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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 157411466264.png - (4.09MB , 2726x5733 , 0.png )
949802 No. 949802 ID: a2a6f6

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place until my asshole of a boss decides to send someone to free me from the curse.

So, anywhere between a month and forever.

But I'm trying to make the most of it while I'm here.

And boy today has been a day... But first-
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No. 955353 ID: d856aa

Hey, what if we let Isabelle run the village? See if there's a Junior Dungeon Master program, get it set up so she's mostly autonomous but we can see what kind of things she's making and what's going on so we can step in if there's a problem.
She can learn how to run the dungeon and get some experience (and more screen time. Playable Isabelle now.) and it might take some of the load off of Mary.
No. 955358 ID: a2f660

I like where you are going with this. I think for the space that is currently labeled a question mark should be a few things.

>1. A general police/wardens office.
This can be a small outfit, and can help us use Colt a bit more efficently as the warden of the outpost or something of that matter. It can have a small jail with maybe one or two prisoners and even a minor prisoner escape. Makes a simple sidequest when we plan the inner workings of the actual dungeon. This also leads to...

>2. Small barracks
This is to help with the presence in the area. But also allows us another set of small quests and worldbuilding. Think of it as a place where recruits are trained for the army. Allows for some unique small quests like wrangling animals or finding mounts for cavalry, etc.

>3. Sprawling Farmland
Slimecrown needs to feed itself and its denezins. So why not have a bunch of wheat and tubers grown by Kobolds and Mud Slimes? And we can also have ranches for said army, raising glass horses or domesticated salamanders, cattle, etc. Another quest idea of "find the lost animal".

We have enough of these things and to bring into the ideas brought up here >>955351 and here >>955352 where these mini quests eventually lead to clues to the main quest. Where adventurers can go three or four ways to the final dungeon. Creating replayability.
No. 955359 ID: 0fae41

Could put a jail in the ruined section of town.
No. 955367 ID: 2aa5f0

seems good but you think we should toss a granary in and maybe a guard house/jail? Granary could be in the ruin part of town or just filled with a low amount of food and could aid to the "everything is going to hell" vibe your going for and the guardhouse/jail combo could be used both to hand out quest and to have some tougher monster come out to "arrest" any murder hobo players that just start killing everyone in town because murder hobo. Not saying they can't just that their actions will have consequences and you know those type of players exist. Hell our last group practically where those people until we intervened.
No. 955404 ID: 10670f

Oh! Uh, I'm paying attention! I totally wasn't out getting wasted while I waited for something interesting to happen!

>Let's do this piece by piece. What kind of buildings should be in the hamlet? I'm no architect and uh... Hamlets kinda stopped being a thing where I live like a thousand years ago?

not really, they just rebranded in the past century or so. Now they're called "suburbs". You just gotta toss in some places you'd think you would find there.

Anyways!if your going for that "Post-Roman Empire" style, you might want to put in a "ruined" fort, possible before the forest. It's a good excuse to set up some traps, and it makes for a nice hiding place for a encounter and some sort of "Plot Lever" aka, a switch that does something to help the party progress and give them direction. Like, shifting an ancient aquaduct, or opening a large gate somewhere.

Something else you can toss in is a Schoolhouse. A building with one large auditorium type room and a belltower. It could double as a hint and directory for the adventures. Maybe make the 'Schoolmarm' someone rather dangerous for that whole "bonus boss" shtick. perhaps Wood + Mind+ Crystal for a Crystal Tree Sylph.
No. 955409 ID: 41dcf4
File 158086330548.png - (192.35KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

While the idea may be adorable and possibly gain some attention, I'm afraid I can not trust a child with my compan...

With my dungeon.


Let's add some ruins. Farmland. School. Jail. Well. Grannary...

I think without getting anything solid down this is a pretty good map. We can make it as damaged as needed, of course.

We can come up with more specifics after we populate it.

No. 955410 ID: 41dcf4
File 158086334529.png - (132.55KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

I am trusting you guys in the creation of these villagers. I know there were some ideas earlier but let's try and condense these...

Now, what should we create?
No. 955412 ID: 0fae41

More plantfolk! Lots of different flowers and leaves you could use for hair decoration. How about a scarecrow farmer whose frightful appearance hides a mild manner?
Magma and Flit are going to feel a little out of place among plantfolk. Their alienation could be the focus of a quest, maybe they're exiles from the castle.
No. 955415 ID: 9caba2

Remember Marauder? More of what she was.
No. 955417 ID: 1a85ff

Loli versions of the constructs
No. 955419 ID: 1774cd

Cultists! Lots of good ol robey fellows.
No. 955422 ID: 06095b


Sooo, I honestly don't know what the hell is going on with our theme. Are there just a bunch of slimes occupying the hamlet with anyone who can stand them, or is this society something different that just so happens to be in slime territory?

I still like the idea of the hamlet being filled with interlopers who are after the treasures of Slimecrown Citadel, but if they're co-existing with slimes, that's not very feasible.

Beyond that even, slimes are the lowest of the low in terms of difficulty in most places, Mary. Anything beneath them would either have to be disorganized kobolds or goblins. I guess we could go with that.
No. 955423 ID: 18fe93

Have plenty of the leafling shopkeeps as "filler" villagers.

Love the idea of a scarecrow farmer.

Make a sap vampire as a boss. She'll infect the adventurers if she can with something that'll slowly turn them into a tree. Put some odd trees in the graveyard as a clue.

If the main problem is a lack of water, you could have ice elementals freezing up the irrigation from Slimecrown and an upgraded slime soaking up the well water.
No. 955427 ID: 2202fb

I kinda like the idea of having kobolds (in addition to the slimes that should make up a significant portion of the slime kingdom's citizens Mary!) cuz we could then tie that into a quest involving a dragon, like that gummy wyrm I saw mentioned before. Most of the kobolds would be regular citizens while a small group could be undercover dragon cultists.
No. 955429 ID: f17674

Well, lets see if I can iron this out a bit...

>First things first, lets talk vendors and shops...

I say we create a Tanner for simple low level armours and clothing. Cloth slime could be used for this purpose with a 1 rune upgrade.

A general merchant and potion vendor Kobold, someone with a slight afinity for magic, but is manic and overly enthusiastic about their work. She could be used with potentially a Magic Rune and perhaps a Scale Rune that we might be able to requisition through purchase of a dragon's scale or something similar. Terra runes maybe?

Finally, a bartender and a waitress. Perhaps a big buff orc with a tiny but extremely strong for her size, server.

>The Farms
This should be relatively simple, I think we get a Sunflower-based alarune like Ashley, who is the head farmer, along with a host of plant slimes, mud slimes and kobolds that till the fields, and raise the farm animals. If we wish to make a quest involved, we can look to creating a pet of some kind for them.

I say we transfer Colt over, to give exposition, and work as a possible recruitable ally for the big crawl for lower level parties. In addition we have a few slime soldiers and a Kobold or Alarune Deputy. And then a few NPC prisoners, with one maybe having more definition if we wish to have them play a more important role in the story (Maybe one is a Minotaur??).

Light Slime gets a Heal rune and becomes a cleric

Maybe have a chaos slime hanging around as if they are sick, and the blight may be caused by the main adventure hook.

This guy has got this one down.

>Finally, random creatures
Given the nature of the farms, lets look to seeing if we can start expanding the monster pool a bit to explain the army of Slimecrown. First off, I still love the Container+Glass rune combo to create Glass Horses. This being for the Slimecrown cavalry. For the more hearty slimes,perhaps heartier beasts like giant bulls, or Salamanders (Fire+Scale+Stone), with one even being another sidequest to try and retrieve one from the wild.

That's all I have for now, figure upgrading a few slimes, and using Curi's innate ability to generate some of our classic slimes for NPCs can help populate a bit, but also some ideas for some characters to start making this a world of others creatures and denizens live in.
No. 955435 ID: d856aa

Mary, I can't believe you won't let your daughter step into the world of business with your support. Imagine when she's older, she'll not know how to run a dungeon and people will go "That's Mary's daughter, she's horrible at business!"
Can you really live with that?

We should make some Boners for the graveyard/ruins. Demonologist would like that we're using her idea too.
<Bone + Sword> for Boner Soldiers
<Bone + Magic> for Boner Mages.

I want Goblins for the forest, I'm thinking a shortstack shaman with warriors and thieves. I just can't think of a good base. Maybe:
<Sword + Shield> for Goblin Warriors
<Dark + Poison> for Goblin Thieves
<Magic+Heal+World> for the Shaman. Uses the power of the elements for support and attack.

I want the village to have a variety of races. Like the Tavern should be run by <Fire+Fist+Alcohol> a drunken fist fighter from Marauder's race.
Make some cute waitresses, don't have to make them all shortstacks, but they should be cute.
<Sturdy + Comfy> maybe?

I don't want to get stuck in a rut with villagers either, the villagers should be a bunch of different races. Humans, Goblins, Marauder's Race, Demons, Elves, ect. A bunch of people who have come from all over and settled infront of the citadel, so we can make what we need as we need it and it's not just "Only Plant Dudes."

For other monsters:
<Aero + Magic> Sylphs that cause trouble or help out depending on mood.
<Foot + Plain> Wolves that attack the farms
<Aero + Wind> Large Birds that attack the village
<Candy + Law> FBI Agents to entrap adventurers
<Wood + String> Spiders that hunt in the woods
<Wind + Candy> Bees that live in the Woods and make honey protected by:
<Wind + Sword> Soldier Bees who fight
<Wind + Candy + Heal> The Queen Bee Boss who drops rare Royal Jelly
<Psionic + Thorn + Force> Rhinoceros Beetle who's rivals with:
<Mind + Thorn + Force> Stag Beetle
(Because Mind and Psionic look like Horns, get it.)
No. 955438 ID: 10f5f8

Thicc Thigh Female Schoolteacher
All the other voices can develop the rest.Just let me have my input.
No. 955439 ID: 2aa5f0

fill the shops with the same type of minions we already have for our shopkeepers. The farmlands should be filled with plant based monsters like our cleric but maybe not as strong as her... or at least not all of them. The forest I feel we should subvert expectations a little and instead of throwing plant based or beast based monsters throw undead type and fairy type monster in their and make it a hunted forest.

For the town proper I'm thinking just have it be a bit of a melting pot but try to at least get some villagers to be the same type of non-slime monsters we already have in our dungeon, like the beholder just for lore reasons so people can piece together where some of the creatures we got in our main dungeon came from.

Also I know you said no more slimes but I'm thinking we should make the captain of the guard a slime knight just to kinda lean on the fact that this hamlet is suppose to be part of the slime kingdom.
No. 955441 ID: d856aa

I just remembered I should probably give you design ideas.
For the Goblin Shaman, I want to focus on like the nature thing. Wild and Feral. So her outfit would be like a Wolf's Head pelt from the wolves that attack the village, with the paws hanging over her shoulders and covering her chest and a loin cloth. Her weapon should be claws from a beast, tied and used in melee. Don't make her a grizzled old crone.
The other goblins should be crude, but not as feral and savage. Like salvaged metal armor and crude, rough, but effective cleavers for the warriors and roughly made leather and bone daggers dripping poison for the thieves.
Maybe they trade with the town sometimes too, when they're not antagonists.

The bar owner should be the same race as Marauder, make her tough. Like she's a retired adventurer who's settled down in her middle age.
The waitresses should be young and flirty though, think like normal bar waitresses.

The sylphs should be moff girls. Because they're fluffy and cute and eat hair.
Make the bees and beetles anthromorphic.
The beetles are cool, strong dudes who like to fight and the bees are bees.
The beetles teaming up to raid the Beehive for honey would be a cool adventure thing though.

I want a boss for the Graveyard, but I can't think of anything that isn't just "Bigger Boner."

Oh! What about a dwarven blacksmith. She can be a rival to the one in the citadel. She'd wear like overalls, a gloves, goggles and boots and have a huge hammer she uses for forging and fighting.
<Stone+Alcohol+Force> maybe.
No. 955443 ID: d856aa

Also, the shaman should look kind of like Marauder too. Just a goblin. Same type of build.
No. 955444 ID: ce39da

I agree that making the villagers mostly plant people would improve the cohesiveness of the dungeons as a whole — lots of `Comfy + Wood` people. Only give a choice selection of plot-important NPCs the third rune. The highest we'll go in total is four runes for the boss.
No. 955447 ID: f9ad18

Beyond upgrading Cloth Slime into a tailor (if only so she has a use somewhere) I don't have a lot of opinions on what the other shopkeepers should be.

I feel the Jail could be a good place to put bounty hunting style quests where you have to track down and capture criminals/troublemakers hiding somewhere within the dungeon. Would just have to make a couple criminals and hideouts for them and probably expand/rotate the roster every now and then for repeat adventurers.
No. 955449 ID: a54a76

I know some of us are leaning towards the spooky dilapidated town angle, I know we've not finalized anything yet but if it's gonna be dark or foggy or the like I had an idea for a friendly NPC that carries a magic lantern that repels most mobs and assists/escorts NPCs and any nice adventurers between safe zones if they aren't looking to fight their way to an actual main encounter.

I don't have a good idea for a name yet, Way-warden maybe, Nightguard? Anyway I was thinking something along the lines of Light + Law + Sword (or 2x one of them to make them a proper optional miniboss), so any adventurers that attack the townsfolk lose this safe travel mechanic in addition to aggroing a fairly tough creature, don't know if this would count as the main punishment for murderhoboing but I felt it was an idea worth sharing.
No. 955453 ID: 36de32

Use a water and an aqua rune to make a fish that pilots a slime membrane. He’ll be the commissioner. The Cofishioner.
No. 955461 ID: 977456

I think we should aim for lots of single-rune enemies. This is meant to be the easier dungeon, yes?
No. 955465 ID: 701302

Can we hire adventurers? I want to hire Marauder to be the busty waitress at the pub.

Otherwise, having a kind introductory npx could be good. That way if there is anything difficult people could be warned.

Frankly, if we made the pub an inn, it could be a fun like week long adventure trip. Something to help get newbies or new adventurers practiced in important skills like lockpicking, trail following, etc. Basically one of those LARP week trips people have.

As for monsters or other such things.... I think some basic security precautions, such as gargoyles shaped like statues in the church or living armor guards would be nice. Have things for the adventurers to do, but like any amusement park have security be able to funnel its way out in a jiffy.
No. 955480 ID: 9f0903

>While the idea may be adorable and possibly gain some attention, I'm afraid I can not trust a child with my compan...
It's ok, Mary, we all know it's a company just as much as a dungeon, we won't judge you any more than we already do. Now, let's compromise: give the reins to Isabelle and one minder of your choice. Let the kid call the shots, but give the minder final say on everything, so anything she might do wrong is filtered through an adult. Of course, said adult would have to respect her creative process while at the same time being responsible (I think Demonologist would be ideal for this). Will this do?
No. 955487 ID: 91ee5f

>While the idea may be adorable and possibly gain some attention, I'm afraid I can not trust a child with my compan...
What about Alex? She used to be an auditor like you, so maybe she could handle the Hamlet?

You do remember Alex, right? She’s that one human lady that said that she’d willingly let us put a rune in her so she’d lose her humanity? Also, she’s still waiting for us to find the rune she wanted so that she could get it put in her.

.....by the way, is Hemlock still there?
No. 955528 ID: c18993

I say let there be Lagmites.
No. 955546 ID: f9ad18

We could always have two rune monsters hold back if they're not meant to be a challenge, but yeah, more single rune monsters would be better. We'd need to make a bunch though, since right now we only have 3 and most would be better as citizens than enemies to face in my opinion.

Hoodlum [Cloth rune] -- A hoodie wearing thief/prankster monster. Mostly harmless, preferring to steal or distract others over attacking. Can transform between its monster form and a hoodie that provides buffs while worn. Due to its mischievous nature, all buffs it provides are random.
Criminals or misguided troublemakers, whatever works best. Bit at the end is more for if turning one into a pet/item reward than how you'd probably encounter them as enemies.
No. 955570 ID: afa6f6

Well, if were going with the idea of a declining village that partially ruined, influenced by the Citadel, maybe its getting worse the closer you get to the citadel entrance, like the buildings are decaying and the lad is getting swampy and goo like.
That way, the monsters can get stronger and more related to the Citadel as you move into those areas as well. Throw in some Mud creatures, maybe some rubble stone golems along with the the upgraded Chaos Slime, along with some Chaos Wisps (One Chaos rune creatures) to illustrate how the land and buildings are breaking down and being corrupted.

Add a Rune to Monk Slime(I suggest Soul), and you can post him in the Church to have that act as a sanctuary, where all the Adventurers and friendly NPCs can go if they need to run from something. You can add some lines about how he escaped from Slimecrown citadel while shepherding refugees. He can eject adventurers from the church if they get too rowdy. Via Shinkou Slime-Douken.

Oh, How about some ghosts? a tragedy is supposed to have happened so restless spirits would make sense.
Use some Soul runes to create some Octoplasms. Theyre like the basic spooky sheet ghosts, but the ends of the sheets end in little tentacles and they leave ectoplasm when they pass through objects.
No. 955578 ID: d6afc2

Do we have to cram a Yum! advertisement somewhere in there? I'm not sure if your contract also involves future dungeons.
No. 955590 ID: afa6f6

We can probably just serve them as snacks in the inn/tavern if we need to.
No. 955596 ID: a2f660

I reckon its on tap at the Tavern amongst other things.
No. 955613 ID: c87935

Normal population should be plant people like the shopkeeps and Ashley. If this is gonna be a low level dungeon, most of the population probably only needs one rune. Plant farmer, plant inkeeper, plant barmaid, plant town guard (plant+shield), plant mayor (plant+fancy), plant old person who sits on a porch and complains about the rats/lagmites in the basement.
No. 955645 ID: 7445f0

bonus points if the hoodlums somehow reference hoodiequest
No. 955710 ID: 0dae1e

Kobolds, Goblins, Plants, Ghosts Who CARES, what matters is that they should be shortstacks!

Shortstacks! Shortstacks! Shortstacks!!!

In all seriousness(not that I'm not serious 'bout dem shortstacks) I'm thinking start small with Kobolds, Goblins, and some other natural & magical creatures. Things like plant creatures and fairies. A secret ghost npc with a secret quest if they meet the right conditions. We could expand later or with other towns/floors if we want to.

I also like the idea of there being cultists present or hidden in the hamlet. It can provide both mystery for the setting and options to work with for potential enemies near area. For example, we can have goblin cultists, pixie cultists, etc. A 'boss' variant might be species that isn't even found in town. This way we can have variety without adding runes and making our monsters too high level.

Perhaps we can add a mystery side quest about finding the hidden cultists in town before they complete their dark ritual and sacrifice some villagers. The cultists could be decided randomly or created manually. This is where hamlet diversity come's into play. One run the town could be filled with human cultists, in another they are all unicorns or something.
If they don't want to do it, they can skip it and the villagers won't be in danger. If they just try to murder all the villagers and hope they get the cultists too, then the the cultist win. Since at the time of the quest, the ritual would only need sacrifices. But I've rambled for long enough.

TL;DR I vote Kobolds, Goblins, fey, and plant people for starting options, with a hidden supernatural presence.

Slime Shortstack for GodQueen
No. 955811 ID: 05fc40

There should be a solid selection of slimes, as this is a slime hamlet, but you can use any two rune ones not in the main dungeon. For the rest, an assortment of low level monsters. Kobolds, imps, orcs, goblins, maybe some non hostile undead? There should be a solid assortment of people coming and going.
No. 955874 ID: afa6f6

So, what 2 rune slimes do we have that dont currently have jobs in the Citadel? I think Light, Darkness, Time, Holy, Demon, and the Ochere Jelly are free? We could have some of them work in the village right?
The Ocheres could make good mob monsters, and people shouldn't mistake them as being the same as regular slimes. maybe have them populate the graveyard as a mini quest adventurers can be given, to clear them out so they dont eat all the bones and headstones.
Maybe Dio-I mean Time Slime can be a local ne'er do well who can trick adventurers into traps our encounters then run away with time powers.
No. 955890 ID: 0dae1e

Light, Monk and Holy slimes could work at the church. Could be explained as missionaries from Slimecrown. Also if we are going to have ghosts in the graveyard, it makes sense to have the church look after them.

If we combine other suggestions pranksters maybe there can be a delinquent gang. For example, they could have a time slime, a hoodlum, a sneaky goblin, a mischievous fairy, etc. I'm thinking low-level nuisance and not dangerous. But they could fit any role we want them to.
No. 955905 ID: 2a2f85

You missed Lightning and Chaos, although Lightning might have problems since he's small and doesn't have arms, and Chaos is too cute to take her away from Mary.

Although, now you've got me thinking about making a powerplant to power the village by building a large hamster wheel and getting a bunch of Lightning run in it in shifts...
No. 955913 ID: c18993

Well we need to release patch notes so people don’t get confused about changes. We should also expand the functionality of the slime tokens so they can used to bribe villagers and reach hidden content, but if you spend too much in one run you attract the attention of a dangerous mob. We need more trash mobs like the lagmites.
No. 955918 ID: 0dae1e

You bring up a great point. This is a dungeon for low level players but those players might decide to challenge Slimecrown in the future. Slime token functionality can help encourage players who complete this dungeon to tackle the higher level one later. Some of the rewards can be items that improve their success while in the Slimecrown or just more of the stuff we have but unique for this area. Player retention is key.

Maybe we can even convince higher level players to return to this dungeon and spend money/tokens for certain unique pets/items. We can even have a super hidden quest that would hard to find. Like an ARG. The brainy types would probably love it. It would be a great place to hide a rare reward.
No. 955921 ID: c18993

Why is it a different dungeon anyway? Isn’t it the same dungeon?
No. 955922 ID: f17674

Think of it as this being a seperate business of the franchise. This is a brand expansion that will run concurrently with the Citadel proper. Curi runs the Citadel, werun the Hamlet as it expands.

Alternatively, zones of a theme park. Sure an adventurer may go through both if they want. But only one party can enter a "zone" at a time.
No. 955951 ID: afa6f6

Well,if we're going to work on the assumption that some who go through the village will eventually hit The Citadel, maybe we should weave some story, and more importantly, hints into the quest in the village too.
Like have the villagers drop clues about the Slime Princesses if people complete their quest lines, like wwhat kind of treasures they might give, or hints about their powers. Warnings like not to hurt Bloops if they dont want to have a bad time, that kind of thing.
It can serve as both an advertisement and a reward.
No. 956432 ID: 679a6d

We're looking to make this dungeon a step down in difficulty compared to the Citadel, so we want mostly one or two rune creatures, with maybe a 3 rune as a boss/mini-boss. Personally I,think we should make use of those unique runes, Aqua and Aero.

Speaking of, please have Demonologist invert the Aero rune, I suspect we'll get either the equivalent for fire or earth from it.

Second, monster ideas.
Aero: Harpies, flying squirrels, wisps, maybe Chocobos? Kind of hard to pin down just what you'd get using this rune by itself. Maybe just try one and see what we get?

Aqua: This one on the other hand... mermaids, tentacled horrors of all kinds, inklings and octolings, octarians, deep sea type creatures... there's plenty of things we can draw from with this rune.

I'd really like to at least try a few single rune creatures with these runes, they'd undoubtedly provide unique demons for the village.
No. 956447 ID: 9f0903

>Speaking of, please have Demonologist invert the Aero rune, I suspect we'll get either the equivalent for fire or earth from it.
The one's we're missing are Pyro and Terra, I think. Unfortunately, we got Aero by inverting Aqua, so unless we get some kind of orthogonal conversion, we're kinda stuck with those.

>Kind of hard to pin down just what you'd get using this rune by itself.
Well... here's the weird part. These are the base elements from MAQ, so the obvious 1 rune monsters would be the corresponding elementals. So for Aqua we get Undine, and for Aero we get... humans?
No. 956501 ID: 679a6d

An orthogonal conversion is exactly what I think it is. At least, we don't lose more than a single rune to try it.

As for the Aero rune, we've seen that they're more versatile than that, even ignoring that there's a separate "Human" rune. Heck, if nothing else we could probably get demons made of clouds, or a storm elemental or something...

I bet putting Aqua and Aero together could make a living hurricane... Or some kind of seagull or pelican demon.
No. 956580 ID: 9f0903

>An orthogonal conversion is exactly what I think it is. At least, we don't lose more than a single rune to try it.
As of last update we don't even lose a single one, so sure, let's try it. But for the record, inverting inverted runes has never given a different rune than the original before, so don't hold your breath. maybe the "New runes can be created randomly by destroying two runes" thing can do what we want? That does cost us a rune.

>As for the Aero rune, we've seen that they're more versatile than that, even ignoring that there's a separate "Human" rune.
Oh, I wasn't saying they couldn't be used for more than that. I was just saying we can do weird things with it. As for the Human rune, we've done things like that before when we made plant monsters without the Plant rune, there's some overlap. Too bad we can't just use the Aero rune to make a human, then rune them to make a Human rune, huh? We don't have it yet.

>I bet putting Aqua and Aero together could make a living hurricane... Or some kind of seagull or pelican demon.
Careful, we've been repeatedly warned about putting opposite runes in a monster.
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