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File 162251446768.png - (274.60KB , 500x500 , SR_000.png )
1002288 No. 1002288 ID: afe7de

A quest about reincarnation and the world you end up in.

Does not require having read CATALYST, but the protagonist is someone from that setting.

If you want to read more of my stuff, check out my wiki page: https://questden.org/wiki/EDMANGO


Authors Note: This quest will contain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. This is a bit of an experimental one, and will update with less frequency than CATALYST. Sexual content might be present but wont be the focus. Reader discretion is advised.
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No. 1003742 ID: 094652

"Listen, I know what we were supposed to say to each other, but you're kind of freaking me out. I'm pretty sure you didn't have inky-black caves for eyes, and I'm definitely sure that the average human doesn't develop freaky eyeball mutations. I can't trust... whatever has its grip on you, I'm not going to say the password, so just treat this as a random encounter by a cuckoo crow -
(grave whisper) Set followed us
- and let's pretend we never met each other all those years ago. Fresh start. *ahem* Hi, my name is Sabachi. Want to help me conquer the world?"
No. 1003743 ID: 50af53

Crazy out of the blue question, do you have dreams about a canine with the same name as you?
No. 1003744 ID: e51896

Whatevwr you say, speak it in ENGLISH, Saba's native language.
No. 1003749 ID: 96c896

>hey there gorgeous
Hmm, if she were male I'd think this was Ignis in disguise...
Those boots aren't a solved form of the puzzle book, no fucking way. They're just... enchanted or something.

This is probably Marth like she said, but something's off. Ask why her eyes are like that(maybe it's Marth's supernatural power?), and if she dreams of Earth. (can we tell if she has a POWERFUL physique?)
DEFINITELY try talking in English. An impostor would have no chance of understanding it. ...unless they had an artifact that gave them universal language skills...
Oh, ask about her boots.

>logic skill
Well, visual calculus is redundant with Understanding, so we shouldn't get that one.
The other two skills synergize with it, though. Invention would be a straightforward pick, as Saba knew it, but at this point all we'd get is some income. Also possible we could pick up Invention just via studying our dreams. Eidetic Memory on the other hand would turbocharge our studies! Hmm, didn't Saba have that too?
No. 1003751 ID: e51896


Also, we were told that Marth chose to have a supernatural power before we reincarnated. Maybe those eyes are that. (Otherwise, maybe Marth is half human half insect-kin)

I don't really think we should let Marth know just yet about our dream connections as it would probably put her mind into thinking about us and our past lives in her dreams instead of focusing on the test. But we should wait until AFTER the test to tell her about our connection. We'll let her know in english right now that we want to speak with her after the test is done.
No. 1003753 ID: 0fae41

Maybe you should get to know me, I'll be headed to the top of the class!
Let's get this out of the way, what's up with your eyes?
No. 1003754 ID: dfbac0

Acknowledge him! I think we'll unlock the reincarnation memories if we do!
>Logic Skill
Eidetic Memory is too good to pass up, we need that right away! We can do the others later but the earlier we get this the better.
No. 1003755 ID: dfbac0

Yes, use English to simply say "After the test", I guess acknowledging him can wait a LITTLE BIT, but we do need to acknowledge him eventually.
No. 1003758 ID: 031458

The english is a good Idea.

As for Eidetic Memory, it IS sort of a cheat skill and is deffo useful, but we won't get it's full potential until we can [UNDERSTAND] things.
The reason being, Eidetic Memory actually circumvents the need to LEARN by allowing us to MEMORIZE. It's not the same. While Eidetic knowledge can be recalled at will, it doesn't allow for the instant crosslinking of knowledge to relevant focuses.
In game terms, overuse of Eidetic knowledge may penalize our INTUITION and cause some weirdness.
[UNDERSTANDING] however, would nullify this, making eidetic memory purely a boon.

I say all this to suggest that perhaps Eidetic Memory need not be the FIRST of Saba's mental abilities we meditate on.
VISUAL CALCULUS or Deduction, as one suggestor put it, would come quite in handy.
No. 1003777 ID: e51896

couple things to point out

I think I should mention about that coin that while we know that eye is most likely the demon Set's eye, that person in glasses might be that person from the karma shop >>1002771

and those blue lights might be souls for whatever reason. they are mostly balls of glowing blue lights after all
No. 1003793 ID: afe7de
File 162427388248.png - (83.27KB , 500x500 , SR_077.png )

> Eyes and Boots?
You introduce yourself as CHI SAVA, she says it’s a pleasure to meet you and that you have a nice name. You’re curious so you take another look over the girl in front of you. You didn’t notice at first but she looks like she’s pretty well built. Her arms are muscular and now that you look at her boots again, they look incredibly heavy. Only someone with a POWERFUL physique could carry them.

You politely ask Marth about her eyes and she responds in a pretty chipper attitude. She says they’re COMPOUND EYES. Basically she can see in extremely high resolution and can see in a different light spectrum from others. Says she’s part Insect-kin, her mom was a HUMAN her dad was a DRONE or a male BEE. You’ve only heard about Insect-kin from Saba’s Knowledge. She must be from outside your country.

You also ask about the boots saying they look pretty heavy. She knocks them with her fist, a smile ever present and mentions they’re some MAGITECH her teacher gave her. It lets her FLY, which is kind of required if you want to live in this world-plate. You’re shocked that a device could be made to allow someone to fly and it’s present on your face. She laughs and tells you that it’s not really that special, just expensive.

> Respond in English
You slip into a little bit of English and her smile gets even WIDER. You were not sure it was possible.

You: [ENG] We should probably talk later.
Marth: [ENG] Well there’s a surprise. Sure!

No. 1003794 ID: afe7de
File 162427395101.png - (55.85KB , 500x500 , SR_078.png )

The test starts and a Wing-kin appears on the stage, introducing himself as the dean. He welcomes the 2318 test takers, says something about how he hopes the best of you make it, but says not to worry if you don’t the top 500-200 in certain sections will be scouted by the various TRADES around the city, so it should be easier for them to get TRAINING too.

The test, like you expected, tests your KNOWLEDGE, INTUITION, CREATIVITY, LOGIC, and CHARISMA. Asking how well you know history, what you’d do in certain situations, how you’d solve certain problems, and how good your MATHS skills are. It’s an overall easy exam, but you’re actually not the first to finish, over 100 other kin actually finish the main exam before you. You don’t sweat as a wing kin, but you spread your wings a bit to relieve the heat and tension you’re feeling. The Bonus Section is the last thing you’re given to complete. Unfortunately you’re UNLUCKY and it tests a stat you don’t have called [PERCEPTION]. They ask you to spot various details on incredibly detailed illustrations and to circle their locations. The difficulty is immediately apparent as the details you are asked to look for are incredibly hard to find. Since most Wing-Kin have GOOD EYESIGHT this is a skill that tends to get overlooked.

You panic but your CURIOSITY and INTUITION have your back and you’re able to find 2/5 things on the image confidently. The final three you just circle randomly, hoping that with a little LUCK you get at least another right. Your paperwork is taken up and you are all told to wait for a few hours while the administration and academy students all review your tests. Your tests will be reviewed by only those with the highest of integrity and under supervision, should any mistake be made or anyone be found to not be acting in good faith you will be compensated.

You talk to Marth while you wait and get to know them a little better. They mention they’re from CANUS, but her Insect-Kin dad was from the world plate of HIVEN. You mention that other world-plates past Canus aren’t on your world maps. She laughs and says that’s because they don’t want kids to know about it, especially Wing-kin. Some fly the nest and leave at early ages to go traveling to different world-plates and end up dying to the monsters. One has to be STRONG to survive out there as the world is pretty different then this peaceful plate.

You ask why Marth came to this World-Plate and she Smiles back at you again.

Marth: Teacher came here to research various things.
Marth: He was also given a job as a TEACHER in MAGITECH SCIENCES and MONSTER THEORY
Marth: He wants to give Wing-Kin a chance to learn the tech
Marth: and feels bad because his ancestors were some of the people who tried to force the world-plate to give up resources
Marth: It’s all in the past now and he’s being paid pretty well by your queen.
Marth: He’s not the greatest MT SCIENTIST, probably only barely a passable tradesman
Marth: But that’s loads better then what you have in Tengu.

You excitedly chirp, that’s great! You’ll get to learn what this MAGITECH stuff is! But you notice he skimmed over why he actually came here, deflecting.

[GUILE] Running from something?
[INTUITION] Maybe something bad happened?

You respond with a little bit of your life’s history, about just being naturally smart and studying the past year to try to get into the INTERMEDIATES. You were once told you had a good APTITUDE to become an Archaeological explorer, but think you want to see the options before committing. She shrugs and says to give the MAGITECH stuff a try, you might like it.

You get the feeling like you should be able to form a bond with MARTH in the future
You get a strange feeling, it’s not unpleasant, but it is strange

No. 1003795 ID: afe7de
File 162427397162.png - (81.68KB , 500x500 , SR_079.png )

The results are in, you’re called up in order from 200 to 1. There are kin you recognize that get called up, some you don’t, and audible groans from the audience, here are the results:

200: PAWN
197: MARTH
118: DRIFT
36: CHI (You)
18: PON

You can see visible disappointment in WILLIAM’s face from just being one off of an ELITE. Pon is PROUD and you can tell he’s relieved a bit. You’re surprised to see BLITZ missing, in fact you can’t see him anywhere in the gymnasium. Did he not come? You’re also surprised to see MARTH rank so low. And PAWN made it in? Guess you’ll be seeing him around. You get a good look at IGNIS, he winks at you when he notices you looking in his direction, you’re not sure what kind of bird he is, but his beak makes him pretty handsome you think.

The next week is a bit of a blur, there’s a welcoming ceremony, you’re introduced to the dorms, and given an overview on how the academy works. Since it’s 3 people to a dorm, you decide to bunk with NOODLE and PON. Your parents give you their goodbyes and RIICHI informs you that she’ll be living in the city for a while and if you need a family member to come find her at the address she gives you. She says that she’s always willing to spend time with you and teach you more about GUILE if you’re interested, since it’s not something you’d typically learn at the ACADEMY.

You are told that passing your exams gurantees you a minimum of 4 years of study at the TENGU ACADEMY. If you want to study at the academy after that, you’ll have to pay a yearly stipend of 400 SHINIES, will have to move to the graduate dorms, and can only do it for another 2 years at the most. They want to encourage students to go out into the workforce and practice their trade, stating that if they want to further their education beyond this they can try to go to the college in CANUS or maybe the one in the HUMAN KINGDOM.

You and Pon are both given your yearly INTERMEDIATE stipends, 128 SHINIES, apparently ELITES are given 1280 SHINIES. You’re also informed that there will be a TRADES FAIR at the beginning of your SOPHOMORE (2) and SENIOR (4) years, where you can meet trainers in specific fields to apprentice yourself to, or to compete in a specific trades for the chance to gain entry to the ROYAL LIBRARY to pick out a book for study that year.

You’re also informed that the ACADEMY has a strange policy. You’re only required to attend one class a year, and can take a maximum of 4 per year. You know that most students usually take 2 classes a year, and the elites usually take 4. You can spend the rest of your time doing whatever you like. The ACADEMY is here to facilitate your growth and will only provide guidance and opportunity, as an INTERMEDIATE you can also request a single TUTOR per year to assist your studies in a single class. However you have to request the tutor when you are signing up for the class, as they are limited and tied to their students for the duration. You can also request the tutor for a specific subject that you are interested in, or a trade you are practicing but aren’t taking a class for, but they’ll only be half as effective as a regular class.

You can pay for another tutor if you’d like, but they cost 100 SHINIES per class. TUTORS help increase your learning efficiency, doubling your progress in a class. TUTORS are students that are either on the TEACHING track, or have mastered a specific field and want the extra SHINIES. Apparently ELITES can get a TEACHER as their tutor. You’re also told that its okay to fail classes as you’ll be able to take them again and that through failure you might learn something new, or make lifelong companions in different fields. You won’t be expelled for failing your single course in the year if that’s the path you take. However if it’s found that you are only taking one class and aren’t taking it seriously that is grounds for expulsion. They don’t want students wasting away doing nothing at all.

Classes are held BI-YEARLY. In the first half of the year, then there’s a 2 month break, and in the second half of the year. You’re welcome to stay at the Academy dorms during this time or visit your family, food will still be provided. All in all it’s a pretty flexible course structure. But it relies on students picking good paths for themselves, finding what they like, and managing their time wisely. Though these are the best of the world-plate after all, so you guess that’s kind of already expected of them, for the students to have some sort of DRIVE. At the end of orientation you put up your drawing. Noodle and Pon think it looks very good in the room and they mention it might be a good idea to get more art in the future.
No. 1003796 ID: afe7de
File 162427399865.png - (37.93KB , 500x500 , SR_080.png )

You look at the class selection scroll your dorm was provided, there’s a lot to chose from and it looks like each class has different TIERS they can teach, each * represents a new tier, so if something is ***** they have 5 classes offered total.

What classes does Tengu Academy offer?

Here are some of the ideas I came up with, feel free to suggest others, and don’t forget about electives or sports, stuff for fun, also, feel free to suggest which one you think is your favorite from these and the other suggested ones, your STATS will speak up and that will influence what they have to say about it!

MAGITECH ** - Developing technologies through runescript
HUNTER **** - Learn to become a hunter with specialized WORLD-PLATE HUNTERS, counts as 2 classes due to the time investment
TEACHING *** - Learn how to teach others and be a good educator
ARCHAEOLOGY *** - Learn the history of the world, how to spot dangers in ruins, and how to be diplomatic with kin in other regions
ARCHITECTURE **** - Learn how to build and maintain structures
MEDICINE **** - Learn how to heal kin by making medicine
OUTREACH ** - Learn a bit of everything and how to offer your services to those who might not have access to them
LEADERSHIP *** - Learn how to lead people, be it in the military, in a guild, in politics or otherwise
METALWORKING *** - Learn to smith metals and craft tools

MONSTER THEORY * - Learn about monsters
SCULPTURE * - Learn how to sculpt
PAINTING * - Learn how to paint

AUTHORS NOTE: You don’t pick a FLAW and FOCUS anymore as you are cherry picking the courses you’ll be studying.

For full transparency, you’ll be getting [3 TIME POINTS], [2 TIME POINTS], and [3 TIME POINTS] in that order to spend while you’re at the academy.

Apprenticing yourself to someone or getting a job will take up TIME POINTS starting from your 2 free time points during your break in the middle, then split up by majority vote past that if you decide to take on multiple jobs (though if you speak up and say you want to take time points from the first segment and time points from the last segment, leaving the middle one, that’s fine too). Taking a JOB will take a time point, same with doing activities and other stuff.

And after careful consideration I’ll be adjusting how Meals at restaurants and other money spending events will work. You can go to up to 1 per year right now, but that’ll change with time. These no longer count as full rest events. Instead they’re moments to INCREASE A BOND and reduce STRESS by 1, so if you find you can’t make time for someone else, you can solve that problem by taking them to dinner or going on a DATE. Dates are available at age 16 and sex at age 18, just FYI.

There are also events and other interesting things happening around the city, but you’ll have to either hope a classmate speaks up and tells you about a place, or go out EXPLORING using one of your TIME POINTS.

Right, and about the LOGIC skills. DEDUCTION and VISUAL CALCULUS are different. DEDUCTION would be LOGIC+INTUITION+INFORMATION to make conclusions based off of not too much information. VISUAL CALCULUS would be LOGIC+KNOWLEDGE+EVIDENCE, letting you reconstruct the scene using hard facts. VISUAL CALCULUS would be useful in figuring out where a bullet was shot from after seeing a broken window and the pieces on the ground without moving and handling it yourself. DEDUCTION would be useful when listening to statements and finding any logical loopholes in them, you could also use it to look at a window and realize that it was replaced recently, perhaps a gunshot broke it? So one’s good for environments and ones good for people.

No. 1003800 ID: f8fa51

Go for four classes, since that's what an Elite would do. You know your a genius and need to apply yourself better than you did previously.
MAGITECH is an obvious choice, hopefully allowing you to make use of logic, understanding, and creativity to become an inventor; ARCHAOLOGY (with tutor) shores up some of your weaker important skills, including knowledge and hopefully charisma too; PAINTING because you should push yourself to develop this further; and TEACHING because you may end up wanting to tutor your friends.

Other classes you may be interested in include: LEADERSHIP, you're starting to get a gang together, and putting them all on the same track could let you achieve great things; OUTREACH, because using your skills to help others is always a noble goal; and MEDICINE, because it would potentially be another way to use your sharp mind if you didn't want to overspecialise.
No. 1003801 ID: afa6f6

Hoo, so many interesting things here. Im thinking we should take three classes to maximize our stat growth, while still leaving time to socialize, and maybe by the third year we'll be good enough in a subject to tutor.
The only suggestion I have a for a class right now is one that's a little bit of a mixture of archeology, astrology, geology and anthropology, Thats basically about studying the world plates themselves, their nature, theories on how they came to be, and the world in the greater universe sense.
Call it [Platology] maybe. or maybe just World Studies, I don't know.

The Classes that seem interesting are:
and out of the arts, I think SCULPTURE would be good. Especially if we take metal working as well.

Right now, im leaning towards Magitech, Archeology and Monster Theory for this year.
No. 1003803 ID: afa6f6

Im also a bit surprised theres not a Martial Arts class at the Academy.
No. 1003805 ID: a4f4d6

Looks like we need hunter to go to other plates, best get started with it then.
It's also the obvious place to put the tutor, since we'll get the most out of them there thanks to three extra time hunter takes.

Hunter + Tutor
Medicine (We'll need to know some)
And then either leadership or monster theory.

As for free time I'd suggest
Meditate on deduction.
Train Sword
Train Guile
No. 1003811 ID: e51896

Maybe we can dedicate our lives to figure out how to save the world plates from shrinking, inspired by how Saba wanted to save his world.

Probably the best I can think of to help with this is

MAGITECH to see if magic can be used to save the plates, or find out if us using magitech is the cause of it for some reason

ARCHAEOLOGY maybe to research the past to see any signs or patterns to the shrinkage no one else spotted

PLATOLOGY like >>1003801 suggested. Will be best to learn more about our plates this way to get some understanding on the shrinking.

TEACHING: like Saba. Might be best to learn this skill to help people get better understanding on the plate erosion and help them help you figure something out.

CLASSES ON ENERGY DENSITY; our teacher in the past theorized this was one of the reasons. Maybe we should learn about whatever this energy is.

ARCHITECTURE, maybe to find out about how we can build things to replace the eroded lands if all else fails, though this class is not high on my list

LEADERSHIP; to help lead the charge in saving the world plates

PSYCHOLOGY; if only to raise our charisma if saving the worldplates requires us to convince large population of people into doing something to save the plates

Some kind of class for meditation? Not sure if this is allowed though.

Oh yeah, not sure of we're choosing our Free time yet, but we definetly should consider meditating at least once per year to help with Karma, spend time with Marth, and spend time with William.
No. 1003812 ID: 094652

Good for Hook, all her charisma dumping paid off. Give Pon a big hug for doing so well. Tell Noodle you knew she could make it. Stare at Marth for not taking this seriously.

>Elite's paycheck is ten times that of an Intermediate
... Is there something you're not telling us, Headmaster.

>400 Shinies / year for Master's Degree
Aaand there's the student loan debt.

Well, not getting the highest-class of scholarship is somewhat jarring since you've got the memories of a billionaire genius in your head... and yet, it's probably for the best. The elites are going to be celebrities with privacy traded for luxury. If you don't keep your reincarnation a secret, they're going to lock you in the cuckoo's nest or dissect you for science.

> Class Schedule
1. Hunter - This is everything you've dreamed of becoming, the de-facto of your adventuring career. Concentrate on this class to the point of acing it, even if you have to cut corners on your other classes.
2. Magitech - This is your secondary. You have a treasure trove of magitech blueprints in your head, you just need to synchronize them with this world. Learn the basics of reverse-engineering and invention, the rest will come to you in time.
3. Leadership - This is your role in a group. Get the bare basics and audit the course.

Don't take a fourth class, you'll need that to meditate or form bonds.
No. 1003813 ID: ce39da

We'll take three (3) classes since one of them is intensive enough for two.

In the first semester, we have ARCHAEOLOGY (Saba's profession of choice - it also helps to shore up KNOWLEDGE and CHARISMA) and MAGITECH (another great KNOWLEDGE and LOGIC class that will inform our archaeology). With our one remaining free time that semester, we'll WORK ON THE PUZZLE BOOK. We have enough accumulated smarts and prior event bonuses that we could probably knock out two pages in one go.

Let's BOND with MARTH during the break - she only said that was her current name, come to think of it; she never claimed that she was Marth previously. You... realize there's a chance that Set also followed you into the next life. Then, let's BOND WITH WILLIAM. His status normally makes him hard to approach, but the fact that he's also taken an interest in you means he gets to meet you halfway on that front.

After the break, we'll take HUNTER (with a tutor; we've been neglecting COMBAT and ATHLETICS long enough). With the remaining free time, we'll MEDITATE ON DEDUCTION.

Assuming I interpreted this correctly, and we don't spend time when having one of those dinners, we'll have it with PON; more for his sake than ours, as we'll check up on how he's handling himself at the academy - maybe hold him to his promise if he's ended up back at his old stressed out ways.
No. 1003817 ID: dfbac0

MAGITECH is a no-brainer and should probably be our main focus. Get a tutor for this as well.
ARCHEOLOGY is importants as it seems to be the leading field of progress and we want to make our mark on the world, also you get some cool diplomacy skills.
A custom one I thought of too...
ENGINEERING, and not the magitech kind but an advanced engineering class based on making tools and items of use or maybe even simply proof of concepts. I recommend this class because maybe we can eventually make satellites to study the world plates and discover new ones and maybe we could even work on a spaceship. Creativity favors the bold!
Meditate on Invention
Form a BOND with Marth
Meditate on Eidetic Memory x2 (To the guy saying this could harm our progression with understanding: This would not cause us to stop trying to understand information, we just have to use it smartly by not just putting stuff in willy-nilly and only use this for needed information, this would also let us review our memory and spend more time on understanding something. I'm saying this because that one comment changed everyone from wanting this to be scared of it.)
Work on the puzzle book.
Treat everyone we have a BOND with to a nice meal. (This will let us get to know them better and they can get to know each other better as well.)
No. 1003818 ID: 96c896

Well that's Marth alright. My guess is she's from a War-Torn country and fled here. Or really flubbed her origin roll and was born a slave.
My guess is she wouldn't have passed the exam at all if it weren't for our Adolescent Bond perk.

Holy smokes, Ignis has a strong reincarnation.

MAGITECH cuz cool
HUNTER cuz fight
ARCHAEOLOGY cuz Saba likes it
OUTREACH for the wide range of teachings
METALWORKING cuz it works well with magitech and invention
SCULPTURE just cuz
No. 1003827 ID: 56a408

For year 1, take Magitech, teaching, and painting.
No. 1003830 ID: ce39da

So I just learned that the prompt for this post is ONLY to suggest our own ideas for what classes and jobs there are - actual time-usage comes after this. Here are mine.

GUARD - For those who wish to hone their combat abilities and learn counterintelligence tricks to stop assassins before they can even arrive on the scene. COMBAT ARTS (favoring SWORDS and BOWS) and PERCEPTION come in spades here, and this is probably the only formal class that helps with GUILE.

GARDEN CLUB - You've heard rumors about this one; that it's supposedly a thinly-veiled haven for royals and those who would associate with them to relax and socialize. Anyone who can't muster enough CHARISMA or GUILE to stand with them are passive-aggressively nudged out (though you hear being COURAGEOUS and having actual KNOWLEDGE of plants and arrangement both help to a lesser extent, while actually knowing a royal within the club is a huge boon). The club would be a crucible for your CHARISMA and GUILE, assuming you don't get burned by its higher bar to clear.

AEROBATICS TEAM - Hone your ATHLETICS, PRECISION, and REFLEXES while training to put on spectacular airshows and participate in high-flying races.

WORK AS A JUNIOR COURIER - Deliver packages within the bounds of the capital. Earn coin while training ATHLETICS as you make better and better times on your route.
No. 1003836 ID: 031458

Dance - It goes surpisingly deep, exploring both local and foreign traditional and popular styles.

Aerobatics - Wing-Kin Exclusive acrobatics/gymnastics. Teaches freedom and grace of movement focusing on aerial manuevering, and 3 dimensional parkour.
Advanced aerial combat classes are available to those who possess ADVANCED aptitude with a weapon.

Sorcery- Teaches magic theory, history, and a collection of hedge-magic collected across the world-plate.
Magic is still fairly primitive here, consisting mainly of family secrets, old religious rituals, and a number of simple, practical spells. Still, the amount of information to get through is immense.
A Royal University in Canus scouts yearly, offering graduates who have completed this course, the Magitech Course, and the Hunter Course, a free 4 year post-graduate education in Advanced magic. A series of written, practical, and combat exams are required and they are BRUTAL. It is not unusual for no one to succeed in a given year, though retries in following years (if the student studies for longer than 4) are permitted.
No. 1003837 ID: 19cc43

After we get a idea of the classes we can take, lets ask a teaching staff member for some ideas for classes they recommend we take for certain career paths, like jobs that involve figuring out how to stop world plates from shrinking, archeological explorer, cartography, other stuff.

Maybe a packet or folder of notes that give us class recommendations to take each year for certain career paths. Dont wanna accidentally take the wrong classes for our MAJOR.

Few other ideas

Law classes
Religious classes
Tinker classes
No. 1003877 ID: afe7de
File 162435126903.png - (44.57KB , 500x500 , SR_081.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: So we’re reaching the point where you can start earning money. I had to do a bunch of math and got Pawn’s help on some of this, so I now have a better understanding of the financial system, so thanks to you for that bro.
Tutors have been adjusted, they are now TEACHERS ASSISTANTS or TAs, the cost to get a TA is the same as getting a tutor was before at 100 SHINIES per, after your first free one. Mechanically there’s no difference, just instead a TA will be a kin you go to on the weekends for recaps on classes.
TUTORS are a separate job and can be hired for 2000 SHINIES a class or subject. There are also special hidden TUTORS that could give you skills or hidden STATS around the city that might cost more. Mechanically a TA gives you a 2x bonus at learning efficiency in a class. A TUTOR gives a between a 1x to 4x bonus to efficiency, there are some bad tutors after all. You can get a tutor and link them to a class or you can just get a tutor and treat them like you had a class with just them.
ALSO, I have some stuff planned for your mid year break this year, so this year you won’t get those two free TIME POINTS in the middle. This is both to advance plot and so you don’t get overwhelmed with the choices. So this year you’ll have a total of 6 time points and next year it'll be 8.

You look at the classes offered this year. There’s just an overwhelming amount. You know there’s approximately 800 students at the TENGU ACADEMY at any given time, and between 1-400 GRAD STUDENTS. It’s kind of impressive that they’re offering so many courses at all. But you’re a bit overwhelmed, so you go to a member of the teaching staff located at your dorm for recommended classes and career paths. You find a feminine secretary bird named Josie. He looks to be about four years older than you and apparently is a former student who was offered a job by the academy.

Josie: There’s not any strict majors or career paths per-se here.
Josie: If you manage to complete a course to the second or third course you’re usually pretty set.
Josie: There are some classes that when taken together do provide synergy.
Josie: What are you interested in?
You: Well MAGITECH, ARCHAEOLOGY and HUNTER classes sound kind of interesting right now.
You: I’ve also got a secondary interest in MEDICINE, PLATOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AEROBATICS, THEORY, and PAINTING
You: But I’d have to say my strongest points are CREATIVITY and LOGIC
Josie: Weird, usually those two don’t go together.
Josie: Well let me group them up and make the list a bit easier to parse for you.

Josie takes your class scroll and starts marking down different things. Eventually you get a written over scroll back with notes on it. You thank Josie and head back to your dorm to give it a read with Noodle and Pon.

AUTHORS NOTE: I’ve organized the classes into various fields based off of the MAIN stat that the FIRST class uses. Some classes will generate NEW STATS or even use different stats as the work becomes more and more specialized. You’ll find specialization to be a good thing as it allows you to excel in specific fields. The number next to each class is how many courses there are in it. An X means you can take it any number of times

LOGIC CLASSES - These classes require a good grasp of LOGIC to excel in
MAGITECH 2 - Developing technologies through runescript
ARCHITECTURE 4 - Learn how to build and maintain Avian structures
ENGINEERING 2 - Learn how to make tools and proofs of concepts

HUNTER [2TP] 4 - Learn to become a hunter with specialized WORLD-PLATE HUNTERS, counts as 2 classes per course due to the time investment.
MARTIAL ARTS 3 - Learn the finer points of COMBAT the next step up from SELF DEFENSE, offers a variety of weapons to learn from.
AEROBATICS 2 - Hone your skills whilst training to put on airshows and participate in races only wing-kin can do. *NOTE* Using tools to fly is acceptable as well but you must pay for your own resources, the school will not provide them.

INTUITION CLASSES - A lot of these classes are theoretical, focusing on what we know and feel about the topics.
ENERGY THEORY 1 - A class about what might be causing the end-plates to crumble
MANA THEORY 1 - A class about MANA, the energy that powers MAGITECH, and it’s theoretical applications on the body
MONSTER THEORY 1 - A class on MONSTER BEHAVIOR, their theorized origins, and power levels
THEOLOGY 2 - A class on religions, the first focuses on your countries, the second focuses on religions found in other world-plates
MEDITATION x - A class on the foreign art of MEDITATION, said to reduce stress
ARCHAEOLOGY 3 - Learn how to spot dangers in ancient ruins, our theories on them, and how to be diplomatic with kin in other regions that find these places to be sacred
TACTICS x - Learn the secrets of STRATEGY and play WAR GAMES

KNOWLEDGE CLASSES - These classes will help you gain specialized knowledge in new fields
TEACHING 3 - Learn to teach others
MEDICINE 4 - Learn to heal others through practical medicine, the final course teaches minor surgery and ways to save limbs that have been lost
PLATOLOGY 2 - Learn about the plates and how they work
ANTHROPOLOGY 2 - Learn about KIN, how long we’ve been here, and the tendencies of the various races
AGRICULTURE 1 - Learn how to breed crops and animals in our world-plate and farm for SHINIES
ETIQUETTE 1 - Learn how royalty act in this kingdom and beyond

CHARISMA CLASSES - These classes will help you learn about and how to interact with kin better
LAW 2 - Learn about the Politics of this world plate and others
PSYCHOLOGY 2 - Learn about the kin mind and it’s behaviors
LEADERSHIP 3 - Learn how to LEAD and MOTIVATE kin
GUARD TRAINING 3 - Learn the skills needed to be a guard, to spot trouble, and protect the Kin of TENGU.
SINGING 6 - Learn the art of singing, a Wing-Kin favorite

CREATIVE CLASSES - These classes will help you get more creative
GARDENING x - Learn how to tend to plants
DANCE x - Learn different forms of dance
SCULPTURE x - Learn to sculpt in various mediums
PAINTING x - Learn to paint
MUSIC x - Learn an instrument (pick one)
PRINTING x - Learn how to make books and mass produced paper with this new technology

APPRENTICESHIPS - These are class length jobs you can take on. Taking classes in this is unpaid, but if you excel, you may be offered a PART TIME JOB [-1 time point] or a FULL TIME JOB [-2 time points]. But you have to commit for at least 1 year when taking a job.
COURIER 1 - Learn the basics of delivery work, how to read building markers, and more
METALWORKING 1 - Learn how to forge weapons, tools, and devices
OUTREACH 1 - Learn a bit of everything and how to offer your services to those who might not have access to them, will see you traveling around the world-plate on your weekends off.
FARMHAND 1 - Learn the basics of working on a farm, it’s lots of hard work and only the ATHLETIC should go

JOBS - There’s also a single part time job opening with tons of slots. No commitments or experience required.
SCHOOL JANITOR x - Learn to clean! Offered by the school below minimum wage if you are having trouble finding a job. Pays 960 SHINIES a [TIME POINT]
No. 1003879 ID: afe7de
File 162435133019.png - (37.20KB , 500x500 , SR_082.png )

Everyone: Wow
You: There’s so many options, where do we even start?
Pon: Wanna see about taking a class together this year?
Pon: It’ll probably be harder to do the further along we get in our classes.
Noodle: That sounds fun!
Noodle: I wanna take the Hunter class!
Pon: I want to take the Meditation class, Goddess knows I need to manage my stress better.
You: I dunno what I wanna take, there’s a lot of options.
Pon: Well as long as it isn’t anything crazy why don’t you pick the class we take together?
Noodle: OOOOH we could take dancing!!!
Noodle: Either way, I think we should explore the city and figure out what we have available to us
Pon: That’s probably a good idea. But it’s pretty big so it will probably take some TIME.
Noodle: If we can’t do it now, we’re definitely going to do it during the BREAK though.
Pon: Agreed!

The group chatters on about what classes they’re planning on taking. You decide to listen to your STATS and their opinion.

[LOGIC] - Magitech
[CREATIVITY] - Dance is nice and all, but wouldn’t it be cool to be a sculptor, might have some overlap with METALWORKING
[INTUITION & STRATEGY] - I have a good feeling about that TACTICS class
[CHARISMA & LEADERSHIP] - Leadership might be fun, maybe we can lead better than SABA did
[SABA’S KNOWLEDGE] - I’m still here you know… T.T
[ATHLETICISM] - Ladies, ladies, and gentlemen. AEROBATICS. I wanna go FAAAAAAAAST
[GUILE] Maybe invite PON and NOODLE to RIICHI’S to learn GUILE with you?

You’ve now had time to examine the list. It’s time to pick what you’re doing for this semester. You have [3 TIME POINTS] to spend. You can still get a free use of the TA this year. What do you do?

1. Take a CLASS
2. Explore the city
3. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
4. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
5. Use a Skill
[REALISTIC DRAWING] Make some art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] Study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams
[TEACHING**] Improve other kin’s stats and give them skills given time
6. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
9. Other (suggestions welcome)

And if there’s something specific you want to know about a topic or class you’re going into, feel free to suggest it and I’ll try to include it in a post.
No. 1003880 ID: f8fa51

So taking four classes for the year would mean spending two time points now, and two later, right?

In that case, I think Dance would be the best class to share with Pon and Noodle. If they don't mind you picking outright, we can go with Sculpture instead since you seem to be a fan of it. For your other class, getting started with Magitech seems like a good pick.

For your free time, let's meditate on VISUAL CALCULUS.

Once we've had a breakthrough in logic and a grounding in magitech (I think it might be related), we can maybe do some more work with the puzzle book.
No. 1003883 ID: dfbac0

Reach for the stars! Let's do four for our first year, be a bit ambitious!
2: ENGINEERING, a good skill over-all.
3: MEDITATION, with your friends of course.
I was gonna do archeology but I think it's best we wait a year on that, don't rush it. So...
4: MEDICINE, being able to know the ins and outs of healing would most definitely be useful.
Biggest thing is to meditate on Eidetic Memory.
Other than that we can form a BOND with Marth.
Maybe meditate on Invention if we can.
No. 1003884 ID: 094652

2TP Hunter [Mod - TA]
1TP Magitech

Make a good first impression to the faculty and bury yourself in work for the first semester. Ease up after you and all your friends reach a total of 3 stress points.
No. 1003887 ID: a4f4d6

Hunter +TA, it's basically a must have and it's time consuming. Might as well get it out of the way.

On that note, does that mean we can only take two time slots of classes per period?
If so, Then Guile with Richie and friends or sword Training both sound like good ideas.

If we can take hunter and another class, Dance, Martial Arts, and Aerobatics all equally sound good, as all sound fun and all have at least a combat synergy.
No. 1003888 ID: afe7de

you have 3 TP rn, and you can take 3 classes if you want. Hunter classes take up 2 TP though. so you could at most take a class and the hunter class. And hunter classes count as two classes to your total of 4 per year. If it gets picked you'll find out why.
No. 1003907 ID: e51896

USE SHINIES HAVE DINNER with Marth and William to help us form a bond with them. It doesnt use up time points, and we need to form bonds with them. Or if we are only allowed to do one person per dinner each year, just Marth then, and we'll form a bond with William during our break time. We promised Marth we'd talk to her, and we should talk about our dreams and our connection through saba and marth in that past life... in english. Tell her about meditation too and it's importance for understanding our past life. We should also talk about our future career paths. Mention thinking about Archeology exploration, or finding ways to stop the world plates from crumbling in your future

how much is dinner though? Still 8 shinies? Maybe we can pay more to have dinner with both for one year?

(Now that i think about it, we probably should have use meals in the past to form bonds with new people, but too late now at least we saved up on our shinies)

For freetime

Explore the city with Pon and Noodle, look for potential jobs so we know where we can work in our break time for shinies

If we cant explore the city, lets use a FAVOR on Pon to save a time point and ask him what jobs are out there for us to take and other interesting things after Noodle and Pon explore the city without us.
No. 1003908 ID: ce39da

I say we should share the HUNTER course, for maximum together time. (Use your TA on that one, too; you’ll need the most help with this one this year.)

Our free-time should be spent on the PUZZLE BOOK; we have enough accumulated wits and past event bonuses that we could probably knock out two pages in a single time slot.
No. 1003917 ID: 791b1c

Meditation class with pon and noodle
Meditate invention
Outreach apprenticeship
Dinner with William and/or Marth
No. 1003927 ID: 96c896

First off, we gotta get Eidetic Memory, to supercharge our studies and uncap Logic.
Secondly, we need to take an apprenticeship so we can get a job ASAP. TAs and Tutors are extremely powerful, we need to be able to afford them. It's either that or mooch off of William.
Hunter seems important but will have to wait.

Planning ahead:
The puzzle book has runescript on it, so we should take Magitech partially to help solve the book easier but also to get a head start on invention which sounds like would involve Logic and Creativity, which are our main stats right now.
Tactics seems like it'll be important for battles in the future.
Leadership also. Though, I wonder if we should talk to Marth and William to optimize the group's knowledge base? ONE member of the group should be the leader, and one or two members with a tactics focus. On the other hand it wouldn't be bad for there to be two leaders, considering we're picking up friends other than them. We might have situations where we'd need to split up, and having two people trained in leadership and tactics is handy at that point.
Aerobatics sounds fantastic, because GOTTA GO FAST.
At some point we need to talk to Blitz and Drift about their puzzle books, to see if the different colors mean they have different puzzles. Are both blue booklets identical? Maybe the later pages require finding people with different colors, or matching colors. There are probably more colors than just yellow and blue.

So my votes for spending time this semester are:
METALWORKING apprenticeship.
Take SCULPTURE with your friends, boost with a tutor

No. 1003930 ID: 731206

Hunting class
Meditate for Eidetic memory
Invite marth for dinner
No. 1003961 ID: afe7de
File 162444632677.png - (73.60KB , 500x500 , SR_083.png )

You decide to take the MAGITECH class, to your surprise the amount of students in this class barely reaches 10. You see IGNIS and DRIFT in the class, but don’t see anyone else you know. Your first class is strange, a human man in a large pointed hat teaches you, saying his name is SHIMON CHROME. A MAGITECH researcher from CANUS. He gives a brief overview of Magitech itself and the class.

Shimon: Magitech is the study of using writing to convert energy either generated or absorbed naturally into strange and esoteric effects by the power of RUNESCRIPT.
Shimon: Using an ENGRAVING TOOL and a SURFACE you can etch in something called a RUNE.
Shimon: Metals are commonly used, but leathers and even skin can be used to a lesser degree.
Shimon: However there’s a problem.
Shimon: Certain surfaces can only hold so many runes, and one has to have a steady hand
Shimon: One must also understand the LOGIC behind runescripting
Ignis: Can’t you just teach us the alphabet or the language and we learn the syntax that way?
Shimon: Unfortunately it’s not that simple
Shimon: Runescripting requires COMPREHENSION of the system, for each line to be drawn with PURPOSE and INTENT
Shimon: Some call it MAGIC because your WILL ITSELF actually goes into the pieces you make
Shimon: As such there’s only one way to actually learn RUNESCRIPTING.

The professor takes out from his bag a stack of books that look eerily similar to your PUZZLE BOOK. He looks to each of you and puts on a pair of GOGGLES, after a moment he takes them off and scratches his head, mumbling something to himself. He then goes around and hands each of you a different colored book. IGNIS gets a RED book. DRIFT gets a YELLOW book. You get a WHITE book. And the rest of the students all get a different colored book.

Shimon: These are SCRIPTING MANUALS.
Shimon: I sent them in advance to your academy a few years ago to give to hopeful students but
Shimon: None have finished them, or informed us of having finished them.
Shimon: SCRIPTING MANUALS are easy to make by someone whose mastered the rune inside of them.
Shimon: So consider these a gift.
Student A: Okay, but what do the colors mean?
Shimon: The colors represent the TYPE of rune.
Student B: But can we know what the colors REPRESENT?
Shimon: No. I picked the colors you were most likely to solve, feel free to exchange between each other if you like.
[LOGIC] I get the sense he CAN’T tell us.
Shimon: My teaching for now ends here. You have until the end of this course to solve them.
Shimon: If you can open the book to the final page and COMPREHEND it’s contents come speak to me.
Shimon: I’ll be in the classroom on my assigned days and hours.
Student A: What BULLSHIT is this?
Student B: Yeah, you’re supposed to TEACH US THIS!
Ignis: QUIET.
Student B: Screw this, I’m out.

5 of the students in the classroom leave, leaving you, DRIFT, and IGNIS remaining. Eventually Ignis comes over and proposes the three of you wrack your brains together, looking at Shimon for confirmation that he gets.

Shimon: You can work together, but once you solve one you’ll understand why I can’t teach you at least on the first one.
Shimon: It’ll teach you a fundamentally different way of thinking.

The course goes by slowly, so you take the time to get to know your two classmates better.

Ignis is the 2nd PRINCE, and he loves these kinds of challenges. You also find out he’s 2 years older than you. Apparently he spends most of his time SOCIALIZING outside of classes. Trying to meet people and garner their favor. He thinks he has a shot of becoming KING, but is trying to find out who has the highest chance of being QUEEN next. He dismisses HOOK for her attitude and superiority complex.
Drift on the other hand has been spending a lot of time EXERCISING. He’s still not as athletic as most kin, but stresses he’s been putting in effort every single day. He says something about his body just refusing to grow stronger and laments his situation.
You don’t really see anything wrong with Ignis and are a little confused at what William was hinting. He seems fine you think.

You occasionally see MARTH pop by to talk to SHIMON, and you share a few words with her. Eventually you build up the courage to ask her to dinner, maybe with William as well. She laughs and apologizes saying she doesn’t have the time right now. But promises during the break to talk to both of you, she’s sure you all have things to discuss.

[EVENT - A MEETING WITH OLD FRIENDS - Will occur during TIME SLOT 4 of this year]

Eventually it’s the last day of class and you just barely finished the final page. You’re looking at the completed rune-scripting illustration and are presented with a vision, or hallucination of some sort. It was of a grassy field, you could see the wind blowing in the distance. And a node in the sky, of nothing, but also something, and when you looked at it you could see it sucking in the light greedily. ABSORPTION comes to mind. The INTENT to ABSORB, the PURPOSE of MANA ABSORPTION. You can’t put it into words, it’s more akin to a feeling. But a moment later you’re out of your daze.

You’ve gained the RUNESCRIPTING 1 skill
You can now inscribe RUNES onto SURFACES
- You only know how to inscribe one rune to a surface at this time
You’ve learned the rune for ABSORPTION
- Absorption can be used to absorb the elements to a certain degree and then expel them upon reaching saturation
- Absorption can also be used to speed up natural MANA absorption into an object passively
- You’ll need to experiment by putting runes on objects to see the results OR take the second class to know more
- Learn more runes and about runes to increase the skill

No. 1003962 ID: afe7de
File 162444636107.png - (34.64KB , 500x500 , SR_084.png )

You immediately scramble to a piece of paper and begin to scribble something in runescript. When the ink has settled on the parchment you notice something, it’s faint, but the paper has an incredibly slight shimmer to it now. You run up to your professor and show him the results and he’s shocked. You’re the fifth student he’s had that’s been able to solve a RUNESCRIPT MANUAL. He praises your LOGIC and CREATIVITY and examines the paper you inscribed. He lets you know it’s amateur but shows that you’ve comprehended the manual. Whats more impressive is that you were able to get it to work at 1/100th efficiency using just INK and not even distilled MANA. He hands you 5 more manuals, a RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE one, you let him know you already have the blue one at home and he swaps it for a BLACK one, smiling at you.

He tells you to finish at least 2 more manuals. Once you do complete it he tells you to sign up for his second course. And that if you have any questions on these to feel free to ask. Since you now know the basics and can COMPREHEND it, you two can actually talk on the subject. He also presents you with a small pen, there’s a bottle attached to it with a glowing blue liquid inside it. He says that it liquifies the mana in the air over the course of a day to fill up around halfway, stopping once full. You can use this to practice your rune-crafting. He says to practice on paper until you’re confident. In the second course he says he’ll show you how to make useful objects and how to LINK RUNES, but doesn’t give you any hints as to what the specific manuals contents are.

You go back to your companions and they celebrate your comprehension. Ignis especially gives you high praise and it feels good. The professor checks up on everyone elses progress and hands them the 5 books they’re lacking, offering the same to them. He says if they’ve reached the last page it’s only a matter of time. You try to describe the feeling of solving the final page but it just comes out as babbling, mush, and sensations. You stop and realize that this was what Shimon was talking about. You look to Shimon and try to talk about the ABSORPTION rune, and he talks back to you about a rune you dont understand, but you can feel a sense of HEAT and FLAME from it. It’s like you’re talking in PICTURES not WORDS. In IDEAS, not SENTENCES. The conversation goes for a few minutes and the class ends. Your two classmates seem to have a fire in their eyes and claim they won’t lose to you before leaving.

[CREATIVITY] But why do I get the feeling that if you reached a certain level in RUNESCRIPTING that teaching others would become possible…
[INTUITION] I think he’s just a shitty teacher that doesn’t want to teach the basics
[LOGIC] I think if you learn more runes and meditate on it you can find a way to teach others.
[PRIDE] You have resources others don’t, you can do this.

Your BOND with DRIFT has increased to rank 2
- Drift will occasionally suggest activities for you to do with him
- Drift sees you as a rival
IGNIS has formed a BOND with you at rank 2
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring IGNIS
- Ignis will occasionally suggest activities for you to do with him

No. 1003965 ID: afe7de
File 162444646380.png - (76.43KB , 500x500 , SR_085.png )

The three of you decide to take the HUNTER class together. Pon had the aptitude in being a HUNTER as a kid, so he thinks he should at least give it a shot, and it might be better with everyone together. The class is held 4 times a week in 4 hour chunks. Twice what normal classes do. The first class in the course consists of RIGEROUS TRAINING. You are all pushed to the point of exhaustion. And then are forced to wield your training weapons against eachother, those that fall in combat this way are then reprimanded and their training in the next class is increased.

[PERSERVERENCE] This is nothing!!!
[PERSERVERENCE] It’s all in the mind, pain in the mind…

You chose to practice your RAPIER skills during this period. Noodle practices her SPEAR skills and Pon decides to take up the JAVELIN, he’s been undecided for a while now and thinks the flexibility from having multiple throwing weapons that could also be used as small spears suits him. Yours and Noodle’s ATHLETIC physiques manage to let you BARELY keep up with everything, but you’re still terribly exhausted by the end. Pon’s POWERFUL physique allows him to breeze through most of the activities with ease, he’s noticed by the instructor and is made to do carry heavy weights while he does the rest of the exercises, only then, after he’s reaching the point of BARELY being able to keep up with everything is he put back with the others. You’re told the point of this exercises is to build up incredible amounts of STAMINA, and the ability to force your bodies past your limits. Hunting monsters can be unlike fighting humans. It’s a drawn out, grueling process at times, and then over in a moment at others.

Interspersed during the courses are lessons on monsters themselves. Your instructor’s name is TALBOT, she’s a high ranking World-Plate hunter, this means she travels outside your country to hunt monsters. She makes sure to emphasize that there are monster varieties that are harmless, or even peaceful, but the ones that they go after are typically the ones attacking cities, destroying ecosystems, and that are identified as threats. For some reason most monsters HATE kin and humans, and if they’re on the same world-plate Monsters will actively try to go to kin settlements to feast.

Talbot: Question. Are there monsters in our world-plate?
Flying Squirrel: I thought the hunters took care of them years ago?
Talbot: That’s not entirely accurate.
Talbot: You see there are CAVERNS underneath TENGU, the deeper you go, the more monsters you find
Talbot: This is why parents usually tell their kids never to go into the caves.
Talbot: However hunters have completely decimated the overworld population of monsters on our world-plate
Talbot: Causing it to be the most relatively safe one in the country.

She then goes on to explain that these caverns have either been cleared, or maintained as monster breeding grounds to train future hunters. The one on the floating lake has been cleared, but monsters are a strange existence and have been known to appear in previously cleared areas. She tells you about BIPED and QUADRAPED monsters. In the second course you will be getting live training against real monsters. The class murmurs excitedly at that. You see Pon get a bit nervous, but pat his back reassuringly. The tutoring classes you attended are more focused versions of the main classes, with emphasis on learning the different types of monsters, their weaknesses, and how to spot their habitats in the wild. As a wing-kin you are naturally gifted at this, so they tell you how to take advantage of that. The landlocked kin are also trained in advanced escape techniques. Sometimes you’ll encounter a monster you can’t win against and will have to run. Wing kin can just fly, but others cant.
No. 1003966 ID: afe7de
File 162444650102.png - (70.30KB , 500x500 , SR_086.png )

During your time in the hunter class you grow closer to your fellow students. You’re spending a lot of time with each other, but one classmate catches your attention. His name is Glide and he’s a FLYING SQUIRREL. You once read a book that flying squirrels couldn’t actually fly, but apparently he’s the exception. You think it’s kind of cool he broke his genetic barriers and learned to fly as a mammal. Apparently he wears this wing suit so his skin-flaps are more easily contained, and so he gets more force applied when he flies. His only problem is that he tends to be a bit too lazy for your tastes. He’s only putting in the minimum amount of work. But when it comes to combat he can be fierce, eying you down with a lot of COURAGE and not backing down. He’s not scared easily. Eventually the quarter passes and you’re at your final exam.

Your ATHLETICISM stat has reached the soft cap
You must PRACTICE an ATHLETIC SKILL in order to progress, here are some examples
- IMPROVED PHYSIQUE - Improve your ATHLETIC physique one rank to POWERFUL
- FLIGHT SPEED - Fly twice as fast as other kin
- REFLEXES - Gain a new stat, your DODGE skill is automatically converted and becomes passive. Actively using REFLEXES to DODGE provides more bonuses.
- TENACITY - Gain a new stat, Similar to PERSERVERENCE but in reference to the body
Some skills are harder to learn than others and you’re not sure how long it will take to train.
You’ve gained the MONSTER KNOWLEDGE stat at rank 2
Your PERSERVERENCE is already at the peak and thinks it’s great that you’re flexing it
GLIDE has formed a BOND with you
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring GLIDE
You’ve gained 3 stress from the grueling training

On the way to the exam site you talk it over with PON and NOODLE, you agree to go exploring the town during the break, it’s been on your mind and you think it’ll be fun.

[EVENT - QARA TENGU’S DAYLIFE - Will occur during TIME SLOT 5 of this year]

Everyone’s nervous, and they should be, brought before each of you is a bound DUSK RABBIT. It’s a deep gray with red, piercing eyes. You would say it looks cute, but it’s got fangs and claws that have both been clipped. You’re told this is the weakest of what would be considered a MONSTER. More a pest that can really hurt if you’re unprepared. You’ve all been given a knife and one job, to kill the creature in front of you. You’re told this is the final exam of the first course, to kill a life. If you cannot do this, then you are not fit to be a HUNTER, but he hopes that the PERSEVERANCE and ATHLETICISM and KNOWLEDGE you’ve gained will support you in the future.

You can tell that Noodle has a fierce determination in her eyes. Glide is calm and collected, he’s even playing with the knife. Pon is scared, you can tell he’s very hesitant. Your STATS are silent in this moment, wanting you to make the decision. Seeing If you’re ready to take a life. You’ve seen Saba do it in your dreams, and you are Saba, which means you’ve technically done it, but can you? You’re feeling the PRESSURE.

What do you do? And do you say anything to Pon?

Those two events I mentioned above are the plot events I’m gonna have happen in the middle of the year. Whenever I have important plot stuff going forward that you get info of I’m going to announce it like this. I’ll try to let you know in advance for the most part.
No. 1003967 ID: 094652

"... No."
You are capable of killing animals. Of killing people. Of even killing innocents whose existences threaten many others. But here, you are expected to take the life of an animal that has never harmed you or your people, and is incapable of doing so in any way. Even an insect is more of a threat than this bound, defanged, broken little creature. Society is poised to reward you for this act of needless, graceless slaughter.
This is not the path of the ranger, it is the path of the butcher. Let it be taken by one who has devoured souls. But that person is not you.
Release the bun-bun. Demand to fight a (weak) beast that is eager to kill you and has the means of doing so, or you're done with this class.
No. 1003974 ID: ce39da

Give Pon a reassuring nod.

Then do it. You get the impression that you aren't going to amount to much if you can't fight monsters in some capacity. (Archaeologists encounter monsters sometimes, don't they?)
No. 1003975 ID: 528dbf

“Let’s make Dad proud.”
End its life quickly.
Also, practice your original puzzle book first, cross referencing it with this one. We’re going to figure this out and teach others what they need to figure out theirs out of spite. That teacher shouldn’t be in charge of first year classes if he can’t even teach people this new way of thinking. Aren’t there books in the library we can just check out about magitech?
No. 1003976 ID: e51896

could CAVERNS be this worlds' dungeon? if so... *gulp* here we go again... Though maybe not, they seemed to have been cleared pretty easily. Maybe the CAVERNS are at the early stages of being dungeons though?

Killing raises karma sooooo... I guess as long as it's just monsters and wildlife for survival?

Tell Pon that hunting non-threatening monsters and wildlife are sometimes required if he wants to hunt for food like our father did for us back at home. There could be a situation where he may find himself without resources when traveling to different world plates, even those far from civilization, and he might have to kill a harmless creature like a wild rabbit to survive. It's part of the circle of life, after all. (Would our teaching skill help Pon? maybe in courage or perseverance, one of those two? I feel it might be courage to help Pon in since we are feeling a little hesitant from the pressure ourself. TEACH Pon courage a little bit.)

Ask the teacher if you can cook and eat the monster after killing it, so that its death doesn't feel so needless especially in its bounded and helpless state. (assuming monsters are edible of course)


For our two upcoming activities:


ask William and Marth what classes they are taking, their future plans and careers (you're thinking about looking into saving the world plates, but also, you think you feel inspired at taking a shot in teaching MAGITECH, you need to learn how to teach better though. Also talk to Marth about Meditation. Suggest all taking a meditation class together the second half of the year maybe.)

for the QARA TENGU’S DAYLIFE event

Look for job openings, maybe ones that require something we our exceptional at in some of our stats, like graphic designing birthday cards with our creativity. Also, look for dojos for self defense training, look for anything else of interest


Not final since we are not planning it yet, but for the third part of our year to lower stress, we should look into meditation classes with Marth and William (if they are interested),
Meditate Eidetic memory to also lower stress and learn that skill,
and try to solve the puzzle book, it might be easier now that we took a class in magitech (we need to solve two in order to take another class).


Long term plan, we could try to look into teaching MAGITECH in our future, we seem to be unique in that we have the potential to be one of the very few kin in FAUNUS to teach magitech effectively to others where other teacher could not. Taking Teaching Classes would be helpful in this.
No. 1003978 ID: ce39da

Oh, yeah, to add on to these: Restrain it on the ground first. Then, place a cloth on the back of its head, both to position the knife for a double-handed press without hurting the poor thing and to act as a splatter-guard. Finally, press down, hopefully killing it instantly, and wait until its vitals have ceased and you've turned its body to the side before removing and cleaning the knife. Pon wouldn't be reassured to see all of his friends covered in blood after doing the deed.
No. 1003980 ID: 157c19

Kill it by removing the mana crystal in the back of its neck.
No. 1003996 ID: 96c896

Oh. So, the 1/1000 thing is just... that most people have no potential for learning Runescripting? I was hoping it was some sort of world-spanning metapuzzle made by some mad genius.
>IGNIS seems fine
That's because he's using his CHARISMA effectively. He's had practice. Maybe William is used to his earlier, clumsy attempts at garnering favor with women. It really is intimidating that he got #1 while spending so much free time socializing...

Do it. Make it as quick as possible.
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