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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 128694200018.jpg - (61.44KB , 841x640 , twinkiepie.jpg )
8730 No. 8730 ID: fd6d7e

I bring joyous news to ponychan!

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjl8XulH51E
part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkeLzQv7Mn4

[spoilers]seriously, did I miss this being mentioned?[/spoilers]
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No. 8731 ID: 754124

Fuck yes, I have been following the thread on /tg/ about this all day.
No. 8732 ID: 6550ad
File 128695013387.jpg - (68.52KB , 580x725 , mp-gay-called.jpg )

No. 8738 ID: bf1e7e

I am so fucking torn on this.

You don't even know.
No. 8739 ID: 9d362b

ok what is going on now? what is "my little pony" having to do whit traditional games
No. 8740 ID: fd6d7e
File 128701984231.jpg - (32.84KB , 699x578 , awkward.jpg )


This is ponychan, not traditional gaming.
No. 8741 ID: 9d362b

so what is it doing on tgchan?
why is it not on it own chan
No. 8742 ID: 3af16b

I don't know what you are talking about. This is on ponychan.
No. 8743 ID: 9d362b

I give up
but seriusly what is this all about
No. 8744 ID: d677cc

Our /tg/ board is that way. :Vc
No. 8746 ID: 4643fd

for those that don't understand
No. 8747 ID: 5a2e05

Hey Love Dancer, Mint Milk is right. This is pretty gay.
No. 8748 ID: 9d362b

No. 8749 ID: fd6d7e
File 12870264176.jpg - (38.49KB , 500x375 , 1286907745865.jpg )

No. 8750 ID: 754124

Indeed, Untamed Sparkling Dreamer. It is wondrous.
No. 8751 ID: 2563d4

>hit reply to express amusement at that edit

Dylan, you're awesome.
No. 8762 ID: 8e18cd

This makes me moist
No. 8764 ID: 72e1e0
File 128709275450.jpg - (47.39KB , 478x275 , let me think.jpg )

Hm sort of reminds me of the old late 90's cartoon network stuff. Except...with ponies.

Come now folks, you all know you like the pony's. It's been socially acceptable on chans since Robot unicorn attack. you don't need to hide it ^_~

Though seriously:They need more dudes in the five pony band. We're going to be up to our necks in lesbo jokes and male slavery in no time here.
No. 8765 ID: f4963f

For a moment I thought that the rainbow flying pony was a guy. Only guys I recall seeing in that episode were the two stallions drawing the carriage.

Oh my god. Esquiria is an iron-hoofed matriarchy.
No. 8766 ID: 72e1e0
File 12870949226.jpg - (62.11KB , 479x278 , well.jpg )

Welllll there were a few others! Mostly.. in the background during crowd scenes. I seem to distinctily remember a green one with a shield near the start. As well as a few during Apples 'extended family' introduction. They'll likely include some as important B listers later so the girls have someone to fight over or something. Who knows?

But yeah...changing Rainbow Dash into a dude would have resulted in absolutly-no-differance. Could have kept the same voice actor even!

Also I really hope they lamp-shade the Princess thing at some point....
No. 8767 ID: fd6d7e
File 128709559916.jpg - (62.30KB , 750x600 , Big Macintosh2.jpg )

No. 8769 ID: 63647c

That was awesome!
I think I'm gay now :c
No. 8770 ID: bf1e7e
File 128710584460.jpg - (24.68KB , 852x193 , analpony.jpg )

No. 8772 ID: bdfa5c
File 128711618350.jpg - (104.17KB , 905x885 , Flarez.jpg )

Flare= the cute antisocial yellow one :3
No. 8773 ID: 3544bd

They've managed to make an interesting and fun [your milage may vary] My Little Pony series concept now?

That's... cool, actually.
No. 8801 ID: 94c0e9
File 128718046933.png - (222.54KB , 1000x1000 , nmmsad.png )

d'aaaaaaaaw noooo
No. 8803 ID: 8c0848
File 128719549043.png - (266.46KB , 800x600 , Rynhpony.png )

No. 8805 ID: 1681b1

Hm.... would Jehral be her tiny dragon servant then?

Though that would make things kind of awkward...
No. 8809 ID: 94c0e9


With the neck, she actually looks more like a My Little Llama.

... I don't know whether that's awesome or not.
No. 8811 ID: 10c20a
File 128720215328.png - (194.08KB , 800x600 , Kensupony.png )

No. 8812 ID: f52552

>realisation that Shadranpony is imminent
No. 8813 ID: bf1e7e
File 128720388262.png - (267.91KB , 800x600 , Venpony.png )

No. 8818 ID: a4b4e3
File 128721010341.png - (272.19KB , 800x600 , my little Liam rainbow.png )

No. 8819 ID: a09a03
File 128721052398.png - (113.02KB , 800x600 , My_Little_Penji.png )

No. 8821 ID: f82d85
File 128721082855.png - (181.83KB , 800x600 , whatthefuckwasithinking.png )

No. 8822 ID: 63647c

OH god, these are hilarious!
No. 8863 ID: 8e18cd
File 128725596563.png - (396.93KB , 900x750 , SulPony.png )

Late addition..
No. 8865 ID: f123de
File 128725951335.jpg - (74.41KB , 800x600 , mychokingpony.jpg )

Is it still funny guys?
No. 8868 ID: c71597

Yes it is.
No. 8869 ID: 6550ad


It is, but you forgot the tail, bro.
No. 8870 ID: dad664
File 128726471974.png - (195.27KB , 800x600 , ChloePony.png )

No. 8873 ID: 788856
File 128727043328.jpg - (279.97KB , 800x600 , pnyflare.jpg )

Am I doing this right
No. 8875 ID: 788856
File 128727249948.jpg - (331.13KB , 1000x800 , cheren pony copy.jpg )

ok here's a legitimate quest character
No. 8876 ID: 445c48

Oh I wish I could draw, so that I might make Pony Mordre.
No. 8877 ID: 2563d4
File 128727576848.png - (229.15KB , 800x600 , jena-riding-buswald-OH-MURR.png )

No. 8878 ID: 5a2e05

There is a distinct lack of pony-mounted weaponry.
No. 8879 ID: a4b4e3
File 128727637343.png - (312.14KB , 800x600 , golem pony.png )

No. 8883 ID: 084077

I fucking love ponies.
No. 8887 ID: ddd48d
File 128734012359.png - (97.21KB , 800x600 , UNSTOPPABLEPONY.png )

ponies <3
No. 8892 ID: 383006
File 128734911969.jpg - (146.33KB , 800x600 , MLH.jpg )

No. 8912 ID: b0ef4c


found this on /rs/ in the /co/ section. coloring books for some of the new ponies.
No. 8937 ID: 4c91d5
File 128750527428.png - (178.84KB , 628x357 , pony_penetration_0.png )

No. 8938 ID: 4c91d5
File 128750531248.png - (93.80KB , 314x269 , pony_penetration_1.png )

No. 8939 ID: 4c91d5
File 128750533998.png - (109.55KB , 470x267 , pony_penetration_2.png )

No. 8940 ID: 4c91d5
File 128750537251.png - (123.22KB , 465x267 , pony_penetration_3.png )

No. 8942 ID: dad664


This show is going to be a reaction face goldmine.
No. 8946 ID: 6550ad
File 128752608982.png - (280.63KB , 800x600 , Pony_Tiak.png )

No. 8947 ID: 754124

Dude, you could probably fill out an entire one of those sex face things with screengrabs.
No. 8951 ID: f123de
File 128755663754.jpg - (71.20KB , 640x480 , mylittlesal.jpg )

All right, I'll do one of my own this time.
No. 8952 ID: 476456

No. 9068 ID: bf1e7e




No. 9070 ID: bf1e7e
File 128780015746.png - (340.58KB , 760x572 , pinkieparty.png )

This episode made me like pinkie pie
No. 9072 ID: 476456
File 128780283352.png - (151.60KB , 480x269 , Imsoderpishitgooglyeyes.png )

haha oh gee this show
No. 9073 ID: f4963f

Me too! I didn't like her so much in the first one, but OH MY GOD she was amazing in this episode.
No. 9074 ID: 9fcc8d

That, uh.
That doesnt makes sense?

They could have milked the Nightmare Moon thing for five seasons or so, and uh, they solved it in, one episode? To wrap it up with a hook for a sitcom?


T'was good while lasted, I guess?
No. 9075 ID: 0d1fe9

Eh it was too good to last.
No. 9076 ID: 754124

This show is so fun~
No. 9077 ID: bf1e7e


You say that like this isn't exactly what we have been expecting and looking forward to.

Did you never see the pilot for the old My Little Pony?
No. 9078 ID: 3392ab

They said it was only going to be a two-part thing.
No. 9079 ID: f4963f

Admittedly, I was looking forward to the premise of the ponies fighting off evil in a land bathed in eternal night. But this is alright too.
No. 9081 ID: a6a1c6
File 128781324130.jpg - (88.25KB , 474x1200 , abuuuuuse.jpg )

did anyone else get this vibe or was it just me, seriously
No. 9083 ID: 45be60

Indeed. In that scenario the entire first season would have been failing to prevent the events of the first episode.
No. 9084 ID: 6550ad


I guess you haven't watched a kid's cartoon ever?

First two episodes have continuity and are more plot-heavy to introduce the characters and stuff. The rest of the series have self-contained episodes that pretty much can be aired in any order.
No. 9085 ID: bdb2fe
File 128782395250.png - (73.62KB , 250x250 , freudwasright.png )

Oh yes, Crux.
No. 9086 ID: bdb2fe
File 128782400427.png - (82.72KB , 320x320 , 34dintooblivion.png )

You sure could.
No. 9093 ID: 2563d4

You're...you're actually all discussing the plot of this. :|
No. 9100 ID: 63647c

Man, was that mustached dragon FABULOUS or what?
No. 9113 ID: 08e607

Yet, it can still be about some over-arching seasonwide quest that just never ends or will be wrapped up in a season finale (see Dungeons and Dragons) or be plot-light but with continuity (see, idunno, Danny Phantom? Bad example)

I admit to never watching the first series at all, as far as I am able to remember.
No. 9114 ID: 383006

I have seen all of G1. Pretty much everything after that was painful, and some of G1 was god awful. Generally, the plots would be 2~4 episode arcs that would conclude at the end, although characters recurred and events were sometimes referred back to.

I still prefer the good episodes of G1 to the new series so far. The new one has good animation and enjoyable characters, but in G1 things like friendship and courage weren't supernatural powers that could save the day. Magic was magic and ponies were ponies.
No. 9116 ID: 754124

Yes, that is something that happens on the internet.
No. 9117 ID: 6834bc

fuckin' ponies, man.
No. 9118 ID: 32e9fe

Well, Faust has confirmed that there'll be more villains, so it won't just devolve into a pony sitcom. Also, Luna probably still has some issues to work through, so who's to say she won't turn again?
No. 9119 ID: f4963f

This pleases me greatly.
No. 9120 ID: 754124

Wait, it's made by someone called Faust? How... thematically appropriate.
No. 9131 ID: 6834bc

No fucking wonder I kept getting vibes of "this is familiar" while watching the first two episodes.

She and(/or?) her husband created the Powerpuff Girls as well as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
No. 9135 ID: 7d3073

"You little foal! Thinking you could defeat me!"

I can't stop loving the wordplay in this series.
No. 9136 ID: 6550ad


"Everypony" and "somepony" gets old when they say it every minute, though.
No. 9149 ID: 750a47

Oh my god... this show... it is awesome. The animation is... so layered.

Like how in the first episode, during the letter writing bit? You can see nightmare moon in the huge hourglass as she passes it.

It appeals to the animation nerd in me. And my overactive imagination latches onto some bits and takes them into wonderful and/or terrible implications.

I believe I shall be keeping an eye on this.
No. 9173 ID: 2e34e6
File 12880691798.png - (268.79KB , 640x480 , 1288066335081.png )

No. 9201 ID: bf1e7e


Right now.

No. 9335 ID: 4ef8a9

The way it's cut makes it look like sooooo many references to uh... shall we call it 'magic sparkles' if you catch my meaning? Sucking up all that 'snow', blatant swig from some vial, taking something and becoming powerful, etc. etc. etc.
No. 9338 ID: 5832ec

That was the point.
No. 9339 ID: bf1e7e

It's more obvious if you actually watch it. One of the running things of the episode is that she's basically addicted to the potion and the all-encompassing need for more is ruining her relationship with her boyfriend and consuming her life.

And yet they never once specifically call attention to this. It is the most elegant anti-drug message in ANY 80's or 90's cartoon.
No. 9342 ID: 8e18cd


No. 9343 ID: f4963f

That was good!
God why am I getting so excited over these?
No. 9368 ID: 788856
File 128847488986.jpg - (214.91KB , 1000x800 , newflare.jpg )

Seal can probably do a better job than this of it
No. 9398 ID: 2a8b5a
File 128867680333.jpg - (178.80KB , 563x1688 , ponycomic.jpg )

I can't believe I drew this.

And I can't believe the speech bubbles came out so terrible!
No. 9399 ID: a09a03

Really hit the nail on the head with the art style.
No. 9401 ID: a4b4e3

That... Wow. That's perfect. I have no words for how much I love this.
No. 9402 ID: 1fd752


I can't believe you drew this, either, but it... wow, yeah. Poor poor Luna.

Guess it's a good thing she had Twilight Sparkle to trounce her the True Power of FRIENDSHIP.
No. 9405 ID: f0b4bc

Poor Luna :C to bad her sister is queen troll of the ponyverse.

Yeah, my new vagina is working apparently.
No. 9406 ID: f0b4bc

Poor Luna :C to bad her sister is queen troll of the ponyverse.

Yeah, my new vagina is working apparently.
No. 9407 ID: 679e7a

So, I watched, like, the first five minutes of the first episode...

Does anybody ever go GEE WE'RE SORRY WE TOTALLY BLEW OFF YOUR DIRE WARNINGS at the end, or are they too busy bleating about the importance of friendship?
No. 9408 ID: 2563d4

>Yeah, my new vagina is working apparently.
Further testing required.

FLAILS! That's your cue!
No. 9409 ID: f4963f

Alright. So from the thread in /questdis/, I was able to find the pilot episode of the original MLP:

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JabXQb6nBXg
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6cXAUjqaRM&feature=related
Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjaVNvalUAc&feature=related
No. 9410 ID: fd6d7e
File 128874208221.jpg - (26.72KB , 228x320 , horrified_sarah.jpg )


I had forgotten how bad the original show was.
No. 9411 ID: bf1e7e


Fuck you, Rescue from Midnight Castle is god tier.
No. 9412 ID: 754124

No. Neither of those things happen.
No. 9417 ID: 754124

Also, just wanna say, you fucking nailed the art style.

And Luna's character from a writing perspective, too.
No. 9428 ID: bf1e7e


>you fucking nailed the art style.

Yes, it's actually pretty great. It would take me fucking forever to emulate the style that well (curse my shitty linework abilities!)

>And Luna's character from a writing perspective, too.

I am going to go ahead and speak out against this, though. Because goddammit I loathe the people who want to grimdark things that are not that grim and/or dark; or worse, things that DO have some elements of grim/darkness and that are being elevated to the fore.

There is absolutely no indication ANYWHERE in the show that Luna is bitter or Celestia is abusive towards her. At all. It's all just /co/'s wankfest.

Sure, she looks pretty down when she's riding up to the party. Then the ponies cheer for her and give her a wreath and she is shocked. Then she goddamn smiles, even though celestia isn't even looking at her.

The most likely reason that she was down? She thought that all of the little ponies were going to hate her for what she had done. She was surprised (and pleasantly so) when it turned out not to be the case.

Harping on the thousand-year imprisonment is also utter bullshit. Yes, Celestia imprisoned her for a thousand years. What every faggot on /co/ that makes a big deal out of this forgets is that this was after Luna went crazy and became Nightmare Moon, and then tried to create night eternal, which would entail imprisoning Celestia for eternity. She even did it twice, since she did it again once she got out!

It was shown that the only way to remove the shell of Nightmare Moon and restore Luna was to unite the Elements of Harmony, but Celestia even said in the episode that only Twilight Sparkle had the right sort of magic within her to do this. Twilight Sparkle ALSO has an unexplained ability to teleport that even she does not understand, which lends credence to this.

What this implies is that the only way to free Luna from the grasp of Madness was, in fact, to imprison her until such a time as a pony existed who could remove the 'nightmare moon' element. Hell, she wasn't even outraged because of the imprisonment. Her 'revenge' plan upon escaping was to continue exactly what she was already doing before she was sealed.
No. 9432 ID: a4b4e3

I always thought the whole abuse thing was a joke, like "What if it were like this holy shit" due to you only have to tweak a few lines to make it much, much creepier.

People seem to glance over the line about her not seeing her "in this form" (her true form) though.
No. 9434 ID: 754124

>Because goddammit I loathe the people who want to grimdark things that are not that grim and/or dark; or worse, things that DO have some elements of grim/darkness and that are being elevated to the fore.
It is not exactly that hard to grasp from the show that Luna might have been sad about being stuck far away from everyone. It is pretty much an outgrowth of realizing that Luna is (within the context of the story) an actual person with actual emotions.

>Harping on the thousand-year imprisonment is also utter bullshit. Yes, Celestia imprisoned her for a thousand years. What every faggot on /co/ that makes a big deal out of this forgets is that this was after Luna went crazy and became Nightmare Moon, and then tried to create night eternal, which would entail imprisoning Celestia for eternity. She even did it twice, since she did it again once she got out!
I don't think anyone has said that Nightmare Moon's actions were morally justifiable.
No. 9435 ID: bf1e7e


>I don't think anyone has said that Nightmare Moon's actions were morally justifiable.

You haven't been to the /co/ threads.
No. 9449 ID: 754124

I've seen people say that it's possibly less out-of-the-blue than we have been shown in the show. If you've seen people go further than that in any significant way, then I would disagree with them.
No. 9458 ID: 78b8c2


The only point in which I take umbrage with you for any of this is

>night eternal, which would entail imprisoning Celestia

... which is not true. The prologue showed clearly that, when NMM did it the first time, Celestia was still free. It was in fact a significant point that Celestia tried to talk to NMM first, then banished her using the Elements. It was only the second time, when NMM escaped, that Celestia was imprisoned. And that was the revenge, not the eternal night.

Which makes sense. It was Celestia that imprisoned her, and so it was Celestia who was the target of her vengeance, not the lesser ponies.
No. 9459 ID: bf1e7e


>The prologue showed clearly that, when NMM did it the first time,

She DIDN'T do it the first time. She tried, but when she vowed to shroud the land in eternal darkness Celestia stopped her.

The second time, Celestia DIDN'T stop her because the means to purge the Nightmare Moon persona (Twilight Sparkle and the elements of Harmony) were actually available.
No. 9464 ID: 78b8c2


I say thee neigh!

Luna "refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn". Then Celestia talking to her sister, then the transformation to nightmare moon and declaring that the night would last forever, then an image of ponies freaking out at the night sky, followed by the use of the elements of harmony to banish her. So the night had already been extended beyond its normal timeframe before the talk/fight between the two, during which Celestia was free.

However, the second time, Celestia probably let herself be imprisoned, and could have escaped at any time - she needed the Elements to do it to Luna, who as the younger sister was probably less powerful in any case, so how could NMM do it without them? The whole thing, therefore, was a cunning plan to get TS and company to use the Elements on NMM to turn her back into Luna.

Unless NMM's helmet and such were "evil" magic artifacts or something. But that's pure speculation.
No. 9465 ID: bf1e7e


>So the night had already been extended beyond its normal timeframe before the talk/fight between the two,

But that's the point. She hadn't lowered the moon yet, but she hadn't transformed into Nightmare Moon and threatened an eternal night. Up to that point, she was just being stubborn.

>so how could NMM do it without them?

Nightmare Moon was shown to do all kinds of crazy magic bullshit, Princess Celestia has been shown to actually do nothing even approaching the scale. While I would not at all be surprised to find out several weeks down the line that there is in fact some ancient force which caused Luna to actually go crazy, the fact remains that, from what we have seen, Nightmare Moon HAS shown more substantial magical ability than Celestia ever did on her own.
No. 9467 ID: 679e7a



Maybe I'll give the show another try.
No. 9472 ID: 754124

Celestia is capable of causing both night and day to exist, and to toggle as she desires, and she's governing both the sun and the moon. Nightmare Moon only ever did her own moon at once, and some comparatively very trivial stuff, turning into fog and pretending to be three ponies and stuff.

Well, the fact that she does end up sort of making friends with them does matter somewhat, if only because it's necessary to unite viable wielders of the five lesser elements of harmony in order to reveal the sixth
No. 9473 ID: 754124

Also, she doesn't really ever admit she was wrong to not make friends. She does sort of slack of on the huge antisocial bitch aspect pretty quickly (which is basically normal among the neckbeardy sort who are only like that in the first place because no one likes them) but she still thinks that the knowledge was more important, aside from the practical value of having six ponies with more diverse skills including lots of knowledge and the Elements of Harmony, compared to one with lots of knowledge.
No. 9475 ID: fd6d7e
File 128885806069.jpg - (8.35KB , 246x229 , wut.jpg )


You... you actually liked the original series?
No. 9477 ID: 383006

I love the original series. You can go fuck yourself.
No. 9485 ID: bf1e7e


It is a legitimately good show.

Odds are it's better than just about anything that you watch.
No. 9486 ID: 9a5057

I watch venture brothers and adventure time.

Check and Mate.

(It's not bad, I would place it just below Gummy Bears on the disney channel old cartoon hierarchy.)
No. 9487 ID: 10c20a

the first season, especially, had surprisingly high tear animation and art quality. I believe it's because the first season was originally done as straight to video releases, later aired on TV, but episodes like the pilot and Escape from Katrina actually had some damn good animation and art
No. 9488 ID: bf1e7e

>it just below Gummy Bears

Irredeemable faggot detected.
No. 9492 ID: 754124

>high tear animation
You mean it made you cry?
No. 9493 ID: 10c20a

like a babby
No. 9498 ID: 2eac65

Please don't personally attack people. It isn't pleasant or worthwhile for anyone involved.
No. 9499 ID: 754124

Irredeemable faggot detected.
No. 9507 ID: f52552

And then came the years of strife, for the choice of children's animated show was a rift too great for mankind to overcome. And so, poster warred against poster, brother against brother, and even small children and household pets got into the act by making faces at each other.
The war dragged on for many long years... and this is the story of how it began.
No. 9508 ID: a4b4e3
File 12889699863.jpg - (9.58KB , 333x331 , brother my brother.jpg )

No. 9512 ID: 620bfb

Man, don't bring that up. I cried my eyes out when I watched that. It was as bad as letting Butterfree go or nearly getting rid of Pikachu.

Also ponies are cool I guess.
No. 9514 ID: 97360c

wait wat pikachu had a bro?
No. 9515 ID: 0603e3


Well huh. He CAN talk.
No. 9516 ID: bf1e7e


Tears After the Cloudy Weather >>>>>>>>>>>>> Brother my Brother.
No. 9557 ID: a4b4e3
File 12891049178.png - (43.83KB , 526x406 , wat.png )


How can you forget the scene that defined a generation?
No. 9804 ID: 0603e3


Newest episode for the kind Ponychan folk.
No. 9805 ID: f44349


I did not care for Pinkie Pie at all at first but...
She's really grown on me.
Hell after this episode I think she might be my favorite. :3
No. 9806 ID: 89672e


When I first saw Pinkie, I expected to despise her, but now she's my favorite character.

I'm still trying to figure out how they pulled that off.
No. 9811 ID: 383006

Episode 2 cemented Pinky Pie as pretty rad to me. Rainbow Dash has always been my least favorite, so this episode just helped make that distinction more clear. Fluttershy is my absolute favorite.
No. 10152 ID: f5e4b4
File 129001143731.jpg - (777.35KB , 2000x2122 , 4chan ponies.jpg )

No. 10153 ID: 2563d4

>/v/ has a pile of hats
>other /v/ has a >implying pony brand thing

Although how does stubby pony hooves use /tg/'s axe or fit inside the trigger guard of /k/'s rifle?
No. 10162 ID: f5e4b4


They use their mouths, of course.
No. 10178 ID: a41aaf

It's a pony, I don't gotta explain shit.
No. 10220 ID: 247444


Next episode.
No. 10223 ID: 8e18cd


This episode had ponybondage. Half of tgchan must be pleased by this turn of events.
No. 10224 ID: 754124

What? You mean when Applejack got roped? That wasn't really sexually gratifying for me at all. But some people might have liked it I guess.
No. 10225 ID: ca33c7


...also, it's good to see they haven't dropped the bit about Spike's crush on Rarity.
No. 10229 ID: a4b4e3
File 129027749226.png - (119.76KB , 427x246 , giggle at the ghosties.png )

>What? You mean when Applejack got roped? That wasn't really sexually gratifying for me at all. But some people might have liked it I guess.
No. 10234 ID: bf1e7e
File 129032333582.png - (377.92KB , 750x750 , GilDashColor.png )

No. 10235 ID: f82d85
File 129033075883.gif - (597.09KB , 400x215 , 1289606664683.gif )

Oh Pinkie Pie, why are you so funny
No. 10240 ID: 839bd9
File 129039158360.png - (244.46KB , 777x736 , molestia.png )

oh /co/
No. 10254 ID: a4b4e3
File 129052584641.jpg - (91.80KB , 653x369 , Gilda and Pinkie Pie.jpg )

Oh, /co/...
No. 10264 ID: bf1e7e
File 129056642697.png - (767.79KB , 750x750 , GilDashColor2.png )


Somebody else made another color.

apparently somebody going by Bandit.
No. 10286 ID: 24eaf1

As good as it may be, art style in MLP:FIM is (intentionally, I think) fairly simple and adding more shading/color variation doesn't necessarily make it better.
That is, I like >>10234 better.
No. 10299 ID: bf1e7e


Should probably put a spoiler warning on this, since it's a leak from a later episode/special/something.
No. 10305 ID: e3f578

Princess Molestia's face makes her my favorite pony

Otherwise it's fucking FlutterShy. Goddamn so fucking adorable.
No. 10357 ID: f5e4b4
File 129076979552.png - (53.54KB , 1050x400 , infallible_system.png )

This is so true.
No. 10359 ID: aa7d51

So many ponies o.o
No. 10360 ID: aa7d51

So many ponies o.o
No. 10414 ID: 7ac535
File 129083560221.jpg - (78.35KB , 639x716 , TheBitchesJustFlockToThem.jpg )

Look at these two smug fuckers.
Just look at them.
No. 10421 ID: a88202


No. 10422 ID: f5e4b4


Spoilers, motherfucker, spooooilers
No. 10432 ID: 0d1fe9

Check this out, this is important.


Oh god Pinkie Pie could've been a pegasus. WHY DOES THIS HORRIFY ME!
No. 10433 ID: bf1e7e



Because she would have been Surprise, and Surprise was fucking terrible.
No. 10472 ID: 74fc1e
File 129093957165.png - (515.40KB , 720x540 , 1290800907512.png )

Lounge pony is a hero to us all.
No. 10557 ID: f4963f
File 12910092543.jpg - (105.07KB , 716x588 , MLP_Quiz_Result.jpg )

Because if anything can gauge my personality accurately, it's a dime-a-dozen which character are you quiz!

Source: http://www.hasbro.com/mylittlepony/en_US/play/details.cfm?guid=1FF13B50-19B9-F369-1006-8C5C12F9B58F&src=endeca
No. 10560 ID: 74fc1e
File 129101488110.jpg - (177.41KB , 714x603 , IAmPinkieAndYouAreNot.jpg )

Fuck Year, Pinkie Pie!
U jelly?

Also: One of the production staff just did a Q&A over on /co/, and it was very informative.
No. 10561 ID: 754124

I took it before, I got Applejack. Pretty accurate, actually. Took it again, got Twilight. Pretty accurate also.

The questions are kind of dumb, though.
>when spending time with your friends you like to
>four things which can, in fact, all be done simultaneously, and in fact doing so is pretty awesome

>your favorite outfits are
>three things which all of my outfits are
No. 10562 ID: 754124

Also, character synopses:

Twilight Sparkle
>socially stunted

Pinkie Pie
>a fucking Spaz

>likes fashion, good aesthetic taste

Rainbow Dash
>can fly

>good with wild critters

>works hard
>lol cowgirl

Really, none of them are that deep, and it's not too tough to align with more than one.
No. 10563 ID: 0d1fe9

Oh god please tell me it was archived.
No. 10579 ID: f4963f

I'd also commit a small number of questionably legal activities to get my hands on that.
No. 10581 ID: 453575



He's "FlashinthePan"
No. 10595 ID: 4997fc

Fuck yea, Raibowdash... but is not actually acurate... AT ALL...
No. 10765 ID: bf1e7e

ITE: Rarity and Applejack have a pillowfight at a pony slumber party.

No. 10767 ID: f9f840
File 129141497482.jpg - (93.02KB , 340x373 , 1243234951905.jpg )

Twilight just wanted to have a slumber party, to try and reclaim some of her lost childhood - was that so wrong?

Fucking bitches. ;A;
No. 10830 ID: bf1e7e
File 129161358737.png - (236.87KB , 750x750 , OldFriendsNewFriends.png )

I'll just leave this here~
No. 10832 ID: 6a0f18

Best End?
No. 10875 ID: e5760f
File 129169418141.jpg - (168.70KB , 1000x1100 , truecelestia.jpg )

People have been pointing this out on /co/. What think thee, fellows?
No. 10877 ID: 6a0f18


She dyes?
No. 10878 ID: 383006

I think she kept the power and continues to control both day and night.
No. 10879 ID: ceacd2

Yeah, she can probably change her hair color at will at this point, or she just looked like that before she took over the powers of the sun AND the moon.

Or, it could be her sister that we know nothing about that spawned her nephew that Rarity is all gold digging for.
No. 10881 ID: 383006

The pictures imply that you get the badass form when you have all of the powers is more what I was getting at.
No. 10919 ID: 0488ad
File 129178686445.jpg - (90.50KB , 580x736 , 1291696078409.jpg )

No. 10926 ID: 8e18cd

She's the demiurge.

She appears in many forms.

All of the malevolent.
No. 10947 ID: a1591c
File 12919646772.gif - (1.50MB , 640x360 , 1291917825882.gif )

No. 10948 ID: a1591c
File 129196470534.gif - (1.31MB , 400x360 , 1291911113281.gif )

No. 10949 ID: a1591c
File 129196472143.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 1291937824966.gif )

No. 10950 ID: c3c3bf

*clop clop clop*
No. 10956 ID: e3f578

why are those gifs such good quality?
No. 10958 ID: bf1e7e

They're pulled from the .FLV on The Hub's website.
No. 10962 ID: 45be60

Why is this gif not trimmed better so it looks smooth? Its all wiggle-wiggle-jerk
No. 10963 ID: 70d9eb
File 12920155175.gif - (801.59KB , 400x360 , wigglewiggle.gif )

No. 10969 ID: 754124
File 129204258936.jpg - (1.06MB , 1464x1904 , I-want-to-be-the-pretty-princess.jpg )

No. 10971 ID: acc41e

No one posted these?

No. 10972 ID: 2563d4

Hell, with this animation style I'd be surprised if they couldn't distribute them as SWFs.
No. 10973 ID: ceacd2

They can and they do, over on /co/
No. 10974 ID: f4963f

Oh my god, that episode. <3
No. 10975 ID: 9a456c


I got ten times my daily recommended ponydose from that episode. But it's fine, because you can never OD on ~FRIENDSHIP~.
No. 10976 ID: bfd722

Twilight's horn made me laugh for reasons that a kid's show isn't supposed to make me laugh.
No. 11281 ID: 192c6d

I dunno what was worse, Pinga-horn or Soul-singing Flutterguy.
No. 11359 ID: 2eac65

So ponies are responsible for the weather, wildlife, and plantlife.

And all ponies depend on Princess Celestia and look up to her.

This means Celestia controls every aspect of the natural world within her domain.

Eventually, even the base elements of the universe will be hers, once she breeds nanoponies to manipulate atoms.
No. 11384 ID: 51a648

AND she's also the one that encouraged Twilight to learn and manipulate the elements of magic!
No. 11440 ID: 570610

I'm sure you've all already watched this, but... here's the next. Swarm of the Century.

No. 11468 ID: f4963f

Oh Pinky Pie. We love you. <3
No. 11475 ID: 51a648
File 129270234487.png - (152.27KB , 555x359 , Ping.png )

I think I have a new favourite episode...
No. 11507 ID: 7bc7cb
File 129291896914.jpg - (130.39KB , 900x593 , mare_in_the_moon_by_anniemsson-d31vchs.jpg )

A lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice.
Did you pay you respects tonight?
No. 11508 ID: 9a5057


Damnit Rainbow Dash, you have ONE JOB in this town.
No. 11509 ID: 7bc7cb
File 129292015882.png - (233.70KB , 526x572 , princess_luna_by_silvermoonbreeze-d320mh7.png )

Clouds cleared just in time here.
Shit was badass, brah. I think I'll have a glass of wine in her honor.
No. 11527 ID: ddd88a

Mourn, fellow ponies... PensivePine is shut down. Now we must wait for new eps or find a new release-day source...

Wait... nevermind.
No vids uploaded yet.
No. 11528 ID: 9a5057

Oh well good. I was resorting to that EquusLeilani fellow, but he has so many other, less interesting videos that it's hard to find the ponies! D:

I get that they want to protect their intellectual property from theft and all that, but damn, who actually gets the Hub?
No. 11529 ID: 754124

PensivePine was Lauren Faust.

How odd.

Also, PensivePony has the first one as of this posting.
No. 11530 ID: e973f4

Uhhh. I thought pensivepine was, erm, http://rabbithutchiscalling.blogspot.com/ <-- this chick, and Lauren Faust just happened to link her videos as the designated MLP YouTube link.

Also, the takedown notice says it was done on behalf of the American Greetings Corporation, not Hasbro. :V
No. 11531 ID: d42f87

This. Faust just linked to pensivepine's account, it wasn't her.

Also, I think its hilarious AGC had the account taken down over shit no one was watching anyway. From what I've heard, Hasbro sees it as free publicity, so until their advertisers start complaining they're happy to leave the YT vids be.
No. 11555 ID: 758e19
File 129308279848.png - (693.28KB , 1228x1497 , pinkiestares.png )

The guys on /co/ noticed something.
No. 11558 ID: 2b46cb

No. 11559 ID: 283fa9

Wait, was the entire account taken down because of video that were NOT MLP related? That's hilarious.

And I am reminded of an amusing/depressing story involving copyright, where a band had uploaded a music video for one of their singles up on YouTube... which was then taken down by their label. Despite the fact it was the ACTUAL BAND MEMBERS who made and posted the damn thing.
No. 11562 ID: 2563d4

>699px image upthread
>zoom in the screenshot is based on the 360p one
No. 11563 ID: 0620e3
File 129312027397.png - (48.25KB , 1094x600 , LIKE A RAINBOW IN THE DARK.png )

No. 11564 ID: e973f4

Well, to be fair, whatever it was of AGC's that pensivepine had posted, there was a good bit of it.

And I seem to remember that actually happened to multiple bands under the Warner label prior to their coming to an agreement with YouTube.
No. 11681 ID: 8c1304
File 129334066044.png - (891.45KB , 880x622 , MitM.png )

This show never cease to surprise me, I was watching the first episode to corroborate some of my lulzy dystopian theories when I saw that (around 4:40), it's not that hidden, but I missed it the first 2 times I watched that episode...
C'mon people, share the awesome background stuff you found!
No. 11682 ID: 70d9eb

I know that at least Streetlight Manifesto has had videos taken down like that, and I assume there's others. Labels don't really understand technology.
No. 11689 ID: 476456

Holy fu
No. 11694 ID: f5e4b4


Huh, I saw it the first time, it was just a neat narrative effect as they were talking about her in that moment. Nothing you can really build theories on.
No. 11715 ID: 9ce497

Are you a bad enough dude to handle nine and a half minutes of Pinkie Pie?
No. 11723 ID: f16b80
File 129341641840.png - (283.94KB , 520x296 , mmmmm.png )

No. 11775 ID: 5541c7
File 129351421619.gif - (193.64KB , 500x500 , 1293507644_ajin_derpy-500.gif )

No. 11781 ID: 2eac65

I think that's a little unfair. Most people seem to agree that Derpy is, if nothing else, a competent mailpony.
No. 11785 ID: 4bdb13

What's the deal with those cart plow things, anyway? Why don't they just pull normal plows? We know such a thing exists, because Big Mac always is wearing his collar.
No. 11786 ID: b3a0d2

Mac's plow was for tilling, these ones were specifically made to move snow.
No. 11787 ID: e3f578

Why isn't Mac as popular as he should be? I know we barely get to see him but he is a pretty cool supporting character. It's just a shame he only gets one image about his pimp aura.
No. 11788 ID: f5e4b4


No. 11789 ID: 4bdb13
File 129357180791.png - (507.48KB , 945x945 , applebloom.png )

Also this
No. 11791 ID: 5541c7

Spoilers dude! That's totally End Season Episode stuff!

And yes, yes I am. I can barely remember the days where i didn't like pinkie...
No. 11792 ID: b3a0d2

Apple Bloom what are you doing.
You're a pony, you can't shoot mouth lasers.
That's silly.
You're not even a big pony.
No. 11808 ID: f4963f

No links to Winter Wrap-Up here? Shame, bronies, shame!

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/user/pensivepony#p/a/u/1/pXpWv--s2Uk
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/user/pensivepony#p/a/u/0/jZxKDYKEW2s
No. 11838 ID: bdf739
File 129369449715.png - (277.54KB , 699x559 , aretoo.png )

No. 11841 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129372177291.png - (1.87MB , 1142x1600 , GildaDash.png )

This is the best thing ever.
No. 11852 ID: bdf739
File 129373597247.jpg - (1.53MB , 1142x1600 , GildaDashXmas.jpg )

No. 11869 ID: 6547ec

No. 12078 ID: dc6541
File 129399034122.jpg - (747.18KB , 1439x2000 , CSImadmax-Valhalla.jpg )

Yeah, late to the party, I know...

Artist or source, please?

She's so contrite, poor little thing.

That's terrific artwork, even being so sad, and very moving in both her thoughts and then POW in the end. It's a real tweest. Anyway, I'm glad for the chance to finally say thanks "directly" (if late).

Agreed, despite the short bits we got to see them together. After a thousand more years maybe Celestia will finally explain "the facts of life" to Luna and she'll understand that ponies have fun at night too.

Anyway, is it time for some happy Luna and Celestia together?
No. 12158 ID: 054b33
File 129409612243.png - (231.52KB , 570x1781 , lunacelestiabefore.png )

>Anyway, is it time for some happy Luna and Celestia together?

No. 12161 ID: cd3df2

>This was back when Celestia and Luna were living in a single room efficiency in a bad neighborhood of the astral plane, shortly after their parents died and prior to the creation of Equestria.
>Celestia had to work two jobs to support themselves AND pay her way through Elysium University AND pay for Luna's daycare.
No. 12162 ID: bffa2a

Stop making my happy place depressing. There has to be some maaaagic.
No. 12166 ID: cd3df2
File 129410157128.png - (162.23KB , 550x900 , 1292953171855.png )

But sad Luna is the best Luna.
No. 12205 ID: 2563d4

The Internet has taught me that only reason for cute, happy things to exist is to subvert them.
No. 12222 ID: 4531bc

What's wrong with you? That isn't true at all?
No. 12224 ID: 2563d4

Rule 34 says otherwise. As does Happy Tree Friends. I bet /tg/ have already mashed their 40K grimderp fetish into this, too.
No. 12235 ID: 48b5fc
File 129421402339.jpg - (322.53KB , 1800x1800 , grimdarkpony.jpg )

Lies! Lies and slander!
No. 12263 ID: 283fa9

See, to me this is less about subverting a cute thing by making it grimdark.

This is more about subverting GRIMDARK by making it CUTE.
No. 12297 ID: 45be60
File 129426683859.jpg - (146.50KB , 640x483 , 1b250b73a6c00b0126f3c9ae8635fa20.jpg )

Agreed. I hate happy tree friends, because they are about making cute into horrible. But subverted ponies make horrible things cute.

Grimdark ponies precede FiM by a long shot. It just took the new show to make them mainstream.
I was collecting them before it was cool. B|
No. 12481 ID: 2563d4

<MobileSq> Dylan can you make it so the MLP thread only shows up in ponychan

Squeegy is an enemy of the ponies. He is Fair Game. He may be lied, cheated to or destroyed.
No. 12482 ID: a032e7

Did you miss the big tirade on MrQ and Farmer where I railed on them for liking it.
No. 12486 ID: 2563d4

Yes, actually, I did! I just find it amusing that the Cult Legitimate Religion of Pony has annoyed someone enough to want Dylan to hide it by default on all but the pinkest of domains.
No. 12493 ID: 4bdb13
File 129451858814.png - (178.95KB , 485x477 , inner_thigh.png )

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estrous_cycle#Horses

>A mare may be 4 to 10 days in heat and about 14 days in diestrus. Thus a cycle may be short, i.e. 3 weeks. Horses mate in spring and summer, autumn is a transition time, and anestrus rules the winter.
>A feature of the fertility cycle of horses and other large herd animals is that it is usually affected by the seasons. The number of hours daily that light enters the eye of the animal affects the brain, which governs the release of certain precursors and hormones. When daylight hours are few, these animals "shut down," become anestrous, and do not become fertile. As the days grow longer, the longer periods of daylight cause the hormones which activate the breeding cycle to be released. As it happens, this has a sort of utility for these animals in that, given a gestation period of about eleven months, it prevents them from having young when the cold of winter would make their survival risky. This is why these animals can only reproduce during certain times of the year.

Celestia has control over her subjects' periods. This is a possible explanation for the cutie mark on her crotch.
No. 12497 ID: bffa2a

Lalalalala can't hear you. Ponies wish for children in front of magic mirror.
No. 12540 ID: bffa2a

New ones up. And apparently Cruxador knows what he talks about.

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE4YqdhOrOY
part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS98LFMFHSg
No. 12593 ID: 383006

Because there were no ponies this week, I did a dramatic reading of a MLP:FM fanfic on Livestream. You can all "enjoy" it here.


Because I don't know how to livestream, skip the first 12 minutes.
No. 12617 ID: dc6541

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_%28audio%29

You'd be better off recording yourself with something like Goldwave, both to make sure it's "clean" and then to edit it; if you really want background music then mix it in after you have the spoken part perfect.

Also, a short summay would be helpful so we know what we're putting so much time aside for.
No. 12619 ID: dc6541
File 129516731294.png - (746.94KB , 800x800 , CSImadmax Luna\'s bday.png )

>But sad Luna is the best Luna.

Ha! Your move.
No. 12622 ID: 2563d4

>foolish sparklehorse fanning the flames
Ends in immolation.
No. 12624 ID: 3ae053


I see someone hasn't spotted Applejack and her fire extinguisher yet.
No. 12625 ID: 2563d4

She is a horsie.
Horsies cannot use tools.
They do not have opposable thumbs.
No. 12627 ID: a15406
File 129521432112.png - (209.71KB , 1280x720 , 1294117787675.png )

>But sad Luna is the best Luna.
>Ha! Your move.

>I see someone hasn't spotted Applejack and her fire extinguisher yet.
>AJ is about to ruin the cake.

Prepare for Sad Luna.
No. 12631 ID: dc6541
File 129523476559.png - (267.84KB , 800x800 , CSImadmax - Long Ago.png )

>Prepare for Sad Luna.
How can you deny happiness to such a cutie?
No. 12632 ID: 3ae053


Oooh oooh! Are you a troll? I've never met a troll before! Are you ugly? Are you mean? Do you have no friends? Are you angry at having no friends? I can be your friend! I'll sing you a song and maybe that'll make you less angry!

o/~Never gonna let you down~
Never gonna make you cryyyy~ o/~

>Implying that anyone is capable of being sad within fifty feet of the antics of Pinkie Pie. The cake being ruined is just another thing to look back and laugh at.


To adress this argument in the best way possible, I must borrow the immortal words of Stephen Colpony; Friendship is magic, and so can you!
No. 12633 ID: 521a2b
File 129524483795.png - (155.14KB , 564x436 , 1295148036744.png )

O'Brien Luna Must Suffer.
No. 12638 ID: c9dd37

>that image
>Panty and Stocking is the story of how Equestria was created
There is so much that is awesome about this idea
No. 12640 ID: c9dd37

That is both poorly drawn and unamusing. It appears to have been made by one of those self-entitled furries that are refusing to accept that nobody loves them.
No. 12641 ID: 0852a9

So it took you twelve whole minutes to come up with that response?
No. 12646 ID: 2eac65

Entitlement complex: The belief that attacks without a justification are unjustified.
No. 12701 ID: 383006
File 129560393061.jpg - (90.90KB , 1000x700 , MLSB.jpg )

No. 12702 ID: 2563d4

My face hurts from :3 -ing.
No. 12733 ID: d9b348

Well that's understandable. Making a :3 face would require your face to form a very unnatural shape.
No. 12735 ID: 2563d4

I had to use a knife.
No. 12745 ID: f16b80


I don't understand the context of this comic, can someone please explain this to me?
No. 12746 ID: 679e7a


It's an Unhappy Meal.
No. 12747 ID: 693d88

My cousin makes that face naturally.
No. 12748 ID: f16b80

Oh I thought there was some deeper meaning behind it or something.
No. 12835 ID: 2eac65
File 12961781787.png - (140.93KB , 736x512 , Princess_Party.png )

I saw this image, and a though occured to me: Who owns that bar? And what's going through his mind right now, with two drunk goddesses about to potentially start a bar brawl?
No. 12838 ID: 1db8a3
File 129621257937.png - (158.70KB , 471x481 , 1295502319912.png )

Do YOU have what it takes to join the Pink Lantern Corps?
No. 12843 ID: f16b80

Don't know why this hasn't been posted yet:


Fall Weather Friends! After winter..?
No. 12845 ID: 2eac65
File 129626163480.png - (473.19KB , 720x540 , lovely_day.png )

Fall is one of Celestia's favorite seasons.

Right after Summer, where all the ponies get to experience the full glory of the sun.

And Winter, where she has the shortest work schedule and can afford time to herself.

And Spring, where newly grown flora sprout up all across the kingdom to bask in her light.

Which technically makes Fall her least favorite season, but nopony wants to be the one to correct her.
No. 12848 ID: 45be60

Fuck it, ponies control the weather. They can have fall whenever the hell they feel like it.
No. 12850 ID: e3f578

this show is cool and all but the moral at the end of each episode is starting to erk me.
No. 12851 ID: 5c95ee
File 129629312324.png - (269.17KB , 484x284 , Overlord.png )

Look at that smug smile, that sense of superiority that face of... contempt for the inferior race that worship her...
I LOVE those evil Celestia theories.

BTW, can someone find that shot of Fluttershy with the rose in her mouth in better quality than youtube? She looked so cute like that.
No. 12852 ID: f5e4b4


Yeah, the last minutes of each episode are like "Here's the moral chewed up for those retarded kids that didn't get it yet, even when it's been crystal clear during the whole episode."

It makes me think of Animaniac's wheel of morality.
No. 12857 ID: 283fa9

Wasn't the Wheel of Morality the Animaniacs response to a mandate that the show must have a moral each episode? I'm sure I read that somewhere, but that might have been an in show joke. And yeah, that's the part I hate most about 'children's' animation.
No. 12858 ID: f21ae3
File 12963257003.png - (425.86KB , 720x540 , DamnStraight.png )

The "moral" at the end of the episode was a mandate from Hasbro, and I'm willing to bet it makes the writing staff cringe to have to tack it on.

At least it's not as bad as it used to be, though. Qubo has been rerunning He-Man, She-Ra, and Bravestarr in their overnight lineup, and the PSAs were so heavy handed that they outright broke the fourth wall to talk to the viewer. I hadn't seen those shows in over 25 years, and I didn't realize just how horrible they were.
No. 12863 ID: e3f578

Why would Celestia even require for Twilight to make regular reports which are more like essays on the whole friendship thing. She reads them but she already understands friendship. She's a goddamn sun god horse thing, don't tell me she doesn't have some galpals.

Wait, isn't Rarities crush like her Prince son or something? She's even gotten the point of love, oh wait, no, mirror magic.
No. 12864 ID: 5a46e8

She needs constant reports of one of her most important resources, the pony that harness the Elements of Harmony. She controls that Twilight is happy, under control and with friends to power her magic.
No. 12866 ID: d531cc

Celestia wants to be sure Twilight gets to have friends, get to understand the life of normal ponies and how they relate to each other, to know when it goes right and when it goes wrong and the whys and consequences thereof. Because one day, Twilight will become Princess Twilight, and she will live as an immortal god-queen forever. All her old friends will die, and she will never be able to make new ones, not really.

But she has to be able to remember what it was like.
No. 12867 ID: e3f578

It would be pretty cool if something big that requires the elements of harmony happens in the finale. And it isn't "lol it will be night or day forever muhahahahaha" and more like "OMG Celestia has gone rogue is destroying a lot of stuff/taking over the world/a magnificent bastard"

I really hope the writers don't forget about all the ponies powerjewelry
No. 12868 ID: 2eac65

I have my own theory on this. It goes something like this:

Handling the sun is hard work. With all the time and energy Celestia expends doing that, she had a hard time ruling Equestria even with her sister handling the night. The constant stress from their earthly and heavenly duties meant that the sisters had a tense relationship even when they tried they ruled together, and their differing natures didn't help matters.

Once the tension reached its peak, and Celestia was forced to fight her sister and rule the night as well as the day, she grew even more distant. Fulfilling her role as a goddess left little time for her role as a princess, and she was forced to entrust her kingdom to mortal regents, hoping that they could care for her subjects when she could not. Day by day, year by year, century by century, Princess Celestia drifted further away from her people.

The princess saw a chance to finally change this in the form of a young unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Seeing in her many things that reminded Celestia of her sister, the princess chose Twilight as her personal apprentice before any NIghtmare-worshipping cults had a chance to recruit her. She hoped that young Twilight's love for the sun goddess and affinity for the night would be enough to bridge the gap between the two sisters and allow them to live and rule together in harmony.

Things did not go as Princess Celestia hoped. Instead of stopping Night Mare Moon with words, Twilight was forced to once again wield the Elements of Harmony against her. Though her crippled sister had begged for forgiveness, she knew that too much had happened for their rekindled friendship to last as it was. Something more had to be done.

And so, Celestia assigned her best and brightest student to study the magic of friendship with her newfound friends, so that she may learn what the goddess herself had long since forgotten. With enough time, and a little luck, her research will progress to the point where Celestia and Luna can finally be happy together.
No. 12881 ID: a2a623

Love Evil Celestia? Did you see the missing epilogue to "Fall Weather Friends"?

No. 12900 ID: 15b51b
File 129672090623.png - (35.73KB , 850x1400 , 1296717547329.png )

Look what I found on 4chan
No. 12901 ID: 693d88

It fits totally perfectly.
No. 12904 ID: 3f84da

oh, gee thanks, now i have to change ALL my theories...

Thanks man, it made my day, but i'm going to spend the rest of the day saying "candy vag. candy vag? candy vag!"
No. 12907 ID: 1aa4f8

what's with the annoying capitalization?
No. 12910 ID: 3f84da

It's based on Homestuck, there, every character has a two words nickname like ectoBiologist or adiosToreador and a writing quirk. In this case Celestia' quirk is perfect grammar and starts every sentence with <0> while Luna writes with no punctuation or capitalisation except the letters that look like moon phases (O D C, that W is a typo)
No. 12933 ID: 8e18cd

This week's episode made me get diabetes

No. 12939 ID: aeef33

Dear Princess Celestia - Anonymous here,
Today I learned that Rarity's friends are all a bunch of ungrateful whores with terrible fashion sense.
No. 12940 ID: 693d88

>"Hey, 1080p, this'll be great
>and then it took three centuries to load
No. 12941 ID: 3f84da

Are you kidding? Hellenistic Goddess Rainbow Dash ruled.
No. 12942 ID: 2eac65

Gratitude is one thing, but when a friend insists on making things perfect even though she's already stressed out, presses for criticism and accepts it without question even when she disagrees with it, all in spite of protests that she doesn't have to do so much... well, that situation was badly handled by everyone involved.

>What if it rains?
Ponies control the weather, don't they? Why would they schedule a rainstorm on the same day as the biggest social event of the year?
No. 12951 ID: 693d88

oh hey an embedded image :pinkiepie:
No. 12956 ID: bffa2a

Today I learned that even in ponyville some are a cut above the rest and there must be a land for crazy hobo ponies somewhere.
No. 12958 ID: 8e18cd


Here you go. Rarity's song.

If someone can make an MP3 of this...
No. 12963 ID: 74818c

:pinkiepie: Pinkie's Gonna Pink
No. 12964 ID: 51dd22
Audio Rarityssong.mp3 - (5.77MB )

There you go
No. 12971 ID: f16b80

All we ever want is indecision.
All we ever like is what we know.
Gotta balance style with adherence.
Making sure we make a good appearance.
Even if you simply have to fudge it.
Make sure it stays within' our budget!
Got to over accommodation, remember it's all in the presentation!
No. 13008 ID: bffa2a
File 129709956928.jpg - (1.22MB , 720x2691 , MLPtoomanyreferences.jpg )

No. 13036 ID: f16b80

No. 13047 ID: f16b80
File 129725029785.gif - (0.99MB , 381x358 , Pinkie pie tents.gif )

No. 13061 ID: bf1e7e
File 129730345822.png - (259.03KB , 750x750 , RARITYSOFTCOLOERS.png )

best pony is best
No. 13076 ID: bf1e7e
File 129735995015.png - (201.66KB , 750x750 , SILLYPONYREDUXY.png )

No. 13077 ID: 5071b2

Crisis on Infinite Applejacks
No. 13095 ID: 50da63

this thread is aweeesooooomme
No. 13101 ID: f16b80
File 129741752878.jpg - (57.36KB , 600x596 , this isn\'t my turntable.jpg )

No. 13105 ID: d37e79

Why did the creator herself link to the episodes on YouTube when she realized it was illegal?
No. 13107 ID: bf1e7e


PensivePine's account was removed because of completely unrelated videos, that is why the old PensivePine MLP links don't work any more.

Check http://www.youtube.com/user/pensivepony for the new listing.
No. 13115 ID: 84da85
File 129745805396.png - (471.26KB , 720x540 , 1297451117368.png )

In this episode: Derpy tries to murder Twilight.

Also: Derpy's derpiness is apparently canon now.
No. 13116 ID: 84da85
File 129745821166.png - (484.69KB , 720x540 , 1297451169352.png )

In addition, your TWILIGHT SPARKLE has evolved to PONYTA!
No. 13119 ID: 45be60



No. 13122 ID: 8e5432

The hydra was great. Those little details make shit awesome.
No. 13127 ID: f5e4b4

That was a fun episode. /co/ must be orgasming about Derpy's derpiness being legitimately canon.

And the moral was, don't believe in science and reason, believe in random, unexplainable predictions... Oookay.

Well at least this one caught me off guard.
No. 13130 ID: e245c8

She looks more like a Rapidash.

Yea, this chapter moral made no sense, at least Celestia appearance at the end goes well with my Evil C theories...
No. 13133 ID: 2eac65

That was terrible. In previous episodes, they've consistently shown that the world makes sense in its own strange way, and considering thing logically works where blind superstition fails. Here, they pit "unexplained" events against an insultingly inaccurate strawman version of scientific inquiry.

In my own personal canon, Pinkie Pie's twitching is her subconsious mind's way of telling her things that she hasn't consciously noticed yet.
No. 13134 ID: e3f578

Writers probably got bored with writing morals and just stopped trying at the end now, caring only about the entertainment within the episode and not giving the fuck about the point.

it happens.
No. 13135 ID: 8e5432

The moral is: Sometimes shit happens that doesn't make sense. Don't fucking spazz about it.

>he wants a kid's show about ponies to be entirely logical in every way all the time, with everything having a consistent and explained logic.
Did you get upset when Twilight randomly had equipment for measuring brainwaves, too?
No. 13137 ID: bf1e7e



The moral is that there's nothing wrong with trusting someone that something is true even if you don't understand why. For whatever unexplained reason, Pinkie's Pinkie Sense WAS accurate (if upsettingly inconsistent; she explicitly never knew any sort of details until the 'doozy' where she magically knew a location, and the leap of faith); and Twilight was wrong to insist that it didn't exist at all just because she didn't know why it worked that way.

The problem was that they horribly botched the delivery by having twilight 'give up' and accept the moral, deciding to never bother to try to understand why. It makes the whole episode look like a condemnation of science, which it really isn't intended to be.
No. 13140 ID: f16b80
File 129747951832.png - (729.83KB , 592x470 , ahhhhhhhh.png )

The realm of faith is not limited to religion, nor is the realm of logic and reason souly restricted to science.
No. 13143 ID: 2eac65

Like I said, an insultingly inaccurate strawman version of science. Twilight spent the episode denying the evidence she saw because it didn't fit into her preconceptions, while searching for things that would prove her biases right, and being abnormally angry about it the whole time; this completely unscientific, but was constantly referred to as science.
No. 13145 ID: 70d9eb
File 129748952458.png - (51.25KB , 824x555 , ep15.png )

Lauren Faust posted:

Oh geez I don't know if I want to open this particular can of worms.

I can't speak for others who worked on this episode, but from my perspective, it's kind of like you said: there are simply phenomenons that are difficult to explain. And I'm of the opinion that "faith" can apply to more things than just religion. For instance: are we alone in the universe or is there life on some other planet somewhere? We don't have convincing evidence that aliens exist, but it takes "faith" to say that's it's not possible at all. I've heard some pretty heated debates from smart people regarding certain cases of cryptozoology. In the end, if there is an idea we explore that leads us to inconclusive answers, we are left with a choice: believe it anyway, reject it, or wait for more answers.

Obviously rather deep for our audience, I know. And obviously up to lots and lots of interpretation. Maybe it was a mistake. Honestly, we started the process with the concept of Pinkie having that old fashioned cliche "knee's achey, it's gonna rain," Twilight not buying it and the humor we thought came out of that.

BTW---I'm not sure if I'm going to regret putting in my 2 cents on this one, so if my replying to this starts flame wars or invites trolls, I'm going to delete it. I really like having discussions with viewers, but I've been getting more nervous about it of late.
No. 13146 ID: f16b80


I already said this. :/
No. 13147 ID: e3f578

Yeah, you did bro.
But you're not the lead anything of the program so no one valued it. Obviously. Still a decent point.

Again, fuck it. The whole thing was probably just to have a fun episode and the episode stretched a small point into some required "moral of the day" which only has any real merit digging real deep into it that' it's target audience couldn't hope to really touch on or any parent to give a fuck to grab a shovel and start thinking DEEP. Goddamn, I hate the notion that someone has to gain something significant from each tale told. That a message has to come from practically anything. Hell even Seinfield, despite running on the slogan "no hugging, no kissing, no learning", sort of had a message in not being a huge fucking selfish prick like the main cast was.
No. 13148 ID: f16b80


Well, what I said also doesn't go just for this show. I mean, seriously mang faith =/= religion logic and reason =/= science.

It really does take just as much faith to not believe something than it does to believe it.

No. 13150 ID: 70d9eb

That is only true if there's a 50-50 chance that the thing you believe is true. If you try the slightest bit to be informed and educated about the topic, it won't be 50-50. Fucking magnets, how do they work?
No. 13153 ID: 8e5432

I have tried to understand magnets and I still don't get it.
No. 13154 ID: f16b80


Someone call the police this man is harassing me!

Call the fire department too just in case.
No. 13155 ID: 2563d4

>I really like having discussions with viewers, but I've been getting more nervous about it of late.
Well, given overeager anti-paedo laws, I think I'd be nervous if I a) worked on a children's TV show b) went to 4chan. :V
No. 13156 ID: 2eac65

The problem with this episode's moral has been explained as well as it can be explained. Let's move on to a more important topic:

Rarity appears to live alone with her cat, but she owns a two-person bed.
No. 13157 ID: 8e5432

One side is for Rarity.

The other is for her cat.

She bought it so she could have men with her more comfortably, but that's not something that ever happens, because she's mostly a shut-in, and not very good with guys.

It's all there in the subtext.
No. 13159 ID: 383006

Lady likes to spread out when she naps.
No. 13161 ID: 70d9eb
File 129753159357.gif - (1.50MB , 332x434 , 24yz76h_wizard.gif )

No. 13162 ID: 399924

It must be hard being a pony couple.
I mean, it's one thing when your girlfriend puts her cold-ass feet against your back when you're trying to sleep - it's another when she kicks you with her fucking hooves.
No. 13167 ID: e3f578

Yo Lawyer Dawg, you got a full .gif of that scene with the facial hoof of that traffic cop or including Twilight getting pummeled by junk?
No. 13179 ID: 70d9eb

No, because that would be too long and complex for a reasonable size, and because I don't have a good source that doesn't have ads on it.
No. 13180 ID: e3f578

No. 13185 ID: f9294c

The Wheel of Morality was pretty much a piss-take on cartoon morals. The morals never had anything to do with the episode, and frequently weren't morals at all.
No. 13247 ID: f16b80
File 129768801052.jpg - (155.37KB , 644x600 , 7c56d82d9b512a30c0cb3296911be5b2.jpg )

No. 13250 ID: 8e18cd


No. 13255 ID: e5c436

Her face looks really messed up in that picture. I don't like it, no sir.
No. 13258 ID: f16b80
File 129772013843.png - (250.39KB , 644x600 , fix\'ddddd.png )

No. 13262 ID: 75d7a9

"never take your pet duck to a pie eating contest" or something.
No. 13291 ID: 45be60

Why speculate?
No. 13293 ID: e3f578

i wish more kids cartoons would have that style of humor again.
No. 13297 ID: 2eac65
File 129785851046.png - (245.55KB , 644x600 , SchoolfillyDashFaceFixed.png )

New new version, by a random anon.
No. 13298 ID: 2563d4

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provides a realistic representation of life in Ponyville
No. 13304 ID: 2563d4

>Watching The Ticket Master, Twilight needs to flee the crowd
>Country version of the Benny Hill theme kicks in
>Scooby Doo-esque chase/disguise scene
This show is a postmodernist masterpiece.
No. 13321 ID: 2563d4

>Pinkie Pie stalking Rainbow Dash is basically a compressed Pepe Le Pew episode, complete with his signature hop
No. 13333 ID: 2eac65

Nightmare Moonbase Alpha?
No. 13389 ID: 6ba8b3
File 129805933398.jpg - (75.23KB , 800x540 , mlprobotunicornattack.jpg )

No. 13396 ID: 2eac65

I just finished Soinc Rainboom. It was very nice!

We got some worldbuilding elements where we learned about pegasus ponies; apparently, they don't just plan the weather, they actually make it in factories.

We got more nifty magic from Twilight Sparkle, which also ties into the worldbuilding; it seems that unicorns can cast spells from books in addition to their natural talents, but they don't need magic words or gestures to do so.

We got another genius moment from Pinkie Pie.

We found out a bit of Rainbow Dash's backstory.

Fluttershy got a chance to be assertive without being a jerk about it.

We saw the characters' vices once again, showing that they're flawed enough to make trouble, but not too flawed to resolve it.

And most importantly, Rainbow Dash's element of Loyalty was reaffirmed; when her friend was in danger, she was able to pull off a trick she thought was impossible.

I also liked that the "bad guys" in the episode apologized at the end and made up with Rainbow Dash; that's something the show needs more of.
No. 13399 ID: 15b51b

I watched this ten times.
No. 13402 ID: 8e18cd


We also found out that Derpy can do 10 barrel rolls, and Rainbow Dash isn't a lesbian and is into tightly suited stallions
No. 13403 ID: 2b4b52

>I also liked that the "bad guys" in the episode apologized at the end and made up with Rainbow Dash; that's something the show needs more of.
This is one of those breaks from reality that I feel are perfectly justified in kids shows. A more likely scenario is that the frat ponies would just grumble/trash talk her anyway, but the way they made it teaches the right morals. The ones that make the world a better place if everyone on Earth holds on to them, which never happens.

>apparently, they don't just plan the weather, they actually make it in factories.
I know it's supposed to be a magical fairy tale land, but damn, do these ponies have it hard. Instead of enjoying they lives they do manually all the things that occur naturally in just the next forest.

For reason I can't identify, it's fun to pretend that is was Celestia who set up things like that so that she would control not also her ponies, but the very forces of nature within her realm, and so that she could bask in her limitless power.
No. 13404 ID: e3f578

When did Derpy do barrel rolls? I just saw her standing around cross eyed.
No. 13406 ID: 2b4b52

The rest of the cast were discussing it before RD and Rarity's performance, although it was never shown.

Also, awwww: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVZ5fO21JX4
No. 13436 ID: bf1e7e


No, they said that #7 did 15 barrel rolls. That was the Brown male pony that tore ass out when Rarity was being prissy and asking for just another eensy-weensy minute.
No. 13450 ID: 2eac65

>For reason I can't identify, it's fun to pretend that is was Celestia who set up things like that so that she would control not also her ponies, but the very forces of nature within her realm, and so that she could bask in her limitless power.
Like I said before: nanoponies.
No. 13471 ID: 2563d4

Nanoponies are now my favourite variation of "a wizard did it" handwaving.
No. 13472 ID: 769b3f
File 129821099957.png - (133.73KB , 996x882 , images_4chan_org__1298189355816.png )

Pic related. You've probably seen it, but I only decided to pop in /co/ yesterday and have to admit I underestimated how popular this show is.

It never ceases to amuse me how much effort can be put into reverse-engineering a verisimilar world from one that was designed for little girls' cartoon. That said, this is something I can imagine myself doing for shits and giggles.
No. 13475 ID: 299e2c
File 129822610618.png - (304.15KB , 800x600 , voodoo colt.png )

stand up next to a mountain
chop it down with the edge of my hand
No. 13481 ID: 2eac65
File 129823839466.jpg - (215.42KB , 953x1371 , Towards_A_Brighter_Future.jpg )

Nah, they've got magic for anything esoteric they need to do. Nanoponies are just the natural extension of Celestia's campaign to dominate all of reality. Pic related.
No. 13491 ID: 59dd64

All I can say is, Holy. Crap.
No. 13498 ID: 57764c
File 129831004296.png - (256.17KB , 522x465 , TragicPrincess.png )

ok, that video is crazy awesome. In which chapter is Mudy Sparkle?
No. 13501 ID: afef9c

This. The more times I watch it, the more awesome it gets. The original mash-up is surprisingly good as is, but whoever did scene selection and lipsync just made it twice as good.

Also, for all your macro/reaction face needs, http://ponibooru.413chan.net
Just in case you didn't know. These things are handy.
No. 13505 ID: 5eabae
File 129835428360.jpg - (401.47KB , 900x2032 , Awesome MLP.jpg )

Posting for Ponychan name/pic/id
Also, I grabbed this little thing from one of 4chan's MLP threads earlier today. You like?
No. 13567 ID: 4e16e6
File 129848165641.png - (1.41MB , 849x1200 , 1298463958_skykain_pinkie_pie.png )

Ponys for Celestia, pinkie for the pinkie pie!
No. 13641 ID: f4963f
File 129869193739.png - (840.10KB , 1098x937 , Fluttershy_Chipmunk.png )

No. 13642 ID: 49d6d7
File 129869285127.gif - (1.44MB , 720x540 , 1294756691689.gif )

No. 13643 ID: 49d6d7
File 129869301391.gif - (485.55KB , 490x338 , crap5.gif )

No. 13644 ID: 4e16e6


Another SWEET BLANK FLANK chapter, maybe the cuter chapter 'till now.
No. 13646 ID: a7a85a
File 129871008529.png - (2.08MB , 734x3382 , that_stare.png )

No. 13719 ID: cf244d
File 129900962458.png - (9.95KB , 877x156 , mammalianReproduction.png )

Looks like mirrors aren't involved after all.
No. 13720 ID: bf1e7e


Mirrors aren't involved in the production of infant ponies. Baby Ponies are a sub-breed of pony much like Unicorn or Pegasus ponies. They are produced by a magic mirror, and instead of being a completely new pony they are a smaller version of the pony that stood in front of the mirror with the same cutie mark.
No. 13722 ID: 6ba8b3

On the other hand it goes against tradition but on the other it seems better than handwaving something important in life instead of telling the awkward truth. All in all I think it's good. Not that I think it'll ever come up in the show unless there's a sex ed what have learned coming. Haven't watched the latest yet though.
No. 13731 ID: 6ba8b3


Oops, missed your post there. So the reproduction was not actually handwaved in the previous generation ponys? Shows what I know.
No. 13732 ID: bf1e7e


There was at least one episode (the golden horseshoes) where a pony in the episode was a descendant of another pony from an earlier time period. They did not have the same color scheme or cuty mark, and the character (mimic) was not named 'baby' anything.

While they never actually say THE PONIES FUCK or anything, there is clearly a method of reproduction beyond 'magic mirror makes baby version of self.'
No. 13733 ID: 2563d4

>Pinky and the Brain reference in Boast Busters
Lacklustre episode saved.
No. 13814 ID: 47d82e
File 129956756541.jpg - (469.53KB , 800x960 , 1299559575672.jpg )

Because I like feeling like I contributed to things :D
No. 13816 ID: 04b971

That's probably the only humanized pony pic that I actually like.
No. 13833 ID: fe64d2

I am strongly reminded of Panty and Stocking. It's probably the purple haired girl with pink streaks standing on the front of a pink humvee.
No. 13836 ID: a5e3dd

Also probablt the fact that they're women behaving in a manner normally limited to males in cartoons. Or perhaps it's because Panty was in pretty much the exact same position in the episode with the speed ghost.
No. 13837 ID: 45be60

Turns out, applejack = panty, twilight = stocking. This has been known for some time. pink vehicle and adorable green sidekick = present. There's just some extra passengers in the background today.
No. 13853 ID: 717915

So what's with all this "season 2 confirmed" talk? Was there an official statement somewhere or it's just trolls trolling trolls?
No. 13854 ID: 70d9eb

Doing a little searching gets some good proof but no official statement. Equestria Daily aggregated a bunch of it.
No. 13857 ID: e50a83

Does anyone still have the episode tier list?
No. 13863 ID: 45be60


So apparently Rarity has a power besides generic dress based telekinesis. And her cutie mark finally makes sense.
No. 13865 ID: 2563d4

Go easy on the spoilers, will you?
No. 13866 ID: bf1e7e


how, exactly, is that spoilers?
No. 13867 ID: e3f578

>And her cutie mark finally makes sense.
Great, now we have a bunch of other cutie marks to make sense of.
Pinkie's makes sense since she's good at throwing parties, same with Dash (lightning fast) and Twilight (sparkly magic), but the entire Apple family is a bit confusing since they all have different marks with their business, excluding Bloom. What each one means is confusing. Fluttershy has butterflies, what the hell does that mean? There's that dude pony with the hourglass, what does that mean? Is he really good at telling time?
No. 13868 ID: 13be12
File 129996391487.jpg - (27.85KB , 406x400 , 12994031676-(n1299802808348).jpg )

He's a time traveler.
No. 13869 ID: e3f578

I'm guessing he's hiding a unicorn horn under that big mane of his then, since it looks like only unicorns can do weird stuff like that.
Has anyone nicknamed him yet?
No. 13870 ID: dad664

Doctor Whoof/Whooves
No. 13871 ID: f5e4b4


Butterflies are cute, shy and don't make noise. Just like Fluttershy. All the apple family except Bloom have some apple variations as their cutie marks.
No. 13872 ID: e3f578

Cute, shy and quiet aren't unique talents, they're traits. I get that they have apple variations, but WHY? What is their specific special talent, something to do with apples, but what talent that has something to do with apples generates their cutie marks. AppleJack could have something to do with bucking apples of trees but then they'd probably be apples with a horseshoe print on them. Mac is good with the plow but his I think is just a half-eaten green apple, what talent is that?
No. 13877 ID: f1df52
File 130000336185.jpg - (45.21KB , 720x503 , 1295797497999.jpg )


Like so?
No. 13878 ID: 45be60

Fluttershy's special talent, and thereby her cutie mark explanation, is that she is good with animals, at least partly because she is quiet and gentle.
No. 13879 ID: f16b80

No. 13880 ID: f5e4b4
File 130001663689.jpg - (127.53KB , 319x1000 , 0f24910d0804d224a3d2b4a61584c982.jpg )

I lol'd more than I should have.
No. 13881 ID: 7b6876

No. 13882 ID: c7d0a7

The fandom has generated a lot of crossover trailers, but what strikes me as odd is that most of them are quite good. This is one of the finest.

Also, this is my new ringtone, which replaced the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros.
No. 13883 ID: dad664
File 130005234328.jpg - (476.39KB , 1378x1826 , MyLittleGoa\'uldAtlanteansAreMagic.jpg )

No. 13950 ID: 6ba8b3
File 13004989024.jpg - (962.49KB , 700x6378 , MLPmythbusted.jpg )

New one is up.
No. 13955 ID: 2eac65

Fashion miniboss #3 complete!
No. 13968 ID: f5e4b4

Now 20% cooler!
No. 13995 ID: 2563d4


Was anyone else reminded of Slinkoboy during this part? :V

(Oh god they made me laugh at cat lady jokes. I love the writing in this.)
No. 14000 ID: 2563d4

Fuck yeah someone who can actually transcribe half-accurately.

I was just poking about in this thread waiting for Audacity to finish normalizing the YouTube rip versions when I finally looked at these. And it's the same two songs I really like. Awesome.
No. 14003 ID: 2563d4
Audio winter-wrap-up.mp3 - (4.49MB )

Afraid the bitrate will be a touch high for the available quality because I was setting LAME to paranoid VBR to try to lessen generational losses from AAC/M4A. ReplayGain metadata's there but I haven't baked in the adjustment because ~93dB should balance it well most modern pop.
No. 14004 ID: 2563d4
Audio art-of-the-dress-1.mp3 - (2.02MB )

The initial round of dresses.

The bassline in these is just great.
No. 14005 ID: 2563d4
Audio art-of-the-dress-2.mp3 - (2.79MB )

...and the revising-designs music.
No. 14011 ID: f5e4b4

Thought I might as well post the rest of them
No. 14012 ID: f5e4b4

And bonus.
No. 14013 ID: d677cc

<CirrPhone> I just realised the worst thing.
<CirrPhone> Spent the entire last hour watching ponies with a friend when it was originally my intention to watch it by myself if ever
No. 14034 ID: 2563d4

There is no ASCII emoticon sufficiently overcomplicated for the facial expression I am making at the very concept of the thing depicted in this video.
No. 14035 ID: 51d388

I know what you mean, that song is terrible
No. 14036 ID: 45be60

This mod must be taken to its logical conclusion right away.
No. 14043 ID: 368a24
File 130112054733.jpg - (43.83KB , 426x362 , 3444 - fluttershy over_a_barrel tree wtf.jpg )

Finally, another great episode! the last few where good, but... I don't know...
No. 14049 ID: 283fa9

I was waiting for someone else to make the first post.

I enjoyed this episode. So many good jokes, good character interaction. Though was it just me, or did there seem to be a LOT of shipping material in this one?

No. 14051 ID: 6ba8b3
File 130125018410.png - (1.27MB , 1376x1967 , MLPyaranaika.png )

Everything is shipping material when you want it. Also why the train had horses pulling it I'll never know.
No. 14052 ID: bf1e7e
File 130128215996.png - (102.87KB , 750x750 , PONIPONI.png )

No. 14055 ID: 2563d4

Since the fanart thread attracts enough Dumb as it is, I'll ask here:
No. 14057 ID: 6ba8b3

You now how some people like writing horrible torture porn with no redeeming qualities? It's like that except with ponies for shock value and gets reposted on 4chan about every thread. Really you're not losing out on anything.
No. 14058 ID: 07416a
File 130134888517.jpg - (277.01KB , 1000x605 , HAIR SHARK PONIES.jpg )

No. 14060 ID: 9e7f1c

I agree with this guy
No. 14061 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, it was a sufficient answer that I have no interest in the example. Thanks anyway.
No. 14141 ID: eab1be

Oh god dammit. My brain just vomited. Why the hell would you ever link that?
No. 14142 ID: 46b7af

Misery loves company.
No. 14151 ID: bf1e7e


you were told exactly what it was before the link was posted.

Why the fuck would you even click it?
No. 14190 ID: eab1be

Well, there was a link there. What was I supposed to do, not click it? That's just crazy talk.

Next you'll be telling me I shouldn't push big red buttons marked "do not push."
No. 14202 ID: 647c47

Well... sorry, that guy asked for it, how could I not deliver?
No. 14260 ID: 647c47

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining My Little Pony and Hellsing. The story should use unclogging a toilet as a plot device!
No. 14269 ID: bccf7b

For the sake of one-up-manship, I challenge all goers of this thread to write a bad fanfiction crossing My Little Pony with any anime of their choosing.

Focuses should include the obvious sexual tension between characters and the secret workings of Equestria (Such as how Celestia is a "real" horse).

Plot device choices include:
1). Perusing the fresh produce aisle.
2). A minor mishap with the plumbing in the kitchen.
3). A mysterious horse-shoe box under someone's bed.
No. 14270 ID: bccf7b

My own? I think I shall find a way to bastardize Lucky Star.

This should be fairly easy.
No. 14292 ID: 303b4f
File 130209677094.gif - (0.96MB , 660x2970 , fc102826_c250fcb7981c374c4daa86ac6a0aa82a.gif )

Am I doing this right.
No. 14299 ID: dad664

>third panel
No. 14300 ID: 8a50b6

This is kinda hypnotic
No. 14301 ID: 2563d4

Well if you want that, apply directly to brainmeats. May contain dangerous levels of hyperenergetic wossname.
No. 14335 ID: 2563d4

>The Show Stoppers
Man, tough crowd. Hope the '80s rock ballad cheese ends up released with proper singing, or even just an instrumental. (The incidental piece during the map-trek is great too.)

In the meantime, RainbowCrash88 delivers. MP3's in the video description.
No. 14336 ID: 2563d4

Also this is brilliant.

Do you nae mean Spike? :V
No. 14337 ID: 07416a

The confusing part is the semen. Where is it coming from? That is a double ended dildo, not a penis.
No. 14338 ID: 2563d4

I'm pretty sure that the confusing part is why you're looking at explicit pornography of a children's show with sufficient interest to consider such things.
No. 14339 ID: 07416a

I'm bored.
No. 14341 ID: 1a9944

It IS good reason...

Anyway, it was not only a Fluttershy episode, it was ALSO a nervous Twilight one, a perfect cute combo! Such a shame for the total lack of Evil Celestia poses :/
No. 14346 ID: 383006

It's totally Bad Dragon Cumlube.
No. 14348 ID: 2563d4
File 130236401102.png - (7.48KB , 152x150 , im-melllllting.png )

You know that bit at the end of Robocop when one of the mooks has had a chemical bath and all his flesh is just loosely hanging off his skeleton before he gets hit but a truck and put out of his misery?

...yeah. Jesus Christ prune-hooves are horrifying.

Also every single appearance of Pinkie in Green Isn't Your Colour is hilarious. Especially the bit with the apple.
No. 14349 ID: 1cceab

Green Isn't Your Color is probably my favorite episode so far. I laughed every time Photo Finish appeared on the screen with her techno jams. >>14348
No. 14350 ID: 15b51b

Photo Finish was by far the best fashion miniboss. It'd be great if she came back.

Green isn't your Color is also one of my favorites, but I think I like Sonic Rainboom more. (Both benefited from Rarity being fabulous)
No. 14351 ID: bf1e7e

Green isn't your Color was totally awesome, but I still think that Dog and Pony Show is my favorite. DAT WHINING.
No. 14352 ID: f4963f

<3 Suited for Success.
No. 14355 ID: 8e18cd

No. 14370 ID: e3fa4e

I'm not much of a fanfic reading kind of guy, but I rally liked this one, it's just really sweet.

No. 14372 ID: cf244d

Here's a thing.
No. 14381 ID: f16b80
File 130244357980.png - (133.31KB , 600x482 , 9bf43bd1ce0feb517cf0e7ffab1062f1.png )

No. 14387 ID: 1854db

No. 14388 ID: 2563d4

>Over a Barrel
>Pinkie Pie fails spectacularly with cringe-inducing song
>Moral of the episode is pointed out as the uselessly vague platitude Pinkie Pie advocated anyway
They're really starting to take the mick out of those now.
No. 14389 ID: e3f578

Damn morals always ruin stories. Fucking goddammit.

Truly Celestia must be an evil menace to make Twilight report on them once an episode.
No. 14390 ID: a4b4bb

Not to mention how in the latest episode Twilight basically monologues the moral in front of Celestia, asks, "Do you want me to write that in a letter?" and is met with Celestia silently staring at her in bemused disbelief as if to say, "I'm right here, you dumb little shit."
No. 14391 ID: f5e4b4

>last episode.

Princess Celestia? More like princess Dumbledore, amirite?
No. 14394 ID: 8e18cd


Princess Celestia feeds on the misery of others. News at 11.
No. 14397 ID: 2563d4

Derpbird was a great episode.

But, hey, Twilight should have written a report anyway for recordkeeping. Honestly, how did her friendship experiments get through ethical review without demonstrating suitable data-capture procedure?
No. 14399 ID: 305890

You really only need an ERB when you're doing experiments on people. Her data just can't be properly peer reviewed without proper storage of data.

But if you think about it, this just proves that Twilight is the subject of the experiments, and Celestia is the one really collating data and going over it while wearing an adorable labcoat/saddle thing.
No. 14400 ID: e3f578

Realistically, without all this fan canon of Celestia being evil, the Princess is probably just getting Twilight to write these reports to have her develop her social skills and be a better person rather than legitimate science on the Magic of Friendship, meaning asking for nothing more than informal research reports.

Twilight's a workaholic and crazy loyal to the Princess, if she just stayed at Ponyville with her friends for that sole reason, Twilight might break down at feeling a lack of a practical purpose being there. Which explains Celestia's reaction noticed above >>14390 with Celestia basically being aware of how useless Twilight's reports are.
No. 14402 ID: 305890

Well, yeah, that's sort of what I was implying too. There is no experiment. She's obviously grooming Twilight to be someone important. A successor? A Luna replacement? but she doesn't want her to be socially retarded. Hell, maybe she just noticed how potentially powerful Twilight could become, and how it was almost certain to happen because of her drive and studiousness, and wanted to make sure she didn't end up using her power to dominate others - that she was properly socialized so that she would use her power in a constructive way.
No. 14403 ID: 2563d4

Given she's studying people's behaviour, that counts. (Yes, it does. This is my area, after all. :V )

I dread to think what the paperwork would be like for Feeling Pinkie Keen. Apparently Equestria never went through the horrors of Nazi Science and resultant ethics pendulum.
No. 14407 ID: f5e4b4
File 130260432768.jpg - (166.45KB , 800x581 , Sonic RainBOOM.jpg )

Best. Fanart. Ever.
No. 14413 ID: 07416a
File 130263880621.png - (814.39KB , 951x792 , x-arielle apple family.png )

Human ponies are best ponies. That is all.
No. 14414 ID: bccf7b

I dunno, man. This one felt bizarrely out of character for everyone. It was... really weird.
No. 14415 ID: 2563d4

Not only is that statement ridiculous, but you seem to have felt compelled to attach a counterexample in the form of anime-styled garbage.
No. 14416 ID: bf1e7e


Nah, this was pretty true-to-form for the characters with the possible exception of applejack worrying about looking bad about having bad manners.
No. 14417 ID: cf244d

In my experience, even people who normally don't give a fuck about shit like that get real worried about it when there's a queen coming to town.
No. 14418 ID: cf244d
File 130264535354.png - (1.02MB , 3510x945 , ponyboobs.png )

There's certainly some merit to them.
No. 14419 ID: 2563d4

I'm not seeing any.
No. 14421 ID: 1854db

This is bad and you should feel bad.
No. 14422 ID: cf244d

Riddle me this, then: How would you make a diagram of the relative sizes of their breasts if they were in pony form?

Please don't actually do that.
No. 14423 ID: 2563d4

Your argument is predicated on the incorrect assumption that such a task would be worthwhile or desirable.
No. 14424 ID: e3f578

It's a pretty neutral thing, really. They're just fictional characters and fans are turning them into human, it doesn't matter very much.

The boob thing is kinda creepy though. Crux, you're supposed to be a respectable cowboy that respects the shit out of ponies and horses. Why are you playing against stereotype?
No. 14425 ID: cf244d
File 130264829568.jpg - (176.34KB , 800x600 , pony.jpg )

I do respect horses and ponies.
These are cartoons that look nothing at all like real animals. Pic related, it's a real pony.
Also I'm not actually a cowboy, and I haven't been for years now. There's not even cowfolks around where I'm at these days. The town I live in is known historically for its sheep. There's one dairy farm around here, other than that I don't think anybody has more than a few cows. And the dairy guys are barely hanging on against all the big corporate farms.
I haven't worked with cows since I lived in Montana, and that was a long time ago now.
Also cows and ponies are not really related.

Categorizing information empirically is what our society is built on.
No. 14426 ID: 2563d4

If that were even remotely true, civilization would have collapsed before it got off the ground. It's even less true when talking about pointless trivia which smacks of all the worst neckbearded excesses of social pariahdom. (There's also nothing "empirical" about making up chest sizes so you can fap to children's programmes.)
No. 14427 ID: e3f578

Well they still carry the idea of ponies anyway, if completely inaccurately.
Your cowboy get-up picture in that Real Life picture thread has too much inferred cowboy presence to not reference it once in a while.

Oh nooooo somebody on the internet put terribly drawn boobs on some humanized cartoon we love and adore, my childhood (even if this is a recent show) oh no! And then made a stupid booby chart oh noooo!
Big deal, I've seen worse done to better characters. Lola Bunny, for motherfucking example.
No. 14428 ID: e3f578

And when I mean Lola Bunny I mean her entire existence made Loony Tunes worse.
No. 14431 ID: 336748

To get the boobtalk aside, a remix! for some reason this remix made me think that our favourite pink pony was a pretty skittish in her young years, but she took her granny's advices very seriously.
No. 14442 ID: 4adec3
File 130268808107.jpg - (161.17KB , 500x867 , b8d2b754d65f8809376e84626b422c0a-d3cpxe2.jpg )

I really hope to see her granny in this week episode. Along with other mane cast parent.
No. 14443 ID: 4adec3

Pardon my lack of S.
No. 14444 ID: 2563d4

>mane cast
oh u

Looking at Wikipedia's episode list, unfortunately we're up for Cutie Mark Crusaders again next time. :/
No. 14447 ID: 336748

It's supposed to be the CMC asking the main* cast how they got their cutiemarks, so I have high hopes for this ep, mainly because of foal Fluttershy and Twilight.

No. 14452 ID: 356918

There was also a poll on the Hub's site asking which version of Dash's cutie mark story people wanted to see.
No. 14453 ID: 336748

There still is

No. 14460 ID: 4adec3

I find this to be the best attempt at pony AMV Hell so far.
No. 14462 ID: 95575d

That site is pretty shitty when viewed from my phone. The Hub needs better web designers.
No. 14475 ID: 336748

OK, this is a thing now
No. 14477 ID: cf244d

At first I was like "That is stupid as fuck".
But then I realized there is only 12 hours, 23 minutes and 54 seconds left until the next episode of My Little Pony, and became quite happy.
So I see the virtue of this, despite its apparent stupidity.
No. 14478 ID: 70d9eb

That countdown is suspiciously close to: http://www.aperturescience.com/a/b/c/d/g/h/abcdgh/
Also "Irish and cynic especially have executed feats of logical divination well beyond what I thought any human capable of."
And Secret Butt Fun takes place at Shelter 17.
No. 14486 ID: db0f3e

This chapter delivered, it met and surpassed my expectations. I'm a sucker for cute what can I say...
No. 14487 ID: e3f578

That's an awful video set it cuts off a significant part of the intro scene
No. 14488 ID: db0f3e

Yea, sorry, but it is the only one I could find. You can see the intro here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2ad2nXg13c I'll post a 1024p when it gets uploaded
No. 14489 ID: 2563d4

Pensivepony is the standard pony repository http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lhXnuNP8g4
No. 14491 ID: 2563d4

...really? I found this a pretty weak episode.

Aside from mostly agreeing with Scootaloo in grimacing through much of it, in particular I noticed it went back to the sort-of-lazy here-is-each-main-cast-member-doing-their-bit-in-sequence writing which plagues the trailer and early episodes like The Ticket Master (which is good despite it), rather than the more organic and interwoven later episodes.
No. 14494 ID: e3f578

It did establish some decent backstory though, mainly for Twilight. She went all Super Saiyan with magic.
I suspect the season finale will do away with the conflict-a-week plots and bring some bit of a myth arc dealing with that. That was a serious fucking marker for magic right there.
No. 14496 ID: f4963f

I thought it was a really good episode!

I mean, I can understand >>14491 complaining that the main plot was too predictable / sequential, but really, it was only just a vessel for getting across the cutie mark backstories themselves anyway. They've only got so much time to work with. I found this episode interesting from a setting- and character-history standpoint.
No. 14506 ID: db0f3e
File 130301331812.png - (368.04KB , 825x1275 , fc104233_02.png )

I'm going to do something bad for you, i'm going to post this page. B glad, you didn't see the others D:
No. 14507 ID: 8c73c8

.. i am both scared and intrigue.
No. 14508 ID: 43d730

I actually have.
It's probably a sign that I've been on the internets too long that I felt only slight disgust and irritation at the jokes.
No. 14509 ID: e3f578

You know, in this place, I really don't even think any could give a shit anymore.
No. 14511 ID: 1854db

I saw the next page. It is as stupid and revolting as you would expect.
No. 14512 ID: 868a23

does she turn into a lust penis
No. 14513 ID: 383006

You know, the fact that they had no idea what genitals were was more offensive to me than anything else. The characters in the show aren't fucking retarded, and boys and girls apparently have sex to make babies in this continuity (I mean, they have moms and dads and siblings and shit).

Maybe if this was G1 or something, where babies are tiny clones from a magic mirror... Does this person even watch the goddamn show? Ugh.

Also, while I'm bitching, I hated the fucking "everything is tied in to Dash's sonic rainboom" in the last episode. It was so totally contrived and unnecessary. I liked most of the origin vignettes, but the Lynchpin Rainbow Dash thing was just retarded. Also, how the hell was it even a question as to whether or not she'd done it before in the Sonic Rainboom episode? Apparently everyone in all of equestria saw the damn thing, and there were tons of witnesses actually there for the race. It was a stupid plot device and it created continuity errors. Ugh.
No. 14516 ID: bae59d

did you make >>12158 ? A OCD-ridden brony friend of mine is trying to identify all fanart he's collected. I'm asking because >>12158 sort of looks like >>9398, which is yours.

Yeah, I figured that by the end of the second story and cringed a little over how MarySue'ish Dash ended up looking, but by the end of the episode I couldn't care because I was having a cuteness-overdose-induced seizure.

It's still one of the best episodes if you ask me.
No. 14517 ID: 2563d4

This post is basically correct in its entirity. (I'm sure upthread is a pointer to Lauren saying "yup, they reproduce as mammals".)
No. 14518 ID: e3f578

Can I mention Twilight goes Super Saiyan again and needs training to control her power? You know she's got suped up reserves of magic in there, just waiting to become a plot point.
No. 14519 ID: cf244d

That already happened when she dealt with the Ursa Minor.
No. 14520 ID: e3f578

I mean it getting out of control. Twilight Vs. Ursa Minor was her using tactics with magic to take that thing down. Not that that is any less cool, but still man, if this show is hitting classic children shows cliche's, they're definitely going to need to go all "Ho shit, Twilight is emotionally unstable and is turning everyone into something else or bigger or smaller. Let's apply caring to her inner self to calm her the fuck down."
No. 14521 ID: db0f3e

It's an bad porn doujin, what do you spected?
About the second part, i'll quote these 2 post.

"Back in Sonic Rainboom, Pinkie Pie was the only one to know what a Sonic Rainboom looked like. AJ only saw the trail, Fluttershy heard it, Rarity's sight was blocked by the monolith, and Twilight was startled by it. Pinkie Pie, however, the only one to have WITNESSED it as it occurred, and even felt the shockwave."


"Stretching the thing a bit, this what might have happened nopony actually saw her doing the rainboom the other competitors where out and she did it very close to the ground, the spectators might have seen an explosion and a rainbow, but never related it to RD and nopony believed her about it."

Also, remember that the episodes are not sequential, so maybe Sonic Rainboom happened after Cutie Mark Chronicles.

As the guy in the first link said: "Continuity about a cartoon starring colorful ponies based on a commercial line of toys is serious motherfucking business."
No. 14522 ID: 383006

I mean, I know I'm watching a kid's cartoon. That doesn't mean I can't point out stupid things. You shouldn't get mad when things are cheesy, but it's also not cart blance to make the plots retarded.

Also, you're also "taking ponies seriously" by arguing with me about it.

I'd also like to point out that Rainbow Dash trailed a rainbow out behind her ass for quite a while after doing the rainboom, and there were a bunch of pegasus ponies right there for the express purpose of watching the race.

I'm not saying it's impossible to explain away the plothole, but the explaining it away is something of a stretch and the explanation is somewhat flimsy.
No. 14524 ID: db0f3e
File 130307460825.png - (261.15KB , 744x925 , 130304604844[1].png )

That comment was not any kind of attack, just a joke, don't take anything i say too hard.

About the spectators, the rainboom might have happened far or outside of their field of view, and i don't think it could be easy to spot RD when she is going so fast, so they all saw an explosion and a rainbow moving trough Cloudsdale, but never spotted RD at the front.

I'll leave this pic to lighten the mood
No. 14527 ID: 383006


I'm not saying it's impossible to explain away the plothole, but the explaining it away is going to be kind of stupid and flimsy. Especially considering she got her cutie mark right after.
No. 14531 ID: bf1e7e


>so they all saw an explosion and a rainbow moving trough Cloudsdale, but never spotted RD at the front.

1: They clearly saw rainbow dash at the front because they were cheering for her.

2: If they were aware of the rainboom at all (which there is absolutely no way they were not), the rainboom would not be considered a myth. It would simply be a thing that is difficult to do.

>Also, remember that the episodes are not sequential, so maybe Sonic Rainboom happened after Cutie Mark Chronicles.

Which has about as much relevance to any of these issues as my cat.
No. 14533 ID: 70d9eb

So what does Loki think about the plot hole?
No. 14534 ID: f5e4b4

Eh, the "everyone is connected to RD and her sonicrainboom" was just a plot device to connect all their backstories together. It was cheap, but the group hug at the end was kind of worth it, in my opinion.

Anyways, I don't think this is the kind of show where they're going to care much about plot continuity, we're probably going to see a lot more plot holes as the series go on. Specially if they flashback to the ponies childhood again.

And Lauren Faust will just say "deal w/it". So better get used to it.
No. 14537 ID: 6b2b68

My attempt to explain it is that it happened at flight camp, so there were mostly children there, and while adults would possibly recognize what a sonic rainboom is they wouldn't believe that a little filly had done it, and especially wouldn't believe a bunch of kids saying another kid performed a legendary feat.

Besides, if it's so legendary, would they really recognize one if they saw one? Rainbow Dash already leaves rainbow lines all over the place, they might think it was just another crazy special effect that comes off of her when she does cool stuff.
No. 14540 ID: 383006

Sorry, bro. When stupid things happen, I'm going to call them stupid, no matter what I'm watching.

In my mind, understanding that your watching a kid's show is important when that's what your watching, but there is still a difference between telling a silly story well or telling it badly.

I also thought the Swamp Artifact was a way fucking stupider backstory for Rainbow Dash, but I really thought the one with her not making the team would have been a pretty realistic, mature message for them to have in an episode.
No. 14541 ID: bf1e7e

>so there were mostly children there,

And those children were the same age as the adults in sonic rainboom, because they were the same ponies. They aged just as much as the main cast!

>Besides, if it's so legendary, would they really recognize one if they saw one?

They did in Sonic Rainboom.
No. 14559 ID: 8bdb6a

I agree there's a serious plot hole, but I liked the episode anyway.

When I saw the first mystery blast in fluttershy's flashback, my response was "Holy crap. That couldn't be the rainboom. How many kinds of explosions can Rainbow Dash make?" I was kinda disappointed when it was a rainboom after all, but I thought Dash's flashback was really cool anyway.
No. 14573 ID: 96123a

The Sonic Rainboom from all 6 perspectives at once. Probably looks too small here.
No. 14574 ID: 2563d4


Today I have learned that six simultaneous streams of pony to the brain are too many.
No. 14576 ID: 15b51b

>Probably looks too small here.
Fullscreen is not enough screen.

Also: Shhiiiiiiiiiiiittttt!
No. 14582 ID: bf1e7e

No. 14585 ID: 2eac65

I'll add to the complaints about the episode: the Sonic Rainboom connected all of them together in their childhood, with the implication that they were destined to be friends or something like that. Before this episode, I liked the fact that they weren't connected together by any big event; they were just average citizens of Equestria (with obvious exceptions) who met and decided they'd like to be friends. It was nice to have a show that had ordinary (by pony standards) people being important to each other, just because they have the will to do so, without any deep circumstantial connection.

Then this episode came about, and it turns out... well, you all saw it. I didn't like that, especially after Twilight's friendship report at the end. I'm all for rainbows and friendship and things like that, but her report was so saccharine that it verged on the nonsensical.
No. 14589 ID: 2563d4

The ridiculous part is that, if WP is to be believed, the same writer did both Rainboom episodes, so it's not even like this was some miscommunication:
He also did Swarm of the Century, though, so can't be all bad.
No. 14638 ID: 2eac65
File 130352828610.jpg - (13.33KB , 319x273 , dragon_cheer.jpg )

New episode made me happy. We got friendship moments, drama, character development for Spike, action sequences, and a new character who stuck around at the end of the episode. Great success!
No. 14642 ID: 920830

I don't know, it was kind of a letdown. Spike Dastardly made me laugh, and overall it's about time we got a Spike-centered episode, but it was just... bland, I think.

And goddammit, I know they're big on copy-pasting premade templates, but they could've made the new dragon a bit more than just a recolor of the other one. Like, add some horns and whatnot.

Also, Scootabuse lovers got more fuel for their sick fantasies.
No. 14645 ID: 6b2b68

Scootaloo came back just in time to watch the stars shoot by, if you pay attention.
No. 14646 ID: 2563d4
File 130356839270.png - (23.81KB , 268x364 , spike-sees-the-script-for-this-week.png )

Speaking of templates, this was pretty much pure formulaic moral-of-the-episode territory with none of the little shake-ups that mitigate the predictability in other, better episodes. There were some neat little incidental animations for Spike (his pathetic firebreathing has got to be an animated GIF already) but mostly it was, yeah, bland. Once again it was up to Pinkie Pie to carry the humour and she only got about two chances.
No. 14649 ID: 383006

I don't honestly mind episodes like this at all. I don't watch this show for deep anything - it's mostly a distraction, some light entertainment to distract me from things. I did like the nod to the audience they threw in, with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy totally calling the plot as soon as they learned a few of the facts right in the beginning.

Clipclop noises, spike dastardly, hell, a little bit of action. I was fine with it. I thought it was better than the Phoenix episode, and Spike's plans were all really stupid. I felt like his development was pretty decent. He really consistently acted less mature than pretty much all the other characters both intellectually and emotionally.

Of course, the real message of the show is that if you train a slave from birth, they'll be almost too loyal.

Oh, it wasn't 100% stereotypical - if that was the case, Spike would have been able to do something that was actually better than the owl. As it stood, he was completely inferior in every way (except for being able to teleport things to Celestia, but that never came up).
No. 14653 ID: f5e4b4
File 130360775806.jpg - (129.64KB , 636x636 , holy jesus.jpg )

I often browse for fanart of shows I like. And I stumbled into this one. This picture seriously creeps me out.
No. 14655 ID: bf1e7e


>Oh, it wasn't 100% stereotypical - if that was the case, Spike would have been able to do something that was actually better than the owl.

Also when he got in trouble it was for something he did before the Owl ever showed up.
No. 14656 ID: beeafd
File 130364560624.jpg - (223.85KB , 337x501 , rainbow_dash.jpg )

My little Pony reaches out affectionately to many people until now gripped by their fear of not being accepted. Thank you, MLP, for freeing these people and bringing them out to the light.
No. 14658 ID: 6b2b68

That's G3 Rainbow Dash.

AKA "Dahling what a dahling ensemble you have there dahling" Rainbow Dash.

That was done before FiM.
No. 14674 ID: 7dda9a


didn't expect a Haunted Majora Mask/BEN meme to be used with FiM...
No. 14751 ID: b4e796
File 130401831384.jpg - (26.34KB , 540x304 , mlp_pinkie_just_as_pla-(n1295687482309).jpg )

No. 14781 ID: 96a777
File 130413019756.jpg - (40.01KB , 607x338 , pinkamena.jpg )

Your PINKIE PIE has devolved into a PINKAMENA DIANE!
No. 14813 ID: 6bf918
File 130417830631.jpg - (30.89KB , 800x566 , turretpony.jpg )

I have mixed feelings about this. :<
No. 14823 ID: 383006

I really like this person's art. Is "out of kitchen" the artist? I see it written along the back of the character.
No. 14825 ID: 6bf918
File 130418953555.jpg - (63.02KB , 900x680 , lazyjack.jpg )


~OutOfKitchen on DA, though this is the only other MLP art by her on there. And nothing anywhere near the level of awesome/creepy of My Little Turret there.
No. 14826 ID: 2563d4

They've, uh, not exactly got the head shape there.
No. 14840 ID: f5e4b4

I liked the last episode even when PP is more obnoxious with every new episode. I even found psycho Pinkie Pie funny.

Although I hate it that every new episode seems to nod on the retarded fandom more and more. Seriously, I can only cringe when I see the youtube comments and there's so many "OMG CUPCAKES CONFIRMED" "CUPCAKES CANON".
No. 14842 ID: 2eac65

This new episode lends strong support to something I've been thinking for a while: Pinkie Pie is a raksha.

This would explain a lot of her strange behavior. The reason she throws constant parties is because she feeds on the joyful emotions generated. In the Everfree Forest, the reason she wasn't frightened by the trees is because she recognized them as a Ring-style shaping attack and knew how to counter it. The reason she acts the way she does in the latest episode is because she thinks in terms of Wyld storytelling: when she notices her friends acting strangely, she assumes it's becase of the most dramatic reason she can think of, and reacts in the most dramatic way she can think of.
No. 14845 ID: bf1e7e


>Although I hate it that every new episode seems to nod on the retarded fandom more and more.

This episode had NOTHING TO DO with cupcakes. That's just retards being 'hurr pinkie is crazy JUST LIKE CUPCAKES CUPCAKES CUPCAKES CUPCAKES' despite the fact that pinkie has basically been insane since episode 1. Even when she was being crazy there was absolutely nothing violent happening.
No. 14849 ID: 15b51b
File 130422639913.jpg - (125.83KB , 1280x871 , 8d513b361753db364df515457539fb23[1].jpg )

>implying the show made a nod to a torture porn fanfic
No. 14850 ID: f4963f

Furthermore, in interviews with the staff, it's been revealed that it takes around a year for an episode to go from the planning stages to complete (with multiple episodes being worked on at once, of course). Yes, after noticing the Derpy phenomenon, some last-minute changes were made to background pegasuses to give them the characteristic wall-eyes (you'll notice even this only started happening 15 episodes into the season), but it's not as though they're rewriting entire episodes as a nod to a gorefic here. I mean, seriously?
No. 14851 ID: 2eac65

Hey guys! Instead of raging at the shitty retards who are definitely off being godawful somewhere else, why don't we talk about that show we like?
No. 14855 ID: 383006

I think Pinky Pie looks cuter with straight hair.

I thought the episode was pretty great, but I also generally like it when Pinky Pie isn't a know-it-all Pony Sue. Before this episode, I had Fluttershy pegged as the pony with the most severe social disorder, but I think Pinky takes the cake.
No. 14859 ID: bf1e7e


Like I said during the episode, she DEFINITELY looked cuter with straight hair.

The fact that this is the first time an episode has been ABOUT Pinkie's outrageous insanity causing a bunch of problems AND she was actually called out on it in the ending was just icing on the cake.

Also Rainbow Dash totally murdered Rocky =<
No. 14864 ID: 2c4e79

But he called her a CHUMP! No one calls Rainbow Dash a chump and gets away with it.
No. 14872 ID: 15b51b

>...but I think Pinky takes the cake.
I see what you did there.
No. 14874 ID: 2563d4

Oh lordy.

>Even a song whose horribleness started a war is no match for 8-bit glory.
No. 14875 ID: 2563d4
File 130429725084.png - (197.20KB , 400x400 , and-these-are-just-for-starters.png )

By the density of silly faces and Pinkie Pie---perhaps the best metric---that was a freaking great episode. Also I loved the callback to Griffon the Brush-Off.

Even if I think you're all wrong about the hair.

This is both terrifying and awesome.
No. 14885 ID: 72d523

Just watched this for the first time... not really as bad as I thought something about MLP would be. From what I've seen it isn't nearly as good as you guys are making it out, but it is still a pretty passable show.

Just a question, does the animation and general art style get better as the show goes on? So far I'm watching the first episode and it's all pretty ugly and choppy (excluding the history lesson thing, really liked that).
No. 14886 ID: c9f43c

>Just a question, does the animation and general art style get better as the show goes on? So far I'm watching the first episode and it's all pretty ugly and choppy (excluding the history lesson thing, really liked that).
Nope, the historical flashback was a one-time art shift which you won't see firther on.
But 'choppy'? Come on, the animation is fluid as hell.

And goddamnit, Pinkie will never be the same for me. I caught myself thinking that her "usual" positive overexcited self is but a mask, and deep down she's depressed and crazy :(

Also, any psychiatrists here? After a person experiences a psychotic fit (such as Pinkie's breakdown), what are the odds that he/she will nose-dive into madness again?
No. 14887 ID: c9f43c
File 130436342642.jpg - (82.02KB , 947x898 , 1304245703272.jpg )

On the subject of fanfic nods: the strongest reference I've seen so far (barring evil Celestia theories in 'A Bird in the Hoof') is the abundant Rainbow Dash shipping, as seen on the left. The previous one was in 'Over a Barrel'.

So yeah, no way they're promoting Cupcakes.
No. 14889 ID: 6930ef

Not a fan of the show, so I don't know the exact symptoms/causes of the break, but as someone with first hand experience of psychotic breaks, relapse happens in almost 100% of (non-psychotropic drug-induced) psychotic breaks.
No. 14890 ID: 2563d4

If it's choppy then welcome to playing videos via your web browser. Download them (if you're careful, there's at least one Firefox extension to do this which isn't malware) and play them in Media Player Classic or something. (This also lets you fullscreen and chop out the hard-encoded letterboxing even on a widescreen display.)

The animation is efficient and if you're looking for it there are corners cut but those corners are well-chosen and the result is always smooth.

(Also if what you watched is the pilot then, yeah, it won't seem as good as this thread says, because the pilot is not one of the best episodes.)

I'm not sure the appearance of ponies in proximity to hearts is really all that notable in a cutesy sugar-coated universe.
No. 14905 ID: e41ad5

PP is a pretty clear example of a co-dependant individual. Her dive into madness is just that sort of thing taken to the child-show-extreme.
No. 14906 ID: 2563d4

I was actually expecting (from the first five minutes) the moral to be about how you can't throw parties and hang out with your friends all the time because it gets tiresome.
No. 14907 ID: 6b2b68

WHAT shipping?

They're all BEST FRIENDS.
No. 14918 ID: ff02a9

Perhaps Pinkie has got a bit too much free time and disposable income on her hooves. I mean, she could at least expect that her more socially-burdened friends have plans on the day right after the party other than attending another party.

I don't like it too. But hey, shippers gonna ship.
No. 14920 ID: f5fe2f
File 130441778536.png - (56.97KB , 212x227 , shipper-trans.png )

It's a living.
No. 14923 ID: 2563d4

>Rewatching Dragonshy because IRC said it was character derailment for Fluttershy and I don't remember that
Yeah, OK, even for heading-toward-dragon nerves they overegg it for the sake of plot and humour.
>quiet goat noise when Fluttershy faints and goes rigid
I still can't hate this episode for its little touches, though. Beyond that it's funny (pretty much everything Dash does in it is great) and has a pretty good little narrative.

And, y'know, suddenly spooking at your own shadow then jumping into a hedge is probably the most like an actual equine any of the cast have every acted. :V
No. 14924 ID: 383006

Keep in mind that I don't hate the episode, or any episode of the show for that matter, I just thought it was weak. Things that are going to bother me about the show are probably also not going to bother other people because of my training in writing. It is impossible for me to watch a show, a movie, or read a book completely uncritically, although I think I'm pretty good about not holding a particular piece of media to standards it was never meant to meet.

For me, the characterization is mainly what I focus on in the show, because the narratives are always going to be relatively simple and straightforward - that's the nature of the medium. A lot of the little jokes and things in the episode were funny, but making Fluttershy worthless and annoying bothered me and seemed totally inconsistent with how she'd acted previously. I guess it was especially annoying because since it was supposed to be "her" episode. Applebuck Season was the same style of episode, but Applejack wasn't useless, just in over her head, and her flaw that drove the story was much more consistent with how she'd behaved before.
No. 14927 ID: 2563d4

>Applebuck Season was the same style of episode, but Applejack wasn't useless, just in over her head, and her flaw that drove the story was much more consistent with how she'd behaved before.
Well, except that The Ticket Master starts with her having accepted Twilight's help (and having previously asked Dash) to win a bet with Big Macintosh, which is almost exactly what she won't do in Applebuck Season out of pride. :V
No. 14928 ID: bf1e7e


Ticket Master might come after Applebuck Season chronologically.

However, Dragonshy absolutely MUST come after the first episodes chronologically, and Fluttershy didn't even flinch at the manticore.
No. 14935 ID: 383006

That is actually a good point. I had forgotten about it. I'll still say that Applebuck Season did it better.
No. 15111 ID: 5e11c9
File 130470829637.png - (220.85KB , 672x287 , O0LRQ.png )

Best episode?
Best episode.
No. 15114 ID: 2563d4

...not seeing anything new in PensivePony's account yet?
No. 15119 ID: 5e11c9

Medium quality, but here you go:

No. 15131 ID: 8e18cd

Best episode ever
No. 15136 ID: f4963f
File 130472048002.png - (196.89KB , 623x348 , Pinkie_Grin.png )

That. Was. EPIC.

Easily Celestia Tier.
No. 15139 ID: 5e11c9

No. 15140 ID: 2563d4

The bad news is that the framerate jitter gives me a headache.

The good news is that pensivepony's copy is up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPs_QXl3eos
No. 15141 ID: e3f578

Celestia adores the fuck out of chaos and there's implications she hates the prince that him getting cake splatter on him was part of what made it better
Might be evil, but a cool broad nonetheless.
I'd punch the fuck out of that pansy ass prince.

Moral wasn't even too sugary either.
So was that the season finale or do we got more to go?
No. 15142 ID: 5e11c9

She's not evil, she's just really really bored. She's gone to hundreds of these things and she find the pomp and circumstance annoying, poor woman just wants to go to a regular party for once, dammit!

And yup, that's the season finale. No more Poni until next Fall.
No. 15163 ID: f5e4b4

Great finale for the season. Best part for me was Fluttershy losing her shit.

Also have some more 8-bit pony goodness.
No. 15164 ID: 2563d4

Aww, the final bass note is wrong. The title version returns down an octave.

I'm hoping he does the montage music from The Show Stoppers. And the big medley someone planted the idea of now the season's done. And the moon on a stick.
No. 15167 ID: 2563d4

Oh, yeah, and there was a musical number in the last episode. Or two. Man, apparently staying up all night poniesponiesponies makes my brain drop write transactions all over the floor. D:

Damn funny episode and a real high-point to end the season on.
No. 15168 ID: 2563d4
Audio at-the-gala.mp3 - (4.85MB )

Completing the set of full-production music. This one's from the HD version so the quality's theoretically up and you get spiffy album art*.

*Quality of spiffy album art may be subject to software being hatful.
No. 15231 ID: 6930ef

I have a Pony-related anecdote for you all.
Today, I was sitting in a class, waiting for my professor to arrive. I have just recently begun watching the show, and I was discussing an episode with a friends who sits near me. A girl in the class walks in, hears us discussing MLP, sits down and joins the conversation. From halfway across the room, a musclebound guy who I've never heard say a word before shouts something about bronies. We moved over there, talked about ponies, so on.

It was magical.
No. 15293 ID: f1df52
File 130545144012.jpg - (387.22KB , 1920x1200 , DiePonyDie.jpg )

No. 15294 ID: f5fe2f

This is magnificent! Really on-model. The only flaws I see are in expressions.

The curve of Celestia's eye is wrong, and Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie should have expressions that appear in the show - expressions of fear but not with actual tears.
No. 15295 ID: 07416a

That is kinda incredibly nitpicky.
No. 15296 ID: f5fe2f

I guess? It wouldn't even have been noticed if the image wasn't otherwise perfect. But as it is, those things kind of jumped out at me.
No. 15299 ID: f4963f

This is awesome. All it needs is music to go with it:

No. 15314 ID: ef90b9

Hey /g/ays, newfag here. Evil Celestia writefaggotry, could somebody point to give a link?
No. 15319 ID: 383006

There is probably some on equestria daily? http://www.equestriadaily.com/

Don't really know what else to tell you.
No. 15360 ID: 2563d4

RainbowCrash88 now has the attention and help of the show's composer, given the video description.

Which is pretty bloody awesome (even if I think this particular piece doesn't work half as well without the overblown choral pomp).
No. 15369 ID: 2563d4



>Hope the '80s rock ballad cheese ends up released with proper singing, or even just an instrumental.
I like this guy.
No. 15409 ID: f16b80
File 130622543213.jpg - (43.85KB , 419x453 , moist panties.jpg )

No. 15418 ID: bccf7b

Poastin in a ponay fred~

Shoo bee doo~
No. 15437 ID: 1854db

No. Absolutely not.
No. 15451 ID: f16b80

No. 15455 ID: 6930ef
File 130652504499.png - (145.36KB , 328x270 , ExcitedTwilight.png )

>MFW a shoutout to bronies.
No. 15456 ID: f23e51

And DJ Pon3 if you didn't catch it.
No. 15464 ID: 2563d4

>"Oh, it's just another iffy music video thing."
>Read description
>Fact check
Holy fuckbeans it's an actual legit official wassit: http://www.hubworld.com/my-little-pony/shows/friendship-is-magic/videos/mlp-music-clip-equestria-girls
No. 15803 ID: 24dd8d

Does anyone else feel this pony thing has gone out of hand? I mean, the series is great and all, and I enjoyed the early /co/ threads, but now it's grown so big.
And now OCs
Fucking OCs
The MLP:FiM fanbase is starting to look like the Sonic fanbase, if not it's already reached that level of faggotry.

Sorry for my quick rant. You may now continue loving each other.
No. 15828 ID: 4b3731


Eh. Faggotry was inevitable. OCs was inevitable. Hell, PORN and slash fanfics was inevitable (as with all popular things).

I mean, you've got a very valid concern, but one that should only be pursued if you actually WANT to care about how the 'fanbase' of a surprisingly popular children's show targeted towards girls should act... which, by and large, you shouldn't, really.

Fans gonna get their fanny on, bronies gonna bro and random folks gonna form an infatuation for googly-eyed animated pony caricatures and talk endlessly about it on the internets, sure as the sun comes up every mornin' and it rains on wedding days.

Other than moan about it, is there anything you can really do? Or should do, even? It's not like there's a purity of aspect to zealously guard in MLP: FiM. It's just a cartoon! If you don't like how some people's treating it or bringing it up again and again, don't hang around those people, I guess.

's all. Peace out.
No. 15831 ID: bf1e7e

>And now OCs

There have been pony OCs for decades.
No. 15834 ID: 2563d4

Hell, there are OCs of quest races. The bar on obscurity for a race to get people making themselves a character of it is low as hell.

Pretty much! And really this thread is, uh, mostly quiet now that the series is over, other than the odd bit of actual content like RainbowCrash/InfinityDash88's stuff or the official pony music video? It's not like we're still having energetic fanwank discussions about how Celestia is actually the W40K Emperor millenia after he restructured the shithole universe to be shiny-pretty-fancy.
No. 15839 ID: 0d7a83
File 130693401059.png - (9.66KB , 429x410 , 1305779387470.png )

>Celestia is actually the W40K Emperor

But thats... just... OH MY GOD.
No. 15854 ID: 1c824a
File 130696083933.jpg - (50.90KB , 570x666 , disney18.jpg )

What's wrong with princesses?
No. 15859 ID: f5fe2f

>there are OCs of quest races
Cite some, please.
No. 15861 ID: e3f578

How does one OC an entire fucking race?
Aren't OC's either stupid recolors or characters made by fan's put directly into the shows time, setting, and place that can interact with the official characters?
No. 15862 ID: 440a8d

Speaking of nifty pony-related things... this might be worth bringing up.

PONIES The Anthology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tjb14VoWjg
No. 15863 ID: 2563d4

Seal's River Lazurek murrsona that he drew a whole load of fanart of fucking Aggeia.
Various people with Tozzlesonas who I'm not going to call out because they are varying degrees of joking.
Less directly, characters from the CBSF RPG.
No. 15864 ID: e3f578

Alright there needs to be a specification here of what exactly differs an OC from C's because my older definition seems to only apply with Seal's River fuzzy screwing Aggeia
No. 15867 ID: f7ae22

An OC is an Original Character, i.e. a character that created by someone else and was not in the source content. Typically a connection to the source content is required for it to be called an OC, in general usage just being a part of the source content's world is enough, and often they will interact with source content characters. Since quest OCs make use of the culture and worlds of the source content, I would say they are indeed OCs.
No. 15874 ID: 3e6377

And we're all agreed that OCs are pretty terrible things, right?


Because I'm beginning to worry some people above the age of 13 think otherwise.
No. 15875 ID: f7ae22

An OC is not inherently terrible, there are quests on TGChan that make use of them and aren't shitty. Probably a huge reason for this is that people on TGChan in general ask the creators if they can use the creator's race, world, etc, and they are then able to easily contact that creator to keep their character reasonably within canon. Terrible OCs on TGChan usually arise from people not asking the creators and just shitting the bed about it and making a bad quest that can make the source content's creator look bad.
No. 15879 ID: d86be9
File 130704109745.png - (56.97KB , 996x556 , 12131 - original_character.png )

OCs are not bad as a phenomenon. They're just a very good example of the Sturgeon's Law. They can be quite enjoyable if they don't make your MarySue-meter go wild. Which doesn't happen all that often.
No. 15882 ID: bf1e7e


>Seal's River Lazurek murrsona

>Various people with Tozzlesonas who I'm not going to call out because they are varying degrees of joking.

lol wat
No. 15883 ID: da7700


You forgot that last part, it's important.
No. 15891 ID: d6ae01
File 130711641276.png - (71.73KB , 600x450 , face.png )

Indeed. Personally, I find myself above such nonsense.

And I certainly wouldn't go do my own thing and ruin both continuities forever.
No. 15966 ID: c1ebd7
File 130727129531.gif - (13.21KB , 800x600 , 1307267798_theweaver_gildasad.gif )

This is a thing of beauty. Just wanted to point that out.

Among Weaver's other drawings, that is.
No. 15985 ID: 3a99c8
File 130737539058.png - (58.84KB , 1024x768 , pinkie_normandy.png )

From Space of Aids.

This is getting out of hand...
No. 15987 ID: 3b202e

people still play that?
No. 15988 ID: 28e94e

You don't?
No. 15993 ID: 0c9433

Why do people keep feeling sympathy for this bluh bluh huge bitch?
No. 15995 ID: 3049fc

Because in a fit of hubris she torpedoed her relationship with her best friend since childhood.

Sure, she's a bitch, but it's still kind of tragic.
No. 16000 ID: f5e4b4


I hope she comes back in the second season to apologize and be best bros with RD again. Friendship is magic, after all.
No. 16003 ID: 6cb915

I think my biggest issue with Ponychan is that it's run by cccd9....or as we at /tg/ know him, Cynderslut/Flarefag.
No. 16005 ID: 2eac65

If Gilda does improve her attitude, Rainbow Dash is the person she's least likely to make amends with after what happened at her welcoming party.
No. 16008 ID: 2563d4

That's really not how long-term friendships work.
No. 16012 ID: f16b80
File 130746173674.jpg - (48.01KB , 632x357 , 1298864007972.jpg )


No. 16018 ID: f5fe2f

Wait, I thought those were different people...
No. 16021 ID: 383006

He also runs Equestria Daily.
No. 16029 ID: 2563d4

If he hasn't been doing whatever obnoxious thing it is that means we're supposed to hate him and make people go "man, ponychan/EqD are terrible because the owner is obnoxious", I fail to see why it's at all relevant.
No. 16046 ID: 049dfa


nope, same dude.


He's still a big gay, 'roleplays' as characters constantly, and uses an ass-backwards system of tag naming that is, in and of itself, annoying enough for me to not read the site.

I don't give a shit about the fanfic 'community' anyway, though, so I have no reason to put up with any sort of annoyance for the sake of ED.
No. 16047 ID: 2eac65

>people remember there's supposed to hate some guy
>entire topic becomes about hate
Can we stop doing this?
No. 16103 ID: f16b80
File 130772789604.png - (128.54KB , 666x532 , 130341705692.png )

I was just told by lulz.net (the people that would know what he's been up to the most) that he only runs Equestria Daily, not Ponychan.

Also the way I see it, so long as the guy doesn't fag up the site, everything should be fine.

I'm glad he isn't the site owner of ponychan, or else he would be hiring mods just like him... Which almost seems like the case but apparently, like I said before, he isn't the owner of Ponychan.
No. 16107 ID: 2eac65

This topic is now about cutie marks.

If you had a cutie mark, what do you think it would be?

And what do you think the background characters' cutie marks symbolize.
No. 16108 ID: 1f2692
File 130773662670.png - (205.17KB , 424x455 , golliwog4.png )


mine would be a golliwog, definitely
because it's HILARIOUS
No. 16110 ID: 386b0b
File 130774132840.jpg - (141.39KB , 1024x768 , monster_energy.jpg )

Monster logo. I shouldn't need to explain why.
No. 16119 ID: 3387d1

As generic as it would be, a DM screen with a couple d20's in front of it.
No. 16120 ID: cdc095

Something language- or linguistics-related. A schwa in brackets?
No. 16125 ID: 9cb4b3

I think most of us would have quills and parchment cutie marks, or paint brush and pallet cutie marks, or people who run text quests would have typewriters for cutie marks.

It's what you love most and what you are best at doing, what your driving passion is.
No. 16146 ID: 9ee666
File 130791730292.png - (169.28KB , 640x360 , run.png )

funny face = comedy
No. 16168 ID: f5fe2f

Is it because you fully embrace the corporate-shilling lifestyle?

blankflank for life
No. 16171 ID: e3f578

They should totally make an episode for an adult blankflank. Just to throw expectations for the Crusaders around.
No. 16195 ID: c0b6e3

No it's because SLEEP IS THE DEVIL.
No. 16196 ID: 804d70

Sleep is your enemy?
No. 16206 ID: 2eac65
File 130810307404.png - (582.13KB , 1023x573 , 2826 - rarity Sapphire_Shores.png )

They should make it about Sapphire Shores, because continuity.
No. 16232 ID: 1854db

>It was merely an oversight. Her initial design was front view only and her butt was covered by her dress. No one noticed it was missing when a new angle of her had to be designed for the scene.
No. 16233 ID: e3f578

A blankflank adult would be interesting regardless who it is. I had my doubts that woman would be a true blankflank, especially if she's notable in the world of fashion.
No. 16236 ID: 2563d4

>notable in the world of fashion
>assuming not a talentless bint
No. 16242 ID: 35e1a0

it's cause she only is helping the people she LIKES be fashionable. she needs to decide to help EVERYONE. basically she found only a PART of her talent.
No. 16244 ID: 2563d4

It's Sapphire Shores, not Foto Finish. I should have said "notable in the world of pop" but fucked up blindly copied Dirtbag, apparently.
No. 16245 ID: e3f578

I'm not a master of details in animated ponies. I just assume "Hey, she's some sort of celebrity with fancy jewels in her name. Must be similar to Rarity talent-wise with fashion."
No. 16363 ID: 2eac65
File 130834954049.png - (30.06KB , 614x492 , 5134 - genderswap Snails snips.png )

Random theory: As you've probably noticed, the easiest way to tell a pony's sex is the shape of their snout. In most observed cases, females have a rounded nose, while a male's nose is noticeably more flat and angular.

Conclusion: Snips and Snails aren't boys, they're just very ugly girls.
No. 16370 ID: 1854db

Or maybe they're just girly boys. ...Possibly their snout only changes shape once they're more grown up?
No. 16395 ID: c1524b

Or they're just designed to be clumsy and, in general, "those stupid boys" ponies, which is expressed in their appearance.
No. 16399 ID: 2563d4

Well if we're going to keep bumping this, have some new RainbowCrash88 content.

He's also done Pinkie's Pony Pokey ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJUr7sdFYb4 ) but, honestly, I don't think it works well separated from the context of the episode (where it's chuffing brilliant).
No. 16511 ID: 445b4c

Jugding by the ponibooru comments, Weaver seems to be nearing Idlecil's levels of fanrage. Seriously, what is the deal?

I can understand people losing their shit over scootabuse - Scootaloo is at least nominally likeable. But Snails... I'm not following any of the pony-related chans, so how did this amount of drama come to be?
No. 16513 ID: f5fe2f

>You guys really do not understand why people don't like straight shipping, after ALL this time? Even Sprinkles himself seems clueless, which I refuse to believe isn't just an act. Nevertheless, I'll explain.

>The first reason is the My Little Pony fandom is full of fans that get overly attached to the characters. It is no surprise because they are very lovable. Good work on Hasbro's part. As such, seeing them in romantic relationships with males makes many fans grumpy. The reasoning varies from person to person which I will not delve into, but overall, it is frowned on, intensely. Lesbian shipping is immune to this, as nobody cares about girls loving girls, no matter what the pairing is. Some might, but they are the buried underneath the barrel minority.

>Snails is the most grotesque pony on the show, next to Snips. It's part of his design; it is what he is. The last thing fans (most fans) want to see is their favorite female pony having sex with him, for any reason.

>No doubt you've heard people yell "TROLL ART!" "TROLLING!" when it comes to Snails. Well, they weren't kidding. Snails shipping art from the very start was used to upset people and it still is. Some artists remain naive to this. Some know it well and draw it on purpose. And a few don't care either way and draw it indifferently.

>The second reason is the males on the show are very underdeveloped, save for Spike. Shipping them with any of the ponies tends to be difficult because people do not have much to work with. It is simply easier to have the characters who interacted with each other pair off instead, which happens to be mostly all the females.

>Seeing Fluttershy blow herself VS Fluttershy having Big Mac do her up her ass is going to go in the favor of futa Fluttershy, not surprisingly. Why? It's not any worse than seeing Fluttershy rip open her stomach in a Dead Space parody illustration. It's just shocking. It doesn't interfere with shipping, it doesn't make people feel insecure, it doesn't effect mai poni waifu people, etc.

>TL&DR: Straight shipping is taboo and straight shipping Snails is terrible. Do either at your own peril.

People don't like seeing their waifu getting fucked by Snails, near as I can surmise.
No. 16523 ID: f5e4b4


Hahah, and when I thought they couldn't get any more retarded.
No. 16530 ID: 2563d4

There is no upper limit on how retarded a fanbase can get, despite frantic attempts to reach one.

So. Hey. There haven't been any episodes for months because the season is over. In those posts above since we've got stupid drama, people discussing their fucking ponysonas' cutie marks, and more stupid drama. Can we give it a fucking rest yet? Maybe give the pony-frenzy a chance to cool off before Season 2 rolls around?
No. 16540 ID: 07416a
File 130871001869.png - (430.37KB , 512x1306 , kimispice ponies.png )

New humanizations!
No. 16544 ID: 2eac65

Nice art. I like the outfits. Some of the heads look a bit wide, though.
No. 16565 ID: f7ae22

MLP: Fighting is Magic
No. 16587 ID: 445b4c

Not a fan of fighting games myself, but this looks damn good.
No. 16594 ID: f5e4b4


I was expecting lousy MUGEN sprites, I'm pleasantly surprised.
No. 16602 ID: d86f54


This is... quite lovely. And I'm not just talking about the nifty-looking fighting game there. That tune is damn catchy.
No. 16851 ID: 966bbf

I'll just leave this here.
No. 16861 ID: 2eac65
File 130969794424.png - (784.35KB , 794x964 , poonie_meguca.png )

This is worth sharing.
No. 16870 ID: 1cfaaa

>beta tester: capt slowpoke
it's a small internet after all
No. 16914 ID: a1a489
File 131002143426.png - (315.56KB , 500x688 , tumblr_lnjs4xhZF81qm7p4so1_500.png )

No. 17056 ID: 55bd47
File 131043652988.png - (1.37MB , 1671x911 , cyclopsengage.png )

Someone pointed this out to me today, and frankly it's rather disturbing.
No. 17059 ID: 9c538a
File 131045683222.gif - (2.39MB , 426x240 , ARGH.gif )

No. 17060 ID: 2eac65

...What? I can't tell what you're trying to convey.
No. 17061 ID: c3c9c0
File 131046077452.gif - (136.87KB , 770x770 , b2b0b891439e507e668ebc0ecf18d4e3.gif )

No. 17092 ID: cd63f6
File 131049828724.png - (113.19KB , 800x800 , CyclopsVanHouten.png )

No. 17241 ID: 682610
File 131079949819.png - (801.03KB , 1024x2619 , CMQ Adventures 1 by spurkeht.png )

I absolutely love the expressions here.
No. 17242 ID: 682610
File 131079953220.png - (714.58KB , 800x2432 , CMQ Adventures 2 by spurkeht.png )

No. 17243 ID: 682610
File 131079957824.png - (1.06MB , 900x3600 , CMQ Adventures 3 by spurkeht.png )

No. 17246 ID: 2563d4

Haha. They wrote Rainbow Dash right.
No. 17447 ID: c6d57d
File 131167497661.gif - (99.08KB , 300x220 , 7c604dfb2ab69b9c3c92c6a69ae4133c.gif )

Looks like I've found a new game in development to feverishly wait for.
No. 17474 ID: 3292ea

Well, whad'ya know?
No. 19255 ID: a00394
File 132292344463.jpg - (285.57KB , 1600x1214 , discord_by_twintailsinc-d4anl0s.jpg )

No. 27014 ID: 321d85

Sorry for bringing this old thread back to the top (I can only assume it was on the first page because of spam), but I had a question about it. The first post and its date imply that ponychan (presumably ponychan.info, which I believe was basically an alias for tgchan.org; am I correct?) existed before MLP FiM began. What was it before FiM? (in whatever sense it could be considered different than tgchan). Was it just related to the old MLP stuff, or what?
No. 27015 ID: a19cd5

I'm... not actually sure. There's a pony theme that seems kind of unrelated to mlp that generates a silly pony name and icon for specific IDs though, that's pretty fun.
No. 27016 ID: db2d60

The site was changed to it entirely as an april fool's joke, then it was kept around as a stylesheet/mirror because it was amusing.
No. 27168 ID: 4c2072

i love them all
No. 27169 ID: f68a09

cool, guy me too
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