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File 162180245065.png - (330.17KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
1001540 No. 1001540 ID: ca2950

Keimi bounds up to a spot on the mountainside and waves excitedly.
"I found it! Look!" she says, gesturing at a small opening in the rock face.
"Found what?" I ask, trudging up the hill. "The last time I went along on an adventure with you, I almost died fighting a giant monster."

Keimi rolls her eyes.
"Firstly, you did not almost die. You were only bashed up a little bit. Secondly, you did not fight a giant monster, according to those documents they forced us to sign," she says, wagging her finger. "Anyway, this leads to a cavity that was shown on the sensor scans of a cavern that, according to the documents that my mom brought home that she definitely wasn't supposed to that I was definitely not supposed to look at; runs adjacent to the area related to those creatures we definitely weren't supposed to know about!"

"This is a lot of layer of not supposing. Am I not supposed to get in deep shit if we get caught?" I ask, stopping to catch my breath.
Keimi ponders for a moment.
"No worries. We definitely won't get in trouble."


"As long as we don't get caught."
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No. 1037671 ID: dc1018

You appear to have found a cloaca.
No. 1037687 ID: c5322d

Fire spell's preferred. Why use melee when you have the power of range?
Of course if you have limited mana, then melee makes a degree of sense.
No. 1037748 ID: 4286b4

Let them stab Keimi, I wanna see what kind of a game-over screen we get.

Alternatively, cut up these two up while Keimi burns the hole.
No. 1037750 ID: 9a2966

Oh ew, a birthenin' sack.

Have Keimi shoot 'em. Only smack 'em if they try leaping for Keimi.
No. 1037920 ID: 591e1d

Shoot, smack.
Fire might cause the building to be set on fire
No. 1040409 ID: ca2950
File 166001906926.png - (228.10KB , 867x683 , 20.png )

The creatures are soft and squishy, so I can easily take out one of them in a single strike, but before I can hit the other one, it erupts into flames and evaporates in the blast. I think Keimi is holding a grudge against these thing.

I manage to avoid having my tail singed off and the creatures are wiped out.

Remind me not to piss her off.
No. 1040410 ID: ddc2e6

Piss her off
No. 1040411 ID: e51896

Okay, don't piss her off

Flame spell the monster on the wall now.
No. 1040412 ID: 894419

Quickly while your sort of GF is distracted by her bloodlust start hacking away at that wall meat tube thingy
No. 1040414 ID: a5732a

Quit looking like a happy ballet dancer seriously, that's meme image material right there and genocide those bugs! Oh, no more bugs? Slaughter that thing on the wall so you can continue to metroidvania your way through here GENOCIDE BUGS!
No. 1041467 ID: ca2950
File 166111026991.png - (88.83KB , 532x457 , 21.png )

The meat vine just kind of crawls back together and reattaches when cut. Even if we burn it, it reabsorbs the damaged area and reconnects itself. It's an interesting and gross thing to see.
After a few attempts, I stop for now. It might provoke another attack if I keep it up.

I guess I could if there's nothing better to do.

"Hey, Alex."


I turn around and the little hover drone is floating near Keimi, making light patterns in the air.

"I think it's trying to tell us something," she says, staring at its blinking.

"Like what?"

"I dunno," Keimi says with a shrug. "Should we follow it or something?"
No. 1041468 ID: e51896

Poke it

otherwise, just follow it
No. 1041469 ID: 8483cf

Keimi's the genius, see if the lights correspond to an intelligible pattern.
No. 1041470 ID: 899c9f

Do both.
No. 1041472 ID: e51896

Also, give Keimi a scratch behind her ears. no reason other than an urge.
No. 1041480 ID: 15c72a

Well I guess you can't get rid of this part, so try going back to the door and killing enough of that to get through.
No. 1041481 ID: 9a2966

Try to make sense of the light patterns, maybe? Any logic to 'em?
No. 1041631 ID: 8a5496

Tell the drone, "Change language: Engrish", or whatever your language is called.

If that doesn't work, then... follow the drone.
No. 1043550 ID: ca2950
File 166295301876.png - (208.85KB , 903x768 , 22.png )

We follow the drone along the hallway, go through an intersection that leads into a room with some old consoles standing in the floor. Maybe a control room of some kind.

Keimi examines the computer.

"Do you know how amazing this is?" she exclaims.
"Not really. Kind of looks normal to me," I say.
"Yeah, but it's super old. Whatever made this might have had our modern level of technology when our ancestors were still hunting peera out on the tundra."
"The Uros were more advanced than us before that."
"Okay, but they're robots, they don't need the manual input stations, so this is probably someone else!"
"I guess it would be more exciting if we didn't have four intelligent races living in the system already."

Keimi pouts a bit.

"These ones are different and presumably dead, so that makes them more interesting than someone you can just go talk to."
No. 1043551 ID: ca2950
File 166295303896.png - (36.19KB , 670x483 , 23.png )

"There's also these stupid meat monsters that probably have some kind of relevance to science, I guess..." she grumbles, shining her flashlight along the flesh tendril snaking along the wall. "They're mostly just a big problem and they suck."
No. 1043552 ID: ca2950
File 166295310343.png - (181.31KB , 1024x768 , 24.png )

The light sweeps across the room and catches a gleam off of the glassy eyes of another creature like the one blocking the door, but this one is bigger, taking up the whole back wall of the room from ceiling to floor. Keimi makes a surprised sound and shuffles backwards.
"Don't worry. It's not moving, yet," I say, getting ready, just in case something does happen.
After a few long moments, nothing happens.
"Everything seems to be hibernating or something."
Keimi straightens up and keeps her flashlight on the creature.
"The other ones only activated when we got too close, so maybe we'll be okay if we stay over here," she says, keeping her eye out for any movement.

That eye in the center of its 'torso' looks like a good target, but considering how this thing is hooked into the whole facility, it might raise a big alarm to attack it. On the other hand, this thing is connected to the spawner pods and the door monster, so wiping it out might get rid of all the problems.

I'm kinda guessing it's going to end up being both.
No. 1043553 ID: 8483cf

Don't do anything with the monsters yet. The drone brought you to the consoles, so examine these more closely.
No. 1043565 ID: 15c72a

Check the consoles first and foremost. Think up a plan to output as much damage as possible in your first attack. Can you spend extra time charging up a fire spell? Can you set up delayed explosions?
No. 1043600 ID: 30b9f6

Those face-tubes seem sort of like the squirtem that sprayed cloth-melting paralyzing acid goop all over Alma. Has the same number of eyes too, seems like? Guess these fellas are important in the meatsack hierarchy.

Have one of you keep an eye on it while the other tinkers with the console to see what might get it working (or see what else the drone attempts to direct you to do). Avoid waking the beastie by poking it and definitely avoid getting hit by that spray with extreme prejudice (if you can pry off the side of the console and use that as a shield. You don't wanna be nekkid when you return to the snow-bound outdoors.

If you HAVE to alpha strike it, do so by ensuring it can't direct it's schnozz-spray anywhere - cut those off and/or sear 'em shut before you go for the eyes... and on the off-hand chance this thing is just full of that melty goop, try not to get it all over you if you go in hack and slash style.
No. 1044377 ID: ca2950
File 166379848781.png - (149.27KB , 689x529 , 25.png )

Keimi slides around behind me to keep my body between her and the thing and peeks out from under my arm.
"Hey, can you do something with this computer?"
She shuffles her feet.
"There's no power, so I can't even tell if it works, let alone how it works," she replies.
"We could go look for a power switch. We haven't really explored much."

Keimi nods.
"Maybe. Then we wouldn't have to walk around in the dark."
"That would be nice."
"And I don't want to mess with this thing, because it might shoot acid that melts clothes off and poisons you."
"Better be careful or I might die how I lived; very sexy."
Keimi scoffs. "Har, har. Let's not do that."
No. 1044378 ID: ca2950
File 166379850520.png - (36.04KB , 1024x696 , 26.png )

We've mostly just walked down a long hall, so there was a few side halls we didn't go down. Maybe we can find something that controls the power systems or who knows what.
That creature sustains the thing that's blocking the door, but we can't open the door without power. This is starting to seem like work.
No. 1044381 ID: 15c72a

Alright let's check in the room right across the hall. (up)
No. 1044534 ID: 4286b4


Maybe we can find a Flesh-Monster-B-Gone spray.
Even if we don't find anything, there's always the "seduce" option.
No. 1044551 ID: ca2950
File 166394913998.png - (192.48KB , 1024x768 , 27.png )

A bit of exploring and we find a room full of machinery. Judging from the conduits everywhere, this is whatever this place uses to produce power.
That was easy.

Keimi walks over and taps at the console.
"Doesn't work."

Okay. There's a big cannister thing and a spot that looks like a big cannister goes, so I heave it into place,
and nothing happens.

"I think the battery is dead," Keimi says.
"I kind of figured. Alright, we just need to find a new one."
Keimi shuffles her feet.
"Okay. If you were an ancient alien power cell, where would you be?"
I shrug.
"Gotta be around here somewhere, right? Let's keep looking around and try not to disturb the flesh horrors."

Keimi looks annoyed and narrows her eyes at me.
"When you say it like that, you make this sound like a terrible idea."
"Hey. This is your irresponsible secret cave adventure, I'm just tagging along."
No. 1044552 ID: ca2950
File 166394914989.png - (43.47KB , 1024x599 , 28.png )

We know where the power generator is and there's a few places we haven't checked.
Time to meander.
No. 1044557 ID: a1a0ff

Alright, time for the South corridor.
No. 1044558 ID: ba37ee

Let's go south. It's the closest unexplored place.
No. 1044560 ID: 8a5496

Show the big canister to the floating vibrator.
No. 1044563 ID: 9a2966

Let's backtrack all the way to the entrance and check the unchecked room there.

Supply closets are usually close to the entrance.
No. 1044760 ID: ca2950
File 166416287023.png - (142.46KB , 981x768 , 29.png )

The corridor to the south or left or whatever turns out to be filled with horrible alien meat and a handful of creatures, too.

"I'm starting to think this is a terrible place to hang around in."
Keimi scoffs.
"I figured that out a while ago. But look! There's a new one I haven't seen before. Do you think they have one of those at the lab or did we discover a new subspecies?"
"It looks like a roasted bird..."

These things probably wouldn't just be wandering around down here for no reason. I'm thinking they're waking up from us stabbing their little guys and shining lights on their giant eyeballs.
"I think we're stirring up the hive, Kei."
"Hm... Maybe."
"What do we do about it?"
"I dunno. Do you want to smack them?"
No. 1044763 ID: 8483cf

Bait them into attacking a spot illuminated by the flashlight, and then when they're grouped up, fry them all at once, but do it when they're away from the tentril. Don't fry the tendril.
No. 1044766 ID: e51896

Do this
No. 1044813 ID: 8a5496

Kill them just a little bit so that they let you through.
No. 1044830 ID: 1545e9

Kill them or they will attack you in the back later.
No. 1044831 ID: 30b9f6

Argh, new enemy. Be super careful, you don't know its capabilities. Seems like it'll be a tougher thing, maybe, so try to get the drop on it. If it's like almost every other type of critter encountered it could have some sort of disabling attack.

Ugh. This is an escalation thing, but you can't leave enemies creeping around and ambushing you as you wander back and forth.

Try to pop the small ones with ranged attacks, then retreat around the corner and ambush-slash the larger critter once it comes after you (if they come after you) - try to keep distance from its front and don't give it time to react. Then jog for the remaining unexplored corridor to see if you can hunt down a power thingy before too many new critters get spawned.

Be on the lookout for more waking enemies as you go, you could end up surrounded here if you're not careful. At some point soon you may just have to admit defeat and run back to take your chances with the wendigo.

>carry on forward through tentacle tunnel
Let's not wander down a meat hallway from which more enemies can spawn behind us if we can help it - at least one of those vein lumps seems... full. At least if we leave and come back, we might see if it's about to burst with more critters.
No. 1045936 ID: ca2950
File 166531683807.png - (133.81KB , 814x635 , 30.png )

Picking off the small ones is easy enough and now we just have to deal with the new thing, which is super eager to just rush us.

I refuse to die to something this stupid looking.
No. 1045937 ID: 8a5496

It's a tough decision but, you'll have to smack this one as well.

Use evasive pattern delta.
No. 1045944 ID: e51896

Pick up Keimi and use her as a shield


Just simply take one step to the left to dosge, then bonk it.
No. 1045947 ID: 9a2966

Man, the way this guy rushes in, hope his 'type' isn't a form of suicide bombers or anything. Guess they're biters, with those chompers.

Maneuver - duck, dodge or sidestep its charges and jumps, then slash or kick as it passes or as you move about. Try to keep a bit of a distance, you should at least have melee range over it. If it opens its mouth it might spit or something, so definitely don't leave yourself open for that.
No. 1045948 ID: c9b764

It's really weird that it's just rushing, it must have a trick up its sleeve...
Rush toward it but feint and dodge to keep your distance.
No. 1045984 ID: 15c72a

Focus on evasion, see how it behaves. Exploit vulnerabilities-- like, does it run into walls if one's behind you? Does it have trouble turning? Will it run blindly into your sword?
No. 1046729 ID: ca2950
File 166597143474.png - (110.82KB , 543x443 , 31.png )

It tracks me fairly quickly when I dodge out of its way, so I guess I can't just trick it into not trying to bite me.

"What should I do?" Keimi calls from behind me.

With me scuffling with this thing, it's not a clear target for her.

Should I tell her to:

>help hit it
>shoot it anyway and try not to catch me in the crossfire
>buff my strength
>buff my defense
No. 1046730 ID: a7a180

Buff your defense. Darn melee users, always getting in the way of the mage's firebolts.
No. 1046731 ID: e51896

Buff defenses!
No. 1046734 ID: 15c72a

Strength. Then keep its teeth away from you using your sword until you can grab one of its arms. Keep a strong grip and swing it around like a ragdoll until it stops moving.
No. 1046742 ID: 8483cf


Clap clap

No. 1046744 ID: bd97d3

How do you know it's trying to bite you?

Buff strength.
No. 1046749 ID: df47df

Buff defense. It will help you survive whatever nasty surprise it's got in store.
No. 1046750 ID: 30b9f6

I'd say Buff Strength. The sooner you can end this fight, the better, right?
No. 1046841 ID: bcab5a

First two are no-go.
First may get the squishy spellslinger damaged.
Second will probably go bad if you have to dodge.

So, last two.
Would appear the bugger's got speed. Question is what else does it have?
Probably best to play safe 'til you're sure, so go defense.
Still, have her ready to blast it if it disengages. Will probably go after her if it does.

Would say go speed if we had that but alas, we do not have speed spells.
No. 1047896 ID: ca2950
File 166716954703.png - (211.64KB , 747x760 , 32.png )

I shout to Keimi to protect me while I rush the thing even harder.

Any hits from the creature feel muted and I can focus on slicing right through the thing as hard as I can, splitting its head wide open and it goes down without issue.
No. 1047897 ID: ca2950
File 166716960127.png - (116.21KB , 680x717 , 33.png )

Keimi cheers and pumps her fist.
"Yay! Winners!" she hoots. "We're having fun now!"

She seems happy to be fighting weird monsters in an ancient ruin.
A little weird, since she's never wanted to take many risks before now, but it's definitely not boring, so I guess I can't blame her.

The hallway is clear of monsters, unless you count the weird meat-roots growing on the walls.
No. 1047898 ID: e51896

Continue down the hall. When you reach the corner, peek over there
No. 1047900 ID: 8483cf

The monsters are waking up now, but they're slow. Focus on making your way forward quickly, before they wake up entirely.
No. 1047901 ID: 15c72a

Alright get moving further down. We already know the roots regenerate so trying to cut them down is pointless. However, they were protecting something, so whatever it is is something we're quite interested in.
No. 1047930 ID: 9a2966

Join Keimi in the RPG victory dance. 'tis obligatory.

Poke at the dead body you sliced open. Any interesting observations to be made of its innards?

And since you cleared the enemy, proceed down the hall - but with caution. Check if the veins have telltale bulges that might disgorge enemies behind you.
No. 1048041 ID: efc971

Collect the phat lootz
No. 1048189 ID: e51896

You know what, yeah, join in on the awkward dancing
No. 1049146 ID: ca2950
File 166835383124.png - (230.52KB , 658x680 , 34.png )

Attempting to victory dance immediately causes her to become self-conscious and stop.
"What's the matter, Kei? Having fun in this life-threatening situation?"

She straightens up and tries to brush it off.
"N-No. It's just exciting to see all this scientifically relevant... stuff." she says.­ "That's all."

She seems to mull things over for a moment and continues.
"After the first time, I kind of started worrying that nothing exciting would ever happen again. I'd just go back to my life and it would just be a funny thing that happened once. Then I started thinking, what if I could do something where I could explore and always have something new to discover, but I didn't know how to do that properly, so I snuck out here with you and here we are. I think I'm just being selfish, probably," she says, looking kind of sheepish.

"Sounds like you're having your run-of-the-mill existential crisis. ­It's normal."
"Yeah, well... Whatever. We just need to figure out what we want to do now."
"Like, in life or right now in this situation?"
No. 1049148 ID: efc971

>After the first time
Reassure her that just because she lost her virginity it doesn't mean the 2nd and 3rd time are gonna be bland.
Also, that you're sure that you're about to uncover some intergalactic conspiracy which will lead to more exciting adventures and meeting many new friends with benef-, I mean, interesting friends.
No. 1049165 ID: 8483cf

Would Keimi have gone out and started exploring by herself if you hadn't come along?

If so, she's not being selfish by letting you come along. She's telling you that she's going to do something stupid, and offering you the chance to stop terrible things from happening when she does.
No. 1049861 ID: ca2950
File 166912175753.png - (256.81KB , 818x655 , 35.png )

"So the first time was so good, you're worried nothing will ever be as good again?" I ask, heaving her up to eye level. She's not very heavy. Almost entirely fluff in a big coat.
"You know what I mean, dummy."
"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, you're not selfish if you were going to come out here on your own and I choose to follow you."
She smiles faintly.
"No way. I'd get eaten by a wendigo instantly that way. I need a meat shield."
"Okay. You are kind of selfish."
Keimi props herself up on my shoulders.
"I just admitted that already, but you're going to let me get away with it, right?"
"For now, I guess. Should we keep going into the unknown?"

She kicks her feet in the air, starting to get fidgety from being held up.
"Yeah. It's been like a minute since we got attacked by meat monsters. We need to keep up the pace."
"If you wanted to get attacked by a meat monster, we could have stayed home and you could just ask."

Keimi starts drumming furiously on my chest with her fists. The amount of force is not very impressive.
"Ah! Stop being a perv!"
"I refuse. Besides, you're not completely innocent yourself."
"Yes, I am. Always." she says defiantly, puffing out her cheeks.
"What about the time th-"
"I said always!"
No. 1049862 ID: ca2950
File 166912177822.png - (200.89KB , 1024x768 , 36.png )

I set her down and we continue down the hall for a bit, a few closed doors block the way, but the meat-roots lead down to a room that's just swarming with the different kinds of monsters, including a big one I've never seen before.
The floaty eyebot makes some movements in the air that seem to indicate it wants to go in there, but it's a big mess in there.

"You wanted meat monsters, you got them. There's a ton in there."
"Is it a problem?"
"I don't know. There's a kind of beefy looking one I've never seen before."
Keimi seems lost in thought.
"We'll probably live, right?"
"I would hope so, so I'm going to be an optimist and say yes."
"I'll leave it up to you, so whatever happens, it's your fault," she says, nodding to herself.
No. 1049867 ID: 894419

Okay Adds First, big guy last. Have keimi smoke the hoppers while you deal with the medium size back ranks. Hoppers are slow, no clue how fast the other monsters are but perhaps it'd be wise to put your pet gremlin/girlfriend at the far end of the hallway and kite the enemies down it, so she has has much firing time on them as possible.
No. 1049880 ID: 30b9f6

Oh wow. Yeah, this is a lot. And a biggun. Backup plan is to leggit, right? Right.

Can the floaty drone be told to distract the meatbeasts in a pinch? You don't want this thing damaged, though. Probably need it to have any understanding of what to do to get this place functional again.

This sounds like a somewhat workable plan, but we might be able to use the element of surprise better. Assuming we even have it against these hivemind-seeming things.

Could do a hit-and-run + ambush? Keimi leans through the doorway, zaps all the jumpers and pretends to flee down the hallway, only to turn to focus on strengthening Alex.

Stronk-Alex waits around the corner and doublehand overhead slices the first unfortunate thing to come scampering around - probably a chomper - then the next. Then it's oh god time. As long as Alex is fighting more than one foe, defensive buff should go up, though Keimi should prioritize targeting any additional jumpers, since they can KO with a sting. Or if something slips past Alex and aims for her she should prioritize that (and/or running in circles with it on her tail).

Might also be additional meatbeast reinforcements in there - the room is larger than we can see - so the faster we can dispatch the ones that come the better.

They might also not take the bait or try to corner-ambush you as well, so Keimi should zap 'em good when she reveals herself and hang on to doing so until it looks like they've well and truly taken the bait.

Alternatively... we've got some paths we haven't explored yet, haven't we? Could backtrack there, see if there's anything that could potentially give us an advantage here.
No. 1049923 ID: 7c0da2

There is too many of them and there is probably more where you can't see them. You'll need a way to lure them somewhere else without acting as bait, or a more efficient way to take them down. Maybe lure the wendigo to them? Anyway, attacking them doesn't look like a good idea.
No. 1049926 ID: 15c72a

Yeah, if Keimi stands near the end of the hallway, then Alex aggros them and draws them into the shooting gallery while keeping his distance and staying out of the line of fire, we should be able to thin their numbers before either of our heroes get injured.
No. 1050009 ID: 4286b4

Might need to split them up somehow, or use a diversion to try and sneak through.

Whatever the case, it seems a tiny bit dangerous so I'd go and explore the other unexplored path first tho.
No. 1050029 ID: bbb04b

This... seems like a bit much for us, at least for now. Especially if we're putting flesh roots behind us, though that shouldn't be necessary even if we do engage.

There's still a room to explore back near the entrance, right?
No. 1050384 ID: ca2950
File 166960614960.png - (105.41KB , 706x483 , 37.png )

Trying to be sneaky, we're able to get some shots in from around the corner, then lure a couple in to finish them off.

The others are almost certainly going to rush in after all the commotion. We should probably get ready to deal with that.
No. 1050389 ID: 61540c

Light the chokepoint up! Get a wall of fire going that they have to deal with to get to you guys!
No. 1050396 ID: 15c72a

Brace! Get a defensive buff up, block their path, be the tank.
I don't suppose she can make spikes on the ground or something?
No. 1050401 ID: 4eb864

ooh clever, lets go with that.
No. 1050426 ID: e355ca

Plant some mines.
No. 1050428 ID: 9a2966

Attack buff as long as Alex is only facing one enemy, Def buff if more.

Try to use the corridor length to string out the enemies - let the fastest ones get to you first and give Keimi space to nail them with more ranged attacks before they can reach you.
No. 1051864 ID: ca2950
File 167112172891.png - (279.96KB , 1024x768 , 38.png )

The big one rushes up pretty quickly once the commotion starts and I nearly get smashed in the head.

"Kei! Shield!"

She obviously makes it in time, since the impact feels muted and I can block it without being thrown down the hall.

"Quick! Cast mines at its feet!"
"I can't do that!"
"Create a wall of fire to block them in!"
"I can't do that either!"
"What can you do?"
"I can run, because that thing's huge and it's gonna kill us!"

This thing is going to bulldoze me pretty easily if I just try to match it in a shoving contest.

"Alright, we either run or you slip past and see if it's guarding anything important, and maybe keep those little ones off me while I try to deal with this!"
"Are you nuts!?"
"Obviously, since I'm here in the first place! Pick something quick!"

My legs feel like they're gonna buckle. C'mon Kei, decide how we're doing this. It's your dumb alien ruin monster maze adventure.
No. 1051867 ID: 5f7ef7

We run, we cant hold this monster off for much longer, keimi slipping past would take too long
No. 1051874 ID: 9a2966

Oooh, of course the big one is the fastest one. Big enemies are only lumbering and slow in video games. Uh. Fuck it, try to juke it, then ruuuun!

To the narrow passage! This brute will be too big to get through and if it tries to squeeze in you can stab it lots!
No. 1052080 ID: ca2950
File 167132180850.png - (129.46KB , 632x488 , 39.png )

We make a sudden, strategic withdrawal and wind back through the passages until it doesn't seem like anything is following us. What the hell was that? Don't these weird underground monsters know they're supposed to gradually increase in power in line with our strength so it's moderately challenging the entire time. They can't just throw a giant kill-beast at us. It's not fair.

"Ah... So, what do we do now?" Keimi says.

"I dunno. Maybe we should get out of here and come up with some kind of plan, if we want to keep stirring up the ancient alien hive."

"Yeah. I guess it's not a good idea to keep poking at it if we can't handle it. We can head back.
I don't think there's much more we can do right now, right?"
No. 1052084 ID: 9a2966

There was a room right by where you entered that you haven't investigated yet.
No. 1052087 ID: 15c72a

Aren't there other unexplored rooms?
No. 1052180 ID: e51896

Yeah, lets explore the unexplored areas first before we decide to leave, like that room near where we entered
No. 1052366 ID: 00eb4b

Turn to the flying vibrator for the plan.
No. 1052414 ID: f73077

of course, if you try and leave, the Wendigo will be waiting. Are they smart enough to set traps?

Perhaps its time to start killing the lumpy bits of the wall meat.
No. 1052417 ID: ebb557

Bait the big strong fast monster into fighting the Wendigo! It'll be a ways to run, though. Can Keimi keep up?
No. 1053832 ID: ca2950
File 167381306179.png - (130.57KB , 658x768 , 40.png )

The room we didn't check when we got distracted by floaty ball is full of EVA suits.

"So whoever made this place was person-sized and shaped," Keimi says, checking the suits.

"I just kind of figured."

"You're not supposed to just figure! You're supposed to form a hypothesis based on collected evidence."

"That sounds like a hassle, so I'm just going to assume things."

She's starting to look irritated with me.

"You're a terrible scientist."

I shrug.

"Never claimed not to be."

I don't think this suit would be much help fighting these things. I don't think it's made for fighting or for using in gravity at all.

I mention to Keimi that we could try to lure the wendigo in here to fight the monsters and get rid of both threats at once.

"Yeah, I thought of that, but then I had to consider two things. The wendigo is avoiding this place, so it means that either it's afraid of these things or they're not digestible and it doesn't consider them food.
Considering how savage wendigos are when hunting, I'm thinking it's probably the latter. If we get it to come in here, it might focus on us, since we're actual prey items, then we'd have double the monster problem."

"Okay then, what should we do?"

Keimi thinks for a moment.

"I dunno."
No. 1053834 ID: e51896

Just go home. Keimi was talking about going back earlier.
No. 1053839 ID: 8483cf

Communicate with the floating beepy Alexa drone and see if there's anything we can do to gain the upper hand against Punchy Big Boi. Going home brings us back up against the Wendigo, no need to risk that again without trying to find another way out.
No. 1053841 ID: 9a2966

>Suit not made for gravity
So... this is some kinda ancient spaceship that got buried in the mountain? Wow.

>Don't think the suit would be of much use
Hold on, if it's supertechy, what if it has a battery pack or something that still has some juice? Maybe that could be connected to that console the little drone wanted us to activate.

Also, if those things are detecting people by way of body heat or whatnot, maybe the suit could trick them into thinking you're inorganic? Or be a way for you to hide through hopping into it and sealing it up. Though if it's clumsy to move about in, I wouldn't take a chance on the former. These guys do have stuff that can (weirdly) melt clothes while seeping into the skin to KO you.

>Just leaving
If all else fails, we could, but maybe we should just take a shot (hah) at that torso thing? For how important it seems it wasn't as well defended as that other room.
No. 1053843 ID: 15c72a

EVA suits make for decent armor... Alex could wear one to fight the big monster. Or maybe the Wendigo would be afraid of you if you wore it? Or consider you to not be food at least?
No. 1053852 ID: dee951


EVA suits are typically custom-fitted to specific individuals, and also are incredibly unwieldy to move around in. You could spend a lot of time and use one as a base materials to *make armor with*, but they aren't really good for fighting.

Well, not this design at least. You'd need an armored mechanical counter-pressure suit or something, or something with powered mobility assist to counteract the 'you're a person-sized inflated balloon and can thus barely bend' issue, and those two things are even MORE custom made.
No. 1054492 ID: ca2950
File 167447752863.png - (125.55KB , 720x595 , 41.png )

"Alright, Alex. I've thought of a few options that don't introduce more slavering monsters to the situation.
We can try to force that door open like this floaty eyeball seems to be trying to indicate we should, or I could distract that big monster and lure it past you, so you can sneak in behind it and see what it's got back there, maybe take out the small monsters while you're at it," Keimi says nonchalantly.

"That sounds a bit dangerous."
"As opposed to what? Besides, I'll sure to be fine, because my speed is superior!" she retorts.
"Kei, it's a big, powerful monster and you're a nerd with stubby legs."
Keimi huffs indignantly.
"Okay, whatever. I'll use my small to hide as soon as you sneak past it and I can always scream if something goes wrong and you can come save me," she says, wagging her finger. "Or we can just do something else, if you're that worried."
No. 1054493 ID: 15c72a

Let's force the door open. Boost Alex's strength a lot and just manhandle it. ...no crowbars around huh?
No. 1054503 ID: 08de23

Seconding forcing open the door. Be the Tom to her Ruby!
No. 1054524 ID: 9a2966

It's a spaceship, even if it's old the bulkheads should be quite difficult to get up.

Maybe you could be clever about it, though - there might be some sort of manual release to these things built into the wall. That might be more forceable than the door itself.
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