincers. The ivy wrapped around the stone waves gently in the breeze.
No. 1012218 ID: da5175
File 163320553896.jpg - (126.89KB , 500x500 , 105.jpg )

You clamber up the statue. There’s not really a safe way to situate yourself so you don’t fall, so you just kinda perch up there, accepting your inevitable reunion with the earth.

You touch the orb with both hands. “You’re the closest to where I died, is there anything you can tell me?”
No. 1012219 ID: da5175
File 163320554239.jpg - (140.92KB , 500x500 , 106.jpg )

- You see chunks of slime raining down, a dark figure standing in their midst.

- Some of the larger parts seem to collect themselves and hurry off in different directions. One of them heads into the mines, others towards the mountains and trees.

- The Void army begins to swarm you. You raise your sword, ready to strike the knight as they approach.

- The Void covers you entirely, painfully turning you into stone again.
No. 1012220 ID: da5175
File 163320554598.jpg - (92.43KB , 500x500 , 107.jpg )

“Hey, you good?”

You’re on the ground again. The guard from earlier is standing over you. They’re wearing their hat again.

“So like, you’re new or whatever, but like, just so you know, don’t touch that again maybe. Void King says they’re dangerous or something.”
No. 1012222 ID: fdc5ef

Thanks, you've got a good idea why that is now.
No. 1012223 ID: be12da

I'm good. Did your hat get fit better?
No. 1012225 ID: 96c896

Maybe for others.

Anyway, looks like our leads are between mountains and mines. The mines are closest so let's start there, then head to the mountain town or city afterwards?
No. 1012226 ID: 56d49d

Thank the guard and kiss them goodbye and then head towards the mines.
No. 1012227 ID: 737d27

A pat will do, methinks.
No. 1012236 ID: 53560f

“I am going to touch everything.
Also thank you for making sure I was okay, you’re very nice.”
No. 1012238 ID: 3ab17b

Fair enough, wish him a good day.

Also, did you use to be yellow?
No. 1012327 ID: fd3bf4

Argh! Scary guard! Puff up like a cat so as to look enormous and scary.
No. 1014154 ID: 4c9664
File 163596503619.jpg - (84.53KB , 500x500 , 108.jpg )

“You’re not the boss of me,” you say from the ground, “I do what I want.”
No. 1014155 ID: 4c9664
File 163596503877.jpg - (124.34KB , 500x500 , 109.jpg )

The guard shrugs. “Ok. I’m not here for your sake anyway. Saw my dumb hat laying over here, so I had to come get it.”
No. 1014156 ID: 4c9664
File 163596504227.jpg - (84.18KB , 500x500 , 110.jpg )

You clamber off the ground and dust yourself off. “Well, thanks anyway for checking on me. I guess it’s the least the town guard could do.”
No. 1014157 ID: 4c9664
File 163596504523.jpg - (96.12KB , 500x500 , 111.jpg )

“Oh, ha, no. I’m not with the town itself. I’m with the Voidkin working in the mines. Just figured I’d let you know about the statue while I’m here.” The hat falls off his head. He sighs and picks it up again before turning to leave with a noncommittal wave.
No. 1014158 ID: 4c9664
File 163596504883.jpg - (85.95KB , 500x500 , 112.jpg )

“Oh, which way are the mines?” you call after him, “I’m supposed to meet my friend there.”

“It’s past the slime hive. You’ll know it when you see it.”
No. 1014159 ID: 4c9664
File 163596505183.jpg - (168.18KB , 500x500 , 113.jpg )

You meet up with Humphrey just past the hive. A few tents with flags bearing the void mark are pitched in front of a small doorway carved into the face of a large rock. There are small lanterns hung on the support beams leading down into the earth. Old rusty rails run out of the mouth of the tunnel. There are a handful of voidkin milling about, their strange chatter bubbling about the tents and gear.
No. 1014160 ID: 4c9664
File 163596505516.jpg - (93.63KB , 500x500 , 114.jpg )

“I already let them know we were gonna poke around in there, “ Humphrey says as you approach, “They’re still packing up, so we might bump into a couple on their way out.”

A tall figure approaches you, a slender voidkin wearing the same brilliant red you saw one of them wearing earlier. In fact you notice all of them seem to be wearing some article of clothing of the same color. The large white circle in their face bears a large black X in the center, like some kind of strange unblinking eye.
No. 1014161 ID: 4c9664
File 163596506022.jpg - (75.33KB , 500x500 , 115.jpg )

“Hey, I just wanted to ask you something real quick, if you don’t mind? A couple things, actually, small stuff, don’t worry. Or do worry, I dunno, whatever you slime folk like to do.”
No. 1014162 ID: ce39da

"I'm kind of in the 'trust, but verify' mindset regarding you guys right now; thanks for your concern. Ask away, I guess?"
No. 1014163 ID: d591f0

Find some state between worry and not worry to take out of spite. This person is also still not your boss.
No. 1014164 ID: 9a2966

Sure, if he'd be happy to answer some questions in turn.
No. 1014165 ID: 4c9664

[What do you want to ask the voidkin?]
No. 1014166 ID: 9a2966

They know why they're searching for those gems, or whatever?

Could you - or someone you know - teach someone else void magic?

Are all voidkin black, or do they ever come in other colors?
No. 1014168 ID: b73e3a

Ask the voidkin if they're single. Or if they know any single void guys. Asking for a friend.
No. 1014170 ID: c01eb5

Ask the voidkin where everyone's getting those super cool scarves. You want to be cool and popular and fit in, because PEER PRESSURE.
No. 1014200 ID: 2de4fd

"If I worry too hard I won't be able to get anything done so just go for it but go gentle ok"
No. 1014201 ID: 53560f

Us slime folk do tend to do things. Ask away.
No. 1014204 ID: 5b1c8c

Well he can ask but not sure if you’ll have the answers. You do have memory loss after all.
No. 1014472 ID: 829897

Is it true that Voidkin are made of liquorice?
No. 1014523 ID: 96c896

Where do baby voidkin come from?
No. 1014698 ID: 4c9664
File 163658614236.jpg - (77.46KB , 500x500 , 116.jpg )

You still don’t feel like you can trust these voidkin, but they seem harmless enough for now. “Ok, but I wanna ask you some stuff too.”
No. 1014699 ID: 4c9664
File 163658614502.jpg - (64.58KB , 500x500 , 117.jpg )

“Oh, sure, go for it,” they say down to you. They’re easily three or four times your height, absolutely towering over you. Small dark droplets slowly drip upwards, vanishing in the air when they get too far away.
No. 1014700 ID: 4c9664
File 163658614912.jpg - (111.08KB , 500x500 , 118.jpg )

“What exactly are you looking for?” you ask, “One of your guys said something about a gem, or parts of a gem?”

They pause for a moment, their large eye staring straight through you, before responding, “Yeah, I remember us telling you that. Not much else to say about it. Void King wants the parts of some kind of weird gem. Has been looking high and low for it. ‘Could be anywhere’, they said,” the voidkin shrugs, “So we’re out looking for it. Don’t know why, other than Void King wants it.”
No. 1014701 ID: 4c9664
File 163658615203.jpg - (97.72KB , 500x500 , 119.jpg )

“You said ‘we’ and ‘us’, but aren’t you single?”

“I mean, aren’t you one person,” you quickly correct yourself.
No. 1014702 ID: 4c9664
File 163658615589.jpg - (70.60KB , 500x500 , 120.jpg )

“We are Voidkin,” they say simply, “your interest is noted tho.”
No. 1014703 ID: 4c9664
File 163658615816.gif - (63.72KB , 500x500 , 121.gif )

“Can you do magic? Can you teach me magic?”

“You’re…. not… quite void,” they seem to study you harder, as tho noticing you for the the first time, “Not…. yet… but soon, maybe.” Another pause, and then suddenly they lean forward, stabilizing themselves on all fours. Several soft voices echo out of them, all speaking in unison, “We wonder… Will you march in lockstep, or find your own rhythm?”

They blink. It’s really weird to see that giant eye move.
No. 1014704 ID: 4c9664
File 163658616182.jpg - (81.22KB , 500x500 , 122.jpg )

“How about this,” they say suddenly standing upright again, speaking in their original voice, “So, we found some weird mushrooms, strange stuff, different from the glowing ones you all eat. Uh, some of our kin got kinda messed up by it. It’s a whole thing. We’re taking care of them in the tent, don’t worry, but uh, there are a couple of us that are still missing. You’re not like obligated to assist us in anyway,” they pull out a small bottle filled with a strange dark-glowing fluid inside, “But if you DO happen to find them down there, and they’re messed up, can you give this to them and point them back to the surface? Do that, and we’ll write down some void runes for you to get started on.”
No. 1014708 ID: 629f2e

That seems totally reasonable, and even if you aren't sure how to feel about these guys yet you probably don't want 'em being messed up. Agree to take the bottle and help any you meet.
No. 1014709 ID: c92a02

What if their idea of 'messed up' is actually a good thing though? Like partially un-corrupted by void because it wore off, or something. Take potion and sniff it.
No. 1014711 ID: b73e3a

>your interest is noted tho
Hmm, having multiple bodies like that could be pretty fun; could go out with a new one every day to keep things fresh hehe

Anyway, the bottle. Lips suddenly feel very dry~

Accept the request and ask what's in the bottle.
No. 1014718 ID: 96c896

I'm guessing that's some kind of void-healing potion.
Anyway yeah agree to the rescue sidequest and then let's go.
No. 1014719 ID: 4c9664

Agree to take the bottle and help any you meet.
No. 1014729 ID: 515cc0

quick, double down and ask to take them on a date
No. 1014730 ID: 2aa5f0

that seems fair, go for it.
No. 1014797 ID: 34dfce


Humphrey looks a bit sus tho
No. 1014800 ID: 36784c

>strange mushrooms mess with the voidkin
We should also try to avoid those mushrooms. Since we’ve got that void sword fused to our core, interacting with those mushrooms might also mess with us!

>assist the voidkin?
Agree to help them.
No. 1015487 ID: 4c9664
File 163721166493.jpg - (77.48KB , 500x500 , 123.jpg )

“Sure, we’ll keep an eye out for them,” you say as you accept the bottle, “What is this stuff?”

“Medicine. Flushes invasive entities from the body and reestablishes a connection to the Void King. Hopefully you won’t have to use it at all.”
No. 1015488 ID: 4c9664
File 163721166765.jpg - (108.49KB , 500x500 , 124.jpg )

“What are you doing stop it,” they say as you uncork the bottle and sniff at the contents, “You’re not infected, please don’t use it on yourself.”
It smells … sweet and spicy, like some kind of pepper candy. You pop the cork back in.
No. 1015489 ID: 4c9664
File 163721167108.jpg - (198.94KB , 500x500 , 125.jpg )

(You put the Medicine in your inventory.
“Probably enough for two swallows. Purges the body of strange effects.”)
No. 1015490 ID: 4c9664
File 163721167699.jpg - (138.11KB , 500x500 , 126.jpg )

The voidkin leaves you be as the two of you steel yourselves in the mouth of the mines. The lanterns hung inside provide a dim light that fades quickly into darkness the deeper you look.

Nothing to it but to do it. If your core is in there, you won’t find it standing in the door. You step forward and enter the Old Crystal Mines of the Lesser Hyther Orbital Edge Town.
No. 1015491 ID: 4c9664
File 163721167943.gif - (124.22KB , 500x500 , chapter 1.gif )

The Old Crystal Mine
No. 1015492 ID: 4c9664
File 163721168709.jpg - (106.94KB , 500x500 , 127.jpg )

It gets dark very quickly. You follow the lanterns down the tunnel, slowly descending until you pass them. Humphrey’s body gives off a soft light, bright enough to see where you’re going. Even so, it begins to feel oppressively dark as the lights from the surface grow dim behind you. There are old carts, picks and shovels, piles of rock and other minerals. Here and there you catch the glint of small crystals growing out of the walls.
No. 1015493 ID: 4c9664
File 163721169160.jpg - (111.52KB , 500x500 , 128.jpg )

You continue following the tracks as they open out into a larger cavern, and eventually come to a sharp drop. The tracks hang just over the edge. It’s too dark to see how deep it is from where you stand. There are a couple of tunnels branching off from this room, a cool breeze gently wafting through one of them. More piles of mining junk litter the place.
No. 1015497 ID: 96c896

How well can you climb? If you jumped down there could you climb back up? Also could you survive the fall?

Maybe we should go down a tunnel first though. Acquire shovel.
No. 1015500 ID: ce39da

That track used to lead somewhere, but trying to reach where it starts back up would be folly without a better light source.

Equip yourself with a shovel or pickax or something, then head down... I'd say the tunnel with the breeze. If it cuts back up to the surface, that's one path explored. Do we need to keep a mental map, by the way?
No. 1015505 ID: 279c23

Do you have anything to mark the paths you have taken? It can be pretty easy to get lost in a mine if you don’t know where you’re going.

Anyways I see two passages behind you, might as well see if they will lead you down.
No. 1015508 ID: 53560f

Wow, that looks like a humongous health and safety violation. Good thing you aren’t a safety inspector.
Follow the breeze and make sure shout out to see if anyone can hear you every now and then.
No. 1015512 ID: ab862d

Wait, why is Humphrey coming with us? It never said that it was going to help or follow us forever... sus~

Check the non-breezy tunnel first because it's probably a dead end. Get that completionist achievement.
No. 1015527 ID: a2493c

we're a slime, so why don't we just stick to the wall and slowly drip down it?
No. 1015532 ID: 829897

Can you eat some of the crystals? It might be like how some animals eat rocks to improve their digestion!
No. 1015908 ID: 4c9664
File 163769687694.jpg - (115.75KB , 500x500 , 129.jpg )

You grab a shovel from one of the piles. It’s an average sized shovel, but still bigger than you. Holding it makes you feel a little better equipped to handle a scary dark cave.

(You put the Shovel in your inventory.
“A sturdy old tool. A little unwieldy for your size, but it’s better than nothing.”)
No. 1015909 ID: 4c9664
File 163769688167.jpg - (113.83KB , 500x500 , 130.jpg )

You also grab a small piece of crystal from the pile and eat it. As you chomp on it, it cracks and begins to glow a soft pink.
No. 1015910 ID: 4c9664
File 163769688439.jpg - (119.92KB , 500x500 , 131.jpg )

Humphrey looks mildly distraught seeing you eat crystals off the ground, but now you know that you can make crystals glow. You grab a few for the road.

(You put some Crystals in your inventory.
“Tastes like stale bitter salt. Not much of a meal, but they glow when broken.”)
No. 1015911 ID: 4c9664
File 163769688770.jpg - (85.47KB , 500x500 , 132.jpg )

You contemplate trying to slide down the wall, but without knowing what’s down there, the idea doesn’t seem very appealing. You think that maybe you could do it if you had to tho.
No. 1015912 ID: 4c9664
File 163769689092.jpg - (130.07KB , 500x500 , 133.jpg )

“Let’s go this way,” you say to Humphrey, pointing down the breezy tunnel. You crack a crystal by the entrance, and the two of you head down that way. Daylight seems to be ahead, and sure enough you turn the corner to an interesting sight.
No. 1015913 ID: 4c9664
File 163769689228.jpg - (201.60KB , 500x500 , 134.jpg )

The cave continues down, but the wall on the left is completely gone. You can see clouds and sky outside of the dirt and rock around you. Across the way there’s another island, it’s side a little rough, but strangely clean for a break. It sits a little lower than you, but is too far away to jump down to. You can see tunnels and caves exposed to the air on its side, as well as some crystals that must have grown out from the wall since the break. It looks like there used to be wooden bridges connecting the two halves, but those have since broken and now simply hang down the sides of the island.

“That’s the other half of the mines,” pipes up Humphrey, “The voidkin said they haven’t been over there yet, probably because it’s not easy to get over there.”

The tunnel continues back into the island. Looks like it keeps going down.
No. 1015920 ID: ab862d

I don't suppose you could extend yourself to reach the end of the wooden bridge on our half, could you? If not, then go back to the other tunnel branch.
No. 1015921 ID: ce39da

Note the hole above you, but proceed down that tunnel for now - we still have voidlings to find.
No. 1015927 ID: 96c896

Continue down this path until we reach the end. The missing voidkin are most likely deep in the mines, so there's no point backtracking just yet.
No. 1015982 ID: 3e0315

Attempt to construct a crude trebuchet from the remnants of the bridge above you, then leave it behind as an artwork to commemorate your glorious presence at this place.
No. 1015991 ID: 2aa5f0

well I don't see any other way for you two to easily get to at this time so might as well keep moving forward and see what else is up ahead.
No. 1015994 ID: a2493c

build a giant straw and have humphrey blow into the end to send you flying over like a big spitball
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