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File 162191634958.png - (12.94KB , 500x500 , C2_5_000.png )
1001663 No. 1001663 ID: afe7de

There’s going to be guest artists and writers in this thread, so they’ll be credited as they come up, with a final credits at the end of the thread.

CATALYST PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986604.html
CATALYST PART 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/993796.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134892.html


Author’s Commentary: This Quest contains 18+ content including violence, sexual content, angry characters, and more. Reader discretion is advised.
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No. 1003371 ID: 6c19fd

Visual/Sensory for pinups galore
No. 1003380 ID: 931d62

Physical is cute for her
No. 1003392 ID: f8fa51

Definitely go for YELLOW. YELLOW like the one you just ate Andrea.
No. 1003394 ID: 96c896

So PHYS is strong against VISUAL, weak to MAGIC.
VISUAL is strong against ???, weak to PHYS and MAGIC.
MAGIC is strong against PHYS and VISUAL, and resistant to MAGIC but that's just a wash.

Isn't MAGIC the clearly overpowered choice here, and VISUAL the weak one?
No. 1003484 ID: afe7de
File 162392393487.png - (83.84KB , 500x500 , C2_5_068.png )

Andrea: Let’s go with Visual, that should be fun!
Gena: Cool, cool, cool.

Gena selects that fighting style and the screen fades to black. You hear a trumpet laden fantasy intro as the camera pans over a few different locations. First is a lush forest, there are ruins scattered about and there’s a shrine to a deer-headed creature. The camera pans to an enclosure of tents, and a simple wooden chapel. The sign EXTATEM’S BROTHEL is hanging above, the picture of that same Deer-head on the sign.

Next is a mountain, many living ice sculptures can be seen moving about, the camera pans over a village, Wing-Kin can be seen chattering about. The last angle on this scene is that of a large tower in the center of a crater.

Next is an Oasis in the desert, there’s tons of hastily built wooden houses and structures, some brothels, this one with the head of a gator-mummy on it. The camera pans under the ground to a neon lit cavern city. There are several obsidian structures and one rather large castle, known as the Queen’s palace. Many kin can be seen dancing in the streets as music plays all around softly.

The camera pans once again to the Academy, It’s a phallic structure, towering up to the sky with two large orb-like structures on the bottom. To it’s side is a small town and the camera focuses on one particular location. CHESST, a chess themed brothel and drinkery.

Lastly the camera pans to a location central to all of these places, It’s an open clearing with some wooden structures put up. There’s a large spider-web near a tavern called THE RUFFLED HAUNCH. Eventually the camera finally reaches you, coming out of a bush in the forest.
No. 1003485 ID: afe7de
File 162392395096.png - (8.48KB , 500x500 , C2_5_069.png )

Your name is ANDREA THE ADVENTURER. You’re in crippling student debt after attending the Academy and learning how to become an adventurer, so much so that you’re completely out of SMOOCHES. The currency of this world. It’s based off of the price of a single kiss from the Queen. You’ve come to this place to participate in the BUTTLE ROYALE, it’s an event where you LUST against other kin for a prize. You can chose from getting an artifact, to getting tons of smooches, to getting all sorts of cool things. You can go it alone, or you can team up with up to 4 kin and battle it out to the end.

You’re skilled in VISUAL LUSTING, the art of making your foes CLIMAX with your teasing body alone. You’ve learned how to FLASH, TAUNT, SPREAD, and SEXY DANCE. It’s pretty effective. You can also GROPE if you get up real close, but you’re not very good at it yet. You could potentially learn NEW TECHNIQUES, but you’ve got to find someone willing to teach you, or take a lesson at the ACADEMY, and you’re still VERY BROKE.

You’re in a clearing. There’s a building with the name RUFFLED HAUNCH in front of you. It’s an INN, they serve food and have beds. The path behind you is blocked, not that you’d want to go back that way, there were a LOT of horny Aquans back there you just got done dealing with.

Beside the inn you see some kind of large WEB, there’s many things inside the web.

There are some random kin wandering about, some are sitting outside the Inn, there’s a QUEST BOARD posted up. You know that you can find JOBS here.

In the distance you see a CARAVAN, there’s a sign next to it that says TRIPS TO THE ACADEMY, 5 SMOOCHES.

To the WEST you see an opening in the forest, a sign is posted next to it. EXTATEM’S BROTHEL, WARNING, BANDITS SIGHTED.

To the EAST you see a long, winding path leading up to a mountain.

To the SOUTH you see a cavern entrance, there’s many colorful lights coming from it.

To the NORTH you see an open gate, kin are going through it. You know this to lead to the OASIS and LUSTIVAL GAMES.

What do you do?
No. 1003486 ID: e51896

We need smooches. I wonder if RUFFLED HAUNCH is hiring someone with our VISUAL LUSTING skills,

if not maybe EXTATEM’S BROTHEL is hiring...

Otherwise, quest board
No. 1003488 ID: f8fa51

Let's check the quest board.
No. 1003496 ID: 755453

To the brothel!
No. 1003501 ID: dabf33

Look things up on the WEB!
No. 1003529 ID: 094652

Check Lust, masturbate if above 33%

Head East
No. 1003553 ID: 03c8aa

Realize too late you're not in a private area when you do this and you get in a little trouble... whoops! (REPUTATION stats decreases but VISUAL/SENSORY exp increases though)
No. 1003560 ID: 9a2966

>Quest board
Get a JERB you BUN-BUM!
No. 1003591 ID: afe7de
File 162400129130.png - (16.40KB , 500x500 , C2_5_070.png )

> Quest Board
You head over to the quest board, the sound of chattering kin providing a nice and welcome background noise. It’s a rather well kept wooden board with a plaque on top of it that says OPEN REQUESTS. There are several pieces of parchment with requests nailed onto the board. You decide to take a look and find a few requests that peak your interest.

There’s a few papers stacked together and they appear to be related to the church of Extatem. First is a request to patrol for bandits, it pays a few SMOOCHES if you can locate where they are holed up so other kin can avoid them. Bonus pay if you KO the bandits, causing them to leave. There’s also another sheet that says the Head Acolyte could always use temporary Acolytes to assist in general worship. This pays smooches based on how much work you do. They mention they don’t have a lot of smooches but will offer their services to you for free during the festival as long as you help with a single task as an added incentive.

There’s another request for a guide down from the mountains, the path is a little perilous and its from someone named YOWIE, you see a headshot of them. They’re kind of cute. Another is a request for someone to come visit them, pays 5 SMOOCHES, they’re offering tea and snacks, also in the mountain.

There’s a request asking for someone to help with some SHADY business in the NIGHT CLUB CITY. By shady they mean dark, it’s dark and there’s neon lights, not illegal or anything. It pays 30 SMOOCHES.

There’s a paper here listing that a group called the BROTHEL BROS are traveling around to the 4 nearby brothels to rate and review them. They’re offering a reward to anyone able to beat them in a round of LUSTING in the form of new LUSTING techniques. It also lists where the 4 brothels are.
No. 1003592 ID: afe7de
File 162400130764.png - (17.79KB , 500x500 , C2_5_071.png )

There’s the GREEN brothel, Extatem’s brothel in the FOREST. They specialize in cozy and empathetic sex with the head acolyte able to use lust magic to give intense orgasms.
There’s the RED brothel in NIGHT CLUB CITY. They specialize in sexual meals, eating off of their sexy insect and lust kin. They also offer an all-you-can-fuck challenge that only the Queen and a few other kin can successfully navigate. There’s a prize at the end.
There’s the YELLOW brothel in the OASIS. They offer lewd dances and an environment that you can get high on catnip and relax in. This location has a lot of Kobold and Aquan employees. It’s the Brothel that sells its customer service and casual conversation more over the sex.
Lastly there’s the BLUE brothel near the ACADEMY. They call themselves STACKERS and primarily feature shortstacks and a neat futa-milk bar. It’s a casual drinking establishment where you can get lots of different flavors “On Tap” and the workers seem to never run out. You remember this place well as it was the second most popular drinking establishment aside from CHESST when you were a student at the ACADEMY.

There’s also a few requests for some vague stuff. One kin is asking you to win 4 prizes from the Lustival and show them to them for a reward. Another is advertising an artifact purchasing and exchange booth. And the last is a note from someone called DARK who says to come check out his web for cheap lubes and lewd accessories.

None of the other requests seem to speak out to you, but you do know that you can usually find more quests or tasks to take up for SMOOCHES if you head in a direction and talk to the kin there. You’re used to helping kin solve their HORNY PROBLEMS after all. You could also stop by one of the brothels, as an adventurer they could usually use your sexual skills in some capacity and it’s a good way to get a few SMOOCHES among other things. You also think you could probably convince the carriage driver to take you along if you offer your protective services from bandits, but you think you’ll only have a 50/50 shot of making it work.

What do you do?
No. 1003593 ID: 0fae41

Head up the mountain for some adventure and an easy first pay.
No. 1003594 ID: 96c896

Hmm, could you do the visit and then guide YOWIE down after?
No. 1003595 ID: e51896

Primary choice: Seeing as the GREEN BROTHEL has a pic of a Gena look-alike, lets head over there and offer our services for SMOOCHES.

secondary, visit the mountain.
No. 1003611 ID: 132451

Alright, lets go to Mt. Mounted. (very funny name there, Rudeus, har har har *rolls eyes*) we can get more done that way.

Lets not get too involved and lets not be afraid to do anything really crazy, we're just trying out the game after all, and Wanomay watching is happening soon
No. 1003650 ID: afe7de
File 162410704048.png - (10.14KB , 500x500 , C2_5_072.png )

> Go to the Mountains
You decide to head up the long winding path to the mountains. When you enter the path the screen goes black, and an icon of a mountain appears in the center. An icon of prota winking appears on the bottom right hand corner as well. It spins around in circles and some text appears, fading in and out a few times with different text.

You don’t level up traditionally in this game, instead, try to find drinks, abilities, and bonuses by talking to other kin and exploring.

You get different stat bonuses from sex with new partners, try to fuck em’ all!

You can rapidly smash the “A” button in certain spots or in front of other kin to start the Masturbation minigame, try it out!

Andrea: LMAO, you can just start jerking off in front of other kin, hahahahahaha
Gena: I’m sure there’s a mechanical benefit to it!
Andrea: Yeah, maybe some kin won’t join you unless you just jill all over them or something hahahahahaha
Gena: Probably! I wouldn’t put it past him.
Gena: Though I gave you the Clit-Dick option, so you could jerk off that way if you purposefully chose it
Andrea: Ah, just like real life.
Gena: What do you wanna do first?
Andrea: Let’s go have tea with that mountain person for some easy SMOOCHES and head over to YOWIE
Gena: Cool Cool Cool Cool.

The loading screen ends and you see the text “AQUILLO ISLAND - MT. MOUNTED” appear, this generates a chuckle out of the two of you. You wander around for a bit before eventually finding a little shack in the forest under the shade of a big tree, it’s in a crevice in the mountain and a little out of the way. You guess their home being so out of the way is why they put out a request. Though you can see a town in the distance, so why not put the offer there, curious. You approach the shack and speak a little loudly.
No. 1003651 ID: afe7de
File 162410707871.png - (13.49KB , 500x500 , C2_5_073.png )

You: UH HELLO! I’m here about the Request, something about Tea?

You hear some excited KAW-ing and the shuffling about of some items inside. A black crow exits the flap in the makeshift shack. She’s young but her face is marred with stress, you can tell she’s aged quite a bit from stress alone. She looks severely depressed, but smiles when you approaches, you feel it’s genuine.

Wicklow: Uhm, Hi… Oh, you’re an adventurer!
Wicklow: Don’t mess this up Wicklow…
Wicklow: Are you the friend my tea leaves told me I’d make today?
Wicklow: GAH, I mean uh. Are you here about the request?
Andrea: Yup, that’s me! Andrea the Adventurer
Wicklow: Horay!
Wicklow: Come in, come in!
Wicklow: I have some little cakes. But uhm…
Wicklow: I only have one Tea-cup, are you okay with sharing?
Wicklow: I, uh… the Kin in the nearby town say I’m cursed so I don’t get any visitors…
Wicklow: Please don’t go…

What do you do?
No. 1003657 ID: 094652

"Yes of course, I'd love to be paid to be given food and pleasant conversation.

... But that's not the real reason you placed a request, is it? If there is a curse, I may be able to help. We can discuss details after this lunch."
No. 1003664 ID: e51896

Stay, ask about curse.
Also ask if she wants to join you in helping someone climb down the mountain.
No. 1003679 ID: 8c941b

Definetly no red flags here. Go on in.
No. 1003681 ID: 96c896

She looks familiar, wasn't she in one of the Lust Quest games?
Go in, have a nice time. See if you can get her to relax and open up.
No. 1003682 ID: 9a2966

Tea and biscuits sounds good, but rather than JUST conversation, perhaps they'd like to exchange dance moves, too?

If they have trouble with conversations, showing one's feelings through the motions of one's body is an option - perhaps one that fits them better, too! You've learned all about THAT in school, after all.

Even if sensual dancing is not their personal cup of tea - pun intended - you'd be happy to at least give them a show while you're here. And this way one of you can spectate with tea and cookies while the other dances, so it solves two problems in one fell swoop!

Using the same cup should also be fine - why wouldn't it be? Smooches are literally a currency, so an indirect kiss should totally be a-ok.
No. 1003687 ID: 35f407

She seems lonely for so long. Lets use our visual lust to cheer her up, rapidly press A in front of her at some point. That might make her feel better.
No. 1003698 ID: f8fa51

Let's at least get to know her before masturbating in front of her.

Of course, sharing a cup isn't a problem! Spend some time hanging out and relaxing before you start asking difficult questions like "what's the real reason you asked me to come up here?"
No. 1003700 ID: 35f407

Perhaps, but this is kind of a throwaway save file to just try out the game, we're not too invested since Plantimals is on soon. Might as well go crazy with this.
No. 1003705 ID: f8fa51

You know what? I'm convinced. Let's introduce ourselves by masturbating.
No. 1003724 ID: afe7de
File 162418488378.png - (49.63KB , 500x500 , C2_5_074.png )

> Have tea
Andrea: Sharing’s okay! I’ll be giving an indirect kiss to a cute bird like yourself, that’ll make me happy.

She smiles and she visibly relaxes.

Wicklow: Come in Come in!!!!!

Gena: Y’know I think she was in the other game too.
Gena: I wonder if he changed her up any?

The inside is neat and tidy. There’s cloth draped from the ceiling to give it a nice and cozy feeling. You see a few little orbs of light on the cieling. They’re Lust Lights, taking in the ambient lustful energy of the world and producing a dim light. The two of you reach a little seating area. There are pillows on the floor and a tiny, decrepit table. You plop down on the seat and spread your legs wide. Wicklow then enters with a warm cup of tea a few moments later.

Gena: OOOH OOH, what if we just started jerking off right now!
Andrea: Don’t you wanna know the lore? Ask her about the curse!
Gena: What if we asked her about the curse… AND masturbated
Andrea: Lmao, would the game even let you do that?
Gena: Let’s find out!

You ask Wicklow about the curse as the two of you take turns sipping from the cup of tea and eating snacks. She says that she’s just been incredibly UNLUCKY most of her life, anyone she’s near is just worse off, so no one visits her. But she swears it hasnt happened in years. But she also mentions she hasnt seen much of anyone in years either.
No. 1003725 ID: afe7de
File 162418490526.png - (125.00KB , 500x500 , C2_5_075.png )

Gena then starts furiously mashing the A button, the camera zooms directly up to game Andrea’s crotch. A hand reaches over and starts playing with her clitoris. It’s moist in moments, a light moan can be heard as the conversation continues. Wicklow keeps talking, oblivious of your fooling around. She mentions going to town and kin throwing rocks at her, only barely able to get food because the store lady is nice.

Andrea: Maybe she can’t see you doing it, the table’s in the way after all.
Gena: Good idea, let me just do the, oh there’s a sexy dance option!

Gena starts inputting some other control options and game Andrea gets up and starts to do a seductive dance. She’s groping herself and talking, moans occasionally popping up. Wicklow’s conversational speed starts to slow as she’s enraptured by your sensual technique. You touch your lucious vaginal lips and with a squish get some juices on your hand. You perform your JUICY LICK, stunning Wicklow. She starts to rub herself a bit.

Wicklow: Oh… Adventurer

She’s staring at you. So you slide the teacups and snacks off the table gently and sit yourself on it, displaying your womanhood to the wing-kin in front of you. Your hips start gyrating as you tease your clitoris, you give your juices another lick and gesture for Wicklow to come closer, pointing to your crotch. She sound of mashing increases as player Andrea starts to FURIOUSLY MASTURBATE, juices are going everywhere and Wicklow is just breathing it all in. She gives your pussy a lick with her long tongue, and its just enough to send you into a mini-climax, squirting on Wicklow a little bit. Can’t go Full on CLIMAXING or you’ll be out for a little. Moments later and Wicklow climaxes, your visual assault on her was too much, her hips thrust up and her pussy is now held up in the sky. You give her pussy a wet smooch, infusing some of your LUSTFUL ENERGIES into it and she wakes up.

You gained 1 SMOOCHES as spoils!

Wicklow: Ah, Adventurer!
Andrea: Call me Andrea!
Wicklow: Ah, Andrea. N-n-n no one has ever done that for me before
Wicklow: The tea leaves said I’d make a friend today but I didnt expect to ACTUALLY make a friend today
Wicklow: The answer is YES! I’d love to go adventuring with you! Let me pack my stuff!
Andrea: Uh what?
Wicklow: I mean, that’s why you came here and did that right?!

Wicklow is skilled at CLUMSY GROPES, ACCIDENTAL FLASHES, and CRITICAL HITS, with a high crit rate, but has an overall low horniness (damage) output.
You can invite Wicklow to your party.

What do you do?
No. 1003730 ID: e51896

Invite her to the party, lets find Yowie next and climb the mountain down with them
No. 1003731 ID: f8fa51

Sure, let her come along. Onward, to the next quest! In which we help someone down a mountain.
No. 1003745 ID: da355f

Have her join for a while.

If I remeber, in one of the previous Lust Quest games, you could switch leaders. Lets switch from Andrea to Wicklow as leader for now.

Find Yowie. Have Wicklow's bad luck shine through by Using CLUMSY GROPES, or ACCIDENTAL FLASHES skill on Yowie when you find them.
No. 1003752 ID: e51896

No. 1003787 ID: afe7de
File 162427158923.png - (85.84KB , 500x500 , C2_5_076.png )

> Invite Wicklow
You decide to invite Wicklow to your party. She’s EXTATIC. You get the 5 SMOOCHES she promised you and she puts on a small bag, ready to follow you.

Gena: Hmm I remember you could switch leaders in the previous game, let’s see if we can just…

There’s a little noise as Wicklow is now at the front of the party. She’s leading the group and will be the main person in duologue going forward.

Gena: Wow this game is pretty neat, there’s a lot of emergent gameplay. I wonder how long it took to make this?!?
Andrea: Dunno, but it was hilarious that you could jerk off to get a new party member.
Andrea: We should play some more later, Plantimals is on in like 3 though.
Gena: Aw shit, leggoooooooo!

The game is paused and Gena flips the channel to the correct one. An advertisement for Mobile STEED Calvary: for great Joustice is on. It’s a mecha WANOMAY about horse mechs. It’s got like 10 series's behind it and is very popular. They had a spin-off where there were humanoid mechs only and nobody liked it. Eventually the PLANTIMALS theme starts to kick in.

Hello yes this is Donut, I’m writing this intermission, with Ed drawing the madness
Theme song is to the tune of Van Halen’s Panama
Let’s have some fun eh?

Jump back, what’s that sound?
Here it comes, thorns up, roots down
Hot sun, beats you down and makes them tough
Weed invaders, young crusaders: CAN YOU WHACK IT HARD ENOUGH?

Plantimals, Plantimah-als
Plantimals, Plantimah-ah-uh-ah-ah-als

Ain’t nothin’ like it, it’s a shining green sheen
Got a feel for our steel, keep the clippers’ blades clean
Hot sun, beats you down and makes them tough
Weed invaders, young crusaders: CAN YOU WHACK IT HARD ENOUGH?

Plantimals, Plantimah-als
Plantimals, Plantimah-ah-uh-ah-ah-als

No. 1003788 ID: afe7de
File 162427160463.png - (19.80KB , 500x500 , C2_5_077.png )

As the theme song ends the title is displayed and a deep voiced narrator begins to speak. Join us at the edge of civilization, where villages harvest sunlight to survive! But the sunlight also empowers the KUDZU KAIJU, who see the peaceful villages as meals!

Our heroes fight back the KUDZU with brawn, brains and wicked sick combo attacks! After every KUDZU is defeated, our heroes use the power of friendship to raise the seeds of the fallen KUDZU into friendly and collectible PLANTIMALS™.

Praise the sun!


How could it have come to this? How, how indeed could our heroes have been betrayed by DR. DASTARDLY WEEVIL so suddenly and utterly unexpectedly?!

With DR. WEEVIL’s sabotage, VIRIDIAN VILLAGE’s defenses are offline and the POWER PLANT is vulnerable to attack by the hungry forces of the KUDZU KAIJU!

While the friendly PLANTIMALS(™) get the villagers to safety, our heroes have held the line bravely, but soon the greatest KUDZU yet will test their mettle! Clippers will clip! Friendships will be tested! Flamethrowers will throw flames!

And will DOG ever get CAT to notice him?

We’re rooting for you, heroes!
No. 1003789 ID: afe7de
File 162427161750.png - (17.36KB , 500x500 , C2_5_078.png )

These are our heroes:

“Mow ‘em down!”
-Heavy weapons and melee specialist
-Bonus to using big guns at point blank range
-Bunnus to using big guns as melee weapons
-Penalty to morale when not smoking
-Somehow immune to explosions caused by friendly fire

She’s no one-trick peony.
-Explosives and light weapon specialist
-Can control lawnmower drones until they run out of batteries
-Bonus to clippers, pistols and other light weapons
-Cannot wield big guns
-Can identify weak points for massive damage

A late bloomer.
-No bonuses
-No penalties
-Part-time Irrigation and Plumbing Specialist

Dog Dog
He’s our best bud.
-Can be equipped with customizable war saddles for party members to ride and fire from
-Can be equipped with customizable helmets allowing breath and bite weapons
-Can dig holes and UPROOT rooted enemies
-Is a master strategist, but can’t talk when biting stuff
No. 1003790 ID: afe7de
File 162427162769.png - (28.72KB , 500x500 , C2_5_079.png )

VIRIDIAN VILLAGE is situated at the top of a perfectly picturesque and rocky half-buried turtle shell, soaking up all the sun it can. There are hedges of hedge trimmers laid out like barricades, all deactivated.

The distant rumbling of a KUDZU KAIJU causes the earth to quake ominously. Like all Kudzu, they can pop out of any soil at any time; the only thing keeping Viridian Village safe is the fact that it’s on top of an ancient turtle shell buried in the ground. It’s doubtless hungry for the POWER PLANT at the center of the village. Our heroes will need to defeat it and its minions all by themselves!

The smaller Kudzu begin to pop up from the soil around the turtle shell. They’re tumbleweed types that explode on contact, all rolling fast and spinning towards the village gates.

Dog: Everyone, romaine calm! Our automato’d defenses are down, but we still have our armory full of crazy sick-ass weapons and technology!

Lopper and Hose take aim with laser-aimed assault rifles loaded with incendiary rounds.

Lopper: Say aloe to my little friend!

Hose: It’s not perfect, but thistle do.

They let loose well-aimed bursts of bullets on the tumbleweeds, and the incendiary rounds set off the explosives inside each tiny hit Kudzu like firecrackers. The fire quickly spreads to the other tumbleweeds and sets them alight as well in a chain reaction of pippity-poppity booms.

Rake: This won’t hold forever, the fireproof cacti-types are probably coming soon!

Lopper: Where’s my gatling gauntlets that shoot bullets shaped like claws? I need to get up close and personal!

Hose: And my tri-barreled pistol that shoots different ammunition from each barrel and also has space for a grappling hook?

Dog: And my tail-mounted scythe that can spin at five hundred RPM and makes the sickest sound when I rev it up?

Rake: Those are all being repaired after our last fight! We have to use our AWESOME NEW GEAR AND WHACKER DRONES that’re TOTALLY UNTESTED! Maybe I’ll even get to use that drone that launches out of my lab and turns into a jetpack and lets me fly around like a total NERDY BADASS!

Rake: Rhodie, you’re the fastest PLANTIMAL here! We’ll hold the line here while you run and get our crazy cool weapons and tech too dangerous to be used by anyone other than us!

Rhodie is an adorable PLANTIMAL just released in stores, and looks like a cuter version of the sprinting Lioness Cactus Kudzu our heroes defeated last month. Rhodie gives a nod of her head and leafs into action!

No. 1003792 ID: f8fa51

Lopper: There is no better plant-managing tool than a chainsaw. There's nothing special about it, but Lopper-wielding-a-chainsaw will still sell figurines.

Hose: A double-pistol that has a whole body on each end of the grip, which you turn upside down to use the other end of.

Dog: A ball that explodes before bouncing back to you. "Catch this."

Rake: A pistol with a clipper bayonet that can be optionally launched.
No. 1003810 ID: e51896

Well yeah, we need that WHACKER DRONE that turns to a jetpack for rake

Lopper gets: a heavy CHAINSAW GUN... and by chainsaw, i mean the kind of chainsaw which chops things down. You rev it up to get the blades spinning for melee attacks, and can shoot the sharp edges of the spinning blade as a projectile like a regular chainsaw gun. We have 6 extra blades for reloading if all the sharp edges of the blade is shot off. Requires you to be strong to use though, like Lopper. You can even set the chainsaw on the ground, grab and tight, and let the spinning blades act as a wheel to let you ride for fast mobility. Hard to control though.

Rake gets: that WHACKER DRONE that turns to a jetpack, and a ridable LAWNMOWER DRONE. Also clippers

Hose gets: WEED KILLER SPRAY, attatched to a FIRE HOSE connected to a flying FIRE HYDRAN-T-GEA DRONE. Very poisonous though if swallowed, and might be corrosive, so be careful of where water droplets might drop on you, any of your allies or any of their items or equipment.

Dog gets: GARDEN GLOVES WITH CLAWS to help him dig and attack uprooted enemies quicker with quick reflexes, and a GAS MASK that sprays poisonous mist from the mouth by blowing
No. 1003815 ID: 2d89f7

Wasn't it mentioned that Flicker's mother voices one of the characters in this show? I wonder which character she is a voice actor for.

How about a giant tractor that can transform into a giant mech which requires all four of the heroes together to pilot? (Dog pilots the legs, Lopper pilots the arms, hose is the shooter, Rake controls the head and body for things like navigation and bending.) They only bring this tractor out if there is a kudzu that is ginormous, as big as a skyscraper

Gena and Andrea sometimes wonders why they dont bring this giant thing out all the time against all the kudzus though, no matter the size.
No. 1003816 ID: 094652

The Weird-Killer! It's a weed-killing fluid that grows like a weed! When exposed to air, the fluid bonds with nitrogen to grow, diffuses based on the non-nitrous gasses interfering with the growth process, and it strangles the weed competition! Except, it somehow dissolves in sunlight - very anti-weedian! They had to keep it in R&D after an unfortunate incident with a joker, a ball of Weird-Killer, and his lungs. UNTIL NOW! (unofficially, they scrapped future plans for it because it blew half the CGI animation budget. This season's animating team just has to crimp off public domain vines from the SAIence game engine. Fans think this gadget is stupid and undercuts the drama for an easy win, but the director has daddy issues related to this stuff)

The Rake-Mobile with Tiny Chainsaws Attached To Each Blade
(Why yes, the writers were trying to torch the franchise and run. One of them is still in a mental hospital after being forced to single-handedly animate each chainsaw in an entire rake-wheel, only to discover that their other colleagues were forced to make their own better versions)

The Chain with the Konji Plantimal!
A giant ball of chains that contains a plantimal inside! When it was used to choke the life out of the hostile plantimal, it brainwashed them with sex pheromones and rewrote their speech centers so they could understand people - while also forcing them to say their government-issued species name over and over. The gang would use it more often if it didn't constantly get wrecked by the other plantimals, so it usually stays at the base and plays with the kids there, mostly because they suck on its pistil for jelly. (For some reason, the [producer/lead writer/whatever] really wanted this. She said it "perfectly captured the nostalgia of a long-forgotten art-form, from a childhood that was almost dead". For what it's worth, it was a smash hit and now this disgusting brain-damaged child murderer is considered the adorable mascot of the team. They're planning to make a future franchise about five-year-old kids capturing and brainwashing wild monsters, and most of Donjon's elite are in on the investment. [producer/lead writer/whatever] is an angel)
No. 1003829 ID: 56a408

The Fertilizer Ray allows you to power up your Plantimals into Plantitans!
The Magna Fire Blaster turns the plants’ greatest ally into its greatest enemy, focusing sun beams into deadly lazers!
No. 1003838 ID: 19cc43

I like the idea of the producer or lead writer being an angel.
No. 1003885 ID: afe7de
File 162435513993.png - (15.20KB , 500x500 , C2_5_080.png )

RHODIE, the lovable Cacti-Lioness PLANTIMAL(™) arrives carrying:

-Motorized Extendable Clipper Bo Staff: Reach out and clip someone! The clippers at the end clip so fast they can’t even be seen. Can be turned off and planted in the ground to launch its wielder up like a superpowered pole vault.
-Double Trouble Pistol: To protect the world from devastation! This gun’s a wicked sick creation. Flip it over and fire again for twice the fun!
-Fertilizer Ray: Pick your favorite PLANTIMALS(™), give ‘em a good dose of transformation sequence, and watch them evolve to do battle in the name of friendship!
-Garden Gloves with Claws: Bonus to digging and super effective at uprooted foes!
-Exploding fris-ball: A ball holstered around Dog’s side. Dog can launch it with a spin of his body, and it explodes once it hits its target. The explosion is nice- but what’s nicer is that it also, turns into a giant frisbee with a razor’s edge, slicing and dicing as it returns straight back to Dog. Dog can command the frisbee to turn back into a ball and catch it, or just let it loop back like a boomerang, sending it right back to its target to explode again, and again, and again until it runs out of explosive fuel. Go fetch yourself!
-Clipper Derringer: Small, but packs a punch! Doesn’t count toward the character’s loadout limit.

Rhodie’s had to ask for help from FIG PIG, the hungriest PLANTIMAL(™) but also the best one to give belly rubs!

FIG PIG is carrying:

-Roto-Tiller Bladed Chainsaw Gun: A gun so big and badass you can ride it! Can shoot its long blades at targets, and comes with six extra blades because the toy designers really hated those foam guns that only came with the exact number of bullets you could shoot.
-Buzzsaw: It’s a massive yellow circular saw with black stripes, and buzzes like a bee. A really big, really angree bee. It also has a flamethrower on top just in case the blade gets stuck.
-Super secret container of WEIRD-KILLER: It’s labeled “too awesome to use.”

Following Rhodie and FIG PIG are:
-Jet-Whac Drone: A fan favorite! It has happy eyes. Can fly around the battlefield and always shows up just before moments of certain doom just in time for an awesome escape!
-Riding Mower Drone: A VROOMBA-styled drone with spinning spiky blades underneath its happy hover-frisbee body. Can be ridden for awesome dynamic entries!
-HYDRAN-T-GEA Drone: Fuels the WEED KILLER SPRAY and carries a POST-APUNKALYPTIC GAS MASK for its partner so no one can tell how generic they are! Also makes cosplay super easy.
-Rake-Cycle: An unbelievably cool motorcycle with chainsaws for wheels. Can be set on autopilot, but is most useful for giving bonuses to wheelie COMBO MOVES and launching off conveniently placed dirt ramps.

“Guys, watch out! The underground seismo-radar is going crazy!” Rake says, staring at a giant pocket-watch shaped radar that aggressively straddles the line between homage and plagiarism. “The readings are off the bales!”

Hose looks over the pile of weapons and decides to grab two of them. “Here they plum!”

Six nasty KUDZU erupt from the open field: two hard-shelled tortoise-like seedlings with PLANTLING GUNS, two nasty flying WHIRLYBIRDS that rain stinging nettles from the sky, and two beefy CHAMPION CACTI with giant fists and covered in needles (don’t let them get close!).

“Rhodie, Fig Pig! Fall back to safety and grab even more weapons for when the KUDZU KAIJU shows up. It always does!” Dog grits his teeth and draws his trusty sword in his teeth. “Chaaarggfff!”
No. 1003886 ID: afe7de
File 162435516124.png - (25.03KB , 500x500 , C2_5_081.png )

Combat will function a little differently than seen previously in CATALYST. You’ll have 4 characters to control, but two will act each turn. Once a character on your team has acted, they can’t act again until the rest of your team has made their moves. Each character can do an action and gets a movement. Using items costs an action or a movement. If both characters attack the same target, depending on their BOND LEVEL they will have a chance to do a COMBO MOVE dealing extra damage on top of their normal damage. If all of your Allies gang up on one enemy then there’s a possibility of doing a TEAM MOVE, a powerful all out attack that deals tons of damage.

Advantages and disadvantages won’t be a thing in this style of combat to reduce decision paralysis. After your members perform a move, your opponents will get a chance to move, where up to two lower level enemies will act, bouncing back and forth between you and them. BOSSES will take up both enemy actions to take their turn because they’re stronger than you.

Turns will cycle until both sides have acted fully and then it will repeat again. Some characters have special quirks that let them do extra things in combat, so experiment and have fun!

PLANTIMALS(™) is characterized by crazy ass weapons, crazy ass moves, and cool fight scenes, so feel free to get creative and try to do CRAZY STUFF like quadruple backflips and bisecting enemies by just pulling your blade out of your sheath slightly.

You can choose two weapons for each hero: a PRIMARY and a BACKUP, and one DRONE if available. Rake’s drone gets bonuses to maneuverability and COMBO MOVES. All guns can be used as melee weapons (and all melee weapons can be used as ranged weapons with insane combo moves), but only Lopper gets a bonus to using big guns at point-blank range.

Which drone does Rake control personally, and which does she send to aid her teammates? What weapons go to what hero as primary and secondary? Which two heroes attack first, and how do they do it?
No. 1003914 ID: e51896

Lopper gets
Drone: Rake-Cycle Drone
Primary: Roto-Tiller Bladed Chainsaw Gun
secondary: Buzzsaw

Rake gets
Drone: Jet-Whac Drone
Primary: Motorized Extendable Clipper Bo Staff
Secondary: Double Trouble Pistol

Hose gets:
Drone: HYDRAN-T-GEA Drone
Primary: super secret container of WEIRD-KILLER
Secondary: Fertilizer Ray
Bonus loadout slot: Clipper Derringer

Dog gets:
Drone: Riding Mower Drone (because animals riding Vroombas are funny
Primary: Exploding fris-ball
Secondary: Garden Gloves with Claws

To start, Rake will fly with the jet-whac drone and taunt and attack the WHIRLYBIRDS with the Motorized Extendable Clipper Bo Staff while Lopper will drive the Rake-Cycle Drone towards the TORTOISES on autopilot while standing on it with awesome balance and shoot the tortoises ahead of her to keep them from shooting Rake in the sky. When she gets close enough to the tortoises, pick up speed and drive past them (try not to run over them though, they might cause Lopper to crash)

Idea for team move: try to have Rake lure the WHIRLYBIRDS towards and above the tortoises with her taunts, or push them above the tortoises with her attacks so that when Lopper drives past the tortoises while she shoots at them and weakens them, the WHIRLYBIRDS can try to rain stinging nettles from the sky in an attempt to shoot at Lopper as Lopper drives past the Tortoises, but since Lopper will pick up speed after getting close to the tortoises, the nettles might miss Lopper and attack the Tortoises instead in their weakened state from the shooting. Afterwards, Rake can attack the Whirlybirds.
No. 1003933 ID: 731206

This, but give Clipper Derringer to Rake instead for the clipper bonus she has.

Gotta first power up Rhodie and fig pig ASAP with the fertilizer from Hose. Dog should throw the frisbee with its razor edges at the flying enemies. Say something like "go hedge" instead of "go fetch" though we're really stretching for puns at this point.
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